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NEWSLETTER Headmasters Message Music, Dance and Drama Competition Head of Senior School Chaplain Junior School Issue 1 Term II, 2010


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Fete Day

Music, Dance and Drama Competition Have you ever tried to convince a teenage boy to sing in public? This was the challenge for our Senior School House Captains as they prepared for this year’s Music, Dance and Drama Competition held last Wednesday. This is one of the highlight events on the calendar and is significant in determining the winner of the Shell Shield. Each of our four Houses competes each year for the Shell Shield in a number of events. Success at the swimming, cross-country and athletics carnivals is not sufficient to win the Shell Shield. Houses also compete in other events like the Music, Dance and Drama Competition, The Great Race and the Annual Quiz. The Music, Dance and Drama Competition is indicative of our commitment to the development of the whole child. The day requires each house to compete in a variety of categories including: • • • • • • • •

Drama Dance - Duo Dance - Group House Song Vocal Solo Original Song Instrumental Solo Popular Song

Stephen Kinsella Headmaster

Competition is fierce between the houses and this was no more evident than in the category of House Song. All members of each house were required to participate in the singing of a song that conforms to a theme. This year’s theme ‘Sports Anthems’ saw ‘Eye of the Tiger’ by Coligan, ‘We are the Champions’ by Wolgal, ‘Simply the Best’ by Aranda and ‘The Final Countdown’ by Kogara as the chosen songs. Congratulations to the House Captains and other House Leaders for organising the rehearsals and ensuring all members of their houses (including the teenage boys) participated with great enthusiasm - it was a great day. Congratulations are also in order for our swimmers who competed in the AICES carnival last week. AICES is comprised of eight sports associations (including our own NASSA) representing 65 schools and 23,000 students from across the state. TIGS students won both the boys and the girls point score competitions and TIGS was named overall champion school - a fantastic result. We wish our competitors success at the CIS carnival. Opportunities to participate in sport or the arts, or in a variety of interests and activities, is a defining feature of a TIGS education. We value the development of the whole child and plan for our students to participate in the richness and diversity of life experiences during their formative years. We believe that the outstanding academic results our students achieve are closely linked to these experiences and the balance and sense of perspective that they bring. We know that not all our students will be great singers or swimmers. We do know that having the experience of participating in events like the Music, Dance and Drama Competition or the Swimming Carnival is important in developing character and the understanding of self and of others. Singing songs like ‘We are the Champions’ may uncover an otherwise hidden talent or may just encourage an appreciation of those that can sing. Both are important experiences provided at TIGS. Congratulations to Coligan and Wolgal Houses, joint winners of the Music, Dance and Drama Competition for 2010. We look forward to sharing some of the outstanding performances with parents at the Music, Dance and Drama Showcase tonight (Friday 30 April), starting at 7.00 pm in the IGC.

Stephen Kinsella Headmaster

Chaplain’s Connection


Every family and every community has its stories of the past. Sometimes they are things we’d rather forget – skeletons that we try to keep hidden in the closet. But equally, there are stories that we love to remember – stories of heroism and valour; memories that we treasure and pass on to our children and our children’s children. And one such story is the story of the ANZACs, those brave men who landed at Gallipoli at the place that would become known as ANZAC Cove on April 25, 1915. Above them was a formidable line of steep hills and cliffs, defended by a well-entrenched and determined Turkish force. The ANZACs were ordered to scale the cliffs and take them. Time and again they attacked, and time and again they were driven back. Finally, when it became obvious that the allies would never be able to dislodge the Turks, it was decided to withdraw. But not before almost 8,000 ANZACs lost their lives, and 19,000 were wounded. On ANZAC day every year we don’t simply mourn a disastrous defeat, and reflect on the horrors and futility of war; but rather we remember with pride the remarkable young men who in that distant land made their place in history, and gave us a legend, and ideals that still live on today: the virtues of self-sacrifice, compassion, humility and courage. It just so happens that this year April 25 fell on a Sunday – as it did on the day of that fateful landing back in 1915. No doubt the army chaplains were busy that Sunday morning. What message would they have given the nervous troops as they awaited battle? Perhaps they’d have read the words of Jesus from John 15:13: “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” Those are challenging and inspiring words; easy to admire, hard to live up to. On ANZAC Day we remember those who did live up to those words. As indeed, every Sunday (well, every day, actually) I also remember the one who spoke those words, who Himself gave His life; not only for His friends but, amazingly, also for His enemies: that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.

John Reed Chaplain

It is this that gives me great hope not only for my own personal future, but also for those who have died in the faith of Christ: that one day we will be reunited around the throne of God.

Senior School I’m never quite sure what to write in the Newsletter these days. Who is my audience? I always used to have such a clear vision of who you were when I wrote for the ‘paper’ Newsletter. There was a physical contact point between us and it was a unique publication – there aren’t many other forms of communication quite like the School Newsletter! But now I know that electronic messages assail you all the time and it’s so easy just to skim through to get the really important things like photos or important dates. So, what do you want? Do you read this segment? This week I was going to write about the Music and Drama Competition. So here goes. It’s such a brilliant day. To see the involvement, the commitment, the enthusiasm, the leadership shown by so many students - who maybe don’t shine in traditional classroom situations - is really inspiring. So come along to the Showcase to see what amazing things can be achieved by young people working together and for so long. I think some of the dancing groups started last year in their preparations.

Monica Watt

Deputy Headmaster

It’s funny that this event started 30 years ago with a whole day for Musical items and a whole day for Drama. It was a bit like an Eisteddfod in format with each House performing exactly the same items, which could be a tad excruciating on the audience. Thank goodness for change: we now have a much more varied format, the introduction of dance and the emergence of true leadership from the students. It is truly student driven, supported by staff. We are so very proud of what our students have achieved.

Junior School

Unlocking the Treasure Within

As I write this newsletter I am sitting on a plane after a challenging and rewarding week of learning in Singapore. I have attended the International Baccalaureate (IB) Regional Conference for 4 days, learning from 800 of my IB colleagues in the Asian region. I have discussed literacy with heads of schools from Beijing, sustainable leadership with educators from Jakarta, schooling for the most disadvantaged with a headmistress from Hyderabad and have been invited to participate in a program building and equipping schools in remote Afghanistan. Needless to say I am completely humbled by the work done by educators with an international focus. I am also very excited about the pathway we have determined in the Junior School for equipping our children to be contributors to society, not merely consumers. The Primary Years Programme (PYP) is already allowing our children to inquire into their world with autonomy and skill. The theme of the conference was “Unlocking the Treasure Within”. It is a theme that I shall return to over the next few months as I digest and unpack all that I have learnt. I hope that you will observe things happening in the Junior School and will identify them as strategies for unlocking this treasure in our children, in our staff and in our wider community. The Delors Report (Learning: The Treasure Within. Report to UNESCO of the International Commission on Education for the Twenty-first Century.1996) outlined 4 pillars of learning 1. 2. 3. 4.

Learning to know Learning to do Learning to live together Learning to be

Judi Nealy

Head of Junior School

It is easy to read quickly through these four ideals and “tick them off”, however, when we are reflective (IB learner profile!) it becomes apparent that the last two of these ideals are particularly difficult to attain. ‘Learning to know’ and ‘Learning to do’ are very visible in our curriculum. In fact, if you look at the current curriculum you will see straight away “learning to read/write/spell and learning about reading/writing /spelling”. This is no new thing and in the Junior School we do this well. However, we have set our sights on moving forward as a school and in aspiring to go further with the children in our care, so we must ask the questions; how do we assist our children to learn to live together? How do we help them to understand the place of culture and their place in the global village? How can we understand meaningfully the shared characteristics of all people? How do we help them “learn to live together and learn to be”? These are challenges that are not so easily met, however meet them we shall! In the next months and years we will continue exploring opportunities for service and stewardship for the students in the Junior School. One of the speakers spoke passionately about his belief that poverty and conflict can only be solved person to person, through the breaking down of barriers. I agree that providing appropriate experiences for our children in the Junior School to learn to live together, respecting our common humanity and seeking opportunities to assist others is a step in the right direction to making our world a much better place. ‘Learning to be’ I see as much more difficult, what does it mean to learn to be? I suspect that in our situation, ‘learning to be’ means understanding ourselves as individuals and also the perspective through which we view the world. This is an area that we have begun exploring through our Strategic Plan. I am very interested in beginning a dialogue with our school community about this area of our craft and welcome input from all members of the TIGS community. The team in the Junior School at TIGS work hard for the children in our care. I would like to share a beautiful quote from an African educator that “basic to education, is the respect of each child as a human person and the idea that each child’s name feels safe in a teachers mouth”. The children’s names are safe in our mouths here in the Junior School and we look forward to working our way through these challenges we have set in delivering an IB education in the Junior School.

Junior School Sports

NASSA Junior Netball

The Junior Netball team have successfully taken out the NASSA title for 2010 at Lidcombe. The girls played a strong and mature team game during the competition and progressed through undefeated. Three members of the team, Mackenzie Roberts, Ruby Pallone and Natasha Pather were selected in the NASSA team to compete at the CIS gala day later in the term.

Ruby Pallone Natasha Pather Natasha Shalala Stephanie Shalala Cynthia Tian Ashleigh Doherty Samantha Shiodtz Emilia Bujaroska

TIGS Netball Club

Congratulations to all the girls on a great result.

Last weekend was the first round of the Netball season for 2010. This year TIGS has six teams from the Junior School in the Illawarra District Netball Association Competition.

Team Members: Mackenzie Roberts

We had a great start on Saturday with the following results:

8 yrs TIGS Pearls won 11-0 9 yrs TIGS Sapphires lost 18-0 10 yrs TIGS Sparkles won 5-4 11yrs TIGS Diamonds won 27-9 11yrs TIGS Crystals won 10-6 12 yrs TIGS Eliminators won 17-3

CIS Junior Swimming

Seventeen TIGS students participated at the CIS Carnival as members of the NASSA team last term including our four relay teams. The senior boys’ team reached the finals and placed sixth. There were many strong individual performances with Justus Bacic-Johnston reaching the finals for 10 years freestyle and backstroke, Hugo Mackenzie-

Junior School Cross Country House Results:

1st – Wolgal

2nd – Kogara

3rd – Aranda

4th – Coligan

11 years Boys 1st – Brad Van Vreumingen 2nd – Callum Wall 3rd – Nicholas Kyriakoudes Girls 1st - Hailey Van Vreumingen 2nd - Sarah I’Ons 3rd - Mili Haber

12 years Boys 1st – Jack Mackenzie-Wood 2nd – Louis Parsons-O’Malley 3rd – Angus Malouf Girls 2nd - Chloe Kuiper 1st - Mackenzie Roberts 3rd - Heather Varcoe

Age Results:

Girls 1st - Chivonne Barrett 2nd - Anastassia Zafiriou 3rd - Annalise Chadrawy

10 years Boys 1st - Caleb Grace 2nd - Justus Bacic-Johnson 3rd - Lachlan Phillpott Girls 1st - Zara Winter 2nd - Ashleigh Mill 3rd - Holly Kiteley

Wood placing third in the 11 years breaststroke and Jack MackenzieWood placing second in the 12 years freestyle and fourth in the breaststroke and backstroke. Hugo and Jack were selected as members of CIS team to participate in the PSSA carnival. Congratulations to all NASSA team members: Justus Bacic-Johnston Joshua Buchanan Meg Farrell Sarah I’Ons Ethan Jackson Holly Kiteley Daniel Laing

Hugo Mackenzie-Wood Jack Mackenzie-Wood Simon Mill Zoe Morrell Stephanie Moustoukis Perri Moustoukis Ruby Pallone Taylah Pather Ruby Tilden Hailey Van Vreumingen


Georgie Moustoukis, Terrence Kwon


Cooper Kerridge, Isabella Mitic


Alexis Blesito, Sana Zafar


8/9 years Boys 1st - Austin Pallone 2nd - Michael Kyriakoudes 3rd - Zach Winter


Newton Luu


Connor Harvey, Toria Tsakiridis


Joanne Karakousis, William Barber


Zacariah Ellevsen, Sophie Evans,


Zara Winter, Ethan Jackson


Joshua Fullerton-Harvey, Justus Bacic-Johnston


Natalia Smith, Blake Kolodziej, Charli Morelli, Marcus Roser, Joshua Buchanan, Chloe Summerill, Nicholas Kyriakoudes, Jai Tuckwood

5/6W Thomas Chadrawy 6C

Oscar Stanis, Emily Smith, Bayley Cleary


Cameron McMillan, Simon Mill

CIS Primary Girls Football

Congratulations to Zoe Correa of Year 6 who has been selected as goalkeeper for the CIS Football team which will compete at the PSSA Carnival in Gosford later this term.

Daniel Tubman


hool c S r nio u J S am e TIG T l l a Netb


Samuel J ntain Bike Team ones and Miles Waring

TIGS Mountain Bike Team

Van Vr eumi


Lauren Smee

Senior School Sports Senior School Cross Country

The first day back for Term II was the rescheduled Senior School Cross Country Carnival held at Stuart Park, North Wollongong. Participation was again at full strength this year. The major challenge for the day was the heat as temperatures soaring to the mid twenties, highly unexpected weather for this time of year!. The Future Problem Solving fund raising BBQ was extremely popular. The lead for the final trophy changed numerous times during the day. Congratulations to Wolgal for winning the Andrew Jefferson Memorial Cross Country Trophy for 2010. To read the full house and individual age championship results, click here.

AICES Swimming Championships

As the weather cooled down our TIGS swim team were still training in the pool over the holidays and from the teams’ result at AICES, you could say that the TIGS swim team is heating up!. The first week back from holidays and the swimmers were back in the pool racing for the School. As a team the swimmers swam themselves into new records. AICES involves over 65 schools and 23,000 students. For the first time as a School we were the overall AICES School Champion for 2010. An awesome achievement! For this to happen we had swimmers and relay teams achieve outstanding results….. to read the full story click here.

TIGS Mountain Bike Team Conquers Thredbo and the National Championships.

Over 300 mountain bike riders representing more than 100 schools from as far away as Queensland, Northern Territory and Tasmania descended on Thredbo Village for the annual Australian All-Schools Mountain Bike Championships – and TIGS came home with 1 Teams National title, a 2nd place Teams title, 2 individual National Titles, a 2nd place individual title, three 3rd places and a couple of 4th positions as well as personal bests and new achievements. To top of the list, TIGS also brought home (for the 2nd time in 5 years) the most converted schools mountain bike prize of them all, Division 1 (Yr 11 and 12 boys) ‘King of The Mountain’. All up a pretty good set of results for our small team of 8 riders. .. to read the full story click here.

School Captains 2010 Curry Drive Fundraiser Result

Hello, and welcome to the second term of 2010. We hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing break, but we have some exciting news for you. The curry drive from the end of last term raised a total donation of $2070! Thank you so much to everyone who bought a curry, and thank you to all who gave time or resources towards the curries themselves. We have some very exciting initiatives coming up for this term as well. Following on in the pattern of the book drive at the start of last term, we are having an art drive, so bring in any art supplies you have lying around and leave them at student reception, the library or the common room in the marked boxes. Also, later on in the term in June, we will be having a trivia night for parents and teachers with some wonderful prizes on offer, so mark the date in your diary, and keep an ear out for further information as it arrives. Once again, a huge thank you to all who got behind the curry drive - $2070 is absolutely amazing!

Year 12 Charity Trivia Night 2010

As part of their fundraising efforts for the TIGS 2010 Year 12 charity Triple Care Farm, the School Captains invite you to attend a Trivia Night. Triple Care Farm is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre, which provides an ideal environment of peace and healing for emotionally hurt and troubled young people, aged 16 to 24. Date: Location: Cost: Theme:

Friday June 4 (Week 8 Term 2), 6.30pm – 10pm The Illawarra Grammar Centre (IGC) $10pp (Tables of 8) “All good things start with T”

The evening will be BYO, and if you wish to order an Antipasto Platter for the evening, please complete the order form. The evening will be hosted by Jade from WaveFM’s morning show, and first prize is dinner for the winning table, kindly donated by the Lagoon Restaurant. There will also be prizes for the best dressed table, a lucky door prize, a raffle and a number of competitions on the night – so don’t forget your coinage! Please note as this event is BYO, no students or under 18’s are permitted to attend. Click here to down load your Trivia night order form.


ble Pym ies Lad ge Collestrian Yr an ( Equesults ns atm s e Y e R tulatio Olivia Ladie ble gra and

Year 7 Vaccinations – Tuesday 4 May, 2010



• HPV – Dose 2 (girls only; for those students who received Dose 1)

• DTP booster (single dose; for those students Con (Yr 5) ent Pym Olym gen rec . who have not received prior) p grat ics 9 umin rom the rian Day : Kurley e r G u V f t e s n s s on h lation ame th Na r e a lt u o u V s s is fa tion e Eq ir res en -H ailey ntas to Aaro al to H 2) on the Colleg reuming aratory 1 t n i c 1 V C p 1 r


in n re y Va in the P and 6th ge. a e s s 1st g re sa Dres atory 2 D r e: a p Hors Pre an – ay m t Yea at M e Olivia ome Wh 3rd Plac e – C c la C P 2 3rd ice Nov e 2D – ic v No

esu an st 3rd 50m Fre lts as f non (Yr ollow 200m es 9) 1st 1 s: Free tyle 0 0 style m Fr 2nd 4 x 5 eesty l 0m Rela e y

All Schools Touch Football

On Friday 26 March, an enthusiastic Year 9 group braved the very hot and dry conditions at Dalton Park, Fairy Meadow. They displayed fantastic team work and team spirit and were very positive, even though they were playing against combined Yr 9 & 10 Teams. The girls finished 3rd overall, defeated by St Joseph’s and Kiama High School. The boys finished 7th place. A great effort by both teams well done!

NASSA Football Team

Congratulations to the following students who made the NASSA Football Team: Phoebe Fraser, Dylan Mena Naydovski, Nathan Belsito and Joshua Hurt.



Finally, the season that the AFL players wait for with baited breath is finally upon us, the footy season! Term I has seen both novice and experienced players alike refining and developing a range of skills unique to AFL. Whether it be gripping and releasing the drop punt; catching the fist when handballing; using the thumbs effectively in an overhead mark; or bracing and maintaining one’s ground, in Term I, AFL players had the opportunity to work in small groups with experienced coaches to develop and refine their skills. Understandably the players and I were very disappointed when the inaugural Tigers’ Cup games against Bulli High scheduled for week 9 were unable to go ahead. Our inability to field full ........... to read the full story click here.

The Bill Turner Cup: Round 1 Smith’s Hill HS



On Tuesday 22nd April, TIGS contested the first round of the Boys U15 ‘Bill Turner Cup’ at Beaton Park. This is a knockout competition which will see a team qualify from the South Coast Region if they can get past round 5. This was a fiercely contested game which saw very few shots on goal in the first half. Both teams struggled to break their opponents defensive lines, with the forwards being closed down very quickly at both ends of the field. The second half was equally tight. TIGS had .... to read the full story click here.


Watch this space next week for information on Vacation Care during the June/July holidays (28/6/10 – 2/7/10).

Term I has been and gone. As Term I came to an end TIGS Extended enjoyed having two special visitors. The Headmaster Mr Stephen Kinsella came to visit. The children really enjoyed their chat with him. We also had a visit from Mr Kevin Donald, a member of the School Council. Mr Donald came and joined us for afternoon tea. Afterwards the children really enjoyed listening to Mr Donald reading them a story. Thank you for coming and visiting us, we really enjoyed this invaluable experience. Places are filling fast, but there are still some limited places available. For further information please email the Director Karen Buckley on or an enrolment form can be downloaded via the TIGS website.

Careers Event The Illawarra Grammar School Tertiary Information Evening Students of Years 10, 11 and 12 and their parents/guardians are cordially invited to attend this evening designed to provide detailed information on tertiary study. This event will be held at the School on Tuesday, 1 June from 6.00 – 8.30pm. It combines a market stall format with more specific information seminars. Students and parents will be invited to attend the market from 6.00 – 7.00pm, followed by three 25 minute seminars of their choice. Representatives from universities, TAFE and private tertiary institutions have been selected to cater to our student audience and will provide detailed information during the seminars including: • • • • •

new career options and newly introduced courses appropriate tertiary institutions for a chosen career scholarships, university schemes including Early Entry, Access, Bonus Points and accommodation cadetships, traineeships, apprenticeships appropriate subject selection for Years 10 & 11.

Registration for this event is essential. An information booklet and registration form will be sent to parents shortly.

‘Meet the Headmaster’ is on again. New family members, prospective parents and all members of the community are welcome to join our special gathering at a venue near you.

For the Southern Illawarra and Shoalhaven region the event will be held on Tuesday 11 May 2010, 6.00pm – 8.00pm at ‘Gabbys at Berry’.

The purpose of these events is to provide you with an opportunity to meet with the Headmaster and members of the TIGS staff in a location close to your home.

As canapés and refreshments will be provided an RSVP is essential.

For the Northern Illawarra region we will be holding an event on Tuesday 4 May 2010, 6.00pm – 8.00pm in the Black Diamond Room, Thirroul Community Centre.

Southern Illawarra and Shoalhaven RSVP: Friday 7 May, 2010 and Northern Illawarra RSVP: Friday 30 April, 2010 Phone: 4220 0233 Email:

The new menu for Term II and III can be found on the Schools web site, please check for new specials and price changes.

Monday 3 May

Denise Jenner–Dennis Tracey Fulton

We are seeking new volunteers for this year, if

Tuesday 4 May

you would like to join our friendly team please click

Snezana Bujaroska Anne Jones

here to download a canteen volunteer request form and return it to the school, attention the

Wednesday 5 May


Kylie Doherty

Help Needed

Alternatively you can ring the canteen directly on

Thursday 6 May

4220 0241 7am – 2pm or email

Marie McCorquodale

Friday 7 May

Help Needed Help Needed

Performing Arts

Year 12, 2009

“Babies Proms”

Congratulations to the following 2009 Year 12 students who have been awarded University of Sydney Scholarships for 2010.

Our youngest TIGS students attended the Babies Proms concert on Friday 19 March. They were in good company with a very special family - the “string family”. This special family went to a lot of trouble to dress for the proms with mother Cello wearing her best beads and hat. The string family sat centre stage with the baby strings (16 size violins) sleeping through the first half of the concert. The senior Orchestra began the proms with the Finale from Dvorak String quartet. The Senior Choir then sang “May it be” from “The Lord of the Rings” , “Catch a Falling Star” accompanied by orchestra and “Mammas Little baby loves shortnin’ bread”.

Danielle Chiaverini - The University of Sydney Entry Award Josephine Stewart - The University of Sydney Entry Award Benjamin Morrell - The University of Sydney Merit Award These scholarships are strongly contested and our students are well deserving of such outstanding achievements.

Easter Hamper Winners

These last two songs are part of the pre school repertoire and all of our baby TIGS students were encouraged to join in the singing with the choir. The concert ended with all of the pre school children moving into the orchestra and singing as the orchestra played “Catch a Falling Star”. At this very moment the bubble machine began releasing bubble stars and the Pre school children jumped to catch the falling bubbles.

Melanie Hall and Elizabeth Jones are the winners of the FPSP CmPS Easter Hamper drawn on Wednesday 31 March.

This concert was a wonderful start to our proms program at TIGS and I thank the Piper centre staff for their support and for seeing the value in music education and enrichment in this area of our School. Carolyn Brown Head of Performing Arts

TIGS GREAT FETE Saturday May 22, 2010. 10am - 3pm

The Great Fete is only 3 weeks away!! Click here to read the full Fete newsletter put together by the P&F. We need as much help as possible!. So please, If you are available to help on Fete day Saturday 22 May, 2010 between 7am and 4pm please email or return the ‘reply slip’ attached to the bottom of the ‘TIGS News’ document to either Junior School or Senior School reception.

P&F Recycled Uniform Service The new co-ordinator for the ‘P&F recycled uniform service’ is Jacey Dema. Please feel free to phone Jacey regarding this service on 0417467035.

Creative Arts Prefects Photography Competition

Congratulations to Zoe Wong, Samantha Elliot and Quynh-Dan Nguyen who worked tirelessly to organise the Prefects Photography Competition. During the last week of Term I, the Prefects announced the winners and awarded prizes of music vouchers on assembly. Winners of each section, 7/8 - Remy Brooks (7), 9/10 - Stella Crick (10), 11/12 - Sarah McLeod (11) and the runner ups, Tex Crick (10), Christian Vellar (11), Jake Kuit (9) were awarded prizes and/or certificates for having the best overall set of photos. The following students also deserve special mention for their photos that were judged the best in each category. Summer: Jake Kuit (9), Stella Crick (10), Tex Crick(10), Dave Manton(11), Christian Vellar(11) Expression: Connor McKeogh(8), Nicola Xanthopoulos (10), Sarah (11) Silhouette: Stella Crick (10), Tex (10), Bianca (11), Christian Vellar (11), Sarah (11) Action: Remy (7), Jake Kuit (9), Stella Crick (10), Christian Vellar (11), Sarah (11), Lauren (12), Jenifer Yi(12) Black & White: Cheyenne Dobbs (8), Tex Crick (10), Bianca Pupovac (11), Sarah McLeod(11), Sara Buchner (12), Jenifer Yi(12). Photographers are reminded that there is another great photography competition running in conjunction with the Great Fete. Details can be found on the TIGS website.

Congratulations to Ms Dani Green

Congratulations to Ms Dani Green Visual Arts and Photography teacher in the Senior School whose work has recently been selected for an arts event entitled Platform which was part of the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival 2010. Her drawings were exhibited in a lovely alleyway just off Central Place/Flinders Lane. More information can be found on

Alumni News - Jack Dobinson

Former TIGS Art and Photography Student Jack Dobinson is about to release his 3rd bodyboarding DVD titled “Crazy the Movie”. His previous 2 movies (Outrageous Behaviour and Chicks) screened in the TIGS IGC with both drawing crowds of approx 300 people. This time his new DVD will be premiering at Master Builders Club Wollongong on Friday 14 May at 7pm. Entry is $10 and DVDs will be available for sale on the night. Former TIGS Student and now Pro Bodyboarder Jason Finlay stars in the movie with other big names such as former World Champion Ben Player. Come along and support Jack and Jason and marvel at the amazing camera work and bodyboarding skills. There are so many wonderful art/photographic competitions to be a part of at the moment. Bowral Youth Art Prize is due on 12 May, which still gives enough time to get painting! Another competition of note is the Shutterbug Photographic Competition which runs each year between January and May. It is an open competition and seeks work from artists who can interpret a theme into a body of works up to 25 images. Click here for more info and you might be interested in entering Art Speaks Japanese Comes Alive! Contest due September 30. Speak with your art teacher if you are. For more info click here

Expressionist - Remy Brooks

Delicate Wave Action - Stella Crick

Summer - Sarah McLeod

Showcase TONIGHT! Friday 30 April, 2010 Doors open 6.30pm Showcase curtains open 7pm

A donation of $5 at the door is invited with all proceedings going to Emu Point. Canteen Open

Items selected for the showcase are:

Drama Aranda: “Bear and the Beautiful” written by John Reynolds Coligan: “Aisle 3” written by Elias Brown Group Dance Kogara: “Soon We’ll Be One”, Perri Rugg and Monique Projkoski Coligan: “Blue Monday”, Laura Sunderland, Justine Harman, Olivia Wallace, Carna Feldtmann, Chloe Lanyon, Georgia Crisp Wolgal: “Have You Found Yourself?” by Sophie Bennett and Tessa McMillan Aranda: “Lost and Found”, Kristin Scott and Tarah Scott Vocal Solo 1 Kogara: “To Say Goodbye”, Olivia Boddeus-Heinlein Aranda: “Scarborough Fair”, John Reynolds

Rock Original Coligan: “Amnesia”, Justine Harman and Tahnie Cristini Wolgal: “They Say”, Georgia Kollaras Instrumental Solo Coligan: “Pachabels Canon in D” on harp, Elise Morton Wolgal: “Vaya Hembra”, Tiffany Cheng Popular Song Wolgal: “Viva La Vida”, Coldplay Kogara: “The Pretender”, Foo Fighters

Junior School Captains Anzac Day – A report written by the Junior School Captains

TIGS Junior School held their Anzac Day Ceremony on the 27 April, 2010 at 9.00am in the IGC. We were there to honour the soldiers that fought for our country in various wars, conflicts and peace operations. After Mr. Reed opened in prayer and the Captains had introduced the ceremony, Olivia Yeatman shared her amazing Anzac experience at Gallipoli. During the journey there were 11 other students from around NSW alongside her. Olivia then showed a video she put together that helped us to think about what Anzac Day meant to us. Also during the ceremony Louis Parsons O’Malley played the Last Post and the Reveille on his bugle. He is a marvelous player and the music he played captured the Anzac Day spirit. Overall the ceremony was very successful and had everyone thinking about the men and women who fought for our country.

Junior School Reminders Mother’s Day With Mother’s Day just around the corner the Junior School would like to remind you of our Mother’s Day activities. Monday 3 May – Mother’s Day Garden Party for 2 day Prep Mothers held in the Piper Centre Courtyard from 9.1am5-10.00am Tuesday 4 May – Mothers Day Stall for Prep 2 and 5 day and Stage 3 (Yrs 5 & 6) Thursday 6 May – Mother’s Day Garden Party to be held in the Junior School Amphitheatre from 10.00am-11.00am Friday 7 May – Mother’s Day Stall for Prep 3, Kinder, Stage 1(Years 1&2) and Stage 2 (Years 3 & 4) Photo Day Junior School Photo Day will be held on Tuesday 4 May – Full School winter uniform is required.

You are invited to the

Mother’s Day Garden Party

Monday 3 May 2010, 9.15am – 10.00am for Preparatory 2 day Mums Held in the Prep Courtyard


Thursday 6 May 2010, 10.00am – 11.00am Held in the Junior School Breezeway

Details: 10.00am

Morning Tea for Mums


Students meet with Mum at recess. Classrooms opened for students to show Mum their rooms


Garden Party concludes

RSVP: Friday 30 April 2010 Dress Code: Your prettiest hat and outfit

Please note students are to bring their own Morning Tea

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TIGS Newsletter Issue 1 Term II, 2010  

TIGS Newsletter Issue 1 Term II, 2010

TIGS Newsletter Issue 1 Term II, 2010  

TIGS Newsletter Issue 1 Term II, 2010