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Issue 8

TERM I 2014



Headmaster I am often asked why, instead of personally signing every student Half-yearly and Yearly Report, I don’t have my signature digitised and printed on each front page. I must confess that at 11.30pm last night when I signed the last Year 12 Half-yearly report it seemed like a reasonable question. Reading about the progress of each student is actually one of the delights of the role of Headmaster. It is a privilege to monitor the progress of each student in this formal way, celebrating their successes and identifying areas for improvement. It is a way by which I can keep in touch with students and their progress as well as monitoring the broader academic and co-curricular programmes of the School. My assessment is that Year 12 are on track to match the performance of last year’s Year 12 and I am sure that if they keep up their effort they will receive the full benefit of their TIGS education when they receive their results and university offers. The School’s commitment to implementing the Middle Years Program (MYP) and the change that this is bringing to teaching and learning is now being felt in the classroom. Using educational jargon, the shift is from content-based learning to concept-based learning. This is best illustrated in the current Year 10 assessment task in English. Students completed a task related to ‘creativity and context’. Under the traditional approach that characterised the learning of most parents (and teachers) the students would have

been required to all read the same text, to learn a critique of the text delivered by the teacher and then write an essay on the text in which the student reproduces the ideas presented by the teacher. A very teachercentred approach. Under the MYP, students were introduced to the topic by first understanding the key concepts. They were guided in choosing their own text that best reflected their interest and understanding of the concepts. They then chose a method of responding to the task questions that best allowed them to demonstrate their learning, together with a written response. The result is the achievement of the same learning outcomes as under the old approach with the students much more engaged in their learning and better able to demonstrate their understanding in a way that suits their learning style. The view of the staff is that the overall quality of the written responses was far superior to what would have been produced under the old approach. The view of the students is that they enjoyed having some autonomy and choice in their learning. The view of some parents is they do not understand why their teenager is suddenly enthusiastic about doing an English assessment task. A good outcome for everyone. A TIGS education is about educating the whole person. I was delighted with the participation in this year’s Music, Dance and Drama Competition. It was one of the strongest all-round performances yet.

The talent of our students is amazing and it was such a pleasure to see students proudly and enthusiastically competing for their House. It was equally satisfying to see students who don’t necessarily shine in the classroom excelling through the demonstration of their talents in music, dance, drama, technical support and filming – there are so many dimensions to this great TIGS event. It all came together to produce a memorable day. Well done everyone and congratulations to the winning House: Kogara The Music, Dance and Drama Showcase, where some of the most memorable performances will be repeated, is sure to be standing room only this year - be early for the best seats. ‘Showcase’ - Friday 4 April starting at 7.00pm (doors open at 6.30pm). Proceeds from the evening contribute to the on-going support by Year 12 of the Nganambala School at Emu Point.

Stephen Kinsella Headmaster

Chaplain’s Message LIFE IN SLOW MOTION

flesh and made his dwelling among us.” (John 1.14) The Word is unmistakably identified as Jesus. Following this dramatic statement John goes on to chart the next three or so years of Jesus’ public ministry. It takes him only twelve chapters to do that, although, as he says in 21.25 he could have said much more but the world could not contain the books that would need to be written. It’s a fascinating remark.

Luke 24:1-6 “At the crack of dawn on Sunday, the women came to the tomb carrying the burial spices they had prepared. They found the entrance stone rolled back from the tomb, so they walked in. But once inside, they couldn’t find the body of the Master Jesus. They were puzzled, wondering what to make of this. Then, out of nowhere it seemed, two men, light cascading over them, stood there. The women were awestruck and bowed down in worship. The men said, “Why are you looking for the Living One in a cemetery? He is not here, he is risen.” Happy Easter

Last week in Junior School Chapel Mrs Kate Stanton spoke to the students from John 13 - the famous passage where Jesus washes his disciples feet. Mrs Stanton drew our attention to the huge significance of this passage. In washing the disciples feet Jesus demonstrates and defines true service; he also anticipates his own ultimate act of service for all on the cross. On the cross Jesus would lay down his life as a payment for the sin of the whole world. As we accept by faith what he has done for us we are graciously cleansed by God of our sins, hence the washing of the disciples feet as an anticipatory event. It was a wonderful talk and a great way to prepare us all for Easter where we have opportunity to slow down a little and focus our attention on all that God has accomplished for us in Jesus, especially Jesus’ death and resurrection. It’s interesting how John in his Gospel has artfully structured his narrative to highlight the significance of the death and resurrection of Jesus. John chapter 13 is a watershed moment. The Gospel begins in eternity. “In the beginning was the Word,” says John, “and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” (John 1.1) Then this Word enters history: “The Word became

When we come to chapter 13 in the Gospel there is a dramatic slowing down of the pace. Chapters 13-19 cover a period of just 24 hours, and then chapters 20-21 only a couple of weeks after which Jesus returns to the Father. What happens in this period? Jesus’ final instructions to his disciples followed soon after by his arrest, death and resurrection. In modern media parlance, from chapter 13 John goes into super slow motion as a way of underscoring the focal event in Jesus’ history. Jesus was born to die. His life was significant, but ultimately it was to be a life given over in death. The way John has structured the book says Jesus’ death and resurrection is central to the narrative. This is where the gold is. This is where all things have been heading. This is the culmination of his history. It is here that God reconciles himself to the world. Here is the death of death and the key to eternal life. This is what it’s all about. Little wonder these days most Bible scholars recognize the gospel authors write their histories with great literary flair. I hope you might find space to take John’s lead this Easter. I hope you might find opportunity to slow down and focus afresh on Jesus’ death and resurrection. To speed through this season is to miss the point of life. It is certainly to miss the point of Jesus’ life – a life given over in death for us. This demands our attention. May God bless you as you reflect anew on his love for us in Jesus this Easter. Rev James Rogers Chaplain

Senior School


In last week’s newsletter the Headmaster, Mr Kinsella, wrote about the concept of ‘happiness’. In the article he pointed out that popular culture, to some extent, appears to have hijacked this concept, in the sense that the pursuit of individual happiness is the ultimate goal for many. He also made the point that this goal is fundamentally “inward looking and self-serving”. On the other hand, real happiness and higher levels of well-being is more likely to be achieved when the focus shifts from self to others. In the teenage years this is not so easy to achieve, as it is a period of emotional and psychological development that tends to be egocentric. However, It is a period of time when there is an emerging sense of social justice and a real questioning of values and relationships. The one thing that stands out for me over the last five years at TIGS, is the way in which so many of our students have embraced the community service opportunities that have emerged. They recognise the good that they are doing by giving up some of their limited time to help others. Most also recognise that there is also a reciprocal benefit for themselves in their own well-being in helping others. Every Year group in the Senior School is involved in some form of community service activity. Most of these activities are hands-on activities rather than simply giving money. The following is a snapshot of the types of community service opportunities that are available to students this year: •

Year 7 – Support both Anglicare mid-year Winter Appeal and the Christmas appeal, Toys ‘n’ Tucker.

Year 8 – Nursing home visits. Students read, perform, play games and sometimes give hand massage to the elderly.

Year 9 – Reading programme

with preschool students organised by Port Kembla/Warrawong Anglican Church. They also support the Kidzwish Foundation at their annual Christmas party, entertaining disabled children and helping to feed them. •

Year 10 – fundraising activities to support buying a cargo container. The container is filled with goods that will be sent to a place of need in the world. Selected students travel to the Crossroads project in Hong Kong where they will be involved in sorting and packing goods in the container as part of a broader cultural experience. Year 11 – this is a significant year for community service where every student makes a time commitment to support one or more of the following organisations: ○○

The Disability Trust – provides respite and care particularly for families in the areas of Sport, Craft, Drama, Surfing and the Disability Disco. As well one-off events such as: ∙∙

Sony Camp weekend away providing respite for parents and carers of disabled children.


Breakfast at the Beach


SCARF – this is a local organisation supporting refugees. Students provide support at the Refugee Picnic and through homework and reading help to younger students.


MANNA House – run by the Anglican Church, this group provides meals for people in need in the community.

Greg Lanyon Acting Head of Senior School

Year 12 – support a community service project of their choice as well as fundraising for the Nganambala indigenous community in the Northern Territory. This year the community project is Street Swag, which aims to raise funds to provide the homeless with temporary shelter when sleeping rough in the form of swags. Last weekend over 40 students and staff braved the elements to sleep outside at school and raised over $500 towards their goal.


Congratulations to all of our TIGS HICES Debating teams for their excellent representation in the Round 2 Competition on Wednesday. Special mention to Juniors, Middles and Seniors for winning their debates.

ENGLISH FACULTY The English Faculty would like to remind all parents and students that it is a requirement that the set texts are purchased and brought to class. The text requirements were organised and communicated to all parents and students last year. A reminder of the text requirements are below: Year 7

No text required

Year 8

Boy Overboard (novel) – Gleitzman Soldier Boy – Anthony Hill

Year 9

Romeo and Juliet – New Cambridge Shakespeare Into That Forest (novel) – Nowra

Year 10

Happiest Refugee (non-fiction) – My Journey from Tragedy to Comedy – Anh Do Home and Away (picture book) – John Marsden and Matt Ottley Taming of the Shrew – Cambridge School Shakespeare

Year 11 Advanced Class 3 and 4

Othello – Cambridge School Shakespeare

Advanced Class 4

The Hunger Games – Novel

Advanced Class 1 and 2 Much Ado About Nothing – Cambridge School Anils Ghost (novel) – Bloomsbury Standard English

Raw – Scott Monk – Novel

If there are any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Shaun Houghton (Head of English) by phone during school hours or by email

SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHS School Photographs for 2014 are being held on Tuesday 6 May for the Senior School and Wednesday 7 May for the Junior School. The envelopes will be posted out to all families during the last week of Term. Junior School are to hand their envelopes into the Junior School Office by Tuesday 6 May. The Senior School are to bring their envelope on the day of photography. Please note that all students whether they are purchasing or not must have their photo taken. If you have any enquiries please do not hesitate to contact Lisa Dent on 4220 0227.

2015 ENROLMENTS Parents wishing to enrol their children in 2015 are advised to submit their Application Forms as soon as possible as limited places are available. Should you have any questions, please contact Enrolments on 4220 0216 or email Please note, if your child is currently enrolled at the School, there is no need to apply for 2015.

YEAR 12 PARENT TEACHER INTERVIEWS Year 12 parent teacher interviews will be held on Thursday 10 April 2014 from 3.50pm - 7.30pm in the Goodhew Research Centre. If you have not received your login details via email or post please contact Courtney Brooks at

Junior School All families in the Junior School will have received an email from me explaining the need to make adjustments to the car line procedure. We have been watching our car line congestion for sometime and looking into how we might alleviate this. Coupled with this is the accreditation of The Piper Centre which when undertaken requires us to dismiss our youngest Piper Centre children by having them collected and signed out by their parents. Our Junior School parents are generally very helpful and compliant with our requests regarding dismissal and drop off, however we have recently been contacted by the police regarding the incidents of several parents walking across the Princes Highway directly opposite the School gates in the morning. This is very dangerous and I would ask that any families who have been doing this to please either use the drop off and pick up facility provided or else to park appropriately and use traffic lights and pedestrian crossings to cross the busy roads. Please remember that each time you cross a road with your child you are training them in how to do this safely when you are not there to hold their hand. Lights and pedestrian crossings are always the best option.

Judi Nealy Head of Junior School

After a week of solid rain I must congratulate our students for their ability to cope with reduced play options. Generally all of our Kinder – Year 6 students have managed to get along well in the soggy weather and have navigated the wet dismissals without incident. I was very pleased to see the vast majority of our children well equipped with raincoats and willing to wear them, which is a great help. Can I remind our families to take the raincoats out of bags now and give them a good chance to air and dry out as some of them are getting a little smelly! This week there were several opportunities for our community to get together and establish relationships and learn together. Our first TIGS Café was held in the Library as well as parent training in helping in the classroom and two PYP workshops were conducted for parents. Added to this were a few Fete meetings as well as the Karobran Term I meeting. Thank you to all of those parents who made time to be involved in our community and for modeling ‘being a learner’ to your children.

Dates for Your Diary: Monday 7 April Tuesday 8 April Wednesday 9 April Thursday 10 April Thursday 1 May Wednesday 7 May Thursday 8 May Friday 9 May Friday 9 May

Parent Teacher Interviews Parent Teacher Interviews Junior School Cross Country Junior School Easter Service (10.50am Rees Hall) Junior School ANZAC Service (10.50am Rees Hall) Junior School Photo Day Mother’s Day Stall – Kinder and Stage 3 Mother’s Day Breakfast (7.00am – 8.00am Rees Hall) Mother’s Day Stall – Stage 1 and Stage 2

JUNIOR SCHOOL AWARDS Weekly Awards KD KM KP 1T 2C 2H 3B 3R 4C 4R 4Y 5A 5S 5Y 6G

Lachlan Taylor, Lola Stephenson Ashwin Gogulan, Callum Perrins Nicholas Radojicic, Calix Langton John Perri, Kayden Merritt Oskay Gultekin, Laila Kumar Jai Hemsley-Oades, Austin Keefe, Ashika Bahl Sarah Partland, Aditya Kumaresan Alissa Tonkin, Jacobus Newhouse Alison Guo, Katie Gorham, Ameesha Gogulan, Lachlan Boardman, Adelaide Thompson, Payton Leitch, Miranda Golding, Massimo Forte, Kyah Dema, Jasper Bambrick Daniel Grieve Jack Worthington, Samuel McLennan, Grace Hobeika Lauren O’Hanlon, Keya Murty, Jayson Cooper Paige Jenkins, Aydin Arapali, Ruby Moore, Dean Borbilas, Victoria Summerill Ryan Osadczuk, Oscar Tilden Kano Hiramatsu, Dylan Koster

Merit Certificates Academic Niamh Christopher Payton Leitch Sufyaan Ul-Haq Jessica Hall Jayson Cooper Jude De Araujo Lin Yu Ma


Isabella Mitic Nathan Molnar Temira Cowie Samuel Lowe Darcy Cross



R B Y A D ’S


You are invited to the MOTHER’S DAY BREAKFAST Friday 9 May 2014 7.00am - 8.00am Held in Rees Hall

RSVP by Monday 5 May



Assorted Yoghurts Pastries

Assorted Cereals Fresh Fruit

Juice, Coffee and Tea

It is that time of year again where the Junior School children have the opportunity to participate in the Fundraiser Mother’s Day Stall. This may seem a long way off but with the School break finishing two weeks before this event we thought we would get things rolling. Once again, we will pre-purchase a wide range of presents that the children will be able to choose from. For your child to participate please send in $10.00 for each present they wish to purchase. $5.00 of this, as always, will be for school fundraising. Please enclose the money in an envelope that is clearly marked with: CHILD’S NAME, CLASS AND AMOUNT ENCLOSED (Remember NO gift is required) All monies should be sent in to either the Junior School Office (Years K-6) or the Piper Centre (Pre-prep & Prep) before 3 May. It is important that your child’s money is handed into the correct office so that their names are marked off correctly and there are no disappointments on the day. Pre Prep and Prep parents will be notified by The Piper Centre with regards to their arrangements for gift selection. The Mother’s Day Stall will be held over two days: Thursday 8 May - Kindergarten, Years 5 and 6 Friday 9 May - Years 1 – 4 For further enquiries please contact Lisa Kiteley 0407 127 550



An after school ‘snack pack’ is now avalable at the canteen for $4. 00. This pack includes small pretzels, a piece of fruit, a small water and a small yogurt. The perfect pack to for students on the run or between after school activities.

Holiday Opening times

The canteen is also seeking new volunteers, if you would like to join the friendly team please contact the canteen on 4220 0241 between 7.00am – 2.00pm.

The Uniform Shop will be open on the following days: Wednesday 23 April 9.00am - 2.00pm Thursday 24 April 9.00am - 2.00pm Saturday 26 April 9.00am - 2.00pm Uniform Shop phone number 4220 0230

TIGS GREAT FETE Saturday 17 May 2014 The saying goes something like, ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. For those on this year’s fete committee, it takes a special village and school community to raise a fete. Every year, parents, staff, children and the community come together to make TIGS Great Fete an event to remember. This year we’re planning the fete to be bigger, brighter and better than ever! That’s where you come in… you, your business or your contacts have something to offer? Can you volunteer before, during or after the fete?

Donations Please keep them coming! Donations of the following good quality items can be delivered directly to the storage container (opposite the basketball court): • Toys & Games • Clothes & Accessories for all the family • Books, DVD’s, CD’s • Bric-à-brac and small furniture items (no whitegoods or electrical equipment please)

The following should be delivered directly to the Junior and Senior School offices: • Gift Baskets • Bottled goods • Wine • Cash donations

Volunteer We’ve made it easier! From next week, you will be able to register online to volunteer on the day. If you have an idea (or need an idea) for a stall it’s not too late! We can provide lots of support and assistance to help make it a success!

Get In Touch: Please contact Fete Coordinator Benita Andrews or phone 0417 166 011. And don’t forget to find us on Facebook too!



FUTSAL SUCCESS! THE SOUTH COAST REGIONAL FUTSAL CHAMPIONSHIPS TIGS entered four teams into the Championships and played a total of 22 games. U/10 Girls and U/10 Boys The teams played in a non-competitive Round Robin and both teams won all of their games

U/12 Girls The Girls defended their 2013 title with skill, creativity and teamwork. They won their pool convincingly and their success carried them through to another title – 2014 Regional Champions. U/12 Boys The boys defended their 2013 title as well, however, they had to work as a team to be successful. To their delight they did and are now the 2014 Regional champions

Girls Final TIGS 8 defeated Hayes Park 0

Boys Final TIGS 1 defeated Nareena Hills 0 The U/12 Boys and Girls teams will play at the State Championships in Penrith on Tuesday 29 July.

I would like to thank Mrs Martin, Mrs Dribbus, Mr Yeo and Mr Agnew for their commitment to the success of our football teams.

The Futsal Team Mary Albert Zachary Birch Dean Borbilas Selene Chadrawy Margaux Chauvet Zoe Dribbus Amelia Druett Massimo Forte Joshua Franco Ben Giason Katie Gorham Rory Hanrahan James Healey Cooper Kerridge Harrison Kiteley Mila Lancaster Thomas Main Tamara Matar Annie McLearie Elizabeth Michelmore Nathan Molnar Jett Norris Cartia Taranto Zane Taylor Adelaide Thompson Ruby Tilden Charlotte Tregonning Aaron Ylias


Congratulations to our 13 CIS swimmers who travelled to Homebush last Wednesday. The standard of swimming is always high at CIS level and our TIGS representatives met the challenge admirably. The Junior Boys Relay, consisting of Jack Worthington, Jack Burrows, Taylan Arapali and Ben Giason placed 6th overall in the finals. Our other finalists were Jack Worthington placing 9th in the 10 year boys Butterfly, Mackayla Hutchinson placing 6th in the 8 year Girls 50m Freestyle and Aria Bacic-Johnston who placed 1st in the 11 year Girls Backstroke and 5th in the Freestyle. Aria will now go on to represent in the CIS team at the State Primary Schools Carnival next week. Good luck Aria!


Congratulations to Payton Leitch who was selected for the Gymnastics National Development Squad. Her selection was based on her fantastic competition results from last year. Such a wonderful achievement, well done Payton!


Just a reminder that our Junior School Cross Country will be held next Wednesday 9 April from 9.30am-11.30am at Kembla Joggers Cross Country Course, Darkes Road, West Dapto. All children will be bused to and from the event at 8.45am and will then return to school just in time for lunch.




Campdrafting: Congratulations to Keeley Gamble from Year 12 who has been selected to represent at the State Sporting and Campdrafting Championships (horse riding), which will be held at Tenterfield next week. We wish her all the best.

Hockey: Congratulations to Teagan Johnston for being selected in the U16 NSW CIS Hockey team. Special mention to Isabella Sandy and Brittony Smallhorn for making the possible and probables.

Swimming: Congratulations to David McKeon (alumni 2010) and Emma McKeon (alumni 2012) for their selection in the Commonwealth Games Swimming Team. Emma has so far gained 1st place in the 200m freestyle (Australian record) and David McKeon 1st in the 400m freestyle. It is just the beginning of the selection trials. Robert Hurley (alumni 2006) is also competing this week. We wish them continued success at these trials and look forward to supporting them at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.


During the week TIGS took 16 swimmers to compete at the AICES Swimming Championships held at Sydney Olympic Park. The day started early with the team travelling at six in the morning, competed all day and arrived back at school at six in the evening. Our swimmers continued to hold the reputation of the School as being a strong swim squad. TIGS finishing 2nd in the overall point score and medal count. The girls team earned the bragging rights over the boys when they won the overall medal tally and the boys finishing 7th in the boys division. In regards to competing against other schools in the NASSA association TIGS finished the day ranked 1st. Our young swimmers did an outstanding job given it was their first time to compete at this level. We had Ethan Brunskill, Amy Logan, Amy Gibbons and Kyra King all swimming fast times and now excited about competing at next year’s AICES meet. In the other age groups we had Timothy Gaynor finishing in the top ten for the 14 year boys individual point score. New student Ethan Dorrian finished first in the 15 yearage group and Joshua King placing 2nd in the 17

year old boys individual point score. In the girls section Amy Logan came in the top ten for the 12 year girls point score. Kyra King placed 5th in the 13 years and Amy Gibbons placing 11th. The combination of Laura Gibbons and Kelsey Cresswell were both very strong in their age group and were placed in the top ten for the 15 years with Kelsey taking out the overall point score winner for this age group. In the 16 years Kaitlin McKeon swam well to finish with a combined score ranking her 4th overall in her age group and Alice Fox coming 11th. Olivia Poate did a great job to finish 12th in the 18 years age group. The team now prepare themselves for the New South Wales Combined Independent Schools Championships in week one next term. We will be looking at taking a team of 10 swimmers to the upcoming meet and we wish them all the best for this event. Thank you to Mr McIlwraith and Mr Edgerton and all the loyal parents who supported the team on the day.

U/14 FUTSAL CHAMPIONSHIPS The regional under 14 futsal championships were held on 1 April at the Illawarra Sports Stadium. Local schools competed in a round robin championship for a position in the state championships later in the year.

TIGS entered a boys and a girls team with the hope of a state champions appearance. The boys were undefeated in their pool and progressed through to the semi-final. The semi-final was played against Wollongong High School and both teams were very competitive. Half time saw the score at 1-1 and unfortunately Wollongong snuck a goal in with 15 seconds to go for the victory. The girls only had one pool and were second after the round robin games. Again we played Wollongong High in the semi-final and at the end of full time it was a draw. After golden goal in extra time it was still 0-0. The game went to a penalty shootout and after the first five shots from each team it was still a 1-1 draw. Finally Wollongong was able to pull one goal ahead for the victory. The girls were disappointed but played the best they could.

Well done to all the players who represented the School at this tournament.


The Senior School Cross Country will be held on Wednesday 9 April at Kembla Joggers purpose built cross country facility at Darkes Road West, Dapto. All students are expected to attend this compulsory whole school event to support their Houses. Students are to wear full sports uniform and house shirt all day. Students will attend their first two lessons of the day and buses will leave at recess to shuttle all students to the venue. The canteen will not open at recess as students need to make their way to the buses. Please ensure your child brings adequate food for the day. No students are to drive to or be picked up from the venue. The carnival events will run in age divisions (programme available on OLLE). At the completion of the carnival buses will bring students back to school for their normal leaving procedures. Students are advised to wear a hat, sunscreen and bring plenty of fluid and food for the day. There will be a BBQ and drinks for sale at the carnival with all monies raised going to support the TIGS Future and Community Problem Solving Team going to the USA. If the weather looks inclement please listen to 96.5 Wave FM for cancellation details. If the carnival is postponed the alternate date is the first day back next term, Monday 28 April. We look forward to another exciting House competition day. Please note the NASSA Cross Country Carnival is Monday 5 May (Term II Week 2).


The Sydney International Horse Trials are on between 25 and 27 April 2014 at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre. In addition to the Equestrian programme, organisers have introduced a ‘Behind the Scenes Tour’

- guides will take you through the stables, where you will meet the riders and the horses and learn what happens back stage at an international event. Those interested in more information regarding the event and tour packages please come to student reception.

SPORTING EVENTS FOR TERM II (WEEKS 1 AND 2) CIS Swimming Carnival – Tuesday 29 and Wednesday 30 April CIS Volleyball – Thursday 1 May NASSA Cross Country – Monday 5 May NASSA Netball Gala Day – Wednesday 7 May AICES Open Hockey – Thursday 8 May AICES U/15 Netball – Friday 9 May


Date: Tuesday 22 April to Thursday 24 April Time: 9.00am – 12.00pm Cost: $60.00 (Ages 4-14 years) Bookings are Essential Email: For more information call Andrew on 0407 029 731


On Monday 31 March, eight students represented the School at the South Coast Surfing championships. In good conditions all students represented the School admirably, with Michaela McGrath (Year 9) finishing 4th in the Junior Girls Final, Joshua Chapple winning the Senior Boys and Harrison Steele coming a close 2nd. Joshua and Harrison have been invited to represent the South Coast Schools at the State Surfing Championships later in the year. Congratulations to all competitors and thank you to Riley Hanlon (Year 7) for his fantastic assistance during the day. TIGS South Coast Surfing Representative Team Harrison Steele, Joshua Chapple (Year 12) Miriam Birt (Year 11), Grace Hennessy, Lilly Sands (Year 10), Michaela McGrath, Billy Fisher and Ollie Birt (Year 9)


TRIVIA NIGHT 2014 As part of their fundraising efforts for the TIGS Year 12 Charity ‘Street Swags’, the 2014 School Captains invite you to attend a Trivia Night.


Friday 23 May 2014 (Week 4 Term II)


6.30pm – 10.00pm


The Illawarra Grammar Centre (IGC)


Tables of 8 $120 Tables of 10 $150 $15 per person $10 University student tickets can be purchased at the door with a concession card


‘S’ for Street Swags


Friday 16 May 2014


Please bring your own food and drinks (BYO alcohol is permitted). You may also pre-order online when you book your tickets an antipasto platter. These are being sold at $25 each and will be distributed on the night. An antipasto platter will be suitable for up to 4 people and will include an assortment of cheeses, cold meats, dips, sun dried tomatoes, olives and crackers. There will be prizes for the winning table, best dressed table, a lucky door prize, a raffle and a number of competitions on the night – so don’t forget your wallet!


Street Swags is a non-for-profit organisation that manufactures durable, discrete bedding for the homeless to alleviate the hardship faced by people in need. The Street Swags are produced by prison inmates who receive a certificate of accreditation to help find employment once released as well as being produced by various community organisations. Street Swags aims to provide temporary shelter for those who are without accommodation. By making a contribution to Street Swags people’s lives are saved from harsh weather elements, vilification and abuse.

No student or persons under the age of 18 are permitted to attend this event.





Music, Dance and Drama Showcase

Doors open at 6.30pm, Show starts at 7.00pm Friday 4 April


Elective Dance Evening 6.30pm Tuesday 8 April

TIGS Cross Country Wednesday 9 April

Last Day of Term I + Easter Service Friday 11 April


Term II Commences Monday 28 April

(Winter Uniform)

CIS Swimming Carnival

Tuesday 29 and Wednesday 30 April


NASSA Cross Country Monday 5 May

Year 11 Information Evening Tuesday 6 May

Mother’s Day Breakfast 7.00am Friday 9 May

Junior School Photo Day Wednsday 7 May

Issue 8 Term I 2014  

Issue 8 Term I 2014Y