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*Creation of miniskirts: Miniskirts were created in England. They firts appeared in the nineteenth century. They got their name because his creator was an old worker on a textile industry called James Skirt

*How they became popular: They became popular when people started to think, some ages after they appeared, that short skirts weren ´t something unkind or awful to see. These are one of the first skirts that were invented

*Who started the revolution of miniskirts


Young teenagers started this revolution against the strict state that ruled. Some of them were sent to prision. In those years women were rejected and they were criticidez if they have the courage to do something their husbands didn’t want to.

*Many years later: *

Many years later, we could see some testimonies of women that were discriminated by the whole society because of wear this type of skirts. If you did it, you couldn’t enter in some places like churches or public spaces, but now miniskirts are something usual for us. They are used for young people and some old people too, mostly in summer.

*Utility of miniskirts: *

Maybe they’re not so comfortable as baggy jeans, but they can be used in many occasions and they are considerate very casual. But, in fact, now exist plenty of types of skirts. Some of them, urban style miniskirts.


- He was born in Scotland, but he spent all his chilhood in Belfast. - He was educated by a couple of adoption. - His adoptive mother taught him every secret of manual sewing, but since he was very young he started to work on a textile industry, in which his bosses discovered his talent for clothes. - Finally, they decided to let him begin to create their own designs.

*Some designers that were inspired by him:


James Skirt revolutionized the fashion of the time, and his designs were sold an exported all over the world. From the beginning, many famous designers became interested in his work and they offered him important and prestigious jobs that he finally rejected. He explained he could not abandon those who trusted him. Nowadays there are still great designers who are inspired by their designs, such as “Agatha Ruiz de la Prada” or “Victorio y Lucchino”

Miniskirts- Noelia Torvisco 4ºB  
Miniskirts- Noelia Torvisco 4ºB