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Issue 2 Term II 2013 Junior School Assembly Junior Chapel Singers

Academic • Christian • Caring

TIGS Great Fete Having sat for the NAPLAN tests this week, the attention of our students has shifted to a more pleasurable experience – the TIGS Great Fete to be held this Saturday. All week kitchens have been running hot preparing jams and preserves, sticky date puddings, butter chicken, cakes and a host of other delicious foods to delight our taste buds. Garages have been cleared of goods for the White Elephant Stall and wine cellars have given up their treasures for the Wine Raffle. Space has been set aside for the rides and the farm yard animals have been groomed in readiness for the attention of our youngest children. The Great Fete is also an opportunity for our talented dancers and musicians to entertain us. This includes the first glimpses of the performers involved in the production of Cats – the season of Cats will run from 19 to 22 of June and bookings have now opened. The TIGS Great Fete is a wonderful event for our School. It is a chance to celebrate being a part of the TIGS community in a less formal setting and to welcome other members of the broader community to our beautiful campus. Thank you to the many volunteers who have spent so many hours in preparation and who will make it all happen on the day. Special recognition and thanks to Mrs Sheridan Tregonning, our hard working Fete Coordinator.

Stephen Kinsella Headmaster

The Great Fete is a whole school event that falls under the banner of the TIGS Parents and Friends Association. The P & F is the umbrella organisation that covers members of Karobran in the Junior School and Orana in the Senior School. The members of the P & F Executive are: Chairperson:

Tanya Edgerton


Merewyn Partland


Benita Andrews


Barbara Mandelson, Sheridan Tregonning, Tonia Jackson

The Constitution of the P & F states as its purpose: 1. “To act as a social network for parents and guardians with regard to School matters; 2. To organise events and functions which assist the resourcing and community involvement of the School; 3. To act as a two-way conduit of information between the parents/guardians and the teaching activities of the School; 4. To equip parents to develop and support their children in partnership with the School.” The activities of the P & F should not be confused with those of the TIGS Foundation. Members of the TIGS Foundation will also be present at the Great Fete seeking the financial support of the School Community for future building projects and the establishment of scholarships for students who otherwise would not have the opportunity to attend TIGS. Both the P & F and Foundation work for the same cause and are seeking to have closer ties as they work for the improvement of our school. Funds raised at the Great Fete have contributed significantly to the improvement of the facilities at the School, including in recent times the air-conditioning of classrooms and the provision of ICT in the Goodhew Research Centre. However, the aspect of the day I enjoy most is the assembling of the TIGS community, past and present, to celebrate being part of the TIGS family - yes I also enjoy the curries and the puddings. I look forward to joining you on Saturday, rain hail or shine.

Stephen Kinsella Headmaster

The Power and Privilege of Prayer Prayer is a wonderful gift from God to his people. Prayer not only fosters our relationship with our Heavenly Father but our prayers are used by God in the working out of his good purposes in the world. Prayer changes things for good. It follows that prayer is vital for any Christian community. Prayer has always been a vital part of the TIGS community. I am sure that one of the reasons TIGS is such a fine school is because God has honoured the many prayers of parents, staff, students and friends over the past 54 years. You may have been aware that in recent times a devoted group of parents and friends have gathered at the School on a bi-monthly basis for prayer. That specific group is no longer able to meet mainly due to the fact that most of the children of those who were gathering have now graduated from TIGS. The time has come for a new approach to prayer for parents, staff and friends of TIGS. To this end, a small task force has formed to consider what that might involve. We have come up with the notion of TIGS Prayer Breakfasts. I want to commend this to you today.

Rev James Rogers

Beginning on 4 June we will gather for our first Prayer Breakfast. These breakfasts will occur once per term. They will be open to parents, friends and staff of TIGS. We will gather in the TIGS Library Chaplain at 7.30am for a light breakfast. Breakfast will be followed by a short Bible reflection. The remainder of the time will be devoted to prayer. The prayers will consist of some pre-prepared shared prayers and some extemporary prayers on matters of current concern for TIGS. The prayer time will conclude at 8.20am. I am very excited by this new venture. I hope you might be able to make this a priority in your busy schedules. To make it a little easier for families we are providing breakfast and supervision for children. There is a notice in this week’s newsletter outlining the details of our first prayer breakfast on 4 June. You will soon receive a personal email invitation as well. Feel free to forward this email on to any you think might be interested. To assist with catering an RSVP is essential for both adults and children. There will be no cost. Again, I hope you might make this gathering a priority. I know God will use our prayers for the good of our School. Please come along on 4 June and add your voice and “amen” to the prayers offered. Rev James Rogers Chaplain

Senior School

New Students

It’s always revealing to get a different perspective, to hear a different voice and to see ourselves as others see us’ in the words of Rabbie Burns (famous old Scottish poet.) This week I met with our new Year 11 senior students who have joined our school this year. It’s good to find out how they have settled in and what improvements we could make to ensure a smooth transition at a critical stage in their academic careers. It was also revealing to hear their observations on the School, its programs and its unique culture. Many of them had high expectations based on our reputation and as you well know, in this world of hype, sometimes rhetoric and reputation can create unrealistic expectations. So what were their findings?

Monica Watt

They commented as a group on the fact that all students at TIGS try to achieve their best, be it in the sporting, cultural or academic domain. This was in contrast to their previous experience where it would only be the ‘top achievers’ who would either involve themselves or show interest in achieving a personal best. They were amazed that everyone attended the Swimming Carnival and swam or helped out in some way and in the Music, Dance and Drama Competition that everyone in the House sang in the Combined Song. They loved this approach because that was why they came to the School: to do their best, to be the best that they could be.

They also love Community Service and the School Timetable which was structured to give them regular daily lessons in each of their key subjects. They love our school badges and the fact that students are so proud to wear them. They are all trying hard to achieve the Personal Presentation Award and some of the other badges which are positive affirmations of their commitment to the school community and to learning. They were amazed by the range and number of Community Service opportunities that were on offer and have taken up various challenges. They were excited to know that they could apply for Leadership positions within the School.

Deputy Headmaster and Head of Senior School

They also commented on the fact that both Assembly and Chapel were engaging, enjoyable and varied. They felt part of the TIGS Community and were looking forward to the Fete and the School Production. There were also a few suggestions they made concerning improvements to their induction and we will act on those but it seemed that our Mission and Values, those defining behaviours which make us who we are, were enshrined and experienced by them in the first 12 weeks of this academic year. ‘The achievement of Academic excellence in a Caring environment that is founded on Christian belief and behaviour, so that students are equipped to act with wisdom, compassion and justice as faithful students of our world.’ Monica Watt Deputy Headmaster and Head of Senior School

Junior School Mothers Day Breakfast Last Friday we enjoyed an early start for our Mothers Day Breakfast in Rees Hall. A wonderful group of Year 2 Dads organised this event with much thought going in to how to best show our Mums that they are appreciated. These events are a great opportunity for relationships between parents to be strengthened and to have our extended community on site enjoying each others company and our great facilities. The organising Dads have now established a relationship with each other, which will no doubt continue for the next 12 years until their children graduate. Often these relationships can be tricky to develop with the hectic schedules that most of our families juggle.

Judi Nealy

Head of Junior School

A highlight of the morning were our guest speakers. Mrs Jonni Nicolaou (Ambrose - Pre Prep) and her mother Mrs Varnia Harrison spoke about their long term connection with TIGS as a family and the ‘busyness’ of running a successful business and being a mum. Mrs Thornton (Gabbi - Year 1) shared her experiences while working as a journalist overseas in East Timor and her insight into the power and importance of motherhood in the midst of adversity and extreme hardship. Mrs Hort (Jessica - Year 12 2012) gave us insight into her role as an advocate for a disabled person. She shared how the principles central to motherhood – advocacy and love, are in great need in the Illawarra. Finally we heard from some Year 11 students who explained the Birthing Kit Foundation, which is the Year 11 Charity focus for 2013.

It was wonderful to see our School values in action. We celebrated the relationships within our own families and school community as well as the opportunities to care for those in our own community who need the advocacy of motherhood. We looked further afield to the international scene where even in terrible times of war and adversity, the strength and resilence of motherhood can be observed. All of this was topped off by the opportunity to support in a practical way, an international charity for mothers. Thank you to our early risers for making the event so successful and happy, I do hope all of our Mums had a very special Sunday. On Wednesday 29 May we will be hosting an information session and mini expo on preparing young children for Kindergarten. Visitors will have access to experts in the areas of early literacy and numeracy, occupational therapy, dietician, speech therapy and other specialists in early learning. This session will be helpful for all parents of children who will commence school in 2014, so please view the flyer below and feel free to invite any friends or family who would appreciate access to this expertise as they prepare for their little one to start school.

Junior Sport NASSA Cross Country The 58 member TIGS Junior Cross Country Team participated in the NASSA carnival at Macarthur Anglican College last week. TIGS placed second overall behind Penrith Anglican College. We had some excellent results with Zoe Dribbus placing 2nd, Ben Gaison 3rd, Arai Bacic-Johnston 3rd , Emma Franco 2nd and Austin Pallone 3rd. 18 other students placed in the top 15 to qualify through to the CIS carnival at Eastern Creek later in the term. Team members: Amelia Druett, Olivia Vermedja, Tamara Matar, Isabella Atkinson, Katie Gorham, Hugo Parrish, Cooper Kerridge, Joshua Franco, Nathan Molnar, Isobel Kinnear, Ella Vartazarian, Victoria Summerill, Cartia Taranto, Aaron Ylias, James Gorham, Rory Hanrahan, Benae Kuiper, Zachary Winter. Congratulations to all our runners on their team and individual results.

NASSA Junior Touch Football Gala Day TIGS boys and girls teams participated at Milperra in the NASSA touch football competition. Both teams won 4 games and lost 2 and finished in 3rd position overall. All players showed significant improvement and grew in confidence as the day progressed. Congratulations to Austin Pallone and Zoe Dribbus who were selected to trial for the CIS team. Team members: Boys Austin Pallone, Max Okley, Nick Peros, Michael Kyriakoudes, Zac Winter, Joseph Druett, Yaan Keller-Bergmann, Rory Hanrahan, Thomas Main, Harrison Kiteley Girls Zoe Dribbus, Emma Franco, Cartia Taranto, Margaux Chauvet, Claire Nuygen, Annie McLearie, Sarah Kingsmen, Ruby Tilden, Annabel Malouf, Archita Sitharthan

Parker’s Tennis Coaching Parker’s Tennis Coaching has before and after school tennis lessons available for private and group lessons for Term II at TIGS, Wests Illawarra in Unanderra and Harbour Street in Wollongong. Please contact Andrew for more information on 0407 029 731, 4236 0116 or

Junior School Awards Weekly Awards

Merit Certificates

KD KM KP 2H 2M 3WJ 3W 4R 6S

Payton Leitch – Academic Zane Taylor – Academic Nathan Molnar – Academic Jacobus Newhouse – Academic Michela Cavallarin – Academic Thomas Devlin – Academic India Strangman – Academic Joshua Franco – Academic Niamh Christopher – Academic Taj Quaken – Academic

Kayden Merritt, Natasha Karakousis Ting-Ting Cook, Rhea Boga Alizeh Syed, Samuel Lowe Jamilla Perri, Harry Jenner Lin-Yu Ma Chloe Loca, Payton Leitch, Liam Harvey, Jack Burrows, Jasper Bambrick Jade Hyde Jessica Hall Lola Bond, Sarah Jane Kingsman

TIGS P&F TIGS P&F Facebook Page The TIGS P&F now has a facebook page. You can read about the latest happenings for parents and students by clicking the “Like” icon. It is also a useful way to contact the P&F if you have any questions.


Prayer Breakfast Parents, staff and friends are invited to gather to pray for our School community

Tuesday 4 June 2013 7.30am - 8.20am TIGS Library

Breakfast and supervision is available for children RSVP: 28 May 2013 Please phone 4220 0200

proudly presents

Show Times

12.00noon Wednesday June 19 7.30pm Thursday June 20 7.30pm Friday June 21 2.00pm Saturday June 22 7.30pm Saturday June 22


$15 Concession

$25 Adult

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s sensational hit musical

Tickets available for purchase online visit TIGS

Extend @ TIGS Weekly Recap This week, the children made Sunflower Photo Frames out of doilys. Our craft has been a big hit as we explore the use of different materials including cut up paper, paints, recycled construction, cellophane paper and paddle pop sticks. The staff concentrated on the children’s reading this week as we did individual reading with them. The children really enjoy Soccer time with Tom and they come back sweating, tired and HUNGRY! The children went a bit “Star Wars” crazy this week making R2D2, Mechanical Stars and Battleships using Mobilo.

Our Extend Superstar is… Jude De Araujo for always being an independent reader and helping the staff pack away the activities played with for the day.

Week 3 activities:

Monday 20 May: Hockey with Ms Indy Tuesday 21 May: Craft with Ms Mac Wednesday 22 May: Skipping Tricks with Ms B Thursday 23 May: Craft with Ms Mac Friday 24 May: Movie (G) and Popcorn


CALL OUR OFFICE: 1300 366 437

Our online bookings promotion has started! Book online in the month of May and win. Details are displayed at the OSHC room or on our website. Win yourself a $100 gold class voucher!



Date: Wednesday 22 May 2013 Time: 9.30am to 11.30am

TIGS Biggest Morning Tea


o r M n i t n s g e g ig

It is that time of the year again to come along and support a great cause with family and friends at our Biggest Morning Tea.

Venue: The Lagoon Seafood Restaurant Cost: $20 (coffee tea and delicious buffet of sweets and savouries) RSVP: 17 May 2013 RSVP: Text or Email to Mary Shalala 0423190560

Please RSVP for catering purposes Come along and support a great cause with the opportunity to catch up with family and friends. All welcome!


Uniform Shop Expressions of Interest The Uniform Shop is currently looking for a casual staff member to assist with stock control and customer service. Expressions of interest are invited in writing to main Reception or via email by Monday 20 May 2013.


If you are unable to attend but would like to make a donation please feel free to leave it at either the Junior School or Senior School reception in a clearly marked envelope. All cheques are to be made payable to the Cancer Council.

Senior School Sports AICES Netball Championships


All Schools Sailing Championships

It has been a number of years since TIGS have had girls selected in the AICES Netball Team and this year three students have had this honour. Congratulations to Mackenzie Roberts (Year 9), Jacqueline Connor (Year 9) and Ruby Pallone (Year 8) for their selection in the U15 girls AICES Netball Team for 2013. They will now compete in the All Schools Netball trials next week in Sydney.

Congratulations to Mungo Skyring (Year 12), Brittany Smallhorn (Year 8), Isabella Sandy (Year 7) and Lilli Bennett

During the recent holidays Alexander Marzano (Year 11) participated in the Combined High Schools Sailing regatta in Belmont. It was a five day regatta with a scheduled eight races, but due to adverse weather condition and poor race management a total of four races were actually sailed. Alexander with his skipper from St Joseph’s Albion Park took out their division of medium monohulls. This is Alexander’s sixth national Combined High School regatta and he has won his division for the previous two years. Congratulations on these great results.


Pines Surf Academy Competition 2013

Congratulations to the following students who represented TIGS at the All Schools Swimming Championships last week. Kelsey Cresswell (Year 9), Joshua King (Year 10), Daniel Cannon (Year 7) and Aaron Cannon (Year 12). Aaron finished third in the Boys 16 - 19 Years 100m MC backstroke, Joshua King finished third in the 16 Boys 50m backstroke(one second PB) and Kelsey finished third in the 14 Girls 200m Backstroke. Brilliant results considering they were swimming against all schools in the State. In more great news for Aaron Cannon. after his success in Adelaide at the Australian Swimming Championships where he met the qualifying times for the INAS World Swimming Championships Aaron has been selected by Swimming Australia to join the team. He will represent Australia at the INAS World Swimming Championships in New Caledonia in August. We are thrilled to have another International representative for the school. Well done Aaron!

(Year 11) for their selection in the Open AICES Hockey teams. Thank you to Mr Sandy who at the final hour stepped in to coach the NASSA team in Newcastle. He did a brilliant job coaching them through to second place in a 2-1 loss to Western Associated Schools. The boys NASSA team was highly successful winning the AICES Championships. Thank you also to Mr Edgerton for taking the students to Newcastle. We wish these students all the best in the CIS Hockey Championships in Sydney.




On Monday 13 May 2013, TIGS sent an understrength, but no less determined, surf team to defend its title at the 2013 Pines Surf Academy Schools Competition at North Beach, Wollongong. Due to Years 9 and 10 being on exams, many students were unable to represent the school. Seven schools from the region attended the competition and it appeared it could be tough to defend the title. The students that represented TIGS, did so with poise and pride. TIGS progressed through the first round confidently and were shakier in the semifinal however they made it through. The final was against some tough competition with Kiama High School having two teams in the final and the fourth team was from Warilla High School. TIGS performed exceptionally as a team and were rewarded with the narrowest of wins. Congratulations to Joshua Chapple (Year 10) as he was names most valuable male surfer of the day. Congratulations to the TIGS team Michaela McGrath, Grace Fitch, Billy Fisher, Oliver Birt, Harrison Steele and Joshua Chapple for achieving the shield and winning the competition. Also thanks to Professor Julie Steele for providing photography of the highest standard on the day.

Did you know the Goodhew Research Center (Library) is open from 8.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Thursday and 8.00am to 4.00pm on Fridays for students to complete homework and research. Students from Prep to Year 4 will need to be accompanied by a parent or carer.



Congratulations Hengji Mei Year 12 NSW International Student of the Year The Illawarra Grammar School is proud to announce that Hengji Mei from Year 12 has just been named the NSW International Student of the Year in the schools sector at the 2013 Awards. This Award promotes social engagement and recognises the contribution made by individual students to the community, whether it is the international student community, and/or the broader NSW community. Well done Hengji

Dominic Mortimer Year 10 The Illawarra Grammar School would like to congratulate Dominic for his work with Kids2Kids. Dominic recently featured on the Channel 10 televetion show ‘The Project’. Congratulations. To see the Dominic on The Project please click here.

NSW Minerals Council Bursaries 2013 On Monday 13 May, some senior students accompanied Mrs Murphy and me to a dinner sponsored by the NSW Minerals Council. Speakers at the dinner were university students or recent graduates. They provided an interesting insight into courses they were studying and the wide range of career opportunities in the minerals industry. The highlight of the evening was the presentation to three of our Year 11 and 12 students of a Minerals Council Bursary worth $500 in Year 11, $1000 in Year 12, and $2000 to assist with their first year University studies. The three students are Hamish Paine, Oscar Sargeson and Alec Adams. The students have also each been assigned a mentor in the mining industry. Congratulations to each of the students and thanks to the sponsors of the bursaries, the NSW Minerals Council and BHP Billiton Illawarra Coal. Mr M Sormus


GREAT FETE Saturday 18 May 10.00am - 3.00pm

Academic • Christian • Caring

Come Rain, Hail or Shine! An International Baccalaureate World School

We look forward to seeing you all on the day! For a full list of ‘What’s On’ or to find out performance times click here.

Junior School Mothers Day Breakfast

Fete013 t a e r G • TIGmSSaturday 18 May 2 10.00a

ations in c c a V s 9 Boy r a e Y d n a 013 2 • Yeasdray7 22 May Wedne

Night ia iv r T ains 13 t p a C l o o h • Sc Friday 24 MAY 20 6.30pm

cert3 n o C o n ia 201 29 MAY • P-1W2edP nesday 6.30pm

ening v E n io t a form n I 4 1 0 9 2 June 2013 • Year 3 Monday 5.30pm

cert n o C s g in tr • P-1W2edSnesday 5 June 2013 6.30pm

Issue 2 Term II 2013  

Issue 2 Term II 2013

Issue 2 Term II 2013  

Issue 2 Term II 2013