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IGB International School’s Weekly Newsletter - Issue 124. Week 2. September 2017.

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Inside This Week Message from Head of School Mrs. Anne Fowles 2 Head of School .................................................... News from Elementary School Mr. Simon Millward 3 Elementary School Principal .................................................... News from Secondary School Mr. Michael Arcidiacono 5 Secondary School Principal

Malaysia Day Celebrations

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Elementary Music News

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Grade 12 News

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College Counselling News

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Performing Arts News

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Learning to Innovate: A Trip to Google Sydney

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Japanese Coffee Morning

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Korean Parent Workshop

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Flying Phoenix

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Secondary House Relay Event

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Happening. ++ Mon, Sep 11 ~ University Visit: Jacobs University Bremen @ Secondary Library 12:50 pm – 1:20 pm ++ Wed, Sep 13 ~ Class Representatives Coffee @ PVO Room | 8:00 am – 8:40 am ~ Malaysia Day Assembly @ Theatre | 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm ++ Fri, Sep 15 ~ Open Day | All-day ~ Kopi with the Secondary Principal @ PVO Room | 8:00 am – 8:40 am ~ Kopi with the Elementary Principal @ PVO Room | 8:40 am – 9:20 am

Message from Head of School Dear IGBIS Parents and Community Members, Congratulations to Malaysia for its phenomenal success in the SEA Games. The medal tally was certainly cause for celebration! This week IGB International School is proud to be the Malaysian centre for ten IB Asia Pacific Regional Workshops. The Workshop Leaders and participants have travelled to Kuala Lumpur from all over the Asia Pacific region and beyond to take part in the workshops.

IGBIS also the hosted the first General Meeting of the Malaysian Association of International Baccalaureate Schools (MyIB). Over 100 teachers, coordinators and Heads of Schools from around Malaysia attended the meeting followed by IB programme sessions and networking opportunities. Mrs Fowles, Chair of MyIB welcomed the school representatives and explained the many advantages of the new association. The Regional Development Manager provided an update on developments in the region and noted that over 30 schools are now offering IB programmes in Malaysia with IGBIS being the first four programme school. MyIB was honoured to have officials from the National Innovation Agency of Malaysia and MARA attending the meeting.

Anne Fowles Head of School

Malaysia Day Celebrations All parents and members of the IGBIS community are invited to attend our Malaysia Day Assembly on Wednesday 13th September at 2.00pm. Students and parents should wear clothing or colours that celebrate the rich culture of Malaysia.

News from the Elementary Principal

We were extremely proud of our Grade 4 and Grade 5 student council representatives this week as they acted as guides for the IB workshop participants. Their role was to guide them from the car park to Level 5 and into the theatre. They were to welcome them to IGB International School, converse with them and answer any questions they may have had. They spoke knowledgeably about the school and the PYP and represented the school admirably. Speaking of our student council (STUCO) I have been hearing some rumours that they have some exciting plans ahead. At this stage it is top secret, but I look forward to hearing their concrete ideas very soon. We would like to ask for your assistance with regard to your children’s belongings. Students can be forgetful and misplace their water bottles, security tags, swimming clothes, school hats and lunch boxes to name just a few items. If you could take the time to write your child’s name on EVERYTHING that would be a big help. We do have a lost and found but it makes

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it much easier to return items to the owners if they have a name on them. Thank you for your help in this matter. Next Wednesday 13th September, we have our Malaysia Day assembly that is being led by the Elementary School students. We would like to invite all parents to attend and be seated in the theatre by 2pm for a prompt start at 2.10pm. For this day we would love it if students can dress in traditional Malaysian clothes, if this is not possible then students can wear clothes to represent the colours of the Malaysian flag (red, blue, white and yellow). If your child is due to have PE or swimming during the day on Wednesday please send them in PE clothes and they can change before the assembly. I look forward to seeing you next Wednesday 13th September at the Malaysia Day assembly.

Simon Millward

Elementary School Principal

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Elementary Music News Susan Bal-Short Elementary Music Teacher ...............................................................................................

Early Years and Kindergarten classes are enjoying their own dedicated music room - this year where they are experiencing movement and dance, percussion work and singing through play activities and action songs.

Greetings from Elementary Music!

“Musical experiences and learning begin with the voice.” (PYP arts scope and sequence). This will certainly be true for the coming year in Elementary School as we implement the Orff Schulwerk Approach to music education. The Orff Approach is a holistic and inclusive approach, where learners are actively involved in music-making, composing, creating and performing in speech, singing, drama and dance. The Orff Schulwerk Approach, was developed by the German composer, Carl Orff (from “Carmina Burana” fame), and is a way of learning music by singing, dancing, playing special instruments and improvising. Already the students are risktaking on instruments through improvisation and singing in class.

Grade 3 students are preparing for a special “voice production” workshop as part of their Unit of Inquiry on communication. The Phoenix Tweeters held their first choral rehearsal on Tuesday. 12 little Tweeters are now in preparation for a Diwali Assembly debut and we look forward to our first performance. Grade 4 and 5 students are also in full preparation for the Malaysia Day Assembly being held next week with some special Malaysian songs played on traditional Malay and Indonesian instruments. We look forward to igniting the musical possibilities and imaginations of our learners in the coming year.

Grade 5 - Small ensembles and improvisation.


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News from the Secondary School Principal Dear parents, Today (Friday) was an exciting day as grades 6-11 embarked on a “Service Day”, leaving the confines of IGBIS to work in the community in partnership with different organisations. A few weeks back, Ms Chotard organised a Service Fair to raise awareness amongst our students about ways they can contribute. Today was an opportunity to move from “raising awareness” to “taking action”. • • • • • •

Grade 6 - SPCA (working with animals) Grade 7 - Biji Biji (recycling) Grade 8 - Hope Malaysia (local community organisation) Grade 9 - Cert Academy (First Aid) Grade 10 - Achievers Academy (refugee group) Grade 11 - Epic homes (NGO that helps families)

A special thanks to Ms Chotard for all her work in putting these opportunities together for our students. While they were away, IGBIS hosted IB workshops which took place in Level 6 and 7 classrooms, and continue throughout the weekend.

• September 15th at 8 am - Kopitiam with Mr Arcidiacono • September 19th at 8 am - Managebac workshop with Mr Derry. • September 26th from 8:00-9:30 - Assessment in the MYP workshop with Mr Clark • September 27th at 8 am - Workshops for Korean and Japanese parents, with Ms Kim & Mr Helman • September 29th from 8:00-12:00 - MYP Maths & Science workshop with Mr Clark Lastly, I hope to see all parents at our Malaysia Day Assembly this Wednesday. Students, parents and staff are invited to dress in Malaysian traditional dress to celebrate this important occasion. I have my outfit ready, do you?? Sincerely yours,

Michael Arcidiacono Secondary School Principal

Like today, September will continue to be a very busy month, so I would like to highlight some important dates:

Grade 12 News Mary Boyd Diploma Programme Coordinator ............................................................................................... Grade 12 students worked on their EE and had extra lessons in ToK, in addition to normal lessons on Friday. As the only grade remaining in Secondary School, they enjoyed a special pizza picnic to unwind, and enjoy the company of their fellow school mates. During the DP parents coffee morning this week, we spoke about the need for a healthy approach to work, including planned rest periods. Wellness in the DP is something we discuss regularly with the Grade 12 students, and something we have scheduled during Grade 12 Camp Week - with Cooking for University, First Aid for Survival, and Active Mindfulness. Grade 12 Camp Week: 26-29 September Now bridging the gap between school and university, current Grade 12 students were blessed with the wisdom of some of our graduating students, Hwei Minn, Rebecca and Hamizah, who dropped by to collect their DP Diploma Certificates, before setting off for the UK — to Cambridge, Leicester and Exeter universities — to study Natural Sciences, Geography and Law. A special note of thanks to Hamizah, who has been an amazing leader, tireless in her altruistic acts and revered for her organisational skills, that have helped so many with genuine kindness and exceptional efficiency. As ever, we wish them every good fortune with their next adventure in life.

Current Grade 12 students with 2017 graduates - off soon to Cambridge, Leicester and Exeter universities

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College Counselling News Bill Mitchell Grades 9-12 School Counsellor ............................................................................................... IGBIS Events Grade 12 Parent University Meeting Many thanks to the parents who were available for the review of the university application process for the Grade 12 students. I think that the Student Led College Conferences were insightful and will give you an idea on the status of your son/ daughter’s progress to date. In school, our next steps will be to do workshops on personal statements, college essays and interview preparation simulations. Don’t forget your homework that I assigned: it will give me great detail to assist in the Letters of Reference. University Visits: UBC, Les Roches and HULT International Business It was fantastic to not only see the top school’s in the world here, but also our student engagement! Students from Grade 10 were out asking questions, clarifying options and learning about scholarships and elite programmes! Follow the Secondary Calendar or see the College Counselling Events [ counsellingigbis/home/collegeandcareer] calendar for future visits and events. Kuala Lumpur Events September 19 Guest Advising with University of Idaho: Mary Ellen Brewick, a university representative from the University of Idaho, will provide feedback on student’s applications and essays and answer any questions on the university application process. To schedule an appointment email Kavita at adviser. September 26 Linden Fair: Linden Education Services provides a unique opportunity for students to meet U.S. university representatives in one convenient location. Register Here [ 3&c=81A55&t=0&l=6C6331E9&email=4KyS%2FgfFD%2Bl3e 3L2w7uc%2Fbb54MinPSAJMeTu86Tp7lQ%3D&seq=1] September 29 KIC Tour: KIC UnivAssist will bring U.S. university representatives to the MACEE office to meet with students and their families. This event will teach students more about studying in the U.S. and finding the university that best fits them. EVERY TUESDAY AND THURSDAY U.S. University Advising: EducationUSA Advisers provide comprehensive U.S. university advising Register Here [http://macee.bmetrack. com/c/l?u=733838B&e=BA25D3&c=81A55&t=0&l=6C6331E 9&email=4KyS%2FgfFD%2Bl3e3L2w7uc%2Fbb54MinPSAJ MeTu86Tp7lQ%3D&seq=1]


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Performing Arts News Jon Suffolk Instrumental Music Academy Coordinator P erforming Arts Teacher ............................................................................................... ISTA Middle School Festival at IGBIS - March 2018 IGBIS will be hosting an International Schools Theatre Association Festival (ISTA) in March 2018. What is an ISTA Festival? An ISTA Festival is an opportunity for students to work with students from other international schools and with visiting local and international artists over a three-day period to explore a significant world issue through making and creating drama and theatre. Our Festival has been in the planning for the past 6 months and is now beginning to take shape. It has been publicised through the ISTA website and is now booked out. The Festival will take place from Thursday 15th March to Saturday 17th

IGBIS Instrumental Music Academy This week music lessons got underway. With the surprise holiday on Monday, Ms Wong’s piano students will have their lessons rescheduled to a later date.

March with staff and students from Hong Kong and Malaysia attending. The Festival theme “Something in the Air” explores the destruction of the world’s rainforests through theatre. Students will work with the visiting local and international artists to devise original performances, develop an understanding of new theatre techniques and share and develop a greater global perspective on the focus. How can IGBIS students get involved? There will be 20 places available for students from grades 6 to 8. Students must be between the ages of 10 and 14 years and be willing to host visiting students in their homes for the duration of the Festival. This is a great way to make new friends and international networks. Application forms will be available in the coming weeks. Please watch the newsletter and school email for details.

There are a number of new students and many continuing students. Parents please encourage your children to practice at home. Make it fun. Short bursts of practice are valuable for the younger student.

A reminder to parents that payment for Semester 1 can be made at the Finance Counter or by bank transfer. If you are making a bank transfer please email proof of the transfer to the Finance Department.

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Learning to Innovate: A Trip to Google Sydney Geoff Derry Technology Integration Specialist and Google Innovator ...............................................................................................

are still stuck in the 20th Century. They waste resources, don’t last, can be boring and can’t be shared. Over the course of the week with Google, this problem evolved from changing student displays to how can students share their learning in new and innovative ways. This opportunity ties in with IGBIS’s mission to be an innovative school. During the course of the year (and longer) we will be exploring ways students can create virtual reality worlds and videos (think Google cardboard) and exploring how they can use augmented reality in their presentations. We will also be exploring ways that students can share their learning and examples beyond IGBIS, to relatives, other students, and the rest of the world. Visiting the Sydney Google office was incredible. It was hard work, long days, but was well worth it. Talking to other like-minded educators and experts was empowering and inspirational and I can’t wait to see where my innovator journey will take me and IGBIS.

Visiting a Google office is every computer nerd’s dream and I was lucky enough to do just this. During the summer holiday I applied to be a Google Innovator. This is a hand-picked programme for teachers from all over the world. There are only about 100 teachers per year selected and I was excited to be one of them. The idea is that you pick an innovation project — an educational problem that you would like to solve. You then work on this problem or innovation for a year and come up with a solution to the problem. The work/learning/creating began before I went to the conference and continues until August next year. The problem I chose is “student created displays” (such as those found in science fairs, exhibitions, etc.) and how they


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Japanese Coffee Morning Morning by Gustav by Gustav Helman Helman

Korean Parent Workshop by Yuri Kim

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Flying Phoenix Tim Bartle Athletics Director ............................................................................................... Finally the long wait is over with Athletics and Activities commencing this week. The school has been abuzz with the exciting programme offering morning, lunchtime and after school sessions in a wide range of fun and engaging activities. This year the Athletics and Activities programmes will be a driving force behind the House System at IGB International School. Every time a student participates in any lunchtime or after school activity or athletics training session, they will score a point for their house team towards the House Championship. Large house events such as the Secondary School relays that took place this week will also contribute towards to the team scores. You can check the live scores on the Athletics and


Activities section on the Splash page. Unfortunately our athletics sessions have already experienced some interruptions due to thunderstorms this week. Please note our training sessions will still take place and students will still be involved in the event of a thunderstorm. Outside activities will move to a safe location indoors where the activity will be modified. Finally, all KLISS competition dates for our athletics teams have been finalised and will be soon be shared with parents and students. These will also be placed on the Athletics and Activities site. Go Phoenix!

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Secondary House Relay Event Hugo Nootebos Grade 11 ............................................................................................... What started out as a chaotic morning with people wondering where their team members might have gone and wishing Mr. Bartle was joking when he said, “50 minutes,” turned into one of the most memorable events IGBIS has ever seen. Every secondary student was involved and proudly represented their house, their team and themselves in the Secondary House Relay. The 36 teams collectively ran 295 kilometres with each team running just under 12 700-metre laps. Seeing this enormous statistic didn’t surprise me since everyone was persistent,

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no matter their age or running experience. After 30 minutes everyone on the track was tired and desperate to rest, but no one gave up. Instead of taking a nap by the side of the track, the fatigued IGBIS students completed their lap, sat down and felt good about themselves while watching the other runners suffer. It didn’t take long before students got up to stand next to the track and cheer for their team. Not only did this voluntary act of kindness help the runners gain confidence, it also reflected the spirit that our students naturally have. What I liked most about this event was working together with students across grade levels to create a strategy, help each other and persist for 50 minutes. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did because the Secondary House Relay of 2017 was awesome.

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IGBIS Class of 2017 alumna, Yin Xzi Ho (second from right), catches up with some members of the Class of 2016: Yongyou Woon (left), Zai Chern Cheng (second from left), and Angelica Song Mei Liaw (right). The four IGBIS alumni are studying at universities in Vancouver, Canada.

New IGBIS Uniform Stock has Arrived!! New school uniforms can now be purchased from the Uniform Shop. There is still a slight delay on PE uniforms, which should be arriving before the end of the month.

Susie busily restocking the shelves in the Uniform Shop.


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IGBIS Weekly Newsletter. Issue 124, Week 2, September, 2017.  
IGBIS Weekly Newsletter. Issue 124, Week 2, September, 2017.