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Issue 7 Term III 2013

Congratulations Year 12 We congratulate our Year 12 students on reaching the end of their formal years of schooling. As they enter their last week we acknowledge the contribution they have made to our School community and thank them for the part they have played in maintaining and enhancing the TIGS tradition. As if leaving school is not hard enough, there is all the weight of expectation regarding HSC examinations and results to contend with. It is sad that the thrill of graduation and the celebration of all that has been achieved while at school occur under the shadow of the HSC and the issuing of an Australian Tertiary Entrance Rank (ATAR). The ranking of students, largely for the purpose of allocating places at the universities, can distract students, teachers, family members and friends from what has really been achieved at school. From Kindergarten (or before for students enrolled in the Piper Centre) through to Year 12, students have grown from young children into mature adults ready for life beyond school. Through their studies they have acquired the thinking and learning skills to be creative, reflective, critical and discerning. These skills underpin the success our students regularly achieve in the HSC and we expect the Class of 2013 to be no different to those that have gone before them.

Stephen Kinsella Headmaster

More importantly, these skills equip our students to be valued members of society that make a difference in the work place and more broadly in the community. Is it likely that the student with the highest ATAR will make the biggest difference in society after graduation? I would be surprised if anyone thought that this was true. Yet in December when the HSC and ATAR results are released, most of us will ask the question “how did you go?” How sad that after 13 years of schooling all that has been achieved can be reduced to an ATAR. What do 88.65 or 75.30 really tell us about a student’s achievements at school? Why should a student feel disappointed that they achieved an ATAR of 98.95 and not 99.00? It is right to celebrate academic achievement which after all is the core business of schools. Our high achievers will receive the accolades they deserve and their results are sure to set them on a wonderful pathway at university and beyond. However, at TIGS we set excellence as the standard for all our students and define it as being “neither elitist nor exclusive and is accessible to all who aspire to be the best they can be.” We wish Year 12 every success in the coming HSC examinations and beyond. We hope that their HSC and ATAR results make them feel they have achieved the best they could achieve and to feel proud of the progress they have made since their first lessons in Kindergarten. We remind them that their experience and achievements at TIGS have been much more than what occurred in the classroom. The experiences of camp, chapel, leadership, sport, house, mentor groups, excursions, musicals, ensembles, clubs, peer reading, Duke of Edinburgh, FISH, Art after Hours, … all contributed to their development into young adults that are whole people, able to celebrate all that life offers and to make a positive contribution to society beyond school. The TIGS Mission Statement captures the ambition we have for our students as they leave TIGS: “The achievement of academic excellence in a caring environment that is founded on Christian belief and behaviour, so that students are equipped to act with wisdom, compassion and justice as faithful stewards of our world.” We look forward with anticipation to seeing all that our graduates will achieve. Year 12, we are proud of you no matter what your ATAR may be. Congratulations on your graduation from The Illawarra Grammar School.

Stephen Kinsella Headmaster

The Wise Person Builds Their House On A Strong Foundation In Luke 6:46-49 Jesus tells a parable to his disciples. He says a person who hears God’s words and puts them into practice is like a person who builds their house on a strong foundation. Jesus then says the person who hears his words but doesn’t put them into practice is like a person building with no foundation. That person will be swept away when the storm comes. The Bible is saying we have a choice how we will face storms in life. We can try and deal with them ourselves which may involve getting angry and taking it out on other people. Or we can listen to Jesus who says that if we hear his words and obey them, he promises to be with us and help us weather them. Other parts of scripture help us to see Jesus doesn’t just help us weather hard times, he makes it possible for us to flourish in them. He promises he will help us through the storms so that we can keep on being kind to others despite how we have been treated by life and other people. He promises to get us through the storms so that we will still have hope for the future despite our hopes being dashed. My eight year old son made a three legged stool with a saw and some nails. You can’t sit on it because it gives way. In the same way this parable has a fairly simple engineering principle most of us recognise. Only strong foundations are able to carry our weight. This parable challenges us to not let our faith be superficial. You can’t talk yourself into a state of strength. The parable points out that it is Jesus’ words that are crucial. We don’t merely have confidence in confidence alone (to quote Sister Maria from the Sound of Music!); we have confidence in Jesus’ words. It isn’t consistency that saves you, but Jesus. How can we be sure of this? Well, God makes promises in the Bible. In our trials and struggles we can hold on to God’s promises. 1 Corinthians 10:13 says “God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it.” The promise also holds as we face the biggest storm - death. How will we survive that? We’ll weather the storm of death not because God rewards people who obey him, but because people who trust Jesus to save them are those who trust Jesus enough to obey what he commands. God keeps his promises. “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will not fear for you are with me, your rod and your staff they comfort me” (Psalm 23:4). Ms Kathryn Stanton English and Christian Studies Teacher

Senior School

What Co-curricular and Extra-curricular activities is your child and has your child been involved in during their time in Senior School? As you know we set it as a priority to provide many and varied activities to engage and develop our students academically, spiritually, physically, aesthetically, culturally and socially. Our aim is to give each child ‘the opportunity to identify and develop its gifts and talents to the fullest extent.’ Research clearly attests to the fact that students who are capitalizing on their individual gifts, talents and interests build strong and resilient psychological foundations to withstand life’s challenges. Can we provide additional activities to engage and develop more students? We are currently reviewing our offerings to ensure that we are addressing the needs of all students and are involved in both a quantitative and qualitative analysis of student involvement.

Monica Watt

Deputy Headmaster and Head of Senior School

On page 10 of the Diary you will find Co-curricular and Extra-curricular activities listed, together with the name of the teacher who runs the progamme. We also have an extensive range of music tutors who provide individual instruction. A list of those tutors is not currently published but will be in future. Information can be obtained by contacting the Performing Arts Department. What impediments have there been to your child’s full involvement in Co-curricular and Extracurricular activities?

Some activities run before school, others after school. To facilitate easier involvement in after school activities - and use of the Goodhew Centre for homework, project work and access to resources - we run two buses at 5.00pm: one which runs North and one which runs South. This has proved to be a useful service and we are reviewing this provision within the Co-curricular review. Please let me know your thoughts on the above matters by email and/or I’ll pop it on to our TIGS facebook page so that you can respond there. Thanks in anticipation. Monica Watt Deputy Headmaster and Head of Senior School

Junior School Public Speaking Competition 19 Junior School students travelled to Gib Gate for the Public Speaking competition against Tudor House, Nowra Anglican and Gib Gate on Monday 9 September. TIGS was given three of the seven awards on the day. Our children represented their School with pride and great skill, they listened to all of the speakers with appreciation and competed to the best of their ability. We were very successful and the competition was strong. Nicholas Chiaverini was awarded 2nd place, an outstanding achievement for a Year 3 student competing against Years 3 and 4. Xia Lian Wilson and Soraya McCann were both awarded Highly Commended. Congratulations to the Public Speaking team: Lachlan Boardman, Michael Marzano, Xia Lian Wilson, Soraya McCann and Nicholas Chiaverini.

Judi Nealy

Thank you to all parents and grandparents for their excellent support.

Head of Junior School

TOM Update – NSW State Finals

After winning the Regional Final in the discipline of Language Literature, a team of talented Junior School students represented TIGS and the South Coast with pride at the NSW Tournament of Minds State Final at UNSW last Sunday 8 September. Francesca Lambert, Alysha de Ruyter, Benae Kuiper, Lola Bond, Zippy Corser-Anu, Lucy Cross and Alexia Zafiriou performed impressively in the long-term Challenge, which involved incorporating eight forms of onomatopoeia into a specific context and justifying their selection. As anyone who has participated in TOM knows, it is always down to the wire when it comes to predicting the winner, especially due to the unseen Spontaneous Challenge. The girls were unlucky on the day but were such a credit to the School and their families. Their behavior, enthusiasm and skills set were outstanding. Congratulations girls and thank you to all the families who attended on Sunday – your support is greatly appreciated.

Babies Prom

During Term III the students from Pre-Prep to Year 2 have been exploring the instrument families. The preps and kindergartens worked from the central idea that “Just like people, instruments belong to families” with a focus on strings and percussion. The older students broadened their explorations to include the brass and woodwind families and to look at the roles typically played by the instruments in making music. The Babies Proms performance by the Senior Orchestra (made up of our own High School students) was a great opportunity to hear the instruments come together in a musical performance and to consolidate the work done in class. The younger students had the chance to stand next to their favourite instrument to see and hear it played in the orchestral setting. The “giant” double basses were a popular choice for the little ones, whose faces lit up in amazement at the big sound and towering stature of these wonderful instruments!

South Coast Junior Chess Tournament

On Wednesday TIGS hosted the South Coast Junior Chess Tournament, with over 240 children from the Illawarra attending. It was a wonderful event for children with a passion for Chess to come together and pit their skills against each other. Congratulations to Mrs Mann for her continued involvement in this wonderful opportunity for our children. As I write the newsletter this week, Years 5 and 6 are away at camp. The Stage 3 camp is held at Deer Park in the Royal National Park. The children will enjoy abseiling, sailing, fishing, ‘mangroving’, hiking, archery and Christian discovery. I look forward to hearing of their adventures when they return to school next week.

Dates for your diary: Thursday 19 September – Big Day In Friday 20 September – Last day of Term III

Extend @ TIGS Weekly Recap This week, we played a lot of outdoor sports games. The children enjoyed playing soccer down on the oval and some of us went down to the garden to do some weeding and watering of the plants. Next week is the last week of Term III and we have lots of fun activities planned; making party hats, disco dancing, Twister and a pizza party! Come and join us in on the fun

Week 9’s Activities:

Monday 16 September: “Bend it like Beckham” with Tom Tuesday 17 September: “Crazy Craft” with Ms Mac Wednesday 18 September: “Gardening Gloves Club” with Ms Indy Thursday 19 August: “Crazy Craft” with Ms B Friday 20 September: “End of Term Pizza Party”

Our Extend Superstar is… Jasper B for helping out the little ones with their reading and playing board games with them.


CALL OUR OFFICE: 1300 366 437

Uniform Shop Uniform Change Over Winter to Summer The Uniform Shop will be open during the School holidays: 10.00am to 2.00pm Thursday 3 October 10.00am to 2.00pm Friday 4 October 10.00am to 2.00pm Saturday 5 October 2013 No appointment necessary. Please note; Year 6 students who are entering Year 7 in 2014 should have their uniforms fitted and purchased by 31 October 2013.

Junior School Awards Weekly Awards

Merit Certificates Academic

KD KM KP 1C 1M 2M 3R 3WJ 3W 4R 4S

Kivaan Mudaly-Naidoo Rory Swainson Guoqin Ding Samuel Murrie Mary Albert Lily Galbraith

Harry Fuller, Toby Jinks Riley Grundy, Matthias Simon Lloyd Oliver, Jahzara McCann Jessica Llewellin Teerth Khanna Ashley Armstrong Michael Marzano Nicholas Chiaverini, Alexia Loeser, Charlie Taylor, Massimo Forte Clara Swainson, Lachlan Boardman Xia Lian Wilson, John Taiwo Jayson Cooper, Evan Glover, Soraya McCann

Service Isobel Kinnear Ella McIlwraith Sophie McGuire James Gardner Rebecca Winn

Senior School Sports Student success: Cross Country: Recently three of our students represented their state at the National Cross Country Championships in Launceston. The TIGS community congratulate them on their brilliant results! James Seal (Year 7) 11th Maudie Skyring (Year 10) 25th Alexander Seal (Year 11) 34th Snowsports: Congratulations to Tahlia and Ethan Jackson on their excellent performances at the National Snowsports Championships in Buller, Victoria last weekend. Tahlia (Year 10) came 9th in the Division 2 Alpine event and Ethan (Year 7) came in the top 30 for the Division 3 Skier Cross.

All School Athletics Entries The NSW All Schools Athletics Championships will be held next term on Thursday 10th October - Sunday 13th October. CIS will only be naming a merit team, not entering teams or individuals into this event. If you would like to enter, you must see Mr Deck to collect a permission note and entry form. The entry form and permission note is to be returned to Mr Deck by Tuesday 17th September.

Camden Interschools Equestrian Championships Congratulations to Lauren O’Neill who placed with Hayden, her chestnut horse, 4th in the 90cm class out of about 30 riders, and 2nd in the 1m class. This was Hayden’s first competition for 5 months as he has been injured so Lauren did well to gain these results. On her second horse Jet Lauren cleared both the 90cm and 1m course, but pulled a rail in the jump off sections, which is on time. A great effort!

Great Race The Great Race will be held at Jamberoo Recreation Park on Thursday 19 September. The Great Race is a compulsory school event promoting participation in novelty events for all students. On this day points are awarded for a number of novelty events and the well known House “Haka “to go towards the famous Shell Shield. Students are not to be driven to or from Jamberoo Recreation Park but are to come to school at the normal time, using the usual modes of transport. Shuttle buses have been organized to transport all students to and from the Park. Students are not allowed to remain at the park to wait for parents. Students must wear their house shirts and school sports shorts to this event. They are expected to wear appropriate swimwear/ rash shirts, hats and sunscreen. The water will be cold so students may like to wear their wetsuits. Students are encouraged to bring plenty of food and water for the day as there may be limited food outlets open. While at the Park strict safety regulations will be enforced by the attendants and TIGS staff. Students will be required to obey all safety instructions, follow safety signage and not engage in anything considered reckless behaviour. Due to changes in risk management by the Park all students must wear colour-coded wrist bands to identify their level of swimming proficiency. Students are also advised to operate a buddy system within the park, not going alone to rides, shops, cafes or toilets. Also a reminder to students who require asthma medication to have it with you on the day. Permission slips for the Great Race are to be given to students Mentor Teacher. If your note is not returned, you will not be able to attend this event. We are looking forward to a GREAT DAY. If you have any questions please ring Mrs Sharpe at school.

Parker’s School Holiday Tennis Clinic at Wests Illawarra, Unanderra UNANDERRA CLINIC DATE: Mon 30/09/13 to Wed 2/10/13 TIME: 9.00am – 12.00pm COST: $60.00 (Ages 4-14 years) Bookings are Essential For more information call Andrew on 0407 029 731 or email

P&F Message Year 7 Mother’s Dinner 7.00pm Friday 25 October 2013 Centro CBD (in the lower private room) Cost is $52pp, paid on the night (drinks purchased separately) A private room at Centro has been booked which will give everyone a chance to meet and mingle. There are set menus for this dinner which gives everyone a choice from 5 different entrees, mains, and desserts. If you are able to come, please RSVP Renee Santos by Monday 14 October, via email or text/ phone my mobile 0422995509.


“Not So Secret” Men’s Business Sportsman’s Dinner Mission: When Where: Who: What: Cost: Sponsored by:

Major Fundraising Event Friday 1 November 2013, 6.30 pm Western Grandstand, Victory Room, WIN Sports & Entertainment Centre Men 3 course dinner, beverages and entertainment $120pp HLB Mann Judd Accountants, Business and Financial Advisers

For enquiries, please contact Lisa Wilson, Foundation Coordinator on 4220 0264 or email


ART4refugees is on again this year, 27 - 29 September 2013 here at The Illawarra Grammar School. ART4refugees is the major fundraiser for SCARF (Strategic Community Assistance to Refugee Families). Each year, local and national artists donate works to be sold, with 100% of the proceeds supporting the work of SCARF in the Illawarra. Can you also help SCARF by donating a work of art you own and no longer require? Donations of paintings, photographs, sculpture, jewellery, textiles and ceramics can now be dropped off at Permian SelfStorage, 100 Montague St, North Wollongong or collection can be arranged if this doesn’t suit. For more information see or call 0417 166 011 and 0402 888 126

Disco from 5.00pm n a r b o r a • K ay 14 September Saturd

ay In D ig B l o o h ce’ Sc a r R io t n a u e J r • ‘The 3G l o o h c S r 201 • Senaio tember y 19 Sep

ner in D d n a emony r e C n io t radua3 G 2 1 r a • Ye 20 September 201



II I m r e T Day obefr 2013 • Las2t m 0 Septe Friday

m IV r e T f o ay • First D niform U • SUmmer ber 2013 8 Octo Tuesday

mp a C ip h s r Leade 9 r a e Y • 2013 October 8 – 10

uction d n I ip h ders a e L l o o h c S • Senior y Ceremoonber 2013 1 Oct Friday 1

Issue 7 term iii, 2013  

Issue 7 term iii, 2013

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