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The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Contents 1. Book report. 2. Characters. 3. Plot development. 4. Reading self- assessment record.

Book report Author: Robert Louis Stevenson. Work of: Víctor Manuel Montero Ramírez. Publisher: Helbling languages

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is possibly Stevenson ´s most famous book and the expression “he is a Jekyll and Hyde character” has become a very common saying in English, because Dr Jekyll is a good part and Mr Hyde is the evil part.

For me the book is boring because is very old and when I was a child saw the film and I didn´t liked. I remind Spiderman 3, because when Spiderman was black, he´s evil but when he´s blue and red was a good person.

I´m not recommended the book and for my friends I say “You don ´t read this book is boring and isn´t interesting” and this book is very quite difficult to read. In with moment of your life do you think in this book?

Characters My favourite character is Mr. Jekyll, because I think that all the persons have a bad personality. Name: Mr. Jekyll Nationality: England Profession: Killer Appearance: He´s use a dark clothes. Mr. Hyde have a dark hair

and is a strange person and is the bad personality of Dr. Jekyll. Personality: He´s evil and a bad person. Mr. Hyde love all bad things. Likes: kill, bad thing and the suffering of the person. Dislikes: good things and happiness persons. My favourite incident in the story is when he kill the good personality (Dr. Jekyll)

Plot development This small book is based on the great novel by Robert Louis Stevenson, where he tells of a research scientist in nineteenth century England. Dr. Jekyll believed that man was composed of two mind, good and bad and with drugs could eliminate bad or evil side of human beings. In his lab creates a potion to remove the bad part and take it becomes a monstrous murderer (Mr. Hyde) to be imposed on the Dr. Jekyll to reach much destroy and kill.

Reading self assessment record At the end of the book I feel more confident talking about characters. At the end of the book I feel more confident understanding the plot of a story. At the end of the book I feel the same working out the meaning of unknown words.

At the end of the book I feel the same understanding idioms. At the end of the book I feel the same about reading a story in English. I have learnt a lot new words. I have learnt a lot useful expressions. I have learnt some new idioms. The most exciting thing that happened was when Mr Hyde eliminated the good part (Dr Jekyll), but Mr Hyde died too and the story had a bad ending because many persons died and for me the book It wasn´t bad.

Dr jekyll and mr hyde Lolo Montero 4ºBL  
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