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1 The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Montreal Returns to Centre Stage

Chapter 1

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Something Rare and Beautiful is About to Shine Again in Montreal


16/09/08 14:35:49


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Chapter 1

Something Rare and Beautiful is About to Shine Again in Montreal

16/09/08 14:35:49

Artist’s Conceptual Illustration

Architects Provencher Roy have preserved the elegance of the original Ritz-Carlton in a magnificent marriage of modern design.


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16/09/08 14:35:52

“There is a certain magic that greets all who pass through The Ritz-Carlton’s door.” –B  rian Mulroney, former Prime Minister of Canada


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16/09/08 14:35:53

If the walls of Montreal’s Ritz-Carlton hotel could speak, they would tell magnificent tales of royal visits and historic moments, spectacular balls and high-society dances, young princes and glamorous movie stars, American baronesses and French presidents... Indeed, if The Ritz-Carlton could speak, it would reveal the reasons why, for close to a century, it has stood tall as a North American bastion of gentility, elegance and style favoured by the world’s elite. As this treasured icon of hospitality readies itself for a new era of exquisite living, we invite you to explore the magic of the original Ritz-Carlton hotel, and to share in a fleeting opportunity to own it forever.


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16/09/08 14:35:53


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16/09/08 14:35:54

The signature white-shuttered marquee of The Ritz-Carlton, Montreal will be restored to its original splendour and, along with its own flag, will proudly fly three other flags in commemoration of its birthplace: the city of Montreal, province of Quebec, and Canada.


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16/09/08 14:35:57


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16/09/08 14:35:57

2 the grace of yesterday inspires the grandeur of tomorrow

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16/09/08 14:35:57

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16/09/08 14:35:57

The splendid Ritz-Carlton lobby with its Cinderella stair­ case—one of the thoughtful details Cesar Ritz requested of the hotel’s founders in return for the use of his name—is also one of the many beloved and authentic features being preserved for a new era. Also remaining will be the Palm Court, a handsomely furnished parlour favoured by guests as a place for meeting and being seen, and the famed adjoining Oval Room. The beloved Ritz Garden will be given a new face to smile on a lovely sidewalk terrace café and trendy restaurant designed by one of the world’s most acclaimed avant-garde design companies, Japan’s Superpotato Co. Just as the original Ritz-Carlton hotel was remarkable in its time for its distinctive amenities, the new Ritz-Carlton will revive the hotel’s cutting-edge reputation among connoisseurs worldwide. A world-class spa, fitness centre and rooftop swimming pool with patio and barbecue area will secure the reputation of The Ritz-Carlton as a hotel that spares no expense for the comfort and pleasure of its guests. However, where the original Ritz-Carlton was merely a hotel, our Grande Dame of Sherbrooke returns with a bold new dimension—residences. With 130 larger rooms, 34 residences, and 15 condo hotel suites or residences, the new Ritz-Carlton is thoughtfully designed for those who wish to surround themselves with worldly elegance, remarkable service and inimitable style, every day of their lives.


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16/09/08 14:35:58

The original Ritz-Carlton hand-painted sign.


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16/09/08 14:35:58


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16/09/08 14:36:00

A portrait hung in the Royal Suite.


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16/09/08 14:36:02


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16/09/08 14:36:05

An original chandelier from the Oval Room.


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16/09/08 14:36:07

“Simply a gorgeous place to be!” – Liberace


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16/09/08 14:36:11

Royal Suite leather armchairs that seated such dignitaries as Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, Prince Edward and the Dalai Lama.


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16/09/08 14:36:14


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16/09/08 14:36:15

Cesar Ritz always designed his hotels with a grand staircase so each female guest could make an entrance befitting the finery of her gown.


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16/09/08 14:36:18

The original centrepiece of the Oval Room will remain—a crystal chandelier installed in 1912.


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16/09/08 14:36:20


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16/09/08 14:36:25

The Ritz-Carlton has been endlessly praised for the opulence and quality of its balls, banquets and fine cuisine.


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The golden lion of the original Ritz-Carlton is a treasured symbol of comfort and class.


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Artist’s Conceptual Illustration


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16/09/08 14:36:32


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3 service that surpasses international benchmarks

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16/09/08 14:36:32


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16/09/08 14:36:32

When Sophia Loren exclaimed “Believe me, this is no ordinary hotel!” in 1987, she was remarking on the exceptionally attentive, personalized and warm service her family received during a prolonged stay in Montreal. Like Loren, countless others have found that the extra­ ordinary quality of The Ritz-Carlton experience begins with a genuine concern for individual needs and ends with staff that come to feel more like an extended family. In addition to this inimitable standard, owners of The Residences at The Ritz-Carlton, Montreal have many more remarkable services at their beck and call.

These gold keys are internationally recognized as symbols of impeccable hospitality.


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16/09/08 14:36:33

“The key to running a good hotel can be found in three things: service, service and service. It must never cease to be exquisite.” – Fernand Roberge, the first French–Canadian General Manager of The Ritz-Carlton, Montreal and, at age 36, its youngest ever

Services and amenities available to Residence owners: Dedicated concierge Private doorman 24-hour valet parking Secure private Residence lobby and mailroom Separate private Residence elevators Housekeeping services* In-Residence dining* Ritz-Carlton catering services for private events* Personal chef services for home cooking or private functions* Rooftop indoor pool Bar and restaurant Spa services* Fitness centre Meeting facilities and ballrooms* * Services offered à la carte at an additional cost.


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16/09/08 14:36:34

4 The residences at the ritz-carlton, montreal

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16/09/08 14:36:34

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The Residences at The Ritz-Carlton, Montreal are unequivocally the boldest feature in this modern tale of transformation. Organically appended to the original hotel structure in a stunning configuration of steel and glass, homes range from spacious one-bedrooms of 2,500 square feet and four-bi-level residences of close to 6,700 square feet to a 7,400 square foot penthouse. Spacious and luxurious covered loggias, panoramic views and hidden kitchen service entrances are just three of the many modern-day perks Cesar Ritz himself would have approved of. Along with the enviable lifestyle offered by The Ritz-Carlton, owners enjoy a prime location in Montreal’s historic Golden Square Mile, views of the city that stretch across the island, and complete access to hotel services and amenities. As with all properties of enduring value, the number of residences is extremely limited. Only 34 will be available, reserving the outstanding service, elegance and highest level of security in the city for owners of the most coveted address in Montreal.


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16/09/08 14:36:36

Artist’s Conceptual Illustration


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16/09/08 14:36:37

Artist’s Conceptual Illustration


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16/09/08 14:36:40


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16/09/08 14:36:43

Artist’s Conceptual Illustration


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16/09/08 14:36:44

Artist’s Conceptual Illustration


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16/09/08 14:36:46

5 Ritz-Carlton Condo hotel Suites your perfect pied-Ă -terre

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16/09/08 14:36:47

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16/09/08 14:36:47

The Ritz-Carlton, Montreal has cultivated a reputation for anticipating the changing needs of its guests and recognizing the unique times in which they live. This is best exemplified today by the 15 condo hotel suites and residences it will soon make available. Designed as an architectural bridge between the original hotel structure and contemporary residences, these distinguished pied-Ă terres are endowed with a subtle charm all their own. They are the perfect home base for Ritz-Carlton devotees seeking to spend more time in their favourite city, as owners enjoy all the benefits of exclusive property ownership and access to the entire selection of Ritz-Carlton services and amenities.


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16/09/08 14:36:48

“If we can’t find a moment to do something special for someone else, after all, our life will never be worth living.”

Artist’s Conceptual Illustration

– Sophia Mascoutis, Ritz-Carlton Housekeeper


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16/09/08 14:36:49

6 montreal: leading the world in quality of life

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16/09/08 14:36:49

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16/09/08 14:36:49

Often referred to as the “Paris of North America,” since its early beginnings Montreal has been a beacon of culture, entertainment and style for discerning travellers from around the world. As deserving as ever of its metaphoric moniker, Montreal has kept steadily raising the bar on every aspect that earned it such admiration and acclaim. As The Ritz-Carlton moves toward a new era of high-style Montreal living, devotees can look forward to living the good life in a luxurious anchor in the heart of it all. An address at The Ritz-Carlton puts everything the world loves about Montreal right on your doorstep. Museums, art galleries and antique shops sit alongside the designer boutiques and sophisticated name-brand stores of Sherbrooke Street. From jazz to film to comedy, Montreal’s many festivals are a lively stroll away, as is the city’s storied nightlife. Yet the beauty of The Ritz-Carlton location in the Golden Square Mile lies in its proximity to Montreal’s most redeeming natural features— gentle Mount Royal, with its peaceful forest paths, breathtaking lookouts and annual eruption of fall colour. Indeed, no other Montreal address places as much of the city within such perfect reach.


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16/09/08 14:36:52

Place des Arts

Home to the Orchestre symphonique de MontrĂŠal, Place des Arts is host to the performing arts.


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16/09/08 14:36:57

Museum of Fine Arts

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 he Museum of Fine Arts welcomes T top-rated international exhibitions.

16/09/08 14:36:59

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16/09/08 14:37:01

Old Montreal

Old Montreal offers the historic, European-flavoured charms of one of the oldest cities in North America.


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16/09/08 14:37:03

Proximity to many resorts (Laurentians and Eastern Townships)

The beauty of Canadian nature is only minutes away from the city centre.


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16/09/08 14:37:05

View of Montreal from Mount Royal

As seen from nearby Mount Royal, downtown Montreal is a city unique for the quality of life it offers residents and visitors alike.


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16/09/08 14:37:07

Holt Renfrew

Montreal has long been a shopper’s delight.


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16/09/08 14:37:11

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16/09/08 14:37:13

Ristorante Buonanotte

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Montreal has long stood out for its vibrant nightlife.

16/09/08 14:37:25


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From blackjack to slot machines, poker and live performances, the Montreal Casino offers round-the-clock entertainment.

16/09/08 14:37:28

Restaurant ToquĂŠ!

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Serving gourmet cuisine with distinctly local accents, ToquĂŠ! has elevated the art of fine dining in a city recognized internationally for its gastronomic delights.

16/09/08 14:37:32

Olive & Gourmando

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Discover the warmth of this gourmet cafĂŠ-bakery in Old Montreal.

16/09/08 14:37:33

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16/09/08 14:37:34

La Queue de Cheval

Montreal steak house La Queue de Cheval. A favourite among the business elite.


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16/09/08 14:37:36

Montreal Canadiens and concerts at the Bell Centre

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The Bell Centre is home to the Montreal Canadiens hockey dynasty, and welcomes top international acts.

16/09/08 14:37:39


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The Montreal Grand Prix is fuelled by excitement and glamour.

16/09/08 14:37:41

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16/09/08 14:37:41

7 driving change

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16/09/08 14:37:41

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16/09/08 14:37:41

The new Ritz-Carlton, Montreal is a joint venture between: Mirelis Financial Group, a Montreal wealth management and real estate development firm. Torriani Group, a world leader in hotel property management. Rolaco Group of Geneva, with interests in real estate, insurance and banking. Provencher Roy + Associés, the renowned Montreal architecture firm behind many of the city’s most exciting projects in recent years. Patty Xenos Design, acclaimed Montreal interior design firm headed by Patty Xenos, with projects ranging from sophisticated urban to classic resorts. BUZ Design, an international design company specializing in luxury hospitality and leisure projects in Hong Kong, Macau, Geneva, Bangkok, Hainan (PRC) and Montreal. Superpotato, an avant-garde Japanese design phenomenon making waves around the world. Sotheby’s International Realty, one of the world’s most trusted brands for auctions of luxury objects and exquisite real estate. Together, they bring the necessary expertise to high-end hotel and residence development, design and management to make The Ritz-Carlton, Montreal a one-of-a-kind inter­national destination of choice.

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16/09/08 14:37:42

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16/09/08 14:37:42

When the newly renovated Ritz-Carlton opens its doors, the story of shining excellence that began almost 100 years ago will begin a new chapter. As guests or full-time residents, Montrealers and visitors alike will come together to celebrate the best that life has to offer, carrying the spirit of Cesar Ritz forward into a new era. Montreal will truly never be the same. We hope you join us on the journey.

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16/09/08 14:37:42

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16/09/08 14:37:42

Profile for Ideation Staytion

The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Montreal  

The official brochure for the residences at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Montreal. Agency: Bleu Blanc Rouge

The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Montreal  

The official brochure for the residences at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Montreal. Agency: Bleu Blanc Rouge