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Greetings from Desert Hot Springs, California:



CABOT ABRAM YERXA [11 JUNE 1883 - 5 MARCH 1965] is credited with discovering the water for which Desert Hot Springs, CA is justifiably famous. Yerxa was an early pioneer of this area, initially as a homesteader from 1913-1918, under the Desert Lands Act. In 1932, he persuaded L.W. Coffee to develop Desert Hot Springs as a health community, and by the late ‘30s had returned to the desert he loved. He soon began construction of his 35-room pueblo built as an homage to the Hopi Indians. It is constructed entirely from recycled materials. Yerxa traveled extensively, studied languages, natural history and art and was an avid collector. In 1945, he married metaphysical lecturer Portia Fearis Graham. Yerxa was deeply involved in the civic life of Desert Hot Springs. Construction on the pueblo continued until his death in 1965 at the age of 81.


Cabot Yerxa Postcard 2007  

One of Jane Pojawa’s first graphic projects for Cabot’s Pueblo Museum was this postcard, which was published by the museum and sold in Cabot...

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