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NEWSLETTER Year12 Special Olympics Day Thursday 21 October 2010

Headmaster’s Message Rees Hall - A Wonderful Addition Head of Senior School Head of Junior School Issue 1 Term IV, 2010

Academic • Christian • Caring


Rees Hall - A Wonderful Addition Rees Hall is proving to be a wonderful addition to the life of our School. Currently our Year 12 students are using it to sit for their HSC Examinations. Previously we have hired the facilities at Wollongong University for School Certificate and Higher School Certificate Examinations which was not without its problems. To have the opportunity to sit for the examinations in familiar surroundings and with the support of the School community visible and accessible is proving a real benefit for our students. Year 12 students have said to me how they have noticed the special effort that students in the Junior School are making to ensure that they are not disturbed. Well done Junior School students. Rees Hall has been built using two sources of funds: • Borrowing of $1.5m by the School. This will be paid for by donations from within the School community or through our budget using the funds received from families paying their fees. The School plans to generate just a small surplus each year and these surpluses are spent on improving the campus and repaying debt. TIGS does not have a reserve of accumulated funds – any surplus funds are reinvested in the School. • Grant of $2.5m received from the Australian Government as part of the Economic Stimulus Package known as the Building the Education Revolution (BER) Program.

Stephen Kinsella Headmaster

In accepting the BER funds all schools were required to agree to provide “reasonable access by any community or not-for-profit groups in the local community”. This does not provide a challenge for TIGS because there are already many community and not-for-profit organisations making use of the School’s facilities. These include: • • • • • • • • • • •

Cancer Council of Australia SCARF Wollongong Community Orchestra St Therese Parish Netball clubs Regional Chess Competition Wollongong Region of the Anglican Sydney Diocese NSW Parents’ Council Sydney Symphony Orchestra Wollongong Eisteddfod Wollongong Harmony Chorus

The School welcomes the opportunity to make its facilities available to the broader community when it is possible, given the enormous number of TIGS own activities that occur out of normal school hours. Enquiries about the availability of facilities should be directed to Ms Jo Parnell on 4220 0219. Congratulations are in order for our Future Problem Solving Teams on some great performances at the National Championships held last weekend at Melbourne University. Special mention goes to our: • Year 8 team of Kate Martin, Emma Hatton, Georgia Roberts and Stephanie Varcoe that came third in the Middle Action Plan Presentations. • Year 10 team of Rosemary Davis, Lisa Fernandez, Alice McCosker and Emily O’Donnell that won the Senior Community Problem Solving Division—scoring 100% in their interview. • Penelope Drastik (Year 8) who won the Middle Individual Booklet trophy. These are wonderful achievements and deserve our congratulations. Well done to Mrs Jean Burton for guiding the team so well and maintaining our long tradition of success established under the watchful eye of Mrs Hales. The tradition continues. The Year 10 team will be travelling to LaCrosse, Wisconsin, USA and will attempt to win what would be our 9th international trophy in the Future Problem Solving Program – an achievement that is the envy of schools world-wide. We also wish our Junior School students well for the annual MADD concert this Friday (22 October starting at 6.00pm in the IGC). This year’s performance has been created from the music and story of The Music Man which features the hit 76 Trombones – it is sure to be a great night.

Chaplain’s Connection “If a man loses pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.” Thus wrote Henry David Thoreau, the American author, in his book Walden. History is littered with people who seemed to march to the beat of a different drum than those around them. Consider, for example, climbers who set off to take on the challenge of places like Mount Everest for no other reason than, as George Mallory put it “because it is there.” Most other people would choose to stay where we are, simply “because I am here!” Or consider the explorers, on both land and sea, who set off into the great unknown just because they wanted to know what was out there. Again, most of us would stay home, happy to live with what is right here. Another current example is Steve White, a world-renowned sailor, who has decided to sail around the world single-handed in a boat designed for a crew of 10. Considering that not to be challenge enough, he has decided to sail around the world “the wrong way”. I didn’t realise that there was a wrong way, but apparently most sailors going around the world do it East to West, because the prevailing winds and currents are with you. So Steve has decided to do it the other way, against the winds and tides. Have you ever tried sailing against the wind, marching to the beat of a different drum to that which the others around you seem to be following? Sometimes in life that may seem to be an unwise thing to do; at other times we are called to do just that. Christians, for example, are called not to think and live the way the world around us does: “Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God—this is your spiritual act of worship. Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.” (Romans 12:1-2).

John Reed Chaplain

“Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world …” That sounds a lot like marching to the beat of a different drum, or sailing against the prevailing winds. We are called to do so, not simply to be adventurous, or to be noticed, but because we are called to live God’s way, according to his will, and that is not always the way the world around us lives.

Senior School

Term IV is a time of change in a dynamic social entity such as a school but it also is a time when what is constant and enduring really shines out. Change was exemplified by the beginning of the 2010 HSC, and in last week’s Prefects’ Induction with the inauguration of the Terms of Office for the new Year 12s. The competition for the Shell Shield begins again and it was fitting that 6th Class attend the ceremony for they will soon be Year 7. The constant element in our School is the outstanding role models that our students present in diverse and impressive ways. In the last two weeks particular groups of students and individuals have made their mark. The first is the TIGS Tech Team. They work tirelessly behind the scenes to help present our events in the most professional and skilful ways. Over the past few weeks Hamish Dobinson, Thomas Dragutinovich, Keiran Devitt and Angus Turner have been instrumental in presenting the Year 12 Graduation Ceremony, the Prefects’ Induction Service as well as preparing for the Junior School MADD production and Senior School’s ‘A Creative Show.’ They’re not only very skilled with technology but they also lend a hand moving chairs and doing whatever is needed it ‘get the show on the road.’ Well done!

Monica Watt

Deputy Headmaster and Head of Senior School

The next is a group of students honoured for their community service by being awarded Order of Australia Recognition Certificates. These students are Nisha Fernandez, James Needham, Kees Grenyer and Isaac Kim. Each has an extremely impressive CV of Service to the Community and is to be applauded for their commitment to servant leadership. In addition, at a ceremony next month, at Government House in Sydney, Lisa Fernandez and Naomi Wooton will be presented with the Order of Australia Medallion and Certificate of Commendation by the Governor General for their outstanding community service. Well done!

In addition there have been the Future Problem Solving students who recently represented us with distinction in Melbourne and those who, as the Headmaster has already mentioned, have been invited to represent our School, our state and our nation in America at the International Finals for FPS. David Manton was invited to the Australian Institute of Sport last week to do advanced training in Mountain Biking and Tom Oyston, Elise Morton and Mclean Healy were awarded High Distinctions in the International English Competition. What achievements. Well done! All of these students exemplify our stated Aim from our Mission and Values - that we ‘support students in developing their abilities, empowering them to become fulfilled individuals who can successfully participate and provide leadership in society for the good of others and to the glory of God.’

Junior School Term IV has certainly started with a rush. I really love my Monday Morning Duty on the driveway especially on the first Monday of Term. To greet our children as they arrive back at School, to hear their holiday news and to see their delight in catching up with friends and yes, with learning is a great encouragement and reflection of the wonderful Program offered by the Junior School teachers. Year 6 have begun their work on “The Exhibition”. This is the culminating learning experiences event of the Primary Years Program and is an exciting whole School event. The central Idea for “The Exhibition” is: “Finding peaceful solutions to conflict leads to a better quality of human life.” Individual lines of inquiry are leading them down an exciting diversity of learning and many staff from right across the Junior and Senior School are involved as mentors to small groups of Year 6 students as they pursue their line of inquiry. I invite our extended community to consider whether they could be of use as a primary source or whether they have some documents or family history that might add to this Unit of Inquiry. If so please contact the Year 6 teachers: Mrs Wallace, Mrs Mann and Mr Carroll to offer your expertise and knowledge. Term IV can be a “wind down” time for Year 6 students as they change focus from their Junior School experience and begin to look towards High School. This term however we are seeing strong engagement with learning through the exhibition which is very exciting. I look forward to sharing with our wider community the fruits of all this hard work when we host “The Exhibition” in Rees Hall on Tuesday 30 November from 3.45pm-5.45pm.

Judi Nealy

Head of Junior School

This week the voting for Student Leadership occurred with many Year 5 students volunteering for leadership positions next year. It is wonderful to see our students really understanding the requirements and skills for leadership and then stepping forward to serve their School community in this way. Tuesday saw the Headmaster defending his Handball Challenge title against Year 6. Unfortunately for him the Year 6’s were just too good on the day and he was defeated by an astounding 21 to 20 scoreline. Friday was MADD! The Music, Art, Dance and Drama concert was held with all students from Year 3 – 6 participating in the performance and all students from Prep – Year 2 providing the art work for the exhibition. It must be said that our students create amazing work both on and off the stage and that in this case that is a true reflection of the skill and effort of the Creative Arts faculties along with their classroom teachers. Thank you to the children for their effort and enthusiasm and to the Performing Arts staff as well as Ms Richards - Bravo! Emails sent home: • Mandarin Classes • MADD Concert • Head Lice Events coming up: • Professional Development/Pupil Free Day - Monday 25 October • Stage 2 Camp – Wednesday 27 October to Friday 29 October


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Service Award Selene

A Creative Show

Weekly Award

KH Lachlan Board man, Zander Curren, Jade Hyde, Sophie McGuire KM Daniel Aghm esheh, Jorda McRae, Nath n aniel Makots vana KP Isabella Mitic , Nadia Nagaratnam , Zachary Bir ch 1D Amy Lendru m 1S Krishnendu G upta, Rory Swainson, Xia Lian Wilson, Mia Stone 2A James Gorha m, Micah Sullivan, Fran cis Mau, Jerm aine Issa, Shay Harper 2Y 3A 4B


Ella Green, Jo Jade Ryan, C

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5S Florencia Di Martino, Ma Russo, Logan rie Brailey, Ashla n Waldock 5/6W David Perri, Hailey Van Vreumingen , Christian Tr oiani 6M Ho Cheol Ch a, Jeremy Harrison, Ca meron McM illan, Mikayla Smith, Tessa Fergusson, N athan Nagaratnam , Louis Parso n s-O’Malley, Mackenzie R oberts, Steph anie Shalala 6C Georgia Wall ace, Akash Rajpal, Osca r Stanis, Bran don Grainger, Mil i Haber

An exhibition, performances and fashion parade showcasing the work of Years 8 -12 students studying Visual Arts, Photography, Textiles, Music and Drama

TIGS IGC Friday 29 October 2010

Annabel Ma

5.00 - 6.00pm Exhibition viewing and pre-performance entertainment 6.00 - 8.00pm Fashion parade and performance

Senior School Sports Wollongong Diocesan Open Volleyball Competition

On Thursday 14th October a group of Year 8 and 9 students attended the Wollongong Diocesan Open Volleyball Competition at BHP Stadium, Unanderra. Both boys and girls teams showed steady improvement throughout the day coming close to their opponents in many matches. For most students, this was their second opportunity to play Volleyball competitively for the School this year and they have showed excellent potential for the future. All of the games were played in fine spirit and the players represented TIGS in very positive ways. The Volleyball teams were accompanied by Ms. Sara Colville and Mr. Adrian Deck. Girls Team Year 9: Kirsty McRae, Madeline Miller, Kate Pearman Claire Bonham, Helena Bonham, Monique Projkoski Year 8: Kuer Bul, Play Moo, Elizabeth Dominis, Jessica Kuit Boys Team Year 9: Jasper Kitsche, Keiran Devitt, Anthony Keating, Benjamin Goodhew, Fred Newman, Thomas Oyston, Kurt Ferguson, Luke Bussoletti Year 8: Keiran Ackhurst, Issac Brown, Ethan Butson, Alexander Marzano


A great start for our Cricket teams with resounding wins against Thomas Hassall in the NASSA Competition. Year 7/8 TIGS batted first making 5 - 240 from 40 overs. Joel Moore (31), Samuel Isabella (52) and Jonathan Fowlers 91 (n/o) were outstanding with the bat. In reply excellent bowling and fielding saw Thomas Hassall dismissed for 37. A number of bowlers took wickets including Teja Cherukuri (3-2), Joel Moore (1-6), Issac Osbourne (1-5), Raman Wadhwa (1-9), Nikhil Verma (1-0) and Callum Waldock (2-1). Year 9-12 Thomas Hassall batted first and were restricted to 7-124 from 40 overs. Wickets were shared among our bowlers. They included Mark Mura (2-28), Alec Adams (1-19) Rahil Verma (1-17) Bradley Burt (1-13) and Jackson Gray (1-19). In reply a fine innings from Jarrod Holdsworth (48) was well supported by Rahil Verma (26), we achieved the target in 20 overs. Congratulations to Joel Moore (Year 7), Jonathan Fowles (Year 7), Nikhil Verma (Year 8) and Robert Gyngell (Year 9) for their selection in the AICES 15 Boys cricket to trial for CIS team.

NSW All Schools Athletics Championships

During the Term 3 holidays, six TIGS students competed at the NSW All Schools Athletics Championships on 7th - 10th October at Sydney Olympic Park. There were some excellent results with two athletes qualifying to compete at the National Athletics Championships in December. The student’s results were as follows: James Belcher - 16B 1st Pole Vault (3.40m - Qualified for Nationals), 1st Hammer Throw (36.34m), 3rd 400mH (59.75s), 5th Triple Jump (11.64m), 9th High Jump 1.60m Emily Debrot - 17G 2nd Javelin (39.75m - Qualified for Nationals), 8th Discus Hamish Paine - 14B 5th 3000m (9:51:59s) Kyle Grubnic - 17B 7th Long Jump (6.17m) Alexander Seal - 14B 11th 3000m (10:37:98s) Madeline Negus - 13G 26th 100m (14.07s) Congratulations to these students and all the very best to Emily and James as they compete at the National Championships in December.

Year 9/10 Sports

These Summer Sports for Years 9/10 have began for Term IV. Badminton - Monday - IGC - 3.30 - 4.30pm - CLASS FULL Basketball - Wednesday - IGC 3.30 - 4.30pm Boardriders - Monday - North Beach - 6.30am - CLASS FULL Golf - Tuesday - TIGS Oval - 3.30 - 4.30pm Rock Climbing - Wednesday - 3.30 - 4.30pm Swimming - Wednesday & Friday - University Pool - 7.00am Table Tennis - Monday - IGC – 3.30 - 4.30pm - CLASS FULL Swimming training is available to all students. Please collect a permission note from Student Reception.

Science News University of Sydney – Science Gifted and Talented Discovery Program. Each year, the University of Sydney runs a Science program involving hands-on experiments and demonstrations for enthusiastic Years 8 and 9 science students. To qualify for the program students need to sit the Gifted and Talented Discovery Program Qualifying examination. This is a 40 - minute multiple-choice paper that is designed to test students’ ability to solve scientific problems in the areas of biology, chemistry and physics. The test will be held at School in early November. If you are interested in nominating to sit the test, please let your Science teacher know, or see Mr Sormus.

Canteen Roster The new Term IV menu can be found through the School web site under the School community tab and on the canteen page. Please check this out for updates and new daily specials. The canteen would like to thank all our retiring volunteers Jolanda Noel-Gough, Janice Etheridge Brown, Anne Kelly and Roslyn Saddi for their hard work and efforts throughout the last several years.

The canteen is seeking NEW Volunteers to come onboard for 2011. If you would like to join our friendly team please download a canteen volunteer form from the canteen page on the website and send it into the canteen. Don’t forget to go ON-LINE www.flexi to order School lunches

Register with Flexi Schools and go in the running to win some great prizes.

Week 3 , Term IV Monday 25 October PUPIL FREE DAY

Tuesday 26 October Help Needed

Wednesday 27 October Pat Calchi Pene Mortimer

Thursday 28 October Susan Cooper

Jennifer Cowie

Friday 29 October Lynda Webb

Kim Mc Learie

Have you got stitching skills? We need your help. We have designed a textile wallhanging to celebrate the School’s 50 years Golden Jubilee. The design depicts the establishment phase, the amalgamation of TIGS and SCEGGS through to the modern co-educational school of today. The fabric and threads have been purchased and we are ready to meet with those of you who would like to contribute your stitching/appliqué/embroidery skills to the project. The finished art work will be an imposing 2m x 3m. We plan to make up kits for people to take home to work on and to arrange meetings at regular intervals to keep everyone in touch and to provide assistance. A talented quilter will be contracted to assemble and finish the work. The names of the contributors will be listed on the back. Please feel free to contact the Library office on 4220 0275 if you can help. Thank you Meredith Hutton and Bev Pallister

THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING SCARF On behalf of SCARF (Strategic Community Assistance to Refugee Families), I would sincerely like to thank The Illawarra Grammar School for supporting the ART4refugees Charity Art Show held in the IGC hall from Friday 8 October to Sunday 10 October 2010. The event was a great success, raising over $16,000 that SCARF will use to help purchase a minibus to transport members of the refugee community to and from weekly Homework Help sessions, and to social and sporting events. In addition to artists who donated their art works, this fantastic result could not have been possible without the use of the professional facilities and the generous support provided by TIGS staff, in particular Margaret Biggs, Melanie Richards, Joey Morris and Steve Skeparovski.

Plans are already under way for next year’s ART4refugees and we look forward to the TIGS community continuing its wonderful support. Regards Benita Andrews SCARF Volunteer Coordinator

To keep up-to-date with the latest news and events that are happening in and around our School, we encourage you to subscribe to the email Newsletter. Simply visit our website: and sign up on the home page.

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Issue 1 Term IV 2010  

Issue 1 Term IV 2010

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