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Year 6 Exhibition Preparation

Headmaster’s Message Chaplain’s Message Head of Senior School Issue 4 Term IV, 2011

Academic • Christian • Caring

Head of Junior School

Achieving Excellence On Wednesday evening I had the pleasure of attending the Annual Sports Presentation Evening. It was an inspiring evening with 225 awards distributed to our talented young sportsmen and women from across Years 3 to 12. What a pleasure it was to applaud the achievement of each student. These awards are not lightly given and require a commitment to achieving excellence – a commitment that requires hours of dedication to practice and the perfection of skills. The pathway to representation is through a number of sporting organisations to which the School belongs: NASSA New Anglican Schools Sports Association (7 Schools) AICES Association of Independent Co-Educational Schools (63 Schools) CIS NSW All Schools

NSW Combined Independent Schools Sports Council (All Independent Schools) (All NSW Schools)

Stephen Kinsella Headmaster

School Sport Australia (All Australian Schools) Some outstanding achievements celebrated on the night include TIGS being the top school in NASSA and AICES in Swimming, Cross-country and Athletics, 51 students from the Junior and Senior Schools gaining selection as CIS representatives, and 9 students being selected to represent NSW. Special congratulations were given to four students that have gained selection as Australian representatives: Kuiam Anu

Australian U18 AFL Indigenous Team

Emma McKeon

Australian Swimming Team competing in the FINA World Cup Series

Jack Miller

Australian Ski Team at the Youth Olympic Games, Innsbruck, Austria

Jarrod Poort

Commonwealth Youth Games Swimming Team, Isle of Man, UK

Emma McKeon was unable to attend because she was competing and winning Gold medals at the FINA World Cup meetings in China and Singapore. Her brother, David McKeon, was a special guest and was able to report first hand on Emma’s success as well as his own. I was asked during the evening what was my favourite sporting memory for the year. Two readily come to mind. First was the growing House spirit at the Junior School carnivals expressed through coloured streamers and posters, intense barracking for fellow House members, and high levels of participation in events to earn points for their Houses. Well done to our competitors in Years 3 to 6 and to the House Captains who have been so encouraging. I was also so impressed to see our Swimming Team arrive at the Sydney Olympic Centre to compete at the NASSA Senior Swimming Carnival. They didn’t just enter the aquatic centre together – they imposed themselves on the carnival. They were clearly proud to represent TIGS and it showed as they supported and encouraged each other to achieve their best. It was no surprise that they won all four shields by the end of the evening. While the focus was the sporting success of our students, the evening provided the opportunity to thank parents, coaches and the staff for the encouragement they provide. Mrs Sharpe rightly received special thanks for her role in organising and promoting sport at TIGS. Stephen Kinsella Headmaster

Chaplain’s Message

Adult Education

Each morning in both the Junior and Senior Schools staff gather for devotions. It’s one of the many luxuries we have working in a Christian School. One of the devotions this week in the Senior School was led by Mrs Sandra Esposito, the Head of the Visual Arts Department in the Senior School. Sandra’s devotion was an intriguing portrait of Jesus’ engagement with women from Luke’s Gospel. She pointed out that often in his treatment of women Jesus challenged the norms of his day. Where there was suppression, Jesus brought liberation; where there was exclusion, Jesus brought inclusion. And the world has never been the same since! Sandra’s devotion was heartwarming. It came out of her own personal on-going reading of Luke’s gospel. I was reminded how enriching and rewarding it is to read the Gospels as an adult. It is my conviction that many people have at best a sketchy portrait of Jesus. For some, their picture of Jesus is based on an ever-fading memory of what they were taught in school or Sunday school, for others their picture of Jesus is almost a self-portrait – more what they would hope him to be than who he actually is, while for others it is the Jesus presented by popular culture. Rarely do these portraits equate with the real Jesus of the New Testament Gospels. The only authentic Jesus is the one we meet in the pages of the Bible. As Jesus himself says in Matthew 11.27, ‘No one knows the Son except the Father’. The only place where the Father has revealed the Son to us is in the scriptures.

Rev James Rogers Chaplain

I heard recently of the testimony of a woman who, having skirted around the issue of Jesus for a while, finally sat down to read the Gospels for herself and in her words, “simply fell in love with Jesus”. I have a similar testimony of how reading the Gospels brought me face to face with Jesus. I was astonished at the Jesus I met. I knew then and there it was decision time. Jesus truly is a revolutionary person. He demands a response from us. But only the Jesus of the Bible. The Jesus of our collective memory, or the Jesus of our imagination, or the Jesus of media bias will rarely rattle our cages. Not so the Jesus of the Bible. The Jesus of the Bible cannot be ignored; he can be refused, but never ignored. If you haven’t read the Bible recently - or perhaps ever as an adult - then may I encourage you to do that? The Gospels are always a good place to start. Like Sandra you might even give Luke’s Gospel a go. If you need material, I have an abundance of it I would be delighted to give you. It would be a wonderful way for us to meet if we haven’t already!

Rev James Rogers Chaplain

Senior School This week at Assembly we watched a Fox Sport’s clip of Emma and David McKeon who both won gold medals in their respective events at the World Cup Series Event in Singapore. Check out the link below for interviews with them both and a very proud Dad! au/sports/rsnewsart.asp? This week at the Sports Presentation Evening David will have returned from Singapore to present awards while Robert Hurley - who presented the Sports Awards last year - will be joining the team to swim in Beijing. Thinking about both of those ‘boys’ competing on the world stage at such an elite level really focussed my mind on the long term aspect of educational development, in its widest sense and the importance of perseverance and commitment to long term goals. It also reinforced for me the significance of ongoing support that is needed by our children to reach their full potential. Just as boys these days continue to grow and develop physically well into their twenties so too are the brains of males and females developing and maturing: sometimes slowly, sometimes in fits and starts and at other times in quick intellectual bursts. Not everyone is at their peak either physically, emotionally or intellectually when they sit the HSC!

Monica Watt

Deputy Headmaster and Just as Ron McKeon can mark David’s changed focus on swimming as occurring at the Year 11 Head of Senior School TIGS Swimming Carnival so too can there be a pivotal moment, or time, for an emergent skill, interest or passion to be ignited and that needs to be nurtured. As teachers and parents while our children are directly under our care we must be attuned to these changes and help them respond accordingly. We are now learning so much about the plasticity of the brain and the importance of the environment, encouragement and support for optimum development. Learning is a life long process and that is why we enshrine in our Mission Statement our commitment to developing those skills that equip our students to be independent and discerning learners who can take responsibility for their own development. Many of our Alumni are graphic examples of such development in achieving outstanding post-graduate degrees and many other successes in diverse fields long after completing high school. Congratulations to David and Robert for pursuing their passions through perseverance and commitment. They are wonderful role models for us all and their journey hasn’t finished yet. Mrs Monica Watt Deputy Head and Head of Senior School

Junior School

Finishing Strong

We are racing towards the end of the academic year however it is very pleasing to note that all of our students are finishing strong. There is a great sense of purpose in all of our classrooms as the children work on their final Unit of Inquiry for the year. Nowhere is this more obvious that in Year 6, where the students are working collaboratively on The Exhibition. The Exhibition is the culminating event of the PYP. It is where PYP learners bring all of the skills learnt through the Program of Inquiry into a final display of transdisciplinary, inquiry based, collaborative learning. Our exhibition skills are still developing as our current Year 6 have been learning using the PYP framework for only two years, however they are really producing some outstanding work. As part of the exhibition, students negotiate their own central idea and the lines of inquiry that will support it. This year some of the ideas being explored include: • • • • • • •

Judi Nealy

Head of Junior School

Homelessness Indigenous Australia Animal cruelty Assisting people with disabilities The impact of urbanisation Graffiti as an expression of art Refugees and literacy development

There is a great diversity of inquiry occurring and students are engaged and working hard. In the last few weeks of primary school this is not always the case!

On Thursday 1 December from 4.00pm-6.00pm our Exhibition will be on display in Rees Hall for our school community to share. I invite all members of our community to come and celebrate this learning with our Year 6 students as they get ready to progress to Senior School. I have no doubt that it will be a wonderful documentation of the learning that has occurred, it will inspire our younger students as they move through the Program of Inquiry towards their own Exhibition display when they are in year 6. CONGRATULATIONS! Claire Rogers, Logan Brailey, Marie Russo, Klara Zecevic and Ruby Pallone who are finalists in the Digital Story Awards. They will be attending a special awards ceremony in Sydney on the 18 November. We are very proud of their wonderful work and celebrate their success with them.

Weekly Awards

Merit Certificates


Oberon Bridge


Mika Treverrow, Nicholas Chiaverini, Alexia Loeser, Massimo Forte


Ella Scott


Paige Zenkins, Dean Borbilas


Declan Saad, Zara Zatman


James Gorham, Robert McGrath. Francis Mau


Connor Harvey, Mark McAlary, Selma Celik


Zacariah Ellevsen, Cody Nugara, Belle Kolodziej


Thomas Hobeika


Ryan Baker, Aaron Doherty, Ethan Jackson


Thi Hung Trinh


Julia Devitt

Selence Chadrawy Zara Zatman Declan Saad Jayson Cooper

Canteen Corner Please check the website for the NEW MENU! Online ordering available at

Canteen Roster Monday 14 Nov Leilani Donovan

Tuesday 15 Nov Barbara Mandelson Alice Martin

Wednesday 16 Nov Marie McCorquodale Alison McKenzie

Thursday 17 Nov Thankyou Morning Tea for Volunteers Help Needed Help Needed

Friday 18 Nov Joanne Elliott Bronwyn Marvell

Thank You Morning Tea On Thursday 17 November 2011 TIGS will be hosting a ‘Thank You Morning Tea’ from 9.45am in Rees Hall for the many parents and members of our community who volunteer their time and expertise to benefit the students in our school. We would like to extend a warm invitation to all parents in the Junior and Senior School who assist in the classrooms, on excursions, through Karobran, Orana, the Canteen and in other ways. We look forward to thanking you in person on Thursday 17 November. For catering purposes, please RSVP to Kerrie Tregonning in the Junior School Office on 4220 0250 or via email ktregonning@

P&F Textbook Swap

The TIGS P&F 2011 Senior School Textbook Swap will be on Friday 2 December from 3.30 - 6.00pm in the IGC. This is an opportunity for parents to get some money back for textbooks students no longer need and a chance to purchase for the coming year. The booklists will come out prior to this date and will need to be ordered through Campion by Monday 5 December. If you have any questions please call Tonia on 0408 678448. To download a information sheet please click here. We will be accepting donations for the TIGS P&F Recycled Uniform Service at the textbook swap. Clear out those cupboards of books and uniforms at the same time!

Recycled Uniform Service

The Service has now commenced in the demountable behind the TIGS Uniform Shop. The Service is operated solely by volunteers from the school community. We are still in need of volunteers to do two hour shifts in one of the following times. Tuesdays and Thursdays 8.30am - 10.30am and 2.30pm - 3.45pm. If you are able to help please contact Tania McGuire on 0418 448 814 or email . We are keeping a record of usage of the service so we can maximise the time offered by our volunteers. We also need more stock, so if you haven’t had your spring clean out yet do it soon and don’t forget to drop in any unwanted uniforms, bags, jackets, sport uniforms etc. To either the junior or senior office or to the recycled uniform service during opening hours. A special thank you to all current volunteers. For more information please call Tania McGuire 0418448 814 or email

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the TIGS Parents and Friends Association will be in the Library on Tuesday 22 November at 7.00pm. We would encourage everyone who is interested in the role of the P&F and how we can help to come along and see what has happened this year and where the P&F is headed next year. We are also seeking nominations for Junior School Class representatives, Senior School Year representatives for 2012 and all Executive Positions. For more information please call Barb Mandelson 0409 969044 or Tracey Jansen 0402 007446.


TIGS P&F are now on Facebook. To join and stay connected please search for ‘TIGS Parents and Friends’.

Senior School Sport National Student Success

Congratulations to the following students on their recent achievements: Stella Crick (Year 12, 2012) has been selected for the 2012 Evonne Goolagong-Cawley National Tennis Squad. Tegan Richards (Year 12, 2012) has been selected in the National Hockey Development Squad to play against Japan Women’s U21 Team in Sydney. Louis Parson-O’Mally (Year 7) 4th in the National Bodyboarding Championships. Emma McKeon (Year 12, 2012) 1st 100m Freestyle, 3rd 50m Butterfly at the FINA World Cup Series in Singapore and 1st 50m Freestyle in Beijing. David McKeon (graduated 2010) 1st 400m Freestyle and 1st 1500m at the FINA World Cup Series in Singapore. Robert Hurley (graduated 2006) 1st 400m Freestyle at the FINA World Cup Series in Beijing.

Creative Arts News A Creative Show 2011

Our final exhibition for the year was well supported by students and parents from Years 8 to 12 whose work was showcased at this exhibition. This year encouragement awards of art materials supplied by from S&S Creativity Unlimited were given to the following students:

Year 8

Alysha Abberton (Fleming)

Year 9

Harrison Heycott

Year 10

Jake Kuit

Year 11

Erin Brikich

Peripatetic Classes

Madeline Negus

Sculpture by the Sea

Our last Art After Hours event for 2011 has been an amazing visit to Bondi to see the 15th Annual Sculpture by the Sea. Fantastic weather meant that our 20 students, ranging from Years 8 to 12 thoroughly enjoyed the experience of seeing great sculpture with the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney as a backdrop. We thank the parents and students who have supported Art After Hours this year and look forward to continuing with some new exciting exhibitions next year.

Byeong Doo Moon, I have been dreaming to be a tree ... II, Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2011. Photo Jacqueline White

TIGS P&F Prayer Group All are welcome (including small children) to attend the TIGS P&F Prayer Group. The TIGS P&F Prayer Group meet one Friday each month at 8.50am to 10.00am in the small seminar room in the Goodhew Research Centre (Library) . They pray for and uphold the School and community. Please contact the co-ordinator, Naomi Spencer via email or phone 4422 4166 for prayer points or queries. Last 2011 date is Friday 2 December.

The A-Z of Christmas

A Christmas Celebration 2011 - Original Art Work Competition

All current students of the School are invited to submit an original piece of art work which will help us promote this years Christmas Celebration. The theme for this year is The A-Z of Christmas. There are no restrictions on the type of media which may be used to create the art work. You must remember, however, that we will be looking for something that presents well on posters and cards. The art work must feature the words of this year’s theme The A-Z of Christmas prominently. Because our celebrations centre on God’s gift of Jesus as revealed in the Bible, the artwork must reflect something of this Christmas tradition. The closing date for submissions is Wednesday 16 November 2011. All entries can be handed in to your Classroom Teacher (in the Junior School) or Mentor (in the Senior School) or given directly to the School Chaplain. All entries will be displayed on the night of the Christmas Celebration. The winning entry will be especially acknowledged on the night.

Change to the Kiama Bus Run Due to the increasing number of buses that cannot fit under the railway underpass at Federal Street Minnamurra, Premier Illawarra have announced that there will be changes to the Kiama Bus Run, commencing Monday 14 November 2011. Please click here to download the full information letter and obtain a map showing the new route. Students are being notified by the Bus Drivers and also through the Daily Notices at school. A copy is currently being displayed in Student Reception.

TIGS Alumni Reunion – 1991

TIGS class of 1991 met up again on Saturday 5 November at the Balgownie Hotel to enjoy a balmy evening of reminiscing and laughter. Twenty years ago they graduated and now have families of their own, successful careers and many tales to tell. TIGS own 1991er, library teacher Karen Bowmaker reported that everyone felt it was such a good night that there is already much talk of an even bigger and better reunion in 2016 to celebrate 25 years since leaving school. Check out the TIGS Wollongong Facebook page for further stories.

To keep up-to-date with the latest news and events that are happening in and around our School, we encourage you to subscribe to the email Newsletter. Simply visit our website: and sign up on the home page.

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Issue 4 Term IV, 2011  

Issue 4 Term IV, 2011

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