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Dead whales washed up

At the beginning of April, the carcass of an eleven and a half metre long sperm whale appeared on the shore at the Punta de Jandía in the borough of Pájara in Fuerteventura. The animal was recovered by the Environmental Protection Agency and taken to the biological research station in La Oliva where the cause of death is to be determined. Read more on page 2

This whale was washed up on the east side of La Palma

Super fast travel

New flying boat for the future? The Canary Islands Government is committed to innovation and new means of transport and is therefore calling on the Spanish Central Government to approve the new Naves de Vuelo Rasante (fast flying boat) which would make Spain the first European country to possess it. NVRs, as they are called for short, are only permitted in Russia, China and Korea. Pablo Rodríguez, the Canary Islands deputy president, recently met with the Director General of the Merchant Navy and representatives of Canary Islands Wigs (Ciwigs), which is planning to use this means of transport in the Canary Islands from June 2021, as a basis for the framework conditions for approval in Spain. Working groups have been assigned to this project since November 2017 and

©Facebook nave de vuelo rasante

Death cause investigations

a definitive proposal was drawn up in February. Now it seems it’s time to initiate the approval procedure.

“A first route served by the flying boat will be put into operation in Korea before the end of this year.

The flying boat glides over the surface of the water

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Floating on air!

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In addition, this means of transport, which looks like an aircraft but is considered a boat, could improve the connections to and between the smaller islands. Canary Island Wigs has ordered four M80 flying boats, which will initially operate between the two metropolises. They have a capacity for six passengers and two crew members. The 750hp engine has a range of 650 kilometres due to its super efficient fuel usage. If the engine were damaged, the machine would simply slide back onto the water surface. It has a triple hull design that prevents rollover. Ciwigs is

Photo: GobCan

Continued from front page We hope that the Canary Islands will be the second” explained Gerardo Morales Hierro, the administrator of Ciwigs. This new technology uses the aerodynamics created between the wings and the water surface to take off from the water. The vehicle flies above the water surface, on a kind of air cushion, without being in direct contact with it. The flying boat can reach speeds of up to 200 kilometres per hour. A trip between the two Canarian capitals Santa Cruz and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria would then take only 30 minutes, twice as fast as the current fast ferry.

More care needed

Pablo Rodríguez is committed to the certification of the flying boat

currently planning 40 rides a day between the major cities. In the winter, operations are expected to take place from 7am to 6.30pm and in the summer until 8pm. In winter, bad weather conditions with

storms can be avoided as the flying boat only rises to a height of 100 metres. No prices have yet been fixed. According to Morales Hierro’s estimate, the airfare for residents would be around €50. If further routes were to be extended, for example, it would only take twelve minutes to travel from Los Cristianos to San Sebastián de La Gomera and 37 minutes to Valverde in El Hierro. To moor, the flying boats only need a simple jetty. Another advantage is that the flying boat is environmentally friendly and would not collide with sperm whales or other n marine mammals.

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Continued from front page Sperm whales are often seen in Canarian waters and they stay for increasingly longer periods. As a rule, they are most likely to be seen from February/March until the summer months. The animals can grow to up to 15 metres in length and weigh up to 40 tons. They are not usually interested in boats and avoid their proximity, as this is the critical moment when they can easily become the victims of ferries and speedboats. The animals live as loners and in waters rich in fish, although it can be that several specimens live relatively close to each other. Sperm whales can dive to depths of up to 1,000 metres and feed mainly on squid. This case was not an isolated one. Only a few days later, another dead sperm whale was also washed up on the coast of La Bajita in the borough of Villa de Mazo in La Palma. This animal was nine metres long and weighed about ten tons. It had been dead for a long time. The cause of death will now be clarified by veterinarians at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC). Shortly before the editorial deadline, a third marine mammal was washed ashore by the tide. This time it was a pilot whale that was found dead on Playa de La Jaquita in El Médano. This cause of death also needs further investigation. Researchers have long been calling for stricter rules to protect marine mammals in Canary Island waters, for example, regarding speed limits near the coast or anti-collision measures. Vidal Martín Martel, President of the Canary Islands Society for Cetacean Research in the Canary Islands, estimates that between the years 2000 and 2015, around 42 sperm whales died as a result of collisions with boats. Veterinarian and researcher Manuel Arbelo cites shipping and fishing incidents as the main causes of dead cetaceans in Canary Island waters. Lawyer Alejandro Quintana also warns of a worrying increase in dead cetaceans in the Canary Islands. That is why counter-measures are urgently required from various sides. Just this March, the 28-year-old environmental lawyer Quintana submitted a pioneering petition to the Canary Islands Parliament and a coordination committee was set up, but it’s not enough for the critical lawyer. He regrets that his second proposal, a protocol to prevent collisions between boats and marine mammals, was not adopted. There is still much to be done to effectively protect marine n mammals off the Canary Island coasts.

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Swedish man suspected of murder GUARDIA CIVIL ASSISTANCE

National Park rescue operation

Guardia Civil officers who were on a routine patrol in the Mount Teide National Park recently came across a small group of hikers in the Llano de Ucanca area who needed their help. A 56-year-old woman had fallen so awkwardly that she had broken her left ankle and was suffering severe pain. Thankfully, she had several members of her family with her. The woman was placed on a stretcher and carried by the officers back to the road, where an ambulance was n waiting for her.

The woman had to be carried back to the road

On April 11, Guardia Civil officers in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria, arrested a Swedish man on suspicion of killing his wife. The 45-year-old had called the emergency services at 10am. Unfortunately, the 42-yearold woman was found without life, and the statements the male made about the situation aroused suspicion on the part of the officers. Shortly afterwards, forensic experts confirmed that the nature of her injuries was an indication of a possible physical attack, so the man was taken into custody. As we went to press, the background to the case had Guardia Civil officers have arrested a 43-year-old Spaniard in La Laguna who has supposedly made over 100 calls in which he expressed hatred, discrimination and violence against Muslims and immigrants. The man had several profiles on the known social networks and had registered the maximum

The drama took place in the holiday resort of Puerto Rico

not yet been made public, but should the suspicion be confirmed, this would be another case of ‘gender violence’,

which is generally defined in Spain as any act of violence committed by a man against a woman with whom

he is currently affiliated or used to be, though there are also cases of women using n violence against men.


Hate caller arrested number of friends allowed for each one. He has now appeared before Court Number Four in La Laguna to be

charged with a hate crime. The investigation was initiated by the Public Prosecutor's Office which deals with this type of

offence, because the author’s acts were of particular severity and showed a propensity n towards violence.




The wonder of nature and lots of fun

Photos: Loro Parque

Easter at Loro Parque

Two new ‘neighbours’ in the zoo

The Easter break is finally here, and families have time to spend together to enjoy some new and wonderful experiences. How about a visit to Loro Parque? Many novelties that

Red pandas are considered the most beautiful animals in the world

were introduced last year make a visit new and exciting, even for all those who are regular visitors. Animals from the five continents can be admired in settings individually and specifically designed for their health,

happiness and comfort. Have you seen the two female hippopotami which live in a complex that is modelled on the wetlands of their homeland? Opposite lives a group of charismatic ring-tailed lemurs, who, curious as they are, often come very close to greet visitors. And the novel aquatic Zen garden inspired by Japanese gardens and the majestic mountain ranges of Asia, is a unique landscape aquarium that has a calming charisma. The lions from Angola and the red pandas that like to rest quietly in the treetops during the day and are not easy to spot, are always impressive. But of course the parrots, sea lions, orcas and dolphins are always enthusiastic and energetic showmen and women! Loro Parque was rated by Tripadvisor users as the best zoo in the world and the management has now also come up with some fabulous new ideas and activities for the Easter hol-

idays, days that will certainly be remembered forever, not only because of the many beautiful animals that can be seen in natural surroundings, but above all because Loro Parque as a modern zoo takes its role as a wildlife protection centre very seriously indeed. Their animals act as ambassadors for their kin in the wild and visitors are made aware by the animals at the zoo of the level of their endangerment in the wilderness. Thought-provoking reminders are made during the shows and through displays throughout the Parque, wherewith each individual can make their own decisions in order to contribute their grain of sand to the protection of the environment. As one of the first zoos in Europe to do so, last year Loro Parque eliminated the use of single-use plastics such as bottles and sauce sachets and replaced them with fully biodegradable items and bottles that can be recycled, n composted or reused.


Imprenta Reyes for recyclable and reusable bags Canary Islands’ society is becoming increasingly sensitive to the importance of protecting the environment. From the point of view of the Imprenta Reyes print shop, which can look back on 40 years of experience, this means that one needs to adapt to new consumer behaviour. For a long time, Imprenta Reyes has been offering printed bags made of paper or cotton in addition to the usual printing

services such as catalogues, brochures, books and journals. The company has purchased a new machine specifically for this purpose, and is thus particularly suited to small and medium-sized companies. "One of the reasons why we have looked into this issue was the demand from our customers. Until now, recyclable advertising bags could only be ordered in large quantities of 3,000 to 5,000 pieces

from the Peninsula. For many small businesses, that's far too many. That's why we bought a machine that can handle orders of 200 bags or more" explained Managing Director Berto Rodríguez. The Imprenta Reyes print shop works with bags made of paper, non-woven fabrics or cotton. All three models are available in different sizes and in a wide range of colours. "This business idea is being well received both

Imprenta Reyes

This machine can also process small orders

by the print shop's clients and their customers. We have even been able to win new customers. In this way, environmental protection and customer loyalty go hand in hand and

it’s an important step in counteracting unnecessary plastic consumption" says Rodríguez, confident that the future of shopping bags lies in paper n and fabric.

Calle Subida de Mayorazgo, Nave 12 Poligono Industrial El Mayorazgo Tel: 922 229 323 E-mail: presupuestos@

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Cruise passengers evacuated

Military rescue missions In separate dramatic operations, Canarian military squadrons were recently deployed twice from Gran Canaria on the same day, to rescue passengers off cruise ships who were in urgent need of medical attention. The incidents took place on April 8. As both rescue operations exceeded the range of the Maritime Rescue Services, the Air Force sent a CN-235 Vigma (D.4) reconnaissance aircraft to locate the ships, which passed the exact posi-

tions onto the pilot of a Super Puma helicopter - which carries the necessary equipment for airlifting injured or sick people aboard. The first situation unfolded with an emergency call from the MSC Seaview cruise ship, which was heading for the archipelago but was located around 500 kilometres off the coast of Gran Canaria. A 43-year-old Portuguese lady had gone into labour prematurely and, due to complications, both mother and child

Art and Equality

Festival news


were in a serious condition. The helicopter crew, from the base in Gran Canaria, took the patient aboard at 10.22am. The ship's doctor flew with the mother to the Doctor Negrín University Hospital in Gran Canaria, where she landed at 12.26pm and underwent an emergency caesarean. A little while later, a call was received from the World Odyssey cruise ship. There, a 20-year-old woman from the United States was so seriously ill with an infection that an A brand new diversity festival will be held this year between April 24 and 28 in Puerto de La Cruz. The International festival of Art and Equal-

The pregnant woman was hoisted into the helicopter and flown out to the Doctor Negrín University Hospital

immediate evacuation was necessary. The ship was on its way ity comes under the banner of the ‘Diverse’ organisation and is all about visibility and acceptance. It is the latest addition to the area’s cultural offering, and aims to draw attention to women’s issues and the collective of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals. The festival will take place in the Plaza Europa and around the Castillo San Felipe. In addition to concerts, a number of film and book presentations will also take place. Amongst other acts already confirmed, highlights include Tenerife actress Bibiana Monje, activist Pamela Palenciano, the musical group Caracoles (on April 24), singer-songwriter La Otra (April 26) and Canarian reggae band Ruts & La Isla Music. In addition, the open-air art festival MUECA, which is usually celebrated in May, has been postponed to Sepn tember this year.

to Gran Canaria but was around 650 kilometres from its destination. At 2.34pm the helicopter crew took the woman

on board, and at 5.40pm they landed at the Doctor Negrín University Hospital in Las Paln mas de Gran Canaria.


Four injured guards

On April 7, there was a serious incident during the morning at Las Palmas II prison. One inmate, considered particularly violent and dangerous and therefore in solitary confinement, apparently refused to follow the prison guards in the morning, not wanting to leave his cell. He is said to have gone on to insult the guards and threaten to kill them, attack them as they entered the cell, throw cleaning utensils out of the window and beat himself. Initially, the guards retreated to give the man time to calm down, but later decided to intervene because there was a great risk the prisoner might hurt himself badly. When three attendants and the head of the service entered the cell, he also apparently attacked them and injured them. They all had to be cared for in the infirmary, and several had to go to hospital. The union has long criticised the prison’s low staffing levels and lack of security material, and urges that measures be taken to relieve the situation. In many experts’ opinions, the so-called Prison II in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has become one of the most dangerous areas in Spain for guards. n



Missing person appeal

Has anyone seen Peter Wilson? Since the beginning of April, Peter Wilson’s family has been looking for the Irishman who landed on the island on March 22 to spend two weeks on holiday. One day later, on March 23, the 33-year-old was last seen in Costa Adeje and in Playa de Las Américas. His family, who were worried about not being able to reach Peter, were initially met with coolness by the police. After all, Peter is an adult man who is not obliged to report to his family during his holidays. Only after the family went to his room after his return flight date and found his suitcase, passport and other personal belongings still there did the police become more active. The family has now turned to the public for help via the platform SOS Desaparecidos. “We know we’re looking for a needle in a haystack, but there are many English-speaking compatriots here and we hope very much that they can help us” they explained to the newspaper Irish Mirror. Peter Wilson is 1.72 metres tall and has chestnut brown hair. He also has tattoos on his arms and one hand. Anyone who saw Peter after March 23 or can give information about his whereabouts is requested to contact the telephone numbers 642 650 775 or 649 952 957, or email sosdesaparecidos Have you seen Peter? n


European Parliament rejects petition

Another defeat for the Free Morgan Foundation At the beginning of April, the Petitions Committee of the European Parliament dismissed definitively the petition sought by the Free Morgan Foundation because of the Loro Parque’s alleged misuse of the CITES permit in relation to the Orca Morgan. In 2015, the Free Morgan Foundation (FMF), led by Mathew Spiegel and Ingrid Visser, began a campaign in which it sent letters to various CITES authorities accusing Loro Parque and its experts of ignoring or even deliberately circumventing the rules. In particular, they mentioned Morgan's health and pregnancy. Although they received replies from various authorities stating that they were mistaken and that there was no ban on reproduction, they stuck to their campaign. The Dutch CITES authority denounced the FMF's initiative twice, and in 2017 the

Photo: Loro Parque

18.4.2019 – 1.5.2019

Morgan with her daughter Ula

organisation decided to start an administrative dispute against the Dutch Government. Last year, the Dutch judiciary again pointed out to FMF that it was wrong and again it responded, not by admitting to having been wrong, but by appealing the verdict. There will therefore be another hearing at the end of May. The actions of the Free Morgan Foundation continue. In 2018, it submitted a petition

to the European Parliament calling for the amendment of the CITES forms, which are valid throughout the European Union. The reason cited was that the approved Morgan case does not conform to the rules. Back in June last year, the European Commission replied that this petition was rejected as unfounded. The petition remained open due to the lack of a quorum and further information was requested

from CITES España and the European Commission. The Spanish CITES authority's reply to the Petitions Commission regarding the legality of Morgan's situation was clear "No violations were found. Neither with regard to the content of the certificate nor with regard to the application of standards (CE) 338/97." In addition "Loro Parque meets all the requirements, as to having the appropriate facility for keeping the specimen and the conditions of keeping it, that the Community certificate prescribes". The European Commission's reply was equally clear "The applicants claim that the Morgan case is only an example to illustrate the general problems of the certificate but could not mention another case". It concluded "The applicants have not demonstrated any significant structural problems in the application of the n provisions".




Arrests throughout Spain

Child porn ring National police have arrested 20 people nationwide for the use and exchange of child pornography material, with ten other suspects still under investigation. A total of 30 apartments were searched during the operation, including one in Tenerife. The others were located in Zaragoza (2), Madrid (4), Barcelona (8), Vizcaya (3), Castellón (2), Málaga (2) and one each in Pontevedra, Lugo, Jaén, Granada, Seville, Almería, Valladolid and Córdoba. Extensive evidence was apparently secured during the searches. The investigation began after police learned of the existence of a child pornography exchange on the Internet. The network used a virtual cloud as a basis for exchange, as these platforms have a high storage capacity and, above all, are easy to access from all digital devices. The archives could thus be effortlessly shared and quickly deleted if necessary. In addition, the cloud makes it easier to disguise the origin

The National Police ran a successful nationwide investigation which led to 20 arrests

of material. For the police, this makes tracking and identification significantly more difficult.

Nevertheless, this most recent investigation was successful, as it often is.

Among those detained was a youth football coach from Barcelona, who is said to have

possessed extensive incriminatory material, but who could not be proven to have abused

children from his team himself. Another is a pensioner from Seville, who, amongst other activities, was apparently encrypting information and hiding archives. A further suspect from Madrid is said to have abused an invitation to the house of friends to collect extensive pornographic material of their daughter. In addition, one 55-year-old man with a criminal record, from Almería, used the wifi of a bar to avoid identification. In Zaragoza, two 16-yearolds were arrested, one of whom was caught deleting archives during the intervention. Thankfully, he was prevented from doing so by police officers. The suspects also include two women, from Madrid and Málaga, who were also holding child pornography material, though they indicated they had stored it n by accident.

Heart attack holidaymaker revived

Security guard turns lifesaver

Thanks to Ortega’s quick reaction, the holidaymaker survived

José Juan Ortega, a security guard with Securitas, was on duty at the end of March at the

Marylanza Suites & Spa Hotel in Playa de Las Américas when at dawn, a very upset woman

called the reception desk for help, explaining that her husband had stopped breathing. Ortega immediately reached for the semi-automatic defibrillator device and ran to the guest's room. After making sure that the man had actually stopped breathing and had no pulse, he applied the device. By the time the Hospital Quirón Salud ambulance arrived from Costa Adeje, he had resuscitated the patient. On arrival at the hospital, however, the man

Done as if we were building it for ourselves! Repairs s • s a l o g f Per ing • Roo h s i n fi r o nteri

I Puerto de Santiago •

Tel. +49 172 3277488 • Tel. +34 642 088 361

suffered another heart attack which was treated by the hospital staff. Since the Norwegian needed an emergency catheter, he was taken to Hospiten Sur for emergency surgery. The patient spent a few days in a coma, but then the family was given the all-clear. He had recovered almost completely. His wife expressly thanked the courageous intervention by José Juan Ortega, who undoubtedly saved her husband's life. The security

guard had attended professional training courses on the use of the defibrillator, but had never used the device in practice. In September 2016, there was a similar case at the Aparthotel Casablanca in Puerto de La Cruz. Then too, there was a happy ending. The hotels and holiday apartments association Ashotel has been part of the network for cardio protected spaces since last year and has an agreement with DESA, which installs defibril-

lators and trains staff in their use. "We have had such a device in our hotel and trained personnel since 2015. It’s a question of responsibility to have this service available in hotels and other public facilities. Even though obviously we always wish we would never have to use it, sometimes, as in this case, it makes the difference between life and death" explained Fernando Josa, director of Hotel Maryn lanza Suites & Spa.

18.4.2019 – 1.5.2019







Easter highlights in Tenerife

Photo: Ayto. Adeje

Passion plays and the Way of the Cross

The individual stations from the life of Jesus are re-enacted in Adeje

teurs with great talent. The preparations and rehearsals are in full swing for some time before. In the background, numerous industrious hands provide costumes, accessories and scenery. On Good Friday at 12pm, the time finally comes for the steps of the Passion Route to begin. A total of 13 stages where the last days of Jesus are acted out are set up from

Peter's denial, the questioning by Pilates, the arrest, crucifixion and resurrection. The performers are so good that year after year they leave the audience with real goosebumps. Several scenes are based on the Camino Antiguo Calvario. Another five have stages with a loudspeaker system. The spectacle will also be broadcast live on TV Canarias.

Photo: Ayto. Adeje

Photo: Ayto. Adeje

A moving moment - the crucifixion of Jesus

the Calle Grande to the Plaza de España, starting with the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem and continuing with the Last Supper,

Photo: Ayto. Adeje

The Catholic faith is deeply rooted in Canarian culture, something that is expressed particularly clearly during Easter. Parish processions take place in all the boroughs to the thump of dulled drums, to remind us of the suffering of Jesus. Two strongholds in Tenerife, which celebrate this festival in very different ways, are Adeje in the south and La Laguna in the north of the island.

Quality and Service 1,200 m2 German Mechanics

IT V e S r vice

Workshop with the most up to date diagnostic technology Body Shop and spraypaint centre Comprehensive insurance processing


Tel. 922 102 617 Calle Bentinerfe, 5 In front of the ITV Centre in Adeje Polígono industrial Los Olivos. Monday to Friday: 8:30am-1pm / 2pm-5:30pm

Old and young - Adeje’s population has a lot of acting talent Mother Mary mourns her sacrificed son

Passion play in Adeje More than 100 residents in Adeje become actors on Good Friday. Some are hobby actors in theatre groups, others are ama-

18.4.2019 – 1.5.2019




Brotherhoods in La Laguna seem rather strange to the observer as they are reminiscent of the Ku Klux Klan

tions. On Good Friday all the brotherhoods unite and carry the individual Stations of the Cross chronologically in solemn procession through the streets, a spectacle that really gets under your skin. The procession begins at 3.30pm at n the cathedral.

Some even carry wooden crosses, run barefoot or with ankle chains

The life-size scenes are recreated and carried by the respective brotherhoods during the procession

The Way of the Cross in La Laguna La Laguna has been Tenerife's Episcopal See for over 200 years and religious events

are particularly deeply rooted in the city's culture. During Easter week there are processions by different brotherhoods, which walk through the historical city centre wearing long pointed hats and long

robes. Each fraternity recreates one of the scenes of the Way of the Cross. The thud of drums automatically creates an oppressive atmosphere. All stations of the Way of the Cross are recreated with lifesize figures and decorated with colourful floral decora-





Weather patterns

March – in like a lion?

It was a chilly and grey March for many in the Canaries

The Spanish meteorological office Aemet confirmed that the month of March in the Canarian archipelago was 0.7 degrees Celsius below the normal March average. There were peaks during which it was significantly colder and there were unusually few calimas (winds blowing sand in from the Sahara). It was really hot on March 10/11 and again on March 15/16 at Tazacorte in La Palma (28 degrees Celsius) and in Tasarte, Gran Canaria (30 degrees Celsius). In contrast, 70 per cent of all Canarian weather stations registered particularly cool tem-

peratures in March. For example, on March 12, La Aldea de San Nicolás on the coast of Gran Canaria, as well as the other eastern islands, only reached nine degrees Celsius. At high altitudes at places such as Izaña in Tenerife, it was really icy for ten days, which was two days over the norm. On March 25, 11 millimetres of snow fell. In terms of precipitation, March was particularly dry on the island of La Palma, in the Anaga Mountains of Tenerife and in the south of Lanzarote, but it was normal and rather humid in the other parts of

La Palma

Experience a magical day

Wonderful El Hierro

The first reader‘s trip with Diga Sports, in February, led them to this small Canary Island. It was such a great success that it will be offered on a regular basis with immediate effect. Every Wednesday, we will meet at 7.15am at the Los Cristianos port. The cost per person for this interesting day trip is

the Canary Islands. Peak values were measured with almost 100 millimetres in La Matanza de Acentejo. Rainfall was distributed over two low pressure systems that crossed the archipelago in March. From March 6 to 8, it was the cold front called Laura that left about 31 millimetres of rain per square metre in La Victoria and caused heavy showers at Puntagordo and Agulo in La Palma, as well as the north of Tenerife. A second cold front Dana, brought abundant precipitation at the end of the month, especially at Agüímes in Gran Canaria, La Matanza


For more information and bookings, visit the Diga Sports office at Hotel Park Club Europe in Playa de Las Américas, telephone 677 489 946 or send an email to

Organiser: Dama Sports SL, Tax No: B76637651 / I-0003231.2

Photographer Sara Batuecas from Madrid recently highlighted the prevalence of violence against women in an exhibition held in Santa Cruz de La Palma. Under the slogan #sitocasaunanostocasatodas (if you touch one you touch all of us), Batuecas displayed a series of striking black and white photographs to coincide with the ‘Voz de la Mujer’ (The Voice of Women) event held at the beginning of April. The images show various women’s faces and upper bodies being groped, mauled and abused by many hands. The women’s facial expressions speak a thousand words – all of them about abuse, oppression, fear and cruelty. According to the artist, one of the incidents that started the idea for the project was the case

and Arico in Tenerife and at Antigua in Fuerteventura. Rainfall was also recorded at most of the other weather stations, except those in La Palma. The last squalls have at least reduced the precipitation deficit in the reservoirs, which until now was set at a downfall of 30 per cent. The trade wind was particularly strong on March 8/9, reaching up to 90 kilometres per hour at Candelaria in Tenerife. On the islands with larger differences in altitude, gusts of 102 km/h affected La Aldea de San Nicolás and Agaete in Gran Canaria n on March 21 and 22.

New special centre

Autism appeal As we went to print with our last issue, a group of people in Adeje were celebrating World Autism Day in a very special way. A new centre to improve the quality of life of those with ASD (autism spectrum disorder TEA in Spanish) and that of their families was opened at C/Lujan Pérez 22, Local C, Los Olivos, Adeje. Backed by the Canarian Autism Federation, the centre is to be run by Autismo Sur – Mi Lado Azul (Southern autism - my blue side) and their mission is to help by providing services, specialised assistance, and also increasing public awareness about ASD and the need for increased respect of the rights of all to be properly included in society. The association, which started in 2017, is run by parents and professionals dealing with ASD, and will be lobbying for needed services and family assessments, as well as offering specialised training and education. Their main goal is to help society in general understand autism, at a personal and professional level. Carmen Fernández, the president of the association, says that is why they have launched their current campaign, ‘conecTEA’ working with therapists, from school to home. In other words, she explains, working to fully educate all those who are in contact with the individual with autism in their daily lives. The association is placing special emphasis on working to help in the family setting - finding out how to help and improve assistance in the home. Unfortunately, like most non-profit organisations, funds are tight and resources are low. They need cupboards to keep their work materials in, tables, seats, shelves, toys etc. Contacts with those who need help, or are willing to provide it are by appointment. If you can speak Spanish, call Carmen on 610 671 509, otherwise leave a message and your requirements or offers by email at or message them on Facebook at Facebook@tenerifeasociacionautismosur and an English speaker will get back to you. n

Adeje councillors and association workers at the inauguration

Artist’s photo protest of the mass rape of a young 18-year-old woman in Pamplona by five men, including a Guardia Civil officer and member of the Spanish Mili-

degrading sex acts, they were eventually found guilty of a lesser charge of sexual abuse. Batuecas explained that "the project came to mind spon-

The tormented faces make the viewer think

tary, on July 7, 2016. Despite the five having cornered a complete stranger and forced her into repeated penetrative and

taneously because I was so angry at the sentence and felt so helpless". She wanted her ‘photo protest’ to be exhibited

on public streets in order to make viewers think – and it certainly does that. She wanted people to see what women who have been sexually attacked and abused, be it on the street or in their personal environment, express with their gaze. "I want to shake it up to stop it in some way," states the artist, simply. Gazmira Rodríguez, the area’s Councillor for Social Wellbeing and Equal Opportunities, thanked the artist for making the pain of those affected visible. Sara Batuecas was trained at the Sala Cuarta Pared School of Performing Arts in Madrid, and has already attracted significant attention with previous showings, including an exhibition of naked bodies from the point of view of liberation and n acceptance.

18.4.2019 – 1.5.2019





By Montserrat Pérez González If you are thinking of applying for a mortgage with any bank, you will be interested to know that from the month of May, approximately, different conditions will be applied which could be more favourable for the consumer.

In first place, there will be a new distribution of the mortgage costs, by which you will assume only the expenses of the appraisal and second copies of the deed, while the bank will pay the rest of the expenses such as agency, notary, registry and taxes. Secondly, the so-called floor

Seven arrested

Murder of Italian businessman

The Policía Nacional in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria recently arrested seven people suspected of assaulting and murdering an Italian entrepreneur in order to rob him in September last year. The man was carrying a large amount of cash with him after selling a cannabis club. Five of those arrested are accused of the assassination, and two are supposedly guilty of covering up the crime. Six of those arrested are also allegedly members of a criminal organisation specialising in violent robbery. The police think that this same gang could have been responsible for a robbery at a drug dealer’s apartment in the Vega de San José district during the n course of the investigation, which is still ongoing.

clause, which we explained in previous articles, will be completely eliminated, so that you will never again have to bear a minimum interest on variable-rate mortgages. Thirdly, you will not be obliged to take out other bank products to be accepted for a mortgage, such as pension plans, life or home insurance, credit cards or others, although they may ask for sufficient insurance to guarantee the mortgage or improve conditions. Fourthly, the bank will be obliged to offer a ‘cooling off’ period of 10 days so that you can reflect on whether you really want the mortgage or if you agree with the conditions offered to you, and in addition, they will have to deliver a file so that you can compare the conditions of that particular bank with others. Finally, the notary you visit for signing the mortgage, which you choose, has the duty to inform you of, and explain,

Photo: from Pexels

Important changes to mortgages

Changes to the mortgage laws can help both new creditors and old

all the conditions of the loan, making sure not to favour any of the parties and giving this advice for free. In any case, if you have already had a mortgage for years, there are many people who still have not yet claimed for the floor clause, both due

to lack of knowledge of Spanish law and jurisprudence, and for fear of facing a court proceeding, but the truth is that the Courts are judging in favour of customers in 99 per cent of cases. If you believe that you were not informed at the time of tak-

ing out your mortgage loan of the existence of a floor clause, do not hesitate to contact us, and we will advise you free of charge and without obligation. Our contact telephone number is 922 797 500 and the e-mail address is english@ n




Get money back now with Liberty Seguros!

Save money on new policies by taking advantage of Liberty’s cash-back opportunities

FOREIGN LANGUAGE NEWS 111 With Liberty Seguros you are assured of the best insurance cover with quality, and efficient service so you’re not left high and dry. What’s more, if you take out Car, Home, Life or Funeral insurance before June 25 this year, you will get money back. This applies to both new and existing customers so you can save on all your covers. Let’s take for example that you’re an existing customer. If you take out a new policy for any of the above covers, you’ll receive €60 cashback for each one you take out. Perhaps you already have car insurance but soon need to renew your home insurance that you have with another company. Then, if you switch to Liberty Seguros you’ll get €60 cashback on the premium quote. Maybe you’ve thought about life cover just in case the unexpected happens. If so, our life insurance cover could be exactly what you need to help those you leave behind. The same applies to funeral insurance. Don’t leave all those funeral expenses to your loved ones.Take out cover now so all the expensive costs are paid at this very sad time. Any of these new insurances offer €60 cashback for existing customers. So for three or four

new policies you’ll get either €180 or €240 back. That’s a big saving. Perhaps you also have a second or third car, then you’ll also get €60 cashback on any new policy you take out. Even new customers get €30 cashback on the first new policy and then €60 on subsequent new policies. In order to achieve this and to assist those that prefer a more personalised service and a faceto-face chat, Liberty Seguros has an extensive network of around 300 brokers and agents who will be pleased to give you all the help you need and look after you for the long term. By switching to Liberty Seguros for all your insurance needs you can save money now. With insurance, not only for Car, Home, Life, and Funeral but also for Pet, Business, Commercial, Public liability, etc., Liberty Seguros is considered the expat preferred insurer in Spain. Over 175,000 expat clients have already chosen Liberty Seguros, so why not become a client of the leading expat company in Spain now? You know it makes sense! To find out more, and for further details visit, or simply call 91 342 25 49. Conditions n may apply.

18.4.2019 – 1.5.2019




Domestic violence

Over 50 deaths

Flu season in the Canary Islands

As of March 31, the Directorate General for Health in the Canary Islands had registered 53 deaths due to influenza and 465 hospital admissions of sufferers in a serious condition. Almost all were infected by ‘A’ types of the virus, with 60.9 per cent catching the H1N1 strain and 39.1 per cent the H3N2 – both of which are included in vaccines, though only a small percentage of the deceased had undergone vaccination. Over 73 per cent of the fatalities were in people aged 64 and above, 24.5 per cent in those between 15 and 64 years old, and 1.9 per cent in children under 15, with roughly equal numbers of males and females passing away. Complications of flu that can lead to death include pneumonia, acute shortness of breath, multiple organ failure and septic shock. In addition to outside admissions, more than a thousand patients were infected with the virus whilst in hospital, though none suffered severe symptoms. The number of deaths is higher than in the previous year, when only 37 people died of the flu during the same period. However, more than twice as many people were admitted to hospital in this last period. Nevertheless, we are far from suffering an epidemic. The number of illnesses per 100,000 inhabitants has dropped to around 20.78, which is far below the epidemic threshold n set this season, of 109.54 cases per 100,000.

A vaccination usually helps, but not in every case

Pickup Point

Typsy Terrace Tennis, Mini Golf C/ Hibisco, 4 Los Gigantes

So far 15 fatal victims this year

It took months for the police to gather enough evidence to arrest the suspect

A minute's silence was observed recently in front of the Tenerife Island Council building as well as in front of numerous other administrative buildings in the archipelago for a woman who died on January 16 in La Laguna. A long time passed before some light could be shed on the events surrounding this case. A 47-year-old woman drove into an electricity cable post in the Camino Fuente Cañizares in La Laguna. The car immediately caught fire and burned out, and the driver died inside it. Her 53-yearold companion, her former partner, went to the University Hospital the next morning, hours later, with severe burns. He said he had tried to save his ex partner, but he

had not succeeded. He was treated in a specialist burns unit in Seville because of the severity of his injuries. In the meantime, investigations have shown that the fire did not break out accidentally. The police assume that it was a deliberate homicide which had been disguised as an accident. At the beginning of this month, the former partner was taken into custody for suspected murder. Bail was denied by the judge at the investigating court number four in La Laguna. This brings the number of women killed this year in Spain by their current or former partners to 15. Since the statistics were introduced in 2013, 990 women and 27 children have died as a result of domestic vio-

lence and a total of 236 children became orphans. The case of the young woman Romina Celeste from Paraguay, who it is thought to have lost her life at the turn of the year in Lanzarote at the hands of her husband, may still be added to the other 15 women. However, this case has not yet been closed and has therefore not yet been included in the statistics. The Tenerife Island Council led by Carlos Alonso stressed on the occasion of the minute of silence the rejection of any violence, in particular against women and children. At the Equal Opportunities Conference, the Canary Islands Government pointed out that social assistance could also be claimed by women who did not file a complaint. With

this decision, the assessment by the social services department that specifically deals with domestic violence is given more weight and women do not have to file a complaint. It’s a hurdle that discourages many. However, anyone who wants police protection and a restriction order must take this step via the police and go to court. In addition, reference was once again made to the various hotlines to which those affected can turn. Women can call 016 around the clock, 365 days a year. They are attended to in 51 different languages. Minors can call the ANAR Foundation on 900 202 010 and members of the public who witness domestic violence should call the emergency number 112 n directly.




Increasing competition

Taxi driver protest

Taxi drivers, especially in the south of Tenerife and Gran Canaria, are joining together to defend themselves against the illegal competition of private ‘hobby drivers’

Illegal competition has been making life difficult for taxi drivers in the Canary Islands for a while. The borough of Adeje has decided to tackle the problem head on, with members of the community starting a campaign to inform users that they can only travel safely and, above all, in compliance with the law, in legally run taxis. One of the main problems is the number of ‘hobby drivers’ who, for example, offer to take people to the airport, often at half the cost of a taxi or less. Some drivers have even been spotted trying to solicit custom from people waiting at bus stops. One licensed taxi driver recently confirmed that he had seen two drivers in particular, using a Dacia and a Peugeot, pick up passengers several times illegally. Many

of the drivers are from the Islands or the Peninsula or are migrants from North Africa and South America. However, often in more upscale cars such as Mercedes or Infiniti, for example, it is mainly Russians, Germans and the English who offer cheap airport transfers. President of the taxi drivers of Arona, Pedro Luis Hernández, recently declared. "It is not a question of racism that we take action against these drivers, but of legality. These drivers are generating income that is not taxed, in vehicles that are illegal as they do not have the correct insurance cover either." Hernández went on to give the example of a normal taxi ride from Las Galletas to Los Cristianos, which costs €12.60 during the day and €14.10 at night. "If someone is offered the same ride for €2, of course there is no

question that he will accept it," he added. The people who are losing out from this situation are the public transport companies and taxi drivers, as well as the tax office as the income is not declared. It has now become so out of control that taxi drivers in the south of Tenerife are demanding more targeted police controls. However, these difficulties are not confined to Tenerife. In Gran Canaria, Raimundo Vega, president of the taxi cooperative in Playa del Inglés, has released various warnings about the spread of illegal ‘taxi’ rides and has partly blamed the lack of public transport for their spread. Taxi professionals also see another danger in the socalled ‘VTCs’ (Transport Vehicles with Driver). This description allows the taxi license to

be legally circumvented, with companies such as Uber and Cabify already operating on the Spanish Peninsula, offering the service via an app. Using a smartphone you can simply order a driver, usually located nearby, to take you to your desired destination. Payment is also usually made via the smartphone. The introduction of this company in the Canary Islands in the near future is feared by many. At the moment, there are 251 licensed taxis in Arona that take care of the transport of around 100,000 inhabitants and holidaymakers, and they, and their colleagues, are genuinely worried about the possibility of VTC companies settling here. With regard to this, the island's taxi drivers demanded equal opportunities on the free market at a recent working meeting in Santa Cruz. For Hernández, this means that incoming drivers must adhere to the same rules as those who are already working here legally. For example, only being allowed to pick up passengers from official points. They would also like to see limits imposed, such as one VTC car per 30 conventional taxis, making competition more manageable. In Arona, for example, only eight or nine of these vehicles would be allowed to offer their services. Generally speaking, professional drivers have been demanding greater protection for their activities and more controls from politicians and the police for a while, but there is an increasing note of desperation creeping in, as the threat to their traditional liven lihoods increases.

Feigned rape

Woman lies to hide fling A Norwegian holidaymaker, named only as I.B., may live to regret her actions during a holiday with her partner in the south of Gran Canaria at the end of March. The woman was found to have been flirting with a young British man in a bar in Puerto Rico, including kissing and touching every time her partner was not around, to the point that, when her other half visited the toilet, she left the bar with the Brit. Travelling in a luxury car that the young Briton had rented, the two apparently indulged in sexual activities. Unfortunately, worried about her whereabouts, the boyfriend had contacted the Guardia Civil and was waiting with officers when the woman returned from being with her lover. Seemingly in search of a way to get out of the tricky situation, she said the Englishman had raped her. She explained that at first she said ‘no’, but because she was alone with him in the car and locked in, she gave in due to fear. However, her story did not add up. Police officers checked the video footage from the bar and shopping centre in which it was located. On it, the two could be seen flirting, leaving the bar together, and walking through the Puerto Rico shopping centre to the car whilst kissing and touching each other intimately. On the way back to the bar, they continued kissing and walked hand in hand through the shopping centre. A few metres before the entrance to the nightclub they said goodbye to each other. There were apparently no signs of violence or coercion at all. Therefore, the Guardia Civil filed a complaint in absentia against the Norwegian, who had already returned home, at the court of San Bartolomé de Tirajana for the offence of false reporting. This is punishable by between six months and two years imprisonment or a fine of three to 24 months’ imprisonment. The penalty depends on the seriousness of the offence and the type of false accusan tions made against third parties.

A sex adventure on holiday, or any at all, must never end in the false accusation of a third party



902 886 226

18.4.2019 – 1.5.2019



Fruitless rescue attempt

Full police operation for sea turtle

Photo: Guardia Civil

At the beginning of April, a Radazul resident reported that he had seen something floating in the sea near the coast which could be a sea turtle, about 100 metres away from the concrete breaker-blocks. Guardia Civil officers from Santa Cruz were called to the scene where they could also see the loggerhead turtle, which seemed to have something around its neck that could be a plastic bag. Since the animals are threatened with extinction and are therefore under species protection, one of the officers immediately decided to take off his uniform and jump into the water. He reached the turtle, but unfortunately it was too late. At close range he could see that the turtle had a deep cut in its neck. The animal was brought ashore and handed over to the Environmental Protection Agency for an autopsy to find out exactly what caused the n deep wound and the death of the animal.

Unfortunately, the turtle rescue mission was too late


The Lanzarote Island Council Energy Department led by Ángel Vázquez, is currently interested in the possibilities of generating electricity via sea waves. The Australian company Bombora Wave Power is a leader in this sector. It’s currently installing prototypes for wave power generation in Wales and in various other locations around the world. "The intention is to install a wave power installation for electricity generation in Lanzarote, in a second phase of the company's project. This would involve an optimisation of the Wales prototype design. It would also give Lanzarote a privileged role in researching this form of energy," Vázquez stressed. Using clean energy sources is his top priority. The mWave™ technology plant uses wave energy at a water depth that does not interfere with shipping. The gen-


Lanzarote studies wave energy

Lanzarote authorities are considering different forms of clean energy

erated energy would then be transported to the coast via an underwater cable. The northern coast of the island is considered to be especially suita-

ble. Various environmental and technical reports are currently being prepared for this project. The installation of a floating offshore wind farm is also under

discussion. This is also a project for the future and is one of the most promising sources of clean energy for the coming n decades in Lanzarote.




Music, culinary delights and a great atmosphere

Gastromusic Tenerife Canarian rock groups, various competitions, cocktail displays and much more will fill the third Gastromusic Tenerife Festival, to be celebrated near the old Customs House on the Esplanada del Muelle in Puerto de La Cruz. It takes place on April 26 and 27 and promises lots of fun for the whole family. The highlight on Saturday evening will be a performance by the Canarian band Efecto Pasillo, whose musical style combines different sounds such as rock, pop, funk and Latin music, a real feel-good combination. The group from Gran Canaria will be performing their hits Pan y Mantequilla, No Importa que Llueva and their new single No te Enamores. The general ticket price is €15 in advance or €18 at the box office on the evening. For the first time, a VIP zone will be set up very close to the

stage and it will include three snacks and three drinks each, which are offered by food trucks, exclusively for the VIP area. The VIP zone is limited to 100 people and tickets cost €45. The festival starts on both days at 5pm. On Friday, for example, healthy delicacies for children, wine and beer tasting and the regional competition for the best burger are on the programme. Live music will be provided by the group La Chalana. On Saturday there will be master classes in mixing cocktails and cooking for amateurs. Bands like the rock & roll group Malahierba, Los Vandalos with the best hits from the 80s and Los Troles with more current music will also be playing. At 11pm, the star guests Efecto Pasillo will perform. Tickets are available in advance from and more information is available at www.gastromusic. n

Award for Montesdeoca

Best Tinerfeño cheese Early in April, a massive amount of visitors attended the regional cheese fair in the museum village of Pinolere, above La Orotava. A total of 83 cheeses from all the Islands were presented and tasted. This year's award for the best cheese from Tenerife went to the artisan cheese dairy Montesdeoca for a mature cheese made from pasteurised mixed cows' and goats' milk covered with a coating of gofio. Other prizes went to traditionally produced cheeses as well as to those newer varieties processed with non-animal rennet. In this last category, the cheese dairy Fuente de la

Cheeses from all the islands could be tasted at the fair

Tosca won with a semi-mature goats' cheese made from raw milk. Traditional cheeses were

Guía de Isora

Wine winners Anyone who stands in front of a wine rack containing Canarian wine varieties often finds it difficult to make a choice, especially if they only spend their holidays on the island and don’t know the local wines at all. It can be very helpful if one or the other name has already been mentioned or has some fame, for example the winners of the 30th wine competition

in Guía de Isora, in which the appearance, aroma, taste and harmony of the wines were judged. Three bodegas won a gold medal, with a prize of €400. There was also a trophy, a diploma and 500 stickers that can be used on bottles. For white wines the winner was Moon, for rosés Cumbres de Abona and for reds Viña Norte n came out on top.

divided into raw milk and pasteurised milk categories. The following raw milk cheeses

received awards: Queseria La Florida (three gold medals), Quesería Fuente de la Tosca (gold), Granja Cho Lucas (silver), Quesería Las Llanadas (silver), Quesos Majuca (silver), Quesos 5Senti2 (one silver and one bronze), Quesería Majuca (silver) as well as Juan Alexis Martín, Quesería Antonio y Juana and Quesería Flores de Teno with one bronze medal each. The winners this year in the category of pasteurised milk cheeses were Quesería El Isorano (one gold, three bronze), Quesería JGMeneses (gold), Montesdeoca (one gold and two silver) and Quesos Benijos-Teidesol (silver). n

Tapa recipe

By Shaila Chulani

Furaido potato Japanese fry-up

This is a kind of Japanese version of French fries. So how about a little cooking trip to Japanese climes? Basically this tapa consists of red tuna, marinated potatoes fried with flour and a citrus-based tomato mojo.

Ingredients • • • •

Red tuna Marinara sauce Garlic The juice and grated rind of a lemon • Garlic salt • Oregano • Boiled potatoes • Mild olive oil • Paprika • Wine vinegar • Ketchup • Flour • Oil • Algae • Sesame seeds

Preparation First, prepare the mojo sauce using two parts of tomato to one part of ketchup and adding plenty of garlic, oregano, vinegar, lemon juice and zest and a little of the paprika. Mix everything together. Cut the raw tuna and the boiled potatoes into cubes and marinate them together in the sauce. Coat the fish and potato cubes with flour and fry them in plenty of hot oil until they are golden brown. Arrange both together with the mojo sauce on a plate and decorate with sesame seeds and algae. A perfect snack to welcome spring! n

Japanese Sushi Guru on professional visit

How suitable are Canarian algae?

Hirotoshi Ogawa is one of the ambassadors of Japanese Sushi art

Hirotoshi Ogawa is one of six ambassadors of Japanese gastronomy in the world, especially of sushi, and is also the General Director of the World Sushi Skills Institute. At the beginning of April he was a guest of the Sushican Group’s Nagoya Sushi School to give several workshops and master classes in Tenerife and Gran Canaria. During his seven-day visit, he also visited the Spanish Algae Bank on the pier at Taliarte near Telde together with Eduardo Jiménez Sosa, Managing Director of the Sushican Group. Juan Luis Gómez Pinchetti, biology lecturer at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, explained to the guest the peculiarity of the native algae and guided him through the facility. Growing algae for food consumption has great potential for the future, as the demand for algae on an international level, and especially in Japan, continues to grow. The Canary Islands are currently experimentn ing with native algae species.


Le Club Beach Club Playa Fañabé, s/n Costa Adeje Opening hours: Everyday 10am – 7pm #03588c

OFFER 1 Gourmet Hamburger 2 Beers + Sunbed

39 F




& 629 726 411 For many, this is the most beautiful beach club in Tenerife.There is hardly a better spot: Located right on Playa Fañabé, you can spoil yourself with a Bali Bed and enjoy the peace in the shade. Excellent snacks are served in Le Club. The Gourmet Hamburger with crispy fried bacon, melted Edam cheese, caramelised onions topped with the in-house BBQ sauce is a convincing choice. And now there’s a super package offer of a Sunbed, two beers and the Gourmet Burger for just €39.50. That‘s real joie de vivre!

Le Club

7692 C


3 Tapas Beach Bar Playa Fañabé Costa Adeje Opening hours: Everyday 10am – 7pm 7692 C



1 Portion Baby squid 2 Beers + 2 Sunbeds




& 606 861 933 Situated in the middle of Playa Fañabé, 3 tapas is easily found. The well-kept beach invites you to sunbathe, swim and play in the waves. They serve snacks here including a large selection of ‘Montaditos’. An excellent local white wine, like Flor de Chasna, would be a perfect accompaniment, or choose the special offer of two deck chairs, two beers and a portion of baby squid for €32. Pure holiday sensation!

3 Tapas

© Google

Fiji Beach Club Playa de Fañabe Costa Adeje Opening Hours: Everyday 10am - 7pm

& 660 198 949

Fiji Beach Club, destined to be the alternative beach club par excellence in Tenerife with the best GAY-FRIENDLY environment. Enjoy our elegant balinese beds, individual sunbeds, delicious food and much more. The place where you can escape from routine and enjoy good music with our DJs on Fañabé beach with 365 days of sun all year round, and be in the place where you can just be yourself no matter who you are or whom you love.


#03588c de/tapas-beach

7692 C







d Fiji Beach Club

18.4.2019 – 1.5.2019


Avenida Santiago 5 Carretera GeneralPuig, Piedra Playa de la42, Américas Hincada Guía de Isora Opening Openinghours: hours: Everyday 1pm – 12pm Tue – Sun 12:30–16:00 Wed – Sat 19:00–22.30

& 922 857 327 & 922 752 303

Marina Bay Avenida Juan Carlos I Los Cristianos (Arona) Opening hours: daily 10:00–22:00 market days 9:00–22:00

& 922 791 371

© GoggleMaps

© GoogleMaps

Mamma Mia Lúpulo Esencia de Las C/AvArtes del Américas Mar, 1 7 C.C. San Américas Playa Juan, Plaza Guía de Isora Playa dehours: Las Américas Opening Opening 1pm–11pm hours: Tue–Sun: daily 11:30–23:30 Closed Monday

922832 797274 082 &922 & Freshness tradition: The wonderfuland Lupulo has now moved to beach! Walter Mamma Míathe is where you’ll find Fumero Selene Jarvio, excellent&Italian cuisine in are the delighted to announce south of Tenerife. Enjoy allthe its openingand of textures, their brand aromas and new, with bright and modern LUPULO a new menu at the beginning ESENCIA, opposite of July, you situated will also be able to the beach in Playa San Juan. try some typical dishes from the Walter continues to create north and south of Italy. Only extraordinary wonderful the best qualityfood, authentic ingreculinary delights, along with dients are used, all of Italian his incredible tasting menu, 7 origin. Mamma Mía has won course savoury, and 2 sweet, the TripAdvisor Certificate of (an absolute marvel) accompaExcellence for years, confirnied by different `chillies´ from ming the quality of theon cuisine, the enormous variety offer. and demonstrating the Walter & Selene lookthat forward essence of fineyou Italian is to welcoming oncefood more synonymous with Mamma Mía. to their new Lupulo!

© GoggleMaps ©Google

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A new sensation has hit Los Cristianos, and that is the Marina Bay Restaurant and Sunset Bar. Occupying an elevated position next to the Arona Gran Hotel, just behind the market site overlooking the sea, Marina Bay is the place to switch off and enjoy food and drinks. A daytime snacks menu and a full international menu provide for all tastes and ages. Watch amazing sunsets, enjoy live music in the evenings and maybe even dance too! The priority at Marina Bay is good customer service and quality food at reasonable prices.


© GoogleMaps


gettable time.

Balkonen ©Google © GoggleMaps

d Restaurante Lúpulo

For years Djamil been La Guinguette is has a French heading the Balkonen with his restaurant where you can enjoy brothers Sami and music, dancing, goodIbrahim. food and Behind a wine. Wethis havename createdhides a place where we combine art, food and restaurant that serves exceldrinkinternational at La Guinguette in South lent dishes. The Tenerife. The food is based on focus, however, is on the cuitraditional French cuisine, comsine of their homeland, Lebbined with country-specific and anon. Hummus, Arayes, Fatlocal products. of toush, Tabbouleh,Musicians Shawarma, all genres inspiratioand much provide more will indulge nal senses shows, and theme the thenights, palate.and We also perform during our Sunday recommend the Mezze. It’s BBQ.aOur terrace shady also good idea with to ask for trees and a breathtaking advice from Djamil andview his invites If you to feel Ourit, team team. you try you to offer you an unforaawaits hookah!

d balkonenrestaurante

Restaurante Balkonen La Guinguette



k restaurantelupulo



Mirador Calma & La Charcutería Calle Alemania Adeje Opening hours: Everyday 14:00 – 01:00

d calmaylacharcuteria

Calma & Charcurería


Roca Negra Avenida Adeje 300 Playa Paraíso, Costa Adeje Opening hours: Sun-Thu 10:00 – 24:00 Fri+Sat 10:00 – 02:00

& 604 106 484

Roca Negra

The Hardrock Hotel has helped the Paraíso Floral area gain prestige, and now we have The Roca Negra, located in a stylish shopping street, directly by and above the sea. If you feel like it, take a blanket and enjoy your drink and the sunset on the rocks in front of the Roca Negra. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a glass of Spanish cava or one of the countless cocktails. Do you have a favourite drink? Ask the barman, he can help you. From Costa Adeje to Roca Negra is a few minutes by car, but the effort is well worth it.


Harry‘s Bar Avenida de Las Américas, 5 Playa Las Américas Opening hours: Everyday 12:00 – 01:00

Playa de Las Américas has developed enormously in recent years. The golden mile where the legendary Magic, Thai Botánico, Imperial Tai Pan, Bianco and others are at home has another pearl to offer: Harry‘s at Centro Comercial Safari is the place to get together with friends, or if they are late, wait whilst enjoying a drink. Every gin lover gets his money‘s worth, there is hardly a place with a greater choice. Many also enjoy the fountain spectacle with classical music at 9pm at the Centro Comercial Safari. Nowhere can you see this better than from Harry‘s terrace. Here you can meet old friends and find new ones.


The most beautiful sunset, with a view of our three small neighbouring islands of La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro, is from La Calma/La Charcutería in Torviscas Alto. And the colours become even more spectacular with the right sundowner to accompany the moment – how about a Tequila Sunrise? Also, the ambient music is very pleasing. La Calma is not only a bar with an excellent view, however. In the restaurant you can have an excellent meal and be spoiled with the best food from the grill.

& 922 724 382



& 922 777 628



Harry‘s Bar


d harrystenerife

18.4.2019 – 1.5.2019


Brunelli’s Steakhouse Calle Bencomo 42 Puerto de La Cruz

& 922 062 600

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Las Gangarras Camino Machín, 18 Buzanada Open: Tue – Sat 12 to 23h & Sunday 12 to 18h (Closed Monday)

& 922 766 423 Las Gangarras, in Buzanada, at only 10 minutes drive from Los Cristianos, a Canarian spot, steeped in history that takes you completely by surprise. Comprising of garden areas and small eateries “casitas” architecturally inspired from the traditional Guanche homes from the 18th century. Here, combine a rural setting and traditional quality gastronomy, such as “sharing platters of grilled meats”. How to get there: Exit the TF1 at Guaza roundabout, drive up the Buzanada road TF66, at the next roundabout turn right, then immediately left, for Las Gangarras.

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Bodegón Las Vistas Calle Bencomo 58 Santa Úrsula Open: Daily, except Tuesday 12 to 11 pm

& 822 108 923 ide

rant in & outs

u Heated Resta

Tasteful, canarian kitchen, a rustic and authentic ambience and a breathtaking panoramic view characterise the Bodegón Las Vistas in Santa Úrsula. Also the very hospitable servicestaff and the favorable prices. This place welcomes everyone, from local Canarian or foreign residents who don‘t want to cook, to holidaymakers who find themselves in an extraordinary place in the middle of typical island life. A place you will never forget.


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Every gourmet’s dream becomes a reality at Brunelli‘s, a steakhouse that is in the perfect location to inspire the palate. Selected meat of the very best quality, in a fantastic ambience right next to the sea, the culinary pleasure revolves around the Southbend: The only oven of its kind on the Canary Islands, it heats up to 800°C, sealing the juices and flavour inside the meat. Plus top quality wines from the island and Spain, and the restaurant’s crowning glory: an uninterrupted view of the Atlantic Ocean.

d Las Gangarras


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Opening hours: Daily from 1pm – 3.30pm and 6.30pm – 11pm



d bodegonlasvistas



José has been running La Rambla in Calle Grande 7, next to the Town Hall for over 14 years. Every restaurant has its own secret recipe and the Adeje Chicken at La Rambla has it all. José spent many years of his life in Finland and became an expert in smoking salmon and meat. Once you‘ve been there, you‘ll be back. José‘s creation won the last Adeje Gastronomic Tour. Also worth a closer look is the extensive wine list just ask for advice.


Tasca Casa Fumero Ctra. Gral TF 657, nº 50 Buzanada (Tenerife south) Opening hours: 13:00 - 16:00h & 19:30 - 23:00h Monday closed


& 663 844 650 Tasca Casa Fumero owned and run by Pris Oliveira, a small, cosy Tasca where to eat well is a must every day. Priscilla prepares delicious, creative Spanish cuisine from the freshest ingredients, each dish made with love and passion, producing dishes that are mouthwateringly good, a symphony of flavours, colour & quality, washed down with delectable wines. Value for money and good sized portions. Great place to eat excellent Spanish food. Reserve your table to avoid disappointment.


La Guinguette Carretera General Piedra Hincada 42, Guía de Isora Opening hours: Wed - Mon 12:30-16.00 Wed - Sat 19.00-22.00

& 922 857 327 La Guinguette is a French Restaurant where you can enjoy music, dancing, good food and wine. We have created a place where we combine Art, Food and Drink at La Guinguette in the South Tenerife. The food is based on traditional French cuisine, combined with fresh country-specific and local products. Musicians of all genres provide inspirational shows, theme nights and also perform during our Sunday BBQ or Wednesday Dinner. Our terrace with shady trees and breathtaking view invites you to relax. Have an unforgettable time with us.



& 922 710 428

d La Rambla Adeje

Opening hours: Tuesday - Sunday 12:3022:30. Monday closed


Calle Grande, 7 Adeje

d Tasca Casa Fumero Tasca Casa Fumero

La Rambla




d RestauranteLa-Guinguette

18.4.2019 – 1.5.2019




Amazing Asian cuisine

We’re lucky to have Restaurant 88! Asian cuisine is now at the forefront of all culinary fusion tendencies in the world, and in Tenerife there is no better place to explore this global trend than Restaurant 88 in the southern town of La Caleta. By Carlos Verdecia The modest entrance to 88 does not prepare you for the spectacular view you encounter once you traverse a narrow hallway that leads to the serving area. First, there’s the magnificent sight of the harbour, and second the understated luxury of the modern oriental décor: An instant invitation to a relaxed and exotic dining experience. Following expert advice from Radu, the pleasant and knowledgeable manager at 88, we decided to start with a sushi/sashimi Moriawase that was artistically plated and perfectly exe-

Friendly and efficient, the Restaurant 88 team

A successful fusion of Japanese and Chinese cuisine

cuted. Salmon, Toro, White Fish, and Tuna along with a Rainbow Roll provided a delicious variety of flavours and colours. I should mention that Restaurant 88 prides itself in achieving great balance and harmony between Japanese and Chinese cuisine. Even the most discerning customers would be impressed with the prime ingredients, high technique and the friendly and attentive service. We paired our Japanese entree with a subtle and fruity local white wine and continued with a basket of steamed Dim Sum and a crispy Spring Roll with fragrant aromatic duck and mixed vegetables. Both were perfectly savoury and well prepared. Next, we tried the Five Spice and Pepper King Prawn Tempura with diced onions and peppers. A tasty batter, a sprin-

kle of sesame seeds and a chilli dipping sauce takes this dish to a new dimension. Restaurant 88 is not trying to rewrite the book on Oriental cuisine; it simply concentrates on bringing the traditional dishes of Japan and China to a higher level of quality and creativity. This is especially noticeable in the section of the menu labelled Luxury Dishes. There, you can choose between Scallops in Garlic and Black Bean Sauce, Duck Breast in Oyster Sauce with Oriental Mushrooms, and a wide range of exquisite Asian delicacies. Our choice was Steamed Sea

Bass with Ginger and Spring Onion. A delicate and flavourful fillet that lusciously lingers on your palate. For this delectable entree, Re’ka, our thoughtful server, brought us a light and elegant red from the Rioja region: A perfect match. Restaurant 88 has a wide selection of wine, champagne and sake, in addition to a considerable list of coffees, teas and hot chocolates. For dessert, you can go for the traditional brownie and cheesecake, for instance, or try a more exotic banana and cinnamon spring roll. After several entrees we only had room for something lighter, so ordered the Tropical Lychee, served over crushed ice with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side. And in case you are wondering about the name, the num-

A spectacular terrace that leaves nothing to be desired

ber 88 is a symbol of wealth and fortune in Chinese tradition. And you will certainly feel lucky when you book a table in this establishment, where freshness, knowledge

and precision are key. Add the stunning view of the ocean and you will enjoy one of the most seductive culinary experiences on the island. n

Restaurant 88

A delicious Sushi/Sashimi Moriawase combination

Edificio el Nido Avenida Las Gaviotas La Caleta, Tenerife Tel: 922 77 58 29 Opening hours: Daily at 1.30pm – 4pm; 7pm – 11pm Reservations: reservations@venturegroup88 Restaurant 88 offers an elegant and discreet ambience

Takeaway is available Credit cards accepted

18.4.2019 – 1.5.2019




WHAT’S ON 2019



GRAN CANARIA DIARY DATES April 18 - 21 Easter celebrations and activities will take place in every borough, check local councils for information. April 18

April 26 & 27 8.30pm: Auto de Los Inocentes (Adoration of the Innocents), based on the 12th/13th century Spanish drama Auto de los Reyes Magos (Adoration of The Kings), Teatro Cuyás, LPGC, from €12. 9.30pm: Luis Quintana, soulful guitar ballads, Cervecería Echarle Huevos, LPGC, from €8. April 27 9am: Historic Gran Canaria Tour, Jardín Canario, Vegueta, Santa Catalina Park, Cuevas de Guayadeque and Agüimes, leave from LPGC, children €19, adults €39. 9pm: The Primitals, musical comedy a capela, Centro Cívico Carrizal, Ingenio, from €15. www. April 28 7pm: XVI Gala Día Internacional de La Danza (16th International Dance Day Gala), various acts, Teatro Municipal Juan Ramón Jiménez, Telde, €5. 8pm: Carlos Marin from choral classical/pop group Il Divo, Las Vegas-style show with a ‘Big Band’ sound plus dancers, Auditorio Alfredo Kraus, LPGC, from €36. www.auditorioteatro April 30

4pm: Canarias Baila Festival, Justin Quiles, Cosculluela, Maikel Dela Calle, Cazzu and more, beach front, Maspalomas, from €30.

9pm: Café Quijano, renowned Spanish group, rock, pop, guitar ballads, Auditorio Alfredo Kraus, LPGC, from €26. www.auditorioteatro

8pm: La Pasíón según San Juan (St John Passion) by Bach, dramatised version by English choreographer Peter Leung, International Bach Festival, Auditorio Alfredo Kraus, LPGC, from €21.

May 1

April 20 9am: Historic Gran Canaria Tour, Jardín Canario, Vegueta, Santa Catalina Park, Cuevas de Guayadeque and Agüimes, leave from LPGC, children €19, adults €39. 8pm: Bach Rock, lively electric guitar and violin renditions of classical music, by Uoho, including Iñaki, member of legendary Spanish rock group Extremoduro, Teatro Perez Galdós, LPGC, from €26. www.auditorioteatrolas 8pm: Swan Lake, Moscow Ballet, Teatro Victor Jara, Vecindario, Santa Lucía, from €29. April 21 12pm: Peter Pan, children’s theatre show (in Spanish), Centro Cultural, Candelaria, €6. www. 6pm: Sleeping Beauty, Moscow Ballet, Auditorio Alfredo Kraus, LPGC, from €26. www.

12pm: De Simba a Kiara (From Simba to Kiara), musical tribute to the Lion King, Teatro Municipal Juan Ramón Jiménez, Telde, from €15. 9.30pm: Rhapsody of Queen, top Spanish tribute to British band Queen, Auditorio Alfredo Kraus, LPGC, from €36. www.auditorioteatro May 2 6pm: De Simba a Kiara (From Simba to Kiara), Tribute musical to the Lion King, Teatro Municipal Juan Ramón Jiménez, Telde, from €15. 9pm: Rhapsody of Queen, top Spanish tribute to British band Queen, Auditorio Alfredo Kraus, LPGC, from €36. www.auditorioteatro

FOREIGN LANGUAGE NEWS 111 9pm: A. Logan and the Perinké Big Band, jazz, over 16s only, Auditorio Alfredo Kraus, LPGC, from €12. May 4

6am-2pm: Farmers’ market, Plaza del Cristo, La Laguna. 12.30pm: Chiki Cirkus, children’s circus show, L Incanto, Santa Cruz, €6.

8.30pm: Charity concert for Christian organisation Manos Unidas, Centro Cívico Carrizal, Ingenio, €10.

2pm: GreenWorld, electronic music festival, DJs Martin Buttrich, Art Department, Marco Faraone, Paco Osuna and more, Hoyo 11 Amarilla Golf, San Miguel, from €30.

Thursday – Sunday: CamBuyon Market, art, second hand, vintage, Mercado del Puerto, LPGC, Thursdays and Fridays, 7pm – 11pm; Saturdays 6pm – 11pm; Sundays 12pm – 3pm.

11.59pm: Berlin 89, electronic music, Riva Starr, Jairo Delli, Samuel Delgado, and more, Tramps Club, Las Américas, €15 with one drink included.


April 20 & 21 8am-1.30pm: Farmers’ market, Calle Archajara, s/n, Las Torres, Adeje.

Until May 26 El Dibujo del Acero (The Drawing of Steel), by Máximo Riol, technical architect, sculptor and art professor, various media, Casa-Museo León y Castillo, Telde, free entry, Tuesday – Sunday, 10am – 6pm.



8am-2pm: Farmers’ market, C/ Cooperativa, Valle San Lorenzo, free bus both days from Playa de Las Américas 9am, 10am and 11am. 8am-2pm: Farmers’ market, P.I. Las Chafiras, San Miguel (next to the fire station). www.costa 8am-2pm: Farmers’ market, Ctra. TF16, Km 3.5, Tacoronte. www.mercadillodelagricultor. com 8am-3pm: Farmers’ market, Ctra. General TF5, Km 49, La Guancha. 8am-4pm: Farmers’ market, Ctra. General, Km 7.8, La Esperanza. www.ayuntamientoel

Easter celebrations and activities will take place in every borough, check local councils for information. Particularly good events include various processions in La Laguna and La Orotava, floral art displays in Guía de Isora town centre, and a theatrical staging of The Passion of Christ in Adeje on April 19.

9am-2pm: Farmers’ market, Camino Viejo de San Benito s/n, Casa del Llano, Realejo Alto.

April 18

8am-2pm: Farmers’ market, Plaza de la Luz, Los Silos.

6am-2pm: Farmers’ market, Plaza del Cristo, La Laguna. 8pm: Swan Lake, Moscow Ballet, Auditorio Infanta Leonor, Los Cristianos, from €45. www. April 19 1pm-4pm: Live music with Damiano, plus Easter specials, Restaurante La Guinguette, Piedra Hincada. Tel: 922 857 327 for reservations. Facebook/Restaurante.La.Guinguette 4pm: Canarias Baila Festival, Justin Quiles, Cosculluela, Maikel Dela Calle, Cazzu and more, Hoyo 1 Amarilla Golf, San Miguel de Abona, from €30.

May 3

8pm: Sleeping Beauty, Moscow Ballet, Auditorio Infanta Leonor, Los Cristianos, from €45.

8.30pm: Tejidos al tiempo (Woven in time), contemporary dance by Choni Cía Flamenca, Teatro Auditorio, Aguimes, €10.

8pm-11pm: Jazz night with Ivette, plus Easter specials, Restaurante La Guinguette, Piedra Hincada. Tel: 922 857 327 for reservations. Facebook/Restaurante.La.Guinguette

May 3 & 4

April 20

9am-2pm: Farmers’ market, Plaza San Pedro, Vilaflor. April 21

9am–2pm: Farmers’ market, Av. Villa de Arico, Porís de Abona. 9am-2pm: Food and crafts market, Plaza de la Libertad, Garachico. 12pm: Peter Pan, children’s theatre (in Spanish), Cultural Centre, Calle Plaza de Los Príncipes, Candelaria, €6. 12.30pm: Chiki Cirkus, children’s circus show, L Incanto, Santa Cruz, €6. 1pm-4pm: BBQ and live music, Restaurante La Guinguette, Piedra Hincada. Tel: 922 857 327. Facebook/Restaurante.La.Guinguette April 22 9am-2pm: Farm and general market, Plaza del Llano, Alcalá. 1pm-4pm: Easter Special with Carmelo, music and fun, Restaurante La Guinguette, Piedra Hincada. Tel: 922 857 327 for reservations. Facebook/Restaurante.La.Guinguette 8pm: Al-Alba, flamenco, pop, folk and contemporary dance, Auditorio Infanta Leonor, Los Cristianos, €10.

WHAT’S ON 2019


April 23 6am-2pm: Farmers’ market, Plaza del Cristo, La Laguna. 10am, 12pm, 3pm and 5pm: Tour plus tasting, Dorada beer factory, Santa Cruz, €10. www. 4pm-6pm: Crafts workshop, As. Waldorf, Calle Las Palmeras, El Portezuelo, €10 including materials. April 24

8.30pm: Yllana and The Primitals, musical comedy a capela, Auditorio Infanta Leonor, €15.

1pm-7pm: Farmers’ market, P.I. Las Chafiras, San Miguel (next to the fire station). www.costa

April 27

3pm-7pm: Farmers’ market, Calle Archajara, s/n, Las Torres, Adeje. 7pm-10pm: Dinner and live music, Restaurante La Guinguette, Piedra Hincada. Tel: 922 857 327 for reservations. Facebook/Restaurante. La.Guinguette

6am-2pm: Farmers’ market, Plaza del Cristo, La Laguna. 5pm: Pinocho (Pinocchio), children’s theatre (in Spanish), Teatro Timanfaya, Puerto de La Cruz, €8.

May 4 & 5

5.30pm & 19.45pm: Tribute to The Lion King, family musical with songs from all three films, Liceo Taoro, La Orotava, €15.

8am-1pm: Farmers’ market, Paseo El Bufadero, Playa de San Juan. 2pm: Charity lunch, fundraising for Helping Hands Tenerife to further their work with disadvantaged and underprivileged children, three course meal with wine, plus raffles and more, Lagarto Brasserie, La Caleta, contact for prices. Facebook/TenerifeHelpingHands

10am, 12pm, 3pm and 5pm: Tour plus tasting, Dorada beer factory, Santa Cruz, €10. www. 1pm-7pm: Farmers’ market, P.I. Las Chafiras, San Miguel (next to the fire station). www.costa

8.30pm: Yllana and The Primitals, musical comedy a capela, Paraninfo, La Laguna University, from €10.

3pm-7pm: Farmers’ market, Calle Archajara, s/n, Las Torres, Adeje. 6.30pm: Tribute to The Lion King, family musical with songs from all three films, Teatro Cine Fajardo, Icod de los Vinos, €15. 7pm-10pm: Live music with Marc Morgan, Restaurante La Guinguette, Piedra Hincada. Tel: 922 857 327 for reservations. Facebook/ Restaurante.La.Guinguette April 25 6am-2pm: Farmers’ market, Plaza del Cristo, La Laguna. 8pm: Kareyce Fotso, African rhythms, vibrant ballads and soulful lyrics, various languages, Espacio Cultural CajaCanarias, Santa Cruz, €12.

8.30pm: Triple tribute concert, Rule The World as Take That, Tony Lewis as Robbie Williams, and Spice Power as the Spice Girls, Auditorio Infanta Leonor, Los Cristianos, €30. www.

April 29 9am-2pm: Farm and general market, Plaza del Llano, Alcalá.

9pm: Gravity, rock/indie, Búho Club, La Laguna, €6.

April 30

April 27 & 28

6am-2pm: Farmers’ market, Plaza del Cristo, La Laguna.

8am-1.30pm: Farmers’ market, Calle Archajara, s/n, Las Torres, Adeje.

10am, 12pm, 3pm and 5pm: Tour plus tasting, Dorada beer factory, Santa Cruz, €10. www.

8am-2pm: Farmers’ market, C/ Cooperativa, Valle San Lorenzo, free bus both days from Playa de Las Américas 9am, 10am and 11am. 8am-2pm: Farmers’ market, P.I. Las Chafiras, San Miguel (next to the fire station). www.costa

April 26


8am-2pm: Farmers’ market, Ctra. TF16, Km 3.5, Tacoronte. 8am-3pm: Farmers’ market, Ctra. General TF5, Km 49, La Guancha. 8am-4pm: Farmers’ market, Ctra. General, Km 7.8, La Esperanza.

7pm: Tribute to The Lion King, family musical with songs from all three films, Paraninfo, La Laguna University, from €13. www. 8pm: Swan Lake by the Moscow Ballet Company, Teatro Guimerá, Santa Cruz, from €25. 9pm: Capitán Mercury, tribute to British rock band Queen, Teatro Príncipe Felipe, Tegueste, from €10.50.

4pm-5.30pm: Skateboarding classes, beginners and intermediate, Wejeiy Park, Ciudad Deportiva Los Laureles, Tegueste, free. WhatsApp 686 987 786/

9am-2pm: Farmers’ market, Plaza San Pedro, Vilaflor. April 28

May 1

7.15pm: Flores Rotas (Broken Flowers), 2005 film directed by Jim Jarmusch, in English with Spanish subtitles, Arona Ciclo de Cine, Centro Cultural, Los Cristianos, free entry, limited places.

8am-2pm: Farmers’ market, Plaza de la Luz, Los Silos.

8am-1pm: Farmers’ market, Paseo El Bufadero, Playa de San Juan.

9am-2pm: Farmers’ market, Av. Villa de Arico, Porís de Abona.

8pm-11pm: Canarian night with Trio Atalaya, Canarian food, live music and fun, Restaurante La Guinguette, Piedra Hincada. Tel: 922 857 327 for reservations. Facebook/Restaurante. La.Guinguette

9am-2pm: Food and crafts market, Plaza de la Libertad, Garachico.

10am, 12pm, 3pm and 5pm: Tour plus tasting, Dorada beer factory, Santa Cruz, €10. www.

1pm-4pm: BBQ and live music, Restaurante La Guinguette, Piedra Hincada. Tel: 922 857 327. Facebook/Restaurante.La.Guinguette

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May 11 & 12 9am – 8.30pm: I Eco-Tur Santiago del Teide, photography competition, open to everyone, eight prizes starting at €1,200 for first place, must register before April 30. www.ecotur Until further notice Monday- Friday, 11am: MAGMA Tour, selfguided tour around the South’s prototypical example of modern architecture, complete look inside and out, plus photo opportunity from the roof, 50 minutes, Magma Artes & Congresos, Costa Adeje, €10.

EXHIBITION Until May 5 Odio Sobre Lienzo (Hate on Canvas), a collection of oil paintings and sculptures by talented Tenerife artist Santiago Palenzuela, colourful, innovative and expressive, TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes, Santa Cruz, Tuesday to Sunday, 10am to 8pm, from €1.

Until end April 4pm: The magic town of La Orotava, dramatised walks through the area’s historic centre, in Spanish, English and German, €20 per person including a tasting of local products. Tel: 922 323 041, email:,

9am-2pm: Farmers’ market, Camino Viejo de San Benito s/n, Casa del Llano, Realejo Alto.

10am – 2.30pm: V International Martial Arts Meeting, 800m2 fight and practice area, 20 nationally and internationally renowned teachers and more than 400 practitioners of Ju Jitsu, Judo, Karate, Canarian martial arts, Sanda, Aikido, Tai Chi, Kung Fu and more, plus free basic self defence course for women between 10am and 1pm (WhatsApp: 615 767 708).

1pm-4pm: Grill and dance with live music, Restaurante La Guinguette, Piedra Hincada. Tel: 922 857 327 for reservations. Facebook/ Restaurante.La.Guinguette


18.4.2019 – 1.5.2019

For regular church, charity and recreational events, please see:





First National Hiking Day in the Canary Islands Photos: Cab.La Palma

Ascensión Rodríguez looks forward to welcoming hikers from all over Spain

Relaxing after a hard hike by stargazing

the walkers. "We are very proud to welcome the Spanish hiking enthusiasts to the tenth National Hiking Day. We trust in the promotional effectiveness that these days will have for our island. La Palma has almost a thousand kilometres of hiking trails, short, medium or long, or even suitable for the disabled. There are also trails that

are self-guided" said the Island Councillor for Youth and Sports Ascensión Rodríguez. She also made reference to special parallel programmes such as musical activities or the possibility of observing the stars from one of the clearest skies in the world. There are ten different routes to choose from for the National Hiking Day, including three for


Bici Lanzarote 2019 Do you fancy a ride on your bike for Easter? In Lanzarote a group cycling route already took place recently and on Easter Sunday there will be a second event. It starts at 10am at the Parque Islas Canarias in Arrecife, right next to the Real Casino Club Náutico and follows a circular route to Playa Honda and back, a trip of 11 kilometres. The aim of this initiative is to make cyclists more visible and promote the day to day use of bicycles. The Lanzarote Island Council encourages everyone to join in. n

Fitness Photo: Ayto. Los Realejos


National children's tournament On the last weekend of April, Los Realejos will host the fifth national football competition in the nine- to ten-year-old category. Five teams from different parts of Los Realejos alone will take part in the Cup and in total there will be 15 teams from the Canary Islands, as well as youngsters from Real Madrid, Atlético Madrid, Seville and Real Betis Balompié. Gerard López

the disabled. On the opening day, the volcano route has been chosen as the official opening hike. It’s one of the most striking tours, and will run both during the day and at night, taking advantage of the full moon. It starts at El Pilar in El Paso and continues to Los Canarios at the Fuencaliente volcano. In between there are 20.5 kilometres to be covered with an estimated duration of seven hours. Various hikes are offered every day. The meeting ends on April 30 with a joint lunch, a display of local products and typical Canarian folklore music. If you would like to participate, you can register on the official website dí until April n 22 at 12pm.

(photo), this year's patron of the competition, sponsored the cup. The FC Barcelona player and Spanish international praised this small town, which is committed to a national youth football meeting that is now of national importance. "Tournaments of this kind, apart from the competition, are above all an opportunity for the more than 300 children taking part to gain experience that they will

remember in their later lives. This year's tournament will honour the late Domingo Dorta, known as 'El Bombilla'. The referee in the category of children and youth games lived in Los Realejos and was known for his commitment to youth work. He was convinced that the sport would help to shape them. He explained decisions and stood up for fair play and team spirit. It was important

to him to emphasise the social importance of sport.” The tournament which will be held at the Iván Ramallo stadium will start on April 26 from 3pm to 8.30pm. On April 27 it will continue from 9am to 8pm and the following day the semi-finals and finals will take place. Admission is free. If you wish, you can make a donation to the Visión Azul Autistic n Association.

New tennis courts and fitness room Photo: Ayto. Santiago del Teide

The beautiful island of La Palma will be the first Canary Island to host National Hiking Day. At the end of the month, from April 27 to 30, around 700 hikers from all parts of Spain are expected to go to the island to take part in the intensive leisure programme. Hikes of various degrees of difficulty await

Fuencaliente is the destination for the opening hike

The Santiago del Teide Council continues to invest in the Pancracio Socas García sports complex at Puerto de Santiago to modernise the facility in order to provide the best possible service to users, members and the general public. The two tennis courts were recently given a new surface. In the muscle development and fitness room, new high-quality equipment of the latest generation has been installed. The council wants to create a sports centre that will serve as a reference not only for Tenerife, but for all the Canary Islands. n

18.4.2019 – 1.5.2019




CD Tenerife

By Chris Todd A few weeks ago it appeared that the Canarian derby, played in a few weeks time, would solely be about bragging rights but now the game has taken on a whole new importance. After a mixed bag of results CD Tenerife find themselves hovering dangerously above the relegation area. Other teams below them have pulled off some good results adding to the concern. Meanwhile rivals Las Palmas have also suffered turmoil and their new manager, ex-West Brom boss Pepe Mel, will have to work wonders to take the ‘yellows’ into the playoffs this season when it was expected that they would be challenging for a direct promotion spot. It has been a strange season and many times Tenerife have played well and come away with a loss or at best a draw and on other occasions

have not played so well and won the game. It’s all about putting the ball in the net of course and that has been the main problem as the approach play has been fairly decent. Hindsight is a great thing but when the top scorer from last season Juan Villar was prised away by Osasuna late in the summer transfer window the funds should have been ploughed directly into signing a new out and out goalscorer. The club reinforced other areas of the squad instead and the gambles of signing strikers Nano and Naranjo did not pay off. Where does the team go from here? The blanquiazules cannot rely on away form so the points will need to be won in the Heliodoro Stadium, something of a fortress over the years but less so recently it must be admitted. The manager, Oltra, will surely stay for the last matches. But unless we finish the sea-

Photo: CD Tenerife

Away day joy for Tenerife

Tenerife celebrate their first away win of the season

son in spectacular style he is likely to be let go in the summer. New Director of Football, Victor Moreno, can then add his personal choice and develop a new look squad. All this depends of course on which division Tenerife will be playing in but spirits are high that the team can win enough points to retain their status. 05/04/2019 CD Tenerife 0:1 Sporting Gijon A lack of ruthlessness from set pieces and a lack of goals has been the blanquiazules’ downfall this season and this was highlighted by this defeat against promotion chasing Sporting. On play, Ten-

erife deserved more. Early chances fell to Suso, Lasso and Naranjo but their efforts were well saved by the visiting keeper. Midway through the first half Sporting took the lead after a corner led to a scramble in the six yard box. Dani saved the first shot well but the ball was eventually bundled into the goal by Djurdjevic. It was handball for sure but with no VAR until next season in the Spanish Second Division the goal stood. Tenerife pressed, actually played some good attacking football at times but in the second half chances were few and far between. Suso blasted the ball into the side netting

when he should have perhaps squared the ball but this has been the story of the season. Sporting rarely threatened but they did not need to as they soaked up any Tenerife pressure on the edge of the box. As the final whistle blew on a disappointing result the efforts of the team were rewarded by many fans stopping to applaud the players from the pitch. It had been one of those nights where nothing had gone right but full marks for trying! 13/04/2019 Rayo Mahadajonda 1:3 CD Tenerife The away day voodoo has finally been broken and it

could not have come at a more important time. Earlier in the day another relegation threatened team, Extremadura, had surprisingly won at Malaga so the pressure was really on Tenerife. But after just two minutes it was Rayo who took a very early lead. The blanquiazules fought back however and goals by Nano, Jorge Saenz and Malbasic gave Tenerife a fine victory. The team cannot rest on their laurels and they need to follow up the win with another on April 21. Finally the matchday and time has been confirmed for the Canarian derby. It will be played on n May 4 at 7.30pm.

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Horoscope for period: April 18 to May 1 Aries 21.03 - 20.04 Your customary hard work and dedication are vital elements of whatever you do on the 27th through to the 30th and beyond, and if you stay focused, you should see the fruit of your labour grow quickly, and much desired achievements fulfilled.


Taurus 21.04 - 20.05 Make others aware, one by one, of your renewed inspiration. You may be innovating in a time period that cannot accommodate your mind force. Mind over heart is best just now even though that may seem an impossible accomplishment.

You will love our details. Luxury erotic massages. Beautiful masseuses from the East. We are near the Hard Rock Hotel in the Costa Adeje area. Tel: (+34) 662 960 065.

Gemini 21.05 - 21.06 If there’s something you’ve been wanting to do but haven’t, you can finally commit to doing it at the end of the month, your sense of adventure is great on these days, making it easy for you to try the new and unusual. You are your spatial territory! Cancer 22.06 - 22.07 You have important obligations on the 29th, although a spontaneous journey is tempting and very appealing the weekend before. Make sure it’s a short trip. Concepts and innovations should be catalogued and prioritised but not forgotten! Leo 23.07 - 23.08 Astrology is not about destiny, it’s about choice. It’s about carefully considering your options and picking the best. Whilst you usually have freedom of choice or free will, your horoscope does reflect the natural inclinations you have, choose well! Virgo 24.08 - 23.09 If you combine energies with another person for a business purpose, there appears to be an interesting creative or artistic twist to your endeavour. You will know your own mind and will be ready to announce your feelings, about a wide variety of topics. Libra 24.09 - 23.10 Romantic love will be saucy and sexy, so bring out your beautiful underwear. With so many good Venus aspects, women will have more opportunities than men. Keep that in mind, it doesn’t matter if you are a male or female reader, but ladies, it’s your turn. Scorpio 24.10 - 22.11 You can’t help but get irritated by things you can’t control, like traffic and other people’s ignorance. Tolerance is a lesson you learn slowly, but if you make an effort to be less judgmental, you should be able to make some new friends. Sagittarius 23.11 - 21.12 Your sensitivity makes you a good and sympathetic friend; the first thing on your agenda for now should be to take a break. Your career has been a consuming focus since January, so you’ll enjoy the happening social scene the planets will cook up for you. Capricorn 22.12 - 20.01 Romance will be in the air, with an unusual number of planets sitting cosy in your house of true love, you’ll have all the winning cards. Play them while you have them! Married? Steal time for a memorable weekend together and enjoy makin’ whoopee. Aquarius 21.01 - 20.02 Letting other people see your weaknesses and vulnerabilities could leave you feeling defenceless. Your career will become a major focus. Keep watch for clues and have a spiffy new resume ready in case you should get that magical phone call! Pisces 21.02 - 20.03 Your ruler, Neptune, is conservative at the Full Moon on April 18. Dreams and plans for your future may appear to be on hold, even if they are slowly progressing. With planetary opposition in your sign all year so far, discernment is imperative!


This luxury Villa in Torviscas Alto with spectacular views of the surrounding areas and out to sea. The property comes completely furnished to a high standard and benefits from a private heated pool. Property offers 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a garage, which is currently a GYM as there is street parking in front of the property. Built to High Standards. €850,000 IÑAKY AZURZA

m 629 244 958


· Completely Equipped Kitchen · Fitted Cupboards · Fitted Wardrobes · Fully Furnished in a modern style


· Sunny large terraces and artificial grassed gardens


· Prestigious Area · Quiet Location · Residential Location


· Coastal · Mountains · Sea · Town · Bathrooms: 3 · Parking: Ample Parking · Pool: Private and heated · Kitchen: Equipped Kitchen

To advertise your services with us, please call

922 75 06 09

18.4.2019 – 1.5.2019

Island connections media group s.l.

Island Connections Online:

Classifieds Deadline Next Edition The deadline for edition 845, which is published on 2nd May, is 31st April. No classifieds will be taken after this date.

Head Office: Calle Francisco Feo Rodríguez 6º- first floor. Pol. Industrial Las Chafiras 38620 - San Miguel de Abona. Tel.: 922 75 06 09 Fax: 922 795 810 Office Hours: Mon-Frid 9:30 -16:30 hours

Classified Info Adverts for our Classifieds Section must be sent by email or hand delivered to the office. If you would like to advertise, please send your classified text to: classifieds@ Alternatively, place your classified advert with one of our four agents: Now in Golf del Sur, Redhound Bookshop in Los Cristianos, The Bookswop in Las Américas, Petras Deutscher Bücherstand in Puerto de La Cruz.

Rates: • Lineage classifieds: From €25 • Small & Long Term: Ask for long term advertising (3, 6, 12 months) and our special discounts. • Further Options: color / boxed adverts. To Place your advert call: 922 75 06 09 You are welcome to come to our offices in Las Chafiras to place small ads. Card payment facilities are available.




Santiago del Teide Lions Club

General Services

Bargains galore From clothes and children’s toys to kitchenware and books – there are plenty of great deals on second-hand goods. They even have sets of golf clubs! Don’t miss out – visit their shop below the plaza in Puerto Santiago (Behind Vigilia Park). Open Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 10am – 1pm and Wednesdays 2pm to 8pm.

Mobile welder for hire anywhere on the island Contact Jason:

683 422 304 MASONIC MEETINGS Logia Ave Fenix Nº 73 Edificio Simón, Los Cristianos. New meetings start in October, on the fourth Tuesday All Visitors welcome Contact John Donaldson (Secretary):

(+34) 922 178 091 or

Second Hand Store LAS CHAFIRAS

Everything for your house, holiday home, apartment. We buy and sell high quality, good condition furniture, household appliances, TVs, jewellery.... Household clearances Free on-site assessment! Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 10.00-17.00h Sat: 10.00-14.00h Calle Tilena, 19 n/r Rachaels Motors & Diverlandia Tel. 922 749 664 Whatsapp 649 574 851 d Las Chafiras Second Hand www.second-hand-tenerife. com

La lengua de Babel

Learn Spanish by Skype

Private lessons with a native teacher from Tenerife. Flexible class schedule (from your home or workplace). Service to correct paperwork, translations and documents of all types, including legal papers. Tel./ Whatsapp +34 630 723 083 Skype: La Lengua de Babel


trial lesson


General Services

You are invited to

Sunday 11am and Wednesday TBA

Calle Atbitocazpe, Edif. Tamaide II, L4, Adeje Pastor Baz 608 724 369

Masonic Lodge - Ave Fenix No.73. New meetings started in October 2018 on the fourth Tuesday of the month. If interested, all visitors are welcome to come down. For further information, lodge secretary John Donaldson is available to contact on Tel: (+34) 922 178 091 or Email: ave.fenix73@ Ilona Massage. Do you want more? A life of lust and love of energy? Therapeutic massages and individual combinations for women, men and couples. Av. Ernesto Sarti 8, in front of Hotel Iberostar Sabila. Tel. +34 602 608 626 every day from 10am to 8pm or by appointment.

Rental Classifieds

Apartment for rent, 1 bedroom, fully equipped, near Playa Martiánez, in Puerto de La Cruz, €470 /month + electricity. Tel: Theresa on 606 105 101

Get in shape, tone up with Diana • Online health & fitness coach • Personal training in your home • Group classes outdoors from 5€ per class • 2 locations in the south

L +34 651 349 540 E Beach Body 4 U

• Nursing & support care in your home • Sale & rental of mobility aids

Apartment and Villa for rent in Tenerife south. Tel: (0034) 662 507 191 Winter letting Puerto de La Cruz Studio apartment, 24 hour concierge, pool, sea views. Minimum three month contract. €500 per month. 669 652 149 Long term rental, 2-bedroom Bungalow with garden and trees in a quiet location near Las Galletas, elderly people are preferred, €750 all inclusive. Tel: 609 531 178 or 606 777 979 or email melquiadesm@ Stunning one bedroom apartment in Windsor Park complex, Torviscas Alto, Costa Adeje, with 30m2 balcony, sea views and views of La Gomera. Offstreet parking, UK TV. Would suit mature couple or single person. No pets, no children, persons over 55 years old only. Bus stop in front. Available from July 1, 2019 to January 15, 2020. Tel: 637 268 337.

E MASOL K k m +34 922 788 295

Pickup Point

Av. La Habana 12 – Playa Las Vistas – Los Cristianos

El Gomero Petrol Station Oroteanda roundabout



Classifieds Beautiful seafront apartment for private sale. One bedroom, garage, sea views and in a sunny position. Price: €120,000. No agents. Tel: 922 752 759. Mobile: 608 425 426 Apartment Tabaiba Alta For sale, only five mins away from the German school, roughly 102m2, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, living room, utility room, garden, big terrace. Spectacular views of the sea and mountain, big garage with 2 spaces, 2 closed store rooms, price €180,000, mob. 686 798 367, email e optene rife @ m For sale, Bungalow 160m2 Costa Sauzal, situated front row with guaranteed spectacular sea-views, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living room with panoramic windows, modern kitchen, dining room connected to the terrace, including a heated 4 x 8 m pool, all on same level, garage and a marvellous tropical garden with 800m2 landscaped with various plants and lots of fruit trees. Private sale contact: info Tel.: 00 34 699 444 879

Advert Placement


Sudokus (For Crossword and Sudoku solution see pag 30)


Vacant / wanted

Mentor required for two grateful kids. Full or part time. Tel: +34 696 713 635, email:

Qualified horse riding instructor (Swedish equestrian federation) available for individual and group classes in CHS Buzanada and La Caldera del Rey (San Eugenio Alto) or privately in the south of Tenerife. All ages and levels are welcomed. Schooling and management of private horses by appointment. Ulrike Fagerlund has competed successfully to a high level in dressage and show jumping in the Canary Islands and Europe. Swedish/ English/ Spanish/German speaking. IGEQ equestrian passport holder. Tel: 660761270, e-mil: ulrika.fagerlund18@



Car needed for long-term rental 676 378 618 VOLVO S60


Beige leather upholstery, Multifunction leather steering wheel, Navigator, Power-adjustable seats with heating and lumbar adjustment, Rear headrests, Air conditioning, CD player, Integrated telephone, Rear parking sensor, electric windows and retractable mirrors. Fog lamps, Central locking with remote control. MOT OK! All new tyres, brake pads, suspension arms, discs, battery (2 year guarantee) and starter motor. Gear box and general service undertaken. Very good condition, always kept in a garage. 250,000km, €6,200

629 244 958



1 - net (anag) (3) 3 - perceive (3) 5 - ask for (5) 8 - tiny amount (4) 9 - walking supports (8) 11 - animation (10) 13 - mental infirmity (6) 14 - induce (6) 17 - flat wood with rollers (10) 21 - changing shape (8) 22 - young female (4) 23 - message (5) 24 - fix together (3) 25 - sense of self (3)

1 - tone (5) 2 - birth of Jesus (8) 4 - trip (6) 5 - courses (5) 6 - reflect sound (4) 7 - make inactive (7) 10 - garden pest (4) 12 - perfume stabilizer (8) 13 - dedicates (7) 15 - young child (4) 16 - aches (6) 18 - money pot (5) 19 - dance hall (5) 20 - ballpoint pen (4)

18.4.2019 – 1.5.2019




Animal charities’ round up Please do call us on 664 321 219 or 602463242 between the hours of 8am and 5pm if you can help in any way, or visit us on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons from 2pm to 5pm, and Saturdays 1pm to 4pm. We’re situated directly under the wind turbines, from exit 52 on the TF1 north bound,

This poor Yorkshire Terrier arrived at the Acción del Sol refuge in terrible conditions, but after a spruce up and veterinary care soon found a loving home

Acción del Sol The gorgeous pure Yorkie pictured here arrived at the refuge in terrible conditions with very badly overgrown nails. He’s in his later years but he’s been very lucky and, after veterinary care, a full makeover and pedicure, has luckily found a new owner who will care for him and give him the love he so deserves. Otherwise, we’d like to remind you that a single bite from an infected mosquito can give your dog heartworm, which can lead to a very slow and painful death. We can never stress enough the importance of treating your dog to prevent this occurrence. Over 60 per cent of dogs that arrive at the refuge test positive for heartworm. It’s a very costly treatment and uncomfortable for the dog but one of utmost importance to prevent further pain and suffering. We have over 230 gorgeous dogs of all shapes and sizes

looking for loving homes. We don’t charge for adoptions but donations are very welcome towards the vast running costs of the refuge. Every one of the dogs has a clean bill of health and is fully inoculated, microchipped, heartworm- and fleafree, has a passport and is sterilised, the last one being compulsory to try to reduce the large numbers of unwanted litters here on Tenerife. How you can help Besides obvious needs such as food, water and veterinary care, a little attention is all the dogs here want. They love going out for a walk so please do come and take one out if you have time, they really will appreciate it. We are also desperately looking for people travelling to Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Berlin or Frankfurt who would be prepared to escort a dog. All that’s needed is a little time at the airport: all necessary paperwork and handling of the dogs is done by AccionTier staff.

Contact us at or ring/whatsapp Sharon on 662 524 006 or Sandra on 671 282 773 (for English, Spanish and German, after 6pm). Alternatively, message us on Facebook or visit our shop on San Blas in Golf del Sur (behind Hiperdino), open seven days a week, 10am until 6pm.

Handsome Nepo is waiting at K9 for a new home

just after the El Médano junction. Head for the windmills on the coast and we’re located in the buildings on the right hand side. Alternatively, email us on or visit our Facebook page at Action tier Acción del Sol.

Cats Welfare See some of our kittens at Don Perro Vets, Las Chafiras (tel: 922 735 824), and Yaiza Vet, Los Cristianos (922 169 381). As well as kittens, we have several adult cats from 18 months to seven years old. All adults are leukaemia negative, neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped. All cats go on a week’s trial in your home so you can be sure you’ve made the right decision. If you adopt two kittens together then initial injections, microchip and neutering is free for the second one. Adopt a black kitten or two and both will receive the above treatments free.

K9 Handsome Nepo (pictured here) has been with K9 nearly a year now and is a favourite among staff and volunteers. He is a podenco mix and is about two to three years old. He never seems phased by living in the kennels and is always very relaxed and chilled. He shares his kennel with two other males, Chacho and Erwin, and they all love playing and running around together when they get the chance. When out walking, Nepo likes to be spoiled with treats, but also loves to chase lizards and does a really good job trying to catch them. No bush or wall is too big for him to climb into, or up! He is fun to walk, and can walk on and off lead. He’s a pleasure to walk on the lead and loves getting out to explore the trails around K9. When he’s off lead he loves to run and run but don’t worry, he will come back when you call him and give him


Looking for love

Puuurfect companion

Not a lot of people know this, but the K9 refuge also has some beautiful cats up for adoption. Stubby here is a female kitten, around six or seven months old. She was found on the street and is very friendly but also a little unsure. Unfortunately, Stubby has sadly tested positive for leukaemia, but this doesn’t mean she won’t have a normal long life. She can be homed with dogs but not other cats, unless they are also positive. Contact K9 on 667 638 468, or email for more information. n

a little reward. His cool calm nature makes him easy to be around, and he plays well with and seems to get on with most dogs. He is really good with people also, is obedient and super friendly and is always ready for a cuddle. His two roommates both love Nepo as he is a great playmate to have. Chacho, who is a podenco, will run with him for ages and they like to play tug-of-war: it’s a lot of fun to watch. You can meet Nepo (and his friends) at K9 any day of the week between 9.30am and 1.30pm. See contact details below. And some great news – Scrappy, who was featured in the adoption section in edition 842, has now found a new home! We love a happy ending. Ways you can help We always appreciate any help. You could buy our merchandise at the refuge, you can sponsor one of our wonderful sponsor dogs via our website, you can donate money either via our website or in cash at the refuge, or food and other items which help us look after our dogs and cats. Also, you can become a volunteer dog walker by calling us or simply popping by any day during our opening hours. Remember to keep an eye on our website or Facebook page (information below) for any fundraising events which

you may like to attend. Also, why not come along to our charity shop in Alcalá? Shop till you drop Please note we are no longer holding car boot sales in Los Gigantes, but you can visit our shop in Alcalá Plaza Monday to Saturday from 10am to 2pm. Donations of quality household goods, clothes, books, shoes or other items are very welcome as well. Call 646 561 035 to arrange collection of larger items from all local areas. All proceeds go towards funding the animals’ care and are essential to ensuring our K9 dogs and cats have everything they need to make their time at the refuge as comfortable as possible. Adoptions We have many beautiful dogs waiting for their forever homes. You can see them on our website at Or visit the Refuge on Calle Chimbesque, between Las Chafiras and Las Zocas, any day between 10am and 2pm. Alternatively, call us on 667 638 468 or email You will also find stories of our dogs’ antics on our Facebook page at Diary of a K9 Tenerife Dogwalker or K9 Tenerife. Also, to see daily photos of the walks that take place at K9, ‘like’ the facebook page Voluntarios del n Refugio K9.








Homes and properties for sale in the Canaries



All photos: Wikimedia Commons

18.4.2019 – 1.5.2019




18.4.2019 – 1.5.2019




Villa in San Eugenio Fotos: D. D’Elisio

Villa with wonderful panoramic views in the residential complex La Tagora, San Eugenio Alto. 3 bedrooms, spacious living room, fully equipped kitchen, storage room, garden with the possibility to build a private pool, terrace, 3 bathrooms (2 en suite), independent studio apartment on the ground floor, Jacuzzi, garage, community pool. Excellent location with the best view in Costa Adeje

€ 780,000

Tenerife Property Partners Calle El Sauce 5 | Residencial Los Castaños | Local 3 | El Madroñal | Tenerife Tel. 922 707 205 + 679 154 297 + 649 469 282 | Email:




Photo: Graham Briggs /

Geraniums can brighten up any corner

for your needs. Some geraniums are low-growing and spread easily, perfect for border edges, whilst others are taller and more upright and would be better placed in a mid-height area of a bed. There are even dwarf varieties which can be a good option for indoors. As far as soil goes, once again this wonderful plant will be happy anywhere you put it almost. They will grow in most soils but will not tolerate being waterlogged so ensure there is good drainage. Adding a little sand or grit to a heavy soil will help with this, and always allow the top portion of soil to dry out fully before watering. They will even manage in nutrient poor soil, but adding a small amount of compost will improve growth and general health. Geraniums are seldom bothered by insects or diseases, though some may suffer mildew in humid conditions and

Bring on the blooms There are three ways you can bag yourself a geranium: grow them from seed, take cuttings from an established plant, or buy one from a garden centre. This latter choice is obviously the quickest and simplest, just make sure you pick ones that look green and healthy, have plenty of leaves and shoots growing from the base, and that aren’t spindly or have lots of brown patches on the leaves. If you have a handy friend who wouldn’t mind donating a few cuttings, you will find that geraniums root quite easily and take well to being propagated in this way. Simply snip off a few new side shoots, between seven and ten centimetres in length, taking the cutting from just above a node. Have some moistened multipurpose or potting soil with a

wet, over the next few weeks, ensuring that it never dries out. If you want to grow from seed then you will need to prepare a spot that has plenty of light but doesn’t receive full sun. A good growing medium for geraniums is one part soil, two parts peat and two parts perlite, though multi-purpose compost with a little sand or grit will do. Once the seeds have germinated and the first true set of leaves has appeared, the seedlings are ready to be transplanted into individual containers. Always handle seedlings by their leaves so as not to crush the delicate stems. A short time later, between 10 and 16 weeks, you will be able to enjoy your very first blooms. To encourage a continuous display, always ‘deadhead’ your plant by pinching or cutting off flowers once they die. If growth becomes too spindly, simply pinch out shoot tips to encourage side branch-

Great gardening

Geraniums are a delight for the not-so-green-fingered gardener. Simple to grow, adaptable to various conditions, very low maintenance, and beautiful whether in bloom or not – they are the perfect addition to any garden or balcony. Here in the Canary Islands they will flower through most seasons and will also keep going for many a year. They offer an attractive assortment of colours and shades, from white through to pink, mauves and red, and come in various shapes and sizes so can be used in several different positions.

Ground rules A truly versatile plant, geraniums can be planted at any time of year, though midsum-

mer with its elevated temperatures is probably best avoided. Spring and autumn are ideal, however, so now is a great time to start planning for their arrival. First of all you need to choose exactly where you would like your geranium to live. They make great houseplants as long as they have enough sunlight – without it they will be spindly, weak and no doubt refuse to bloom. However, place them in a bright room or on a sunny window ledge, preferably a south facing one, and they will survive quite happily. If planting outdoors, you will probably have to provide at least a little shade. Some varieties will tolerate our long hard days of strong sunshine dur-

Photo: monique72 /

Geraniums galore

ing summer, but most of them prefer a cooler spot for at least some of the day. There are even a few, such as G. phaeum and G. nodosum, which grow best in heavier shade. Choosing their position can influence which variety is best

Pick up geraniums from garden centres or markets

the ubiquitous whitefly can take a hold at times. Luckily, they are fast growers and if no other recourse is available they can be cut back to ground level and will usually sprout a fresh crop of healthy leaves within a very few weeks.

thumb-width hole already prepared, and place at least a third of the cutting into the soil, having removed most of the leaves except a few at the top. Gently push the soil back into place around the shoot and keep the growing medium moist, but not

ing and a bushier plant. Feed with a general purpose fertiliser throughout the growing season, and if you live in one of the colder areas, it can be a good idea to prune right back once foliage and stems slow n their growth down.

Place your advert at

Mundo del Mapa Classifieds Agent Calle San Felipe, 12 Puerto de la Cruz

Pickup Point

Pickup Point

2nd Home Tenerife C.C. Plaza del Duque

El Gomero Petrol Station Oroteanda roundabout

18.4.2019 – 1.5.2019






Tel: +34 922 736 203 ·

Professional Locksmiths Service 24 hours 365 days

m +34 922 716 586 / +34 615 366 278 K o Av. Santiago Puig 7 Loc. 2-3, 38660

Space saving vertical bed with sofa! Please see our website for the selection available, or visit us in Las Chafiras or Los Cristianos

When it´s on, it´s on WWW.POWERONFM.COM

Playa de Las Américas, Arona

Advert Placement If you would like to advertise your services on this page, please contact 922 75 06 09

649 329 934

• Sale and Rental of mobility and daily living aids • Nursing Care, competent care and support at your home or hotel E MASOL K k m +34 922 788 295 Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 09.30 – 13:00 / 14:00 -17:00

Av. La Habana 12 – Playa Las Vistas – Los Cristianos



North based transport company • UK shipments (vice versa) • Storage space available from 1€ per day House removals ALL over the island • Competitive rates Available 24/7

m 649 329 934 for your transport solutions

Emme Instalaciones

is a company dedicated to the design and installation of kitchens, doors, wardrobes and a wide variety of wood products.

TORVISCAS BAJO Open everyday 09.30am-1.30pm & 3-8pm (Sat/Sun 09.30-1.30pm & 3-6pm) Avenida Ernesto Sart 12 · CC. Rio Center, local 12 · Torviscas bajo · Adeje

m Contact: 922 724 480 / 628 721 922 K E Medical Centre Torviscas Bajo

o Aldea Blanca

San Miguel de Abona

m +34 663 665 291 +34 619 955 448

k emmeinstalaciones@

E @emmeinstalaciones

Long established General practitioner, we offer first class medical attention. Quick and easy urine & blood tests in 10 minutes. General medicine, aesthetic, pediatric, Andullation therapy, massage etc.




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Officially the largest foreign language newspaper in the Canary Islands

Island Connections 844 FLN 111  

Officially the largest foreign language newspaper in the Canary Islands

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