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of the shows. There is close to, if not over, $1 million worth of merchandise at more-than-affordable costs for the price conscious shopper who doesn’t necessarily need to have the latest and greatest goods in his equipment bag. IMAGES CREDIT JEFF SUTHERLAND / INSIDE GOLF

If you don’t mind that what you are getting may not be the “latest and greatest,” the Clearance Centre is the place for you. It is, as a famous movie line once intoned, “An offer too good to refuse.”

BY GORD MONTGOMERY / iG Speaking from his knowledge after being involved with the sale as one of those inside the ropes at the bargain bonanza, Gary Christenson, now the head pro at Sturgeon Valley G&CC in St. Albert, said the early going in these areas are a madhouse. “Saturday morning is crazy!” he began. “Every year we talk about how we set up. I think it was two years ago we had lineups of 45 minutes,” to get through the cash registers. “People know they’re getting deals on stuff and there is lots to choose from.” That may well be the understatement

Christenson said the best deals, by far, in the centres in both Calgary and Edmonton are the golf clubs, be it a set or an individual stick. With the latest lines of new sets continuing to escalate in price, he hinted if you don’t mind swinging away with last year’s gear, you’re in business. “Typically it’s inventory that’s not new. It’s stuff from last year that’s not being carried this year, or being phased out. We don’t bring in anything brand new to market.” While there are wonderful deals to be found — maybe after a bit of rooting around through everything that’s there — one must be on their toes to snag what they want. Snooze and you lose, to say the least. “The big thing is to get there early, and I don’t even know what early is,” the pro warned about wedging your way into the position of finding an offer that’s really too good to pass up. “The show opens at 9 and we’ve walked in there at 8:30 and people are already lined up. People want to get in and out, get a look at what’s there. A lot are there for something specific, a set, a wedge, whatever.” So, in summary be there early and be ready to do some searching whether you want balls, gloves, shoes, shirts, shorts, socks, a driver, a wedge, a putter, a full set, a pull cart or any other accessories because they’ll all be there — and they’ll all be at some great prices — in the Clearance Centre at both PGA of Alberta Consumer Golf Shows.


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2019 PGA of Alberta Calgary Golf Show - Official  

2019 PGA of Alberta Calgary Golf Show - Official