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NEWSLETTER New American Singers Visit TIGS 27 July 2010

Headmaster’s Message The TIGS Experience Head of Senior School Head of Junior School Issue 1 Term III, 2010

Academic • Christian • Caring


The TIGS Experience I hope that all our students enjoyed the mid-year break and are ready for the excitement and challenge of Term III. The term is sure to be as busy as the last with some highlights being: 31 July - Daffodil Ball We have an expectation that students at TIGS will develop a heart for others that is compassionate and just and that they will learn to serve others. The Daffodil Ball run by the NSW Cancer Council, is hosted by TIGS and provides the opportunity for the adult members of TIGS community to demonstrate the same values. The event is fully subscribed with 330 expected to attend. 14 August - itag @ TIGS itag is an acronym for ‘Interests, Talents and Gifts’. This unique program for children in Years K to 6 provides the opportunity to pursue some special interests outside the mainstream curriculum. Topics available for this term include DigiAnimation, Drama, Photography, Art in Action, Medieval Adventure and Perfect Your Performance. It is very popular and many of the special activities quickly become booked out. Contact Roslyn Bloomfield on 4220 0304 or for more details. From 16 August - HSC Trial It is hard to believe that 13 years of formal schooling is about to come to an end. The Trial can be a stressful time for students and they value all the care and support we can give them during these last hurdles. My advice to students in Year 12 is: •

Always give your maximum effort and be confident knowing that TIGS students achieve outstanding results.

Do not let the ‘system’ convince you that you are anything less than a wonderful, capable and loved person. The ATAR number you get in December does not define you as a person. Keep everything in perspective.

Stephen Kinsella Headmaster

27-28 August - The Works Exhibition This ‘must see’ annual event features the Artwork, Film, Design, Furniture, Photography, Ceramics and Textiles from HSC 2010 students and the work of past and present students, teachers, parents and friends of TIGS. A highlight will be the awarding of the $2,000 acquisitive prize, donated by the School’s bank, Westpac. The full program is available here and on TIGS Website. NASSA Athletics Our outstanding athletes move on to higher representation at the NASSA Athletics Carnivals. We congratulate them on their hard work in preparing for these carnivals and hope they achieve many Personal Bests. Senior School Carnival Date: 25 August Junior School Carnival Date: 31 August HSC Music & Drama Concerts If you enjoyed the performance of our 31 piece orchestra at Jesus Christ Superstar then you are sure to enjoy the performance of our outstanding musicians as they perform for the last time before their date with the HSC Examiners. Our Drama students are also hoping to perform for a full house. 9 August - HSC Drama Night, 31 August - HSC Music 2 Concert and 7 September - HSC Music 1 Concert 19 September - Junior School Building - Official Opening This wonderful addition to our campus will be officially opened during the Thanksgiving Service to be held as part of the ‘Back to TIGS’ weekend. It is appropriate that current and past members of the TIGS community join together in this service of celebration and thanksgiving. 23 September - The Big Day In (Junior School) and The Great Race (Senior School) While the Senior School students are at Jamberoo Aquatic Park competing in the final event that will determine the House that wins the Shell Shield for 2010, Junior School students will be hosting their ‘special’ invited guests to have the TIGS experience for a day. 24 September - Year 12 Graduation We are proud of our students and are looking forward to recognising the completion of their schooling. We will be wishing them well in the HSC examinations and God’s blessing for their life after TIGS. Details of all these events are available on the TIGS Website, TIGS Calendars or through the School Office. I feel exhausted just thinking about what will be achieved by the end of term – and this is only a fraction of the special events and routine programs that form the TIGS experience. I hope to see you over the course of Term III and to celebrate with you the achievements of our students and our community. Stephen Kinsella Headmaster

Chaplain’s Connection Throughout history, mankind has used many and various ways to measure length and distance. In Biblical times, the cubit was the length of a man’s forearm, or the distance from the tip of the elbow to the end of his middle finger. This was a useful measure because it was always to hand (pardon the pun). However, it was somewhat inexact, due to the different sizes people tend to come in. The same was true of the foot; it did somewhat depend on whose foot you happened to be measuring with at the time. In England, an attempt was made to standardise the foot as being the length of the foot of King Henry I. Unfortunately, other countries and regions used other standards. In 1668 the English philosopher John Wilkins proposed a decimal-based unit of length. In 1675 the Italian scientist Tito Livio Burattini used the phrase metro cattolico, derived from the Greek μέτρον καθολικόν (métron katholikón): “a universal measure”. From this arose the French word mètre which came into English as metre in 1797. Wilkins proposed that the standard be defined as the length of a pendulum with a halfperiod of one second. The French adopted an alternative definition, describing a metre as one ten-millionth of the length of the Earth’s meridian along a quadrant between the Equator and the North Pole drawn through Paris. Which is all very good if you happen to know how long that is, and have a convenient way of comparing it to that bit of wood you’re about to cut. Most people don’t. So, in 1889 the International Prototype Metre was defined as the distance between two lines marked on a bar composed of an alloy of ninety percent platinum and ten percent iridium, measured at the melting point of ice. This prototype metre bar is still kept at the BIPM (Bureau International des Poids et Mesures) under the conditions specified in 1889. Several other definitions have been developed since; from 1983, for example, the metre has been defined as the distance travelled by light in a complete vacuum in 1⁄299,792,458 of a second. But, since 1889, if you wanted to know whether or not your measuring tape or ruler was accurate, you could go to the BIPM in France and compare it to the prototype.

John Reed Chaplain

It strikes me that we ought to take the same care when listening to those who claim to speak for God. How do we know what is right, and who to listen to? The Bereans in the book of Acts decided they had a standard against which all claims about God were to be compared: the Bible: And the people of Berea were more open-minded than those in Thessalonica, and they listened eagerly to Paul’s message. They searched the Scriptures day after day to see if Paul and Silas were teaching the truth. (Acts 17:11)

Senior School In the school holidays I attended a conference which explored Co-Education – its history, development within different countries and the latest research findings. In brief, the consensus is that there are actually more differences within genders than between boys and girls as exclusive groups. This encompasses every dimension such as: learning styles; learning needs; social, emotional and physical development; cultural and aesthetic interests as well as spiritual development. Many of the findings purporting to establish that better results are achieved in single sex schools do not stand up to scrutiny when socio-economic and other cultural and contextual aspects are factored in. Another interesting phenomenon is that there are now fewer single sex schools in Australia, the UK and the US, with announcements being made almost daily of schools changing their enrolment patterns. Some have started the change with selected classes in the senior or junior years, while others have embraced the change in total throughout the school. More and more, single sex schools are acknowledging the enriching effect of co-education not just on students while they are attending school but also in the longer term. The impact of co-education on developing a wider repertoire of leadership, negotiation and interpersonal skills which will then flow through to their future careers is generally acknowledged, even within single sex schools.

Monica Watt

Deputy Headmaster

In our Mission and Values Statement we clearly state that we “seek for our students to be caring of others in the wider community. Through the knowledge and understanding of Christian love, compassion and justice, students will be supported to become active participants in society and wise architects for the future.” How could this be better achieved than in a Co-Educational Christian environment?

Junior School itag@TIGS

The ‘itag@TIGS’ information booklet has been emailed out to all families this week to give them the opportunity to enrol in this event. ‘itag@TIGS’ is an opportunity for like minded children to spend a whole day learning about an area they are passionate about. It is the only program for children in the Illawarra of this nature and as many of our families know, any other opportunities for children of this kind involve a trek up to Sydney. I encourage you to take a look at the booklet with the children and to get in quickly with your applications. The event is open to children all over the Illawarra and we do have children coming from as far as Nowra each year to participate. Numbers are limited so don’t miss out!

Car line

The first week of car line has been somewhat problematic with our line stretching way up the highway each day. If your children are in Years 1 – 6 please do not arrive in the car line until after 3:15pm as the school bell does not go until 3:10pm. Cars waiting to pick up children from Years 1 – 6 will have to go around the circle again until their children arrive out to car line so that the flow of traffic can continue to move.

Jasmine Cutler


Liam Harvey


Thomas Peden, Krishnendi Gupta, Alexis Belsito, Mia Stone




Charlotte Tregonning, James Kirby


Stephanie Taggart, Maya Middleton, Winnie Cheng


Selma Celik, Jett Norris


Emmanuela Franco, Ruby Crandell, Malachi Sigmund


Daniel Dragutinovich, Camellia Bizimovski


Deniz Celik, Georgia Kettle


Joshua Shalala


James Oriel, Tian Molnar, Remi Moores, Harrison Taranto

5/6W Julia Devitt, Hugo Mackenzie-Wood, Chiara Kovac 6C

Andrew Dickson, Ashleigh Doherty


Gabriel Jaworski

You will be aware that one of our strategic initiatives for 2010 was to reduce the consumption of paper right across the School. In order to try and assist families in transitioning to paperless communication I will endeavour to list the communications Head of Junior School you should have received each week via email. If you have not received these communications please contact the School with your updated email information. It is important that all families begin to form the habit of checking their emails for important information and in using the Parent and Student Portal to keep up to date with school happenings and information. I encourage you all to keep being 21st Century Learners alongside your children as they take up the challenge offered by technology. In terms of our Learner Profile, you can discuss with the children that you are being Risk Takers and Knowledgeable Inquirers, just what we ask them to be each day as they learn!

Judi Nealy

This week’s emails: • Kids fit after school program information • Canteen specials list • iTAG @TIGS information booklet

r e t s o R n Cantee m III Ter Week 3,

New Term III Menu

t 2 Augus Monday

There is a new Term III menu which includs price changes. Please ensure you refer to this when you are placing an order. This menu is also available on the School Web Site.

t 3 Augus Tuesday Bujaroska

Online Ordering is Here!

Our School has now introduced a great new online ordering system for the canteen called FlexiSchools. This system allows parents or students to place orders from home, work or school at any time up until 9:00am in the morning.

Snezana Jones Anne

t 4 Augus y a d s e Wedn rty ie Dohe

The payment is also done online, so you no longer need to send cash or write up a paper order.


t 5 Augus e y a d s r l u Th rquoda ie McCo



6 August

As well as being convenient for parents, the online orders are much faster and easier for the canteen to process - so it makes everyone’s life a little easier. FlexiSchools is well established and tested, operating in hundreds of schools across Australia. Getting online is easy and only takes a second to register. Simply go to and click “Register Now”. You will be sent an email with further instructions on how to complete the registration. Once registered, you can start placing orders immediately. If you have any questions, FlexiSchools provide a great help desk on 1300 361 769, or you can contact them via their website.

There are a variety of payment options supported, including Visa, Mastercard (credit and debit), Bank Transfer and Payclick. The system operates via a pre-paid account, so you don’t need to scrounge for coins in the morning and can easily budget for your canteen spending throughout the Term. The system is now available, so we look forward to seeing your next order online! If you have any questions please feel free to contact the canteen on 4220 0241 for more information.

National Self-Detection Program for Scoliosis (NSDP) 2010 In July and August, we encourage parents of girls in Years 7 and 9 to participate in the NSDP by downloading the self-detection brochure, . Click here to download more information. There is also an online discussion where girls and their parents can obtain general advice from certified specialists who manage patients with spinal curvature. Click here to download more information.


Friday 6 August is Jeans for Genes day and will be a Senior School mufti day. Jeans are to be worn with appropriate other clothing and a gold coin donation will be collected. The alternative is a full School winter uniform.

TIGS P & F September Dinner & Auction

3 September 6.30pm at Villa D’Oro, Flinders Street Wollongong. Come along and join the fun with a great dinner, drinks and a DJ to entertain you, all for $80 per person. To continue in the proud TIGS tradition we are helping to fund the installation of shelters for the bus and car lines and for the road between the Junior and Senior Schools. There will be premium and silent auction lots and mystery gift bags. This is a great opportunity to catch up with friends in a relaxed social atmosphere. Get a table together or meet new friends on the night! Any donations of prizes for the night are most welcome. Payment can be made by cash, cheque or direct deposit to the TIGS P & F account. Click here for the Auction booking form. Please fill in and return the booking form to School with payment or payment details if using direct deposit facility. For more information please call Sheridon Tregonning - 0409822273 or Sheldri Hamilton Smith - 0417301108. This is our only all School social function for the year. To receive email updates of year specific social events please join the TIGS P & F Community Contact Register. Click here to download the registration form.

Creative Arts By now families will have received an invitation to this year’s The Works Exhibition. After the success and wonderful support of this event last year, we are hoping that the TIGS community will again get behind this event and attend with friends over the weekend of 27 and 28 August 2010. We will continue to showcase the amazing final projects and bodies of works from HSC students but will also be exhibiting works for sale from past and present students, parents and friends of TIGS. We have been impressed by the quality of the entries we have received. The announcement of the winner of the Acquisitive Prize, sponsored by the Westpac Bank will again feature on the opening night. Our companion exhibition TIGS @ Redpoint will be held after the The Works Exhibition at Redpoint Gallery, Port Kembla. We are pleased to be involved in this collaborative project with such a unique and vital community arts group. Enquiries about the exhibition should be forwarded to Sandra Esposito or Wendi Leigh Headspace 10 is an Australia wide portraiture competition for students. Samantha Elliot in Year 12 has gained selection in this year’s exhibition and as a result her work will be hung at the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra. This is an excellent achievement for Sam and an honour for TIGS to be represented in this exhibition. Headspace 10 will be on display at the National Portrait Gallery from 9 September – 7 November 2010.

Samatha Elliot Year 12

More information can be obtained at the website -

Growing Up

Art After Hours is a fun way to experience art first hand at The Art Gallery of NSW. It will occur next Wednesday evening, 4 August 2010. Students from any year in the Senior School can come with their friends to see Victorian Visions, Alfred Steiglitz - The Lake George Years and Paths to Abstraction. The comedian Flacco will also be performing on the night.

Student Art Competitions

There are so many wonderful art/photographic competitions that students can be a part of at the moment. Please click here for the Term III Timetable.

Alfred Stieglitz Rainbow, Lake George 1920

gelatin silver photograph, 11.4 x 8.9 cm Philadelphia Museum of Art: from the collection of Dorothy Norman 1997 © Alfred Stieglitz/ ARS Liscenced by Viscopy, Australia

Senior School Sports Swimming

Emma McKeon swims into history. In the last week of the holidays Emma McKeon, her brother David McKeon and ex-TIGS graduate Robert Hurley all competed at the Australian Short Course Titles. All three swimmers raced well. Despite sitting for his HSC this year, David managed his time and put in the effort to balance both school work and swim training to achieve great results and producing good times at this event. Robert swam well winning the 1500m and 400m freestyle and now prepares himself for the Commonwealth Games, but the biggest surprise was Emma McKeon placing 2nd in the 100m freestyle and 3rd in the 50m freestyle. Emma’s time was so fast in the 100m that she is now ranked as one of Australia’s all time ten fastest swimmers for this event. We should also point out .......... click here to read on.

Jet Black MTB

On Sunday 20 June, 2 teams of TIGS students travelled to Yellomundee Regional Park in the foothills of the Blue Mountains to compete in the annual NSW All Schools Mountain Bike XC Championships. With 2 of our talented students unavailable due to HSC commitments, the 2 man Senior team of David Manton (Year 11) and Jake Latham in only his second XC race (Year 11) did a fantastic job, finishing in 4th place of 14 teams after leading for the first three laps. The Intermediate team of Alistair Martin (Year 10), Hamish Paine (Year 8) and Lachlan Gray (Year 9) also did very well finishing 6th out of 19 teams, a fantastic effort since neither Hamish or Lachlan had competed in such an event before. All the boys had a great day and are very much looking forward to the ACT All Schools event at the end of August. Click here to read more.

Track and Field Championships

All students from TIGS are encouraged to enter the Illawarra All Schools Track and Field Championships. When: 29 August 2010 Where: Kerryn McCann Athletic Centre, Wollongong Cost: $5 per event or 5 events for $15, Relays $10 per team Starting Time: 8:30am Entries Close: 23rd August Entry form and details available from (click on “All Schools Champs”)

Junior School Sports

s 11yr n Kilby GIRL ly F n . 1 8yrs d Va n a Y r B O B 2. inge 1. A ber nna reum 8yrs liam Bar V lise C il had 1. W 9yrs zie- Age Champions n 11yr es rawy e d s k r u s ko 12y ck Mac 1. A ia r 1. N y s K r n l a J a e 9y atas . a s 1 t e h a 2 n . ic s 2 ha P o sia Tayla . Ha d n 1. M stin Pall athe iley Woo uis Parso h Pa Zafiriou V u r r A e ther umin Van 2. 10yr 2. Lo lley g s a en M ’ 1. A O 12yr s s 2. Ru hleigh M s ic 1 r . Ma c y a 0 bey ill 1 sB c u t s W 2 u . illiam Athletics Training Emil kenzie R 1. J ston nan a y s obe h Smit rts h John shua Buc Beaton Park Thursday afternoons 3.30pm-5.00pm o J 2.

Senior School Athletics Carnival Last term the Senior School Athletics Carnival was held at the Kerryn McCann Athletics Field. Conditions were fantastic with 19 records broken on the day. Congratulations to all Houses as the lead for the Athletics Trophy changed numerous times during the day. Thank you to all staff for their support and help on the day. House Results: 1st Wolgal, 2nd Kogara, 3rd Aranda and 4th Coligan.

rls d n 5 Gi an DivisiRo), Georgia WMe)bb (3Y) liokas

Mika B

(4 h Mill (4 Ashleig

Division 5 Boys ebb (1W

Harrison W

Doherty (4 ), Ethan Jackson (4 B) an B) – absent Caleb Gra d Aaron ce


Congratulations to Samuel Chapple (Year 10) who has been selected in the NSWIS Football Team to compete at the U17 Chinese Friendship and Cultural Exchange Series in Beijing. This is an outstanding achievement. The TIGS community wishes him the best for the competition which is to be held 13-24 August.


Illawarra Women’s Hockey are running an Indoor Hockey Coaching clinic for all players. This will be run by Gaye Tarrant (Australian Indoor player from 1992-2007, Australian Indoor Captain 1996-2007). Click here to find out more

Participation was again very high. Well done to all students, in particular to the age champions. Over one hundred students will represent TIGS at the NASSA Athletics Carnival at Campbelltown Athletics Field on Wednesday 25 August. Click here for age Champions 2010

Cross Country

Snow Sports

Congratulations to Miles Waring, Zac McLaren, Cameron Barrett and Hamish Paine for their top ten finish and selection in the CIS team to run at NSW All Schools Cross Country.

• The division 5 (Year 4 and below) Male Alpine team of Ethan Jackson, Aaron Doherty, Caleb Grace and Harrison Webb placing 2nd and the Skier X team of Ethan Aaron and Caleb also placing second, with Ethan being the second fastest individual in that event as well as the Moguls. Ethan also participated in the Snowboard GS 10th and Boarder X 13th.

The NSW CIS Cross Country was held at Eastern Creek Raceway 17 June. 33 TIGS students were selected from the NASSA Championships to run at this next level. Click here for full results.

It was great conditions for the NSW All Schools Cross Country back at Eastern Creek Raceway last Friday. Miles Waring (Year 12) was unfortunately injured and unable to compete. Our younger students performed well with the following results: Zac McLaren (Year 7) 12 years 22nd Cameron Barrett (Year 7) 13 years 32nd Hamish Paine (Year 8) 14 years 9th Congratulations to these boys on their results.

During the holidays 20 TIGS students representing the Junior and Senior School competed in the Northern Regional Snow Sports Championships. There were some fantastic results:

• Division 5 Female Alpine and Skier X A team of Mika Bliokas, Ashleigh Mill and Georgia Webb picking up 3rd place for both events. Click here to read on.

Careers Information UOW Yr 12 Information Evenings

To help prepare you for the decisions that you will need to make about your future, the University of Wollongong is holding Year 12 Information Evenings. These evenings are a chance for students and parents to meet University staff and students, and have your questions about University study answered. Staff from all nine faculties at UOW, as well as Wollongong College Australia, will be represented. Attendees can expect to gain information on everything from early entry and scholarships to key dates for UAC applications and Student Perspective about University life. • Illawarra - 31st August - University Hall, Wollongong • Shoalhaven - 26th August - UOW campus, West Nowra All event bookings can be made online or by calling 1300 367 869.

Creative Arts Information Nights

The UOW Faculty of Creative Arts is holding Creative Arts specific information evenings to showcase the “new” Bachelor of Creative Arts and the Bachelor of Performance programs and to provide information about the range of programs on offer for 2011. Faculty staff will be on hand to answer questions and will provide details on how to apply for entry in 2011. Dates: 12 August 2010: Digital Media at the Digital Media Centre at Innovation Campus 19 August 2010: All Creative Arts undergraduate programs at UOW Main Campus To RSVP please email For more information such as application details, maps, transport options and location of talks please see the Faculty’s website or Contact the faculty at 02 4221 3996. Applications for Creative Arts in 2011 are now open and close on 1 October 2010.

Apprenticeship / Traineeship Information Evening

An Apprenticeship & Traineeship Information Evening for parents & students is being conducted to inform, educate & promote Apprenticeships & Traineeships in the Illawarra. The evening will include employers explaining what they require, a panel for a question and answer session and a mini expo to assist with information. Contributors include: David Brown Gear, Group Training Organisations, Australian Apprenticeship Centres, Illawarra Workplace Learning & TAFE NSW – Illawarra Institute. Date: 10 August 2010 Time: 6.00 pm - 7.00 pm Venue: Steelers Club, 1 Burelli St, Wollongong Cost: FREE Registrations required. More Info: RSVP Amanda Johnson: 02 4254 4500 Email:

1990 TIGS STUDENTS’ - High School Reunion 20 years If you attended TIGS during your primary years from 1978 - 1984 or in Year 7 1985 to Year 12 1990 you and your partner are invited to attend the 20 year School reunion Where: The SPIKE BAR (private room) Wollongong Golf Club When: Saturday 18 September 2010 Time: 7.00pm Cost: $45.00 pp Includes private room, Canapé Menu + 2 drinks on arrival RSVP: Before 5 September 2010 Enquiries: Elicia Lynda - 0418 977889 Click here to view full invitation

To keep up-to-date with the latest news and events that are happening in and around our School, we encourage you to subscribe to the email Newsletter. Simply visit our website: and sign up on the home page.

0 ust 201 - 4 Aug

NSW m G A s r u o r H n Ave at 4.00p e t f A t • Ar eaves Wester 10 L ugust20 A 8 d n d -7a n e k e e ki W 2010 • TIGaSveSs 4.00pm, 6 August Le

st 2010 - 9 Augu

Night in the IGC a m a r D • HSC.00pm, BAckstage 10 ugust 20 A 7 6 1 start s m a x E Trial C S H 2 1 • Yr

0 ust 201

20 Aug - 15 to 12.30pm t s u g u A 15 Leaves

mp a c 0 1 r • Y

10 gust 20 u A 4 2 -

tion a s i n u m ol Im o h c S r o i ) • Sen 010 (Library August 2 e r 5 t 2 n e etingodhew Research C e M a n a • Or .00pm in the Go 2010 8 August 7 2 d n a ion – 287 August in the IGC t i b i h x E rks ust and 10.00am 2 o W e h T • 010 27 Aug ember 2 t 6.30pm p e S 3 ction – u A & r e r Dinn e b g m e t p Wollongon o r ’O • Se D la he Vil


at t

Issue 1 Term III, 2010  

Issue 1 Term III, 2010

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