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Bringing together Clandown, Haydon, Radstock and Writhlington.


might feel like autumn has only just arrived but winter and with it, all the usual festivities will be here before you know it! In this edition of the Wheel, we have updates on various projects that have been taking place throughout the year and of course, looking forward to the festive season, so make sure to keep your diaries clear for all the fun we have planned! The Wheel will be back with its next issue in 2024 and we’d love to feature more of your news and photos, so remember to get in touch in the New Year!



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The next edition of The Wheel will be in February 2024. If you would like your group to be included in the next edition, please contact us on 01761 437962 before the deadline of 18th January 2023. If you have difficulty reading the print, please contact the Town Clerk for a large print copy. You can also view The Wheel on the council’s website at The Wheel is produced by Ignyte Media Ltd, Bathway Farm, Bathway, Chewton Mendip, BA3 4LN. Tel 01761 410141. Whilst every care has been taken to ensure the data contained in this publication is accurate, neither the publisher nor its editorial contributors can accept, and hereby disclaim, any liability to any party for loss or damage caused by errors or omissions resulting from negligence, accident or any other cause. Ignyte or Radstock Town Council does not officially endorse any advertising material included within this publication. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or stored in any retrieval system in any form without the prior permission of the publisher.


The Wheel

MAYOR’S MESSAGE Welcome to this Winter edition of the

Wheel. As the clocks go back and the nights draw in, thoughts inevitably turn to the upcoming festive season. There will be a number of activities in Radstock this year, starting with the switch-on of our new Christmas lights on 26 November. Details are elsewhere in this edition, so why not join us for one or more events if you can. We are also celebrating the excellent win by Radstock in Bloom at this year’s Champion of Champions event. Radstock in Bloom is entirely volunteer run, with individuals and groups coming together to plan and deliver the floral displays we see around the Town throughout the year.

add them to your favourites! But we would like to develop further ways to engage with people. If you have any ideas, or any views that you would like to share with the Council, why not drop us a line? We are always keen to hear from you. Finally, those who visit Tom Huyton park regularly will have noticed work being undertaken. While we eagerly anticipate the arrival of the new play equipment, work has taken place on installing a ‘changing places’ toilet. Over 250,000 people in the UK need personal assistance to use the toilet or change continence pads, including people with profound and multiple learning disabilities, spinal injuries and people living with stroke.

As well as the main award, groups were commended for their individual displays at the In Bloom awards event at the end of October. Congratulations to all concerned.

Changing places toilets are larger facilities that have the equipment, including a changing bench and a hoist, designed to support disabled people who need assistance.

We are aware of many groups and individuals who volunteer their time and skills to support our Town, often without reward or recognition.

We are pleased to become the first Town in the Somer Valley with such a facility.

The Town Council seeks to value and record their contributions to our community, through our “Making a Difference” awards. If you know someone who volunteers their time and skills in this way, why not nominate them for an award? Just drop an email to:, or phone the office on 01761 437962 to find out more. The Council is also looking at how we communicate with residents. Along with the magazine you hold in your hands, we currently have a website ( and a Facebook page ( RadstockHub). Check them out if you have not visited before and

Chris Dando - Mayor of Radstock

The Wheel


Radstock Town Council Welcomes Rowan Fae Radstock

Town Council would like to formally welcome new team member, Rowan Fae, who will be working with us in the capacity of Cultural Co-ordinator over the next 15 months. Rowan’s role will focus on arts and heritage programming, engagement, participation, skills and training, with the aim of celebrating Radstock’s cultural identity and encouraging arts and heritage activity in Radstock Town Centre. Rowan brings a broad range of skills and experience to our team, she has run away with the circus, toured the Americas on a theatre ship, and created large-scale art works in the public realm. We are confident that she can add a bit of extra sparkle to Radstock, and look forward to Rowan delivering the objective of deepening Radstock’s cultural identity as part of wider Bath and North East Somerset regeneration action plans.

deliver a brand new cultural programme for Radstock. If you have any questions regarding this new role or are a community member seeking support with any cultural, heritage or arts projects within Radstock or the wards of Clandown, Haydon and Writhington; Please contact Rowan by e-mail at This post is funded by the UK government through the UK shared prosperity fund.

Rowan’s post is hosted in the Radstock Community Hub and Library where she will be available to work closely with the local community and stakeholders to

Youth Connect South West Radstock

and Westfield Youth Leader, Carrie Ford, will be off work for a while after taking a tumble, please join us in wishing her a quick recovery. In light of this, there are some temporary arrangements being put in place, Monday night’s project session will be moving to Saturdays from the 4th November 12noon- 2pm. This new Saturday session will commence with an amazing photography project run by a professional photographer, it’s free to take part and will run for 6 weeks. Young people will get a chance to use professional equipment as well as their

own phones. This project will end with an exhibition of the work in an event planned and managed by the young people themselves. • Tuesday nights at Westfield Methodist church is a Junior session for Years 7-9. • Wednesday evening, 7-9pm is Radstock Seniors’ Youth Club, 13+, this continues with a new temporary leader. For more information while Carrie is away, please contact Jayne via


The Wheel

Age UK Would you or someone you know benefit from

support to get online or use digital devices? Using the internet is a lot simpler than you might think, and it’s never too late to learn. With the right support, you can get online - staying in touch, involved, and independent.

From our tablet loan scheme, our weekly Click Cafe, drop-in sessions and more, you can pick and choose what works for you. Or, if you’re comfortable with digital, maybe you’d like to volunteer with us as a Digital Champion?

We’re always looking for helping hands, and you don’t have to be a tech-whizz to make a huge impact! Get in contact with us, call 01225 466 135 or email Website:











S N T E P N 202




Register at



At Age UK Bath and North East Somerset, we’re here to help those aged 55 and over - no matter your level of skills or confidence!

The Wheel


P.E.o.p.l.e We

had a good summer with our Pots and Potter project with lots of tidying, preparation work and planting. We also hosted a wonderful event; a Teddy Bears’ Picnic for local parents and toddlers, even a new born attended! The event was joyous, the toddlers loved getting dirty, planting pots to take away and grow with their mums. The picnic had a healthy eating focus and it was well received by the children. Credit should go to the mums for the excellent sharing skills and kindness the toddlers showed to each other. We are going to be holding a winter Pots and Potter event around Christmas time, so please, if you can, come along and support us. The autumnal season is upon us and soon we will have the winter months, which for many can be times of immense loneliness and isolation. It is important that we remember to care for

each other during cold spells. A simple act of kindness can mean so much to those alone. With this in mind, we will be providing events this winter that can bring people together, offer a welcoming cuppa and warm space, so please do make contact with us if you would like to know more and be involved. Embrace the magic of the changing seasons which provide us with such a magnificent landscape of colour. We have, and will continue to, support those experiencing social disadvantage and if you or someone you know needs assistance, then please do contact us – telephone number 01761 402687. Keep warm, keep safe, and keep connected. Jenny and Ty at PEOPLE


late August I was fortunate enough to be elected as a Councillor for the Haydon Ward of the Radstock Town Council. Haydon is in a delightful location, alongside the expanse of the Haydon Batch, with many beautiful walks and conveniently nearby the Radstock Town Centre. It is a great opportunity for me to help maintain a lovely community and also be part of seeing some possible exciting new facilities in the near future. My interests include gardening, walking, sport and the

occasional day fishing. As a very keen plot holder in the Haydon Allotments, I would like to mention, at the time of writing that there are good opportunities for Radstock residents to rent an allotment, as there is a very small waiting list at the moment. Everyone new, whether a novice or an existing gardener, would feel welcome and be able to use their plot as they wish within the rules . Please contact Radstock Town Council for further information.


The Wheel

Radstock and Westfield Big Local 90

community projects have been awarded £500 at our annual Dragons’ Den events – Could yours be the 100th??? If you want to make your community an even better place to live, then come along and pitch your idea at our tenth Dragons’ Den - you could be one of ten that wins £500 to make it happen!!! To help get your creative juices flowing, here’s a flavour of some of the projects that have won in the past… Julie and Mike Rowe, volunteers at the library, gave a great pitch to buy a mud kitchen for the library’s sensory space. They report that it has been used by many children and requires regular cleaning! The Natural Theatre convened The Radstock Youth Theatre into existence, and who, after being taken down the rabbit hole of Natural Theatre training, acted in ‘The Visionary’ – a creatively surreal show at Radstock Fayre. The show focused on the predictions of a street prophet who foresees the demise of the planet. Performing to over 100 people, the young actors played rampaging rabbits, a drunk elephant, a clumsy child, a boy with a squirting hat, Morris dancers, a crow puppet, a mind reader and a lost tourist! The youth team at Radstock ran a successful graffiti

project on the boarding at RADCO. Working with permission from the Cooperative Society, young people used the sessions to look at the history of Radstock, Radstock Cooperative and local interests, to work together to create a wonderful design alongside Nick from Olas Art. And here’s a flashback to one of our favourites: One of ten winners at the 2018 Big Local Dragons’ Den event, local resident Christopher Lewis-Smith, working with Bath Avon River Trust and a number of local schools, used the funds to build a giant fish from plastic collected from the river running through Radstock. The final touches were applied at The Somer Valley Arts Festival in Radstock and it was displayed in all its glory to raise awareness of the waste that clogs up our waterways when people litter. It then went on an incredible journey, from being paraded by the Natural Theatre through the town and into schools, taking part in the In Bloom competition, and finally ending upstream at Hampton Court Flower Show before being dutifully recycled! Application process opens in January. It’s time to get talking to your family, neighbours, friends and start developing your ideas! Check out our website for the application form, and to learn about all the other projects we’ve supported

The Wheel


News from Radstock Museum The

Museum of Somerset Coalfield Life in Radstock is seeking new Trustees. We are looking for people to help oversee the running of this awardwinning centre for the preservation and display of Somerset coalfield’s history and help us develop new ideas, projects and exhibitions. No previous experience of being a Trustee is necessary, as you will become part of an established team comprising current Trustees, volunteers and museum staff. The museum’s Trustees are all volunteers who give a few hours of their time each month to help ensure the smooth running of this important local resource.

If you have an interest in our local heritage and would like to help take it forward into the future, we would love to hear from you. Please contact Simon Carter, Chair of Trustees at Radstock Museum, Waterloo Road, Radstock BA3 3EP (or email for more information. Opportunity to contribute to a future exhibition The Bath Medical Museum is collaborating on a joint exhibition with Radstock Museum to open in early 2025. The focus of the Exhibition will be looking at the health and well-being of miners and their families. If you feel you have any useful information, stories of family members or personal memories that you would like to share, do please contact Ella Parfitt at


The Wheel

NEIGHBOURHOOD POLICING TEAM for one love the different seasons, there is something quite special about the autumn and winter with the nights drawing in. Unfortunately, what it does also provide, is the cover of darkness for the less community focused of our residents to go out and about and commit crime.


months. However, I am well aware not all crime is reported to the police, so in an effort to ensure this does not become an issue, the police are working closely with all the pubs and clubs in the local area and we have delivered to them Rapid Drug testing kits.

We are fortunate in the Radstock area that we have a ‘Be Home Safe’ officer based here. When I joined the police, they were called Crime Prevention Officers but as an organisation, we do like a name change. This officer is available to come out to your home and conduct a crime prevention survey to make your home more resistant to crime – we call it target hardening. If you would like to take up this offer, please call in at the station or email your local PCSO – their contact details are on the Avon and Somerset website under the ‘In Your Area’ heading. I also want to re-assure you that crime in the Radstock area is not an issue and only accounts for 2% of Bath and North East Somerset crime overall but if I can help you feel safe, as well as be safe, then I am happy.

If you or a friend feel you have had your drinks spiked, then you can ask the pub staff if they have any testing kits so you can then and there establish a negative or positive result. Obviously if positive, you can then seek medical attention and report the crime to the police to investigate. I also want to state how serious drink spiking can be – the basic offence is administering a noxious substance which has a potential prison sentence of 5 years. Drink spiking can ruin lives – take all precautions to prevent yourself from being a victim – do not take drinks from strangers and do not leave your drinks unattended.

Secondly, I want to mention about drink spiking. There have been a lot of comments on social media recently about drink spiking being a major issue in our High Streets. At the time of writing this article, we have only had one report of drink spiking reported to the police in Radstock as a crime in the last 6

I wish you all a safe and festive winter period. Lee Humphreys Police Sergeant 432 Radstock Neighbourhood Policing Team Avon and Somerset Police Radstock Police Station, Wells Road, Radstock, BA3 3SG

RJ W indows

2024 – Celebrating


of Dance in Radstock

Local . Professional . High Quality Service Guaranteed

Over 50 classes a week in all styles of dance from 18 months to adult

Aluminium windows and doors

Composite doors

UPVC windows and doors

Glazed roofs

Bi-fold and Patio doors

Fascia and guttering


Repairs and maintenence

From £18.50 per month


01761 438885

The Wheel


REEL PEOPLE Last month. Reel People Films began its 8th film season, which will continue until April 2024.

where he finds a yak in the classroom. Why? It becomes clear in the film.

Started in a room over a pub by a group of film enthusiasts and now in its 26th year, it has, in its time, presented over 200 films and won four national awards.

For something very different – Friday 8th December sees us showing Benediction. A vivid and moving exploration of the turbulent life of Siegfried Sassoon, the WW1 poet and war hero, who is buried in Mells.

Still run solely by volunteers, it may be based in Kilmersdon, but it attracts its audience from a much larger area, including members from Clandown, Haydon, Radstock and Writhlington.

Following on in the New Year, the season continues with: 12th January – Sometimes, Always, Never 26th January – Compartment No 6 9th February -The Quiet Girl 8th March - Limbo 12th April – film to be decided.

Reel People’s purpose is to give people the chance to enjoy carefully selected films that probably have not been shown locally, nor had wide national exposure and are unlikely to be found on television. The hope is to remind everyone of the special magic of the cinema and the joy of sharing that magic with others. Over the summer, Reel People have updated its projection equipment and with its giant screen, along with surround sound, offers a cinema quality experience locally and at a reasonable cost. This month on Friday 10th November, the film showing is Lunana, the heartwarming story of a young teacher dreaming of a singing career in Australia, but sent to teach at a remote school in the Himalayas

mardons SAD DAD CLUB COMMUNITY CLUB mardonsclub


All films are shown at Kilmersdon Village Hall. The doors and bar open at 7.15 pm for the chance of a drink and a chat, before the film starts at 8pm. People are also welcome to stay afterwards and chat about the film. Everyone is welcome at Reel People Films. Membership guaranteeing a seat at all our films costs £30 per member, guest tickets can be bought at the door for £6. For information on all the season’s films and membership, visit

Loft Boarding South West Need more storage space? Make use of your loft and create more space in your home


The ... and it’s t n e m in Enter ta


 Loft Ladders  Loft Lighting

 Raised Loft Storage  Insulation

Loft storage solutions for period and new build homes that do’t void your warranty

01373 813 438


The Wheel

TOM HUYTON PLAYpark Gets new Equipment

The Wheel


Somer Valley Rediscovered VOLUNTEERING You

Haydon Batch and Wellow Brook Walk.

Our Habitat Management Volunteering opportunities will start in December 2023!

Volunteering with us is a chance for people in the Somer Valley to improve access and connect people to nature, supporting and enabling positive local action and improving health and wellbeing.

These sessions will take place on Tuesdays and rotate between our 5 project sites; Waterside Valley, Staddlestones Park, Midsomer Norton Town Park,

Some of the activities we will be offering include land management, habitat surveying, and public engagement.

can now register your interest in volunteering on our website; somer-valley/get-involved/

The Wheel


Radstock Regeneration Action Plan CONSULTATION B&NES obtained funding from the West of England Combined Authority Housing Regeneration Enabling Fund to prepare a Town Centre Regeneration Action Plan for Radstock. The plan identifies opportunities, concepts and project ideas and underpins grant applications for project funding. It is guided by the existing Local Plan and feeds into the new one that is being developed. Initial project scoping took place in early 2022 in partnership with Radstock Town Council, B&NES officers & members & informed community engagement that took place in September/October 2022 & February/March 2023. Comments received were generally positive and helped to inform the

projects outlined in the action plan, some of which are already underway. The draft Radstock Regeneration Action Plan identifies linkages between existing projects, includes census data, information on Radstock’s heritage, Conservation Area, the Local Plan vision and outlines challenges & opportunities facing the town.

The following new projects are included:  L ook at options to improve community facilities in the town centre (such as acquisition of Trinity Church or other premises) which could provide community space (café, events, meetings,



Tel: 01761 416057 Ivy Cottage, High Street, Paulton BS39 7QA

Smile Transformations in Paulton Bespoke dental care delivered with a gentle approach, in a relaxed, friendly and professional atmosphere.

Dental Implants

Constantly improving our facilities, our equipment is kept up to date and our staff are highly trained in order to deliver a high level of dental care and a complete range of dental treatments to our patients.

The Wheel networking, business use, workshops) and a home for Radstock Town council & library).  Outdoor Events – spaces have been identified as offering potential for hosting vibrant, engaging events. Whilst none of the spaces could support regular outdoor events individually, there is scope for co-ordinating town-wide events along a recognised ‘trail’ involving multiple venues.  Cultural Programme – A Programme Coordinator started work for Radstock Town Council in September. The role will focus on arts and heritage programming, engagement, participation, skills, and training; with the aim of celebrating Radstock’s cultural identity and encouraging arts and heritage activity in Radstock Town Centre.  Brownfield Site Redevelopment, Reuse & Repurposing will be encouraged.  Tree Planting in Radstock town centre will take place in 2024.  Green & Blue space improvements – spaces within the town centre will be assessed to see how they might be improved and managed for the benefit of the local community and nature.  Energy Efficiency Improvements & Renewable Energy – site improvements that


take place in Radstock will also be encouraged to incorporate retrofitting and renewable energy solutions W ayfinding, Streetscape Improvements & Parking – Funding is likely to be approved in early 2024 to provide improved wayfinding in the town centre. Discussions are ongoing with the B&NES Parking Team to investigate the possibility of carrying out a further review of parking. R e-occupation and temporary use of vacant units will be looked at where possible.  I mprove the town centre offer – Funding has been received for a Changing Places toilet in Tom Huyton Park which will be in autumn 2023. Other opportunities will be investigated. A delivery plan is included which identifies how projects will be delivered, how they will be funded & delivered, partners, milestones & outputs. Th action plan is not a static document and will be amended as projects and priorities develop. The Action Plan will be available on Radstock Town Council website for comment from 13th November 2023 for 3 weeks:


The Wheel

Radstock IN BLOOM A Champion of Champions RHS Gold. A fantastic result for Radstock in Bloom but as this will be my last article as Chairman for Radstock in Bloom, I would like to take the opportunity to talk about the Bloom, Bloomers, community groups, traders, and Town Council.

Over the last 5 years, Radstock in Bloom has seen a transformation, we have embraced the changes in Radstock. We have seen RADCO demolished and Bloomed during a pandemic, which whilst winning the Ayre Cup and RHS Golds, is fantastic for the town, for me, 2020 was the most meaningful Bloom year. It was during the lockdowns and social distancing that Radstock came together. Communities looked out for one another, helped each other and friendships were born that last to this day. 2020 was Bloom’s “Pretty in Pink” Year. Pink is considered a colour of love, nurture, and compassion and is also a sign of good health, hence the phrase, “In the Pink.” It was then that we really felt the love and appreciation from the people of Radstock. It was this year that we dug deep, used our reserves and put on a show for all to enjoy in what seemed dark and uncertain times. As a group we have achieved so much in five years, with the support of our traders, the basket numbers have risen, and residents often stop for a chat when we are working on our beds and planters and heap praise for our work, this is better than any RHS award. Church St. flower bed, or Jean’s bed, has undergone a transformation. The children enjoy coming out of school and sitting on the seat under the tree, discovering the fairies and art Jean has carefully placed in this amazing space. It is not only the children that benefit from this space, Manor Farm residential home has a great view, which Jean has been very clever with by using the natural slope leading into Church St. car

park. It is with a heavy heart I must inform you that Jean will be leaving Radstock soon. The Brian Perret Memorial Signal Bed has also undergone a transformation. Pam and Jo have brought with them their gold standard from RADCO and transformed this space into a sustainable bed, with its vast array of perennial plants, Railway Signal, Sunflower, and Heritage Information Board. It’s become another landmark for Radstock. Haydon has a lovely Community Garden which is managed by one of our Bloomers, Angus, who also has help from a few residents of Haydon, this space is a delight to behold if you can find it, with its small woodland, beautiful planted raised beds, bird boxes and green space. Angus is someone we can turn to

The Wheel

for his experience in Horticulture, he is also the one that planted the tubs on the island of the new road. Tyning has Louise whose enthusiastic spirit has seen some changes to the area. An old-style coal truck which once was in RADCO is now in Tyning, lovingly cared for by Tyning Together, a group of Tyning residents working to raise the standard of this area with events, litter picking and friendship. Traders don’t have it easy in Radstock and I encourage you all to spend some money locally. The traders of Radstock have so much to deal with to make a living and yet every year, they will support us to make our town more attractive. This year has seen near record hanging baskets in our town and it’s the trader’s commitment to paying for the watering and feeding of these baskets that in turn allows us to do more in the town. Our Town Council pay for the planting of the baskets themselves as part of our Service Level agreement. We negotiate each year alongside the planting of our heritage pieces and tiered planters, in return we try our best to enchant the town from litter picking to weeding and much more. Finally, our community groups & schools: Radstock Knitters, Writhlington Allotments, Writhlington Schools Orchid Project, Haydon Allotments, SWALLOW, Roots Connections, The Potting Shed, Bath Mind, 1st Radstock Beavers, Radstock Brigade, Southfields Community Garden. All these groups


contribute to Radstock in one way or another, these are our horticulture, catering and crafting heroes. These groups are the reason Radstock wins RHS awards. Me, I merely put the jigsaw pieces together. Sean Fletcher Chairman of Radstock in Bloom 2018- 2023.


The Wheel

1st Radstock Scouts 1st Radstock Scout Group have had another

very busy term, including their first very successful Scarecrow Fest. The Group would like to convey their thanks to everyone who supported this event in any way and a special thanks to Natures Vet and Thomsons for their amazing support. It was wonderful to see everyone engaged more with the local community. Our next fundraiser will be the Christmas event on 25 November, 2 – 4 pm which will include stalls and Father Christmas, as well as festive goat rides in decorated cars! Please follow us on Facebook for up to date information as it is released. The Group will also be taking part in the local Scout Post, so watch out for information on this too. The Beavers have recently held a Space Sleepover where the young people travelled to outer space through a ‘worm hole’ and learnt about the first visit to the moon. They also painted the solar system and learnt the phonetic alphabet using 2-way radios. Cubs have made Halloween decorations using milk

bottles and glow sticks, as well as looking at where we buy food and how much every day items cost. They are looking forward to the forthcoming trips to the American Museum in Bath, as well as an ‘Around the World in 24 Hours’ sleepover. The Scout section have been out and about with adventures, including trips to Beacon Batch, Goatchurch Cavern, paddling in Bristol Docks and kayaking on the River Wye. If you would like to register your child’s interest or volunteer your services, please contact Janet Turner on

The Wheel


Radstock Co-operative Society VOTE ON Member Nominated Charities of Radstock Co-operative Society were invited to vote on which two charities they would like to support at the Society’s AGM meeting in June. The Society is delighted to announce that Escape Support Group & In Charley’s Memory are 2023/24 Member Nominated Charities.


increase confidence, improve social skills, as well as develop & strengthen friendships. Escape Support Group (Encouraging Special Children and Parents Everywhere) was formed ater two other support groups, STARS & POSY were amalgamated and is run entirely by volunteers.

To celebrate the beginning of The Society’s support, an initial donation of £1,100 was presented to representatives of both charities by the Soceity’s CEO, Don Morris, President of the Board of Directors, Graham Jeffery & Vice President, Jeremy Ficker.

“We are delighted and grateful to have been selected as one of the Radstock Co-operative Society’s Charities of the Year. We are excited to be working together to help provide subsidised activities, days out, events and mini-breaks for children with disabilities and their families. A massive thank you from all of us at ESCAPE Support Group – staff and families,” Debbie, Hub Club, Fundraising & Admin Assistant for Escape Support Group said.

In Charley’s Memory (ICM) was formed in 2014 following the tragic loss of Charley Marks to suicide, following a struggle that lasted through his teens. After his death, his mum, Jo decided to take action. Her aim was to raise awareness & reduce the stigma that is attached to mental heath. Jo founded ICM as a grassroots community response to a local issue & they have since grown into a regional support system ranging across Somerset. Dawn, CEO of In Charley’s Memory, “Myself and the team at In Charley’s Memory are delighted to be selected as Radstock Co-operative Society’s Charity of the Year. Radstock Co-operative Society is based at the heart of many of the communities we support. We are delighted to be recognised by the members for the work we do, and the wonderful support from Radstock Co-operative Society will allow more young people to hear about our service and enable them to access vital support. On behalf of all of us at In Charley’s Memory, a big thank you to all members of Radstock Co-operative Society.” Escape Support Group aims to provide support to families in Somerset raising children who have disabilities or additional needs, through providing a wide range of fun activities, days out & occasional short break holidays. Their events boost morale,

“We are delighted to announce the start of these partnerships & are passionate about working in collaboration with the charities to advocate the outstanding support that they provide in the local community. All of our 21 stores will hold a collection pot for both charities for customers wishing to donate. Or for those that would like to donate online or find out more about Escape Support Group & In Charley’s Memory please head online.” said Don Morris, CEO Radstock Co-operative Society.

Providing Outstanding Facilities & Person-Centred Care


EARLY 2024


` Care Home is a new, boutique style, home Rowan Park situated in the rural village of Stratton-on-the-Fosse on the edge of the Mendip Hills. Offering the very best in person-centred care and a luxury lifestyle for up to 50 residents, our warm and inviting home has been designed with our residents in mind as they embark on their next chapter.

RESIDENTS OF ROWAN PARK WILL ENJOY: Luxury Accommodation | Around the Clock Care Resident Chefs | Café | Cinema Room | Private Dining Hair Salon & Nail Bar | Gardens and Outdoor Terrace Peaceful Location with Countryside Views and much more.

For further information for yourself or a loved one: T: 01761 869500 | E: South Street, Stratton-on-the-Fosse, Radstock BA3 4RA RESIDENTIAL | NURSING | DEMENTIA | RESPITE CARE

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TOWN COUNCIL’s Cultural ProgramME Drop-in Sessions & Suggestion Box Radstock

Town Council are hosting three drop-in sessions at Radstock Community Hub Library during the winter term. We are inviting members of community and local stakeholders to come and have their say about the things they love and love less about Radstock. We will have tea, coffee and cake available, as well as some crafting and colouring activities to keep smaller people entertained.

Radstock a better place to live, work and socialise. As part of this process, a suggestion box will also be available throughout the months of November and December in the community hub and library, and if neither of these options suit, please e-mail culture@ and include in your message one thing (image/space/event) that makes Radstock, one thing that you love about Radstock and one thing that you would like to change.

These are informal sessions where members of our team will be on hand to answer your questions and gather your feedback. We want to invite you to write, draw or speak to what Radstock means to you. Rowan Fae, our new Cultural Programme Co-ordinator will lead the sessions and can direct any specific queries to other team members who will also be on hand.

We very much look forward to your feedback… and if nothing else, just come for cake!

We are reaching out to our community to assist us as we explore Radstock’s identity as a former mining town with a view to creating opportunities and making

Radstock’s Cultural Programme is made possible by funding from the UK Government through the UK shared prosperity fund.

Drop ins. • Tuesday 28th November 10.00-12.00 • Wednesday 29th November 10.00-12.00 • Tuesday December 12th 10.00-12.00

Radstock Memorial Garden Interpretation Board The

Town Council have recently installed a new Interpretation Board into the Memorial Gardens for all to enjoy in a peaceful place at the heart of Radstock.

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SWALLOW Charity, the members, local teenagers and adults with learning disabilities, are busily preparing for Christmas, it is a very exciting time. The team of SWALLOW members at the cafes are creating lots of chutneys and jams for our lovely hampers which will be on sale through the SWALLOW website soon. Both cafés are offering special Christmas meals – a two course lunch at the café in Radstock and a special Cream Tea at the Hive in Peasedown St John – make sure you book now to avoid disappointment as they can be very popular.

We will be launching our Christmas Raffle with prizes, including a holiday for two in Cornwall and a luxury Christmas Hamper. Tickets are £1 each and the raffle will be drawn in December. They will also be producing a special SWALLOW Christmas card following a design competition – please look out for details of how you can buy your cards. In December they have a trip to the panto planned and also Christmas parties and lunches – it will be very busy, but great fun.

VOLUNTEERING Worth so much more than £324 billion Recent

Third Sector research on volunteering has put a value of £324 billion a year in England and Wales alone. We at Swan Transport have an amazing team of volunteer drivers and know that the benefits are far reaching and worth so much more than this. Swan drivers assist people using their own cars to enable B&NES residents to participate in social, recreational and community opportunities. We offer bespoke transport for those unable to use public transport or without access to their own vehicle and who are on a low income.

people’s lives and are an essential community asset. Volunteering is well documented as improving the volunteer’s health and wellbeing. Being part of a team, meeting people and getting involved in positive meaningful engagement helps give life purpose. Volunteering helps our drivers keep their cars on the road and maintain an active lifestyle. Swan is very proud of the impact and benefits that their volunteer drivers bring to our organisation and the wider community, but we reckon that the value is worth way more than money.

For our passengers, our service enables people to have greater equality and inclusion in society and this directly improves health and wellbeing. Having peace of mind that the problem of getting somewhere can be solved and is reliable, easy to access and served with kindness is priceless.

If you are interested in volunteering with Swan or just want to find out more, contact us on 01761 439548 or email and talk to Sarah, Helen or Amanda who can explain a bit more and answer your questions about volunteering as a driver with Swan.

Our drivers have a direct positive impact on

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Christmas Lunch 2023 @ SWALLOW Community Cafe Celebrate the festive season with a Christmas Lunch at the SWALLOW Community Café, St Nicolas Church Rooms, Radstock, BA3 3QQ

Available Tuesday 21st November 2023 – Friday 15th December 2023

£16 Per Person:

2 courses (Main & pudding) • £5 deposit required Café open 10am – 12 noon for hot drinks and cake. Meals will be served from 12 noon until 2pm. There will be one sitting so please book early to avoid disappointment.

We thank our customers for all their support For more information and to secure your reservation please contact the Café on or phone 07834 598288. Please note the SWALLOW Community Café will be closed from Monday 18th December 2023 returning Tuesday 2nd January 2024. The Old Engine House . Old Pit Road . Westfield . BA3 4BQ Supporting teenagers and adults with learning disabilities Registered charity number 1045893



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Girls’ and Boys’ Brigade This

year has been an exciting year for Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade in Radstock. During this year, the Girls’ Brigade has celebrated it’s 130th Anniversary. The Girls’ Brigade was originally founded in Ireland in 1893 to support girls at the time. Since then the organisation has continued to grow and is now is a world wide movement with groups in 51 countries.

Boys’ Brigade have been celebrating its founding on 4th October 1883. The organisation which is the oldest uniformed youth organisation, was started by Sir William Smith. Radstock Boys’ Brigade have celebrated this 140th anniversary with a number of national events.

Our group in Radstock celebrated with an Activity day in Tiverton in June with groups from all over the South West of England.

The older boys joined another group from Somerset and completed a Monopoly challenge in Bath. They had four hours to run around the city finding different locations and completing a challenge at each one! At the same time, there were boys completing similar challenges in other cities across the UK.

The groups in Radstock also enjoyed a Summer camp in Weston-super-Mare, where they enjoyed activities on the beach, a trip to the life boat station, craft, games and a trip to the farm!

The following weekend, the younger boys held an Activity day in Radstock with the group from Bath. They spent the morning decorating cakes, circus skills and using different mediums to create ‘140’. This

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was followed by games at the park and den building at Tyning Batch. The boys over 8 years then joined us for a national sleepover. We joined an online gathering with over 2,000 boys across the UK and a group in South Africa all holding sleepovers in their local areas. We completed a quiz and minute to win it challenges and submitted our scores to a national score board!! As well as these big events – The Girls’ and Boys’ Brigade continues to grow strong in Radstock. Each week, the children and young people enjoy games, craft, Bible stories, challenges, friendship and fun! Girls’ Brigade meets every Wednesday evening

from 5.15pm and Boys’ Brigade meet every Thursday evening from 5.30pm at Radstock Baptist Church. We always welcome new members. For more information, please contact Kerin – 07936 729739.

Locally sourced beef, pork, lamb, chicken, cheeses, butter, milk and eggs. Made here by us, sausages, burgers, meatballs, faggots, pies, pork pies, pasties, sausage rolls, scotch eggs, quiches. We also cure our own bacon.

Now taking Christmas orders

Tel: 01761 418506 Email 112 High Street, Midsomer Norton BA3 2DA Phil Day Traditional Family Butchers LTD


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Residents’ Discovery Card is completely free for all residents of Bath & North East Somerset and is your pass to fun, free and discounted days out throughout our beautiful region. It’s a great way to explore and enjoy all that our local area has to offer with discounts on activities, attractions, experiences and places to eat and drink. Your Discovery Card gives you free entry to The Roman Baths (Tripadvisor’s top UK attraction in 2022), Bath Abbey, the changing exhibitions at Victoria Art Gallery and the beautiful Parade Gardens in the heart of the city. There are also discounts on a host of leisure activities, days out and things to do including money off matches at Bath City FC, discounted entry to Radstock Museum, reduced bike and boating hire, cut price comedy shows

at Komedia and special offers at Bath Thermae Spa. And if that works up an appetite, you can also enjoy special prices at a feast of cafés and restaurants. New offers are added all the time. You can explore all the current benefits on the Discovery Card website. Signing up is easy – just fill in your details online and book an appointment to collect your new pass, then start planning your next day out in Bath & North East Somerset. You can activate and pick up your card in Bath, Keynsham or Midsomer Norton, whichever is the most convenient location to you. To find out more and sign up visit the Discovery Card website -

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Memento Temple Burn The

community of Radstock has come together to remember the life of Charley Bates, tragically lost due to knife crime last year. Little Lost Robot worked with a team of young people and friends and family of Charley over the summer, in partnership with Youth Connect South West, Radstock Town Council and Bath Spa University, supported by Arts Council England, to create a one of a kind temple-burn artwork and fire experience.

Many young creatives contributed artwork to the piece along with memories and messages to Charley and loved ones no longer with us. The piece was set alight during a heartfelt gathering at the rear of the Swallows Café on 2 September. The ‘temple burn’ was accompanied by an aerial fire hoop performance by Helina Griffiths and represents an emotional milestone in Radstock’s new placemaking and cultural program, including installing a commemorative bench designed and hand-carved by young people at Youth Connect South West and the launch of a new community arts space, coming to Radstock soon.



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Radstock Library and Community Hub News Following

our most successful Summer Reading Challenge ever, the Library is now looking ahead to the approaching winter and Christmas. We are what is known as a ‘designated warm space’ so you are welcome to pop in for a sit and a browse of our books any time we are open. We will be running our usual Christmas events and activities – from a small Christmas Craft Fair, knitting groups and Board Games sessions to Make A Christmas Decoration sessions for all ages and abilities - keep an eye on our Facebook pages for details and timings. We have a wide selection of adult and children Christmas themed books that are available to borrow

- free of charge – so do pop in to say hello - we always like to meet new people. Don’t forget, joining the Library is free – there are no hidden costs or added extras to borrow books, use the computers or download online eBooks, magazines and newspapers. Our computers and printer are available for general use. We make a small charge for printing, copying or scanning a small number of documents in colour or black and white. If you have been working in the garden, we have the Garden Waste Bags for sale (£3.10 each) so you can recycle garden waste, grass cuttings and biodegradable bedding from hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits and other small animals. Thanks to the Gold award winning Radstock in Bloom team, we have litter pickers and rubbish bags you can borrow to help keep our streets clean. Give a walk another purpose - youngsters love seeing how much they can pick up. Opening times – Tuesday 9am- 4pm, Wednesday 10am – 5pm, Thursday 9am- 4pm Telephone 01761 437962 Email:

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Midsomer Norton and Radstock SILVER BAND

Midsomer Norton and Radstock Silver Band

are preparing for the festive season! With so many upcoming caroling events you will surely be able to find an opportunity to sing out some christmas songs with them this year. • Saturday 25th November, 5pm – Radstock Christmas Light Switch on. • Thursday 30th November, 6.30pm – Westfield Light Switch on. • Saturday 2nd December, 10am – Midsomer Norton Farmers’ Market. • Saturday 16th December, 6pm – Carols at Nunney Castle. • Monday 18th December, 7.15pm – Carols in Hallatrow. • Wednesday 20th December, 6.30pm – Carols in Timsbury. And if you can’t make it to any of these, then they are planning a wonderful concert in the Salvation Army hall in Street on Saturday 9th December at 7pm! The band is looking forward to seeing you there!


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the festive season just around the corner, I really hope you enjoy reading this Winter edition of The Wheel, it’s packed with useful information and dates for your diary. Christmas has always been my favourite time of the year, but I am always aware how busy and stressful this time can be. I hope some of the activities the Town Council have planned may help you take some time out to celebrate and enjoy with your friends and family. This year we are excited to see the addition of a Childrens’ Christmas Party, held in partnership with the amazing Youth Connect Southwest on Saturday 9 December from 2.00pm to 4.00pm. Make sure you book your tickets to ensure Santa’s list is correct! The Senior Citizens’ tea party featuring the Trudgeon’s Trad Jazz Troubadours will take place on Wednesday 6 December at Trinity Methodist Church Hall from 2.30pm to 4.30pm. We look forward to welcoming our seniors along to enjoy a Christmas tea and live entertainment. And not forgetting my favourite event, the Christmas Lights Switch On which will take place on Saturday 25 November. Once again, we look forward to working in partnership with our friends at Radstock Museum, their volunteers will be co-ordinating a seasonal event alongside the Lights Switch On, look out for more information over the coming weeks. There is always something special about lighting up Radstock’s tree and the streetlights with residents joining together to mark the occasion and this year, together with carols and hot chocolate, we will welcome live entertainment. We thank all our partners and friends for their continued support! In other news, I am delighted to welcome Rowan and Sean to the team. Rowan brings an exciting

opportunity to the Town Council as our cultural programme coordinator. You can find out more about Rowan and her role on page 5. With the expansion of Council owned and managed sites, the Town Council made the decision to bring the Grounds Maintenance Team in house. Sean now takes up a new role of Grounds and Maintenance Manager. The grounds team will grow with the recruitment of a part time grounds person due to be recruited in the New Year. Sean has a wealth of horticultural knowledge and experience and we look forward to working with him to improve and enhance our owned and managed areas across Radstock. It really is an exciting time of the year! Merry Christmas all. George

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Cllr Rupert Bevan Radstock Centre Ward M: 07980 607127 E:

Cllr Lavinia Corrick Radstock Writhlington Ward T: 07565 921845 E:

Cllr Chris Dando - Mayor Radstock Centre Ward M: 0771 3103380 E:

Cllr Adrian Dodgson Radstock Clandown Ward M: 07812 046091 E:

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Cllr Lesley Mansell Radstock Centre Ward T: 01761 439119 E:

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Cllr Bruce Shearn Radstock Clandown Ward T: 01761 751117 E:

RADSTOCK TOWN COUNCIL Radstock Community Hub The Street Radstock Somerset, BA3 3PR Cllr Matthew Shearn Radstock Writhlington Ward M: 07710 263998 E:

Cllr Nick Toogood Radstock Writhlington Ward M: 07715 939804 E:

Cllr Dominic Tristram Radstock Centre Ward T: 01225 946946 E: d ominic.tristram

T: 01761 437962 E: council@radstock-tc.

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