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Issue 5 Term IV, 2012

Academic • Christian • Caring

Performing At Elite Levels TIGS is an IB World School. The School is authorised to teach the Primary Years Programme (PYP) in the Junior School. The curriculum for Years 7 to 10 is currently being reviewed to comply with the requirements of the Middle Years Programme (MYP) of the IBO. It is our aim to achieve full accreditation to teach the MYP by 2015. Parents of students from Prep to Year 6 already know the benefits of learning under the framework of the IBO programs. Central to the PYP and the MYP is concept-based learning. “When information today is a click away on a computer keyboard, the use of classroom time must shift focus from covering and memorizing information to thinking with and applying knowledge at both the factual and conceptual levels.” Erickson, H.L. (2012) I recently experienced the sobering reality that every fact I have ever memorised is now accessible to students using an internet search engine. I was in need of the equation for compound interest and was not sure that my recollection of the formula was correct. A quick search on the internet not only gave me the formula but worked examples and access to programs that would do the calculations if I just provided the numbers.

Stephen Kinsella Headmaster

The world is now a different place and students require a different approach to learning: “Thinking deeply with factual knowledge and concepts to communicate ideas and solve problems, transferring knowledge across distinct global contexts and situations, and seeing patterns and connections between concepts, ideas and situations are at the heart of concept-based teaching and learning.” (Erickson) What is fascinating is that as educators are embracing concept-based learning as best practice in teaching, neuroscientists have unmasked the physiology of how the brain learns and have come to the same conclusion. The research of neuroscientists over the last 10 years has given insight into the physiology of learning and has confirmed what perceptive and intuitive educators have known to be true. Mark Treadwell, in his presentation to the staff at TIGS reported that the current model for how the brain learns describes the brain as having “three reasonably autonomous but interoperable learning systems. •

Remembering content via ‘rote’ learning and knowledge creation via epigenetic processes in the 7% of brain cells that are neurons

Building and automating conceptual frameworks of understanding via the interplay of astrocytes accounting for 75% of all brain cells and neurons

Combining those conceptual frameworks of understanding in different ways in order to be creative via brainwaves

It turns out that the brain’s processes for knowledge creation and memorising is nowhere near as efficient and effective as its capacity to form and apply concepts. It is this recent realisation and the overwhelming volume of knowledge that could be learnt that has led to the need for and the development of a concept-based curriculum.” The best description I have come across that explains the difference between content learning (using 7% of the brain) and concept learning (using 75% of the brain) related to learning to drive. Some people are great at memorising factual information (these are the ones that win the academic prizes each year) while the rest of the population are less successful (spread across a statistical bell curve). But very few people fail to learn to drive successfully. This is because driving is learnt conceptually and people are generally able to learn concepts (using 75% of their brain) because such learning relates to their experience. The human brain is not as well wired when it comes to learning isolated facts. This is why concept-based learning is attractive to educators and is the reason why the School has adopted this approach to learning. Students still cover all the requirements of the NSW Board of Studies but are engaged in learning which has as its focus concepts, not content. More information about concept-based learning can be found in Erickson’s article at: More information about neuroscience and its application to education can be found at: (

Stephen Kinsella Headmaster

Chaplain’s Message

Solar Spectacular

This week saw the first total solar eclipse to be witnessed in Australia in a decade. I marvelled, as you no doubt did, at the amazing footage of the event. Events such as this always remind me how impressive our understanding of the universe is becoming. I never take for granted how our ability to predict these events and detail beforehand what we should expect to happen bears evidence of a profound grasp of the order of the universe. It is at times like this as well that I am reminded that the Christian worldview provides a great framework for explaining how we can have such an intimate knowledge of the universe.

Rev James Rogers

The Christian worldview says that the universe is created by God with various laws set in place to ensure regularity. It is a sign of God’s kindness to us that there is regularity in the universe. He is not a capricious God as some of the ancient Greek and Roman gods were. As well as this, the Christian worldview says God has created us in such a way as we are able to search out and know the universe in a very thorough way. The scientific enterprise is affirmed and encouraged by the Bible; to be obedient to God’s command that we “rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and over every living creature that moves on the ground” demands that we know how the created order operates (see Genesis 1.26-30).

There are a couple of dangers, however. And one of them was voiced by one of the commentators I heard on Wednesday morning’s telecast of the solar eclipse. He marvelled at how “Mother Nature” on her own was able to make this solar eclipse happen. The fact that God has established certain laws in his creation can sometimes give the impression that the universe is a closed system operating without his moment by moment intervention. This is far from the truth. Even the laws that God has established in the beginning are upheld by him every moment of every day (see Colossians 1.17).


This leads to a second mistake that we can often make; it is to assume that God can’t occasionally intervene and upset his own laws. He can and does. The best example is the resurrection of Jesus. Normally dead people don’t rise. That’s a law that God has established. But he can step in and disrupt that law if he wishes. He has the freedom. And he exercised that freedom with Jesus. So as a Christian I am encouraged to know that events such as this week’s total solar eclipse are well understood within the framework of a Christian worldview. They are occasions for much delight; they are occasions to take pleasure in our ability to know the creation; but more than anything they are occasions to remember that God is intricately involved in the maintenance of his creational laws day by day. Ultimately, then, this week’s solar eclipse is an occasion for us to praise God who is the one who makes and sustains all things.

Rev James Rogers Chaplain

Senior School Now that the HSC exams have all been completed we are already starting to hear great news about the Class of 2012. A very high proportion of students have been advised of early entry to University. We have also been notified by the Board of Studies of the selection of a number of Major Works classed as outstanding examples in the subject. Three students from the Industrial Technology Class have been nominated for InTech, the annual Exhibition of Outstanding Major Design Projects which will showcase at The Sydney Showground in July. Those students are William Harrison, Jarrod Poort and James Porteous. Chika Jochi has had her Visual Arts Major Work nominated for Art Express selection. James Belcher has had three Dance Performances nominated for CallBack. Hamish MacIntosh and Noah Biddle have been nominated for Encore, the showcase for HSC Music performances. We are so pleased for and proud of these students and what they have achieved. There could be more nominations in other subjects. I will keep you posted.

Monica Watt

Deputy Headmaster and Head of Senior School

Students of Japanese - Josh McCormack and Sam Butler - have won prestigious scholarships from the Japanese Government and information has been trickling in that students are booked in for interviews for a number of other scholarships - Co-op, UBS and Bond University - as well as interviews scheduled for entry to the medical faculties at UNSW and Monash. We know of students who have already started work having gained traineeships, apprenticeships and cadetships. It’s an exciting time. We encourage students to let us know of their progress and we look forward to seeing and hearing from them when the HSC results and then the ATARs come out in December. I’m sure we will have much more to celebrate then.

Monica Watt Deputy Headmaster and Head of Senior School

Junior School Looking Ahead to 2013

Teachers have just about finished writing reports and we are moving into the proof reading and correction process. This means that it is time to begin planning for 2013. The class construction process in the Junior School is complex, requiring the input and expertise of all classroom teachers to design learning communities for the next academic year. During this process we discuss each child, their academic, physical and social needs and construct intentional classes designed to support learning. There will be movement between classes and being with a friend is only one element that is considered when placing a child in a learning group for the next academic year. In fact, sometimes, being with a particular friend is not the best decision for constructing a learning (not purely social) environment.

Judi Nealy

Head of Junior School

I encourage parents with any particular concerns regarding class placement to come and speak to me over the next two weeks. I will be happy to hear your perspective. However we will not construct classes based on teacher or even friendship requests as this is not a good method for creating purposeful and positive learning communities. The 2012 teachers will spend a considerable amount of time handing over to the 2013 teachers so that continuity of information and care is maintained.

The children (and their parents) will find out who their 2013 teacher and classmates are on the first day of school in February. On the first day of school, all children go back to their old classroom, catch up with their old teacher and classmates and then we progress each year up into their new groups over the course of the morning. This is the most organised and stress free way to do this for the children. Meet the Teacher evenings will occur in week 2 of Term I so you will all have an opportunity to get to know your new teachers very early in the year. We all start to get excited as we plan a new year of learning, but it is important that we finish 2012 well. It is my expectation that the children will all work right up until the end of the year as well as maintain their high standards in the areas of uniform and behaviour. Thank you to our parents who support us in ensuring a great finish even as we look to the year ahead. Judi Nealy Head of Junior School

Dates for your Diary: • • • • •

Thursday 22 November – Year 6 Progression Dinner Thursday 29 November – Prize Giving Assembly Wednesday 5 December – A Christmas Celebration Saturday 8 December – Infants Pageant Monday 10 December – Years 3-6 Presentation Evening

Weekly Awards Merit Certificates KB KD KM 1C 1M 2P 3M 3Y 4R 5N 5S 5R

Nicole Mau, Ryder Langton Joanne Karakousis Glory Obinwanor, Zara Noor Molly Buikstra Gerogie Lancaster, Diya Mehan Ethan Bywater Molly Buikstra Aiden Da Deppo Thomas Kirby Euan Christopher Jordan McRae Harrison Webb, Sally Gyngell James Kirby, Victoria Summerill Aiden McGoldrick, Zipporah Corser-Anu Alysha De Ruyter, Polly Powell, Taj Quaken Ara Mizori Cody Nugara, Heidi Rogers, Trent Ledwidge, Constaninos Kyriacou

Science News 2013 Years 11 and 12 NSW Minerals Council Bursaries

Year 10 students from The Illawarra Grammar School are eligible to apply for a 2013 Minerals Education Bursary offered by the NSW Minerals Council. The bursary program is designed to attract and retain senior secondary students’ interest in the minerals industry as a possible future career of choice through a co-ordinated program of activities and contact with the minerals industry. Applicants are required to make a written application detailing their recent academic record, personal attributes, and interest in the minerals industry. Successful applicants will receive a cash grant of $500 for Year 11 students and $1000 for Year 12 students. The closing date for applications is Friday 14 December 2012. Please see Mr Sormus or Mrs Murphy for application forms and further information.

Year 12 Captains Message It’s only been five weeks of Year 12, and we only have around 33 weeks left; our final year of school is well under way. Assessments are being handed out - to our delight - we’ve inhabited our new home - the common room and Mr Stutchbury is continually reminding us about good study habits… As well as this, we’ve begun new (and slightly more exciting) parts of Year 12. At our induction assembly we spoke of our links and how they are going to be central to our final year at TIGS. One of those links is with community service and part of that for us has been our commitment to Barnardo’s as our Year 12 Charity for 2013. When we announced this we were very excited about the prospects that it would hold, not only help for Barnardo’s but also an opportunity for students at TIGS to grow as compassionate and engaged members of our community. Part of this relationship with Barnardo’s has been the beginning of our fundraising. We kicked off our fundraising with a cupcake stall held on the 30 November. We’re pleased to announce that we raised our first $300 for Barnardo’s in a single lunchtime. Plans for our next big event, the “Christmas Photos” are already well under way, as well as plans to get involved with Barnardo’s on a personal level. We’d love it if you could help us in any way throughout the next year with this important link to Barnardo’s. Please, check out their website, give your child, brother, cousin (whoever attends TIGS) a couple of dollars for the next barbeque… any way you can help, we’d love it. Our final year of school has begun, and Barnardo’s is an important part of it for us.

Junior School Sport TIGS Tennis Tournament

Last Thursday 35 Year 4, 5 and 6 students participated in our annual Tennis Tournament. It is a great opportunity for our budding tennis players to participate in a competition against their peers. It was a busy and enjoyable day with all students competing with spirit. Results: Year 4 1. Cartia Tarnanto 2. Annabel Malouf

1. Thomas Main 2. Lincoln Tut

Year 5 1. Evelyn Parrish 2. Zoe Kellman Year 6 1. Mitchell Main 2. Qunicy Tut

1. Taylah Pather 2. Ashleigh Mill

CIS Primary Gymnastics

Four students travelled to MLC School last week to participate in the CIS Gymnastics Competition. The girls competed in all four apparatus – Beam, Floor, Bars and Vault. Payton Leitch in Year 2 competed in the National Level 3, Alexia Zafiriou in National Level 4, Anastassia Zafiriou in National Level 5 and Taylah Pather in National Level 6. Congratulations to all girls on their solid results and particularly Anastassia for her silver medal on the Beam.

P & F News Year 7 Family Beach Get Together

Friday 23 November 5.00pm North Wollongong Beach - Near Surf Life Saving Club BYO food, drinks, etc Contacts are Zina Ainsworth phone 0438 284 106 and Alice Martin 0438 120 899 or

Year 8 Mum’s Lunch

All committee positions are open and nominations for the Committee are welcomed for the following positions: • • • • • •

President Treasurer Secretary Committee members x 3 Karobran President Karobran Committee members x 3

All Year 8 Mum’s are invited to attend our last get together for 2012

To download the P&F nomination form please click here

Friday 30 November 12.30pm Bombora Seafood Restaurant - Wollongong Harbour

Parents are invited to the annual text book exchange facilitated by the P&F.

Text Book Exhange

21 November 2012 5.00pm – 7.00pm Goodhew Research Centre

Please contact Toni McMillan or Kim Gibbs for more information.

P&F Annual General Meeting

21 November 2012 7.00pm Goodhew Research Centre - Library

Years 7 - 11 Resource Lists

Bring along your second-hand text books to sell or come along and source second-hand text books. The 2013 text book list for Years 7 to Year 12 is available from the School website or can be found here.

Years 7 - 11 Resource Lists Are Now Available Online Access is available by visiting (1) (2) Select Place your Booklist Orders (a new window will open) (3) Select the section The Illawarra Grammar School, West Wollongong in NSW/ACT. (4) Select Get Resource List (5) Select Year Wednesday 28 November for Year 7, and Monday 10 December for Years 8 – 11 are the latest dates for ordering to ensure home delivery during the week ending Friday 18 January 2013.

Creative Arts News We congratulate Chika Jochi for her nomination for consideration for inclusion in ARTEXPRESS 2013. This is a wonderful achievement! Her beautiful painting on a Japanese Scroll entitled “Story of What We Need to Remember” recalls significant events in Japanese History and it reflects the hard work and creativity that Chika brought to her Body of Work and the great support of her teacher, Ms Green and the Creative Arts Team. Two of our talented Alumni are celebrating their Graduate Art Shows in the near future. Victoria Neilson HSC 2009 at Wollongong University and Maria Kunz HSC 2009 at ANU. Further Information about their shows can be found on the following links and Sculpture by the Sea, the Annual Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition at Bondi Beach was attended by 52 Senior School students in November this year. The students enjoyed some amazing sculptures set against the spectacular Tamarama and Bondi Beaches followed by dinner in Bondi.

Chika Jochi Year 12 Major Work

Senior School Sport Sports Presentation Night

State Champions Jetblack NSW All Schools XC Mt Biking Championships

The Sports Presentation evening was a highlight of the School calendar. The School community recognised and congratulated students sporting achievements for 2012. It was great to have Jarrod Poort (Year 12) and David McKeon (alumni 2010), Australian Olympic Team members address the audience and present the School was a framed Olympic shirt autographed by the Australian Swimming Team. Congratulations to the main award recipients on the evening: Team of the Year 2012 – Open Girls Tennis Team: Stella Crick, Kirsty McRae, Lily Tuivaga, Hannah Kim, Maria Kyriakoudes and Olivia Poate. Junior School Sportsperson of the Year 2012 – Ashley Dribbus. Keith McPherson Pratt Memorial Trophy Sportsperson of Year 2012 – Joint award to Sarah I’Ons and Elizabeth Martin. Hurley Trophy Intermediate Sportsperson of the Year 2012 – Alexander Seal. Senior Sportswoman of the Year 2012 – Phoebe Fraser. Senior Sportsman of the Year 2012 – Joint award to James Belcher and Jack Millar.

Eight students competed at the Jetblack NSW All Schools XC Mt Biking Championships last weekend at Yellomundee Regional Park near Springwood.

Gasper batted with maturity for his 16 runs. The Wagga side started but the TIGS side continued to take wickets. A late fight back sparked by Joel Moore saw Wagga needing 2 runs with 1 wicket in hand. Unfortunately the Wagga boys prevailed in what was a thrilling match. Moore’s 4 wickets for 21 runs was a highlight and he was well supported by skipper Robert Gyngell with only 14 runs coming from his 10 overs. The boys are to be commended on the way in which they carried themselves in defeat as they did the School proud. Thanks to Mr Tregonning for driving the bus over the 2 day trip.

Silver Duke Expedition



The girl’s team consisted of Emily I’Ons (Year 9), Sarah I’Ons (Year 7) and Lucinda Paine (Year 7). They competed in the Intermediate Division and placed 1st. This was a fantastic result in a tough four hour event. Sarah was outstanding setting the fastest time for the day.

Last weekend 11 Year 10 students went on their Silver Duke of Edinburgh test hike to the

The boy’s team consisted of Evan Jenkins (Year 8), Jonty Negus (Year 8) and Timothy Kidall Park (Year 8) who placed 6th in the Junior Division.

At the Silver level the students take on a far greater role in leading the group. The leaders decided to take a ‘short cut’ which according to the map looked a shorter distance to the destination. This created huge challenges in thick dense scrub and no trails. A water hole was enjoyed at the end of this day which brought numerous smiles. Day three was an adventure when the learning curve was appreciated after venturing along the incorrect trail. All of these students have developed a greater appreciation for the wilderness environment and understanding on how to support and care for each other.

Congratulations to both teams on these great results.

Douglas Shield Cricket – vs Riverina

Anglican College

The senior cricket side travelled to Wagga Wagga to compete against The Riverina Anglican School for a place in the semi-finals of the Douglas Shield. TIGS won the toss and elected to bat on a wicket offering more for the bowlers than the batsmen. As a result TIGS battled their way to a total of 128 of their 50 overs; however it was still thought this would be a defendable total. Jonathon Fowles was the standout out with 35 runs whilst Sachin

Budawang Ranges. The students enjoyed spectacular scenery whilst challenged by navigation.

Well done and congratulations on completing your Silver Test hike: Stephanie Varcoe, Emma Hutton, Clement McLernon O’Donnell, Jessica Kuit, Kristen Chadrawy, Isabel Nguyen, Alexander Seal, Alexander Marzano, Isaac Brown, Ethan Butson, Priscilla Bul

Uniform Shop Year 7 2013

Would all existing Year 6 students who are entering Year 7 in 2013 please visit the Uniform Shop and have their uniforms fitted and purchased by 15 November 2012.

Year 10 2012

Would all existing Year 10 students who are entering Year 11 in 2013 visit the Uniform Shop and have their uniforms fitted and Senior Blazers ordered by the 24 November 2012.

Prep 2012

Would all existing Prep students entering Kindergarten in 2013 please visit the Uniform Shop and have their uniforms fitted and purchased by the 15 November 2012. To make an appointment please call the Uniform Shop on 4220 0230

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The Illawarra Grammar School Parent quiz night With

Dr Michael Carr-Gregg Australia's highest profile child and adolescent phsychologist

SaVe the Date 4 March 2013

issue 5 term IV 2012  

issue 5 term IV 2012

issue 5 term IV 2012  

issue 5 term IV 2012