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Vol .265•Apr -May2020

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AGA-BC Releases COVID-19 BMP?s for Golf Operations


COVID-19 BMP?s for Sportsfields Being Worked On


Turf Managers Talk About Dealing With COVID-19


2021 Conference Announcement


WCTA Surveys BC Golf Superintendents re COVID-19

President's Message

Rule of Three ? WCTA Completes the River Rock Conference Tri- Fecta

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Aft er 19 years of conference product ion, t he dynamic duo of Janice and Syd Pickerell are ret iring. On behalf of t he ent ire membership, we appreciat e your dedicat ion and wish you all t he best in t he fut ure! PG 05 | MAY 2020






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On t h e cover : Keynote speaker, Carl Valentine of the Vancouver Whitecaps, kicks off our 2020 Conference and Trade Show (or in this case, it was a throw-in) Image credit: MAYOWILL PHOTOGRAPHY

Cover St or y AGA-BC Releases COVID-19 BMP?S for Golf Operations COVID-19 BMP?s for Sportsfields Being Worked On Rule Of Three - WCTA Completes The River Rock Conference Tri-fecta Turf Managers Talk About Dealing With Covid-19 Regu lar Colu m n s Image Of The Month Board Of Directors Look Who's Joined the WCTA Membership Is For Everyone Con f er en ce New s 2021 Conference Announcement Edu cat ion New s Coming Events Summary

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WCTA New s President's Message 21st Annual Silent Auction Results 2020 WCTA Student Award Winners Announced GCSAA Webinars Approved WCTA Supports Turf Managers By Investing In 2020 Research Projects 2020 AGM Minutes In du st r y Br ief Sports Turf Canada Message re COVID-19 At Last, IPM Manual For Turf Ready To Go! Allied Golf Association Of BC Newsletter Sign-up WCTA Surveys BC Golf Superintendents re COVID-19

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M essage f r om t h e WCTA Pr esiden t

Dear W CTA Membersand Colleagues, On March 18, we sent you the followingnote, ?Duringthe Covid-19 concern,the WCTAwill be sendingessentialcommunications only. Hopefullythisconcernisshort lived, but asan association,we want to remainproactiveand will continue workingon memberinitiativesand support whereverpossibleduring thisdifficult time.? Since then,there has been a massiveamount of information comingfrom all levelsof government,health officials,the media,industry associationsand others,as the COVID-19 pandemicquickly evolves. Keepingup with, filteringand understandingthis informationis challengingand time consuming. Like everyoneand as much as possible,the WCTA Board and staff have been monitoringthe situation as it progresses. PG 08 | MAY 2020

There have been many questions about how government recommendationsand mandatesaffect TRAVISOLSON our industry, Kamloops G& CC financial trav_olson @hotmail.com assistancefor businessesand workers,worker safety,layoffsand operational concernslike minimal maintenanceprograms. There have also been questions about the WCTA?sposition on the issue,in particular whether or not golf coursesand sportsfield facilitiesshould be open during the COVID-19outbreak. The WCTA?sprimary concern is the health and safety of our members. We recognizeand support government authority in this matter,understandingthat as CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE


the situationchanges,the one constant is that we all must adhere t o orders/mandat esfrom Provincial Healt h Officesand regional healt h aut horit ies,along wit h ot her aut horit iessuch as Healt h Canada. Whether or not your facility has been mandatedto close or has the option to remain open,we want to stressthat everyonemust follow safe pract icesto ensure the health and safety of all those in our workforceand in our communities.

spanningall departments. We expect these protocolswill help us quickly develop a similar document for sportfieldmanagers, ensuringall WCTA membersare provided informationthat will help ensure safe practicesat their facilitieswhile establishinga very high standard throughout the turfgrassmanagement industry.

Movingforward,our plan is to resumesemi-normal communicationsand association functionsstartingwith our To help with this, the WCTA has post-conferencee-newsletterthat been participatingvery actively would have normally been with the Allied Golf Associationof circulateda few weeksafter the BC. Brett Finlayson,BCGSA show. In addition,staff is working representativeand WCTA on the April/MayTurf Line news ExecutiveDirector,Jerry Rousseau, issue with distributionanticipated have been tasked by the AGA-BC for early May. Board to develop ?COVID-19 I hope you are stayingsafe and Protection? Best Practicesfor healthy during these ResponsibleOperationof Golf unprecedentedtimesand I look Courses?,aimed at providinga forward to resumingour normal comprehensiveresourcefor golf daily routines. If you have any maintenancepersonnel. These questionsor comments,please BMP?swill make up one of three email feedback@wctaturf.com. modules,the otherscoveringfood & beverageand clubhouseoperations TravisOlson plus the resourcewill includea W CTA President section for common best practices PG 10 | MAY 2020

2020/2021 WC 183 WCTA members attendedthe 2020 Annual General Meetingheld Wednesday,February 12 at the River Rock Hotel in Richmond,BC. With an equal number of nomineesfor Officer and Directorsas there were positionsopen and no nominations from the floor,the new Board wasestablished by acclamation.

Fr om lef t t o r igh t : Jed M cGeach ie, Pet er Sor ok ovsk y, Davin M ar r , An dr e Dion n e, Cam Wat t , Gar y Bar t ley (Tr avis Olson , St u Car m ich ael an d Jesse Cow an m issin g)



Tr av is Ol son

Camer on Wat t

Kaml oops G&CC (250) 554- 1441

UBCAt hl et ics (778) 840- 8161

Cit y of Bur naby, Par ks, Rec & CULTRALSERVICES (604) 297- 449

t r av_ ol son@hot mail .com

camf wat t @gmail .com

pet er .sor okovsky@bur naby.ca

PG 12 | MAY 2020

Pet er Sor okovsky


CTA Board of Directors




Andr e Dionne

Gar y Bar t l ey

Jed McGeachie

Cit y of Coquit l am

UBCAt hl et ics

Ov er t on Env ir onment al

(604) 927- 6246

(604) 970- 1417

(604) 807- 6768

adionne@coquit l am.ca

gar y.bar t l ey@ubc.ca

j ed@ov er t onee.ca




Jesse Cowan

St u Car michael

Dav in Mar r

Gal l agher ?s Canyon GC

Cit y of Cour t enay

Hil l v iew Gol f Cour se

(250) 862- 1540

(250) 338- 1766 x7643

(250) 549- 4653

j cowan@gol f bc.com PG 13 | MAY 2020

scar michael @cour t enay.ca dav int mar r @hot mail .com




educat ion


AGA-BC Releases COVID-19 BMP?Sfor Golf Operations The Allied Golf Association of BC (AGA-BC) has released a comprehensive set of COVID-19 ?Best Management Practices? covering three areas of golf facility operations, golf shop/clubhouse, food and beverage and course maintenance/turf care. The group unifies multiple provincial golf industry sector organizations and is dedicated to providing one cohesive voice for the golf industry of British Columbia. The announcement included PG 16 | MAY 2020

the following statement(s): ?With over 300 golf courses in all areas of the province, it is critical that all golf operations in British Columbia immediately align with COVID-19 orders, direction and safety protocols



t he



COVID-19 BMP's for Sportsfields Being Worked On

WCTA staff?sintimate involvementin creatingthe Allied Golf Associationof BC?s?Best ManagementPracticesFor ResponsibleOperationof Golf Courses?resource,posted in draft form on April 21, has provided substantialinsight into BMP requirementsand writingamidst the current COVID-19outbreak. In support of our sportsfield manager members,a sub-committeeconsistingof Gary Bartley UBC Athletics,Andre Dionne,City of Coquitlamand WCTA ExecutiveDirector,Jerry Rousseau,has been createdto addressthe need for BMP?sin this sector. ?Two meetingshave alreadytaken place and we have a great start,? commentedRousseau,adding, ?Thereare a lot of golf similarities we can draw from and AGA?s PG 17 | MAY 2020

templateis outstandingbut of coursethere are significant differencesand uniquesituations for our sportsfieldpersonnelthat need to be addressed.? ?Understandingthat every operationis different,as are federal,provincialand municipal requirements,is key to the process of creatingan industryresource that helpsmitigatehealth and safety concerns,?explained Bartley. ?By creatinga minimum standard,we can write protocols that will be applicableto most Sportsfieldmanagersand staff.? Added Rousseau,?Thistype of initiativeisn?t entirelynew to us but the scale of addressing COVID-19challengesis. BC Golf Coursesnow have an amazing resource,as good as anythingout there,and we are lookingto providethe same for sportsfields.?

t he



21st Annual Silent Auction Results

In its 21st year, the WCTA Annual Silent Auction has raised funds for the purpose of funding important turf research projects that advance our industry. The SA, and of course the research itself, would not be possible without the generous PG 18 | MAY 2020

contributions of our suppliers. We are pleased to announce $6,177 was raised by this year's silent auction at the River Rock Casino Resort however we fell short of last year?s total of $7,986. CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE


SILENTAUCTIONSUMMARY Again, please support the following donors who generously supplied auction items, without whom this fundraising effort would not be possible. And of course, congratulations to all the bid winners! Associat ed Irrigat ion & Technologies Bos Sod Farms Inc. Bret t Young English Lawns Greenworks Commercial Highland Redi-Green Turf Farm Kubot a Canada Lt d Premier Pacific Seeds Professional Development Solut ions Robert Kains Golf Course Design Rollins Machinery Sport s Turf Canada Taylor's Turf Care Product s

PG 19 | MAY 2020

TerraLink Turf Healt h Product s (THP) Vancouver W hit ecaps The WCTA would also like to especially thank on-site Silent Auction Managers Syd Pickerell and Jim Ross, along with Leslie Carnell, WCTA Executive Administrator, who did a ton of legwork and coordination in advance of the show.

?The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself.? ? Henry Miller

t he



At Last, IPM Manual For Turf Ready To Go!

A major rewriteto the Integrated Pest Management(IPM)Manual for TurfgrassManagers,originally a resourceproducedin partnershipbetweenthe Western CanadaTurfgrassAssociationand the BC Ministryof Agriculturein the early 2000'sand last updated in 2009,is complete. Fundedby a $35,000grant from the BC Ministryof Environment, the Allied Golf Associationof BC commissionedwork to begin in the fall of 2016 after an RFP for the rewritewas circulatedin October 2015. CropHealthAdvisingand Research,Mario Lanthier Principal,was awardedthe contract to producethis free, onlineresource,the creationof which wassteeredby the BC Allied Golf Association's'Environmental AdvocacyCommittee'. The manual has taken much longer to producethan anticipated. AGA-BCPresident Trevor Smith stated,?A lot more work went into PG 20 | MAY 2020

this resourcethan was expected, for example,39 site visitstook place late in 2016 to gather informationand take photos. That was19 more than we asked for.? Smith added,?The author was given plenty of latitudeto produce the best IPM resourcefor turf managementin existenceand it certainlywasworth the wait.? Post from the AGA-BCwebsite: ?Thispublicationreviewsthe biology and managementof pest problemscommonlyfound in lawnsand turf in British Columbia, Canada.It is designedfor professionalturf managers workingat golf courses,public agenciesor landscape maintenancecompanies.Avid gardenerswill also find some useful information.? CLICK HERE to download Ps ? the document is very large and hasbeen

thoroughly proofed but it you see any errors, please pass them along to feedback@wctaturf.com

t he

cov er

st or y BY W CTA STA FF

Ru le of Th r ee - WCTA Com plet es t h e River Rock Con f er en ce Tr i-Fect a From February 11-13, 2020 and for the third straight year, the WCTA Conference and Trade Show was held at the unique and exceptional River Rock Casino Resort in Richmond, British Columbia. Now that our 57th annual event is in the history books, we PG 22 | MAY 2020

wanted to share some highlights over the three days. For those who attended, thank you for participating and for your tremendously positive feedback, it looks like the rule of three is correct, you know, the one that suggests every set of three is complete! CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE


Here?s a quick look at the stats:

Four Pre-Conference Seminars kicked off the program on Tuesday followed by one of the most popular functions, our annual President's Reception:

There?s work to do in Mario Lanthiers?CEC pre-con seminar. PG 23 | MAY 2020


click h er e t o r ead t h e f u ll ar t icle

PG 24 | MAY 2020


wct a


2020 WCTA Student Award Winners Announced

Cody Lit t le

Pat r icia Sloan

Every year, the WCTA sets aside up to $2500 for deserving students enrolled in an accredited Turfgrass management. There were six applications this year. Congrat ulat ions t o our 2020 winners!

Cody Lit t le (Olds College) $1000.00 Pat ricia Sloan (Thompson Rivers Universit y) - $750.00 PG 26 | MAY 2020

Nat h an Hagel

Nat hen Hagel (KPU Turf Management ) - $750.00 We would like to take a moment to thank our award committee members, Chair Peter Sorokovsky, Dave Duncan, Kevin Neufeld and Scott Mitchell, for making the time to assist with this year?s selections. Worth noting, all applications were high quality and it was indeed an extremely difficult decision making process. CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE


To the WCTA, I extend my gratitude towards the Western Canada Turf Association for selecting me as a recipient for the 2020 student scholarship. Thanksto your support, I will maintain momentum to complete the Applied Bachelor of Science in TurfgrassManagement at Olds College. The outlook on the future of golf in Canada continuously motivatesme to educate and provide great opportunitiesfor myself and my work colleagues. The curriculum at OldsCollege will allow me to make a lasting impression on the turf industry for many years to come through the expertise and knowledge gained through the studies. Being a part of the WCTA hasencouraged me to network and communicate with fellow industry professionalsto learn from and appreciate their commitment to the ongoing development of the turf industry. I look forward to being a larger part of the community throughout my career. Thank you, Cody Little

PG 27 | MAY 2020



I would just like to extend my appreciation to you, the board and the WCTA. I?m overwhelmed with gratitude at having been selected asa recipient of the 2020 Student Awards. The turf industry continues to amaze and inspire me. I?m so excited to continue pursuing my career aspirationsand growing within this incredible industry. I hope one day that I?m able to help give back to other deserving students. Again, Thank you so much for thisopportunity. I look forward to meeting you in the future. Sincerely, Patricia Sloan Dear WCTA, Thank you for selecting me asone of this year?s recipientsof the WCTA Student Award! I?ve been working extremely hard this winter commuting back and forth from Kamloopsto the Lower mainland weekly for class. This award money has helped me to finish the ?home stretch?of my schooling and allowed me to have a relatively stress-free transition into my first Golf Superintendent role. Thanksagain, and I?m looking forward to playing an active role within the WCTA for yearsto come! Cheers, Nathan Hagel PG 28 | MAY 2020

t he

wct a


Look Who's Joined the WCTA April 2020 Update

As a unified voice for the professional golf and sportsturf management industry in western Canada, the WCTA is currently 695 members st rong, up 25 from last report ! 2020 is well underway and we've welcomed 67 new and ret urning members since the start of our fiscal year! (Sep 1) Welcome and thank you for your support and confidence in our association. We also appreciate the 1500+ non-WCTA members on our mailing list for your interest in WCTA activities. If you know someone who would benefit from a WCTA membership, ie Turf Line News, annual conference, membership roster, job postings, CEC PG 30 | MAY 2020

program, etc, have them visit our online sign-up page Here. HERE'S OUR LATEST NEW AND RETURNED MEMBERS: Sam Abulail - City of Delta Curt is Bekar - Penticton G & CC Richard Cameron - Inland Properties Doug Chambers - Kwantlen University Morgan Creight on - Glencoe G & CC Mark Ekengren - City of Delta Blair Engert - Richmond CC CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE


Chris Falcioni - Dist. of N. Vancouver Parks Lindsay Forsyt he - UBC Garden Shop Darin Gerow - City of Salmon Arm Jason Giles - Kamloops G & CC Denver Hart - Capilano G & CC Danny Lat in - Mt. Paul GC Scot t McQuisit in - City of Richmond Parks Paolo Munegat t o - Pronto Enterprises Tyler Musgrove - Town of Gibsons Jerry Palmert on - Watertronics Jim Pruden - City of Delta Robert Ruff - City of Vancouver Rupert Park Pitch & Putt Brodie Simpkins - Richmond Country Club Andrew Skinner PG 31 | MAY 2020

- Dist. of N. Cowichan Pat ricia Sloan - Thompson Rivers University Darren Smit h - Skeena Valley GC Kyle St airs - Crown Isle GC Course Sam Sweet zer - Capilano Golf & Country Club Jon Thomas - City of Vancouver Langara GC Chris Veale - City of Delta Jason West rat e - City of Richmond Parks Whether you're from the golf, sportsfield, supply chain or any other turf industry sector, we would like to see your name on this list! Why? Because far more can be accomplished together than by each sector working on their own. One voice, pulling the same direction, avoiding duplication, whatever the cliche, it's the most effective and sensible approach, especially when our industry needs to face tough issues.

PG 32 | MAY 2020


PG 33 | MAY 2020




Turf Managers Talk About Dealing with COVID-19

With the magnitude of turf management industry questions amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, there?s no doubt the best source of information, in terms of what?s actually happening ?in the field?, is our own members. There?s certainly been a lot of helpful twitter chatter, email chains and likely countless individual phone calls but we?d like to make a small attempt at consolidating and sharing what?s happening at some of our members?facilities and businesses. We?ve leaned on several present and past WCTA Directors with a questionnaire focussing on operational PG 34 | MAY 2020

challenges rather than government support programs for business and workers. There?s plenty of information on the latter from official sources but not so much on the former. Here?s what we heard: Qu est ion 1 ? Ar e you st ayin g h ealt h y an d saf e? Gar y Bar t ley, UBC Athletics ? Yes Pet er Sor ok ovsk y, City of Burnaby Golf Operations ? Yes Davin M ar r , Hillview Golf Course - As safe as any other time. Jesse Cow an , Gallagher ?s Canyon Golf Course - Yes, the CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE


grounds maintenance team have implemented extensive measures to ensure the health and safety of our team. Nik Wall, Premier Pacific Seeds - Yes, we at Premier Pacific Seeds Ltd are safe and healthy. Tab Bu ck n er , Township of Langley - Yes and working from home. Qu est ion 2 - Is you r f acilit y/ oper at ion ?open?? If yes, ar e t h er e par t s t h at ar e closed? Is an y com pon en t of you r oper at ion con sider ed an essen t ial ser vice? Gar y Bar t ley, UBC Athletics No the facilities are not open. We have all the fields and buildings that can be locked. We have posted signage stating that the fields are closed due to Covid and please follow PHO orders. Pet er Sor okovsk y, City of PG 35 | MAY 2020

Burnaby Golf Operations - All aspects of the golf course are closed. There is security posted at the front gates and the public is not allowed on the site. Office staff are working as usual and help with on course patrols. Buildings that can be are locked. We have posted signage at various points around the fence line stating that the golf course is closed due to Covid-19 and please follow Parks orders. Greens, tees, and fairways have been given tier II essential services status. Davin M ar r , Hillview Golf Course - We are open for golf only. 1 person is allowed in the clubhouse at a time to check in



t he

educat ion


COM ING EVENTS Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, events and meetings are being cancelled or postponed. We will do our best to provide status updates on all turf management events, meetings and field days as the situation progresses. M ay 20 Ju n 3 Ju n 16 Ju n 18 Ju l 14 Ju l 14 Ju l 19-20

BCGSA Lower Mainland ? UBC Golf Club BCGSA Kootenay Chapter ? Granite Pointe Golf Club VIGSA ? Ardmore GC BCGSA Interior Chapter ? Black Mountain BCGSA Interior Chapter ? Talking Rock BCGSA Kootenay Chapter ? Greywolf Golf Course VIGSA ? March Meadows, 4th Annual Dave Creamer Tourney Au g 9-10 BCGSA Exchange, Copper Point m id Au g Alberta Sports Field Day - Olds College -cancelled Sep 24 BCGSA Lower Mainland Windup ? Whistler Sep 30-Oct 1 CanWest Hort Show, Abbotsford Tradex Sep 30 BCGSA Northern Chapter ? Smithers GC Sep ?? VIGSA Windup ? Campbell River G&CC Oct 11-13 NTA Conference, Gamble Sands PG 36 | MAY 2020



Oct ?? BCGSA Interior Windup, Summerland Nov 10 BCGSA Interior Chapter AGM, Gallagher ?s Canyon Nov 10-12 Golf Business Canada, Vancouver (NGCOA, CGSA, BCGSA) Nov 19-20 Green Industry Show & Conference, Edmonton Nov 22-24 Alberta Property Managers, Canmore Dec 3 BCGSA Lower Mainland Christmas Lunch location TBA

* We will make updates and add details as further information becomes available. PG 37 | MAY 2020


educat ion


Free GCSAA Webinars Approved for BC CEC Points! In partnership with the Ontario Golf Superintendents? Association (OGSA), the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA) has made select On Demand webinars available for no charge until July 1, 2020. Our connection to GCSAA through the First Green program has enabled WCTA members to get in on the deal and we have now received CEC point approval from the BC Ministry of Environment (see below for session descriptionsand point values). Visit GCSAA?s websit e to create a username and password. If you are not a GCSAA member, contact Lisa Wick at lwick@gcsaa.org after doing so and she can connect you to the PG 38 | MAY 2020

Canadian Credits category. Then log into the Learning Hub and go to the Canadian Credits category to find the Version for CEC that has no fee and register. Each On Demand webinar includes the recording and a short quiz required to earn CECs. Once completed you can then download your certificate of completion which must then be forwarded to the WCTA at admin@wctaturf.com so we can post points to your record.



t he



Allied Golf Association of BC Newsletter Sign-Up If your career relatesto the BC Golf Courseindustryin any way, you might consider signingup for the AGA-BCe-newsletter. Whether you work in turf care,the pro shop,club management, industrysupply chain,education, research,marketing,retail or even food and beverage,it?s a smart move to stay abreast of industry happeningsthat could affect you.

industrysectorsto discuss commonissues,collaborate,lobby, grow the game and generally,keep up with all issuesaffectinggolf.

For thosewho don?t know,the Allied Golf Associationof British Columbiahas been workingin the backgroundfor about a decade and representsa strongeffort to bringtogether multiplegolf

AGA-BCcurrentlyincludesfive member associations:

PG 40 | MAY 2020

Other provinceshave similar groupsand the National Allied Golf Association(NAGA)was createdto performa similar functionat the national level. Ideally,all these groupswould be connectedbut it?s not quite there yet.

- British ColumbiaGolf / Golf Canada? Kris Jonassonand Blair Armitage - British ColumbiaGolf Marketing CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE


Alliance? TrishaLarsen and Andy Hedley - British ColumbiaGolf Course SuperintendentsAssociation? JamieRobb and Brett Finlayson - CanadianSociety of Club Managers? Mike Whalenand Ken Oleschuk - WesternCanadaTurfgrass Association? Trevor Smith and Jerry Rousseau Uniqueto BC, the AGA acts as a conduit for $250,000in cooperativegolf marketing fundingthroughTourismBC. This amount has grown mainly through effortsof the BC Golf Marketing Alliancehowever it would not have been possiblewithout the existenceof AGA-BC. The group is currentlyplanningits

PG 41 | MAY 2020

fifth ?Golf AwarenessDay?where industryrepresentativespresent to MLA?sin Victoriaon a number of golf relatedsubjectsincluding economicimpact to the province, health and wellnessbenefitsof golf,positiveenvironmental impactsand so on. It?s also a time to talk about issuesand regulationspotentiallyaffecting golf like pesticides,water and more recently,the roll-over protectionrequirementfor golf carsput forwardby WorksafeBC. AGA isn?t askingfor money,only your attention. Its newsletters tend to come out when neededso email inboxeswon?t be inundated with commercials.To sign-up, CLICK HEREand scroll to the bottomof the AGA-BChomepage for the form.

t he

conf er ence



Cateringto professionalgolf and sportsturfmanagersand the turf managementindustry,the Western CanadaTurfgrassAssociationBoard of Directorsis pleasedto announce our 58thAnnual Conferenceand TradeShow willtake place all under one roof at the PentictonLakeside Resort in Penticton,British Columbia,February9-11,2021.

programcoveringmultiplesectorsof turf management. Social and networkingeventsare beingplanned With an extensiverecent renovation, with further detailscominglater. the PentictonLakesideResort has ?Pentictonis a great town and a added luxuriousnew roomsand familiar place to many of our replacedtheir casino with a stunning members,?stated WCTA President banquet hall overlookingOkanagan TravisOlson. ?We love that we can Lake,a perfect place to host our turf hold our conferenceunder one roof industrytrade show. With over 200 at the PentictonLakesideResort and deluxeroomsand suitesin total, look forwardto welcomingturf plenty of meetingspaceand of managersfrom acrosswestern courseamenitieslike the Barking Canadato the BC interior. If you Parrot and HoodedMerganser,the have not been to Penticton,it?s decisionwasn?t difficult to book this definitelyan event you won?t want to amazingvenuefor our 58th annual miss!? conferenceand trade show. Event planningis just gettingstarted For 2021,you can expect a and further informationwill be wide-rangingturf management releasedwhen available. WCTA supplier and serviceprovider trade ExecutiveDirector Jerry Rousseau show,specializedpre-conference reflected,?We had an amazingrun at seminarsand a first-classeducation PG 42 | MAY 2020



the River Rock and we'll likely be back sometime down the road but traditionally, the show has moved around the province and the Board felt it was time for a change of scenery. It's hard to imagine a better change than Penticton!"

About the WCTA

Catering to the professional golf and sportsturf management industry, the WCTA is a nearly 700 member, inter-provincial, not-for-profit industry organization whose purpose is to promote the interchange of scientific and practical knowledge through

PG 43 I MAY 2020

education, discussion, research and to undertake advocacy relating to the care and management of turfgrass. The WCTA is proud to serve and support an inclusive range of professional turf management interests such as golf courses, school boards, municipalities, sod farms, nurseries, landscapers, lawn bowling greens, mechanics, horticulturists and industry suppliers. For further information, contact: Jerry Rousseau, Executive Director Western Canada Turfgrass Association


wct a


WCTA Supports Turf Managers by Investing In 2020 Research Projects

The WCTA Board is pleased to announce it will continue supporting important and valuable turf research in 2020. Based on funds raised in 2019, cash available to the Research Committee for new project funding is about $20,000.

- Alternative cultivar and species for new turf construction, integration and conversion into existing turf areas

Current priorit ies for W CTA t urfgrass research funding are as follows:

As recommended by the Research Committee, the Board has approved approximately $20,000 in project funding. Any difference between total funding and available cash is made up from reserves.

- Nutrient and fertility management, best management practices - Soil and root-zone management, best management practices - Evaluation of alternativesto pesticides - Irrigation and water use issues (water quality and reducing water usage) - Investigationsinto the biology, ecology and management of current and emerging pests PG 44 | MAY 2020

- Species/cultivar evaluation and improved management practices for areasof heavy traffic and wear tolerance

Project Tit le: Canadian Turf Research Foundat ion Cooperat ive Funding The CTRF collects and distributes research monies much like the WCTA but on a National Scale. Along with other regional groups, we have contributed to this collaborative CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE


approach to research funding annually since 1992. PROJECT LENGTH: mult iple project s /varies W CTA COMMITMENT: $4,000 Click Here for list of current research projects.

Project Tit le: Efficacy of Trichoderma Fungal Biocont rol Agent s for t he Cont rol of Snow Mold Disease in Turfgrass, Michelle Franklin and Deborah Henderson, Inst it ut e of Sust ainable Hort icult ure at Kwant len Polyt echnic Universit y The cost of chemical controls for snow mold disease in Western Canada is greater than that for all other diseases of turfgrass. Demand for alternatives to chemical controls are mounting due to concerns of the environmental impact of chemical pesticide use coupled with cosmetic pesticide bans. Research has shown that fungal biological control agents such as Trichoderma can suppress the growth of several of the PG 45 | MAY 2020

pathogens responsible for snow mold disease. Here we propose to identify the pathogens responsible for snow mold on golf courses in British Columbia using genetic tools and test the efficacy of local Trichoderma isolates in laboratory and field trials for the control of pink snow mold. Trichoderma isolates that show pathogen suppression in research trials will be considered for registration in Canada as the Institute for Sustainable Horticulture moves forward with their first Trichoderma product registration. PROJECT LENGTH: 1.5 years W CTA COMMITMENT: $12,000




wct a


2020 AGM Minutes ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING MINUTES 57th Annual WCTA Conference & Trade Show 11:30am ? 12:30pm, Wednesday, February 12, 2020, Whistler Room, River Rock Casino Resort 1. CALL TO ORDER

o Mike Kupchanko

- President Travis Olson called the meeting to order at 11:50am, introduced the Board of Directors and Past Presidents.

o Dirk Oostindie

- Quorum was met with 183 members present. M/S/C D. Duncan / T. Buckner; to approve AGM Agenda 2. MINUTES M/ S/C T. Yez / C. Iverson t o adopt minut es of t he AGM February 21, 2019

4. NOMINATING COMMITTEE REORT - Presented by Committee Chair, Peter Sorokovsky President : Travis Olson (Kamloops Golf Club) Vice President : Cameron Watt (UBC Athletics)

3. PRESIDENT'S REPORT - Necrology Report - A moment of silence was observed for WCTA Members and turf industry colleagues: o Mike Warriner o Al Feenstra PG 46 | MAY 2020




conf er ence


A Nod to our 2020 Conference Exhibitors and Sponsors

On behalf of t he W CTA Board of Direct ors and ent ire membership, we would like t o sincerely t hank our 2020 conference sponsors and exhibit ors. This event , no less t he associait on it self, would not exist wit hout your cont ribut ions t o t he t urf management indust ry. PG 47 | MAY 2020




(WCTA members& partnersin bold).

Syngent a

Andrew Sheret Lt d



Toro Irrigat ion

AR Mower & Supply



Bayer CropScience

Associat ed Irrigat ion



Turf Healt h Product s Company (THP Co.)

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WCTA Surveys BC Golf Superintendents re COVID-19

Recognizing a need for the COVID-19 outbreak, on quantitative feedback from April 19, the Western Canada golf superintendents regarding Turfgrass Association initiated PG 50 | MAY 2020



a brief survey sent to 198 individuals, both WCTA members and non-members, at 197 golf facilities throughout British Columbia. As senior turf care personnel, the anonymous survey was targeted toward golf course superintendents. For the purpose of this survey, golf courses were defined as the entire facility whether they included 9, 18, 36 or another number of holes. Questions were designed to avoid pre-disposition of answers by respondents and the survey was kept short with the main goal, learning BC golf superintendent?s attitudes toward golf courses being open for play during the COVID-19 outbreak. ?Ideally, this survey would have gone to every golf course superintendent in the province PG 51 | MAY 2020

but we have yet to see that contact list,? stated WCTA Executive Director, Jerry Rousseau, adding, ?WCTA staff started developing a comprehensive BC golf course directory a few years ago but not all information for the provinces 300+ facilities has been populated. We recently made some minor updates but a lot of records were out of date. It took some time, but we ended up with nearly 200 current superintendent contacts for this survey.? Su r vey Specs: - 198 individuals were polled representing 197 golf courses




ENDOFTHE MAGAZINE Remaining Pages Are Cont inuat ions Of Art icles St art ed Previously In The Magazine.





Project Title: 4th Edition of the "Compendium of Turfgrass Diseases" The Compendium of Turfgrass Diseases is a valuable resource for many in the turfgrass industry, including turfgrass managers, researchers, diagnosticians, educators, and students. Originally written by R.W. Smiley and published in 1983, the first three editions have sold a total of 48,000 copies. The 3rd edition was published in 2005 and has sold more than 8,500 copies in 50 states and 55 countries.

The 4th edition will include extensive revisions to reflect recent advances in turfgrass pathology, including many new, high-quality images and an expanded focus on diseases of warm-season turfgrasses. Final publication is expected in mid-2021.

PROJECT LENGTH: to be published in 2020 WCJA COMMITMENT: $3,000



Previously funded projects in progress:

Project Title: Comparing Iron Sulfate Versus Chelated Iron for the Suppression of Microdochium Patch on Annual Bluegrass Putting Greens in the Presence and Absence of Phosphorous Acid, Alec Kowalewski, Oregon State University One negative aspect of long term applications of iron sulfate is a decrease in soil pH, therefore requiring judicious monitoring of soil test levels and likely the introduction of liming agents on a periodic basis. An area of focus yet to be explored and one that may mitigate changes to pH is the use of chelated iron sources to suppress Microdochium patch. Preliminary laboratory studies have suggested that chelated iron suppresses the growth of Microdochium nivale, although no field trial to date has assessed the use of chelated iron to mitigate Microdochium patch. Chelated iron applications may also lead to less turfgrass


thinning than has been observed with iron sulfate additions as well as allay any adverse soil pH effects. Exploring chelated iron in combination or absence of phosphorous acid may further expand the options to turfgrass managers hoping to manage disease with alternative techniques.

decision making process when schools and municipalities undertake the construction of new facilities. The cost analysis will include a 30-year cost analysis encompassing construction, maintenance, renovations and disposal of materials. The project will accomplish this by:

PROJECT LENGTH: 2 years W CTA COMMITMENT: $10,000 USD in year 1

- Creating a guide sheet comparing the cost of natural and synthetic fields cost fields over a 30 year cycle

Project Tit le: Capit al Cost of Nat ural and Synt het ic Sport s Fields, Universit y of Guelph

- Creation of a working model in which factors could be changed to estimate costs of synthetic and natural fields

This project is creating a comprehensive cost analysis of constructing and maintaining multitude of types of synthetic fields and compare those costs to the construction and maintenance of different types of natural grass fields. This information will aid in the

| MAY 2020

PROJECT LENGTH: 3 years W CTA COMMITMENT: $15,000 t ot al, $7,500 out st anding Thank you to all those who have contributed to our turf research program!






Direct ors wit h 1 year remaining: Davin Marr (Hillview GC) Stuart Carmichael (City of Courtenay) Direct ors t o be elect ed (2 years): Gary Bartley (UBC Athletics) Jesse Cowan (Gallagher?s Canyon GC) Andre Dionne (City of Coquitlam) Jed McGeachie (Overton Environmental) Past President (2 years): Peter Sorokovsky (City of Burnaby) 5. FINANCIAL REPORT 2019 Fiscal Year End (Sept 30, 2019) - Presented by Andre Dionne, Finance Director - Balance in bank accounts o General operating: $49,628.97 o Research $21,729.89 o Term Deposits $100,472.82 M/S/C J. Pick / T. Yez that September 30, 2019 year end Statement of Revenuesand Expenditures be adopted asreviewed by Evancic Perrault Robertson, Certified General Accountants, and circulated at the AGM. | MAY 2020

M/S/C T. Buckner / D. Duncan that a ?Request for Proposals?to perform the annual financial review for the fiscal year October 1, 2019 to September 30, 2020 is circulated to at least three certified public accounting firms, including the current firm (EPR), with appointment to be made by the Board within 90 days of AGM. 6. RESEARCH REPORT - Given orally by Peter Sorokovsky, Research Chair. - The ?Give me 5 bucks?initiative has raised over $2,500 over the past 4 years - This year over $20,000 was raised through various efforts - 2020 project funding to include annual CTRF contribution and ?Efficacy of Trichoderma fungal bio-control agents for snow mold control in turfgrass?by Michelle Franklin and Deborah Henderson through KPU. - Also will be sponsoring ?Compendium of Turfgrass Diseases?4th edition for $3,000 7. COMMITTEE REPORTS - KPU ? Stan Kazymerchyk o Enrollment is down, may suspend 2020 enrollment CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE


- First Green ? David Phipps o Going really well in the USA, great to have more events in Canada - BCGSA ? Paul Robertson o Fall Exchange Tournament at Copper Point - Awards and Recognition o Student Awards - Cody Little, Olds College $1000 - Patricia Sloan, TRU $750 - Nathan Hagel , KPU $750 o Life Member Awards David Davidson Dave Gottselig 8. NEW BUSINESS Special Resolutions to amend bylaws ? Travis Olson 1) To strike and amend as both have been satisfied: 4.1.1 The management of the association shall be vested in a Board of Directors consisting of elected Directors as listed, plus the Past President: President Vice President Seven (7) Directors-at-Large for 2015-2016 | MAY 2020 Six (6) Directors-at-Large for 2016-2017 and forward 2) To add for director nomination deadline: 4.1.3 Each Director?s term of office is two years from the AGM of election to the 2nd AGM thereafter. The President, Vice President and two Directors-at-large shall normally be elected in odd years. Four Directors-at-large shall be normally elected in even years. Director nominations will close 30 days prior to the AGM. M/S/C T. Buckner / D. Duncan to strike, amend as both have been satisfied and to add for director nomination deadline. 9. PRESIDENT REMARKS Thanks all for attending and supporting the WCTA. 10. ADJOURNMENT 12:30pm M/S/C T. Buckner / B. Macgillvray to adjourn Click Here to see the PRINTABLE VERSION








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| MAY 2020






Contact GCSAA at 800-472-7878 or by email to lwick@gcsaa.org with questions about the webinars. Contact Leslie at admin@wct at urf.com with questions about the BC CEC program. Enhancing Your Weed Cont rol Program: Cool-season Turf (W CTA code #26-20) Why didn?t the herbicide kill the weed? In this 90-minute webinar, Aaron Patton, Ph.D., will help you know how to answer that question for yourself and improve your weed control program in your cool-season turf by better understanding herbicide activity and weed biology. BC CEC value: 1.5 IPM Opt imizing Your Annual Bluegrass Weevil Management Program (W CTA code #27-20) The annual bluegrass weevil (ABW) is a severely destructive insect pest of golf course turfgrass throughout the eastern | MAY 2020

US and Canada. In this 2-hour webinar, Ben McGraw, Ph.D., discusses the keys to successful ABW management, including proper timing and selection of chemical controls, effects of cultural practices, and alternatives to chemical insecticides. BC CEC value: 1.5 IPM Review Your Bent grass Greens Management Plan Program (W CTA code #28-20) Turfgrass breeders have done a phenomenal job of developing new creeping bentgrass cultivars with fine texture, high density, and improved environmental stress tolerance. These advancements, combined with improved machinery, alter the way you manage creeping bentgrass putting greens. Mowing heights are lower, lightweight rolling is regularly applied, and greens still receive a lot of foot traffic from golfers. In this 90-minute webinar, Joey Young, Ph.D., reviews how all three factors can affect the CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE


quality and physiological health of creeping bentgrass. BC CEC value: 1.5 IPM

green canopy. In this 90-minute webinar, Douglas Karcher, Ph.D., focuses on the major objectives for your putting green sand topdressing program.

How t o Read Your Soils Report (W CTA code #29-20)

BC CEC value: 0.5 IPM

Learn more about how to correctly read your soils report during this 90-minute webinar with Beth Guertal, Ph.D., who shows examples of various documents and provides key details on how to use that information on your golf course. BC CEC value: 1.5 IPM Sand Topdressing Programs ? Benefit s and Challenges (W CTA code #30-20) Sand topdressing putting greens has proven to be a valuable management practice that yields several benefits, both agronomic and from a playability perspective. As putting green grasses have become denser and finer-textured, it is often a challenge to incorporate topdressing sand into the putting | MAY 2020

Reclaimed Wast e Wat er for Turf Irrigat ion (W CTA code #31-20) Water challenges are impacting more turfgrass managers than ever and all indications are the trend will only increase. David Kopec, Ph.D. and extension specialist at the University of Arizona in Tucson, has been dealing with and teaching about water quality issues for decades. In this 90-minute webinar, he addresses, in practical terms, the classifications of Reclaimed Municipal waste water (RMWW) and the quality parameters about which you should be aware. BC CEC value: 0.5 IPM Fact ors t hat Affect Pest icide Fat e and Behavior on t he Golf Course (W CTA code #32-20) CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE


Travis Gannon, Ph.D., will help you learn more about the biological and chemical attributes of pesticides and how they behave after application on your course. BC CEC value: 1.5 Safety and Environmental Protection GDDs for Timing PGR Applicat ions and Re-Applicat ions (W CTA code #33-20) Details in this webinar taught by Bill Kreuser, Ph.D., can help you maximize the benefits of plant growth regulators (PGR). BC CEC value: 1.5 IPM

probes for irrigation, environmental models for seed head and pest control, and GDD models to schedule PGR applications have increased the precision of turfgrass management over the past decade. Nitrogen fertilization scheduling, however, is still largely based on historical management practices and qualitative observations. In this 90-minute webinar, Bill Kreuser, Ph.D., highlights current research in the area of nitrogen management and investigates the potential for technology to improve application precision on creeping bentgrass golf turf. BC CEC value: 0.5 IPM

Increase t he Precision of Your Nit rogen Applicat ion (W CTA code #34-20) Utilization of soil moisture

| MAY 2020





mandated by the Provincial Health Office (PHO) and regional health authorities.? ?Where governments have not mandated the temporary closure of golf courses, such as in BC, golf operators choosing to open must take every health and safety precaution for their team members and customers.? Individual golf courses and associations have also produced BMP documents but according to WCTA Executive Director, Jerry Rousseau, who assisted Brett Finlayson, BCGSA representative to AGA-BC with the turf maintenance section, ?We were directed to provide the most comprehensive and detailed resource possible in order to confidently support BC golf courses, whether they have decided to open or not, so they can adapt their services | MAY 2020

and workplace to the orders and recommendations of the PHO.? AGA-BC is also advocating the essential need for golf course property maintenance during any interruption to play and supports the following statement from ?We Are Golf?, the National Allied Golf Associations: ?We Are Golf is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our members, golfers, staff, volunteers and industry stakeholders as well as every Canadian in the communities where we live, work and play.? The 30 page document is posted on the AGA-BC website: http://aga-bc.org/





with a single entry door and single exit door. "Bouncer" in place. No soft nor hard good sales, no F&B. Driving range is open with an attendant enforcing social distancing. Jesse Cow an, Gallagher ?s Canyon Golf Course - Currently our facility is closed, however planning to open to members only on April 24. Upon the golf course being open, there will be strict measures in place in terms of directing members for their use. Pro Shop has installed a sliding glass window to assist any members while not allowing them to enter the pro shop. Restaurant will be closed and food and beverage will be take out only.

operational. Cemeteries are considered essential service. Parks and trails are open but the different facilities within them are closed. They are still open for people to recreate but they cannot use the park parking lots, playgrounds or use the washrooms for examples. We have cancelled all park bookings until May 31. Qu est ion 3 ? Wh er e is you r oper at ion al dir ect ion com in g f r om ? Gar y Bar t ley, UBC Athletics Direction is coming from UBC as a whole.

Pet er Sor ok ovsk y, City of Burnaby Golf Operations - City Manager and Emergency Nik Wall, Premier Pacific Operations Committee (EOC) has Seeds - Our facility is open and directed Managers/staff on is considered an essential service operational procedures. Parks as we supply dairy farmers with Director/Assistant Director Golf forage grass seed. have further implemented Tab Bu ck n er , Township of strategies. Langley - We are fully | MAY 2020



Davin M ar r , Hillview Golf Course - The owner primarily based on government guidelines and regulations. Department managers are part of the process as well. Jesse Cow an, Gallagher ?s Canyon Golf Course - Direction is coming from our ownership. Tab Bu ck n er , Township of Langley - Mayor and Council with assistance of Fraser Health. Qu est ion 4 ? How ar e you r st af f in g levels? Have you h ad t o im plem en t lay-of f s? Gar y Bar t ley, UBC Athletics We are currently operating at 25% staff with all staff still being paid even though we are only 2 staff and 1 Manager on site at any time. This will be reviewed at the end of April with the possible reduction down to full time staff only and still working on 25% levels. Pet er Sor okovsk y, City of | MAY 2020

Burnaby Golf Operations - We are currently operating at 100% staff with all staff who would normally have been scheduled still working in other jobs such as security (both gate and patrols, divots, cart detailing, etc.). A 6 week notice has been sent to 60 staff with pending layoffs coming as of May 26th if the golf course does not reopen. After May 26th full time staff will be the only workers on site. Davin M ar r , Hillview Golf Course - The entire staff were laid off for 2 week. I got to "volunteer". Some staff that would normally be back by now have been put on hold. Jesse Cow an , Gallagher ?s Canyon Golf Course - Currently our staffing levels are at about 50% Layoffs were not needed as we were closed for the winter and all maintenance employees had already been laid off. Nik Wall, Premier Pacific Seeds - Our staffing levels are CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE


the same and have had to bring on a seasonal staff member.

wipe down before, during and after operation, Staff will work start and lunch periods at Tab Bu ck n er , Township of Langley - No changes in staffing staggered times with them eating and changing in separate level. Majority of Parks TFT areas so that there is minimal started in Jan. However there is opportunity to come in contact currently a hiring freeze unless the position is deemed essential. with other staff members, Each staff will have appropriate PPE This might become an issue access and will be asked to use shortly if they do not lift the freeze and I cannot hire summer this if operations are deemed to staff to replace staff on summer have any interaction with public or visitors. All staff will have vacation. If staff do not go on summer vacation? .this might be enough equipment with them to do their jobs assignments and moot. will wipe down before and after use. We are using the honor Qu est ion 5 ? Have you system to enforce as we are only im plem en t ed an y special having 2 staff on at any one BM P?s t o deal w it h time. Wipes and hand sani are COVID-19? If yes, can you available in the lunch room and sh ar e t w o or t h r ee equipment storage. Anyone that exam ples? How ar e you is feeling any sickness is told not en f or cin g t h em ? to come in and monitor before Gar y Bar t ley, UBC Athletics coming back to work. We have implemented BMP?s ? Pet er Sor ok ovsk y, City of only 1 person per vehicle / piece Burnaby Golf Operations - We of equipment which staff will have implemented PHO Orders | MAY 2020



and BMP?s ? only 1 person per vehicle / piece of equipment which staff will wipe down before, during and after operation. Auxiliary staff work out of their vehicle (5 hour shifts) and only full time staff are allowed in the lunch room. Staff start times and lunch periods are staggered. Equipment is wiped down before and after use. Anyone that is feeling sick is told stay home and monitor before coming back to work. Regular supervision of staff by supervisors and health officer committee member remind staff regularly of standards. Davin M ar r , Hillview Golf Course ? 1: Bouncer in the parking lot and/or at the doors to allow one person only in the clubhouse. 2: Signage all over the place stating social distancing is a must. | MAY 2020

3: Notes to leave the flag in at all times. 4: Cups installed upside down to limit hands in the cup. 5: On course washrooms closed. 6: No trap rakes, ballwashers, club cleaning stations, nor scorecard boxes put out. 7: No rental clubs nor push/pull carts available. 8: Power carts not allowed at this time. However, a plan is in place to slowly introduce carts on a mobility need basis only to start. One occupant per cart and the cart will be sanitized before being returned to circulation. If that goes well we will open up to more people. It's been discussed that people from the same household be allowed to share a cart. Jesse Cow an , Gallagher ?s Canyon Golf Course - We have implemented extensive measures for our grounds CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE


maintenance team to follow. Washing hands anytime entering the grounds maintenance building, wearing gloves at all times afterwards, staying minimum six feet apart from one another, equipment used is yours alone until you are done with it at which time it is bleached down, one team member per cart, excluded any excess touch points in our facility, all touch points are wiped with bleach three times per day, just to name a few we are following. On course no ball washers, no bunker rakes, pool noodle in cup so ball stays above the lip, flag sticks bleached, one member per cart, no tee?s or sand bottles on carts, carts wiped with bleach after use, tee times extended to 15 minute intervals, just to name a few. Grounds maintenance team members will be enforcing themselves with supervision from myself and golfers will be | MAY 2020

enforced by player?s assistants. Nik Wall, Premier Pacific Seeds - We have locked the door to the office and requested all orders must be called in and paid for with a credit card. Orders are then loaded according to social distancing procedures. Hand sanitizer is placed at the shipping station, and keyboards, phones, and door knobs are sanitized daily. Tab Bu ck n er , Township of Langley - Social Distancing while on the job site. PPE and cleaning vehicles daily. One staff per vehicle. Two staff only in a crew cab with the second person sitting in the back. Some staff reporting directly to a park. Staff can use their own personal vehicle to drive between jobs and are paid mileage. One shift starts at 7am and the other at 8am. Staff are mustering in the morning at different locations within the Ops centre. Township has a LOU with the union for CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE


more flexibility on hours/days of operation to spread staff out to avoid reduction in staffing. Qu est ion 6 ? Ar e you r esor t in g t o a m in im al m ain t en an ce/ oper at ion s r egim e? If yes, can you pr ovide a cou ple exam ples of w h at you ?r e doin g/ n ot doin g? Gar y Bar t ley, UBC Athletics We are resorting to reduced maintenance. We have reduced the fertility and other inputs to a point where we are just putting down enough to keep the plants healthy and allow us a chance to get them going when we come back when we are given the go ahead to start back up. We have done the same with the Whitecaps Training fields as well, but still have a higher level of inputs due to the need to keep some play for medical rehab. Pet er Sor okovsk y, City of | MAY 2020

Burnaby Golf Operations - We are operating at 75% of standard maintenance in most areas, 50% in rough and not at all for bunkers. We have kept fertility and other inputs at 85% standard to ensure plant health so start up will not have any down time. Many of the auxiliary staff are working on Capital Projects that otherwise would have been done in the off season. Davin M ar r , Hillview Golf Course ? Yes, but not significantly different than every year at this time. Fewer staff on to start and cutting has been reduced. i.e. Greens: 2-3 times per week (once per week until this week). Tees and aprons: once per week (twice starting next week). Fairways: once per week (twice starting in another week or two). Rough: When someone has time. Traps raked once per week (if CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE


someone has time). Jesse Cow an, Gallagher ?s Canyon Golf Course - Yes. Reduced frequency of mowing all areas of the golf course with exception of greens. Possible increased frequency of bunker raking as no bunkers will have rakes in them. Tab Bu ck n er , Township of Langley - No. I have converted 2 Parks aux. labourers who work PT throughout the year and FT during the spring/summers while attending the JI to become police officer into Park Rangers. These Parks Rangers are only an educational initiative to inform park users about the Public Spaces Bylaw and maintaining social distancing. They do not have the power to issue tickets yet. Qu est ion 7 ? Please sh ar e on e or t w o of you r biggest oper at ion al ch allen ges r elat ed t o COVID-19. | MAY 2020

Gar y Bar t ley, UBC Athletics First, the reduction in staff levels came just as we started the spring aeration, overseeding program for all the fields. This made it difficult to get the fields done in a timely manner. The up side was how cold it was so there was a real lag in germination. Second, not knowing what or how staff reductions were going to look like. We plan for having enough staff for getting things up and running, but find that we are reduced levels and that is to take effect in two days. Once again, thank you for the cold weather. Pet er Sor ok ovsk y, City of Burnaby Golf Operations First, keeping staff moral up in an uncertain time. Second, constant change in planning as directives from EOC change almost daily. Davin M ar r , Hillview Golf Course ? Making sure everyone is on the same page. i.e. CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE


cleaning tools appropriately before they use them. Determining disciplinary action when they don't and when too much cleaning is too much. Minimizing touch points and people using the same machines or tools. (Hard to do with a small crew where everyone does a bit of everything). Jesse Cow an, Gallagher ?s Canyon Golf Course - Having a reduced number of staff will be the biggest operational challenge. Once things are up and running, I hope to increase staffing numbers. Other challenges will include ensuring all team members are obeying new rules in place. Tasks will take more time however health and safety must be put in highest priority. Nik Wall, Premier Pacific Seeds - One of the biggest challenges is educating customers to ensure social distancing as not all customers | MAY 2020

are aware of protocol. Also getting a supply of dust masks and safety supplies has been difficult during this time. Tab Bu ck n er , Township of Langley - Residents? different opinions those that are for full closure and those against. Qu est ion 8 ? Feel f r ee t o post a qu est ion h er e. Davin M ar r , Hillview Golf Course ? Does anyone else feel like the guinea pig industry for government to monitor and steal ideas from to "re-open" other industries? Let me be clear, I mean that as a good thing because it means our lobbying and subsequent relationships with government have led to their faith in us. Qu est ion 9 ? An y lon g-t er m pr edict ion s on t h e ef f ect s COVID-19 w ill h ave on you r oper at ion ? CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE


Gar y Bar t ley, UBC Athletics ? I have a feeling that we are going to be looking at this same reduced level until at least July 1, but would not be surprised if it takes longer to start getting back to work. It will take some time after starting with ramp up just to get any organized sports up, especially with higher level University sports. Pro Sports may go a little quicker with the ability to play before no crowds and the team's ability to contain and control players actions and who they come in contact with. One thing for sure, we are in store for a new normal and I don?t think we will ever go back to what it was like. Time for us a managers to think outside the box and look at new and innovative ways to protect our staff and give the public the best possible conditions with reduced staff and budgets. Pet er Sor okovsk y, City of Burnaby Golf Operations ? I | MAY 2020

feel golf will return to play on 90% of courses in BC by May 15th with social distancing orders still in place, and by July 1st most if not all restrictions will be lifted, including social distancing. That is if they look at the numbers. One Order of ?Stay at Home?should remain in place for the elderly and those with underlying health conditions until a vaccine is available. Everyone else get back to work, play, and life!!!!!!! Just wash your hands regularly, and don?t touch your face!!!!!!! Davin M ar r , Hillview Golf Course ? Financially I think we'll actually do better -way less staff in the proshop and F&B departments that eat up a lot of wage budget for minimal or break even income. I can see some clubs reconsidering some of the services they offer after seeing the revenue from golf solely i.e F&B menus reduced to take out only in some cases. Bag CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE


attendant?s position removed. More emphasis on the starter position and their messaging to golfers. We experiencing "happy" golfers who are just plain excited to be allowed out as opposed to the typical grumpy "something is always wrong" lot we normally see. Hopefully that translates into future golfers having more realistic expectations when they patronize our facilities. Jesse Cow an, Gallagher ?s Canyon Golf Course - Potential for reduced labor hours in the years to come. If we are able to provide a good product and

| MAY 2020

service for our golfers at our currently reduced labor numbers, then why not keep them reduced? Scary. Nik Wall, Premier Pacific Seeds - Possibly more cashless payments methods. Tab Bu ck n er , Township of Langley - No longer term effects unless Mayor and Council decided to reduce the level of service and trim the Parks budget. Thanks for participating, we hope that sharing insights from colleagues is informative and helpful as we all navigate uncharted territory.






- Respondents could only fill out one survey - The breakdown of the distribution list by type of ?ownership?was: o 74 societies:

- 14.43% undecided - 1.03% no position Q2. Do you f eel you h ave t h e m ost u p-t o-dat e in f or m at ion t o an sw er qu est ion #1? - 88.66% yes

- 61 semi-private clubs

- 5.15% no

- 13 private clubs

- 6.19% unsure

o 15 municipal courses o 108 proprietary Results at April 21: At the time of writing, 97 responses were received (49% response rate). Margin of error, which indicates how closely survey results reflect views from the overall population, is 8%. Q1. Please in dicat e you r posit ion on t h e open in g of golf cou r ses du r in g t h e COVID-19 ou t br eak . - 69.07% in favour of opening golf courses - 15.46% against opening golf courses | MAY 2020

Q3. Is you r golf cou r se cu r r en t ly open or plan n in g t o open by en d of Apr il? - 58.76% yes - 20.62% no - 17.53% uncertain / being discussed - 3.09% waiting for decision from provincial government Q4. Wh o decides if you r golf cou r se w ill open ? - 32.99% Board of Directors / members / society - 42.27% owner - 7.22% municipality CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE


• 11.34% provincial health officer • 6.19% other QS. Have you implemented any special COVID-19 best management practices for the grounds/turf care department? • 92.78% yes • 1.03% no • 6.19% working on it Q6. Whether your golf course is open or not, are you resorting to any type of minimized maintenance practices? • 95.88% yes

the quick turnaround of this survey - we are now able to provide government decision makers, BC golf leaders, and the industry at large, some very useful information. The following are unedited comments from survey participants: I am against opening right now, I feel it is far more important to keep people safe and healthy, let's golf later!

I feel that's golf course is a great place to help with isolation blues BUT I do not feel the members or pro shop • 4.12% no staff take policy enforcement Preliminary and current results seriously enough. were provided to the Allied safest healthiest place for Golf Association of BC and people to be right now, keep shared with other associations your distance and stay healthy curious about superintendent and happy while supporting a feedback, including GCSAA, small business and the OGSA and NGCOA. economy. As long as the golf Thank you all respondents for course operators are not I




getting greedy and overcharging or cramming people out to the first tee, all golf course should be open while limiting the amount of people permitted inside the pro shop

only one person at a time at the front counter, We placed many signs in and around the clubhouse explaning the rules we put in place. So far we have had good co-operation from our players

Where our golf course is located we rely on American and Albertan play. Not super comfortable with the idea of golfer from Alberta coming here to play golf and possibly bringing COVID with them. I think courses should be closed til after the long weekend in may, and look at opening at the end of may, to reduce the desire for people to come to the area. We are mostly waiting for direction from the government on how to proceed.

I think local health authorities and regional recommendations should have the most weight in making these decisions. Federally and even provincially theres too much variance

We are a community owned 9 hole course and opened April 18 with restrictions. We allow only booked tee times and | MAY 2020

Golf is one sport social distancing can work if monitored properly and we need to get people outside in order for them to be completely healthy in order to fight this virus. We really don't know the true numbers of infected people and where due to not testing enough, therefore, how do we make an informed decision. I think if people are smart and CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE


responsible we can make it work. It would be nice to have a universal set of policies/guidelines for all golf courses to follow to best protect employees and customers We are a resort golf course that relies on out of town play. At this time I feel it is not wise to give reason for guests to travel to our region, hopefully soon. opening must only be allowed under covid19 parameters, with stringent monitoring. Our plan is to open May 1, 2020 with a small crew to enhance staff safety. This crisis has brought our management team closer together, and in fact the golf industry as a whole has again shown it's willingness to share information for the betterment of golf, and safety | MAY 2020

of staff and patrons. The Province has been advocating and stressing that mental and physical health is key during this time of isolation. they encourage us to walk, hike, ride bikes etc to stay healthy because that is what boosts your immune system to fight Covid-19 should we aquire it. What better environment to get some release and excercise than on a 180 acre open facility where you are 300+ yards from the next group of 2,3 or 4 people who are all individually social distancing ( as per many written and verbal protocols all over the course ). We did a trial last week opening for members and one guest last week. We had limited tee times, to twosomes from 9-3, with 15 minute intervals. We opened from Wednesday to Sunday last CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE


week. A decision will be made soon on what we do this week. We have strict guidelines for golfers and they are adhering to the covid 19 guidelines. There have been a number of very informative emails sent out with a lot of very good info on safe practices that can be implemented at a golf course to keep everyone safe Golfers don?t adhere to rules most of the time and I could see this being a dilemma from the non golfers. The Columbia valley is located 3.5 hours west of Calgary, there are nine 18 hole golf courses located in this valley which all rely on golfers travelling from surrounding areas but mainly from Alberta, some courses rely on this more then others. Our course is a destination course and 70 to 80 percent of our revenue comes from Calgary area. With | MAY 2020

having golf as a non-essential in Alberta, and British Columbia having golf as an essential is forcing everyone that is an avid golfer to travel into British Columbia to get their fix. We can put all the measures that we need to in place for the golfer to be safe once they get to the course but between their home and their destination, that is what is out of our control and would be putting all the staff at risk from front of house, back of house and the turfcare staff. We have come up with multiple different ways of managing our staff and maintaining the golf course but we still end up with the same result, that we cannot guarantee that we are putting our staff into a safe working environment. As we all know this virus is VERY contagious and is far from gone! I think golf should be a non-essential CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE


for the time being and see what the future holds for this pandemic. golf courses can not be turned on and off we are a plan in motion and the grass has its own plan,we need to keep it alive and be treated more like a zoo Grounds maintenance team is taking extensive measures to ensure the health and safety of our team during these times. Dont think were far enough along to open yet. May long weekend would be best to give more time to get firther along curbing the spread. Courses dont make much money until May long anyway We want to open but we would like to do it safely. We can minimize touch points and practice physical distancing. What I don't know is how often we need to sanitize common | MAY 2020

use areas such as washrooms. I feel golf courses should stay closed until such a time where it is safe to open. I am a Superintendent in an area that will see up to 70% of out of province traffic play our course. With things the way they are in Alberta I feel it is not safe for people in our area having car loads of Albertans visiting the east and West Kootenays for recreation. I would support shutting down golf till the end of May at this time and re-evaluate in the third week in May for a June opening. Essential golf maintenance still needs to be done on courses during this time. We should not be putting the health and safety of our staff/ patrons at risk to make a few dollars. I believe that the property I am associated with as well as other golf courses in the province are taking this issue CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE


very seriously and are going to great lengths to ensure that a safe environment is provided for both staff and patrons. Things seem to be going well so far. Only opened 5 days. Members and employees are respecting the changes we have made. Think opening can be done relatively safely but really doubt once players return they won't keep pushing the boundaries and violating safe practices. Biggest concern though is needing to bring in a bunch of new employees and have to hope they are doing the right things outside of work. Also am curious how they allow golf to use their own judgement but ban all sorts of outside activities that can easily be done safely as well with a little common sense. If we can open and operate | MAY 2020

golf courses safely for our staff and golfers I believe we should be open. The mental health benefits from golf, giving people something to do, I don't think can be understated. Mental health during this pandemic in my opinion is not being talked about as much as it should be. I FEEL CONFIDENT OUR GOLF COURSE M ANAGEM ENT TEAM CAN KEEP OUR EM PLOYEES AND CUSTOM ERS SAFE AND FOLLOW ALL THE SOCIAL DISTANCE GUIDELINES M ANDATED BY THE BC PROVINCAL HEALTH M INISTRY. I feel that golf courses have a excellent opportunity to provide the public with a safe place to get some exercise which is beneficial to their health and well being. If done the correct way with only a few CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE


modifications to our daily routine we can make sure everyone is safe. With all the closures of parks and open spaces that have been happening it is important to supply an alternative. I feel with following government health regulations and monitoring/enforcing these regulations that a golf course can be a safe environment to get exercise and help with mental health during this time. Opened Sat Apr 18. 12 min tee times, one per cart, members only, no guests. Signage everywhere to comply or we close! Main concern is that we protect members of the club and our community. Cups are raised above the surface. No bunker rakes , ball washers. Turf equipment sprayed down after each use with bleach/water solution. | MAY 2020

Numerous emails to members detailing expectations and with regards to zero tolerance to careless behaviour . We're all aware of the impact of social distances and are following it to the strictest guidelines. I feel golf carts should not be allowed as it is just too hard to police social distancing and way to costly to have marshals on every hole. As long as all touch points are eliminated I feel it?s a safe way to enjoy the outdoors We opened April 18th with limited Member only play at 12 minute tee times. Implemented strict guidelines for members to show up 15 minutes before tee off check in then transferred them to 1 only putting green. When group left # 1 tee next group could go to tee. Have two marshal's to rake traps and fill CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE


divots and take pictures of anyone breaking any rules. Not sure how mowing during the week is going to work but staff have instructions to keep away from play. Players have strict exit rules to keep distance from others entering. So far so good. If there is ever a social distancing activity for people to enjoy and stay safe, golf is it. Our golf course is a resort destination & most of our guests are travelling from Alberta. I cannot see how it is safe or responsible for us to encourage that sort of travel. Most people will be travelling in the same vehicle & even if they dont they are going to be stopping for gas, food, drinks. At the golf course we can put in place all the measures we want & say that we are being safe but there are examples | MAY 2020

everyday of how people arent adhering to these distancing principles. The Industry of golf riskes huge backlash from the non golfing community & that could be devastating to the industry long term. If we delay golf in B.C. until other non essential services are back operating & it is deemed safe that's our best course of action. I have spent the last few weeks going over all the precautions & changes to our daily procedures to keep myself & staff safe & its almost impossible to say we can run our crew in good faith to them. If 1 person even gets a head cold what do we do? Close down the course for 2 weeks? Then take another 2 weeks to get it back to playable conditions? Let's just delay golf until the end of May then reassess how the province is coping. If things still arent safe to golf then let's hold off till CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE


July 1st. I believe we have to follow the strong recommendations of our health officials. BC has come a long way in the c-19 fight. We don't want to be leader in ramping upwards "the curve". That would be the worst thing that could ever happen to the golf industry. Our CEO states Health First. Economics Second. We are studying plans to open outside operations only this summer. RV Resort and Golf. Hotel, Casino? We are a destination golf course close to the Alberta boarder and 3 hours from Calgary. We feel that allowing golfers to travel together in the same vehicle (which is what would inevitably happen) is somewhat irresponsible on our part. We can put in all the measures that have been discussed to allow for social | MAY 2020

distancing on the golf course for our guests, and likely do so in a somewhat responsible way, however I struggle to come up with safe responsible ways to staff and prepare the course for opening and play. It also would expose golf as an industry to poor public opinion on why golf can remain open while so many other services are closed, furthering the divide and negative stereotypes golf gets from the general public.





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