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THE RECORD STORE LIVES ON... as does a great business opportunity Tunes Franchise Group 910 Greentree Square, Route 73 North Marlton, NJ 08053 Phone: 856-983-2566 Fax: 856-983-2669


FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITY This advertisement is not an offering. An offering can only be made by a prospectus filed first with the Department of Law of the State of New York or appropriate agencies of the respective filing states. Such filing does not constitute approval by such agencies.

WELCOME TO TUNES! THE RECORD STORE THAT COULD. Tunes was started in 1989 by Anthony Tedeschi, a music lover who had always dreamed of owning a record store. Today Anthony, along with his business partner Chip Heuisler, own and operate multiple Tunes locations in New Jersey. Things have changed since that first store opened in 1989, and Anthony and Chip have adapted their business model accordingly. They increased the emphasis on buying and selling used CDs and established a strong online presence. And while selling music remains the core of the Tunes concept, branching out into DVDs, videogames and other related merchandise has enabled Tunes to remain vital to its customer base. In an industry littered with failed stores ranging from the “mom and pops” to the large chains, Anthony and Chip have made Tunes a model of what it takes to be a successful music retailer.

We are now looking for others who share our passion for both music and that sacred place where you buy it – The Record Store.

Anthony Tedeschi and Chip Heuisler


VIDEOGAMES Tunes was founded

on the

principle of being a record store that offered its customers the best possible mix of price, selection, and service. To do this, Tunes has been at the forefront of buying, selling, and trading used merchandise. We offer our customers fair prices and encourage them to bring us all of their unwanted CDs, DVDs, records, videogames— even their VHS tapes! Trained Tunes staff members then evaluate the merchandise based on a number of factors, including artist, title, condition and sales history. We use the data that our stores have been compiling for years to help us buy properly. Customers are always happy to receive cash or credit for something that no longer has any value to them, and Tunes gets new inventory to sell to the next customer, creating a win-win-win situation.

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AND MORE! One area in which Tunes has enjoyed tremendous success is the DVD marketplace, particularly used DVDs, where we have been able to take advantage of a dramatic increase in consumer sellback. Movie lovers can buy many titles for less money than it would cost to rent at their local video store. And, as with all of our used merchandise, quality is 100% guaranteed. Tunes customers can buy with confidence knowing that all items have been thoroughly examined and, if necessary, cleaned to ensure quality playback. Each Tunes location is equipped with a professional disc repair machine capable of cleaning hundreds of discs each day. These machines regularly turn items with minimal trade-in value into valuable used merchandise.

AN OPPORTUNITY THAT'S MUSIC TO THE EAR Tunes is a franchise opportunity like no other because we tap into the markets of the wanted, and the unwanted, creating a cyclical business that generates the possibility of revenue and happy customers all the way around.

The flexible Tunes store format allows for inventory adaptations based on the local market, available products, or customer preferences. Loyal customers find a unique inventory at each Tunes location. Whether they come in to buy, sell or trade their CDs, DVDs, or other related items, the Tunes concept helps promote impulse buying and encourages repeat visits. And by buying and selling multiple products, including CDs, DVDs, vinyl, videogames and even consumer electronics, Tunes enjoys multiple income streams. Online sales add yet another revenue stream to the mix. Tunes has been part of the online marketplace for years with established seller accounts on websites such as Amazon and eBay, furthering our reach to customers across the country— and across the globe! Our strong presence on these high traffic sites can lead to sales every hour of the day—every day of the year.

Tunes customers love the convenience of b eing able to bring all their unwanted music, movies, an d equipment to one store.

BECOME PART OF THE TUNES FRANCHISE FAMILY We're looking for people who love music and want to turn that love into a oncein-a-lifetime business opportunity. Whether you have experience in management, perhaps even in retail operations, or you just know a good thing when you see it—a Tunes franchise could be for you. Be your own boss, own your own business, but lean on us and our years of experience. We can show you how to efficiently run your own Tunes franchise. Our business is established, with multiple locations, and our concept has proven itself as adaptable and current for over 17 years.

As a Tunes franchise owner, you benefit from being a member of our established system and brand. You have the full assistance and support of a franchisor organization that is experienced and trained, and that has years of experience in the industry. And, you receive the following initial and ongoing support services: • Complete training at our headquarters to show you how to run all aspects of your Tunes business • Start-up assistance, including help with inventory, store layout and design, and more • A comprehensive confidential manual that serves as your guide to day-to-day operations • Help with key suppliers and inventory selections • Assistance with the development of initial and ongoing marketing campaigns in local markets

THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST IN THE TUNES FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITY! If you would like more information on owning and operating your own Tunes franchise, please fill out the enclosed franchisee evaluation form. We will contact you about the next step.

Tunes (retail)  

Tunes (retail)