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Dream weddings and receptions take many forms, but no matter the vision, we have your perfect setting. If you are looking for a beautifully updated rustic barn, an outdoor setting in an orchard, or something more formal, Gettysburg has what you are seeking. Start planning your historic day in Gettysburg, PA!

Plan your historic wedding today! IN GETTYSBURG! MARRIED


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A look into how live paintings are a new way to remember your special day
Local mocktails to shake up your weekend
IT UP Wholesome recipes by A-Yo Kitchen to carry you throughout the day
Local wellness retreats to help you recharge 14 8 SHOP IN STYLE Must-try local beauty buys January/ February VOL 40 | ISSUE 1
COVER Turn to page 37 for an inside peek at six local Susquehanna Valley weddings.
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New Beginnings

Allow me to first wish you all a Happy New Year! For many of us, the New Year marks a new beginning; an opportunity and reason to implement desired change. Although the intention is pure, the pressure to start anew may lead to further procrastination or set us up for failure. Rather than setting lofty goals or forcing immense change based on societal standards at the stroke of midnight, perhaps we focus on small adjustments. Realistic and achievable adjustments that over time lead to long-term transformation; a transformation for the betterment of wellbeing both physically and mentally.

In this issue, we explore the notion of wellness, health, and beauty, integrated as one to encourage an all-around wellbeing that starts with lifestyle. A lifestyle that focuses on habits, nutrition, health care, esthetics,

intentional time, retreats, and treatments to unwind. Turn to page 24 to learn about local lodges and spas for a day or weekend get-away, then flip back to page 17 for wholesome recipes that are not only delicious, but also nutritious.

The start of a New Year also brings the start of wedding planning season. Wedding shows commence, as do venue tours, dress shopping and fittings, food and cake tastings, floral planning, and more. If you’re part of an engaged couple, parent of the soon-to-be-wedded, or any interested party for that matter, go straight to page 31 for local wedding inspiration galore. On page 37, indulge in local love stories, where we feature 6 weddings of couples from the Susquehanna Valley.

Whether you're planning to marry or planning to carry out a New Year’s resolution, we wish you nothing but the best in 2023. Here’s to health, good fortune, and new beginnings!

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Holly Mann of Fresh Habits is here with tips on how to start the year off right.


Wedding season is quickly approaching! Shop small for the couple’s big day.


What to expect when you go dress shopping, and how you know you’ve found the one.


Even more inspo from real local Susquehanna Valley Weddings.


Tying the knot? Check out our online resource for regional wedding vendors.




Behind-the-scenes with Dr. Christina Doll.

Read more on page 10.




Migraine Mask, $42

Urb Apothecary Lavendar Bath Soak, $12

Urb Apothecary Cactus Milk Bath Soak, $12

Himalyan Salt Soak, $34.95

Hamilton Wax Co.

Fig & Rhubarb Candle, $15

Sisal Dry Brush, $14.50

Sisal Wash Cloth, $6.50

Reusable Face Rounds, $16.75

Peach Swirl Cement Dish, $12

Woodburne Naturals Soap, $7 GIRL CRUSH CO.

California Dreamin' Soap $10

Raw Honey Ambrosia Whipped Raw Brown Sugar Scrub $10

Dry Body Oil $15

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A Fresh Approach to Family Medicine


At Revival Direct Primary Care in York, patients seek more personalized family healthcare with Dr. Christina Doll. From the practice ambience to the dedicated staff, Revival Direct Primary Care feels like home.

You’re greeted by the friendliest smile and a warm welcome as Dr. Doll says your name. She knows you far beyond your medical intake, and knows you as the person you are. During your appointment, Dr. Doll asks not only the important questions pertaining to your health, but also personal questions to get to know you, your family, and your day-to-day life. Dr. Doll cares about much more than just a diagnosis and shuffling you out the door.

From the very first interaction you have with Revival Direct Primary Care to visiting the website and being at the office in person, every touch point feels intentional and like a seamless experience that leads right from one thing to the next.

As a one-woman show, Dr. Doll’s physician-owned practice merges an old school at heart approach to healthcare with a modern twist on technology and convenience. In addition, instead of billing through insurance, Dr. Doll uses a monthly membership model with transparent pricing that provides patients with comprehensive primary care services.

She sees patients from birth through adulthood and offers services including preventive care, chronic care, acute care for illness and injury, lifestyle medicine counseling, and even many in-office procedures, all included in membership.

Dr. Doll has reimagined the primary care world and delivers care to patients in the Central Pennsylvania area and beyond. Her approach to doctor-patient relationships is a unique one that many individuals and families are searching for.

In a field where conversations can be tough and patients can often feel unheard or misunderstood, Dr. Doll places an emphasis on relationships and taking time to understand her patients. Dr. Doll makes a genuine effort to get to know her patients and direct their care, and does so with authenticity and genuinity. This is the what Revival Direct Primary care strives to achieve in all of their patientdoctor relationships.


Long gone are the days of shuffling from doctor-to-doctor, being rushed out the door, opaque billing, and having to limit what information you share. At Revival Direct Primary Care, every patient feels heard and understood. There are no surprise fees or overlapping appointments.

Instead, Dr. Doll takes a hands-on approach to really understand what each patient needs. From physical exams to discussions about lifestyle, stressors, and more, patients feel comfortable and confident in their services with Dr. Doll.

“It feels like people don’t have a quarterback and are trying to navigate care for themselves. The process is so opaque and buried it makes things difficult. Having a primary care physician who knows you well and can be that quarterback for you is so so important,” said Dr. Doll.

Beyond the flexibility of in-person and telehealth visits, Dr. Doll makes it a top priority to keep communication with everyone frequent and transparent. Between secure texting, phone calls, video calls, and regular checkups, Dr. Doll ensures that every patient feels heard and taken care of—something most other offices don’t proactively offer.

Dr. Doll attributes much of her deep relationship building to the gift of time. “When patients feel they have the time to open up and share about their concerns, they feel heard and often give me new information I wouldn’t otherwise have known.”

Revival Direct Primary Care serves many busy moms, working professionals, children, adults, and everyone in between. The practice even works with small businesses to offer affordable care to employees. With the goal of being affordable and accessible for everyone, the growing panel is open to those local to the area and beyond Central PA.

If you’re interested in more information about Revival Direct Primary Care or want to explore membership options to join as a patient, you can learn more by visiting the website at

Revival Direct Primary Care

With Dr. Christina Doll (By appointment only–home visits available) Our new location 210 Pine Grove Commons, York, PA 17403

Drink HEALTHY EATING Wholesome recipes by A-Yo Kitchen to carry you throughout the day. Read more on page 17.
Eat &

Elegant Comfort



A painting hanging at One13 Social depicts a bicyclist crossing a high wire with no net. Owner Kevin Rockwood knows the feeling.

“That's kind of us, opening a restaurant in the middle of COVID,” he says. “But we've had such fantastic support from everyone, from all of our guests locally and from far away. We're super fortunate. We love Carlisle.”

One13 Social opened in downtown Carlisle in January 2022, presenting a new choice for fine-casual dining and unique twists on classic dishes.

Rockwood is a Carlisle native and restaurant-scene veteran who fell in love with hospitality as a Shoney’s server at age 15. Now, he is infusing that sense of hospitality into the first venture of his own.

“I want you to come here and feel welcome,” he says. “I wanted this to feel homey, to feel like more than sustenance. You can sit and talk to your friends. That's where the ‘social’ part of One13 Social came from.”

For 18 years, Rockwood was general manager of Boiling Springs Tavern. When it closed during the pandemic, he finally heeded family members who’d been urging him to open his own place. He learned that Brick restaurant was closing, so he contacted the building owners, Steve Capone and Chris Rice. A couple of “garage meetings” later, the three partners lunged ahead.

Extensive renovations followed. Doorways, knocked into walls adjoining a former photography studio, enlarged and unified the space. Julie Estes of Carlisle Design Interiors & Consulting Group shepherded the design, bringing Rockwood’s vision of metropolitan upscale-casual to life.

The result: easy elegance in blues, greens, and golds. Custom woodwork frames the doorways, booths are newly upholstered, and the old powder room has been converted into a coffee station. Original art draws the eye at key focal points. Some of the artwork, including that high-wire bicyclist, secretly doubles as sound baffles for sound management without the institutional look.

Diners have their choice in spaces. On one side, a relaxed dining area connects to the open kitchen. On the other, the airy dining room leads to the intimate front bar overlooking the street. In the rear, a cathedralceilinged bar soars two stories high, with light fixtures that evoke Queen Anne’s lace lit from within.

Bonus spaces include the rear patio, open even on warm-ish days, and the meticulously designed foyer. Pub tables snuggled among the plate-glass windows provide a popular spot for watching parades and passers-by.

And, adds Rockwood, “This is one of the only restaurants where you get a bathroom tour.” Each features original art, dramatic murals or wallpaper, and the same kind of painted vintage furniture found throughout the restaurant.


“You want everything that we tried to achieve in the restaurant to flow into the restrooms, as well,” Rockwood explains.

Executive Chef Ross Graham creates the menu featuring small plates, entrees, and sandwiches available for lunch and dinner. Prepared in the scratch kitchen and supplied by local vendors whenever possible, the small-plate centric menu features “nothing too out there, but not the same thing that everybody else has,” Rockwood says.

Highlights include the small plates of smoked salmon tacos, she-crab bisque, shrimp and grits, and pozole rojo of braised pork shoulder in red chili broth. Diners craving a larger plate might enjoy Argentinian flank steak, Buddha bowl, or scratchmade shrimp gnocchi. Graham has an “uncanny ability” to meld distinct flavors into blended bites, says Rockwood.

Diners can pair their meals with a reasonably priced wine curated by Rockwood. The selection of entirely house-made desserts generally rotates, although removing Kevin's peanut butter pie would cause a riot.

“The creme brûlée uses actual Madagascar vanilla beans, not extract,” Rockwood says. “Those little things make a difference.”

Rockwood is the youngest of five tight-knit siblings, and he credits family support as “really paramount” to making his restaurant happen. The dessert menu’s choice of ports reflects a Rockwood family tradition of port after dinner, and it’s one of many family influences woven into One13 Social. When the building housed a realty office, their mother had a desk in the spot that’s now the front bar. The drink menu’s Carlisle sour, a take on the red wine-tinged New York sour, is a favorite of Rockwood’s sister. The picture of a distinguished gentleman in the front bar is a reproduction of a painting Estes’ grandmother completed of her grandfather.

The family orientation that all the business partners share is also the key to attracting and retaining premier staff.

“Happy people, happy environment,” Rockwood says.

Reservations are not accepted, but One13 Social has perfected a system in which guests who call ahead are placed on the waiting list. For instance, a diner who expects to be there around 7 can call at 6, and their name moves up the list while they’re getting ready and driving into town.

Rockwood and his partners have also purchased the former Alibis, nearby on Pitt Street, to launch a casual bar. It all funnels into supporting the Carlisle community and contributing to a vibrant, and growing, dining scene.

“We've got an amazing staff,” Rockwood says. “We've got great customers. We couldn't be happier.”

One13 Social 113 W High St, Carlisle, PA 17013 Tuesday to Saturday, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. 717-706-3514 EAT & DRINK / FOODIE FINDS


Full Day of Wholesome Eating


A healthy and easy way to eat your breakfast that is just so pretty too! You can customize the toppings to fit your taste. Great for that post morning workout meal!

1 cup frozen mixed berries

1 frozen banana ⅓ cup Greek yogurt ¼ cup milk of choice (almond, coconut, oat, dairy) ¼ cup water

Top with fresh fruit of your choice (we used raspberries, strawberries, & blueberries)

Optional: 1 scoop protein powder (we recommend vanilla!)

Optional toppings: granola, shredded coconut, chia seeds, almond or other nut butters, toasted nuts, bee pollen, cocoa nibs, pumpkin seeds, and hemp seeds.


1. In a high-speed blender, blend everything in the smoothie base together until smooth and creamy. You’ll need to scrape down the sides two or three times to make sure everything is combined evenly.

2. Spread smoothie mixture at the bottom of your bowl and top with your favorite toppings.

3. Serve and enjoy!

out of York, PA, where she serves not only local clients, but those worldwide as well.,, @ayokitchen


• While the protein powder is optional, it helps makes the smoothie very fluffy and stiff, which leads to easier smoothie bowl building!

• Try subbing the frozen berries for all frozen bananas! Add some chocolate protein powder and peanut butter powder for a yummy peanut butter chocolate smoothie bowl!

• Use small cookie cutters like hearts and stars to make cute fruit or topping shapes!

Alysha Yoder is the photographer, food stylist, blogger, and recipe developer behind A-Yo Kitchen. With a passion for all things food, many of her recipes are inspired by her worldly travels, her many cooking classes abroad, and all the veggies and fruits her home gardens produce. She has been a photographer for 15+ years and previously worked in the corporate food sector for almost 10. She now is a small business owner running her studio, A-Yo Kitchen,


A twist on traditional Greek soup known as avgolemono. Great for anyone suffering a cold in winter. A yummy gluten free alternative to chicken noodle soup! 3 boneless skinless chicken breasts, chopped into bite size pieces 4 stalks of celery, finely chopped 3 medium sized carrots, chopped 1 large onion, finely chopped 6 cloves of garlic 1 heaping tablespoon of dried dill (can also use 2-3 Tbsp chopped up fresh dill) 1 cup washed uncooked brown rice 2 32oz containers of chicken broth 3-4 dried bay leaves 2 cups water Zest of 1 lemon Juice of 3 lemons 2 large eggs Salt and ground black pepper to taste 3 Tbsp butter

Optional Garnish: Fresh dill, drizzle of olive oil, or fresh cracked black pepper.


1. In a large pot on medium high-heat, melt butter. 2. Add chopped onions, garlic, and dried dill. Sautee until onions are translucent. Then add your chopped chicken, and sautee until no longer pink. 3. Next, add celery and carrots. Stir everything for 2-3 minutes. 4. Lastly, add uncooked rice, bay leaves, chicken broth, lemon zest, and water to pot. Bring to a boil, and let simmer for about 30 minutes. 5. In food processor (or bowl), juice 3 lemons and crack 2 large eggs. Puree or mix until well combined and frothy. 6. Once rice has cooked, reduce heat to low, spoon out hot broth into egg/lemon mix, and slowly whisk. Stir continuously to avoid cooking eggs.

7. Once you’ve added about a cup of hot broth into the egg lemon mixture, begin incorporating it into the whole pot of soup.

8. Once combined, cook for about 5 more minutes on low, or until soup begins to get creamy and velvety.

9. Remove bay leaves. Serve immediately, garnish, and enjoy!



A super filling and healthy veggie bowl loaded with tons of flavors! It takes less than 30 minutes to make and is great for meal prepping for the work week, too!

To Roast

1 head of cauliflower, broken into florets

1 large red onion, cut into bite sized pieces

2 red peppers, cut into bite sized pieces

1 can of chickpeas, rinsed and drained

1 tsp garlic salt

1 tsp cumin

1 tsp black pepper

1 tsp oregano

Zest of one lemon

2 Tbsp olive oil


1 tsp garlic salt

1 tsp Dijon mustard

Juice of one lemon

2 garlic cloves, crushed

1 tsp oregano

Fresh ground black pepper, to taste

3 Tbsp red wine vinegar

¼ cup olive oil

For Bowls

4 cups chopped kale (or other leafy green)

1 pint tomatoes, halved

1 seedless cucumber, sliced thin

1 avocado, sliced

2 cups cooked couscous

1 cup crumbled feta

Optional Toppings: Kalamata olives, pine nuts, hummus, tzatziki, fresh dill or parsley


1. Preheat oven to 450°.

2. Prep and toss veggies with seasonings.

3. Roast on a baking sheet for 15 minutes, remove, and stir. Roast for 10 more minutes.

4. While veggies are roasting, prepare your couscous, dressing, and chop up fresh vegetables.

5. To assemble, divide couscous and roasted vegetables into four bowls. Add fresh veggies and optional toppings, drizzle with dressing, and enjoy!


• For added protein, add chopped rotisserie chicken, hard boiled egg, or an air-fried salmon fillet.

Health, Beauty & Wellness Professionals

From skin care and spa treatments to health and joint care, our beauty and wellness industry spotlights are a chance to get to know some of the experts in the Susquehanna Valley.


Allyson-Brittany Aesthetics is the top DMK clinic in PA and amongst the top 5 clinics in the US. There are no treatments in the world like DMK enzyme therapy. ABA has been working with DMK for over 7 years and remains faithful to their concept of remove, rebuild, protect, and maintain. This concept delivers real results that last, with over 50 years of industry practice in more than 30 countries.

What does DMK enzyme therapy do?

DMK Enzyme Therapy is the most powerful, effective method for hydrolyzing dead cell material, detoxifying all impurities from the skin and firms, tones and tightens for a more youthful appearence.

How often should I do enzyme therapy?

We recommend that your first two Enzymes are one to two weeks apart to kickstart the oxygen flow through the skin and increase the skin’s cellular processes. Following the initial appointments, we recommend monthly treatments to progress and maintain results.

What is DMK enzyme therapy good for?

An advanced skin resurfacing procedure that is specifically designed for acne, congested skin, premature ageing, wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation. Powerful combinations of DMK products are used to achieve visible results.

1946 Security Dr, Suite A York, PA 17402 717-855-2030

Reproductive Endocrine & Infertility (REI) Medical Director

Penn Fertility Care – Lancaster General Health


Dr. Christine Skiadas, a Penn Medicine-educated and Harvardtrained Reproductive Endocrine & Infertility (REI) physician, has joined Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health as medical director of the health system’s fertility practice.

She is double board-certified in REI and OB/GYN, a past president of the New England Fertility Society, and has served on the physician board of RESOLVE, a national infertility advocacy organization.

“We are very fortunate to have Dr. Skiadas, a nationally-regarded physician, leading our fertility program here in Lancaster,” remarks Tammy Derk, executive director of Women’s Health and Pediatrics for Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health.

In practice for 15 years, Dr. Skiadas has managed thousands of patient IVF cycles and has extensive experience with treatments involving advanced robotic surgery and cutting-edge medical protocols. At Penn Fertility Care—Lancaster General Health, she leads a team that offers:

• The only on-site embryology lab in Lancaster County

• Advanced diagnostic tests and procedures

• Full range of fertility treatments, including ovulation induction, IUI, IVF, and pre-implantation genetic testing

• Fertility preservation

• Third-party reproduction services

Lancaster General Health Suburban Pavilion, Ste 110 2112 Harrisburg Pike, Lancaster, PA 17601 717-544-0107

“It’s a great privilege to help people build their families and guide them through personalized fertility treatment,” says Dr. Skiadas. “We are committed to providing a top-tier fertility program in Lancaster.”

She resides in Lancaster with her husband and two daughters, and begrudgingly admits that fall in Central PA is nicer than in New England.

Christine Skiadas, MD

Prepare yourself to be pampered like no other. This spa experience was carefully thought out and will take you on a sensory journey that will allow you to disconnect from the busyness of the world while helping you to reconnect with yourself.

As a busy entrepreneur and spa lover I understand how hard it is to disconnect which is why I’ve created this unique experience that will help to calm your body and clear your mind while examining exactly what it is your body needs to decompress so you can relax and enjoy this time spent with yourself- restoring, rebalancing and rejuvenating your mind, body and soul.

At Drift Spa wellness is a lifestyle. The synergy between health, nature, pampering and beauty will be transformed through our products and our approach to self care. Every detail is designed to demonstrate our values. It is our top priority to source Lancaster County’s best ingredients while creating an old world luxury experience. Drift Spa - designed for wellness.

I am so excited to be able to share this with all of you. In this busy world I think we forget ourselves, our core values and what’s important.

It’s my hope that spending time at Drift will help you to rebalance you and leave you with a better sense of self, less overwhelmed and more love.

us RESTORE, REBALANCE & REJUVENATE AT DRIFT SPA WHERE WELLNESS IS A LIFESTYLE 25 S Queen St, Lancaster, PA 17603 717-803-8593 DRIFTSPALANCASTERPA.COM @Driftspalancasterpa driftspalancaster
Come drift away with


Recognized as the leading orthopedic experts in the area since 1972, Orthopedic Associates of Lancaster (OAL) is dedicated to offering specialized, compassionate orthopedic care to residents of Lancaster and Lebanon Counties, and the surrounding areas needing to become stronger.

From the foot, ankle, knee, and hip to the shoulder, elbow, and wrist, OAL providers are considered experienced experts and specialize in providing high-quality orthopedic treatment. Their specialists treat every bone, joint, muscle, tendon, and ligament injury and condition, including fractures and sports injuries, for patients of all ages.

The OAL Team offers the latest and most advanced orthopedic care and sports medicine at four convenient locations in Lancaster, Willow Street, Manheim, and Lebanon. OAL provides patients access to a comprehensive continuum of care through on-site services, such as MRI, physical and hand therapy, X-rays, and outpatient surgery centers. In May of 2023, OAL will open a fifth location in Ephrata, continuing to provide quality care to the community.

In addition to their dedication to providing patients with individualized care, OAL is also committed to serving our local communities. As part of this dedication, they proudly support and provide sports medicine care for the Lancaster Barnstormers and over thirty-five local high schools and club sports.

Orthopedic Associates of Lancaster is dedicated to meeting local orthopedic needs and returning patients to an active lifestyle as quickly and safely as possible.


North Pointe Business Park

170 North Pointe Blvd. Lancaster, PA 17601


Spooky Nook Sports Complex 2913 Spooky Nook Rd., Ste 100 Manheim, PA 17545


North Willow Valley Medical Center 212 Willow Valley Lakes Dr., Ste 201 Willow Street, PA 17584


North Cornwall Health Center 1701 Cornwall Road, Ste 200 Lebanon, PA 17042



Spa-and-stays in and around the Susquehanna Valley to start your new year off right

Self care is not always a simple fix. Many times, it’s hard work—finding that elusive work-life balance, giving up vices, working out when there’s absolutely no urge to sweat. But other times, self care comes easy, especially with all the wonderful spa retreats in and around the Susquehanna valley providing a space for simple, weightless self care.

How do you know which spa-and-stays are best? That’s where we come in. Here’s a starting guide of upscale vibes that bring your anxiety down and your tranquility to the forefront.

Inn & Spa French Manor The

If you’re looking to escape the region’s delineations, going to the Poconos is an obvious choice. Located atop Huckleberry Mountain in South Sterling, The French Manor Inn & Spa grants a chateau experience without leaving Pennsylvania.

The boutique hotel is family owned and operated and offers views that exceed 30 miles, 19 individually decorated rooms and suites, a four-diamond restaurant, and an impeccable, intimate spa with custom-designed spa treatments. Vice President and Director of Sales and Marketing Bridget Logan Weber says, “Not many small hotels offer the amenities we have such as the salt-water pool, sauna, spa treatments, and four-diamond restaurant with fabulous views.”

Couples love to come for a romantic weekend and enjoy a massage together, but that’s not all. “In the wintertime, the Fireside Couples Massage is just what the doctor ordered,” Logan Weber says. This includes the traditional Therapeutic Relaxation massage service for you and your partner, enhanced by the warm glow of a fireplace and a keepsake Huckleberry Candle.

If you want a package deal, the French Manor offers Spa Getaway packages for a few of your besties or a romantic escape, always including spa credits and the ability to customize the trip with dinner reservations and onsite or offsite activities.

Because The French Manor is an intimate spa retreat, it does not accommodate spa groups of more than eight people. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t make space for your large party in the inn. The Royal Chateau Package includes exclusive use of their mountaintop chateau, all 19 accommodations, meals, spa credits, welcome baskets in each room or suite, all staff to cater only to your group, and more. The two-night package is incredible and can suit up to 40 people.

Logan Weber’s tip for those coming to The French Manor? “It's never too early to book your spa getaway.” She recommends booking your spa treatments for during your stay at least two weeks prior to your arrival to ensure availability. For popular holidays like Valentine’s Day, that period may be even longer.

Given the unforgettable food, staff that exceeds expectations, elegant suites (each with a unique, upscale twist and amazing views), it’s no surprise The French Manor is a hotspot regardless of the season. “Our previous guests that come every year love that we keep our rooms and suites updated and fresh,” Logan Weber says. “There’s always something new to enjoy.”

Next year, expect a Springtime Chef’s Table dinner with wine pairings, Summertime Tuesdays on the Terrace with live jazz dinners, and other novel experiences.

570-676-3244 | 50 Huntingdon Dr, South Sterling, PA

Inn & Spa at Intercourse Village

Nestled about 10 miles outside of Lancaster City lies the Inn & Spa at Intercourse Village, an Amish Country favorite that gives guests a reason to return time and time again.

The inn in downtown Intercourse, an esteemed Select Registry property, consists of 12 separate guest rooms, ranging in theme and style (including varying amenities such as fireplaces, queen or king beds, tubs, suites, entertainment setups, and more).

Inn owner and chef Carl Kosko says the customer-centric focus really sets them apart. That’s not to mention Kosko’s own food creations— he’s known for unbeatable breakfasts. “I am a chef by trade, so we tend to push the buttons a little bit on breakfast items,” Kosko says. "We have three breakfast options every day. One is a chef special. One is eggs, meat and toast. And the last one is actually a gluten-free pancake offering.”

On the spa side, spa owners Tina Siar and Brian Murr have created an environment beyond reproach. “Guests just love being pampered,” Siar says, which is why treatments like massages with seasonal essential oils, scalp and facial massages, foot soaks, and more are there for the taking. Siar adds that Murr and herself strive to make the spa a quiet, serene, relaxing place after a day of shopping, being in the city, or simply enjoying all the beauty the inn has to offer right across the way.

For couples, romantic add-ons like rose petal turn downs, in-room chocolates, a dozen long-stemmed roses, and more only seal the deal. The spa can also accommodate smaller groups with advance

notice. “We are in constant communication with all our clientele to serve them the best that we can, in any way that suits them,” Siar emphasizes.

See what The Inn & Spa at Intercourse Village is planning for the seasons to come at, and follow along on Facebook at @innandspa for more updates.

Lodging: 717-768-2626 Spa: 717-768-0555 3542 Old Philadelphia Pike Intercourse, PA

The Spa at the

Hotel Hershey

If you want to make sweet self care a regular thing, consider joining the Chocolate Spa Club, an exclusive membership that grants you benefits like a spa credit, complimentary mid-week overnight stay at The Hotel Hershey, guest passes, discounts, and more.

The Chocolate Spa has big plans for 2023. Follow along at The Spa at the Hotel Hershey on Facebook, @ChocolateSpa on Instagram, and to learn more.

Lodging: 844-330-1711 | Spa: 844-330-1797 100 Hotel Rd, Hershey, PA

The Spa at the Hotel Hershey, dubbed The Chocolate Spa, is no ordinary retreat experience. Shian Wing, who has served as Spa Director since the spa opened more than two decades ago, says it’s “truly a resort spa experience unlike any other in the area.”

Their signature chocolate treatments (cocoa facial, chocolate fondue wrap, and more) are not just novel, but of an exceptional quality. Wing says, “Cocoa is rich in antioxidants and promotes optimal skin health by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin.” Guests can also get traditional and seasonal treatments, plus treatments with a focus on Cuba (where Milton Hershey owned sugar mills from 1916–1946). “Our spa experience is rooted in the rich history of our founder Milton Hershey and our sweet town,” says Wing. That’s clearly evidenced far beyond the Hershey’s Kisses Signature Chocolate Martini you can have in hand between treatments.

Guests can book overnight packages, which include accommodations at The Hotel Hershey, a relaxing experience at the Chocolate Spa, and a fixed spa credit to use on services or products. Wing emphasizes other perks for overnight guests, including steam rooms, saunas, an indoor pool and jacuzzi, fitness center, four relaxation lounges, and a restaurant called The Oasis, reserved specifically for spa guests. That’s not to mention free admission to Hershey Gardens and The Hershey Story’s Museum Experience.

The Chocolate Spa has larger groups covered, too. Wing says, “We have a dedicated team of spa agents who personally take care of all of our groups. They provide a customized experience and elevated personalized service, to ensure that the entire group’s needs and requests are seamlessly coordinated with expert planning and attention to every detail.” Whether guests come as a group or individually, Wing says many return not only for a relaxing escape, but also for the incredible guest service the team provides.


Your wedding is a time of bliss and of endless possibilities for a bright future together. While planning for your perfect day, don’t forget to plan to protect those whom you love, as you start your new life together.

Marriage is the right time to be certain that your estate documents are in order. As you prepare for your future, take the time to meet with your estate attorney. Putting into place your vital documents like Wills, powers-ofattorneys, and health care directives will help provide you with the peace of mind that you will need for your perfect day.

A Will is an essential document that provides many safeguards for your new life together. In a Will, we assure that our assets will be distributed as we desire. We also can protect our loved ones with trusts for young children, or for those with a disability. A Will can also provide for charitable distributions, make arrangements for pets, and appoint an executor. A durable financial

power of attorney names another trusted person, for example a spouse, to handle financial matters in the event of accident or disability. A healthcare directive can provide guidance to those who might make medical care decisions for us. Trust planning for those who depend upon us should be taken into consideration at this time.

Attention should also be given to beneficiary designations on assets such as 401ks and IRAs, to match the new relationships in your life. Such retirement accounts have special tax status, and allow you to defer the taxation on income until far in the future, allowing the funds to accrue without tax loss. Your retirement accounts MUST name your spouse as a beneficiary, unless the spouse signs a waiver. Now is the time to assure that you have correctly identified the beneficiaries of your accounts. Your employer’s HR department or your financial advisor can be of help you with these changes.

This is also the perfect time to talk about life insurance. Having a policy in place can provide financial protection for your family in the future, and can play a key role in assuring that loved ones are cared for.

The title to real property such as your home should be reviewed at this time to determine that the names on the deed are correct, and that the title is shared between spouses as desired. Also, many spouses take the time to discuss a prenuptial agreement before marriage, to assure that you and your spouse are in accord on how your assets will be managed in the future.

At CGA Law Firm, our estate law attorneys have the experience and knowledge to help you make this day perfect in every way. Call on us to provide you with the peace of mind you need for your wedding and for your future together.


135 North George Street, York, PA 17401

(717) 848-4900


106 Harrisburg Street P.O. Box 606 East Berlin, PA 17316 (717) 259-9592


215 Broadway Hanover, PA 17331 (717) 632-0067


Photo by Jana Bannan Photography

Stunning Venue!!!! Cannot say enough about the beautiful Estate. From the breathtaking building to the picturesque landscape, this place has it all!! Erin and Chad are the nicest couple! They will make sure your event is perfect down to the smallest detail! We were so lucky to be able to experience Bluestone Estate!!!! Nothing else compares!!

A perfect blend of Romance,

Elegance and


Picture Perfect Setting

in beautiful Lancaster County. A gorgeous restored stone barn with rustic charm & luxurious amenities. Our team promises to make your special day one to remember!

— Lillian ESTATE 717.333.5665 30A Refton Road, Willow Street, PA 17584
Photo by Karlo Gesner
LO K LOVE O Local Wedding Inspiration + A MASTERPIECE OF MARRIAGE Live Paintings to Remember Your Special Day The Of
love storyCelebrate Your Book Before May 31st 2023 for this Year On Your Wedding Night • Spacious Complimentary Suite for the Bridal Couple on your wedding night • Two Complimentary Guest Room Upgrades - one for each side of the family for length of stay • 1 per 30 complimentary room ratio • $100 credit for in-house audio-visual equipment rental • Discounts Fridays & Sundays for Receptions, Rehearsal Dinners and Farewell Breakfasts A Mini Moon!!! It’s on us… • Stay or come back within 12 months. This overnight night stay includes accommodations for two, chocolate-dipped strawberries with sparkling wine and of course a prefixed Dinner for two in the 1700 Degrees Steakhouse. with an upscale celebration in the heart of the State Capital One North Second Street, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17101-1601, USA Book now at, or call us at +1 717-233-6000 Restrictions: • Offer does not apply to events currently being negotiated or already confirmed prior to January 5, 2023. • Offer requires a fully executed contracted event by May 30, 2023 • 1 per 30 Room ratio requires block must be contracted and includes cancellation and attrition clauses. • Mini Moon package is non-transferable and must be used within one year of date issued – Some dates and menu item restrictions apply. Additional restrictions apply: Please consult with your Hotel Wedding Coordinator.
JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2023 | SUSQUEHANNA STYLE 35 37 LOCAL LOVE STORIES Planning inspiration from six local Susquehanna Valley couples 54 64 A MASTERPIECE OF MARRIAGE A look into how live paintings are a new way to remember your special day FIVE THINGS Local mocktails to shake up your weekend

AT HISTORIC KING MANSION Elegant Riverfront Weddings

Located in Downtown Harrisburg, Historic King Mansion is an ideal location for your dream wedding. Our recently renovated 1920s mansion exudes luxurious elegance with updated modern finishes and our sleek Conservatory Ballroom suited for celebrating with up to 150 of your nearest and dearest. The urban, riverside setting is a quintessential scene for photos and is conv eniently located near several local attractions.

Limited 2023 weekend wedding dates are still available and feature newly released special offers on venue rental rates and creative catering packages for your special day! Contact our team to learn more!

To learn more about Historic King Mansion and special offers, please contact our Venue Specialist Team at



Ashlee Zimmerman Photography
OVERNIGHT SUITES AT THE MANSION COMING SOON! Best Event Venue In addition to the newly offered suites that are just steps away at the Evans Inn at Historic King Mansion, new suites will be coming to our Mansion's third floor soon! Stay tuned!
April + Mike Raymond Photography Amanda Souders Photography Ashlee Zimmerman Photography
CAL Real Life Weddings from the Susquehanna Valley STORIES
September 9th 2022 •

Love Story

Ross and I met nine years ago, like any classic fairytale romance, we swiped right, and matched on Tinder. Ross had already assumed I was a catfish, so when I mentioned I had just totaled my car the week prior and would need a ride, he almost cancelled our first date. Instead, he sent his location to his best friend (in case he went missing), took a chance and came to pick me up. However, when one of my guy roommates answered the front door, Ross was sure his initial feelings of me being a catfish were confirmed. Still undeterred, Ross waited, and I came to the door. We started the night eating the fanciest Italian food my town had to offer: Olive Garden. Then we spent the rest of the evening sitting in his car talking and listening to music into the morning hours.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Three years ago, Ross surprised me with a trip to Niagara Falls and proposed in front of the falls. This past September, we got married at the most incredible wedding venue, Historic Ashland, with the most amazing vendors, surrounded by the love of our family and friends. From the beautiful outdoor ceremony location, to the renovated historic barn, to the gorgeous sunflower field, the location could not have been more breathtaking. We drank and danced the night away—it was truly the best day of our lives.

The Details 

Cake: Rosie’s Creative Cakes

Caterer: Mountain Laurel Catering & Events

Dress: Dressed In Love Bridal Suite— Paloma Blanca

Entertainment: Sound Sensation DJs

Florist: Flowers by Jena Paige

Hair: True Royalty Salon & Barber Studio

Honeymoon Travel Agency: Outfitters Adventure Travel LLC

Invitations: Gia Boyd Design

Makeup: Recharge Beauty & Wellness

Officiant: James Davis, friend

Photography: Keri Shean Photography

Planner: Amanda Stauffer, Historic Ashland

Rings: Taylor & Hart, Hitched

Tux/Suits: Englunds Apparel, Michael Kors

Venue: Historic Ashland

Wedding Signs: Signed by RD


October 3rd 2021

The Details 

Cake: Unique Desserts by Chef

Anne Louise

Caterer: Terrain

Dress: Grace Loves Lace— River Gown

Entertainment: JR Burrs of J-ARE Entertainment LLC

Florist: Laura of Lauxmont

Hair & Makeup: Tribe

Invitations: Minted

Officiant: Anthony Carranza (Groom's Step-Brother)

Photography: Rachel Ruhl

Photography Rings: Tiffany & Co

Tux/Suits: Vera Wang

Venue: Terrain at Styer's Glen Mills

Love Story

Jared and I met in SoCal in 2016, through the infamous dating app, Bumble. Jared was living in Orange County and I was in LA, so we are extremely grateful for technology bringing us together (although at first, we were hesitant to admit it). With 30 plus miles and the 405 in between us, there was a small chance we would’ve met without it. And in 2020, after 4 years of Harley rides on PCH, hockey games, more sunsets, and tacos, Jared proposed during a beautiful sunset in Huntington Beach during the pandemic. (I didn't have a clue, as I was wearing my finest quarantine sweatpants.) Together, we’ve spent time living all over Southern California, Charleston, SC, and this past July, we bought our first home in Lancaster, PA, my hometown. Today, you can find us with our 3 pups, Stella, Indie, and Gunther, traveling, watching hockey, making tacos, and spending time with our family and friends on both coasts. After almost 7 years together, we continue to challenge each other, support each other, and most importantly, continue to have fun and laugh with each other.

ELLY& AUSTIN August 6th 2022 •

Love Story

Our first date lasted twelve hours. We rode the waves until the sun went down at the beach, marveling constantly at how much we had in common, as we did nearly every day for the following two weeks. After a few years of being long distance and traveling to see each other every chance we got, we both ended up in a small beach town in Florida. I was completely surprised and overjoyed when Austin asked me to marry him on my birthday! We knew that we wanted to get married in my hometown of Lancaster, and it was so special to have our wedding at The Conestoga House, where my family would often picnic when I was a young girl. Most days you’ll find us planting tropical fruit trees in our backyard, catching waves when the surf is good, and just treasuring the gift of each other and the blessing of marriage.

The Details 

Cake & Caterer: Simply From Scratch

Charcuterie Board: Jovi Events Dress: Riki Dalal Couture

Embroidered Signage: Little Lady A Entertainment: 3 West Productions Florist: All Things Beautiful Hair + Makeup: Unfading Beauty by Kristen

Musicians: Taylor & Brandon Holmes

Officiant: Rev. Todd Mozingo, Revive Church - Stuart, Florida

Photographer: Summer Rae Photography + Free Your Mind Photography Planner: Amber Joyce

Trolley Service: Expressions Limo Tux/Suits: The Black Tux

Venue: Conestoga House & Gardens

Videographer: Summer Rae Photography

Invitations: RSVP Love Lighting: Jubilee Entertainment LLC Linens: Special Occasions & Queen Street Linens
Rental Furniture: Treasured Events Tables & Chairs: Rental World Tent: Tents for You
JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2023 | SUSQUEHANNA STYLE 45 1 Lincoln Circle in Reservoir Park, Harrisburg, PA 717.260.1861 This is your Moment in History and this is a Place like no Other. A magnificent Venue for any occasion. THE PERFECT DRESS MAKES THE MOMENT! WE CARRY OVER 10 BRIDAL DESIGNERS! Call for your personal bridal appointment! 717-533-3323 | 11 Briarcrest Square Hershey, PA, 17033 Cocoa Couture Hershey @cocoacouturebridal Follow us on Instagram and Facebook 866-720-ARTS 19th Century tobacco warehouse turned luxury boutique hotel Deluxe Accommodations Unique Surroundings Central Location Be Inspired!


april 6th 2022 •

The Details 

Cake: Imaginary Cakes

Caterer: Spoonfed Kitchen & Bake Shop

Dress: Martin Liliana

Entertainment: Benny Hill Entertainment Jazz Band

Florist: Collin Holder and Canaan Marshall Designs

Hair: Tiffany Chavez, MKUP The Beauty Studio

Invitations: Custom-Made

Makeup: Bride, Maggie King of MKUP The Beauty Studio

Officiant: Devon O'Conner, family friend

Photography: Philter Photography

Planner: Susan Moran, That's it Wedding Concepts + Jennifer Wilson, Belle Ame Events

Rentals: White Birch Rentals, Party Suppliers Limited

Venue: Wrightsville Manor, Wilmington NC

Videographer: Landon Wise Photography

Love Story

We choose a destination wedding in Parks' home state, North Carolina, and took my beloved vendors from Pennsylvania with us. Working in the wedding industry for 10 plus years it was hard to choose my local favorites, as this industry is filled with friends. By choosing a destination wedding, my wedding stayed intimate within the industry and amongst clients, family, and friends.



Love Story

On June 22, 2019, I stepped off the train at Penn Station to meet, what didn't take me long to realize, the man of my dreams. A 24-hour whirlwind "blind date" turned into 48 hours, several "postponed" trains, and the rest of our lives.

Six weeks earlier...

I walked into a bar (Tellus 360) up the street from my apartment to meet my parents' friends and happened to walk into their friend's 60th birthday party. I didn't realize at the time, but the birthday boy was Dylan's dad. I never met his parents or even heard of Dylan before then, and we hit it off right away. They began to tell me about their son who lives in Manhattan and immediately started showing me pictures. A few days later, Dylan and I began talking every few days which quickly escalated to every day. After a few weeks of non-stop talking, Dylan invited me to New York to spend the day. We spent every weekend after that together. A year and a half later, amidst a global pandemic, we got engaged on New Year's Eve 2020. Fast forward another year and a half on June 24, 2022 and we are standing on the Balearic Sea in Mallorca, Spain saying "I Do!”

The Details 

Cake: Sarah Lou's Sweet Confections

Caterer: Dine In Dulge (Ceremony); Sei Catering (Reception)

Ceremony: Air B&B in Mallorca, Spain

Dress: Grace Loves Lace

Entertainment: DJ Magic Mike Florist: A di Amore (Ceremony); Rachel Dirosato (Reception)

Hair + Makeup: Abby Korman, sister Invitations: Shutterfly

Officiant: Greg Howard, bride's best friend

Photobooth Van: Norma Jean Vintage Machine

Photography: Ana Garcia Photography (Ceremony); Lindsay Rossman Photography (Reception)

Rings: Warren Jewelers

Tux/Suits: Express

Reception: Mickey's Black Box

Videography: Laura Caldes (Ceremony); Ben Rossman (Lititz)


february 26th 2022 •

Love Story

We were two people who had to fall apart to realize we wanted to come back together. Our love was unexpected and unlikely; one that breaks all the rules. The one we couldn’t forget. Our friendship blossomed into a love without borders. Eventually, we chose forever together, and made it official on a cold, romantic evening in February with whimsical details paired with traditional elements.

Details  Cake: Rosie’s Creative Cakes Caterer: The JDK Group Catering & Events Ceremony: Pennsylvania State Capitol Complex Dress: Unveiled Bridal and Formal Entertainment: Leilanda Rowland Florist: Reves Etheres Events & Rentals Hair: QueenStylista's Mane Artistry Honeymoon Travel Agent: Traveler’s Joy Invitations: Minted Makeup: Missez Parker & Champale T. Officiant: Pastor Ronald Holton, Sr. Photography: Weddings by Hendrix Reception: Historic King Mansion Rings: Kay Jewelers + Mountz Jewelry Tux/Suits: Eaden Myles
52 Want More Content? Local Love Stories 2023 Wedding Vendor Directory Wedding Gift Guide ...and More! celebrate/weddings Don’t forget to follow @susquehannastyle on Instagram for our weekly #WeddingWednesday inspo @SUSQUEHANNASTYLE -Free consultations. -In salon, day of bridal space. -Bridal Spa Packages. 101 W. Main St. Suite H Landisville, PA 17538 717-892-6740 OmniBeauty OMNI does it all, for your biggest day.

Marriage Of A

Meet artist Julie Riker of Camp Hill, who captures scenes of wedded bliss, on canvas.

It’s a day for the heart, captured in art.

Artist Julie Riker of Camp Hill is a prolific plein air artist—meaning she paints on location, in the “open air,” capturing the surrounding scenery. But some of the loveliest landscapes include festivities from one of the most treasured days in a couple’s life— their wedding.

“It’s some pressure, but good pressure,” says Riker, 53, a life-long artist who describes her work as “capturing light and mood, with a somewhat impressionist result.”

The key to a plein air wedding painting, Riker says, is an early start.

“I usually show up at least an hour before guests, to block in the architecture or background of the landscape,” Riker says, “and that takes a lot of pressure off, because I’ve gotten through the whole messy stage—and then, I can have fun.”

Working with oil-based paint, Riker usually spends five to six hours on each wedding painting. And her presence adds a fun factor to each wedding.

“People will come up and look—sometimes they’re afraid to talk to me, afraid that they’ll bother me, but that’s not the case at all,” Riker says. “Sometimes they’ll see a figure, and say ‘Oh! That looks like Joe,’ and start laughing— it’s a lot of fun, and then people stop by in another half an hour to see the painting’s progress.”

Riker typically completes the painting by the

For one bride, lights were important detail she requested Riker to capture on canvas.

“Paintings hold a special place for me,” says Duffee Maddox, who works at the Toledo Museum of Art. In fact, Maddox sent Riker a painting in the museum’s collection as inspiration. “It’s a night time scene with lots of lights, and I wanted our painting to have that kind of feel.”

Maddox envisioned a painting capturing “the party scene” ambiance, at her wedding to Joe Barton—held inside an historic barn, at Gettysburg Battlefield B&B Inn.

Rather than a posed photograph, I’d like to think a painting is a little more poetic, capturing the spirit

Nearly two years later, the painting is still prominently displayed in the couple’s living room.

“It’s such a joy to see it every day—it reminds me of one of the best moments in my life,” Maddox explains. “I enjoy looking at it more than my wedding photos.”

Riker, who has won numerous plein air competitions throughout Pennsylvania and beyond, also works as a decorative artist— painting walls, mantels, furniture, and even large-scale church artwork. She’s also done restoration work within the Pennsylvania State Capitol. In addition to wedding paintings, she’s captured special occasions such as a recent birthday celebration held at Harrisburg’s King Mansion.

Her wedding scenes range from an outdoor ceremony at Cumberland County’s Allenberry Resort to a Philadelphia-area country club.

At weddings, it’s not always the bride who commissions Riker’s artwork. One of the most recent wedding paintings Riker created—in October of 2022—was a surprise gift from the bride’s mother.

Cathy Snavely of Mechanicsburg wanted to give her daughter and son-in-law, Rebecca and Joshua Sholly, a truly unique wedding gift—so she hired Riker, a longtime friend.

Against the beautiful backdrop of a Mifflin County estate, Riker painted the couple’s first dance as husband and wife.

“She was able to capture the atmosphere of the venue, and minute details that probably

You’re ENGAGED!!! Best wishes & Congratulations Know your Wedding Planning is in the right hands... you’ll have zero stress & lots of fun! Susan H. Moran Owner & Principal Wedding Designer 717 • 645 • 5700 That’s It! Wedding Concepts is committed to our ongoing mission to create “Wedding Magic” with expertise, experience & a pinch of Southern charm.

even the naked eye didn’t pick up—outlines of the lace on Rebecca’s dress, with a blue hue, Joshua’s tuxedo, and guests watching them dance,” Snavely describes. “And she was able to make the painting glow with twinkly lights.”

The couple, as well as guests, were stunned at Riker’s ability to translate the special moment into a work of art.

“Nobody could believe she did that, in such a short period of time,” Snavely says. “I can’t imagine painting something live, as it’s happening, but Julie found a way to capture it. She’s just all-around great, as a person and artist—so humble about her artistic ability—and those are the kind of people who bring you joy.”

And Snavely hopes the painting holds a lifetime of joy for her daughter and son-in-law.

“Memories are extremely important to both of them, so maybe the painting will become a family heirloom,” Snavely says.

It’s a thought that Riker holds sacred as she creates each painting.

“There are wedding photographers, videographers, even drone photography,” Riker says, “But I’d like to think my painting captures something about the day that those other forms of documentation do not. Rather than a posed photograph, I’d like to think a painting is a little more poetic, capturing the spirit of the day— and that it’s cherished and maybe passed onto future generations.”

JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2023 | SUSQUEHANNA STYLE 57 WE HAVE THE LARGEST MOTHER’S SELECTION IN THE AREA! Cocoa Couture Hershey @cocoacouturebridal Follow us on Instagram and Facebook 717-533-3323 | | 11 Briarcrest Square, Hershey, PA, 17033 PLEASE BE SURE TO SHOP EARLY FOR YOUR SPECIAL EVENT.
1 1
For more information, see
58 SUSQUEHANNA STYLE | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2023 625 Biglerville Rd., Gettysburg, PA 17325 | | 717-334-4723 | The only event venue overlooking the Gettysburg battlefield Indoor and outdoor locations for cocktail gatherings Catering options Capacity for 100+ guests Where the past and your future meet... Battlefield Overlook Event Center
MAIN OFFICE 160 East Ninth Avenue • York 717-246-6300 “Catered my wedding, FOOD WAS
(all my guests said
I am extremely picky
food), Joe
pleasure to work
his staff were exceptional and extremely professional, I highly recommend!!” Christa catering for ALL occasions BEST OF YORK 2019 BEST OF 2022 YORK
so, and
when it comes to
was a

Wedding Professionals

Allow our featured wedding professionals to help guide you with planning for your special day.



bliss at the Eden Resort & Suites, Lancaster and Central PA’s premier wedding venue featuring 6 elegant ballrooms and an outdoor space. Whether you are looking for one venue for both your ceremony and reception or for your reception only, we have everything to make your day special.

Our Courtyard—a three-story atrium with large skylighted ceiling, fountain, and twinkle string lights—offers a stunning, unique setting, as do our other ballrooms, including our Crystal Ballroom with oversized crystal chandeliers. Before your reception, enjoy an outdoor ceremony in our beautiful Garden Terrace or an indoor ceremony in our Courtyard or one of our other ballrooms.

We offer personalized menus featuring delectable and memorable dishes from our award-winning Executive Chef. Our Wedding team will help you plan your special day, including onsite coordination during your event. Our offerings don’t end when your reception ends; you and your guests can enjoy overnight accommodations, from deluxe guest rooms to multi-room suites or residential-style villas. You and your guests can also enjoy our many amenities while on property.

We welcome the opportunity to help you have the wedding of your dreams!

Garden Terrace
Eden Courtyard

Envy Studio’s client experience is designed to protect your energy and anticipate your individual needs, so you can be present for every moment of your day. Our artists excel in creating unique, custom looks and celebrating diversity through beauty.

We pride ourselves in creating a memorable experience for you by cultivating a deep and trusting relationship and providing custom concierge-style service. We want you to feel relaxed and at ease, as we transform you into an elevated version of yourself.

To us, the most valuable relationships are built on trust. We focus on fostering strong, transparent connections with you to ensure our time together is stress free and most importantly - fun!

Owner, Stacey Steffes, opened Envy Studio’s doors 11 years ago out of the pure love and satisfaction she gets from making her guests feel beautiful. Since then, so many love stories have come through the studio and Stacey’s team has been so honored to be a part of each and every one.

Stacey love’s ‘love’ and there is nothing more special than when the first time a Bride sees herself in the mirror and realizes that, today and forever, she is someone’s Bride.

When you work with Envy Studio, they hope you feel that love as much as they feel yours. Stacey and her team look forward to sharing in all of your special moments!

LET BRIDES BY ENVY MAKE YOUR LOVE STORY MORE BEAUTIFUL... 24 W King St Lancaster, PA 17603 717-435-9343 BNVIED.NET SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION @bridesbyenvy @driftspalancasterpa


Situated in the heart of downtown York, the one-of-a-kind and magnificently restored Yorktowne Hotel is the ideal location for visitors of York, lovers of art & history and your wedding! Considered the “Cornerstone of York” since 1925, the grand hotel in York, PA borrows from its rich history and blends it with the contemporary.

48 E Market St, York, 17401 717-848-1111


Unique artwork adds to the visually stimulating environment and“WOW” factor, courtesy of locally commissioned artists. Embracing the artistry and culture of our beloved York City, The Yorktowne Hotel offers all the amenities you’ve come to expect from the Hilton family of brands, and so much more. Of special note – our magnificent WellSpan Ballroom that can fit up to 400 people is one of the most unique spaces you will find in the area. One look at this elegant property and you’ll know this is THE location for your wedding. WEDDING PROFILES

It’s a tale as old as time. As each new year passes, we write our resolutions in the hopes of making them come true. With more people opting for non-alcoholic options, this is your chance to try something with a little less hop in it. So whether you’re the designated-driver for the night or simply sober-curious–here are some local spots with mocktails to shake up your weekend plans.

Mocktails to Shake-up Your Night 5


1 2 3 4 5 | 108 N George St, York, PA

Although Tutoni's is known for fine Italian fare in the heart of downtown York, it's not the only thing they're known for! With a cocktail list that spans across wondrous flavors–a number of their libations come in mocktail-form. Is someone playing Prince? Their purple rain signature cocktail (and more) is usually served with bols genever, lime, mint simple, and lavender can be modified for your mocktail needs.

CORK & FORK | 200 State St, Harrisburg, PA

Cork & Fork is a fan favorite for fresh pastas and small plates, but their spirit-free sips really shine through on the menu. The surfer rosa served with passionfruit, lime, agave, orange juice, sea salt rim, and lime soda will take your tastebuds on a tropical trip.

SHOT & BOTTLE | 2 N Queen Street, Lancaster PA You’ll find plenty of zero-proof beverage options at Shot and Bottle. You can find it under ‘Teetotaler’ on the menu inspired by the anti-alcohol movement that happened roughly around the 1820s-1830s. Chill out with their Gabe’s mule made with almond bitters, cinnamon pear jam, and ginger beer or warm up with their hot mulled cider.

THE PRESSROOM | 26 W King St, Lancaster, PA

At the Pressroom, a Lancaster staple, they're stirring up such fun non-boozy libations, you won't even miss the liquid courage. Say bonjour to their Parisian pear mocktail that is sure to fizz up your Friday night out. Planning on heading out on the town with friends? Feel saucy with their cranberry sauce debate that even features housemade bitters.

REVIVAL SOCIAL CLUB | 19 N George St, York, PA

Picking out what to drink, especially when you have no idea what it’s going to taste like, can be one of the stressors of going out to eat. Luckily, Revival Social Club makes it easy for you with their mocktail choices. Choose between sour, sweet, spicy, or fruity and try the exact flavor you’re craving for the night.



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