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07 AUTUMN : ABUNDANCE SEASON Autumn is known as the season of abundance, change, balance and maturity. How does that filter into our lives?

21 UNFILTERED TALKS In this issue of Unfiltered Talks we look what's happening over on the "40 and over bridge." Anything exciting happening over there? Well, read on to find out.


Fun ways you can use pumpkin along with some interesting pumpkin facts.

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PLANTING A SEED Planting the seed, staying the course, having patience and being consistent will eventually bear fruit.

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33 Sometimes crispy, sometimes tart, nevertheless delightful, sweet, and refreshing!

Have a question regarding pension and retirement planning? Get them answered in detail in our March 2023 issue. Plus a few things to think on while we wait.





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I hope you thoroughly enjoyed reading Volume 1 and you're ready to deep-dive into this issue. As always, my aim is to continuously provide you with the best and most substantive content, in relation to daily life experiences, that leaves you FEELING GOOD or better than you came, irrespective of the topic .

Blessings, Love & Light DEON CECILE DEWAR-GRAY Founder & Editorial Director

In this issue Let's talk about getting older. As we age so many things change our health, finances, and even our lifestyle. And there's no better time to talk about this than now Autumn - the season of abundance, change, and maturity. Happy reading!

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AUTUMN: "Autumn carries more gold in its pockets than all the other seasons." – Jim Bishop


Autumn is a magnificent season when the brilliance of the oranges, browns, reds and hues of yellow shine through. It is the season associated with abundance, balance, change and maturity. And, when you think food, you think pumpkin and all the aromatic spices that permeate the air during this season.

Autumn brings around a time of change. It’s back to school, time to plant crops and new plants; and it’s also a time when we move from the hotter summer, party-filled months to the cooler more tranquil months. For many persons it's a time of reflection and planning. Mark Moffitt shares these five tips on how to embrace the season of change: (1) transition towards stillness, (2) let the change come to you, (3) practice the art of letting go, (4) stay grounded in your roots, and (5) seek out things that nourish.



Autumn is synonymous with abundance. Abundance of harvested foods and colorful leaves that adorn the earth with bountiful beauty. According to John Keats, it’s a “season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, close bosom-friend of the maturing sun.” During autumn, trees shed their leaves with wild abundance, fruits and seeds are plentiful; all giving of themselves without expecting anything from the world. What if we were to embrace a mindset of abundance; accepting what is, evolving regardless of situations and sharing our gifts and talents with the world? Oh what an abundant life this would be! 08 | FGM

Autumn is a transitional period when we move between hot summers to cold winters; from high energy activities in summer to slower, more slumber activities in winter. It's a delicate balance to transition between the two seasons without it affecting our psyche and wellbeing. Use this time to find balance in your life, align your lifestyle with the pace of the season and appreciate what it offers.


Autumn evokes a nostalgic feeling from which can arise feelings of mortality and getting older; yet it’s also a time for rebirth. It’s akin to the growing cycles, which in autumn symbolizes ripeness and maturity, death and change.

Who doesn't love a good sweater


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Square Neck Asymmetric Floor-Length Sleeveless Pullover Women's Dress with Big Bowknow

Health & You Over 40 By Deon C. Dewar-Gray

All the way into my mid-30s I was feeling like a teenager; I didn't have gray hairs; my knees didn't squeak; I didn't need progressive lens; I wasn't so picky with food; I wasn't so moody (hmmm - maybe I should scratch this one); I didn't have pimples or stray chin hairs; my butt didn't feel this heavy, and I sure as heck could hold my pee longer (trust me the little things count). Then came the 40s! Things just started to happen overnight; it's like I woke up one day and my six-pack abs had turned into a bowl of jello.

Today, we take a look at some of the changes our bodies go through after 40. Albeit these can occur before 40, slowly creep into the 40s with us, or just never occur. I think we can all agree that we would prefer the latter.

11 | FGM

Body Parts

Weight Loss In her article about tackling weight gain after 40, Bolin said that "our metabolism decreases about 5 percent for every decade we are alive." Changes in our lifestyle, for example, our activity levels and eating habits, have a lot to do with our weight changes as we age; this also includes hormonal changes.

Just try sitting on the floor and getting up. Yes, I agree some of us are nimbler than others. However, for the not-sonimble, we start making that weird sound we use to hear our grandparents make, and we wonder, what the heck! There was also a time in our lives when we could easily see our body parts, below our belly, without tipping forward. Some still can. Great! Either way, now is a great time, if never before, to start eating healthily and get some exercise in.

Plus reducing our overall weight, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, staves off many of the common health risks such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease.

12 | FGM

Once upon a time, we could eat all the ice cream and cake we wanted, then do a 20minute workout the next day and all would be well. Not so anymore, at least not for many of us. Furthermore, for the not-solucky ones, like myself, this is when you find out about certain health issues - like thyroidism, which in my case makes it very difficult to lose weight. What that means is a 360-degree lifestyle change, taken in small doses of course to make it more realistic and manageable. Get your health checks done and speak with your nutritionist and doctor to find out the best solutions for you.

Gravity We tend to start sagging after 40, mainly due to muscle loss. Luckily there are options available exercise for one, or surgical procedures to help with lifting, tucking and perking.

Vision Let's just say this is an ongoing battle for me and my ophthalmologist - I still don't believe I need progressives! My desk wears them more than my eyes. Anyway, I digress. As we get older, we develop dry eyes; we can't seem to do simple things such as threading a needle; bright lights affect us; reading for some has become more difficult (presbyopia) and the list goes on. As I write this, I'm having to, reluctantly, draw for the progressives because my eyes have now started to hurt. Sigh! There are many other issues that can occur after 40 which we need to be mindful of and seek the requisite help if we start to notice anything out of the norm. Other vision challenges may include glaucoma, difficulty seeing after dark and macular degeneration. Pay Attention...Get Your Eyes Tested!

Hair TodayGone Tomorrow Hair loss is real! Both in women and men. This can be due to hormonal changes and imbalances, diet, stress, genetics, hair styling, autoimmune conditions and medications.

Check with your doctor to rule out any medical conditions and to get an opinion on ways to improve your health thereby possibly reducing hair loss. And if all else fails, cut it all off and rock that bald head! Most men are already embracing this look, some women too.

Collagen Loss This is a natural cycle in the aging process. Embrace it. Stay out of the sun. Wear sunscreen. Smile more. Be proud of your wrinkles, you've earned every one.

Runny Tear Ducts Is it only me or do you find yourself crying for everything? Just the mere question, "How are you?" can make me burst into tears. Hmmm. Talk truth, it happens to you to don't?

14 | FGM

Perimenopause Perimenopause - the transition into menopause. Hip hip hooray‍, no more monthly periods. True, but perimenopause has its fair amount of issues. This is the time when estrogen levels start to rise and fall unevenly, which may cause our cycles to lengthen or shorten. Ladies brace yourself, if you think you're having hot flashes, you probably are. If you have difficulty sleeping, you can blame Ms. Peri for that too and, if your "vajayjay" is dry as the desert...just blame Ms. Peri. Other symptoms may include headaches, random hair growth (like chin hairs), changes in libido (from zero to nuff), weight re-distribution or gain, mood swings from anxiety, anger and unexplained sadness to uncontrollable laughter and crying - and then there is also some short-term memory loss. Exciting times ahead!

Changes in Smell, Taste & Hearing I have bad allergies so my sense of smell has always been heightened, but I can tell you that it has certainly gotten worse in the last few years. Things I use to be able to tolerate I no longer can. My taste has also changed. I've never really had a sweet tooth but it's even worse now. I can't seem to stomach anything that's sweet, mind you, that's great for my derriere, but a girl still likes her occasional slice of cake and ice cream. As for the hearing, I've always just said, "I really can't hear you because I don't have on my glasses." Enough said! Again, if you're having issues with any of the above, outside of your normal functions, go speak with your doctor.

Metabolism Slows As we age our metabolism slows, this is a reality. Exercising and eating healthy helps. Oh, and skipping meals is not a solution to our weight gain problems either; it actually worsens it by slowing down our metabolism further. Eat regular small meals and exercise. If you dislike exercising, find a hobby that gets you moving; gardening for example can provide a great workout.

15 | FGM

Fertility & Pregnancy Due to perimenopause, and other biological factors, it is highly likely that our fertility will decline and becoming pregnant may be difficult after 40. Not impossible so "surprises" may occur. According to Virginia Physicians for Women, "Fertility specialists quote approximately a 5% chance per menstrual cycle of getting pregnant naturally after age 40 vs. a 25% chance per cycle for women in their 20s." In addition to that, if we do become pregnant, we are at risk for more complications, including, but not limited to, diabetes, high blood pressure, miscarriages.

As always, seek the advise of your doctor before making a decision.

Risk of Breast Cancer is Higher MayoClinic recommends starting your screening at 40 and doing regular check-ups thereafter. Talk to your doctor about options and regularity. I did my 1st mammogram & breast ultrasound in my late 30s because I felt a lump. I was diagnosed with fibrocystic breast, which is a common and benign condition. Nevertheless, I make sure to feel and screen on a regular basis. According to WebMD, as we age our risk for breast cancer increases. And the American Cancer Society states that breast cancer is less common among men than among women, irrespective of race. Yes, men do get breast cancer as well. The truth is, we need to get to know our breasts. Let's feel them up, do our screening, reduce our stress levels, get healthy and speak with our doctor. It's also important to know our family history. #feelandscreen

Osteoporosis Osteoporosis causes bone density loss which results in weakened bones. So, for those of you who like to jump up and down suddenly, STOP IT! A sudden movement or dash to the bathroom can actually result in fractured or broken bones. Osteoporosis can also lead to more incidents of falling, therefore increase your calcium intake through supplements or products fortified with calcium. Add exercise to strengthen and build muscle mass, and try to stay as healthy as possible. Make sure to speak with your doctor before starting any supplement regime. 16 | FGM

Relaxing your mind and body

17 | FGM

Sleep Deprivation Sleep deprivation can be caused by some of the other factors that affect us over 40, for eg. perimenopause. However, sleep needs to become our best friend so as to ward off the effects that sleep deprivation can have on our mental and physical health. Here are a few things you can do to help the sleep along: Develop a sleep routine by going to bed at the same time each night and waking up at the same time (heck I need some serious help in this department). Turn off the TV, phones, laptops and tablets at least 1 hour before bedtime. Keep your room dark and ensure you have a comfortable room temperature, especially in the summer months. Drink a glass of water before bed. Listen to soothing music or play "white noises" in the background to drown out all other distractions.

Alzheimer’s "Alzheimer's is a type of dementia that causes problems with memory, thinking and behavior." ~ Alzheimer's Association. More women are prone to develop Alzheimer's than men, and at an earlier age as well. This is due in part to the changes that a woman's body goes through in perimenopause and menopause, as well as genetics.

Manage Pains Did you wake up feeling an aching pain in your leg and you wrote it off as the exercise you did yesterday, or the fact that you are indeed getting older? Rethink that. Yes, it may have been caused those things; however, it could also be a warning sign of bigger issues. If in doubt, go see your doctor. Do not ignore your pains!

40 and beyond is not all doom and gloom, although the above would make it seem otherwise. Yes, some things will just creep up on you and you wake up a changed person. But for the most part, they all have signs and symptoms. Get to know your body and when in doubt, go get it checked out. 18 | FGM


1. Eat healthier 2. Exercise at least 20 minutes a day 3. Go to bed early - get at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep 4. Maintain a healthy weight 5. Quit smoking 6. Reduce alcohol intake to 1 drink or less a day 7. Take your required medication and supplements 8. Wear sunblock 9. Moisturize your skin 10. Drink water 10+1 Laugh more 19 | FGM

d e r e t l i f n U s k l Ta with Deon Cecile


Anything interesting happening over here? There’s a French proverb, that says, “40 is the old age of youth…,” and I do notice that once we reach 40, we no longer say, “oh I’m 42,” etc., nope, we say, “I’m 18 with 22 years of experience,” and with some attitude, I might add. There’s also an old adage that says, “Oh, you just wait until you reach 40, it’s over the hill from there.” Also, some consider it middle age – a milestone. While others think that this is now the best part of life, we’re supposed to be much wiser, we would have been far along in our careers, started families and we should have our finances sorted, or at least getting there.

21 | FGM

But separate and apart from all the above, plus all the known health issues and instances where you might not recognize your body as being yours, what are some of the additional changes that we experience during our 40s? Well, I took to the streets, metaphorically that is, and asked both men and women to tell me what their experiences have been like since hitting the 40s. And guess what? I got no responses from men. Yup, not one, well to be fair, I got one, and I can include it right here because that’s just about all you’ll hear from the men. They shy! He said he hadn’t seen any noticeable changes physically, however, he experienced changes on the positive side. That’s it! No further explanation, etc., but I thank you, good Sir. So anyway, in this article, women opened-up and shared what their experiences have been so far. I wish I could capture the emotions from some of the conversations I had!

Let's Talk Shattered Memory Memory loss was the most common response received. One person said, “my memory is the worse; I pick up the phone then can't remember who I'm calling, I turn on the computer and can't remember what I was about to do, I climb the stairs and can't even recall where I'm going.” A lot of the ladies said that they’d be standing in front of the refrigerator wondering why they opened the door in the first place, then when they’re halfway to do something else they remember and turn back, not remembering where they were headed next. Most have also said their phones and notebooks have become their best friends - jotting down everything so they forget nothing. I have now, admittedly, taken a seat on this struggle bus. Sigh! Is there a tablet for this? Well, Mayo Clinic sheds light on this by providing 7 tips they believe might help: include physical activity in your daily routine, stay mentally active, socialize regularly, get organized, sleep well, eat a healthy diet and manage chronic conditions. 22 | FGM

Zero Energy Why do I feel like this? I don’t want to do anything! Are you feeling like this too? Zero energy for anything? Yes, said 50% of the women who answered. According to a few of the women, they were ready to retire and go live in a hut on the beach or in a cabin in the hills; with a few cases of wine preferably.

Mortality “I'm coming to terms with my mortality as I recognize that I may have more years behind me than I have ahead of me.” “I opened up to my kids about my finances, so they know where to find everything in the event death visits me before them.” One person said, “I turned 40 and all I seem to think about now is when I’m gonna die, is that normal?” Yes, it is normal, many persons start to think about their mortality once they reach a certain age. The fact is, our mortality is inevitable, we just don’t know when. That’s why we need to live life to the fullest, be grateful for everything, love unconditionally, and make peace with whatever is burdening our souls.

And the changes continue... Sex drive Now this had mixed commentary, from the lost appetite for sex to the “Lord I can’t have enough of it,” to the dry like chip vajayjays; and then there are those who are stuck somewhere in the middle – want it but can do without it for days, months even. While some have chosen a life of celibacy. One lady said, “I feel like I’m raping my husband, I believe he’s going to start hiding from me soon.” I really don't think he will. I've been through all of the above, except now, my sex drive is through the roof. I’m a walking, talking, ticking time bomb of sex-filled energy. In case you fall into this category and need help, remember you can always help yourself. Get you a Mr. Purple!

It's so interesting that we notice so many things after the age of 40. And, not only do we notice them, but we have come to terms with a lot of it. Here are a few more changes that were highlighted.

“I'm embracing my grays.” “I color my hair every opportunity I get.” Two different ends of the spectrum. However, for me, I'm embracing my gray hairs, the ones on my head that is. “My over 40 experiences have been immense fun.” “I spend more of my time thinking about retirement and preparing myself now for that phase.” “I am enjoying more alone time.” “I don't sweat the small stuff. Everything will work itself out and this day will pass and go into tomorrow where I'll have another opportunity to figure things out.” I really loved this one and really need to embrace this concept more. “More at peace with saying NO.” Isn’t this a beautiful thing? Boy I tell you, it’s emancipating! “No longer interested in partying.” “Hot flashes – it’s like a plague.” "My way to describe it is, you’re on top of a hill looking down.”

23 | FGM

Just remember, "when you hit 40, multitasking just means you can sneeze and pee at the same time." ~ KKWalker

24 | FGM

Get Your Copy Now! Living a more purpose-filled life, enriched with happier moments is achievable. It may, however, require us to reduce our mental clutter, limit procrastination, and develop a selfcare plan all whilst truly trying to find out who we are.



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What's your story? Do you want to tell it? Will it make others Feel Good, Provide Hope, Educate, or Inspire? I'd be happy to feature you!

ea F t e G o T k c Cli

d e r tu


Connect With Me


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ne day you wake up and realize you're older and approaching retirement. Oh my goodness! What's next? Was I even prepared for this? Don't be caught off-guard not knowing if you're ready for retirement. Start planning your retirement now and develop the habit of saving and investing to create a viable pension - your nest egg.

2O 23

29 | FGM

A Detailed Look At Retirement and Pension Planning in Jamaica

When I was growing up, I never understood the concept of retirement, much less pension planning. I saw my parents working every day and figured, like my grandparents, they'd stop working one day and, well, everything would just work itself out. Well, that's not really the case. You must start planning early to ensure that your “nest egg” is safe and secure. That way you'll be able to, hopefully, live comfortably doing the things you enjoy, while taking care of those bills that won't stop coming until you die. The truth is, save an except for illnesses and/or accidents, retirees seem to be living longer; especially women. Some are even more active than when they were younger. So, what does that mean for pension plans and retirement savings, especially when cost of living has skyrocketed so much in the past two decades? Well, it means a lot of things. Here a few things to think about until we deep-dive into this topic in our March 2023 issue with one of Jamaica's top financial institutions.

12 Things to Consider for Retirement 1. Contribute the maximum allowed in your pension scheme. 2. Develop the habit of saving, no matter how small - daily, weekly, monthly. Start saving, keep saving! 3. Pay off loans and mortgages prior to retirement. 4. Plan for inflation - assume prices will always be increasing. 5. Monitor your savings, investments, and pension plans to ensure you're getting the best returns. 6. Improve your physical and mental health to reduce health care costs. 7. Diversify your portfolio - based on risk tolerance. 8. Plan ahead, stay focused, ride the waves (don't allow your boat to capsize). 9. Cut your expenses (however possible). 10. Create a budget (stick to it as best as possible). 11. Create a wish list of the things you want to do during your retirement, ensure that you incorporate it into your investment planning. 12. Get a Financial Advisor / Planner.

"You spend time to develop and nourish your dreams; spend the same amount of time, or more, to nurture and grow your nest egg." 30 | FGM

~ Deon C. dewar-gray

412 Athletic Slim Jean

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32 | FGM

PLANTING Inspired by "From Piece to


Masterpiece" by Shawn Ashman


There is a popular saying, "Never

Louise Hay once said, "when you

underestimate the power of a

plant a seed, you expect it to

planted seed." And as Fabienne

grow; you don't wait 2 days and

Fredrickson says, "The day you

then dig in the earth and say

plant the seed is not the day you

'what's happening, what's

eat the fruit. Be patient and stay

happening!' You expect them to

the course."

grow because you know there's a law and a process, and the seed

But how many of us will admit to

will grow if it's in the right soil with

being patient and staying the

the right amount of moisture."

course? Impatience for many of us is like a wild fire; out-of-control

How have you been nurturing

and hard to tame.

the seeds that you have planted for your life? Stick with me as

Nevertheless, planting the seed,

Shawn Ashman takes us on a

staying the course, having

journey of the power of "planting

patience and being consistent will

a seed," to create a masterpiece,

eventually bear fruit.

using the analogy of art.

33 | FGM

Shawn Ashman is the Founder & CEO of The Art of Motivation; she's also a Podcaster, Transformational Speaker, and a Jamaican Fine Artist who uses her creativity and talent to motivate, inspire and transform lives through art.


THE ANALOGY The Sketch “What is it that you have in your heart to do that you haven't yet started? Let's think about this as planting a seed.” When you plant a seed, you don't expect it to grow overnight so why then do we think that planting the seeds of our dreams should materialize overnight? According to Shawn, we should think of planting seeds as challenges. For her, it's a challenge to embrace her creative side, for her to focus on doing something different and doing something new. THE ARTIST

However, she also cautions us about the dark underpaintings such as fear, doubt, and uncertainty that, though they can add richness to the experience, can also prevent us from planting that seed. Why? Because we often don't know where to start, or we think what we're doing isn’t right.

Start where you are, with whatever you have! 34 | FGM




The focal point, in artwork, is the first thing that catches your eye - that resonates with you. Shawn suggests that we ask ourselves these questions when deciding on our focal point: when I do this how can it benefit someone else, how can this inspire someone, what is the message behind what I'm doing and can this be useful to someone else? And if the answer is yes to the last question, and usually it is, then she encourages us to put our heart and soul into it – "tap into our happiness, our love center, and find the joy in it."

Your focal point really should be what brings you happiness.

Splashes of Paint & Color When working on our art, the types of paint and color we select adds uniqueness to our masterpiece. In life, the splashes of paint and color – the way we tell our story, how we communicate and share our experiences, how our emotions exude through our project(s) - is the uniqueness that only we can bring to our project(s). Color in life, just as it is in art, can sway thinking, evoke emotions, and is a powerful form of communication.

Do your part and let God and the universe take care of the rest. 36 | FGM

Planting A Seed The details Details in painting is when we add the fine prints, the small marks, highlights, more shadow, and create more depth; in other words, we make it come alive. Some details are almost imperceptible, nevertheless they can ignite inspiration in others, create a sense of appreciation and reveal a beauty or an essence that makes for a magnificent art piece to the beholder. When we plant seeds in our life and start adding the details, we’re making our life come alive. As Shawn reiterates, “…take the time to improve who you are and what you do. Change your perspective on some things, embrace a period of fasting where you fast from thoughts, ideas, people, food, practices, etc., and start a fresh, give yourself an opportunity to grow, give yourself a second life.”

We are all works of art.

Finishing touches I once read somewhere that adding the finishing touches to our outfits makes us go from boring to scorching and we ladies, and men too, can appreciate this sentiment. The finishing touches bring everything together - that added piece of jewelry or tie pin; or in art, that frame, the sealant, etc. According to Shawn, when she adds finishing touches to her artwork, for example framing a piece, “it looks good, and it presents well.”

"The law of nature dictates that not every seed planted will grow, and not every grown seed will bear fruit, but some will grow and bear fruit!" ~ Deon C. Dewar-Gray

Plant your seed Stop making excuses Commit to follow through

Undated Deluxe Weekly, Monthly Planner, a 12 Month Journey to Increase Productivity & Happiness - Life Organizer, Gratitude Journal, and Stickers

38 | FGM

HOW DO YOU PUMPKIN Fun ways you can use pumpkin along with some useful pumpkin facts



Pumpkins are a part of the gourd family - like squash, melon and cucumbers. Pumpkins are packed with nutrients; they are a low-calorie food item and they contain plenty of beta-carotene. Pumpkins vary in size, shape and color and there are about 45 different types. Oh My Gosh - there's actually pumpkin beer out there! Did you know that the first time the word "pumpkin" was used was in the "Cinderella story"? Pumpkins grow everywhere except Antarctica. Native Americans used the dried, flattened strips to make mats.

USES Pumpkin seed oil can be used to reduce the effects of menopause. Steamed pumpkin leaves can be used for your favorite wraps. Pumpkin can be steamed, baked, roasted or stewed; had by itself or with your favorite meats and sides. The seeds can be roasted - salted or unsalted - and eaten as a snack.

39| FGM


Kitchen décor and organization have never been this easy! You're gonna wanna bake tonight!

Pumpkin Bread Recipe

By Deon Cecile

Ingredients SERVINGS: Makes 2 loaf pans: 16-18 servings PREPPING TIME: 10-15MINS


No mixer required

2 cups Cooked, Crushed Pumpkin ¾ cup Melted Butter or Vegetable Oil 1 ½ cups Brown Sugar 2 tbsps. Honey 4 Eggs, beaten ½ - ⅔ cup Milk (milk of your choice) 3 ½ cups All Purpose Flour 1 tsp Baking Soda 1 tsp Baking Powder 1 tsp Salt 1 tsp Nutmeg 1-2 tsps. Cinnamon Powder ½ tsp Ginger Powder (do not forget this) ½ tsp Clove Powder


By Deon Dewar-Gray

Pumpkin Bread

Step 1

Preheat the oven to 350°F (177°C). Spray 2 - 9×5-inch loaf pans with non-stick spray. Set aside.

Step 2

In a large bowl, shift and whisk the flour, baking soda, baking powder, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger, and salt together until combined. Set aside.

Step 3

In another bowl, use a wooden spoon to mix the melted butter into the cooked, crushed pumpkin. Add the sugar and honey, eggs, and vanilla.

Step 4

Pour the wet mixture into the dry ingredients. Use a wooden spoon to fold gently until combined. (There may be a few lumps - that's ok). Add dried fruits or nuts if you wish. Do not over mix batter.

Step 5

Pour mixture into prepared loaf pans. Bang pans on the counter to help remove any air pockets.

Step 6

Bake until a toothpick inserted into the centre comes out clean. Check intermittently after 45 minutes as oven temperatures differ.

Step 7

Place pans on a cooling rack and let it cool for 15 minutes before unmolding to cool completely.

Tips If you are using homemade puree, drain well before use. If you are not using honey, increase sugar to 1 ¾ -2 cups for added sweetness. Optional: Add more pumpkin for a richer, moister bread; substitute milk with orange juice; sprinkle top with unsweetened coconut flakes.

By Deon C. Dewar-Gray

Getting Older Is Like ...

Lemonade & Chips

I know some persons are wondering how I can liken getting older to lemonade and a bag of chips. Crazy right? Maybe, but hear me out. What comes to mind when you think of, or consume, lemonade and chips? Let your mind run wild for a minute, or two. Did you think crispy, tart, salty, delightful, refreshing, sweet, and tangy? Well, those are just a few that came to my mind. Plus, you want to have them all the time, well, maybe not all the time, but more often than you should. Not to mention all the flavors that they come in these days, which creates a new set of feelings and emotions when your tastebuds get tantalized. But, just as how getting older comes with an array of emotions, feelings, and health restrictions, so does having lemonade and chips.

43 | FGM


Let’s face facts, chips are a comfort food that make most people happy. When we have a bag of chips, whether salty or sweet, hot and spicy, or some other flavor, our brain translates all that munching and crunching into dopamine. The reward and the pleasure! I don’t know about you, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve expanded in flavors, just like a bag of chips. I’m flavorful! For example, today as I write this article I feel like a regular, shmegular bag of chips – not too much of any flavor. On the other hand, yesterday I felt like a, well, like a stale bag of ranch chips – all the tangy and buttermilk creamy flavor had gone.

When you think about it, getting older is really like a bag of chips; you never know what to expect. Today you’re hot and spicy, tomorrow you feel like a bag of air, and on other days you’re that, “she’s all that and a bag of chips,” which means you’re very special! What flavor chips are you today?


Imagine, it’s swelteringly hot outside. All you can think about is something to cool you down. Ahhh, lemonade! You smile. It’s sweet, a little tart, yet oh so refreshing! Aren’t you like that some days? As we get older, we tend to, at least for me, show our emotions more. Some days I can be the sweetest little thing with such a refreshing aura. Other days, that tart be showing and you’re going know it.

44 | FGM

Nevertheless, lemonade is like the wisdom we’re supposed to have as we grow older; you know when it’s good for you and when you’ve had too much.

Know that you are the perfect age. Each year is special and precious, for you shall only live it once. Be comfortable with growing older. 45 | FGM

Louise Hay

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"It's strange how you give the people you love so much power over you."

By: Deon C. Dewar-Gray Read : December 2019

An amazing, heart-wrenching story about Tara Westover's childhood in Idaho with a father who could be classified as an extremist Mormon.

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It took me a little while to get into the book, slow out of the blocks you could say, but when I did, I realized just how conflicted my emotions were and it made me so thankful for my education, my upbringing and the type of parents I had.

"Never again would I allow myself to be made a foot soldier in a conflict I did not understand."

This book was a constant reminder of how beliefs and one's upbringing can affect your entire life. How it can either give you energy, or suck the very life out of you. How it can make you question every decision you have ever made and doubt yourself beyond reason. How it can make you fearful and distrusting of your very innate skills and capabilities. How others can see your worth, when you don't even realize what those are or who you are.

“You can love someone and still choose to say goodbye to them,” she says now. “You can miss a person every day, and still be glad that they are no longer in your life.” “My life was narrated for me by others. Their voices were forceful, emphatic, absolute. It had never occurred to me that my voice might be as strong as theirs.” "The most powerful determinant of who you are is inside you."



It is the greatest power on earth


It is a God given privilege


It is the foundation of wisdom


It is the source of power


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It is the road to happiness


It is too short a day to be selfish


It is the secret of perpetual youth


It is the music of the soul


It is the price of success


It is the secret of security

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