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Cambridge Guardians – bespoke UK guardianship and educational advice Cambridge Guardians provide a deep understanding of the challenges facing parents and their children over large distances and across different time zones Founded in 1995, Cambridge Guardians have a wealth of experience supporting students while they study in the UK. Their experience is rooted in education, having an in-depth knowledge of the UK school system and first-hand knowledge of excellent schools. Based in Cambridge, a city renowned for educational excellence, Cambridge Guardians are ideally situated to provide guardianship services to international students throughout the south-east of England.

Why international students need a guardian A guardian, or more accurately, an educational guardian, is a UK-based adult over the age of 25, appointed by parents to look after their children while they are studying in the UK. Many international students who are under the age of 18 study at boarding and day schools across the country. The UK guardian acts ‘in loco parentis’ or ‘in the place of a parent’ taking responsibility for the care of the students’ welfare and educational needs. While this can be a friend or family member, it is a big responsibility, and many people feel that it is too much to ask of someone they know. This is where Cambridge Guardians can help. With Gold Standard accreditation by AEGIS, (the Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students), parents are assured of excellent service and care.

Professional guardianship

Educational advice

School selection

A professional service ensures children are safe and well looked after, offering not only emergency support, but a close relationship between parents and school. Safe travel plans are put in place for half terms and holidays and a friendly, fully DBS checked, host family provides a home from home. Alternatively, students can join a residential programme for holidays where they can meet friends and experience a range of trips and activities. The Covid-19 pandemic caused a great deal of worry for everyone. With professional guardianship, parents are reassured that their children have somewhere safe to stay even at very short notice. Safe and caring families are willing to host students over Christmas, Easter and summer holidays and provide quarantine for students on arrival to the UK.

With a background in teaching and education, Cambridge Guardians offer educational advice as an integral part of the package. International parents and students need support to navigate and explain the UK school system, students need help fi nding the path to the university they aspire to join. By representing parents at school meetings and maintaining regular contact with housemasters, matrons, form tutors and subject teachers, independent advice can be given at every stage of a child’s education. For parents, regular updates explaining school reports can be invaluable.

Cambridge Guardians support parents with school selection by not only looking at high academic standards but also at the caring atmosphere and ethos of the school, helping parents choose an environment where their child is both happy and successful.


Parents are assured of excellent service and care

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Cambridge guardians Successful guardianship is more than a contact name for someone who will help in an emergency, it includes: � Confi rming travel arrangements, scheduling reliable transport, escorting students to the airport and making sure the student has a safe travel plan � Organising a caring and responsible host family for the student to stay with when their school is closed for holidays � Liaising regularly with school, parents, and the student. Safeguarding the student’s welfare is of utmost importance

Helping to select the right school for success Being a 24/7 point of contact in an emergency. Helping when any unforeseen problem should arise Being available for students and parents if there is anything that they are concerned with Regularly meeting students and attending parents’ meetings at school Supporting your child by attending important extracurricular events, such as a concert, sports match or science fair Monitoring emails from school to check that everything is up to date and any necessary consent forms are signed Providing Educational Advice throughout the student’s time in the UK Arranging appropriate tutoring.

Find out more If you have any questions regarding educational guardianship in the UK, please contact Cambridge Guardians by email, alternatively you can visit and follow @cambridgeguardians @Cambs_Guardians. Receive a 10% discount on guardianship with code CHECKLIST10.