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Infinite journey home

IL SERENO - Private Sanctuary on the shores of Lake Como

DESIGN: BENCHMARK - Made WELL Roots - back to Essence by Inma Bermudez ISLA by Sebastian Herkner shines a new light "SUPERSALONE" - Special 2021 Salone del Mobile.Milano AQVA for Milan Design Week


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NUEE - a floating Cloud of Light, Marc Sadler, Foscarini Glowing Freedom - Sticks by Vibia, Arik Levy THE VILLAGE PROJECT by SALVATORI

ENVIRONMENT: Reinventing nautical activities to preserve the planet From ocean waste plastic to Beer Kegs Together toward zero



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The Giacometti - a family of creators IM WELL ATELIER - K. Ciupinska

PEOPLE: Tam St. Armand in conversation with Ilona Lee


ome isn’t just the center of our lives. It’s also the screen that protects us from the outside world.

Your home is your personal haven: a place with an extraordinary connection to your heart and soul. We want to inspire you to look around your home with fresh eyes, finding new ways to enhance and transform it, until it becomes your most welcoming place. A temple where you feel completely at ease and one with nature. The infinite journey home has no end. We journey on simply for the enjoyment of it. Our objective? Stay on our path as long as we can, inviting others to join us along the way. When we come together as a community, life around us improves. It’s about participating, connecting, and playing as long as possible. When we play, the magic of life will happen. At the end of the path lies a sense of belonging, a sense of coming home, and being with people who believe in the same values. In this European Design Issue, we are placing the spotlight on eco - sustainable design and environmentally-friendly craftsmanship. We model ourselves to be a source of inspiration and emulation for global residents concerned about their environmental well-being and the future of our planet. Make your home your private island: your own Ile Maison. Start your new infinite journey home with us today. Join our community, elevate your brand and help us influence change, one home at a time. with Warmest Regards, Founder & CEO

MOUGINS MANSION AlpesMaritimes, 06250 France A short distance from the famous old village of Mougins, close to Cannes and Nice, this remarkable estate consists of a main house, a guest house, an equipped pool house and two apartments for the staff. Listed by Christie's

10 bedrooms 10 baths 12,217.14 Sq.Ft Built in 1955 ~price upon request

The buildings are nestled in the heart of an impressive park of approx. 11 hectares entirely landscaped and designed by the owner with the French landscape architect Jean Mus. Planted with Mediterranean species, about 750 rose bushes, 300 olive trees in the west part of the property and decorated with numerous fountains, this garden is a true haven of peace. Nature is an integral part of the property, the terraces are subtly shaded by superb plane trees. Rebuilt about twenty years ago, the house has been completely renovated and restored in accordance with the noblest tradition: sumptuous walnut entrance door with knocker, 18th century Burgundy slabs on the ground, 18th century stone fireplace, 18th century Versailles parquet floor. Garage for 5 cars (old stables), numerous car parks, swimming pool, tennis court, independent entrance which serves the guest house, are part of the exclusive services offered by this unique property. Charm, nobility and authenticity are the key words, it is certainly one of the most spectacular properties on the French Riviera.

11 hectares entirely landscaped and designed by the owner with the French landscape architect Jean Mus.

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Ilona offers a carefully curated collection of luxury condos, new

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IL SERENO Private Sanctuary on the iconic shores of Lake Como Il Sereno Lago di Como is a small and intimate ultra-luxury hotel on the iconic shores of Lake Como, Italy. Respecting its natural and historical surroundings, Il Sereno Lago di Como joins a select group of illustrious lake hotels in this exclusive destination. Building on the success of Le Sereno St Barth’s, the owners joined forces with Milanbased designer Patricia Urquiola to introduce a contemporary and more relaxed interpretation of luxury, design and personalized service to Lake Como. Il Sereno Lago di Como is positioned as the most stylish and private sanctuary among the lake’s prestigious collection of hotels.

Since time immemorial, Lake Como has seduced visitors with its natural beauty and dramatic vistas of the southern Italian Alps. Long a destination of choice for European aristocrats and today’s glitterati; Lake Como remains the epitome of a glamorous vacation destination.

Situated on a sunny promontory next to the village of Torno and surrounded by peaceful views of Lake Como’s natural beauty, lush gardens and idyllic small towns, Il Sereno”s lakefront location stretches approximately 140 meters (450 feet) along the eastern shore of Lake Como.

The hotel features its own private docking facilities and three custom Riva boats. Guests may arrive by boat and can visit the many beautiful locations the lake has to offer via water-taxi or the hotel’s boat services.

ECO CONSCIOUS DESIGN Il Sereno Lago di Como has garnered a prestigious Climate House certification – an Alps-specific designation with standards similar to those of LEED – for its distinguished environmental friendliness, eco-conscious design and energy-saving systems in place.


Lobby staircase designed by Patricia Urquila

Il Sereno Lago di Como had the fortune of benefiting from the creativity and design sensitivity of Milan-based Patricia Urquiola, without a doubt one of the leading designers of her generation. The aim was to create something unseen on Lake Como: a luxury hotel, where people could live in an experience totally absorbed by the atmosphere, finding all the things needed to be feel cocooned from the landscape to the last detail.

Urquiola used natural materials (stone, wood, wools and other fabrics) to create a natural aesthetic with a lot of personality while remaining timeless. The structure is inspired by the historical heritage of the lake using the rationalism of the Casa del Fascio of Giuseppe Terragni (1936) as the Genius Loci of the Lake.




Designed by Patricia Urquiola and hotelier Luis Contreras - inspired by Post-War Italian Glamour, ‘La Dolce Vita’, Modernist Italian Designers and Como Silks. Il Sereno is delighted to announce the evolution of what has become a contemporary icon of Lake Como and one of the most celebrated hotel launches of the 21st century so far. Winning coveted awards across the globe since it launched four years ago, as well as a Michelin Star in its first year, this is a game changing hotel for a previously neo-classically dominated region. Patricia Urquiola and hotelier Luis Contreras, named the ‘super-duo’ by Wallpaper*, are back to design a stand-out new Penthouse Suite in a building adjacent to the hotel, launched in June this year. This project aims to top their creations to date, by making what local mainstay La Provincia di Como has referenced to be the best Penthouse in the world.

Design Concept While the design language is inspired by Il Sereno, with the same materials, artisans and proportions, the concept is totally unique. The existing Penthouse has been rated consistently amongst the best in the world, ranked as one of the best suites in Italy by The Times and one of the best in the world by Elite Traveler. However, the duo decided that this was not enough, they wanted to surpass it with their new vision. The interiors are inspired by classic post-war Italian glamour, ‘La Dolce Vita’, modernist Italian designers, the much-loved Como silks, for which the region is famous, and the design icon of Il Sereno itself. The choice of furniture is a tribute to the emblematic pieces of Italian design, the tradition of their local production and the architecture of the post-war years. This is a mixture of new bespoke pieces by Patricia Urquiola, as well as some of her latest design projects, such as the fabulous Lariana bathtub designed for Il Sereno and now available from AGAPE or the Ludo lounge chair from Capellini, mixed with classics from the likes of Franco Albini and Gio Ponti. This is a shoppable suite, with all furniture available for sale. Like Il Sereno, the design is timeless, with a strong sense of place and use of natural materials from the region. For Urquiola, it was particularly important that everything was locally sourced. The Penthouse will showcase innovative use of rich materials, including fantastic Canaletto walnut ceilings, Verde Alpi stone walls and Ceppo di Gre local stone floors. Since the opening of the hotel, with Ceppo di Gre façade and use throughout the hotel, brands from Oliver’s People to Valextra to Valentino have also been inspired to use this stone in their boutiques, which was rarely seen before. Here, it is incorporated in an innovative way: Venetian terrazzo floors are combined with geometric tiles of Ceppo for a new and classic look. The bedroom wall is also made of Ceppo, specially grooved to provide additional texture. Continuing with local stone, rich, green Verdi Alpi stone was chosen to cover the living room wall.

Hotelier Luis Contreras said of the project: "It’s hard to put into words how excited we are to finalize the new Penthouse as it has been five years in the making. It’s always a fun challenge when you want to outdo yourself. We are very happy with the outcome, the balance of the paradoxical elements of simplicity of concept and opulence in execution – this is something that is at the core of the Sereno Hotels brand and at its maximum expression here." With Como being the first place in the Western world where silks were woven after Marco Polo brought them over from China, and still the world’s centre forhigh-end production, this beautiful fabric is celebrated within the design. Urquiola designed used hotels are



the uniforms

and used





here, additional patterns to



cushions, foulards and other products on sale. Fabrics take inspiration from 1950s





Leading French botanist Patrick Blanc is also back adding a vertical garden to the new façade below the suite. After executing three pieces in the exiting hotel (Le Canyon, Les Racines Echasses and Le Mirroir du Lac), Blanc once again designed a living wall that is seen from the lake and interact with the façade






neighbouring Mirroir du Lac. The brand ethos of Sereno Hotels is always





landscape motifs of Lake Como.

surroundings the hotels are situated in.

Accessed by a separate elevator, there

the framing of the panoramic views on

are almost 150 square metres (1600 sq

all sides from the suite, the atmosphere

ft) of living space, including a 30

of life on the lake and the omnipresent

square metre terrace, plus an additional

relationship with the lake in front and the

50 square metre grass garden around the

mountain behind the hotel.

And here, an important design aspect is

perimeter. The


New Penthouse Suite costs from €3500 has




room, dining space, two bathrooms, main bedroom,





and spectacular views of the lake from all the rooms.

per night. Bookings:

Penthouse Terrace

The Spa at Il Sereno Offering Iconic Vitality of the Glaciers by Valmont The Spa at I l Sereno,also designed by Patricia Uriquola, fits effortlessly into what was formerly the darsena,or boathouse,of the property. The cool tones of the centuriesold granite walls and green accents that reflect the deep tones of Lake Como create an instantly calming environment.

I l Sereno has the only spa on Lake Como that features exclusive products and treatments from the acclaimed Valmont skincare brand based j ust across the border in Switz erland. Valmont is revered for antiaging treatments sourced from the natural environment of the country,including pure glacier water from the Valais Glacier. The Spa at I l Sereno offers four signature facials,including Vitality of the Glaciers,an iconic Valmont treatment designed to stimulate the skin’s energy and cell renewal,transforming overstrained,lifeless skin into radiant,firm skin,and Peaks of Firmness,an expert antiwrinkle and firming treatment to treat and prevent the most visible signs of aging.

Spa Lounge

Ristorante Berton Al Lago led by Michelin starred chef Andrea Bertonat at Il Sereno, Lago di Como

Designed by Patricia Urquiola, Ristorante Berton Al Lago is the hotel’s signature restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner; and led by Michelin starred restauranteur and chef Andrea Berton. Chef Andrea Berton has created a menu of simple and classic northern Italian dishes in a relaxed yet refined atmosphere. The restaurant’s excellence comes from the quality of the execution and the freshness of its ingredients, which are sourced from nearby locations like Valtellina and the Pianura Padana region. Putting Andrea Berton’s vision into action at Il Sereno is esteemed Executive Chef Raffaele Lenzi. Chef Lenzi has been working in Michelin star kitchens for many years, training under top, award winning chefs, , and more before accepting the title of Executive Chef of Berton al Lago at Il Sereno. Lenzi’s flare for the high level of technical proficiency that goes into operating in the world’s greatest culinary spaces pairs perfectly with Il Sereno’s commitment to exceeding expectations.


Because of the expected excellence of its cuisine, its incomparable location on the lake, sunny exposure and Patricia Urquiola’s design, the hotel’s restaurant is popular not only with hotel guests, but also people from the design and fashion world from nearby Milan and Como, infusing an additional layer of Italian design and sophistication.

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Torno, Como, Italy

Benchmark - Made WELL

ISi n

Sustainability Leadership in Furniture Design "For us, Making WELL is creating furniture that gives more than it takes, moving beyond just minimizing our negative impacts and ensuring that we deliver a positive impact for both the environment and our health and wellbeing. We believe that it is only when we consider the materials we use, the way we design, the quality of our making, how we manufacture and distribute, and what happens to our furniture at the end of its life, that we can create something that is truly Made WELL " A powerhouse of craft, Benchmark is one of the UK’s leading furniture makers. They design and make beautiful, healthy, sustainable and ethical furniture for workspaces, institutions, hospitality and the home. Founded by Terence Conran and Sean Sutcliffe, all their furniture is made in their own workshops in West Berkshire and Dorset in England. They have their own furniture collection and make bespoke furniture and specialist joinery for commercial projects.

Sean Sutcliffe - a true design Visionary









increased knowledge and awareness of global impact. From a furniture maker’s perspective, this calls for transparency and accountability on the products we make and how we make them. The only meaningful statements about sustainability are those that can be measured and independently verified, so that consumers can make informed choices.

Over the last 10 years we have pioneered and invested in Life Cycle Assessments (LCA), Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) and Declare labelling to provide clear and unambiguous information about what is in our furniture and the impact it has on our environment and our health. We want to share what we are doing in the hope that together we can create a ripple effect and many others will follow.


Sean Sutcliffe MD & Founder of Benchmark

Benchmark commitment to Sustainability and Wellness Life Cycle Analysis

We are proud to have chain of custody

We have always considered the environmental

(FSC). Tracing the path of products from forests

impact of the materials we use and the processes

through the supply chain, this certification

that go into making our furniture. We have

provides assurances that the timber we use to

invested in Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) and

make our furniture comes from responsibly and

independently-verified Environmental Product

sustainably managed sources. We work with

Declarations (EPDs) to demonstrate this. An LCA

clients to encourage sustainable choices. We never

is a methodology for assessing the cradle to grave

use endangered species, preferring to work with

environmental impacts associated with each stage


of a product’s lifecycle - from raw material

sourced from as as close to home as possible.

certification from the Forest Stewardship Council




extraction and processing, and a product’s manufacture, distribution and use, through to the

In an attempt to move away from fossil fuel

recycling or final disposal of the materials.

derived materials and overcome the significant

Carbon Footprint The first EPD’s published in 2020 on our OVO collection, show our solid timber furniture to be carbon neutral or better; which means that it stores more carbon than it emits during manufacture, distribution, and use. Our aim is to

environmental concerns surrounding the disposal of plastic foam in landfill, we are challenging the way that upholstery is usually made. Our






collaboration with The Naturalmat Company use only natural, sustainable, and biodegradable materials. Rather than plastic foam, we use

publish independently-verified EPD data on all of

certified organic and fair trade coir from coconut

our core collections by the end of 2021.

husks for structure and support, topped with

Sustainable Materials We make furniture from timber which means that we start from a strong position in terms of carbon footprint.

Trees take CO2 out of the atmosphere and capture it in the form of carbon for centuries in the wood that they yield. When we make that wood into furniture, its carbon is stored for the lifetime of the piece.

natural latex from the Havea rubber tree for comfort, all wrapped in organic lambswool, sourced locally from farms in Dorset, Devon and Cornwall. With the launch of the Benchmark Natural Fabric Collection, we are able to offer our customers a 100% natural and sustainable upholstery solution. The finishes we use are made from natural oils and waxes that are both sustainable and environmentally friendly. These low VOC finishes provide excellent protection while allowing the timber to look and feel as natural as possible. We avoid the use of plastic lacquer. Unlike oils and waxes, most lacquers are harmful to the environment and cannot be easily refurbished.


The combination and mix of natural fibers

We make our furniture with natural and healthy materials.

characteristics. It feels good to touch and has thermal, anti-microbial and acoustic qualities - as well as connecting us with nature. Contact with timber is proven to both

natural upholstery offering to meet fire regulations without the need for these toxic fire

Timber has many positive health-giving


selected for our upholstery fillings allow our




physiological well-being. Put simply, wood is






Collection is made from wool which is breathable and antibacterial. It is also able to absorb moisture and certain VOCs, improving the air quality in indoor spaces. We have chosen to invest in the Declare Label so that we can rise above the green wash and

good for us.

enable our customers to make informed

“Put simply, wood is good for us.”

choices about the health impacts of the

The air inside our homes and workspaces is generally more polluted than the air outdoors and these pollutants can have serious long term health effects on our bodies.

airborne release of chemicals, or Volatile Compounds



VOC’s are given off by many interior products such as floor coverings, furniture and wall finishes. Furniture is non-toxic when its production uses neither toxic chemicals nor emits high levels of harmful VOCs. This should be true of the component materials, as well as the construction and assembly of


piece. When developing new

collections, materials




our upholstery fillings and our Natural Fabric Collection all come with Red List Free and Declare Labelling. The Declare label is an internationally recognized ingredients list for

Off-gassing is the term used to describe the Organic

furniture they buy. Our furniture collection,



synthetic alternatives. We







a product


comes from, what it is made of, and where it goes at the end of its life. Red List Free certifies that our furniture does not contain toxic chemicals nor emit harmful VOCs, and that it






Certified buildings - and other healthy building standards.

DESIGN We don’t think of something as being beautifully designed unless it is also sustainably

work with water based glues and low VOC

designed. We aim to create simple, elegant

finishes, such as natural oils and waxes. In used interiors where solid timber is

cherished for a lifetime,

instead of such

composite board levels of as MDF,





materials harmful


fire retardants

proven to be harmful to


designs that transcend

fashion thereby




the need for replacement. We design with material usage in mind, with the objective of creating more from less; often employing the principles of biophilic design, by


looking to nature for our design inspiration. We

and yet are applied as standard to

create furniture with flowing lines, natural

many upholstery fabrics and plastic

colors and organic textures for restorative,


connective and productive spaces.

Consideration of physical and psychological ergonomics plays an important part in our design process. The Global Wellness Institute reports that an improved connection to nature in office design can boost productivity by 8%, rates of wellbeing by 13% and can increase creativity. In educational spaces it can increase rates of learning by up to 25%; and in hospitality, guests are willing to pay up to 20% more for a room





Biophilic design aims to create calmer living and working spaces which have positive impacts on the mental and physical health of inhabitants. This manifests in furniture that celebrates the haptic qualities of solid timber, with soft edges and profiles that are pleasing to the touch and comfortable to rest our arms and

Making with longevity in mind ensures that the carbon stored in our furniture remains there for a very long time.

“In our world of mass machine production, the handmade object provides a connection to the heart and the hand of the craftsman. It

legs. It may be a sofa that provides the optimal

gives that object a value that cannot be

balance of support and comfort, or a sit-stand

counted or described, but that we feel and

desk or meeting table to encourage movement

treasure. " - Sean Sutcliffe, MD & Founder of

and good posture.


“We use the principles of biophilic design and We exist to create a legacy of makers and making.

look to nature for our design inspiration".

Our award-winning apprenticeship scheme has been


running for over 30 years and remains the cornerstone

We are a company with a deep rooted belief in the

of our business. Skills are passed down from senior

value of craft and craftsmanship.

maker to apprentice, ensuring that our values of

Our highly skilled craftsmen care deeply about the entire making process. We have our own workshops for milling, cabinet making, CNCmachining, veneering, finishing, metal working and upholstery, so that we can control quality at every stage, from selection of the best raw materials through to final installation. This care

craftsmanship and quality are imbued in our team from the very beginning. Many of our senior craftsmen and

management team joined the company as

apprentices, and we firmly expect many of those starting with us today to remain with us for the next 30 years.



Sustainability is at the heart of every decision we make;

is built to last, and creation of pieces that can be

considering material and resource management, our






passed down through generations. This is reflected in our commissions for great institutions such as Westminster Abbey, Oxbridge colleges and many museums and public buildings around the world that share a requirement for sensitive design, exquisite craftsmanship and longevity.

products and the way we make them, through to the way we manage our workshops, our employment practices and our waste. We are proud to have been twice winners of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development, as well as the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade.

Making furniture from wood inherently uses less energy than plastic, steel or glass, and therefore our material choice benefits us substantially in our aim to reduce the carbon impact of our production. But that does not stop us constantly seeking ways to reduce the impacts of our business and our operations. 99% of the bi-products of our manufacturing are re-used, recycled or converted to energy. Large off-cuts are used to make smaller components. When these offcuts are too small to produce anything useful, they are turned into biomass fuel to heat our workshops. We have designed our workshops to minimize our carbon footprint through high levels of natural light, low energy LED lighting and use of biomass energy. We use only energy from 100% renewable energy sources. We are constantly measuring and improving our environmental impact through our ISO 14001 certified Environmental Management System (EMS). We believe in the value of developing longstanding relationships with our workforce, our suppliers, our customers, and our local community. We try to source materials and services locally wherever possible to contribute to the prosperity of rural communities and minimize material miles. We have built strong relationships with our local community by employing local people, investing in improvements to the surrounding countryside, supporting local initiatives and working with local schools and charities. We seek to minimize the environmental impact of our deliveries. We plan our delivery schedule to consolidate deliveries to minimize miles. International deliveries are made by sea freight rather than air. We use recyclable packaging materials. We blanket wrap whenever possible, unwrapping our furniture in situ and returning the blankets for reuse. We have substituted plastic packing foam with a biodegradable corn starch. Where crating is inevitable, we try to ensure that our crates are returned so that they can be reused. Our team are conscientious (and a little obsessive) about waste. When sending out samples, we reuse packaging that has been sent to us, and use paper tape instead of plastic.

Our furniture is designed and made with longevity and circularity in mind. Our use of solid timber and natural oil finishes means that our furniture can be easily refurbished and returned to as-new condition. We offer a Lifetime Repair service to encourage refurbishment rather than replacement.

When our furniture is no longer wanted or needed, we offer a Take Back Scheme so that furniture can be returned to us to be refurbished or repurposed and given a new life. As a last resort, if it cannot be reused or repurposed, our use of natural materials ensures that it is can be returned to the ground or used for biomass.

TRANSPARENCY We believe that full transparency should become the rule not the exception. We continue to invest in evidence-based certifications so that we can provide hard facts on the impact that our furniture and our business has on the environment and human health. Our data-driven EPD’s, which are third-party verified and based on international standards, transparently communicate the results of a product’s Life Cycle Assessment. As well as Global Warming Potential (GWP) or the carbon footprint of a product, the EPD gives insight on Eutrophication Potential, Acidification Potential and Photochemical Ozone Creation Potential. From our EPD’s, we have created Climate Declarations - an accessible one-page statement focusing on the product’s carbon footprint. The real strength of EPD’s and Climate Declarations are that they have a common format which, when used by multiple suppliers, allows consumers to compare products like-for-like in order to make informed and more sustainable choices. “Having EPD’s and Declare Labelling has been a big investment for us, but we feel that it is important to provide hard facts and metrics in an era when nearly every company seems to be claiming that they are sustainable. LP50 is a collaboration of leading manufacturers with a collective vision of a future where every product is optimized to make a positive impact. As a member of The Living Product 50, we are committed to inspiring change, leading by example, and bringing more people to the table. Through the sharing of our knowledge and experience, we aim to create conversations within the design community and to educate future generations via talks, presentations and conferences, and by engaging in high profile projects to promote sustainability and transparency. We do this in the hope that together we will create a ripple effect and that many others will follow. “In the words of my all time design hero, Leonardo da Vinci, “the finest and noblest teacher is nature itself ”. Nature plays such a vital role in our health, our wellbeing and our happiness. By using biophilic shapes, natural materials and finishes that allow the texture of the timber to be felt, we bring a touch of nature into the homes and workplaces of our customers." Sean Sutcliffe, MD & Founder of Benchmark.


CROSS & CATHEDRA For Leicester Cathedral, UK Brave, Brilliant & Modern - Visionary Design by Draisci Studio As part of the reordering project to create a respectful place for the remains of Richard III and to allow the mission and work of the Cathedral to grow, Benchmark was commissioned to make the cathedra and cross for Leicester Cathedral.

"This brave, brilliant and thoroughly modern design by Draisci Studio did not come without significant technical challenges with its folded geometry and multi faceted walnut panels requiring highly complex mitered joints."



BENCHMARK BESPOKE DESIGN FOR BEACHSIDE RETREAT, St TROPEZ Visionary Design by Cathrine Pawson Benchmark worked with designer Catherine Pawson on this beautiful beachside retreat in St Tropez designed by John Pawson. They made bespoke furniture for the dining area, living room and bedroom as well as supplying pieces from their furniture collection for both inside and out. The interior decoration is refined with a simple palette of stone and wood. The minimalist approach demands the highest quality materials and perfection of craft.

Bespoke furniture by Benchamark

"Behind every piece of furniture that we make lies considered design, selection of the best quality materials and skilled craftsmanship" - Benchmark

Bespoke furniture by Benchmark

“Our outdoor Oscar Table and Bench was specified for the courtyard. We also make it for indoors.  Made from air-dried oak, it will continue to move and crack for up to five years as it dries out. We’ve designed this in mind, with joints that move as the timber moves.”


7-12 September 2021, Cannes, France Yachting is not immune to awareness of the environmental crisis. Reconciling nautical activities with respecting the environment is tomorrow’s challenge. Marinas, the nautical sector, professional actors and users have been becoming aware of the true consequences of their activities on the environment for several years. Despite restrictive international rules aiming to protect natural environments (hybrid propulsion, reduction of noise pollution, more regulations for mooring zones to preserve seabeds…), and the obligation for marinas with more than 100 places to reserve 1% of their spaces for electric boats from 2022, the transition is slow. On 28 July, Annick Girardin, French Minister of the Sea, therefore launched a mission dedicated to the sailing sector. The aim? To identify solutions to develop the sector while finding the balance between sailing freely and an environmental conscience that is indispensable today. The challenge is to undertake a green transition in nautical activities that is similar to that which the car industry is experiencing. These new sustainable development themes are an incredible opportunity to reinvent nautical activities to imagine the world of tomorrow.

To firmly accompany this green transition, the Yachting Festival had already started making an environmental shift in 2019 with the “Energy Observer” educational exhibition presenting work on hydrogen and renewable energy undertaken by the boat of that name. To go even further, this year the Festival has organized a full “Green” route for visitors: it is an environmental route highlighting exhibitors developing or presenting an environmentally-friendly concept. More than 50 exhibitors are taking part in this route which will showcase equipment and 80 boats or equipment that are innovative from an environmentally-friendly viewpoint. In addition, for the first time since the Yachting Festival was created, this year the Vieux Port will accommodate a nautical zone exclusively dedicated to fully electric and hybrid boats which will present a dozen 8- to 12-metre boats. Finally, from the Vieux Port to Port Canto, several eco-friendly boats can be seen.


VENETIAN PALACE Cannes, France Croix des Gardes Inspired by the famous architect Palladio's finest master pieces Listed by Christies ~price upon request

17 bedrooms 21,528 Sq.Ft Ocean View Built in 2011 Unique in Cannes, splendid newly built Venetian palace, inspired by the famous architect Palladio's finest master pieces, decorated and fully fitted, on grounds of around 25 000 sqm located in one of the most residential areas of Cannes, five minutes away from the center and the Croisette. Large volumes, top of the range amenities, exceptional height under ceilings. Home automation system. Underfloor heating throughout the property. Panoramic sea view.

Cour Giacometti Alberto Giacometti Grande tête, 1960, Bronze © Succession Giacometti (Fondation Giacometti, Paris et ADAGP, Paris) 2021 Photo Olivier Amsellem - Archives Fondation



FONDATION MAEGHT Fondation Maeght: a unique, timeless place where art, architecture and nature come together in perfect harmony.

Cour Giacometti Alberto Giacometti L’Homme qui marche I 1960 L’homme qui marche II 1960 Grande Femme Debout I (Femme debout I) 1960 Grande Femme debout II, (Femme Debout II)1960 Grande tête, 1960 © Succession Giacometti (Fondation Giacometti, Paris et ADAGP, Paris) 2021 Photo Olivier Amsellem - Archives Fondation

Some of the biggest names in 20th-century European sculpture, including Georges Braque, Joan Miró and Alberto Giacometti, came together to help create La Fondation Maeght, which has become France’s most important art foundation and is among the world’s leading cultural institutions. La Fondation was established by Aimé and Marguerite Maeght, a visionary couple who were publishers and art dealers, and who represented and were friends with some of the most important artists of the era, including Braque, Miró and Giacometti, as well as Alexander Calder, Fernand Léger, Marc Chagall, and many others. La Fondation Maeght was opened on July 26, 1964, by Charles de Gaulle’s legendary Culture Minister André Malraux, a close friend of the Maeghts. It was France’s very first private art institution and was modelled on American institutions such as the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, the Barnes Collection and the Phillips Collection, which the couple visited during their frequent trips to the US in the 1950s. After the couple’s youngest son, Bernard, passed away from leukemia in 1953, fauvist and cubist artist Georges Braque prompted Aimé and Marguerite to imagine a new place for art in their property in the village of Saint-Paul de Vence on the French Riviera. Painters and sculptors worked in collaboration with the Catalan architect, Josep Lluís Sert, to create a place where art, nature and architecture blended in perfect harmony. Highlights include the Giacometti Courtyard, featuring an exceptional ensemble of sculptures by the Swiss artist, the Miró Labyrinth, a whimsical sculpture garden, monumental mural mosaics by Marc Chagall and Pierre Tal Coat, a pool designed by Braque as well as a mechanical fountain designed by Pol Bury.

Visitors can also enjoy the sculpture garden, which houses a rotating selection of works by Calder, Takis, Miró, Jean Arp and others, two rooftop terraces with spectacular views, galleries hosting temporary exhibitions and selected works from the permanent collection, a consecrated chapel, an art library and a gift and book shop. Located 25 km from Nice, La Fondation Maeght welcomes many visitors every year to this unique architectural complex, showing modern and contemporary art in all its diversity.

LA FONDATION MAEGHT – AN EXCEPTIONAL PLACE FOR MODERN ART La Fondation Maeght is home to one of the largest collections of modern art in Europe, featuring paintings, sculptures, drawings and graphic works by renowned 20th-century figures including Pierre Bonnard, Georges Braque, Alexander Calder, Marc Chagall, Diego Giacometti, Wassily Kandinsky, Barbara Hepworth, Fernand Léger, Joan Miró, Pierre Tal Coat, Germaine Richier, and Raul Ubac. The collection also contains work by post-war and contemporary artists including Anna-Eva Bergman, Pier Paolo Calzolari, Eduardo Chillida, Christo, Marco Del Re, Gérard Garouste, Jörg Immendorff, Ellsworth Kelly, Wifredo Lam, Joan Mitchell, Takis and Antoni Tàpies. FONDATION MAEGHT 623 chemin des Gardettes 06570 Saint-Paul de Vence Follow us on @fondationmaeght

Impluvium - Architecture de la Fondation Photo Olivier Amsellem - Archives Fondation

Le Labyrinthe Miró 1964-1973 Photo Olivier Amsellem Archives Fondation Maeght © ADAGP, Paris 2021


Bassin de la Cour Giacometti Photo Olivier Amsellem - Archives Fondation

Le Labyrinthe Miró 1964-1973 Photo Olivier Amsellem -Archives Fondation Maeght © ADAGP, Paris 2021

Claustra de la salle de la mairie Photo Olivier Amsellem- Archives Fondation

La salle de la Mairie Marc Chagall, La Vie, 1964, Huile sur toile Christo et Jeanne Claude, Christo “ Projet d’invention dans la cour de la Fondation : 520 tonneaux métalliques”, 1967 Photographie, gouache, crayons de couleur Joan Miró, Jeune fille s’évadant, 1968, Bronze peint Alexander Calder, Les Trois Soleils Jaunes, 1965, Fer Photo Olivier Amsellem- Archives Fondation Maeght © ADAGP, Paris 2021 58

THE GIACOMETTI: A FAMILY OF CREATORS - GIOVANNI, AUGUSTO, ALBERTO, DIEGO ET BRUNO 3 July – 14 November 2021 Guest curator: Peter Knapp Fondation Maeght presents The Giacometti: a family of creators, a unique exhibition highlighting the multifaceted creativity of the famous Giacometti family: an artistic dynasty of painters, sculptors and architects.

The exhibition takes as a its starting point Alberto Giacometti - the most famous member of the family, whose emblematic, threadlike sculptures are recognized worldwide – showcasing his work alongside that of his father Giovanni and his cousin, Augusto, both major figures in Swiss painting at the start of the 20th century; as well as his two brothers, Diego, a talented sculptor and designer, and Bruno, renowned for his contributions to post-war Swiss architecture. Bringing together the Giacometti family’s work for the first time in France, the exhibition offers audiences the opportunity to discover the talent and artistic influence of each member of this remarkable family in their respective fields; and explores their place in 20th century art history, their inter-family relationships and the enduring influence of Stampa, the hamlet in the Val Bregaglia (Bergell Valley) in Switzerland, that was their home. Approximately thirty major sculptures and drawings from Fondation Maeght’s collection will be exhibited, alongside paintings, films, archived photographs and objects relating to the five artists. The exhibition includes loans from museum collections such as the Bundner Kunstmuseum in Chur (Switzerland), the MASI in Lugano (Switzerland), Kunstmuseum in Basel (Switzerland), the Giacometti Foundation (France) and Musée d’Orsay (France).

Alberto Giacometti, Buste de Diego / Bust of Diego, 1954. Bronze, 26,5 x 20 x 11 cm. Collection Fondation Maeght. Photo Archives Fondation Maeght. © Succession Alberto Giacometti (Fondation Giacometti Paris + Adagp Paris) 2021 1

Diego Giacometti, Paire d’appliques / Pair of wall lights. Bronze. © Adagp Paris 2021.

Diego Giacometti, Coiffeuse et chaise / Dressing table and chair. Bronze. © Adagp Paris 2021.

Augusto Giacometti, Mon père / My father, 1912. Huile sur toile / Oil on canvas, 36,5 x 32,5 cm. © DR.


Of course, everyone knows Alberto - but for once, I wanted to show the work of all five members of tis gifted and creative family. By showing them all together, I hope that the talents of Giovanni, Augusto, Diego and Bruno will also be recognized" - Peter Knapp

Augusto Giacometti, Rote Dächer / Toits rouges / Red roofs, 1911. Huile sur toile / Oil on canvas, 43 x 63 cm. © DR. Giovanni Giacometti, Sotto il sambucco, 1911. Huile sur toile / Oil on canvas, 76 x 96,5cm. © DR.

Augusto Giacometti, Landschaft (Baum) / Paysage (arbre) / Landscape (tree), 1912. Huile sur toile / Oil on canvas, 68 x 68 cm. © DR.





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TAM St. Armand

brings extraordinary people together for one night of interaction among a group of extremely highachievers in varied industries. In conversation with Ilona Lee on Empowerment, Leadership & Well-being.

Tam St. Armand is currently the Chief Executive Officer of St. Armand Insurance, a boutique insurance brokerage and risk management firm that specializes in solving unique risk management challenges worldwide. Because Tam has such a diverse, high-profile, and highlevel clientele she realized she could be a facilitator in networking and connecting extraordinary individuals and so 17 years ago she founded St. Armand Ventures, an exclusive networking company that has a dynamic annual event. Tam also has entrepreneurial pursuits in a wide range of areas.

Ilona: Can you describe The St. Armand Ventures Experience? Tam: The St. Armand Ventures Experience is a unique, high -level networking event that is designed to bring extraordinary people together for one night of interaction among a group of extremely high-achievers in varied industries. We invite C-Suite type individuals as well as those who are successful in cultural fields such as art, music, and sports. There is a great deal of business transactions that take place at these events and attendees develop long-term, meaningful relationships in both their professional and personal lives. There is a good amount of deal flow and connections that evolve from these events. I have been successfully hosting the event for 17 years and we have a large number of attendees who continuously join us, year after year, with reports of business transactions and collaborative initiatives.

Ilona: How are you fulfilling your mission of empowerment, equality, and tolerance these days? Tam: It has always been my mission and my way to be inclusive and sensitive to people and their rights. Specifically regarding women and empowerment, I feel it is essential to the social development of families and communities all over the world for women to have equal rights on every level. I am deeply passionate about these issues, and I actively look for ways to be a part of the conversations pertaining to these matters.

Ilona: Who were the previous honorees? Tam: Several years ago it was the polymath, Simon Mills, and national title insurance executive, Heather Gallagher. Two years ago the honorees were Governor David A. Paterson and investment banker, Jacqueline Kapur. This year the 2021 St. Armand Ventures New York Businessman of the year is Barry Habib. Barry is an American entrepreneur, mortgage industry executive bestselling author and founder of MBS Highway. Barry is also a General Partner and Lead producer of the Broadway show, Rock of Ages. The 2021 St. Armand Ventures New York Businesswoman of the year is Lisa Marks-Canty. Lisa is a data innovator, an entrepreneur and technologist. Lisa is also the President & Managing Partner of Nest Global Solutions. I am thrilled to be working with so many Extraordinary People.

Ilona: Can you tell us about your insurance practice? Tam: Yes, I’d love to. Essentially, I protect people, that is primarily what I do for a living and I am passionate about it. The events are just a part of my business pursuits. I own and manage a Property & Casualty Insurance and Risk Management Brokerage. I write all lines of coverage such as homeowners, auto and business insurance, however, I specialize in high-risk areas. I write Kidnap & Ransom, Fine Arts Risk Management, Representations & Warranties, Family Offices, Entertainment, Sports, Concert Tours, Film, Yachting, E&O, D&O, Keyman Insurance, Commercial Real Estate, and several other lines of specialty. I write with nearly all carriers including Lloyds of London.

"I live and breathe the insurance industry and I keep my clients protected. It is often said by colleagues and clients that I run my company with an iron fist, a velvet glove and with my heart on my sleeve. When I was told that this was what was being said about me I said “I’ll take it. It’s pretty accurate.”

Ilona: What is your definition of ultimate Well-being, and how do you create it? Tam: First and foremost, my well-being is based on family and friends. As long as they are thriving, I feel the world is right. After family I would say turning to nature is important to me. Being in the elements, climbing mountains such as Kilimanjaro, trekking across countries such as India, boating, swimming in lakes and the ocean also exhilarates me. Keeping my company running strong and assisting my clients also gives me a sense of well-being. I have a long list of all of the things that I like to do. The key for me is balance, To RSVP to Tam's event visit::


From Ocean Waste Plastic to Beer Kegs Collaboration between Mater,Carlsberg Re-Plastic

Danish furniture brand, Mater, has relaunched a 1955 classic by Nanna and Joergen Ditzel in a circular variant First, outdoor





originally made of wood






veneer, into a collection in upcycled fishing nets

Plastic, the Ditzel family and Mater is a unique

and ocean waste plastic, called Ocean. Now

example of a new innovative way of thinking

they use upcycled beer kegs from Carlsberg.

about circular production across industries. We

Mater calls the variant OC2 referring to the 2nd




Ocean collection with

upcycled material from Carlsberg. In line with the circular way of thinking, the chair will also be available






are constantly looking for similar collaborations where we can use upcycled plastic or other waste streams and send it back as furniture and lighting.


already working on similar

projects where we can upcycle many types of waste for furniture and lighting with our new, innovative

Mater has teamed up with Carlsberg and the



method. -



Mater, Henrik Marstrand-

company Re-Plastic to reproduce one of the 20th century's most renowned



Nanna and Joergen Ditzel's outdoor furniture. The






ZERO." In the wake



"Together of


Towards launch


Carlsberg's new keg system, DraughtMaster, the brewery established a deposit system with customers in early 2019. Re-Plastic





kegs and upcycles them, among other things, to make the OC2 outdoor furniture. Kegs are upcycled to reduce the CO2 impact and ensure a more circular use of the materials. The ambition is to handle almost 200 tonnes of plastic waste in the coming years.

Getting a circular variant of the classic design has been a great wish for us. With this collaboration we get, no only, a green variant but a Carlsberg green, that can adorn the terrace in front of the beautiful headquarters next to brewer Carl garden. I think my Jacobsen's old parents would appreciate that."


A climate impact equivalent to a 150-gram red steak

An OC2 seat made from upcycled beer kegs from Carlsberg saves up to 53 per





compared to a similar made of plastic, which corresponds to approximately

"Carlsberg Denmark's deposit system for kegs means that we can give our kegs new life and we look forward to showing Mater's new outdoor furniture, which emphasises the possibilities in the circular economy."

Carlsberg Denmark

three kilos less CO2. In other words, an OC2 seat has a climate impact equivalent to a 150-gram red steak. The Danish company Målbar is behind the





a measurement tool for

the furniture and design industry that shows the sustainability of a product based on several different parameters.

"The classic design and Mater's vision has been an exciting challenge for us. We succeeded because we put trust in each other, but especially because we share the same ambition to design for tomorrow with waste from today."

Christian Wittrup, Director of Re-Plastic

Sustainable, circular production solutions Sustainable, circular production solutions have been the focal point since Mater saw the light of day in 2006. With the launch of the first Ocean products in 2019, Mater was also the first to use upcycled fishing nets and ocean waste plastic to make furniture. Now the time has come to look into other upcycled materials and waste.


Editor's Choice

ROOTSis the result of the collaboration of two creative visions predestined to meet. I nma Bermúdez shares with GAN not j ust her predilection for accessible and functional pieces,but also her Mediterranean roots.

GAN has drawn on the logical and rational vision of I nma Bermúdezto create a collection of contemporary craftsmanship that praises the laborious workof the weavers and embodies a necessary return to the essential. These origins are what inspired the four kilim models that make up the ROOTS collection, made with jute weft and cotton warp. A completely natural creation that is not at odds with either sobriety or sensory warmth. In each of its versions, the shape of the square creates a pattern that is repeated at different scales and rhythms to represent a fabric, a material or a slight variation in color –always within the natural tones of the jute material: ochre, beige or brown-.

I nma Bermúdez

- Spanish I ndustrial Designer is giving new life to everyday objects. This series also includes two stools: a single and a double, both as attractive as they are comfortable. They are also woven with cotton and jute, and their structure is made of acacia wood – popularly known as the babool tree. They are, like the rugs, produced in India. With two different options to match the rugs in the collection, the ROOTS stools evoke traditional cottage like low chairs and reinterpret the traditional design based on exceptional manufacturing and modern proportions. Inma Bermúdez set up her design studio in Valencia in 2007. A graduate of one of Spain’s leading design universities, she began her career in Germany and Sweden working for different industrial design studios, before returning to her home country. The designer is known for giving new life to everyday objects: tableware, lighting, vases, candlesticks, furniture, bathroom products, etc. She has collaborated with internationally renowned brands such as the Swedish Ikea, the Swiss watch company Rado, the Chinese furniture brand Zaozuo, and the Spanish porcelain company Lladró, among many others. She was named Best Designer of the Year 2016 by renowned AD magazine and has received awards such as the Red Dot Design and the Design Plus awards, the Gold and Silver awards from the Spanish ADCV, a Delta nomination, etc. Inma Bermúdez combines her design projects with lectures and teaching, giving classes in different Spanish design schools.



Editor's Choice

I SLA is a versatile and attractive outdoor collection, designed by Sebastian Herkner. I n his first collaboration with GAN, the German designer explores the and outdoor concept of modularity living,through comfortable volumes and irregular shapes.

He creates not j ust obj ects ,but an entire cosmos that shines a new light on how obj ects can appeal to the senses ,and where beauty is cultivated from within the process itself and his empathy towards people. Its three modules can be used independently or in combination to generate multiple configurations that adapt to each space, always paired with the collection’s tables







archipelago! Menorca, Gomera and Arosa, the three modules in ISLA, are offered in seven color combinations: Coral, Sand, Shell, Blue, Green, Silver and Garnet.

BALANCE &I NTUI TI ON Sebastian Herkner (born 1981) studied Product Design at HfG Offenbach University of Art and Design. During his studies, he focused on designing objects and furniture, honing his keen sense for materials, colors and textures. For a short while he then worked for Stella McCartney in London. In the year 2006 Sebastian Herkner founded his own studio. Since that time, he has designed furniture, lamps and smaller items for manufacturers such as Ames, and Tradition, Cappellini, ClassiCon, Dedon, Ex.t, Fontana Arte, Gubi, Linteloo, Moroso, Pulpo, Rosenthal, Schramm Werkstätten, Thonet, Wittmann and Zanotta. Herkner also realizes interior architecture projects and museum and exhibition design. His works have won numerous accolades – among others the IF Award, the Iconic Award and the Elle Deco International Design Award (EDIDA). As Guest of Honor to imm cologne 2016, Sebastian Herkner provided the design for “Das Haus”. Maison&Objet has elected him 2019 “Designer of the Year”. An unconditional love for traditional craftsmanship paired with a good feel for new technologies, a true flair for color, authentic materials and textures, an unadulterated curiosity for different cultures, for embracing and integrating them, and a commitment to taking responsibility for the things and people one works with, not to mention consideration and respect for all of the details and steps necessary to create an extraordinary object… Since the success of the Bell Table for ClassiCon in 2012, Sebastian Herkner has never looked back, while remaining true to his word – and himself. Balance and intuition are important and enduring factors in his work, which he sees as a continuous dialogue that straddles the disciplines: It takes him to the far corners of the world in search of almost forgotten crafts techniques, of manufactories that have a tradition going back centuries, to the crafts Sleeping Beauties that he can awaken from their slumber. In the process, he creates not just objects, but an entire cosmos that shines a new light on how objects can appeal to the senses, and where beauty is cultivated from within the process itself and his empathy towards people.

NUÉE Editor's Choice


“A large, floating cloud of light. The evanescent material that gives Nuée its form, with its alternation of pale and dark zones, transparency and opacity, suggests the choreography of a flock of birds, crossing the sky and shifting through incredible abstract figures. Nuée too is an object that seems to be in motion, with different levels that overlap and shift”. This is how Marc Sadler describes Nuée, the new suspension lamp with an incredible visual lightness and great impact, made of a particular technical fabric that makes it unique and always different. Ready to take on spectacular, complex silhouettes, Nuée generates a contrast between design and spontaneity. The light organic form of Nuée develops freely, in a way that is never identical: every lamp is a one-of-a-kind creation.

Its material, a three-dimensional technical fabric – produced with a technology Foscarini has applied for the first time in the lighting sector – must be pulled and shaped with the hands to give the lamp its form. Pale and dark zones come to life, crossed by the light to trigger poetic, intriguing effects. Nuée's light is released in two ways and directions: a first light effect comes from inside the "cloud", creating a soft diffused light, warm and welcoming, while the second projects the light downwards, creating excellent lighting on a table or worktop.


Renowned designer Arik Levy creates an innovative collection connecting light and architecture.

Arik Levy in collaboration with Vibia. Fusing technology, space, and architecture, the cutting-edge collection offers a creative toolkit for integrating light elements in an interior. The namesake sticks rotate on their own axis, offering unlimited freedom in directing a light source precisely where needed. The sticks can be connected from a wall to another wall, the floor to a wall, the wall to a ceiling, or suspended from the ceiling into space. The toolkit features three sticks, minimalist aluminum rods measuring, 59", 78 3/4", and, 118" which can be combined in custom arrangements for a maximum length of. Exuding a daring, industrial sensibility, the glowing rods connect and disrupt planes in space through their unadorned physical form and the focused light they cast.

© Fran Silvestre Arquitectos 53

Sticks presents innovative ways to introduce light, brightening dead zones and transforming linear light into floating sculpture. Pure and graphic, it effortlessly enhances the ambiance of an interior while doubling as an abstract light installation.

Photography: Toshiyuki Yano



55 outstanding watches specially created by the world’s finest watchmakers will be auctioned under the hammer of Christie’s this November 6, 2pm in Geneva to finance research into Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Trilobe is very proud to support once again Only Watch in its 2021 edition. Since the first edition in 2005, Only Watch has come a long way in accelerating the knowledge of Duchenne muscular dystrophy that affect hundreds of thousands of people. Thanks to Only Watch, scientists are now entering the decisive and promising phase of patients’ recruitment for clinical trials.

La Réciproque TRILOBE PAR DANIEL BUREN Designed as the scarlet beating heart of the work, this mechanical calibre is unlike any other. It combines the architectural codes dear to Trilobe

Artistic vision of the Sculptor Daniel Buren - one of the most recognized French Artist "Daniel Buren has been moving his famous stripes

with the artistic vision of the Sculptor Daniel Buren.

around the world for more than 56 years, each time

A real technical challenge, it took several months of

Considered one of the most recognised French

development to create this unique calibre, designed in France and entirely handmade by Swiss watchmakers in the canton of Vaud, Switzerland. Imagined from a multi-dimensional perspective and inspired by Trilobe’s signature X-Centric Calibre, this made-to-measure movement is designed like a contemporary






recalibrated to the scale of this unique clock, to allow the display of the hours, the minutes and the seconds by rotating rings and fixed indicators. In the purest horological tradition, the clock is equipped with a constant-force escapement, while the barrel has been doubled to provide an eight-day power reserve.




bridges, as well as sunburst barrels and a sandblasted plate.

of art in which the eccentric vision of the Artist cannot be understood without the technical expertise of the Watchmaker. It also remains to




Artist on the international scene, Daniel Buren has had nearly 3,000 exhibitions around the world, including Monumenta at the Grand Palais (2012), the Observatory of Light at the Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris (2016), "Les Deux Plateaux" in the Cour d’Honneur of the Palais Royal, the Venice Biennale on more than 10 occasions with the Golden Lion in 1986 or the Guggenheim Museum in New York in 2005, without forgetting the memorable exhibition using all the available spaces, on the rooftops, in the basement, in the caterpillar, on the balconies, at the Pompidou Centre in 2002. In 2007, Daniel Buren was awarded the Praemium Imperiale of Japan for his work, the highest honour


However, the artist has very few collaborations to his credit.

We can highlight his exceptional

collaboration with Hermès in 2010, for which he produced 360 squares, all of them unique. Louis

The Trilobe clock by Daniel Buren is a singular work



in the field of the visual arts.

It features the excellent finishes of traditional watchmaking,






watchmaking and offers us the immutable and inimitable ticking of the great clocks.

Vuitton also entrusted him in 2013 with each of the windows of its most emblematic shops around the world, as well as the production of its fashion show in the Cour Carrée du Louvre. Today it is Trilobe time that Daniel Buren has decided to sublimate in the service of the Only Watch cause.

" It is to honor this extraordinarily ambitious project that the Trilobe watchmaking House and the Sculptor Daniel Buren have decided to offer a unique and meaningful collaboration, a singular creation. This will convince us that the reciprocity, fruit of this collaboration, is as beautiful between art and watchmaking as it is between audacity and generosity."

SALVATORI PRESENTS THE VILLAGE - A series of miniature houses, capturing the essence of home, interpreted through the eyes of internationally renowned designers and architects An idea of Gabriele Salvatori, CEO of Salvatori, the collection comprises a series of whimsical imaginary houses, each designed to address important and fundamental themes of contemporary living. To bring the concept to life, he personally got in touch with designers and invited

The Village is a reflection on domestic spaces, something that is more important than ever

them to come up with their concept of the ideal home.

today. Home has become the centre of our The first homes in the collection come courtesy of Spanish

lives, our town or city, our habitat. We have all


of numerous

become domestic navigators, trying to orient

Her contribution to The

ourselves to these new latitudes, ways of living.




Urquiola, awards.


Village is a pair of homes named Kore, each made of a different type of stone: Alma, in Rosa Portogallo marble

- Patricia Urquiola-

with its glorious colouring and veins, and Petra, in Travertine, a wonderful evocative




The cultural and geographic diversity of each designer can be seen in the architecture of their work, with the result being an eclectic, multicultural collection of houses that captures the essence of the global village that is the world today. “Over the past year we have all had to come to terms with the space we call home

living in it with an

I chose the name Kore for my village as a poetic nod to the Greek statues that depict young women on the cusp of adulthood. Petra and Alma, the two types of house in the village, evoke

intensity like never before. We have looked around our

sentiments of domestic warmth and intimacy.

home with fresh eyes, thinking how we would like to

I wanted to represent due worlds and two

change it. And we realised that our home is a haven and as

diverse, yet complementary aesthetics.

such, it has to reflect who we are and how we live. During this period, there was an incredible sense of global solidarity that united us around the world. We began to understand that we are all neighbours and life depends on each other” explains Gabriele Salvatori. From this reflection and the desire to express it through design, came the idea for a multicultural,



unique village that reflects the diverse and glorious world we live in, a world that demands our utmost respect and care. 42

- Patricia Urquiola -

'NOVECENTO' BY RODOLFO DORDONI: THE THIRD ADDITION TO THE VILLAGE Architect and designer Rodolfo Dordoni was born in Milan, where he graduated in architecture. Over the years he has been responsible for the art direction of Artemide (glass collection), Cappellini (from 1979 to 1989), FontanaArte (furniture collection), Foscarini (lamps), Minotti (from 1997 until today) and Roda (since 2006), he designs for various companies, including: Amini, Artemide, Cappellini, Dada,



Ceramica Driade,




My contribution to The Village originates, between playfulness and rationality, from the combination of architecture,







homage to our history and story.” - Rodolfo Dordoni -

Ernestomeda, Fantini, Fiam Italia, Flos, Flou, FontanaArte, knIndustrie,

Foscarini, MDF





Minotti, Molteni&C,

Moroso, Mosaicomicro, Nerosicilia, Olivari, Opificio Ceramico, Pamar, Poliform, Poltrona Frau, Roda, RB Rossana, Salvatori, Sambonet, Serralunga, Tecno, The Rug Company, Unifor, Venini, Very Wood , Zanotta. Dordoni Architetti works in the field of architectural planning and interior design in the residential,





designing private houses and villas, as well as retail, industrial and commercial spaces, overseeing the realisation



restaurants and hotels.




The designer’s words sum up his desire to unite rationality and imagination and stimulate dialogue between them by harnessing the extraordinary intrinsic mutability of natural stone. The results - that - beautifully can be seen in two different models replicate the essence of our multi - shaped world. The first is brought to life in the vivid red tones of Rosso Collemandina marble and dark, moody Pietra d’Avola limestone while the second takes form in Bianco Carrara and Verde Alpi, two timeless, elegant marbles. Exquisite as standalone pieces, the Novecento works also sit perfectly alongside the other miniature houses in The Village, creating a glorious, colourful community that reflects the wider universe we inhabit.

‘UTOPIA’ BY ELISA OSSINO FOR THE VILLAGE The idea for the entire collection originated with CEO Gabriele Salvatori’s desire to celebrate a positive phenomenon that emerged from the changes the world experienced in 2020. This was the way in which our homes transformed from being mere functional structures into an emotional haven that nurtured our souls and enriched our daily lives. In accepting the invitation to create designs that reflect the multicultural nature of everyday life, Elisa Ossino embraced the intrinsic properties of Salvatori marble to bring her sculptures to life. Her choices of classic Bianco Carrara, strikingly veined Grigio Versilia and delicate Palissandro Bluette showcase the clean, simple geometry that is the hallmark of her work. Here she invokes classic canons, bringing to mind the type of ideal town envisaged by the great proponents of Utopian architecture, with the stark, precise lines of each of the pieces recalling the look and feel of a sun washed Mediterranean village. This classicism is tempered by a delightful playfulness, with each sculpture designed not only as a standalone piece but also as part of a myriad of possible combinations for a dynamic architecture that stimulates the imagination. Perfect as single pieces or as a triple composition, Utopia nestles seamlessly alongside the other miniature homes that make up the The Village to give shape to an archetypical community that combines international vision and the everyday spirit of solidarity.

For me, it is incredibly stimulating to have the chance to create objects that will be reproduced in certain quantities, but at the same each will be unique. The beauty of stone, and what makes it so fascinating, is the fact that it can’t be replicated. Every block has its own completely unique colours and veining - Elisa Ossino_








abstraction, surrealist

references, creating a coherent and allusive relationship between light, objects and space, identified by the strong feature of her sign. To inspire Elisa’s compositional style is a figure of scenic suspension, recurring in the weightless design of each intervention. Essential lines and geometries are the distinctive features of her design designs, giving to the space they are located in a deep scenographic feeling. - Elisa Ossino -


September 5th-10th, 2021 Rho, Fiera Milano

"SUPERSALONE" 2021 Salone del Mobile.Milano event The “supersalone” Special 2021 Salone del Mobile.Milano event, slated for 5th to 10th September at Rho, Fiera Milano is beginning to take shape. Thanks to a new concept, an exceptional team of curators and the fact that it will be the first large design exhibition to open its doors, it promises to reaffirm the centrality of Milan and the Salone del Mobile.Milano on the international design, cultural and innovation scene.

"SUPERSALONE" A highly auspicious name and logo, which serves as the manifesto for the event. This will be a unique occasion, a one-off event, powerfully and immediately attractive and communicative. It will be open every day, not just to professionals but also to the general public; it will not be a purely commercial event, but will foster original cross-pollinations, openings up, fusions and extroversions while fully respecting the health regulations and protocols imposed nationally to combat the spread of COVID. The architect Stefano Boeri and an international team of collaborators – Andrea Caputo, Maria Cristina Didero, Anniina Koivu, Lukas Wegwerth and Marco Ferrari and Elisa Pasqual of Studio Folder – all carefully selected by Mr. Boeri on the basis of their abilities and skills as designers, curators, installation and graphic designers, will gather round the table. The team will work with Giorgio Donà, co-founder and director of Stefano Boeri Interiors, pooling openness, enthusiasm, awareness and rigor in a bid to come up with innovative itineraries that will valorise projects and products in setting built on proximity, reflection and sharing.

The proposed format will be that of a large design library, which will celebrate the renewed attention and care devoted to contemporary living spaces, designed to valorize and harmonize the new products and creations brought out by the companies over the last 18 months with their traditional products which, thanks to the debut of the Salone del Mobile.Milano digital platform, will be available to purchase at the culmination of a packed and engaging customer journey (part of the profits will go to a charitable cause). The layout will consist of long parallel sets, designed for the specific goods categories, and will allow the companies to narrate their own identities and their own products on vertical walls and, in some cases, on horizontal surfaces, both of which will be modular. This fluid and dynamic exhibition set-up will allow visitors to navigate freely inside a huge national and international archive of creativity, excellence and savoir faire. With circularity and sustainability uppermost, all the display materials and components have been designed to be dismantled and reused. Furthermore, thanks to the Forestami project, a green welcome area with 200 trees, will be set up at the East Gate of the fairgrounds. The trees will subsequently be relocated to Milan’s metropolitan area after the six-day event.

“supersalone” – a unique project in line with the exceptional times in which we live, geared not just to sectoral professionals and the international design community, but also to the general public, who will have access to the fairgrounds for the entire duration of the event. This is how the Salone del Mobile.Milano intends to serve as a promoter of and catalyst for activities, thoughts and feelings that will allow the entire sector and the supply chain as a whole to get off to an optimistic new start in September.

"supersalone" - the very best international design products

The “supersalone” is the result of the generosity and the creativity of the companies and design professionals at an extremely delicate point in the recovery and relaunch of the economy and culture. For the first time, the Salone del Mobile.Milano will be open throughout to the great consumer public, allowing them a chance to select and purchase the very best international design products. Thanks








producers, professionals, retailers, technicians,

workmen, display specialists, designers and fans, for six days the Rho Fairgrounds will once again be the epicentre of international design. I would like to thank FederlegnoArredo and the Salone del Mobile.Milano for their confidence in me and for their courage in being determined to honour such an important -Stefano Boeriappointment,” said the architect Stefano Boeri.

Maria Porro, President of Assarredo, commented: “The current trend reassesses the centrality of our homes and the need to invest in the places in which we live, to rethink private and communal spaces by designing durable furnishing, based on the new logistics triggered by the current situation. The September event will be an invaluable opportunity for the companies to present their 2021 products that have not yet been exhibited. At a time of huge change, the ability to reinvent will be the main driver of this unique edition which, thanks to tremendous teamwork, will be the event that signals not just the recovery of our sector, but that of the country as a whole. A live, shared event at last, an opportunity for the design sector to focus all its energies on best expressing the quality that sets it apart. Quality that needs to be experienced. We have learned over the last few months that we can no longer do without a digital presence, and the innovative Salone platform will be a tremendous opportunity for the companies, a new medium designed not just for presenting products, but for offering services, underpinning and closely interacting with the physical event, a great shared home in which Made in Italy design can unveil its ongoing research and innovation to the world.” - Maria Porro-

Maria Porro 42

A globally unprecedented event that only the city of Milan is capable of hosting. Claudio Feltrin, President of FederlegnoArredo, had this to say: “Taking on the challenge of organising a special event - a “supersalone” - in such a difficult and complicated year is a tangible sign of the extent to which our entrepreneurs and the Federation have poured their hearts into overcoming the obstacles in order to bring the design community, the national and international buyers, the media and the general public back to the Rho fairgrounds, allowing them to take part in a globally unprecedented event that only the city of Milan is capable of hosting. An extraordinarily different event, suited to a unique period in history in which the leaders find the strongest stimuli to demonstrate their own leadership. Giving up would have been easy, but that’s not part of our companies’ DNA. Any other sort of initiative would just have been a poor imitation and it was our duty to preserve the success story that has seen the woodfurnishing sector, and all its companies, become one of the undisputed standard-bearers of Made in Italy around the world: a one-off built on professionalism, far-sightedness and what I would describe as a sartorial ability to conceive and imagine spaces and furnishing.” - Claudio Felrin-

We are well aware that September’s will be a different sort of edition and, given the current exceptional circumstances, it could not have been otherwise, but if there is a common thread that ties it to the Salone del Mobile.Milano it is the indisputable quality of the products on show and the prestige of our brands, which will be enhanced and valorised by the exhibition layout designed by Stefano Boeri and the specially-selected curators. I am quite sure that the result will be amazing, and I should like to thank all those who, from Fiera Milano to the local, regional and national institutions, have been and will continue to be by our side during this adventure. The design companies are ready to return to the international scene stronger than ever, and the September event will be the best possible way of announcing to the world that our sector is firmly in place and keen to embrace new challenges,” added Mr. Feltrin. - Claudio Felrin -

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AQVA for Milan Design Week 2021 Celebrating the importance of water as a source of life and energy. For Milan Design Week 2021, Artemest presents AQVA: a gallery-like exhibition of never-before-seen artworks and design pieces inspired by the theme of water, handmade by Italian artisans and showcased in a gallery-like setting at the exclusive Senato Hotel Milano. Italian design and craftsmanship celebrate the city of Milan through a reinterpretation of its ancient waters: the project, under the artistic direction of Milanese architects Ciarmoli Queda Studio, stems from the desire to bring the hidden waters of the city to the surface, drawing the viewer's eye to celebrate the importance of water as a source of life and energy. "We decided to explore one of the most mysterious elements of the city of Milon, revisiting it through the eyes of master craftsmen and designers to create on immersive, visually stunning experience conceived as a museum exhibition. Each work comes olive through the most distinctive attributes of water: reflection, transparency, movement and fluidity" - said lppolita Rostagno, founder and Creative Director of Artemest. The exhibition features handcrafted pieces from all over Italy, meant to surprise and fascinate the viewer. *If you are interested in Artemest Collection please contact Ilona Lee at

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