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Courage changes everything. The new Panamera. This is the generation that changes everything. A new twin-turbo, 550 hp engine. Adaptive air suspension. Rear-axle steering. A sharper vehicle silhouette and powerful proportions born of the peerless Porsche DNA. And classic Porsche performance unmatched in any other drive—because some things never change.



publisher’s LETTER

we’re growing... iconic concierge vancouver is well into its second year, and our dreamteam has grown from the original 8 members to 12, not counting our amazing photographers. this time we welcome oliver finlay to our team. ‘olli,’ who has worked with celebrities such as formula one champion lewis hamilton, will make sure that fitness, health and sports will get a new platform in the magazine. the magazine is also growing in size, adding 16 pages. we wanted to introduce more content without reducing the existing column size, so 116 pages it is. and how do you like our new cover paper? it was an amazing summer! we were even complaining about it at times (well, some of us), that’s how warm it was. and it showed what a jewel vancouver really is; enjoying amazing food and drinks on a patio with a great view; heading out on a boat to admire the beauty of bc from the water; hiking the mountains or simply strolling beach or seawall, vancouver offers it all.

olaf robrecht publisher olaf@iconic-concierge.com

we had a packed schedule this summer. so many events to attend, some of which we supported as a sponsor or media partner, and so many people that we have met, creating friendships and new business opportunities. once in a while you have to step back and look at things from a distance. we did, and we feel very grateful for where we are at and for that concierge has become a part of this great community. thank you!

what else? ... We have created a very targeted distribution for concierge. Obviously, this magazine has a very specific group of people we would like to reach, therefore you will not find it “everywhere.” It would make no sense. But we are constantly adding new distribution points; from high-end stores, luxury hotels, limousine services and private jet companies, to pop-up locations at luxury events, we want you to get the magazine. We even have several locations in other cities in B.C. and are sending copies to Europe, Asia, the US and the UAE. And if you have some suggestions where else it should be, please let us know, and we will look into it!



Big Bang Meca-10 Magic Gold. Case crafted using a scratch-resistant 18K gold alloy invented and developed by Hublot: Magic Gold. In-house manual movement, with a 10-day power reserve and an innovative architecture inspired by Meccano-type design. Limited edition of 200 pieces.


vol. 6 [2017]


On the cover: ROLEX ambassador MICHAEL BUBLÈ ©Rolex/Thomas Laisné


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dreamT E A M


An entrepreneur who is always on the lookout for new projects he is passionate about, Olaf has run several businesses since he came to Canada 16 years ago. These days you will find lifestyle and car magazines as well as a design & marketing company connected to his name, although he might be better known for his little collection of spirited automobiles.

ROBBIE DICKSON chief gear head

Born in England, Robbie is a selfstyled entrepreneur with a passion for exotic cars, boats and watches. He owned pretty much every car you can imagine although he still calls a Lotus Elise he once owned his favourite. Tracked extensively, Robbie claims it was “the most affordable fun you can have with your clothes on ...”


bespoke stylist & fashion editor When Jason found the world of bespoke suiting and styling, he had little choice but to turn it from a passion project into his life’s work with Style by Sarai. He has gone from being fashion advisor for family and friends, to the trusted bespoke stylist for professionals and grooms-to-be, by enhancing their confidence and helping them become their own style icon.

CRAIG STOWE luxury events

Craig is recognized as Vancouver’s #1 creator and producer of luxury events bringing together affluent buyers and sellers of luxury brands in an engaging business social event setting. He is the President of Luxury Alliance Group, Luxury & Supercar Weekend, Porsche Rally, Hublot Diamond Rally and VP of Partnerships for Pacific Polo Cup.





lifestyle editor & data nerd


Meagan is a full-time lifestyle blogger, fusing her passion for data and style together to create successful campaigns for the brands she partners with. Her career has brought her to fashion weeks all over the world where she works directly with leading luxury brands. Her goal is to disrupt the influencer industry by helping brands measure the success of their campaigns with key marketing metrics.

Allie is the only Lady in our Gentlemen’s magazine team. The former professional freestyle motocross racer is now a successful entrepreneur, running her own company “Temple Foods” and promoting and coordinating car related events. “These guys simply needed a woman on their team, how else would things happen otherwise?”



luxury real estate specialist

wealth advisor

Having worked as a Global Executive for a multi-billion dollar corporation, Jesse has a decade of international business experience and is now one of the top luxury real estate agents based in West Vancouver. He truly cherishes the relationship he has with his clients, helping them navigate the process of selling and buying their spectacular residential properties.

As the founder of VELA Wealth, Jason is fuelled by watching clients fulfill their vision of life success for their family, community and legacy. Focusing on inter-generational wealth transfer, life insurance, legacy and estate planning, he advises successful entrepreneurial families on how to make meaningful choices at the intersection of their life and their wealth.



imbibing authority

wine expert

The Brand Ambassador for The Glenlivet and Aberlour for several years now, Keith is a veteran of the restaurant industry in Vancouver and has extensive experience as a bartender, mixologist and chef. As a Connoisseur of single malt whisky he tirelessly pursues the finest dining and imbibing experiences the city has to offer.

It was a bottle of 1989 Robert Mondavi Reserve Cabernet that changed his life. That was in 1990. The addiction to wine was set. And the journey to know everything and anything about wine. Today, after many travels to all notable wine regions in the world, Barry has a broad knowledge of the nuanced interplay between food and wine.

sport, health & fitness



Having traveled the globe, working with pro teams & athletes in sports environments as diverse as F1, EPL soccer, NHL & ATP tennis, to attain peak performance, Oliver arrived in Vancouver for his PhD, exploring how the World’s best sports teams manage change initiatives. Passionate about human performance & sport’s impact on community, he highlights the industry’s latest & greatest developments.

They are the hosts of JoyTV’s “Our City Tonight” covering Vancouver’s entertainment, fashion, nightlife, food & wine events, interesting people and exciting places. Jim is also the co-host/producer of “The Travel Guys” TV show and the weekly CTV Vancouver film critic. Leeta is also a columnist for several other publications and a brand ambassador.

city experts









Every Rolex Tells A Story

A Crown For Every Achievement

Pure Fantasy




Canada’s Premier Luxury Lifestyle & Automotive Event


Canada’s Premier Luxury Lifestyle & Automotive Event







More Than Mountains

More Than Mountains

Michael Bublé


A Crown For Every Achievement


Publisher’s Letter

The Specter Journal You Want This!


The Gentleman

They Should Have Taught You This In School



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The Changing Medical Landscape


A FABLE-ous Night!

Our City Tonight

UVA Wine & Cocktail Bar


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Yuki Fournier, Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

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The Aston Martin for the Deep-Sea



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Every Rolex Tells A Story



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How To Make Money In A Downturn Luxury Market

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The Scrupulous Craft of Scent Design


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The Most Forbidden Places In The World



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What Women Want

Infinity Prototype 9

Family Ties: LOTUS

The Dapper Gent The Right Scent For You


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Rooftop Summer Soirèe


HUBLOT Grand Opening


The Deighton Cup


The Pacific Polo Cup

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INFINITY PROTOTYPE 9 PURE FANTASY - A RETRO-INFLUENCED ELECTRIC ROADSTER This sleek, open-wheeled electric retro roadster has been unveiled at the 2017 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. A 148-horsepower electric motor, with 236 pound-feet of torque, and a 30kWh battery, powers the rear wheels through a single-speed transmission. Infinity says its design was inspired by Japanese archers, and the silent, speedy arrows that they let loose from their bows. Interesting: Steel has been used throughout, from frame to body panels. Which is more of a throwback, since most modern electric cars favor lighter materials like aluminum to help lower overall body weight and aim for more range.



FOCAL UTOPIA The Focal Utopia by Tournaire headphones promises to bring the best acoustics to your ears – for a price. Labeled as the world’s most expensive, the headphone pair costs a whopping $120,000. And if you want the cool stand, add another $12,000. The headphones are decorated with 18 karat gold and 6.5 carats of dazzling diamonds, and are entirety is handcrafted at the Tournaire workshops. www.focal.com


This is no ordinary kitchen knife. This kitchen knife is made from special Damascus steel with a whooping 640 layers in it. The oak wood is made of 5000 year old wood and it is further decorated with platinum with 25 precious diamonds on it. The knife comes inside an elegant piano lacquer box. $100,000. www.nesmuk-shop.com


CLIVE CHRISTIAN NO.1 No.1, better known as the world’s most expensive perfume, launched in 2006. Besides the crystal bottle with a gold collar holding a brilliant cut white diamond, the price of the fragrance also comes from the scarcity of its exotic ingredients and the six months in which it takes for the spiciness to crystallize. $215,000 per 16.9 oz. bottle. If that’s a bit too much, try the regular No.1 - $2,150 for a small 2 oz. bottle. www.clivechristian.com



Kopi Luwak has been described as the most rare and expensive coffee in the world, and can reach prices upwards of $1,000 per pound. It is produced by the civet cats in Indonesia that eats and digests coffee beans. The aroma is best described as rich with a hint of chocolate, and a caramel finish. 100g of the pictured Gayo Kopi set you back $89.00 All of a sudden the Latte from Starbucks doesn’t look that expensive anymore, right? www.gayokopi.com

12.9L WEINEK COBRA This “not-so-ordinary” supercar is powered by a 12.9 Litre/ 780 cubic inch V8 and built by Weineck Engineering, a German car manufacturer. It launches the Cobra from 0-100 km/h in just 2.5 seconds and 0-300 in 10 seconds. To handle this power, an entirely new chassis had to be built, and if you are lucky enough to find one of the limited edition run of only 15, be prepared to pay a bit more than the original MSRP of around $660,000. Or call Weineck and have them custom-build your own beast. www.weinek-power.de

QUARTZ CRYSTAL BATHTUB If you want to make your bathroom as luxurious as a 5-star spa look no further. This Baldi quartz crystal bathtub – carved from a single block of the purest white rock crystal, quarried in the Amazon region of Brazil – turns bath time into an opulent experience you’ll never forget. Also because it will cost you around $1,200,000. www.baldihomejewels.com

Almas Caviar The only place in the world where you can get Almas Caviar are a few select Caviar House & Prunier stores. Its classic presentation makes a unique gift: it comes in a metal container bathed in 24-karat gold. The price? A kilo (2.2 lbs) can cost upwards of $25,000.



Theodent 300 is a toothpaste with chocolate, or rather, cocoa bean, as one of the ingredients in it. It “harnesses the power of patented Rennou, a nontoxic proprietary blend of a naturally occurring extract found in chocolate blended with other minerals that help to strengthen the enamel surface of human teeth.” Well, the “million dollar smile” comes with a price - $100.00 per tube. www.theodent.com

The naturally flavoured toothpicks from this Canadian company are made from bone white - American milled - northern white birch. They have literally been soaked in premium single malt, then kiln dried leaving behind flavors deep in the wood of the toothpick. The company plants 100 trees for each one they cut. $360 for six bottles in a luxurious, hand-made leather case.




What do you call an event hosted by Rémy Martin and Style By Sarai, on a private penthouse rooftop patio in Yaletown, catered by Hawksworth Restaurant? A MUST! It is one of those events where you cut your vacation short just to be part of it. “Celebrate Summer in Style” was the idea behind this event, where good friends, business partners, and socialites came together to share laughter, amazing cocktails, and delicious food. And on a hot late summer night, with dark blue skies and some good tunes from the DJ, there’s nothing better than watching the sunset from a huge rooftop patio overlooking False Creek and Yaletown.


















P Loc ad EN ati on w ay !

"Every Fazioli piano is a work of art with perfectly balanced sonority and a smooth registry. They are never mechanical instruments - instead, they make me feel like I'm singing from my fingers!" Wenwen Du - Pianist, Accompanist, Educator


MICHAEL BUBLÉ Michael Bublé grew up dreaming of one day becoming a famous singer. Before selling 50 million records worldwide, winning four Grammys, and having four consecutive albums reach number one on the Billboard 200, Bublé struggled for 10 years to make his dream into a reality. After countless nights singing in front of little more than his family and friends, Bublé’s breakthrough finally came. Upon the success of his first album, his record label offered him a Rolex watch, which he came to see as a measurement of his hard work and dedication to reach his dream.

There is a great Canadian author, Malcolm Gladwell, whose hypothesis is that it takes 10,000 hours of work to become great at something. He is right. If you truly want to grasp something and become great at it, you have to put in the time. It is also about giving yourself the freedom to fail. The further I went and the more times I went out of my comfort zone, the more I grew and the more I learned about myself. “If you truly want to grasp something and become great at it, you have to put in the time.” My family and friends helped me a lot during those years of aspiration. There were so many nights where there would have been no one in the audience if my family and friends hadn’t come. And I mean no one. After a decade of struggling and searching and trying to find my way and hoping that someone would give me a chance, Warner Bros. Records finally signed me and one of the first gifts that they gave me when my first record did well was a Rolex. And because of all that support, I gave it to my father and I think it meant a lot to him. My mom joked that when he showered he always had his arm hanging out of the shower just to make sure that it was okay — even though it was waterproof.

©Rolex/Thomas Laisné

Music has been an integral part of my being and my soul for as long as I have been aware. I had dedicated my life to music without making it a conscious decision. But it took me a long time to get to where I am today.


I have never really been a very materialistic person. I come from a hard-working bluecollar family. Becoming a Rolex Testimonee 10 years ago was a measuring stick as to how far I’ve come and how well I have done. And I have never taken it off, now I wear it in the shower with my arm out, just like my father. “Becoming a Rolex Testimonee 10 years ago was a measuring stick as to how far I’ve come and how well I have done.” The special moments that I have had with Rolex are moments where I have shared my love for the brand with the people that I love most. I’ve been with my band for a big chunk of my life and, as they hit the 10 year mark, I gift each one of them with their own Rolex. Now, we are like the Rolex gang. Another person I gifted is a doctor who saved my grandpa’s life. When it came time for me to show him what he meant to me, I truly couldn’t think of another discernible thing that he could wear and remember every day that he changed my life. When I look at my watch today I see a measurement of my success. A measurement of the hard work, the dedication, and some luck, but also a combination of years and years of people believing in me, and me never quitting on myself — that’s what I see. I see the son of generations of fishermen who could never believe that they would ever have something like this in their possession in their lifetime. To be able to have something to hold in your hand that you know you have because of everything you did is a great feeling, it truly is. It is a tangible example of what can happen if you never quit and you put in those hours. And you never, ever accept the word no.

OYSTER PERPETUAL MILGAUSS The reliability and precision of an ordinary mechanical watch can be affected by a magnetic field of 50 to 100 gauss. But many scientists are exposed to much higher magnetic fields during the course of their work. Rolex’s solution was the Rolex Milgauss, created in 1956, the first watch of its kind. Hence the name of the watch, mille being French for thousand. It has a shield made of ferromagnetic alloy to protect the movement. - 904L STAINLESS STEEL - Z-BLUE DIAL - 3131 MOVEMENT - OYSTER BRACELET



The Gentleman

They should have taught you this in school....

by Dr. Christian Brix

The Basics of Dating Etiquette The impetus behind creating ”The Gentleman” was truly about telling men the truth. The truth about what it means to be a man, but more specifically, a sophisticated man. The aim is to talk about the things our parents probably learned, and their parents definitely learned. Sadly, if you are under 40, you have potentially never heard some of what is coming in future issues, but I promise it will help you bring out your inner James Bond (without the rampant misogyny perhaps). If what follows offends you, it is possible you are holding the wrong magazine.

Don’t be afraid to touch her. You know where this is going I’m sure. Subtle hand or arm touches are ideal during conversation, and the lower-back hand “guide” through a doorway is always a winner.

I know you can keg stand with the best of them, but let’s maybe keep the drinking to a respectable level. Drink what you like, but save the shots for the second date.

If there are choices to make with respect to venue, time, activity or anything else, be decisive! If she wants you to decide, do it and be assertive. “I don’t know, what do you want to do?” Even writing that was painful for me. Wishy washy is not attractive.

It should go without saying, but don’t forget to open doors, push her chair in, deal with her jacket for her, and make sure she is comfortable.

Let’s start with the basics of dating etiquette: •

Be on time! Keeping a girl waiting so you can make an entrance or because you’re so “busy” is not cool. Trust me, you aren’t that important...show up when you say you will.

If you don’t have someone in your life on their death bed or on the verge of delivering a baby, put your phone away. If you pull out your phone to answer a text or take a call, you are showing that she is less important than whomever is on your phone. Someone should smack you. Nothing is more important than her.


“They say if you see a guy open a car door for a girl, either the car is new, or the girl is. Don’t be that guy.”

She has already agreed to go out with you. You’re in! Don’t spend the whole time trying to convince her how amazing, rich, strong, “connected,” or smart you are. I know you want her to know, I get it, but do it subtly and quietly.

Here is the one thing you must take away from this: She wants you to be interested in her, ask her questions, and listen to her answers. Pay attention to her, and learn about her. That information, if you retain it, will serve you well in the future!

Just so you know, she doesn’t want to hear about your exes. At all. That model you used to date doesn’t impress her. Let it go man.

Compliments are a great idea. Just make sure they are not creepy ones about her body. You will want to focus your attention mainly on her eyes. For those who missed that anatomy class in high school, the eyes are above the shoulders.


• At the end of the night, walk her to her car or her door. If you are parting ways and she has to drive, ask her to call you to let you know she got home safely. Trust me…do it. • Unlike what the movie “Swingers” would have you believe, it is okay to show that you like a girl. You can drop the dismissive “too cool” persona. She wants to know you are thinking about her when she’s not around, and if you want to call the next day....do it! Just don’t tell your buddies.

They say if you see a guy open a car door for a girl, either the car is new, or the girl is. Don’t be that guy. The beautiful thing is that everything above can work on the first date, but it can also work on the girl you have been with for 40 years. Chivalry and genuine interest are attractive, and it can only lead to great things either in life or later in the night!

Dr. Christian Brix Writer – Chiropractor - Broth Baron - Gentleman www.brixfamilychiropractic.com

A Crown for Every Achievement


THE ROLEX BOUTIQUE GWC VANCOUVER | 1119 Alberni Street | (604) 899-1088

The success of Rolex is inextricably linked to the extraordinary spirit of enterprise of its founder, Hans Wilsdorf (1881-1960). Born in Bavaria, Germany, Hans Wilsdorf began his career in watchmaking in La Chaux-deFonds, Switzerland. In an era when pocket watches were the order of the day, he was quick to see the potential of the wristwatch for the 20th century, despite their not yet being very precise and being generally considered to be items of jewellery of particular appeal to women. Hans Wilsdorf foresaw that the wristwatch by its very nature was destined to become an everyday necessity – for men as well as for women – provided that it could be a precise, waterproof, robust and reliable instrument.

images ©Rolex

His stroke of genius was to anticipate what is now taken for granted, and to contribute to making the wristwatch what it is today.



I by Kevin Englund


n 1905, when living in London – then the economic and financial capital of the world – Hans Wilsdorf founded with his partner the firm Wilsdorf & Davis specializing in the distribution of wristwatches in Great Britain and the British Empire. The watch components were produced for him by Swiss partners selected for their expertise. Among them was the Maison Aegler in Bienne. He regarded it as the only manufacturer at the time able to produce the small, precise movements he needed for his wristwatches. Observing the remarkable rise in leisure time and the practice of sports, Hans Wilsdorf wanted to prove to a still sceptical public that wristwatches and chronometric precision were compatible. The Birth of ROLEX Foreseeing the importance of the brand concept, in 1908 Hans Wilsdorf coined the name “Rolex” to sign his creations. The criteria behind his choice still sound incredibly modern today. He sought a name that would be short, five letters maximum; easy to pronounce in any language; pleasant sounding; easy to remember; and possible to inscribe elegantly on the dial and movement of a watch

Wilsdorf’s quest for precision was soon crowned with resounding success. In 1910, a Rolex wristwatch obtained the first certificate in the world granted to such a watch by the Official Watch Rating Centre in Bienne, Switzerland. Four years later, in 1914, a similar model received from the prestigious Kew Observatory in England the first “Class A” certificate 1926: accorded to a wristwatch, a FIRST OYSTER, distinction until then reserved CUSHION-SHAPED for marine chronometers. This was proof that wristwatches and chronometric precision could go hand in hand. Hans Wilsdorf left England in 1919 to settle in Geneva, Switzerland, where he founded Montres Rolex SA in 1920. This brought him closer to his supplier in Bienne and allowed him to optimize their collaboration. The international reputation of Geneva, which itself boasted a venerable watchmaking tradition, also played an important role in his decision. The Rolex Oyster: The First Waterproof Wristwatch In 1926, Hans Wilsdorf’s efforts to achieve waterproofness proved successful with the invention of the Rolex Oyster, the first waterproof wristwatch in the world, thanks to a case equipped with an ingenious patented system consisting of a screw-down bezel, case back and winding crown. Hermetically sealed, it offered optimal protection for the movement. The Testimonee Concept In 1927, Wilsdorf showed his creative genius for communication in spectacular fashion. He decided to test the Oyster by subjecting it to an ordeal that would prove its merits, and make Rolex know-how




widely known. That year, equipped with an Oyster, a young Englishwoman named Mercedes Gleitze swam the English Channel. After more than 10 hours, the watch emerged from the water in perfect working order. To celebrate the feat, Hans Wilsdorf published a full-page advertisement on the front page of the Daily Mail proclaiming the success of the waterproof watch and announcing “the triumphant march of the Rolex Oyster around the world”. This event marked the birth of the Testimonee concept and the beginning of a long and fruitful association between Rolex and exceptional personalities, whose accomplishments bear witness to the excellence of Rolex watches. These privileged ties would develop in fields as varied as exploration, sports and culture. They are based on a strong relationship of trust between the brand and its Testimonees. Milestones After chronometric precision and waterproofness, Hans Wilsdorf sought to complete the third part of the Oyster triptych, the self-winding mechanism. As long as a wristwatch had to be wound by hand daily, its crown had to be unscrewed, compromising its waterproofness and therefore its precision. In 1931, Rolex invented the first wristwatch self-winding system with a free rotor, named the Perpetual rotor, the precursor of contemporary self-winding systems.




Two other fundamental elements of the Rolex identity emerged in the 1930s. The Rolex crown, the logo and symbol par excellence of the brand, was registered in 1931. It appeared for the first time on Rolex dials during the 1930s, then on the winding crown in the early 1950s. In this same period, it began to replace the 12 o’clock hour marker on the dials. In the 1940s and 1950s, Rolex launched watches



HUBLOT Vancouver 1080 Alberni Street | Vancouver, BC | Ph: 604 559 8883



of great prestige that would be worn by influential people and would very rapidly become timeless classics of the Oyster collection. The year 1945 saw the birth of the Oyster Perpetual Datejust, the first self-winding wrist chronometer to indicate the date in a window on the dial. In the 1950s Rolex developed the concept of tool-watches called “Professional” watches which feature dedicated functions for specific activities. The series began in 1953 with the Oyster Perpetual Explorer, a direct descendant of the successful ascent of Everest, and the Oyster Perpetual Submariner divers’ watch, equipped with a rotatable graduated bezel to display immersion time and guaranteed waterproof to a depth of 100 metres (330 feet), then 200 metres (660 feet) later that year. In 1955, the Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master was launched, and in 1956 Rolex presented the Oyster Perpetual Milgauss, designed to resist magnetic fields. The same year, the Oyster Perpetual Day-Date made its debut. It was the first wristwatch to display the day of the week spelt out in full in a window on the dial in addition to the date. Rolex watches continue to be associated with major exploits. In 1960, the year marked by the death of Hans Wilsdorf, in the Pacific Ocean south-west of Guam, the bathyscaphe Trieste, piloted by Swiss oceanographer Jacques Piccard and U.S. Navy Lieutenant Don Walsh, reached the deepest point of the oceans in the Mariana Trench, a record depth of 10,916 metres. Attached to the exterior, an experimental Oyster, the Deep Sea Special, withstood the colossal pressure of more than one tonne per square centimetre and returned to the surface in perfect working order. In 1967 the brand introduced the Oyster Perpetual Sea-Dweller, waterproof to a depth of 610 metres (2,000 feet). The Rolex Cellini In 1968, Rolex created the Cellini collection, which includes all the non-Oyster dress watches offered by the brand over the years. The name Cellini is inspired by the great Renaissance artist Benvenuto Cellini, sculptor and goldsmith to the popes. A name that befittingly evokes the refined classicism of these elegant timepieces. PIONEERING APPROACH TO SPONSORSHIP AND PHILANTHROPY The 1960s and 1970s gave rise to pioneering partnerships between Rolex and institutions, exceptional sports personalities, and world-famous artists. These privileged ties

contributed to the emergence of cultural and sports sponsorship. Rolex also innovated in the field of philanthropy. In 1976, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Oyster, André J. Heiniger created the Rolex Awards for Enterprise. These prizes provide financial support to men and women who seek new ways to increase knowledge of our world and improve the quality of life on our planet. CELLINI DUAL TIME 18 CT WHITE GOLD

Vertical Integration The year 1992 heralded the arrival of the Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master. This new member of the Oyster family reinforced the ties between Rolex and the sailing world. In the mid-1990s, under the guidance of Patrick Heiniger, Rolex radically changed its structure and made the strategic choice of vertical integration, purchasing its principal suppliers in order to maintain its unique status in the world of watchmaking. Rolex thus ensured control over the production of all the main components of its watches – movement, case, bracelet and dials – while at the same time giving itself the means to take its passion for quality even further, thanks to exclusive equipment. The 21st Century In 2000, Rolex launched a new Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona. The model is equipped with a new chronograph movement entirely developed and produced in-house, and a Parachrom hairspring patented and manufactured by Rolex, which is10 times more resistant to shocks than traditional hairsprings and is insensitive to magnetic fields. In 2005, Rolex launched a subtly redesigned Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master, followed by a relaunch of the Oyster Perpetual Milgauss in 2007. Rolex also innovated in terms of watch functions. Presented the same year, the Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master II regatta chronograph was the first watch in the world equipped with a programmable countdown with a mechanical memory. The launch, in 2008, of the Oyster Perpetual Rolex Deepsea, waterproof to the extreme depth of 3,900 metres (12,800 feet), illustrates Rolex supremacy in waterproofness. From 2009, Bruno Meier led the company through a transition period. In 2011, Gian Riccardo Marini, Managing Director of Rolex Italy since 2000, took the reins of Rolex SA. This connoisseur of the brand and its products brought with him some 40 years’ experience with the Group.




In 2012, Rolex presented a brand-new particularly innovative model, the Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller. A technological masterpiece protected by 11 patents, this classic-looking watch is intended for world travellers. In an impressive 42 mm case, it offers a dual time zone as intuitive to read as it is easy to use, as well as an innovative annual calendar named Saros – after the astronomical phenomenon of the same name – that requires only one date adjustment a year. To set its functions quickly and easily, it is also equipped with a new patented interface: the rotatable Ring Command bezel.

In 2014, Rolex furthermore introduced a new Cellini collection that celebrates the eternal elegance of traditional timepieces with a contemporary touch. This new collection combines Rolex’s know-how and high standards of perfection backed by an approach that heightens watchmaking heritage in its most timeless form. In 2015, Rolex introduced the new generation of its most prestigious model, the Oyster Perpetual Day-Date, featuring a modernized design with a 40 mm case as well as a new mechanical movement, calibre 3255, that sets a new standard for chronometric performance. SUPERLATIVE CHRONOMETER CERTIFICATION In 2015, Rolex introduced a new in-house certification for all its watches, which redefines the brand’s iconic notion of “Superlative Chronometer” with performance criteria that are more stringent than watchmaking norms and standards. This exclusive Rolex certification applies to the fully assembled watch, after casing the movement, guaranteeing superlative performance on the wrist in terms of precision, power reserve, waterproofness and self-winding. The precision of a Rolex Superlative Chronometer after casing is of the order of −2/+2 seconds per day, or more than twice that required of an official chronometer. In June 2015 Jean-Frédéric Dufour took on the leadership mantle from Gian Riccardo Marini. A respected figure in the watch industry, Jean-Frédéric Dufour is the sixth CEO to preside over the brand’s destiny. Today, Rolex is on the list of the world’s most powerful global brands and with its subsidiary Montres TudorSA the largest single luxury watchmaker in the world, producing about 2,000 watches per day. It is privately owned by the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation, a family private trust. THE ROLEX BOUTIQUE GWC VANCOUVER 1119 Alberni Street (604) 899-1088

left to right: Oyster Perpetual Day Date | Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona | Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller | Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master II | Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II



AUDEMARS PIGUET Royal Oak Offshore Diver ‘Funky Colors’

RICHARD MILLE RM 67-02 Sprint - Wyde Van Niekerk

Following the success of the 2016 launch of the Royal Oak Offshore Diver Chronograph in a range of fizzing bright and vibrant dial colours at SIHH 2016, Audemars Piguet now introduces the non-chronograph model in similarly exciting hues: Proposed in white, dark blue, acid yellow, lime green and bright orange, the new Royal Oak Offshore Diver models are fitted with rubber straps in matching colours and an additional blue rubber strap for each version.

Furthering his partnership with world-class athletes, Richard Mille unveiled the Sprint Wayde Van Niekerk. Coloured in tribute to the athlete’s national flag (South Africa), this new timepiece is based on the earlier Richard Mille RM 67-01. It has the same movement as the RM 67-01, but in a different case that has been designed specifically for the athlete.

The overall construction of the Royal Oak Offshore Diver is extremely solid, the 42mm stainless steel case with a sapphire caseback through which you can see the in-house automatic Caliber 3120 (60 hours power reserve), is built to withstand 30 bar of pressure (300m underwater). The Royal Oak Offshore Diver is priced at US$19,000 (white version) and US$19,900 (for the 4 other models).



The RM 67-02 weighs just 32g, which makes them Richard Mille’s lightest automatic watch ever. This is achieved thanks to ultra lightweight materials used throughout the watch. The brightly colored top and back sections of the case are made out of Quartz TPT, while the case middle is made out of Carbon TPT. The screws used to secure the case are made out of Grade 5 titanium and so are the base plates and bridges used in the the skeletonized self-winding caliber CRMA7. Water resistance is 30m. US$120,500.

3 D AYS A U TO M AT I C ORO ROSSO - Ø 42MM / 4 5MM ( R E F. 6 7 7 - R E F. 6 7 5 )


VA N C O U V E R B O U T I Q U E - 1 0 0 8 A L B E R N I S T R E E T

PA N E R A I . C O M

+ 1 60 4 2 07 5 5 28

LOUIS MOINET Space Mystery Space Mystery is the world’s first “satellite tourbillon”: the cage is balanced by means of a planet that rotates around it. And this is just one of several exclusive Louis Moinet features in the piece: Space Mystery also includes authentic fragments of a mysterious meteorite from the far-flung regions of space that holds traces of amino acids – possibly one of the first forms of life in the universe. This unique Fine Watchmaking composition is showcased on a dial in Magic Blue – a colour whose exact composition remains one of Louis Moinet’s closely-guarded secrets. The 46-mm-diameter watch offers many other exclusive features, the fruit of almost two years of development. An outsize tourbillon is located at 12 o’clock, while, at 9 o’clock, sits Space Mystery’s most singular aspect of all: an aperture in the dial houses an authentic fragment of the amino acid meteorite. The case is entirely hand-engraved and handpolished. On either side of the crown, each caseband will include two other authentic fragments of heavenly bodies – one from Mars and the other from the Moon. There will be four editions of Space Mystery, each comprising 8 watches (2 in white gold, 2 in rose gold). Starting at appr. US$180,000.

PATEK PHILIPPE World Time Minute Repeater ‘New York’ This astounding watch marks a first for Patek Philippe, as it is the first time that a timepiece from the Swiss brand unites a minute repeater and a World Time function. It is also the first World Time minute repeater that always acoustically indicates the local time, while others indicate the home time even when the wearer is elsewhere. The new self-winding calibre R 27 HU movement consists of 462 individual parts, and it is housed in an elegant rose gold case that has been finished with pierced lugs. There will only be ten Patek Philippe World Time Minute Repeater Ref. 5531 New York Special Edition watches manufactured, 5 each of the day and night dials, ensuring that the collection will be highly sought-after. Patek Philippe has said that the price of the watch will be around US$585,000.



ULYSSE NARDIN Executive Skeleton Tourbillon Prepare to be seduced by this highly desirable edition of Ulysse Nardin Executive Skeleton Tourbillon, this exclusive edition dazzles with the addition of 212 exquisite baguette diamonds (9.81 carats) on the skeleton dial and on the case. Nestled in the pure lines of the Executive Skeleton Tourbillon’s mechanical movement is a flying tourbillon, made in-house at the Swiss manufacture and comprising silicium parts. Widely celebrated as one of the most difficult complications to achieve in mechanical timekeeping, the beauty of this tourbillon is fully displayed through the fine tracery of its form. Yet another impressive feature of the Executive Skeleton Tourbillon with its UN-171 manufacture movement, is the power reserve – extended to a life-saving 7 days. And now prepare to be disappointed, as this is a oneoff custom watch. Made for a true connoisseur in VANCOUVER! Although there is a good chance that Ulysse Nardin would create a similar timepiece for you for appr. US$450,000.

L.U. CHOPARD Lunar One First presented in 2005, the L.U.C Lunar One has over the years become the stellar model in the Chopard Haute Horlogerie collection. This perpetual calendar watch with large date and moon-phase display showcases the full range of watchmaking skills cultivated at Chopard and encompass the very heart of the L.U.C aesthetic, and is now available in a new 100-piece limited series with a case entirely made of 950 platinum framing a deep blue sunray-patterned dial. Its perpetual calendar always gives the correct date, whatever the length of the month and including February with its exceptions. The moon-phase display uses a complex set of components indicating the exact appearance of the moon. This orbital moon imitates the path of the evening starand boasts astronomical precision, since it will take 122 years to accumulate a one-day time lag compared with the actual moon and only then will it require adjustment. US$67,900. Chopard Boutique GWC - 925 W. Georgia, Vancouver.




September 26 was the day: Hublot, the Swiss luxury watchmaker celebrated the grand opening of its first Canadian boutique in Vancouver, and 15th in North America! The celebration hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony, cocktail reception, and limited-edition watch reveal with world-renowned pianist and brand ambassador, Lang Lang. The afternoon kicked off with a press conference for international and local media with JeanFrançois Sberro, Managing Director of North America, and brand ambassador Lang Lang in the store’s private second level. This was followed by an official ribbon cutting ceremony presented by the two gentlemen alongside Oleg Minchenko and Aya Primbetova of Hublot Vancouver. A cocktail reception followed the ceremony. Guests mingled with the virtuoso and could discover the new unveiled Classic Fusion Chronograph Canada timepiece. “We are thrilled to open our first boutique in Canada and reveal our new timepiece, the Classic Fusion Chronograph Canada exclusive to this store,” said Jean-François Sberro. “This is a special time for Hublot to expand in Canada as the country celebrates their 150 years of independence.” The Classic Fusion Chronograph Canada is a special edition timepiece exclusive to the Canadian market and launched specially for the grand opening of the Vancouver boutique. The watch features red detailing on the bezel, dial, and alligator straps in honour of Canada’s national colours and flag, while the case back features the iconic, Canadian Maple Leaf engraved on polished ceramic, and is presented in a custom maple wood box. The piece will be sold in a limited run of 30 and sold exclusively in the Hublot Vancouver Boutique.



Panerai Luminor Due 3 Days Automatic PAM674 Panerai fans, this is the watch you’ve been waiting for. The Luminor is undoubtedly the most popular and successful of the collection, with countless iterations. And while this one may look like nothing new, you’ll be surprised. The Luminor Due is Panerai’s version of an extra-thin watch; it’s essentially a slimmed-down Luminor 1950. The traditional Luminor shape remains, making it look almost identical from the top. But the side-profile makes all the difference - this is the thinnest Luminor ever. The 45-mm wide Due 3 Days Automatic PAM674 (steel) and

PAM675 (red gold) are powered by the micro-rotor-equipped P.4000 in-house calibre, with 72 hours of power reserve. The P.4000 is just 3.95 millimetres thick, making for a case that’s under 11 millimetres. If you own a Panerai, you know that it’s almost impossible to wear a Luminor with long sleeves. Well... that’s the past. Now, you can finally sport a Luminor while wearing a dress shirt - and you should. THe Due dial is the typical Panerai sandwich construction, but it’s finished in a pale grey with elegant sunburst brushing. And if you love your movements, take a look at the gold version - it offers a more elaborate finish, featuring openworked bridges and a solid gold rotor. Check out the brand-new Panerai Boutique on Alberni Street and have a look for yourself - you’ll love it.

Panerai Vancouver | 1008 Alberni St | 604.207.5528



OCTOPOD OCTOPOD “Let’s get one thing out of the way first: it is ‘octopuses’ not ‘octopi’ as the root of the word comes from Greek, not Latin. And secondly, despite what is commonly thought, octopuses do not have eight legs (or even eight arms), but two legs and six arms.”


Octopod continues MB&F’s exploration of aquatic themes with an eight-leg, eight-day clock inspired by cephalopods, marine chronometers and The Abyss – blending contemporary design with kinetic sculpture and a transparent bubble filled with precision horology.

the minute hand is closer to the primary aim of Breguet’s invention. His intention was to rotate the escapement of a pocket watch sitting vertically in a fob pocket to average out positional errors, while wristwatch tourbillons are continually moving through all positions without requiring 360° rotations.

Conceived by MB&F and built by Switzerland’s premier clock maker, L’Epée 1839, Octopod stands or crouches thanks to its eight articulated legs. Each leg can be individually adjusted to varying heights, enabling Octopod to rest securely on the most uneven of surfaces, just like a real octopus.

And thirdly there’s the mystery of how Octopod’s clockwork is suspended inside its crystalline sphere, so that it appears to be floating in space (or water). The baseplate of the movement is a transparent glass plate that has been treated with a film of anti-reflective coating on both sides so that it is virtually invisible. Like an octopus concealing parts of itself with camouflage, Octopod conceals parts of itself with visual tricks of its own.

However, the real horological magic and mystery take place in Octopod’s completely transparent spherical ‘head’. The first thing to notice is that Octopod’s transparent sphere is gimballed in a similar way to how traditional ship chronometers were gimballed – although on one axis rather than two – so that they remained flat despite the pitching and rolling of the ship. In Octopod’s case, the gimbal ensures that no matter what angle or height it sits, it is easy to rotate the bubble so that the time display inside is at the ideal plane for maximum legibility. The second thing the attentive eye will notice is that Octopod’s pulsating escapement, which regulates the clock’s precision, is located on its minute hand rather than the more usual (and mechanically simpler) position attached to stationary movement plates. While not technically a tourbillon according to Abraham-Louis Breguet’s original patent, with its movement vertical, the 60-minute rotation of Octopod’s regulator on



Octopod’s eight-day movement is an entirely new development by L’Epée 1839, with both the glass baseplate and counterbalanced regulator posing particular challenges. Along with its octopus and marine chronometer connections to the sea, Octopod also brings to mind the then futuristic glass bathysphere of James Cameron’s 1989 film, The Abyss. While the viewer may be outside looking in at the transparent bubble, it’s easy to imagine sinking below the waves and looking out at the astonishing iridescent creatures of the deep oceans. However, you may well rest assured that despite its aquatic inspirations, Octopod is perfectly at home on dry land.

Octopod is available in 3 limited editions of 50 pieces each in black PVD, blue PVD, and palladium (silver).



After having the honour of meeting company founder Horacio Pagani in Italy it was great meeting his son Christopher for the presentation of the amazing Pagani Huayra Roadster here in Vancouver. Christopher, a new member of the Pagani World Wide office, introduced the € 2.280,000 + VAT supercar at an exclusive champagne reception at the Shangri-La hotel, as well as the LSW VIP-Party at Inform Interiors, before the car moved to the grounds at Van Dusen Botanical Garden.



t’s the event we’re all waiting for. Once a year, the typically peaceful VanDusen Botanical Garden hosts Canada’s premier luxury lifestyle and automotive event. Hundreds of Concours classics and modern luxury cars and exotics are presented at the annual September showcase in the beautiful botanical garden, making this Canada’s answer to the likes of Pebble Beach and Monterey.

Once created to be an extravagant, garden-party festival, the show now in its 9th year - has become THE social event of the season. A VIP weekend that is less about vast, annoying crowds and more about enjoying the exotics and classics, the car show attracts an audience that is willing to spend some extra money to celebrate fabulous food, wine, spirits, and fashion, presented around the most amazing sculpted artwork on wheels. While the show actually takes place on Saturday and Sunday, Luxury and Supercar Weekend is in fact more of a week-long event, with many of the



luxury car dealerships holding VIP preevents and presentations in the days before the actual show. This year, the stars of LSW came from Italy and England. Pagani, the boutique supercar manufacturer that became known for creating true masterpieces on wheels, sent their newest dream car, the â‚Ź 2.280,000

Huayra Roadster. We were fortunate to see this car a few months ago, but for most attendees it was the first opportunity to admire this exotic and impressively detailed roadster, of which only 100 will be made over the course of the next few years. Introducing the roadster was none other than the founder Horacio Pagani’s son, Christopher, who looks

much like his father did at a younger age. The car was the centerpiece of the Pfaff-McLaren Vancouver display, their biggest ever with several McLarens on one side, featuring the all-new 720S Super Series car, the latest Sports Series model, the 570S Spider (making its Canadian debut at the LSW), and



even a spectacular 650S GT3 race car. The other side of the tent was filled with the company’s other ultrahigh-end exotics, including a Porsche 911 restored by Singer Vehicle Design and the British BAC Mono, the ultimate premium track weapon with true racecar technology. Only a stone’s throw away, visitors could admire what is known as the masterfully sculpted and world-class engineered epitome of luxury and exclusivity, the Rolls-Royce Phantom. The brand new massive seventh



generation pinnacle of the brand, which in its fully optioned, extended wheelbase version will cost you close to a million dollars, made its official debut. The Phantom is short of 6 metres by just a centimetre, and sports an interior of impossibly soft leather, rich wood veneers, and the ‘Gallery,’ a fully bespoke art fixture that runs the width of the front dash. Usually spoiled with perfect sunshine and warm temperatures, this year’s opening day started a bit colder and with rainshowers in the first few hours.

Visitors quickly moved to one of the luxury hospitality tents and retailer displays, as the pop-up restaurants and bars by some of Vancouver’s finest restaurants quickly filled with visitors. The rain stopped right after noon, and once the sun peaked through, more and more guests arrived. ‘Only Oakridge,’ organized by Oakridge Centre, presented three fashion runway shows a day, and a live collector and supercar auction by ADESA offered the opportunity to leave the show with your dream car.


The all-new Audi TT RS Starting from

$76,210 1788 West 2nd at Burrard Tel: 604.733.5887 | audidowntown.ca Š2017 Audi Canada. *Starting price of $76,210 for the 2018 Audi TT RS includes MSRP of $72,900, Freight/PDI of $2,095, dealer admin fee of $595, air-conditioning levy of $100, EHF tires levy of $25, Wheel locks and All Season Mats $495. Prices do not include license, insurance or registration fees, as well as any other products or services not listed that may be available to you. Vehicle prices subject to change. Dealer may sell for less. To find out more visit Audi Downtown Vancouver or www.audidowntownvancouver.ca

FAMILY TIES Great, just great. So when Robbie heard that the challenge for this edition was to find the underdog sportscar, the one that doesn’t automatically come to mind when you’re talking about great-looking and great-handling little street rockets, he immediately shouted, “LOTUS!” Not a bad choice, but then he started with his “let’s get a jet and fly to England” idea...and here we are, and it’s raining. Fantastic. And there was no coffee for breakfast, just tea, and it took me two hours to find a Starbucks. What a day. And when I finally arrived at the set for the photo shoot, Robbie took the roof off his car. What an idiot. Seriously? Nah, just kidding. We actually picked the one day in, like, months in Vancouver when it was raining...



photography by Blake Jennings



So what makes an underdog? A lot of things. But for the purposes of this challenge, we decided to keep it simple. Our criteria: It should be available for less than $125,000, and it must be for sale in Canada. Robbie: You may already know I’ve made the claim many times in writing that driving the Lotus Elise is the most fun you can have with your clothes on, and for under $100k the car turns more heads than an all-women singles hot yoga class. (Yes, that’s a real class that I just made up, call me if you want to register.) But there is a reason I fell in love with the Lotus Elise and regretted every moment selling it for only $35k, but more on this later. Lotus was created in 1952 by two Engineers in the UK. But not just any engineers – these engineers built race cars, and they were very good at it. They amassed an amazing 79 Grand Prix wins with some of the best drivers in Formula One, including Sterling Moss and Ayaton Senna. Lotus Engineering, as the company was originally named, was so good at developing engines and chassis that other manufacturers would outsource development work to Lotus. Most famously, the DeLorean used a Lotus chassis - and let’s not forget the Ford Lotus era, Ford’s desperate attempt to make their cars cool and fast. Even the Toyota Supra was partly developed by Lotus. Eventually Lotus started to build road cars, and and were pretty good at that too - apart from the Europa 1966-1975. I have no idea how this car went on for 9 years, but let’s not talk about it. In my opinion it was not until the Esprit was released in 1976 that they hit the big time with something that could genuinely be called a head-turner, so much Lotus Europa so that the Esprit was a Bond car in the 1977 “The Spy Who Loved Me” movie. And with a car like that, even if your name is Dr No, you can call me Dr Yes. Yes, this is the car that converted into a submarine in the movie, and as we all know, cars back in the 70’s were like Swiss cheese: They had more holes than OJ Simpson’s testimony. But the movie made the car a huge hit, such that the Lotus Esprit went on for production for a whopping 28 years, becoming a poster car for many kids, myself included. On this point: If anyone knows of a John Player Special Esprit on the market, let me know. This is one of the cars that’s on my ultimate garage list, and only 150 were made.

were scratching the aluminum chassis. As it turns out, the floor mats weigh about a million lbs, and losing them is a weight saving necessity for shaving off 0.000001 of a second lap time that I badly needed.

Lotus produced many other vehicles all beginning with the Letter E, such as the Eclat, Elan, Elite, and Excel. Not all of these were particularly good, but after the success of the Esprit the pressure was on to develop something new and better, and that’s when the Elise and Exige were created. Both these cars are basically track cars that look amazing and perform like racing cars. But both cars compromise daily road use in favour of that raw racing pedigree that Lotuses are known for. In fact, when I got my first Lotus Elise, I complained that the floor mats were missing and my heels

Driving either of these cars still is a very raw experience, and if you want that feeling that you’re on a race track all the time, then either the Elise or the Exige would be your ideal. They’re crazy fun, with steering so sharp you could cut yourself. (That’s why I bought one.) Either car can be purchased for under $100k now, and even though they are not in production anymore, Lotus is under a lot of pressure to bring back the craziness - and I believe they will. Until then, Lotus decided to tame things down a little and introduce the Evora, a softer, smoother ride for the old man like Olaf, who can take it from here...

Lotus Esprit V8 (Series 4, 1993-2004)


Roger Moore and Barbara Bach, The Spy Who Loved Me (1977). The movie featured a Lotus Esprit S1 in a long chase sequence on the Italian island of Sardinia. It is probably best know for its unique feature of converting into a submarine.


The Exige was an even more powerful version with a supercharged engine, but without a convertible roof. That’s why I preferred the Elise - so onlookers get to see the handsome guy behind the wheel.

I will gladly do so ... It’s the Bond thing. Cars that were driven by England’s most famous spy are just cool, and they became an instant icon. So whenever someone mentions Lotus, the first car I think of is the Esprit.

Lotus 49 (Ex-Jim Clark)

Actually, let me be honest here, it’s the only car I think of. I know there were a few other models, none of which I could name, and at one point I saw this very ugly and totally misshapen little roadster thing, and it had a Lotus badge on it. They called it “Elan” but boy oh boy, was it ugly. Nothing like the original 1960s ancestor. It was launched in 1989, and an unreal £35 million (about US$55 million) was invested in its development - more than any other car in Lotus history. Wow. Yes, it was so cool that Kia Motors produced it in South Korea between 1996 and 1999, rebranded as the Kia Elan. Ouch. Anyway, I honestly thought that Lotus was no longer producing street cars. I was under the impression that they are focusing on engineering for other car manufacturers. So I was surprised when I got the invite Lotus Elan / Kia Elan from Weissach Performance Vancouver for a presentation on the brand-new Evora 400. I prepared myself for the worst. Would it be another misshapen fiasco? Actually, I was really surprised when I saw the 400 for the first time. A bit of McLaren was my first thought, pretty aggressive. It definitely grabs a lot of attention, and most people don’t know what brand it is. “It’s quite the difference from the now 7 year old Evora,” I was told. Great - I had no idea there was an Evora. Needless to say, I took it out for a test drive, and I truly enjoyed it. Ok, the engine doesn’t have the supercar numbers on paper, and knowing that it is in fact a Toyota-sourced, supercharged, 3.5-litre V6 may sound a bit odd, but it works! It shoves the Lotus from 0-100 km/h in 4.1 seconds, and the power-to-weight efficiency is excellent. The Evora 400 is even lighter than its predecessor, thanks to its all-new aluminum chassis. This thing handles like a real track car. It has four different drive modes—Drive, Sport, Race, and, weird, OFF. I find “Sport” to be the perfect setting, but I have not yet driven it on the racetrack. Oh, right - the 400 has a limited-slip differential as standard equipment, too.

I guess it just depends what you want! Oh, and if anyone out there is selling a John Player Special Esprit - just contact our office so I can make sure Robbie doesn’t get it.


Back to our challenge - when I heard we have to find THE underdog sportscar, I instantly made the decision to bring the 400. And whatever Mr Dickson says, if I spend the money for a daily drivable little street-rocket, yes, I want it a bit comfortable and with a nice luxurious interior. And my seats are extremely comfortable, the a/c works like a charm, and going fast into the next corner to some serious beats from the excellent sound system makes it truly enjoyable. You can even go on a longer trip, or do some grocery shopping, as the Evora has a small trunk and some good storage room behind the seats. “On the rear seats” you may say believe me, those are not seats. No, this is a perfectly comfortable and well-equipped daily driver that will also be a lot of fun should you decide to take it to the racetrack.

1757 W 2nd Ave Vancouver, BC Phone: (604) 738-3911 www.lotusofvancouver.com ICONIC CONCIERGE


RS photography: Kevin Uy

LEAGUE OF PERFORMANCE When Audi Canada and Audi Downtown Vancouver invited us to experience their line of RS and R8 models, we decided to invite a few friends to get to know Audi’s most powerful cars. The challenge: We each had to pick a favourite.



“We know the spirit of racing was never meant to be confined to the track. Fueled by an 80-year legacy of motorsport milestones, the Audi Sport RS and R8 models don’t just set the bar for track-inspired performance — they raise a whole new checkered flag.”



AUDI TT RS I am surprised by how much I fell in love with the Audi TT RS Coupé. I generally prefer vintage cars, but this little guy makes me think twice about that predilection. Not only because of its utilitarian features, but also because of the attention to detail in its production and finishing. The large touch screen, perfectly placed buttons on the steering wheel, and contrast stitching make it clear that this car has possibly more luxe on the inside than it does on the out.

Jason Sarai | Style By Sarai | www.stylebysarai.com

AUDI RS7 Being an Audi owner and a fan of the brand, my appreciation of Audi’s performance lines increased significantly after taking part in the Audi’s League of Performance tour. Thanks to Audi Vancouver and Dilawri Group of Companies for the exclusive invite to showcase their new fleet of cars.

Carey Melnichuk | Secret Location | www.secretlocation.ca

Everyone who knows me knows that I am constantly listening to music. So, of course, I had to give the Bang and Olufsen sound system a test run – the acoustics were incredible. I was completely enveloped in sound. For me, a big deterrent for owning a sports car has always been that two seats were just not enough – impractical and compact, such a small car would be difficult for me to utilize in my daily routine. But, with the Audi TT SS Coupé there’s additional space coupled with a sleek sports car aesthetic. It may look small, but this Audi Coupé punches above its weight. With its sporty design and low profile 20” wheels, it hugs the road around corners. Living in Vancouver, you don’t often have the opportunity to let the throttle breath, but with a punchy 0 - 100km/h in 3.7 seconds, you experience the impactful push of G-force, without getting a speeding ticket. A marriage of lush and supple-luxe – I’m rethinking that penchant for vintage. 2.5 lires 5-cylinder 400 hp @ 8,250 rpm (455 kW) AWD 7-speed automatic 0-100 km/h: 3.2 seconds Top Speed: 330 km/h C$213,900 (C$235,300 as tested)



I had the pleasure of driving the new RS7 Performance, a 605 hp twinturbo 4.0 litre V8 TFSI. This eight-speed automatic acts and performs like a sports car but has the additional room needed for everyday life with four doors and a hatch that is big enough to carry my entire wardrobe! Practical. Powerful. Perfect. It was a gorgeous morning to unite with professionals and friends in Vancouver as we met our impressive lineup of Audis’ (RS8, R8 Spyder, RS3, TT RS and my RS7). It felt like a TV commercial. The cars were lined next to their respective signs in front of a vehicle Audi trailer that’s touring across Canada. We received our keys, signed away our life and began with the photo shoot to mentally prepare for the actual euphoria that was to come next. Creating a single file line, we departed for our driving experience enroute to Jericho Beach, catching the attention of many fellow drivers on the road. We were professional racecar drivers that were drafting off one another being led by our head driver through two-way radios. Being mindful of the driving laws, we timed our moments accordingly to test a glimpse of what each of our Audi’s could push. Having driven most of Audi’s fleet, the RS7 offers the ideal balance of style, design, practicality and performance. The sheer weight and allwheel traction embodies strength and confidence at every turn. You’ll be hard pressed to find many vehicles of this size that have the ability to do 0 - 100 km/h in 3.6secs. Not my typical work day to say the least ... but wish I could do this more often. Definitely considering the RS7 as a purchase in the near future. 4.0 litre TFSI V8 605 hp @ 6100 517 lb-ft AWD 8-speed automatic  0-100 km/h: 3.6 seconds Top Speed: 305 km/h MSRP 143,600.00 CAD

AUDI R8 V10 SPYDER I’m a top-down, wind-through-my-hair kind of woman and a pop of colour always helps the soul, so I chose the Spyder. Being so low to the ground makes you feel as if you have all the control and the V10 engine makes you feel like you have all the power. The acceleration is unreal, this car is really, really fast, and the sound that it makes is quite something. Especially with the top down. It doesn’t hurt that the car turns heads while you’re driving either. I run around to meetings and events all day and popping in and out of this vehicle is so easy and convenient as it’s far more spacious than it appears at first. The interior with its diamond padded leather seats, the very cool virtual cockpit and the in-seat speakers were the complete icing on the cake to make the ride that much more of an elevated experience. So, there you go. My choice ... the R8 V10 Spyder.

Rebecca Traub | Populist | www.thisispopulist.com V10 5.2 litres 540 hp @ 7,800 rpm 398 lb-ft AWD 7-speed automatic 0-100 km/h: 3.6 seconds Top Speed: 318 km/h MSRP: 198,100.00 CAD

Amanda Wood | Singer/ Songwriter | www.amandawood.com

AUDI RS 3 As a new mother people have teased me that it’s time to get a “mini van.” And my response is always “Never!” But, what choices am I left with when it comes to satisfying my desire for power, speed and my new found demand for safety and reliability. Well, I was impressed when I had the opportunity to test drive the new Audi RS 3. The luxurious leather interior with the sexy virtual cockpit, racing seats and flat-bottomed multifunction steering wheel made me feel like I was in my 20’s again. The comfort and ease of features like Apple CarPlay, Bang & Olufsen sound system and voice controlled systems allowed me to still focus on my daughter while driving safely and with full attention to the road. It’s exciting to know that I have total control when merging onto the highway with 400 horsepower and 354 lb-ft of torque. There’s a ton of trunk space for strollers and diaper bags and the back seat offered a lot of room for my daughter’s car seat and passengers to be comfortably seated together. With Vancouver’s ever changing weather it gives me peace of mind to know that the all-wheel drive system adjusts and fine-tunes to help maximize grip and overall control, sending as much power to the rear wheels as possible when needed. Becoming a parent involves a lot of hidden costs and so the price of the RS3 is certainly very attractive, especially for the features and power you get. Inside the heart of every new Mom is still that younger version of herself, revving her engine at the red light and the Audi RS3 allows me to fully explore all the parts of who I am while still being responsible and keeping safety as my top priority. 5-Cylinder 2.5 TFSI 400 hp @ 8,250 rpm 354 lb-ft AWD 7-speed automatic 0-100 km/h: 4.1 seconds Top Speed: 250 (280) km/h MSRP 62,900.00 CAD

Olaf Robrecht | Iconic Concierge Vancouver

AUDI R8 V10 PLUS I guess it comes with no surprise that I picked the R8. I have driven this model many times, in the city, on highways, on the racetrack. In dry conditions, on wet roads, in the snow. The all-wheel drive makes it one of the easiest to drive (and safest) supercars out there, yet when you play with the settings you can and will unleash the 610 hp beast. The sound of the naturally aspirated 5.2 litre V10 is second to none, especially once you have pushed that little button in the steering wheel that changes the vocals quite a bit! Wanna wake up the neighbours? Done! And the crackling when you get off the gas pedal - only the Jag F-Type V8 gets close to it. Did I mention the looks? Both outside and especially inside? Gorgeous. Let’s face it - we sit inside the car, and what are the great supercar looks good for if only those that you pass can enjoy it? No, this interior is amazing, I love the cool and clean-looking virtual cockpit, and the quality of the materials is top notch. I have driven most of the RS models, and the RS7 would be my choice if I needed more room in the car. And if the budget dictates the decision - I had a lot of fun with the RS3. Just make sure you put it in “Dynamic” to get the most out of it. V10 5.2 litres 610 hp @ 8,250 rpm 413 lb-ft AWD 7-speed automatic 0-100 km/h: 3.2 seconds Top Speed: 330 km/h MSRP 229,500.00 CAD




No, this image is not photoshopped. It is the Diavik Diamond Mine in the North Slave Region of the Northwest Territories, Canada, about 300 kilometres northeast of Yellowknife. It is Canada’s largest diamond mine and one of the most valuable diamond mines in the world. Which is why you can’t go there ...







Is this the entrance to the underground Dulce Base?

Mainstream news outlets have confirmed that there is at least one Cold War-era underground missile silo in Roswell, about 500 km southeast of Dulce – which may give superficial plausibility to the claims.


The formula behind the Coca-Cola recipe is one of the world’s most heavily guarded secrets, and it’s been kept secure for over 125 years. Coca-Cola has so closely guarded their recipe that at any given time, only two employees are ever allowed to know the full list of ingredients. And in 1977, when the government of India demanded to view the full formula, Coca-Cola stopped selling the drink there.


hanks to our modern technology, the entire world is accessible to everyone. Especially when you have enough money. Charter a private jet, board a yacht, get a helicopter, hire a guide – whatever suits you. Money will open the world to you, there are no limits, and you can easily get to most destinations in the world in under 24 hours. Right? WRONG!

There’s no shortage of unique and interesting places in the world that still remain unaccessible, no matter how much money you have. That’s right – wealth isn’t enough to get you a ticket to these places. In order to visit the world’s most sought-after and yet least-visited destinations, you have to be in-the-know, or a head of state, or a priest, or a native member of a tribe that hasn’t had contact with the modern world. And no amount of money will ever prompt anyone to bend the rules.

After 86 years sitting in a vault at SunTrust Bank in downtown Atlanta, the Coca-Cola Company moved the secret formula in 2011 to a new home at the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta. A high tech vault now holds the valuable recipe. To be fair, the recipe hasn’t been kept a complete secret. In 1993, American historian Mark Pendergrast (author of For God, Country, and Coca-Cola) published Coca-Cola inventor John Pemberton’s original recipe from 1886. However, the recipe doesn’t list precise quantities, and many of the ingredients are difficult to acquire – making it difficult, if not impossible, to reproduce an accurate Coca-Cola facsimile, even with the recipe. You can pay to see the vault and learn about the most closely guarded trade secret in history through an immersive multimedia experience, but the full recipe continues to remain in hiding.

Curious? You should be. So here we go, ladies and gentlemen The most restricted places in the world...


Some believe that the Dulce Base is home to extraterrestrials. Dulce, a sleepy little town in New Mexico, USA, is rumoured to sit on a gargantuan underground facility that is home to unimaginable experiments and technologies. According to several sources it started in the 1970s, when a former New Mexico State Police trooper documented unexplained cattle mutilations in the area, but rumours caught fire when Paul Bennewitz, a businessman from Albuquerque, made news with his story that he had discovered an underground base near Dulce in 1979. The story spread rapidly within the UFO community, and soon claims of independent confirmations of the base’s existence were reported.


If you enter this place, you are either a top-level scientist, or, more likely, the world came to an end. The Svalbard Global Seed Vault is a seed bank located on Spitsbergen, a Norwegian island. The vault holds multitudes of seeds as a form of insurance in the event that global catastrophes destroy most of the earth’s crops. Currently, it is home to about 864,000 distinct seeds, and has the capacity to hold up to 4.5 million. It has one third of the world’s most important food crop seeds inside it.

The Vatican Archives



The vault runs 390 feet into a sandstone mountain. There are no permanent staff, and no single person has all the codes you need to get inside. These seeds will be kept safe for a very long time to come - a study done on the feasibility of the vault suggests the seeds might be preserved for even thousands of years. Each seed is packaged in a heat-sealed three-ply foil packet that blocks moisture.

Maybe conquering the world’s biggest waves is for you?



The vault is fully automated and remotely monitored. It is opened only for special visitors and for a few days a year when it accepts new seeds. Also, it’s in the middle of the Arctic, very close to the North Pole. Not exactly easy to get to..


Unless you are the Pope, or a character in a Dan Brown novel, the ‘Archivum Secretum Apostolicum Vaticanum’ is off limits for you. The Vatican Secret Archives is no ordinary library. The sacred vault contains historical documents spanning at least 12 centuries, including original letters written by Michelangelo, which are all technically owned by the pope. And, although Pope Leo XIII opened them up to scholars in 1881, parts of the library are said to be hidden, only accessible to a chosen few. Which, of course, makes it the perfect base for some wild conspiracy theories. One conspiracy theory says the archives house evidence of extraterrestrial life, while another claims the library is where the Catholic Church is hiding ancient texts that disprove the existence of Jesus. Whatever’s in those hidden parts of the library – if they exist - the only way you’re going to get an allaccess pass is if you’re either a scholar with special permission from the Pope...or the Pope.

The untouched island is deemed so dangerous that the Brazilian government has banned visitors. It is said that if you were to step ashore, you would spot a snake roughly every 10 minutes, and as many as one every six square yards in certain parts of the island. It’s like walking through a minefield that moves and, instead of blowing you into chunks, slowly paralyzes you and eats your insides alive. Up for an adventure?


Far into the Bay of Bengal lies one of the Andaman Islands where a group of indigenous Sentinelese, a tribe of no more than 400 natives, live completely isolated. Even if you wanted to venture so far from civilization, there’s not much point in trying to visit to this island: the Indian Government has declared it off limits. Entry to the remote island, which is approximately the size of Manhattan, is made even more challenging by the locals’ reported desire to kill outsiders. They have been known to fire arrows and throw rocks at passing boats and planes. The last incident occurred in 2006, when the tribe murdered two fishermen who had illegally approached the island. After that, a 3-mile exclusion zone was imposed around the island, and the Sentinelese have since kept a low profile. The tribe is among the last on earth to remain virtually untouched by modern civilization.

GOOGLE DATA CENTER (USA) Even more restricted than the Queen’s bedroom (now there’s a picture for you ...), is the vault in the second oldest central bank in the world: The Bank of England. It is also one of the largest warehouses of gold in the world, which it keeps in vaults spread over two floors. The vault is massive, greater than that of Tower 42, the third tallest building in the city of London. According to multiple sources there are over 400,000 gold bars in the vaults, only a small amount of which is owned by the Bank itself. The Bank also stores gold for the UK government, other central banks around the world, and the London Bullion Market Association. You want to test the Bank of England? Planning a heist? Well, here’s some helpful info: The average gold bar weighs 400 ounces or around 28 pounds. A tonne of gold is equal to 80 bars. Better have a couple of trucks wait for you! For the rest of you: You can take a virtual tour of the vaults on the Bank’s website: www.bankofengland.co.uk


It sounds like a bad B-Movie, but boy is this island real. Snake Island (Ilha da Queimada Grande) lies around 90 miles off the coast of Brazil and is home to 4,000 of the world’s deadliest snakes. The venom of one of the species is said to actually melt human flesh.



The headline read “GOOGLE BUILDS SUPER-SECRET SERVERS IN THE DARK” and it is said that Google’s first data center is in a highly secure location and with trillions of data records. The word on the street is that it’s as secure as Area 51. Apparently, the company is so paranoid about competitors catching a glimpse of its gear, that they keep their server cages in complete darkness, outfitting its technical staff like miners and sending them into the cages with lights on their heads. If you want to know more - just Google it!

The Google Data Center


200 feet below the ground, this retired limestone mine houses 1.7 million square feet worth of vaults. Iron Mountain is home to some of the world’s most priceless treasures, kept safe behind a battalion of 8 security guards armed with AR-15s. To go deep into the mine requires traveling about 22 stories beneath the surface of the earth. The US government is the biggest tenant, and the identities of 95% of vault owners are confidential, but it is known that Fortune 500 companies store databases here. Major banks back up their information at Iron Mountain, and Warner Brothers, the Smithsonian Institution, and Corbis all have vaults there. Iron Mountain also contains 27 million original negatives of the world’s most famous photos.

entrance, and have enough gold coins to apply, the club is not open to the public. But you can put your name on the waiting list to get a membership. That is, if you’re willing to wait for 14 years and can afford the US$40,000 initiation fee. And even if you get in, there’s a US$27,000 annual membership fee to take care of. All for what? Well, members have privileged right to early entry to Disneyland during most days of the week. We also have a feeling that you will find yourself in a room with moustached guys disguised as Mickey. And maybe there are some Minnies who would give you a neck massage? Wait, no we are getting back to your weird childhood, right?


Area 51? Yes, sure. No list of prohibited places would be complete without a mention of Area 51. Despite its clear existence - Area 51 is a nickname for a military base that is located in the southern portion of Nevada in the western United States, 83 miles (133 km) north-northwest of downtown Las Vegas - the U.S. Government will not acknowledge it exists to this day. Which is the reason tha a sign states that deadly force can be used if people enter the (Area 51) zone...?


Sorry guys, it’s not what you may think. No, Club 33 is an exclusive club located at Disneyland, California. An even if you can find the

And that was our list of the ‘Most Forbidden Places In The World.’



image by Paul Morrison





WHISTLER presented by



“Get the Bentley...” Unless it’s the summer and you’re participating in the Diamond Rally, driving up to the mountains is best done in either an SUV or a comfortable all-wheel drive sedan. But when we made the decision to head up to Whistler, I didn’t even have a chance to make a suggestion. “Get the Bentayga and let me know when” was all that Robbie said. Great. “Yes, Sir, Mr Dickson ...” But, quite frankly, I couldn’t agree more - the Bentley Bentayga is simply put the most luxurious and fastest SUV out there. Luxury has never before come in this size and shape. Is the Bentayga totally obnoxious? Yes. Does it get decent mileage? No. But this thing is a palace on wheels, and we only deserve the best, right? Oh, a quick question for all you diehard Bentley aficionados. This is the first Bentley SUV ever, correct? Meeep, NO! The first Bentley SUV was made in the early 1990s, when the Sultan of Brunei had one of his many crazy car ideas and commissioned Bentley to build approximately six prototypes of a Range Rover-esque 4×4 named Dominator. They just sit in his collection, and have never been seen in public, but the Dominator is still the original Bentley SUV. Anyway - the Bentayga, with its mighty 6.0-litre W12 engine and the $400,000-and-change price tag, was the SUV of our choice. And can this thing ever fly. Two turbochargers help it generate

600 horsepower between 5,000 and 6,000 rpm and an impressive 664 pound-feet of torque starting at just 1,350 rpm. The 12-cylinder’s power flows to all four wheels via an eightspeed automatic transmission. It can be left in drive, or shifted manually by clicking the steering wheel-mounted paddles.

“... and find some decent accommodation!”

Let’s face it - when you make the fastest and most expensive SUV ever built your ride for this trip, you better stay at a luxury hotel. Staying at the majestic Fairmont Chateau Whistler means you can be assured you will experience a mountainside getaway in style. Nestled at the foot of Blackcomb Mountain, Whistler’s award-winning landmark ski-in ski-out hotel and BC golf resort simply defines mountain luxury. It’s home to exceptional dining and full resort amenities, including a par 72, 18-hole Auduboncertified championship golf course. We left Vancouver on a day when the air was filled from smoke from the fires south of the border. You could actually smell it. Well, that would change up in the mountains. Or so we thought. Crossing Lion’s Gate Bridge, we were still busy going through all the settings of the car, getting the most comfortable seat-setting and a radio station we both like. Ok, let’s admit it ... we love all the little gadgets this beast comes with. And looking, feeling and smelling the high-end materials makes the trip a real joy. It also made it fairly easy to use the drive for work. The phone was easily connected, creating a WiFi hotspot. Perfect. Now we could look into some cool things to do up there. Maggi Thornhill, Whistler’s #1 realtor for luxury homes & condos, had heard that we were planning this trip and wanted to show us one of her newest listings. But since we were in Canada’s ultimate four season playground, we definitely had to do some outdoor stuff first.

“Why in the world would I jump off a perfectly good bridge?” Those of our readers who follow us on social media know that we like to challenge members of the DreamTeam, so here was a perfect opportunity. I was first to find one, and whoever would lose this challenge would have to be the Chauffeur for the day. I quickly googled the most exciting things to do in Whistler, and “Bungee Jumping” showed up first. PERFECT! At least, I thought so. Robbie, not so much. “Forget it, never. Why in the world would I jump off a perfectly good bridge?” made me the instant winner of our first challenge. So, I pulled over, Robbie took the driver’s seat, and I made myself comfortable in the fully adjustable and reclining back seats. A little table, my personal remote control to change all settings in the car, that was driving up to Whistler in style! Oh, right, he also had to serve me some chilled Veuve Clicquot! Robbie was next, and his find sounded like a lot of fun: Whistler is home to North America’s longest zipline, the ‘Sasquatch.’ Apparently it is also the fastest, with some people reaching speeds of up to 180 km/h! And as there are two lines side-by-side we would be able to do a real race ... Did we mention Katy Perry did it, too? Oh yes, deal!

“Welcome to Whistler” Around an hour and a half later we arrived in Whistler. Unfortunately we weren’t welcomed by a deep blue sky, the smoke had found its way to the mountain village, too. After we checked in to the hotel (and the concierge had

The Sasquatch is a “must-do” ... 2 kilometers long, 600 feet above the ground, and speeds up to 180 km/h

been informed that we would arrive and welcomed us outside when we pulled up. Now that is service!) we headed over to the ZIPTREK ECOTOURS kiosk at the base of Blackcomb Mountain, just a short walk from the hotel. We had already pre-booked the experience from the car, and were excited to see the lines, spanning a mind-blowing distance of over 2 kilometers 600 feet above the ground. Our guide picked us up shortly after, and we left in a bus to get to the launch platform for the Sasquatch. Halfway up the hill we stopped, and were fitted with harnesses and helmets. We also rented GoPro cameras - we needed to make sure we knew who won! Ok, let’s admit it - being on the launch platform, your feet already in the air, is not really the most comfortable thing. But a challenge is a challenge ... and this one Robbie would win. By quite a distance. Although we later admitted that we had no clue what we were doing, tangling around trying to get some good footage on the GoPros. You should see the clips ... hilarious. Anyway dinner that night would be on me. We spent the afternoon in the village. The original plan was to take the world record-breaking Peak 2 Peak Gondola, the longest and highest lift in the world for an unparalleled perspective of British Columbia’s rooftop, but with all the smoke that made no sense. So instead, we quickly found the best place for Happy Hour - and since the temperature was still summerly, we soon enjoyed a refreshing Sangria. Arriving back at the hotel confirmed again that



AN ICONIC LINEAGE DB11 is the Aston Martin you’ve been waiting for. Spectacular standard-bearer for an all-new generation of cars, DB11 is the most powerful and most efficient ‘DB’ production model in Aston Martin’s history. At its heart a brand new twin-turbocharged V12 engine delivers phenomenal performance combined with vastly reduced fuel consumption and emissions. Pioneering aerodynamics cheat the wind, generate exceptional stability and preserve our world-renowned design purity.

To experience the DB11’s formidable new standard for yourself, contact: Aston Martin Vancouver 1770 Burrard Street Vancouver BC V6J 3G7, Canada For information call 604-734-2905 or visit astonmartinvancouver.ca © Aston Martin 2016. Vehicle shown for illustrational purposes only.

The Chateau was the right decision. A delicious selection of chocolate bark and dried fruits was waiting in the rooms. We had made arrangements for dinner at Red Door Bistro on Lake Placid Road, highly recommended by Maggi Thornhill, who would join us. It was an amazing evening. Lots of interesting and funny stories, delicious food, great wine and laughter. The next morning we would meet her at her newest listing, a private 2.25 acre estate property in the prestigious Blueberry neighbourhood, before we would head back to Vancouver.

“Here’s how to save 2 Million Dollars!” As the gate opened to the estate property we were impressed by the breathtaking surroundings. Reduced by a whopping $2 million, the 7,730 sq.ft. estate offers 6 bedrooms & 6.5 bathrooms throughout its 3 stories. It is now listed at $9,999,000 and is an entertainer’s dream home with a formal & informal dining room, a huge kitchen, media room, spacious massage room, outstanding steam room & sauna. Oh, it also has one of the largest outdoor swimming pools of any property in Whistler, paired with an outdoor hot tub and heated rear decks. Interested? Just give Maggi a call! By the end of the day, was time to say good-bye. We had originally planned to stay for 2 nights, but business was calling. It was a great little break, and a joyful drive in the most luxurious SUV money can buy you right now. So, if you need a short getaway, why not head up to Whistler?

2017 Bentley Bentayga. unlike any other suv.

The Bentayga is unlike any other sport utility vehicle in the world. This powerful, all-terrain, all-purpose car offers an exceptional driving experience. As well as having the most technically advanced engine in its category, it has Mulliner Driving Specification fitted as standard. This includes diamond-quilted seats, drilled sports pedals, embroidered Bentley emblems and the full choice of hide, carpet and interior colour combinations. You also have a choice of more paint colours than any other SUV out there: 17 standard and over 100 optional exterior paint colours, plus a range of 12 duo tone colour schemes available in ‘light over dark’ or ‘dark over light’ With its all-new W12 6.0 litre engine, the Bentley Bentayga achieves 0 to 100 km/h 4.1 seconds and accelerates to a top speed of 301 km/h, making it the world’s fastest SUV. Thanks to a Stop-Start technology, available for the first time on a Bentley, combined with the Variable Displacement System, it means that the Bentayga can achieve a fuel consumption of 13.1 l/100 km (21.6 mpg). The engine also features the first-ever combination of direct-injection and port-injection technologies in a production engine from Bentley. It switches seamlessly between the two to deliver the most efficient performance. The latest twin-scroll turbochargers have been engineered for optimum response, removing any hint of turbo lag. Engine: 6.0 litre twin turbo TSI W12 | Max power: 600 bhp / 608 PS / 447 kW @ 5000-6000 | Max torque: 664 lb-ft / 900 Nm / @ 1350 rpm | Gross Vehicle Weight: 3250 kg Transmission: 8-spd automatic, permanent all-wheel drive | Wheelbase: 2995 mm | Overall Length: 5140 mm | Overall Height: 1742mm | Width w. Folded Mirrors: 1998 mm


1770 Burrard Street Vancouver, BC V6J 3G7

604-730 -8998




As the holiday season approaches, giving tends to occupy more of the spotlight than at other times of the year. Given this focus and that overall donations have been on the decline in Canada, it is timely to consider your approach to giving and how it can be integrated into your financial planning.

Financial, tax planning and legacy creation can be combined with giving to create meaningful outcomes for society and the planet. Giving is often important to today’s business families and entrepreneurs; thus for these families it is also important to work with a financial planning team that holds that same deep-rooted and consistent commitment to giving.

- How do you involve and communicate your giving to your stakeholders?

- Do you have a foundation or, do you want to create one for your family or business? - Do you view giving as an investment?

When it comes to the giving undertaken by you and your business, the difference between charity and philanthropy is a key distinction. Charity is short term and often, impulsive giving, for example, sponsoring a friend or employee who completes a challenge for a cause that is important to them. In contrast, philanthropy is broader and more strategic, such as a technology business donating hours to a not for profit in need of IT help on a specific project. Ensure that your financial planning team takes the time to understand your current charitable and philanthropic activities, as well as your aspirations as these can be significant for your financial and tax planning. Establishing the right backdrop for the creation of a strong plan can be achieved through asking questions such as: - What would you like your legacy to be? - What is your and your business’ giving capacity? - How tax efficient is your giving currently?

- What transformations are you looking to create in society and for the world? Once these points are clear, a strategic approach to giving can be created. A well thought out strategy that is integrated into a solid financial and estate plan can potentially reduce tax burdens, as well as create meaningful impacts to the organizations and communities selected to receive support. With governments taking an seemingly ever-reducing role in the backing they provide, personal and corporate giving is taking up much of the slack, albeit in more targeted and innovative manners. We encourage you to talk to your advisors about how your family and business can achieve your goals and make a difference in the world at the same time. The impact of a meaningful legacy can extend well beyond a single generation. Interested in discussing your philanthropic goals? We’d be happy to review your current situations and future goals with you. #AskVELA

- What organizations are important to you and your business? Jason Boudreau CFP, CLU Wealth Advisor Principal & Founder - VELA Wealth Management www.velawealth.com






words by Oliver Finlay photography by Caitlyn Van Nice


FELIX BÖCK passionate carpenter | entrepreneur | chopstick upcycler

IC: In ten words or less, who are you and what do you do? FB: Felix Böck - passionate carpenter undertaking PhD in structural bamboo products. IC: Where are you from and what brought you to Vancouver? FB: I am from Bavaria, Germany and was recruited for a graduate research position at UBC, working on the industrialization of engineered bamboo products. IC: So how does a German carpenter get recruited by UBC? FB: Well, whilst doing my undergraduate degree in wood technology and engineering, I was approached by my supervisor with a proposal to help an organization in Ethiopia come up with solutions for engineering with bamboo. So I ended up spending my third year of studies in Ethiopia, working with

the company, and flying back to school in Germany for my exams. At the end of it, I had developed the most prominent profile for a non-Asian, bamboo engineer in the World.

price tags, and using a professional pricing machine, that I persuaded my father to buy for me, marked-up the price, to sell the cow bells to the tourists that visited the area. IC: Fantastic! How successful was it?

Subsequently, when Cambridge, MIT and UBC were recruiting for a co-funded scholarship looking at bamboo engineering, they stumbled across my profile on the internet and offered me the position. All I had to do was choose between the three establishments, which, given that UBC had the best facilities, was quite easy. Of course, Vancouver’s reputation for having such a great quality of life was also a major deciding factor. IC: What was your first business venture, how old were you when you did it and how successful was it? FB: At the age of 6, I set up my own business trading cow bells. I would buy cow bells from the souvenir shops, remove the

FB: Well, lets just say, it’s impossible for tourists to say “no” to a six year old boy, in his lederhosen! For the time, I made a small fortune and it lasted a few summers, until the “cute german boy factor” disappeared and I lost interest. More recently, in 2015 I founded CrossLink Technologies - an engineering firm that provides solutions for production technologies in the wood and bamboo industry. The core principle for my first adult business was to invest all of my profits into growing the business or into new ventures or spin-offs resulting from it. IC: Tell us about your current business project.



FB: At ChopValue, we upcycle chopsticks into high-performance design products. In order for it to be a viable business model, we connect recycling (urban forest resource management), material research and product design. Our vision is to inspire and educate, by setting an example of how to redefine the term “waste” into “resource” by offering a variety of lifestyle products.

technologies developed in the automotive industry for bonding natural fibres in an environmentally-friendly way, to create performance materials, with supply management and design. It has become a fulfilling idea, that I believe, isn’t something I ever envisioned myself implementing.

We currently offer a variety of beautifully designed products, aimed to develop our brand in different markets. For example, we create yoga props, which have been carefully engineered, with respect to their density, weight and durability, which means they provide a unique standard of support and performance for yogis throughout their postures. They are available online, at YYoga studios and at Semperviva Kitsilano.

FB: We currently employ 4 full time staff, 2 part time, 3 interns and 2 freelancers as support in the background. It makes for an exciting journey, creating new job opportunities and working with an underutilized, previously neglected resource.

We’ll be launching more props for athletes in spring 2018, whilst developing the business of sustainable building products during our period of upscaling the business. These will include acoustic and semi-structural wall patterns, flooring and surface materials for cabinetry and table tops.

FB: I can definitely understand why Vancouver was voted best place to start a business. It’s overwhelming how much support there is available if you actively look for it and if you are open to the feedback, guidance, workshops, criticism, networking events and making new connections. These can really help shape your business and relationships. I have to admit that it was a learning process to ask the right person, the right question, at the right time, but once you have figured that out, Vancouver is an open minded and supportive place for your ideas.

IC: How did that idea come about? FB: Initially out of frustration for the vast amount of wood waste that the building industry in Greater Vancouver creates each year. In tearing down old houses, many of which are structurally sound, we dispose of 400,000 tonnes of wood waste, alone, each year and because of the effort and cost of cleaning it and refurbishing it, the vast majority is thrown in to landfill. I was eating sushi, airing my frustrations to my girlfriend, who innocently suggested I start addressing the issue of wasted wood resources with recycling chopsticks. With some rudimentary calculations, I figured, in hindsight very accurately, that the restaurant industry in Vancouver disposes of 100,000 chopsticks a day, 90% of which are bamboo. In a bid to ensure I didn’t let her down, I accepted the challenge and now, we have a viable business, employing 10 staff. IC: Upcycling is certainly a rapidly growing industry. Was this an industry you had planned to explore, or did you just take advantage of an opportunity that presented itself? FB: For me personally, almost every challenge presents itself as opportunity - even more if it’s in my area of expertise. The idea of ChopValue is unique, though, and I do believe that it’s more than upcycling. With the obvious resource at hand, we have combined



IC: Who is involved with you at Chop Value and how many staff do you employ?

IC: From a business perspective, what opportunities does being based in Vancouver provide for you at the moment?

IC: What have been the biggest challenges you’ve overcome in the project so far?

IC: What are your ambitions for the business over the next 1, 5 and 10 years? FB: Over the next 3 years, ChopValue will be moving from a small lifestyle product boutique into a scalable business for interior design projects. Within 5 to 7 years, I expect the company to become viable and competitive within the sustainable product market. It’s crucial for us that our materials are comparable, if not stronger, than other engineered hardwood, as well as other bamboo materials. In addition, we’d love to be price competitive in applications such as flooring and other building materials, which will all come with scaling the operation. IC: Who are your mentors? FB: I personally benefit from each and every conversation I have - I see each connection I make or meeting I have as part of a learning and mentorship experience. Especially at ChopValue, when I talk to the makers, designers and interns within our own team, they give me so much advice during our everyday conversations and this plays an important role in mentoring me. When it comes to communicating about stressful, financial advice, I am fortunate enough to be able to relate to and rely on the good friends and advisors, with whom I am connected, through a business incubation program called ‘iHub - for social impact ventures’. IC: Tell me more about iHub.

FB: I needed to realize that growth projections of new business ideas never represent the reality once implemented. Whilst this is an ongoing process, rapid growth and the related opportunities bring challenges as well. For example, the time needed to manage a team of 10 people, is a big but exciting change for me, as previously, I had all of that time for myself. IC: What do you foresee the biggest challenges facing your business over the next 12 months? FB: As we are planning to grow outside of Vancouver, our future challenges are related to setting up solid, loyal, honest and transparent partnerships for both recycling and manufacturing in other cities. We want to keep our company dynamics, philosophy and approach to customer service the same, whilst also taking on the responsibilities of reducing the urban waste streams in other major North American cities. We can only hope others will be as perceptive as the Vancouver market has proved to be.

FB: iHub is a business incubator initiative operated by the Sauder School of Business, in partnership with Coast Capital Savings and supports 4 or 5 business projects per year. The support comes in the way of workshop sessions hosted by industry experts, which is open not just to the business leaders, but to all the staff within the business. There is at least one, 4-6 hour intensive session a week and at times, there are more experts than incubator attendees in the room. The businesses invited into our intake were Meatme (Trevor Bird & Victor Straatman), Quupe (Angela Hamilton), NADA (Brianne Miller) and GRAIN (Janna Bishop & Shira McDermott). Over the course of the year, we became a close knit group and have supported each other through shared experiences, advice and networking. It’s been an incredible experience. IC: Are there any other businesses that you look at, take ideas from, and incorporate them into how you run Chop Value?

FB: In theory, when it comes to the investment in our team, I often think about the tech scene. I know little about the internal vibes at Google or Facebook but I often share with my team how we would like to recreate a similar style of innovative and open management, within a manufacturing and design firm, operating in the wood industry, which is renowned for being fairly conservative and traditional. I personally look up to smaller firms, which are run on family traditions, treat their workers with respect and where every vote and opinion matters. In a nutshell, I try not to forget these critical things no matter how busy it can sometimes get. IC: How do you keep yourself fit, both physically and mentally to enable you to give your best in your personal and business life? FB: The more fulfilling a job is, the less I personally think about mental fitness - even if I should. I have to admit that I don’t read, don’t listen to audio books, nor do I play chess. Lately, even my physical activity is lacking and I am getting more and more comments on my sushi consumption! However, tennis, which is my passion - I used to coach throughout my studies and play tournaments - is a mental sport and I find I am not able to focus on tennis whilst I am on the court and thinking about running two businesses. That said, I am telling myself that I am getting back to it… IC: What 3 words would your closest friends use to describe you?

party…and the guest list isn’t restricted by the confines of time and mortality. Who joins you for dinner and why? FB: Firstly, Thalia, my girlfriend, who would not forgive me for leaving her off this list, especially if I can invite Barack & Michelle Obama, a couple we’d love to have dinner with for a fun time. Then, Roger Federer, who is my idol and an inspiration, as well as a great example, for the sport I love, both on and off the tennis court. Finally, last but not least, my uncle, Thomas Müller, my best friend and role model through the most important stages of my life, so far. IC: What was your first car, what do you drive now and what is your dream car? FB: My first car was a 1987 Mini Cooper MKII, but being German and mechanically minded, I also owned one backup car for repairs. Those British engineers built the car in a way it would break down every once in a while!!! Instead of being the one who gets towed, I have now decided to be the one who returns the favour and tows others, so currently own a 2017 Toyota Tacoma V8, with manual shift. My dream car is in reach, as I am targeting an Audi A4 Allroad Quattro - the stereotypical car for a young German professional!! IC: What one piece of advice would you give to your 16 year old self?

FB: German, not-funny, passionate. IC: Thanks for you honest and insightful answers, Felix. Now, all that is left, is for you to answer Iconic Concierge’s ‘Completely Unrelated, but Nevertheless Entertaining Standard 10 Questions’… Are you ready?

FB: My piece of advice would definitely be related to my social life. I haven’t spent nearly enough time building true, close friendships, which I attribute to growing up in a family business and the continuing sense of responsibility that brings, to take care of something. In addition, I always put pressure on myself to ensure that I’d have my own career, when I grew up.

FB: Hit me!

IC: You lose everything you own. How do you rise like a phoenix from the ashes? FB: Hard work, dedication - right back at it. IC: We finish this interview and as you step outside, you find a lottery ticket that ends up winning you $20 million. What do you do? FB: I would call for a 07:00am executive meeting and come up with an action plan to expand our current business into other cities around the world.

Subsequently, I often neglected friends on that rapid path and feel that I should have spent more time with the people I grew up with, so that now I would have someone to miss when thinking of ‘home’. IC: Who would play you in a movie about your life?

FB: Vancouver. It might sound confusing but whenever I travel for work, I can’t wait to return to this beautiful place, I have learned to call ‘Home’. IC: Tell me your favourite joke… FB: Germans don’t do jokes ;) IC: Where is your favourite Vancouver restaurant? FB: Fable Kitchen, in Kitsilano. It’s a special place for me, that reminds me what the combination of service and quality of food is supposed to feel and taste like. IC: Complete the sentence: “Vancouver is a great place for entrepreneurs in 2017, because…” FB: …if you don’t discover the entrepreneur within, you simply won’t be able to afford living here!” IC: A truism, indeed! Felix, thank you for spending the time to chat and share some fun stories with us. It’s been a great afternoon. Keep up the great work, and we look forward to following your journey, as ChopValue goes from strength to strength. IC: Just prior to this edition of Iconic Concierge going to press, Felix received the CLEAN50 Emerging Leader Award for 2018. “Canada’s Clean50 Awards are announced annually by Delta Management Group and the Clean50 organization, to recognize those 50 individuals or small teams, from 16 different categories, who have done the most to advance the cause of sustainability and clean capitalism in Canada over the past 2 years.” The award was in recognition of the consultancy work Felix has contributed to multiple companies in over 20 countries, the work that he has achieved with ChopValue and the collaborative research he is undertaking with various Canadian municipalities, UBC and FP Innovations, to find solutions that add greater value to construction and demolition waste. All of us at Iconic Concierge would like to congratulate Felix for this outstanding achievement.

FB: Chris Pratt. Has anyone else noticed his transition from the chubby comedian to the man acting with Jennifer Lawrence on his side? IC: Where is your favourite travel destination and why?

IC: You can invite 5 people for a dinner



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• Resort-wide WiFi

• Heated outdoor infinity pool

• Tea and serenity relaxation rooms

Located in beautiful Vernon, British Columbia in the heart of the Okanagan Valley

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man about town THE DEIGHTON CUP HASTINGS RACETRACK photography by Jonathan Evans



ancouver’s answer to the Kentucky Derby and one of the most playful and stylish summer affairs returned for the 9th time on Saturday, July 22nd to Hastings Racetrack. Named after legendary Vancouver saloon owner John “Gassy Jack” Deighton, this year’s Deighton Cup saw a record attendance of more than 4,000 well-dressed guests, who enjoyed live entertainment, delicious food prepared by some of Vancouver’s best chefs, cocktails and cigars, and yes, horse races. Eight, to be exact. Organized by The Social Concierge, the entire Marquee and Concourse areas were transformed into one complete VIP experience, while Miles End Motors added a luxurious little car show with their Field of Dreams, including a picnic area, cigar lounge and champagne stage. The Deighton Cup’s Style Stakes Best Dressed Awards, judged by a celebrity panel (as well as the public), were given to the



best dressed attendees; congratulations to Swollen Members musician Prevail on winning the title of the Gallant Sartorialist and Eboye Porbeni for being named the Belle Du Jour. This year also saw the return of the annual Cocktail Jockey Mixology Competition, where 10 of the province’s best bartenders created their take on a champagne cocktail. The Deighton Cup donates proceeds from each ticket to support Variety - The Children’s Charity, a non-profit organization that inspires hope and enriches the lives of children who have special needs. Variety provides funding grants for life-saving health care and services, life-changing mobility and communication equipment, and life-enriching education and experiences. Ticket proceeds also went to support Imagine1day, a community of people making passionate contributions to provide quality education for Ethiopian children.



Gary ‘Eggsy’ Unwin, portrayed by Welsh actor Taron Egerton.

photo © Twentieth Century Fox Film




photo © Twentieth Century Fox Film


hen the action spy comedy film Kingsman: The Secret Service premiered in 2014, it reignited an interest and passion for bespoke clothing, luxury lifestyle, and suave character. The franchise was created to tackle the trend of spy films being too serious as well as pay homage to the gentleman spy movies of the 70’s and 80’s – complete with megalomaniacal villains, ridiculous gadgets, and of course the impeccable suits.

English tailoring is exemplified in the films, from the structured shoulders and defining silhouette to the iconic fabrics and double-breasted configuration. The agents in the secret spy organization dress distinctively and with purpose. A suit can fit perfectly, be stylish, and still prove functional without any restrictions. There is no doubt as to why the double-breasted suits of Kingsman catch people’s eyes. A suit is only as good as the fabric it is made of – hence wise a smooth drape is attested to by the craftsmanship and time put into its creation. The jackets fit the characters’ shoulders precisely and remain flat against their backs when their arms are raised. The waist suppression in the jacket also accentuates their physique and the buttoning shows no signs of pulling. The trousers break slightly at

the top of the shoes, allowing for a modern yet seamless aesthetic. A bespoke suit not only displays class and elegance as it also provides confidence and strength to the wearer – a universal element which is not held exclusive to suits worn by characters on the big screen. To commission a bespoke suit is to leave nothing to chance and have you looking and feeling your best in every situation. Although the first film and its sequel, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, exude over-the-top action and luxurious tastes, the message emphasized greatly is “Manners Maketh Man”. One’s character is not solely defined by the means in which he dresses but also by the way he carries himself in the world and how he treats those around him. A bespoke lifestyle is pertinent to ones actions and speech just as it is through their attire.

ABOUT THE MOVIE In “Kingsman: The Golden Circle,” the independent, international intelligence agency faces a new challenge. When their headquarters are destroyed and the world is held hostage, their journey leads them to the discovery of an allied spy organization in the US called Statesman, dating back to the day they were both founded. In a new adventure that tests their agents’ strength and wits to the limit, these two elite secret organizations band together to defeat a ruthless common enemy, in order to save the world, something that’s becoming a bit of a habit for Eggsy…




THE TUXEDO Nothing is left to chance; create your own bespoke tuxedo from only the finest fabrics in the world married to generations of exquisite craftsmanship. A unique piece personalized to your liking to have you looking and feeling your best; Sarai Bespoke - Style by Sarai

THE JACKET Keep warm and protected from the elements while still looking stylish with the Moncler Tancrede shearling-lined leather and quilted shell jacket (LEONE Vancouver) or the Stefano Ricci hooded down jacket.

THE SNEAKER A sneaker can still be stylish, if carefully designed and selected. Opt for these Versace fashion sneakers to compliment your casual outfits providing you with comfort without compromising on looks; LEONE Vancouver

THE WINTER GEAR Just because it is winter doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your sports in style. Featuring a unique theme and quality craftsmanship, the Stefano Ricci ski gear includes goggles, poles, skis, and helmet. And make sure to get a stylish sweater and scarf, too. Stefano Ricci Vancouver



THE GENTS WATCH Taking design cues and features from the Bremont World Timer, the Bremont Kingsman Special Edition Rose Gold features an automatic movement with 24 hour GMT functionality, and the ‘Kingsman’ emblem on the 12 hour sub-dial.

THE LEATHER GOODS THE SUNGLASSES Flat shades such as the Ray-Ban 3570 are having a moment – and they’re perfectly suited for life on the go. Ready for action, the square frame comes in classic metal tones of black, brown, havana and gold.

Whether you opt for a travel wallet or carrying case (or both), your essential items and laptop will thank you for choosing functional and stylish leather goods; LEONE Vancouver


THE CELLPHONE The all-new Blackberry KEYone boasts style and functionality. Wrapped in an anodized aluminum and having a softgrip textured back gives it an eye-catching design and it is stock-full of new features such as the Smart Keyboard.

A handcrafted pocket square is essential in complimenting your stylish jackets as well as adding personal flair to your attire. With many different styles and designs, there is surely a bunch to catch your eye; QUORUM Fashion Emporium Vancouver

THE GLOVES It’ the time of the year, but you can keep your hands warm and still look like a fashion-icon! Versace gloves; LEONE Vancouver

THE FOOTWEAR A tailored suit makes all the difference and so does a pair of handcrafted Italian shoes. Left: Andrea Zori, QUORUM Fashion Emporium Vancouver; below: PRADA, LEONE Vancouver

THE SMART WATCH When you need a gadget-laden Smart Watch that still has the looks, the Tag Heuer Connected is the way to go. Available in a Kingsman limited edition.

THE UMBRELLA London and Vancouver have one thing in common: the rain! Keep yourself dry with a luxurious umbrella to match your ensemble; Stefano Ricci Vancouver ICONIC CONCIERGE




Something for the Weekend The Scrupulous Craft of Scent Design By Ian Daburn, Master Barber at Barber & Co

Opposite page: Barber: Ian Daburn Model: Matteo Lanci Styling: Style by Sarai Photography: Fred Fung Location: Barber & Co Yaletown This page: Aftershave Tonic by Barber & Co

Imprisoned by the British for sedition, Mahatma Gandhi is handed a six year sentence, the iconic BC is formed with its first radio service, and my grandfather steps into a South London barbershop for the last time as a client. You could say that my grandfather’s origins in barbering as a young apprentice circa-1922 London were also my own. When I recount my first memories as a young man in that same barbershop I’m flooded with sensory triggers from the tonics, tinctures, and other curiosities which lined the walls and counters paired with nostalgic smells like that of lighter fluid and tobacco from war veterans whom sat in its storied chairs. My grandfather performed haircuts and hot shaves in that shop for 30 years after Gandhi’s ninth visit to the slammer, then took it over as his own with tremendous sense of duty and responsibility to the community. He barbered there for another three decades. When he took me under his wing as an apprentice my fate was sealed.

root, complex and floral Egyptian geranium flower, sweetly balsamic Amyris branch. The barbershop would transform for the morning into a veritable apothecary, where we’d mix and blend to create the purest elegance. He liked to make his own bespoke cologne on Fridays so the shop would carry the smell throughout the weekend. In those days like today, there was a ritual in man’s readiness for the weekend. Something earned and intentionally protracted. Back then it was dusting off a sharp three-piece suit, one who’s smell was a conflict between oily automotive grease and earthy Welsh wool, then snipping a freshly rolled and fragrant cigar to unwind over a few cheeky drams of smoky whisky and parlour games.

“The barbershop would transform for the morning into a veritable apothecary, where we’d mix and blend to create the purest elegance”

“Something for the weekend chap”, and I’d hand the client a neatly folded package slightly larger than a book of matches with a faint aroma of white chalk and musk, entirely unaware that the next stop was a late-night brothel. It took me some time to realize I was handing out condoms. It’s true that ignorance is bliss, and looking back now on my experience in that barbershop is like watching a movie right after finishing the book — I can read between the lines. My technical and cultural education there was unparalleled but it was the masterful subtleties in my grandfather’s craft that took me decades more to fully realize which resound the most. Once a week we’d open the shop well-early and blend. I still have a copy of his 19th century recipe book for perfumery — it’s aroma, that of century-old oils and tonics is unmistakable and perhaps only recognizable to my own nose. Dark and earthy vetiver



The ritual inevitably led everyone to the pub or dinner club but not before they chose the right scent, a considered selection with a touch of gumption in mind combined with an idealist notion of the escape from ordinary.

Over the last six years we’ve built a barbershop and grooming brand with an ethos that often embodies this idealist notion and the escape from ordinary.

grasped. I think of notes like juniper berry and lemongrass derived of a traditional dry English gin that as a child, I would sneak sips of, and as an adult, imbibe in a less than moderate fashion. Flashes of my grandfathers most coveted tonics often reflected the prohibition-era aromas made famous by rum running sailors with exotic notes of blood orange and cardamom seed. Emotion is the fifty one percent driver and the other forty nine — that is a calculated and considered science. Astringents tighten pores, antimicrobials disinfect skin, and antioxidants produce free radicals. When working with essentials oils, there is a deeply researched and seemingly endless buffet of remedial and practical benefits. The challenge becomes achieving careful balance between practical elements and a pleasantly invigorating scent. We decided to use only essential oils in our products and to adopt structured fragrance formulations like that of colognes and perfumes — lasting base notes support the more flexible heart notes which really come to light when the short-lived but vivid top notes fade in a scents maturation process. There is no shortage of science behind these formula decisions but ultimately, pure and entirely objective emotion spearheads this approach. The aim, a modern interpretation of classic nostalgia from generations past. After opening our fifth Vancouver barbershop we built the Barber & Co Lab + Academy when the cocktail club connected to our Yaletown location became available. That’s when I moved our handmade products business out of my garage. What began as a humble attempt to supply the back bars of our shops has evolved into a team of chemical scientists and master barbers working hand-in-hand to build utilitarian products in response to genuine needs expressed by our own barbers and their clients. Our approach to scent has matured considerably over the years. In the latest product release, a culmination of this experience as a modern progression on classic nostalgia of my youth becomes obvious under the nose. When designing a scent, I begin from an emotional place — often using memories to steer my nose towards something not yet fully

Today it might be Spotify playing instead of the BBC, or spiritual leadership from Kanye West in place of Gandhi, but still intact is a fated ritual as the modern man has returned to bespoke grooming traditions in a cultural renaissance that is sure to stick. As barbers, we continue to endeavour in providing men with practical grooming supplies to be paired with quality services that our barbershops deliver. In all of our products, like the Aftershave Tonic which personifies an elegant and mysterious homage to London’s roaring twenties, you’ll always find a story behind the scent. So choose your story wisely. Something for the weekend perhaps? Find Barber & Co grooming supplies in barbershops or online at barberandco.com

Elevate your personal style with bespoke suits from Style by Sarai at stylebysarai.com

Opposite page: C.E. Daburn Barbershop, South London, 1953 Barber: Ian Daburn Location: Barber & Co Lab This page: Models: Matteo Lanci, Jason Sarai Styling: Style by Sarai Photography: Fred Fung Location: ICONIC CONCIERGE



Dapper Gent! Get yourself a Signature Scent – The Secret Style Weapon. It tells people who you are!

L’Homme Prada by Prada A refreshing scent that brilliantly mixes the airy notes with masculine woodsy tones. Top notes include iris and amber, while base notes include geranium and patchouli. Dark Rebel Rider by John Varvatos A leathery warm spicy cologne full of masculinity. The top notes are marjoram, bitter orange, citron and saffron, while the finishing notes are vanilla, cedar wood, and russian leather. The perfect scent for the kind of man whose success in life allows him a little bit of wildness on the weekends. Coach for Men by Coach This Eau de Toilette evokes a sense of freedom that comes from the energy and spontaneity of New York City. Masculine yet refined, the fragrance starts with cool, fresh green Nashi pear, contrasted with spicy cardamom, and finishes with a textured vetiver base note, creating a woody scent. 001 Man by Loewe 001 interprets the notions of purity and the uncertain promise associated with the early hours following a first intimate encounter between two people, “the morning after.” Notes of bergamot, sandalwood, cedar, and musk. Blackpepper by Comme Des Garçons An enticing clash of spice upon the skin. Thiseau de parfum pairs rich notes of Madagascan pepper, cedar wood, akigala wood, and the caramel resin of tonka bean to create an unrelenting, intense fragrance.



Aurora Jet Partners is one of the most innovative and progressive private aviation companies in Canada that specializes in providing custom-tailored, high-quality private travel solutions to discerning clients. Services include jet charters, managing fractional jet partnerships and providing complete turnkey flight departments. With more than four decades in private aviation, our experienced group of dedicated professionals consistently provides on-time and on-budget service to exacting safety standards. With Aurora Jet Partners, The sky is not the limit.




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created by: Gez McAlpine photography: Dave Hamilton fashion consultant: Jason Sarai jacket: Sarai Bespoke Tuxedo Jacket watch: HUBLOT Classic Fusion Aerofusion Titanium 45mm HUBLOT VANCOUVER location: Keefer Bar, Vancouver


HARVARD PHD Taking its name from the classic cognac manhattan the ‘Harvard’. The Harvard PHD utilizes one of the most infamous whiskies on the planet to create an extra dimension of aroma and flavour by using Octomore Super heavily peated whisky from Bruichladdich distilleries Progressive Hebridean Distillers (PHD). The luscious sweetness and structure of Remy Martin XO is taken to new heights with this after dinner cocktail for the true gentleman. 2oz Remy Martin XO 1oz Italian Vermouth 3 dash Aromatic bitters Garnished with a flamed orange zest and a spray of Octomore Super-heavily Peated single malt.

Top 10 Award-Winner 11th Consecutive Year



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So the DB11 sits in your driveway, you just ordered the brand new $1.6 million Aston Martin AM37 six-passenger speedboat, and 20,000 Leagues under the Sea was your favourite novel when you were a kid. All that’s missing to complete your bucket-list of luxurious toys is the ultimate submarine. Worry no more, Aston Martin has heard you! The British carmaker has a small luxury submarine in the works. A creative collaboration with acclaimed manufacturer of stateof-the-art submersibles, Triton Submarines, ‘Project Neptune’ is a deep-diving, three-seat luxury watercraft that will blend Triton’s expertise with Aston Martin’s signature design and engineering prowess. “It is a true collaboration in every sense,” says Patrick Lahey, cofounder of Triton Submarines. “Both teams will take part in the design and manufacturing.” He also confirmed that the submarine will be faster and more maneuverable than existing Triton models, which means it will be capable of reaching depths between 1,000 and 1,600 feet. Aston Martin says it will be a “strictly-limited edition vehicle.” So far no price has been announced, but kowing that Triton’s most popular model, the 3300/3, starts at around $3 million we would guess that the Aston is somewhere between $4 to $5 million.



THE CHANGING MEDICAL LANDSCAPE How Access to Information is Changing the Medical Consumer


by Oliver Finlay

he age of the internet is changing practically every aspect of how we live our lives. It’s changed how we buy our groceries, where we buy our clothes, how we book our travel experiences and where we stay when we get there, how we get from A to B and even how we take care our physical and mental fitness. One of the most interesting areas of change that is occurring as we dive deeper into the age of information and technology is that of our health and wellbeing. Not only is artificial intelligence being incorporated into conventional medical settings, but the accessibility of information now means that people are starting to question the opinions of their medical practitioners. In years gone by, the family doctor would diagnose a medical complaint and our grandparents would have no choice but to nod, agree and impotently defer all responsibility for their treatment to the other party. Nowadays, the opinions offered by those in the consulting room are researched by their patients, who hungrily access scientific papers through online search engines, such as ‘PubMed’, and delve into the masses of more widely available research, in the form of online medical journals. The formerly passive patient has become a profoundly engaged consumer.

As with Uber, Amazon and AirBnB, there are obviously pros and cons of such transitional behaviour, but it is human nature to want to make informed decisions and contribute to the choices made in how all aspects of our lives are managed. It’s safe to say that the conventional medical community has contributed a certain amount to its own diminishing position of power, with questions rightly being asked as to the quality of much of the research published in the sector. How many papers have cloaked ulterior motives in the form of shadow financial backing from Big Pharma, or the food and beverage industry? How much data is actually legitimate and how much has been doctored to ‘prove’ a desired hypothesis? How many papers that demonstrated a lack of response to an intervention were denied publication because no significant changes were identified? How many papers were denied publication because they weren’t deemed ‘original’ enough and yet provided valuable retest data? Furthermore, the culture in the medical profession is one of high blame. In his fascinating book, ‘Black Box Thinking’, Matthew Syed compares the growth mindset approach characterized by openly learning from mistakes, a mindset that is prevalent in the airline industry, to the fixed mindset adopted by the medical profession, which sees mistakes as grim failures that should be frowned upon. Syed quoted evidence that points to the causes of an inordinate



number of deaths, or permanently disabling injuries caused by medical error, being recorded as anything but. Yet, the fact remains that if practitioners believe they are going to open themselves up to litigation as the result of investigation into professional error, the drive to be open about their practice is withdrawn. Consequently, the availability of valid information available to improve medical practice based upon experience is extremely limited, and the implications of such behaviour are statistically frightening. In 2013, a study published in the Journal of Patient Safety attributed preventable medical error to causing the deaths of 400,000 people each year in hospitals in the United States alone. These are deaths caused by, amongst other avoidable causes, misdiagnosis, dispensing the wrong medication, operating on the incorrect body part and post-operative complications. Syed reports on the testimony delivered to the Senate by Johns Hopkins medical professor Peter Provonost, in which he described this figure as the equivalent of “two jumbo jets falling out of the sky every twenty-four hours”. This degree of preventable harm places ‘hospital stays’ as the third greatest cause of death in the USA. Such a statistic would simply not be tolerated in any other forum. What’s more, these figures didn’t even account for avoidable deaths occurring in outpatient clinics or nursing homes, which, when factored into the equation, have been estimated at raising the total to over 500,000 deaths per year in that one country alone.

Further analysis of the statistics provides even more cause for concern. Syed cites the testimony of Joanne Disch, a clinical professor at the University of Minnesota School of Nursing, taken from the same senate hearing. Disch highlighted the incidences of non-lethal harm caused by medical error, and cited results of a study that reported the number of patients experiencing severely disabling complications, as being ten times greater than the number of deaths caused by the same factor. That works out at “10,000 preventable serious complications per day”. These statistics don’t suggest for one minute that doctors are homicidal or incompetent, but they do suggest that there is a tendency to put up the defences when their professionalism is called into question, and that there is an overwhelming desire not to appear inept or undermine one’s credibility in the eyes of their colleagues. After all, if one spent that much time and money on one’s education, what does that imply if a mistake is made? Therefore, studies show that for senior doctors, the practice of being open about mistakes can actually be a traumatic experience and as such cover-ups are encouraged - and the vital information the profession needs in order to learn is destroyed.

Speakers presented on topics related to technological advances in ‘biohacking’

The result is that as the public become more informed, the desire to explore options outside of conventional medicine grows. Areas of medicine that have previously been forced into the shadows in North America but are widely researched and more advanced in Europe are now becoming viable options for those that want to explore their alternatives. One such area is functional medicine, which Spencer Coppin, a Vancouver native, former student of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a graduate of the Institute for Functional Medicine, defines as “ the interpretation of your current state of health and the systems analysis that allows a practitioner to ‘re-engineer’ your weakest links.”

Spencer Coppin & Social Concierge co-founder, Jordan Kallman, Superhuman Summit, 2016

Says Coppins: “It is a full-body, full-system approach to optimizing someone’s health, which also incorporates lifestyle medicine, because the environment plays a major role in an individual’s health and performance”. Coppin, a former Vancouver Whitecap, had grown up in a “household of wellness”, with his father being a conventionally trained MD, but also demonstrating an open mind towards his education, later training to specialize in Ayurvedic medicine and bioidentical hormone replacement. Coppin himself had considered a career in medicine like his father, but after witnessing the outcomes brought about by Western medical interventions, he was unable to relate to the practice. Instead, Coppin favoured a more proactive approach and decided that instead of treating disease states, his future training would permit him to follow a career path that sought to prevent disease and promote health. Now working alongside his father, Coppin believes that “functional medicine is the future of optimal health care… where medicine that the human body responds to naturally” is used in favour of synthetic pharmaceuticals. His approach

Hiroko Demichelis, on stage at Superhuman Summit, 2016



is to work backwards from a diagnosis to establish why the current state of pathology or dysfunction has occurred. Beyond just preventing pathology, Coppin states that functional medicine also applies “the latest research to enhance the human body”. One of the most notable proponents of functional medicine is Bulletproof founder Dave Asprey, whose online podcasts have built a dedicated following numbering in the millions. There is no doubt that Asprey is a savvy marketer, and in coining terms such as ‘bio-hacking’, has managed to make functional medicine sound ‘cool’ and ‘trendy’. Whilst Coppin isn’t interested in taking the same approach as Asprey to promote his work, he believes it is contributing to the growth of functional medicine - and if such alternatives to conventional medicine are to become mainstream, re-education has to occur on a massive scale. Such reeducation, he believes, needs to occur at the government-funded institutions that have taught fundamentally the same material since his “father went to medical school over 40 years ago” and drive a shift in the mentality of existing practitioners. However, he is aware that this is a long-term project, that will take years to affect a generational change in mindset. Two other significant obstacles to the sector becoming more mainstream are time and cost. Whereas a typical consultation with a family doctor lasts around five minutes, a patient review conducted by a functional medicine practitioner takes much longer and requires more in-depth analysis and review of test data. Whilst obviously being a very thorough approach, it doesn’t come without a cost that reflects the added attention and as yet, insurance companies are unwilling to foot the bill. Despite existing players in the industry, such as The Cleveland Clinic, investing in a dedicated functional medicine department, only a small percentage of the population can afford to explore this path to addressing their health concerns. An added barrier to acceptance reflects the vicious battleground that stages the dirty fight for patients’ dollars. Healthcare is a gargantuan industry, and the smaller players have often cried “foul”, accusing the pharmaceutical kings of wielding their financial clout to flood the media with propaganda and fund research that is reverse engineered to achieve the outcome they desire to satisfy their commercial needs. The approach of ‘Big Pharma’ is mirrored



by those in the food industry. For example, documentaries such as ‘Sugar Coated’ point to convincing evidence that the big players in the sugar industry are employing similar dirty tricks in an attempt to deflect negative publicity away from the inflammatory effects of high sugar foods, and towards saturated fats. Fingers are regularly pointed in the direction of the FDA, suggesting that the regulatory body is far too easily manipulated and persuaded to support and promote products that have dubious research to support their safety for human consumption. Another challenge facing the functional medicine industry is that it’s historically been a sanctuary for quacks, fluffy scientists, conspiracy theorists and snake oil salesmen. However, Coppin believes that the “quacks are fading into the background”, as the research being disseminated from Europe becomes more widely accepted. He remarks, “it’s our responsibility in North America to cite good research and studies, not rely on the scarce research that has been produced on this continent. European research is around 25 years ahead in this area and by highlighting this work, the field will help address the negative perceptions harboured in North America and ensure that the legitimate science isn’t compromised by fads and self-proclaimed gurus. The experts in countries like Germany, Belgium and parts of Eastern Europe have been leading the training in this field for many years”. Consequently, Coppin believes that functional medicine may become more widely accepted in the area of self-care. His hope is that the practice can make a dent in the conventional medical model by preventing people from getting sick in the first place. The advances to support this drive, Coppin proposes, will come from advances in diagnostics and data interpretation over the next 5-10 years. IBM’s Watson is already bringing artificial intelligence (AI) to the doctor’s room, and Coppin doesn’t think it unrealistic that the role of the doctor will change to that of coach or “health mentor”, as the capabilities of AI, in processing massive amounts of data and cross-referencing results with the existing libraries of scientific evidence, will reduce the risks of medical error, thus forcing the transition of treatment plans to becoming more automated. Whilst Coppin lives a life consistent with the core beliefs of his practice, he admits that the costs of his supplements that help him ensure he has “youthful hormone signalling and a balanced neurochemistry” can range from $200-$400 per month, and personalized protocols can run upwards of

$20,000. This limits access to those not blessed with such financial means, and whilst he hopes that “in future there will be a way to donate these types of services to socially and economically deprived individuals”, he points to the fact that he has many clients who are not “wealthy, but have their priorities in check…investing in themselves, as opposed to their wardrobes”. Coppin further points to less expensive practices to supporting a functionally healthy lifestyle, including eating ‘real’ food, getting regular movement, and taking the time to connect with nature, although he concedes that other aspects are harder to control. Living in a clean environment is important, but it’s not always easy in a city to regulate exposure to toxins, chemicals, or non-normal electromagnetic frequencies that are emitted by your neighbours’ wifi boxes and neighbourhood cell masts. Coppin keeps himself at the forefront of the latest advances in functional medical science by attending conferences or events hosted by the Institute for Functional Medicine and the American Academy of AntiAging and Regenerative Medicine. He is particularly excited with the developments in cannabis-based therapies and ‘peptide therapy’, which uses tiny protein structures to help repair and regenerate damaged tissue and is currently undergoing extensive research in Europe. In an attempt to spread the word and disseminate the latest thinking in the functional medicine world to Vancouver, Coppin and his brother Fraser, a sports nutrition professional and energy medicine practitioner, have founded the ‘Superhuman Summit’. Coppin explains, “Superhuman is a speaker showcase event, designed to inspire health enthusiasts with the latest science and technology we use to enhance ourselves. We focus on longevity medicine and related technology…Superhumans and the idea of achieving great feats”. He continues, “The event doesn’t really have a demographic…it’s more about the mindset of the individual. Those who place a high value of their health, performance, and ultimately their experience on this planet. We see all backgrounds, ages, and experience. It is a deeper dive into ‘Self Care’”. If you want to learn more about the breaking science that will advance your understanding of how to exceed your current human capabilities, just visit the Superhuman website: www.Superhvman.com


Photos by Kim Bellavance



Saturday, July 29, 2017 Southlands Riding Club

The Sport of Kings Imagine dressing up and and watching the Sport of Kings, sipping Veuve Clicquot champagne, and diving into gourmet lunching: That’s what’s in store for attendees at the Pacific Polo Cup, another must-attend event in Vancouver. Held at Southlands Riding Club, and hosted in partnership with Nadia Iadisernia event firm Luxury Alliance Group, this was the fourth installation of this fast and furious alliance between horse and human. The Polo Cup drew a fashion-conscious crowd, dressed in linen suits, bowties, frothy fascinators, and

broad-brimmed hats, for fun on and off the field. The gates opened at 11:30 a.m. and soon the bottles of Veuve Clicquot began popping in the Corporate Polo Pavilions while across the field in the VIP Polo Dining Pavilion, Vancouver’s renowned Hawksworth Restaurant catered a luxurious fully inclusive dining experience with buckets of Veuve Clicquot champagne and Mission Hill Family Estate wine. But let’s not forget the main attraction – the polo games. Spectators cheered from the sidelines and participated in the halftime divot stomping, a grand old tradition in which everyone giddily surges forth to help replace the crevices created by the horses’ hooves. Corporate pavilions are booking up quickly for 2018. Bookings are accepted at PacificPoloCup.com



Rosemary Siemens business

women of


by Amanda Wood photography: Dave Hamilton

Barefoot ‘N Bling & The Brightest Star In The Sky

Rosemary Siemens’ path to success started out as a 3-year-old child music prodigy growing up on a century old farm in rural Manitoba, literally at the end of a gravel road. She has since grown into a successful entrepreneur and business leader in the music industry. She is a world-class improvisational violinist and vocalist and is currently dominating the world stage while still maintaining a humble and gracious attitude. Rosemary has performed at New York’s Carnegie Hall four times; has played private concerts for two U.S. Presidents, Canada’s former Prime Minister, and 16-time GRAMMY Award-Winner David Foster; and was the first violinist ever to perform at the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican since its first mass in 1483. Rosemary has performed in over twenty countries at a wide variety of events and in diverse venues, among them the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver and the Latin GRAMMY Awards. As one half of a violin-piano duo, she performs with Roy Tan. Their music video of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” recently went ‘viral’ and has over 6.5 million views on YouTube. Upon first meeting Rosemary one is instantly struck by her quirky laugh and her love for “bling.” She never leaves home without crystal and diamond jewelry. She inherited this passion for all things sparkly from her devoted mother Mary. Mary has been instrumental in Rosemary’s success. A music teacher herself, she recognized Rosemary’s gift when she was just a toddler. She devoted her time to Rosemary by driving her three to four times a week into Winnipeg for advanced music lessons, and this was easily a three hour round



trip. Her parents instilled in her a drive and work ethic that has pushed her to the highest levels of success. Her father is 79 years young and still working full time on their 1684-acre farm harvesting canola, soybeans and wheat. Rosemary is the apple of her father’s eye and he has been involved in many of her video shoots. Rosemary honours her parents in all that she does and heavily featured them in her music video for her single “Barefoot ‘N Bling”.

in the music industry. Giving her fans a breath of fresh air, she reveals herself with such vulnerability, humour, candor and enthusiasm that one cannot help but to feel a close kinship to her. Her recent nuptials to multi-award winning saxophonist and composer Eli Bennett were a public ceremony for 2000 people in her hometown of Plum Coulee, and the entire event was livestreamed for thousands more around the world courtesy of a drone and Facebook Live.

Another thing you’ll notice about Rosemary is that she never leaves home without her violin, lovingly named “Sparkle.” This is no ordinary violin. Dating back more than 300 years to King Louis XIV’s orchestra, this incredible instrument is considered by most to be priceless. Rosemary was entrusted with this incredible instrument by a patron who has since turned into her “Vancouver Mother.” This is just one example of the extraordinary types of kindness and generosity that are bestowed upon Rosemary over and over again. Could this be by chance or luck? I think not. Rosemary shares her music and life so openly with others and constantly gives back through charities that it is no surprise that life rewards her many kindnesses with affirming gifts and connections throughout her life.

People appreciate that she shares with them the ins and outs of her life, and in return they shower her with loyalty and praise. In many ways her violin is just the vessel used to take her into the homes and hearts of so many people around the world. It is her caring personality, authenticity and message of love and generosity that resonate and leave a lasting impression.

I don’t say this to take away from the incredible amount of hard work and commitment she has given to her craft. In a speech Rosemary recently gave to 250 CEO’s at the “Open2Discussion – The Entrepreneur” event in Vancouver, she talked about the accepted idea that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to find success. She says that she has achieved that number of hours many times over because she lives every moment of her life dedicated to her passion for music and connecting with her audience. Rosemary attributes a large part of her success to her mastery of social media. Over the last few years she has pulled away the veil of traditionally “perfect posts” which had been the normal way of doing things

In August 2016, Rosemary’s hometown of Plum Coulee, Manitoba, unveiled a billboard in her honour at the edge of the town that reads “Plum Coulee, Home of Rosemary Siemens.” This recognition from the town inspired her to write, record, and release her debut bluegrass album Plum Coulee, My Home, featuring her vocal debut, accompanied by her band Rosemary & The Sweet Sound Revival. Since its release, it has charted #11 on the Canadian Country-Music Sales Chart, won the 2016 Global Music Award for “Best Bluegrass/Country Album,” and was featured in Billboard Magazine. Since the 2017 launch of Rosemary’s U.S. radiosingle, “Barefoot ‘N Bling,” it has charted #9 for most-downloaded and streamed track for U.S. radio. In March of 2017, Rosemary embarked on a “Have a Little Faith” tour of Western Canada to promote the album, with eleven shows in ten cities. Rosemary’s passion is to share her musical journey and adventures wherever she goes, taking her social media audience with her. She takes her music to unexpected locations to touch, inspire, and bring people joy and hope.






We hate to say it, but the holiday season is almost here. We know you probably haven’t thought of it yet, so here are some ideas to help you get ahead of the madness before it starts. These gifts aren’t just for anyone, they are meant for the women you love in your life, because gifts as generous as these should go to no one less than the best!

The new ‘IT’ Fragrance GABRIELLE BY CHANEL Gabrielle by Chanel is the newest fragrance for the French luxury line. This fragrance was created to inspire women to be fearless. It’s meant for a woman in love with her life, full of passion, who is not afraid to break the mould. If you know a woman like this, this scent is one is for her. This fragrance may very well be as infamous as Chanel No.5 to the next generation. That’s why every detail down to the bottle itself, which took years to develop, was made to its best form. Priced at $125 per bottle. The Classic Tote VERSACE PALAZZO EMPIRE Every woman has a tote in their life. They may vary in size, but their practicality remains the same. One of the most sought after totes of the season is said to be the Versace Palazzo Empire tote. For many, it is already a staple piece in their collection. However, after the recent Versace SS18 runway show that paid homage to the life of Gianni Versace and the models who helped bring his vision to life, you can bet that this bag will soon be flying off the shelves. Price - $3,975 at Vancouver’s own LEONE location.

The Holiday Shoe JIMMY CHOO ROMY The holidays are a perfect time to get the perfect shoe for a special occasion. Why not give the woman in your life a special treat before a special evening? There is hardly a woman in the world out there who wouldn’t love a pair of designer shoes. Like men’s shoes, the higher the quality, the more comfortable the shoe, and the more durable! Jimmy Choo’s ROMY Antique Gold Coarse Glitter Pointy Toe Pumps are the perfect shoe for the holiday season. It can be added to a simple black dress to give an elegant look some flare, or it can be added to a rich red to add a bit of extra sparkle. This shoe is a reasonable token of your love, and one that will be sure to catch your eye! Price - $625.



A Masterpiece Combination CHOPARD IMPERIALE COLLECTION Fit for the masterpiece in your life, the Chopard Imperiale collection is meant for the sophisticated, elegant and majestic woman in your life, in other words, your Empress. Take the Imperiale watch; it has been newly refined to enhance to add a little more sparkle into someone’s life. The watch itself is intricately laced with three-dimensional rose or white gold to outline the beautiful motif. The Imperiale watch was so well received that it inspired an Chopard jewellery masterpiece to be released the following year. The Joaillerie is both intricate and mesmerizing with its 581 sapphires, totally 47.98 carats. The majestic purple was made to compliment the same purples used in the original Imperiale collection, while the greens, blues and reds are meant to catch the eyes like fireworks, leaving observers in awe! For an extra special gift, add a cocktail sautoir necklace from the same collection. This necklace has a large cushion-cut amethyst, encased in a diamond-paved openwork lattice, making it a piece of a lifetime. A three-piece gift like this is meant for the most special of occasions, is sure to make an impact in your woman’s life! Imperiale Jewellery starts at US$1,860. Chopard Boutique by GWC, 925 W Georgia St.

A Winter Escape

FAIRMONT KEA LANI, MAUI, HAWAII Vancouver’s winter isn’t for everyone, especially after the mess we experienced last year. That’s why so many of us are planning to escape the rain, snow, or whatever we end up with this season. With flights to Hawaii at a seasonal low, why not jet off to escape the weather? The Fairmont Kea Lani, the best luxury beach resort located on Maui’s Wailea coast, offers you the perfect getaway with their All-Suite property. It has also recently been named the Fairmont “Hotel of the Year” after completing a $70 million renovation. The Fairmont Kea Lani features an award-winning spa, three swimming pools and some of the best cocktails our Iconic Concierge team has tried to date. If you’re looking for seclusion and an experience you won’t forget, ask for an ocean facing suite and hit the Luana Lounge. Their awardwinning bartender will make sure you have an unforgettable night! Fairmont Kea Lani, Maui







indy Fair, originally from Calgary, Alberta, is a self-taught artist who has resided in Vancouver, BC since 1993. Inspired by the beauty of the cycle of life, she has channelled her passion and skills as an artist into unique skull artworks through her aptly-named art practice Blush n Bones. Cindy has lived and travelled through many parts of Central and South America, where she first discovered her passion for the countries’ culture, traditions and family values. Her artistic inspiration largely stems from ‘Dia de Muertos’ – Mexico’s annual day of the dead celebration - and the ancient tradition of Mexican skull art. Although the Mexican cultural event of ‘Dia de los Muertos’ appears to be based on death, it is, in the artist’s opinion, more about the ‘celebration of life’ . . . and the final mark we leave behind. Cindy’s work contemplates important questions, such as: “Did we fully embrace and live the life we loved? Were we able to find meaning and bring joy to others? Is death not a transitional cycle from life into the next world?” It is from these thoughts and questions that the artist creates each art piece, each one seemingly taking on a unique personality of its own as it evolves into its final creation. Her journey began in 2011 with a desire to paint a rejected terracotta skull found in the small, authentic, fishing village of Zihuatanejo, Mexico. Bringing the skull home to Vancouver, she spent countless hours painting intricate floral designs and incorporated a glaze she believed to be compatible for fusing in a kiln, only to discover that it was not. As she looked upon the ashes of paint and the faint impression of a design burnt into the terracotta, she learned a hard lesson about using the proper materials. Determined to pursue the works she envisioned, Cindy continued to salvage the piece - turning the flawed material into her first work, which she affectionately named “Dahlia of the Dead”. This work took on special significance for Cindy, serving as a reminder that it is from the ashes that the phoenix rises. Instinctively realizing that she had a gift and skill for sculpting, she became immersed in the art of sculpture and her new world


BLING Photographers: Kenton MacDonald-Lin (portrait) Erich Saide (skulls)

of “Blush n Bones”. Cindy began to incorporate metal, Swarovski crystals, flamboyant jewelry, and accessories to express her artistic impression and view on skull culture, in the process creating a form of skull art that’s all her own. Over time, Cindy’s work has evolved. Half of her practice is around the creation of calaveras or the ‘skulls’ in tribute to ‘Dia de los Muertos’ and referred to in her collection as ‘Glamour Skulls’. The other half is her ‘Beasts of Bling’ collection, which was inspired by the bison, long horn steers and other animals who have given up their existence and substance to allow humanity to survive. The artist’s view is that both the human and the animal skulls are spiritually connected and represent part of the cycle of life. In the fall of 2015, the artist was fortunate to participate in the ‘Dia de Muertos’ holiday in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. The two-day celebration of the dead was an amazing personal experience, which included trips to the city cemetery to view the florally decorated grave sites and listen to the various mariachi bands playing songs to honour the deceased and comfort their loved ones. Cindy’s work has a wide range of admirers. Her style appeals to art lovers in the motorcycle industry, skull and tattoo culture, hunters, and nature enthusiasts, as well as skull art aficionados. The art pieces range from approximately $900 - $7,000+ depending on type and size of medium, the amount of time involved, and the materials consumed. Cindy is grateful to be a featured artist at Suquet, with locations in Yaletown and Coal Harbour. Suquet has provided Cindy with tremendous support and professionalism in an upscale furniture and home interior environment. Aside from her availability to do commission pieces, her work can also be found at Konquer Motorcycles in Kelowna.




How To Make Money In A Downturn Luxury Market

“Look at market fluctuations as your friend rather than your enemy; profit from folly rather than participate in it.” -- Warren Buffett Jesse Dean bybyJesse DeanCook Cook


hen you simply look at the numbers it could appear a little bleak when analyzing the current situation with West Vancouver (WV) and Vancouver West’s (VW) luxury real estate markets. I’m here to assure you that this is indeed a golden opportunity for those prepared to take advantage of the current situation.

luxury properties to reduce their list price in order to sell. Here’s the good news. If you are a savvy investor you will see the opportunity in this current climate. I am encouraging my clients to see this as a great time to buy specific types of unique properties. i.e. large lots, view properties, waterfront lots/houses, A+ location homes with the intention to hold them and to rent them out.

According to Ned Davis Research, Inc. “Historically, some of the worst short-term market fluctuations and losses were followed by periods of substantial market recovery.” We are currently experiencing a significant drop in number of sales at 40% year to year for these two luxury areas. There have only been 50 sales at the price point of 8 million+ (year to date) whereas there were 86 at this same time last year for VW and WV. According to the data we can quite confidently anticipate a positive rebound effect.

I am doing a ton of research for my top clients to investigate the long-term opportunities when it comes to future areas that will be rezoned for higher density development. Every municipality is under immense pressure to increase their density, with some having more clear-cut community plans on how to do so. The long-term opportunity here is to acquire properties that would be realistic to fall into the next iteration of the community plan, thus, increasing the Floor Space Ratio (FSR) percentage. This is how owners of properties along the Cambie Corridor, for example, made millions. The key is to make educated investments in areas that are still untapped and thereby get in on the ground floor of the opportunity with the largest profit

Supply and demand dictate everything in the market place and right now there is tremendous amount of product. The listing count is continuing to rise which puts pressure on



margin. This is about time, not timing. You will need to be thinking long-term and working with time as your advantage.

time to your advantage and buying with long-term goals in mind.

I get a lot of questions about investing in the condo market. Although there can be great opportunities, especially with the recent 20% increase in the Vancouver 1 bedroom condo market in the past 12 months, I feel that the attached market will begin to soften in early 2018.

Sarah Beeny is an English property developer and television presenter, best known for presenting property shows Property Ladder, Britain’s Best Homes, Double Your House for Half the Money and Sarah Beeny’s Selling Houses. She is famously quoted saying, “In any market, in any country, there are developers who make money. So I see all of this doom and gloom, but there will always be people who make money, because people always want homes.”

Research shows that the attached market generally lags behind the trends of the detached market. These types of units from an investment standpoint will become more of a commodity and as such, I would be careful with investing in these types of properties. As always, it is about being at the forefront of a new area of development and using

I couldn’t agree more with Sarah’s point of view and if you also agree and would like to discuss these current real estate opportunities do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

FEATURED LISTINGS 1360 Queens Avenue West Vancouver

822 E 17th Street North Vancouver



5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms 4,955 sq/ft Brand new modern masterpiece

6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms 4,860 sq/ft Brand new warm, modern family home





Delicious Food Creations, Amazing Cocktails, Great Company. Creating Memories The Vancouver Way! Photography by Todd Duncan

Sometimes we just take things for granted. Living in Vancouver, we are spoiled with breathtaking nature, a thriving, vibrant city with steady growth, and the one thing that people who come here to visit always point out - the food! It is not easy to define what Vancouver’s food culture is all about. We have so many options, from the seasonal spot prawns, wonderful West Coast meets Asia creations, the massive prime cut of steak, or a steaming bowl of ramen noodles. “When I returned to Vancouver, I was stunned by the variety and diversity, which wasn’t the case when I left, over 15 years ago”, says Olli Finlay, our newest DreamTeam member. “I quickly found out that I would meet the most interesting people around town but by inviting them to dinner, I really got to know them. Too often in this age of instant gratification, communication is limited to “Likes”, emails, texts and soundbites, whilst dining has become a functional activity, as opposed to a social occasion”. It was then that Finlay decided to bring like-minded people together at a restaurant, to connect thought-leaders and build a mutually impactful community over great food. Finlay created the concept of the ‘SHINE Dining Experience’, an acronym for ‘social engagement’, ‘human connection’, ‘interaction’, ‘networking’ and ‘enduring relationships’. “Those who find their way to the ‘SHINE Dining Club’ are social impactors, entrepreneurs, change agents, or action takers



who are looking to meet passionate, energetic people of a similar philosophy, whilst also enjoying great food”. “Fable has always been one of my favourite places.”, says Finlay, “the farm-to-table concept resonates with my values, the open kitchen, the warm and cozy atmosphere, and the amazing food creations, provide for unforgettable experiences. The family-style platters facilitate free-flowing conversation and the attentive, friendly service is second to none, especially when catering for a large group, with various dietary restrictions often requiring subtle attention.” Trevor Bird was competing on Season 2 of Top Chef Canada during the ever popular “Restaurant Wars” episode when he came up with the name for the team’s farm-to-table restaurant concept: FABLE. The vision was born. Upon returning to Vancouver, Trevor started working on this vision – a restaurant that would showcase his talents and help define Canadian cuisine. Sourcing local product and delivering great flavors in a fun and nonpretentious setting. Bird found the perfect location on 1944 West 4th in Kits - here he would have the open kitchen, where he and his team could interact with guests whilst showcasing their talents. Exposed brick walls, wood beams reclaimed from the historic Cecil hotel, hand built wine and preserve shelves, art from local artists, a hand carved sign…all of this is what makes Fable the perfect spot for what we had in mind - a networking evening, over some familystyle dinner. We teamed up with Trevor and brought along mixologist, Christos Kalaitzis, from Central City Brewers & Distillers, who created 3 amazing cocktails based on Queensborough Small Batch Dry Gin and paired with the 4 course dinner that Trevor Bird created from scratch, only using local ingredients. The invitation went out to some of Vancouver’s entrepreneurs and socialites, and what followed can only be described as an amazing evening, which created new friendships and lasting memories. “A family-style dinner is the best way to learn about people,” says Trevor. “You pass the cutlery, maybe serve the food to the person next to you, you discuss the same food. Conversation is inevitable,” he laughs. A big thank you goes to Canadian violin sensation Rosemary Siemens, who joined us for this wonderful evening. She brought her 1714 violin, which was played in King Louis XIV’s orchestra, and, to the surprise of the guests that night at Fable, played Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’. It won’t be our last invitation to enjoy food, drinks and great company. And we can only encourage our readers to do the same. Fable Kitchen 1944 W 4th Ave www.fablekitchen.ca



by: Louise Huang, Barry McNabb www.winestainclub.com


Welcome to the start of the festive season. Well, truth be told, in the wonderful world of wine, all the seasons are festive. This edition we want to showcase a few noteworthy selections for that lucky someone in your life, even if that’s you! These wines are sure to impress and have been perfectly stored for decades so they’re ready to go this Christmas, New Year’s, or Tuesday night. Enjoy!

Popping the cork and toasting with sparkle. Nothing equals the joy of a champagne toast with friends and family. A New Year’s celebration will be stunning with the finest Champagnes. Krug is one of Champagne’s most prestigious houses. The 1985 Krug vintage Champagne is stunning and has evolved layers and depth by siting in Krug’s Cellar for a decade before release. Full bodied yet delicate with toast, brioche and spice notes. Great balance. Very long finish. 1985 Krug Brut, Champagne, France Jancis Robinson 19/20 Robert Parker, The Wine Advocate 96/100 Value: $1,000 The 1979 Krug Clos du Mesnil Blanc de Blancs Brut comes from a single vineyard, which is a 1.84-hectare plot protected by walls since 1698 in the village of Mesnil-sur-Oger. 1979, a prestige vintage, aged beautifully. The time aged is revealing its richness, balance, expressiveness, finesse, and elegance, all at the same time. 1979 Krug Clos du Mesnil Blanc de Blancs Brut, Champagne, France Robert Parker, The Wine Advocate 99/100 Wine Spectator 98/100 Value: $6,500 Dom Pérignon, the world’s most legendary Champagne, remains one of the best, always in style. The 1996 is made from 50% Pinot Noir, 50% Chardonnay. It is surprisingly light on the nose yet presents layers of components on the palate perfectly in balance. 1996 Dom Perignon Brut, Champagne, France Jancis Robinson 18/20 Robert Parker, The Wine Advocate 96/100 Value: $400 Port and Christmas... For decades, people had the tradition of drinking port after dinner on Christmas. Port is delicious, and we’ve fallen in love with its silky texture as well as its sweet taste that is very satisfying on the palate. Warre’s is one of Portugal’s most famous port houses. This rare 1937 Warre’s Vintage Port is known for its mature wine flavours. It has a touch of Christmas spices and wood box on the nose. Yum! 1937 Warre’s Vintage Port, Portugal Value: $450 About Winestain Club Winestain Club was born from an intense interest and love for everything wine, specializing in Wine Consultation, Wine Storage, Wine Education and organizing lots of amazing wine tasting events. Whether you are looking for wine as a gift or stocking up for the big days ahead, Winestain Club is here to navigate some of the best choices for you. Cheers! 604.728.7725 #1070-9111 Beckwith Road Richmond, V6X 1V7



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CITY tonight!

O ur

by Jim Gordon & Leeta Liepins

The Iconic Concierge Magazine version of the weekly TV show, “Our City Tonight”, which can be seen Saturdays at 9:30am and 12:30am Sundays on JoyTV. Follow them on Twitter, FB, Instagram & YouTube @Ourcitytonight

UVA Wine & Cocktail Bar

900 Seymour St | Vancouver | 604 632 9560 |

This cozy spot has been around for a number of years and offers a number of different moods depending on the time of day you visit. We chose to visit on a late weekday afternoon with the plan of enjoying one of their speciality coffees, then easing into a signature cocktail. The added bonus during our visit was the presence of Vancouver Magazine’s “Bartender of 2017”, Sabrine Dhaliwal. After a delicious espresso macchiato, we sat with Sabrine to discuss which cocktail to order. She started by asking us which type of spirit we prefer; in our case Gin (Jim) and Rum (Leeta).

For this edition of “Our City Tonight”, Jim and Leeta headed to an urban hideaway in the city’s “entertainment district”: Uva Wine Bar (www.uvavancouver.com). Although they have an impressive wine selection, we were there to check out their award winning cocktails.

“Every cocktail has a shaken or stirred option,” she shared as she began to make the drinks. It was refreshing that we did not have to wait through an extended creative process in order to receive our drinks. Sometimes one will encounter mixologists more interested in the time consuming “showmanship” part of the process than the drink itself. Sabrine, who views herself as a bartender and not a mixologist, believes cocktails should be approachable, not intimidating and made for the customer’s palate. Our cocktails arrived; Beefeater Gin “Notta Colada” for Jim (Sabrine was quick to acknowledge credit to her colleague, Lily, for that creation) and the “Rum PaPa-Pomme” with Appleton Rum for Leeta. Both cocktails were visually appealing to match the delicious taste. Sabrine also offered some light fare which went perfectly with the cocktails served, including mussels and carpaccio. The appetizer portions were reasonably sized and took the edge off of our hunger. As we enjoyed the last sips of our cocktails, Sabrine offered her thoughts on the cocktail most deserving of a comeback: “The Martinez”, she told us, which is the precursor to the classic gin Martini, and “The Journalist” which consists of gin, orange curacao, sweet vermouth, dry vermouth, lemon juice and bitters.



Ask the ... Concierge! An Insider’s Guide to Vancouver Yuki Fournier Fairmont Hotel Vancouver An avid outdoor adventurer, globetrotting thrill-seeker, and mother of two boys with a passion for cooking and music, Yuki Fournier is Fairmont Hotel Vancouver’s Fairmont Gold Concierge & Supervisor, and current Regional Director of Les Clefs d’Or – British Columbia. Born in Japan, Yuki moved to Vancouver at the age of 11 and quickly fell in love with the waterfront city. Her hospitality and concierge career began in 1992 at Vancouver’s then Renaissance Harbourfront Hotel, eventually moving on to take positions at Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre and the opening team for Hotel Le Soleil, before joining Fairmont Hotel Vancouver in 2012. Yuki has been a proud member of the esteemed Les Clefs d’Or Canada since 2011. WHAT MAKES WORKING AT THE HOTEL VANCOUVER SPECIAL? How many people can say that they work in a ‘Castle in the heart of the city’ ? This iconic building carries so much history. This is where important happens! THE BEST PLACE FOR COFFEE No other city has more coffee places than Vancouver. We are very lucky to have Faubourg and Caffe Artigiano next door to us on Hornby Street and Thierry just across on Alberni Street, who serves top notch coffees THE BEST PLACE FOR A ROMANTIC DINNER One of my favourites right now is Ancora Waterfront Dining & Patio, overlooking the False Creek waters. Gorgeous views and a true fusion and marriage of Latino (Peruvian) & Japanese.... a true elegance and beauty. Then go for a stroll along the seawall towards English Bay and sit on one of the logs on the beach and watch the sunset. THE BEST COZY FIREPLACE RESTAURANT/ BAR Bacchus Restaurant & Piano Lounge is very cozy. The room is very warm with dark wood furniture, live piano music in the background. A very classy and elegant restaurant & lounge with beautiful food offerings. THE BEST COCKTAILS IN TOWN Notch 8 Bar & Lounge, of course! Old Fashioned Dice Game is a fun way to experiment and design your own cocktail with a throw of a dice. A ‘WOW’ EXPERIENCE IN VANCOUVER Cycling around Stanley Park, and continue across towards Jericho Beach, ending up at the Gallery Patio & Grill at Jericho Sailing Centre. Great nachos and salmon burgers. The best way to showcase the beauty of the city and enjoy the scenery away from downtown. HAVE YOU SEEN THE LADY IN RED? Not yet, however, I would love to meet her and ask her what it was like to be a socialite in Vancouver in the late 30’s, early 40’s.

900 W Georgia Street




May 24, 2018 - May 28, 2018

Nice, France Portofino, Italy St.Tropez, France Monte Carlo, Monaco What would you like to do this weekend? If you’ve ever answered “Sail from Nice to a beach in Saint-Tropez and then to Monte-Carlo for the Grand Prix,” this is the voyage for you. But let’s throw Portofino, Italy, into the mix. It certainly fits. Pastel houses along the shore of a harbor full of mega-yachts, crowned by a castle – this has been a destination for the rich and famous since the mid-1800s. Wander the charming streets and exclusive boutiques, see the castle, and then eat alongside the harbor. The fish is fresh, the lasagna fantastic, and the antipasto amazing. As for the beach in Saint-Tropez, there are choices. Pampelonne is the beach that made Saint-Tropez famous, first as a site of the Allied landings and then, after Brigitte Bardot, as a landing site for the rich and beautiful. Travel into the hills surrounding Saint-Tropez to discover charming villages and vineyards where some of the finest French wines are produced. Then it’s off to the races. Pre-purchase tickets (in addition to voyage fare) to the Monaco Grand Prix. This Formula One racing event is the most glamorous sporting event in the world. Not bad for a Europe trip, right?

WHAT’S INCLUDED • Bar cocktails, international beers and wines at all ship bars. • All gratuities included. • English-trained butlers for suite guests. • Shuttle service to and from port communities. • Concierge service. • All meals included, with 24hr in-room food service. For more information or to make a reservation, contact Paradise Cruiseshipcenters: Phone: 1-800-663-1389 Email: paradise@cruiseshipcenters.com

Your hosts on the F1 Monaco Cruise 2018: Craig Stowe and Nadia Iadisernia

Starting from:

C$2929 Prices are per person, based on double occupancy, for cruise only on select sailings and stateroom categories. Taxes, fees and port expenses are additional. For new reservations only. Subject to availability. Certain restrictions apply. Prices include Non Commissionable Cruise Fare and are quoted in CAD. All itineraries and prices are subject to change without notice. © 2017 Azamara Cruises Inc. Ships’ Registry:Malta.

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