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Editorial Team A very warm welcome to all our new readers! And hello again to our loyal followers. Just like every new school year, this first few months have brought us new classes, new friends and new adventures. As IBCoM students we go through experiences that shape and unite us all. These rites of passage makes us who we are - and our IBCoM journey would be nothing without them.

The first years started university life and began their IBCoM experiences with Bootcamp and (both old and new) lecturers. Second years are enjoying seminars and electives from different faculties, most of them excitedly getting ready for exchange. Third years are either on exchange right now, enjoying the different lifestyles their destinations have to offer, or are mentally preparing for their last year of IBCoM. All of these diverse experiences make the IBCoM journey what it is, somensomething that served as our inspiration for our first issue of the year. 2

In this issue, themed Timeline of IBCoM, you will see the events that mark an IBCoMmer’s life in focus, throughout their (hopefully) three wonderful years at EUR. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed working with a wonderful team of bloggers, fashionistas, satire columnists, ballers on a budget and critical-minded writers. We provide an overview for what’s to come for the first years, and hope this is a memorable way for second and third years to reminisce on their university experience. In this issue, you can also find updates on current events and opinion pieces, as well as satire and friendly life advice. To add the media to our communication and media programme, we want to focus more on this years’ IBCoMagazine’s visuals. To do this, you will find that our photographer has created a photo spread, something we hope to bring each issue! Finally, be on the lookout for our website - we are working on a whole new look! Read on, we hope you enjoy!

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Lifestyle Get Cultured!: Events in Rotterdam


Ballin’ on a Budget


How To: Handle Failure


Rainy Days: To wear or not to wear Crunchy Food Ban


Opinion The prophecy of Trump


Should Catalonia be Independent?



10+1: Productivity Apps to Fight Procrastination



Satire: The Housing Crisis


Wonder Woman: From Amazonian Superhero to Sociopolitical Villain


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Timeline of IBCoM IBCoM’s Fresh Faces


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A journey

Get Cultured!: Events in Rotterdam


Art Exhibitions: de Kunsthal The great thing about art is that it doesn’t matter what language you speak, everyone can enjoy it. I have selected two exhibitions at the Kunsthal museum in Rotterdam, that I think are particularly fun. The first is called “kattenliefde” and is centered around our furry little friends and their role in art. The second is called Cabin Crew “fashion in the air”, which is pretty self-explanatory. Both exhibitions will be on until early 2018, so there is no hurry, and if you decide to go don’t forget your student card which will give you a 50% discount! Date: Kattenliefde, until the 14th of January; Cabin Crew, until the 4th of February Price: € 6,- (with your student card)


Party’s: Triangle festival Maassilo did not come to play with their December line-up! One event they are hosting that I’m personally really looking forward to is Triangle Festival indoor, on the 22 of December. There will be different stages (Tokyo, Rio, New-York and London), which all represent a different genre of music.

By Temi de Groen

There will be UK Garage and grime, Hiphop and Rap, Aftrap and more, so there is plenty to choose from! Previous editions have been a great success, and if you want to see more of that I recommend you check out their Facebook page. Date: 22th of December Price: € 25,- (estimate based on previous ticketprices) Movies: La Notte For the second year in a row, the cinema KINO in Rotterdam is organizing a special film festival. Films selected from 12 different international film festivals will be shown, ranging from down to earth documentaries to French dramas, so there will be plenty to choose from. The program for La Notte will be available on the website. Date: 24th of November Price: € 10,- (estimate based on previous ticket prices)

Fashion: Sneakerness If you love sneakers, save the date, because on the 25th and 26th of November, Sneakerness coming to Rotterdam! If you are not familiar with this event, Sneakerness is a convention for everyone interested in buying, selling or trading sneakers and street fashion. It is internationally successful and this year will be the first time the convention comes to Rotterdam! The event will take place at the Van Nelle Fabriek. Date: 25th and 26th of November Price: â‚Ź 12,-

Secatibe runtum earum sincilla velenimus auta nobit raecus di omniet


Shopping: Swan Market Swan Market is a reoccurring event that takes place every month, and it is definitely worth paying a visit. There are stands where you can by clothing, art, jewelry, gadgets and the list goes on. If you decide that you want to take a break, and have something to eat or to drink, you don’t even need to leave the building. There is a food court with more than 20 different stands, in addition to a variety of drinks stands, and to top it all off, you get to enjoy all of this whilst listening to live music. Date: 10th of December Price: ₏ 2,- (free entry after 15:30)


As students we are on a pretty strict budget, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep expanding your wardrobe. There are plenty of places in Rotterdam where you can shop second hand clothing, and make sure you look ballin’. Here are some of my favorites:

The cheap fashion store, located at walking distance

from Blaak station, is probably my go to place to shop


for secondhand clothing. It has two floors, and a very


large assortment of jeans, blouses, sweaters; everything really. Don’t forget to take a look downstairs,

where they stall out the majority of their shoes and bags. The price/quality ratio is really good, and it’s always easy to find something nice here.



This is (obviously) not an actual store, but definitely

This store is located in Kralingen, and has three sto-

as well as food and other stuff like books or antiqui-

equipment, records, books, you name it. If you go up

worth taking a look at. Every Tuesday and Saturday

there is a market here where you can buy clothing, ties. You have to take some time to look around, but

if you’re lucky you can find some fun stands that are selling second hand clothing. If you are up for a bit of a challenge, I’d say it’s worth having a look at.



stall out a collection of furniture, electronics, kitchen

to the 1st floor, you will find all of their clothing and shoes. Prices here are crazy cheap, for example you

can buy a pair of pants for just 3 euros. But, it is also a

bit more of a challenge, given that it’s often difficult to find something nice here. You have to get lucky!



The episode is a chain of stores that sell second hand

Personally, I am a big fan of kilo sales, because they

thes is selected carefully, and the quality is high. Ob-

one before, I definitely recommend you keep an eye

vintage clothing in Rotterdam as well as several other

big cities in the Netherlands. Their assortment of clo-

viously, this means you also pay more. I specifically advise you to look at their shoes, because they are re-

latively cheap. For example, you can buy a pair of DR. Martens or Reeboks for about 30 euros here. The store also has two floors, so don’t forget to take a peek 7

ries. On the main floor and in the basement, they

downstairs in their basement.



are prices are generally very reasonable and there is always a lot to choose from. If you have not visited out for any upcoming Kilo Sales in Rotterdam via

Facebook, they are definitely worth checking out. I like to get there early, although the assortment will

be supplemented throughout the day, so this is not necessary per se.



How To: Handle Failure

By Steven Hillen

‘Please sit down. Unfortunately, I’ll have to tell

He had created a 1,000 lightbulbs before he de-

more or less just told me that driving lessons are

didn’t fail a 1,000 times,” Edison responded. ‘’The

you immediately that your performance was in-

sufficient’. Across the table was the person who a nightmare, which I won’t be able to wake up

from just yet. It wasn’t rocket science to figure it out though. When I turned the key and followed

the examiner to his table, I simply had to add up

my amount of mistakes to know that I had failed my driver’s test. My emotions were a mixture of

anger, sadness and pity. Even though I tried so

light bulb was an invention with a 1,000 steps.’’

Below are some tips that will help you handle

your own failures. Hopefully, they will take some

weight off your shoulders and may even help you to discover your own lightbulb.

1. Don’t keep hammering on your mistakes What if I would have taken more lessons? What if

measured by our grades. But it doesn’t stop there

that have helped? What if I would have practi-

der a lot of pressure. Our level of success is often

- there’s also extra-curriculums to pay attention to and we definitely shouldn’t forget our social life. And oh, somewhere along the way we will

also have to squeeze in some exercise as well. We all have busy lives and we all share the desire succeed.

Along this desire comes the despair of failure. It is often forgotten that failing is inevitable: you

will get nowhere without doing so. Rather, you should embrace it, aim for success and if you fail,


to fail a thousand times?” A reporter asked. “I

hard to pass my test it just wasn’t enough. I failed. All students can agree to the fact that we are un-


veloped a successful prototype. “How did it feel

I wouldn’t have been so nervous? What if I would have spoken more with the examiner? Would

ced in secret with my dad’s car? Those questions

were keeping me busy after my driver’s exam. It

is something that we have all done at some point: creating a list of ‘what if’s’, either because we simply can’t help ourselves, or because we make our-

selves believe that we can learn from it. But it’s useless. It will only keep your mind occupied and might eventually make you unhappy. Instead, you should follow the approach of tip 2. 2. Focus on learning points

you adapt and overcome.

Whenever you fail, it is key to focus on the points

tor of the most-famous lightbulb.

It is key to be critical towards yourself and only

We are all familiar with Thomas Edison, the inven-

where it went wrong, as this prevents you from

making the same mistakes again in the future. touch upon those aspects that you can actually

do something about. A good way of doing so is by


as a clear reminder of learning points in the future!

five—I’m kidding, of course—the real key to suc-

writing down a list of your ‘mistakes’. This will help

than four

you sort out your thoughts and will also function

The key to success is to always include a number

3. Don’t take it personally

Don’t ever trying to avoid failing. Remember that

There are so many factors that influence the out-

come of something you put effort in. If you have failed a test, it might be that the test was just too

hard. Or, the teacher didn’t explain the material well enough. Perhaps you didn’t study hard enough yourself? As you can see, there are so many

reasons why you failed, of which your personal performance is just one of them. Key is to remember that your failures do not define you, but instead, your achievements do! Edison didn’t take it personally each time that he had failed to create a

cess is to embrace failing, to adapt and overcome.

failing is merely a necessary step towards reaching your goal. A good way to approach this is by

seeing your successes and failures as a path, even-

tually leading you to your final destination. And whenever this path gets rough you have two op-

tions: you continue walking until you reach your destination, or you choose a different route. Don’t ever walk back.



working lightbulb. And just consider this for your- - Focus on learning points -Keep hammering on self: is he now remembered as the man who failed your mistakes a thousand times, or as the man who created the -Focus on the future -Take it personal first lightbulb?

4. Focus on the future ‘The past is the past’. This remark is definitely your mistakes whenever it is relevant, but in general, forgetfulness will be your best friend. If all

you do is remind yourself about all the mistakes you have made, you will get nowhere. Focusing on

what is ahead of you will make your mind sharper, your preparations better. It will make your future brighter. 9

cliché, but highly applicable.Briefly touch upon

Rainy Days: To wear or not to wear?

By Chi Mai Đỗ Trần

It is universally acknowledged (sorry, Jane Austen) that Save your wool coats and fur coats on cold but dry days,

the weather in the Netherlands is bad all year round. as you don’t want those babies wet. Keep your accesso-

This year, the gods have decided to sprinkle a little so- ries as simple as possible. You should pick those which mething extra special on the rain, as it seems to be un- are necessary, like an umbrella, a bag and maybe a hat. stoppable. As it is impossible to protest against the we-

ather (you can try, of course), the only thing left to do is Finally, when it comes to shoes, wear short, water-repelstack up your closet and prepare the right ammunition lant boots or otherwise shoes which will dry easily and for those rainy days.

To wear or not to wear? That is the question.

are not slippery. High heels, canvas shoes or sandals are

ill-advised, for they can lead to unwanted accidents or otherwise just make you uncomfortable once wet.

So with those tips in mind, are you ready to face the rain?

The best choices when it comes to your tops would be For myself, I know I’m ready for the rain to pass. to pick something simple, and easy to wash and dry. Dark colors would be a plus, as they won’t show if they

are soiled. Of course, since your jacket provide quite

good protection, you can wear light, cream shade as well. You should try to avoid expensive or delicate clothing, as they require a lot more care and attention, and it is not so fun when they are splashed with mud.

Tights, leggings and dark pants are your best friends during the rainy season. Pants made of heavy fabric or

in light colors should be avoided, as they can get muddy more easily and are more difficult to dry.

For outerwear, select long, sturdy jackets which are

waterproof and come with hoods. If they are thick and


warm, then it’s a plus!


Outfit idea?


Food Ban

By Francis Garlich

How to survive long tutorials without crunchy food in crispy packaging? Recently, we’ve heard a lot of people talking about pro-

Healthy snacks

that is constantly surrounding them, so they simply ban

of these delicious healthy snacks are grapes, banana

fessors who actually banned crunchy food during their

Healthy snacks usually produce a lot less crunchy noi-

crunchy food. Of course this is horrible for chip lovers

pieces or cherry tomatoes. Something that is also good

tutorials. They are fed up with the crunching and crisping

just like me, but I must say that the crunching and crisping can get on my nerves sometimes. We have all been

in a situation where we really wanted to open our favorite snack in the middle of an exam, but when we did, the crispy sounds of the packaging made everyone look up and throw you an irritated look. We do all get that the

right food is very important during an exam, however it is still pretty unnerving to be surrounded by all the crisping and crunching.

ses and are super healthy at the same time. Examples to note is that fruit is one of the best foods you can eat to stimulate your brain. Fruit contains a lot of nutrients

and natural sugars, giving you a lot of energy, but won’t

cause you to experience a crash, which does result from refined sugars. So you should replace chocolate with delicious fruits, like blueberries and grapes. Especially

blueberries are known to be a great food for studying these little berries would be perfect for exams!

So, here are some great solutions and alternative food choices to make sure that you can survive long tutorials

and nerve-wrecking exams, without making a lot of noise while eating your brainfood!

Unwrap your food at home


Crispy packaging is often the problem with for example

Ontbijtkoeken may not sound familiar to every one of

aging; and so, the packaging is the real problem for these

part of the Dutch experience for the internationals. The-

sweets, cakes or chocolate bars. Before you can silently

chew on your snack, you need to rip through noisy packtreats. Therefore, it is the perfect solution to just unwrap your food at home and to put it in a plastic container that you can just throw in your backpack.

you, and that is because it is a typical Dutch snack. So besides being totally crunch-less, it is also a significant se soft cookies are like nothing you have eaten before and they are also very nutritious.

favorite ill enjoy our st ll a y ll fu e hop fellow ideas we can oiding your v a s, e h is With these 3 w chers ings! g to your tea in id b a e ur food crav il o h y w ll a g in snack, y and satisf tated looks ri ir ts n e d u st


Save the date: Upcoming Winter Events Here are a few dates for you to get cozy with your new home-away-from-home!

By Flore Ziegfeld

As we wave goodbye to summer’s festival season, it’s time to get excited for what’s yet to come. Rotterdam packs a punch when it comes to winter entertainment!

Blijdorp Winterfestival The little brother of the renowned Blijdorp festival, the Winterfestival makes you come for indoor and outdoor stages of house, techno and hip-hop music and lets you stay for its art, food stands and good vibes. Dance the winter blues away in iglus and under the winter sky at the a World Heritage site! When: Saturday, 2 December 2017, 13:00-01:00

Image: Raymond van Mil

Where: Van Nelle Fabriek, Van Nelleweg 1, 3044 BC Rotterdam Price: 34,00-39,00€ FYI: consider the “3 Friends Ticket” for 99€, yielding to 33,00€ per ticket

Iceskating in the forest: Ijsvrij ParkFestival The forest, ice skating, crisp winter air, Glühwein… take your family, friends, your sweetheart or treat yourself only to the most romantic work-out you’ll come across.

When: Friday, 8 December 2017-Sunday, 7 January 2018 (Sunday-Monday 12:00-19:00, Thursday to Saturday 12:00-21:00) Where: Field in front of Parquiet, Baden Powelllaan 20, 3016 GJ Rotterdam

Image: Ijsvrij Park Festival

Price: free entry to the Ijsvrij Park Festival, ice-skate rental 2,50€ FYI: Don’t forget gloves to protect those pretty hands! More info:

Image: IFFR 12

Christmas market in Rotterdam’s Botanical Garden (Arboretum Trompenburg, 16-17 Dec) Escape the urban city hustle and flee to Roffa’s well-hidden botanical garden. Enjoy the gardens illuminated with cozy Christmas lighting as you stroll along with hot chocolate and apple cake, and get some out-of-the-ordinary handmade gifts and seasonal foods at the market. When: Friday, 15 December 2017-Sunday, 17 December 2017 (Friday 15:00-21:00, Saturday and Sunday 10:00-16:00) Where: Honingerdijk 86 (beneden), 3062 NX Rotterdam Price: free entry Image: Arboretum Trompenburg FYI: The Arboretum Trompenburg is right next to the Excelsior Stadium by Woudestein! More info:

Largest Christmas market of the Netherlands in Dordrecht Enjoy postcard-like scenery at Dordrecht’s Christmas market: stalls are surrounded by historic brick houses, the impressive city hall, monuments and the port. A traditional Christmas market overflowing with food, Glühwein, gifts and, for the brave ones, Christmas sing-a-long sessions. When: Friday, 15 December 2017-Sunday, 17 December 2017 (Friday and Saturday 10:00-21:00, Sunday 11:00-18:00) Where: Grote Markt, Dordrecht (10 minute walk from Dordrecht CS)

Image: Kerstmarkt Dordrecht

Price: free entry FYI: Tip: Drop by the living crib and pet the donkeys, goats and camels More info:

International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) Show independent filmmaking some love! IFFR is a platform supporting international filmmakers and film talent. Join a movie screening, discover visual arts, listen to talk shows, explore installations or head over to the iconic IFFR parties during the twelve day-long festival.

When: Wednesday, 24 January 2018-Sunday, 4 February 2018 Where: All over Rotterdam! Check the website or Facebook page to see which events take place where.


Price: regular films 11,00€ (with discount 8,00€), mid-length films 8,00€ (with discount 5,00€) FYI: Check Netflix for Room (2015), Anomalisa (2015), A Most Violent Year (2014), Spring Breakers (2012) and School of Rock (2003) to get a taste of IFFR: these movies were shown at the festival in previous years. Also, tickets not sold half an hour before the start of the film are sold at a 50% discount! More info:

Infocus: Lifestyle

Nieuwe Binnenweg

By Nieuwe Binnenweg

By omvwb



IBCoM’s Fresh Faces By Sara Alkilani

This year’s new teachers

To kick it off, let’s introduce Noemi Mena Montes (PhD). Montes has eight years in teaching experience, and a diverse background. Before she began her teaching career, she was a radio host in Spain and and a freelance correspondent in the Middle East. In fact, her extensive work in the region has earned her a European Doctorate in Political Communication and a Spanish National Award for her research on migration! You can definitely have deep conversations with Noemi and if you want to discuss international and intercultural communication, she’s definitely a go-to!

Next, we have Abby Waysdorf, coming all the way from the Unites States to Rotterdam, Waysdorf offers her extensive research on the research between media and sports, with football being her main focus. Abby Waysdorf’s knowledge on sports makes her a great candidate on the infamous sports debates, if you want to know what she thinks about your favorite team, give her a visit. She also has work with fanfiction, so if you’ve got any fanfics in mind, it’s worth it to have a conversation with Abby!

Teresa de la Hera is another wonderful addition to our list, also coming from Spain, her main focus area being gaming and media. Gaming in our day and age is an almost integral part of our societies, which makes her focus area that much more interesting and relevant. Not only that, but Teresa also has her own website where she displays her portfolio- an extremely interesting piece of work! In her website, she states that she “wants to be part of challenging projects in which digital games or new media technologies are used to add something new or different in a meaningful and creative way.” Check out more about de la Hera here: Definitely someone to look out for.

Timeline of IBCoM 18


would not be complete if it weren’t for the amazing teachers that spend their time expanding our minds, skills and knowledge with their diverse backgrounds and the variety of things they are specialized in. So, without further ado, here’s a quick overview of the new additions of the IBCoM staff, be sure to say hello when you see them!

A fan of house music? We’ll, so is Rick Everts! Rick’s PhD work consisted of researching how music ecologies can have an impact on pop culture. He researched how musicians can use their strong points and talents to appeal to aspiring musicians, something very interesting. So, if you have a hidden passion for music, and would like to improve your skills, a conversation with Rick will definitely be of use! If that wasn’t impressive enough - Rick also holds a degree in sociology of culture and the arts.

Rashid Gabdulhakov is a PhD candidate, studying digital vigilantism, a pressing and intriguing topic in our increasingly tech-savvy world! Rashid, originally from Uzbekistan, has studied in the Unites States, Kyrgyz Republic, and taught there and carried on his teachings in the United States and Europe. You can always talk to Rashid about politics, especially propaganda, as it is one of his speciality areas as well! So, do you like debating politics? Interested in learning more about propaganda? Wondering what exactly digital vigilantism entails? Give Rashid a visit!

Qian Huang is a PhD candidate completing her work here in EUR as a teacher, and is focused on Digital Vigilantism in China. A very current topic as well, coinciding with Rashid’s research! Her research also includes work on digital communication, communication in intercultural settings, gender studies and pop culture. Fun fact: Qian was picked to become a professional martial arts athlete when she was a child, so think twice before messing with her. ;)



Alex Gekker is a lecturer specialising in how socio-technical systems influence users and studied how games can have an impact on users as well! It’s very interesting to note that he was a co-founder of the Games For Health Europe and has co-designed Playfields, a tool used to edutainment!

Attention all IBCoM fashionistas… Our next professor is going to provide your some insights into your favorite pass-time! Sophie Kurkdjian PhD has received a thesis awards for her PhD in the history of fashion, Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, she’s got your covered! Not only that, but Sophie also dabbles in teaching communication and marketing. Her main lines of research focus on fashion media history, fashion journalists and mediation in the fashion industry. She also co-directs fashion seminars at the IHTP-CNRS!



Next, we present to you Thomas Loudon. Loudon was actually the first Dutch correspondent in Iran since the 1979 revolution (wow) and spent three years there. Afterwards, he lived in Egypt and in Jordan as well, so you can say he has a well rounded experience in the Middle East! He was also a correspondent for several important media outlets such as BBC, CNN, NOS and many more across the world. To make matters even more interesting, Loudon speaks six languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish and has a basic grasp of Farsi. So, he is up for conversation in several languages, go up to him and show him your skills!

And last but not least, Karen Klijnhout focuses on the impact of cultural diversity on urban cultural organisations. Fitting to the creative city of Rotterdam, Karen worked in the Rotterdam art scene in positions ranging from museum guard to theatre director and policy advisor prior to dabbling in academia. She always strived for a more inclusive arts and culture scene! Karen hopes to inspire students to stay curious and critical, and practice cultural openness, so let’s not let her down IBCoMmers!




2017: Welcome BA-1 Students!

he first few weeks of September is that time of year where the fresh faces flood Erasmus University. Or, as most people call it, IBCoM introduction week! This week is all geared towards the new first year students, the main event being Bootcamp. Bootcamp is a one-night stay at the very glamorous Stoofpolder in sunny Bruinisse, Zeeland. In two short but intensive days, everyone will have the opportunity to get to know each other, through loads of fun activities. Here’s a timeline of what we got up to!

Wednesday 6 September 2017

Timeline of IBCoM

12:00 - Which bus??? As usual, the trip starts off with everyone cramming into the buses which will take us to Zeeland. However, this is never as easy as it should be. Slight chaos ensued, but thankfully everyone made it!

14:00 - Dutch cuisine at its finest After arriving at the site, lunch was served. Tables had been set out with sliced bread, as well as cheese, lunch meats and chocolate spread. The best was yet to come, because everyone (excluding vegetarians) also got a Dutch kroket for lunch! It was a great first introduction to typical Dutch cuisine. 15:00 - May the best team win! Next up, we were divided up into groups, all equipped with an IBCoMpanion. This way, we had to work together to win all of the games against another group of students. It started off with a speed dating round, to quickly introduce yourself (about a hundred times).


By Cara Sainsbury

After this, the challenge became intense, when the really funny games started. These included the great Dutch classic of “spijker poepen” (literally translated nail pooping), the whisper challenge, the untangle-your-wholegroup-without-letting-go challenge, throwing marbles into a bowl with chopsticks, and so much more. This activity was the perfect way to make sure your newly-made friends in opposite teams kept losing at every game! 17:00 - Relax time & dinner After these few intense hours of jumping, running and intellectual challenges, everyone had time to relax out on the grass. Dinner was served at 6 pm (again, someting typically Dutch for international students) and everyone had worked up quite an appetite after all that exercise during the day.

19:00 - Ooohh, warm marshmallows... As an after-dinner treat, the IBCoMpanion ladies made sure that there was a nice warm bonfire for everyone to roast their marshmallows for dessert. This was a true effort of girl power! 20:30 - PARTY TIME While it was slowly getting cold outside, the barn at the Stoofpolder was definitely getting hot. The party was getting started! At first it was a little awkward, with most people standing around in the small space. But soon after, eve-

ryone was up and working out their best dance moves and singing their hearts out to Ed Sheeran. If the crazy dancing was getting a little too much, some people took the opportunity to sit outside and chat to some more new people or fun IBCoMpanions. 23:00 - Party Time 2.0 The party in the shed at the campsite was fun and all, but now we were ready for some real partying! So, we made our way to the small club Bruinisse had to offer and spent the rest of the night dancing our hearts out on the floor.


Thursday September 2017 10:00 - Rise and shine! Good morning, everyone… A lot of tired faces at breakfast that day, maybe some headaches here and there, but mostly everyone looked satisfied with their shenanigans from the night before. 11:00 - Pub quizzing it up! The last Bootcamp activity was the infamous pub quiz hosted by IBCoMpanion Sophie. It consisted of general knowledge pop culture questions and a “guess the song” part. You bet ya that everyone in that cantine was singing along to the hottest tunes! After all the scores had been added up from the scavenger hunt on Tuesday, the games on Wednesday and the pub quiz, Sophie announced the winner team on all three separate occasions.

12:00 - Goodbye After the quiz, the dining hall was quickly reset by the IBCoMpanions for a last lunch. Again, beautiful Dutch food, a lot of bread and cheese, was presented. Sadly, then it was time to get back into the buses and leave picturesque little Bruinisse. Goodbye newly made friends! We’ll see each other in class on Monday.

Graduation 2017 eop

p “ The


de i a m le



go y l l a e r

rien e p x e

IBCoM Survivors


It is a windy Thursday afternoon in the beginning of October and I am making my way to the red building on campus. Armed with a notepad and my phone that functions as a recorder, I am feeling like a true reporter on her way to the first of (hopefully many) journalistic affairs. But this article is not about me: it is about the 120 graduates of IBCoM whose carefully chosen outfits are covered by a bright blue cap and gown. Today, they will receive their diploma after three years of hard work and will then start the rest of their lives. The question that arises is: where will they go?


Standing in front of the rainbow-colored wall of the V-Building, I see four giggling girls in the previously mentioned bright blue ensemble. The wind is making their hair dance, causing even more laughter while they take pictures of each other. Joanna, Brigitte, Sofie and Inge are all excited to start their Masters and, exclusively for IBCoMagazine, they look back on their three years studying IBCoM. When I asked them to explain the whole IBCoM experience in three words, the girls needed a few

seconds before they started getting chatty. “I would say that it is diverse, interesting and gezellig”. After which, they burst out into laughter. “IBCoM is a really good experience… that’s three words!”. Other words to describe the program that came up were that it is small, which causes a community to form. The girls also said that it is a great program when it fits your interests, and of course that it is broad and international. Ironically, they all responded the same thing when I asked what their fondest memory is of three years studying in Rotterdam: going on exchange! “The three years just flew by. The first year went by super fast. And in your second year you have your internship and are preparing for exchange. When you get back you do your thesis and then you’re done”. The girls said that they loved getting to know so many people during the internship and exchange. “The people made it a really good experience”.

Staying on the subject of being nostalgic, the things that they will miss the most is the people, the small community. “Not only your classmates, but also the teachers know you. Masters are bigger and different. All the professors are in suits and it is more formal than IBCoM”.

By Judith van Driel

To end on a positive note, the girls had some life lessons to give to the people who are still studying: “It is really useful to work in a team, first I was very skeptical about group work. But the different backgrounds give very different perspectives on the same topic, which makes it more interesting”. “I learned to trust in myself, I can do this. It is difficult at first, but you can do it no matter how hard you think it is. You can pull through it if you can believe in yourself”.


Reviews: Courses of IBCoM By Judith van Driel The first year of IBCoM can be quite stressful. Not only living away from your parents, but also the transition from high school to university can certainly be overwhelming in the beginning. Luckily we’ve got you covered with a full review on all the courses you will follow in your first year!

Term 2 Course: Introduction to Statistical Analysis

Lectures: The slides from the PowerPoint were

really helpful. Every concept is thoroughly explained, with some examples that help you to completely grasp the subject.

Main themes: It is about concepts, such as the levels of measurement, and is combined with learning how to work with SPSS.

Assignments: These were doable and can be finished within the tutorial time frame.

This course is interesting for people who like to do more practical assignments.

Course: Media Industries and Audiences (pre-

change. This course didn’t have much information that differed from the book.

Main themes: Each week has a different concept, such as organizations, culture, etc.

Assignments: Prepare for the mini-exams du-

ring the tutorials. If you read the chapters and go to the lectures, the mini-exams are not that difficult.

This course is interesting for people who are interested in more reasoning behind how a society works and all its aspects.

Term 3

Course: Media Systems in Comparative Per-

make a clear overview of all the information in

ging, it can really help to go to the lecture and

during the lectures. The lectures enable you to


Lectures: The guest lectures were nice for a

viously MPI)

Lectures: There was a lot of information given


Course: Key Concepts in Social Sciences

the book.

Main themes: It is about everything involving the media, concepts such as mass communication and the influences on our daily life will be studied.

Assignments: As for the presentation - you have to prepare yourself for discussion and make sure that you are an active participant.

This course is great for people who are interested in the media sector.


Lectures: Since the book was not that engatake note of all the important concepts.

Main themes: It is explained how some countries have a more Liberal broadcasting system

while other countries take a Democratic stance. The book was mainly an introduction, and thus not very engaging.

Assignments: The presentation about compa-

ring two countries and their media systems was quite engaging.

This course is interesting for people who want

a more theoretical course on the underlying

media systems, which cause for different broadcasting situations in each country.

Course: Communication as a Social Force

Lectures: Since there was no book to rely on,

Lectures: If you do not attend the lecture, you

can miss some important remarks that the lecturer did not put in the slides but only says verbally.

Main themes: It is a lot of history, for example

the printing press, early cinema and early new-

and articles instead, it can really help to go to spapers.

the lectures. The most important concepts from Assignments: The experiment was very intethe articles will be mentioned.

resting, it shows you the increasing role of so-

concepts such as travel and mediatization.

the CSF course, deepening on the history of

Main themes: The increasing role of (social) media in our lives, which goes in-depth regarding

cial media and phones in our lives.

This course is interesting for people who liked

Assignments: The field trips during the tutorials technologies. were useful to put all the theoretical informa-

tion into practice. The poster campaign which Course: Intercultural Communication you have to design is also more fun than other

Lectures: There wasn’t much additional infor-

like to learn about how social media is incre-

Main themes: How culture influences com-

assignments, since it is also more practical.

mation given compared to what was on the

This course is a good fit for people who would slides. asingly shaping our daily lives.

Course: Communication and Organizations

Lectures: The book was straightforward, and during the lectures there wasn’t much additional information.

munication, and vice versa. It also discusses

concepts as social in- and exclusion, sport in media, etc.

Assignments: The presentation was doable.

This course is beneficial for people who like a

more theoretical reasoning behind everyday

Main themes: It was interesting to have another communication between different cultures. perspective on communication: namely in the workplace. However, it was very introductory.

Course: Cross-national Comparative Research

mation into practice.

Main themes: Whatever topic you end up pic-

Assignments: The essay about a company and

linking it to a concept, helps to put all the infor-

Lectures: There were no lectures for this course.

This course is interesting for people who are king as a project.

eager to learn more about the business side of Assignments: It is important that you choose communication.

Term 4

your group carefully, and pick a topic that really interests you.

This course is a great plus for people who want

Course: Communication Technologies and their to put their knowledge on doing research into Impacts 27


#Wanderlust: Exchange Oh, the places you’ll go! - IBCoM Exchange, 2017

By Clement Taffin


xchange! There, your attention is secured. It is no little secret that this is one of the primary

reasons behind so many IBCoM applications – the opportunity to end up in places like Hong Kong, Singapore or Washington State (USA) is too great to resist, resulting in spending four to six

months abroad, experiencing the student life to the maximum. Here are some short anecdotes on some places our current third year students are exploring and making their own! “Boulevard Park is an awesome stretch of green along Bellingham Bay, perfect to

hike to and chill at when the weather allows it. If it gets rainy you can head inside Woods Coffee, a local roastery and awesome cafe that makes you feel like you’re in a cabin. My favorite thing is to do work there and get a cinnamon roll. Fair warning: lots of icing and heckin’ messy!”

-Valerija Denaitytė Western Washington University (Bellingham, Washington


TRAVEL TIPS! “My advice is to book your flight or bus anywhere well in advance – prices tend to be best then,

Timeline of IBCoM

securing you the best deals. I have traveled to Malaysia, Indonesia and Myanmar; every country


has its own charm and culture, if you’re open-minded and ready to explore, you’re going to love Asia!

There’s super affordable hostels and food, even more affordable alcohol and much more abroad - especially compared to Singapore so coming home always hurts for a little while...

You get (really good and local) dishes for €1, amazing snacks for a couple of cents and big beers

for a bit more than a euro! My favorite food here is Yong Tau Foo, a bowl with a variety of vegetables or meat, and noodles, all in one! I didn’t expect that, especially compared to prices in Singapore, but the countries I have been to are very poor economically, so that explains a lot too.

I travelled around Indonesia by scooter (best experience ever because you see the landscapes and can stop whenever you’d like) and Malaysia and Myanmar by night bus, which is super practical because you just sleep (and save money by not taking a hostel). Trust me, - and trust

me, you’ll be tired after a tough day of sightseeing - and wake up the next day in another beautiful city! This has been such a great experience, and I love every second of it.” -Anouk Bosman, National University of Singapore

“My favorite part in Hong Kong right now is Sai Wan. It’s only reached by boat or hike and will take you to a small village with a beautiful beach and waterfalls nearby. It’s never crowded and the environment is just beautiful. Only when I got to Hong Kong I realized that crowded places freak me out so I’m happy to go here sometimes to chill

out! Partying here is not as fun as in Rotterdam and also it is quite expensive but there is an amazing solution for that: 7/11. There are 7/11 stores everywhere here where everyone buys their drinks to drink it on the street (which

is perfectly legal)… The food is quite alright, if you know where to look, but if you’re in Asia, always be aware of what you order. I saw something that looked like nicely marinated meat on the menu. I ended up with chicken feet on my plate! As for traveling, it is quite easy from here. For flight tickets, you’ll be spending probably around 150200 euros, but I’d say it’s worth it.”

-Marguise Stearn, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Hong Kong, China).

“My favorite place so far in Singapore must be the Arab district, and especially Haji Lane. This street is known among Singaporeans to be more “hip” and “alternative” and focuses more on bars and small clubs, rather than big and fancy

clubs. Most clubs are located within and around the business district of Singapore, aka downtown’s core, meaning

that they can all be categorized as fancy (and overpriced). Men are absolutely not allowed in any casual clothing, so

shorts and open shoes mean that you will get rejected. Women are allowed to be dressed a bit more casual, but also still club-appropriate. They also often apply a gender ratio of 1:1, which can be problematic sometimes…

Singapore’s location within south-east Asia is every travelers dream, given that it is as central as it can get. There is

an unimaginable amount of flights headed to every possible destination leaving Singapore’s international airport, at competitive rates. Also: many ferry lines will give you the possibility to easily and for rather cheap prices, travel to Indonesia!” 29

-Björn Merckx, Nanyang Technological University (Singapore).

p m u r T f o y c e h p o The pr By Sandra Post

Donald Trump has been ridiculed and criticised by

Even though the fifth season, which is mostly associa-

many different media outlets. In the TV show South

ted with Trump’s presidency, aired after Trump’s victo-

the nineteenth and twentieth season. With Mr. Gar-

ple say that Frank Underwood, the protagonist in the

Park the character of Mr. Garrison is used to represent Trump’s campaign for the presidency all throughout rison, they ridicule his ideas and actions in real life. The producers of South Park have used reality as an

inspiration for the show; however, some people argue

that for other shows, it might have been the other way around, perhaps even prophesied his victory.

How Pop and Rock culture prophesied the disastrous future of President Trump

On March 19th in the year 2000, a new episode cal-

led ‘Bart to the Future’ was aired on the TV show The Simpsons. In this episode, in the year 2030, Lisa Simpson has become the first female president in the United States and needs to deal with major financial pro-

blems, and save the country from bankruptcy. What

brought her in this position is said to be the former president Trump, as she said that the United States “in-

herited quite a budget crunch from President Trump”. This suggests that the future will bring the presidency

of Trump, and that the Trump administration will leave America in great disaster.

Dan Greaney, writer for The Simpsons, told in an inter-

view that when deciding on who ‘destroyed’ America as president, Trump seemed like a logical decision. In 2015, when Trump announced his run for president,

news media referred to the Simpsons episode as predicting the future.

Next to the Simpsons, there has been a lot of speculation whether the Netflix show House of Cards might

ry, the season was written, produced and filmed before the election results on November the 8th. Many peoshow, presents the real life character Donald Trump. However, in reality, Underwood is actually the type of politician to whom Trump is protesting.

House of Cards shows a political situation wherein the

citizens of the United States have lost their respect for the White House. This might actually be where fiction and reality overlap with the present situation. The new

season of House of Cards got less attention than the former seasons. Journalists suggest that the reason for

this is that what is happening in the show is not nearly as crazy as the real life White House ‘show’. House of

Cards has predicted a pessimistic future reality with

their storyline, and as this prediction has become reality, the attention has shifted from fiction to reality.

Looking beyond TV shows, even a music video foresaw

Trump’s presidential campaign. Rage Against the Machine released the video clip for their song ‘Sleep Now in the Fire’ in 1999. The clip showed a selfish dystopian society, wherein a man is holding up a sign that says

“Donald Trump for President”. Both the song and video criticized the selfishness of the American society, and they used Trump as a symbol of this greediness.

It is surprising to see how entertainment media prophesied him running for president and winning. However, let us hope that they were wrong in the conse-

quences of his presidency and the dystopian society that would follow.

have also foreshadowed the Trump presidency, like the Simpsons did. 30


Should Catalonia be Independent?

By Sandra Post and Leyla Suleymanova

At the beginning of September this year, Catalonia de-

The region has been part of the Spanish kingdom since

Spain. However, the Spanish government immediately

language, identity and history. However, in times of the

cided on a referendum that would determine whether they would become an independent country from

refused and declared the referendum illegal. The conflict has led to many different perspectives on the issue and polarization between the people in Spain. The

news outlets all over the world all tell different stories, which can be confusing if you do not know the entire

story. Therefore, we would like to provide you with a more in-depth analysis of what happened in the past

months by providing perspectives from different peo-

ple. This way you can develop your own perspective on the situation.

Why do Catalans want independence? The battle between Catalonia and Spain started long ago.


1496, always possessing a certain level of independen-

ce. This allowed them to hold on to their own culture, Spanish Civil War, the Spanish dictator Francisco Franco undermined and forbade the Catalonian culture as

much as possible. After his regime ended, the Catalonian region became an autonomous region within the

Spanish kingdom. Unfortunately, the past few years the tensions from the past have come up again. As Mar

Mossel, born and raised in Spain, mentions: “In the end, it might not even be about independence. This conflict

has been rooted from the beginning in the history of Spain from the Civil War. Ever since then, the tensions

have been present�. Besides this tensions between the two different cultures, there are also arguments for the

independence of Catalonia coming from an economic perspective. The Catalonian region sustain other parts

of the country, which have a less strong economy. Ju-

Eventually, the government of Spain, using violence

lia Murphy, also born and raised in Spain, told us how

against people, cannot be justified by the sole factor of

even identify. On the other hand, many news media

the Catalans who were affected by the violent efforts of

many Catalans do not understand why they have to sustain other parts of the country with whom they not

tell us how the economy of Catalonia is endangered by the current situation. Income from investments are

dropping and multinationals are moving their offices

out of the region. Companies are afraid that trading with the European Union from Catalonia will become more difficult due to this conflict.

Madrid’s measures of prevention The reaction of the Spanish government to the vote

and a large number of consequential protests has left

a huge trace of violence within the country. Video clips showing the brutality of police representatives portray an unfortunate image of the significant division in the country, which has been existent even be-

breaking the public order. BBC reports that the Spanish

government representative in the region apologized to

the police to stop the vote. Use of violence is also seen by some as a mistake by the Spanish government. As Julia mentioned, “The violence outshined the actual arguments the Spanish government had about the refe-

rendum being illegal. Instead, the violence led to more people in Catalonia to feel like they should be independent, as they were not treated right by the Spanish government”. This viewpoint is shared by Dr. Delia Dumi-

trica, Assistant Professor in Political Communication at

Erasmus. She says: “Some of those who voted or took to the streets did so in response to being told they shouldn’t”.

Lack of the presence of the United Nations

fore the referendum events. One of our interviewees,

The UN’s actions regarding the matter are not yet defi-

for when organizing the protests”. The perspective in

arise in the aftermath. Our interviewee posits a similar

who prefers to stay anonymous, expressed his opinion on the matter: “People knew what they were going

this case is from the matter of public order, as protests and public meetings are disrupting it within the area they’re taking place.

Regardless, there is no ultimate perspective to be

taken in the situation in order to clearly observe the

right and wrong side. Despite disruption of public or-

der, Catalonia has the right to ask for independence, as a region with its own cultural and ethnic attributes. A wide array of reasons for their desire for inde-

pendence are highlighted by our interviewee, who discusses the previously mentioned division between

the Spanish and the Catalans: “There has been a certain animosity present between these social groups for a long time, which in addition to multiple cultural

divisions makes up a bundle of significant technicali-


nite, as the conflict is purely civil and must be resolved within the country, unless dangerous circumstances assumption that the UN will not interfere in the independence talks unless there is a critical situation. Ge-

neral information available on the position of the UN in the situation states that human rights experts support the idea of Spain taking wrong measures to counter the

issue, as they violate fundamental individual rights. As

reported by Reuters, UN suggests that the proper way to resolve the ongoing conflict is by means of a political dialogue, with full respect for democratic freedoms.

What will come out of this conflict? Catalonia has declared independence, but not soon after the Spanish government decided to take control back over the Catalonian region. Several men


from the Catalonian government have been sued and

I’m more worried about the consequence of what

whether Puigdemont has to be handed over to the

Madrid or you are with Barcelona. There is no other

ex-president Puigdemont has to stay in Belgium until

the case starts. Belgium has a hundred days to decide Spanish government. Until then, he cannot leave the country and his whereabouts must be known at all

times. While this article is being written, the situation is constantly changing and by the time it is being

read, there will have probably been a lot more developments that we cannot foresee. However, we can

speculate and look at the consequences that have already come to our attention.

The Spanish and Catalonian society is filling up with

hatred. Friends and family are turning on each other. Mar told us about her father’s friend who works in Barcelona, but recently moved to Madrid for his wi-

fe’s health. “He is not in favor of the independence process, but he is also not agreeing with how Madrid

handled the situation. Still, coworkers that used to be his friends completely stopped talking to him, because he is not on their side.”

This society is becoming more and more polarized.

“The issue is completely destroying the whole society in Spain.


people might do against each other, rather than

the independency,” Mar adds. Either you are with

option. Dr. Dumitrica also mentions the dangers of this rising hatred. “Political elites in both Catalonia and Madrid

Madrid have further polarized their supporters, sho-

wing no interest in dialogue. We should all be very concerned with the long-term consequences of this polarization.” She also points out that even though

the referendum resulted in a 90 percent in favor of the independence, this 90 percent only represents the 42 percent of Catalans who voted.

Different perspectives result on the emergence of new issues within the ongoing situation around the referendum. Both the Catalans and the Spanish

view the situation differently. With leaders arrested,

the ex-president seeking coverage in Belgium and many angry civilians, this conflict is seen as the biggest crisis in the last 40 years for Spain. For now, Catalonia will remain a Spanish region, but how long will this last?

10+1: Productivity Apps to

Fight Procrastination

Over the last decade, our everyday life has been taking over by technology. Nowadays, due to

the impact of various emerging technologies in

our lives, technology is part of a daily routine, like brushing your teeth. Brushing your teeth

while checking your social media feed sounds like a new type of a daily routine.

Thanks to technology, student life is get-

ting easier, as there are million of applications

that could help you as a student with everyday tasks. When using them, students can focus

more on their studies without having external factors to distract them.

Here you have a selection of 10+1 ideal

applications for students, which will help you to get through the year with no distractions!

Time flies... So, be productive! If you are a freak about planning, you won’t be able to live

without iStudiez, Easy Study or Class Timetable. All three applications manage

your class schedule, professor contacts, and

upcoming assignments/exams. Organise your daily routine without worrying about missing a




Be a master in whatever you are learning - as

now, you can create your own flashcards to

study, but also use other students’ online. Quizlet makes simple learning tools that let

you study anything. Start learning today from the application or desktop version.

By Evropi-Nefeli Syriopoulou

Join a meditation and mindfulness app, where it will bring you more clarity, joy and peace to

your daily life. Some of the topics included on the app are the following: self-esteem, focus and concentration, calming anxiety, managing

stress, forgiveness, loving/kindness and walking meditation. Calm will help you to relax

and free your mind after a stressful day or long

hours of reviewing for exams. So, break up with stress and use Calm!

Most of the times you study non stop which is not as healthy as you think, Be Focused

times your study time with breaks. It tracks

your study time to avoid procrastinating and making sure you are using your time wise-

ly. Managing your tasks, track your progress throughout the day, goal tracking, customise

to maximise productive are some of the features that Be Focused offers.

No excuse to sleep late anymore because there is Sleep Time and Sleep Cycle. Sleep plays a vital role in good health and well being

throughout your life. Getting enough quality

sleep at the right times can help protect your mental health, physical health, quality of life.

Sleep helps your brain work properly. While

you’re sleeping, your brain is preparing for the next day. The motto is “Fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up refreshed!”


On Pinterest, you can find inspirations for your notes, desk organisations to help you motivate yourself and dive into studying. . Use it not as a distraction but as a way to deliberate from studying.

As Jim Rohn, American motivational speaker says, “Either you run the day, or the day runs you”. You want to run the day, so stay alive and run! Sweat can help you keep up with your health and fitness while being busy with assignments, so don’t lose this chance! Last remember, a to-do list application is always useful (Do!).


From Amazonian Superhero to Sociopolitical Villain By Mona Abdou

“I am the man who can.” (Wonder Woman, 2017) We’ve all heard her name, whether it was tucked under the Wonder Woman’s first cover appearance is almost as, if not tongue of a geeky friend or held between the teeth of a fem- more vital than her movie adaptation. William Marston, the inist acquaintance: Wonder Woman always finds her way mind behind this fresh Lady Liberty, wanted to forge a characinto conversation — and with the movie still a reigning topic, ter representative of the socially emancipated and unconvenit happens more than ever. Today, her title inspires a single

question: was 2017’s Wonder Woman a step back for empathy or a step forward for feminism?

Before jumping into the nitty-gritty without knowing who Wonder Woman is — let’s start off with a vitality breakdown.

The Lasso of Truth and The Neck of The ‘40s

tional woman; he wanted a character who fought with love first,

then fists. In an era that hailed male superheroes (alongside the deeply embedded Damsel-in-Distress frame), this was nothing

short of revolutionary. As expected, the Amazonian became a

weighty female icon in the very much patriarchal sphere of the 1940s.

Why is this relevant for Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman? Simple: Women have always grappled for mediatic representation. Diana’s impact as a heroine did not rise and die in the ‘40s. We’ve seen them publishing books under initials to avoid Rather, the discourse seen today is because her influence is bias (e.g. J. K. Rowling), and we’ve seen them struggle for one that transcended decades; people are celebrating and ragnondependent roles (see: Angelina Jolie’s iconic Bond Girl ing all at once because of what Wonder Woman represents, response “No, thank you, but I’d like to be Bond”)— and to and how Hollywood allegedly compromised that image. think this is only in the late 20th and 21st centuries.

Keep that in mind, and take a hot second to picture this: it’s a

cold morning in January, 1942. The industry is all men in suits with slicked hair and slicked brows, all nice cars and housewives who smoke cigarettes in bathrooms stalls. On the way

to work, you see something tucked between newspapers and sudoku sheets, sitting idle on a stand: a comic book? No, a heroine.


Feminism, at odds with War? Wonder Woman’s pretty cool, she deserves a movie. The issue comes in the form of pre-production decisions and casting — according to an unstable stalemate, Wonder Woman (2017) is simultaneously loved and hated for its controversial cast. To most, the movie was on the right track, with an excellent female director found in Patty Jenkins. That in itself was seen as a way to shatter the glass ceiling of “Male Hollywood” (Jenkins, 2017); rather than expedite Joss Whedon’s Wonder Woman, the movie was founded on her vision instead. This is not to discount Whedon as a capable director, but the concept of a woman directing a movie about a female icon served to excite. Jenkins did not disappoint.

37 Everything from Wonder Woman’s casual rebuttal of sexual advances, to the way she disapproves subservience, is explicit female prowess. She’s a demigoddess, protecting the world from rampant violence with both love and violence. Now, it’s easy to argue that her characterization is not revolutionary: women fighting is not new. We’ve seen Katniss and her bow, and Lara Croft with her gun — but what Wonder Woman brings to the table is different because of who she is. Much like other superheroines,

Gal Gadot’s background as an Israeli woman, and her vocal

support of Israel’s war on Gaza, doesn’t sit well with many

who see her as an unfit heroine. In 2014, she posted a pictu-

re of herself and her daughter praying for the Israeli Defence Force (IDF), with tags such as #weareright and the caption: “…

risking their lives protecting [her] country against the horrific acts conducted by Hamas, who are hiding like cowards behind women and children … We shall overcome!!!”

it’s not hard to see Wonder Woman as a sex symbol. In fact, this was the case for the longest time, and referencing any comic pre-nineties will tell you as much. Herein lies the importance of the movie. We don’t see distressed damsels in Jenkin’s Wonder Woman, we see raw power and ferocity; we see battle-ready, axe-happy women; we see a brilliant female chemist. This movie bases itself on empowerment and relatability— wherein Diana creates something extraordinary, from the mundane frustration of belittlement. That being said, why are people complaining? I think Fairfax commentator, Ruby Hamad, summarized the issue well in The Sydney Morning Herald: “Declaring the film an empowering message for women while ignoring Gadot’s support of the Israeli policies…is a bitter pill to swallow.”

This, paired with the fact she served in Israel’s army, makes

boycotts unsurprising. Some argue that this isn’t about 2014, but rather how Palestinian women and children have lived

in despair due to occupation for years (NPOC, 2017). In this vein, many countries banned Wonder Woman  (e.g. Lebanon, Qatar). “One does not wish to view Wonder Woman because

the central character, a hero out to save the world,” says critic Nada Elia, “is played by a woman who cheers on genocide.”

A harsh accusation, but Elia wasn’t alone; Azeezah Kanji added that “The reaction to Wonder Woman highlights the perversity of a feminism that celebrates…a fictional, purportedly

anti-war female superhero, but ignores the non-fictional women who experience the real brutalities of war.”

Keep in mind, the movie itself has no mention of the conflict,

(Hamad, 2017)

and movies by Israeli born actresses (e.g. Natalie Portman)

haven’t had issues screening in the past, as mentioned by The Atlantic. All things considered - Wonder Woman and Gal Gadot are the embodiment of an undying dilemma, one that

boils down to a single, painful question: should an actor’s in-

dividual ideologies be put on the cutting block, or should the influence of their art take priority?

Satire: Satire:TheHousingCrisis For those who haven’t found housing: Buy a TV, throw

By Steven Hillen

away the TV and live inside the cardboard box!

Cardboard boxes are cosy and they come in

We would tell Pierce to start looking on the

your house anywhere you want! Even though

on which room offers lead to hundreds of

all shapes and sizes. They are inexpensive and easily transportable: you can basically move they might not be that spacious, practical and

weather-proof, it is still better than having no place to live at all… right?

Remember that you’ll throw away the TV anyways, so it’s all about the cardboard box. Any

TV between 60 and 80 inches will do. Ask the staff of Mediamarkt for help. They know best what kind of cardboard box will be able to take

you through the cold winter that is about to come. Their expertise allows them to find the

box that fits best to your personal desires. Are you more of a standing person? Check out the

rectangular boxes! Squared boxes are perfect for those who like to sit.

Don’t be shy: you might expect the employees at Mediamarkt to be surprised, but believe me,

you are not the first. Thousands of students are still struggling to find a home and this num-

ber is only expected to increase. Whereas in the ‘13-’14 years a total of 2,300 students were unable to find a home, this number increased


to 4,800 two years later. For Dutch students


unable to find a house, it is still bearable. In a

worst-case scenario, they can travel from their hometown. But what do we tell Pierce, who comes all the way from Australia?

websites of housing agencies as soon as

possible. Facebook groups are good start, messages. Or what about Kamernet? “I enjoy paying 30 Euros a month for a room that I’ll

never get!”… Said no one ever. And Housing

Anywhere? Sure, let’s pay €500 for a room of 12m2.

If none of these possibilities will work, maybe he should try a hostel? Perhaps if Pierce is a really sociable person, he might like it. But,

talking from horrific experiences of hundreds of internationals that were destined with this faith, it seems like a poor option as well.

No, I’d rather advice Pierce to buy a cardboard box.


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IBCoMagazine Issue 1| 2017 -2018  

The first issue of IBCoMagazine written by the 2017 - 2018 team! Featuring articles you won't want to miss.

IBCoMagazine Issue 1| 2017 -2018  

The first issue of IBCoMagazine written by the 2017 - 2018 team! Featuring articles you won't want to miss.


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