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OCTOBER 4-10, 2012 Your Local News

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The Home News

Parking Regulations Ordinance Stirs Discussion at Bath Council By BILL HALBFOERSTER The Home News

HELEN FISCHL cut the ribbon officially dedicating the shortterm rehabilitation unit, in which she was the first to be admitted. Standing at her right is County Executive John Stoffa. Several other dignitaries were in the ribbon-cutting line-up on Monday. – Home News photo

Ribbon Cut for Opening of Short Term Rehab at Gracedale


A ribbon cutting ceremony, sponsored by the Nazareth Area Chamber of Commerce, marked the dedication of a new short-term rehabilitation unit at Gracedale, the Northampton County Home, on Monday afternoon. The ceremonial ribbon was jointly cut by Helen Fischl, the first admission to the unit, and John Stoffa, Northampton County Executive, as they stood with a number of dignitaries. Millard D. Freeman, Gracedale Administrator, welcomed more than 50 persons present, noting that the opening of the unit is a “great milestone,” as the Southeast I section that was officially closed in August 16, 2011 has been re-opened “as a place to restore life and give people hope.” Stoffa noted that Gracedale is ideally located in the center of the county, and with the new rehab unit is providing “a very valuable service.” Robert F. Werner, a member of Northampton County Council, noted that it took eight months to make the change. He commended the staff as an “outstanding group

of people who care,” and remarked that the unit is a “a new era of stewardship at one of the finest facilities in the Lehigh Valley.” Tina Smith, president of the Nazareth Chamber, led the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance and introduced a number of local dignitaries. They noted their thanks for building a facility in Northampton County, making it a better place to live. Background Faced with a dwindling census at Gracedale, residents of Southeast-I were relocated through the vast facility in Upper Nazareth Township last year. The administrators completed an operational assessment, in which they planned to re-open SE-I as a 26-bed short-term rehabilitation unit and converting one of the four-bed rooms to a satellite therapy gym to enhance the rehabilitation process. Adjacent to the short-term unit is long-term and respite care. STR offers quick admissions seven days a week with 24-hour visiting. Benefits include Wi-Fi, on-staff pastor, hospice care, local trips for Continued on page 16

Bath Borough Council on Monday had a long discussion over proposed parking regulations, where there should be parking and where it will be restricted, and on one side or the other of certain downtown streets. It is intended to make it easier to park making it better for business. Solicitor Blake Marles will draft the ordinance and it will be advertised so people know what is ahead. Council also has a proposed parking lot ordinance, and Borough Manager Tom Petrucci will prepare those words for advertising. Another discussion was what to do with a propery the borough owns at 224 W. Main Street. Proposals that came up were to demolish it

for open space and combine that with a walking trail; clean up the building and convert it into a visitors center; or just tear it down for a parking lot (which would also need landscaping to suit the Pa. Dept. of Environmental Resources, who would provide a $46,000 matching grant.) Councilman Mike Reph said the building was originally purchased to tie in with a Rails-to-Trails project that would include an area where once was a railroad bridge. Other Matters • Jeff Buffington of Old Forge Drive complained of urine odors from a neighbor’s home where there are three cats and five dogs that the elderly residents have in the house. Petrucci, zoning officer Dennis Huth and Colonial Regional Police responded to the problem, but Petrucci

said there is nothing in a local ordinance that deals with smells from a home. Council president Robert Fields said a state health inspector could deal with the problem. • Jim Morgan of 208 S. Walnut St. told Council he wants to put siding on his home, but was told it is in an historic district. He said that paperwork in meeting with the Historic Architectural Review Board to get approval would delay the project. He said he and his wife have saved up in order to afford putting white siding and blue shutters on the home to restore it to its former beauty. Council voted to approve the work now. • Clark Smith questioned about the 241 E. Main St. property that is on hold by a bank. He said he has a water problem from drainage off the Continued on page 7

Bath Community Day This Saturday The 7th annual Bath Community Day will be held this Saturday October 6 from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at Keystone Park in Bath. Sponsored by The Bath Business & Community Partnership, Community Day has been put together for the young folks, as well as the ‘young at heart!’ Children’s events, live music, food and fun are scheduled for the day. Plenty of crafters and busi-

ness vendors will be there. For food lovers, there will be plenty to choose from - barbecue and hot dogs, peach cobbler and more. For those who would rather just kick back and relax, bring a chair (don’t forget a blanket) and stay a while to enjoy the live bands and entertainment. The Bath Farmers Market and BBCP volunteers have just about completed the new gazebo at the park. An offi-

cial dedication will happen at 1 p.m. So be sure to stop by and meet those volunteers who have been working hard to complete this project. Also be sure to stop by the BBCP tent for more information on volunteering in your community as well as the opportunity to pick from the lucky ducky pond to win prizes. For more information, please visit

The End of Another Season


The Bath Farmers Market ended their fourth season in operation at Keystone Park last Friday with a promise to return next year and continue offering fresh, local produce all summer. Throughout the year, vendors sold their seasonal vegetables and fruits including herbs, sweet corn, tomatoes, strawberries and, fall favorite, apples. But the Bath Farmers Market is much more than fresh produce. Continued on page 16


KEYSTONE PARK GAZEBO will be dedicted this Saturday. Northampton.................9

Pa. Voter ID....................3

Nazareth . ....................10


Church .........................11


Obituaries ...................12

Senior Citizens...............8

Classifieds ...................14

71st Year, Issue No. 40

USPS 248-700

2 October 4-10, 2012

GRAND OPENING! q Introducing Our q

ADVANCED LEVEL CARE UNIT October 18, 2012 i 10 A.M. - 5 P.M. Ciff Cowling Field, Behind Alexandria Manor


OPEN HOUSE  Knockwurst & Sauerkraut on a Roll!  Cake & Cookies!  German Potato Salad!  Root Beer & Birch Beer on Tap!




4:30 P.M.

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Gab Over the Fence by Pete G. Ossip The leaves are falling steadily, a little slow, but they’re starting to cover the ground. Some folks who had been up in the Poconos said they saw the leaves had turned all red, yellow and orange already. Not so much here yet. But it’s fall, and they will. . . . .This Saturday, October 6th, is Bath’s Community Day down at Keystone Park. Let’s hope the weather stays just like it is, a little cool, but no rain, so we can all enjoy a nice time. . . . . That was some football game the Eagles played on Sunday with those New York Giants. First it looked like they were gonna win, then it looked like they’d lose with a field goal, and lo and behold, a timely pass interference call from a regular referee and the Giants kicker missed his target. I can see why Michael Vick said football takes some years off your life. . . . Now that the Phillies are out of the playoff race, even though

they beat the champion Nationals, it’s gonna be interesting to see who’s in it and who lives another day, and maybe gets into the World Series later on. This wild card setup oughta make it more interesting. I still think baseball is the best sport, even better than football and hockey. . . . Nazareth and Northampton were back to their usual ways on Friday, Nazareth winning and Northampton coming up short. Oh well, that’s high school football and the parents and friends got to enjoy some excitement. . . . I hear Manny Mirabito, Jim Pasquariello and a few others were happy that borough council dropped the garbage dumpster ordinance they were working on for a while. . . . The latest is that half the three-laner down along 512 is now a smooth blacktop. But the traffic lights aren’t on yet. With all these new lights along 512, it’s getting to be like stopping in city

traffic. . . . Farmers market is closed for the season, but you can still get fresh vegetables like potatoes, corn, tomatoes, peppers and radishes down at the Hunsicker farm, and potatoes and apples up at the Padula farm. . . . Have a great week, and enjoy this weekend, gang!

Judge Halts PA Voter ID Law

By JOE KORBA The Home News A decision by Commonwealth Court Judge Robert Simpson has postponed Pennsylvania’s Voter ID law. Judge Simpson ordered the state not to enforce the law in this year’s presidential election. His decision could be appealed to the state’s Supreme Court. The law could still be enacted next year, even with Simpson’s ruling. Simpson listened to testimony concerning PA’s efforts to ease the process of getting a valid ID. He heard accounts of long waits and ill-informed DMV clerks, impeding legitimate voter’s attempts to get a state-issued photo ID. Under guidelines given to him by high court justices,

that eligible voters must be able to cast a vote under the ID law, Simpson blocked it. The 6-month-old law, considered to be the nation’s toughest, has caused a debate among voting rights advocates. Many consider the law a GOP initiative to keep voters away from the polls in November. Lower voter turn-

Bath Vol. Fire Fighters Halloween Parade Tuesday, October 23, 2012 – 7 p.m.

Rain Date: Oct. 24, 2012 – 7 p.m. DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION – OCT. 17, 2012 Name of Organization________________________________________________ Number of Marchers ________________________________________________ Number of Vehicles _________________________________________________ Approx. Length of Vehicles ____________________________________________ Contact Person ____________________________________________________ Contact Number____________________________________________________ Please also accompany the form with 50 words or less describing your organization and activities for TV coverage. Please return this form no later than October 17 to: PARADE COMMITTEE Bath Vol. Fire Fighters 121 Center St. Suite B, Bath, PA 18014 Parade route will start at Broad and East Main Sts. For staging of parade all vehicles will enter from Northampton and Broad Sts. Marchers should be dropped off in front of George Wolf Elementary School.


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October 4-10, 2012 3 out has traditionally benefited Republicans in the state where the incumbent democrat, President Obama has showed a consistent and significant lead in the polls. If appealed to the Supreme Court, the constitutionality of the law will be scrutinized.

4 October 4-10, 2012

Natural Perspectives For the Health-Minded Individual DR. GLENN CLEARIE DC

Quantum Leap Thinking

Some time ago I read a book entitled Quantum Leap Thinking, An Owner’s Guide to the Mind by James J. Mapes. I enjoyed it so much I have read it three times since. Remarkable book. I would recommend this book to anybody with a heartbeat. This book covers fascinating material about how the mind works and perceives. The material includes creativity, risk, fear, visualizations, emotions, balance, paradigms, personal values, managing change, and a host of other concepts. It applies to all ages, both genders and can be looked at through the lens of our personal and professional lives. This material is relevant. This past Friday, I drove up to Connecticut to meet with the author, James Mapes, personally. An extremely approachable man, he exuded calmness and confidence. We sat for almost three hours and covered such a wide range of

topics that time spent seemed like minutes. My reason for meeting with this gentleman was because after seeing and treating thousands of people over the years I have become aware that oftentimes the physical ailments that people present with can be traced back to their mind, the mental garbage, the wrong “imprints” on our subconscious that impacts us for the worse. I desire to help these individuals more effectively. Yes, raging sciatica is a pinched nerve and the mind clearly may not have created it, but it could. What about chronic lower back pain year over year, chronic headaches, daily upset stomach, nervousness, anxiety, depression, patches of hair loss, brain fog, heart arrhythmias, and a host of other conditions that fall into the “grey area” of medical science. The “we don’t know what the cause is but we have





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a pill for the symptoms” category. Is the problem always a prescription medicine deficiency inside the body? Absolutely not. I do not presume to think that this gentleman holds the world’s knowledge in his hands yet I do perceive he has a sliver of it! I also understand that three hours is not enough time to understand the idiosyncrasies of the mind. But it’s a start. This article is a call to arms of sorts for those individuals who know, who feel, are aware that there exists an incongruence between their physical and non-physical, an imbalance they just can’t quite put their finger on, an understanding that healing needs to take place on a different level and with a different approach then modern medicine provides. Unresolved guilt, immobilizing fear, wrong perceptions, indoctrinations, that govern our day to day life and limits the precious little time that we have here on earth NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED so we can live our lives to the full! If this article strikes a chord with you, I want to encourage you that there is hope. Absolutely. You do not need to suffer. The journey into your own mind may be where you need to shine the light on. You may just be surprised by what you find. You may finally find yourself. “Natural Perspectives” is a health commentary only and does not claim to diagnose and/or make treatment recommendations. Always seek the advice of your health care professional.

Butterflies in 3rd grade

Iulia Rangel with butterfly, while Katie Kocher and Wyatt Cobb look on.

Maria Derhammer with butterfly, while Madison Tatum looks with amazement..

Governor Wolf Historical Society Meeting Oct. 9

Governor Wolf Historical Society will meet on Tuesday Oct. 9 at 7 p.m. entitled “Circus Train”. Guest speaker Sheldon Endy will talk about “Circus Train.” Meetings are held at the Governor Wolf Academy on the Society’s campus at 6600 Jacksonville Rd., Bath. The public is welcome.

Choice or Chance?

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Devyn Demchak with a butterfly landing in her hair.

Mrs. Braun's third grade at Scared Heart School in Bath began the year raising 18 monarch caterpillars. The students have observed the caterpillars eating and growing; they have observed the chrysalis forming and the butterfly emerging. All of the butterflies were released at Sacred Heart School. The one on the bus looked like he's trying to hitch a ride to his winter home in Mexico.

Do you want someone else deciding your future? Didn’t think so.

Have your voice heard at a community meeting near you: • Thursday, October 4: Wilson Intermediate School, 6-8pm • Tuesday, October 9: Liberty High School in Bethlehem, 6-8pm • Thursday, October 11: Nazareth Intermediate School, 6-8pm • Tuesday, October 23: Calypso Elementary School in Bethlehem, 6-8pm • Thursday, October 25: Wind Gap Middle School, 6-8pm • Wednesday, November 14: Fowler Family Southside Community Center in Bethlehem 6-8pm

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Outstanding customer service, so longed for by consumers, not always up to par and sometimes an outrageous failure. I walked into a donut shop recently, stood in line for my coconut decaf until the very friendly cashier offered to help me. As I was waiting for my order, an older gentleman arrived and ordered a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich, two pumpkin donuts, a coffee, and to top it off, some crispy potato tots. I was dreaming that some day I would order that, especially the pumpkin donuts. When it was time for him to pay the cashier said, “You are a “REGULAR” and yesterday we charged you the wrong amount of money for your donuts.” (he eats them every day??). He said, “Yes you did” and she told him that today his donuts were free! The smile on his face reached from here to California, he graciously thanked her and looked over at his friend to share the good news. The friend replied, “Whoa, she gave you free donuts?” “I’m going to have to become a “REGULAR”. How much do we love FREE? It’s so simple yet so under used. My definition of REGULARS is loyalty. They show up at least every week, they love that you know their name, they enjoy your product and many times the price is not the first reason they shop with you. I truly believe businesses can’t survive without regulars. Those folks that love you to death even when things go wrong. I read somewhere that we all have 10 people in our lives that we love, trust and we tell our troubles to. Well, every time a customer is offended, trust me it’s going out to those 10 others and then their 10 others and on and on. Three basic tips for keeping the regulars; 1. Set a great example- your staff will act like you act 2. Set your expectations high 3. Build your reputation around outstanding customer service I’m still jealous that that gentleman eats donuts everyday or maybe I have DONUT

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October 4-10, 2012 5

National Dental Hygiene Month Proclamation National Dental Hygiene Month WHEREAS, Dental hygienists, as licensed oral health care professionals, have been actively promoting oral health and preventing oral disease for over 90 years; and WHEREAS, Proper oral health care should be practiced starting at an early age; and WHEREAS, Issues can arise throughout childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age; and WHEREAS, Many problems largely preventable with regular dental hygiene care; and WHEREAS, These services are essential in the dental office, public health facilities, schools, private organizations and research facilities to provide the best possible oral health care for all citizens; and WHEREAS, Dental hygienists also frequently volunteer their time to provide educational and preventive oral health care services to adolescents; and WHEREAS, the American Dental Hygienists’ Association and the Pennsylvania Dental Hygienists’ Association have declared October to be National Dental Hygiene Month with the theme “Keep them clean. Keep them healthy,” recognizing the importance of regular oral health care; THEREFORE; I do hereby proclaim October 2012 to be National Dental Hygiene Month and ask all of Pennsylvania to join me in recognizing the contributions of the dental hygiene profession and the importance of preventive oral health care. DENTAL HYGIENE MONTH Donald L. Wunderler Mayor of Bath, PA

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Life insurance and annuities issued through Allstate Life Insurance Company, Home Office: Northbrook, IL, Lincoln Benefit Life Company, Home Office: Lincoln, NE and American Heritage Life Insurance Company, Home Office: Jacksonville, FL. In New York, life insurance and annuities issued through

6 October 4-10, 2012

Lopsided scores as Nazareth Wins and Northampton Loses Nazareth scored a big 4221 win over Freedom, while Northampton was on the short end of a 42-12 game vs. Allentown Central Catholic in Friday night football. Much of the scoring in the Nazareth game was between quarterback Parish Simmons and back Anthony Gaetaniello, three of them for touchdowns on tosses of 59, 42 and 39 yards. The Blue Eagles had 454 yards on total offense. Jordan Gray did his part, scoring on a 2-yard run and a 4-yarder. Ben Wieczorek hit six for six on his extra point kicks. Nazareth is now 4 and

1 on the season, 3 and 1 in the Lehigh Valley Conference, and will go to Parkland on Friday night, which should be another good game between two strong teams. Kyle George got two touchdowns, one on a 70-yard pass play from Nick Cook and another on a 25-yard pass in the first two quarters, but that was all there was for the Konkrete Kids as Central Catholic rolled with 14 points in the first quarter and 21 big ones in the final. Northampton is now 2 and 3 overall and 1 and 3 in the LVC. They travel to Emmaus tomorrow night.

Ebenezer Still Leads; Salem UCC Swept in Dart Baseball

Messiah Lutheran of Bethlehem was the only one to sweep their opponents this week in the Suburban InterChurch Dart Baseball League. They did it at Salem UCC in Moorestown, 5-1, 6-2, and 4-2 in 11 innings. Messiah: Todd Jones, 6 for 10 with a homer; Jim Segesdy, 6 for 11; Mike Daly, Sr., 4 for 12; Dave Casey, a 2-run homer, his 118th career round tripper, and Mike Daly, Jr., a homer. Salem: Nick Krause, 4 for 12, and Rachel Krause, 4 for 11. St. Paul’s UCC of Northampton lost 8-5 and 5-3 before winning 4-3 at St. Stephen’s Lutheran in Bethlehem. St. Paul’s: Paul Slimmon, 5 for 9; Jason Gross, 5 for 11; Dave Clark, 5 for 12, and Rich Kern, 4 for 13. St. Stephen’s: Marissa Mowrer, 7 for 11 with a homer; Ed Wy-

chuck, 6 for 12; Josh Hoysan, 5 for 12; Al Beahm, 4 for 12 with a homer, and Ryan Hoysan, also 4 for 12. Dryland-Trinity of Hecktown won 6-0 and 4-2, before Christ UCC of Bath went 14 innings to win 3-2. Hecktown: Len Siegfried, 8 for 14 with two homers; Earl Sigley, 5 for 11; Shawn Sigley, 5 for 15; Al Gilbert, a home run. Bath: Steve Hunsicker, Jared Pokorny, Garry Hunsicker, Dan DalCin and Ron Wagner all had four hits, and Sue Gasper homered. Salem Lutheran of Bethlehem won 10-6, then lost 3-1 and 6-5 at Bath Lutheran. Salem: Walt Hoffert, 8 for 14, and Kyle Taylor, 5 for 13. St. John’s: Lee Creyer and Todd Flyte, 4 for 9, and Wendy Yacone and Bob Flyte, 4 for 10, with Candi Miller hitting a homer.

Petersville Rod & Gun Club

s ter Pe

ville Rod & Gun

Emmanuel EC of Bethlehem won 4-1, but lost 1-0 and 6-4 at Trinity Lutheran in Bangor. Emmanuel: Jovi Rivera, 4 for 11; Jorge Rivera, 4 for 13; Jim Hill, a homer. Trinity: Six players had three hits each, and Tristen Burd and Barbie Ribble homered. Farmersville won 5-2, then lost 2-1 and 4-1 at Ebenezer Bible Fellowship. Farmersville: Ron Barron, 5 for 12 with a homer; Keith Campbell, 4 for 11 with a homer; and Wade Chilmonick, a home run. Ebenezer: Leroy Wilcox, 4 for 12, and Kamba Kaluvi, 3 for 8. STANDINGS

Ebenezer St. Paul’s St. Stephen’s Messiah Trinity Lutheran Dryland-Trinity Bath Lutheran Salem UCC Salem Lutheran Emmanuel Christ UCC Farmersville

2 4 4 5 4 6 7 7 7 7 8 8

.778 .667 .667 .583 .556 .500 .417 .417 .417 .417 .333 .333

SCHEDULE: Oct. 8 – Bath Luth. at St. Paul’s, Christ UCC at Salem Luth., St. Stephen’s at Dryland, Salem UCC at Emmanuel, Ebenezer at Messiah, Trinity Luth. at Farmersville.

Fast Man

Mr. Newrich (touring in his new car)--Where are we now? Chauffeur--Halfway between Paris and Marsseille, sir. Mr. Newrich--Don’t bother me with little details. What country are we in?

Bath Bowling Team 6 Gains More Ground in Bath Die Hards Bowling Team 6 scored another 4 to 0 victory to gain more in the standings over the rest of the Bath Die Hards League on Sept. 26. The runner-up changed, too. It’s now Team 4., as Team 1 shut out Team 3. Team 4 was led by Rick Deily, 561; James Stevens, 516; Dick Deily, 446, and Sherry Longley, 443, as they whipped Team 3, with BobbyLou Snyder, 451. Team 4 won 3 to 1 behind Terry Bartholomew, 577; Kern Grube, 494, and Kathy Grube, 480. Also winning 3 to 1 was Team 2 with Michelle Tirrell, 466; Sam Strouse, 462; and Art Bruch, 423. Team 7 lost 1 to 3, with Charles Kosman, 433. Also losing 1 to 3 was Team 1, with Bob Kosman, 478, and Joe Bachman, 470. Team 8 was another 1 to 3 loser despite Mike Swope hitting 583; Gerald Bartholomew, 537; Charmaine Bartholomew, 453, and Amanda Leindecker, 451. STANDINGS Team 6 Team 4 Team 5

W 13 10 9

L 3 6 7

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Clu b

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Petersville Rod & Gun Club 550 Club Road, Bath (Moore Twp.)

Sunday October 7th 12:30-?

Tickets available $1 each or 6 for $5 Refreshments included with cost of tickets $ Kitchen will be open $ Call 610.261.2210 after 4 p.m. for tickets and more info. WEEKLY BINGO – Every Thursday Doors open 5 p.m. BINGO starts 7 p.m. The more that play, the more we pay!!

Team 3 Team 7 Team 2 Team 1 Team 8

8 8 7 6 3

8 8 9 10 13

Arndt Construction Took Lead in Week Four of Bath Industrial League Arndt Construction swept Taylor Honey in four games to gain first place in week four of the Bath Industrial League as Bob Adams had 234-206203–643; Bob Meixsell, 246244–640, and Don Arndt, 244– 614. Marvin Meixsell rolled 549 for Taylor Honey. Hecktown Fire Co. was runner-up for the week with a 3 to 1 win over Scherline & Associates, led by Stan Zurowski, 205–594; B. J. Doncsesz, 213– 547, and Matt Paulus, 220–540. Scherline: Steve Kerbacher, 278–604; Andy Edelmaan, 215–574; Harvey Rissmiller, 201–561; Jeff Kerbacher, 559; John Kerbacher, 512. Flurer’s Machine & Tool Co. (otherwise known as S L Plastic), downed Old Dairy, 4 to 0 behind Evan Rehrig, 207-202– 590 and Paul Reaser, 223–558. Old Dairy: Jim Bendekovitz, 212–537; Warren Nelson, 523; Scott F., 514. Harhart’s won 3 to 1 over G&L Sign Factory with “Butch” Holland, 541; George Hyde, 532; Brandon Frey, 202– 514. G&L Sign Factory: Mike Reese, 247-234—676, and Paul Duda, 512. STANDINGS W Arndt Construction 10 Hecktown Fie Co. 9 S L Plastic 8 Taylor Honey 6 G&L Sign Factory 5 Scherline & Associates 3 Harhart’s 3 Old Dairy 2

L 2 3 4 6 7 9 9 10

Week’s High Scores At Bath Legion Lanes Outstanding scores during the week of Sept. 16 at the Bath Legion Lanes were as follows: MEN – 600 & HIGHER: Mike Reese, 676; Terry Bartholomew, 665; Adam Anthony, 661/666; Scott Weinberg, 614/657; Marc Austin, 661; Ryan Flick, 640/658; Lyle Howell, 642; Bob Adams, 643; Bob Meixsell, 640; Dan Cortright, 647; Kyle Krywonis, 625; Jared Kocher, 628; Les Steigerwalt, 623; Andy Edelman, 617; Dale Fye, 600; Brent Connolly, 600; Donnie Arndt, 614; Brent Bartholomew, 614; Steve Kerbacher, 604.

Sports Quiz LLc

aLLy d Loc n ed a n ow miLy fa d rate ope

“Before it goes to pieces, bring it to Reiss’s”

FRom tiRes to engines state inspections & paRts…

WE DO IT ALL! Harley & Honda Factory Trained Route 248, Walnutport


1. What is NFL news in Jacksonville? 2. What is NFL injury report? 3. When does Texas play Oklahoma (football)? 4. When do Pittsburgh Steelers play Tennessee? Answers: 1. All home games on local TV. 2. News release of all injured players weekly. 3. Teams meet Oct. 13 at Texas. 4. At Tennessee Oct. 11.



THE HOME NEWS October 4-10, 2012

Kearns suggested the borough engineer make an inspection. Petrucci will also check on the escrow account for the property. Smith talked about the sign that the business has, and a hole from a cesspool. Fields told him if there is a new owner, he would have to

go through the legal processes. • A preliminary 2013 budget was worked on last week, and Continued from page 1 scanned on Monday, but will be neighbor’s property. He showed given further review. Council a 5-year agreement • Council voted to return the made between the former swim$1,000 Bath Social Hall donation ming pool business and Council. for the Keystone Park pavilion rebuilding, since FEMA has allocated $41,000 for the project. Council will have a workshop meeting on Oct. 16 at 6 p.m. to award the contract for the Keystone Park parking lot/pavilion reconstruction project. • Petrucci announced that Keystone Cement will continue sweeping borough streets twice a year, saving the borough $2,800. • Leaf collections will begin in Dates available for and go to Novemmid-October Wednesday Afternoon ber or December. . .Also noted: Wednesday Afternoon There is a good supply of salt on 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm pm 1:00 pm - 3:00 hand to deal with snow and ice this winter. Friday Morning Friday Morning • Kearns reminded about Bath Community Day this Saturday, 10:00 am Noon 10:00 am - Noon Oct. 6 from 11 a.m to 4 p.m. at Keystone Park. The new gazebo Call for details! Saturday Nights will be dedicated, and music will Saturday Nights be a part of it. 6:30 pm ? 6:30 pm - ? • Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corp. wants a list of Bowling Birthday Parties! properties that could be used for development, so that they could showcase them to bring in busiAsk About our Men/Mixed/Youth ness for Bath. Bowling RaceLeagues! Street, Bath | 610-837-8336 or 610-704-0383 • Fire Chief Ed Demchak’s report for September showed these man-hours: fire calls, 80 (mostly in Moore and East Allen); EMS calls, 25; drills, 165; school, 60; administration, 240; equipment Parties, Small Gatherings, repair, 20; meetings, 75; work detail, 35; fire police, 23. Demchak Meetings and Showers. said October is Fire Prevention Month, and firefighters will visit Call: 610-837-8337 FMI. local schools. He also reminded people about smoke detecters and to check their furnaces. The 278 Race Street, Bath, PA 18014 fire department will sponsor the Oct. 23 Halloween parade, and 610-837-8336 or 610-704-0383 donations are wanted.

new summer events

Bath American Legion Bowling Lanes

Open OpenBowling Bowling

Birthday Parties

Bath American Legion Bowling Lanes

Available Year Round: Social Hall

Community Veterinary Practice Licensed Veterinary Technician Care Dogs, Cats, and Exotics

Arthur R. Hulshizer, MS, VMD Mon. Tues. & Thurs. 9 am – 7 pm Wed. & Fri. 9 am – 5 pm Saturday 9 am-12 noon

S. Seem clerk Donna greets a furry visitor “Name” at the Final Thursday event in Bath.

S. Seem Antiques Final Thursday


The newly restored S. Seem Antiques and Artisans shop on Chestnut St. in Bath held their second monthly “Final Thursday” event last week. Each month the shop opens its doors on the final Thursday to customers and visitors to the town and carries a theme. This month’s theme was all about our four legged friends, and came with a free bandana for every pooch that stopped by. S. Seem Antiques treated visitors to refreshments, hors d'oeuvres, chocolates

AN N’S CORN E R STORE LATTE M wide variety of

Hot & Cold Sandwiches

Ice Cream from The Ice Cream Lab

Homemade Pies & Cakes

Phone: 610-837-5888 • Fax: 610-837-5877

2550 Community Drive, Bath PA 18014

Enjoy the day at the park with family, friends and pets!

Compliments of Daniel G. Spengler, Attorney at law 110 East Main Street, Bath, PA 18014, 610-837-7855

and free entertainment by local musician and singer Michael Jackson. Owners Carol and Darrin Heckman were thrilled by the turnout and enjoyed talking to people who stopped by, which included many new faces. This month’s event will be held on Thursday, October 25 and will be masquerade themed to celebrate Halloween. For more information on S. Seem and their Final Thursday event, find them on facebook or stop by from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. daily. S. Seem Antiques & Artisans is located at 100 S. Chestnut Street in Bath.

& DELI 2716 Community Dr. Bath Pa

(610) 837-1800 Call for Daily Specials We’ll Take Care of Friday Night Dinner with Fresh Hot Prepared Meals! CatErinG aVaiLaBLE oPEn m-F 6am – 8Pm Sat 6am – 6Pm Sun 7am - 4Pm

Fresh Homemade Salads

Delicious Homemade Soups! Bear Honey Farms Local Fresh Honey

8 October 4-10, 2012

Senior Citizens

Visit and Participate in Senior Center Activities

Local centers include: Mid-County Senior Center, 234 S. Walnut St., Bath; Nazareth Senior Center, 15 S. Wood St.; Northampton Senior Center, in Grace UCC Church, 9th St & Lincoln Ave., and Cherryville Senior Center at Hope Lutheran Church, Rt. 248, Lehigh Township.

Northampton County Thursday, Oct. 4: Knockwurst, mashed potatoes, sauerkraut, bread, apple strudel sticks. Friday, Oct. 5: Smoked turkey and Swiss on roll, Cole slaw, peanut butter cookie. Monday, Oct. 8: Beef BBW,

chips, cucumber salad, fruit cocktail. Tuesday, Oct. 9: Shrimp Tortellini Alfred pasta, tossed greens, bread, dark sweet red cherries. Wednesday, Oct. 10: Roast pork w/gravy, mashed potatoes, succotash, bread, apple walnut crumb cake. Northampton Senior Center Director: Krista Ambrosino For Reservations Please Call: 610-262-4977 Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8:30-1:30 Thursdays: 9 am – Cards/ puzzles, 9:30 morning stretch, 12 lunch. Fridays: 9 am – cards/puz-

zles, 9:30 needlecraft, 11:30 lunch, Bingo after lunch. Mondays: 9 am – cards/puzzles, coffee break, 12 lunch. Mid-County Senior Center 234 Walnut Street Bath, PA Director: Susan Miller For Meal Reservations: Please Call 610-837-1931 Hours 9:00 am – 3:00 pm Thursday, Oct. 4: 9 am – puzzles/crafts & quilts, 12:45 games/cards, 1:30 shopping. Friday, Oct. 5: 9 am – cards/ puzzles, 12:45 games. Monday, Oct. 8 – Friday October 19 CLOSED. Cherryville Senior Center Director: Edith Knauss For Meal Reservations please call: 610-767-2977 by 9:30 A.M. Hours 9:30 A.M. – 2:30 P.M. Thursdays; 9 am pool/ cards/games & puzzles, 10:15 sing-a-long, 11:30 Lunch, 12:30 Penny Bingo. Fridays: 9 am pool/cards/ games & puzzles, 11:30 lunch, 12:15 pinochle, 12:30 games. Mondays: 9 am pool/cards/ games & puzzles, 11:30 Lunch, 12:30 games. Tuesdays: 9 am pool/cards/ games & puzzles, 9:45 exercise, 11:30 lunch, 12:30 Bingo. Wednesdays: 9 am pool/ cards/games/puzzles and sewing for Gracedale, 11:30 lunch, 12:30 crafts. Nazareth Tuesdays; 10 am – exercise w/ Marion, 10 am – Bonus Bingo Thursdays: 9 am – exercise, 9:30 – knitting class Fridays: 9 am – bakery corner, 10 am – Penny Bingo Monday, Oct. 8: 9 am – exercise, 9:30 - craft group, 10 am – drum circle Wednesday, Oct. 10: 9 am – bakery corner, 10 am – pinochle, 11 am – sign-a-long.

Medical Alert for Seniors Medical Alert Monitoring 24/7


• Free Equipment • Nationwide Service • Free Shipping • Easy Setup


More Events Coming Soon

David A. Hawk Remodeling Specialist Recently Complete Garage in Nazareth Before



Custom Renovations that make a difference! Call 610-865-4160 or 484-330-0093 For estimates

New Siding & Carport In Bethlehem

NORTHAMPTON AREA NORTHAMPTON BORO –  ALLEN TWSP. – LEHIGH TWSP. Lehigh Twsp. has meeting to Work on Master Concept Plan


Lehigh Township’s Board of Supervisors had a kickoff meeting with the firm of Buchert-Horn this Tuesday on proposals for the Master Concept Plan. It is a study on the building needs of the

municipal government, mostly for the maintenance building. Department heads were present to assist in determining those needs. At the supervisors meeting on Sept. 25, Township Manager Alice Rehrig noted: • October 22 will be start of the leaf collection in the township. • $27,500 from the Northampton County gaming fund may be designated for a new police car, a new phone system, and a computer server in the 2013 budget. The first meeting to work on the budget will be held on Oct. 15. Ms. Rehrig said she is hoping the budget can be adopted by the Dec. 11 meeting. The supervisors approved three resolutions for three projects from the Monroe County gaming fund: document imaging, municipal equipment, and police equipment. Adopted were two minimum municipal pension obligations – police, in the amount of $195,212.00, and non-uniformed personnel, $41,217.16. Solicitor David Backenstoe told the board that three agreements need to be worked out with the McAuliffe Hauling Co. concerning road improvements, impact and weight limit on Timberline Road. An escrow account would amount to $12,600 a year for 10 years. A resident in the audi-

9 THE HOME NEWS October 4-10, 2012

Camp Out at Becky’s Drive In

There were 350 scouts and their families that attended the North Valley District 1st Cub Event and Movie Night at Becky's Drive-In on Friday, Sept 21st and Saturday, Sept 22nd. Friday night the scouts set up their tents and watched a double feature "Ice Age 4" and "Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3." On Saturday the 1st Cub event was held with displays and activities. Some of the special events were: BB gun target shooting, bow and arrow, proper campfire preparation, sling shot, Jim Thorpe River Adventure, peach cobbler made in a dutch oven, pony rides, redneck bowling, tours of Becky's projection booth, and Lehigh Township Fire Co display to name a few. ence said it’s a “great idea” to have a township newsletter. A company that the supervisors approved to publish the newsletter is presently selling ads. Supervisor Dell Grove is preparing much of the copy for the newsletter. Also noted at the meeting, Act 537 may be amended. Lehigh Engineering’s Larry Turoczy said recently that sewerage would be needed for a business that may be located on their property, but Pa. DEP is requiring an Act 537 update.

CUB SCOUTS had their tents lined up at BEcky’s Drive-in, in Berlinsville. – Contributed photo

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610-262-3501 610-392-0755


A reckless driver is one who passes you on the highway in spite of all your car can do.

1214 Main St. Northampton • 610-262-3501

Store Hours Mon.-Fri. 7-7 Sat. 7-4

A little lawn-care humor:

All you need to grow fine, vigorous grass is a crack in your sidewalk! It’s time to winterize your lawn for a beautiful, healthy spring green-up! ACE Winterizers are on SALE now AND have REBATES available through Oct 31, 2012!

ACE Green Turf Deluxe Broadcast Spreader Fully assembled with flip-up handle.

Sku # 7204167 $41.99 Route 329 & Savage Rd., Northampton Phone: 610-262-4566 Fax: 610-262-7847


10 THE HOME NEWS October 4-10, 2012


Nazareth couple dies In Bangor car accident Funeral services were held on Wednesday morning in St. John’s Lutheran Church, Nazareth, for Harold and Doris Heckman, who died following an auto accident on Sunday, Sept. 23 in Bangor. They had resided on E. Prospect St. in Nazareth. Mrs. Heckman, 84, a former Bath resident, died Thursday in Lehigh Valley HospitalCedar Crest, Salisbury Township. Her husband, Harold, 89, died on Friday. Both were hospitalized with injuries they suffered when the car, driven by Mr. Heckman, struck another vehicle before hitting a utility pole in the 400 block of Market St., Bangor. They were married for 64 years. After the services, arranged by the Schmidt Funeral Home in Nazareth, the couple were buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Nazareth. The Rev. David B. Schaeffer officiated. Harold H. Heckman Born April 4, 1923 in Nazareth, he was a son of the late Peter, Sr. and Eva (Francis) Heckman. A 1941 graduate of Nazareth High School, he served in the Navy during World War II. He was a past commander and adjutant of VFW Post #4366, Nazareth, and past Cubmaster of the former Pack 79. He was a member of St. John’s Evan. Lutheran Church, Nazareth.

He worked in the blast furnace division of Bethlehem Steel Corp. for 41 years before retiring. He enjoyed playing pinochle, traveling, rollerskating, ice skating, and bowling. Doris T. Heckman Born Oct. 28, 1927 in Nazareth, she was a daughter of the late Victor H., Sr. and Madeline (Hunt) Thomas. A 1945 graduate of Nazareth High School, she was employed as a secretary for the former Mack Printing Co. in Wilson Borough. She enjoyed cooking, baking, shopping, attending concerts and plays, and traveling. In addition, she had formed a pinochle club and was historian of the Hunt family reunions. She was a member of St. John’s Evan. Lutheran Church, serving on the ELCA and the Bereavement Committee. Their Survivors The Heckman’s are survived by their son, Thomas, a former Nazareth Borough Councilman, and a daughter, Connie McKinley, of O’Fallon, Illinois, and several nieces and nephews. Mr. Heckman also has a sister, Dorothea “Bebe” St. Germain, of Michigan. He was preceded in death by brothers Delbert and Peter, Jr., and sisters Hilda Roth and Alfrieda Heckman. Mrs. Heckman is survived Continued on page 16

Violinist Inna Eyzerovich Pianist Holly Roadfelt

7:30 p.m., Thursday, October 11 Kortz Hall Moravian Hall Square 175 W. North St., Nazareth

Free and open to the public Registration required

Blessing of The animals October is traditionally

a time to bless pets and animals, creatures that St. Francis of Assisi called his brothers and sisters. Brother Francis preached that the world was created good and beautiful by God; that human and beast have the ability to praise God; and that humans are to protect and enjoy nature as part of their stewardship of all of God’s created order. He is traditionally remembered for his life and ministry with a Blessing of Animals. On Sunday, October 7th at 2:00 p.m. St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church will hold a Pet & Animal Blessing (in the side yard between two parking lots). Parishoners will gather to offer thanks and praise for God’s creation, and pets will receive a blessing designed especially for them.

Fall Apple & Rail Fest

On Saturday, October 20th from 10-5 p.m. Bushkill Elementary School located at 960 Bushkill Center Road, Nazareth, will host the annual fall apple and rail fest, presented by The Nazareth Area science project. The purpose of the festival is to raise money for a variety of educational programs for the Nazareth District Schools. Programs like the planetarium to study the stars, nature trails, and outdoor learning centers to learn about ecology; agriculture and nature just to name a few. Organizations that will be represented are the Nazareth Area Science Project, Nazareth Rotary Club, Nazareth Area Chamber of Commerce, American Cancer Society, Boy Scouts of America, and the Nazareth Interact Club. The event will feature apples, apple fritters, apple crisp, apple cider, and tons of food. For fun there will be live steam train rides, live music, games, pony rides and more. There will also be plenty of craft, art and anything vendors bring to entice your interests. There is still limited vendor space available. Anyone interested in becoming a vendor can call Jenn Snyder at: 484-274-3385. Come join the fun!!!

Traditions to hold “Me & My Parents” Discussion Do you feel like you’re parenting your parents? Are your parents more forgetful than they used to be? Join the Traditions of Hanover At Home “Me & My Parents: Who’s in Charge Now” discussion forum on Tuesday, October 9 from 6–7:30 p.m. at the Traditions of Hanover building.

Band Officers are: Holly Crosslin, Amanda Boandl, Spencer Thomas, Erinn Ball, Olivia Migliori, Andrew Gocek, Elizabeth Ibarra, Nicole Lefurge.

Nazareth band marches into first

The award winning Nazareth Blue Eagle Marching Band heads into the fall competition season in true Nazareth style. The Nazareth Blue Eagle Marching Band took first place on Saturday, September 22 at the Perkiomen Valley High School, "Music of the Valley Competition" in the Group IV Open category edging out the competition. The Perkiomen Group IV Open scores from Nazareth: 1st Place, Score 72.025 - Caption

Awards: Best Music, Best Effect. North Penn: 2nd Place, Score 71.525 - Caption Awards: Best Visual Upper Moreland: 3rd Place, Score 71.025 Also on Sept.15 the Nazareth Blue Eagle Marching Band competed at Sounderton's "Celebration of Bands" and although they were alone in the IV Open category they ended the night with the highest overall score of 71.525.

The Me & My Parents forum is an educational and interactive forum, designed to get adult children talking and thinking about their parents’ aging. The panel consists of three community experts such as social workers, mental health therapists, specialists on dementia and Alzheimer’s, elder care case managers, physical therapists, home care advisors and retirement community directors. The theme of this month’s discussion is “Coming Home from the Hospital.” The panel for the first meeting, providing information for attendees, will consist of a pharmacist, non-medical Home Care and Medical Home Care services. Facilitating the discussions is Marisa Leaser, di-

rector of Traditions of Hanover At Home. Audience participation and questions are encouraged, and attendees can provide questions they would like to have addressed at anytime by asking questions themselves during the meeting, or prior to the meeting by contacting Marisa Leaser by phone at 610-419-3295 or by email at Me & My Parents will have different panel for every meeting. The meetings are free and open to the public; complimentary snacks and take-away materials are provided. Please register by October 4 by calling Leaser at 610-419-3295.

Nazareth Floral at Donahoe Farms* 589 East Lawn Rd. Rte 191, Nazareth, PA 610-746-9998 10% of all art sales this evening will be donated to Loaves & Fishes Soup Kitchen. Light Refreshments Sponsored by:

Nazareth Eye Associates (Dr. Scott Huggler)

Exhibit will continue through October 2012

Check Fran out on her website

Church Directory ADVENT MORAVIAN, (610) 8680477, Bethlehem. Sun - 8:30am W 9:30am SS; 10:45am W ASSUMPTION BVM PARISH, Northampton. 610-262-2559. Sun - 8/10:30am W; Mon, Tue, Thurs & Fri – 8am Mass; Wed– 7pm W; Sat – 4pm W BANGOR CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE, Bangor. 610-588-6929 Sun - 9:30am SS for all ages; 10:40am W BETHANY WESLEYAN, Cherryville. 610-767-1239. Sun – W - 9/10:30am BUSHKILL UNITED METHODIST, Clearfield, Bushkill Twp. Sun - 9:15am W, 10:30am SS CARPENTER’S COMMUNITY CHURCH, Nazareth, 484-285-0040 Sun - 10am W CHAPMAN QUARRIES UNITED METHODIST, Bath. 610-837-0935 Sun. - 11am W, 10am SS CHRIST U.C.C., S. Chestnut St. Bath. Sun. – SS – 9am, N – 10am, W – 10:15. CHRIST U.C.C., Schoenersville. Sun. - 10:15am W CHRIST U.C.C. – LITTLE MOORE, Danielsville. Sun - 9am W, 10:15 SS CONCORDIA LUTHERAN CHURCH Northampton Sun - 9am W, 10:30am SS & BS, 3pm COVENANT UNITED METHODIST, Bath. 610-837-7517. HA Sun – 8 & 10:30am W, 9:15am SS DRYLAND U.C.C., Nazareth. 610-7594444 Sat – 6pm W Sun – 8/10:15am W, 9am SS EGYPT COMMUNITY CHURCH, Whitehall (Egypt) 610-262-4961 Sun. – 10:30am W - 9am SS EMMANUEL'S LUTH Bath. Sun – 9:30am – W, Wed. 7pm W FAITH REFORMED, Lehigh Twsp. Sun - 10am W GOD'S MISSIONARY CHURCH, Northampton. Sun – 9:30am SS, 10:30am & 7pm Service; 6:30pm. Evening Youth GOOD SHEPHERD LUTHERAN, Northampton Sun – 8/10:45am W 9:30am SS Gospel Chapel Wesleyan Church, Northampton, 610-262-8101 (N) Sun. 10 am – SS. 10:30 am - Worship GRACE BIBLE FELLOWSHIP CHURCH, Nazareth 610-759-7039

Sun. - 9:30am W, 10:30am SS, 6pm W. GRACE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH, Pen Argyl Sun –8:30 & 10am W, 10am SS HOLY CROSS EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN, Nazareth. 610-759-3431 Sun – W – 8/10:30am. SS – 9:15am. HOLY FAMILY ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, Nazareth Sun – 7am/9am/11am. HOLY TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH, Northampton 610-262-2668 Sun. – 10:30am W Communion 1st Sun. of the Month. 9:15am SS HOLY TRINITY SLOVAK LUTHERAN, Northampton Sun. – W & SS - 9am HOPE LUTHERAN CHURCH, Cherryville 610 767-7203 Sun– 8:00/10:30am W, 9:15am – SS. MOUNT EATON CHURCH Saylorsburg 570-992-7050 Sat. - 6:30pm W, Sun. - 8/10:30am W. 9:30am SS. NAZARETH MORAVIAN CHURCH, Nazareth 610-759-3163 Sun 10/7 Food Bank Sunday w/Communion– 8:15/10:45 am W, 9:30am SS NORTHAMPTON ASSEMBLY OF GOD, Northampton Sun – 10:45am & 6pm W; 9:30am SS; Wed – 7:30pm W QUEENSHIP OF MARY CHURCH, Northampton 610-262-2227 Sun. – 7:30/9:30/11:30am S. Holy day & Vigil – 6:30, 9am; Vigil 7pm SACRED HEART CATHOLIC, Bath. Sat Vigil– 4:30pm/6pm M, Sun 6:45/8/9:30/11am M; CC during 9:30am M; Mon– Thurs 8am M; Fri – 8:30am M, Morning Prayer Mon-Thurs 7:30am Fri. 8am. SALEM U.C.C. Moorestown 610-7591652 Sun. SS and Confirmation 9 am. W 8 & 10:15 am. SALEM UNITED METHODIST, Danielsville. Sun – 9:30am W ST. BRIGID’S EPISCOPAL Nazareth 610-746-3910 Sun – SS 9:45am, Eucharist 10am. ST. JOHN’S LUTHERAN CHURCH, Bath. 610-837-1061 Sun 8am/10:15am W – HC 1st & 3rd Sun. ST. JOHN’S EV. LUTHERN CHURCH, Nazareth 610-759-3090. Sun. –9am Sat. 5:30pm ST. JOHN’S U.C.C., Northampton. 610262-8666 Sun – SS – 9am. W- 10:15am

RUMMAGE SALE October 6, 2012 • 8 AM - 1 PM

Schoeneck Moravian Church 316 N. Broad St. Extension Nazareth, PA

Children’s & Adult Clothing Housewares Toys Etc... Snack Bar & Bake Sale

Pastor’s Pastor’s Comments Comments In large print at: In large print at:

Northampton Northampton Assembly Assembly of of God God

3449 Cherryville Cherryville Rd., Rd., Northampton Northampton •• Sun. Sun. 10:45 10:45 am am & & 66 pm; pm; Wed. Wed. 7:30 7:30 pm pm 3449

Daniel E. E. Lundmark Lundmark •• •• 610-262-5645 610-262-5645 Daniel

Seeing Beyond Now

While others others focus focus on on the the here here and and now, now, Christians Christians are are called called to to live live aa life life of of faith faith in in God God with with an an eternal eternal focus focus on on His His promises promises seeing seeing beyond beyond now! now! Hebrews Hebrews 11:1 11:1 defines defines faith faith as as “the “the substance substance of of things things hoped hoped for, for, the the evidence evidence of things not seen.” This “faith chapter” reveals that the “things hoped for” by of things not seen.” This “faith chapter” reveals that the “things hoped for” by the heroes of the faith were not material things, but rather the expectation of the heroeswith of the faith were not material butbeyond rather the of dwelling God throughout eternity!things, Seeing theexpectation evils of their dwelling throughout eternity! beyond their day, they with lived God in a manner consistent with Seeing their concept of athe holyevils God,ofanticiday, they in a manner with theirEnoch’s conceptfaith of arelated holy God, anticipating thatlived He would rewardconsistent them accordingly. to his “testimony, he pleased God”them (v.5-6). He lookedEnoch’s beyondfaith the related wickedtolifestyles pating that He would reward accordingly. his “tesof his peers walkedGod” with (v.5-6). God. One day Godbeyond just “translated him” into His timony, that heand pleased He looked the wicked lifestyles presence, andand Enoch experienced fulfillment hoped for.”into Today of his peers walked with God.the One day God “of justthings “translated him” His we must have similarexperienced faith, seeingthe beyond now, “of focusing upon the presence, and Enoch fulfillment things hoped for.”eternal Today promises of our Lord, living in a manner consistent with that faith, and we must havecaught faith, meet seeing now, upon the4:17). eternal ready to “be thebeyond Lord in the air”focusing (1 Thessalonians promises of our Lord, living in a manner consistent with that faith, and Noah saw beyond the ridicule of his peers as he built the ark and preached ready “be caught Lordwarned in the air” (1 Thessalonians comingtojudgment, “By faith meet Noah,the being of God of things not4:17). seen as Noah sawwith beyond the ridicule of his(v.7). peers as he built the ark preached yet, moved fear, prepared an ark” Abraham “looked for aand city...whose builder and maker “By is God.” refused “to enjoy the of pleasures of sin foras a coming judgment, faith Moses Noah, being warned of God things not seen season...for he fear, had prepared respect an unto recompence of theforreward...for he yet, moved with ark”the (v.7). Abraham “looked a city...whose endured, asmaker seeingishim who is invisible” (v.25-27). “These all diedof in sin faith,for not builder and God.” Moses refused “to enjoy the pleasures a having received seen them afar off...confessed season...for he the hadpromises, respect but untohaving the recompence of the reward...forthat he they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth” (v.13). endured, as seeing him whowho is invisible” (v.25-27). “These all died in “run faith,with not This “cloud of witnesses” saw beyond now challenges us to having received promises, but having seen unto themJesus afar off...confessed patience the racethe that is set before us, Looking the author andthat finthey were and thewas earth” isher of ourstrangers faith; who forpilgrims the joyon that set(v.13). before him endured the cross, This “cloud of witnesses” whodown saw beyond nowhand challenges us to “run with despising the shame, and is set at the right of the throne of God” (Hebrewsthe 12:1-2). patience race that is set before us, Looking unto Jesus the author and fin-

isher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God” (Hebrews 12:1-2).

ST. JOHN’S U.C.C. Nazareth. 610-7590893 Sun – W – 8am/10:45am Christian Ed – 9:15am ST. NICHOLAS CATHOLIC CHURCH, Walnutport. 610-767-3107 Sun 8/9:30/11am M, Sat 4:30pm M Daily Mass at 8:30am ST. PAUL’S UCC, Northampton, 610261-2910. HA Sun. 10:15am W, Communion. 1st Sun. of Month. 9am SS ST. PAUL’S U.C.C., of Indianland, Cherryville. Sun - 9am SS; 10:15am W ST. PETER’S U.C.C., Northampton Sun- 9am SS, 10:15 W VALLEY VIEW BAPTIST, Northampton Sun - 10:45am W WALNUTPORT SEVENTH-day ADVENTIST Sat – 9:30am W, - 10:45am SS ZION'S STONE U.C.C., Kreidersville. Sun- 9am SS, 10:15am W ZION WESLEYAN, Pt. Phillips. Sun- 9:00am SS, 10:15 W Zion EL Church, Northampton, 610262-6636 (N) SS 9 am, W 10:30 am

KEY –W- Worship, M – Mass, S – Services, SS – Sunday School, CE – Christian Ed, BS – Bible Study, CC - Child Care, HC – Holy Communion, H/A – Handicapped Accessible, VBS – Vacation Bible School Fall Schedule Updates Needed: Please send Church Schedules and activities to Or mail bulletins to PO BOX 39, BATH PA 18014. Church Directory is a free listing of area Churches in alphabetical order and includes: Services, Sunday school and Bible Study regular schedules. Please call the office for directions or more information.

New Brownie Troop

A new Brownie Troop will be meeting every Wednesday at Christ Church UCC Little Moore in Danielsville from 6 –7:30 p.m. Tracy Conway, the troop leader, is looking for volunteers to help with the group. If you are interested in helping or joining the troop, please contact her at 484-5600013.

Women’s Guild Fall Bazaar

Join the Women’s Guild of Christ UCC Little Moore in Danielsville for the annual fall bazaar this Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The day will be filled with crafts, food and fun.

Loaves & Fishes Out-reach

A Loaves & Fishes outreach lunch took place on Sept. 29th at Nazareth Moravian Church. The meal was prepared and served by a Girl Scout troop. The next Loaves & Fishes lunch will be served on December 29 at 12 pm. In the fellowship hall.

Hahn to Host Senior Expo State Rep. Marcia Hahn (R-

Northampton) will hold her annual Senior Expo on Friday, Oct. 5, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., at the Bushkill Township Volunteer Fire Company, 155 Firehouse Lane, Nazareth. “More than 60 senior-oriented exhibitors from around the Lehigh Valley will be

October 4-10, 2012 11

News Sermonette The Rev. Lamar H. Handwerk Pastor, St. Peter’s U.C.C., Seemsville

If You Have The Faith Of A Mustard Seed... Let me tell you a story. Many years ago shoe company sent one of its sales people to a far away country to start a business. After a few months he sent back the message: “Coming home, nobody wears shoes here.” The same company sent another sales person to the same backward company in his place. After a few months she wrote the home office this note: “Send more order forms - nobody wears shoes here.” The second salesperson saw the opportunity in her situation - not the difficulty - and more - she believed in her product - and because of that she succeeded where the first salesperson failed. Faith is somewhat like pregnancy. You simply can’t make a valid distinction between having a little faith and a lot of faith anymore than you can claim that someone is a little bit pregnant but not really a lot pregnant. If we believe - even a little - even the smallest amount -then my friends we are on the right track. on hand for senior citizens, their families and caregivers,” Hahn said. “Free refreshments will also be available and my staff and I will be giving away door prizes. Local singer and guitarist Bruce Stimmel will also provide entertainment.” St. Luke’s Hospital and Health Network will be administering flu shots. No appointment is necessary; however, anyone wishing to be vaccinated should bring his or her Medicare card to the senior expo. Easton Hospital will also be providing blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose screenings. “In addition, vision screenings will be performed, compliments of Clear Vision, and the PPL (Pennsylvania Power and Light) E Power team will

be offering tips for saving electricity,” added Hahn. For more information, please call Hahn’s Nazareth district office at (610) 7462100.


We are currently scheduling Pastors to contribute a short Sermonette for our 2013 issues. If you would like to participate, please call 610923-0382 or email with your Name, Church, Address, Phone and Email. An old woman motorist was being examined for a driver’s license. Examiner: “And what is the white line in the middle of the road for?” Woman: “Bicycles.”

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12 October 4-10, 2012


Dolores T. Bock

Sept. 25, 1949 – Sept. 28, 2012 Dolores T. Bock, 63, formerly of Northampton, died Friday, Sept. 28 in St. Luke’s Hospital, Allentown. She was the wife of Edward R. Bock. She worked as an aide in Northampton High School and Northampton Middle School for more than 20 years until retiring, and was a 1967 graduate of Allentown Central Catholic High School. Born Sept. 25, 1949 in Allentown, she was a daughter of the late Anthony and Helen (McGinley) Covely. She was a member of St. Lawrence Catholic Church and We Sing community choir, both in Catasauqua. Besides her husband, she is survived by a daughter, Michelle Bock, of Allentown; a son, Edward A. Bock, of Allentown; a grandson; sisters, Barbara Toth of Northampton, Sr. Anne Marie Covely, O.S.C., of Cincinnati, Carol Hirschman of Allentown; and many nieces and nephews. Preceding her in death were two brothers, Robert and James Covely. Services were held Wednesday morning in the Reichel Funeral Home, Northampton, followed by a Mass of Christian Burial in St. Lawrence Church and interment in St. Peter’s Cemetery, Coplay. Donations may be made to the family, c/o the funeral home at 326 E. 21st St., Northampton, PA 18067.

gor, Brian and David, both of Florida; a stepson, Mark Austin, of Palmer Twsp.; stepdaughters, Donna Ahner of Lehighton, Vicky Francis of Emmaus, and Jessica Filchner of Roseto; three grandchildren; a brother, Carl, of Davidsonville, Md. A memorial service was held on Tuesday in St. John’s Lutheran Church, Nazareth. Interment will be private.

Stephen P. Godbolt

Michael V. Drew, 58, of Nazareth, formerly of Bushkill Twsp., died on Wednesday, Sept. 26

Aug. 2, 1958 – Sept. 21, 2012 Stephen P. Godbolt, 54, of Nazareth died Friday, Sept. 21 at home. He was the companion of Virginia Forest. He was executive director of the Northeast Ministry in Bethlehem, where he was involved in many fundraisers, especially the Par Fore Kids golf tournament. Before working there, he was a counselor at the Southside Bethlehem Boys Club. Born Aug. 2, 1958 in Greensboro, N.C., he was a son of Edward, Sr. and Rena D. (Dixon) Godbolt. He was a member of the Bethlehem Rotary Club and the Nazareth Exchange Club. Besides his companion and parents, he is survived by three brothers, Michael Godbolt, Edward Godbolt, Jr. and Kenneth Godbolt; four sisters, Becky Drayton, Maureen Seier, Rene Godbolt, and Anita Smith; and many nieces and nephews. A Mass of Christian Burial was celebrated last Thursday morning in Ss. Simon & Jude Catholic Church, Bethlehem, followed by interment in Holy Saviour Cemetery, Bethlehem. Arrangements were by the Connell Funeral Home, Bethlehem. Memorial contributions may be made to Northeast Ministry, 1161 Fritz Dr., Bethlehem, PA 18018.

at home. He was the husband of Linda M. (Reimert) Drew. A 1971 graduate of Nazareth High School, he later attended Penn State University and was an automotive engineer. Born Dec. 8, 1953 in Corning, N.Y., he was a son of the late Jack and Marion (Drew) Drew. He was a member of the Vigilance Hose Social Club in Nazareth. Besides his wife, he is survived by sons Justin of Ban-

March 11, 1922 – Sept. 27, 2012 Mary H. Kavcak, 90, of Nazareth died Thursday, Sept. 27 at home. She was the wife of the late Joseph M. Kavcak, who died June 26, 1999. She had worked at Kraemer Textiles in Nazareth for 20 years before retiring in 1983. Prior to that, she worked at the Phoenix in Allentown as a seamstress and sewing machine operator. Born March 11, 1922 in Bethlehem, she was a daugh-

Michael V. Drew

Dec. 8, 1953 – Sept. 26, 2012

Frances Bensing Funeral Director

Mary H. Kavcak

John h. simons supervisor

ter of the late George and Anna (Auer) Petrovich. She was a member of Holy Family Catholic Church, Nazareth and its Altar & Rosary Society. She was also a member of the Auxiliary of the Knights of Columbus Council #4282 and the Auxiliary of VFW Post #4366 in Nazareth. Surviving are a daughter, Edith Andresko of Bushkill Twsp.; three sons, Joseph of Bushkill Twsp., Edward of Easton and Daniel of Lower Nazareth Twsp.; eight grandchildren; five great-grandchildren; a brother, Joseph Petrovich, of Bethlehem; two sisters, Josephine Lebeduik and Julia Kerry, both of Bethlehem. Preceding her in death were a brother, George Petrovich, and a sister, Ann Toth. Services were held on Tuesday morning in the Reichel Funeral Home, Nazareth, followed by a Mass of Christian Burial in the church and interment in the parish cemetery. Memorial donations may be made to Holy Family School, c/o the funeral home at 220 Washington Park, Nazareth, PA 18064.

Patricia B. Luburich

Jan. 12, 1940 – Sept. 27, 2012 Patricia B. Luburich, 72, of Moore To w n s h i p , formerly of Phillipsburg, N.J., died on Th u r s d ay, Sept. 27 after a courageous battle with cancer. She was the wife of Vincent J. Luburich, Sr. She was a graduate of Phillipsburg Catholic High School, Class of 1958, and later attended nursing school. Prior to her illness, she was employed by Dr. John Boscia in Forks Township for many years. She previously served as an office manager at Sacred Heart Hospital in Allentown. Born Jan. 12, 1940 in Newark, N.J., she was a daughter of the late Michael and Blanche (Miller) Ritz. In addition to her husband, she is survived by three sons, James Boylan of Stewartsville, N.J., Brian Boylan of Palmer Township, and Kevin Boylan of Forks Township; two daughters, Marcy Foulk of Easton and Lisa Boylan of Slatington; nine grandchildren; five great-grandchildren; and step-children Vincent and Leann and grandchildren. A memorial service in celebration of her life was held on Saturday in the George G. Bensing Funeral Home, Moorestown. Interment will be private.

and he worked for Macy’s in New York City for more than 40 years. Born in Manhattan, N.Y. on Nov. 23, 1916, he was a son of the late James and Susan (Struthers) McGee. He was a member of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church in Bath. In addition to his wife, he is survived by a son, James McGee, of Whitestone, N.Y.; four grandchildren, Carol Cennamo of Las Vegas, Brian McGee of Port Washington, N.Y., Christine Frank of Seaford, N.Y., and Robert Schmedding of Kresgeville; nine great-grandchildren; a former daughter-in-law, Claudia; nieces and nephews. A Mass of Christian Burial was celebrated Monday morning in the Sacred Heart Church. Interment with military honors followed in Fairview Cemetery, Moorestown. Arrangements were made by the George G. Bensing Funeral Home, Moorestown.

Mary E. Olsen S. Rasley, Jr, of East Bangor; daughters, Tammy Padula of Bangor and Laura S. Rasley of East Bangor; four grandchildren; a great-granddaughter; four step-grandchildren; brothers, Bill Rasley and David Rasley, both of Easton; sisters, Grace Werner of Nazareth, Lucy Ames of Northampton, and Bonnie Biechey of New York; and many nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his companion, Geraldine M. Huber, in 2007, and a grandson, Andrew Lipyanic, in 2009. Services were held on Tuesday in the George G. Bensing Funeral Home, Moorestown. A graveside service was held on Wednesday in the Covenant United Methodist Cemetery, Point Phillips. Contributions in his memory may be made to the American Heart Association, 212 E. Broad St., Bethlehem, PA 18018.

Barbara V. June 15, 1920 – Sept. 30, 2012 Schneeberger Mary E. Olsen, 92, formerly April 8, 1945 – Sept. 29, 2012 of Bath, died Sunday, Sept. 23 Barbara V. Schneeberger, in Gracedale. She had been a long-time resident of Phil- 67, of Bath died on Saturday, lipsburg, N.J., and was the Sept. 29 in Lehigh Valley Hospital, Allentown. She was the wife of Walter L. Olsen. A 1938 graduate of Phil- wife of the late Rudolph W. lipsburg High School, she Schneeberger, who died in retired from K-Mart, where 1999. She worked as a sewing she worked for 13 years. Previously, she was employed at machine operator at the former Mary Fashion Mfg. in the former Orr’s of Warren. Born June 15, 1920 in Phil- Bath until retiring in 1994. Born April 8, 1948 in lipsburg, she was a daughter of the late William T. and Northampton, she was a Mary E. (McGeehan) Blanch- daughter of the late Carl K. and Pearl P. (Bond) Lambert. field. She was a member of Christ She was a member of the Sacred Heart Catholic U.C.C. Church, Bath. Surviving are an aunt, an Church, Bath, and a former member of St. Phillip & St. uncle and cousins. Services were held on James Church, Phillipsburg. In addition to her husband, Wednesday morning in the she is survived by two daugh- Bartholomew Funeral Home, ters, Jean M. Breiner of Wil- Bath, with burial in Green son Borough and Margaret A. Mount Cemetery, Bath. Contributions in her memGiunta of Phillipsburg; three granddaughters, and three ory may be made to Christ U.C.C. Church, 109 S. Chestgreat-grandchildren. A Mass of Christian Burial nut St., Bath, PA 18014. Alice E. Snyder was celebrated last Thursday Alice E. in St. Jane Frances de ChanSnyder, 78, tal Catholic Church, Palmer of Nazareth, Township, followed by interdied Friday, ment in Northampton MeSept. 28, 2012 morial Shrine. Strunk Fuin Lehigh Valneral Home, Wilson Borough, ley Hospitalhad arrangements. Muhlenberg, Memorial donations may Bethlehem. be made to the American Cancer Society, 3893 Adler She was the wife of Curtis F. Pl.., Suite 170, Bethlehem, PA Snyder. 18017. Continued on page 13 Larry S. Rasley

May 5, 1948 – Sept. 28, 2012 Larry S. Rasley, 64, of Bangor, formerly of Bushkill Twsp., died John A. “Jack” Friday, Sept. McGee 28 in LeNov. 23, 1916 – Sept. 27, 2012 high Valley John A. “Jack” McGee, 95, of Moore Township, formerly of Hospital-Muhlenberg, BethFranklin Square, Long Island, lehem. He was employed as a meN.Y., died on Thursday, Sept. 27 at home. He was the hus- chanic for Chrin of Easton for band of Antoinette C. “Ann” many years. Born May 5, 1948 in Naza(Laterza) McGee. He served in the U.S. Mer- reth, he was a son of the chant Marines during World late William Rasley and War II. Prior to retiring, he Betty (Friend) Anstead, and was an electrician and a mem- step-son of the late Vincent ber of the I.B.E.W. Union, Lo- Anstead. Surviving are a son, Larry cal #3, for more than 71 years,



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Obituaries Continued from page 12 She worked as director of nursing for Moravian Hall Square Senior Community, Nazareth, for 10 years, retiring in 1996. Previously, she worked in the same capacity for Gracedale for 14 years and night nursing supervisor for nine years. Born in Nazareth, she was a daughter of the late William S., Sr. and Florence R. (Honszer) Kleintop. She was a former Sunday school teacher at Nazareth Moravian Church, a member of the church junior choir, former head of Diener Club, instrumental in the church rummage sale and Moravian mint maker program. She was also a member of the Nazareth LORA Club. In addition to her husband, she is survived by three daughters, Kimberly J. Nelson of Anchorage, Alaska, Mary E. DiGerlando of Bushkill Twsp., and Karen A. Forte of Kunkletown; a son, Kurk W., of West Chester; six grandchildren; four great-grandchildren; a sister, Jean W. Balliet, of Nazareth; two brothers, Robert F. Kleintop and John N. Kleintop, both of Nazareth; and many nieces and nephews. Preceding her in death were two brothers, W. Steward, Jr. and Sherwood. Funeral services were held on Wednesday morning in Nazareth Moravian Church, followed by burial in the church cemetery. Arrangements were by the Bartholomew-Schisler Funeral Home, Nazareth. Contributions may be made to the church memorial fund, 4 S. Main St., Nazareth, PA 18064.

Grace W. Smith

March 14, 1940 – Sept. 28, 2012 Grace W. Smith, 72, of Bath, formerly of Tatamy, died Friday morning, Sept. 28 in Lehigh Valley Hospital-Cedar Crest, Salisbury Township. She was the wife of the late William R. Smith, Sr., who died in 2005. A graduate of Scranton High School, she worked in the human resources department of Equipto before retiring in 2003. Born March 14, 1940 in Scranton, she was a daugh-

ter of the late John and Edith (Brosius) Wagner. She attended St. Peter’s U.C.C. Church, Tatamy, and was an active member of the Mid-County Senior Center in Bath. Surviving are a son, William R., Jr., of Nazareth; a daughter, Cynthia Brinker, of Bethlehem; three grandchildren; two sisters, Nancy Macko of Taylor and Mabel Loney of Scranton; and a brother, John Wagner, of Scranton. Preceding her in death was a sister, Joan Stevens. A memorial service was held on Tuesday afternoon in the Schmidt Funeral Home, Nazareth, with The Rev. Ernest Shaffer officiating.

Catherine H. Updegrove

Catherine H. Updegrove, 87, of Northampton died Friday, Sept. 28, 2012 in Sacred Heart Hospital, Allentown. She was the wife of Ronald B. Updegrove. She was a homemaker all her life, with a few years of work at the former Universal Pants Factory in Northampton. Born in Northampton, she was a daughter of the late Michael and Katherine (Schinko) Fota. She attended St. John’s Lutheran Church, Coplay. In addition to her husband, she is survived by two daughters, Barbara Deily and Kathy A. Szerencsits, both of Northampton; a sister, Jeanette Cesanek, of Bath; two brothers, Michael Fota of Hellertown and Joseph Fota of Northampton; and a grandson. Preceding her in death were three sisters, Helen Strisofsky, Mary Hafner, and Elizabeth Snyder; and a grandson, Michael Stout. Services were held on Tuesday morning in the Schisler Funeral Home, Northampton, with The Rev. Timothy Boyer officiating there and at interment in Allen Union Cemetery, Northampton. Donations may be made to the memorial fund of St. John’s Lutheran Church, Coplay, c/o the funeral home at 2119 Washington Ave., Northampton, PA 18067.

Ralph H. Wentzell

June 9, 1935 – Sept. 24, 2012 Ralph H. Wentzell, 77, of Wind Gap died on Monday, Sept. 24 in the VNA Hospice

House of St. Luke’s in Lower Saucon Township. He was the husband of the late Shirley I. (Trach) Wentzell, who died on September 19. A 1954 graduate of Nazareth High School, he was employed by S & S X-ray Products, Inc. of Pen Argyl, formerly A M Masters Division, where he served in various capacities before retiring in 2003 after more than 40 years. Born June 9, 1935, he was a son of the late Clarence and Helen (Zipf) Wentzell. He was a member of St. Peter’s Evan. Lutheran Church, Plainfield Township. Surviving are three sons, Alan H. Wentzell of Wilson Borough, and George A. Wentzell and Dean Wentzell, both of Wind Gap; six grandchildren; five great-grandchildren; and an aunt and many cousins. Services were held on Saturday morning in the George G. Bensing Funeral Home, Moorestown, followed by interment in the Plainfield Cemetery, Plainfield Township.

invasion of Sicily, and the battles of Salerno, Naples, Anzio, Rome, the North Appennine Mountains and Po Valley campaigns. After the war, he was employed by the Lehigh Coal & Navigation Co. #9 mine in Lansford. He later moved to Hillside, N.J., where he worked, and after 37 years retired from the Sealed Air Corporation. Born in Coaldale, he was a son of the late Michael and Maria (Kovacik) Zenko. He was a member of St. John the Baptist Church, Whitehall; Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #6982, Coaldale, and had

October 4-10, 2012 13 been a member of the United Mine Workers and United Steel Workers unions. Surviving are a son, Mark, of Northampton; and two grandsons. A Mass of Christian Burial was celebrated on Friday morning in St. John the Baptist Church, Whitehall. Arrangements were by the Reichel Funeral Home, Northampton. Memorials may be made to the church, c/o the funeral home at 326 E. 21st St., Northampton, PA 18067.

John J. Zenko

John J. Zenko, 89, of Northampton died Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2012 at home. He was the husband of Helen (Adamcik) Zenko. Early in life he joined the Civilian Conservation Corps and served on projects in New Mexico and Pennsylvania. A veteran of World War II, he enlisted in the Army in 1941 and served with the 39th Combat Engineer Regiment in North Africa, the

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YARD SALE St. John’s UCC Multi family yard sale. 183 S. Broad St., Nazareth. Sat., Oct. 6th, 9am to 3pm. Indoor space available. Call 610-759-0560 for more information. (10/4)

ADOPTIONS Loving couple wishes to adopt Will provide a wonderful life filled with love, devotion and opportunities. Please call Virginia at 1-877-300-1281. (TN)

PUblic notice-Legal Estate Notice June M. Bruch Estate of June M. Bruch, late of the Borough of Nazareth, County of Northampton, and State of Pennsylvania, deceased WHEREAS, Letters Testamentary in the above-named estate have been granted to Bonnie Welty, Carl Bruch, Rodney Bruch and Timothy Bruch, also known as Timmy Bruch, Executors of the Estate of June M. Bruch. All persons indebted to the said estate are requested to make immediate payment, and those having claims or demands to present the same without delay to Bonnie Welty, Carl Bruch, Rodney Bruch and Timothy Bruch, aka Timmy Bruch, c/o Alfred S. Pierce, Esquire Pierce & Dally, LLP 124 Belvidere Street Nazareth, PA 18064 Attorneys for the Estate I.D. No. 21445 (10/4) ESTATE NOTICE COOK, JOHN W., DECEASED COOK, JOHN W., dec’d, Late of Easton, Northampton County, PA Executor: Charles R. Young a/k/a Richard Young c/o Dennis P. Ortwein, 5201 William Penn Highway, Easton, PA 18045. Attorney: Dennis P. Ortwein, Esquire, 201 William Penn Highway, Easton, PA 18045. (10/11) ESTATE NOTICE Myrtle M. Schwartz Estate of Myrtle M. Schwartz, late of the Township of East Allen, county of Northampton and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, deceased. Letters Testamentary on the above Estate have been granted to the undersigned. All persons indebted to the estate are requested to make payment, and those having claims against to present them in writing without delay to the Attorney noted below. Madelyn M. Kemp 8416 Seemsville Road Northampton, PA 18067 Executor Donald D. Schwartz 8456 Seemsville Road Northampton, PA 18067 Executor Daniel G. Spengler, Esquire 110 East Main Street Bath, PA 18014 Attorney for the Estate (10/4) NORTHAMPTON BOROUGH ZONING HEARING BOARD PUBLIC NOTICE OCTOBER 11, 2012 The Northampton Borough Zoning Hearing Board will hold its public meeting on Thursday, October 11, 2012, in council Chambers, 1401 Laubach Avenue, Northampton, Pennsylvania, at 7:00 P.M. to review the following appeals: 1.Joseph J. Hones, 7005 Mosserville Road, New Tripoli, Pennsylvania, for the property located at 2427 Dewey Avenue, Northampton, Pennsylvania. This property is located on Tax Map No. L4SW1B-3-8 and is located in an R-3 Residential District. Mr. Jones would like to subdivide this property. The existing end row home would remain on Lot 8. He would like to build a new 2-story, semi-detached dwelling on Lots 8A and 8B. He is seeking variances to minimum lot area, minimum lot width and minimum side yard requirements. Northampton Borough Zoning Ordinance pages 27-27, 27-122 and 27-123, Part 4 District Regulations, Section 401 Schedules of Regulations, Schedule II – Bulk and Coverage Controls, R-3 District. All interested parties are invited to attend. The applicant must attend. Juliann Edelman Zoning Officer (10/4) HESCH SERVICE STATION, INC. Accepting sealed bids 3028S. Front Street Whitehall, Pa. 18052 Accepting sealed bids on October 4, 2012 For the following vehicle: 2000 Chry s/w 2C4GJ25R7YR700940. (10/4)


FURNITURE; ANTIQUES; FIREARMS; TOOLS; SAFES; 100’S OF MISC ITEMS 2003 DODGE GRAND CARAVAN SPORT SAVED THE BEST FOR LAST Saturday, Oct. 6 @ 9AM 6455 Jacksonville Road, Bath, PA. 18014 * Dir: Off Rt. 512 approx 1 mi S. of Bath. AUTO (approx 9:45 AM): 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport, Dark Blue, 6 cyl, power windows/locks, A/C, 42K miles, very good cond. FURNITURE (approx 12 Noon): tall case clock; LR,BR, storage furn; elec & wringer washers/ dryer; parlor heaters; much misc furn. ANTIQUES/OTHER: 100’s of items incl: antiques, collectible, Penn Dixie items, HH & local collectibles. FIREARMS (approx 9AM):Marlin Mod 101 .22 SS; Remington Field Master #572 .22 SL pump; (2) Davis Industries Mod D-38 SPL; Dan Wesson 357 CTG Mag pistol. TOOLS (approx 9:45 AM): TroyBilt 6 HP trimmer/mower; large selection of small power, hand, carpenter, plumbing, lawn & other tools; lrg piles of scrap metal; brass & copper pcs; misc. TERMS: Terms: 13% Buyer’s Premium * Major Credit Cards Accepted * 3% Discount w/ Payment in Cash or Prior Approved Check * View Websites or for full listing. Rain or Shine. Refreshments. 2 Auctioneers selling simultaneously. R/E to be offered at later date. HAHN AUCTION COMPANY 610-837-7140 * AU- 001271-L

ROBERT H. CLINTON & COMPANY, INC. 610-847-5432 * AY-000093-L

PUblic notice-Legal Invitation to Bid Borough of Bath, Northampton County, will receive sealed bids for the Keystone Park Parking Lot/Pavilion Reconstruction. The project will consist of reconstructing the existing parking lot and pavilion. Sealed bids will be received until 1:00PM (prevailing time) on Fri., October 12, 2012 at the Borough Municipal Building, 215 E. Main St., Suite 1, Bath, PA 18014, and will be publicly opened and read aloud at that time. All bids shall be sealed, marked, and addressed as follows: Keystone Park Parking Lot/ Pavilion Reconstruction Borough of Bath 215 E. Main Street, Suite 1 Bath, PA 18014 Attn: Thomas Petrucci KEYSTONE PARK PARKING LOT/PAVILION RECONSTRUCTION Copies of the contract documents, drawings, specifications and bid forms may be examined and obtained at the office of Keystone Consulting Engineers, Inc. at 2870 Emrick Boulevard, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, 18020, upon request and non-refundable payment of fifty ($50.00) dollars per set, checks payable to Keystone Consulting Engineers, Inc. A mandatory pre-bid meeting will be held on Tues., October 2, 2012 at 10:00AM, at the site. The project for which Bids are being solicited is subject to the applicable provisions of the Prevailing Wage Act. Each Bid must be accompanied by a bid security made payable to the Borough of Bath in the amount of ten (10%) percent of the of the bid price and in the form of a Certified Check, Bank Check or a Bid Bond issued by a surety meeting the requirements of Article 5 of the General Conditions. The successful bidder must furnish Performance and Payment bonds each in an equal amount to the contract price meeting the requirements of Article 5 of the General Conditions. The Borough of Bath, Northampton County, reserves the right to accept or reject any or all Bids and to accept any Bid which in its best judgment is for the best interest of the Borough. Please note that this project needs to be completed during the Fall, 2012 construction season. Thomas R. Petrucci Borough Manager (10/4) STATEMENT OF OWNERSHIP MANAGEMENT & CIRCULATION (Act of Oct. 23, 1962; Sec. 4369, Title 39, U.S. Code) of THE HOME NEWS, Publication No. 248-700, filing date: October 1, 2012. Published weekly, 52 issues annually, annual subscription rate $23.00. Mailing address: 4685 Lehigh Drive, Walnutport, PA 18088-9574, PO BOX 39 Bath, PA 180140039, County of Northampton, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania by Innovative Designs & Publishing Inc. The name of the Publisher is Paul Prass – Innovative Designs & Publishing, Inc., 3245 Freemansburg Ave., Palmer, PA18045-7119. The name of the Editor is William J. Halbfoerster, Jr., PO BOX 39 Bath, PA 18014-1408. The owner is Paul Prass - Innovative Designs & Publishing, Inc. 3245 Freemansburg Ave., Palmer, PA 18045-7119. Name and address of major shareholder is: Paul Prass and Lisa Prass, 3245 Freemansburg Ave., Palmer, PA 18045-7119. That the known bondholders, mortgagees and other security holders owning or holding 1 percent or more of total amount of bonds, mortgages or other securities are: None. Extent and Nature of Circulation: Number of copies of single issue published nearest to filing date; (a) Total number of copies (net press run) 2597; (b) Paid and/or Requested Circulation: [1] Paid/Requested Outside-County mail Subscrip-

tions, 215; [2] Paid In-County Subscriptions, 1559; [3] Sales Through Dealers and Carriers, Street Vendors, Counter Sales, and Other Non-USPS Paid Distribution, 388; [4] Sales Through Other Classes of Mail Through the USPS, 0; (c) Total Paid and/or Requested Circulation, 2162 (d) Free Distribution by Mail, [1] Outside-County, 11, [2] In-County, 61; [3] Free Distribution Through Other Classes of USPS, 1; [4] Free Distribution Outside the Mail, 0 (e) Total Free Distribution, 73; (f) Total Distribution, 2235; (g) Copies Not Distributed, 362, (h) Total, 2597; (i) Percent Paid and/or Requested Circulation, 96.73%. Average Number of copies each issue during the proceeding 12 months; (a) Total number of copies (net press run) 2629; (b) Paid and/or Requested Circulation: [1] Paid/ Requested Outside-County mail Subscriptions, 226; [2] Paid In-County Subscriptions, 1580; [3] Sales Through Dealers and Carriers, Street Vendors, Counter Sales, and Other Non-USPS Paid Distribution, 351; [4] Sales Through Other Classes of Mail Through the USPS, 1; (c) Total Paid and/or Requested Circulation, 2158; (d) Free Distribution by Mail, [1] Outside-County, 13, [2] InCounty, 65; [3] Free Distribution Through Other Classes of USPS, 2; [4] Free Distribution Outside the Mail, 11 (e) Total Free Distribution, 91; (f) Total Distribution, 2249; (g) Copies Not Distributed, 380, (h) Total, 2629; (i) Percent Paid and/or Requested Circulation, 95.95%. I certify that all information furnished above is true and complete. Alice Wanamaker – Associate Publisher. October 1, 2012. (10/4) BOROUGH OF NORTHAMPTON EXECUTIVE MEETING Notice is hereby given that Northampton Borough Council will meet in an executive session on Thursday, October 4, 2012, at 6:45 P.M. in Council Chambers. The purpose of this executive session is o discuss personnel matters. Gene Zarayko Borough Manager (10/4) Public Notice Upper Nazareth Township Upper Nazareth Township is currently considering purchasing a Model 990XP (12” Drum Style) Brush Bandit. The equipment will be used to chip brush, branches, and trees into mulch. Upper Nazareth Township is applying for DEP Act 101, Section 902 recycling grant to fund the equipment. Interested parties on the purchase of said equipment may submit comments to the municipality within 30 days of the publication of this notice. Please submit all comments in writing to Upper Nazareth, Recycling Coordinator, 100 Newport Avenue, Nazareth, PA 18064. (10/4)


LiBRA--Sept. 23 to Oct. 22--Start a sound savings program for the remainder of this year. Save for a luxury item. SCORPIO--Oct. 23 to Nov. 22--Resolve now to be the person you want to be. Good planning will bring success. SAGITTARIUS--Nov 23 to Dec. 21--Happiness abounds for you this week. This is a good time to begin a savings plan. CAPRICORN--Dec. 22 to Jan. 19--Approach the new year with greater serenity. Take life a step at a time. AQUARIUS--Jan. 20 to Feb. 18--A promotion is due. Your dedicated service in career matters pays off. PISCES--Feb. 19 to March 20--An email or telephone call from a long distance

brings great joy. ARIES--March 21 to April 20--Information you receive opens a new door to the past. You now have greater insight into who you are. TAURUS--April 21 to May 20--Resolve now to attend

church regularly throughout the year. A sense of maturity settles over you. GEMINI--May 21 to June 20--You must help yourself if you want to achieve greater stability. Carry through on school or work.

CANCER--June 21 to July 22--You feel great anticipation for a forthcoming celebration. Ask someone to accompany you. LEO--July 23 to Aug. 22-Take time to be alone. Too much togetherness leaves

October 4-10, 2012 15 you irritable. VIRGO--Aug. 23 to Sep. 22--Slow down on foolish spending. Shop wisely and stay within your limits

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Farmers Mkt. Continued from page 1

Vendors like Graver Farmstead provide fresh, grass fed beef, and Terra Fauna Farm provided organic chicken and other produce throughout the year. Bath Farmers Market is one of the few in the area that has a natural soap maker, A Natural Alternative Soaps & Toiletries continue to vend at the market and is always updating their array of natural soaps and bathroom products. With the addition of fresh baked goods, homemade jams and jellies and live music and entertainment weekly, Keystone park has become a great place to stock up on fresh goods. Planning for next year is already underway and with the addition of the Gazebo the organizers look to add to

their live music lineup and continue to enhance the lives and health of area residents. To join the committee of volunteers, become a vendor or learn more about the market, you can visit them online at and find them on facebook to stay up to date on the latest “Fresh” news.

Couple’s Fatalities Continued from page 10

also by sisters Isabelle McGough of Upper Nazareth Twsp., Jeanne Gyulai of Stockertown, Joan Johnson of Bushkill Twsp., and Nancy Hilborn of Souderton. She was pre-deceased by a brother, Victor, Jr. Her late father worked in the cement plant at Sandts Eddy and was a United Cement, Lime & Gypsum Workers Union vice president, who had lived in

Bath. Contributions in memory of both Mr. & Mrs. Heckman may be made to the memorial fund of St. John’s Lutheran Church, 200 S. Broad St., Nazareth, PA 18064.

Gracedale Continued from page 1

the residents, a beauty and barber shop, alternative care (dementia), and local entertainment units. They accept a variety of insurances, Medicare and Medicaid. Gracedale has a dedicated person in its business office to help families apply for medical assistance. The complex as a whole includes a picturesque garden that has a stream, paths to walk on that are wheelchair accessible, and gazebos. The newly converted unit

re-opened on May 1. Not only will it help the elderly recover, but the facility will also increase revenue for the county by $1.1-million in the first year.

Farm tour This weekend

The Northampton County 2012 open gate farm tour will be held this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 6 and 7 from noon to 4 p.m. It’s an opportunity for everyone to enjoy an afternoon visiting local farms, talking with farmers, and learning how your food is produced on our farms. The farms on the tour include; Amore Farms, Bangor SD Grassland, Burnside Plantation—Saturday only, Buzas Greenhouse, Clear Spring Farm, Heritage Hill Equestrian Center, Hickory Grove Greenhouses, Juniperdale Farms, Klein Farms, Northampton County Farm Bureau, Northampton County 4-H Center, Point Phillip Perennials, Purple Haze Alpacas, Raub Farms, R.C. Sons Garden Center & Greenhouses, Seiple Farms, Spring Valley Farms, and Z Arch Barn Farm. For directions and more information on the tour, visit northampton

High Voltage

No wonder she’s magnetic-everything she’s got on is charged.

Purple Haze Alpacas Fiber Product Store This Saturday and Sunday - Fun at the Farm from 12 - 5 Feel the Magic of Alpaca! Feed our Alpacas, Take Pictures! Lovely Sweaters, Shawls, Scarfs, Hats, Gloves, Soft, Warm 100% Alpaca Yarns (Better than cashmere) Free Refreshments, Spinning Demos. Learn About Alpaca Farming.

We Are At 790 Slate Belt Blvd, Bangor (Across From Slate Belt Nursing Home) Look For Signs On Rt. 512 Between Pen Argyl And Bangor

We Will Have Some New Vendors Too This Year! See You At The Open Farm!!!!

548 Monocacy Drive, Bath 3.5 Miles North Along 987


OPEN 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Daily

Pick Your PumPkin

Hayrides Saturday and Sunday! Leaves every hour on the hour.

choose Fall mums / 5 sizes in rich, warm Fall Colors!

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Gourds, Ornamenta l Kale, Asters and so much more ….

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