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That’s been the secret of Florsheim’s success since the very beginnings of the company—as the first nationally branded line of men’s shoes in America. STAY A STEP AHEAD OF THE COMPETITION.

“Florsheim style and staunchness set a high standard for shoe excellence. Feet clad in Florsheim Shoes are proud

Back in 1892, when the company was founded, men’s shoes were private-labeled with the names of the individual stores that sold them. But Milton Florsheim had a better idea. Instead of putting the various store’s names on his quality men’s shoes,

to meet the mirror— glad to meet the pavement.”

he put his own name on them—the same brand, nationwide, no

— From a 1924 Florsheim brochure

matter where they were sold. It was a truly revolutionary idea. And by the turn of the twentieth century, this unique approach to branding—combined with the industry-leading style, comfort, quality and value of the Florsheim shoe—had established the company as the nation’s number-one maker and marketer of men’s dress shoes. Now, as the company enters its second century, Florsheim is taking another revolutionary step—to offer the first nationwide franchise opportunity in men’s dress shoes. If you have the vision that will help you build on a unique position in the marketplace—and a commitment to quality, professionalism and customer service—we invite you to read on with care. You may find that a Florsheim franchise is just what you need—so that you too can be a step ahead.

“Often imitated and never equaled—Florsheim fine styles set a pace in men’s smart footwear which has made the name “Florsheim” a style mark that good dressers always look for.” — From a 1924 Florsheim brochure


A Century of Innovations

A Brand New Opportunity

Ever since the company was founded in 1892,

In 1999, the market for men’s dress shoes

Florsheim has been the nation’s leading

reached $3.6 billion in sales at retail, and the

brand of men’s dress shoes. In fact, the whole

men’s casual market added another $2.3

idea of a “national brand” was just the

billion. The Florsheim Franchise program was

first of many key Florsheim innovations—

designed to enable qualified individuals

• The first nationally branded line of

to compete in this enormous market with the

men’s shoes.

number-one brand in men’s dress shoes

• The first nationally advertised shoe brand.

…the number-one brand in higher-end dress

• Among the first to use shoe-lasting

shoes…and the number-one brand in dress

technology for volume production.

casual shoes. This is your chance to join forces

• The first manufacturer-owned shoe stores.

with Florsheim, the brand consumers have

• The first franchise opportunity in men’s

trusted for more than a century of leadership

dress shoes.

in the key marketing considerations — quality, comfort, style and value.

“Florsheim designs correct styles for each type of man. These are the styles for the man who cares—the man who keeps step with the times.” — From a 1926 Florsheim brochure


They’re aware of a continuing need to present

Florsheim has always focused on “the man

a traditionally “dress” image in situations like

who cares”…and he’s still our primary market

client meetings and financial presentations.

today—upscale, quality-oriented, tradition-

They’re often confused—or, at least, uncertain

conscious, with a sense of style, whether dress

—over the shifting definitions of what

or casual.

“business casual” means. And even if they’ve

• Works in an office environment.

figured out when to wear a suit, or a blazer,

• 35-54 years old.

or khakis, they may still feel less confident

• $50,000–$100,000 income.

when choosing the correct footwear for each

• College graduate.

of those styles.

• Married, with children. • “Attitudinally young”—that is, he thinks

Florsheim is recognized as the authority on

young and stays aware of fashions and trends,

the appropriate footwear…and always has

and his active lifestyle that requires a variety

been. As a Florsheim franchisee, you’ll share

of shoe styles to match his varied activities.

that image…and you’ll have the knowledge and support materials to help you back it up

Despite the growing “casual-ization” of

—with valuable, reliable advice to help your

business attire, men are still concerned about

customers choose the correct footwear to go

dressing appropriately for the workplace.

with their suits, their blazers, their khakis, their jeans.

“You’ve noticed them—those well groomed men who walk with springy step air of cool confidence. Trust their judgment in clothes—trust them to wear Florsheim Shoes wherever they go.” — From a 1927 Florsheim brochure


• Sophisticated POS system tracks

• Merchandising elements add visual

customer purchases—for both inventory

excitement, evoke Florsheim’s as “the

control and relationship selling.

correct choice” for “the man who cares.”

• Non-Florsheim brands (like Timberland)

• Quality accessories can supplement

round out selection to meet all customer

the sales mix Seasonal merchandising

needs and satisfactions.

and feature displays help shoppers focus

• Upscale image reinforces Florsheim

on the right style for any occasion.

as the #1 brand for dress and refined

• Modular display fixtures make fresh

casual shoes.

looks easy to achieve.

• Full line includes 125 styles, 2500

• Between 1,200 and 2,000 square feet.

shoe and dress apparel items.

“Every well dressed man knows that the proper variety of shoes — for business, street, evening dress and sport, not only add to his appearance, but to the life and satisfaction of his shoes.” — From a 1928 Florsheim brochure

BUILDING REL ATIONSHIPS, STEP BY STEP. There have always been “Florsheim Men.”

heart of the Florsheim service philosophy.

In the Twenties, they were described as those

As a Florsheim franchisee, you’ll benefit from

“whose standing commands respect in any

a sales program that’s focused on meeting

company.” They were the men “who know the

your customers’ needs—with point-of-sale

right thing.” Today, with the murky definitions

systems and merchandising support that will

of “business casual” dress codes, they may

help you answer their questions, learn their

not always be sure what “the right thing”is.

preferences, track their purchases…and provide the kind of relationship selling that

And that’s where you come in, as a Florsheim

sets you apart—and builds customer loyalty.

franchisee. You and your salespeople will be able to help resolve your customers’ nagging

You’ll be showcasing the full line of Florsheim

questions. Which are the right shoes for

dress and refined casual shoes—plus Florsheim

casual Fridays? Which go with suits, and which

golf shoes. You’ll have selected styles

with blazers and slacks? Which should they

from additional non-competing brands, like

wear to meetings where everyone’s in khakis

Timberland, to complete your weekend

and polo shirts?

casual offering. And you’ll have the diverse collection of Florsheim accessories—socks and

That’s the kind of service that builds enduring

shoe trees…belts, suspenders and wallets…

customer relationships…and it’s at the

and a steady stream of exciting new items.

“At the big games in the Stadium, and in the big game of life, Florsheim Shoes are worn by those men whose achievements are in keeping with their appearance.” — From a 1927 Florsheim advertisement

THE SUPPORT YOU NEED. With more than a century of leadership in the

• On-site pre-opening training.

shoe business, including the long-term

• Seasonal merchandising/promotional

operation of nationwide networks of full-service

programs sponsored by Florsheim coporate.

retail locations and factory outlet centers,

• Local marketing programs.

Florsheim is uniquely positioned to provide the

• Advertising and public relations assistance.

support you’ll need—from startup and training

• Factory-direct purchasing for Florsheim-

to marketing, merchandising and ongoing

branded footwear and accessories.


• Negotiated purchasing for non-Florsheim products at the wholesale rate.

Startup Support

• Protection from additional franchised,

• Consultation in site selection, as well

company-owned or factory outlet locations.

as design, layout and build-out of the store.

• Exclusive display and merchandising

• On-site guidance in all phases of

materials furnished by Florsheim.

establishing the Florsheim business.

• Powerful point-of-sale system for tracking

• Assistance in planning and ordering initial

sales, inventory, customers and future sales.

store merchandise inventories.

• Inventory support program.

• Assistance in hiring and managing qualified

• Assistance in negotiating favorable third-

and exceptional educated employees.

party financing.

• Full, week-long management training at

• Regular consultation from regional

corporate headquarters.

Florsheim representatives.

“Refinement is a characteristic of Florsheim Shoes—unmistakably present in every pair—readily apparent to the man of good taste —the man who cares.” — From a 1924 Florsheim brochure


The Florsheim Franchise Opportunity has been

If you’re an ambitious, sales- and service-

created for those who are ready and able

oriented individual who has what it takes to

to partner with an industry leader and take

build a retail business, maybe it’s time to

advantage of new growth potential in this

take the next step toward your future. Fill out

110-year-old business. It’s been designed

and submit the enclosed Confidential

to build on historic strengths and success

Questionnaire…or give Florsheim a call for

while opening new areas of opportunity—by

more information.

providing the quality products, effective merchandising and expert customer service

We’re looking forward to speaking with you

that build ongoing, long-term relationships.

soon…and helping you step out into your new business future.

Florsheim (retail)  

Florsheim (retail)

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