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James Early and Daniel McNamara

Headmaster’s Message Chaplain’s Message Head of Senior School Issue 7 Term IV, 2011

Academic • Christian • Caring

Head of Junior School

A Mix of Emotions The end of the academic year is certainly a time for mixed emotions. The joy and happiness at the end of a year of achievement and progress as well as the prospect of an extended vacation period is somewhat tempered by the sadness of farewells and the uncertainty of what the 2012 academic year will bring. We are certainly sad that some of our staff are moving on. We say farewell to: Mr Warwick Adams

Retiring from teaching

Dr Michael Davey

Pursuing his passion for writing (we will still see him from time to time as a relief teacher)

Mrs Pauline Ash

Moving overseas

Ms Debbie Aroutsidis Moving to a Sydney school (we also wish her well for her wedding in the coming break) Mrs Eri Hammond

Retiring from teaching

Mrs Linda Lill

Moving interstate

Mrs Elizabeth Corfield Retiring

Stephen Kinsella Headmaster

We offer them our sincere thanks and appreciation for the contribution they have made to our School and we wish them success and happiness in their new endeavours. I am pleased to report that appointments have been made to all vacant teaching positions. A memorial service was held at the Senior School Chapel yesterday at which the life of David Drummond, TIGS Transport Manager, was honoured. I was able to announce at the service that the School Council has approved the naming of the Junior School turning circle as ‘Drummond Drive’. It will be a permanent reminder of the love that he had for ‘his’ children in an area that will always be associated with David. I recently had the pleasure of attending Government House in Sydney where the Governor presented Certificates of Commendation to Isaac Kim (current School Captain) and Laura Sunderland (School Captain 2011) on behalf of the Order of Australia Association. The certificates are awarded to only 21 students in NSW for service to the community. That this is the second year in a row that two students from TIGS received this award speaks volumes for the strength of our service program and the commitment of our students to serving others. The School’s program of service will be extended in 2012 with students in Year 10 having the opportunity to visit and work with the Crossroads Foundation in Hong Kong. This organisation provides a service that is alleviating poverty in the third world and the visit by students from TIGS will be a life-changing experience for those that participate. The Crossroads website is well worth viewing. I hope to catch up with many of our School community at the various functions that are packed into the next week. The Infants Pageant, Junior School Presentation Evening and Senior School Presentation Days are always uplifting as we celebrate all that has been achieved in 2011. A highlight for me is the Christmas Celebration (next Wednesday evening). I believe it captures so much of what it means to be a part of the TIGS family. We will see the skill and talent of our students from across the whole school coming together for a common purpose, guided by staff and supported by families. The students will entertain us, present gifts to Anglicare and above all, tell the story of Christmas. Thank you for the contribution you have made to a successful year at TIGS. I wish you all a Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2012.

Stephen Kinsella Headmaster “For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” Isaiah 9:6

Chaplain’s Message

The Future Has Come

Without a doubt the internet is one of the greatest human inventions of all time. It has been and continues to be, a game-changer. Google is a company which has risen to prominence through the emergence of the internet. There was an interesting article in this week’s Good Weekend on Google. Despite Google’s considerable achievements the article unearthed a level of frustration in the company. Google recognises that it is well on the way to mastering its initial charter to be the leader in the search for information. It has realised, however, that this charter is somewhat shortsighted. Google has come to appreciate that information is not enough. The next step is synthesis; that is, to turn information into knowledge. That involves presenting to people not just data on any given subject but an easily understood and objective précis that takes into account the essential points and counterpoints of a body of work. It is a bold aim (whatever we might think about the real possibility of objectivity). Google thinks something like this is only ten years away. But still, as Google sees it, the move from information to knowledge is not an end in itself; it is merely one further step toward the ultimate destination which is wisdom. Wisdom is defined by Google as the use of knowledge to eliminate wickedness. Google’s informal motto, “Don’t be evil” is the driving force to this ultimate end.

Rev James Rogers Chaplain

It’s a noble venture don’t you think? Still, I couldn’t help thinking as I read the article that the future that Google is striving toward is already here. It came into our world that first Christmas in the Person of the Lord Jesus. As the Scripture says, he is the wisdom of God incarnate (1 Corinthians 1.24). That makes sense when we accept what the Scriptures say about Jesus, that “by him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things were created by him and for him.” (Colossians 1.16) For this reason, all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are to be found in Jesus (Colossians 2.3). He has truly “become for us wisdom from God.” (1 Corinthians 1.30) This is what is behind Jesus’ famous challenge to us in Matthew 7.24, that if we hear and put into practice his teaching we will be truly wise, able to comprehend life at a profound level and able to withstand all that life might throw at us. I don’t want to dampen Google’s enthusiasm. I just don’t want them to dismiss Jesus - nor us for that matter. As the old saying goes, wise men sought out Jesus at that first Christmas. And wise people still do today. Let’s be found among them. Have a great Christmas.

Rev James Rogers Chaplain

Senior School

In 2012 our ICT Policy will move into another phase with all students having and using their own laptop computers in class. There will be a new Acceptable Use Policy printed in the 2012 Diary which you and your child should read together and sign. These strategies will ensure the development of responsible digital citizenship. In their use of all technology, students will be expected to be respectful of themselves, others and of the equipment and resources that they have the privilege to use. They will be expected to ensure that their device is charged and in good working order and they should understand that the school network resources and email accounts are not private. The School has the right to access information and at home parents should ensure that computer activities are monitored. There will be some differences from the current policies and I thought I would point out the critical changes particularly as far as handheld devices such as mobile phones and mp3 players are concerned. We do acknowledge that in the current context such devices can be useful for learning but the laptop will be the device which more appropriately addresses learning needs. Therefore mobile phones and mp3 players are to be switched off during class. In certain situations teachers may permit the use of these devices but at all times this will be under teacher direction and supervision.

Monica Watt

Deputy Headmaster and Head of Senior School

It is important that students interact socially while they are here at school and that Health and Safety procedures are adhered to. It is important that students can hear bells, traffic and staff directions therefore devices are to be turned off and no ear-pieces are to be worn entering and leaving school, during breaks and while moving around the School. It’s also important to remind you of our Accident/Incident Policy in the context of the above policies. If students become ill or suffer any misadventure they are to report to (or it is to be reported to) Student Reception where First Aid Officers are located. They will assess, provide appropriate treatment and/or call an ambulance if required. Parents will be notified immediately. Students should not call their parents in the first instance as this can compromise student care. Similarly students should not call their parents during the School day for other matters. All calls should be made through Student Reception. And a final reminder the recording of sound and images is not permitted unless approved by a teacher. Technology should only be used at school for learning and in the spirit of the TIGS Mission and Values Statement. Mrs Monica Watt Deputy Head and Head of Senior School

Junior School

2011 has been a wonderful year in many areas: In the Classrooms The children have engaged with their learning and enjoyed their time together learning and growing. Teachers have explored current research, investigated good practice and relied on the tried and true to assist each child in their learning journey. Our children have produced some outstanding pieces of work and UNSW Competition results were pleasing. Most impressive however, were the individual cases of students working extremely hard to overcome issues or to improve their results. Many students have achieved this in 2011 with the assistance of their teachers and other professionals. This effort and progress is wonderful and while not celebrated at events such as speech night, deserves to be commended. To all of our students who can look at their year of learning and know that they have worked hard to achieve and improve, well done.

Judi Nealy

Head of Junior School

On the Sports Fields We have had a very successful year in sport with excellent achievements by both teams and individuals across many sports. TIGS Trophy Soccer, TIG Tennis Tournament, NASSA and CIS representation as well as many PBs have contributed to a great year in sport. Added to this, is the wonderful attitude towards fit and healthy bodies across our entire Junior School with high participation and enthusiasm for sport from all children, as well as pathways being provided for talented athletes. Thank you to Mrs Martin for her excellent leadership in sport and to Mrs Dribbus for her skill and enthusiasm in supporting her in delivering such a fine program.

In the Creative Arts Our students have continued to excel in the Performing and Creative Arts. The MADD concert was a highlight showcasing the skills and confidence of our children in this area. Students from TIGS have won art competitions, experienced success in Public Speaking competitions and Eisteddfods and participated in Orchestras and other Ensembles. The Performing Arts team lead by Mrs Brown and Ms Richards teaching Creative Arts, have encouraged and taught our children with skill and enthusiasm. Thank you for your hard work. In Service As our implementation of the PYP has continued along with the implementation of our Schools Strategic Plan, service has become a routine part of the Junior School experience. This year there were many incidents of student driven service, fund raising, awareness raising and direct assistance to those in need. Many incidents of service have been directly linked to the curriculum or the learning happening in the classroom. This makes the learning relevant as well as empowering our students who know that they can take action as a result of their learning to make their immediate world a better place. Congratulations to our students for taking up the challenge of service. After all of this achievement and effort, I believe that our students have deserved a well earned rest! All of the staff in the Junior School would like to wish our students and their families a happy and safe Christmas together. We look forward to seeing you all again in the New Year and hearing of your adventures over the break. Dates for Your Diary: • 1 February – Years 1-6 return • 1 February – Prep 3 day return • 1 February – Prep 3 day Meet the Teacher • 2 February – Kindergarten return • 6 February – Prep 2 day return • 6 February – Prep 2 day Meet the Teacher • 7 February – Years 3-6 Meet the Teacher • 9 February – Kinder – Year 2 Meet the Teacher

Weekly Awards KM KH 1D 2D 2A 3M 4M

Jessica Bradley, Jamilla Perri Sunday Windsor, Angus Kiang, Thomas Kirby, Cameron Davies Isabella Mitic Nikala Bricevski Aydin Arapali Toria Tsakiridis, Annie McLearie, Mila Lancaster, Jermaine Issa, Zoe Dribbus Min Seo Kang, Sarah Jansen

TIGS Extended

Merit Certificates

Harrison Taranto Annie McLearie Nathaniel Makotsvana Emma Black Brad Van Vreumingen Sufyaan Ul-Haq Toria Tsakiridis Molly Parrish Ella Green Aydin Arapali Samuel Lendrum Hailey Van Vreumingen

Applications for TIGS Extended are closing soon for 2012. Spaces are limited so it is advised to enrol as soon as possible. Applications are available on the TIGS website or from the Junior School Office. Any questions regarding TIGS Extended please email

Canteen Corner Many thanks to our Dedicated Volunteers that help at the Canteen throughout the year. May you have a Merry Christmas, and we will see you in 2012.

Canteen Roster Monday 5 Dec Catherine Kirby

Tuesday 6 Dec Snezana Bujaroska Anne Jones

Wednesday 7 Dec Nichole Anastas

A Christmas Celebration

School Photos

Thursday 8 Dec Vanessa Cross Assunta Disibio Class Parties

Friday 9 Dec

Canteen only open to Senior School at Recess

NO LUNCH ORDERS Last Day for Year

A number of images from School events have recently been uploaded onto the website including the Year 10 Formal Images. Parents and students can access the full set of images from these events if they follow this link.

Fee increases for 2012 The School has Council has approved the following fee increases for 2012. Kindergarten to Year 12 The Piper Centre

5% 7.5%

Accounts for 2012 will be mailed to families in the week commencing 16 January, 2012.

School Uniform The Uniform Shop will be open on the following days during the holidays. PLEASE NOTE NO APPOINTMENTS WILL BE TAKEN. Friday 27 January 2012 Saturday 28 January 2012 Monday 30 January 2012

9.00am - 3.00pm 9.00am - 4.00pm 9.00am - 4.00pm

Tuesday 31 January 2012 Wednesday 1 February 2012 Thursday 2 February 2012

9.00am - 4.00pm 8.30am - 4.00pm 8.30am - 4.00pm

Creative Arts News School Holiday Workshops The Wollongong City Gallery will be running art workshops over the Christmas Holidays for students from 5 years to 17 years within a range of artistic media. For more information visit their website or call 42287500. http://www.wollongongcitygallery. com/Pages/default.aspx

Senior School Texbooks Textbook order for Years 7 - 11 can be completed online at The return date for Years 8 – 11 is the 5 December 2011. Orders can still be placed online after the return date.

Year 11 and 12 Students Years 11 and 12 NSW Minerals Council Bursaries Year 11 and 12 students from The Illawarra Grammar School are eligible to apply for a Minerals Education Bursary offered by the NSW Minerals Council for 2012 and 2013. The bursary program is designed to attract and retain senior secondary students’ interest in the minerals industry as a possible future career of choice through a coordinated program of activities and contact with the minerals industry. Applicants are required to make a written application detailing their recent academic record, personal attributes, and interest in the minerals industry. Successful applicants will receive a cash grant of $500 for Year 11 students and $1000 for Year 12 students. $2,000 is then granted to those bursary students who go on to successfully complete their first year in an undergraduate minerals related tertiary course in NSW within 12 months of completing their secondary schooling. The closing date for applications is 21 December 2011. This application form can be found at website Applications must be submitted to Mr Sormus or Mr Wall for a supporting statement. Please see Mr Sormus or Mrs Murphy for any further information.

Senior School Sport South Coast Schools Indoor Hockey Tournament The Australian Hockey Team have won three Olympic gold medals and in 2010 won the World Cup to Germany 2-1. It is the national sport of India and Pakistan and is amongst the top five sports in Bangladesh, Germany, Holland, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Argentina, Malaysia and England. This sport is growing and TIGS last week played in the South Coast Schools Indoor Hockey Tournament at Unanderra. Both the girls and boys teams played six games each. They were competitive and achieved admirable results with a mixture of wins, draws and losses. Congratulations to all of the students who represented the school at this event. Thank you to Chris Whitehall for refereeing and Mrs Baird for coaching.

TIGS Netball Club The TIGS Netball Club held their AGM this week and are looking forward to 2012 Netball season. Registration for 2012 will be held on the following dates: Friday 10 February 3.30pm – 5.00pm in Room MG3 Saturday 11 February 9.30am – 11.00am in Room MG3 Saturday 18 February 9.30am – 11.00am in Room MG3 For further information please contact Mrs Sharpe on 4220 0200. Ocean, Splash ‘n’ Dash A festival of Fitness for all ages and abilities.

The teams consisted of: Margot Allison, Lilli Bennett, Rachel Craft, Chloe Johnston, Teagan Johnston, Sally Sharpe, When: 3 and 4 December 2011 Maudie Skyring, Piper Stewart, Sophia Whitton, Robert Brodie, Robert Gyngell, Anthony Keating, Harrison Lindsay, Mungo Where: Wollongong Harbour Skyring, Adrian Whitehall, Xavier Whitton. Entries Close: 1 December 2011 This week Tegan Richards (Year 12) will be playing in the SIS/ SAS hockey team against the Japan Women’s U21 team in Late entries can be made on the day a late fee will apply $5.00 per entry. Sydney. We wish her all the best for this event. Parker’s Tennis Coaching Snowsport The NSW Interschool’s Snowsports Races are for school TIGS School Holiday Tennis Clinic 2011 At Parker’s Tennis Coaching Harbour Street Wollongong students in NSW. Skier and Snowboarders can compete for their school as part of team or an individual and in 2011 TIGS had over 20 participants. The regional event caters for Kindergarten Students through to Year 12 with an emphasis on fun and participation in the initial regional championships. As the competitions move into the State and then the National event, the level of Christmas School Holidays 2011 At Wests Illawarra, Unanderra competition and the degree of difficulty increases. The 2012 dates for the Northern Regional Championships are July 4 (Wednesday) through to July 7 (Saturday). More details of the event and dates can be found at: http:// Please contact Jay Tregonning ( Bookings are essential. For more information call: Andrew on au) if you would like further information. 0407 029 731 or 4237 7496 or email Important dates for Sport/Outdoor Education Events Term I 2012 Year 8 Camp Information Night - 2 February 2012 Year 7 Camp - 6 to 10 February 2012 Cricket - 8 February 2012 NASSA Basketball Trial - 10 February 2012 Senior School Tennis Gala Day - 14 February 2012 Cricket - 15 February 2012 Senior School Swimming Carnival - 16 February 2012, Western Suburbs Pool NASSA Hockey Trials - 17 February 2012 Year 8 Camp 20 - 24 February 2012 NASSA Tennis Gala Day - 29 February 2012

Congratulations James Early and Daniel McNamara Congratuations to both James Early and Daniel McNamara for wining First Place in the Lions Youth of the Year Competition. James came first in the Kiama Branch and Daniel the Figtree Branch. Both students will now progresses to the Zone Round in March 2012.

P&F Year 9 and Year 12 2012 Parents Morning Tea/Lunch

Parents of students currently in Year 9 and in Year 12 2012 are invited to come to an informal morning tea, to catch up for a chat at Wollongong Golf Club from 10.00am on Wednesday 7 December 2011. There will be no set menu so everyone can order and pay for what they choose. Please spread the word to friends who may not see this item in the newsletter. The Golf Club would like an idea of numbers for catering purposes so please contact Barb Mandelson au or 0409 969044 if you are able to attend.

Last Day of Term IV Friday 9 December 2011 School will finish for ALL students at 12.30pm on the last day of Term IV, Friday 9 December 2011. Directly after Senior School Presentation Day. Buses will be running as usual but at this new time.

Christmas Office Hours During the Christmas School holidays the office will be open from 9.00am untill 3.00pm from Monday 12 December until Friday 23 December. On Wednesday 14 December the office will be closed from 11.00am and only contactable for emergencies. The office will re-open for business on 9 January 2012.


TOP 10 moments of 2011


Foundation Board ~ Secured a stable board of enthusiastic and committed members who align themselves with the Schools values and future ideals.


Alumni ~ Re-established relationships with past students and families through reunions, Facebook and school events.


Back to TIGS ~ A special day where alumni were invited to return to TIGS and share their memories with families and friends whilst touring the School grounds, enjoying lunch and viewing the art exhibition – Art for Refugees.


The Works Exhibition ~ Built relationships within the TIGS extended community and raised funds for scholarships.


Library Transformation ~ Committed to contributing funds towards the Goodhew Research Centre transformation.


Foundation Administrative Assistant ~ employed Allison Collins to work part time for TIGS Foundation.




Fete ~ Gained exposure through the Foundation Stand whilst providing information and building relationships. Land purchase/acquisition ~ Contributed funds towards the purchasing of the land from St Therese Catholic School – Powell Street entrance. Scholarships ~ Rev. Richard Bosanquet Scholarship provided a student with the opportunity to attend TIGS, who due to circumstances may not have been able to otherwise do so. Caring for others ~ continued to build meaningful relationships whilst striving to make TIGS a wonderful environment.

Thank you

Foundation Board 2011

TIGS Foundation Annual General Meeting

8.00am to 10.00am Tuesday 21 February in the TIGS Boardroom. If you would like to attend or require further information please contact Allison Collins via email on

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Issue 7 Term IV 2011  
Issue 7 Term IV 2011  

Issue 7 Term IV 2011