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Vans shoes

Origin Vans is a textile company, engaged in the production of footwear, founded by Paul Van Doren in 1966 in California. Its main market is in skateboarding, and other urban and extreme sports.

Currently, Vans not only produces footwear, has expanded its catalog to clothing, accessories and even videos where skateboarding tricks are explained for fans of the sport urbano

Vans has created a shoe specifically for skateboarding, which provide a extra support to the ankle besides the soles are thicker and stronger than a conventional. Besides offering all these resources we can choose them at will, ie according to the design, color and style.

Types of vans Throughout the time the sneaker brand Vans to come designing different types. There are 4: Era, 106, Slip-On, Old Skool. Vans Slip-on

Vans Era

Vans 106

Vans Old Skool

Versions of vans Vans also collaborates with other companies like spiritfire, Dc Comics , Disney...

Some videos...

Oral presentation jaime cortés  
Oral presentation jaime cortés