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April 19 – May 2, 2018 Year‘s first

Exclusive interview

Facing Summerland, just off the roundabout at the Language School



Gran Canaria

Forest fire

Guardia Civil crisis

Coffee harvest

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Tourism and ecology

The Canary Islands continue improving connections with new destinations

New international flight routes

The Canary Islands aim high The tourism department of the Canary Islands Government, Promotour Turismo de Canarias, has placed 20 new international destinations out to tender from the flight development fund, with a budget of €3.2 million. The fund is an incentive measure for interested airlines considering taking over one of the new routes, with companies receiving support from the budget for a total of two years. Continued on page two

Professional protection for whales and dolphins One of the most popular activities for tourists visiting the Islands is a boat trip to see whales and dolphins in the wild, a pastime that is proving costly for the environment as well as the stars of the show themselves. Acest (Asociación de Cetáceos Sur de Tenerife) is a non-profit organisation formed just over a year ago by various companies involved in cetacean watching in the south of the island. In a recent meeting with representatives of the Island council and Tenerife Tourist Board, the 17 members called for much stricter controls by the authorities. “For years, Turismo de Tenerife has been working to improve this tourist activity, which both preserves the attraction and guarantees the protection of marine mammals and their habitat”, explained Alberto

Thousands of holidaymakers look forward to seeing the dolphins and whales in their natural habitat

Bernabé, head of the tourism department for the Island Council. The importance of the activity is shown by the fact that every year around 600,000 tourists set

out on the ocean to see whales and dolphins, with the sector having an average annual turnover of around €25 million. “Therefore”, Bernabé added, “it’s important that

the excursions guarantee quality and safety for both people and animals”. Continued on page two




Marine mammals at risk

Calls for better cetacean conservation

Respect for the animals should be the priority for sustainable excursions

President of Acest, Higinio Guerra also stated they “are calling for a study to investigate the resilience of the population off the coasts, and where blue flags should be assigned to those boats that operate legally. We want to avoid mass activity at sea." The topic of sustainability was also emphasised at the meeting by Vicente Dorta, European Parliament Member for Tourism. He referred to the quality award that has been in circulation since 2010. This contains 15 points that hopefully guarantee respect for the environment and the animals within it. Volunteers travel on excursion boats as incognito guests, scoring the experience according to the criteria laid out eight years ago. There are currently 14 companies that have committed themselves to this voluntary monitoring, but allowing businesses of this kind to opt out of being inspected is evidently not the answer, as the reality of the current situation of neglect and disregard shows. Hence, responsible members of the industry are demand-



Kanaren express

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Новости теНерифе

ing more specific controls by the police, environmental protection office and the Canary Islands Government. They are also requesting that the process to introduce regulations for nautical and recreational activities is speeded up. Currently, 41 boats are legally engaged in dolphin and whale watching off Tenerife. These are located in the ports of: Marina del Sur in Las Galletas, Los Cristianos in Arona, Puerto Colón, Adeje, Los Gigantes (Santiago del Teide) and Playa San Juan in Guía de Isora. However, according to Acest, there may be up to 70 further vessels working illegally, a constant hustle and bustle off the coasts which must, they say, be slowed down.

Urgent action needed Several weeks ago, the Acest association filed its first official complaint against an excursion boat. The grievance was lodged after a quick thinking passenger filmed the behaviour of a crew on a different boat. According to the organisation, the video clearly shows how

the captain of a catamaran approached a group of about 15 pilot whales. "Completely disrespectfully, with the engine on, he sailed against the wind and sideways on to the ceta-

the negative impact of nautical activities in protected areas, as well as a more restrictive approach to licensing, and increased control of illegal activities.

Photo: Ayto. Santiago del Teide

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Global offers

Making connections

Continued from front page

The aim of the strategy is to achieve ever better connections between the Canary Islands and the rest of the world in order to strengthen existing markets and open up new ones. If all desired connections are achieved, it would mean that 180,000 more seats would be available annually for the Canary Islands. Due to experiences with tenders in the past, there is no time limit. Promotur’s director María Méndez explained, “We have learned that some airlines work slower and take longer to prepare to add new destinations to their schedules, which is why the tenders are open-ended.” The Canary Islands Councillor for Tourism, Culture and Sport, Isaac Castellano, also emphasised that the fund has proved its worth in developing new destinations, and knows from experience that “since its introduction in April 2014, 23 new and very interesting routes have been created. It is a long-term planning initiative. Some people make decisions quickly, others take up to two years.” Promotur supports the airlines by providing extensive information and advertising material. Before issuing the tender, the Canary Islands Government commissioned an analysis to determine whether each planned destination is of strategic interest and realistically feasible. The flight routes that are currently on the Canary Islands wish list are: Austria (Lanzarote - Vienna), Slovakia (Gran Canaria and Tenerife - Bratislava), USA (Gran Canaria New York), France (Lanzarote - Lyon), Italy (Lanzarote and Gran Canaria - Naples, Tenerife - Bari, La Palma - Milan), Poland (Fuerteventura - Warsaw), Portugal (Lanzarote Lisbon), Great Britain (La Palma - Edinburgh, Newcastle and Glasgow), Romania (Fuerteventura - Bucharest), Russia (Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria - Moscow, Tenerife - Saint Petersburg), Switzerland (Tenerife - Bern, La Palma - Basel). This new call for proposals is added to those of March 2017, of which some are still under development due to the aforementioned long planning phase. These include Tenerife - New York, Gran Canaria - Bucharest, La Palma – Vienna, and Lanzarote - Bratislava. The connections from Gran Canaria to Lyon and Helsinki and Tenerife with Lisbon have already been implemented. From the winter season, a regular route is being offered between Lyon and Fuerteventura and between Nice and Tenerife. The Canary Islands Government’s efforts to facilitate the launch of a connection between the archipelago and one of the desired destinations has already won the prize for the best European Destination Routes Europe 2017 and the best Global Destination World Routes 2017. The Canary Islands have also been nominated again for the next Routes Europe Awards Ceremony, which will take place from April 20 to 22. n

Pilot whales are one of Spain’s protected species

ceans. He ran into and over the top of at least seven animals, some of which remained under the catamaran. Not only is the pilot whale under special protection in Spanish waters, but the Teno-Rasca region where the incident took place is also a marine reserve.” It’s dangerous and unacceptable behaviour, and the footage has been handed over to prosecutor Francisca Sánche Álvarez. The actions contravene current laws and can therefore be deemed as criminal behaviour. The members of Acest are also calling for greater control over

It’s not only human activity that poses a threat to marine mammals, however. The pollution of their habitat by the increasing littering of the oceans is also a problem that must be tackled urgently. Alarming evidence that there is no time to lose was a dead sperm whale recently washed up in Cabo de Palos near Murcia on the Spanish peninsula. Environment Minister Javier Celdrán explained that the carcass autopsy revealed that the animal had died of gastric shock caused by the 29 kilos of plastic waste found in the n whale's stomach.

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19.4.2018 – 2.5.2018




Domestic violence

Human rights activist killed by her husband In an interview with the daily newspaper La Provincia in Gran Canaria last November, Doris Valenzuela said "Fortunately, I have my husband and children to support me. This is not always the case. I have friends who are beaten by their husbands. Instead of being protected from the criminals outside the house, they also find they have another one at home. For me, any man who hits a woman is a criminal." The man she praised only a few weeks ago killed her in early April. He stabbed her several times in the streets of Murcia until she died. Those who knew Doris said that she was a strong woman, tireless in the struggle for human rights in small Colombian communities, about the Conpaz collective and the Espacio Humanitario Puente Nayero organisation she led. The 39-year-old was born in

1979 in Valle de Cauca in Buenaventura, Colombia. From the age of 20, she lived under the threat of the FARC revolutionary forces, which drove her family from their own land so they could exploit gold deposits there. Doris told Radio Ecca "They entered our house at 10.10pm on September 21, 2000. They set it on fire with everything inside, tried to rape me and killed my nine-monthold baby in my arms. I will never forget this date." Doris Valenzuela fought through the organisation Conpaz to ensure that natives and Afro descendants did not have to leave their country to make way for urban macro projects. She judged "Drugs are the backbone to everything in Colombia. Whether it's rebel groups, the police or the government, it's always about money, drugs and land. They are all the

same." Her 16-year-old son was killed because he refused to be recruited. Nevertheless, nothing could get her to leave her country. Only when a whole family was brutally murdered in her neighbourhood did she throw in that particular towel and accepted an offer from Amnesty International, which offers temporary protection to human rights defenders. In February 2016 she started a new life in Santa Cruz de La Palma with her husband and two of three children. She said last April that "They want to kill me in Colombia, but my life is safe here in La Palma." Nevertheless, she did not give up her fight for human rights and against oppression in her homeland. She has visited the Islands and given lectures to draw attention to the struggle of her people against the paramilitaries.

In La Palma Doris and her family were welcomed with open arms. "It's a tragedy that she of all people, who fought for human rights her whole life, both in Colombia and here, after a life of so much suffering and struggle, died this way," mourned Montserrat Román, spokeswoman for Amnesty International, who knew Doris well and accompanied her on her new start in the Canary Islands. Román continued "She was such a

brave woman. I am glad that we had the opportunity to see the example she set. Her work, her values, her strength, her dedication and her commitment to others was incredible. Even students, whose questions she liked to answer herself, were always impressed by her strength and smile which helped her to look forward. We are shocked. She was a role model for young people and spoke about the true conditions in her country." Doris

Doris Valenzuela during a lecture in La Palma

moved to Murcia in February of this year, but Román also knew that, despite the fact that Doris was very happy in Spain and could continue to work for her cause, she always wished to return to her homeland as soon as peace reigned there. She wanted to continue fighting “in love and respect”. Tragically her life was not ended by a rebel or soldier, but at the hands of her own husband. Without love and n without respect.


Port design around tradition


Place of honour for old cutter

The old cutter María del Rosario now forms a special landmark at the port

Lanzarote's island president Pedro San Ginés has launched a project that he believes fills a historic gap, which concerns the redesign of the port at Puerto Naos in the heart of the fishing district of Valterra in Arrecife. A new leisure park with a fishing museum will be created and as a special landmark the cutter María del Rosario will be located there. San Ginés explained "We would like to honour our past as fishermen. At the same time, a new facility will be created that will improve people's quality of life and improve the first

impression of crews and passengers on board ships arriving on the island." Traditionally, for centuries the people of Lanzarote and La Graciosa lived mainly from fishing and were closely connected to the sea. In the past, they also had to deal with pirate attacks, in which some of the locals were kidnapped and sold on the slave market. Even in the 20th century, fishing still played a major role at Puerto Naos. The cutter María del Rosario was originally intended to be scrapped, but now it is being integrated

into the new park and restored as a symbol of the past. The cutter stands near the monument for those killed in the Cruz del Mar, which commemorates the ship that was attacked by armed men with submachine guns in the Sahara fishing area in 1978 - the crew was slaughtered. Seven sailors, including a 14-year-old, were killed. Only Miguel Ángel Rodríguez and his brothers, Eusebio and Manuel, survived the tragedy because they were inspired to jump into the sea and hide in the water until the attack was over.

Where the cutter María del Rosario comes from is not quite clear. The only existing documents refer to the year 1950. However, there are some indications that it could be the Rosarito, which was shipwrecked off Lanzarote and possibly restored. It may have been acquired by Antonio Armas in 1936. In this case, its history could be traced back to the early 20th century. The cutter was used for trade between the Canary Islands, the Peninsular, North Africa and even as far as Cape Verde. There are only three cutters of this kind left, two of which are owned by the Lanzarote island council, the María del Rosario and Bella Lucía. It’s to be restored by the students at the Pancho Lasso Art School, where ships’ carpenters are trained. Another 'oldtimer' in Lanzarote seafaring is the fishing freighter 'Frigorsa', which used to process and freeze fish. It’s expected to be integrated into the new Museo del Mar y de la Pesca de Lanzarote and La Graciosa, which is also being built in the complex with the modern research centre for marine life and marine mammals. For the inhabitants of the city, the park is not only a link to the past, but also a place where all kinds of leisure activities n will be enjoyed.

Career criminal attacks police

Were you a victim?

The National Police recently arrested a 56-year-old man in Telde, Gran Canaria, who is accused of car theft, robbery and attacking police officers. The man had stolen a car whose owner had left the key in the ignition at a service station in La Estrella. Then he fled towards the south. The suspect was seen at a tourist complex in Maspalomas as he snatched a handbag from a Swedish tourist and fled in the stolen car. Thanks to the GPS in the car, it was found a little later, back in Telde and this time in the district of Marpequeña. Passers-by watched as the alleged perpetrator used stockings as gloves to wipe out his fingerprints. The police stopped him and blocked the road to prevent another escape. Thereupon the suspect got back in the car and tried to drive away, ramming a police car that was blocking his way. Both vehicles ended up in the middle of the road. The 56-year-old was eventually arrested, but initially he resisted and attacked the officers. As a result, two policemen were injured and taken to hospital in Las Palmas. Inside the car, the police discovered two women’s handbags, two mobile phones (one of them pink), various feminine hygiene products, several sunglasses, a balaclava, gloves and tools. The investigation remains open for complete clarification as to where the individual pieces come from and whether they can be assigned to one or more criminal offences. The person arrested already has a long criminal record with 88 previous convictions. If you were attacked and had anything stolen in a similar scenario recently and haven’t yet reported it to the police, do so, they may already have your belongings. n

Photo: Alicja Michalik / Freeimages


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19.4.2018 – 2.5.2018



Charity support

Rabbits play golf! A whimsically named golfing society has just handed over some serious funds for two local charities. The Costa Adeje Rabbits Society was formed in 2006 and has progressed to having a membership of 80 people of mixed nationalities and abilities. The group plays their golf at the Costa Adeje Los Lagos golf course. Each year they raise funds for various charities on the Island of Tenerife. This year they collected €3,000 for cancer charities and donated €1,500 to KM Solidario (the AECC organised bus that takes cancer patients from the south to their treatments in the northern hospitals) and the same amount n to the Walk For Life breast cancer Foundation.

Some members of the Rabbits handing over their generous donation to WFLF


Honour for Samuel Chad Chung Ting

Nobel prize winner receives science star The renowned physicist, 82-year-old Samuel Chad Chung Ting, was honoured in Santa Cruz de La Palma with a star on the Paseo de las Estrellas de la Ciencia. Following the example of the Walk of Fame in Los Angeles, the capital and island of La Palma also honours outstanding personalities with a star on their pavements. However, this is not about actors or directors, but about science. The recently deceased Stephen Hawking was the first to be immortalised on the Paseo three years ago. He was followed by the Russian cosmonaut Alekséi Leonov and last year the Japanese researcher and Nobel Prize winner Takaaki Kajita. This year's prizewinner Samuel Chad Chung Ting received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1976 after discovering a new subatom two years earlier in the Brookhaven National Labo-

ratory in New York, which he called J-particles. It describes a new class of long-lived mass mesons consisting of a quark and an antiquark. It was a groundbreaking discovery at that time. Ting was also interested in primary cosmic rays and the detection of primary antimatter. He founded a consortium with the aim of proving that it was possible to shoot highenergy physical instruments into space. The flight of this instrument, the so-called antimatter magnetic spectrometer, took place in 1998 for several days on board the space shuttle Discovery and provided a large amount of scientific data. Based on these results, the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer was developed, on which around 500 scientists from 56 nations worked. These include Spanish experts through the CIEMAT Research Centre in Madrid and the Canarian Astro-

Samuel Chad Chung Ting is awarded the Science Star

physics Institute. This instrument was sent into space on board Endeavor in 2011. It’s expected to transmit important data to Earth by 2024. In addition to numerous awards, Professor Ting is a member of the National Academy of Sciences in the USA, the American Society of Physics, and their counterparts in Italy and Europe. He is an honorary doctor at the universities of Michigan, Hong Kong, Colombia, Bologna, Moscow, the University of Science and Technology of China and Jiatong University in Shanghai. This outstanding research work

was highlighted by island president Anselmo Pestano in his speech announcing the honour. He told Ting "You've already had a chance to realise we're just a small town and a small island. We could almost say that we are a subatomic particle on this planet. But you, as a researcher, know that even the smallest particle in the universe can perform a great task. It wasn’t for nothing that telescopes on the summit of La Palma recorded the deepest insights into the universe ever observed from Earth." Ting himself was modestly pleased n by the award.




Memorial Days

The Beatles in Tenerife From April 29 to May 9 1963, after recording their first album Please, please me, three of the Beatles visited Tenerife with their best friends from Germany, Astrid Kirchherr and Klaus Voormann, but without John Lennon who was in Torremolinos with Brian Epstein. It was the first holiday ever for the young rock musicians and

on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of their visit, an event to commemorate that trip will be celebrated in La Orotava. From April 20 to May 20, photos, vinyl records, pictures, original drawings and other interesting objects will be on display at the Casa de Cultura de San Agustín in La Orotava. The exhibition will be

open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 9pm. On April 21 at 8pm, a Beatles concert by the group Alma de Goma (Rubber Soul) will take place on the patio of the cultural centre from 8pm. Admission to the concert is free. However, the first 100 spectators will have the chance to win a portfolio with two CDs, a DVD, a book and eight exclusive photographs of The Beatles in Spain. On May 3 at 8pm, a round table on the theme The Beatles and

their traces in Tenerife will take place in the conference room at the town hall and on May 7 a documentary film about The Beatles from 1965 will be shown at the same venue. A comic entitled Las Vacaciones de los Beatles en Canarias (The Beatles' holiday in the Canaries), with texts by Nicolás González Lemus and illustrations by Roberto Rodríguez, will also be presented to the public in the large conference room at n 8pm on May 17.

Santa Cruz

A capital holiday destination?

The mayor of Santa Cruz, José Manuel Bermúdez, recently met representatives of the Calínico Group, who presented him and councillor Zaida González with an expert opinion on tourist safety and an assessment of the city’s tourism prospects. For Bermúdez, the main topic of the discussion was an assessment of the possible future prospects of enhancing the capital of Santa Cruz from a major administrative centre into a holiday metropolis too. Since Bermúdez took over as mayor, hotel occupancy has increased enormously. The same applies to the number of guests exploring the city as day visitors or cruise passengers. Many projects, such as the planned city beach at Playa de Valleseco, the opening of the city via the harbour promenade etc., are part of the city council’s ambitions to make Santa Cruz interesting for tourists and to increase the quality of life for the inhabitants through attractive urban design. n

An attractive, capital, cosmopolitan, city holiday-centre by the sea

19.4.2018 – 2.5.2018




Granadilla de Abona

First forest fire of 2018 In the Canaries, the danger of a forest fire is always present, especially during the summer months. However, the fire that broke out on April 8 was very early indeed. About 380 hectares of forest and shrubs in the area around the lunar landscape, Paisaje Lunar, in the borough of Granadilla de Abona have been burned and the village of Vilaflor was under threat in the early stages. This zone is a very fragile ecosystem that is difficult to reforest. Fortunately, the Canary pine is a very robust tree species that usually manages to recover from a fire on its own; the underbrush will take more time. Buenaventura Machado, head of the Tinerfeñan forest technical services warned "We ask the public that during their visits they exercise the utmost caution in natural landscapes, because everything indicates that the fire was caused by human carelessness or intentionally. There

was no natural phenomenon at all that could explain the outbreak that day." After four days of hard work, the fire was finally brought under control. Island President Carlos Alonso explained "The task forces have done an excellent and very hard job, they hand-dug trenches on a six-kilometre flank to stop the fire. Due to the local geographic peculiarities and the bad weather conditions, help from the air or with equipment on the ground was barely possible. The fire-fighting teams had

Fire-fighting in the rugged terrain was hard work Map showing the extent of the fire

to walk for two hours to reach the location." Four Canary Islands Government helicopters were able to assist from the air in some places. They were brought in because two fire-fighting aircraft, which had been requested from the central government, could not take off because of bad weather in Madrid. The firemen, soldiers, police officers, civil defence

and mountain rescue services were on their own. The island's environmental councillor, José Antonio Valbuena commented "This fire was very atypical and was tied to many complications. For example, very low humidity, a strong wind with gusts of up to 70 km/h and a

terrain with deep ravines and slopes of up to 40 per cent inclination." Around ten hectares in the Teide National Park nature reserve have been affected by the fire where mostly gorse bushes burned. Fortunately, neither people nor houses were harmed this

time. Members of the public are asked to avoid the area of this fire in the near future and always to be careful on every walk they take into a natural environment. Calls continue for a fire-fighting plane permanently based n in the Islands.




Exclusive Interview

Everything for the fatherland dealt with 31,730 cases. Their solve rate is over 55 per cent, almost 15 per cent above the national average and in the last five years, crime has declined by more that 10 per cent in Tenerife and over four per cent in Gran Canaria. Great results, however within the rank and file all over Spain something is wrong. Last year 17 officers committed suicide, most of them with their own service weapons. In the year to date, there have been three suicides

members of the military. Policia Nacional, for example, are members of a public service, we are under military command. As a result, we are also subject to military obedience. That is our main problem. An argument with a superior, a difference of opinion or a criticism? That isn’t possible for us. Military law, which requires absolute obedience, would take effect immediately. It means that the superior could order a suspension

Photo: Cab La Palma

Todo por la Patria (everything for the fatherland) is a motto that can be seen on every military installation in Spain, including the Guardia Civil’s, but sadly the incidence of suicides amongst this corps of officers has reached very worrying levels. As a military branch, the Guardia Civil are not permitted to form, or be members of, a trade union. Nonetheless, they have an association that speaks

Photo: SV

By Sabine Virgin their remit and last year they Guardia Civil officers are

Javier spoke out about Guardia Civil officers’ grievances For the greater good - Guardia Civil officers donating blood in La Palma

for them and represents their interests and opinions to the outside world, the Asociación Unificada de Guardia Civil (AUGC). In the Canaries, there is an office in each of the two provinces. The Guardia Civil are responsible for boroughs with less than 30,000 inhabitants, larger boroughs are under the jurisdiction of the Policia Nacional. As many of the Canarian boroughs are small, the Guardia Civil here protect over 86 per cent of the population, 76 of the 82 municipalities fall within

just in the Canaries, two in Tenerife and one in Fuerteventura. The numbers have been alarmingly high for the past half decade. We spoke to Francisco Javier Merideo Maestre who is General Secretary of the AUGC in Tenerife, and asked him what the reasons are behind these figures and from the association’s point of view what needs to be done to ease the situation. Javier, can you explain the chain of command of the Guardia Civil and where the weak points are?

of salary for several days and thus a wage reduction. And the officer could even go to military prison for insubordination - quite apart from the fact that your future professional career disappears. No contradiction is allowed, obedience is the first commandment. This doesn’t sound very modern and, compared to Policia Nacional officers, unfair. Why is that not abolished? Again and again there have been approaches and election promises made, by all politi-

cal parties. However, when the candidates are in office, they usually find that it is practical to have a task force that is unquestioningly on call and ready for action around the clock. And then, in the end, everything stays as it was. What is the typical daily work of an officer and why do people still apply to the Guardia Civil? Anyone who applies to and is accepted by the Guardia Civil first goes through the academy in Jaén for nine months. After that, a Guardia Alumno

(police student) is assigned to an office for a year. After graduation you can apply for open positions at a location of your choice - the better the grades, the bigger the choice. Especially in this past financial crisis period, the Guardia Civil offered a secure job. We have received many applications. You can't get rich, but you have a regular income and 37.5 hours a week, but often we work longer. Whether it's a storm or an accident, we are always in the front row and often the work schedule is changed due to current events. Private planning is often thrown out of control, which also burdens many personal relationships. On the other hand, the Guardia Civil

offers various areas of application to which you can bring your own talents and interests. For example, the environmental and animal protection unit SEPRONA, the mountain rescue service GREIM, cybercrime, the forensic department, traffic police and many more specialist areas. What is the reputation of the Guardia Civil among the population? The Guardia Civil is regarded by the Spanish population as a defender of democracy. Our task is to protect democratic values and the people. That brings us a lot of sympathy. According to statistics and surveys, Spanish approval of the Guardia Civil is the


highest of all state authorities. We are at the top of the popularity scale, even above the monarchy.

don't catch them in flagrante, there isn't enough evidence to convict them. This is democratic justice, but it also creates frustration.

Is the threat of terrorism an additional pressure in everyday working life or what are the factors that create pressure and frustration? No, not really. In Spain we are used to dealing with such a threat because of ETA. What puts us under pressure are above all the staff cuts. In the province of Tenerife, for example, there should be 1,600 in service, but we are short of around 300 colleagues. In the province of Gran Canaria there should be 1,750 officers and the shortage is about the same. It should also be noted that the number of police stations is calculated on the basis of the number of inhabitants. On the Canary Islands we have very many tourists. Last year there were about sixteen million holidaymakers. That means that we have about 44,000 more inhabitants to protect per day. Figuratively speaking, it’s a small town every day that is not included in the distribution of officers, and who are, as it were, unprotected. It’s fortunate that violent and serious crime in the Canary Islands is only a small percentage of our work. Nevertheless, the situation is precarious due to the permanent shortage of personnel. Therefore, we can hardly carry out preventative measures anymore, but only react when something has happened. That's frustrating. In addition, we often catch petty thieves, for example. If they have stolen objects or money worth less than €400, it will not be punished as an offence, but only with minor penalties. They keep coming back on the street and we're dealing with the same guys all the time. Or we have organised gangs that are tactical. Often we know exactly who and how they act, but if you

So much frustration and pressure that you kill yourself? What do you think is the reason

works as a supervisor. On the Canary Islands it’s one psychologist for all the Guardia Civil officers. Ridiculous. He is also part of the military. That means that regardless of the question of patient confidentiality, he must answer if a superior requests informa-

mit suicide, they'll take their rifle because it's ready to hand. There have been considerations about a service weapons cabinet at the station or other solutions, but so far the issue has never been addressed in concrete terms. And of course the per-

Photo: Ministerio Interior

How do you deal with homosexuality, for example? The military is rather equated with a macho community? No, that's not really a problem. Nowadays, this topic is dealt with rather loosely. And it makes no difference to us either. If a colleague turns out to be homosexual, that’s that and it doesn’t damage his reputation among colleagues. We are modern people who live in a modern society, only the hierarchical order to which we are subject is antiquated.


for the many suicides among Guardia Civil officers? I think there are many reasons for this. We must also bear in mind that we are usually called when something has happened. This means that we are seeing the negative things in our society and must deal with them. Violence in relationships, murdered children or other violent crimes, we see what nobody really wants to see. You can't just turn off these pictures when you go though your front door. Some things you just take with you and that can be very stressful. However, it’s not only frustration in everyday working life, staff shortages or the hierarchical structures (that are really extremely strict), for someone to really go to the extreme, I believe that several factors must come together. If things don't work out with the supervisor, the workload gets high and then maybe private problems are added, then an explosive mix has developed that can lead to suicide. But isn't there a protocol that catches stressful situations? Theoretically, yes, but in practice it's ridiculous. Let’s start with the fact that you must report complaints against a senior officer, for example with workplace bullying or sexual harassment, with your own superior. Needless to say, what's the point? Unless you’re looking for further reprisals! We also have a police psychologist who

Guardia Civil officers work with other police forces nationally and internationally The Director General of the Guardia Civil, José Manuel Holgado, visited the Canary Islands at the end of February to discuss the structure, organisation and problems with the local superiors

tion. Who can really be honest? Above all, who wants to admit that he is emotionally stressed when he knows for sure that his superior will get to know and can thus sideline his career? What are your stipulations to defuse the situation? First and foremost, and this demand was made as long ago as the last millennium, the Guardia Civil should no longer be linked to the military, but should be treated as a civil body like the Policia Nacional. This means that the extreme hierarchies with the threat of prison sentences or wage cuts over simple arguments and disagreements would be a thing of the past. The wage should also be adjusted. A Policia Nacional with the same work and rank earns about €300 a month more than an officer of the Guardia Civil. That's not fair. There should be more psychologists and above all they should come from outside the service. For example, there should be a contact point in every city to which the officer can turn in an emergency and be sure that his problems are not reported to his superior. We have also often demanded that the service weapon should not be taken home. Because of course most colleagues who commit suicide shoot themselves with their own pistols. You have access, know it's fast and safe, and you pull the trigger. It's like a hunter. If they want to com-

manent burden due to a lack of personnel must be solved and the lack of equipment, such as too few vehicles or bullet-proof vests. We all get involved, every day and expect that we are taken


Photo: Ministerio Interior

19.4.2018 – 2.5.2018

seriously, our work and our commitment is appreciated. This has to do not only with money, but also with attitude and the creation of good working conditions.

As a journalist, the right to freedom of expression and an objective discussion of disputes is almost a kind of occupational disease. The idea of being punished with wage cuts and imprisonment is unthinkable. And yes, I too think it is time to act politically. Keeping police officers under military law is well out of date. To punish contradiction is undemocratic and to treat different police authorities differently is simn ply unfair.




Santa Cruz fiesta highlights

Suspects caught

Manu Tenorio to sing for May Queen

Diesel thieves in the forest The Guardia Civil based in Icod de los Vinos are currently investigating four men aged between 26 and 30 years old who are suspected of having stolen over 2,000 litres of diesel from construction vehicles. It is alleged the three men from Santa Cruz and one from La Laguna stole 1,080 litres of diesel from vehicles parked on a forest road near Fuente Santa in March, driving away with their liquid loot in all-wheel-drive vehicles The construction company was in the process of renovating an area of land it owned and had already suffered a similar theft in January and February of this year. The total stolen amounts to 2,650 litres of diesel, with an estimated value of €2,385. Added to this is the damage caused to the construction vehicles, plus work stoppages as teams were unable to work as planned when faced with empty tanks. This is estimated to amount to a further €2,000. The case n was handed over to the court in Icod de los Vinos.

Manu Tenorio is enthusiastically awaited by his female fans

Singer Manu Tenorio will head the festivities for this year's May Queen election and gala in Santa Cruz, performing on April 27 at 9pm in the Plaza de La Candelaria. The famous heartbreaker with Andalusian charm has an enthusiastic female fan base. The young Sevillian from the district of Triana

began to conquer the music world at the age of 17, starting in the bands La Farándula and De Madera. His breakthrough came with the first season of the popular TV music talent show Operación Triunfo. In 2002 he released his first album with the hit Piel, which topped the sales charts, selling over 200,000

copies in the first week. Following several weeks in the chart, over 500,000 had been sold, earning him five platinum discs. On his new album Colección Indefinida released by Universal Music, he sings his greatest hits, new songs and duets with Joan Manuel Serrat, Lolita, María Toleda and Rosana.

Other highlights of the May Day celebrations in Santa Cruz are the decorated flower crosses that schools and associations will erect on the Ramblas on May 3, as well as the large flower and plant exhibition in the Parque García Sanabria which will be open from April n 29 to May 6.

During construction work, such as here in the municipality of La Orotava, vehicles are left on site overnight

19.4.2018 – 2.5.2018




III Landscape Days in Gran Canaria

Los Realejos

Fireworks battle in the night sky May begins with a very singular celebration in some Canary Island boroughs because on May 2, all towns and communities with the Cross (Cruz) in their name have a special bank holiday. In Tenerife’s capital Santa Cruz, large crosses are decorated and displayed on the Rambla and in Puerto de La Cruz fountains and crosses are decorated with flowers. However, Los Realejos in the north of Tenerife celebrates too, offering an amazing selection of events that continue throughout the month. On May 2, crosses and altars in chapels are adorned with flower carpets and floral containers. The Fiesta de las Cruces is taken seriously. For visitors there are even special shuttle services to the most prominent points, especially in the Cruz Santa district. It will be really exciting on the evening of May 3, when the Calle del Medio and Calle de Sol traditionally have a fireworks contest in the night sky. Where are the most beautiful fireworks launched from? This is a contest that used to be fought with wood fires and today, thanks to the two largest pyrotechnics factories in the borough, has been shifted to the night sky. For about three hours the sky above Los Realejos glows in all imaginable colours and shapes. It begins, after dark, around n 10pm. More information at

On May 3, special magic is wrought in the night sky

Place your advert at

Mundo del Mapa Classifieds Agent Calle San Felipe, 12 Puerto de la Cruz

A city-nature fusion In the past, town and countryside have always been a contrast, different ways of life with hardly any similarities. According to the concepts developed by Barcelona architect Enric Batlle, urban life in the 21st century will be quite different. A lot of greenery, not only in the form of parks and green spaces, but even in the form of gardens and orchards in the middle of the cities. The renowned urban designer and lecturer at the Politechnical University of Barcelona, as well as author of numerous urban and landscape design projects, will present his visions at the III Landscape Days in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on April 19 and 20. In his concepts, city and nature are no longer mutually exclusive, but will merge and this will make cities greener and the air purer. Explaining his philosophy, he said "The recent crisis in particular has made us rethink. Ideas arose as to how city and nature could merge in a completely new way and serve the common good. Balconies, façades, streets and squares could be brought back to nature. Parks and gardens could be linked to natural landscapes and agricultural land." His concepts include private and public gardens, for example. What is grown and harvested there could benefit local residents. Every balcony could mutate into a mini-garden. Biodiversity would thus return to the cities, the air would be cleaner, water better used and renewable energies promoted. Cities could harvest their own fruit and

Living by the Ebro in Zaragoza

Green living in the city is possible

Batlle is a visionary who wants to create cities with character and quality of life

vegetables, just like in the countryside. He has already impressively proved this in the English city of Todmorden. As part of the 'Incredible Edible' movement, large green areas were planted with fruit trees and local products were cultivated. The inhabitants of the community help and reap the benefits together.

Among the projects that Enric Batlle has already implemented are the transformation of a rubbish dump into a park in Garraf, the design of the Parque del Nudo de la Trinitat in Barcelona, the restoration of the Llobegrat riverbed and the transformation of the historic centre of the French city of Amiens

into a pedestrian zone. The site of Expo Aqua 2008 on the front line of the River Ebro in Zaragoza also bears his signature. Six thematic squares along the river promenade combine to form an ecological boulevard and an inviting area for all kinds of leisure activities. More about the architect's projects can be found on his website www. n




Tourist communities demand support

Fair shares for all

Adaptation of beaches etc. for people with mobility difficulties at a holiday destination costs money

Alianza de Municipios Turísticos Sol y Playa (AMT), the association of holiday resort boroughs for sun and beach holidays, brings together Spain's eight main tourist destinations, Arona, Adeje, Benidorm, Calvià, Lloret de Mar, Salou, San Bartolomé de Tirajana and Torremolinos. The local residents represent only 0.92 per cent of the Spanish population, but last year they welcomed over eleven million holidaymakers. That is 13.52 per cent of the total tourist flow in the country and almost 20 per cent of all overnight stays. The occupancy rate in these communities is 82.65 per cent. About 86,185 people work in this sector. The figures are good at the moment but, nevertheless, the mayors of these resorts are concerned about the future and therefore arranged a meeting in Madrid. They want to secure their good

The Madrid meeting tried to address current problems and set a course for the future

position in the holiday market for the future. In their opinion however, this can only be done with the support of the central government. Subsidies for public services, such as health care or the development of roads are only calculated on the basis of the number of inhabitants and do not take holiday visitors into account. In order to avoid bottlenecks and to offer quality of life to visitors and residents alike, the holidaymakers, who visit these regions, must be considered when it

comes to a cut of the financial pie. Arona's mayor, José Julián Mena said "We want to offer both our citizens and visitors high-quality services. This means counting everyone, not just those who always live in Arona. We receive around one and a half million visitors every year. The population, however, is only 225,000, meaning we have an additional burden on our health, education and road systems." José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, mayor of Adeje added "We are not just asking

for money, we are asking for the financial resources we need to do justice to everyone. We have special needs. If the law treats our major cities differently from other cities, we are demanding a similar system for the tourist centres." In particular, in order to survive in the highly competitive tourism market and to meet the new needs of guests, there must be changes that have to be financed. These eight communities in particular are breaking new ground in order to strengthen their position in the long term. These include the digitisation of the tourism industry, sustainability, security or making amendments in services to make them more available to those who are physically or mentally challenged. Other participants at the meeting in Madrid included the Director of Public Relations and Economics at the British Embassy in Madrid, Bill Murray, the Consul for Madrid and Alicante, Sarah Jane Morris, and the Consul for the Balearic Islands, Catalonia and Andorra, Lloyd Milen. They were very interested in the goals and priorities of the AMT communities, because the British love Spain as a holiday destination and represent a high proportion of the tourist flow. Both sides saw these good relations as not endangered, even in the period after Brexit. Although none of the parties involved could say how Brexit would affect and shape their areas, they all assumed that business relations would n remain stable.

Vandalism saddens village

Palm Mar shrine desecrated

Residents of the south Tenerife village of Palm Mar have been deeply saddened by the recent desecration of an important shrine. Constructed by local people over 30 years ago in memory of loved ones, young and old, who had lost their lives at sea, the shrine was tucked away in rocks at the end of the area’s beach. It is a small, intimate location which had great significance for many people, providing them with a quiet spot for reflection and a place to connect with their loved ones. Three images of the face of Christ were painted on the rocks, looking out in different directions. Artistically it was unique, and over the years visitors had also added ceramic and brass plaques, flowers, pictures, cuddly toys, cards and candles. Many of the rocks had been hand painted with the names of their loved ones, while in some cases names or crosses were marked out with stones in the sand. Kith and kin of many nationalities, including English, Belgian, German and Spanish, visited the area often and some even scattered the ashes of people they had lost there. It is not hard to imagine how heartbroken many were when they discovered their shrine has been completely vandalised sometime during the first weekend in April. The perpetrators even stole a book of condolences, in a senseless crime which has achieved nothing except place a deep scar on a local community. However, the people of Palm Mar do not give up easily, and have sworn they will rebuild n their memorial, no matter how long it takes.

Before (Photo by Jan Rogers)

After (Photo by Lucy Boorman)

19.4.2018 – 2.5.2018




Loro Parque

been trained since birth so that her carers can carry out the regular necessary health checks on her such as taking blood, voluntarily and with the least stress possible. Getting used to regular veterinary checks has the effect that the examinations become daily routine for the animal and do not cause her any anxiety. At the same time, scientists have the opportunity to gather valuable information about this species. From now on, Udra's training programme will take place in

front of an audience. Her parents, Marylin and Elvis, have had even more young, but she will always be something special for the aquarium team because she was the first. They even helped with the hatching. They performed a kind of caesarean section on the egg capsule which they opened so that Udra could slip out easily. This was done because Udra was the first born to her mother Marilyn, and it can happen that the first fertilised eggs have hatching problems.

Udra as a striped pup

Photo: Loro Parque

Loro Parque is now able to show visitors the first zebra shark born in an aquarium in Spain. Her name is Udra and she was born at the end of 2016 at the park. Now she has completed her quarantine period, she has been allowed to move into her new home - the beautiful mangrove swamp at AquaViva. As a Spanish first for zebra shark births, Udra is considered very special and of course she is the pride and joy of the aquarium team at Loro Parque. Udra has

Photo: Loro Parque

Startling striped birth success

Since her birth in October 2016, she has developed optimally. Her weight has grown from 72 to 390 grams and her length from 27.3 to 118 centimetres. The name of this shark species - zebra shark, is curious. It comes from the stripes on the young specimens. As adults, the stripes on these animals are reduced to spots. Zebra

A close-up of Udra now

sharks swim slowly but they are agile. They do not pursue their prey, but drive them into small niches and then use their long bodies to prevent them from escaping. The effort Loro Parque invests in breeding and rearing zebra sharks is an essential contribution to the conservation and welfare of other endangered species such as the

angel shark (Squatima squatima) which is one of the most endangered species in the world. The Loro Parque Fundación also helps the hammerhead shark (Sphyrna sp.) by financing conservation projects. A video about Udra's move to her new home can be seen at loroparque/videos/10155569 n 043648333/.

Prison looms

Burglary victim who fought back The verdict of a jury on the crime that took place on March 1, 2015 at Arafo in the south of Tenerife, has prompted reactions far beyond the Canary Islands. The second provincial court in Santa Cruz recently confirmed that 83-year-old Jacinto killed a thief in his

house. In March three years ago, the man caught two burglars in his home, torturing his wife to force her to tell them where they would find more money. Jacinto grabbed a rifle and shot one of the attackers. It was a deadly shot. If the circumstances are not seen as a legitimate

defence, the judge will be obliged to order the minimum two and a half year prison sentence for homicide. Since the sentence is for more than two years, it cannot be suspended and Jacinto will go to jail. Even the second attacker admitted that he could understand

the old man's reaction. He would have done the same, he explained. The case has been discussed throughout Spain on social networks. A reader of the Menéame blog said "I would have done exactly the same. Anyone who reacts differently lacks survival instinct."

Another judged, "So some guy walks into your house to rob you, beats your wife up, and you have to sit still? We are the fools and the criminals have more rights than we do." The verdict is expected in a couple of weeks. Jacinto's defence lawyer announced that they would appeal in the event of

a conviction, which would put this hot legal potato in the hands of the Canary Islands Supreme Court, to decide whether Jacinto is guilty and must be convicted or whether he acted in self-defence. Public opinion is mostly behind Jacinto and finds his n reaction justified.




Lights off - shine on

Playa de Las Américas

Star gazing in La Palma

Bitcoin abduction

For the second time, La Palma is set to celebrate the recognition of the island as a Starlight destination on World Star Day, April 20, between 10pm and 11pm. An astro festival with various activities has been organised by the Island Council, led by Anselmo Pestana, together with various public institutions and companies associated with astrotourism. Also for the second time, the initiative 'Apaga la luz y enciende las estrellas' (Turn off the lights and turn on the stars) is being repeated. In parallel, there will be activities such as concerts, the read-

The Guardia Civil based in Playa de Las Américas recently arrested a 30-year-old man from Costa del Silencio as the suspected perpetrator of a kidnapping. The suspect had met with two people in a public place to discuss the purchase of Bitcoins from them. Once they had met, the two took the man to their apartment to close the deal. Once there, however, he showed a completely different intention. He tied and gagged one of the two victims and threatened them with a firearm. He told the second person to make a bank transfer to a specific account. As a result, the second victim left the apartment, but instead of going to the bank, she headed for the Guardia Civil headquarters in Playa de Las Américas and described what had happened to the police. Immediately the Guardia Civil officers went to the apartment mentioned where they freed the hostage, who confirmed the crime, and confiscated the gun with which the alleged kidnapper had threatened his victims. In addition, a watch worth €35,000, which he had already stolen from one of the two victims, was seized. The suspect has already been arraigned at the Arona court. n

Once again, telescopes will be installed at most of the participating locations and amateurs will be guided by experienced amateur or professional astronomers.

The Astrofest brings the starry sky close to everyone

All around the island, those interested can enjoy the starlit sky

ing of poems and stories, and above all use of telescopes, which will be explained to the layman by experts. This was the idea of scientist María Víctoria Hernández when the Halley Comet flew past the Earth in 1986, trying to involve as many people in La Palma as possible in the spectacle.

This type of star gazing will be available at the Castillo de Santa Catalina in Santa Cruz de La Palma, in the Museo Etnográfico in the Casa Luján in Puntallana, at Charco Azul in San Andrés y Sauces, near the swimming pools of La Fajana and the Mirador de San Mao de Barlovento, on the patio of the

Colegio de Franceses and on the patio of the Casa de la Cultura de Santo Domingo in Garafía, at the floating viewpoints of El Fayal in Puntagorda, at the Plaza de Nuestra Señora de Candelaria in Tijarafe, in the Avenida de Puerto Naos in Los Llanos de Aridane, at the sports jetty in the harbour of Tazacorte, at the Plaza Francisca de Gazmira in El Paso, at the Cigar Museum in the Parque de Los Álamos in Breña Alta, in front of the Sociedad Juventud Española building in San Antonio in Breña Baja, on La Salemera beach in Villa de Mazo and in the visitors' centre, Centro de Visitantes del Volcán de San Antonio, in Fuencaliente. The 16 different points are spread around the island, so no matter where you live or are spending your holiday, somewhere in the vicinity the lights will be switched off and the stars switched on. This is a unique opportunity to feel particularly close to the starry n heavens.

19.4.2018 – 2.5.2018



A celebration but no swimming pool

75th anniversary for CN Martiánez Club Natación Martiánez is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. Founded in 1942 by brothers Fermín and Alonso Rodríguez with Domingo Fregel, Gonzalo Pavés and Pedro Luis Cobiella, among others, over the course of time it has become more than just a swimming club. Roberto Hernández Illada introduced rescue swimming, Jesús Cuartero trained water polo players and Isidoro Sánchez laid the foundations for synchronised swimming. Regional, national and international competitions were held and in 1975 the municipal swimming stadium was established, where the club is still based today. Shamefully, however, the pool has been closed since mid-December 2015 due to a broken pipe and other technical difficulties. In the beginning, the athletes trained in the harbour basin or in the Martiánez swimming pool. Meanwhile, the Los Realejos indoor pool has become their training venue. Thankfully, at the end of last year, the Island Council announced it would invest around €8 million in renovating the swimming pool. The construction period is estimated at 20 months, and if everything goes according to plan the athletes could be training in their own pool again in 2020, making a belated but nice anniversary present. Since its foundation, the club has taught many children how to swim and has produced outstanding athletes. Even the current difficult training conditions do not prevent them from competing at the very forefront of their field. At the Spanish Winter Lifeguard Championships, for example, Diego Yanes set a new Spanish record and became the 200-metre hurdles champion. Thomas Holzendorf became Spanish Champion in the 200 metre super lifeguard category. Also in water polo, synchronised swimming and national and international swimming competitions, the athletes from Puerto de La Cruz have been on the podium. A stadium of their own in which they can train undisturbed is something they really deserve for their anniversary. n

Will they be swimming in their ‘own waters’ again by 2020?


Special protection area

Anaga Massif Biosphere Reserve Tenerife’s island council’s environmental protection agency has now formally adopted the regulations to protect the Macizo de Anaga as a biosphere reserve. This area has been under a special protection order since 2015, both on land and at sea, which means that special regulations apply here and the protection of nature has the highest priority. The next step is to appoint a General Council of the Biosphere Reserve which will be composed of representatives of the Cabildo and Canary Islands’ Government, the borough councils of Santa Cruz, La Laguna and Tegueste, as well as a scientific committee and a citizens' representative body. This body is designed to express and channel the interests and demands of the public and will make completely independent decisions. In this way it’s hoped that as stakeholders, local communities, fishing and agriculture representatives, environmentalists, non-agricultural entrepreneurs and nature conservationists will be united. The Anaga Massif is only a few minutes' drive from Tenerife's capital. It’s characterised by extraordinary beauty, laurel forest, rugged rocks and steep cliff-like walls. Ravines wind their way to the coast, and especially in winter the landscape is covered with wild herbs and numerous endemic species of flora. Along the coast there are numerous bays for swimming, which at

The Macizo de Anaga Biosphere Reserve is home to numerous endemic plants

The protected area extends into the sea

times, however, have dangerous currents. Rustic restaurants located directly on the Atlantic coast invite you to a meal of the freshest of fish. The reserve in the north-east of the island covers around 14,500 hectares. Together with Teno Alto and the Roque de Conde area, it’s one of the

oldest parts of the island. It’s also popular amongst hikers who explore the rugged and fascinating mountain landscape. However, most paths are not suitable for the inexperienced. Popular destinations for excursions are the fishing village of Taganana, also known as the area in the island where there

are the most drago trees per square metre, or the residential caves of Chinamada. The Anaga massif has special hidden treasures on land and in the ocean. In the waters off this coast you can find a special manta species, Canarian hake, parrotfish and a species of autonomous eel, which is threatened with extinction. The approximately 2,000 people who live in this mainly unpopulated area make their living primarily from agriculture, providing local gastronomy to visitors or commuting to work. It’s not only holidaymakers who are attracted by this north eastern part of the island, it’s also a popular recreational area for the inhabitants of the island over the weekend, especially those from the metropolitan areas of Santa Cruz and La Laguna. Motorcyclists especially appreciate the hairpin bends that test n their riding skills.



The education station Based in Los Abrigos in the south of Tenerife, the Education Station was established in July 2016 by Karen Bulloch. Its aim is to develop educational activities for children and their families in a creative, well-resourced learning environment, both in the classroom and out of doors. They currently offer preschool sessions for children aged two to five years from 9am – 4pm daily, Monday to Friday. In addition there are after-school clubs, suitable for five to 12 year olds, from 4pm to 6pm every weekday, which include creative arts, music, song and dance, gymnastics, English literacy and a craft club where children and young people can develop their skills in homehandicrafts. Previously-booked private lessons in Spanish and English are also available to suit the individual needs, dates and times of pupils of all ages from children to adults. They are currently developing an additional wide range of adult activities to support the community’s needs and

Educational support and assistance for all ages

requirements. If you want to get into the Latin beat, salsa classes are already underway and in the very near future the activities will be expanded with a craft club and classes in pilates and yoga. Please feel free to contact the centre to talk to them if you can offer support in any way and / or would like to be involved in participating in any activities. They are very open to suggestions and welcome

your ideas and input to suit individual needs. The Education Station also offers further educational qualifications in childcare and career opportunities for young people and adults over 16 years of age who would like to work in this sector. The centre uses its unique status to offer CACHE International childcare qualifications in English, which could enhance career prospects for young people and adults in pre-

school employment, holiday club reps, childcare and many more employment opportunities worldwide. Please contact Karen for more details and an interview to begin your course of study from September 2018 onwards. Places are limited so don’t delay and miss out on what could be a fantastic career opportunity. Keep an eye out for the latest developments in their curriculum which will be offering beach-school education, a guide to animal care and many other exciting learning opportunities with a wide range of locations and activities. Their mission statement is “We take our children on a journey of discovery, giving them aspirations and engaging them in life-long learning.” And all the educational activities on offer are planned, carried out and assessed by fully qualified English-speaking practitioners. Don’t hesitate, go and have a look at what they have on offer to augment your family’s educational needs and start or continue your learnn ing journey.

Caring for cancer charities

High-flying fund raising

Beverley, quite rightly, is proud of her achievement

Beverley (third from left) and the team who helped make it all possible

Brave Beverley Whitley jumped in feet first when an opportunity to raise funds for a local cancer charity arose. The story began when Beverley and her husband Brian attended a John Lowe charity event in aid of Ámate, and Brian made the successful bid for a tandem paragliding jump, despite knowing that Beverley was terrified of heights! Luckily, the pair came up with the idea of raising the bar even higher and using the jump as a way to attain more money for the charity, which in turn was

just the incentive that Beverley needed to overcome her fear. Hence, the couple contacted PowerOn FM radio station, the staff at which helped enormously with the arrangements. The daring couple also placed sponsor forms in all the bars on Golf del Sur and Amarilla Golf, and the generous donations began to pour in. Beverley admitted that on the day of the jump she was really nervous, but the pilot, named Greg, soon put her at her ease. The thrilling jump went ahead without incident - and with

some very good results, raising a total of €1,662. Beverley would like to send sincere thanks to all who supported her, especially everyone at the Rockin Horse restaurant, as they were wonderful throughout and also supplied food and drink after the jump. Well done Beverley and everyn one else involved!

Festival dates

WOMAD 2018 The organisers of the festival WOMAD Las Palmas de Gran Canaria have now announced the event dates for 2018. This year’s renowned festival, which unites artists from different parts of the world with Canarian musicians, will take place from November 15 to 18. The Observatorio de la Fundación Contemporánea recently named it the most important cultural event of 2017. WOMAD, which brings music from Europe, Asia, Africa and America together, has been taking place since 1993. After a six-year absence from Gran Canaria, it returned to its origins last year. The Spanish director of the festival, Dania Dévora, confirmed the dates for November. The event is being co-financed by Las Palmas de Gran Canaria city council and the Island Council, each are supporting the festival with a grant of €125,000 to bring it back to the island again this year. n

WOMAD is a great festival of world music


Slippery steps solved El Rosario council has equipped the steps leading into the sea at Radazul with a covering of pioneer anti-slip strips. Algae and moss have repeatedly caused slips, falls and other accidents on the sea access stairs. For this reason, a new type of material has now been selected to make the steps into the ocean safer in the future. The work schedule had to be adapted to the tides. Prior to the installation, the six sets of steps, which together exceeded 130 square metres, were cleaned by Urbaser. n Photo: Ayto El Rosario


Photo: Ayto. LPGC


The new non-slip system will be installed at all access points to the sea

19.4.2018 – 2.5.2018



Guachinche concert

Santa Cruz de La Palma

Tracing stolen avocados

Photo: Guardia Civil

The Guardia Civil based in Santa Cruz de La Palma recently carried out several inspections at greengrocery retailers and wholesalers, confiscating over 280 kilograms of avocados whose origin could not be proven by their owners. In the first case, 38 kilograms of the tasty fruit were seized in a fruit and vegetable shop in the island capital. The owner could not produce documents to prove where they came from. In the second case, 250 kilograms of avocados were taken out of circulation at a wholesalers. The officers informed the health department, which initiated a procedure against the two business owners which will result in fines if they are found guilty. The charge is violation of the law of food traceability. Every businessman selling fruit and vegetables must document from whom products originate. In addition to compliance with food laws, however, the increasing amount of avocado theft is also under the microscope. Often the thieves can only be exposed if they are caught red handed. Strict control of potential sales markets undermines the possibility of them earning money with their stolen goods. This deprives the criminals of their main business opportunities. The background to the inspections is that in the last few months, both in La Palma and in the north of Tenerife, thefts from avocado farms were very frequent. The plantation owners suffer considerable damage during the nocturnal ‘harvesting expeditions’. Public all over the Islands are requested not to buy fruit or veg from vendors in vans or on street corners unless they know them and know that the providence of the products is legal. n

Fresh produce must be traceable to its origins at all times

Mich Gerber is a musical magician from Switzerland who uses his double bass instrument to take listeners into new worlds of sound and at the same time into their own world of emotions. He has performed several times in Tenerife. With his special playing technique and live sampling system Mich Gerber creates orchestral sound architectures. The double bass becomes a versatile solo artist, a singing fivestring instrument. His new album Shoreline was released in February. Mich Gerber selected pieces that he has played in recent years with preference for the water or icy landscapes. One example is his concert series 'L'heure bleue', which takes place at selected outdoor venues at dusk. At the borders of heaven and earth, of water and land, there is a special emotional climate, which he translates into sounds with his bass. The experience of a landscape, the view into the void, the barrenness of nature and the power of the elements open the pores, making you receptive. His music penetrates deeply into the listener's soul and touches feelings. A longing that goes further than to the next island of happiness and a feeling of security that is not exhausted in the arms of your loved ones, but conveys a universal sense of safety. Ger-


Sound magician

ber's music encourages people to become more original again, and not to lose sight of the big picture, to trust their elementary feelings, to feel the vastness, the confidence in the unknown that is beyond the horizon. Those who want to experience the magic of this special music will have the opportu-

nity to do so on Friday evening, May 4 at 11pm. The artist will be performing at the Guachinche Contenedor y Cuchara at Risco Caido s/n in Las Cuevas near La Orotava. Admission is free. If you like, you can enjoy an original, typical Canarian meal before. Table reservations can be made by calling 822 259 133. n






















C/ La Marina, 3. Los Abrigos (Caixa roundabout) T. +34 642 063 159 Call for reservations



Authentic Florentine Italian restaurant Fresh pasta made daily Fresh fish from the local port




ot istr a






Polígono industrial Los Olivos Cra. Gral. La Caleta s/n. Adeje Opening hours: Mon - Sat 9:00 – 21:30 Sun 9:00 – 21:00


Calle Camelia s/n C. C. La Cúpula Puerto de La Cruz Opening hours: Mon - Sun 9:00 – 21:00

LOS CRISTIANOS Avenida Juan Carlos I, s/n Los Cristianos Opening hours: Mon - Sat 9:00 – 21:30 Sun 9:00 – 21:00

Errors and omissions excepted · This offer is available whilst stocks last · This offer will be valid from April 19th to May 5th





Vegetarian delights

Gran Canarian coffee culture Photo: Cab. GC

Mercedes Gómez caring for the coffee plants in an Arucas greenhouse

The cultivation of coffee plants has been a tradition in Gran Canaria for centuries, although it was somewhat neglected until shortly after the turn of the millennium. In 2002, there were about 5,000 plants in the Agaete Valley, in the northwest of the island, the classic growing area. Since then, cultivation has almost tripled thanks to the use of the Island Experimental Finca in Arucas. Around 10,000 specimens of 60 different tropical and subtropical plant species from America, Africa and Asia are grown and preserved there. More than half

The valley of Agaete offers optimal growing conditions for coffee shrubs

of them are coffee plants that are cultivated and propagated by Mercedes Gómez with tender loving care. Using seeds from the Agaete valley, propagation can now fall back on

their own mother plants. Every year, the Island Council gives some 6,000 plants to farmers from Agaete to further develop and promote coffee cultivation. The coffee bush, which

Stuffed eggplant rolls

has developed its own subspecies in Gran Canaria, especially around Agaete, is an Arábica bean of the species Typica. It’s believed to have come from the Yemen area, hence the name Arábica. However, there are some indications that it could have come from central Ethiopia, but this is a question that is yet to be resolved. Coffee beans need a mild climate with high humidity and in Agaete the shrub grows particularly well in the shade of subtropical trees, such as under avocado, mango, guava and orange trees. This is a perfect example of mixed crop farming that makes optimum use of the soil. The entire coffee cultivation in Gran Canaria is concentrated in the subtropical microclimate in the Agaete valley. Around 8,000 to 10,000 kilograms of coffee beans are now harvested there every year. After roasting, this yields around 5,000 kilograms of coffee that can be marketed in Agaete, the rest of the island and even outside the Canary Islands. During the Me Gusta Fair, which was celebrated in Gran Canaria in March and focused on local culinary delights, trade visitors as well as national and international chefs visited the stand, and later the coffee plantations in Agaete, to learn about the cultivation of coffee in Gran Canaria and to taste the results n of the farmers’ efforts.

Aubergines belong to the group of the nightshade family and form an important part of Mediterranean cuisine. They consist of over 92 per cent water and are particularly low in calories at 22 calories per 100 grams. The eggplant, as it is also called, is rich in antioxidants, minerals, calcium, magnesium and vitamins A, B, C and E. It strengthens the immune system, helps with weight loss and is good for the heart and circulation.

Ingredients for four people: Two aubergines A cup of walnut cream cheese

A cup of natural yoghurt A handful of walnuts Salt and pepper

Preparation: Cut the aubergines into wafer-thin slices and put them in salted water to prevent them turning brown. Meanwhile stir the remaining ingredients into a creamy mixture and spread this lengthwise on the aubergines. Carefully roll up the eggplant strips and place them in a casserole dish. Bake them in the oven at 150 degrees for about ten minutes. Non-vegetarians may like to serve the rolls as an original side dish with a juicy steak n or chunk of chicken.

Paladar vegetariano

Rollitos rellenos de berenjena Las berenjenas pertenecen a la familia de las solanáceas. Son una parte importante de la cocina mediterránea. Consisten en más del 92 por ciento de agua y son, con solo 22 calorías por cada 100 gramos, particularmente bajas en calorías. La fruta es rica en antioxidantes, minerales, calcio, magnesio y vitaminas A, B, C y E. Fortalece el sistema inmunológico, ayuda a perder peso y es buena para el corazón y la circulación.

Ingredientes para cuatro personas: Dos berenjenas, una copa de queso de crema de nueces, una copa de yogur natural, un puñado de nueces, sal y pimienta.

Preparación: Cortar las berenjenas en rodajas muy finas y colocarlas en agua salada para que no se pongan marrones. Mientras tanto, mezcle el queso crema, yogur, nueces, sal y pimienta hasta obtener una masa cremosa. Disperse la crema de queso sobre las berenjenas. A continuación, enrollar cuidadosamente las tiras de berenjena y colocarlas en una cazuela. Hornearlas a 150°C durante unos diez minutos. Por cierto, si no le gusta vegetariano, también puede servir los rollitos como guarnición de un filete de carne jugosa. Esto también sería una variante original. n

PROMOTION Carretera TF-65, 13 (in the roundabout) Los Abrigos




Opening hours: Daily from 7pm

& 642 063 159 This wonderful new addition in Los Abrigos has all the residents talking. Italian Cuisine at its finest. Bistrot Fettuccina now opens on the round about in Los Abrigos, offering you the finest Florentine specialities. Freshly made pasta prepared daily on the premises. Fresh fish caught daily and brought in to the local port where it has a very shorty journey to the restaurant at the top of the road. The portions are generous and perfect for sharing in groups. An experience for you and quality that will have you returning time and time again. Please book to avoid disappointment.

Bistrot Fettuccina


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Brunelli’s Steakhouse Calle Bencomo 42 Puerto de La Cruz


& 922 062 600 Every gourmet’s dream becomes a reality at Brunelli‘s, a steakhouse that is in the perfect location to inspire the palate. Selected meat of the very best quality, in a fantastic ambience right next to the sea, the culinary pleasure revolves around the Southbend: The only oven of its kind on the Canary Islands, it heats up to 800°C, sealing the juices and flavour inside the meat. Plus top quality wines from the island and Spain, and the restaurant’s crowning glory: an uninterrupted view of the Atlantic Ocean.

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Opening hours: Daily from 1pm – 3.30pm and 6.30pm – 11pm

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Bodegón Las Vistas Calle Bencomo 58 Santa Úrsula Open: Daily, except Tuesday 12 to 11 pm

& 822 108 923 ide urant in & outs Heated Resta

Tasteful, canarian kitchen, a rustic and authentic ambience and a breathtaking panoramic view characterise the Bodegón Las Vistas in Santa Úrsula. Also the very hospitable servicestaff and the favorable prices. This place welcomes everyone, from local Canarian or foreign residents who don‘t want to cook, to holidaymakers who find themselves in an extraordinary place in the middle of typical island life. A place you will never forget.


ot istr a

Bistrot Fettuccina



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d bodegonlasvistas

19.4.2018 – 2.5.2018




Restaurante Regulo

Trick or Treat? By John We recently went for dinner at one of the oldest and grandest of restaurants in Puerto de La Cruz. The restaurant has been operating since the ‘80s in a property dating back to the 18th century. Restaurante Regulo is highly regarded. Surely, we must be in for a treat? Do you go on first impressions when you visit a restaurant? The main entrance could do with a good lick of paint, and the two fish tanks held only water and one poor lobster doing its best to become invisible, instead of the expected cornucopia of fresh fish that I would have expected on an early Saturday evening. Should anyone feel like putting that lobster out of its misery, then they would be charged €90 a kilo for the privilege. The entrance opens out to a courtyard type of room, also, at first glance, looking slightly jaded, but saved by the interesting balcony running around above. All the tables in that room were taken, and so we were shown to one of the side rooms, empty apart from a solitary lady diner squashed into a corner. Why do they do that? But this room had style; crisp, white tablecloths, nice napery and glasses, and so I breathed a small sigh of relief. Would it be a treat after all? Smartly turned out waiters bustled about and plied their trade with a certain professionalism. Warm plain bread rolls arrived, but accompanied only by foil wrapped butter pats. Lesser places do far better than

that. Whilst looking through the extensive menu we were brought two complementary glasses of decent sherry – a nice touch. We chose the fried fish platter at €9.75 to share between us. There were prawns, fish churros, a hard-boiled egg and strange cheesy churros. I only say strange because the platter was not very warm, and semiwarm cheese is neither one thing nor the other. Some cold potato salad and a nice tartare sauce added decoration. I was told that I would have to wait for thirty minutes for my chosen Dorada fish, baked in a salt crust, to be ready. No

problem. My wife chose the so-called filet mignon which came with a rich thick brown sauce, a slice of greasy bony streaky bacon and some small onions from a jar. At least her chips were piping hot. Whilst waiting, we got into conversation with an English couple at the next table. They had arrived after us, but moved well ahead whilst I awaited my Dorada. The gentleman had a huge beef chop with a mushroom and brandy sauce (€15.00) and he demolished the lot; his lady saw off a plate of pork and vegetables. A German couple opposite us started with a vast salad to share, and

it looked superb for €9. A long list of starters hover around the €10 to €12 mark. “Whatever you’ve ordered, it must be worth waiting for?” they asked, between mouthfuls. I hoped so. A small table was brought and placed in front of us. Two large plates were set down on it. Then nothing much happened for about a further ten minutes (yes, it had been a good half hour since the starter arrived) and then a large dish arrived and was placed reverentially on the small table. Piled high with a salt crust, this baked fish was something that I had been looking forward to

because it cooks the fish perfectly whilst retaining all the moisture. With a flourish, the crust was cracked and lifted away – to reveal what? “Excuse me, but that’s not what I ordered. I ordered the Dorada”. A quite miserable little fish lurked within. “No, it is a Lubina (sea bass), much better.” It didn’t look better at all, and I didn’t want it. But with a half hour wait, there was no point in asking them to re-do it properly, was there? I had been tricked! The fish was skinned and boned before me with the appropriate flourishes. Small strips were laid carefully onto the cold plate. Spoons were waved in a choreographed effort to remove the smallest bone. By the time I had the plate put before me, the fish was stone cold and dry. And, there were still quite a number of bones, which left me spitting, figuratively speaking, of course. I wished that I had opted for the halibut in a mustard sauce with rice (€12.50), or even the duckling in orange sauce (€11.50). A chateau-

briand for two would set you back €32.50, only just over half what we paid at Brunelli’s recently. We paid up and left, €64 lighter in the pocket. Quality and portion control need a bit of an overhaul at this place. Nevertheless, if all goes well for you, it is a pleasant destination to spend your money and your evening. Unfortunately, I was let down. On reflection, we may go there again, but perhaps not on a n Saturday.

Restaurante Regulo Calle Pérez Zamora 16, Puerto de La Cruz, Tenerife Tel: 922 384 506 Closed: Sunday all day and Monday lunchtime Loo Score 8/10


Romería and wine tasting in Tegueste Opening Openinghours: hours: Mon Tue––Sun Sun09:00–20:00 12:30–16:00 Closed Wed –Saturday Sat 19:00–22.30

&&922 922850 857525 327 671 202 223

Mirador de Chircheisis situated in La Guinguette a French the most beautiful andcan peaceful restaurant where you enjoy spot, in dancing, the Municipality of Guia music, food and During all of this month, until for300m wine,upgood beer androad spirits in de Isora, the main wine. We have created a place April 30, life in Tegueste near Lyon on March 24 this year. “Carretera Boca Tauche”, where we combine art, food turand La Laguna revolves around ButChirche this is(uphill, not the only good ning into direcdrink at La Guinguette in South good wine. of wine from the region. tion ofdrop Mount Tenerife. The Teide). food is Here basedyou on The village, which is closecan to appreciate Visitors can taste this for themthecuisine, most spectraditional French comthe coast and surroundedtacular by selves during the rest views of La Gomera, Elof this bined with country-specific and gentle sloping hills and vinemonth on the Tapa and Hierro & La Palma, besides the local products. Musicians of Wine yards, belongs to the TacorTour. provide A total of all 26 the bars and local coastline below, all genres inspiratioenjoying typical onte-Acentejo region. Somewhile of shows, restaurants in thehomeborough nal theme nights, and are Canarian food, such as the most excellent wines of made the taking part inourthe campaign, also perform during Sunday rabbit Salmorejo & goat dishes, island grow here, for example during which you can BBQ. Our terrace with shady enjoy delicious desserts good local Marba from the native grape a glass of and wine and a snack trees and a breathtaking view wines. Elyou Mirador is an ideal locavariety Baboso Negro, which only €2.75. Orteam how about invitesfor to relax. Our avisit leisurely lunch. us de los awaits to offer youFestival anVisit unforwas awarded a gold medaltion at forayou to the once and you are sure to return! gettable time. the international competition Sentidos, the Festival of the

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Wine from Tegueste is definitely tempting

Senses, on Friday April 27? wine costs €1, and a tapa just The village's best wines and €2. There is also a great anitapas will be on offer from mal festival on April 29 from 7pm along Calle Prebendado 1pm, amongst other activities Pacheco, to spoil and intoxi- for the area’s fiestas. See page © n cate your palate. A glass of 25 for more details. © GoogleMaps GoogleMaps

Marina MarinaBay Bay

Avenida AvenidaJuan JuanCarlos CarlosI I Los LosCristianos Cristianos(Arona) (Arona) Opening Openinghours: hours: daily daily10:00–22:00 10:00–22:00 market marketdays days9:00–22:00 9:00–22:00

&&922 922791 791371 371 A A new new sensation sensation has has hit hit Los Los Cristianos, Cristianos, and and that that is is the the Marina Marina Bay Bay Restaurant Restaurant and and Sunset Sunset Bar. Bar. Occupying Occupying an an elevated elevated position position next next to to the the Arona Arona Gran Gran Hotel, Hotel, just just behind behind the market site overlooking the market site overlooking the the sea, sea, Marina Marina Bay Bay is is the the place place to to switch switch off off and and enjoy enjoy food food and and drinks. drinks. A A daytime daytime snacks snacks menu menu and and aa full full international international menu menu provide provide for for all all tastes tastes and and ages. ages. Watch Watch amazing amazing sunsets, sunsets, enjoy enjoy live live music music in in the the evenings evenings and and maybe maybe even even dance dance too! too! The The priority priority at Marina Bay is good customer customer service and quality food food at reasonable prices.

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La Guinguette Mamma Mia

Carretera General Piedra Av de Las Américas 7 Hincada 42, Guía de Isora C.C. Américas Plaza Playa dehours: Las Américas Opening Tue – Sun hours: 12:30–16:00 Opening Wed – Sat 19:00–22.30 daily 11:30–23:30

922857 797327 082 &&922 La Guinguette a French Freshness andis tradition: restaurant where you can enjoy Mamma Mía is where you’ll find music, dancing, food excellent Italian good cuisine inand the wine. WeTenerife. have created a place south of Enjoy all its where weand combine art, and food with and aromas textures, drink La Guinguette in South a newatmenu at the beginning Tenerife. The food based of July, you will alsoisbe ableon to traditional French cuisine, comtry some typical dishes from the bined and north with and country-specific south of Italy. Only local products. Musicians of the best quality authentic ingreall genres dients are provide used, allinspiratioof Italian nal shows, themeMía nights, and origin. Mamma has won also during our Sunday the perform TripAdvisor Certificate of BBQ. Our terrace with confirshady Excellence for years, trees andquality a breathtaking view ming the of the cuisine, invites you to relax. Our and demonstrating thatteam the awaits youoftofine offerItalian you anfood unforessence is gettable time.with Mamma Mía. synonymous


Calle Era Rompida Carretera General s/n Piedra Chirche, Isora HincadaGuía 42, de Guía de Isora


Brunelli’s Steakhouse is the reference address for good steaks in Puerto de La Cruz. One reason for this is the unique Southbend grill oven, which seals the pores of the meat within seconds. Nevertheless, the product is also important. So what makes a good steak? According to the meat chef at Brunelli’s, the first step is to buy good quality meat which should be sufficiently matured. Then it has to be cut precisely and cooked exactly to the desired point. Accompany your steak with the perfect side dish in the form of sauces, seasonal spices and vegetables. Well rounded, with the best taste. Bon appétit! n

Mirador de Chirche La Guinguette CANARIAN marina-bay-sunset-bar

What makes a good steak?

Lush vineyards, good wines and tapas

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A tip from Brunelli’s Steakhouse


d miradordechirche


d RestauranteLa-Guinguette

19.4.2018 – 2.5.2018




Goya Lawyers

Floor clauses: court judgements tend to favour the client

Mortgage clients’ court cases against banks have a high percentage possibility of success

The General Council of the Judiciary recently reported that 98.3 per cent of the judgments handed down in 2017 were favourable to the client, and the National Judicial Statistics Commission confirmed that in 22 Spanish provinces the percentage of estimated judgments was 100 per cent, including Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

It must be borne in mind that this data is only from the last semester of 2017. Following the ruling of the European Court of Justice on this matter, on June 1 of last year, the General Council of the Judiciary launched an emergency plan for the specialisation of 54 First Instance Courts, foreseeing the inevitable increase in the workload of the Courts.

In the specific case of the Canary Islands, two courts specialised in the topic in each of the main islands. They are in possession of the extensive knowledge of the demands against interest floor clauses, default interest, multi-currency mortgages, early maturity charges and mortgage formalisation expenses. In this way, not only are the procedural

matters speeded up, but we also have specialised courts knowledgeable in the matter, a fact that according to the statistical data of the National Judicial Statistics Commission, favours the client to a high degree. This is why Goya Abogados want to remind you that we offer you a complete service to claim any type of unfair

terms that were applied to your mortgages, we take care of the extrajudicial claims with the Bank, and later we take the necessary steps if no agreement is reached between the parties. In addition, if you think you cannot claim your mortgage expenses because you do not remember where you kept the invoices or have lost them, we take the neces-

sary actions to recover them and thus you will be able to claim back notary, land registry, gestoria, and valuation expenses. If you wish to clarify your legal position, or if you need any legal assistance for this or any other matters, you can contact us by calling 922 797 500, or sending us an email to n

19.4.2018 – 2.5.2018




Blevins Franks

Will a UK interest rate rise be good news for savers? By Paul Montague, Partner, Blevins Franks

The effect on currency If you have British savings and are living in Spain, you should also consider currency exchange. Generally, when UK interest rates increase, Sterling goes up. However, Brexit is set to be a greater influence on Sterling’s value over the coming months. Expatriates can potentially limit exchange rate risk through investments that allow flexibility to invest and draw income in Sterling or Euros.

After the longest-ever run of low UK interest rates, the Bank of England (BoE) has indicated that today’s 0.5 per cent rate will soon increase.

Why might rates rise? Generally, when UK inflation creeps above two per cent, the BoE increases rates to dampen economic growth. Making borrowing more expensive slows down spending and makes saving more attractive. For some time now, UK inflation (measured by the Consumer Price Index) has breached the two per cent target. BoE governor Mark Carney admitted this had been tolerated “to support jobs and activity” amidst Brexit uncertainty and a sluggish economy, but increases were now due. However, he stressed this is not a return to pre-financial crisis rates of around five per cent,

Whilst higher interest rates make mortgages and loans more expensive for borrowers to repay, they are generally welcomed by savers assuring that increases will be “gradual” and “limited”. Even if rates doubled this year, this is still just one per cent.

Will savers benefit? Whilst higher interest rates make mortgages and loans more expensive for borrowers to repay, they are generally welcomed by savers. However, retail banks do not

always pass on increases through better deposit rates. Where they do, it can take several months to trickle down to consumers. With rates likely to stick close to one per cent for some time – and inflation estimated to stay above two per cent until 2021 – even increased bank rates may struggle to outpace inflation. Say you secure a one per cent savings rate but inflation is 2.5 per

cent – in real terms you would actually lose 1.5 per cent of your capital value. Whilst you can achieve higher rates by locking money away for longer, this prevents you taking advantage of better opportunities if rates increase further during that term. Those willing to consider other asset classes are likely to find better returns over the same timeframe.

UK pensions are affected too Higher interest rates generate better returns from UK bonds, which are usually used to finance pension benefits. This can lead to better rates for those looking to buy an annuity with UK pensions. But if you have a ‘final salary’ company pension, this could mean a closing window of opportunity. Currently, some pension providers are offering higher-then-usual ‘trans-

fer values’ to offload future liabilities. As interest rates increase and pensions become easier to finance, these pay-outs may shrink. If you are considering transferring, take regulated advice sooner rather than later to secure the best outcome. When considering your savings and investment options, you need a strategy based around your personal circumstances, objectives, risk profile and time horizon. For the best results, whatever interest rates are doing, take personalised professional advice. All advice received from Blevins Franks is personalised and provided in writing. This article, however, should not be construed as providing any personalised taxation or investment advice. Blevins Franks provides tailormade advice on investment strategies, tax mitigation and estate planning. It has decades of experience advising British expatriates in Spain. Contact Paul Montague on 922 716 079 or

WHAT’S ON 2018



GRAN CANARIA DIARY DATES April 20 8.30pm: Nela, Spanish pop, Teatro Guiniguada, LPGC, €10. April 25


Until May 27 Retrospective exhibition of 100 works over five decades by renowned Canarian painter Paco Sánchez, Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno (CAAM), LPGC, Tuesday to Saturday 10am – 9pm, Sundays 10am – 2pm, free entry.


TENERIFE DIARY DATES April 18 8.45pm: Trio Atlántico, Canarian music, guitar and harp, Hotel Playa Sur Tenerife, El Médano, €10. 922 176 120 / April 20 7.30pm: Héroes clásicos (Classical heroes), Tenerife Symphony Orchestra, Beethoven and Haydn, Auditorio de Tenerife Adán Martín, Santa Cruz, from €16.

8pm: Yeol Eum Son, piano soloist, classical music, Teatro Pérez Galdós, LPGC, from €2. April 27 9pm: Sergio Dalma, Spanish pop star sings classical Italian, Auditorio Alfredo Kraus, LPGC, from €20. April 28 8pm: Moscow Ballet, Swan Lake, Auditorio Alfredo Kraus, LPGC, from €20. 8.30pm: Gerson Galván, Spanish ballads, CICCA, LPGC, from €25.

8.30pm: II Festival de Fado de Canarias, traditional Portuguese music, Ricardo Ribeiro, nominated for second time in 2017 for Best Artist of the Year by British Songlines magazine, Teatro Leal, La Laguna, €12 - €18. 10pm: Piezas & Jayder, duo from Murcia, hip hop and rap, also Jaro Desperdizio & Sin H with J Higgz, Espacio Cultural Aguere, La Laguna, €12 in advance, €15 on the day. Until April 21 Last few days of the Jazz Roja Festival, free open-air concerts in Los Cristianos, all concerts will be held in the Plaza de La Pescadora. April 21 5pm: Mago Dragster, family magic show, Circulo de Bellas Artes, Santa Cruz, €6. www.

April 29

8.30pm: Star D Choir, Gospel concert, Paraninfo, La Laguna University, €10.

6pm: Moscow Ballet, Sleeping Beauty, Auditorio Alfredo Kraus, LPGC, from €20. www.

8.30pm: II Encuentro de Poesía y Música Arona (2nd Poetry and Music Convention), various performers, in Spanish, Auditorio Infanta Leonor, Los Cristianos, no under five year olds, €10.

May 2 8.30pm: Joaquin Sabina, renowned Spanish singer-songwriter, Lo Niego Todo Tour (I deny it all tour), Gran Canaria Arena, Las Palmas, from €45. Until further notice Thursday – Sunday: CamBuyon Market, art, second hand, vintage, Mercado del Puerto, LPGC, Thursdays and Fridays, 7pm – 11pm, Saturdays 6pm – 11pm, Sundays 12pm – 3pm.

EXHIBITION Until May 4 Nómadas (Nomads), photography exhibition on African tribes by Jorge Martínez, Samuel Aranda (winner of the World Press Photo 2011 award) and Martín Caparrós (renowned author), Casa África, LPGC, free entry, Monday to Friday 9am – 6pm, (closed May 1).

9pm: Fran Fernández, Spanish singer-songwriter, poet and guitarist, pop and folk, Búho Club, La Laguna, €10 in advance, €12 on the day. 9pm: Paula Quintana – Latente (Latent), contemporary dance, Espacio Cultural La Pirámide, El Sauzal, €9. 10.30pm: Record Store Day, The Conqueror Project + El Veneno, and DJ Arrocin, indie and electronic music event, Espacio Cultural Aguere, La Laguna, €8. April 21 & 22 From 4pm: II Edición Taller de Blogging y RRSS (2nd Blogging and RRSS Workshop), Centro Comercial Siam Mall, Costa Adeje, free event but places are limited. April 22 9am - 2pm: Food and crafts market, Plaza de la Libertad, Garachico, free event. April 26

6pm: The Magic Flute, family performance, Auditorio de Tenerife Adán Martín, Santa Cruz, from €5. 9pm: Joaquin Sabina, renowned Spanish singersongwriter, Lo Niego Todo Tour (I deny it all tour), Pabellón Santiago Martín, La Laguna, €30 - €120. April 29 9am - 2pm: Food and crafts market, Plaza de la Libertad, Garachico, free event. 11.30am: Chamber music, three bands, varied repertoire, Auditorio de Tenerife Adán Martín, Santa Cruz, free entry. 12pm: The Magic Flute, family performance, Auditorio de Tenerife Adán Martín, Santa Cruz, from €5. 6pm: International Dance Day Show, various performers, Auditorio Infanta Leonor, Los Cristianos, free entry but places are limited. www. May 1

8pm: Kristin Asbjørnsen, Norwegian Singer-songwriter, world music, jazz and fusion, Espacio Cultural Cajacanarias, Santa Cruz, €12. www.

8pm: Moscow Ballet, Swan Lake, Auditorio Infanta Leonor, Los Cristianos, from €20. www.

8pm: Moscow Ballet, Swan Lake, Teatro Guimerá, Santa Cruz, from €20.

Until further notice

9pm: Ampliando Sueños (Expanding dreams), concert in aid of Correcaminos Solidarios Tenerife to raise funds to build a new classroom in the Fass Chamen School in Gambia, Espacio Cultural Aguere, La Laguna, €5.

Open air cinema at the Magma Centre, Adeje, from €4 for residents, many films in the original language.

April 27

Events for specific groups, families, seniors, women, etc. Activate Sports Club.

8pm: Moscow Ballet, Sleeping Beauty, Teatro Guimerá, Santa Cruz, from €20. www. 8.30pm: Piano Ragtime, tribute to Scott Joplin with piano scores to silent movies, Paraninfo, La Laguna University, from €5. April 28 11.30am: Charity concert in aid of Trisómicos 21-Down Tenerife (Support for those with Down Syndrome and their families), bands Vocal 7 and Troveros de Asieta (Canarian folk and fusion), Auditorio de Tenerife Adán Martín, Santa Cruz, €10. 5pm: Mago Dragster, family magic show, Circulo de Bellas Artes, Santa Cruz, €6. www.

Every Saturday morning

EXHIBITIONS Until May 6 Contra la piel (Against skin), multimedia, artists Cristóbal Tabares, Valle Galera, Rubén H. Bermúdez and Gabriela Bettini explore how conflict shapes us as humans, TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes, Santa Cruz, free entry, Tuesdays to Sundays, 10am - 8pm. Until May 13 La ciudad sumergida (The sunken city) by Aube Elléouët-Breton, French artist, daughter of André Breton ‘the founder of Surrealism’ and artist Jaqueline Lamba, more than 500 works, TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes, Santa Cruz, free entry, Tuesdays to Sundays, 10am - 8pm. www. Until May 26 Tutankhamón (Tutankhamen), ‘images of a treasure hidden underneath the Egyptian desert’, 65 photos which illustrate the archaeological work of British explorer Howard Carter and his team, who first discovered the Egyptian King’s tomb, Espacio Cultural CajaCanarias, Garachico, Tuesday to Saturday, 11am – 2pm, 4pm – 7pm; Sundays 10am – 1.30pm, free entry. www.

For regular church, charity and recreational events, please see:

19.4.2018 – 2.5.2018




Tegueste traditions

Just jazz

Norwegian notes

Photo: Nomo Michael Hoefner CC BY-SA 3.0

Top Norwegian jazz singer Kristin Asbjørnsen will be playing in Santa Cruz on April 26. As well as being a respected vocalist with many awards and successful albums behind her, Asbjørnsen is also an accomplished composer and band leader. In addition to being involved with various jazz projects, such as Dadafon and Krøyt, she has also written numerous scores, including for the 2005 film Factotum, based on the novel of the same name by Charles Bukowski. Her very individual style mixes jazz with elements from African, world and spiritual music, in a fabulous fusion that always delights. See her at the Espacio Cultural Cajacanarias, starting 8pm. Tickets, at €12, can be purchased via n

Charity concert

Make dreams come true For a fun evening out with the added bonus of doing a little towards a good cause, head to La Laguna on April 26. A lively and fun-filled concert will be held on that day to raise funds towards the construction of a desperately needed new classroom for the Fass Chamen School in Gambia, Africa. Coverama, Mala Hierba, Daniel Ferreiro and Jorge Chaick will all be appearing on the night, which is organised by the Correcaminos Solidarios Tenerife charity. Ampliando Sueños (Expanding dreams) starts at 9pm at the Aguere Espacio Cultural. Entrance costs just €5, with all the proceeds going to the cause. See www.tomaticket. es to snap up your tickets. n

Celebrating culture Those who enjoy local festivities will love the upcoming fiestas in Tegueste, which are offering a host of traditional activities until May 5. The three-week event will include one of the island’s biggest and best celebrations of all creatures great and small, the annual ‘romería’ in honour of San Marcos Evangelista. It can claim to be one of the longest running fiestas in Tenerife as it grew out of the aboriginal Guanche celebrations of spring. Romerías are generally colourful and raucous gatherings of farmers and their livestock, along with a few beloved pets and this one is no different. Animals are blessed by the church before being paraded proudly through town, in a procession which this year will include 23 carts and other intriguing methods of transport, each of them lavishly adorned by family and friends.

Many of the carts are ephemeral works of art with large panels decorated with ‘paintings’ made with the seeds of wheat, poppy, corn etc. These will be accompanied by the four ‘road ships’, one each in representation of the districts of Pedro Alvarez, Tegueste, San Luis and El Socorro, a tradition which began in the 16th century as an offering to their patron saint who saved them from the plague loose in the island at that time. One of the other main events is the Baile de Magos on May 5. For these gastronomic gatherings, where every attendee is dressed in traditional costume, the focus is on time-honoured fun, food and folk music. Other highlights include the election of the fiesta’s Queen on April 21, and the Seven Island Festival on April 27. See more on the 50th Fiestas y Romería de San Marcos de Tegueste at n

Art in motion

Los Realejos

International Dance Day will once again be commemorated in style in Los Cristianos. Held on April 29 annually, the event was created by the Unesco organisation in 1982, in recognition of this noble art. The date was chosen in acknowledgement of the birthday of Jean-Georges Noverre, innovator and scholar within the field, and often known as the ‘master and creator of modern ballet’. Since the 80s, schools, individuals and organisations around the world have joined together in a one-day global performance with the aim of not only celebrating the beauty of dance in all its forms, but also to strengthen its abilities to cross cultural, political and national barriers.

Nature lovers have a wonderful opportunity to win some great prizes in the latest photography competition run by Los Realejos council. FotoNatura 2018 invites adults over the age of 18 to submit entries under the theme of ‘Natural Los Realejos in all its contexts’. Open to both amateur and professional photographers, regardless of nationality and residence status, the main stipulation of the competition is that all photos must have been taken within the boundaries of this north Tinerfeñan borough. Other conditions include the works not having been previously submitted for other contests or published in any form, including on social networks. Up to three entries per person are

Dance across the world

This year, the Infanta Leonor Auditorium will host an evening’s performance, starting at 6pm, by members of the Arona Municipal Dance School, the Canarian Dance School and the Municipal Academies from around the borough. Entrance is free, but seats are limited so make sure you arrive in plenty of time. See for more information or boogie on down to n Los Cristianos.

Capturing nature allowed, submitted in a ‘jpeg’ format, to the email: before 12pm on May 31. All works are entered with automatic authorisation for Los Realejos Council to use them in future promotions. First, second and third prizes are weekend breaks in La Palma, La Gomera and Tenerife, in that order, with travel, half-board, and guided excursions in the countryside included. See: or n for full information.





sexy & Comfortable shoes, like these wonderful glitter sandals with a toe separator, can also look great. By Bon Brix

Filigree interlacing and ankle straps for a sandal in red and tan. By Joe Browns

This summer, fashion-conscious women have plenty of choice - especially when it comes to shoes. Flat sandals are just as much in vogue as high heels, and both come in a variety of styles. Spiked heels are celebrating their comeback as well as the block heel, which guarantees the best of comfort even in high heels. What’s also exciting this summer is that shoes can be combined to create the outfit you want: High heels for washed-out jeans are just as popular as flats for narrow skirts, or why not try them the other way round? It’s simply wonderful that there are so many possibilities for everyone’s favourite shoes of the season. A flat sandal with tassels and gems. By George at Asda

Strappy gladiator sandals with wide straps are back in vogue again . By Oliver Bonas

The metallic look is trendy, as are sandals with crossed straps. By M&Co.

Great for sun-kissed skin: The neon yellow mule. By Monsoon

These mules with fringes are reminiscent of the Flapper dresses of the 1920s. By Dune

Shimmering in different colours: the holographic sandal. By F&F

A delightfully braided sandal with heel straps. By Next

19.4.2018 – 2.5.2018




A great bronze tone for an extravagant sandal. By Glamorous

Rock chic: A vertiginous sandal with sexy ankle straps and suitable rivets. By New Look Maritime style with cords and stripes. By Joe Browns

Gathered satin sandals in a delicate antique pink. By Next

Sandals with ankle straps in a rich pink. By Lipsy London

Comfortable soft leather sandals with a block heel. By TK Maxx

Simply bright red and decorated with tassels. By New Look

Noble: A patent leather sandal in an unusual petrol tone. By Dorothy Perkins

Metallic plating adorns the straps of these sandals. By M&CO




Companionship and care

Awesome animals! By Xena Fox ability to relate to others in all situations. Across the world, people with pets will already testify to the love and support they receive from their furry, feathered (or other) friends, without the need for proof. Nevertheless, research seems to confirm the positive impacts on health that pet owners enjoy compared to those who do not spend time with a friend from the animal kingdom.

Photo: Sebastian Smit /

Companion animals of all kinds enrich our lives in more ways than many of us can imagine. Be it a cat, dog, rabbit, hamster or bird, various studies have shown that sharing our homes with pets can have a positive effect on our physical and emotional wellbeing. Consistent research demonstrates that those who live with animals tend to exercise more (particularly in the case of dog owners), suffer from fewer illnesses, recover faster from serious health conditions, and have a higher level of general contentedness than nonpet people. In addition, they tend to enjoy a more developed social life - and not just because certain pets help us get out of the house more often. Having an animal companion can help people develop trust and overcome shyness and anxiety, enhancing social skills and the

Hearty health benefits The physical effects of having an animal companion range from mood-lifting to life-changing, and possibly life-saving, advantages. One of the concrete ways in which pets can improve our wellbeing isn’t too difficult to understand when you realise the link between stress and ill health has been proven definitively, whilst a companion animals’ ability to lower some-

Apparently, children who grow up with a furry friend are less likely to develop allergy-related conditions

one’s stress levels is also well documented. Positive study results include those from a review in 1992 which found lower accepted risk factors for heart disease, such as blood pressure, plasma triglycerides and cholesterol levels, in pet owners (as opposed to non pet owners), despite equivalent aspects such as body mass, smoking habits and socioeconomic situations. In fact, a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and increased chances of surviving myocardial infarctions are often cited as benefits, as well as a reduction in minor health problems in general. These are thought to be thanks in part to an increase in immune funcTherapies, Spiritual hypnosis, Past life regression Come, unleash your internal power and heal your mind, body and soul completely through energy healing, hypnosis and past life regression. Get Space Clearing carried out for more positivity at home and in your work place

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tion and levels of the body’s ‘happy chemicals’ such as serotonin and dopamine, and a reduction in cortisol and norepinephrine (produced in stressful situations) which can have a negative impact on health. A 2001 study showed that employees also benefit when allowed to take their pets into work, both on an emotional and efficiency front, with the effect even spreading to colleagues without pets, as the animals brought a sense of fun and nature into the environment as well as encouraged interaction and therefore better relationships. The advantages for adults over 65 years of age have also been well studied. It was found that

Pets can help seniors stay happy and healthy

pets can provide physical contact and comfort, serve as an external focus, and decrease loneliness and depression, with elderly people exhibiting better all-round health, a higher ability to perform everyday activities, and a greater resilience when it comes to coping with difficult life events. Having an active social life is strongly associated with good mental and physical health for everyone, so it’s not only the elderly, ill, or those with specific needs who benefit from the company of an animal.

Generally speaking, human beings are social creatures and the minutiae of interactions that take place in a normal day play an important role in promoting feelings of wellbeing. A simple ‘good morning’, a heart-felt smile, or an inquiry after someone’s happiness can make all the difference to mood and therefore health. Animals have also been shown to positively influence social, emotional and cognitive development in children, and, perhaps counterintuitively,

19.4.2018 – 2.5.2018


the latest research seems to indicate that far from furry animals in the house triggering allergies, early exposure to a dog or cat (the only ones studied so far) can actually reduce the likelihood of allergy-related skin rashes, asthma and other conditions.

as symptoms of loneliness and depression are reduced. In addition, animal companions have long been used to help children and families cope with traumatic life experiences, providing comfort and enhanced communication and reducing post traumatic stress.

Timely therapy

Assistance or emotional support?

People with physical and/or mental health issues have also been shown to benefit from therapies using creature companions. Animals, especially dogs, are now part of schemes the whole world over where they are taken to visit hospitals, schools, day centres, nursing and geriatric homes and other institutions, cheering residents and staff as they go. For those with mental health issues, a pet can provide a sense of security and affection, as well as serve as an ‘emotional bridge’ within therapeutic contexts. Various studies have even suggested that psychotropic medication usage can be decreased in some cases,

Canines have been ‘man’s best friend’ from time immemorial and are now helpful in many specialised situations. For instance, assistance dogs are specifically trained to lend a paw to someone with disabilities, such as guide dogs that help the visually impaired navigate their way across and around obstacles such as curbs, steps and traffic, amongst other duties. Hearing dogs assist people with an audio impairment by alerting them to sounds such as door bells, telephones or smoke alarms. Service dogs help people with other needs. The clever pooches can be taught to help carry out a

whole range of household tasks, as well as recognise and get help for - serious life threatening conditions such as seizures or low blood sugar. All assistance dogs have to be

Cats make great companions too

certified by a member organisation of either Assistance Dogs International (ADI) or the International Guide Dog Federation (IGDF). In Europe, emotional support dogs also have to be registered officially. However, the USA has seen such a rise in the phenomenon of these latter companions, in conjunc-

Doing a detox By Debbie Gilbey ins they are trying to specifi- strategy to peddle the latest cally eliminate? The word ‘detox’, which is a legitimate medical term, is now thrown around loosely and has been turned into a marketing

Pedro Alegre Alonso Pilates trainer ä Physiotherapist ä

trending fad within the health and wellness industry. A true detoxification process is provided in the safety of hospitals and rehabilitation centres for genuine life threatening conditions such as harmful concentrations of poisons, drugs or alcohol. These are real toxins that the body is having issues with eliminating.

Children can benefit cognitively, emotionally and socially from having a pet

For instance, all a North American resident needs for an animal to become an official emotional support pet is a letter from a licensed mental health practitioner testifying as to the psychological benefit of that

main role is to regulate bowel movements, aiding your system to flush out any toxic chemicals. And last but not least, the lungs also assist with expelling toxins and pollutants via breathing. For example, after a heavy night out with lots of alcohol you wake up with a hangover


pet’s presence. Not surprisingly, there’s a whole online business built up around this situation, with anyone being able to fill in a form, pay as little as €80, and have a certificate within hours that guarantees them rights such as free passage for their pet in plane cabins. Understandably, airlines are not too happy about the situation. Meanwhile, in Europe it’s very different, with only animals registered with the international organisations listed above being automatically (once booked) allowed into the cabin. Otherwise, there are usually weight restrictions. For example, Lufthansa and Iberia Express airlines will allow you to have a dog or cat weighing under 8kg (including a suitable carrier) with you by your seat, whilst others, such as British Airways and EasyJet insist all except guide dogs travel in the hold. Interestingly, in the Emirates, as well as guide dogs, falcons are permitted on journeys between Dubai and certain destinations in Pakistan,

though the birds of prey aren’t normally allowed to sit with the customers! Always check whether you will be allowed to take your companion with you before making a booking.

of the excess poisons consumed. Alcohol is extremely dehydrating so your detoxing organs need to be hydrated in order to work efficiently.

six and 12 glasses of water mixed with lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup, which, as an aside, is a combination often promoted as a great way to kick-start your metabolism in the morning but a balanced and healthy breakfast will have the same effect. The final step of the ‘cleanse’ was to have a laxative before bedtime, the theory being to give the colon a little extra (albeit unnecessary) help. However, if you are someone who drinks very little or no water on a daily basis, then simply increasing your liquid intake to the recommended two to three litres a day will truly help your organs eliminate waste and function harmoniously, without adding the extra ingredients. In short: If you have no problems breathing or urinating and are having regular bowel movements, then congratulations – you are detoxing! For more information about health and fitness please contact Debbie via n

Detox or not? One of the first modern detoxes to be ‘invented’ was the Master

Work it out

Tel. 699 521 649

©2014 FLN

The human body has four major organs which are responsible for naturally eliminating harmful products. The liver works like a filter to prevent toxic substances within food and drinks from passing into the blood stream. The kidneys are constantly filtering our blood and removing contaminants via urination, whilst the colon’s


Flying freedom Taking your companion with you as you travel is now easier than ever, though each country and airline has different rules. Registered assistance animals can almost always travel in the cabin with their owner free of charge, but with other beings it can be more complicated.

Sensible fitness

One question I am asked regularly is whether people should do a detox, which makes me wonder what tox-

tion with a lack of legislation, that the situation may have got out of hand in some respects...


Fancy it up however you like, for many people simply drinking enough water will help the body detox

from hell. During this state your organs are literally working in overdrive to rid the body

Cleanse by Stanley Burroughs in the 1940s. The daily ritual consisted of drinking between

IF YOU HAVE A FEAR OF THE DENTIST, we want you to know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE – and that THERE’S HELP. Please don’t hesitate to CONTACT US at or at +34 922.737.838 if you want to make the NEXT STEP towards a NEW-ANDIMPROVED SMILE.

More than good The positive effects of having animals around seem to come from a combination of physiological, psychological and sociological aspects. Basically: Love heals. As human beings are social animals we are therefore generally happiest and healthiest when surrounded by friends and family, including pals of other species. They don’t even have to be cuddly to help. For one study, published in the journal Gerontology in 2016, various seniors were donated five crickets. After a period of eight weeks they all reported feeling less depressed. It seems that every type of companionship is good and that, sometimes, just the act of caring for another living creature is all it takes to make n the difference.

Our Team is extremely experienced in all DENTAL TREAMENTS offering you several personalized options. Our goal is to provide you a welcoming environment that is free of ANXIETY and PAIN.





Animal charities’ round up K9 It’s our 25th anniversary! This year 2018 marks the 25th anniversary of the K9 Animal Refuge! This is a tremendous achievement for everyone at K9, from the people who started us to the people involved today. Over the years we’ve had our ups and downs and almost ‘time is up’. However, we weathered it all and now here in the 25th year we are strong, stable and evergrowing. Our second-hand shop in Alcalá came to our rescue a few years ago and we want to thank everyone who got the shop up and running, plus the people who keep it running. We would like to say a massive thank you to all our supporters and those who have given our dogs a second chance. When we get follow up news after adoptions it warms our hearts to know that they are in warm, safe and happy homes. To commemorate our ex-K9 pupsters, next year we are printing our very own K9 success stories calendar. We are asking our supporters to send us photos of your K9 dog or cat over the last 25 years. Please send us a photo plus the name of the dog or cat and the year he/she was adopted. An independent judge will pick the best 12 photos to appear in our 2019 calendar. We are also asking for 12 companies to sponsor our calendar and have their details appear on a month of their choosing (first come, first served basis). Details and costs for sponsoring will follow over the next couple of months. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for our calendar and would like to help support our refuge, please send an email to We are also planning a special summer ball this year to celebrate our anniversary, so if you are interested in attending please keep an eye on our website for more details. Thank you for supporting our refuge and allowing us to continue to help dogs and cats in need! Sponsor a pooch We have many dogs waiting for their forever homes. You can see them on our website: www. Or visit the Refuge on Calle Chimbesque, between Las Chafiras and Las Zocas, any day between 10am

Animals who have been treated cruelly need a loving hand to show them they can trust again

and 2pm. Alternatively, call us on 667 638 468 or email You will also find stories of our dogs’ antics on Facebook at: Diary of a K9 Tenerife Dogwalker or K9 Tenerife.

seven days a week, 10am until 6pm. If you don’t have transport or have large bulky items to donate you can ring Mark on: 636 590 557 to arrange collection. Or maybe you would you like to help in the shop?

Shop till you drop Visit our shop at Alcalá Plaza, every day from 10am to 2pm. Donations of quality household goods, clothes, books, shoes or other items are very welcome as well. Call: 646 561 035 to arrange collection of larger items from all local areas. Proceeds from our shop are essential to ensuring our K9 dogs have everything they need to make their time at the refuge as comfortable as possible. There are always lots of bargains to be had and our volunteers will make you very welcome.

Acción del Sol

Adoptions Please consider adopting from us. All of our cats go on a week’s trial in your home so you can be sure you’ve made the right decision. If you adopt two kittens together then kitten injection, micro chip and neutering is free for the second kitten. Adopt a black kitten or two and both kittens receive the above treatments for free. Contact us via our website: or ring/whatsapp Sharon (English) on: 662 524 006, seven days a week 9am to 6pm, or Sandra (Spanish and German) after 6pm on: 671 282 773. Alternatively, message us on Facebook.

Easter is normally a happy, special time to be with your family and friends, but unfortunately this wasn’t so for eight dogs who were abandoned during the three days of the holiday period. The dogs arrived at our refuge scared, lonely, injured and in very bad condition. We can never understand the cruelty of humans when animals give us so much unconditional love. Let’s hope we can bring them back to health and find new loving homes for them. We do have some good news, though. The two dogs involved in the awful triple murder in Guaza are going to stay in the family, which is the best solution as they’re back with people they love. Our thoughts are with you all. With more than 220 dogs looking for new loving homes please do come and visit us to see if maybe one is the dog for you. Every one of them has a full clean bill of health and is fully inoculated, micro chipped, passported and castrated, which is compulsory to try to reduce the large numbers of unwanted litters here on Tenerife. There are no adoption fees but donations are welcomed towards the rising upkeep and running costs of the refuge.

Our shop Find it on San Blas in Golf del Sur (behind Hiperdino), open

How you can help Many times we are asked how people can help. We need many

Cats Welfare

things for the animals and refuge, such as products for our clinic (e.g. hydrogen peroxide, betadine, alcohol, towels, blankets and sheets), cleaning products and utensils, building materials, dog toys, leads, collars, tinned food for our elderly dogs, puppy milk, beds, and dog jackets for when our dogs travel by flight to Germany, as well as materials to help with

our educational programme (pens, paper, glue, play-doh and crayons). Every donation is greatly appreciated. In addition, we are desperately looking for people who are travelling to Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Berlin or Frankfurt who would be prepared to escort a dog. All that’s needed is a little time at the airport: all necessary paperwork and handling of the dogs is done by AccionTier staff. We are also always looking for afternoon dog walkers as well. Please do call: 922 778 630 if you can help in any way, or visit us on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons from 2pm to 5pm, and Saturdays 1pm to 4pm. We’re situated directly under the wind turbines, from exit 52 on the TF1 north bound, just after the El Médano junction. Head for the windmills on the coast and we’re located in the buildings on the right hand side. Alternatively, email us on or visit our Facebook page: Action tier n Acción del Sol.


Want to adopt?

There are many, many dogs and cats on the Islands who are looking for a loving, caring home. Thanks to the long list of charities, these animals have somewhere safe to be until their new family comes along, but they are always better in their own home. Could you be the one to give them the love they need? They will surely pay you back over and again in love, loyalty and cuddles. As well as the wonderful organisations on this page, there is a webpage you can visit to see a selection of the animals available across the different refuges, plus each association’s contact details and useful general information. Find it at: www. n

19.4.2018 – 2.5.2018

For daily news, updates and event information








All-round athlete

Photo: Ayto. San Bartolomé de Tirajana

UK Triathlete tastes success! Success was achieved by local El Médano athlete Simon Gill at the Olympic distance age group World Championships in Rotterdam recently, where he completed the 1.5km swim, 40km bike ride and 10km run in an outstanding time. Simon was the second British athlete over the line in the international event, in which countries from all over the world were represented. A total of 143 of the world’s best triathletes in their respective age groups competed, and Simon has now truly made his mark on the international circuit. In March he also competed in two half Ironman competitions to warm up for a full Ironman in May. This tough contest takes place in Lanzarote and involves a 3.8km swim, a 180km cycle ride and a 42km run! Recently, Simon was invited to represent Great Britain again, in the 45-49 age group, in the ITU long distance World Championships in Denmark this July, and is currently training hard, combining his daytime work as head of PE and Business at Wingate International School in Cabo Blanco, with a demanding early morning and evening n training schedule. British athlete Simon Gill, resident in El Médano, is a force to be reckoned with

Secondary school teams’ tryout

Beach Volleyball

The first Maspalomas Beach Volley Open 2018 took place at Playa del Inglés in the south of Gran Canaria in the middle of March. Secondary school students (equivalent to eighth grade) of the IES Amurga were given the opportunity to try out this sport. After a little preparation, they headed out to play on the sand. Among the mixed 2x2 teams, winners were Marianna Petroba and Jorge Sánchez, Cristina Cabrera and Francisco Elías Gil and Anna Flasker and Carlos Minchillo. The winners among the purely male duos were Alejo Rojas and Pablo Bautista, followed by Jorge Araña and Adrián Gil and in third place Carlos Minchillo and Walter Rieger. The event was organised by the local council under the supervision of the Volley Playa Hall of the University of Gran Canaria, ULPGC. The second open will take place on April 21. This time students from the IES Aguaña, trained by Pablo Bautis, will be finding out if they like the game. n

The Canary Islands’ climate and bays are perfect for beach volleyball


WM 2021 open sea kayaking The international canoeists’ association, Federación Internacional de Canoas, recently announced in Tokyo that the 2021 World Championship in open sea kayaking will be held in Lanzarote. The Piragüismo Marlines Club were responsible for bringing this World Championship to Lanzarote and Island President Pedro San Gines and the sports councillor Patricia Pérez told the club “We congratulate you on this success and are happy to be the hosts of this World Cup. This will undoubtedly increase the prestige of the island of Lanzarote on an international level.” The Lanzarote kayakers brought the name of the island into play by influencing this important decision, however, it was also made because the local kayakers regularly shine with outstanding performances. At the most recent XI Spanish Open Sea Kayaking Championships and at the VI Spanish Youth Championships they won n gold, silver and bronze medals.

The club is successful nationally and internationally

19.4.2018 – 2.5.2018




Water polo

Sport and fashion fusion A good figure is assured when athletes are models

Photos: Cabildo Tenerife

Who could model swimwear better than those who wear it almost daily and are also optimally trained? This was the thought process of designer César Rivas from the fashion label Lava when he presented his 2017/18 collection at the fashion fair that was celebrated in mid-April at the Recinto Ferial in Santa Cruz and is why he encouraged the famed Echeyde Club water polo players to slip into his swimwear which bears the name Vizarón. The poetic description of this collection is a 'Sea breeze that transmits energy via colours' and the collection is based on comfortable and cheerful pieces where Canarian flora and fauna are leitmotifs in all the items for both men and women. Even if the athletes are less experienced on the catwalk than they are in the water, they fought a brave fight! And of course, they each have a to-die-for figure simply because their bodies are well-trained. Tenerife Echeyde Water Polo Club was founded 25 years ago. It currently plays in the highest Spanish league of this sport, in the Honorary Men's

The club was founded in 1993

Division. Since the 2017/18 season, home matches have been held in the Acidalio Lorenzo municipal swimming

Echeyde club players went from the pool to the catwalk

pool. The club has categories for women and men as well as four children's and n youth teams.

Bodyboarding European ranking

Local man in the lead The Las Palmas de Gran Canarias sports’ councillor, José Eduardo Ramírez, recently congratulated bodyboarder Kevin Orihuela on his success in the first stage of the European Bodyboard Tour, which was held in the Almada in Portugal in March. The competition on the Costa de Caparica is one of the larg-

est wave festivals in Europe, attracting the best riders. The young Canarian from La Isleta won an exciting final against the local hero Miguel Ferreira. The Canarian bodyboarder, who works at Playa de Las Canteras as a coach at the Brisa School, is currently leading the European ranking. He also wants to be at the forefront of the

next World Championship, El Frontón, which will be held in Gáldar. It’s also worth mentioning that it wasn’t only Kevin who proved that Canarian bodyboarders know how to ride the waves. In the women's competition Teresa Padilla from Tenerife came second and Armide Soliveres from Gran Canaria n came third.

Photo: Ayto. LPGC

Kevin’s life revolves around bodyboarding




CD Tenerife

Tenerife still chasing the play-off pack

Tenerife fought back in front of their travelling fans

By Chris Todd With seven matches left to play, Tenerife need 14 more points to qualify for the playoffs in June. A tall order but with four of those seven matches to be played in the Heliodoro Stadium in Santa Cruz, which has been a fortress recently with five straight wins, perhaps we should not write off the blanquiazules just yet. The spirit is good and the fans are right behind the team with over 19,000 turning up for Tenerife’s last home game. The only negatives are the never ending injuries to key strikers, Juan Villa and Samuele Longo and the fact that any slip up at home leaves the team needing to win on their travels, something that’s never easy.

08/04/2018 CD Tenerife 2:0 Sevilla At. This certainly was not the walkover that many had predicted against a relegation

team. Main striker Samuele Longo was not fully fit it was clear to see and he was soon

huge wave of relief vibrated around the stadium and from here on in there was only

14/04/2018 Cultural Leonesa 3:2 CD Tenerife

six. Cultural came flying out of the traps, like a team possessed and their pressure soon paid off. The normal ultra-reliable Dani in goal conceded a cross/shot

effort as he failed to secure his near post, 1-0 to the home side. Worse was to follow as Cultural attacked with venom and they were soon two goals to the good through a Josep Sene header. The travelling 200 Tenerife supporters were in shock but the third Cultural goal was soon to follow. With Jorge Saenz replacing the suspended Aveldaño at centre half and another four key players missing the team lacked confidence. On 36 minutes Cultural made it 3-0 after a superbly worked goal by Angel García. Before the break Alex Mula pulled one back for Tenerife with a fierce drive to give some hope. The second half saw sustained pressure on the home team goal and when Casadesus made it 3-2 with a long range lob on the hour mark it was game on. Soon after the same player hit a post but as the game rolled on there was no way through and Cultural recorded an important victory. Next up for CD Tenerife is a real six pointer against third placed Huesca on April 21 in the Heliodoro Stadium in Santa Cruz with a 5pm kick off. Another bumper crowd is expected as every game now n is like a ‘final’.

After a recent improvement in away form, the blanquiazules reverted to their old ways in a first half to forget in Leon, Northern Spain. The home team were desperate for the points in their hope of avoiding the drop but Tenerife knew that a win would have taken them, for one night at least, into the top

Premier Money Exchange Los Cristianos Luis Milla (right) has been a breath of fresh air for the Tenerife team

bound Sevilla outfit. In fact the visitors were coming off two straight victories, one a stunning one at Zaragoza, so they had hit a bit of form. The opening stages of the game were tedious with Tenerife struggling to break down a dogged, spirited Sevilla

substituted. The second half saw an improvement by Tenerife as they finally started to attack with some endeavour. The breakthrough was made after an excellent Suso run and cross found Alex Mula at the near post and his shot spun in at the far post. A

one winner. As the heavens opened late-on a long ball was pounced on by Serbian Malbasic and his cool finish made the score 2-0. This was not a classic Tenerife performance but winning ugly can sometimes be a handy trick to have up your sleeve.

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Premier Money Exchange Los Cristianos Facing Summerland, just off the roundabout at the Language School

Tel. 629 152 296



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Horoscope for period: April 19 to May 2 Aries 21.03 - 20.04 It’s a time of original ideas and unique insights. Your mind is moving quickly right now which makes dealing with details and normal people rather boring. Improve your patience to deal with ordinary mortals or you could lose contacts dear to you.


Taurus 21.04 - 20.05 On your marks, get set, go! Feel like sprinting? Your Sun sign is giving you plenty of inspiration. Since March, you’ve been itching to get something exciting going. As planetary influences liberate you from worries about your career, you can now switch focus.

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Gemini 21.05 - 21.06 The past has a way of catching up with us! Mercury, the messenger of the cosmos and your ruler, enters your house of secrets. Things you’ve done or folks you’ve known seem to come out of the woodwork. Tread lightly, surprises may be in store. Cancer 22.06 - 22.07 Activating your dreams could be of utmost importance to you. The new Moon on the 16th stirred up your desires for a better career situation – be it a different path or new position. You may not be too happy with the way things have been going lately. Leo 23.07 - 23.08 Expect major progress soon, and it’s all good. This is the start of a new cycle of prosperity. Doors swing open, opportunity knocks and the blue bird of happiness flies your way! The full Moon on the 30th will bring you welcome and much needed inspiration. Virgo 24.08 - 23.09 You are known for your thoroughness. Planetary movements in the sign of Virgo represent a fine tuned analytical process. You are simply the best at what you do and no one can touch your sense of dedication and service. It’s a time for replenishment. Libra 24.09 - 23.10 The sentiment of love is very alive in your planets this month. No matter what you do or where you go romance seems to follow. New love, old love, you are surrounded by people who want to know you better or want to revive old flames. Why resist? Scorpio 24.10 - 22.11 Expect to find yourself taking a trip down memory lane. Things that you had forgotten in past relationships come to mind and may affect your heart. You will spend lots of time thinking about old loves and people you’ve spent special moments with. Sagittarius 23.11 - 21.12 It’s critical that you find some sort of satisfaction from your work or you’ll spend most of your days unhappy or downright miserable. The sun helps consolidate matters. The longer daylight days will bring vitality and hope into the situation. Capricorn 22.12 - 20.01 Need a new solution to an old problem? Don’t worry, you will soon be seeing matters in a different light and come up with some unique ways of dealing with them. Old friends or family members are there for you, even if you’re not aware of them. Aquarius 21.01 - 20.02 Generous Jupiter works directly and your relationships increase in quantity and quality. New people show up from the most unexpected places. A current relationship becomes more pleasant and fulfilling. The full Moon gives you much to be thankful for. Pisces 21.02 - 20.03 Your schedule can be very busy this month. You have a million things to do and plan on getting each and every one of them done. Detailed note-taking will help you burn the candle at both ends, as favourable planets enter your house of thinking.

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19.4.2018 – 2.5.2018

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Classifieds Deadline Next Edition The deadline for edition 820, which is published on 3rd May, is 1st May. No classifieds will be taken after this date.

Head Office: Calle Francisco Feo Rodríguez 6º- first floor. Pol. Industrial Las Chafiras 38620 - San Miguel de Abona. Tel.: 922 75 06 09 Fax: 922 795 810 Office Hours: Mon-Frid 9:30 -16:30 hours

Classified Info Adverts for our Classifieds Section must be sent by email or hand delivered to the office. If you would like to advertise, please send your classified text to: classifieds@ Alternatively, place your classified advert with one of our four agents: Now in Golf del Sur, Redhound Bookshop in Los Cristianos, The Bookswop in Las Américas, Petras Deutscher Bücherstand in Puerto de La Cruz.

Rates: * Lineage classifieds: From €16 * Small & Long Term: Ask for long term advertising (3, 6, 12 months) and our special discounts. * Further Options: color / boxed adverts. To Place your advert call: 922 75 06 09 You are welcome to come to our offices in Las Chafiras to place small ads. Card payment facilities are available.



General Services Massage and more. Offer: 60 minutes body massage €36. Couples, four hands, lava stones, tantric massages, etc. Playa de Las Américas, Ernesto Sarti no.8, across from Iberostar Hotel Torviscas Playa. Tel. 602 608 626 For sale. Home-produced ecological vegetables, Tenerife south. Interested businesses, call 650 323 751 (Spanish only), send WhatsApp or email to: Website for our massages, dedicated to bringing the benefits of therapeutic massage to your home or hotel, no charge for travel. Do you want a massage? Tel. 663 190 727

After school classes, help or activities in English, German or Spanish, please contact Mrs. Garus. Tel. 602 506 793. We are 5 minutes away from Wingate School in Cabo Blanco. Qualified specialist from Germany helps you with back pain, neck pain, sciatica, headaches


Donaldson is available to contact on Tel: (+34) 922 178 091 or Email: Are you looking for an opportunity with financial independence and personal fulfillment? Become an Independent Beauty Consultant!!! More Info: 642 601 553.

Spanish and English Lawyers

Conveyancing • Inheritance & Wills Family Law • Criminal Law Civil Litigation & Personal Injury Timeshare • Tax & Commercial law and insomnia. Tel. 0034 699 15 61 47 (ask for Eugene). Masonic Lodge - Ave Fenix No.73. New meetings starting in October 2017 on the fourth Tuesday of the month. If interested, all visitors are welcome to come down. For further information, lodge secretary John

Mobile welder for hire anywhere on the island Contact Jason:

683 422 304

T: E:

922 719 520

Av. de Los Pueblos, Residencial Villaflor B-20, San Eugenio

Santiago del Teide Lions Club Bargains galore From clothes and children’s toys to kitchenware and books – there are plenty of great deals on second-hand goods. They even have sets of golf clubs! Don’t miss out – visit their shop below the plaza in Puerto Santiago (Behind Vigilia Park). Open Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 10am – 1pm and Wednesdays 2pm to 8pm.

Second Hand Sale LAS CHAFIRAS

Everything for your house, holiday home, apartment. We buy and sell high quality, good condition furniture, household appliances, TVs, jewellery.... Household clearances Free on-site assessment! Opening hours: Mon-Fri, 10am - 2pm & 4pm - 7pm • Sat, 10am – 2pm Calle Tilena, 19 n/r Ferretería Las Chafiras Tel. 922 749 664 Whatsapp 649 574 851 Facebook: Las Chafiras Second Hand www.second-hand-tenerife. com



General Services You are invited to


English/Spanish word to word translator Resident for 15 years. Reasonable price, South & North. Transport available if required. Contact: 662 539 209

NEED HELP? With car ITV, NIE or residencia and other services. Mature British (Spanish speaking) ex-pat can help. Ring Paul for a price on

628 893 266.

Email: paulanthonythorpe841

LOCKSMITH Instant response, 7 days a week call out

Call 647 92 82 23 Sunday 10am and Wednesday 7pm

Shopping Center Salytien Av. Rafael Puig Lluvina 37 Pastor Mark 637 321 453

MASONIC MEETINGS Logia Ave Fenix Nº 73 Edificio Simón, Los Cristianos. New meetings start in October, on the fourth Tuesday All Visitors welcome Contact John Donaldson (Secretary):

(+34) 922 178 091 or

We sell furniture suitable for bar/restaurant (tables, chairs, kitchen accessories, decoration etc.) in excellent condition. Price negotiable. Tel: 922 717 613 or 671 912 301


Boiler King

All plumbing works undertaken including boiler replacements, drain clearance, swimming pool pump repairs and maintenance. Call Rory 680 278 579 or Tom 642 771 035

Teacher (English and Spanish) and interpreter gives Spanish lessons. I would also like to work as a secretary. Tel: 747 790 001 or email: k.arim555@ Body, foot reflexology, Breuss massage, manual lymph drainage. Let yourself be pampered by Simone’s hands. Economic price. Tel: 611 277 578. www. Professional massage therapy, available at the client’s home/ apartment. Certified and experienced masseur for remedial, deep tissue, Swedish, sports and relaxing massage. Mobile/ WhatsApp: (+34) 683 141 129

Frank from Germany invites you on private, individual car excursions, max. 4 persons (also handicapped), hiking tours (also Pico del Teide), Night Life tours, live music, snorkelling, photo shoots, (also underwater). Other islands, cruise ships. Tel: +34 664 085 154. You’re invited!!! FREE BEAUTY SESSION. This is your time to relax with friends or on your own, share the excitement of trying new products, learn about the latest techniques and trends and of course, earn fabulous rewards. More info: 642 601 553 Maggie. Young woman with experience is looking for a serious job in a retirement home taking care of elderly people, or at the airport, car rental, tourist guiding, translating or anything based on giving attention to people. I speak German, Spanish, and English. Contact Susana on 611 272 049.

Rental Classifieds Wanted urgently: an apartment to rent in El Médano with 2 bedrooms and a garage. Tel: 676 243 558.

Apartment for rent, 1 bedroom, fully equipped, near Playa Martiánez, in Puerto de La Cruz, €470 /month + electricity. Tel: Theresa on 606 105 101. Winter letting Puerto de La Cruz Studio apartment, 24 hour concierge, pool, sea views. Minimum three month contract. €500 per month. 669 652 149 Looking to swap my house in Tenerife for a house in Dublin or surroundings. If agreed, the time could be arranged. From a month to a year time gap. Call Carmen 693 727 683 Apartment and Villa for rent in Tenerife south. Tel: (0034) 662 507 191. Garage to rent, double width. Victoria Court 1, Los Cristianos. Close to Sunday market. Very secure lock-up. Tel: 679 919 623

Sales Classifieds Apartment Tabaiba Alta For sale, only five mins away from the German school, roughly 102m2, 3 bedrooms,

2 bathrooms, kitchen, living ro om, utilit y ro om, garden, big terrace. Spectacular views of the sea and mountain, big garage with 2 spaces, 2 closed store rooms, price €180,000, mob. 686 798 367, email e optene rife @ gmail.c o m Beautiful seafront apartment for private sale. One bedroom, garage, sea views and in a sunny position. Price: €120,000. No agents. Tel: 922 752 759. Mobile: 608 425 426. For sale, Bungalow 160m2 Costa Sauzal, situated front row with guaranteed spectacular sea-views, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living room with panoramic windows, modern kitchen, dining room connected to the terrace, including a heated 4 x 8 m pool, all on same level, garage and a marvellous tropical garden with 8 0 0m 2 lands caped with various plants and lots of fruit-trees. Private sale contact: info@ Tel.: 00 34 699 444 879

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(For Crossword and Sudoku solution see pag 36)

Situations Vacant / wanted

Come and join our Dynamic Team! Te l e m a r k e t i n g company on the coast surrounding Marbella / Fuengirola is looking for Brokers /Qualifiers. High revenue. English, German, Dutch and Scandinavian. Send your CV to: telesalestenerife@

Vehicles To advertise please call 922 75 06 09

Volkswagen Golf VI R Convertible Black, 269 hp, 2013, 38,000 km, 1st hand, automatic, navigation system, full equipment, petrol, Spanish registration, price negotiable. Tel. 604 384 044 Across

Volkswagen Golf I GTi Convertible

1 - hairpiece (3) 3 - legal ruling (3) 5 - make right (5) 8 - inclined plane (4) 9 - murkiness (8) 11 - spat out (10) 13 - propels forward (6) 14 - acrobatic stunt (6) 17 - requirement (10) 21 - causes (8) 22 - body covering (4) 23 - dark black; hardwood (5) 24 - where a pig lives (3) 25 - extremity of foot (3)

In very good condition in the south of Tenerife. VB €5000.


If interested Tel. +49 151 10101006

1 - straw (anag) (5) 2 - risk takers (8) 4 - entwined (6) 5 - knot of foot (5) 6 - finished; complete (4) 7 - guarantees (7) 10 - dish; cook slowly (4) 12 - crusader (8) 13 - one who holds property (7) 15 - ring (4) 16 - cloud type (6) 18 - baby carriage (5) 19 - care for; look after (5) 20 - luxurious car (4)

Car needed for long-term rental 676 378 618

Pickup Point

Paul Ruane

Tenerife Property Sales C/ Flor de Pascua 43, Los Gigantes

Mercedes AMG Tiptronic

Sept. 2015, 30,000km, perfect condition, car registered in Spain, no import, full AMG Kit, from 177bhp tuned to 277 bhp or 376 horse power.

Tel: 626 171 399



Beige leather upholstery, Multifunction leather steering wheel, Navigator, Power-adjustable seats with heating and lumbar adjustment, Rear headrests, Air conditioning, CD player, Integrated telephone, Rear parking sensor, electric windows and retractable mirrors. Fog lamps, Central locking with remote control. MOT OK! All new tyres, brake pads, suspension arms, discs, battery (2 year guarantee) and starter motor. Gear box and general service undertaken. Very good condition, always kept in a garage. 250,000km, €6,200

629 244 958



902 886 226

aecc Join us and combat cancer




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Villa with wonderful panoramic views in the La Tagora residential complex, San Eugenio Alto. 3 bedrooms, spacious living room, fully equipped kitchen, storage room, garden with the possibility to build a private

pool, terrace, 3 bathrooms (2 en suite), independent studio apartment on the ground floor, Jacuzzi, garage, community pool. Excellent location with the best view in Costa Adeje. n Price €780,000



Homes and properties for sale in the Canaries


Villa in best location

Tenerife Property Partners Calle El Sauce, 5 Residencial Los Castaños, Local 3, El Madroñal, Tenerife Tel: 922-707 205, 679 154 297 or 649 469 282 Mail: tenerifepropertypartners@

STUDIO 4 D E C O R C/ La Marina, 29. Los Abrigos Tel. 922 749 793 · 626 955 725 Opening hours Monday to Friday 9.30am to 1.30pm and 3pm to 6pm Website: Email:

For a mini face lift including made to measure curtains and bedspreads to a complete make over with the personal touch, call into our showroom in Los Abrigos for a free design consultation. Leave your keys with us and come back to a new home with the “Wow” factor without any of the stress. Complete upholstery service with hundreds of fabrics to choose from, all machine washable.




Southwest Tenerife

Property of the month lovingly tended subtropical garden. Here you will also find the property’s impressive private swimming pool. Located just a five minute walk from the village of Los Gigantes and its extensive amenities, the villa is set in an extremely tranquil location whilst offering everything one could need within easy reach. One further advantage of the property is that running costs are very rean sonable. Price: £735,000

Los Gigantes Properties S.L. has a wide range of homes for sale in the south of Tenerife. For anyone who is thinking of buying a property, be it a family home, winter retreat or holiday haven, there are plenty of opportunities to suit all budgets and tastes, and the staff at Los Gigantes Properties are always happy to answer any enquiries at any time.

Exclusive villa This is a fabulous opportunity to purchase an extremely well presented villa situated in the prestigious and highly sought-after area of Crab Island in Los Gigantes. The villa is constructed on one level, making it perfect for families, couples or as a retirement property, and

is wonderfully light and airy, benefiting from an open-plan design for the attractive lounge, dining and kitchen areas. In fine decorative condition and tastefully furnished, there are three wellproportioned double bedrooms and three bathrooms. Air conditioning is installed in the dining area and main bedroom. A good-sized garage offers access into the grounds, opening onto extensive terraces and exclusive walled gardens. Lovely grassed areas to the front, and terraced areas to the back, offer allday sunshine and beautiful views of the cliffs and ocean, as well as a

Exclusive interview: Paul Ruane Part ten

Sharing the load

Paul Ruane has been a leading figure in the property market in southwest Tenerife for the last 38 years. We had the privilege of speaking with him in an exclusive interview, which is being published over consecutive editions. Originating from the UK, Paul first came to Tenerife to take up a temporary position. However, then working with a prominent local developer for 15 years, he gained immense insight into the business and went on to open his own estate agency, in 1994: the first in Los Gigantes.

If you would like more information on this or other opportunities in the area, please contact

Los Gigantes Properties S.L. by calling: 922 861 313 607 371 666 647 943 721 Alternatively, see their website at: Or call into the office at: Calle Flor de Pascua, 43 Los Gigantes 38683 Santiago del Teide

Last edition we spoke about how having the support of reliable and professional staff has been really important to you over the years, both on a personal and business level, and we heard a little about your head of team Nicky Wragg, who’s been with you for 17 years. Do you have anyone else working with you right now? Kerrie Stone is another very important member of our workforce. Originally from the UK, Kerrie was a regular visitor to Los Gigantes throughout her life, before finally deciding to leave her job with the Halifax/Royal Bank of Scotland and move out here permanently in 2008. She started working with me in early 2011 and has undergone extensive training in the estate agency field. She’s a great colleague to have and has turned into a real asset.

Find out more about Paul Ruane and Los Gigantes Properties in next edition. n

19.4.2018 – 2.5.2018







19.4.2018 – 2.5.2018







Playa Honda Las Américas One bedroom apartment, tiled throughout, American-style kitchen, separate bedroom and terrace. Located in the centre of Las Américas within 3 minutes walk from the beach. €122,000 Alan: 634 098 838

19.4.2018 – 2.5.2018






PaulRuane losgigantesproperties s.l.


Calle Flor de Pascua 43 | Los Gigantes | Tenerife

& +34 922 861 313 | +34 607 371 666 | +34 647 943 721

Contact us for a full selection of re-sale properties | Who is selling your property?


Well presented apartment situated in the complex of Balcón De Los Gigantes in Puerto Santiago. Based on the fourth floor this apartment comprises of one double bedroom, one bathroom, lounge and seperate

kitchen with breakfast bar. The terrace is accessible from both the lounge and bedroom and offers views over the communal swimming pool area. Close to all local amenities. Ref: TPS1641


Fully refurbished apartment situated in the well maintained community of Becker House. Centrally located in Los Gigantes this apartment is based on the second floor and comprises of one double bedroom, one

bathroom, lounge with dining area and kitchen. The balcony is accessible from the lounge area and offers views of the sea and cliffs. Tranquil community with low maintenance fees. Ref: TPS1664


Fully refurbished apartment situated in the small community of Sol y Mar in central Los Gigantes. Based on street level this property offers easy access with no steps and comprises of one double bedroom, one bathroom, lounge and open plan

kitchen with breakfast bar. Great sized terrace with wonderful sea views also benefiting from winter sunshine. Completely refurbished. Centrally located within walking distance to all local amenities. Must be seen. Ref: TPS1670


Well presented apartment situated in the central community of Bamboo Court, next to the church square in Los Gigantes. Based on the first floor this property comprises of two bedrooms, one refurbished

bathroom, refurbished kitchen and lounge. Both the lounge and master bedroom have access to balconies with views of the communal garden areas. Tranquil location. Close to all local amenities. Ref: TPS2012


Front line apartment situated in the complex of Poblado Marinero. Based on the ground floor this corner position property offers easy access. Comprising of one bedroom, one bathroom, lounge and open plan

kitchen the apartment has been refurbished and is pleasnatly furnished. Balcony with wonderful views of the harbour, cliffs and island of La Gomera. Close to all local amenities. Ref: TPS1660


Fantastically positioned apartment in the complex of Tamara in central Los Gigantes. Based on the middle floor of block D in the complex, this property comprises of one double bedroom, one bathroom, lounge and open plan kitchen with breakfast bar. Great size terrace

accessible from the lounge, offering wonderful views of the sea, cliffs and community pool. An additional terrace area to the front of the apartment benefiting from morning sunshine. Complex with two communal swimming pools and gardens. Ref: TPS1665


Extremely well presented Villa situated in the prestigious area of Crab Island, Los Gigantes, within easy walk to the village and its amenities. Based within its own private walled gardens. The property comprises of three double bedrooms, three bathrooms. The villa is open plan having lounge, dining,

kitchen. In good decorative condition and tastefully furnished. Extensive terraces and gardens surround the property with all day sunshine, sea views and private swimming pool. Good size garage on site. Extremely tranquil location. Reasonable running costs. Ref: TPS1671


Good sized apartment situated in the complex of Hibisco I in Los Gigantes. Fully refurbished, this apartment comprises of two double bedrooms, two bathrooms one of which is an ensuite, lounge and open plan kitchen. The rear balcony is ac-

cessible from the second bedroom and the main terrace is to the front of the property offering views of the area and partial sea views. Close to all local amenities. Must be seen. Communal swimming pool. Ref: TPS2979

Island connections 819 FLN 86  

Officially the largest foreign language newspaper in the Canary Islands.

Island connections 819 FLN 86  

Officially the largest foreign language newspaper in the Canary Islands.