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Dreams of Solari Players Guide Part -01

Dreams are nothing but windows or passageways into the mind. At least that’s what we thought until the Awakening. The Awakening happened in March, year 2075. New London was spending trillions on new psyionic research after recovering from the war that ravaged the planet. They stumbled on a discovery in Subject 018 that changed the world. Dreams at the 1 st levels aren’t anything more than our subconscious playing with our minds, but at deeper levels the power they have grows, and at the deepest levels they found in it access into another dimension, a cross plane of existence separate from our laws of space and time, a place the researchers called SOLARI.

The people who ventured into this plane were selected for their natural mental talents. Monitored heavily, these individuals were pushed to the full limits of their conscious ability, and some died merely from the strain it placed on their minds. However, those who survived came back changed. They began to display signs of new mental powers thought only to exist in myth and fairy tale. Some had the ability to perceive others’ thoughts and see things before they

happen. Still others trained and worked on their powers until they began to take over others’ minds and perform acts of transformation on the very physics of our world. This provoked a massive response from the world, and thus the creators of project SOLARI were terminated, and now all of the project’s thousands of test subjects were targeted: some for assassination and others for abduction or further research, and still others want to use them as weapons, but all are in danger. In addition to all of this turmoil over the incident known as the Awakening, since these individuals’ minds were opened by the power of Solari, the world is experiencing strange events in space and time, and a mass outbreak of unexplained phenomenon. It seems that our cross over into Solari did not go unnoticed, and now we are seeing a push by whatever strange beings inhabit this dimension to get into our world for whatever nefarious purpose. For lack of a better word, the whole nation is now at war with the very fabric of our reality. You are one of the Awakened. Your mind has been opened to Solari, and you will never be the same. You are now considered a fugitive of the state. Wherever and whenever you are identified, use your powers at your own risk for it will bring down the wrath of the Republic Guard as well as attention from many prying eyes. In addition, the very laws and stability of your reality will begin to break when you indulge in your connection with Solari, and the world will change in ways that will bend both space and time. Your very existence hangs now on the edge of a knife. All around lie the pitfalls that lead only to your doom as your very mind is torn apart by demons from within. But there is still a chance your connection with the Dark Realm is stronger than others. At the moment, this connection has compromised you, but if you can master it then it shall become your greatest weapon. The choice is yours. Rally the people and your

mind to conquer the dark, or bend them all toward certain destruction for this is your story, and these are the Dreams Of Solari.

Background 1. Players describe a background: where their character came from and what experiences they possess – GM gives 30 skill points to the skills he thinks best fits . Goals 2. Players choose up to three goals for their dreamer: Minor, Major, and Epic; gain influence points when achieved. Minor 1-5+level major 5-10 + level and Epic 15-30 + level

Relationships 3. Choose and describe up to 3 positive, negative or complicated relationships with the Gangs/factions of New London.

Traits 4. Choose 2 major- Traits your character possess – here are examples but you can make your own GM gives +10 to a skill and influence points if you play you’re traits. Guided- championed by a spiritual force- +10 to Belief Hunted – your mind is sought by a demon-+10 Fear Jaded – You trust no one anymore-+10 Cognition

Inquisitive- you have many questions- +10 perception Traumatized- your past is a violent one- +10 unarmed Restless- you always keep moving +10 fitness Focused- you seek what’s coming +10 intuition Insane-the voices THE VOICES! +10 clairvoyance

Race There are of course still many races of human but the differences between them pale in comparison to the differences humans have manufactured into society. These come in four main forms:

Unaltered Human - looks like you or me +20 starting skill points

Evox- a genetically altered human to be like certain animals and be more accepting of further genetic manipulation- usually has strange colored skin, slight horns or even a tail - many take to using tattoos to further enhance these visual traits.

NoteSome Evox’s were made for war with drastic physical modifications making them look like monsters out of a nightmare and some can barely be recognized for what they are. Make sure to define yours so GM can give

specific benefits or weaknesses to you based on your particular modifications and body size.

+10 Unarmed or + 10 Reflex, -1 intellect and -1d6 when using intellect skills Unleash the Beast- Can get a +4 on Strength dex or Con for one encounter once per day +1d6- on attacks whenever using a gene mod-Can never use cyber mods- anti gene serum does damage to you.

Cyber - A human with built in cybernetic nanotech designed to stop bleeding and allow better integration with further cybernetic modification - can have extremely bright multicolored irises - can make their veins glow in the dark at will, and some even have a full synth chassis.

+10 to Tech +1 intellect - 1 to clairvoyance and -1d6 to any use of its skills

Machine Leaning - hack one up to tier 4 terminal, Synth or Network once per day -+1d6 on attacks or skills when using a cybernetic mod -Can’t ever use gene mods - EMP's deal damage to you. Shriek - Some humans are more connected to Solari than others and are also the most dangerous at wielding its power. Though often physically frail, they look like you and me except when they use excessive mental power: their eyes will turn solid black and their skin a pale shade of blue... and they scream LOUD, thus the name Shriek.

+1 to clairvoyance or willpower -1 to Strength or Con Psychic Wail +2d6 to any skill of will or clairvoyance once per encounter. -4 to your starting health. – also you can raise clairvoyance or willpower to a max of 7 rather than 6 Base Stats Place 10 points into your base attributes Strength- boosts Strength skill rolls- lifting objects – wrestling or striking opponents using melee weapons Dexterity- boosts Dex skills running movement stealth and ranged weapons Intellect- boosts Int skill checks .- example –trying to get information from a npc or deciding which wire to cut on a bomb or any science based knowledge check Constitution – boosts Con skill checks IE physical resistance rolls as well as using any mental power drawing from your physical body and hp Willpower – boosts Will skill checks such as attacks on your mind or attempts to perform or resist Intimidation.

Clairvoyance – boosts skill checks involving mental powers using Clairvoyance as well as giving you a chance to avoid certain things before they happen


6. You have 100 points to put into the 18 skill options; each has an attribute it is related to. Every ten points in the skills gives you an extra D6 when rolling and for every 2 in the base attribute of that skill. Points cost double after 40- and triple after 80 – i.e., it takes 3 points to get 81 and 2 to get 41- Note: you get additional points equal to your current intellect *2

Skills of Strength: Represents the physical might of the body; it Governs these 3 skills:

 Martial Weapons

- Heavy Weapons

- Unarmed

Skills of Intellect: Represents the intellectual understanding; it Governs these 3 skills:


- Medicine

- Technology

Skills of Constitution: Represents your endurance and resolve; it Governs these 3 skills:

• Fitness

- Body Armor

- Resilience

Skills of Dexterity: Represents the speed and quickness of the body; it Governs these 3 skills:

• Stealth

- Reflex

- Ranged

Skills of Clairvoyance : Represents the mental perception of what’s to come; it Governs these 3 skills:

• Intuition

- Projection

- Perception

Skills of Willpower : Represents the mental power of faith and self-assurance as well as the ability to undermine or reinforce this in others; it Governs these 3 skills:

• Belief

- Cognition

- Fear

Rolling 7. You roll a set of d6s when attempting an action equal to the skill or attack set you have for said action; for skills, 1-4 are fails and 5and 6 are successes. Your GM will tell you what you need to pass the roll. For attacking, it works much the same. Weapons have a base damage for each d6: 1-4 do no damage and 5-6 do full damage –

roll at least three-6’s and it’s a critical = double damage – Note: only enemies of 2nd tier and up can get criticals. For resisting: 1-4 resist no damage 5-6 resist full damage; dice to dice same four 6 roll will resist double damage. Note: rolling all 6s with at least 4 dice during combat will give you an overcharge of energy from Solari- effect gain 1 influence point. Note: if you wish to do an action and the skill check requires more successes than you can get, it is not entirely impossible: • You can chain successes – if you roll a 5 or a 6, you can then keep rolling to try and succeed –but all other rolls are failures

• You can get allies to help you so you can add more dice to your pool, or you can get materials that would make the task easier. Example: if my character wants to rip down a locked door to a compound, GM might require an unarmed check of 4 successes; if I get my teammate to help, then we each now need 2 successes, but if I come at it with a blow torch alone I’ll only need 1 success.

Note: some skills add or take away dice from rolls. Dice can be boosted without limit but dice can never be reduced to less than one.

Life/Defense 8. Your Health is equal to 20 + twice your Constitution. Your physical resistance is equal to Constitution or your Dexterity whichever is higher. Your Mental resistance is equal to your Willpower or your Clairvoyance.

Rolling Resistance 9. Roll physical resistance to resist physical attacks and mental to resist mental attacks when the GM says. Example: When an enemy tries to grapple you to the ground, they must get more success from a might skill check than your physical resistance, but if he’s trying to hypnotize you, he will need more successes than your mental resistance. This may be lowered or raised based on situational advantage; you roll d6 = to your resistance number. Note: You can’t do mental resistance and physical resistance with one enemy so you have to choose 1.

Added Armor In addition, for every 2 you have in physical resistance add +1 to your Physical AC and same for Mental Armor for every 2 in mental resistance. Using Natural Skills 10. When a player uses a physical skill, i.e., skills of Strength, Dexterity, Constitution or Intellect, the rules are simple: you get that skills dice pool for the roll when the skill check is called. If the player wishes to fork other skills they have into the roll they may up to 5, as long as the GM agrees the skill is being appropriately used; if he

does, you gain an extra d6 to the roll; if he does not, you get one more chance to choose another skill that fits appropriately fail again and you lose your entire fork bonus

Using Supernatural Skills 11. The Player may tap into the Psychic energies of their Willpower, Constitution or Clairvoyance. Doing this affords them the ability to use skills like Perception to try and change the mind or affect the sight of an enemy or use skills such as Belief to bring forth the powers and weapons of the Patriarchs into our world. These rolls work much like a called roll for a natural skill, with one exception: you get to explain your use if the GM feels it is beyond you the challenge rate will be very high. If GM approves, you may; if you succeed your defined actions take place be warned through this is extremely taxing when attempting major the GM may say make a mental resistance roll + skill bonus if you fail you are exhausted next round and may take damage finally any complete failure with 0 success will result in Solari twisting reality in ways you did not expect GM can take control of your power or just roll environmental stability, Influence Points 12. Influence points represent the respect notoriety authority infamy and psychic presence your character possesses. Can be used in a variety of ways, by spending them they can be used to perform superior acts of mental

and physical prowess normally beyond the scope of your character’s abilities, be wielded to get favors and resources from groups and they can be gifted to Solari in exchange for a level up: 2 influence points can give you one extra standard action on any turn. This action gets advantage +1d6 on its roll or you can attempt a standard act beyond your normal power defined by your ability’s at no penalty. 5 influence points can give you the same but at +3d6 on the roll or allow you to perform a major act beyond your normal power at no penalty. 10 influence points can give you the same but at +5d6 on the roll or allow you to perform an Epic act beyond your normal power. Note: You can only spend influence in combat once per round the GM decides scope of action standard major or epic based on your description. For Resources: When you want to get raw resources or to set others to task you can spend your influence to get it directly or attempt to persuade them to do it for free just to gain your favor – this becomes easier the more you have

Note: The GM will award influence points when you succeed at achieving personal goals-achieving team goals impact the world, take over territory, gain followers, or even just when you are noticed by people of power – your Patriarch or Demon may also give or take away influence for performing or failing to perform certain tasks – Note – the more influence you have the bigger a target you are for beings of Solari and the Government The GM may also award influence for simply achieving awesome feats. Lastly if you give influence away to Solari in exchange for levels beings of Solari will have gained more control over your world and reality may begin to warp more to their will. Dialog Actions 13. During Dialog, characters will be given options and asked to make skill checks to determine what happens. In addition, they can define specialized actions using skills they deem apt enough or by using influence points and take the risks defined above to create a new situation.

Action Advantage

Whenever you are given advantage you get 2d6 to your roll when you are given disadvantage you get – 2d6 the gm can modify this as he see’s fit but at earlier levels this is a good quick rule of thumb for helping or hurting players on their rolls.

Combat / Actions 14. During Combat, characters can use their actions. All characters start with one move action and one standard action: this can be an attack- physical or mental or a skill check to try and accomplish something. You can trade your move action for another standard action but if use it for another attack your character is wide open. You

can also skip either one to make a reaction when an opponent attacks you on their turn at +2d6 advantage. Note- reactions are best used for defense you can try to counter attack but it will be extremely hard and failure will result in double damage and possible – injuryMoving – moving will send you up to 30ft in the direction of your choice, or you can choose to sprint, which uses both actions, moves you double the distance, and gives any enemy using a ranged weapon on you -2d6. No matter your actions count you can only move twice Armor- Armor takes away success dice from the opponents attack roll: if the armor is equal to the opponents success rolls they can only do half dam, if it exceeds it they can do full dam, if it is less they do no dam. Physical Attacking - Attacking is done by directing any physical weapon you have at an enemy and rolling your dice to see damage then seeing how much damage gets through their Physical armor. Example: Using firearms at an opponent with 3 successes who has an armor of 2 gives me one dice of full damage on the opponent – describe your actions well to receive possible bonuses from GM>in influence and status.

Double Team / Flanking - Get a bonus 2d6 on all attacks where you are teaming up on one opponent or taking an opponent unawares.

Dual Wielding - Only available if you have at least 50 in the skill of the weapon- add +2d6 to your dice when using a wep in each hand. Example: Skill 50 with ranged weps would let you use 2 pistols and roll 7 dice. This consumes twice as much ammo and makes you a bigger target.

Close Quarters - When an opponent tries to grab and manipulate you, they must roll higher success than your physical resistance to succeed, and the maneuver is repelled fail and the enemy proceeds with their maneuver.

Mental Attacking - This is done much the same as a physical attack; the difference is that you must describe your mental attack first – GM will decide additional D6’s if any per dice based on your description and your success

rolls – or the severity of the condition you wish to put the enemy underNote: GM can require influence points use if action is beyond scope of characters power. Note: Great Mental attack descriptions can earn you influence points. Damage of Psionic power is equal to 1 + 1 for every 10 beyond the first example 15 gets you 1 dam 55 gets you 5 and so on.

Tactical Maneuvers 15. During Combat you may also give up either a move or an attack action to perform one of these tactical maneuvers: You can use your standard and move action together to perform complex maneuvers, such as aiming before you shoot to get a bonus on hitting or taking cover while you shoot to be better defended from enemies or running and

gunning. The GM decides the bonus if any; you describe the maneuver.

Team Combos 16. Players can also combine actions together to create Combo effects. This works the same as a full round action except the players take turns describing the details before the GM gives the verdict. Also Players using the same power together can sync to increase the effect. Note: the better description you give to this maneuver the more likely it will succeed-


Things in Solari and your world run in these sizes Small - Medium - Large - Huge - Giant - and finally Colossus

Larger things have higher Con and Strength; smaller things have greater Dexterity and Speed. The extent of each is up to the GM. Note: some beings will be so large it will be almost impossible to do them any meaningful physical damage, but remember you can attack minds as well; there is always a weakness.

Defeat 17. When your hit points go down to zero you are knocked unconscious and begin bleeding, you can try to use your mental powers to wake yourself up. If you succeed, you can attempt to stabilize yourself. If not, one of your party members will have to use their medical skills to do this for you. Party members can also try to use their powers of Belief to help you wake up. You take one point of damage every turn while bleeding; once your life hits negative ten, you are dead. Note: Death is not the end. Patriarchs and Demons may offer a deal in order for you to be revived, or your party

may venture forth into the dream world to see if they can recover your soul. Note: A dream world venture requires all the party to find a safe place to sleep as it will take some time to achieve.

Environmental Stability 18. Everywhere you go as a dreamer, you change the stability of the world you live in. This is the reason why the republic of New London wants you removed so badly. The effects of the instability depend on two things: the first is your level of agitation; the second is your use of your mental powers. When you fight another dreamer or being of Solari on earth, this causes a reality warp. Every round of combat, the instability tier goes up by one. It will also go down by one

Terra-formation 19. The scope and nature by which the realm of Solari influences your reality depends on the Terra-formation Dice. These dice change with the level of instability your reality has: dice starts at a d6 at tier 1; at tier 3 it changes to a d2d6 +1; at tier 5 it changes to a 3d6 +2; these dice are rolled whenever the GM yells reality warp! Each number 1-20 carries a certain effect that the GM controls when he rolls it once per round. However, for influence points, you can roll the Terra-formation dice

during your action roll. If your action is successful, you also get to control the effect of the dice.

Environmental Conditions 20. These are all the 20 possible environmental conditions that can occur when the environment loses stability. • 1 Interference – radio communications break down; lights begin to flicker or fail. • 2 Whispers of Solari – People begin to hear voices, whispering words to help or hinder you.

• 3 Paranormal – objects begin to move on their own. • 4 Minor Combustion – small explosions of fire and sparks begin to appear; risk of damage from burns. • 5 Cosmic Gas – area gets covered in poisonous gas; anyone in proximity has chance of getting poisoned. • 6 Temperatures Rise – area of ground becomes immensely hot; objects in area begin to melt. • 7 Spectral Energy – area becomes filled with dangerous flashes of blue lightning; chance for electrical damage and equipment failure. • 8 Tears of the Fallen – area begins to fill with or become water. Once water reaches knee level, ghoulish arms reach from the depths to pull you to your doom.

• 9 Major Combustion – Large explosions rock the environment; chance for fire and force damage.

• 10 Infestation – lesser to moderate insect demons of Solari tear their way into your world.

• 11 Twisted Abominations – objects become possessed and begin to transform into twisted abominations.

 12 The Crossing – Portals to Solari open up; one Moderate or Greater Creature or Demon of Solari comes forth into your world.  13 Engulf – Small area becomes engulfed by the forces of Solari; piece of landscape transforms.  14 Time Distorts – Temporal distortion causes visions of the immediate past and the future. Also has chance to jump players slightly forward or backward in time.  15 Spectral Vortex – Violent winds and lightning erupt all around you; regular movement becomes

extremely difficult, but you can attempt to use your mental energy to jump and ride the wind-effect.  16 Face of the void – Visions of all living creatures in the environment’s worst nightmares come in place as the earth and the sky become a swirling black abyss of tortured screams.

  17 Demonic Outbreak – all living creatures roll cognition check; if they fail, they get a severe spontaneous mutation from a demon. Examples of

demonic mutation: growing demon arms, wings or bladed talons out of your torso, etc.  18 Abyssal Corruption – The deeper forces of the Abyss break through into your world. One dreamer in the encounter becomes courted by this darkness. Their skin begins to blacken and tar-like ooze begins to fall from their arms. Each round they will attempt to spread the corruption to other dreamers. Take damage; reduce movement.  19 Law of Solari- GM chooses one of the Patriarchs of Solari. Their Valar guardians burst forth into your world helping or hindering the players as they see fit.

 20 Full Submergence – Energies reach a complete breaking point, and a massive explosion erupts from the center of the encounter. A full square mile becomes engulfed in an area of Solari including all the creatures and demons therein. All weak-minded non-dreamers in the encounter are dissolved into energy for the explosion. GM decides exceptions. Note: This will be followed by the immediate dispatch of a black ops New London Containment Squad to lock down the area and neutralize all dreamers therein. All dreamers have +2d6 on all rolls within the area, but this is because of how insanely dangerous their situation has now become. Basically they need to get out of the area or die. Note: All vehicles in the mile will have been destroyed or inoperable. Leveling up 21 You start at level 0. You need to use influence points to level up: 2 influence points for your first level; then it jumps to 5 for the next level and requires an additional 5 every level after -ex -2 – 5 -10 -15 -20 ect.

Every level, you get 1 attribute point 20 skill points + your intellect, and your HP gets 2d6 + your con. Every 5 levels you gain another standard action until you have 4 at level 20 you can level up but you get no more actions.

Status Conditions 22. Different Conditions, both good and bad, can be applied to characters in the game; here are the most common: Bleeding – can be moderate or severe. Moderate bleeding takes 2d6 roll at 4 damage; severe takes the same at 6 damage until an action is used on a resilience skill check by you or a medicine roll by you or someone else to stop the bleeding. The Roll is made at the end of every turn until bleeding is successfully stopped with a medicine skill check or other form of healing. Enflamed – same damage as bleeding but lasts until fire is out and has chance of enflaming other people and flammable objects target comes in contact with. Stunned– character must recover his senses; rolls a perception check. If they succeed, they lose one action this round; if they fail, they lose their whole turn. Unconscious – character has been knocked out; lose all actions every turn until you roll a successful cognition check.

Prone – character has been knocked to the ground; will take one action to get back on their feet. All strike based attacks get +2d6 on the character while prone. Wide Open – character is off guard or over exposed +2d6 on any strike or ranged attack this round on them, no save throws and -2 to their AC. Poisoned –character has been poisoned; will roll a group of d6’s every round for poison damage until cured, resisted or it wears off. Number of d6’s and damage rate depend on type of poison used. Diseased – this can be from anything as common as a cold to radiation sickness. Character will lose one action each turn until cured in addition to whatever special condition the disease type carries. Crazed- Moderate – character has begun to lose their mind, begins to hear voices and feel itchy and irritated. Severe – character has completely lost it: sees hallucinations everywhere hears intense screaming at times: +1d6 to mental attacks-3d6 to all cognition and perception rolls. In combat when you fail a cognition check, you must attack the nearest enemy

Note: when a Dreamer is in a crazed state, Stability drops by 2 per round instead of one. Hypnotized – character’s mind is being controlled; will obey commands until making a successful cognition check. Crippled – This covers a wide variety of possible character de-buffs: it can be anything from damaging opponents legs, making it harder for them to move, or damaging their eyes, impairing their sight, all the way to creating a horrific vision that causes them to be wracked with a crippling fear. – Normal effect: a Barely Effected character will have the targeted area reduced slightly. Example: knees feel suddenly weak 30ft movement reduced to 25. Moderately Crippled character will have the targeted area affected at 50%. Example: Leg crippled by shrapnel: movement 30ft reduced to 15ft. A Severely Crippled character loses the targeted area almost entirely. Example: Foot incinerated in fire: movement reduced to 5 ft. And a Fully Crippled character can lose fully the targeted function for the duration of the status. Note: GM has final say on how bad a crippling condition is and how long it lasts. Severe and Fully Crippled

statuses are extremely rare and require at least 4 successes to be pulled off. Note: the crippled status applies to one specific thing; skills can also be crippled. Mutation – there are two types of Mutation in Dreams of Solari: Spontaneous and Developed. Developed Mutations – are Bio morphs or Gene Mods designed to enhance the body in specific ways by augmenting a human’s original genes or splicing human DNA with other creatures’. Thus with these bio morphs in their blood, the character will have a body different than regular humans and stats to match: increased speed with the fast clawed legs of a cheetah, or increased strength with the huge hairy arms of a gorilla. Note: Anti-Gene serum can be used to remove or reduce the strength of bio morph mutations as long as you can get it into that character’s blood stream, but Anti-Gene serum is an uncommon item.

Spontaneous Mutations – These are the same with the Demons of Solari, and they happen as either a forced effect by a dreamer of the instability of the environment. Change stats based on what characteristics are brought to your body. The greater the mutation, the greater the chance of being possessed by a demon. Note: Players counter Spontaneous Mutation by using their Cognition or Projection to blast the forces in the targeted body back into Solari.

Note: Spontaneous Mutations can be brought about by summoning the attributes of Patriarchs, Demons or the creatures of Solari with Belief or Fear or Cognition. This is extremely difficult and requires at least 50 in the skill. Failures result in large personal damage to mutation target. Hardened – character is more physically resilient, immune to bleeding- and -1d6 on all physical attacks. Balanced – character is immune to Stun and being Knocked Prone +1d6 on all dexterity based rolls. Tranquil – character is immune to Hypnosis or being crippled by fear.+1d6 on Cognition based rolls. Unified Sprit – when the party successfully pulls off a Team combo maneuver or kill, the team enters unified sprit mode: all members get +1d6 on all combat actions. This lasts as long as an opponent is killed each round.

Special – Custom status created by player depends on the approval of the GM; same as mental action description. Attaining a custom status difficulty depends on the scope of the status effect, but should always require at least 2 successes

Skill Growth 23. Each skill grows with the points you put into it, and thus so does the scope of what you can do with that skill: characters skill ability’s grow every 20 points till 80, then they get 2 more improvements at 90 and 100.

Scope: 20-fair; 40-effective; 60-advanced; 80-extreme; 90-deadly; 100-Master.

Strength Martial WeaponsMartial Weapons- Basic Handling of any standard strike weapon. 20- Dualist- ability to use parry. 2 successes for full parry reduces incoming damage from a martial weapon to 0 give up an action next round. Any more successes and target is wide open.

40- Martial Warrior- known for your proficiency. Now you know how to attack someone lethally or non-lethally with martial weapons, 3 successes enemy is prone. Also can choose to do non-lethal damage on opponents.

60- Weapons Expert- move additional 20ft while armed with a Martial weapon. 2 successes can cause bleeding with any martial weapon- one additional attack with martial weapons half damage.

80- Bloody Demon- +10 movement, One success to cause bleeding, two successes server bleeding, 4 successes cause crippling. 90-Weapons Master- one additional attack at full damage. Each round they get a parry as a free action. Can parry ranged attacks.

100- Martial Archon- Two parries as a free action, one more additional attack at half damage. 6 success target is instantly decapitated. Can split up dice among multiple targets when using martial weapon.

Heavy WeaponsHeavy Weapons-The wielding of abnormally large projectile weapons 20- Tanker – ability to use tier 2 heavy weapons. Ammo expended per shot with all heavy weapons that use up multiple ammo per attack is reduced by one.

40- Destroyer – all explosive-based heavy weapons now have an improved chance to cripple the target’s movement; only takes one extra success.

60- Precision Cannon – ability to use tier 3 heavy weapons. Every attack can reroll one failure – i.e., 1 or 2 must accept the result of the reroll.

80- Devastator – ability to use tier 4 heavy weapons. You are extremely good at blowing through cover; reduce all cover benefits by 2d6 on enemies you attack with a heavy weapon.

90- Carnage – enemies killed by your weapons are so badly destroyed it damages others psychologically. Any non-dreamer that sees one of your kills has to roll a cognition check to avoid having their movement Severely Crippled by fear.

100- Evisceration – ability to use tier 5 heavy weapons. All those hit with your heavy weapon attacks are bleeding and have their movement Moderately Crippled.

UnarmedUnarmed – The basics of understanding hand to hand combat disarms and throws 20- Brawler – you are familiar doing lethal damage with your fists; they now count as 1st tier weapons and can deal lethal damage of 2. You can now also parry with your hands – see parry description above in martial weapons. 40- Student of Pain – you have developed technique and style; now your fists count as tier 2 weapons dealing damage of 3. You also know to aim for the face on any 2 success; enemy’s vision is Moderately Crippled. Instead of attacking for damage, you can attempt to disarm; 3 successes and the opponent’s weapon is knocked to the ground.

60- Earth Breaker – your technique has developed to the point where you can now channel psychic energy through fists; fists now deal 6 damage; in addition

attacks with 2 successes also projects the target 10ft in the opposite direction and stuns them. Note: you can also try to use this to breakdown doors, bust through weak walls and move heavy objects. Also, weapons you disarm are now in your position instead of on the ground.

80- Stone Crusher – your technique has developed to the point where you can now channel great amounts of psychic energy through your fists. Fists now are tier 3 weapons at 7 damage; in addition attacks with 2 successes also projects the target up to 30ft in the opposite direction and Moderately Cripples their movement. Note: you can also try to use this to breakdown strong walls and move extremely heavy objects; fists ignore 1d6 armor.

90- Steel Smasher – your fists are an extremely deadly psychic force; they count as tier 4 weapons at 8 damage. Any time you get 4 successes your whole body emits a wave of force; anyone within 20feet must roll a cognition check or be stunned. You may also forgo your attack to emit this force wave on only 2 successes.

100- World Breaker– your fists are now capable of causing massive devastation; they count as tier 5 weapons at 9 damage and ignore 2d6 armor. In addition, you can now use a mental/physical attack where you smash the earth causing a crater in a 30ft radius; requires 4 successes to pull off all in the area; get 5 d6 at 8 damage.

Dexterity StealthStealth – The basics of being unseen and taking advantage of the unaware – this includes theft and smuggling.

20-Pettey Thief – you are beginning to understand the art of stealth. You may count one failure as a success whenever you are attempting to hide or steal anything, as long as you did not roll all failures; also +1 to weapons base damage when taking opponents unaware.

40- Cat Burglar – you are well versed in the art of the unseen. Anyone attempting to find you when you are hidden gets a minus one d6 to their perception roll. Weapons now get +3 to their base damage when taking opponents unaware.

60- Shadow Warrior – you are known for being a ghost on the battlefield. Your feet no longer make any noise when you walk; players attempting to find you get -2d6 two their roll. You can now hide as a free action at night or when in shadow. Also with 2 successes you can plant an object on a NPC even while they are awake without them knowing. Ignore 6 armor when taking opponents unaware and + 4 base damage. Note: planting items includes harmful items like live grenades.

80- Dark Visage – shadows seem to cling to your body night and day and your eyes have become one with the darkness. Players attempting to perceive you when hidden now get -3d6 to their roll; weapons get +6 to their base damage when attacking targets unaware; blade attacks while unaware always cause bleeding. You can hide in broad daylight with 2 successes.

90- Night Bringer – you have begun to bend the very light around you. Opponents get -1d6 whenever firing ranged weapons at you in the day and -2d6 at night; ignore 2d6 armor when taking opponents unaware. Note: this –d6 to ranged attacks does stack with any you have from reflex.

100- Hollow Man – you are one with the dark; you may hide any time as a free action. Also, you gain the Ghosting ability to spend a whole turn and roll to absorb the light around you: on 4 successes you are invisible for 2 rounds. Finally, you now have +8 to weapons base damage and minus 4d6 to opponent’s armor when taking opponents unawares.

ReflexReflex- the basics of reacting, dogging, evading, and taking control of dangerous situations 20-Alert – you gain the Dodge ability. After an opponent declares an attack against you, give up your next move action and roll a reflex check to attempt to dodge it; as long as you have more or equal to as many successes as them you avoid all damage. Dodge can be declared after the enemy has already rolled. 40- Sharp Movement – whenever you move it’s fast and precise. Enemies lose 1d6 when using any ranged weapon on you if you moved this round. Enemies also get -1d6 when you attempt to dodge. 60- Devils Grace – you are more agile and faster than most. Get +10ft to your base movement; you gain Lightning reflex ability. Whenever you are surprise attacked, roll a reflex check on two successes; you get one turn to react before their attack goes off with +1d6 to any rolls this turn. Also, Dual welding gets +2 base damage.

80- Perfect Timing – you are an expert on knowing when and how to react. Get plus 2d6 on any non-attack rolls to set up action based on foresight from your Intuition skill. Also, enemies now get minus 2d6 when you attempt to dodge. You can now dodge without sacrificing a movement action as many times as is equal to your current level during any combat encounter.

90- Instinctual Reaction – Battle is a playground to you now, one you have traversed many times. Your body reacts to damage protecting itself without thought. Add 5 to physical resistance rolls. Whenever you are physically attacked with an unarmed or strike weapon, your dodge becomes a counter, working the same as normal except that if succeeded in addition to you taking no damage, your opponent is stunned and disarmed.

100- Untouchable – opponents now get -3d6 whenever you attempt to dodge. You may dodge without sacrificing a movement per battle times equal to your current level times 2. Whenever you have moved in combat, ranged attacks get – 2d6 to hit you.

RangedRanged – the basics of using ranged weapons: pistols, small arms, tactical assault weapons, throwing weapons, and bows 20- Military Grunt – you have basic knowledge of firearms and their use. Gain the covering fire ability. At the expense of five ammo and your turn all enemies in one direction get – 2d6 on all of your moving allies this round. Also, roll your ranged dice any sixes deal your weapons base dam to one random enemy in that direction.

40- Trained Trigger – you know you’re away around most any pistol, rifle, automatics and bows. Can use tier 1 tactical ranged weapons. In addition, all automatic weapons that expend more than one ammo per shot during a standard attack are reduced by one. You can now use bows of any kind.

60- Main Gunner – you are well known for your skill with fire arms. You can now use tier-2 tactical ranged weapons; you now also receive a +1 base damage on your ranged weapon for the next attack whenever you aim. Whenever you fire your ranged weapon if you roll two natural six’s you may reroll up to 2 failures, then you must take the new result.

80- Sharp Shooter – you are an expert with all manner of ranged weapons with a body count list a mile long. You can now use tier 3 tactical ranged weapon; also, weapons receive +2 base damage after you aim. On two natural sixes you may reroll up to 3 failures.

90- Bullet Veteran – you are the unquestioned authority on the art of slinging bullets. You can use tier 4 and 5 tactical ranged weapons; you get +1 base damage whenever you use a ranged weapon; stacks with other bonuses from aiming. Enemies get -1 armor against you when you attack with a ranged weapon.

100- Full Metal Ninja – all ranged weapons you use get +2 base damage. In addition, you may turn one failure in a success whenever you have at least 2 successes. Enemies get -2d6 armor against you when you attack with a ranged weapon.

Intellect Science- The basics of understanding the chemical structure of our world: includes building gene mods, creating chemical explosives, understanding creature’s genetic weaknesses, making poisons, etc.

20- Novice Chemist – you now know the beginning structures of chemical transformations. With access to a lab or Chem. Kit, you can now make tier one poisons or tier one explosives and tier one gene mods.

40- Accomplished Chemist – you now know the advanced structures of chemical transformations. With access to a lab or Chem. Kit, you can now make tier two poisons or tier two explosives and tier two gene mods. In addition to the original benefit of your gene mod, it also grants an additional 10 hit points to the user until the effects wear off.

60- Novice Alchemist – you now can make anti-gene serum and gene mods up to tier 3 as well as poisons and chemical explosives. With access to a Lab or Chem. Kit, you gain the examine ability: with the use of one action and a roll with 3 successes, you can determine an enemy’s weakness. All allies including yourself within communication distance get +1d6 on attacks against this enemy. This stacks with any other bonus dice.

80- Accomplished Alchemist – you can now make tier 4 anti-gene serum, gene mods, explosives and poisons. In addition, on a roll of 3 successes, you can synthesize a Chem. Kit from junk and scrap you find on your journeys.

90- Demon Alchemist – you can now make Hypnotoxin, a substance that will render anyone with a gene mod hypnotized to your will on a roll of your science vs their cognition. Also, your gene mods can now be used on animals.

100- Alchemical Sage – you can now make tier 5 anti-gene serum, gene mods, explosives and poisons. Your Hypnotoxin works on animals and creatures of Solari. All things you gene mod get an additional +20 hit points and examine now gives players +2d6 against the specified target-

Medicine- The basics of healing the injured and diseased. 20- Novice Medic – you can now perform tier 1 healing. As long as you are within reach of the target and have access to medical supplies, or a first aid kit heal, take a full turn and heal the target 2d6 + your intellect. You can perform healing times per battle equal to your current level.

40- Accomplished Medic – can perform tier 2 healing. – 4d6 +intellect can now make up to tier two anti venom – cures poison- with access to med supplies or first aid kit.

60- Experienced Medic – can perform tier 3 healing. 6 d6 + intellect can now make up to tier 3 anti-venom. You can also now use your healing to remove status effects caused by injuries like stun or cripple, up to Moderate.

80- Veteran Medic – can perform tier 4 healing. 8 d6 + intellect automatically removes any injury related status effect. Can make up to tier 4 anti-venom.

90- Sage Medic – can make tier 5 anti-venom and gain the Replenishing Aura ability; can channel Solari energy into area with use of a full turn and a roll with 4 successes for three rounds; all dreamer allies gain 10 hit points back every round.

100- Surgeon General – can perform tier 5 healing. 10 d6 + intellect and can on a roll of 5 successes revive someone in your party who has just died; replenishing aura now only takes 2 successes.

Technology- The basics of using vehicles, advanced machinery, computers and cybernetics.

20- Cyber Punk – can use tier 1 vehicles (basic cars and bikes); can use tier1 computers. Gain the Hacker skill: roll your tech dice + your Tech skill versus the com security level; if you have the higher roll, you’re in the system.

40- Novice Tech – can use tier 2 vehicles (advanced cars and bikes and choppers-boats-trains); can use tier 2 computers. Hacker skill now reduces com security level by 5. Can now make tier 1 cybernetics with access to a Workshop or Tech Kit and scrap metal.

60- Advanced Tech – can use tier 3 vehicles (small planes, tanks, armored trucks, small hover craft); can use tier 3 computers. Can make tier 2 cybernetics. Your Hacker skill now allows you to attempt to hack into other people’s cybernetics.

80- Expert Tech – can use tier 4 vehicles (advanced fighter jets, armored hover craft, small mech suits); can use tier 4 computers; can make tier 3 cybernetics. Any cybernetic you make will give its user +1 armor, reducing enemy attacks by another d6. This will stack with other cybernetic armor bonuses.

90- Master Tech – can use tier 5 vehicles (space craft, large and heavy mechs) and tier 5 computers; can make tier 4 cybernetics. With the proper parts and time, you can build small mech suits. Security of coms against you is now dropped by 10. You can now make up to tier 3 cybernetics with just scrap metal.

100- Cyber Architect – can make tier 5 cybernetics; you are now capable of hacking into just about anything with a battery. With the proper parts and time you can make large mech suits.

Constitution Fitness- The basics of maintaining your body’s physical endurance over long periods of time.

20- Vigor – you gain + 5 to your health.

40- Iron Blooded – add an additional +5 to your health – you gain advantage +2d6 on any rolls against bleeding effects

60- Steadfast – add an additional +8 to your health –you gain advantage +2d6 on rolls to avoid all stun effects –damage now reduced by 2.

80- Body of Oak – add an additional +10 to your health; whenever you would take damage reduce it by 4. Gain advantage +2d6 on resisting poison

90- Body of Iron – add an additional +10 to your health; whenever you would take damage reduce it by 6. Gain advantage +2d6 on resisting all physical effects

100- Man of Steel – add an additional +15 to your health; whenever you would take damage reduce it by 8.

Body Armor- The basics of using protective armor to shield your body. 20- Trained Solider – can use tier 1-3 standard Body armor-without penalty-of reduced movement.

40- Experienced Target – can use tier 4-5 standard Body armor without movment penalty. Whenever you are in danger of bleeding, roll a body armor check; if you succeed, bleeding is avoided. Check success rate is set by GM.

60- Well Fortified – can use tier 1 – 2 advanced tactical Body Armor and Heavy armor without any penalty. Gain the glancing shot ability: while wearing body armor can declare one shot glancing roll Body armor check; if you succeed, shot deals half damage – can use per day as many times as your level.

80- Iron Tortoise – can use tier 3 advanced tactical Body Armor penalty free. All physical damage is reduced by 5 while wearing Body armor.

90- Titan’s Hide – can use tier 4 advanced tactical Body Armor penalty free. All heavy armor you wear has its base protection increased by 1. Glancing shot reduces damage to zero.

100- Obsidian Tank – can use tier 5 advanced tactical Body armor penalty free. You can use glancing shot as many times per day equal to your current level times 2. When in armor physical damage reduced by 10

Resilience- The basics of resisting physical conditions and harmful diseases and aliments such as poisonous gasses and radiation.

20- Tough As Nails – +1 to physical resistance. Get a bonus 1d6 to your roll whenever you’re resisting bleeding or stun effects.

40- Stone Skin – +1 to physical resistance and +1 to mental resistance. Get a bonus d6 whenever you roll to resist crippling or poison effects. Gain the Resilient ability: 4s now count as success on your physical resistance rolls.

60- Unyielding Guardian – +2 to physical resistance and +1 to mental resistance. Your physical resistance is now your dexterity + your constitution

80- Die Hard – + 2 to your physical resistance and +1 to mental resistance. On strike weapons against you, 5’s also count as failures; you always get a

resistance roll against bleeding and stun. 4s now count as successes on all resistance rolls.

90- Enduring as the Mountain – +2 to your physical resistance and +1 to mental resistance. Strike weapons and poison always deal you half damage rounded down. You always get a resistance roll against cripple and poison; 3’s now count success on all resistance rolls.

100- Demon of Pain – +3 to your physical resistance and +1 to mental resistance. Reduce the amount of successes you need on any resistance roll by one. You stay conscious up to -10 health. 2s now count as successes on all resistance rolls.


Intuition- The basics of premonition: seeing what’s going to happen before it happens and enhancing the speed at which you move through space and time in order to better react to it. Note: you can’t use intuition as a direct attack; it is for seeing what comes next and buffering yourself. Also, note: extra actions done with intuition happen too fast for mental concentration; they can only be physical actions.

20- Danger Sense – Sense danger before it happens when you concentrate. Can use intuition instead of reflex for reflex checks; +1d6 on rolls to go first; sometimes can intuitively guess exactly what to do next.

40- Quick Instincts – +1d6 to any rolls to avoid danger. Give your body a massive burst of speed and agility; Concentrate to see visions of the future; can attack in the middle of your move action. 60- Enhanced Motion – +10ft to your base move speed. Can take an action to charge giving you a more powerful speed boost; A good roll while boosting your speed may give you bonus damage this round.

80- Sonic Tempest – gain +20 ft to your base move speed-scope. Speed boost creates a sonic boom that damages and disorients; Roll if success; give up next turn to reduce all damage dealt to 0 this turn; A high roll speed boost grants bonus actions. 90-Deadly Blur – +30 ft to your base move speed-scope. +3d6 whenever attacking with blades or unarmed and using seed boost; Can boost the speed of other party members as well as yourself.

100- Odin’s Sight –ability to say one whole encounter was actually a projection in your mind and reset the battle; use once per day. Gain an extra action; thus your total action per round is your base actions +1.

Perception- The basics of how you view reality and controlling the views of others. Note: you cannot attack directly with perception until you reach skill level 60. Note: can only persuade things at your level and lower

20- View Bender – all rolls to persuade someone to do an action take one less success than usual. Also, you are able to attempt a perception check to see through peoples facades and guess their true motive. Lastly, all attempts to determine when you are lying get 1d6, and you are generally well liked.

40- Magnetic Personality – all rolls to persuade someone now take one less success than usual. Scope: View Bender abilities power up; also now people don’t just usually like you, they are drawn to you. At the cost of a full turn, you can attempt to give one enemy moderate hallucinations. 60- Piercing Gaze – all rolls to persuade someone take one less success. Scope: Magnetic Personality power up; you can now target multiple people and persuade them to fight for you; also, you can see great distances +1d6 when aiming. In addition, you can now do direct damage to an enemy by using your gaze to pierce their mind and overload their senses, which may cause a severe stroke or heart attack. At the cost of a full turn you can attempt to persuade one enemy to fight for you; even on failure they may spend a round conflicted. Persuaded enemies are considered hypnotized.

80- Demon Gaze – all rolls to persuade someone take 2 less successes. Scope: Piercing-Gaze power up; also you now can attempt to see through walls, you can also attempt to implant false memories inside of people. You can attempt to persuade up two three enemies to fight for you; you can now persuade advanced creatures of Solari as well.

90- Master of Perspective – all rolls to persuade someone take 2 less successes. Scope: Demon Gaze power up; you can now attempt to persuade up to 5 enemies. Your gaze attack can also target up to 2 enemies in sight with a chance of them spontaneously combusting; can persuade things 2 levels up from you.

100- Sage of Visions – all rolls to persuade someone take 3 less successes. Scope: Master of Perspective power up; you draw power from others; all dreamers focused on you give your rolls +1 d6. You can now control 8 enemies at once; can persuade things 4 levels up from you.

Projection- The basics of projecting elements, forces and creatures of Solari into our plane. Note: can attack directly with projection from skill level 20 but you must root yourself so you can’t move and attack with projection damage until skill 60-damage is: 3 at 20; 4 at 40; 5 at 60; 7 at 80; 9 at 90; and 10 at 100.

20- Elementalist – Scope: you can project forth from your hands the elemental forces of Solari. Choose either frost from the abyssal peaks, lava from the dread sea, or lightning from the clouds of Miran. Deals base damage plus any environmental effect the element you choose might cause. Example: water becoming frozen/electrified; person being slowed /crippled by burns/enflamed.

40- Mystic Canon – Scope: your powers advance; you can now cast larger more complex components of Solari, such as large chunks of rock/ice and balls of lightning and fire. These take 2 actions to cast but deal 4 base dam in a 10 foot area. – also choose a element – get to re-roll 1 failure on all regular attacks with that element.- you can change your element focus each day- can also imbue weapons with these elements for a time giving them similar status effects.

60- Void Shifter – Scope: powers advance; you can now cast the poison gasses of the Solari wastes, and the acid of the toxic pools. You can now also perform infestations on others by projecting creatures of Solari into them. They will gain the aspects of random Solari creatures or take damage as creatures rip their way out of them. Gaining aspects works like a tier 3 gene mode. You can now move and attack with projection. Imbue weapons, get +1 base damage.

80- Void Caster – Scope: powers advance; you can now cast portals that launch small creatures of Solari and pure force. You can now also perform Infestations on others that work like a tier 4 gene mode. You can also create portals taking you up to 60ft. Times per day equal to your level. You can also spend an hour meditating to astral project yourself into an area to scout it out.

90- Tempest Projector – Scope: powers advance; you can now cast portals that launch moderate demons and creatures of Solari. You can now also perform Infestations on others that work like a tier 5 gene mode. You can also create storms of your elements, deal damage over a 30ft area moving in direction of your choice for 1 round times per day equal to your level.

100- Vorpal Sage – Scope: powers advance; you can now cast portals that launch greater demons and creatures of Solari and the black flame of the Abyss. Effect: target is enflamed at 4d6 instead of 2 - critical disintegrate target but

deals you 5 dam whenever you use. Storms cover 50ft and last 2 rounds. Once per day you can create a full portal into Solari or open a vortex into space sucking in all it can.

Willpower Belief- The Basics of instilling power in yourself and others, rallying them and bringing the might of the Patriarchs into your world. Note: you cannot

attack with Belief directly; it is for buffing and summoning/creating Solari weapons in your world.

20- Novice of Faith – Scope: once per battle you may select one skill of any ally or yourself; when rolling, that skill player may reroll one failure. Must take the result. +1d6 when resisting fear; give up a future action to give another player +2d6. Spend a round concentrating to attempt to give all allies +2 on base damage for this round.

40- Warrior of Faith – Scope: abilities from Novice of Faith power up; may now allow a player to choose two skills to reroll one failure on. Can spend a round concentrating to give one ally or self armor of Solari tier1, armor physical or mental, or weapon of Solari one tier, 1 strike weapon. Capable of dealing damage as a mental or physical attack.

60- Champion of Faith – Scope: abilities from Warrior of Faith power up; may now spend one action to summon tier 2 armor of Solari or strike weapon; or spend a full round to summon tier 3 armor or weapon. In addition, you can spend a whole round concentrating and attempt to give your whole party tier d1 armor of Solari or arm them all with tier 1 weapons.

80- Hero of Faith – Scope: abilities from Champion of Faith power up; may now spend one action to summon tier 3-4 armor of Solari or strike weapon; or spend a full round to summon tier 5 armor or weapon. In addition, you can spend a whole round concentrating and attempt to give your whole party tier 3 armor of Solari or arm them all with tier 3 strike weapons. You can also spend a round to summon a lesser warrior of Solari to aid you in battle

90- Valar Guardian – Scope: abilities from Hero of Faith power up; may now spend one action to summon tier 5 armor of Solari or strike weapon; or spend a full round to summon a Greater Solari weapon or armor. Armor functions like light mech suit in armor class with option to be mental armor; weapon functions like tier 5 tactical strike weapon. In addition, you can spend a whole round concentrating and attempt to give your whole party tier 4 armor of Solari or arm them all with tier 4 strike weapons. You can also spend a round to summon 2 warriors of Solari to aid you in battle (may only have 2 warriors at a time).

100- Valar Champion – Scope: abilities from Valar Guardian power up; spend a full round to summon a Greater Ancient Solari weapon or armor. Armor functions like Heavy mech suit in armor class with option to be mental armor; weapon functions like tier 5 Heavy Energy strike weapon. In addition, you can spend a whole round concentrating and attempt to give your whole party tier 5 armor of Solari or arm them all with tier 5 strike weapons. You can also spend a round to summon 3 warriors of Solari to aid you in battle (may only have 3 warriors at a time). Once per day, when health reaches below 20, may transform into a Valar of Solari.

Fear- The Basics of instilling fear in others, dragging them down into the abyss, summoning the power of demons into your world and feeding off the fear of others for power. Note: cannot attack directly with fear until skill level 60.

20- Chilling Gaze – Scope: you seem darker than others as if a shadow hangs around your person; you make others uneasy and can easily intimidate most people. Can spend an action to attempt to moderately cripple an opponent with

fear, damaging their movement. Can allow demons of Solari small control over your body, giving +1d6 attack on strike -1d6 armor.

40- Creature of Panic – Scope: Chilling Gaze abilities power up; can now attempt to severely cripple an enemy with fear. Spend a round channeling your dark energy to be even more terrifying. Enemies attacking you within 5ft get -1d6 during the next 3 rounds. Spend an action to let loose a wave of fear; enemies within 5 ft have a chance to fall prone. Can look into people’s minds and find their darkest fears.

60- Creature of Terror – Scope: Creature of Panic abilities power up; now extend range of wave of fear to ten feet; detriments to d6 now last 5 rounds. You can now use spontaneous Mutation on yourself to take on aspects of the demons of Solari. Functions like tier 3 gene mod but with demonic attributes and a small risk of possession; failure results in damage to the target of the mutation. You can now also use the wail of the Abyss to deal direct damage with fear.

80- Face of Horror – Scope: Creature of Terror abilities power up; your spontaneous mutation gives you the power of a tier 4 gene mod, and you can cause tier 3 spontaneous mutations in others. All creatures attempting to attack you with strike weapons must roll a cognition check or back off. Detriments to d6 now increase to 2d6 and extend to 15 feet.

90- Lord of Demons – Scope: Face of Horror abilities power up; you now draw power from people fears; +1d6 on all rolls for every three people afraid of you. Your spontaneous mutation gives you the power of a tier 5 gene mod and you can cause tier 4 spontaneous mutations in others, up to 5 at once. You can attempt to take a person’s most monstrous nightmare and bring it to life using

the energy of the Abyssal darkness in Solari with two full rounds of concentration.

100- Abyssal Nightmare – Scope: Lord of Demons abilities power up; you now cause tier 5 spontaneous mutations in others, up to 8 at once. All people attempting to attack you in a 20ft radius must make a cognition check or fall prone. Wave of fear can cripple anyone in a 50 ft radius. Once per day can transform into a Greater Demon of Solari or command the tendrils of the abyss to attempt to devour a patch of ground 10ft by 10ft and all those on it.

Cognition- The Basics of protecting and strengthening your own consciousness and controlling others to the point of: resisting psyonic attacks; seeing life energy; and eventually being able to drain that energy for yourself. Note: Cognition is primarily used to cause condition effects, defend your mind or subdue others all of these actions get advantage +2d6 directly attack an opponent with cognition for base damage always gets disadvantage -2d6;

20- Strong mind – you gain +1 to mental resistance; the Scope of your skill now enables you to: attempt to peer into others’ minds to see only their current thoughts. Release waves from your mind that slightly distresses or disorients nearby attackers; or focus on one individual and will all your mental strength to moderately slow them down.

40- Iron Will – you gain +1 to mental resistance: the Scope of your skill: Strong Mind skills power up; also can attempt to peer through the eyes of another conscious creature; or attempt to create mental prison that freezes an opponent where they stand for a round; can take a turn and concentrate to give

all allies in a certain area (small bonus to their mental resistance rolls); and can phase into Solari with your mind at will and communicate with creatures there.

60- Giant’s Will – you gain +1 to mental resistance; the Scope of your skill: Iron Will skills power up. Example: you could attempt to hold an opponent for two rounds or target two opponents to hold for one round. You can peer into opponents’ deep thoughts and memories; release mental waves with a chance of stunning or knocking opponents prone or crippling them. You can also use your will to dominate certain creatures in Solari and gain their abilities (works like a tier 3 gene mod).

80- Titan’s Will – you gain +2 to mental resistance; the Scope of your skill: Giant’s Will skills power up; also can now attempt to break an opponent’s will putting them in a catatonic state. Can attempt to poison opponent’s mind, dealing damage over time and crippling like physical poison but with no anti venom. Can use all mental strength to work one opponent’s body like a puppet. Also, Dominated creatures can now serve as a tier 4 gene mod.

90- Demon’s Will – you gain +4 to mental resistance; the Scope of your skill: Titan’s Will skills power up; also can now feel the life energy of an opponent and attempt to (roll your cognition dice at base 8) drain it into life for yourself or other allies. Enemies attacking you with strike weapons must make a resilience check; if they fail they are stunned. Also, dominated creatures can now serve as a tier 5 gene mod.

100- Mind Of Dominance – you gain +7 to mental resistance; the Scope of your skill: Demon’s Will skills power up. Example: you can now target an area of enemies to drain life energy from 30ft; you can now also fire that energy back out of your body, instead of storing it to heal yourself in the form of

psyonic expulsions that deal your condition damage and cripple opponents in a 50ft area. Lastly, your mind can now contend even with Greater Beings of Solari.

Weapons 24. Weapons work on a tier based system – going from 1 to 5 these are the weapon categories available for use: Martial- includes all strike based weapons blades, blunt, and even improvised strike weapons from anything you find. Next, we have standard Ranged Weapons- includes basic bows, handguns, rifles, shotguns, grenades, semi-automatic, and fully automatic weapons.

Tactical Ranged Weapons- include more advanced and combat focused versions of all the ranged weapons as well as special ranges, like rocket seeking hand grenades and flame throwers. These weapons, if not an entirely new type, usually have special features. For example: laser sights, extended magazines, enhanced targeting procedures, special rounds, and more. They will typically do more damage and have better effects than regular ranged weapons but require a good understanding of ranged weapons to be used.

Heavy Weapons- include all weapons requiring great strength to use. For example: huge swords or axes, massive grenade and rocket launchers, Gatling Guns, or any improvised weapon requiring massive strength to use, like a cement pillar. Note: Heavy Weapons require at least 5 in strength to use; otherwise get -d6 to rolls and -10ft to move speed. Energy Weapons- this is a template for transforming the aforementioned weapons, as energy weapons can be made from tactical, martial, or heavy. For the ranged, these weapons have been specially designed to fire a high velocity thermo plasma based round that explodes and

melts anything that it can’t blow right through. For the martial, they are combat swords and knives that have the blades designed with a special chemical bond to survive extreme heat and then charged with the same plasma allowing them to cut through most anything. These weapons operate as they normally would with added armor penetration equal to their current tier. They can now also be used to bust through doors, walls and other obstacles with much less difficulty. Special- this is a class that can be given to any weapons including one that is energy. All it means is that it comes with a special attribute. For example: the weapons could be laced with anti-gene serum and get a +1d6 against all gene mod enemies or have fire damage that burns enemies and cripples. The GM will tell you what it is.

Note: to find out more specifics on each weapon’s damage and effects throughout all five tiers, check out the Weapons page in the Assets section.

Starting Resources All character’s start off with three resource points. These can be used to give you a variety of things: 1. Gear- one point can get you any 2 pieces of common gear; 2 can get you a single piece of uncommon gear; and all three can get you one piece of tier 2 uncommon gear. Note: all gear start at tier 1 unless you spend 3rp. All weapons come with one full clip of ammo. 2. Contacts- you can buy contacts and connections as well as people who know and will help you: 1 for minor; 2 for major; and all 3 for a strong connection with the individual. The individual becomes more powerful as well. 3. Training- you can buy raw skill points in the form of training, 5 per resources point used.

4. Cash – Lastly you can get raw cash: 200 creds for 1 point; 500 for 2; and 1000 for 3.

Gene Mods 25. As you know from the Status section, Gene Mods allow a character to gain a designed or developed mutation that changes the physical characteristics of their bodies. The range of gene mods run on a 1-5 tier spectrum reflecting the power and scope of the transformation and giving benefits to attributes: armor, appearance, size and natural weaponry, such as claws or acid.

Anti-Gene Serum- anti-gene serum takes these away. For example: a character enhanced with a tier 2 gene mod gets injected with tier 2 anti-gene serum then rolls resilience check; if he fails he is reduced back to normal. If, however, he is injected with only a tier 1 anti-gene serum, it may debilitate him a bit or it may have no effect; it is up to the GM. You need the right level anti-gene serum to take down high-powered gene mods. This is why having a scientist in the party can be valuable.

Note: the higher tier the anti-gene serum, the better chance of debilitation even if it’s not the right dose. Use tier 2 anti-gene serum on a tier 1 gene mod; it is guaranteed to reduce them to normal with a chance of damage or death due to overdose.

Note: Gene Mods only last a certain period of time based on their tier: 1- lasts 1 hour; 2- for 2 hours; and so on up to 5 hours at tier 5. There are some People who have perm mods, ones that were designed to permanently alter their gene structure. They are not as powerful as tier 4 or 5 gene mods but

cannot be altered with anti-gene serum. They also however cannot re-mod with any new gene therapies either.

Spontaneous Mutations 27.Spontaneous mutations are similar to gene mods with three major exceptions:

1. The mutation can give you enhanced mental power skills because you are gaining the forms of Creatures, Patriarchs, and Demons of Solari which have these powers; 2. You can have your mind hypnotized or possessed. The mutation is actually more like a channel. You channel these entities from Solari and manifest their form in your body. The more powerful the Cognition or Fear or Belief of whatever you are bringing forth is, the greater the chance they will take over your mind.

3. You must create these mutations in yourself by using the mental powers of either Belief – for aspects of Patriarchs; Fear- for aspects of Demons; or Cognition for aspects of the multitude of creatures that inhabit Solari.

Note: failure can result in severe personal injury, but attributes and powers are usually much greater than what you find in tier 1 and 2 gene mods.

Here are the Benefits available from Tiers 1- 5

Tier 1- Gene Mod Subject gains +2 in any stat related to the transformation, or they may choose to have tier 1 natural melee weapons or tier 1 natural armor. Subject may gain a basic ability or attribute of the creature whose genes were used to make the mod. The GM will describe it. Examples: improved dark vision, minor scaling of the skin, or improved smell. Lasts for 1 hour.

Tier 2- Gene Mod Subject gains +4 in any stat related to the transformation, or they may choose to have tier 2 natural melee weapons or tier 2 natural armor. Subject may gain an advanced ability or visible attribute. Examples: full night vision, thick fur, or improved speed and reflexes. Lasts for 2 hours.

Tier 3- Gene Mod Subject gains +3 in any 2 stats related to the transformation, or they may choose to have tier 3 natural melee weapons or tier 3 natural armor. Subject may gain a greater ability or visible attribute. Examples: spider like wall crawling, a heavy spiked armored hide, Physical Growth 1 size larger or smaller. Lasts for 3 hours.

Tier 4- Gene Mod Subject gains +4 in any 2 stats related to the transformation, or they may choose to have tier 4 natural melee weapons or tier 4 natural armor. Subject may gain a heightened ability or viable attribute. Examples: Gliding Bat wings, a natural ranged weapon such as acid breath, Physical Growth 2 sizes larger or smaller. Lasts for 4 hours.

Tier 5- Gene Mod Subject gains +5 in any 2 stats related to the transformation, or they may choose to have tier 5 natural melee weapons or tier 5 natural armorSubject may gain a heightened ability or visible attribute. Examples: Full flight eagle wings, a natural elemental weapon such as electric claws, Physical Growth 3 sizes larger or smaller. Lasts for 5 hours.

Note: trying to overdose on multiple mods might transform you into a giant monster... or it might simply cause your genome to break and your skin to melt off.

Cybernetics Mods- Cybernetic Mods are Technology built into humans to enhance their abilities. These can be used by anyone with normal human genetics, but once you have them, you are unable to use gene mods or

receive spontaneous mutations. Attempting to do so will only damage you and the cybernetics. These mods give you enhancements to skills or even temporary access to certain gear weapons or armor a certain number of times per day. The number of charges per day a Cyborg has depends on the tier of their Modification. Cyber modifications will give an automatic bonus to armor as well.

Tier 1 Cyber- armor +1 can give user +10 to any one skill for one encounter or - access to any use of one a tier one common gear or - access to use of any tier one common weapon -for one encounter or + 5 hit points for this encounter. Choose 1; use once per day.

Tier 2 Cyber- armor +1 can give user +10 to any 2 skills for one encounter or - access to any use of one a tier 2 common gear or - access to use of any tier 2 common weapon -for one encounter or + 10 hit points for this encounter. Choose 2; use twice per day.

Tier 3 Cyber- armor +2 can give user +20 to any 1 skill for one encounter or - access to any use of one a tier 3 uncommon gear or - access to use of any tier 3 uncommon weapon -for one encounter or + 15 hit points for this encounter or + 1 size increase to LargeChoose 3; use 3 times per day.

Tier 4 Cyber- armor +3 can give user +10 to any 3 skills for one encounter or - access to any use of one a tier 4 uncommon gear or - access to use of any tier 4 uncommon weapon -for one encounter or +20ft movement speed for one encounter or + 15 hit points for this encounter or + 1 size increase to Large Or Environment shielding +2d6 armor against element of your choice for the day. Choose 4; use 4 times per day.

Tier 5 Cyber- armor +4 can give user +20 to any 2 skills for one encounter or - access to any use of one a tier 5 uncommon gear or - access to use of any tier 5 uncommon weapon -for one encounter- or tier one rareor + 20 hit points for this encounter

or + 2 size increase to Huge or Environment shielding +2d6 armor against element of your choice for the day or +40ft movement speed for one encounter. Choose 5; use 5 times per day.

Note: You choose one of the options and the specific type of weapons, gear or skills the cybernetic enhancement gives you. Note: you do not need to have ammo for the cybernetic weapons; the cybernetics convert energy to matter every day with the sun to allow you adequate supplies per charge, but if you are trying to build a suit with weapons you will need the weapon you are trying to build. Note: All non-heavy cybernetic weapons are considered concealed when not being used.

Building EncountersEnemy’s for encounters are built similar to your characters- 1 choose HP – choose AC- choose MR – Then give it ability’s based on the skills it possessesLast give it equipment, gear and a number of actions All these values should be based off its challenge ratingLesser – Tier 1 – 5 -pt-20

Standard- Tier 1- 5 -pt-100

Greater- Tier 1 – 5-pt-150

Elite- Tier 1 – 5 -pt-200

Legendary - Tier 1 -pt-300

Epic- Tier 1 - 5-pt-400

Cataclysmic- Tier 1 - 5-pt-500 The challenge rating is based off player’s current levelEncounters are Corporeal or Ethereal from Solari for skill points give it its base pt times tier level-

Thus concludes the Players Guide – Part 1. What follows is the Assets Section: tools such as Guns, and Demons and gangs you can use in your Game. Enjoy and remember: Always Dream Responsibly.

----Assets--• Major -Locations—

• Gangs / factions/ cults-

• Icons of New London

• Patriarchs and demons

• Tech / gear/ Weapons

Major -Locations – 1. New London –{ capitOl district

Run down: Welcome to New London’s Glorious Capitol, a beacon of hope in an otherwise black and dangerous world. Yeah right, try: central source of tyranny and oppression for the most corrupt dictatorship in the history of mankind bar NONE. The Capitol district is the major center of “legal” trade and commerce throughout the General City and since by now New London’s cityscape spans most of the globe, that is saying something. It is also one of the only places where you will see citizens of the Oligarkum (New London’s floating city of true citizens, not criminals, slaves or poor) coming down from their ivory towers to do business with the lower city. Just so happens: it also has one of the largest concentrations of New London Military you will find anywhere in the lower sector, so try not to jay walk or you find your daily commute rather inconvenienced by multiple shot gun shells in your legs. StatsPopulation – high Military presence – high Trade – extreme

Crime - low controlled by– Republic 0f new London Danger level – low

Major -Locations – 2. New London –{ sector 14 cyridion labs

Run down: From major exploitation comes major profit, such is the saying of the citizens of New London’s sector 14, and in no other sector is it more true. This entire section of the city, stretching out over an area of about 67 square miles, is under the sole ownership of the Cyridion Corporation’s laboratory development division. These labs are massive, often the size of larger than life sky scrapers, and can go on for miles in multiple directions. The sector is primarily controlled by the Cyridion Corporation’s own private militia. It is also a well-known gathering place of the Blue Suns, who run a criminal underground of drug rings that buy off various chemical components from contacts inside the corporation. In addition, the runoff from the chemical plants are handled by a massive sewage system full of toxic gas, so bring your mask. StatsPopulation – high Crime - average Military presence – low

Trade – average Danger level – average controlled by– Cyridion militia

Major -Locations – 3. New London –{ underground the shadow sector

Run down: The only thing worse than finding yourself stranded in the outlands without any water would be to find yourself in the Shadow Sector without anything to trade. Welcome to New London’s criminal capitol, the center of all illegal trade and commerce throughout the entire city. Obsidian filtration plants have been placed at key locations in the district so the sky is always dark and the alleys always shady. Here you can find just about anything you could possibly want to buy, sell or steal, provided of course you live long enough to find it. The Shadow Sector has no military presence whatsoever, and the only law is how many guns you have and how quickly you can pull the trigger. That being said, it is not actually criminals who control the sector, but the Myroshi Traders. A syndicate of cyber-enhanced engineers, the Myroshi have run the Shadow Sector for decades without protest. However, recently a group of assassins, known only as the Black Death, have been contesting the territory; so these days it’s more dangerous than ever. StatsPopulation – Average Crime - Extreme Military presence – none

Trade – extreme Danger level – high controlled by– <Contested>

Major -Locations – 4. New London –{ outskirts the dead zone

Run down: Even the colossal cityscape of New London has its limits. Eventually, all things come to an end, but the ruins of what came before still remain. Welcome to the Outskirts, the last stop on the train to hell that ends with the Polar Mountains. Here, the last biter remnants of the old city still cling to life and the secrets of their forgotten past. Also known as the Dead Zone, the Outskirts are home to a variety of nasty irradiated animals, which will tear out your throat faster than you can blink. They also happen to be surprisingly indifferent to bullets. Recently, rumors have surfaced that the Red Screamers gang have decided to make this their home of operations, but no recon teams sent by New London authorities has been able to confirm or deny this as they have all been found suffering from a severe case of decapitation. As if that wasn’t enough, the incredibly dry air mixed with the heat from the radiation have led to spectacular wild fires that spring up constantly, so don’t forget the hot dogs.

StatsPopulation – low Crime - high Military presence – none

Trade – low Danger level – high controlled by– none

Major -Locations – 5. New London –{ uncharted the outlands

Run down: Beyond the towering citadels and the shining towers of steel glass lies the New London Territories, some of which are so large that they remain mostly uncharted. The most immediate of these territories upon exiting the city limits is the Outlands. It is a massive desert of sand and stone stretching out for hundreds of miles in all directions, whose sands are full of forgotten creatures, ancient relics and massive ruins. These jagged pathways are home to a desert cult known as the Unification. They preach a message of peace and unity but practice a rather brutal form of genocide. These bloodthirsty savages kill all who don’t conform and sometimes even those who do. But the desert’s not all death and misery. Many nomadic tribes live amongst the sands as well and have created a multitude of trading outposts which serve them well. Some even speak of full cities hidden in the sands, allowing them to sell their rather rare and ill-gotten items to whoever they please without any cumbersome legal restraints.

StatsPopulation – low Crime - high Military presence – low

Trade – average Danger level – extreme controlled by– The Unification

Major -Locations –6. New London –{ upper elite the oligarkum

Run down: Look up into the New London sky on any given day, and you might see the sun. However, you have a far greater chance of seeing the Republic’s most powerful symbol of oppression and dominance known and feared across all territories as the Oligarkum. This massive fortress of floating technology was designed by a small contingent of engineers for one sole purpose: separate those with power from those without. The Oligarkum spans a space larger than most of the larger city quarters and houses millions of soldiers, servants, and above all else wealthy and powerful individuals of all the territories. This palace of tyranny floats through the darkened skies, taking resources from the city below, whose entire function is primarily to feed the affluence of those who live aboard. Little is known by the common people about what actually goes on up there. What is known is that in addition to housing the rich, it is also the home of the Sovereign Monarch and ruler of New London, as well as being the central base of the New London military. It is controlled by New London’s elite Cybernetic Guard, the Nekrem, deadly soldiers of fire and steel. StatsPopulation – average Crime - ??? Military presence – extreme

Trade – ??? Danger level – ??? controlled by– The nekrem elite

Major -Locations – 7. New London –{ uncharted the white wasteS

Run down: Extending far out beyond the massive deserts of the outlands lie the great white mountains and dangerous ice capped peaks of the White Wastes. Here, temperatures average well below zero even on the warmest of days, and ice storms with winds capable of tearing through solid steel rage throughout the frozen valleys day in and out. In fact, the area would be completely uninhabited if it wasn’t for the Quick Triggers’ central mercenary outpost. The Quick Triggers, one of the most powerful mercenary groups in all of New London, built a centralized unification point for all the mercenary groups deep in the heart of the White Wastes. Here, just about as far away from the New London Militia as you can get, they are free to engage in trade of arms, weapons, vehicles, and even small armies. Shake hands here with some of the most dangerous people on the planet. Lastly, the Mercs come for the sport of the Iron Maiden, a massive and deadly race through the frozen Black Cannons and Tunnels of the Wastes. The winner is awarded massive riches and much renown by the Quick Triggers themselves. StatsPopulation – Low

Trade – Extreme

Crime - average

Danger level – high

Military presence – low

controlled by– The quick triggers

Major -Locations – 8. New London –{ prison the obsidian towers

Run down: There is only one place on all of New London more dangerous than the desert wastes of the mysterious Outlands: the Obsidian Towers. Located deep in the Night Lands, it is New London’s one and only Prison. Now, the streets of the city house a variety of criminals themselves, but those are nothing compared to the Demons of the Obsidian Towers. These twisted beings are either too dangerous because of what they know or what the years of genetic splicing and biotech modes have done to their bodies. The Towers also double as a Military black ops site and place of “Bio Military research.” All in all, let’s just say not every guard or every inmate is necessarily human. Rumors have it that one of the more Notorious gangs known as Deep Laughter, a psychotic gang of mutant killers, has its leader locked inside, but not as a prisoner. The whispers speak of him being the true warden of the entire prison given to him for … development by the military. Other than this, not much is known about the Obsidian Towers. StatsPopulation – extreme Crime - high Military presence – low

Trade – LOW Danger level – EXTREME controlled by– Deep Laughter

-Gangs1.- the Blue Suns Deep in the heart of every city, there is always a strong youth population. With that youth comes a strong desire to rebel, and then there are those who take it too far. The Blue Suns are the latter: forged in the beginning by young rebels seeking to throw off the yoke of New London oppression, they fast became one of the strongest rebel groups in greater city. They are well armed, well supplied and harbor a special kind of hatred for all members of the New London military. Population – average Crime - average

Trade – Low Danger level – Low

2.- the Black Crows One of the more prevalent groups in New London’s lower decks, the Black Crows can be found lurking about in just about every scum den, drug nest and back ally you can find in the city. Its origins are virtually unknown, and its true leader is anyone’s guess. But it is rumored that their upper ranks, the Bladed Ravens, receive funding directly from the Oligarkum to keep certain city areas in check. Members are easily identified by their love of the color black and various crow tattoos often found on the forearms, shoulders and chest. Rape, robbery, and your standard heists are their normal MO. Make no mistake, the Black Crows are criminals, and their organization’s only true goal is to take what others have. Approach with care; Crows are unpredictable and rather dangerous. Population – average Crime - High

Trade – Low Danger level – Average

3.- Red Screamers In the city there’s a saying: you can shake hands with a Crow and likely lose your watch, but shake hands with a Screamer and likely to lose your hand, your eyes, your tongue, your legs, and well…you get the picture. The most overtly violent gang in all of New London it has been said that they aren’t really even a gang at all but rather juiced up Psychotics let loose by the Military to test the effects of new combat enhancing drugs. While the truth of this is unknown, what is clear is that any contact with a Screamer will likely end in some form of bloodshed. They favor blades and simply beating people to death, but there have been cases where they ran up to large groups of people full of grenades and painted the block a new color. Word of advice: if you see one, shoot or run. In fact, do both. Do not hesitate, or you’re dead faster than you would believe. Population – Low Crime - High

Trade – Low Danger level – Extreme

4.- Shadow Of all the gangs that plague New London’s surface, Shadow is by far one of the strangest. Some members move through the streets and lower levels stealing and raiding much like the Crows, while others practice the rituals of the sect much like a religion. It began at first with cult-like ideals flowing out of the Shadow Sector to unite all thieves and smugglers under one credo. However, it has spread and gained strength as members of the movement joined forces with corrupt New London Military to form the strongest smugglers’ ring in all of the city. From there, its philosophy of stealth and cunning and the art of taking without being seen gained sway to the point where some thieves say there are even whole temples built underground to house true priests of Shadow. Population – high Crime - Average

Trade – high Danger level – high

5.- the Dead Watch Dead men tell no tales, but in the sacred crypts of New London there are still those who guard their memories. The Dead Watch is one of the oldest factions of the Middle city and still remains to this day. Legend has it that in the city’s early days, the bodies of the recently deceased were constantly raided for everything from money to organs, so the Council formed the Order of the Dead, whose sacred task was to watch over the crypts and all those who died within the city. Over time, the Order grew in numbers and began their climb to power. Now, they are known by a new name and a new trade. Human bodies are valuable in New London, and the Dead Watch controls them all. They are also known for their horrific appearance as they constantly experiment on themselves with the latest bio mods. Population – Average Crime - High

Trade – Extreme Danger level – high

6.- Deep Laughter As dangerous as the Red Screamers are, their small size and lack of organization make them only the second most feared group of thugs in the New London underground, but Deep Laugher, a.k.a. the Pale Faced Hunters, is the most feared and dangerous gang in New London. With strength bordering on military elite, they have not only raided and burnt out whole sections of the city but are also believed to have kidnapped several key members of the Oligarkum’s children or other loved ones and even manipulate sections of the Government. They started out as just another gang, but it is said that when one of New London military’s most infamous experiments, Wight Shadow, went horribly wrong, members got their hands on it and began developing horrifying abilities. Since then, the gang’s rise to power has been nearly unstoppable. With massive attacks on the city that are only getting larger, no one really knows what their endgame is. Members are known by their use of make up over their bleach bone white skin. Population – HIGH

Trade – low

Crime - Extreme

Danger level – Extreme

-Factions1. Quick Triggers Just like their well-known name suggests, the Quick Triggers love guns, lots and lots of guns. In fact, they hold some of the largest arms contracts of any known faction in all of the city, and their armories are matched only by that of the Republic of New London. Need a weapon? The Quick Triggers have you covered. Need someone to wield it? Not a problem; most highly populated districts are crawling with Quick Trigger mercs, and the only thing these sub human troglodytes love more than holding guns is using them. And they don’t really care all that much who is on the other side of the barrel. Quick Triggers have been key elements of gang wars, military incursions, assassinations and even domestic disputes for as long as most people can remember, and with all the new violence appearing in the city it doesn’t look like they’ll be going anywhere else anytime soon. .Population – Extreme Crime - Average

Trade – High Danger level – average

2. Myroshi Traders New London’s streets are filled with illegal traders of all shapes and kinds, but there’s one group of traders that hold lord over all. The Myroshi are an ancient organization that has existed since the start of New London’s history. Originally, it is said they are the ones who created the great pylons to treat the radiation of the atomic wars and founded the city before the Republic was

even formed. Now, they are there in the shadows of every black street from the Capitol to the Outlands bringing high tech contraband back to the people the Republic seeks to take it away from. .Population – Low

Trade – Extreme

Crime - Low

Danger level – Average

3. Iron fist The Mercs of New London know many shapes and sizes, but there is only one company known far and wide for its effectiveness, brutality, and advanced biotech enhancements: the one and only Iron Fist Company. This group of thugs sprang up during the early days of the Shadow Sector and quickly gained renown as the people to go to for quick and dirt-cheap hits on easy targets. However. the company gained true power when one of their jobs landed them a shipment of advanced biotech from Cyridion Labs. The boys got a taste, and they wanted more. But they were smart about it. They pooled their resources and tracked down the specific Lead Engineer on the advanced prototype equipment they first managed to steal. Then, using their new toys, they kidnapped him and forced him to make weapons and equipment exclusively for them. Now, they are one of the most powerful Merc companies in all of New London.

.Population – High

Trade – Average

Crime - High

Danger level – High

-Cults4. The Unification

Are you oppressed and down trodden; has your luck run dry; do you look to the heavens wishing you could simply understand your purpose amidst the endless darkness of the obsidian sky? If so, the Unifcation is the cult for you; just as long as you also feel no remorse, are a killer, and wish to see the universe returned to its rightful order of absolute darkness. In the guise of friendship to the poor and desperate, the Unification reaches out and turns ordinary citizens into soldiers in an army of the Dark. This is nothing so new, and as with most cults if you cut off the head of the snake, the body will follow. Only problem is: no one knows who the leader of the Unification is. No one has been able to get inside its ranks and reveal the Master. Or rather, every mole and informant placed inside has without fail within a few days confessed all their ties and abandoned all law enforcement to become a true believer. It’s almost as if they worship the Dark itself. Worse yet, they are spreading fast like a cancer, eating away at the city’s outskirts. And with no one seeming to be able to stop them, it might not be long before the whole city becomes a wanton slave of the Dark. Side: Captain Reynard Hikage of the 22nd New London Republic enforcement division put in a formal request concerning the Unification. It read as follows “There is no doubt in my mind this cult is harboring Dreamers. It is clear they are the source behind its power. Furthermore I suspect involvement from the Abyssal presence we saw in subject 0 at the start of this whole mess. Request forces necessary to move in and terminate all living members effective immediately.” The Captain’s request was granted…. No one has seen or heard from his forces since…. No further attempts have been made. .Population – High Crime - High

Trade – none Danger level – Extreme

5. The Breaking Dawn The population of new London has been made well aware of Dreamers after the explosive incident involving Patient 0 that started the hunt for their extinction. Most of the population fears and hates them simply because of what they are. However, there is a whisper of an underground movement hidden deep within the massive metropolis, a last secret alliance of Dreamers banded together with one singular purpose: the complete destruction of the Oligarkum and the entire Republic Guard. You will not hear of this group spoken openly in the major districts for even a

mention of their name can bring about swift execution for treason. But travel deep enough into the Dead Zone or down into the ruins below, and you might just see a brazen Red Sun painted in blood shining bright above the words: The Dawn Will Rise Again…. .Population – ??? Crime - ???

Trade – ??? Danger level – ???

-DemonsSince the insane horrors that were released by Patient Zero after the RND’s research went horribly wrong, whispers have begun of terrors in the night that still remain even after the cleansing that took place to stop them. Their names echo inside the mind, whispers that devour

the soul and break the wills of men. If you wish to know them you need to find the hidden researchers of what was found that fateful day. Cursed and maddened fools, some say they speak of an illusory world on some distant star, a place only known as Solari. Or just wait and perhaps the whispers will find you instead…The following is documentation of Demons by an internal researcher 2H4 on the patients plagued by this madness:

• Casacus Casacus is the Lord of Fire and Blood, and it is from these that he draws his power. In the endless desert of Solari, sands of glass rip countless creatures to shreds, and the sun sets their bones ablaze. He is born of this madness, a horrific tower of burning flesh and sand, monstrous and terrifying to behold. He commands his followers to burn and devour the corpses of their enemies, supposedly giving them inhuman strength and vigor in return.

• Valu Valu is the great watcher of the Dark. He uses eyes of living creatures to complement his power. Far beneath the surface in the catacombs where the old lords of Solari sleep, the Valu slithers with the Dark and the Deep. He takes from them the eyes of the waking dead, ripping them straight from their owner’s head. The victims of this insanity describe the creature as a massive Wyrm of vast black tentacles with a body of a thousand eyes ever hungry for more. It commands its followers to gouge out the eyes of the living in offering, supposedly giving them the power to see through darkness and doubt in return.

• WRelcore Wrelcore is the gluttonous King of Shadow and Steel, using the screams of those torn to pieces as fuel for his power. Lying at the center of the Great Jungle Forests of Solari he is described as a great fat insect-like beast with hundreds of massive bladed claws stretching high into the heavens. Like a great spider, he sits with the entire jungle as his web. His followers believe he commands them to slice their enemies apart, giving them in return some kind of impossible skill with a blade.


Diz Diz is by far one of the strangest Demons the lunatics speak of. He is touted as the Sultan of Lies and Madness, and it certainly seems to be sp. RND’s official position is that all of these poor souls who believe this nonsense are insane, but the worshipers of Diz … there’s just something so fascinating about them. He flies, they say, on tremendous batlike wings so vast they block out the sun, and thus his coming is like that of the night. His face changes from that which you love to that which you fear the most, over and over, driving you mad. Speak only lies and drive others to madness, and Great Diz will grant you his perfect reward… He is beautiful; don’t you see this is truth beyond truth. I see now yes, it’s all so clear .. it is all clear.

Note: after researching the stories of Diz, researcher 2H4 returned his findings to RND’s archives. He then returned to his work, where he detonated a massive IED of TriMethyl-Oxide Gas. 324 were killed; the 2000 that survived were mentally unstable and had to be contained. Afterward, Researcher 2H4 was never found.

-PatriarchsThe madness that has gripped the city since the outbreak of this mass hysteria has not been all talk of harmful monsters though. There are also several new semi-religious groups that have sprung up as well. They speak similar rantings and ravings of creatures beyond this world but these .. these are different, less dark and malicious, and almost benevolent father-like figures. In history, it seems the closest thing you could compare them to would be the Gods of ancient Greece. Yet these have more mystery surrounding their nature, and here are their most common forms:

â&#x20AC;˘ zanda Lord of the Miran, an ancient, ever-changing fortress of stones forged from the very essence of creation. He is the supposed Ruler of the last city left in all of Solari. Described as a great

armored guardian with eyes of deep purple like galaxies of stars, he defends the souls still loyal to the old world with his blade of silver light. He allegedly grants great speed and power to those who defend the helpless. He is constantly at odds with Wrelcore, ever seeking a way to rout him out of the cursed jungle, and finally settle who is the true Master of Blades.

• Behl-korn Keeper of the key and master Guardian of the Great Portal of Diz, the gateway into the true abyss; he keeps it sealed and secure so that Diz may never again gain the power he once had that destroyed all the other cities of Solari. He stands as the Mountain Massive and ever vigilant with a great hammer that is said to be able to shatter earth, stone, shadow and light. He gives great endurance to those who defend their territory and take away the weapons of evil. He is sworn to find a way to banish Diz once and forever from all planes of existence.

• Demeroth Demeroth is the reaper of souls. He takes the death and darkness spread by the creatures and demons of Solari and uses it to create new life. Demeroth used to be one of the most deadly demons of Solari, but in the Great War of Diz, Zanda converted Demeroth into a Patriarch in exchange for his undying loyalty. He is described as having the grey stone like body of a man with the bony skull horned head of an Ox and long ethereal claws to rend through the nature of reality itself. It was he who created the Valar, the massive wraith-like Sentinels of Blue Flame that now Guard the Miran. He rewards those who give life to the lifeless. He is ever seeking the eyes of the Valu to further his own power.

• AL-kara The Lady of Fire and Light, Al-kara is Zanda’s Daughter and Mistress of the Shimmering Tower, the main soaring defense of the Realm’s last city. Like a blazing sun, she stands in golden armor wreathed with spikes of light, wielding two great spears of Immortal Flame that burn her enemies to dust. She soars down from the tower whenever danger approaches, the Miran rushing to defend the light of the city. Al-kara rewards those who show no mercy to evil, and her fire is ever contested by the flames of Casacus, Lord of Fire and Blood.



Weapons damage range from tier 1 to 5

Hand GunAccuracy range – 200ft base dam - 4 / 5/ 6/ 7 / 8 ammo per shot - 1

Crit – 3 natural 6’s rarity level – Common Capacity – 20

Special- extra d6 when taking opponents unawares at 20ft Or Less

Semi automatic-

Accuracy range – 220ft

Crit – 3 natural 6’s

base dam - 4 / 5/ 6 / 7 / 8

rarity level – Common

ammo per shot - 1/3 +1base dam

Capacity - 30

Special- 60ft or more away 5/s deal half dam


20ft or less and 4s deal full dam.

Shot gunAccuracy range – 50ft base dam - 5 / 6/ 7/ 8 / 9

Crit – 4 natural 6’s rarity level – Common

ammo per shot - 1

Special- within 20ft 3’s and 4’s deal full damage Chance to hit multiple enemIEs if right in front of you

Capacity – 8

RifleAccuracy range – 350ft base dam - 6 /7/ 8/9/10 ammo per shot - 1

Crit – 2 natural 6’s rarity level – unCommon Capacity – 12

Special- When aiming can roll Reflex/Perception check to track target – success results in +4d6 instead of 2 fail results in minus 2d6 instead. Takes full turn to reload.

Full AutomaticAccuracy range – 150ft

Crit – 3 natural 6’s

base dam - 4 / 5/ 6 /7/ 8

rarity level – uncommon

ammo per shot - 1/3+1 base dam/5+1d6 Capacity – 50

Special- spend 10 ammo + 2 d6


Blade-Long Accuracy range – 5ft base dam - 4 / 5/ 6/ 7 / 8

Crit – 3 natural 6’s rarity level – uncommon

Special- 2 natural 6’s causes moderate bleeding –

Blade-short Accuracy range – 5ft base dam - 3 / 4/ 5/ 6 / 7

Crit – 2 natural 6’s rarity level – Common

Special- 2 natural 6’s causes moderate bleeding - +1d6 when taking opponents unaware.

Blunt Accuracy range – 5ft

Crit – 3 natural 6’s

base dam - 4 / 5/ 6/ 7/ 8

rarity level – Common

Special- 2 natural 6’s causes stun -

Improvised Accuracy range – 5ft base dam - 3 / 4/ 5/ 6/ 7

Crit – 3 natural 6’s rarity level – ultra common

Special- 2 natural 6’s causes choice of bleeding –stun – or Prone-GM’s-Choice



Heavy Blade Accuracy range – 5ft base dam - 5 / 6/ 7/ 8 / 9

Special- 2 natural 6’s causes sever bleeding-

Crit – 3 natural 6’s rarity level – Uncommon

Heavy Blunt Accuracy range – 5ft base dam - 5 / 6/ 7/ 8 / 9

Special- 2 natural 6’s causes stun and Prone

Crit – 4 natural 6’s rarity level – Uncommon

ROCKET launcher Accuracy range – 250ft

Crit – 4 natural 6’s

base dam - 8 / 9/ 10/11/ 12

rarity level – rare

ammo per shot - 1

Capacity 1

Special- targets area of 30ft-

Mini Gun Accuracy range – 200ft

Crit – 4 natural 6’s

base dam - 7 / 8/ 9/10/ 11

rarity level – rare

ammo per shot - 5/10+1base dam /15+1D6

Capacity –150

Special- targets direction area of 10ft- EXAPLE can hit up to three enemies next to each other or behind each other.

Tactical UpgradeAccuracy range + 100ft base dam - +2 Capacity *2

Crit -1 natural 6’s rarity level – rare

Special- Any of the previous mentioned weapons can be upgraded to Tactical and receive one of the bonuses listed Above â&#x20AC;&#x201C; even melee weapons. for example, if you give a melee weapon +100 range now it is electrified and can shoot out its lightning as well as perform its normal strike.

Energy Weapons Energy weapons can come in the form of any type of weapon listed above. They are guns that have been designed to fire high velocity thermal plasma rounds, or blades with a thermal plasma membrane built into the weapon. The advantage of energy Weapons+3 base damage of the weapon

+1 armor pen per tier of the weapon

+targets hit have a chance to become enflamed Detriment -

Energy Weapons are extremely rare, extremely expensive and for nonmilitary completely illegal. It’s one of the only laws that's still enforced by all New London. If you manage to get your hands on one, good luck keeping it because it immediately makes you a major target. Second- Energy Weapons also only fire fission plasma rounds also extremely rare and expensive.

ArmorArmor comes in 5 tiers and 2 types: standard and heavy- Standard armor tiers go through 1-5 and protect by reducing dice at the same level. Heavy armor does the same, but +1 for each tier and reduces your movement to 10ft and protects against physical effects like bleeding and knock down. Any of these can be tactical as well. This will mean they come with an additional ability built in, such as a wrist rocket hidden blade or night vision. Armor Standard – 1-2-3-4-5 – movement reduced -10ft Armor Heavy – 3-4-5-6-7 – movement reduced -20ft –stops physical status effects -2d6 to all stealth rolls and other dex based skill checks

Custom WeaponsNote that the weapons shown here are merely examples of the full scope of most common to most rare weapons you will find. Should you wish to have something else not described here, such as a flame thrower or grenade launcher or automatic pistol, they all exist. Just custom make it with your GM by giving it these Specs: Accuracy range – ???ft

Crit – ????

base dam - ?/ ?/ ? / ?/ ?

rarity level – ??

ammo per shot -


Capacity â&#x20AC;&#x201C;??


-Tools / GearNote- the Common Gear you have access to in the city is much like what people had access to in the early 2000s. The general populous is kept from most forms of advanced tech but itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s all there just rare. There are no cell phone services or Internet for you to use, so communications are primarily done with communication terminals and radio transmissions and com pads there are closed networks but no open web. Of course, as the GM you can make exceptions to this as you see fit, but here are some examples of important types of Game Gear your players will most likely require:

Standard RationsBasic food to stay alive; gives back 1d6 health when consumed. Cost = cheap-

Med Kit- Stim PacksBasic tool to treat injuries; can be used with some medical skill; gives back health based on said skill. Cost = inexpensive- expensive;

Drugs-/Gene Mods/ Anti-Gene S/ ..etC. Tools to alter one’s physical state, repair one’s physical state or to just get high. Cost = expensive;

Special Weapons-/Traps/ Grenades/Mines/ …etC. Tools to hinder, halt or kill enemies; can be set or thrown a certain distance, average 30ft but can get a bonus from strength. Grenades will use Ranged for roll; all others will use Tech. Time to set and damage dealt depends on specific device and is up to GM’s discretion. Cost =inexpensive- to - very expensive;

Materials-/Scrap metal/ Computer parts/ ..etC. -

Tools to make new components, such as building armor weapons or cyber mods; will also take time depending on your skill and what you are making. Sometimes you need to buy what you’re looking for, but other times you may just find it if you take the time to look. Cost = cheap to priceless;

Lock BoxOne of the most common form of payments in the black market directs is the locally encrypted bio organic xeno printer – or lock box these are stolen from the Oligarcums advanced tech data bases by smugglers and can 3d print almost anything up to the size of a glider bike. However these thefts are rushed so data is often random and if they are caught in the act they box is uploaded with a code that makes it explode whenever someone try’s to open it so using them can be very rewarding or extremely dangerous. Cost = expensive to very expensive;

Finally- here is the example char sheet:

HP- ___


MR -___


:Strength -__ :Constitution -__ :Dexterity -__ Unarmed- ___

Fitness- ___

Ranged- ___

Martial wep- ___

Resilience- ___


Heavy wep- ___

Body Armor-___


:Intellect-__ :Clairvoyance-__:Willpower:-__ Medicine- ___ Science-













Influence â&#x20AC;&#x201C;

Main weapon 1-

Main Weapon 2-

Secondary weapon-





Dreams of Solari Players Guide  

In the Dark and twisted future Man will have but one city left on earth New London the other lies in the air the floating plaice of the Olig...

Dreams of Solari Players Guide  

In the Dark and twisted future Man will have but one city left on earth New London the other lies in the air the floating plaice of the Olig...