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NEWSLETTER Year 6 Progression Dinner

Headmaster’s Message Chaplain’s Message Head of Senior School Issue 5 Term IV, 2011

Academic • Christian • Caring

Head of Junior School

Foundation The foundation stone of The Illawarra Grammar School was set by the Archbishop of Sydney, The Most Reverend H.R. Gough, on 10 October 1959. The site was covered by a thick blanket of blackberries and lantana which made it almost inaccessible. It was hard to imagine that in just under four months the buildings would be ready for the School to transfer from temporary accommodation at St Mark’s Anglican Church just down the road. The enormity of the challenge ahead must have left a poor impression on Archbishop Gough. In 1963 when enrolments were growing slowly and the financial situation was desperate, the Headmaster, Rev Richard Bosanquet, wrote to the Archbishop seeking help. Memories of blackberries and lantana caused the Archbishop to write: “I am well aware of the financial needs of your school… it is possible that some money might be made available, but I rather doubt it. Meanwhile do not let this financial burden get you down.” Archbishop Gough (circa 1963)

These were desperately unhelpful words to say the least. The position was so desperate that there were calls to “bulldoze” the School.

Stephen Kinsella Headmaster

Those who established the School out of their vision for an Anglican school serving the needs of the Illawarra were made of sterner stuff. In 1959, the Foundation Headmaster, Rev Richard Bosanquet said: “I believe we are on the threshold of big things in this district and that we will never look back.” Rev Richard Bosanquet, Foundation Headmaster of TIGS

(circa 1959)

They never lost their vision and did what was necessary to secure the future of TIGS for their own children and for the children of the future. School records show that they: • • • • • • •

Enrolled their children and paid their fees Held fund-raising events Donated building materials Volunteered their labour Mortgaged their homes for the School Provided services at ‘advantageous’ rates Lent money at below market rates of interest

Parents continue to support the School and contribute to the development of its facilities and campus, not just for the benefit of their own children but also for the benefit of those to come. At the AGM of the P & F this week, it was decided to contribute P & F funds toward the air-conditioning of two buildings - $60,000 for the English block in the Senior School and $30,000 toward the Junior School buildings. These are welcomed contributions, funded largely from the proceeds of the Great Fete, that will make conditions in the classrooms on extreme weather days more bearable. The Foundation has also made two considerable commitments to the School in 2011. First was the establishment of the Richard Bosanquet Scholarship awarded to a student whose circumstances would not normally allow them to access an education at TIGS. The second was toward the purchase of the small parcel of land on which the Powell Street entrance is located. This will allow the School to fully fence and secure the campus. The Foundation will shortly launch a capital appeal for funds to provide the technology that will form part of the Library refurbishment currently underway. Parents and friends wishing to contribute toward Scholarships or Capital appeals should contact the Foundation Administrative Officer, Allison Collins via email. Our students benefit from the generosity of those who went before them and this will continue to be the case while parents and supporters remain committed to the values of the School by enrolling their children and generously contributing to its continued advancement in many ways, just as the Founders did. “We will never look back.”

Stephen Kinsella Headmaster

Chaplain’s Message

The Season for Proclamation

In case you didn’t realise, Christmas is just around the corner. As you approach Christmas this year I want to encourage you to consider doing something specific. Over the past few years I’ve noticed something about Christmas and Christians. Many Christians get miserable about Christmas because of its gross commercialisation and perpetual sidelining of Jesus. Because there is so much that is offensive about Christmas, Christians turn from being proclaimers to protestors. I think that’s a pity, and a great waste of energy and opportunity. God calls us to be proclaimers of his Son Jesus. In a culture such as ours that so easily dismisses Jesus as irrelevant to everyday life this is never easy. Indeed, bringing Jesus into our conversation is sometimes very difficult. Christmas makes a difficult task a whole lot easier. It’s all laid out for us. Just add Jesus! Unfortunately, in my observation, instead of seizing the opportunity to talk about Jesus we mostly just moan about the commercialisation of Christmas and how busy it has made us. We become protestors instead of proclaimers. I think a large part of the problem is that we mistakenly believe we live in a Christian country and therefore expect Christmas to be celebrated in our country as it is in our churches. We need to accept that Christendom in Australia is dead (if it ever really existed at all). But, even so, we need to be careful not to bury Christianity with it. I believe we do that when we turn from being proclaimers to protestors; when we stop saying what Christmas is because we’re too busy saying what it is not.

Rev James Rogers Chaplain

There are some wonderful opportunities coming up soon in our school calendar to share in the joyous proclamation of Jesus. I want to draw to your attention to two in particular so that you can put them in your dairies now. On Saturday 3 December commencing at 10.00am we have the Infants Pageant in the IGC. I caught a glimpse of rehearsals for the Pageant yesterday and it looks (and sounds!) fantastic. And then on Wednesday 7 December we have our annual School Christmas Celebration. This event will commence with a family picnic on the school grounds at 5.30pm followed by the Celebration in the IGC at 7.00pm. The theme of this year’s Christmas Celebration is The A-Z of Christmas. It will include participatory carols, Bible readings and student performances, all aimed at communicating the wonderful news of Jesus and God’s great gift to us in him. I hope you will make both these occasions a priority. I look forward to proclaiming the good news with you this Christmas season. Rev James Rogers Chaplain

Senior School

Year 10 have just had their final Assembly this week and are getting organised for their Formal on Friday. This particular year group has been outstanding in their involvement and levels of success in Co-curricular, Service and Leadership Activities. They are enthusiastic and prepared to participate. It was great to award Head of Senior School Awards to some students who had achieved High Honours in Competitions and Sport and so accumulated a Head of Senior School Award. It was also inspiring to present this Award to students who had accumulated Faculty Awards for commitment to their studies, for assisting as Peer Readers, with Peer Support and working with the Disability Trust. They had aspired “to be the best they could be” in individual subject areas and had given of themselves through service. Those awarded Head of Senior School Badges and Certificates this week were: Thomas Bolt Kurt Ferguson Damian Galanti Robbie Gyngell William Holmes Ken Issa Tim Johnson Blake Kovac Michael Ledwidge

Sophie Meyerson Thomas Oyston Emma Poate Isabella Pennington Darshan Sitharthan Mungo Skyring Angus Turner Cassandra Wallace

Congratulations to an outstanding group of students. What a great way to end the academic year! Mrs Monica Watt Deputy Head and Head of Senior School

Monica Watt

Deputy Headmaster and Head of Senior School

Junior School

Over the last week teachers in the Junior School have been finalising reports and beginning to construct classes for 2012. We use the term construct purposefully as this process is not a random dividing out of students across teachers but rather an intentional process aimed to build specific Learning Communities for the next Academic Year. The process is intentional and planned. Teachers meet in grade groups with a planning document to identify academic talent, creative talent, social strengths and/or weaknesses, behavioural concerns and pastoral issues. We then cluster the children into groups that will benefit their learning. For example there may be a cluster group of very talented mathematicians or a group where for the next year writing will be a particular focus. This provides the benefit of like minds for the children (and we all have experienced the excitement of working with someone who thinks like you do). At the same time however, the classes are not streamed, they are diverse and rich allowing our students to develop friendships, learn alternate ways of thinking and learning and growing together. After this information has been collected the classes are constructed and then finally teachers are allocated. On some occasions parents contact the school with a request for class placement. This information is collected by me and held until after the above process is completed. In the vast majority of cases the parent request has been met by teachers who know the children well and have gone through an intentional process to construct the learning communities for the next year. In the very small number of cases where these requests were not met there is usually a good reason and when explained Head of Junior School to the parents concerned, accepted. It is important for our community to understand the process involved in class construction to have confidence in it and to make contact with me if they have any concerns for 2012.

Judi Nealy

In the Junior School we have some changes in staff for 2012. Mrs Linda Lill will be leaving her position at TIGS Extended and moving to Perth with her family. Mrs Lill was our first trainee Teachers Aide here at TIGS. She is very much a part of our School and we will miss her. Mrs Pauline Ash will also be leaving the School. Mrs Ash is moving to Singapore with her husband to teach English. We wish her well in this exciting adventure. Finally Mrs Debbie Aroutsidis will also be leaving the School. Mrs Aroutsidis has accepted a position at Arndell Anglican College in Sydney. Mrs Aroutsidis gets married in the New Year and will be relocating to Sydney with her husband. We wish them every happiness together and are happy that Mrs Aroutsidis will not have to be commuting long hours to get to work! Next week the School will hold a Memorial Service to celebrate the life of Mr David Drummond. It will be held on Thursday at 12.20pm in the IGC. All members of our community are warmly invited to attend. We are conscious of the youth of our students in the Junior School and of the varied parental approaches to funeral services. Students in Years 5 and 6 will be permitted to attend the Memorial Service under the supervision of Junior School staff. Please contact the Junior School Office if you would like your Year 5 or 6 child to attend. All other Junior School children (Years K – 4) are welcome to attend this Memorial Service in the company of a parent. TIGS Extended Applications for TIGS Extended are closing soon for 2012. Spaces are limited so it is advised to enrol as soon as possible. Applications are available on the TIGS website or from the Junior School Office. Any questions regarding TIGS Extended please email Dates for Your Diary: • 1 December – Year 6 Exhibition •

1 December – Year 5 Market Day

3 December – Infants Pageant commencing at 10.00am - IGC

5 December – Years 3-6 Presentation Evening commencing at 6.00pm - IGC

7 December – A Christmas Celebration commencing at 5.30pm - IGC

9 December – Last Day of Term IV. Students will be dismissed at 12.30pm. No TIGS Extended facility.

Weekly Awards 1D 2A 4M 4R 5S 6C 6W 6Y

Kya Dema Selene Chadrawy Connor Kyriacou, Daniel Tubman, Nhi Trinh, Maryam Simon, Joanne Karakousis, Kye Gosling Ella Green, Annalise Chadrawy Christopher Kidall Park, Daniel Cannon Jacob Fraser, Ruby Williams, Chiara Kovac James Oriel, James Cooper, James Oriel, Florencia Di Martino Lucinda Paine, Claire Rogers, Alexis Hubble, Emilia Bujaroska

Merit Certificates Xia Lian Wilson Alexia Loeser Jude McCann Zane Taylor Cartia Taranto Dean Borbilas

Canteen Corner Last day for lunch orders will be Thursday 8 December. Junior School also have Class Parties on this day Canteen will only be open Friday 9 December for Recess for Senior School. FlexiSchools allows parents and students to place orders online at a time and place convenient to them. Online orders are faster and more accurate giving parent’s peace of mind that their order and payment is received at the school. Parents simply register themselves on the FlexiSchools website and enter their children’s names and classes. The registration process only takes a few minutes and parents can begin placing orders immediately. Go to

Canteen Roster Monday 28 Nov Sonja Forte Julie Chiavarini

Tuesday 29 Nov Clare Barber Megan Mitic

Wednesday 30 Nov Zina Ainsworth Wendy Gray Spence

Thursday 1 Dec Help Needed Help Needed Junior School Market Day

Friday 2 Dec Help Needed Help Needed

TIGS Extended Enrolments are now being taken for TIGS Extended in 2012. For more information contact Ms Pat Slater via email pslater@tigs. or phone 4220 0251 from 4.00pm to 6.00pm Monday to Friday.

TIGS P&F Prayer Group All are welcome (including small children) to attend the TIGS P&F Prayer Group. The TIGS P&F Prayer Group meet one Friday each month at 8.50am to 10.00am in the Boardroom . They pray for and uphold the School and community. Please contact the co-ordinator, Naomi Spencer via email or phone 4422 4166 for prayer points or queries. Last 2011 date is Friday 2 December.

School Photos A number of images from School events like the Senior School Production, Junior School MADD and K-12 Sports Presentation evening have now been uploaded onto the website. Parents and students can access the full set of images from these events if they follow this link.

TIGS Foundation Annual General Meeting

8.00am to 10.00am Tuesday 21 February in the TIGS Boardroom. If you would like to attend or require further information please contact Allison Collins via email on

TIGS Memorial Service - David Drummond 12.20 pm Thursday 1 December 2011 in the IGC Members of the Extended TIGS community welcome.

Senior School Sport Douglas Shield Cricket A convincing win against Shellharbour Anglican. Shellharbour batted first and were dismissed for 46. Raman Wadhwa 2-3, Alec Adams 2-2, Nikhil Verma 2-2, Jonathan Fowles 2-19, Robert Gyngell 1-12 and Callum Waldock 1-0 were our wicket takers. In reply we reached the target in 10 overs with Rahil Verma 21n/o and Nikhil Verma 20. Congratulations on an outstanding win. TIGS Netball Club The TIGS Netball Club held their AGM this week and are looking forward to 2012 Netball season. Registration for 2012 will be held on the following dates: Friday 10 February 3.30pm – 5.00pm in Room MG3 Saturday 11 February 9.30am – 11.00am in Room MG3 Saturday 18 February 9.30am – 11.00am in Room MG3 For further information please contact Mrs Sharpe on 4220 0200. Ocean, Splash ‘n’ Dash A festival of Fitness for all ages and abilities. When: 3 and 4 December 2011 Where: Wollongong Harbour Entries Close: 1 December 2011 Late entries can be made on the day a late fee will apply $5.00 per entry.

P&F Year 9 and Year 12 2012 Parents Morning Tea/Lunch

Parents of students currently in Year 9 and in Year 12 2012 are invited to come to an informal morning tea, to catch up for a chat at Wollongong Golf Club from 10.00am on Wednesday 7 December 2011. There will be no set menu so everyone can order and pay for what they choose. Please spread the word to friends who may not see this item in the newsletter. The Golf Club would like an idea of numbers for catering purposes so please contact Barb Mandelson au or 0409 969044 if you are able to attend.

Textbook Swap

The TIGS P&F 2011 Senior School Textbook Swap will be on Friday 2 December from 3.30pm - 6.00pm in the IGC. This is an opportunity for parents to get some money back for textbooks students no longer need and a chance to purchase for the coming year. The booklists will come out prior to this date and will need to be ordered through Campion by Monday 5 December. If you have any questions please call Tonia on 0408 678448. To download a information sheet please click here. We will be accepting donations for the TIGS P&F Recycled Uniform Service at the textbook swap. Clear out those cupboards of books and uniforms at the same time!

Recycled Uniform Service

The Service has now commenced in the demountable behind the TIGS Uniform Shop. The Service is operated solely by volunteers from the School Community. We are still in need of volunteers to do two hour shifts in one of the following times. Tuesdays and Thursdays 8.30am - 10.30am and 2.30pm - 3.45pm. If you are able to help please contact Tania McGuire on 0418 448 814 or email . We are keeping a record of usage of the service so we can maximise the time offered by our volunteers. We also need more stock, so if you haven’t had your spring clean out yet do it soon and don’t forget to drop in any unwanted uniforms, bags, jackets, sport uniforms etc to either the Junior or Senior Office or to the Recycled Uniform Service during opening hours. A special thank you to all current volunteers. For more information please call Tania McGuire 0418448 814 or email


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Issue 6 Term IV, 2011  

Issue 6 Term IV, 2011