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IGB International School’s Weekly Newsletter - Issue 96, Week 1, December 2016

• Elementary School’s “Pinocchio the Musical” ~ December 2nd 2016.

Inside This Week Message from Head of School Mrs. Anne Fowles 2 Head of School .............................................................. News from Elementary School Mrs. Claire McLeod 2 Elementary School Principal .............................................................. News from Secondary School Mr. Michael Arcidiacono 3 Secondary School Principal

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December 6 (Tue) & 7 (Wed) ++ Secondary Production “Living with Lady Macbeth” Tue (Dec. 6) ~ 2:00 pm Wed (Dec. 7) ~ 7:30 pm IGBIS Theatre

Open Days Attract a Variety of Visitors.

December 9 (Friday) ++ Christmas Assembly 8:15 am

PVO News. ~ Pg. 9

++ Last day of school.

~ Pg. 8

Stonor 3 Promotional Event scheduled for Saturday 3rd December has been cancelled.

Message from Head of School Dear IGBIS Parents and Community Members, We have had two fantastic events in school this week with the Holiday Bazaar and the Elementary School musical “Pinocchio”. Thank you to all of our staff and students who have been involved in the production of “Pinocchio”, and also to our parents for their support. We are so proud of all of our students. To produce such a polished show that included every child in the Elementary School was quite a feat! Our sincere appreciation is extended to Ms Hadewych in particular. The Bazaar was the brainchild of Mrs Julie Arcidiacono and the Parent Volunteer Organisation (PVO) and a first for our school. There was a wide range of things to buy prepared by

our parents and members of the wider community. I am sure that no one came away empty handed. This is bound to be on our calendar again next year! With the last week before the holiday about to begin, we can look forward to the Secondary production “Living With Lady Macbeth” taking place on Wednesday December 7th and the Christmas assembly on December 9th. We look forward to seeing all our of parents in school again to share these events.

Mrs. Anne Fowles Head of School

News from Elementary School

Pinocchio The performance of the musical Pinocchio on Friday morning was definitely a wonderful highlight of the Elementary School this semester. Our students delivered their lines with confidence and loads of character, they sang clearly and loudly, and they all looked like they were enjoying themselves. I know their teachers and parents were very proud of their efforts. I would like to congratulate Ms Hadewych Dujardin, our Elementary School Music teacher, for her very detailed planning and preparation, that included after school rehearsals starting in September, the teaching of the songs to all classes, and producing and directing the entire musical. Ms Hadewych had excellent support from our teachers and parents. Christmas and Holidays Our whole school Christmas Assembly is scheduled for Friday 9th December, starting at 8.15am in the Theatre. The assembly will be run by the Elementary School Council and there will be contributions from students from across the school. It is anticipated it will finished before 9am and parents are welcome to attend. As Friday 9th December will be our last day before the holidays and many people will celebrate Christmas, students and staff are encouraged to


wear something Red and Green to reflect the festive season. Students are not required to wear school uniform on this day. Students will be dismissed at the normal time on this day. What’s coming up? • Friday 9th December: Last day before the holidays, Christmas Assembly, Red and Green Day. • Wednesday 4th January: School resumes • Thursday 19th January: Early Years and Kindergarten Splashdown • Friday 20th January: Grades 1-12 Splashdown; reports sent home • Thursday 26th January: Chinese New Year Assembly; Parent Teacher Conferences • Friday 27th January: Professional Development day for teachers; Chinese New Year holidays start for students • Monday 2nd February: School resumes Until next time,

Mrs. Claire McLeod Elementary School Principal

Igniting Minds

Impacting Lives

Teach Your Parents to Code

‘Bring your parents to school’ coding sessions will be held on Tuesday 6th Dec, Wednesday 7th Dec and Thursday 8th Dec from 3pm - 4pm. These hands-on coding sessions will allow parents and students to learn how to code together. Parents can code robots, make games, or just play on iPads and computers. We are encouraging students to bring their parents to school to learn together. Please use this form to sign up as spaces are limited.

News from Secondary School The Secondary Student Council did a very nice job of leading assembly this week, and we heard from several students and teachers about various projects that are currently happening. The performances by our instrumental ensemble were particularly good! A good message came through the presentations, about taking action and being responsible for our role in the wider community. I touched on this subject in last week’s newsletter, and as we come up to a lengthy school break, I encourage students to keep this in mind and be sure that they are active in service over the holidays. With Season 2 sign-ups for athletics and activities under way as well, it might be a good time to get involved in something new!

card. It is essential that students bring them to school each day. In addition to being necessary for the purchase of snack/ lunch in the cafeteria, printing, and so on, our swipe card system is one of the ways that we know students are in school (in case of emergency). If a student is having difficulty with their swipe card, they must go to IT to help get the problem resolved. Students should also be regularly checking the balance on their swipe card, and “topping up” their account to ensure they are not owing money.

Michael Arcidiacono Secondary School Principal

I reminded students this week about the use of their swipe ID

Service as Action in the MYP Phil Clark Middle Years Programme Coordinator ............................................................................................... The student is at the centre of all IB programmes and is expressed through the attributes of the IB Learner Profile. Surrounding the learner is the inner ring of the Middle Years Programme (MYP) with key features that help students develop understanding - Approaches to Teaching, Approaches to Learning, Concepts and Global Contexts. The second ring from the centre identifies important outcomes of the MYP Community Project, Personal Project and Service as Action. The third ring identifies the broad, balanced subject groups of the MYP curriculum framework. Action and service are key components of all IB programmes. The IB prescribes seven learning outcomes for Service as Action in the MYP. With appropriate guidance and support, MYP students should, through their engagement with service as action,: • become more aware of their own strengths and areas for growth; • undertake challenges that develop new skills;

Igniting Minds

Impacting Lives


• discuss, evaluate and plan student-initiated activities; • persevere in action; • work collaboratively with others; • develop international-mindedness through global engagement, multilingualism and intercultural understanding; and • consider the ethical implications of their actions. These learning outcomes identify the substance of students’ self-reflection on service as action. All of these learning outcomes are closely associated with IB learner profile attributes and Approaches to Learning (ATL) skills. Through their participation in service, students can become more confident, self-regulated learners (IBO, 2014, p24). Our goal is for all students to actively engage in meaningful and ongoing service in each year of the MYP. At IGBIS, Service as Action is being embedded within and beyond the curriculum in three broad categories: • Curriculum-related Service as Action - every grade-level includes at least one unit in any subject area that has a service-learning component which provides authentic opportunities for students to engage in Service as Action. • School-organised Service as Action - we organise a variety of service opportunities beyond the regular classroomn schedule. These may include service activities during camp and field trips; ongoing grade-level service

activities, e.g. partnership with local NGOs, migrant schools etc.; school-wide service events in response to a specific need, e.g. disaster relief, etc. • Student-selected Service as Action - we encourage students to participate in ongoing Service as Action in an area of personal interest. Students may select inschool activities (e.g. Student Council, Global Issues Network, Student Ambassadors, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Editorial Board, etc.) or may select activities outside of school (e.g. with family, friends, faith-based organisations, community groups, NGOs, etc.). We were all inspired to become actively involved in Service as Action during our Secondary School Assembly on Wednesday morning. Student Council members led the assembly and introduced other students who showcased some of the service activities that they are currently, or have recently, been undertaking. Check out this video from Ms Chotard, our Service Coordinator, to learn about some of the amazing things our students have been doing - Students were challenged to consider service opportunities as they choose which activities to become involved with for the next activity season in January 2017.

Work Cited: International Baccalaureate Organization. MYP: From Principles into Practice. Cardiff: International Baccalaureate Organization, 2014.

University Information - Australian Universities Pauline Davidson Grade 9-12 School Counsellor ............................................................................................... This week I am sharing information about the Australian universities that have visited IGBIS in recent weeks, eager to share the benefits of the educational and recreational experiences they can offer. I hope that this information helps graduating students and their parents to narrow down the list of universities they wish to apply to in the coming weeks. If you would like more information about these universities, please contact me. Edith Cowan University Located in Perth, Western Australia, Edith Cowan University supports 27,000 students, 4,300 of which are international students from over 100 countries. The university offers over 300 courses, and is strong in performing arts, midwifery & nursing, and education. The university ranks highly for the quality of teaching and the starting salary earned by graduates. Several scholarships are offered to international students including the Merit International Scholarship and the Australian Temporary Resident International Scholarship. Notable alumni include Hugh Jackman, actor; and Geoffrey Lancaster, world-renowned fortepianist.


Igniting Minds

University of Technology Sydney 37,000 students attend this university in the heart of Sydney, studying one of 150 different undergraduate degrees. Courses focus on practiceoriented learning, quality teaching and high-impact research. The Faculty of Business is one of the largest and most prestigious business schools in Australia. The university also has prominent engineering and nursing programmes. A range of scholarships are available to international students. Notable alumni include Hugh Jackman, actor (yes, again!); and Tanya Plibersek, politician. University of Queensland This university in Brisbane is one of Australia’s oldest, and considered by many to be one of the world’s best, particularly for life sciences. The university is by far the most productive in the southern hemisphere in terms of contributions to the peer-reviewed journals Nature and Science. 50,000 students attend the university where a large variety of scholarships are available. Notable alumni include Geoffrey Rush, actor; and Lee Boon

Impacting Lives

University of New South Wales One of the highest ranked universities in Australia and the world, UNSW has been said to have produced more millionaires than any other Australian university. It is particularly well regarded for its engineering & technology, commerce & economics, and law courses. 53,000 students attend the university and, while there are limited scholarship opportunities, UNSW has a Sponsored Students programme, that is available to international students. Notable alumni include Tim Flannery, mammalogist, palaeontologist, activist and author; Foo Mee Har, Singaporean MP; and Rebel Wilson, actress, writer and director.

Yang, Singaporean Minister of Defense and Manpower. Queensland University of Technology 40,000 students attend this univesity, of which 6,000 are international students. Degrees in the fields of Business, Creative Industries, Education, Health, Law, and Science & Engineering are available. Several undergraduate scholarships are available to international students. The extensive list of alumni includes Steve Lawrence, computer scientist; and Wayne Swan, former Treasurer of Australia. University of Adelaide Located in the heart of Adelaide, South Australia, this university of 25,000 students, almost 6,000 of whom are international students, offers a more peaceful and affordable lifestyle than other high-profile universities in bigger cities. The university is very strong in research, with strengths lying in agriculture, environment, mineral & energy resources, social innovation, health & biomedical science, and sensing & computation. Scholarships are available to all students, with several exclusively for international students. The university had graduated 104 Rhodes Scholars, five Nobel laureates, and former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

University of Western Australia 25,000 students attend this university in Perth, Western Australia, 5,000 of which are international students, with an increasing number of students coming from South East Asia. The university offers three-year degrees in science (BSc), commerce (BCom), arts (BA), and design (BDes). They also offer a limitedplace Bachelor of Philosophy degree (BPhil), a four-year research-intensive course for high-achieving new students. The university also offers “assured entry pathways� to select students, assuring them a place in a postgraduate degree while they complete their undergraduate degree. The university has produced 100 Rhodes Scholars, a Nobel laureate, and former Australian Prime Minister, Bob Hawke.

Library News Amanda Clark Whole School Librarian ............................................................................................... Celebrations are a very important part of how we learn about cultures and people from many different backgrounds, cultures and beliefs. In Malaysia, a number of celebrations take place throughout the year that reflect the history and cultures present in this diverse, multicultural society. The Library has a

Igniting Minds

wide range of resources to support students to develop their understanding of the meanings behind the celebrations that occur throughout the year; some of these celebrations include Merdeka Day, Malaysia Day, Diwali, Ramadan/Eid, Christmas and Chinese New Year. For each of these highly significant celebrations, the Library offers a display of these resources, and encourages students to take them home and learn more about the wonderful variety of people that make up our IGB International School Community.

Impacting Lives


Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Journey Ben Wylie Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Coordinator ............................................................................................... Have you ever wanted to run away from civilisation for a while and just get back to nature? No cars, no crowds, no electricity, and no running water? Just you, the fresh air - and a dozen other people doing the same thing? Well, that’s exactly what six Grade 9 students and four Grade 12 students did last weekend, while working towards their Duke of Edinburgh’s International Bronze Award. The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award was established in 1956 by the Duke of Edinburgh, in conjunction with Kurt Hahn, who coined the “Six Declines of Modern Youth” and four antidotes to these declines, upon which the requirements for the award are based. To complete the Bronze Award, participants need to complete 3-6 months of continuous (at least one hour each week) community service, skills development (such as learning an instrument), and physical recreation, as well as complete an adventurous journey, where participants plan every detail of the journey themselves. The adventurous journey involves at least one practice journey to allow participants to hone their skills, and then a qualifying journey to show they can use those skills effectively.

to Hulu Tamu, near Batang Kali (about one hour away). The students decided that the purpose of the journey would be team building, and they designed activities to achieve that purpose. They also planned their meals for two days and one night, brought all the supplies they would need, including tents, food, dishes, cooking equipment, and they had no access to the modern luxuries we all take for granted. Grade 9 students, who were undertaking their practice journey, received a little more support than those completing their qualifying journey. The students explored caves made by rocks that had collapsed along a river, they hiked through the jungle, and were responsible for all aspects of their survival, from cooking meals on camp stoves beside a waterfall, to setting up tents in the pouring rain, to ensuring they ate, drank and slept enough. They remained in high spirits throughout the two-day journey, even when the rain would not let up. Grade 12 students went out of their way to interact with local staff, and even engaged them in a card game. It was great to see so many IB Learner Profiles in action during the journey, particularly Risk Taker, Communicator and Open Minded. Additionally, the Grade 12 students were Reflective, having learned from their practice journey, and putting those learnt skills into action in their qualifying journey.

Grade 12 students completed their practice journey in April 2016. To complete their qualifying journey, they chose to go


Igniting Minds

Impacting Lives

The Flying Phoenix Tim Bartle Athletics & Activities Coordinator ............................................................................................... The IGBIS Phoenix played host to eight other schools for a large Ultimate Frisbee tournament last Saturday 26th November. It was great to see that the sport of Ultimate Frisbee is alive and steadily growing in South East Asia, with over 120 students participating in the event. Springfield Academy, hailing from Jakarta, were also in attendance making this the very first International Sports tournament held at IGBIS.

The feeling out on the field was extremely positive with lots of cheering and all teams playing with integrity and according to the spirit of the game. The IGBIS students have steadily improved their skills this season by participating in training every Friday after school. They narrowly lost (4-5) in the semifinal to UCSI Springhill, and finished 4th overall. A big thanks to Mr Scott Cameron and Mr Darren Aherne for overseeing Ultimate Frisbee during Season 1. Ultimate will be back in Season 2 and new players are always welcome!

Soeren is closely guarded whilst he attempts to pass the disc to Adarsh.

TPlayers form a spirit circle after each game and congratulate their opponents on a fun and fair contest.

The IGBIS team, which is made up of male and female students from grades 6-12. New players are welcome to join the team in Season 2.

Igniting Minds

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Open Days Attract a Variety of Visitors Wayne Demnar Director of Admissions & Marketing .............................................................................................. Along with many people already living in Malaysia, we welcomed visitors from Germany and Japan during our Open Days last week. It was interesting to note that people attended as a result of seeing our website advertisements,

street bunting and flyers, as well as hearing from other parents: thank you for helping us in this regard. People were certainly impressed with what they saw in the classrooms and our facility in general. My thanks go to all the staff (Arvindar Kaur, Devi Shree, Rani Punnasamy, Julie Arcidiacono, Khalid Kaisya and Adiyati Ibrahim) who helped to organise the day, and the staff at IGBIS in general who made everyone feel so welcome - spreading the IGBIS spirit so well.

IGBIS U8 Football Team Reach the Final The Sunarize International Youth Cup was held at IGBIS on Sunday 27 November and we are very proud of our Under 8 team who reached the final in their division. The children played well and showed good sportsmanship under the expert guidance of Mr Ngatai. Our congratulations to Mr Vivegan Danalapan, Mr Michael Leach and the Sunarize team for organising the event. It was wonderful to be able to host another big event at our school and it underlines how lucky we are to have such first class facilities at our disposal.

IGBIS Students’ Success in Karate Competition. Sunarize organised a karate competition last Sunday at IGBIS and two of our students, Aya Hasegawa (G4) and Ghazi Kamarul (G3), came away with a couple of trophies each in their divisions. Evey Grubb (G4) and Maia Grubb (G7) also competed and enjoyed participating in their first tournament.


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PVO News Julie Arcidiacono Community & Events Coordinator ..............................................................................................

and Shamina Nordin, our PVO Holiday Bazaar Committee cochairs. I look forward to next year’s Bazaar! Igniting minds. Impacting lives.

Our first Holiday Bazaar was a big success. 35 vendors sold crafts such as batiks, art and jewelry, while a few of our own PVO members sold homemade food. The Performing Arts hallways were filled with parents, staff members and students, who happily enjoyed seasonal treats and gleefully checked items off their Christmas lists.

#igbis #igbisignites

Thank you to the many parents who lent a helping hand to organise the event, with a special thank you to Sujatha Josen

Let’s share our successes, celebrate our glories and record our fond memories!

Igniting Minds

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Impacting Lives



Igniting Minds

Impacting Lives

Igniting Minds

Impacting Lives


Cancellation of Stonor 3 Promotional Event Please note that the Stonor 3 Promotional Event scheduled for this Saturday 3rd December at the Stonor 3 Gallery and Showrooms at Mid Valley Megamall from 3pm-6pm has been cancelled. We apologise for any inconvenience and we thank you for your understanding.

Correction In last week’s newsletter we incorrectly stated that the PVO raised RM23,000 in cash for Suka Society. This was the amount raised before expenses were deducted. The actual figure that was donated to Suka Society was RM10,860. We apologise for any confusion.


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IGBIS Weekly Newsletter. Issue 96, Week 1, December, 2016.  
IGBIS Weekly Newsletter. Issue 96, Week 1, December, 2016.