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Issue 8 Term I 2013

Junior School Teddy Bear Picnic

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Music, Dance and Drama One of the joys of being the Headmaster of a Prep to Year 12 School is watching the development of our children as they progress through the years of schooling. This morning I have: • Been shown a beautiful bear called Sandra that was wearing a pink tutu. The proud owner just could not wait to show everyone her prized possession. • Received a challenge to play handball from a group of Year 4’s - I am sure they see me as an easy target and sadly they are right. • Had a conversation with a Year 5 boy who was bemoaning the fact that he has not been training for the cross-country carnival. • Spoke to some Year 7’s who believe that all social conversations are meant to be held at maximum volume. • Chatted with a Year 9 musician off for an early morning lesson on the violin. • Informed a Year 11 boy that his shirt actually travelled all the way around his body and that ‘tucked in’, in this context, meant the shirt was tucked in all the way around and not just at the front.

Stephen Kinsella Headmaster

• Overheard a conversation between two Year 12 girls about the scaling of Biology and the implications this has for their potential ATAR scores. The developmental progression from ‘Sandra’s tutu’ through to ‘ATAR scores’ is slow and inevitable and difficult to perceive unless you have the benefit of seeing the students lined up from Prep through to Year 12. Then the stages of growing up are obvious. Students growing up in a Prep to 12 environment also benefit from watching each other and modelling the behaviour of the older students. A clear example of this is the coming Music, Dance and Drama Competition. The competition is held each year as part of the Senior School House Competition for the Shell Shield. Students compete for their House in the following categories: • Drama: Each House writes and presents an original piece of Drama. This year’s theme is ‘The Sweet Tooth’. • Group Dance: The concept and choreography is devised by the students in each House and costuming and rehearsal is organised by the House Leaders. • House Song: Every student is required to participate in presenting the song for their House. This year’s theme is ‘Disco’. • Popular Song: Representatives of each House present a song that has been written after 1950. • Original Song: Each House produces and performs an original composition. • Vocal Solo and Instrumental Solo: In these two categories each House produces their champion soloists and supports them with their best musicians. Younger performers are inspired by working with the older performers and seek to hone their skills in performance so that they match those ahead. Student leaders demonstrate their skills of collaboration, organisation, communication, teamwork and problem solving which younger students are inspired to model. I am fascinated by the number of students that tell me each year that they aspire to be a House Captain rather than a School Captain. House spirit is very strong at TIGS. Some students from the Junior School will be attending part of the Music, Dance and Drama Competition. All students have the opportunity to attend the Music, Dance and Drama showcase with their parents on Thursday 11 April, starting at 7:00pm. All members of the TIGS community are welcome to attend the Showcase. The Showcase is one of the ‘must attend’ events of the TIGS calendar. The quality of the performances and the lighting and sound provided by the TIGS Tech Team are guaranteed to provide an enjoyable evening. Regular attenders at the Showcase describe the joy of observing the development of the talent of the performers as they reappear each year. I look forward to joining you at this year’s Music, Dance and Drama Showcase. Stephen Kinsella Headmaster

Creatures of Contrast Human beings are a complex species. We are capable of so much good as well as so much evil. And it’s not just a simple case of there being some who are good and some who are evil. The truth is more complex than that. Even in the one person there is a desperate struggle between good and evil: sometimes good wins out, and sometimes evil. One of my Year 7 students gave a sad example of this truth during Christian Studies this week. Her family had been instrumental in organising relief for those who had been affected by the recent tornado in Kiama. Unfortunately, some of this relief was stolen by some “out-of-towners” who were not affected in the slightest by the tornado; those who had been affected were denied some much needed assistance. One can imagine the sadness this brought to those who provided the relief and those who were denied it. How can we account for this dual nature of ours? I believe the Bible alone gives a satisfactory explanation of both the wonder and wickedness of human beings.

Rev James Rogers

The wonder is put down to us being made in the image of God (see Genesis 1.26-28). We are capable of so much good because he in whose likeness we are fashioned is so good. Our morality is grounded in God. The wickedness, on the other hand, is put down to our rebellion against God which results in a depravity that touches every part of our being (see Romans 7.21-24). While we are not as bad as we could be, we are not as good as we should be. Consequently, instead of always living for the good of others to the glory of God we live too often with our own interests in mind.


I believe the gospel message we have just celebrated at Easter is the only answer to the problem of our dual nature. God loved his image bearers so much he sent his only Son Jesus into the world to take the penalty for our depravity. “While we were still sinners,” the scripture says, “Christ died for us.” (Romans 5.8) God did this because, as amazing as it sounds, even in our depravity we were still so dear to him. This is another example of how the Bible provides a satisfactory answer to the human condition. The Bible helps us to understand our reality and rightly respond to it. Let’s continue to pray for God’s goodness to be extended to those affected by the recent tornado in Kiama, remembering all the while his great goodness to us all in the gospel of his dear Son Jesus which saves us from the power and penalty of our desperate depravity. Rev James Rogers Chaplain

Senior School

What Parents Want

This week we have had the Year 7 Meet the Teacher Night and next week Year 12 Parent/ Teacher Interviews. There are stark differences between what parents want from the parent/teacher interactions on these important transition stages - one at the start of the High School journey, the other near the conclusion and there are differences as your children move through the School. Hopefully we meet your expectations on these evenings. Parent Teacher Nights are not the only times when we forge strong relationships, but they are significant and formal points of contact. You know that we are available and encourage you to contact us, should you be concerned about any matters, by phoning the School or by email.

Monica Watt

Deputy Headmaster and Head of Senior School

We encourage you to meet with other parents at whole school events, such as TIGS GREAT FETE 18 May or at events organised by Orana for specific Year Groups but I wondered if you would like to have a look around the School, to see the physical world your children inhabit? You may have come for a tour at enrolment or at Expo Day but that may have been some time ago and now your view of the School has been coloured or distorted by your child’s reports or lack thereof. So if you are interested in a group Twilight Tour around the School sometime in Term II please let my PA, Jo Parnell, know by email and we will try to organise an event. Monica Watt Deputy Headmaster and Head of Senior School

Junior School What is Community? Online Dictionary definition: ‘a social, religious, occupational, or other group sharing common characteristics or interests and perceived or perceiving itself as distinct in some respect from the larger society within which it exists. If we unpack the key words in this definition and apply them to our school community, we can get a sense of our community “health.” The common characteristics of our community are at first tricky to see as we are a very diverse group. However, when we add the common interest held by all parents, then it is clear that our community is based around the common interest of a great education for our children. Our teachers are members of this community committed to giving it, our students to receiving it and our parents to providing it. This common interest, despite our differences binds us together as a group.

Judi Nealy

However just having a common interest isn’t enough to make a community in real and practical terms. Also required is a common commitment to the good of our community and to each other. I observe this around our school daily and it is one of the real pleasures of working at TIGS.

Today I experienced community by having breakfast with a group of Year 1 Dad’s who are planning and organising the Mother’s Day Breakfast in Term II. Their enthusiasm to really give our TIGS mums a great Mother’s Day celebration was wonderful. They are committed to their children seeing their involvement in their schooling and all of the advantages that this involvement brings. I then briefly joined the Karobran lunch for their Term 1 get together. This event had a guest speaker who focused on wellbeing and happiness. It was a great example of a learning community in action and one which cares for itself and for each other.

Head of Junior School

You will be glad to know that I also spent some time at school today, in our children’s community. It never fails to lift my spirits as I walk through our campus to be greeted so warmly by students from Prep right through to Year 12. To observe the students caring for each other and interacting with their teachers and other staff is a wonderful aspect of each day.

Book now for the Pupil Free Day service Friday 7 June 8.00am - 6.00pm Please note there will be a Pupil Free Day on Friday 7 June. Extend will offer a full day service subject to minimum bookings of 12. If you would like to book in for the full day service which runs from 8.00am – 6.00pm, please call the Extend Office on 1300 366 437. As we require minimum bookings for the service to run, there are strictly no refunds or cancellations on Pupil Free Day bookings. Bookings close Friday 31 May and parents who book in will be notified on this day by close of business. Fees are $50 per child per day - only pay between $8.43 - $25.00 after child care entitlements including the non-income tested 50% Child Care Rebate.

Dates for your diary: Monday 8 and Tuesday 9 April – Parent/Teacher Interviews Thursday 11 April – Acknowledgement of ANZAC Day Assembly Tuesday 7 and Friday 10 May – Mother’s Day Stalls Wednesday 8 May – Junior School Photo Day Friday 10 May – Mother’s Day Breakfast Saturday 18 May – TIGS Great Fete Friday 7 June – Pupil Free Day

Weekly Awards KB KD KM KP 1C 1T 2M 4R 4S 5A 5Y 6S

Isabella Perri, Astrid Sperring, Joanne Park, Ryan Molnar Estella Loeser, Devesh Rajpal Thomas Partland, Archer Ryan Spencer Newhouse, Lloyd Oliver Georgie Lancaster Diya Mehan, Georgia Dolan Pippi Fuller, Connor Burrows, Georgia Gadsdon Racquel Burgess, Daniel Michelmore Shemun Simon, Alexandria Gunther Jermaine Issa, Aiden McGoldrick, Annie McLearie Farrah Al-Salih, Josh Agarwal Annalise Chadrawy

Merit Certificates Zoe Dribbus – Academic Zaynab Panju – Academic Maryam Simon – Academic Micah Sullivan – Academic Harrison Webb – Academic Hasnain Aly – Academic Aanya Rakheja – Academic Nicholas Sutherland – Academic Kassee Dennis – Academic Alby Ferguson – Academic Corey Read – Academic Polly Powell – Academic Paige Jenkins – Academic Daniel Michelmore – Academic Lucy Cross – Academic Anthony Damcevski - Academic Xia Lian Wilson – Service Ruby Tilden – Service Hugo Parrish – Personal Presentation Paige Jenkins – Personal Presentation

Mother’s Day Stall It is that time of year again where the Junior School children have the opportunity to participate in the Fundraiser Mother’s Day Stall. This may seem a long way off but with the School holidays finishing a week before this event we thought we would get things rolling. Once again, we will pre-purchase a wide range of presents that the children will be able to choose from. For your child to participate please send in $10.00 for each present they wish to purchase, $5.00 of this will, as always be for school fundraising. Please enclose the money in an envelope which is clearly marked with: CHILD’S NAME, CLASS AND AMOUNT ENCLOSED (Remember NO gift is required) All monies should be sent in to either the Junior School Office (Years K-6) or the Piper Centre (Pre-prep and Prep) before Friday 3 May. It is important that your child’s money is handed into the correct office so that their names are marked off correctly and there are no disappointments on the day. The Mother’s Day Stall will be held over two days: Tuesday 7 May -

Pre-Prep 2 day and 5 day Prep 2 day and 5 day Years 5 and 6

Friday 10 May - Pre-Prep 3 day Prep 3 day Kindy Years 1 – 4 For further enquiries please contact Lisa Kiteley 0407 127 550.

You are invited to the

Week 10 Fete Donations Year 1 – Donations to the Basket Stall Year 2 – Donations to the Bottle Stall Prep – Donations of prizes for the Games Stall Kinder – Cash Donations for the Sticky Date Pudding Stall

Mother’s Day Breakfast Friday 10 May 2013 7.00am - 8.00am Held in Rees Hall

Please RSVP by Monday 6 May

Uniform Shop

Visit - Events and Bookings

Holiday Opening Times


Friday 26 April 2013 - All school fit outs. Saturday 27 April 2013 - All school fit outs. No appointments necessary.

Assorted Yoghurts Pastries

Assorted Cereals Fresh Fruit

Juice, Coffee and Tea

Senior School Sports Oceanic MTB Championships Last month Australia and New Zealand competed in the Oceania MTB Championships in Tasmania. Sarah I’Ons in Year 8 competed in the U15 Girls Downhill event and came first. Congratulations to Sarah on being the U15 girl MTB Downhill National Champion.

Illawarra Schools 10-a-side Rugby Carnival On Wednesday March 20, 22 students from Year 7 and Year 8 participated in the annual Rugby 10’s tournament at Kiama. The TIGS students competed against Keira High School, Nowra Christian School, Southern Highlands Christian School, Shellharbour Anglican College, Illawarra Christian School and Nowra Anglican College. With a mixture of boys who have played rugby previously and those who have not, TIGS entered two teams with both teams performing admirably. It was a great day to start the school rugby year and all students represented TIGS with pride and exceptional sportsmanship. Daniel Laing, Jasper Greenwood, Ethan Hennessy, Nicholas Gulaj, Vincent Chauvet, Samuel Okley, Elliot Hutt, Blake McDougal, Joshua-Fullerton Harvey, Lucas Heidrich, Aaron Bell,Joshua Shalala, Joe Daley, Morgan Jackson, Henry Jenkins, Noah Koder, Nathan Thompson, Ethan Jackson, Sam Shalala, Tim Gaynor, Mathew Logan and Dylan Sormus

Careers Information University of Wollongong Year 12 Parent Invitation If you are the parent of a Year 12 student and would like to receive information each month about UOW programs and upcoming events, please join ‘Parents UniAdvice’ by registering at and click the purple ‘Sign up Parents E-News’ tab to complete your details. Year 10 Future Finder Information Evenings UOW are holding two Year 10 Information Evenings to help you work out which study area best suits your passion and your strengths. We’ll talk to you about: • • • • •

Selecting subjects for Years 11 and 12 Applying to UOW, and applying to universities in general Important information on the HSC The ATAR Scaling

Tuesday, 30 April University of Wollongong - Uni Hall Northfields Avenue WOLLONGONG NSW 6.30pm - 8.30pm

Wednesday, 1 May University of Wollongong, Shoalhaven Campus George Evans Road NOWRA NSW 6.30pm - 8.30pm

You can book now by filling in the quick Event Booking Request.

Extend @ TIGS Weekly Recap

The children cut holes to make patterns out of coloured papers and we hung them up to display in our room. Mayson, Eamon, Harry and Ayaan made tracks and tunnels using the Marble Roll and enjoyed using the marbles to roll them down. The staff had such fun teaching the children to do “The Macarena” and there was a lot of laughter and screaming involved.

Our Extend Superstar is… Jade H for always being kind and gentle with the younger children and playing with them.

Next week’s activities:

Monday 8 April: “Bend it like Beckham” with Tom Tuesday 9 April: Sand and Water Play Wednesday 10 April: Dress Ups and Role Play Thursday 11 April: “Our Kitchen Rules” - Fairy Bread Friday 12 April: Last Day of Term 1- Movie (G) and Popcorn

NEWSFLASH!!! Extend@TIGS is NOW OPEN from 8.00am to 6.00pm to the TIGS Community on Pupil Free Days so don’t forget to book your children in for the 7 June 2013 by calling the number below.


CALL OUR OFFICE: 1300 366 437

Music, Dance & Drama Showcase

7.00pm Thursday 11 April 2013 Join us at TIGS for performances of the best of this years Music, Dance and Drama Competition Tickets Available at the Door of the IGC

$5 per person or $10 for the whole family



Year 12 Parent Teacher Interviews Year 12 Parent/Teacher Interviews will be held on Tuesday 9 April 2013 from 3.45pm. Please ensure you request your interview times using your log-in details. Interview schedules can also be viewed using your log-in details. Please contact the School on 4220 0200 should you have any questions.

TIGS P&F TIGS P&F Facebook Page The TIGS P&F now has a facebook page. You can read about the latest happenings for parents and students by clicking the “Like� icon. It is also a useful way to contact the P&F if you have any questions.

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Issue 8 Term I 2013  

Issue 8 Term I 2013