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NEWSLETTER Cancer Council Daffodil Ball 2011

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Issue 1 Term III, 2011

Academic • Christian • Caring

The Rhythm of the School Year The rhythm of the school year is certainly in full swing and we are moving into a significant time for our students. Year 12 start their Trial HSC Examinations in just over a week and already Year 11 are eyeing the Year 12 Common Room which becomes their possession in Term IV. Interviews for positions of student leadership have been completed in the Senior School and an announcement will be made this coming Tuesday. One of the features of the interviews that have been conducted this year for student leadership positions is the commitment of our students to serving others in the community. During the last break some of our Year 11 students travelled to live and work in the remote Aboriginal community of Emu Point, a four hour drive southwest of Darwin. This is the sixth occasion our students have travelled to Emu Point and we are very proud of our friendship with the community and grateful for their generosity in hosting us each year. This year our boys became the first nonaboriginal people to view their traditional rock painting - what a privilege. We are working toward hosting students from Emu Point Primary School in 2012.

Stephen Kinsella Headmaster

The TIGS Statement of Mission and Values includes the statements “as the School Community cares for each of its members, so it seeks for its students to be caring of others in the wider community” and “the School recognises that its community is inclusive and seeks these outcomes for all who are part of the School Community”. There was a wonderful example of parents modelling care for others at the Daffodil Ball held at TIGS on Saturday 30 July. TIGS is a major sponsor of the event, providing the venue and logistical support as well as support from our Student Hosts. It was a wonderful evening with 350 people, including many TIGS parents, staff and ex-students enjoying the evening and contributing to what is the major fundraising activity of the Cancer Council in the Illawarra region. At the last count, over $40,000 has been raised and will be used to fund cancer research at the University of Wollongong. Congratulations to the adult members of the TIGS community for demonstrating the School’s values in support of this worthy cause. Term III is also the time when serious planning commences for the next academic year. Interviews for students commencing in 2012 are almost complete and scholarships have been awarded to many worthy applicants, including some current students. Subject selections for next year for students going into Years 9 and 11 are taking place and elective lines are being prepared. Students requiring advice on subject selection should not hesitate to contact their Dean to receive informed advice. Students yet to be enrolled for 2012 should do so quickly as there are a number of year groups that will have waiting lists. This is especially important for siblings of current students. Term III has one great test for me – the annual Handball Challenge against Year 6. This contest has been held for the past five years and the outcome stands at Headmaster - 2 wins, Year 6 - 3 wins. The challenge will be held in Week 9 and Year 6 should be warned that the Headmaster is in top form this year…

Stephen Kinsella Headmaster

Chaplain’s Connection

God, are you fair dinkum?

As Australians we tend to hold up fairness as the holy grail of virtues. We talk of being fair dinkum; giving someone a fair go; fair enough, concedes an argument; fair crack of the whip, a request for reasonable treatment, as is fair suck of the sav. We value hard work and live by the mottos that express this. The early bird gets the worm. No pain, no gain. Get what you paid for. There’s no such thing as a free lunch. You snooze you lose. The race is to the swift. Winners are grinners. Insist on your rights. This is a message drilled into us by our parents, teachers and pastors. Jesus however taught that the kingdom of God did not run on this same economic and moral framework. At one time he gave a parable of a landowner who went to get workers for his vineyard. (Matt 20:1-16) He did this at 6.00am in the morning, then 9.00am, 12.00 midday, 3.00pm in the afternoon and finally 5.00pm. At 6.00pm the day was finished and he paid his workers starting with the last ones hired. Scandalously he paid them all the same amount? Not surprisingly those who had worked the most started to grumble. And I hear myself screaming out with them, ‘Unfair?’ God’s maths just doesn’t make sense! Why should the first be last and the last first? Is Jesus saying you can do whatever you please, do as little as you like, or nothing at all and God will still reward you in the end? No, for God makes it clear that he desires us to mature and be perfect, doing everything to the best of our ability. But what he wants us to understand is that when it comes to entering the kingdom of heaven, its not based on what we have done or how long we have served him. It is a free gift based on his mercy and grace. Those who were employed early received what was promised them. The landowner treated them fairly. He was simply generous and merciful with the others. When we think of ourselves and our contribution to Gods Kingdom we shouldn’t be too quick to identify with the early workers. We too are only saved and destined for heaven because of his grace and generosity. We cannot earn Gods favour, nor does he owe us any reward for our service to Him. Furthermore we need to rejoice, not be resentful when we see others being invited to share in God’s Kingdom, even if it be the last hour of the day. God is more then fair dinkum. His treatment of us is beyond our wildest expectations! Rev Mark Grieve Assistant Chaplain Commencing Term I, 2012

Senior School Deputy Head and Head of Senior School Mrs Monica Watt is currently on long service leave and will return Week 1 Term IV. We wish her a safe and relaxing break!

Community Engagement

As students progress through the Senior School there are many and varied opportunities for them to engage in the community beyond the safe environment of TIGS. In recent weeks, despite the school holidays, students like Daniel McNamara and Paige Mackander have been ‘Ministers’ in the NSW Youth Parliament 2011, held at Parliament House in Sydney while their Year 11 fellow student, Lisa Fernandez has competed in the Quota Club Student of the Year Quest and is progressing through to the finals in Sydney. A large group of Year 11 students completed Disability Trust training this week in preparation for the TIGS Sony Foundation Children’s Holiday Camp in October, where they gained accreditation in a range of areas from infection control to epilepsy awareness. Many of those students also volunteered a day during the holidays, helping at the House with No Steps, Rui’s Place, Christmas in July Disco and learning the art of wheelchair disco dancing from their new friends. On Saturday 30 July, a very willing group of Year 10 and 11 students gave up their evening to act as hosts for the Cancer Council Daffodil Ball. They tackled the task of looking after 350 guests with great enthusiasm and willingly assisted the Cancer Council volunteers. They were even seen to be enjoying the music of Bjorn Again! It is very pleasing to have so many positive comments from the extended community about our students and their willingness to volunteer. To quote Marg Bowen, CEO Disability Trust ‘I just wanted to say a personal thank you for all that TIGS have done to support The Disability Trust. Your young people are a real credit to their community and are very impressive.’ Mrs Margaret Biggs Manager Development and Community Engagement

Junior School

Firstly let me start by saying thank you to all our wonderful ‘car park’ parents. Traffic flow has improved dramatically on the highway and congestion in the car park has reduced. Keep up the good work! As you may realise we have had a number of new families starting in the Junior School. Welcome to you all! Our school car park can be a daunting prospect for even our very experienced parents so imagine, if you will, what it must be like for someone who is new. A friendly smile, a little patience and some helpful advice will go a long way to help our new parents negotiate the car park routine successfully. I have added two maps to this weeks Newsletter – one showing the morning routine for the car park, the other showing the afternoon routine. Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with these. Thank you to our car park attendants, Paul, Ted and Graham who do a great job morning and afternoon. Please remember that correct car park etiquette helps to keep our precious children safe.

Narelle McRae

Morning Junior School Car Line Map Afternoon Junior School Car Line Map Mrs Narelle McRae Acting Head of Junior School

Grantham State School

Our slipper day raised much needed funds for shoes for Grantham State School in Queensland. $1,594.10 will now be sent to Grantham State School along with letters from our students to their students. Thank you for your support.

Merit Certi ficat es Vin cen Ror y H t Qiang Himal anrahan Georg i Wijesinghe eM Natha oustoukis n Mol nar

Merit tes a c i f i t er ar tino



ia Di M Florenc n Simon Shemu ee Lina L iwo John Ta relli o Charli M sso u R Marie


House Champion - Kogara 8 Years 1. Annie McLearie

1. Robbie McGrath

9 Years 1. Zoe Dribbus 2. Sarah Van Vreumingen

1. Harrison Dennis 2. Aaron Ylias

10 Years 1. Ashley Dribbus 2. Taylah Pather

1. 2.

Michael Kyriakoudes Austin Pallone

11 Years 1. Caitlin Chadrawy 2. Isabella Sandy

1. 2.

Joshua Buchanan Harry Sanzone

12 years 1. Julia Devitt 2. Natasha Pather

1. 2.

Flyn Kilby Brad Van Vreumingen

NSW PSSA Athletics trials


To view the Junior School Car Line Maps for both the morning and afternoon run please click on the below links.

Congratulations to Ashley Dribbus who won the 10 years girls 100m, 200m and Long Jump at the NSWPSSA trials last term. She has now qualified as a member of the NSW team to participate at the National Schools Championships in Darwin later this year. This is an outstanding result and we wish her well at nationals.


Jacobus Newhouse


Guoqin Ding, Terrance Tsakiridis, Cameron Davies, Sunday Windsor


Ameesha Gogulan, Alison Guo


Samuel Murrie, Shahla Green


Nathaniel Makotsvana


Joshua Jansen, Evan Glover


Dean Borbilas, Jayson Cooper, Lina Lee


Amy Lendrum, Sana Zafar, Harrison Kiteley


Francis Mau, Aaron Avenido


Jett Norris, Rory Hanrahan, Mohammad Saqib


Hallam Roberts, Izac Saad, Constantinos Kyriacou


Breanna Saad, William Young


Ethan Jasckson, Morgan Jackson


Domenic Esposito, Hannah Scott


Chloe Summerill


Vanessa Winterbottom, Meg Kunkler, Flyn Kilby


Loughlin McLearie, Hugo Mackenzie-Wood, Max Stapley, Charli Morelli, Klara Zecevic, Jack Goldsmith

Charity Obento Day

The Language Department is happy to announce that there will be a Japanese Charity Obento day. This is to raise money for the people who have been affected by the earthquakes in Christchurch and Japan. • •

Thursday 11 August for the Senior School students Thursday 18 August for Years 5 and 6 students

There will be two types of lunches available, meat or vegetarian. If you would like to order one, please put $10 in an envelope with your name, your choice of obento (meat or vegetarian) and your mentor group. There is a box to put your order in at Student Reception at both the Junior School and the Senior School. Thank you for supporting our event!

The Works 2011 ‘The Works’ 2011 Exhibition 26 – 27 August 2011

Please join us to celebrate art and design and continue the tradition at The Illawarra Grammar School with ‘The Works’ 2011. The exhibition will feature Artworks, Film, Design, Furniture, Photography, Ceramics and Textiles from HSC 2011 and from past and present students, teachers, parents and friends of The Illawarra Grammar School. We are currently accepting expressions of interest from all past students, alumni and friends of the School. Those interested in exhibiting will need to contact by email so appropriate information can be sent back on what to do next. Submissions close Monday 8 August 2011 Official Opening Friday 26 August, 2011 6.30pm - 8.30pm in the IGC Announcement of the $2,000 Acquisitive Prize donated by Westpac. Launch of The Works People’s Choice Award. Saturday 27 August, 2011 The Works Cafe 10.00am - 4.00pm in the IGC

School Contact Details

Have you changed contact details recently? Current details of all students including names, addresses, emergency contact information, medical conditions and parent contact details including mobile phone numbers and e-mail addresses need to be kept on file and accurate at all times. Please ensure that any change of any details during the year are noted on a Notification of Change in Contact Details form and returned to the School office for recording.

Message from P&F The TIGS P&F Recycled Uniform Service is currently being set up in it’s new home behind the TIGS Uniform Shop. A demountable has been delivered and cupboards and furniture are being organised. We expect the opening to be announced in the coming weeks. The Service will be staffed and coordinated by parent volunteers. The opening hours will be from 8.30am - 10.00am and from 2.00pm - 4.00pm Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you can offer some time on this roster please contact Barbara on 0409 969044 or email If you have any uniforms you no longer require please send them in to Student Reception for inclusion in the supply. You will be doing a fellow parent a big favour. For all enquiries please call the School on 4220 0200.


The Kidzwish Foundation is the charity for Year 9 students at TIGS. Several students from TIGS are competing in the 2011 Kidzwish Search for a Fairy competition. As part of the competition the girls are all encouraged to raise funds to send 3,200 sick, disabled and disadvantaged children to the Annual Kidzwish Christmas Party at the Wollongong Entertainment Centre. To support this worthy cause please buy some Raffle Tickets. For more information, Click here.

Senior School Sport CIS Cross Country Results 5) and Charli Morelli (Year 6). In the holidays 10 students represented TIGS on a very wet day at Eastern Creek Division 4 - Skier X Male Team (Years 5 and 6) raceway. Results of the day: Ethan Jackson, Aaron Doherty (Year Emma Ramsey (Year 11) 5) and Flyn Kilby (Year 6) – Ethan also 23rd Overall 5th in Independant Schools qualified individually for Snowboard, Skier X and Moguls. Alexander Seal (Year 9) 18th Overall 8th in Independant The young Division 5 male team of Harrison Webb (Year 2), Zane Taylor Schools (Year 1) and Jude McCann (Year 1) Angus Pryde (Year 7) finished a very respectable 16th in 45th Overall 10th in Independant the Skier X event against much older Schools competitors, whist the Division 3 male team of Bryce Prior (Year 8) and Simon Julien Smith (Year 7) Mill (Year 7) were unlucky to not gain a 1st Overall 1st in Independant Schools spot at the State championships after finishing 7th. U16 Teams Event – Hamish Paine (Year 9), Alexander Seal (Year 9), Caleb Stamper (Year 8), Jaiden Fullerton Harvey (Year 9), Benjamin Goodhew (Year 10), Angus Cochrane (year 9), 2nd Overall This team trained tirelessly during the holidays to achieve these results. These are outstanding overall results. Special mention and congratulations to Julien Smith who is the fastest 13 year old cross country runner in NSW. He will now represent NSW at the Australian Championships next month. Snowsports 20 students from TIGS competed in the Northern Region Inter-schools Snowsports Championships held at Perisher from July 6 through to 9 July 2011. Of the 20 students 14 have been invited to the State Championships at the end of August. Some of the standout results from the week were: Jack Millar (Year 11) finished 1st in the Alpine event and earned a nomination for the youth Olympics Team. He also qualified for State in the Skier X. Tahlia Jackson (Year 8) finished 1st in Skier X, 3rd in Alpine and 3rd in Snowboard X. She qualified for State in every event she competed in – two Snowboard events, Moguls, Skier X and Alpine.

Park Narellan. All of the girls played with enthusiasm and enjoyed the healthy competition against other NASSA Schools. Results from the day: Senior Team – NASSA Champions (2nd for the past 2 years). Tayla Brailey Carna Feldtmann Naomi Folder Renate Kunz Madeline Miller Lauren Sheldon Emily Sotiros Cassandra Wallace Olivia Wallace Zoe Wulff Intermediate Team – 5th Breana Anastas Priscilla Bul Jaymee Kerema Sarah Long Kate Martin Georgia Roberts Sally Sharpe Stephanie Varcoe Elise Morton Junior Team – 4th Grace Hennessy Alexandra Lavalle Mackenzie Roberts Natasha Shalala Stephanie Shalala Heather Varcoe Georgia Wallace

Thankyou to Mrs Sullivan, Emma Flannigan and Mrs Sharpe for coaching Hockey In the holidays Tegan Richards played the teams. in the NSW All Schools Tri-Series Hockey Championships at Homebush. There were great displays of hockey skills and ability both individually and at a team level. Congratulations to Tegan for her selection in the NSW All School Girls Merit Team for 2011. Athletics Congratulations to all of these students on their individual results. They will be awarded their medallions at the Sports Presentation Evening on 9 November.

The TIGS Athletics team is displayed on the Sports Noticeboard. The NASSA The Division 5 - Alpine Athletics Carnival will be held at Girls Team (Year 4 students and under) Campbelltown Athletics Stadium on Georgia Webb (Year 4), Soraya McCann 24 August. Permission notes can be (Year 2) and Charlotte Tregonning (Year collected from Student Reception. 2) finished an amazing 2nd. Athletics team training is on Wednesday afternoons at Beaton Park 3.30pm Other teams that qualified for State 4.30pm. The bus leaves Western Avenue were: at 3.20pm and will return students back to school by 5.00pm. Division 2 - Alpine Male Team (Years 9 and 10) To view the list of Age Champions for Simon Bussoletti (Year 10), Lachlan Prior 2011 click here. (Year 10) and Sam Isabella (Year 9). NASSA Netball Gala Day Division 4 - Alpine Last week three teams played in the Female Team (Years 5 and 6) NASSA Netball Gala Day at Kirkham Mika Bliokas (Year 5), Ashleigh Mill (Year

Illawarra District Netball Association Gala Day Last Sunday TIGS entered five teams in the IDNA Gala Day at Fred Finch Park Berkeley. Girls from 7 years to 15 years of age represented the School in numerous games starting at 8.30am and finishing after 3.00pm. All teams had a combination of wins and losses, enjoying the matches and gaining much experience. Congratulations to all of these students. Thank you to all coaches, umpires and parents for their

Canteen Corner

Many thanks to Lauren Cunio, for her time and help with investigation into Gluten Free products for our Canteen Menu. Many thanks to Zane Dema and Alexander Santos for their efforts with growing Carrots and Lettuce for the Canteen.

Online Ordering

To order canteen food online visit Monday 8 August Janene Sunderland Leilani Donovan Lauretta Busssoletti

Tuesday 9 August Sunita Rajpal

Wednesday 10 August Nichole Anastas Pam Parkinson Heather Rugg

Thursday 11 August Vanessa Cross Assunta Disibio

Friday 12 August Christine Flint Kylie Mill

School Zone Infringement Notice The following infringement notice information has been provided by the Wollongong Local Area Command to raise awareness of the dangers around school zones. Please take note: Exceed speed limit - school zone Fines vary from $93-$3,149 and demerit points from 1 to 7 (depending on type of vehicle and class of licence) Not give way to pedestrian on pedestrian crossing - school zone $353 fine and 3 demerit points Enter blocked children’s crossing/marked foot crossing/pedestrian crossing - school zone $265 fine and 3 demerit points Ride bicycle without helmet $59 fine Drive using hand held mobile phone (including when phone is on ‘speaker’) - school zone $353 and 4 demerit points Disobey no stopping sign - school zone $265 and 2 demerit points Disobey no parking sign - school zone $147 and 2 demerit points Stop in/near children’s or pedestrian crossing - school zone $353 and 2 demerit points Double park - school zone $265 and 2 demerit points Stop at/near bus stop - school zone $265 and 2 demerit points Stop across driveway - school zone $147 and 2 demerit points Seatbelt offences Fines from $265-$1118 and up to 6 demerit points

Free Seminar on Character in Wollongong Civic Life Bishop Peter Hayward invites you to a seminar about Character in Wollongong Civic Life Date: Thursday 11 August 2011 Time: 7.30pm Venue: City Beach Function Centre Cost: NO CHARGE Seminar followed by tea/coffee and supper What do we want in our leaders: the nature of “character” in the Illawarra Region Speakers:

Professor Gerard Sutton AO Vice Chancellor University of Wollongong

Mr Peter Kell Former Wollongong lawyer and recently retired CEO ANGLICARE Sydney


Rt Rev Peter Hayward Anglican Bishop of Wollongong

To download information flyer please click here.

To keep up-to-date with the latest news and events that are happening in and around our School, we encourage you to subscribe to the email Newsletter. Simply visit our website: and sign up on the home page.

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Please note

2011 printed School calendar Amendments HICES Music Festival Update

HICES Music Festival will take place in Week 4, not Week 3 as previously advised in the printed calendar.

Year 7 Vaccinations

The Year 7 Vaccinations that were advised in the printed calendar on Monday 8 August 2011 we moved forward to Tuesday 31 May 2011. Next Scheduled Vaccinations will take place in October 2011, stay tuned.

Issue 1 Term III 2011  
Issue 1 Term III 2011  

Issue 1 Term III 2011