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With Clare Lawrence Nicolas Prost, born in Saint Chamond, France has been racing since he was 22, a late starter considering he is the son of F1 Champion Alain Prost! Beginning in Formula 3, he is currently a test driver for the Lotus F1 team and competes in Le Mans and other endurance races with Rebellion Racing. Hi Nicolas – Thank you for taking up the offer of this interview with me for the Costa Car Trader Auto Magazine. It will be really good for the readers of the magazine to see you in here, especially your fans! Let’s get going with the questions: When did you first realise that you wanted to start a career in racing? For me it was quite strange, I was always a big fan of sports: Football, Tennis, Skiing and Golf. I played in all these sports at a quite competitive level. I did some karting but just for fun. When I graduated from Columbia College, I asked to try a Formula Renault; it was my dad's gift for graduation. After my first day of testing, I was quicker than all the kart men who had been racing for years! So I moved forward but I was still working on the side. When I started winning in Formula 3 I thought: "That's what I really want to do and I can do it."

Do you get much time to relax and take time out from your racing? Not really, I do two very intense programs with Rebellion Racing and the Lotus F1 Team, I also did a lot of ice racing in the winter. When I am home, I spend a lot of time training physically. So, no, not much time to relax! What do you want to achieve in the next five years? I want to win Sebring and Le Mans. I have already won Petit Le Mans. If I can hold all three trophies, that would be great! And why not many of each! I would also like to keep working with the Lotus F1 Team, and win some more Andros Trophies!


My dad has always been a big help and really supported me. My engineer in Formula 3, Patrick Turbiez, greatly helped me progress and took me to the next level. Eric Boullier was also one of the people who helped me very much; he helped me believe in myself and he has always given me good advice for my career. How do you go about getting sponsors or are people approaching you these days due to your recognition?

Most of my sponsors have been with me for a long time, something I am very proud of. I have signed some new contracts in the last few years, and the good results I have had recently have certainly helped.

Has anyone influenced you with your choice of vocation?

T E N . R E


Who did you look up to in the world of racing when you were younger?


Is there anyone that has helped you with advice on your profession?

Nicolas Prost

I was a massive fan of Ayrton Senna because he was a perfect racing driver. Have you raced against your Dad ever even just for fun?

Yes of course. We raced together on the Andros Trophy. We also do some karting together sometimes, also with my little brother Sacha.

No, I think it was really a personal choice. Do you have a particular time that you can look back on and think to yourself that it was a defining moment in your racing? I think Formula 3 was really the most important step in my career. This is where I started being really competitive. Lastly, Nicolas, what would you say is your life’s ambition? To win as many races and titles as possible! Thank you so much for taking time to do this interview with me Nicolas and I wish you continued success for the future.

Is there anyone that you aspire to be like? I really have a lot of admiration for Rafa Nadal; I really like his determination.

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Spotlight 16 nicolas prost jul 2013  
Spotlight 16 nicolas prost jul 2013  

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