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2016 Future Links Nat. Juniors Order of Merit Winner: Mary Parsons, A.J. Ewart The World?s Coolest Golf Car Jared du Toit Nominated For Sport BC Senior Male Athlete of The Year


Con t en t s Top Stories Top Image: Nike Golf has signed world #1 Jason Day to a multi-year contract From The Editor Birdies, A Bride And Maybe A Win In Hadwin?s Plans For 2017 Shin and Yip Among Four Canadians Earning Tour Status Removing Loose Impediments (Rule 23) Two-Time Major Champion John Daly Is Now Teeing Off Using A Driver With Vertical Grooves UVic Vikes & UBC T'Birds Top Mid-Season Rankings The Top Three Golf Cheats B.C. Golf Community Mourns The Passing Of Ward Stouffer

JAN 2017 Golf By The Numbers: Going On A Hot Streak 2016 Future Links Nat. Juniors Order of Merit Winner: Mary Parsons, A.J. Ewart The World?s Coolest Golf Car Q&A With Adam Hadwin Jared du Toit Nominated For Sport BC Senior Male Athlete of The Year Loonie Love Continues For Canadians In Scottsdale Deals From Arizona Canada's Golfers of the year: Brooke Henderson, Naomi Ko, Jared Du Toit, Mackenzie Hughes Video: Celebrities In Golf Carts - Kunal Nayyar (Raj From The Big Bang Theory)

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TOPIMAGE has signed world #1 Jason Day to a multi-year contract. The agreement covers footwear, apparel, headwear and gloves. Day is shown here sporting the swoosh at the Tournament of Champions in Kapalua, Hawaii.

?Joi ni ng Ni k e i s a dream come true? Day said. ?The brand is synonymous with the world?s best athletes...? SEE PROM O VIDEO HERE


Ni k e Gol f



EDITOR'SDESKIn si de Th i s Issue It?s common knowledge that many athletes prepare for their upcoming competitive seasons in varying manners, and golfers are no different. To that end we have two stories in this month?s Scorecard by feature writer Brad Ziemer about how Abbotsford?s Adam Hadwin is looking ahead to his 2017 season, both for personal and professional reasons click here. And also the unique fashion in which Chilliwack?s Brad Clapp spent much of his off-season? working on a dairy farm click here. We?re also pleased to be able to continue bringing you some very positive stories regarding golfers from B.C. as evidenced

by national rankings click here and award nominations click here. You?ll notice as well that more attention is being paid to bring you entertaining pieces from the world of golf. Who are the 3 top ?cheaters?in golf? Check it out here. Coincidentally, we have a great rules video from the SCGA here. What?s the Big Bang Theory?s Raj Koothrappali like to play golf with? Find out in a video interview with Kunal Nayyar here. And what might the ?hottest?golf carts in the world look like? Well, check that out here. Sadly we have also had to say goodbye to yet another cherished member of the British Columbia golf family as longtime professional and devoted husband and father Ward Stouffer passed away on January 5th at the much too young age of 56. Brad Ziemer and others from the local golf community pay tribute to the ?Gentle Giant?here.





Bi r di es, A Br i de An d May be A Wi n In Hadw i n ?s Pl an s For 2017 Personal l y and prof essi onal l y, A dam Hadw i n f i gures 2017 i s goi ng to be a great year. The form er seem s a given, as Hadwin will m arry his fiancee, Jessica Dawn (shown right ), in a lat e March cerem ony in t he Arizona desert . But Hadwin is also expect ing 2017 t o be a significant year on t he golf course. Now in his t hird year as a PGA TOUR regular, t he 29-year-old Abbot sford pro is adam ant t hat he is ready t o win on golf ?s biggest st age. CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE


Hadwin?s second year on Tour was better than his first. He finished 85th on the FedEx Cup points list last year after being 105th in his rookie season. He was a much more consistent player last year, making 20 of 27 cuts. A hot putter helped. His putting average of 1.730 per hole was fifth best on Tour. He is hoping 2017 can start as well as 2016 ended. Hadwin began his 2016-17 season with a strong fall, which ended with a tie for 10th at the OHL Classic at Mayakoba in Mexico. CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

Adam also host s an annual charit y golf event at Morgan Creek GC Th e A dam Hadw i n Ch ari ty Cl assi c in support of t he CH.I.L.D. Foundat ion. Funds raised support research effort s around I.B.D., and in part icular children st ricken wit h Crohn?s Disease, Ulcerat ive Colit is, and liver disorders. Wit h Adam ?s younger brot her, Kyle, having lived wit h Crohn?s Disease since he was a child, I.B.D. hit s very close t o hom e for t he Hadwins. 2015 saw Adam and his fam ily raise $75,000 and 2016 saw t hat record shat t ered when m ore t han $134,000 was collect ed. ?Every year we wonder how we?ll t op t he previous event in funds raised, and each year t he com m unit y just blows us away by t heir show of support and com m it m ent t o our event , our charit y and our fam ily,? said Hadwin on t he event ?s fund raising goals.


?If it doesn?t happen this year it will happen soon,? Hadwin said in an interview with British Columbia Golf.


Hadwin begins his 2017 schedule Jan. 19 at the CareerBuilder Challenge in La Quinta, Calif. where he will certainly have some good memories to draw upon as he returns to the CareerBuilder tourney. He came close to earning that elusive first win there last year, when he had a share of the lead starting the back nine on Sunday. Click below to see the expanded story that includes what Adam thinks he must do differently to close out his first victory. Click HERE To See Th e Com plet e St or y


He then teamed with Ontario?s David Hearn for an 11th-place finish at the World Cup in Melbourne, Australia in late November.

?I believeverystronglyinpartneringwith brandsandpeoplethat alignwithwhoI am asaprofessional andasanindividual. My partnersaremorethanjust sponsors; we areateamconnectingonmanylevels. I am proudtosayI havedevelopedtrue friendshipswiththeamazingpeoplebehind eachoneof thefollowingworldclassbrands andI?dliketosharethestorybehindeachof thesefriendships.?


Via Golf Canada


Last December, a 10-player Canadian contingent took part in the final stage of Tour qualifying at Orange County National near Orlando. There were nearly 1,000 entries for the tournament, which included previous Pre-Qualifying, First and Second stages that began in August. Players who finished between


Sh i n an d Yi p Am on g Four Can adi an s Ear n i n g Tour St at us Alberta'sRyanYip 11th and 45th, plus ties, earned guaranteed entry into the first eight events of the regular season before a reshuffle. Calgary?s Ryan Yip carded a final round 70 to tie for 23rd at 6-under. Justin Shin of Maple Ridge, B.C., fired a 69 for a share of 35th at 4-under.


The top five from the Mackenzie Tour ? PGA TOUR Canada also earned privileges. That includes Ontario?s Brock Mackenzie and BC's Adam Cornelson.


Click HERE For Fu ll St or y



VIDEOS Rem ovi n g Loose Im pedi m en t s (Rul e 23) Th e al w ays f unny SCGA Rul es Crew tak e you th rough th e do?s and don?ts of remov i ng deb ri s around you your gol f bal l . All golfers encounter leaves, sticks and other debris that sits in, around or on their ball after hitting a shot.

Watch the video below as our friends in the Southern California Golf Association (SCGA) Rules Crew demonstrate what's behind Rule 23 - Removing Loose Impediments.

Click HERE To Fin d Ou t M or e


But just what are we allowed to to about that? How far can you go in 'cleaning' the area around your ball so it doesn't cause your next shot to rocket off in a ridiculous direction?




Click HERE For Fu ll St or y


Tw o-ti me M aj or ch ampi on Joh n Dal y i s now teei ng of f usi ng a dri v er w i th v erti cal groov es. According t o Vert ical Groove Golf, t his driver reduces side spin at im pact , leading t o 40% st raight er ball flight on average, while also generat ing great er energy at im pact , result ing in a st ronger forward roll and increased driving dist ance.

?I?ve been h i t t i n g t h e bal l f ur t h er an d st r ai gh t er of f t h e t ee si n ce put t i n g t h e Ver t i cal Gr oove Dr i ver i n m y bag,? say s Dal y . For m or e on t h e Ver t ical Dr iver , Click HERE




UVi c Vi k es & UBC T'Bi r ds Top Mi d-Season Ran k i n gs

The UVIC Men and UBC Wom en Golf Team s have been nam ed t he best in Canada at t he m id-season point of t he 2016-17 golf season, as select ed by t he Golf Coaches Associat ion of Canada. Bot h t eam s earned all five 1st place vot es based on result s from various Conference cham pionships and 2016 fall t eam scoring averages. Click HERE For Com plet e St or y

Above: The UVIC team that won the Vikes Golf Shootout Oct. 17-18 at Cordova Bay. Unordered: Andrew Funk, Lawren Rowe, Bruce Tomie , Jacob Hayes, Mike Griffin - Right: Vikes Head Coach Justin Clews

Below: The UBC Women's Team 2016/17 Roster


Th e Top Th r ee GOLF CHEATS



Ch eati ng h as l i k el y b een part of gol f ? w el l si nce gol f started. Wit h t h e in com in g pr esiden t h avin g been accu sed of ch eat in g by ? w ell, by a lot of people, w e decided t o cou n t dow n t h e t op t h r ee golf ch eat s of all t im e bot h f r om f ict ion an d r ealit y (TV). CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

#3 A uri c Gol df i nger In the 007 thriller by Ian Fleming from 1959, Bond sets-up a high-stakes game of golf with the world?s top gold smuggler, and treasurer for the Soviet assassination agency SMERSH, who cheats in their match by switching golf balls. In the end however, Bond beats him at his own game and wins the match. Click above to watch a video clip of the scene from the movie.

#2 Judge Smai l s The judge from Caddy Shack?s judicious use of ?Winter Rules? was the start of a primer on how to get around the course in less shots without playing any better. His #2 ranking reflects his representing the number of golfers whose ?grasp? of the rules could be termed shaky at best. For a good review of Smails' skills with the hand and foot wedge, see the associated clip from the movie above. CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

#1- Th e Donal d President Trump has been branded a golf cheat by a lot of people but here are a few of the more prominent (in no particular order): - Academy Award Nominated Actor - Sam u el L. Jack son - Oscar de la Hoya - Champion boxer in six weight divisions - Past managing editor of Sports Illustrated - M ar k M u lvoy - Sportswriter Rick Reilly, (who caddied for Trump while doing research for the book ?Who?s Your Caddy??) Donald's alleged indiscretions range from having balls magically re-appear in the fairway to taking chip-in gimme?s. After Samuel L. Jackson called him a cheat duringCONTINUED an interview, ON NEXT PAGE

Trump took to Twitter first claiming that he did not know Jackson and then later deriding him for having a "not athletic" golf swing (which would be hard to do if he had not at least seen let alone played with him). Rocker / Golfer Alice Cooper was slightly more circumspect in commenting on Trump's transgressions. Asked who was the biggest cheat in celebrity golf, he responded,

" Th e w orst cel eb ri ty gol f ch eat? I w i sh I coul d tel l you th at. I t w oul d b e a sh ock er. I pl ayed gol f w i th Donal d Trump one ti me. Th at's al l I 'm goi ng to say.? For a more complete history of Trump?s shenanigans Click HERE




B.C. Gol f Com m un i t y Mour n s Th e Passi n g Of War d St ouf f er

WardWithWifeShellyAndSons Brent AndKent

Ward Stouf f er, w h o spent more th an 20 years as h ead prof essi onal and di rector of gol f at Fai rw i nds Gol f Cl ub i n Nanoose Bay, passed aw ay Th ursday, January 5th . He w as 56.

?He kind of came out of nowhere,? said 13-time B.C. Amateur winner Doug Roxburgh. ?I just remember his strength and power and his ball flight. He was almost like nobody else. He was so impressive with his ball-striking. And I have to say for a big person he had great touch Friends and playing competitors around the greens. He was a remember Stouffer, who stood about 6-feet, 8 inches, as a gentle great player and such a nice guy, who was great to play with. He giant with a heart of gold who hit never complained, just stood up the ball a mile. and looked like he really "He was a great player and enjoyed playing golf.?

such a nice guy, who was great to play with. He never complained, just stood up and looked like he really enjoyed playing golf.?

Stouffer started in the golf business as a teenager in 1977, working in the Burnaby Mountain pro shop under then head professional Tryg Wenn.


His journey as a golf professional began in 1985, when he worked under Burnaby Mountain pro Richard Leisen. He spent seven years playing on the Canadian Tour and three years on the Asian Tour. Stouffer won the PGA of BC Championship in 1986 and was the low club professional at the 1985 B.C. Open. Stouffer started at Fairwinds in 1995 and became head pro in

?He was very well respected. To me Ward is a guy I looked up to because so many people had such good things to say about him.? DONALD MIYAZAKI


Before turning pro, Stouffer had a solid amateur career, highlighted by a third-place finish at the Canadian Amateur Championship in 1983 and a fourth-place finish the following year. He was a member of British Columbia?s Willingdon Cup team in 1984 and that year was also a member of Canada?s Eisenhower Cup team.

WardStouffer in2006withPeter Smith (ExecutiveProfessional,Fairmont Hot SpringsResort) ashereceivesthePGAof BCHeadProfessional of theYear Award 1996. He became executive professional and director of golf in 2008. Stouffer, who was named the PGA of BC?s head professional of the year in 2006, left Fairwinds two years ago when new management took control of the course. He recently had done some instruction at Arrowsmith Golf Club near Qualicum Beach. Stouffer served two terms on the PGA of BC?s board of directors and also coached minor hockey on Vancouver Island. ?He was larger than life,? said Donald Miyazaki, executive director of CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE


the PGA of BC. ?He was very well respected. To me Ward is a guy I looked up to because so many people had such good things to say about him. He joined our board about the same time I came to the association because he wanted to make a difference.? B.C. golf historian Michael Riste remembers Stouffer being a big supporter of the B.C. Golf Museum. ?He was one of the most generous pros for giving us rounds of golf and stuff,? Riste said. ?He was very, very supportive of the golf museum and I always remember him being this great big lovable guy.? ?He was a gentle giant,? added Roxburgh. Stouffer leaves behind his wife Shelly, the 2016 B.C. Women?s Mid-Amateur and Mid-Master

''Stouffer At The2003'Golf for Life' Tournament .... Wardcouldtell astorylike noother.'' champion, and their two sons, Kent and Brett. A celebration of life was held for Stouffer on January 13th at the Parksville Community and Conference Centre. Capacity at the facility was 500 and more than 700 showed up to pay their respects . Posting to Facebook after the gathering, friends and fellow PGA of BC Professional John Randle, remembered Ward.

"He was one of the most generous pros for giving us rounds of golf and stuff. He was very, very supportive of the golf museum and I always remember him being this great big lovable guy.?


"There were hundreds in attendance. It was uplifting to see how many people Ward has impacted. I heard many funny stories about Ward I hadn't heard and CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

SonsKent andBrett haveproducedaTributeVideototheir Dad. It canbeseenbyclickingontheimage abovethat showsWardduringhistouringdays. learned things I never knew about him. It's sad that it takes someone's passing to learn about many of their gifts. I will miss him and like so many, feel lucky to have known Ward. RIP my friend."

Stouffer ?s many friends in the Nanoose Bay area have started a family support fund. If you would like to donate or want more information, visit this link.

Li nk s to oth er A rti cl es... Cl i ck on each to l i nk Ward's own reflections on the power of passion & commitment Nanaimo News Now: Nanoose's Stouffer remembered as larger than life figure that made lasting connections

Parksville Qualicum Beach News: Bill Flower recalls a relationship with Ward that started in the early 1990's The PGA of BC Remembers Ward Stouffer


By Brad Ziemer


Like many trying to climb the pro golf ladder, Clapp augments his income during the winter. In the past, the 29-year-old has relied mainly on teaching at his home course, Chilliwack Golf Club.

BradClappShouldHaveSome InterestingStoriesToTell WhenHe GetsBackOut OnTheMackenzieTour PGATOURCanadaCircuit ThisSpring IMAGE COURTESY BRAD CLAPP & BETSY

Chilliwack?s Brad Clapp, a winner on the Mackenzie Tour-PGA Tour Canada, is spending the winter working on a dairy farm.


Cl app Mi l k i n g Th i s Job For Al l It ?s Wor t h

But this winter he has literally moved right across the street from the course, where the family of one of his old hockey-playing buddies runs a dairy farm. ?The learning curve has been steep, but it has been a cool experience,? Clapp says. ?I like working with the cows? ?

Chilliwack'sBradClapp(L) With SomeOfHis'Cow-orkers' Click HERE For Fu ll St or y



IMAGE CREDIT - PGA Tour via Twitter (@PGATOUR)

NUMBERS Goi n g On A


St r eak I t seems to h av e been somew h at f orgotten b ut i t w as onl y si x month s ago th at now Ryder Cup Captai n Ji m Furyk posted th at 58 at th e Trav el ers Ch ampi onsh i p.


Furyk?s 58 started with a birdie at the second, an eagle hole-out at the third followed

by what would be his only par over an 11-hole stretch. Over the last six holes, he managed the five pars and one birdie required to shoot a record 58 on the par 70 layout. More recently, in early January Rory M cI l roy posted eight consecutive one-putt birdies at the BMW South African Open Championship at Glendower Golf Club. This run actually has only been bettered once ever on the PGA Tour.

RoryDuringTheInitial StagesOfAMemorableRun


M ark Cal cav ecch i a made nine birdies in a row during the 2009 RBC Canadian Open.

'Rory?s Run' has been matched 11 times before including Seve Ballesteros in 1985.

Only three other golfers in PGA TOUR history (Bob Goalby, 1961, Fuzzy Zoeller, 1976 Dewey Arnett, 1981)have reached eight but on the European Tour,

You can see all eight of Rory?s sub-par holes in under three minutes by going to the European Tour ?s Facebook page by clicking the link below. When you get there, click the arrow at the bottom to see more videos and then select ?McIlroy?s Run.?

See a more complete review of Rory's run by clicking HERE (video is embedded in article

Click HERE To See Video



OFTHEYEAR 2016 Future Li nk s Nat. Juni or Gi rl s Order of M eri t Wi nner


Mar y Par son s This Delt a 17-year-old?s season was highlight ed by wins at Fut ure Links Pacific and B.C. Junior Girls Cham pionship; she?s also com m it t ed t o at t end Indiana Universit y. Click HERE For Fu ll St or y



OFTHEYEAR 2016 Future Li nk s Nat. Juni or Boys Order of M eri t Wi nner


A.J. Ew ar t This Coquit lam product garnered runner-up honours at bot h t he B.C. Men?s Am and Junior Cham p'ships, alongside a Top-15 result at t he Canadian Junior Boys.

Click HERE For Fu ll St or y



Th e Wor l d?s Cool est Gol f Car



Wh en you ar e t alk in g boys an d t h eir t oys, it m ay n ot get an y bet t er t h an t h is.

Caddysh ack Gol f Cars in Palm Springs customizes replica golf cars in models ranging from Ford Mustangs to Chevy Camaros but the of f i ci al l y l i censed Sh el b y Cob ra is the one that is guaranteed to turn heads. CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE


Standard are v i nyl & ul trasuede uph ol stered seats w i th th e Cob ra Logo & Sh el by Si gnature on th e back rests and ori gi nal styl e Sh el by 12? w h eel s w i th w i nged k nock -of f s.

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Hadw i n posted a 13-under 59, i n round th ree of th e CareerBui l der Ch al l enge. He now i s onl y th e f ourth pl ayer i n PGA TOUR h i story to post 59 on a par 72 l ayout. He al so ti ed Ch i p Beck f or th e most b i rdi es i n a round... 13. Here are the top seven Q&A's from his interviews after his third round and the final round runner-up finish. Af t er Sat u r day 's 59... Q. How does closing out a 59 feel compared to closing out a tournament coming down the stretch of that? ADAM HADWIN: Pretty much the same. It's not far off. You know what you have to do. Going up the last, I knew I just needed to make


Q&A Wi t h Adam Hadw i n

Adamfollowedthroughonhiscall tocome out gunningin 2017. ClickHEREfor story. par. But very similar to if I knew I just had to make par to win a tournament. I feel like sometimes it might be easier having to make birdie to tie or to win or something like that, kind of. But I think it correlates a hundred percent. It's the exact same things that I'll be feeling on the first tee tomorrow when I tee off. Q. You go out, you par the first hole then you make six straight (birdies). Okay. There's your good round. Where does your translation from a good round to a, hey, maybe this is 59? CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

ADAM HADWIN: After hole 11. I said to my caddie, I said, we need four more. And I'm not sure he knew what to respond to me at that point, because he knew I was playing well and he knew that clearly I was thinking about it. But we just went about our business and kept making putts. I guess even at that point, I guess I moved to 10-under, I knew I was playing well, I had a peak at one of the leaderboards at La Quinta, there's not many, which can be a good thing, can be a bad thing. But it was just a matter of keeping, just kind of keep the momentum going and keep making putts. And then once I walked off 11, the objective was to shoot 59. Q. You became the first Canadian on the PGA TOUR ever to do this. As you know, back home Saturday night is Hockey Night in Canada. Tonight is might be Hadwin Night in Canada. What does this mean, do you think, to the Canadian golf and did you have a lot of Canadian fans cheering you on today? ADAM HADWIN: Do you live in the desert? (reply: Q. Yeah, I do)... so you know how many Canadians are here, right? Yeah. You know

what, I've said this, I played well last year and got myself in the final group and had a chance to win going into the back nine. Somebody told me at the end of the day that I had the second loudest cheer going off the first hole besides Mickelson. So, they come out in full support for all of us Canadians. There's a lot of them down here. To be able to put a round together in front of family and friends and lots of people that I know is pretty exciting and I hope to be able to go out there tomorrow and have a chance coming up 18 to do something special. Af t er Th e Fin al Rou n d... Q. Heck of a week for you. How would you describe your final round? ADAM HADWIN: A little up-and-down. I was a little disappointed, I never quite felt comfortable on the tee box. Kind of hitting it left and right a little bit and was never able to have, I guess, fairway lies going into the greens. I would have loved to have put a little bit more pressure on Hud coming up the 18th, but just CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

to be able to get up-and-down from the lie that I had from over there was pretty impressive. And a threw a couple birdies in there and made him win it. So, big ups to him, he played well. Q. You seemed to have a lot of success here the last few years, you were in contention here before. What is it about this area? ADAM HADWIN: I think it's a bit of a second home for most Canadians. I'm living in Phoenix now, so a short drive away. And I get a ton of support here and they show up and it's pretty incredible. Other than that, I don't know, I just kind of happened to play well this week. Q. Did you hear from any of the other guys that have shot a 59 overnight? ADAM HADWIN: Yeah, Chip Beck reached out on Twitter, I noticed that. I was trying to skim through some messages as best I could. Justin Thomas, yeah, he was tweeting it. I think he was actually cheering me on to beat him, but it's pretty cool. It's a small club to be a part of and I think, I was talking about it last night with family and I don't think it had quite

sunk in just yet what I accomplished and I think it will take a few weeks to really sink in. I was just focused on trying to win a golf tournament and now I can kind of relax a little bit and go watch some football and let everything sink in. Q. Your best finish, you have the 59, overall, what does it mean to you? ADAM HADWIN: Yeah, you know, it's, I can't help but be slightly disappointed. I really wanted to come out here and kind of prove that yesterday was just kind of a continuation of some good play and kind of get it done today, but I got beat, so I felt like I did all the right things, I just a couple shots here and there and who knows what could have happened. But an incredible week, my best finish ever, so I can't be too disappointed with that.

Click HERE For Th e Fu ll Sat u r day In t er view Click HERE For Th e Fu ll Su n day In t er view


RECOGNITION Jar ed du Toi t Nom i n at ed For Spor t BC Sen i or Mal e At h l et e of Th e Year Jared du Toit of Kimberley has been nominated for the Sport BC Senior Male Athlete of The Year Award. Du Toit had an outstanding 2016 season and has been the

number one ranked amateur male golfer in Canada for over 44 weeks straight as well as being ranked as high as number 23 in the world. Jared will find out on March 8th, 2017 during the Sport BC awards dinner whether he will be adding another honour to his name.

Du Toit has been the # 1 ranked amateur male golfer in Canada for over 44 weeks straight CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

Included in his list of accomplishments this past summer was winning the prestigious Glencoe Invitational along with being named the 2016 PNGA Men's Player of the Year, winning the British Columbia Golf Order of Merit, the Golf Canada Men's Amateur Order of Merit and the Gary Cowan Medal as the Low Amateur at the RBC Canadian Open where he thrilled the country with his T9th after

Du Toit won the prestigious Glencoe Invitational in 2016 contending right from the opening round. Immediately following that performance at Glen Abbey, du Toit competed with the top amateurs in the world at the Porter Cup at Niagara Falls CC where he finished T4th. CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

Du Toit, who is a member of the Kimbeley GC and attends Arizona State University, finished his college golf season last spring as a very important member of the Devil's golf team with a T5 at the Albuquerque NCAA Regional Championship to go along with 3 other top 10 finishes in NCAA competition.

Included in his list of accomplishments this past summer was the Gary Cowan Medal as the Low Amateur at the RBC Canadian Open where he thrilled the country with his T9th after contending right from the opening round. A member of the Canadian National Team, du Toit added another top 20 result with his T15 finish at the Canadian Men's Amateur in August. Du Toit was nominated by British Columbia Golf President Patrick Kelly and Kris Jonasson, Executive Director of British Columbia Golf. Last year 's recipient, for the second year in a row, was speedskater Denny Morrison from Fort St. John.

Via Golf Canada


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Stretchthat Canadiandollar with great Scottsdaledeals anyone who lives north of the American border knows why. Certainly, Scottsdale has nearly perfect winter weather ? temperatures average about 22 degrees Celsius ? but the city?s world-class amenities, resorts, restaurants and outdoor adventure are also available to Canadians at terrific discounts to beef up the strength of the Canadian dollar. Take advantage of savings on

hotels, dining and activities. Best of Bou lder s ? Take advantage of the recreation that abounds at the Boulders with a $50 daily resort credit (valid through 12/31/2017) Can adian Br u n ch at Bespok e In n ? Enjoy complimentary brunch each morning at Virtu, the inn?s award-winning restaurant, when you book two or more nights. Mention ?Canadian Brunch? at the time of booking (valid through 5/31/2017) 15% of f M ou n t ain Sh adow s ? Book the ?Canadian Rate? and save 15% at the distinctive, modern boutique golf resort set between Camelback and Mummy mountains. (valid through 12/31/2017; now

Take advantage of savings on hotels, dining and activities. accepting reservations for stays beginning March 1.) Ou r Neigh bor s Up Nor t h ? This package at Omni Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Montelucia includes 20% off the best available rate, overnight parking ($22 value), a $20 credit toward any regularly-priced golf shirt, $35 golf club rentals at Eagle Mountain Golf Club ($15 savings), as well as a waived resort fee ($25 value). 10% Savin gs on Bik e Ren t als See the desert from a mountain bike with Arizona Outback Adventures, which has more than 300 bikes in its fleet. Canadians receive 10% off all bike rentals, just for being Canadian! (valid through April 30, 2017). For a full list of offers, visit www.LoonieLovein



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OFTHEYEAR Femal e Prof essi onal of th e Year:

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Brooke Henderson won t wice on t he LPGA Tour in 2016 including her first m ajor cham pionship ? t he KPMG Wom en?s PGA Cham pionship ? in a playoff over Lydia Ko. She also represent ed Canada at t he Olym pics in Rio.


Br ook e Hen der son





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OFTHEYEAR M al e A mateur of th e Year:

Jar ed Du Toi t The capt ain of t he Arizona St at e Universit y?s m en?s golf t eam elect rified t he Canadian golf world during t he RBC Canadian Open where he would event ually finish in 9t h spot .

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At t h e 2016 Can adian Open ..



OFTHEYEAR Femal e A mateur of th e Year:


Naom i Ko Ko won t he 2016 Cdn Junior Girls Cham p'ship & represent ed Canada at t he World Am at eur Team Cham p'ships in Mexico. She also was t he m edalist at her U.S. Wom en?s Open Qualifier.

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M al e Prof essi onal of th e Year:

Mack en zi e Hugh es Canada?s highest ranked m ale golfer in t he OWGR, Hughes won t wice in 2016... once on t he Tour and t hen on t he PGA Tour at t he RSM Classic.

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Vi deo: Cel ebr i t i es In Gol f Car t s Kun al Nay y ar (Raj Fr om Th e Bi g Ban g Th eor y )

entertaining and informative Rules Crew videos, thought it would be a good idea to film a round of golf, including the back and forth banter, involving FOX Sports radio host Mark Willard and a willing FOXSportsRadioHost MarkWillard(L) IsJoinedOnTheGolf celebrity.

CourseFor ARoundByTheBigBangTheory's'Raj Koothrappali' - KnownInReal LifeAsKunal Nayyar Most of us are pretty interested in seeing how public figures, especially celebrities, handle themselves on the golf course. The Southern California Golf Association, the people who regularly bring us those

In this installment, television and film star Kunal Nayyar - Raj Koothrappali to all the Big Bang Theory fans out there - shows us his golf skills along with his dry wit, while also sharing some personal insights.


Beach Fr on t Golf In Nicar agu a




M u k u l Beach is Nicar agu a?s f ir st lu xu r y r esor t boast in g a beach f r on t golf cou r se.

Th e 18 h ol e, par 72 Guacal i to course i s an unusual l ayout i n a number of w ays. Not too many courses see you walking across a hanging bridge to the green or removing your shoes, waves lapping at your feet, as you approach the final hole. This unique golf course was designed by world-famous Scottish golf architect David McLay Kidd to

For m or e in f or m at ion , visit gu acalit ogolf .com

embrace and preserve the natural landscape. Holes wind around wise old Guanacaste, Tamarindo and Mango trees. The associated Mukul Beach resort is five

star as well making it onto Conde Nast's 2016 Hot List for best hotels in the world.

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For m or e on t h e Ver t ical Dr iver , Click HERE



" Just a guy, Dad, Husband, Dreamer, Gol f Pro, and V ery A mateur Hock ey Coach ."



British Columbia Golf - The Scorecard Magazine Vol. 3 Issue 1  
British Columbia Golf - The Scorecard Magazine Vol. 3 Issue 1