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NEWSLETTER Year 3 Excursion to Royal National Park

Year 6 Progression Dinner

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Year 6 Canberra Excursion

Issue 7 Term I, 2012

Academic • Christian • Caring

The School Needs Your Help We are currently preparing the next Strategic Plan that will take the School forward for the 5-year period 2013 to 2017. To assist with this process, we are inviting all parents and students (Year 3 and above) to complete a survey prepared by the Association of Independent School (AIS). The School is employing the services of AIS to provide an independent assessment of how well the School is performing so that the Strategic Plan accurately reflects the needs and aspirations of parents and students as well as the spirit of the Mission and Values of the School. Next week you will be sent an email containing a link to complete the survey. The survey will close on Thursday, 5 April. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. A red letter date for the diary is always the Music, Dance and Drama Showcase which will be held on Friday 30 March starting at 7.00pm. The Music, Dance and Drama Competition is a fiercely competitive House event in the Senior School and the level of performance is outstanding. It is a must see event for all School families, particularly from the Junior School as it gives a taste of the excitement and opportunities that are ahead in the Senior School.

Stephen Kinsella Headmaster

All proceeds from the night go toward the Schools support of Nganambala School (Emu Point) in the Northern Territory. You are sure to enjoy the incredible talent of our students and they will appreciate your support. Next Monday evening the School is hosting a special presentation on cyber safety by Ms Susan McLean. More details are provided in this edition of the Newsletter. Cyber safety is a concern for all parents and Susan McLean’s presentation is informative, entertaining and confronting. The evening is free and open to the general community. It is a great opportunity to invite someone that hasn’t been to TIGS before to hear an expert on a topic that should be a concern for all parents. If you are attending or passing through the campus, take the opportunity to look through the window of the Library. It looks great. The refurbishment is virtually complete and the daunting task of refilling the building with furniture and books will start this coming week. Students from the Piper Centre through to Year 12 will benefit from the changes that embrace the philosophy of 21st Century learning. The Library will be officially reopened at the TIGS Great Fete on May 19. Finally, we are thrilled at the performance of TIGS swimmers at the Olympic selection trials. Special congratulations go to David McKeon (Class of 2010) on his selection in the Australian team (winner of the 400m and 800m freestyle). Congratulations also to Jarrod Port (Year 12) for winning the 1500m and placing 2nd in the 800m freestyle(he has to wait to find out if he is selected in the Australian team) and Emma McKeon (Year 12) for placing 7th in the 100m freestyle final, Well done also Aaron Canon (Year 11) and Robert Hurley (Class of 2008) on their creditable performances. I hope to see you on Monday evening at the special cyber safety presentation. Stephen Kinsella Headmaster

Did you know that 9 students from Year 12, 2011 have gone on to study in the field of Education? •

4 Primary


1 Early Years

1 Music

Chaplain’s Message Do You See What God Sees? There are two ways we can see ourselves as Christian people. We can see ourselves as saints or sinners. Similarly, there are two ways we can see our brothers and sisters in Christ. We can see them as saints or sinners. Whichever it is makes a huge difference. The Bible teaches that those who have entered into a faith relationship with Jesus are reckoned by God to be saints. “Saints” literally means “holy ones”. A holy one is someone who has been set apart for God. They are God’s precious possession. This is true of all Christian people. That this is so is seen clearly in the way the apostle Paul addresses the churches to whom he writes. He doesn’t write to the sinners in Corinth but to the saints (2 Cor 1:1). Nor does he write to the sinners in Ephesus but to the saints (Eph 1:1). We could observe the same about many of his other letters (see for example Phil 1:1 and Col 1:2). And lest we are mistaken, Paul is not writing to a select few in the church but to the church as a whole. He calls them all saints.

Rev James Rogers

Chaplain Why does Paul designate Christian people saints and not sinners? Because he sees as God sees. It’s as simple as that. God sees us as saints – holy ones – because he sees us as Jesus is. Jesus is the Holy One and all who enter into a faith relationship with him are reckoned by God to be all that he is. So in 1 Corinthians 1.30-31 we are told that through faith Christ Jesus has become our wisdom, righteousness, holiness, and redemption before God. Isn’t that magnificent?

The fact that we are saints doesn’t mean we don’t sin. The Bible makes it clear that we do (see 1 John 1:8). It simply means that we are not primarily defined by our sin. Instead of being sinners who sometimes do saintly things, in Christ Jesus, God considers us to be saints who invariably sin. There is a huge difference here. If we see ourselves and others in Christ as God sees us we will be inclined to treasure ourselves and others with the reverence that holy things deserve. If, on the other hand, we see ourselves and others as sinners we will dishonour ourselves and others with the disdain that unclean things deserve. Do you see the difference? It’s as vast as heaven and hell. I need to ask you then: Do you see what God sees? Rev James Rogers Chaplain

Senior School

Last week I attended a Conference in Singapore on International Education. As you are all aware the world which today’s teenagers inhabit has become increasingly accessible both physically and electronically and the challenges for educators are manifold in equipping and empowering young people to best navigate and flourish in such an evolving international environment. To achieve this desirable outcome we need to not just feed our students facts and figures; we need to furnish them with technical, intellectual, creative and adaptive skills that will serve them well in the years to come. Cutting edge research and development from this conference will inform our future programs and practice. It is reassuring to know that TIGS has obviously equipped students well for global citizenship for some time. While in Singapore I caught up with a Grammarian, Theo Mandziy, (Class of ’86) who lives and works in Singapore at the Australian International School where he is the Primary Specialist Co-ordinator and Art Teacher. He is also an accomplished artist who has had four solo Exhibitions in Singapore as well as having been commissioned to paint portraits of various international dignitaries including ex-Deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer. Tim Fischer’s portrait was commissioned while he was the Australian Ambassador to the Vatican 2008 - 2012, and that is where the portrait is now hung. Theo also travels the world presenting workshops on the importance of Art in the IB Primary Years Program. This year he has presented in Guangzhou and Beijing and is planning for other workshops later in the year. He also presented at this Conference. It was inspiring to see the great work that he does.

Monica Watt

Deputy Headmaster and Head of Senior School

Theo also brought me up to date about his brother Paul (Class of ‘81) who has had an illustrious career in the Navy. In the 2010 Australia Day Honours List he was awarded a Conspicuous Service Cross for Outstanding Service as the Commanding Officer of HMAS Manoora. He is now the Australian Naval Attaché in Madrid. Paul is another Global Grammarian of whom we can be justly proud. Mrs Monica Watt Deputy Head and Head of Senior School

Junior School

Effective Parent/Teacher Partnership

This was the question explored at the IB conference which I attended last week. It was a challenging three days of learning where as educators were encouraged to think through the essence of our work. When we consider the “basics” we can be tempted to follow the herd and think only in terms of THE basics i.e. reading, writing and arithmetic. Of course these basic skills are important and as we have discussed on many occasions, they form a key element of a TIGS education. We also add to them 21st Century “basics” of ICT literacy, collaborative skills, problem solving, etc. What is achieved at TIGS in the aim of creating educated young people however, is far more than just THE basics… so if we need to go back to basics in order to think about what it means to be educated, then what are these basics? At our school I believe the basics are outlined in three different places. Firstly the School statement of mission and values, secondly the IB statement of purpose and thirdly in the learner profile and attitudes. Our Schools Statement of Mission and Values:

Judi Nealy

Head of Junior School

“The achievement of academic excellence in a caring environment that is founded on Christian belief and behaviour, so that students are equipped to act with wisdom, compassion and justice as faithful stewards of our world.” This states the underlying values and principles of a TIGS education. That we seek to develop academic excellence but in an inclusive and caring way and that we seek to instil in our students the understanding that education is to be used for the benefit of others as well as ourselves.

IB Statement of Purpose: The International Baccalaureate aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. These programs encourage students across the world to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right. The IB learner profile is the IB Mission Statement translated into a set of learning outcomes for the 21st Century. The learner profile provides a long-term vision of education. It is a set of ideals that can inspire, motivate and focus the work of schools and teachers, uniting them in a common purpose. IB learners strive to be: • • •

Inquirers Knowledgeable Thinkers

• • •

Communicators Principled Open-minded

• • •

Caring Risk-takers Balanced


So the educated person that we aim to create in partnership with parents is one who has skills, who exhibits the learner profile and who participates in the world in an empathetic and active way. This is no small task, but an exciting one!

Dates for your diary: • • •

Monday 26 March - Cybersafety parent training and information session with Susan McLean. Thursday 29 March - Karobran Coffee and IT Chat for Years 1 and 2 Parents. Places limited so confirm your spots. Thursday 5 April - Combined Junior School Thanksgiving and Easter Service.

Class Awards KB KM KD 1M 1C 2A 2P 3M 4R 5N

Merit Certificates

Teerth Khanna, Ella Smith Niamh Christopher Gabriella Thornton, Georgia Dolan Liam Harvey Thomas Saffoury, Glory Obinwanor Belle Kolodziej Ava Baxa, Oscar Ryan Ellen Manson Lauren Ayers Lauren Ayers Isabella Atkinson, Zane Taylor Emmanuela Franco Jack Worthington Nathan Bridge (2) Selene Chadrawy Joseph Druett Sophie Correa, Min Seo Kang, Alysha De Ruyter

Service Awards for EXPO Day 2012 4W Max Sanzone

6T Harry Sanzone Domenic Esposito Sarah Hanlon Abbey Hosking Samuel Lendrum Oscar Malouf Mackenzie Smith Tayla Smith Erynne Stone 6Y Thomas Bannigan Celeste Bonaccorso Aika Hammond Taylah Pather Hannah Scott Rubey Williams Zara Winter

6W Justus Bacic-Johnston Talitha Cannon Aaron Doherty Ashley Dribbus Samuel Goodhew Ethan Hennessy Ethan Jackson Holly Kiteley Mitchell Main Lachlan Phillpott Alexander Santos Grace Summerill Jonty Swainson

Junior School Parent/Teacher Interviews

Parent/Teacher interviews will be conducted Monday 2 and Tuesday 3 April 2012 from 3.30pm – 7.00pm in Rees Hall. Interviews will be of 15 minute duration. For these interviews we are trialling a new internet-based booking system called Parent Teacher Online (PTO). Our aim is to save time for parents, staff and students. Using this system you will be able to book the interview times that suit you best from any internet-connected computer. If you do not have access to a computer or the internet, please contact the school by phone to arrange your interviews. An email will be sent with your login details. Please access the system as follows: • Go to the School’s home page • Parents • Parent Portal • PTO icon • Login • Enter your surname and PIN that you received in an email from us • Full instructions are provided to you after login Please note the following points: • When you log on, the system displays only your own child/children. Bookings are made for individual parents/guardians, not for couples. Couples can however log in to the system simultaneously to coordinate bookings. If two parents/ guardians wish to attend a single interview timeslot, one parent/guardian should make the booking then both can attend. • You will only see time slots which are available at the time you are using the system. As time slots are booked for teachers, those timeslots are no longer displayed as available. PTO prevents double-booking of teachers or parents/guardians. • When you have made all the bookings you require, you can print a report of your bookings in time order. You can log in and change bookings any time up to 8.00am on the day of the interviews. • If you see the (Recommended) symbol displayed alongside the class name, it means this teacher recommends that you book an interview. • Other parents may be making bookings at the same time that you are using the system. It is possible, though unlikely, that a timeslot is displayed to you as available, but is then booked by another parent shortly afterwards. If you then attempt to book this timeslot it will not be available and a message will be displayed to indicate this. If you encounter any problems using PTO please notify the Junior School Office, preferably by email at I am sure the system will be of benefit to the students, parents and the staff. Any feedback will be most welcome.

‘ICT & Me’ Reminder

The first Karobran ‘ICT & Me’ Parent Session will be held for parents of Years 1 and 2 students on Thursday 29 March from 10.30am – 11.30am in the After School Care Room. Suggested areas to be explored include: • Helping my child with Power Point and searching the web safely and effectively. • Please email any other suggested topics to so we can tailor the session to best suit your needs. • If you have access to a lap top or ipad, please bring this to use on the day. • Places will be limited to 25 on the day so please RSVP to confirm your place. • Additional sessions will be organised if numbers are sufficient.

Online Lunch Orders

As of Term II we are asking parents to go online to order children’s lunch orders. We would like the online ordering system to supersede the brown paper bag form of ordering and will be asking parents to order lunches online from the start of Term II. We will of course accept the old style lunch order if you are not connected to the internet or if time does not allow you to make your order online for any reason. Please see the information below regarding the online ordering system: FlexiSchools Online Ordering Our School has introduced a great new online ordering system for the canteen called FlexiSchools. This system allows parents, students and staff to place orders from home, work or school at any time up until 9.00am in the morning. The payment is also done online, so you no longer need to have cash to purchase from the Canteen. As well as being convenient for you, the online orders are much faster and easier for the canteen to process - so it makes everyone’s life a little easier. FlexiSchools is well established and tested, operating in hundreds of schools across Australia. Getting online is easy and only takes a second to register. Simply go to and click “Register Now”. Once registered, you can start placing orders immediately. If you have any questions, FlexiSchools provide a great help desk on 1300 361 769, or you can contact them via their website. There are a variety of payment options supported, including Visa, MasterCard (credit and debit), Bank Transfer and Pay Click. The system operates via a pre-paid account, so you don’t need to scrounge for coins in the morning and can easily budget for your canteen spending throughout the term. The system is now available, so we look forward to seeing your next order online!

Canteen News Please check the TIGS Website for our menu. We would welcome any new volunteers at the Canteen. Forms are available on the School Website. New Menu coming soon for Term II 2012. Thank you to all our valued Volunteers for their time this year.

Canteen Roster Week 9 Term I 2012 Monday 26 March Sonja Forte Julie Chiaverini

Tuesday 27 March Rose Dragutinovich Lauren Cunio

Wednesday 28 March Pat Calchi Daniell Burton Heather Rugg

Thursday 29 March Help Needed

Friday 30 March Lynda Webb Clare Barber Lana Tut

Connect with TIGS on the Web TIGS has joined the world of social media and is communicating via Twitter and Facebook.

Please follow us on Twitter:

Please like us on Facebook:

2013 Enrolments We would like to remind existing families that Enrolments for 2013 and beyond are now being taken, with limited positions in several Year groups available. All students interested in attending The Illawarra Grammar School are required to complete an Application for Enrolment form. For further information please visit the website – – ENROLMENTS or contact Ms Nicci Fripp on 4220 0216 or email:

P&F Year 10 and 12 Parents Lunch

All parents of students in Years 10 and 12 are invited to an informal lunch/morning tea from 11.00am at the Wollongong Golf Course Bistro on Friday 30 March 2012. You need to come down Corrimal Street from the north to enter the carpark. This is the last Friday of Term I. It is an opportunity to meet and catch up with other parents of students in these years. Please contact Barb Mandelson, TIGS P&F Year 10 Parent Rep on 0409 969044 or for more information. I hope you can join us.

Karobran Term I Meeting

Karobran Term 1 Meeting is to be held Monday the 26 March from 6.00pm - 7.00pm in the music rooms next to the IGC. There will be a light supper provided and will be held immediately prior the Cyber Safety Session. If you need any other information please let me know. Tanya Edgerton President of Karobran

Uniform Shop Holiday Opening Times SUMMER TO WINTER

The Uniform Shop will be open during school holidays on the following days: 9.00am - 2.00pm Thursday 19 April 9.00am - 2.00pm Friday 20 April 9.00am - 2.00pm Saturday 21 April No appointments are necessary

Susan McLean Director Cyber Safty Solution and cyber safety expert

The Illawarra Grammar School is proud to bring you Susan McLean, Director Cyber Safety Solutions and an expert in the area of cyber safety. TIGS will be hosting two FREE seminars which every parent, educator and adult should attend. Susan McLean is Australia’s foremost expert in the area of cyber safety and was a member of Victoria Police for 27years. Widely known as the ‘cyber cop’ she was the first Victorian Police Officer appointed to a position involving Cybersafety. In 2003 she was the Victoria Police, Region Four, Youth Officer of the Year. She has also been awarded The National Medal and the Victoria Police Service Medal and 2nd Clasp. Susan has appeared on a range of national television shows including Insight, Four Corners, Sunrise, State Focus and Today Tonight and has spoken on a variety of National Radio stations and is NOW coming to TIGS!

by Susan McLean

FREE Seminars Session 1 - Educators Seminar

4.00pm to 5.30pm Monday 26 March 2012 @ TIGS in the Illawarra Grammar Center (IGC)

Session 2 - Parent Seminar

7.00pm to 8.30pm Monday 26 March 2012 @ TIGS in the Illawarra Grammar Center (IGC)

Bookings Essential

Visit for more information

Senior School Sport Student Success:

Cycling: (see image right) Congratulations to Bridget and Natasha who performed well at the Australian Junior Track Championships. Bridget’s results: Team Pursuit: Gold & Australian Record Time Trial: 5th, Sprint: 4th, Team Sprint: 4th, Individual Pursuit: 5th , 1st in JW17 Austral Wheel Race Natasha’s Results: Time Trial: 8th, Sprint: 7th, Individual Pursuit: 8th Sailing: (see image middle right) Congratulations to Nicholas Marzano (Year 12) and Alexander Marzano (Year 10) for their recent State Sailing results: Nicholas’ results: Won the Junior Skipper title at the Sharpie National Titles in Brisbane, Won the Illawarra Youth Regatta. Alexander’s results: Selected in the NSW Youth Sailing Team.

AICES Schools Tennis Cup TIGS Girls Champion (see image

bottom right) The TIGS girls tennis team won the NASSA schools event and progressed to compete in the AICES Cup at Cintra Park in Concord. In this competition the team play singles, doubles and reverse doubles. TIGS defeated Arndell College and St Marks to win their pool. The final was played against Kinross Wolaroi from Orange. The girls didn’t need to play the reverse doubles as they managed to win with their singles and doubles matches.

Great tennis was exhibited throughout the day. Congratulations to Stella Crick (Year 12), Kirsty McRae (Year 11), Lily Tuivaga (Year 9) and Hannah Kim (Year 9). Special mention must be made to Maria Kyriakoudes and Olivia Poate both in Year 9 who stepped up to play in the NASSA Schools Tennis Cup to get the team through to the AICES level. The girls will now play in the CIS playoffs for Champion CIS Tennis School.

Australian Inter-Schools Mountain Biking Championships

Last weekend Hamish Paine (Year 10) and Alistair Martin (Year 12) represented TIGS at the Australian Inter-schools Mountain Biking Championships in Thredbo. The weather was cool but sunny allowing the Championships to continue under some very muddy and wet conditions. The downhill course was modified to handle the deluge of rain from the previous week. In the Down Hill event Alistair did extremely well finishing 21st in a field of 49. We will miss Alistair from the TIGS team as he has represented the school in MTB from Year 8. Hamish competed in the Cross Country event in an extremely wet area of the course, Friday Flat to finish 4th from 81 competitors, only piped by 3 seconds for 3rd. He will be back next year for another attempt hopefully with some younger competitors from TIGS to join him. A sensational effort to come 4th in the Australian Championships. Well done to both boys!

Careers News

Tertiary Information Evening

Tuesday 1 May 2012 Students in Years 10, 11 and 12 along with their parents/guardians are cordially invited to attend this evening to be held at The Illawarra Grammar School. It is designed to cater solely for the interests and needs of our students. The evening format comprises: • • •

6.00pm – 6.50pm, an Expo in the IGC 6.50pm – 7.10pm, an ex-student panel session in the IGC 7.15pm – 8.45pm, three information seminars that students and parents register to attend. The information sessions will be in allocated rooms and provide an opportunity to gain more detailed information on specific tertiary institutions.

Representatives from universities, TAFE and private tertiary institutions will provide information in the seminars including: • • • • • •

new career options and newly introduced courses appropriate tertiary institutions for a chosen career scholarships, accommodation and university schemes including Early Entry, Access and Bonus Points cadetships, traineeships, apprenticeships gap year options appropriate subject selection for Years 10 and 11

Registration for this event is essential. An information booklet and registration form will be sent to parents in the coming weeks.

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Issue 7, Term I, 2012  

Issue 7, Term I, 2012

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