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Autumn 2021 Issue 4


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Acorns Nursery @ Trinity Church School

Learning Growing Believing Together

Fresh, healthy food cooked on site

For more information contact the school office on: 01761 438650 or email:

Trinity Church School, Woodborough Lane, Radstock, BA3 3DE


Bringing together Clandown, Haydon, Radstock and Writhlington.

Welcome to issue number 4 and the autumn edition of The Wheel!

In this issue, you can find out more about the various projects taking place to help you really enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the local area - after you’ve read this, keep your eyes peeled for the amazing new maps on the town’s bus stops and enjoy somewhere new that you might not have realised was even in the town! As we go to press, Covid restrictions are starting to lift, giving us more chance to get out and about and catch up with each other this autumn. Just make sure to stay safe, stay kind and have fun! We’ll see you in the next issue, if you want to get involved make sure to drop us an email - - we’d love to hear from you! thewheelradstock


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Acknowledgement: The Wheel – Edition 1 The article was attributed in error to Cam Valley Wildlife Trust their article Cam Valley Wildlife Group can be found on page 25 of edition 1. The next edition of The Wheel will be in October 2021. If you would like your group to be included in the next edition, please contact us on 01761 437962 before the deadline of 1st October 2021. If you have difficulty reading the print, please contact the Town Clerk for a large print copy. You can also view The Wheel on the council’s website at The Wheel is produced by Ignyte Media Ltd, Bathway Farm, Bathway, Chewton Mendip, BA3 4LN. Tel 01761 410141. Whilst every care has been taken to ensure the data contained in this publication is accurate, neither the publisher nor its editorial contributors can accept, and hereby disclaim, any liability to any party for loss or damage caused by errors or omissions resulting from negligence, accident or any other cause. Ignyte or Radstock Town Council does not officially endorse any advertising material included within this publication. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or stored in any retrieval system in any form without the prior permission of the publisher.

The Wheel


MAYOR’S MESSAGE Welcome to the latest edition of the Wheel,

the magazine which tells you everything that is going on in Radstock. As we gradually put coronavirus behind us we must look for ways to revitalise our town. Patronising local shops and employing local skills are certain ways of making it prosper. The idea that Radstock might be self-sufficient in the future is an attractive one and all sorts of opportunities present themselves. Not so long ago, every town had shops where your ‘white goods’ could be fixed. Whilst the throw-away culture of the nineties and naughties was fashionable, it was often cheaper to buy new rather than mend your vacuum cleaner or washing machine. Nowadays the Government discourages this level of waste and the day has come when goods will be made to last- and be maintained by dedicated high street specialists. These days, Radstock has much to offer and special thanks should be extended to those who keep our parks and open spaces beautiful as well as those who remove litter and perform all manner of tasks to keep Radstock bright and welcoming. I wish you all the joys of a pleasant Autumn. Rupert Bevan Mayor of Radstock Established over



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The Wheel



The Wheel heads to print for its fourth edition, we head towards the day we welcome RHS Southwest in Bloom judge, Richard Taylor. Up until the end of June, the visit of a RHS judge had always been uncertain, normally we would have Bloom meetings, attend a spring seminar which this year was moved to a mid-summer seminar and then cancelled. Unsure, we have continued to plan by phone and email. Plants have been ordered, delivered and potted. A 30 page portfolio has been created and is now available to read at the Community Hub and Library. Planning a judging route to show our town at its best, which includes areas, community groups and the fabulous Writhington Orchid Project, is no easy feat in the extended final stages of a roadmap to normality. Judges’ itinerary, a short presentation on what we have achieved as a group and as a town in since Summer 2019 and COVID. With help from the bubbles from the Radstock Brigade, we have completed the hanging baskets and planting displays and updated and refurbished planters. Dedicated bloomers have worked in town

on beds and in Haydon on coaltruck planters and community spaces. Allotment communities have continued to improve their plots and space around them, and community groups and schools have been litter picking. At times, organising spending long hours in front of the computer, on the phone and bringing all this together, to show Radstock for an award in 2021 or indeed any year, has brought its own challenges and restless nights. But then, whilst wearing that Bloom Hi-Viz, planting, litter picking, removing weeds or maintaining beds, someone will say: “Thank you” or “that looks lovely”, “you’re doing a great job”, “what is that plant” and a conversation is started, or a smile given. It’s those moments that are golden even more so, during the last 15 months. So, no matter what award the RHS Southwest in Bloom give us in October. Our reward comes from those kind words, smiles and appreciation received. So, from all of us, thank you! For it’s you that drive us to first and foremost work to make the town a better place to live, shop and visit. Sean Fletcher, Chairman


The Wheel


landscape, fascinating heritage, an extensive footpath and cycle-path network – the Somer Valley has it all. In recognition of these facts Bath & North East Somerset Council, Wessex Water and Natural England are working together on an exciting new partnership project entitled Somer Valley Rediscovered. Somer Valley Rediscovered (SVR) is essentially a people and nature project. The health benefits of getting out and about in your local environment have long been known and SVR aims to better connect communities to local greenspaces tackling both wildlife loss and improving health and wellbeing. Over the last 12 months, we have been working with Radstock Town Council with their plans for a Local Nature Reserve at Haydon Batch and we have co-ordinated the creation of the new Greenspace Map for the Radstock/Midsomer Norton/Westfield area. Along with our partners at Natural England and Wessex Water, we are working to promote ‘green social prescribing’ whereby free outdoor activities are offered via the GP to help with low mood and anxiety. As well as working on projects that are already underway, we are still developing plans for what we would like to see longer term. These could include: • Habitat creation and restoration for wildlife • Better access to greenspaces •S etting up and supporting volunteer groups to manage greenspaces • Promoting local walks and places to visit • Promoting and protecting heritage •W orking with the health sector to promote green social prescribing projects

We are keen to work in partnership and work alongside existing groups and organisations. Over the last year, we have been in touch with local councillors, organisations and community groups and we are hoping that, once Covid-19 restrictions lift further, we will be able to have more of a presence within the community. In the meantime, please get in touch if you would like to find out more.

Miriam Woolnough, Project Manager, Somer Valley Rediscovered 01225 477590

The Wheel


GREENSPACE MAP for the Somer Valley ,

Over the last few months, Somer Valley

Rediscovered has been working with Radstock Town Council, Midsomer Norton Town Council and Westfield Parish Council to create a new greenspace map which has been put up on bus shelters around the area. This colourful and cheerful map shows a whole range of greenspaces to visit in the Radstock/ Midsomer Norton/Westfield area. Woodlands, meadows, streams, cycle-paths and parks; there are plenty of different places to explore. For example, you could head out on your bike along the Colliers Way towards Frome and marvel at the beautiful views across the countryside. Or you could visit Haydon Batch, once the spoil heap for Kilmersdon coal mine but now a great place for wildflowers and butterflies. If being beside the water takes your fancy, then discover the tranquil Miners Pool on Snails Brook

while keeping a look out for the flash of blue and orange of the Kingfisher. If you have children, then there are plenty of playparks to choose from. These greenspaces are not just great places to visit but they are also great for the environment too as they allow wildlife to thrive and help to maintain good air quality. There is mounting evidence about how spending time in greenspaces is beneficial not just for physical health but for mental health too. The maps are located at the following bus shelters: • Outside Victoria Hall in Radstock • The Island in Midsomer Norton • A367/ Elm Tree Avenue in Westfield


The Wheel

CREATIVITY WORKS Archive Project TO celebrate 40 years Local arts organisation, Creativity Works, is

celebrating its 40th year and would like to hear from anyone who has previously taken part in or worked with Creativity Works on any of its projects over the years. The charity has gone through a few name changes in its history; starting as Wansdyke Arts Council [WAC], then becoming North East Somerset Arts and that being shortened to NESA before rebranding as Creativity Works in 2010. Do you remember taking part in any of their projects? Do you have any memories that you’d like to share? Perhaps you were one of the pupils or teachers at St Nicholas School who took part in the ‘Fit For Life’ project in 2007? Or maybe you or one of your relatives were involved in the ‘Changes Memory Palette’ Book from 2002 that collected memories of what Radstock and Midsomer Norton were like

when they were villages? Or more recently, you might have taken part in one of our My Time My Space programmes or been a participant of The Palace of Wonder at the Youth Club? Thanks to a grant from National Lottery Heritage Fund, Creativity Works are able to embark on an exciting archive project to bring some of these previous projects to life and with your help hopes that in sharing its diverse and colourful history, wealth of experience of working with a wide range of communities and, the benefits of creativity in supporting mental health and wellbeing, it will encourage even more people to get creative. If you have any memories to share – or would like to be involved in helping the archive project – please get in touch either via email: or call on 01761 438852.

The Wheel



offers FREE career coaching, with access to training and support to help you develop the skills and confidence you need to take your next step.

Stuart’s Future Bright Story Stuart, from Radstock, called Future Bright because he was at risk of losing his job as a result of the pandemic. He has a young family to support and he was keen to get a new role as soon as possible. Stuart planned to get his large goods vehicle licence so he could apply for driving jobs, but couldn’t afford the fees for the test. Stuart worked with his Future Bright career coach to secure funding. He has now completed his theory test and other preparatory work and is waiting to be able to take his MOD4 test, which has been delayed due to COVID. In the meantime, Stuart started a job in the dotcom department of Tesco. Stuart says that working with his coach has shown him: “There are people out there who will believe in you and invest in you.” His advice to others who are thinking of working with Future Bright is: “Go for it. It will really help you expand and ultimately change your life.”

Is Future Bright for me? Future Bright offers FREE one-to-one career coaching to residents: • in Bath & North East Somerset, Bristol and South Gloucestershire • aged 18 and over • in paid work (including zero hours and selfemployed) and receiving benefits or tax credits • or earning below £9.50 an hour

What will I get? Support:

Work with your personal career coach one-to-one


Practical help to take control of your work and pay


Access to training and development tailored to your needs

How do I sign up? Go to and fill in our online form or call 01225 395555 for a chat with the team.

Future Bright is funded and managed by the West of England Combined Authority and delivered by Bath & North East Somerset, Bristol and South Gloucestershire councils.


The Wheel

A TRIBUTE TO Dr Nicolas Hall It

is with great sorrow that the Trustees, Volunteers and Manager of Somerset Coalfield Life at Radstock Museum announce the passing of their Chairman, Dr Nicolas Hall. Nick, as he preferred to be called, died peacefully at home on Tuesday 15th June 2021 after a short illness. Nick volunteered at Radstock Museum as a steward before becoming a Trustee in 2012 and Chairman in 2014. He was a very popular Chairman with all the volunteers; he was always good humoured, a great listener, a keen supporter of new ideas and a superb leader of the Museum team. When he took over as Chair, the world outside the Museum was changing with many of the original Museum founders and former coal miners moving on or passing away. New technologies and ideas were helping to keep other local and national museums relevant for the next generation. Nick realised the Museum needed a refresh and a rebrand

so that it would remain attractive to returning and traditional visitors, whilst becoming a destination for a wider, all-inclusive, and ever-changing audience. His achievements include: a body of work which led to the museum becoming accredited with the Arts Council, the re-branding of the museum to ‘Somerset Coalfield Life at Radstock Museum’, a name which intended to paint a clearer picture of what visitors might expect from their visit, (that being, the way of life both of the miners and the mining community within the coalfield), the development of more interactive, ‘hands-on’ displays, the modernisation of the exhibition area, community events such as the very successful annual Victorian Christmas festival day for families and the community cafés including a cafe for people living with memory loss and their carers. He will be greatly missed by everyone at the museum.

The Wheel


THE PEOPLE CHARITY RETURN TO RADSTOCK The PEOPLE charity are returned to Radstock in

June. The charity which was founded in Radstock and spent their first eight years based in Leigh House are returning back to these offices.

also seeking space to re-commence their music projects so would welcome any support for both of these projects, and volunteers to support the supported housing project.

As with many organisations, the pandemic has resulted in lots of reorganisation of agencies and services and depleted finances, and PEOPLE are beginning to rebuild their services again.

The charity which specialises in working with social disadvantage have been very encouraged by the warm welcome extended to them by the people of Radstock and look forward to becoming an established part of the community again.

The charity has set up a temporary pop up shop in Fortescue Road and will look to do a similar retail outlet in the future, the pop up shop is a sales only outlet and is unable to accept donations. They are

Anyone who is interested in learning more of the work, achievements and future plans of the charity and those who are able to offer support should contact the organisation on 01761 402687.



S H E D ,




Y A R D ,


R O A D ,


B A 3

3 P T


The Wheel

Climate Emergency Focus on reducing resources used, waste created and subsequent CO2 emissions.


These powerful ‘R’ words are now becoming

common place as many of us have become aware that now is the time to make positive changes to bring about a cleaner environment for people and nature by reducing carbon emissions and slowing and hopefully preventing further man-made climate change. World leaders and large corporations are also waking up to the fact that they must and can change their practices to tackle the climate emergency and often save money in the longer term; since the individuals within these organisations are not immune from the effects of the escalated warming of the planet, no matter their individual wealth, they too don’t want to suffer the catastrophic consequences and so are moving to improve their operations. It is a big ship to slow down and turn around, but positive changes are happening, and bad practice and so called ‘green washing’ (whereby marketing gives an impression of good, green practice when in fact the claims are not quite true or mask bad practice elsewhere,) is being challenged constantly. We don’t need a few people doing zero waste perfectly, we need millions doing it imperfectly to make a BIG difference. You may well feel sceptical reading this, thinking “What difference will anything I do make? Everywhere I look my good practices being undone ten-fold by others’ bad ones. AND I have not got the time or knowledge to do anything much anyway.” I have complete sympathy with those thoughts, and I am far from a perfect example of sustainable living…yet

I am unable to give up trying hard to keep making small changes where I can… and in my attempt to make those changes, I have been delighted to discover that there are a lot of positive actions being taken locally, nationally, and internationally that are making measurable differences for the better, it is just that the good news is often not publicised, so we don’t usually get to hear about it. Most recently my journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle was re-invigorated by helping to found the local Midsomer Norton, Radstock Area Zero Waste Group, after a friend of mine rang me and said, “Lucy we have got to do something!” This led to a group of local people setting up a Facebook group in the first instance which has gone on to more practical actions such as the litter picking local Wombles and supporting lots of other local green initiatives including Westfield Terracycle and Peasedown Environment Group. In setting up the group, I discovered there are hundreds of local people who are taking small, manageable steps towards a greener lifestyle, they have joined the group where we share tips, ideas, and thoughts on sustainability and give encouraging support to one another. It is so inspiring and uplifting, that I now feel part of a huge push to improve our natural world, and therefore our own lives and wellbeing which is completely inseparable from the natural environment. So, what small steps can we take in our everyday lives here in Radstock? Well, the three main ‘Rs’ are Reduce, Reuse and Recycle; let’s take them one at a time.

The Wheel Reduce: Try not to buy as much stuff; ask yourself the following questions.

Do I really need this item? Can I borrow one like this instead? Can I hire one like this instead? Can I buy a second-hand one instead? Reuse: Try to do the basics well, then when you can manage, try another step towards reusing items. The basics are: Always take your own bags shopping. That includes ALL shopping trips not just to the supermarket. We have become used to carrying a face covering, can we become used to remembering a bag not just for the supermarkets? It is perfectly safe to take a reusable coffee cup or water bottle for refilling; studies have found that we are no more likely to pick up Covid from our own refillable cup than a single use cup handed to us Take your own containers to local shops for refilling. We are lucky to have several refill shops locally. Broken something? Before you throw it out and buy new, why not see if it can be repaired? There is a monthly repair café on the 4th Saturday of every month 10am-1pm in Peasedown St John Methodist Church Hall. At the repair cafés you can find out about local borrowing libraries where you can (for a very small hire cost) borrow all kinds of things from camping equipment to tools. ‘Free & Eco MSN’, ‘Small Stuff Baby Bank’ and ‘School Uniform Free Swaps Midsomer Norton and Surrounding Area’ are great Facebook groups to acquire and give away items for free. Love reading? There are many phone boxes in our surrounding area which contain books to take for free. Reduce transport emissions by shopping locally and where available locally produced or sourced food and products.


Recycle: Once you have reduced and reused as much as you can, then last of all, recycle whatever you can, where recycling facilities exist. Go to to double check what CAN be recycled in your green box. If you have 2 boxes, please put paper and glass clearly separated in one box. In the other box please put plastic, cans and foil mixed together. Foil should be saved until it can be scrunched into a tennis ball size minimum to prevent bits getting lost. If the foil can’t be scrunched and remain scrunched such as crisp packets, then it contains plastic and cannot currently be recycled via your kerbside collections. Cardboard from large items needs to be taken to the recycling centre but anything cut down which fits into the blue bag will be taken from the kerbside. Brown paper bags, envelopes and brown packing paper needs to go with cardboard. Ideally put small cardboard boxes inside larger ones to prevent it blowing out of the lorries and creating litter. Plastics taken include: bottles (lids on to prevent them getting lost or littered and ideally squashed to save transporting around lots of air) meat, fruit and salad trays and food pots. PLEASE rinse out your items. Many jars, sauce bottles and meat trays are put out filthy dirty or even half full of food. This is a health hazard and time wasting for the collectors who handle waste not properly sorted in the boxes and it is makes the


The Wheel There are so many more ‘Rs’ on the list to discuss in this article: BUT to find out about all the others, plus lots more tips on living a more sustainable lifestyle, which can often save you money too, view the ‘Midsomer Norton, Radstock Area Zero Waste Group’ Facebook page (you do not have to be a member of Facebook to view the page just type in the page name and you will see it listed to view just as a website would be). The page is very informative and educational.

recycling process more polluting. Don’t forget to put out your cooked and other food waste in compostable (or plastic) bags inside the black lidded food bin. Batteries must be in a small bag, so they don’t get lost. Other items taken are: spectacles, engine oil in an oil container, car batteries, oil filters and small electrical appliances no bigger than can fit into a normal sized carrier bag.

Also, every Saturday morning on local radio station, Somer Valley FM, from 10 am - 11 am, local resident Nick Labrom broadcasts ‘The One Small Step Show’ with lots of local green projects and initiatives discussed with local experts. The programme is also available online on-demand.

Westfield Terracycle: 23 Elm Tree Avenue, Westfield. Drop when you are passing (don’t make a special journey as this will cancel out the Co2 savings by recycling) Lastly, remember to donate items to charity shops, sell items second hand or give away on the local free Facebook groups.

Lucy Tudor, founding member of the Midsomer Norton, Radstock Zero Waste Group.

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Festive Breaks

Victorian Festivities, IOW 8 - 12 Nov

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RADSTOCK & WESTFIELD BIG LOCAL Radstock & Westfield Big Local would like to say a big

congratulations to Tyning Together, Writhlington Pantry and The Wombles for successful applications to our Small Fund grant pot!

group going - please consider joining the Radstock & Westfield Big Local team. Contact Rob for more information: or 07901950114.

The ‘Connecting Tyning’ project is an excellent way to bring people together and build upon the strong community spirit they have in their area. They will hold coffee mornings, update their new noticeboard and develop a local newsletter so that people can learn about and get involved in the great things that the community and their Tyning Together team are doing to make the area an even better place to live. The food and supplies pantry in Writhlington was set up by the community for their community in order to meet a need that people are facing in these difficult times. We’re pleased to help them make repairs to the distribution point and to stock up the pantry so that they can continue their outstanding work. People from all over the community have been doing their bit to clean the streets and green spaces. With support from our fund these amazing ‘wombles’ will soon be able to get together and celebrate what they’ve achieved, and even plan how they can bring their enthusiasm for a tidy and beautiful area into the schools, inspiring children to also make a positive difference. You can read all about the hundred+ projects we’ve supported on our website: We are a group of people from the community who have volunteered to take responsibility for the investment of £1m of lottery funds, for the benefit of the people who live and work here. We always need more people to join us, to contribute their opinions and knowledge of the area, and to keep the

Autumn 2020 Issue 1

Winter 2021 Issue 2



Welcome to your new community magazine Welcome to your new

community magaz




The Wheel

It’s all systems go at Southfield ...


is no denying the negative impact of the pandemic on local sport. It not only brought premature ends to the last two football seasons but meant some sports were not able to play any competitive fixtures at all. At Radstock Town, the club was hit with a ‘double whammy’ as not only could it not play games but plans to celebrate the club’s 125th anniversary had to be cancelled. However, rather than sitting back and feeling sorry for themselves, the club members’ rolled up their sleeves and started to action the long - planned reconstruction of the clubhouse. Scroll forward to now and whilst there are still a few small improvements to come, Radstock

Town can boast of a new clubhouse that has retained all its original friendliness, is bright, unpretentious and with a

The Wheel patio that enjoys uninterrupted views over beautiful countryside. It was in 1930 that the local community formed a social club to support the continuation of football in the town and it has been doing just that ever since! In the early days, funds were raised through whist drives, dances in the Victoria Hall and the selling of refreshments and sweets on match days. Now, with improved and larger premises, the social club aims are not to simply support football but also the greater community through opening the premises to other groups and societies who don’t have their own facilities. Our friendly staff will also, of course, welcome the opportunity to host parties, wedding receptions and other celebrations or functions.

One great addition to the new building is a beautifully engraved RTFC social club crest which was created and donated by Andy Wrintmore. The crest depicts the club’s relationship with the town’s industrial heritage of coal mining and railways whose employees started the team in the 1880’s as part of a local sports association along with, quoits, cricket and athletics. It quickly became a club, in its own right, as Radstock Wanderers in 1889 but changed its name again when it affiliated to the Somerset FA in 1895 to Radstock Town. The last 125 years has seen the club ply its trade in the Western, Somerset and Wiltshire County Leagues enjoying good and bad times in equal


measure. However, whilst Covid acted as a catalyst for the rejuvenation of the social club it has been extremely frustrating for the football side as the early close to the 2019/20 season saw the first team denied the opportunity to win promotion and then during the recent FA restructuring, missing out again by the smallest margin on a two season accumulative points per game formula. But adversity can often be a prequel to good things happening and with a young dynamic management team and a great youth project in process, climbing the National League is an ambition that is surely destined to become a reality. To achieve this, the club will need to make a number of ground improvements and thanks to a flourishing relationship with Radstock Town Council there are plans in hand to develop Southfield into a football and recreation ground that the community will be proud of and will ensure that when success comes on the playing field, the town and ground will be ready. Of course, good things do not come without someone’s hard work and the club would like to thank all the members and local businesses who have contributed to its success so far but would also like to appeal for more volunteers to come forward and help to create the future just as they did in the 1800’s and again in the 1930’s and for firms in the area who are looking for marketing opportunities to talk to us, it is surprising how supportive the football family can be! But most of all, we want everyone in the local area to enjoy our new facilities so, please come along. You and your family are certainly assured of a warm welcome and if you believe you have what it takes to play for the club, whether as an adult or under 18 or would like to volunteer, just get in touch. Finding out more about the social or football club could not be easier, simply call 07730458486 or find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Dave, Radstock Town FC


The Wheel


will be running 2 days of Wild Art over the August Bank Holiday [Sat 28 & Sun 29th] at Haydon Batch. The free project, which is funded by Radstock Town Council, will encourage families to connect with nature, and to use their creativity to make beautiful pieces of art from found objects and natural materials. Families will work with artist Angela Hill, who will provide them with art packs as well as her expertise as both artist and forest school practitioner. Adults and children alike will benefit from spending time outdoors, connecting with nature and specifically the landscape of Radstock itself.

Image: Angela Hill

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RADSTOCK 01761 413285

COLEFORD 01373 812248

FROME 01373 452116

The Wheel


Radstock Community HUB Come on down to Radstock Community Hub

Library and print a parcel label, copy a form, Google a book ... or even – as it’s a Library – borrow a book! And it’s all free…! Radstock Library have three computers available for you to use – free of charge! Our most popular use is people printing return postage labels for packages – but others want to book a visit to the Waste and Recycling Centre or print a form they need to complete, or simply to sit down and research a topic. Printing is only 10p per black and white page and you can also photocopy pages at the same price – or 15p for colour copies. At busy times, you may need to book a computer and we limit any one session to 30 minutes a time – one of the computers is height adjustable so should be accessible to anyone.

We recently celebrated Elmer Day and our four wonderful winners in the colouring competition won three new Elmer story books. For Harry Potter Day, several special delivery owls flew across the windows delivering letters to the cabinet under the stairs and the Mayor gave away free copies of books to unsuspecting shoppers to celebrate World Book Night.

The Library has had a delivery of new books children’s stories, crime, adventures, romance – so come and see what you can find.



The Wheel

Sight support west of england Sight Support West of England improve

the quality of life for visually impaired people in Radstock. We provide practical & emotional support for people adjusting to living with sight loss. We support people to continue to live independently by equipping them with the tools they need and create peer and social networks to help reduce isolation. We believe that sight loss shouldn’t stop people reaching their full potential. Working across Bath, Bristol and South Gloucestershire, we are the only charity in the region providing local, face-to-face support. Thanks to the grant awarded by Radstock Town Council, we have been able to continue supporting those living with sight loss in Radstock and create a community hub for the residents of Radstock. We are proud of the way we have responded to the very challenging times of the last year. We have been able to continue to offer practical and emotional support to people living with sight loss in Radstock by adapting our services. The Community Sight Loss Advisor for Radstock has been offering practical support that people could use and access without leaving their homes including individual coaching and teaching on using technology and has continued to identify any additional support needs and referred people to our new volunteer befriending service if they were feeling lonely and isolated.

We have created audio-described fitness classes to help people stay active and encouraged people to try our free audio-book postal service. Throughout lockdown, many events – including regular social clubs to support the most vulnerable and isolated older people – were moved online or suspended. Our virtual services are still a lifeline for many, and we will continue to offer technology training, as well as a number of online opportunities for people to share interests, meet up, or learn online. We have recently created a community hub in Midsomer Norton Town Hall where people can drop in or make appointments to see their Community Sight Loss Advisor, try out equipment, or get support. If anyone would like any more information about our services please contact info@ or call 0117 322 4885.

The Wheel


News from Trinity Methodist Church During

the Covid-19 Lockdowns, Trinity Methodist Church was unfortunately unable to hold services, either at the building in the centre of Radstock or the one at Westfield but was able to resume at the end of May 2021 for Pentecost. Even though this has required face masks, social distancing and no singing, it has been a joy to gather together in person to worship our God. We are now meeting at 10.30 a.m. on Sunday mornings, alternating between our two buildings. While we could not open, our Minister, Revd Martin Slocombe, did an excellent job in circulating a weekly service to members and friends (by email or surface post as necessary) and also gave us the opportunity to ‘Chatback’ and discuss the themes

from the services on Zoom. We have also now been able to welcome people back to enjoy coffee etc. on Saturday mornings, again, alternating between the two buildings. Please look at the posters we have displayed for details. It is such a joy to see folk coming back to worship and for coffee. Please come and join us when you are able, we shall be so pleased to welcome you!

maxem eyewear Husband and Wife team, Vicky and Matt Andrews have over 20 years experience in the optical industry and have opened a dispensing only shop that offers an independent personal service with competitive prices. Dispensing only means that you just need to bring in an up to date prescription to order spectacles. All the spectacle and sunglass frames range from £30 £70 and coated lenses start from £30 per pair. They are also happy to reglaze any cherished frames, pince-nez or even monocles at no extra charge. Matt has run his own business called Maxem Glazing, providing a service directly to opticians all around the country. Vicky is a fully qualified Dispensing Optician who is on hand for any help and advice that is needed for frame and lens selection. “Westfield Trading Estate was a perfect location for our business. With rent not as high, we can pass this saving onto our customers and offering a parking space just outside the door makes the trip worthwhile.”

Unit 1, Block 33, Second Avenue, Westfield Industrial Estate, BA3 4BH Tel: 01761 235802 Find us @maxemeyewear

Affordable prices with an independent service. Same day service available. Repair service. Covid measures in place.

Affordable prices with an independent service. ur yo . in tion Same day service available. g p rin cri Repair service. ase bt pres e l P rren Covid measures cin u place.


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THE STORY PROJECT An exciting new project is getting underway in

and around Radstock. With the support of Radstock Library, local schools will collaborate to write, illustrate, and publish a children’s story together. Trinity Church Primary School and St Mary’s Church of England Primary School Timsbury are both part of the Midsomer Norton Schools Partnership. Both schools will be working closely with published children’s author and teacher, Farah Downing. Over a term, both schools will work toward a common goal; to write, illustrate & publish a story that celebrates Radstock and embraces the folklore and tales associated with the area. As the story develops, Farah talks to the children about what the publisher will need, invites the publisher to meet the children, as well as visiting the publishing house with the children, where possible. Farah, who has recently moved to the area, is a Creative Arts specialist with a teaching career spanning decades. In her previous home in Cornwall, Farah worked on similar projects including working with over 100 Y5 children from Cornish schools to produce & publish Tyrannosaurus Tate, a picture book about the famous gallery. Her mission is to make writing fun by working creatively across art

forms with children and young people to make something fresh and meaningful. To find out more, watch Farah’s short film on YouTube. Just search Farah Downing writer. The aim of The Story Project is for children to learn that anyone can be a writer, designer, illustrator, publisher or printer. The launch event will be held at our local library, where students involved will take part in a mass book signing- enjoying press coverage and celebrity status!


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Collecting Antiques From the considerable number of TV programs

based around antiques, it is clear that collecting them is now a matter of considerable interest to the public. In order to understand this development, let us define exactly what an antique actually is. Up to a few years ago it was all very simple, “any item over 100 years old was the accepted definition of an antique.” Subsequently, this definition was expanded to include items over 40 years as vintage and over 20 years as retro. This of course has opened up many more areas to collect, and in the process created a huge market of affordable items

of the “vintage” or “retro” type. Unlike the traditional antiques trade, these are generally sold directly to the general public through car boot sales and antique fairs, and their preservation makes a valuable and important contribution to our social history. A good example is the humble fire iron set, once found in every home in the country from the 16th century to date and now a collectable item. How many modern children would know what they were used for if asked today? Good Hunting!! C. Currie

This is an example of a 18th century Tinder Lighter. Although this particular example is a copy imported from Italy in the 1950’s, it is still sought after by collectors for its accuracy and quality.

Victorian ink bottle and pen. One feature that makes them unique, is the base of the bottle being designed to allow it to be used either at 90 degrees or 45 degrees, the latter making it easier for the pen to access. Bottle collecting has a large following and these small items are very popular. Napoleonic war paper knife. At first glance this appears to be ivory and Asian in origin. In fact it is French made in England by a French P.O.W. Prisoners were allowed to supplement their meagre rations by making and selling items like this to visitors. Although not seen at car boot sales very often, these items do turn up on occasion and create high collector interest. Portable candle sticks. These are seen occasionally, once the oval container is unscrewed in halve, two candle holders appear that screw into their respective halves, thus creating a identical pair of candlesticks and are very collectable.


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are a youth work charity based in Bath and North East Somerset and deliver youth work provision in Radstock every Monday and Wednesday 7-9pm. These static sessions have been running outside at the church tea rooms and basketball courts over the summer months. The team provide activities for young people including cooking, arts and crafts and sports following the NYA guidance throughout in the pandemic. The team were granted funding by Radstock Town Council to host a targeted girl’s group which would be a safe space to explore mental health, emotions, self-care, and relationships. On the success of this project, which has now finished, the town council have granted funding for a further project around young people’s health and wellbeing which will start soon. YCSW will lead the Holiday Activity Fund (HAF) for teenagers across North East Somerset – called Breakout. This is a government initiative for young people who need extra support during the holidays. We will have art and music workshops, sports, and games across the week, with food provided. The scheme is now open for registration and details can be found on our website to secure your place. Sessions will be running in Radstock at the church tea rooms from August 2nd on Wednesdays as an extension to our regular session from 4pm, for four weeks. At the end of July, we said goodbye to Katy Roberts and Judy Illingworth who lead delivery in the area. Both Katy and Judy have built up good relationships with young people and the local community. Carrie Ford, youth work team leader, will take over delivery at the sessions in Radstock and said: “Katy and Judy have been key to our delivery throughout the

pandemic, from delivering detached in the freezing winter months to braving outside static sessions in the rain. Both will be missed by young people and the team at YCSW. We wish them well in their future endeavours.” YCSW also provide wider support for individual young people and their families, through our engagement team. If you require additional support i.e. with careers, mental/physical health, education, then please drop us a message or call and we can arrange a referral with the team. Steff Reynolds from the team, has been running a short gardening project on Monday, for young people in years 11, 12, 13 to get involved in an activity but also discuss next steps for education or training. Steff and Carrie are looking to host further short projects together in the Autumn. Keep an eye on our website and socials for more details. For more information about our youth work provision, or any of the work that we carry out please contact; Carrie Ford – 07875488718 Visit our website uk or look us up on Facebook & Instagram @ youthconnectsouthwest

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SWAN TRANSPORT – thanks to our fantastic drivers Swan Transport staff would like to

express thanks and the immense pride felt for their hard-working volunteer drivers who ensure that the transport scheme can run day to day and thank them for their commitment during the last challenging year. The Swan drivers have been tirelessly helping people get to essential trips, health and hospital appointments and Covid-19 vaccination centres across the county. As the Covid health situation eases slightly, more and more of our drivers have been able to return to their roles, although some are still needing to isolate and will hopefully be able to return later in the year.

At Swan, an individual service is provided for those older or disabled passengers in need living in the county that may require health or social journeys anywhere across the Bath & North East Somerset County and beyond. Sarah Oughton, from Swan, said: “Our drivers are the most important and vital ingredient to Swan’s success; we are always looking for new volunteer drivers to join our team. If you are interested in driving and you have the use of a car and would like to join Swan Transport drivers, I would love to hear from you.” Please ring Sarah on 01761 439548 or email Sarah at

A new headteacher for Writhlington School Keith Howard

started as the new Headteacher at Writhlington School. He has worked in schools within the Midsomer Norton Schools Partnership for 16 years, spending 11 years at Somervale School. For the last five years he has been Headteacher at St Dunstan’s School in Glastonbury and during this time the school was transformed from a school with considerable difficulties to an Ofsted rated ‘Good’ school, with a rising roll and is one of the top performing schools in Somerset. Keith commented: “I am very excited to be taking over from Alun Williams and really looking forward to leading the school. In the short time I have been here I have already seen what a warm and friendly school it is, and the positive and supportive relationships students and staff have. I will be seeking to embrace the changes made at the school and have the full support of Alun and the Trust as we move forward.

I have high expectations and want to see every student at Writhlington achieving their best, working hard, and taking pride in being part of the school community. I am very proud to be the Headteacher at Writhlington School, especially at this very exciting time of rapid improvement and development. I look forward to sharing our successes with you over the coming months and years and know that Writhlington School will be the school of choice for children in the Norton Radstock area.”

Outdoor Play & Explore Together Support your child’s development through outdoor play and exploration with activities designed to stimulate their senses and creativity

Where: Radstock Children’s Centre, BA3 3QG Top of the car park behind Radstock Children’s Centre When: Tuesdays 10:00 - 11:30am Cost: Currently FREE due to COVID guidelines (This will be reviewed) Ages: 0 to 5 years

Weekly booking essential as places are limited! To book a place for next week’s group telephone Radstock Children’s Centre 01225 396660

*Bring your own water bottle* BrightStartChildrensCentres

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Bright Start Children’s centre Outdoor “Play & Explore Together” is a group run by Megan and Justine who work for Bright Start Children’s Centres in Radstock. This group supports children’s development through outdoor play and exploration with activities designed to stimulate their senses and creativity.

together have been making bird feeders using lard and bird seed, making homes for mini-beasts using leaves and sticks, scavenger hunts, swinging on the rope swing and chilling in the hammock, cooking popcorn in the winter over our fire pit waiting for the kernels to pop, whittling and much more.

The group welcomes children under five and their parents/carers. There are opportunities for activities to be accessed out in the open and under shelters, so come rain or shine, we can explore together!

Booking is easy, please call the Children’s Centre to book your space due to covid restrictions. Booking is open from Thursday to Monday each week, and the group takes place on Tuesday mornings.

Natural resources can be found in a cosy sheltered space for our younger attendees. Every week we differentiate activities. Recent activities we enjoy

Spaces are limited, but we would love to meet you!

All aspects of roofing – Lead specialists

• Roof Replacement • Detailed Lead Work • Repairs • Fibreglass • Flat Roofing • UPVC Fascias and Soffits

01225 251458 | 07540 700908


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The Wonderful Wombles! It is good to see children joining in with their parents. Educating the young is so important. To this end we have decided to approach the secondary schools in the area with a view of presenting assemblies and encouraging a more positive attitude towards our environment and community.

In the middle of February, a new group, on

Facebook, has sprung up called The Wombles of Midsomer Norton and surrounding areas. We now have over three hundred members! There is a strong core of around thirty five people who regularly pick several times a week. We also organise large litter picking events which of course, all are invited to join. Head Wombles promote our project and approach businesses for sponsorship A huge thank you to all you dedicated Wombles! We would love to encourage other people to join in with the regular pickers to help keep our communities free of litter. A recent group pick was in Radstock. The Wombles kindly gave their time to ensure that the centre of Radstock was cleared of litter before the visit by a representative from The Royal Horticulture Society to judge the floral displays in the town.

The group also haul out and stack fly tipping they encounter in hedges and verges. This is reported to councils via the website Fixmystreet. A team is sent to remove it so long as it is on a public area. We have been helped enormously by local businesses that have been very generous in providing us with litter picking equipment. A huge thank you to the following: Ryan Church, Sean Fletcher, Fosseway Tree Services, Ian Hobbs Technical Services, Buildbase, Integrity Printers and also to Signefex who have provided signs for us. It is very encouraging that so many are keen to help! If anyone has the energy, time and enthusiasm to join our group, you would be most welcome. Equipment is provided by the group at each organised event, or should you wish to Womble on your own, pickers and gold council sacks can be collected from Radstock Town Council. Sandra Coles

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CLERK’S MESSAGE What a beautiful sunny day today, it really feels like the start of the Summer and hopefully restrictions easing to allow us to properly see our friends and families and enjoy a few days out or a break. Or maybe even getting a bit of exercise.

The Radstock In Bloom team have worked really hard with dual hatter Sean, Chair of Radstock In Bloom and RTC grounds contractor having worked tirelessly to make the area bloomin’ beautiful. With lots of support and help from the rest of the Bloomers, local residents, Wombles and groups we really hope the judging next week will give the results they/you all deserve! RTC is working on a number of projects and here is just a snippet for you: •M aster Plan for Haydon Batch: The area is an amazing space with great opportunity to enhance the area for all users and preserve the ecology and wildlife. New Leaf Studio have been appointed to create a master plan. Some of the initial thoughts and ideas are; improved paths, interpretation boards, dog training areas and improved accessibility. We will need your help; public consultation will be held once Andy and the team at New Leaf have completed further research and reviewed potential opportunities. Please also note the Wild Art Project by Creativity Works that will take place on this beautiful site. •N eighbourhood Plan: Now the B&NES plan is coming to a conclusion we are looking to start the plan for Radstock area, this will include all the villages and areas within the Town Council’s cover. Public Workshop – Thursday 2 September 18.00, venue and further details to be confirmed. •C limate Emergency: We are taking further steps to review how the Town Council can support the

Climate Emergency, part of this will be covered in the Neighbourhood Plan. Public Workshop – Thursday 23 September 18.00, venue and further details to be confirmed. We are also working closely with B&NES on: • Christmas Street Lighting: We are looking at a change of theme for the street lights and also looking at RTC’s lighting in the Miners’ Memorial Wheel area. • Access bridge between St Nicholas’ School and the Brunel Shed: we hope will be installed before the new school year. • New lease for Tom Huyton Play park and creating an upgrade plan for implementation over the next 5 years. There are many ways you can get involved with the Council and make a difference in your area. Members of the public are welcome at any of the council meetings, the Councillors are there to represent our local residents and act on your behalf but you are also welcome to send us your thoughts and ideas. If you want to follow more of our activities and projects there are many ways from the meetings, our website, the community hub and here in the magazine. We all work on behalf of our local residents and would love for you to get involved in some of the upcoming workshops and meetings (further details will be confirmed closer to the time). Take care and hope for a great summer. George Clutten - Town Clerk


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Cllr Gary Dando Radstock Haydon Ward T: 01761 432739 M: 07813 904923 E:

Cllr Chris Dando Radstock Centre Ward T: 01761 432918 M: 0771 3103380 E:

Cllr Mrs Elizabeth Derl-Davis Radstock Centre Ward T: 01761 439119 E:

Cllr Rupert Bevan - Mayor Radstock Centre Ward M: 07980 607127 E:

Cllr Mike Boulton Radstock Haydon Ward T: 01761 436681 E:

Cllr Nick Toogood Radstock Writhlington Ward M: 07715 939804 E:

Cllr Bruce Shearn Radstock Clandown Ward T: 01761 751117 E:

Cllr Colin Currie Radstock Centre Ward T: 01761 420296 E:

RADSTOCK TOWN COUNCIL Radstock Community Hub The Street Radstock Somerset, BA3 3PR Cllr Robert Langley Radstock Writhlington Ward M: 07970 708216 E:

Cllr M atthew Shearn M: 07710 263998 E:

Cllr Adrian Dodgson M: 07812 046091 E:

T: 01761 437962 E: council@radstock-tc.

Responsibilities can build up when you care for someone You’re not alone. The Carers’ Centre is here to support you.

0800 0388 885 Monday–Friday, 8.15am–3pm

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