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Venture Talk: LinkSquares

LinkSquares makes companies more efficient by offering an AI-powered technology that reads executed business and legal contracts.

Sunak and Combs first heard about IDEA through the Alumni Newsletter back in 2010, but it wasn't until 2015 that the co-founders officially took advantage of the on-campus resources and important network. Now, looking back years later, they realize IDEA was an essential part of their journey of starting their own business.

What is LinkSquares?

LinkSquares uses machine learning to identify key language in contracts to help automate the process of reading and understanding them.

Vishal Sunak (left), COE'07 Chris Combs (right) Both work full time on venture

Companies spend too much money hiring law firms for simple projects. Linksquares helps businesses save money and be more self-sufficient by bringing the legal projects in-house.

"IDEA provided the foundation for me to think about what it really takes to bring a product to market"

Reading contracts is important, but time consuming. They help businesses be more efficient by providing a SaaS that can do the learning for you.

"The various IDEA stages prepared us well for what is now our lives" "We went through the whole process of getting Gap Funding and it was one of the first dollars we ever raised"

IDEA Resources

Gap Funding ($10,000)

What now?


Launched in 2016

LinkSquares recently closed out its first official round of funding, with around $2.16 million dollars raised. The venture currently has over 50 customers and is growing at an incredible pace. The founders' top-priority is to guarantee their service matches the customers' needs while continually offering the best experience possible.

"Northeastern and IDEA gave us instant connections and the support we needed, which was amazing"

Venture Talk: LinkSquares  
Venture Talk: LinkSquares