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Issue 5 Term I, 2012

Academic • Christian • Caring

12 Things Everyone Should Know About TIGS I am amazed by the number of parents who tell me that they regularly

have to justify their decision to send their children to TIGS. It is a sad comment on society that a decision to spend after tax dollars on holidays, cars and wide-screen TVs is lauded while a decision to spend the same dollars on an independent school education for a child can attract derision.

Parents armed with some facts are best placed to counter those that argue on the basis of stereotypes and uninformed opinion. I hope parents find the following encouraging as well as useful. Funding: It costs all governments (2009 figures) on average $13,544 to educate a child in a state school and only $6,100 to educate the same child in an independent school. Enrolments: Across Australia, approximately 34% of students attend a non-government school. In metropolitan areas this increases to 50% at senior secondary school level. The independent sector is the most rapidly growing education sector. Outstanding Academic Results: TIGS is a non-selective school and accepts students across a range of academic abilities. In 2011, 90% of graduates received an offer of a university course of their choice while 60% received an offer of entry to university before they sat for the HSC. No other school in the Illawarra region achieves this outcome. Based on NAPLAN tests, TIGS is the No 1 ranked non-selective secondary school in the Illawarra in 2012 (the Junior School is ranked No 2).

Stephen Kinsella Headmaster

Wealthy Families: The families at TIGS come from a variety of backgrounds and it should not be stereotyped as a school only for wealthy families. Census data indicates that 34% of TIGS families are not in the top socio-economic quartile and 8% are on below average income. Families make sacrifices to send their children to TIGS. Disadvantaged Families: TIGS provides scholarship and humanitarian assistance to refugee families and families whose circumstances would otherwise prevent them from attending TIGS. We do this as an act of service and do not seek public recognition for this program. Sport: TIGS has an outstanding sports program offering over 20 different sports to suit all ability levels. In 2011, TIGS won the Swimming, Athletics and Cross-country championships at NASSA and AICES level. Currently five TIGS students are Australian representatives. Performing Arts: TIGS offers courses in Music, Drama and Dance. There are 29 music ensembles covering students from the Piper Centre through to Year 12, including the TIGS Symphony Orchestra. Musical productions in recent years have been Les Miserables, Jesus Christ Superstar and West Side Story. We expect and achieve excellence in all that we do. Co-education: “We all know that a student’s genetic and socio-economic background has a huge impact on their learning, but educational researchers such as John Hattie and the late Ken Rowe have demonstrated that the next huge factor is not the gender factor – that’s way down, if there at all; it’s the quality of teaching.” (John Hattie (2009) ‘Visible Learning’: Routledge) TIGS is blessed with excellent teachers. International Reputation: In May this year TIGS will become fully accredited by the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) as an IB World School. No other school in the Illawarra has achieved this level of international recognition. TIGS has sister school’s in Japan, Thailand, France (and with Nganambala School (Emu Point) in the Northern Territory). Values: TIGS has a clear set of values expressed in its Statement of Mission and Values. Students learn and grow in an environment where the values at home are in synch with the values at school. At TIGS we know who we are and we know where we are going. Christian Education: TIGS is an Anglican school and employs a Chaplain and an Assistant Chaplain. It is working with the Anglican Education Commission to develop a fully integrated approach to Christian education across the whole school curriculum. Community Minded: Students at TIGS learn to serve others. From The Piper Centre through to Year 12, students learn that a TIGS education brings with it the responsibility to care for others. TIGS students are personally engaged with many local organisations, including the Disability Trust of NSW, Cancer Council Illawarra, SCARF – Strategic Community Assistance for Refugee Families, Anglicare Illawarra, House with No Steps – Rui’s Place. We are proud of our School and the achievements of our students. Our doors are open on Expo Day, to be held on Saturday 17 March, for all who want to find out more about TIGS and to understand the reason for our success. Stephen Kinsella Headmaster

Chaplain’s Message The Good Life Today my car has gone in for its regular service. It brings to mind a chat I had one time with my car mechanic. The topic was heaven. He said the big problem he had with heaven was that we would have to be good all the time. He didn’t like the thought of that. What he was really saying was that it is not too good to be good all the time. This is a mistake that many make. They think that sin satisfies and that righteousness only robs us of the richness that life has to offer. The Bible’s perspective is quite the opposite. Simply put: sin leads to death and righteousness leads to life (Rom 6.20-23). In the two seconds I had to gather my thoughts I said to my mechanic friend that in heaven it will be our privilege and delight to do good. God will have banished all that leads to death – even death itself – leaving only the good remaining. Then we will feast at the table God has set for us wondering only how we could have stomached the scraps we served ourselves in this life. Of course, eternal life has already begun for those who trust in Jesus. This means that even now it is our privilege and delight to do good (Rom 6.1-14). Unless, that is, we too mistakenly think it is not too good to be good all the time.

Rev James Rogers Chaplain

Rev James Rogers Chaplain

Senior School

Save the date of March 17 in your calendar for EXPO DAY 2012. We’d love you to come along and share the TIGS Senior School story of Success in the safe and caring community that is TIGS. In the first three days of this week there were a number of outstanding successes: •

Our Swim Team won the NASSA carnival - even though we were up against stiff competition from some of those Sydney schools!

Rosie Davis won the Zonta International Club of Wollongong’s Young Woman in Public Affairs Award for 2012, again in a field of outstanding young women from the Illawarra Region. I was particularly proud of our three representatives: Rosie, Nisha Fernandez and Katrina Christian who had demonstrated their commitment to Service and Leadership in the Community first in their CVs, then in their interviews and finally on the day of the Awards by their personal presentation. You would have been so very proud of them as they wore their school uniforms, and displayed their badges of achievement with dignity and pride.

Similarly, Daniel McNamara was an excellent ambassador for TIGS when, this week, he won the Lion’s Youth of the Year Illawarra Regional Final and will now go on to represent the Southern Region at the State Final in Sydney. Best wishes on the next stage of your journey, Daniel.

Monica Watt

Deputy Headmaster and Head of Senior School

In another snapshot of our school during those same three days I met with a number of TIGS Alumni who spoke with great pride of ‘their school’, the values and lessons that they learned at TIGS and the enduring nature of the friendships that they made here. The list includes; Damien Hsu (Class of 1989) Manager at Centro, Maria Vladeta (Class of 1985) who now lives in Sydney, Monique Harper-Richardson (Class of 1987 )Director of Development ITC, Manager Development, Alumni and Community at UOW who was a candidate for the Zonta Business Woman of the Year, Ben Porcheddu, Wollongong Businessman(Class of 1987), Oran Barraclough, Manager at the Novotel (Class of 1999) and James Parrish (Class of 2008) who was attending a Board of Directors training course at the Novotel as he has been elected onto the Board of the Unicentre and the University of Wollongong Council. Check him out at au/governance/committees/council/UOW000325.html. James is also an acticled clerk with Hansens, is studying Corporate Law at UOW and in his spare time is an officer-cadet with the Army Reserve. All this has been achieved at the grand old age of 22! We have so much to be proud of at TIGS. Mrs Monica Watt Deputy Head and Head of Senior School

Did you know that 16 students from Year 12, 2011 have gone on to study in the field of Law/Commerce/Business? • • • • • • •

3 Law/International Studies 1 Legal and Justice 8 Commerce 1 Business 1 Economics/Finance 1 Commerce/Economics 1 Commerce and Media Studies

Junior School

Effective Parent/Teacher Partnership

Over the next few weeks our use of technology as a community of learners has been under the spotlight. Some recent and upcoming events include: • • • •

PD day focussed on ICT Susan McLean guest speaker “ICT and Me” parent session, Junior School Monthly workshops for parents in our new Library commencing in Term II

This week the staff PD day focused on individual exploration and learning using ICT. All staff were actively involved in researching emergent technologies and investigating possibilities for their students. Some of the topics explored were the identification and evaluation of ipad aps for Prep, Years 1 and 2, the development of interactive whiteboard resources, the use of ipads in recording student progress and skills in PE, voice threads and online homework for Japanese and blogging.

Judi Nealy

On 26 March TIGS will host Susan McLean, a noted speaker on the topic of Cybersafety. This is an opportunity for parents to engage with the 21st Century demands of raising their “next genners”. It will be an amazing learning opportunity that is open to all parents and teachers in the Illawarra so places will be limited. Book your seat via the TIGS website without delay.

On Thursday 29 March the Junior School will host its first “ICT and Me” parent workshop for parents of Years 1 and 2. This has been instigated after parents communicated their interest in a forum that allows them to engage with their children’s on line learning world. It will be a relaxed ’hands on’ approach to looking at what children can do already and what their parents need to know about it in order to support them. So far topics to be discussed include “helping my child with power point” and “how to search effectively on the web”. Parents are suggesting topics for further sessions and I look forward to learning alongside our parent community.

Head of Junior School

It is obvious that ICT is a major focus for us here at TIGS in 2012. Why? Parents and educators have been under pressure for the last decade to keep up with the technological use of the children we teach or parent. We have been discussing 21st Century skills and the needs of 21st Century learners and we have been working hard to make sure we are reflecting these generational specific aspects of our current learners in our school. One thing that becomes obvious to parents and to educators (but not to children), is the rate of change in the area of ICT. However it is most important that we don’t get bogged down in specific tools or uses but in the underlying principles of excellent technological use. If we do this, we can adapt to changing tools and devices and still support our children in using these tools to support their learning. This is what we are observing: • • • • • •

Our current learners use technology in ways which are seamless, we need to provide opportunities for this to occur in the classroom. Our current learners don’t know how to “do” everything using technology – as adults we often think they do, but they need to be taught skills in this area just as in any other. Our current learners do not see themselves as mere consumers of information; they are collaborators and co creators. Using ICT is not always learning… we need to monitor and check that our current learners are using technology in ways that helps them to learn rather than as a distraction. Conversations need to be had about what their aim is during a period of time using technology, how they play to achieve their outcome and then monitor their progress. Our current educators can see the potential of ICT for their students and their classrooms. They are working hard to investigate options and implement them for their students. The most important lesson for the adults in our community is to keep learning about ICT, to enter into open discussions with the children about how they use technology and how we can use it to help them at school.

Dates for your diary: • • •

Parents Understanding Asia Literacy Project Southern Sydney - Monday 12 March Information and registrations are available at: Monday 26 March - Cybersafety parent training and information session with Susan McLean Thursday 29 March - Karobran Coffee and IT Chat for Years 1 and 2 Parents. Places limited so confirm your spots.

Class Awards KB KD KM 1C 1M 1W 2P 3Y 5S 5N 5R 6T 6W

Guilherme Kado, Kavya Acharya Bhaavya Gupta Xavier Druett, Ali Matar, Hannah Makotsvana Ashley Armstrong Alissa Tonkin Jamilla Perri Michael Marzano Lauren O’Hanlon Archita Sitharthan, Lana Atkinson, Georgia Webb Gianluca Fierravanti Andrea Avenido Erynne Stone Alexander Santos

Merit Certificates

Ameesha Gogulan Temira Cowie Oberon Bridge Nathan Molnar Isabella Atkinson Hannah Scott Hunter Danckwardt-Bruce

Junior School Sport Junior School Swimming Carnival

We managed to catch the last hot, dry day of February for our swimming carnival and this motivated all our students to enter the water as much as possible! With participation high the House competition was vigorous with no clear victor emerging until the relays had finished. A number of records were broken during the meet: - Aria Bacic-Johnston in the 9 years Freestyle and Backstroke, Austin Pallone in the 11 years Freestyle and Justus Bacic-Johnston in the 12 years Freestyle. Congratulations to all Years 3 to 6 students for their efforts and sportsmanship. Results: House Competition: 1. Wolgal - 614 2. Kogara - 590 3. Aranda – 535 4. Coligan - 487 Age Champions: 8 Years 1. Sally Gyngell

1. Oscar Tilden

9 Years 1. Aria Bacic- Johnston 2. Annie McLearie

1. Harrison Kiteley 2. Robbie McGrath

10 Years 1. Sarah Van Vreumingen 2. Ruby Tilden

1. Joseph Druett 2. Connor Harvey

11 Years 1. Taylah Pather 2. Ashley Dribbus

1. Austin Pallone 2. Jack Scott

12 Years 1. Stephanie Moustoukis 2. Holly Kiteley

1. Justus Bacic-Johnston 2. Aaron Doherty

CIS Tennis Selection

TIGS Team to represent at NASSA: Aydin Arapali Justus Bacic-Johnston Aria Bacic-Johnston Aaron Doherty Ashley Dribbus Zoe Dribbus Joseph Druett Sally Gygnell Connor Harvey Ethan Jackson Holly Kiteley Harrison Kiteley Michael Kyriakoudes Tamara Matar Robert McGrath Annie McLearie Stephanie Moustoukis Austin Pallone Taylah Pather Izac Saad Alex Santos Jack Scott Ruby Tilden Oscar Tilden Sarah Van Vreumingen Georgia Webb Jack Worthington Anastassia Zafiriou

Congratulations to Mitchell Main who has been selected in the CIS Tennis Team to play at the PSSA State Championships in Canberra from the 1 – 4 May 2012. On Monday 27 February Mitchell trialled for a place in the CIS team at Pymble Ladies College. His goal this year was to make the CIS Tennis Team. Mitchell played and fought hard in the heats for a place in the Team. At the start of the day there were five pools of five boys. After lunch the top two point scorers from each pool were chosen to stay on to continue to compete for a place in the team. The boys then continued to play off for a position in the team. The top five point scorers of the day were chosen. Mitchell’s point scores for the day were: 4-0, 4-0, 4-1, 4-1, 2-4, 3-4. His overall excellent performance secured him a place in the team. We are extremely proud of his achievement and the determination, motivation and outstanding attitude he displayed on the day. Well done on being selected in such a highly contested team and achieving your goal.

2012 CHESS

It is again time to nominate teams for participation in the NSW Junior Chess League Junior Interschool Chess competition. Participation is invited from students in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6, boys and girls. Games are held on Fridays after school in Terms II and III and accommodate private school holidays. We alternate with home and away games. Home games conclude approx. 4.15pm and away games approx. 5.30pm – roughly. We cannot participate without parent support in the form of transporting a team to and from a venue. It usually requires one or two Friday afternoons per competition and a roster will be issued. There is some flexibility and mutually convenient swaps can be made. Priority is given to students whose parents can assist with transport. Students need to know the basic rules of chess as assistance of any form is strictly forbidden and can lead to a forfeit. So, if your little person has the ability and interest to participate, please complete the form available from the Junior School Office and return by Wednesday 21 March 2012. Then standby; teams will be formed and when the draw is available at the end of the term I shall again be in contact. Mrs Val Mann Chess Co-Ordinator

Careers News The Australian Air Force Cadets

The Australian Air Force Cadets (AAFC) is an air-minded youth organisation open to young people aged between 13 and 18 years. Your local unit, 314 Squadron, is now recruiting. Information sessions will be held on Tuesday 13 March 2012 and Tuesday 20 March 2012 at 7.00 pm. For more information, visit or, or contact 314 Squadron by emailing or by telephoning (02) 4276 3906.

Tertiary Information Evening

Tuesday 1 May 2012 Students of Years 10, 11 and 12 along with their parents/guardians are cordially invited to attend this evening to be held at The Illawarra Grammar School. It is designed to cater solely for the interests and needs of our students. The evening format comprises: • • •

6.00pm – 6.50pm, an Expo in the IGC 6.50pm – 7.10pm, an ex-student panel session in the IGC 7.15pm – 8.45pm, 3 information seminars that students and parents register to attend. The information sessions will be in allocated rooms and provide an opportunity to gain more detailed information on specific tertiary institutions.

Representatives from universities, TAFE and private tertiary institutions will provide information in the seminars including: • • • • • •

new career options and newly introduced courses appropriate tertiary institutions for a chosen career scholarships, accommodation and university schemes including Early Entry, Access and Bonus Points cadetships, traineeships, apprenticeships gap year options appropriate subject selection for Years 10 and 11

Registration for this event is essential. An information booklet and registration form will be sent to parents in the coming weeks.

Disability Trust Curry Drive

During 2012, TIGS Year 12 is supporting the work of the Friends of the Disability Trust in the Illawarra. The Friends of the Disability Trust is committed to providing care and services for people with disabilities and their families. We hope to raise funds for this very worthy charity by running a Curry Drive. Orders can be made by: •

Ordering online through Log into your account or if you do not have an account, register for an account by following the prompts then place your order under your child’s name. The order will be emailed to the School on completion.

Completing the Order and Payment Slip and returning it in an envelope marked The Disability Trust Curry Drive. Payment by way of cash, cheque or credit card (direct debit) will be accepted. Please ensure you complete the Payment Slip. Payments by cheque are to be made out to The Illawarra Grammar School.

Due Date: Order and Payment Slips can be returned to Senior School Student Reception, Junior School Reception or the Finance Office by 13 March 2012. Delivery Date: Available for collection on Thursday 5 April 2012. Collection Point: Collected from the School Canteen either: •

Before school between 8.00am and 9.00am, or

After school between 3.10pm and 4.00pm.

Thank you for your support.

Student Success Lions Club Youth of the Year

Congratulations to Daniel McNamara (Year 12), who won first place in the Region Final of the Lions Club Youth in Wollongong on Saturday evening. Daniel was acknowledged for his community service, academic and co-curricular achievements, and his presentation of a prepared five minute speech and two impromptu speeches on social and environmental issues was outstanding. Daniel will now represent the Illawarra Region in the next round of Youth of the Year at Camden on 24 March. Well done Daniel!

Canteen News Please check the TIGS Website for our menu. We would welcome any new volunteers at the Canteen. Forms are available on the School Website New Product: Gluten Free Product - Handroll Sushi Box (Vegetable or Tuna and Corn) $4.50. Soy Sauce Sachet Available. Coming Soon: iphone App for Flexi Schools

Canteen Roster Week 7 Term I 2012 Monday 12 March Jan Osbourne

Tuesday 13 March Melanie Smith

Wednesday 14 March Heather Rugg Nicole Anastas

Thursday 15 March Nicole Anastas Kelly White

Parking Around the School

Friday 16 March Bronwyn Marvell Joanne Elliott

Drop Off Zone in Western Avenue

Parents are reminded that parking in the drop off/no standing zone in Western Avenue is strictly prohibited. Parking in these allocated spots compromises the safety of all our students as parents struggle find a place to safely drop their children.

Connect with TIGS on the Web TIGS has joined the world of social media and is communicating via Twitter and Facebook.

Please follow us on Twitter:

Please like us on Facebook:

TIGS Expo and Open Day Are your friends considering a TIGS education for their child? If so The Illawarra Grammar School invites members of the community to visit the School and explore the Preparatory, Junior and Senior Schools at the annual TIGS Expo Day Saturday 17 March 2012. This will be a great time to talk to your family and friends about our School and what we have to offer. With Tours, Open Classrooms, Scholarship Information, Performance, Art Displays and the opportunity to meet with teachers and students, discover the advantages of a TIGS education. Light refreshments will also be available on the day. The School community of The Illawarra Grammar School looks forward to welcoming you.

Uniform Shop - Online Ordering Uniforms can be ordered online at a time and place convenient to you. Go to or via the School Uniform icon on the School’s website If you have an existing canteen account with FlexiSchools, you have immediate access to ordering uniforms. If not you will need to register by following the prompts. As with the Canteen, select the day you wish your order to be ready for collection, your delivery option and proceed to order. Your order is emailed to the Uniform Shop at the end of each day, processed during the next Uniform Shop opening time then delivered to your nominated delivery pickup point. Online orders can be collected from: • Uniform Shop (Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8.30am – 3.30pm) For orders to be collected from the Uniform Shop please use the Tuesday or Thursday ORDER Button. Or delivered to: • •

Senior School Reception for collection between(8.30am – 4.00pm) Junior School Classroom

Please allow up to five school days for orders to be ready for collection at your designated delivery point.

Susan McLean Director Cyber Safty Solution and cyber safety expert

The Illawarra Grammar School is proud to bring you Susan McLean, Director Cyber Safety Solutions and an expert in the area of cyber safety. TIGS will be hosting two FREE seminars which every parent, educator and adult should attend. Susan McLean is Australia’s foremost expert in the area of cyber safety and was a member of Victoria Police for 27years. Widely known as the ‘cyber cop’ she was the first Victorian Police Officer appointed to a position involving Cybersafety. In 2003 she was the Victoria Police, Region Four, Youth Officer of the Year. She has also been awarded The National Medal and the Victoria Police Service Medal and 2nd Clasp. Susan has appeared on a range of national television shows including Insight, Four Corners, Sunrise, State Focus and Today Tonight and has spoken on a variety of National Radio stations and is NOW coming to TIGS!

by Susan McLean

FREE Seminars Session 1 - Educators Seminar

4.00pm to 5.30pm Monday 26 March 2012 @ TIGS in the Illawarra Grammar Center (IGC)

Session 2 - Parent Seminar

7.00pm to 8.30pm Monday 26 March 2012 @ TIGS in the Illawarra Grammar Center (IGC)

Bookings Essential

Visit for more information

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Issue 5 Term I 2012  
Issue 5 Term I 2012  

Issue 5 Term I 2012