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Headmaster’s Message The TIGS Library Senior School Issue 5 Term III, 2011

Academic • Christian • Caring

Head of Junior School

The TIGS Library The TIGS Library is about to undergo significant change at the end of 2011. The School Council has approved building work that will lead to the transformation of the Library to enhance the learning environment for all students at TIGS. The Goodhew Research Centre, the formal name for the Library, was opened in 2001 and includes some stunning views of the escarpment including Mount Keira. The beautiful setting of the building can easily disguise that the Library needs to undergo significant alterations to better serve the learning needs of our students. The dramatic change in the way information is accessed, particularly through new technology, and the new understanding that teachers have about how students learn has shaped the scope and design of the project. The transformation will coincide with essential maintenance to the building, including replacing the worn carpet and furniture, repairing the leaking roof and the rebuilding of the lighting, ventilation and air-conditioning systems to be more energy efficient. The most obvious difference will be in the look and functioning of the Library as it supports the learning needs of our students in the 21st Century. Gone will be the regimented rows of computers and bookshelves that are indicative of learning in the pre-digital age when Headmaster knowledge and learning was tightly controlled and expectations were the same for each student. A more flexible learning space will be created that caters better for the needs of all our students, from the youngest through to our students in Year 12. A draft floor plan of the transformed Library can be viewed by clicking here.

Stephen Kinsella

The transformed Library will provide the following benefits: • A flexible learning space that can be easily adapted to meet the varying needs of students, from book reading sessions for students from the Piper Centre through to collaborative research by HSC students; • An environment that stimulates student-centred, inquiry-based learning by melding the natural beauty of the external environment with furnishings (both soft and fixed) and displays that encourage students to think, question, research and respond in the process of learning; • New, more accessible shelving for the book collection to attract and encourage students to read books; • Access to new technology (ICT) that assists students to learn. The focus will be on mobile ICT devices that access the School’s wireless network. Classes that previously have relocated to the library to use the available technology will now do so in classrooms using mobile devices and the wireless network; • Video conferencing that gives real time access to schools and resources worldwide. This technology is currently being installed and will be available from late September this year. The physical transformation of the Library will commence in December and will be completed late in Term I, 2012. The TIGS virtual library will continue to be developed and students will still have full access to library staff and services, either through the virtual library or the temporarily relocated physical library, during the building phase. Visitors to TIGS regularly comment on the beauty of our campus and the resources available for our students. The wonderful learning environment we have has not developed by accident. The financial resources that have enabled the growth of the campus from a market garden (owned by Mrs Rees) in 1959 to our current facilities have come from: • The School, by borrowing and repaying loans; • Grants from governments (none will be provided for this project); • Gifts from TIGS families, past and present. The estimated cost of the project to transform the Library and repair the roof, lighting, ventilation and airconditioning system is $900,000. The P & F has already agreed to provide $50,000 from their accumulated funds, acquired largely from the TIGS Great Fete held each year, toward the project. The TIGS Foundation has also decided to support the project and will be advising families about how to contribute in the near future. We thank these TIGS organisations for their support. Good teaching is enhanced by the environment in which learning takes place. The transformation of the Library, both physical and virtual, is an important and necessary step in ensuring that the School maintains the delivery of excellent academic outcomes for each student. Stephen Kinsella Headmaster

Faith is not a Feeling This week’s column comes from Rev Sandy Grant, Senior Minister at St Michael’s Anglican Cathedral, Wollongong. Friends, one of my relatives used to say “I wish I had your faith”. He meant that he’d not had any special religious feelings in association with Christian ideas. But he thought I had strong religious feelings. However I can assure you, there are plenty of days where being a Christian does not leave me feeling especially spiritual. Faith is not a special type of religious feeling for the enthusiastic. It is certainly not the spiritual equivalent of the power of positive thinking. In fact, Jesus once said that faith as small as the tiny mustard seed was sufficient, if it was placed in the God who is powerful (Luke 17:6). Worse still, common modern use of the word ‘faith’ places it into the realm of fantasy. So despite the fact that no thoughtful Christian would accept his definition, the aggressive atheist, Richard Dawkins defines faith as “belief without evidence” (p199, The God Delusion). We know facts, like the facts of science. But we reserve faith for things we can’t prove, for fantasy. Dawkins wishes to isolate religion in the realm of the unreliable; ‘blind’ faith as some people deride it. Can I assure you: this is not what the Bible means when it speaks of ‘faith’ or of ‘believing’. The Bible certainly praises faith. Hebrews 11:6 says that, “Without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.” And Jesus often told people their faith has saved them. So what does it mean to have faith? In fact there are some perfectly good alternatives to capture the biblical idea of faith: namely trust and dependence. You trust in something that’s trustworthy. You depend on the dependable. So for example, I exercise faith in the local bus drivers. This does not mean I suspend my critical faculties or try and summon up religious feelings towards Premier Illawarra! Rather I see the drivers turn up near the advertised time. I see that the buses are properly maintained. So I trust my life into the hands of their drivers. I depend on them to get me to the office. Faith is not just head knowledge. It’s trusting another person. I demonstrate my belief by my action in hopping on the bus. Here, with its demand for faith, the Bible is asking you to trust your life into the hands of Jesus. It’s not asking for a leap into the dark. In fact, it invites examination of the evidence of the resurrection. Then it invites you to see Jesus as dependable for salvation and leadership. Rev Sandy Grant St Michael’s Anglican Cathedral, Wollongong

Co-Curricular Activities Deputy Head and Head of Senior School Mrs Monica Watt is currently on long service leave and will return Week 1 Term IV. Involvement in academic co-curricular teams at TIGS provides students with the opportunity to engage in a diverse range of activities designed to extend the use of their creative and problem solving gifts beyond an ‘every day’ context, into the arena of inter-school competitions. One of the most enjoyable, sometimes challenging, aspects of co-curricular activity, is the experience of working collaboratively with students from other classes, grades and schools. It facilitates the development of broad, meaningful and positive student relationships. Public Speaking is just one of many such activities. This year, our senior participants have already experienced significant success. Lisa Fernandez was awarded first place in the Quota International Illawarra Final and will represent the region in the next stage of the competition this weekend. Daniel McNamara was runner up in his division of the Year 11 South Coast Public Speaking Competition last week. This week will also see some of our 7-10 students entering the UN Youth Public Speaking Contest in Wollongong. Both Lisa and Daniel were also members of our Debating teams who represented us successfully in the HICES competition this year. Daniel received a Best Speaker award in the Regional Competition, as did Emily I’Ons, Stephanie Varcoe and Mungo Skyring. Congratulations must also go to our four Tournament of Minds Teams, who represented TIGS in the South Coast Regional Finals last weekend. Against some very strong competition, one of our Language Literature teams won first place in that category and will now progress to the State Finals at UNSW - congratulations to Oscar Stanis, Heather Varcoe, Jessica Kuit, Kate Martin, Georgia Roberts, Stephanie Varcoe and William Holmes. Our GATEway8 problem solving teams were also very well represented this term – achieving places in Engineering, Art and Maths. In Week 7 our da Vinci Decathlon teams will represent TIGS in this challenging problem solving competition at Knox Grammar School in Sydney. In the spirit of friendly competitions, students are often able to realise and extend their individual talents, while developing an appreciation of the gifts in others. Mrs Margaret Dubowski Gifted and Talented Program Coordinator

Junior School

The attitudes to consider and talk about this week are Confidence and Independence. Confidence •

Feeling confident in their ability as learners, having the courage to take risks, applying what they have learned and making appropriate decisions and choices.

Independence •

Thinking and acting independently, making their own judgements based on reasoned argument and being able to defend their judgement.

As I begin writing the newsletter for the week I am keenly aware that our students, in the main, are extremely confident. They easily speak to large groups and present at assemblies and concerts. In fact many of our parents express astonishment at their confidence and also the recollection that they were not as confident as children themselves, perhaps even as adults.

Judi Nealy

Head of Junior School

Independence is an attitude that the majority of our students also demonstrate. It is something that we seek to develop in partnership with parents so that as the girls and boys move through the Infants years and into Upper Primary they can participate in the many opportunities available to them. This term students from the Junior School have demonstrated both Confidence and Independence at the following events:

HICES Junior Debating, CIS Girls Touch Football, Girls Futsal State Championships, GATEway 8, TIGS Trophy, Specialist In Residence Camp, HICES G&T Camp, HICES Music Festival and the Social Issues Expo to name only a few. These extra events add to the life of our school and to our student’s experience of school life. The high levels of confidence and independence set our students up for success in these and other arenas. I am very proud of the efforts of TIGS Junior School students both at school and when they represent their school and encourage all students to look for opportunities to participate in Co-curricular and Extra Curricular events such as those listed. Operation Christmas Child - Week 7 ‘Something to Play With’

Junior School Fathers Day TI G S

The Illawarra Grammar School

You are invited to the

father’s day breakfast


Certi erit ficat es Chloe K


James Gardner, Harry Jenner

father’s day KM

Jai Ellevsen


Ameesha Gogulan, Charlotte Atkinson


Clara Swainson


FRIDAY 2 SeptembeR 2011 2A Alexandria Gunther

7.00am - 8.00am

RSVP: Friday 26 August 2011 Phone 4220 0250

The Illawarra Grammar School

Jack W okiouYou s are invited to the or thin is gton

FRIDAY 2 SeptembeR 2011

Held in Rees Hall



7.00am - 8.00am 2D

Mia Stone

Held in Rees Hall 2P

Charlotte Tregonning

es t a c i f i t Cer n lliva Micah Su antos Sophia S as rbil Dean Bo


Chad Jenkins

Marie Russo, Caitlin Chadrawy, Sarah I’Ons, Jack Goldsmith, Tyler Warnest, Hugo Mackenzie-Wood, Nicholas Kyriakoudes

RSVP: Friday 26 August 2011 Phone 4220 0250 6Y

TIGS P&F Prayer Group

Uniform Change Over Winter to Summer Uniform Shop holiday opening times • 9.00am – 2.00pm Thursday 6 October 2011 • 9.00am – 2.00pm Friday 7 October 2011 • 9.00am – 2.00pm Saturday 8 October 2011

All are welcome (including small children) to attend the TIGS P&F Prayer Group.

Appointments necessary, phone 4220 0230 Please note all existing Year 6 students who are entering Year 7 in 2012 should have their uniforms fitted and purchased by 10 November 2011.

The TIGS P&F Prayer Group meet one Friday each month at 8.50am to 10.00am in the small seminar room in the Goodhew Research Centre (Library) . They pray for and uphold the School and community. Please contact the co-ordinator, Naomi Spencer via email or phone 4422 4166 for prayer points or queries. Remaining 2011 dates are: 9 September 4 November 2 December

Canteen Corner Healthy Kids Lunchbox Tips Food Safety • • • • •

Because the food in your child’s lunchbox will be out of the fridge for up to six hours you need to make sure that it is as safe and as cold as possible. Ensure basic food safety and hygiene procedures in the kitchen before making your childs lunch ie wash hands, clean working surface. Make sure reduced-fat dairy and lean meat products are either frozen the night before or kept next to a frozen ice brick, water bottle or UHT milk carton in the lunchbox. For a lunchbox choose an insulated bag with an ice brick or frozen water bottle to keep their lunch cold and safe from any harmful bacteria and spoilage. Wash the lunchbox every day, this way you can discard any uneaten food as well.

Ordering Lunch

To order lunch from the Canteen you can either order online, to do so visit or by handing your lunch bag (clearly marked with name, year and order) to the Lunch Muncher in the Junior School or at the Canteen window in the Senior School before the start of school. Please remember to order lunch so that you don’t miss out on your favorite items.

Canteen Roster Monday 5 September Catherine Kirby

Tuesday 6 September Snezana Bujaroska

Wednesday 7 September Thursday 8 September Pat Calchi Vanessa Cross Nichole Anastas Assunta Disibio

Back to TIGS Saturday 1 October 2011

11.00am onwards including School tour at 12 noon Please join TIGS community for the annual day of reunion. We welcome our students, our alumni and their extended families and the community to join the celebrations and participate in a Rotary charity BBQ and browse the ART4Refugees exhibition and sale in the IGC.

Friday 8 September Kylie Mill Megan Armstrong

Senior School Sport Snowsport Last week 14 students represented the School at the State Snowsports Championships in Perisher. Jack Millar from Year 11 led the way for the School by winning the Division 1 Alpine event and finishing 5th in the Skier X, qualifying for the Australian Championships in both events. The other fantastic results were: the Division 2 Alpine team of Simon Bussoletti (Yr 10), Lachlan Prior (Yr 10) and Sam Isabella (Yr 9) finished 10th; Tahlia Jackson (Yr 8) finished 11th in the Skier X, 15th in the Alpine and 15th in the Moguls, the Division 4 Skier X team of Ethan Jackson (Yr 5), Aaron Doherty (Yr 5) and Flyn Kilby (Yr 6) finished 13th with Ethan finishing 14th in the Skier X, 26th in the Moguls and 21st in the Snowboard X; the Division 4 Female Alpine team of Mika Bliokas (Yr 5), Ashleigh Mill (Yr 5) and Charli Morelli (Yr 6) finished 11th; and the Division 5 Female Alpine team of Georgia Webb (Yr 4), Soraya McCann (Yr 2) and Charlotte Tregonning (Yr 2) finished 12th. Congratulations to all competitors who represented the School admirably.

CIS Football Cup Quarter Final After three sound wins in the rounds phase of this knockout competition the dream of progressing to the semi-final and beyond came to an end at the hands of The King’s School. TIGS took the lead on two occasions only to have it wrestled away both times. The score was two all at half time. The second half saw a more committed King’s side take their chances with the final score ending in their favour at 5-2. The boys can be proud of the way they played and conducted themselves. Full credit goes to every player, and the way they worked as a team.

Mena Naydovski, Luke Moore, Alexander Morlando, Mitchell Neilson, Steven Hristovski, Damien Galanti, Jackson Gosling, Benjamin Toussis.

the TIGS Under 12 Ruby’s. Thank you to Mrs Sullivan for coaching this team.

The 12 Diamonds played in their minor semi-final against Dapto Demons last Saturday All Schools Athletics and lost in extra time 27-25. Championships Thank you to Mary Shalala for Wollongong All Schools coaching this team. Athletics Carnival beingh held at the Kerryn McCann Both the TIGS Under 11 Athletics Centre on Sunday Sparkles and Intermediate 9 October. Entry details are Garnets won their semi finals now available on the website on Saturday. www.athleticswollongong. The Under 11’s will play in their finals this Saturday at 8.30am at Fred Finch Park Berkeley. TIGS Netball Club News This season has seen our teams develop in skill and The TIGS Intermediate team have immense fun with their have gone straight through friends on Saturday mornings. to the Grand Final which will IDNA do not have finals for be played on Saturday 10 the Under 8’s, Under 9’s and September. Under 10’s and therefore our Congratulations to all of teams have concluded their the teams on their fruitful season. Thank you to our season. All teams, coaches coaches of these teams for and managers will be their help during the season acknowledged and thanked Jay Tregonning, Assunta at the TIGS Netball Club Disibio, Fifi Chadrawy Virginia Presentation Evening on Kelman, Sally Sharpe(Yr 9) Wednesday 21 September in and Elizabeth Dominis(Yr 9). the IGC from 5.30pm.

Well done to all those in the squad: Jake Anastas, Aaron Avramopoulos, Nathan Belsito, Samuel Chapple, Kieran Devitt, Blaise Gassin, Benjamin Goodhew, Adam Greedy, Anthony Keating, Other teams who have Michael Ledwidge, Dylan completed their season are

The Great Race - Senior Sc hool

The Great Race will be held at Jamberoo Recrea tion Park on Thursday 22 September. The Great Race is a com pulsory senior school event promoting partic students. On this day ipation in novelty eve points are awarded for nts for all a number of novelty eve to go towards the famous nts and the well known Shell Shield. House “Haka“ Students this year are not to be driven to or from Jamberoo Recreatio the normal time, using n Park but are to come the usual modes of tra to school at nsport. Shuttle buses have bee n organised to transp ort all students to and allowed to remain at the from the Park. Studen park to wait for parent ts are not s. Students must wear the ir House Shirts and sch ool sports shorts to thi appropriate swimwear/ras s event. They are exp h shirts, hats and sun ected to wear screen. The water wil wear their wetsuits. Stu l be cold so students dents are encouraged to may like to bri ng plenty of food and be limited food outlet water for the day as the s open. re may While at the Park strict safety regulations wil l be enforced by the att will be required to endants and TIGS staff. obey all safety instru Students ctions, follow safety considered reckless beh signage and not engage aviour. Due to change in anything s in risk management colour-coded wrist ban by the Park all studen ds to identify their ts must wear level of swimming pro operate a buddy system ficiency. Students are within the park, not goi also advised to ng alone to rides, sho ps, cafes or toilets. A reminder to all stu dents to return their permission slips for as soon as possible. If the Great Race to the your note is not return ir Mentor Teacher ed you will not be abl e to attend this event. We are looking forward to a GREAT DAY. If you have any questions ple ase ring Mrs Sharpe at School.

To keep up-to-date with the latest news and events that are happening in and around our School, we encourage you to subscribe to the email Newsletter. Simply visit our website: and sign up on the home page.

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Issue 5 Term III 2011 new  
Issue 5 Term III 2011 new  

Issue 5 Term III 2011 new