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Like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram for community news and info Issue No 69• A community newspaper for Newcastle’s suburbs • January 2020

Taps to tighten Hunter Water warns of Level 2 restrictions

Minister for Water, Property and Housing, Melinda Pavey has announced that Level 2 water restrictions will commence across Newcastle and the Lower Hunter as early as this month, as the region’s dam’s fall to their lowest levels in almost 40 years. The Bureau of Meteorology has forecast a hot summer with ongoing dry conditions. If this tracks as predicted, Level 2 water restrictions will commence on 20 January. Continued on page 5

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with Mark Brooker Publisher of The Local


We didn’t travel anywhere over Christmas and new year. Instead we had what’s known as a staycation. Yes, it’s an actual word, added to the Oxford Dictionary in 2010. I like to think it was a conscious choice to stay home and savour the delights of summer in Newcastle. Katrina my wife will tell you I’m kidding myself, and it’s because I’ve spent the fun coupons on an upcoming epic adventure that doesn’t include the rest of the family. Hmm. She’s probably right. More about that in coming months. Anyway we’ve enjoyed local parks, local beaches and other attractions. We have some of the best outdoor spaces you will find anywhere. Lambton Park, Blackbutt Reserve, King Edward Park are all fantastic places for families. Name me a better two kilometre beachfront in Australia, or anywhere else for that matter, than the Bar to Dixon Park to Merewether stretch. We’ve loved trying out a couple of new cafes and watering holes that have been on our list for ages but had never got around to. We are truly blessed living in Newcastle. It’s got everything you could want in a holiday town except one important difference. It’s not actually a holiday town. It has all the best bits of a holiday town; think beaches, open space and relaxed down to earth people. And it has few of the worst bits of that same holiday town; think crowds, parking hassles and frustrated tourists. It truly has been like an off-peak holiday at peak time. Wishing you a happy new year!

Signs point to holiday road safety

City of Newcastle has joined forces again with the Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation to spread the importance of child pedestrian road safety during the summer holidays. The It’s Holiday Time campaign is the brainchild of Michelle and David McLaughlin, who tragically lost their son Tom at age four to a roadside accident near Macmasters Beach on the Central Coast. Mrs McLaughlin now spends her days proactively partnering with organisations like City of Newcastle to prevent further tragedies from occurring on NSW roads. “The campaign incorporates brightly coloured signage with simple messaging to instruct and remind drivers to slow down, and for children and families to remain alert and attentive,” Mrs McLaughlin said. “The signs are positioned in highly visible public spaces, such as beaches and parks, so that we can best maximise our road safety message.” “Holiday destinations are often an unfamiliar environment for children, and it’s important that parents have a conversation with their children and go through how they’re expected to behave when in this new environment.” These conversations are already

Mayfield West Demonstration School captains Alice Bradley, 12 (left) and Bella Lewis, 12 (right), with Councillor Peta Winney-Baaartz well and truly being had around the family dinner table and in the school classroom of 12-year-old Alice Bradley, a year six student at Mayfield West Demonstration School. As part of her school’s PDHPE curriculum, students learn necessary skills, attitudes and behaviours needed to stay safe as pedestrians, passengers and wheelchair users. “Holidays are the best time of year, but when they come around we need to take extra care when crossing roads and watching for cars,” 12-year-old Alice said. Newcastle Councillor and Local

Traffic Committee member Peta Winney-Baartz knows only too well the importance of road safety management across the LGA. “In co-operation with local police and state agencies, it is my role on behalf of the City to advocate the best outcomes for the community when it comes to a range of traffic and transport matters. “Any initiative that propagates better outcomes for children and families on our roads is a worthy one.” To read more about Michelle and David’s story, or the Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation, visit http:// www.littlebluedinosaur.org


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Blackbutt won’t break bank Want to experience the great outdoors without blowing the budget? Take a trip to Blackbutt Reserve for an up-close and personal look at some of Australia’s most revered wildlife these school holidays. Hear experts discuss Australia’s reptile wildlife at length during the popular reptile shows daily from 6 January at 11am. Tickets are $3 per person. Craft activity also occurs in the Wildlife Arena at 1pm on weekdays from 6 January. Tickets are also $3 per person. Families can visit several different animal sanctuaries between 10:30am and 2pm for an opportunity to watch koalas, birds and wombat being fed.

Tim Crakanthorp MP State Member for Newcastle

PETER DEDMAN PLUMBING 'Fighting for our fair share'



Here to help Office:              Hunter Street, Newcastle   Phone:                 Email:             newcastle@parliament.nsw.gov.au       Tim Crakanthorp M        @crakanthorp       

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M: 0434 359 855

E: peterdedman.plumbing@hotmail.com Lic. No. L14074

Level 2 water restrictions (continued from page 1)

This will be the first time Level 2 restrictions have been in place since the 1980s drought. It comes as Hunter Water’s storages dropped to less than 56 per cent capacity prior to Christmas. The last time levels fell below this total was in July 1980. “The Lower Hunter’s dams are declining at a rapid rate of about one per cent each week due to a lack of decent rainfall and high evaporation,” Mrs Pavey said. While there is a possibility the region could receive rainfall between now and then, Hunter Water are preparing early by providing customers with advance notice of any further water restrictions Under Level 2 water restrictions, outdoor watering is limited to 15 minutes every second day. Vehicles and buildings can only be washed with a bucket and showers are limited to four minutes. Hunter Water’s Executive Drought Lead Darren Cleary said he was hopeful Level 2 water restrictions would build on the significant savings already made by the community. “Since the start of Level 1 water restrictions, our community has used 17 per cent less water than what we would have expected, given the weather conditions – the average water use of approximately 62,000 households over the same period,” Mr Cleary said. “We’ve been working closely with our large business customers who use more than 10 million litres of water a year to develop Water Efficiency Management Plans. This will soon be expanded to our smaller business customers as they start preparing their own plans. “Thank you to everyone in our community for playing their part to save water, because your efforts are helping to make a difference.” For more information on Level 2 water restrictions and current storage levels visit www.hunterwater. com.au





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Is your letterbox feeling lucky?

If one of the letterboxes pictured above is yours, you’ve won a $30 shopping voucher from one of three great local retailers. Phone us at The Local on 0455 210 000 by Wednesday 15 January to confirm your address and choose your prize. There’s a $30 voucher for Jarrett’s Quality Meats at Lambton, a $30 voucher for Q’s Books at Hamilton

and a $30 voucher for Spar Express Lambton to choose from. First in best dressed with choice of vouchers. The vouchers must be claimed by 15 January and redeemed at your chosen retailer by 31 January. Congratulations to the residents of 5A Church St, Lambton, 10B Cromwell St, New Lambton and 44A Swan St, Hamilton, who each received a $30 voucher last month.




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2 Cromwell St, New Lambton PHONE: 4952 3341 All major health funds


Letters to

Be aware, prevent parcel theft I just thought I’d inform you of something concerning I observed on my Saturday morning run recently. On the Fernleigh Track, in and around the garbage bin near the bubbler, where Bailey Street meets Brisbane Water Rd, was a lot of mail and an empty Australia Post parcel package. It was all torn open like someone had stolen a whole heap of mail from peoples’ mailboxes. I know I’m always getting parcels

delivered to my house (with advice to leave at the front door if no one is home). I’d like to warn residents to be vigilant of thieves targeting mailboxes in the area. Particularly at this time of the year when gifts are being purchased / delivered. Not to mention the issue of identity fraud. Here are some handy tips to keep your delivered goods and your identity safe: - Redirect parcels to the local post

office if no one is home during the day. - Have parcels delivered to your work address. - Make sure all your bills and banking correspondence is digital (via email) so you don’t get letters for such things in your mail box (better for the environment too). Thank you kindly, Christine Parker Adamstown Heights

Sonia Hornery MP State Member for Wallsend

Providing professional friendly dental care for the whole family. Your support of our practice enables us to provide volunteer services to the National Dental Foundation to continue to help people in our local community in need.

Suite 2/74-84 Tudor St, Hamilton • P: 4962 4300 E: reception@cosmodental.com.au W: www.cosmodental.com.au

I will continue to stand up for the issues that are important to you. 67 Nelson Street, Wallsend Telephone: 4950 0955 • Fax: 4950 0977 Email: wallsend@parliament.nsw.gov.au Web: soniahornery.com.au

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Here to

HELP with Elaine Abery of Unravelling Red Tape

Dealing with bureaucracies

Last month I shared my first four tips on how to get the best result when dealing with bureaucracies. Here’s the remainder of my list.

5. Be proactive

Have some solutions up your sleeve. Nobody needs to know about more problems. Just because someone works in a bureaucracy, that doesn’t mean they know the best solution for your situation. Like everyone, bureaucrats have bad days and brain freezes. For example, a government decision was going to adversely impact one of my clients. The government department had consulted, but not with my client. While we were negotiating an outcome, we arranged for my client to sit on the department’s consultation committee. This meant my client could add their issue to the committee agenda and have input to future decision-making.

6. Be resourceful

There is more than one way to skin a cat - try other ways of resolving the issue. A friend’s elderly parents recently had two fires outside


Samaritans Shop

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Page 8 > The Local > January 2020

their house in short succession, both at the same time of evening. The first fire was bigger than the second one. The elderly couple were scared that the fires might keep happening and burn down their house. They rang the police, who put the second fire down to electrical issues. The couple were disappointed and still scared. I suggested they ask the police to increase patrols in the area. If people were lighting fires, an increased police presence might deter them. Or the police might notice strange behaviour and talk to the people concerned. Another option is to look around for abandoned vehicles. (They generally have not moved for a very long time, have spider webs and a lot of debris around the wheels.) You can report these to the police on 131444 and they will come and investigate and arrange with council for removal of abandoned vehicles.

7. Be knowledgeable

Do some research on the possible consequences of the bureaucratic decision. Understand what has, and hasn’t, worked elsewhere. For example, a client was substantially overcharged by a car hire company for repairs. By the time the issue came to me, the company’s finance department had issued numerous threats and it had been going on for nearly two years. Clearly, the finance department wasn’t where we would find a solution. We bypassed the finance department, went straight to the top and the “debt” was wiped.

8. Be concise

Before you contact anyone with your complaint, work out what you want. And tell them as soon as you can. More often than you might expect, they will just give you what you want. They don’t always need to hear your life story. Or even to hear how you might feel taken advantage of. Recently, I rang my bank for some information. The information they gave me was outdated and, now, incorrect. Following their incorrect advice cost me money. I lodged a complaint with the bank, stated the facts simply and requested a refund of the costs. Within a week of lodging the complaint, I had the refund in my bank account.

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Monday–Friday: 9am – 4.15pm Saturday: 9.30am – 1pm


1800 003 004

m ai l @ n l e g a l . c o m . au 1 7 B e a u m o n t S t , Ham ilton n

Making legal easy y

The Local > January 2020 > Page 9

The Local Quiz

Congratulations to last month’s quiz winner, Madeline Drabsch of Hamilton. Your prize is on its way. Last month’s mystery photo was a mural at Hamilton North Public School. This month’s quiz questions are below. You’ll find the answers within the pages of this issue, except of course for the mystery photo answer. Question 1 Where was Henry Chilcott born? Question 2 What level water restrictions are currently in place? Question 3 What is groaking? Question 4 When is Hunter Bible Church’s Wave Kids school holiday program running? Question 5 Where would you find the building pictured at right?

Send your quiz answers by email to admin@ hunterlocal.com.au with ‘The Local Quiz’ in the subject line or post them to PO Box 130, Lambton 2299 by Friday 17 January for a chance to win a $50 open order to spend at your choice of one local business that has advertised in this issue.

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Farewell and welcome at Elders Elders Real Estate Newcastle & Lake Macquarie recently farewelled office manager Lynn Lawrence (pictured below) after 16 years with the Elder Street Lambton agency. Lynn is looking forward to a wellearned retirement.

“It was a sad day in the office when Lynn finished. Her contribution to this office cannot be overstated. Lynn has done an amazing job with the utmost honesty, integrity and a will to get the job done no matter what the circumstance” owner Steve Cucumanovski and Sue Odgers told The Local. In Lynn’s place Paulette DehneJames has been appointed. Paulette (at right) has enjoyed a career spanning all aspects of real estate over 25 years. All things from Property Management and front office reception through to assisting with sales are in Paulette’s skillset. A wealth of experience, knowledge, good judgment, integrity and attention to detail means your in safe hands working with Paulette.

As a newcomer to Newcastle Paulette is excited about her next adventure and is looking forward to becoming a local within the community and building strong working relationships with Elders’ customers both new and old.

Lambton The

Shop Barberional

Profess ressing gents haird *Established 1991*

Agents for Pride Dry Cleaners same day service available Open: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 8am to 5pm Saturday 7.30am to 12 noon Closed Wednesdays for fishing!

3/97 Elder Street, PHONE: 4956 2400

down alleyway near where the Perm once was!

2 Cromwell St, New Lambton PHONE: 4952 3341 *Conditions apply. All major health funds

www.eyecareplus.com.au/newlambton/ The Local > January 2020 > Page 11

Wave the kids goodbye As summer holidays roll around again one regular event you can count on in the local area is the Wave Kids program put on by Hunter Bible Church at Lambton High School. Now in its 18th year, Wave Kids has grown each year and now regularly sees more than 500 kids each summer. Pastor Sam Hilton, who oversees the event, says local parents contact the church in the months leading up to the event because their kids loved attending the previous year. “The kids have a great time, partly because the section leaders are mainly from our uni-aged church service who take a week off to put on the whole thing. Plus there’s the Wave Cafe for

parents to relax with a free coffee while their kids are having a ball”. Wave Kids runs from 9 to 11.30am Monday 13 through to Friday 17 January. The cost is only $5 a day

or $20 for the week per child or $60 for a family for the week. For more details or to register go to www.hunterbiblechurch.org/wave

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9 Alma Road, New Lambton • PHONE: 4957 7055 EMAIL: office@walllegal.com.au • WEB: www.walllegal.com.au Page 12 > The Local > January 2020

The Local > January 2020 > Page 13

THAT WAS THEN This is now

with Lachlan Wetherall

On 17 January 1920, one hundred years ago this month, the company auctioned a bigger subdivision with 61 building sites. As was the custom at the time the sale was publicised using large coloured poster prints. The subdivision included two newly constructed streets. Turner St was named after Frederick William Turner, the London based secretary of the Scottish Australian Mining Company. Chilcott St was named after Henry Frederick Chilcott, the Sydney based General Manager.

History in our streets

There’s often a story lurking behind street names. While many of our streets owe their existence to the rise of mines, some have their origin in the demise of mines. The Scottish Australian Mining Company opened Lambton colliery in 1863. Adjacent to the pit they established a small township bounded by Young, Morehead, Croudace and Howe Streets, these being named after managers and directors of the company. For the next 50 years the company made their fortune underground, but when the coal seam was depleted, they looked instead to make money above ground, in real estate. They began in 1914 with a modest subdivision of 24 blocks on the south side of Howe St.

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Phone Jon on 0400 603 545 www.olsenplumbing.com.au Page 14 > The Local > January 2020

Chilcott was born in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) in 1844 and was brought by his family to Australia when he was three. At age 14 he joined the Scottish Australian Mining Company in a junior capacity, and was progressively promoted, eventually becoming General Manager in 1892. Chilcott was also a long-time member of the Colonial Volunteer Forces, a forerunner of today’s Army Reserve, enlisting in 1860 and rising to the rank of Captain by the time of his retirement in 1894. In a strange coincidence, Henry Chilcott died on 21 January 1920, just four days after the auction of land in the street named in his honour. He was aged 76, still holding the position of General Manager in the company that he had served for an impressive 62 years. You can view more details at www.lachlanwetherall. com, including a visual index to historical real estate sale posters.

Right: A poster advertising the Scottish Australian Mining Company’s subdivision of land in 1920. University of Newcastle, Cultural Collections. Opposite page: Captain Chilcott on his retirement from the Colonial Volunteer Force in 1894.

The community’s own Rescue Helicopter is there for you 24/7 Please consider making a tax deductible donation to help ensure that nobody ever pays to be assisted. 1800 155 155 | www.rescuehelicopter.com.au

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Book Review sponsored by Q’s Books

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The Alice Network

If you see yours on this page we will give you

In the aftermath of World War II, Charlie is thrown together with a veteran female spy from the previous war in a high-stakes journey to locate disappeared figures from the past. Unsolved puzzles and cryptic riddles crop up like weeds in a bomb crater, and as math-whiz Charlie puts it, “There was always an answer and the answer was either right or it was wrong.” But her adventures turn out to be messy, non-formulaic and not so black and white, which after all is what makes life — and novels — interesting. The year is 1947. Charlie’s posh Bennington College existence gets derailed by an unwanted pregnancy. Her domineering French mother hauls her off to Europe, heading for a clinic that will take care of her “Little Problem,” as she calls her condition throughout the novel. En route, Charlie hatches an alternative plan — to track down her beloved cousin Rose, lost somewhere in France. In Europe, the “hangover of war was still visible in a way you didn’t see in New York.” Rose is a refugee amid a horde of displaced persons, a single grain of sand on a blasted, nearly obliterated beach, but Charlie is determined to “solve for X” and find her. Entertaining and interesting read…..Enjoy


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@QSBOOKSHAMILTON Page 16 > The Local > January 2020

by Kate Quinn

Book Review by Jean Zimmerman

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Matters by Jonathon Mannion CFP® Senior Financial Adviser at Sandringham Wealth

New year’s goals

2020 is upon us and it’s a time for reflection. Now is when we start to think about the year ahead. Money is often on our minds, post-Christmas so it’s not surprising that budgeting is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions. Budgeting takes willpower and discipline, sticking to it can be tough. Here are some tips for an effective budget. The end goal is saving or reducing debt. Why? To make sure that your future is brighter. Budgeting is how we get to that end goal. If this is going to work, be realistic from day one. Take the time to work out what you actually spend, don’t guess. Get this bit wrong and you end up judging yourself, shelving the budget and spending as normal

until next year. Get it right and it puts you in a position of control. Work out what you have to spend (bills, food, mortgage/rent). Work out what you want to spend (the good stuff – entertainment, meals out, tech). What is left after your planned spend is your savings goal. Check that number. Do you need to adjust your want to spend? Remember that if you are paying principal and interest on your mortgage or debt repayment, you are reducing your debt – that is saving - building for the future. Now make the process simple. How? Automate it. Set your banking up so that when your salary arrives, it is automatically transferred to “have to spend”, “want to spend” and savings accounts. Consider naming your accounts, savings, holidays etc. Sure, you could just go in and transfer the money from one of those accounts, but you may think twice before you take money from an account called “holiday”. When is the best time to start budgeting? Think of the old Chinese proverb “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” For more visit www.sandringhamwealth.com.au The information contained in this article is general in nature and does not constitute personal financial advice. We will not accept liability for any loss or damage, including without limitation to, any loss of profit, which may arise directly or indirectly from the use of or reliance on such information. You should seek personal financial advice prior to acting.


It’s now time to get your finances on track for 2020 with…

● Information overload, countless opinions, it can be hard to know what’s most relevant to you. ● It’s valuable to have someone ask the right questions about what important to you. ● Sandringham Wealth can help you to make smart decisions with your money.

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Jonathon Mannion CFP® Senior Financial Adviser

Authorised representative of Crown Wealth Group Pty Ltd ABN: 22 603 037 510, AFSL No. 494274 Sandringham Wealth Pty Limited ABN: 79 630 545 489, Corporate Authorised Representative No. 127367

The Local > January 2020 > Page 17

FITNESS Matters with Ali & Dan Marshall of Corefit Newcastle

Present > Future

In my years in the health and fitness industry, it has not been unusual for me to see people stay in contemplation for years before taking action on their goals. It seems like there’s always next Monday or next month or after my birthday or next year. But the truth is that your time on this earth is finite. If you’re out of shape and less than optimally healthy because you “don’t have time” or haven’t made your health a priority, think about what you’re missing out on.

exercise - nutrition - mindset


Y New Lambton Park & Mayfield West ¨ 4088 7483

www.corefitnewcastle.com.au info@corefitnewcastle.com.au

Page 18 > The Local > January 2020

• The confidence to be 100% you, wear what you want to wear, own a room, and love what you see in the mirror. • The level of fitness required to enjoy life’s adventures with ease. • The simple knowing that you’re living an extraordinary, vibrant life that will last longer and will be more fulfilling for both you and your family. That list could go on, of course. And there will never be any time like the present to get started. It can be as simple as: • Going for a walk rather than watching that TV show • Choosing water at the moment you catch yourself reaching soft drink. • Ordering the protein and vegetables at dinner tonight over the normal burger and chips. Your success or struggle is literally the result of each choice you make. So, what do you choose for your 2020? If you are looking for something to kick start your 2020, then why not check out our group fitness program, plus we’re offering a free 5 day trial to get you started! Visit www.corefitnewcastle.com.au


Matters by Anthony Piggott

of Piggott’s Pharmacies: Blackbutt, Branxton, Hamilton, Lambton and Merewether


Osteoarthritis is a form of arthritis that damages the cartilage in joints. Finger and weight-bearing joints (knees, hips and spine) are the joints most often affected. It is the most common type of arthritis. In a joint affected by osteoarthritis, the cartilage breaks down and wears away. Bits of bone or cartilage can break off and float around inside the joint space, and lumps of bone (spurs) may grow on the ends of the bones. As the damage gets worse, the joint loses its smooth movement. The space between the bones become narrower and the bones may rub against each other, causing pain. The joint may change in size and shape.

Signs and symptoms

Osteoarthritis usually develops slowly over months or years. The first sign of osteoarthritis is often joint pain during or after physical activity. Some symptoms of osteoarthritis are: • joint pain (cold weather and moving the joint usually make the pain worse) • stiff joints • reduced joint movement (you can’t bend the joint as much as before) • cracking sounds or a grating feeling in the joint • bony lumps around the joint • joint swelling. The symptoms of osteoarthritis vary from person to person. Some people have mild osteoarthritis that does not get worse over time. Other people have severe osteoarthritis, which can make it hard for them to work or carry out normal everyday activities. Pain and disability can make them feel exhausted, anxious and depressed.

Managing osteoarthritis

There is no cure for osteoarthritis but it can be managed. You need to care for your joints, and may need to make some lifestyle changes and use mechanical aids. Medicines can also help. Some people need joint surgery (e.g. a joint replacement). Self-care involves management of Joint awareness, Exercise, Weight control, management of Rest and Joint Care and Pain Relief via hot or cold therapy and TENS therapy. Medication can help the symptoms of osteoarthritis, these include Paracetamol, Non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) (e.g. diclofenac, ibuprofen, naproxen, celecoxib, meloxicam), Opioids (e.g. codeine, tramadol, oxycodone, buprenorphine, fentanyl), Corticosteroids, Complementary medicines (e.g. glucosamine, chondroitin), Liniments, capsaicin cream and heat rubs A doctor or pharmacist can advise on the best medicines for you, and how and when to use them. Ask your Piggott’s Pharmacist today.



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Locally owned and operated Phone: 4957 4945 or 1800myshutters www.theshutterguy.com.au The Local > January 2020 > Page 19

VET Chat by Dr Fiona Wallace of New Lambton Veterinary Clinic

Holiday ailments

We hope you have had a relaxing break with family and friends. While you have been celebrating we have been busy at work looking after several cases of pancreatitis (I know readers of THIS column would never share fatty ham scraps with their pets!!), a cat who had eaten one of the Christmas tree decorations (which had to be removed surgically!!), and many nervous dogs who needed medication to get them through New Year’s Eve. A crazy time of year! The most rewarding case by far though was a little dog who was admitted to hospital with tummy troubles and developed glaucoma while she was here with us. Glaucoma is a really painful eye condition where the

fluid inside the eye stops draining efficiently and the pressure in the eye rises. This fluid, called aqueous humour, is continually being produced, and usually continuously drains, but drainage can be blocked because of genetic factors or other problems such as inflammation, infection or injury to the inside of the eye. Unchecked, the pressure can get so high it causes the eyeball to swell and destroy vital ocular structures like the retina causing the pet to go blind very quickly and painfully. Glaucoma is hard for owners to pick up on. You may see a bit of discharge and inflammation, but at the clinic we don’t normally see these pets until it is advanced, they have become permanently blind, and there is only one sensible option, which is to remove the eye to relieve pain. In the case of our hospitalised pup, we were able to notice glaucoma developing rapidly over a single day, diagnose glaucoma with a special instrument called a tonometer, treat it with specific drugs to reduce the intraocular pressure, and send the pup home with pain free vision. We suspect that the glaucoma in her case was secondary to uveitis (inflammation of the internal structures of the eye) which we also treated, and time will tell whether we need to continue treating in the long term. If ever you are concerned about the possibility of glaucoma in your pet, the message is to come and get his eyes checked without delay, as blindness can develop suddenly and permanently!

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Matters with Sara Knight of The Gut Clinic

Change-set up to succeed

With a new year and a new decade, many are looking at ways to change their lives for the better. Maybe it is their health, finances or relationships. Whatever it is for each person, it is the time for resolutions. Resolving to improve your life, regardless of the time of year, should be applauded and supported. But let’s face it, change is not always easy. The saying “old habits die hard” is applicable for many, especially come February, March and beyond. One of the key aspects of making a change that is often overlooked is mindset. Mindset is the set of attitudes and thought processes of each person concerning the change to be made. In addition to making your goals SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound), your attitude and thoughts around the changes are critical. Sometimes getting help is important, hypnotherapy is one of my favourite therapies for mindset challenges and tweaking. Yet, one thing that can be looked at independent of professional help, is evaluating the language you use around the change. One easy thing to try is finding a word to replace “resolution.” It seems social media is full of references to the short term if not joke worthy nature of new year’s resolutions. May seem silly, but this take on resolutions can negatively impact your ability to make sustainable changes. This interpretation can make it okay to make excuses and stop trying – isn’t everyone doing the same? Instead, chose a word that is outside of the language twist and pick one that makes sense to you. My personal favourite is non-negotiables. These are those acts, behaviours, thought processes that are to be part of life, regardless of the situation, year and social media influence. The very act of saying or thinking the word implies the nature of the commitment and the action that must follow. Other aspects to consider are what support do you have to make the change, identify the hurdles to making the change now and more importantly the work-arounds and know your why. Identify why you are making the change, be specific and try to make them about you not about others. With this information, you are more likely to keep going, recover from setbacks and make consistent choices to get you closer to your goals.


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AGE Matters with Joseph McCarthy CEO of NovaCare Community Services

Aged Care Royal Commission

At the end of October 2019, the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety delivered its Interim Report which they called Neglect Neglect.. The Commissioners said in this report that the aged care system needs a fundamental overhaul to make it deliver the services and quality care that older Australians and their families need, and that people who work in aged care want to provide. This Interim Report laid bare their stories but also shows us the direction that aged care must focus towards. It brought a clear sense of purpose, a focus on quality

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care, and a renewed focus on compassion and kindness. The instances of poor care and neglect that we have seen through the Royal Commission and its interim report are not acceptable. The Commissioners identified three areas of priority that require immediate action:1. Provide more Home Care Packages to reduce the waiting list; 2. Fix an over-reliance on chemical restraint in residential aged care; and 3. Stop the flow of younger people with disability going into aged care. As part of the Federal Government response to the Royal Commission they announced that they would fund an additional 10,000 Home Care Packages and advised they will begin to be offered from December 2019. Each and every day at NovaCare we strive to provide the best quality of care that we can to people who live in their own homes. We have zero tolerance for poor, inattentive care or any form of abuse of vulnerable people. If you are seeking support to stay living in your own home or if you are unhappy with your current provider of Home Care Package services and are considering transferring to a different provider, please contact NovaCare for a free no obligation discussion on 1300 363 654.


Matters by Chris Hill-Smith of Appleton Law, Lambton

Mutual Wills and Mirror Wills

Mirror wills are the wills of partners that essentially contain the same provisions but which do not create legal obligations on the parties to keep the same provisions until their respective deaths. The parties have therefore made no agreement not to change their will, for example, on or after the passing of the first to pass away. The last surviving partner is free to change their will at a later time as they wish or as their circumstances change. These types of wills are made by couples frequently. Mutual wills on the other hand are wills made by partners which create legal obligations on the parties not to change the provisions of their respective wills, even after the passing of the other. Mutual wills are becoming more common with the prevalence of blended families and in situations such as when the bulk of assets have been primarily brought onto the relationship by one of the parties and there is a desire for the couple to look after each other as well as to provide for children of an earlier relationship. The legal obligation to not change a will may be created by oral or written agreement and is essentially a contractual agreement not to change their will, including after the other party has passed away.

There’s a word for that...

Groaking – refers to the act of staring at someone who’s eating hoping they will give you some. Sciapodous – having huge feet. Thanks to Lesley Pritchard for sending those to us. Email mark@hunterlocal.com.au to share your odd words with us...

The effect of having mutual wills is that the beneficiaries under the wills are able to seek enforcement of the agreement in the event that the last surviving partner does not honour the agreement and deals with the assets in a difference manner to that envisaged under the terms of the mutual wills. There are potential difficulties with using mutual wills, they do necessarily prevent the last surviving partner from wasting the assets or selling property, creating difficulties for later recovery and potential costs for the estate. There use also does not prevent family provision claims being made against the estate. There are circumstances however when mutual wills should be considered, usually when the partners are older and there is unlikely to be any significant change in circumstances for the survivor, where there is genuine consensus as to how estate should be dealt with, and where the surviving partner does not wish to be restricted by the use of life estates or rights or residence. Disclaimer: The content of this article is provided for information purposes only. The contents do not constitute legal advice and should not be used as such. Formal legal advice should be sought in particular matters.

At Elder Street, Lambton ates ■ Wills and Deceased Est l Disputes Wil ■ ■ Powers of Attorney ■ Criminal Law ion vis ■ Probate ■ Family Pro or we Appointments at our office urs offer mobile and out-of-ho . you t sui to s appointment -Smith, Principal solicitor, Chris Hill in list cia Accredited Spe Wills & Estates.

122 Elder Street Lambton 700 ph: 4956 1902 or 0422 113 .com.au email: admin@appletonlaw m.au web: www.appletonlaw.co The Local > January 2020 > Page 23


with Cheryl Shaw of Dogoverboard

Shoo flies! Don’t bother me

With summer comes the biting and buzzing insects. Whilst we do the great Aussie wave and apply creams and lotions to rid ourselves of these pests, we need to consider and protect our pets as well. Flies effect many pets from our dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens and sheep, often not only biting them and causing pain and discomfort, but the female often lays their eggs in open wounds and then they (maggots) hatch and eat the surrounding flesh, which is pretty gross really. Biting flies cause a lot of problems to dogs, the flies feed on blood and make dogs miserable. These nasty little critters take the blood especially from their ears and around the base of the nose. Biting flies can cause considerable damage, especially to dog’s ears. Fly strike is not only annoying to the dog, causing the dog to shake and flick their head and ears to rid the pests, but when doing this it

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often results in the dog getting an ear haematoma, requiring Veterinarian attention. Sometimes a dog will scratch at its ears or rub them along the ground, this can cause fur and skin loss and further damage and injury. When a dog is repeatedly bitten by flies, it can actually cause damage to the ear itself. The skin can thicken on the pinna, even curl, distort and fold the ear over, it can result in partial ear loss, especially the tips. Wound injuries to the skin and tissue can create many skin problems, like dermatitis (Fly dermatitis known as Myiasis) and this can progress to secondary bacterial skin infections, requiring Veterinarian attention. Bull terriers, boxers, German shepherd dogs are often victims of fly strike. Some dogs have a particular odour which flies are attracted to. What to look for? You may notice fly bites on the ears, you may see blood spots or blood dripping from the tips of the ears. Sometimes, there is dried crusty blood on the ears, especially the tips of the ears. The smell of the dried blood attracts more flies to the area and results in repeated attacks on the poor dog. It is important to remove the crusty dried blood and to clean the area to prevent further bites. Preventing fly strike can be done by managing the environment to make sure the areas that the dog spends time in, is clean and disinfected to discourage flies. Remove any items that attract flies, like left over food, dog bowls and faeces will help reduce the number of flies. Use suitable pet repellents to keep flies off our dog’s ears. Sprays, creams, repellents, ointments and sticks are available but only use those designed for safe use on dogs.






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Professional Grooming Doggy Day Care Puppy Creche Puppy Pre School Bathing Heated Indoor Swimming Exclusive collars, leads, jackets and beds Phone 4957 8500 Open 7 Days 10 William Street Adamstown dogoverboard.com.au Follow us on /Dogoverboard Page 24 > The Local > January 2020

Local news from another time... From Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners’ Advocate of Thursday 24 January 1924

From The Newcastle Sun of Friday 10 January 1941

Also from The Newcastle Sun of Friday 10 January 1941

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Local Community Group Notices CHILDREN & FAMILIES HAMILTON SOUTH COMMUNITY PLAYGROUP Do you have a child under five and looking for an affordable place to play, meet other kids and carers and relax for a while? Need to get out of the house and into a regular kids’ activity that won’t break the bank? Come check out Hamilton South Playgroup, a local branch of the Playgroup NSW organisation. Hamilton South Playgroup runs sessions every week, even over some school holidays. We currently have three groups running; two during the week and a Spanishspeaking group meets fortnightly on Saturdays. If you’re interested in joining or starting a session of your own, please visit the Playgroup NSW website at www.playgroupnsw.org.au and contact the Hamilton South Playgroup coordinator by following “Membership - Find a Playgroup.” HOME-START FAMILY SERVICES Home-Start is a voluntary service offering support, friendship and practical help to families with at least one child under 5 where the parents are experiencing difficulty in their parenting roles or are under stress. For information about volunteering or Home-Start services ph 4952 9488 or go to: www.homestartaustralia.org/ NEWCASTLE & HUNTER TOY LIBRARY Newcastle and Hunter Toy Library is calling all ‘kids at heart’ to become regular volunteers to assist with the running of the Toy Library sessions on Saturday mornings. The Toy Library is a terrific service based at New Lambton Library and run entirely by volunteers. We are also seeking new members to join our committee. Contact newcastletoylibrary@gmail. com for more information about joining our enthusiastic team. For more information search @newcastleandhuntertoylibrary on Facebook.

COMMUNITY GROUPS MULTICULTURAL NEIGHBOURHOOD CENTRE The Multicultural Neighbourhood Centre in Lambton is seeking volunteers: Volunteer Administrative Assistant – 2 to 3 days a week for general admin duties. Previous experience enthusiasm, commitment and the drive for personal development are essential. We also require volunteer English teachers – to teach adult migrants and refugees on Tuesdays from 10 am to 2 pm. Teaching experience is preferred but not essential. Police and Working with Children checks are required for all volunteer positions. These volunteering opportunities would suit people who can commit to a regular weekly time slot. For inquiries or to apply please call the Multicultural Neighbourhood Centre on 4965 5291.

GAMBLING IMPACT SOCIETY Gambling Impact Society (GIS) has funding from the NSW Government to roll out the very successful Consumer Voices Project in Hunter/ Newcastle area. The aim is to raise community awareness about gambling related problems as a public health issue, to foster primary prevention, active help seeking, and support for affected people through a free presentation, which takes one hour. Speakers include Consumer Voices trained speaker/peer educator who may be a recovering gambler, or someone affected by the gambling of someone close to them. Presentations are aimed at any group where people are interested in learning more about gambling related problems. Lively discussion is assured. For more details contact local Project Officer Joan 0417 194 307 or email:info@ gisnsw.org.au or visit website www.gisnsw.org. au

Email your notice to admin@hunterlocal.com.au or post it to PO Box 130, Lambton 2299 by 15th of the month. Notices may be edited or omitted due to space limitations. These notices are provided free of charge as a community service. Page 26 > The Local > January 2020

Local Community Group Notices COMMUNITY GROUPS LAMBTON RESIDENTS GROUP Residents of Lambton area are welcome to come along to our monthly meeting. You too can be a part of some exciting and worthwhile initiatives and projects for our local area. Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month (excluding January) commencing at 5.30pm at Lambton Bowling Club. No RSVP needed. For more information email: lambtonresidents@gmail. com or call Nicola on 0402 949 854.

HOBBIES & INTERESTS MEREWETHER HISTORICAL SOCIETY You don’t have to live in Merewether to be a member, or a guest, of the Merewether Historical Society, just have an interest in the history and events of the area and a desire to meet like minded people. The society meets at 2pm on the second Tuesday each month (third in November) in St Augustine’s Parish Hall, Winsor St Merewether. A guest speaker attends each each meeting and afternoon tea is provided. A warm invitation is extended to everyone - it is a place where “Friendships are made with a common purpose”. Enquiries 0412 925 918 or email secretary@ merewetherhistoricalsociety.com

SENIORS GROUPS NEW LAMBTON SENIOR CITIZENS & PENSIONERS ASSOCIATION Make new friends while enjoying a warm and caring fellowship as well as to partake in the fun games of bingo and chats over a cuppa. Where? The New Lambton Seniors Assocation, located at the New Lambton Community Centre, 14 Alma Road, New Lambton. Handy to bus stops! Contact Barry Hoare on 4963 4631.

SENIORS GROUPS ADAMSTOWN MENS PROBUS CLUB The Club meets at 9.45am on the 2nd Thursday of each month at the Newcastle United Sports Club. For enquiries and further information contact David on 0432165878. ADAMSTOWN COMBINED PENSIONERS Seniors. Are you stuck at home? Would you enjoy some company but don’t have any transport? Would you like to play carpet bowls, euchre or dominoes on a Thursday or bingo on a Friday? Well come along and join us at the Adamstown Combined Pensioners Association. We pick and drop you back home for only $5 in the following areas: Adamstown, The Junction, Hamilton, Lambton, Kotara, Garden Suburb, Waratah and Georgetown. We also have monthly bus trips to many interesting places. Ring us on 0431 303 524.

THE JUNCTION COMBINED PROBUS CLUB Probus South Pacific stands for Friendship, Fellowship and Fun. If these ideas appeal to you why not join our Probus Club. We are looking for New members and we meet on the first Monday of each month at St. Augustine’s Church Hall in Windsor Street Merewether 9.45am. For details contact the Secretary, Lyndie Barrkman on 0419 410 248 or lbarrkman@bigpond.com.

LAMBTON SENIORS GROUP Offering friendship and support for over 55s. Meet at the Anglican Church Hall, Morehead St, Lambton, every Thursday at 9am for Canasta, or other card and board games till 12.30pm. Phone Don 4952 8590 or Nola 4952 3685 for further details. New people always welcome.

Email your notice to admin@hunterlocal.com.au or post it to PO Box 130, Lambton 2299 by 15th of the month. Notices may be edited or omitted due to space limitations. These notices are provided free of charge as a community service. The Local > January 2020 > Page 27

SUPPORTING THE FIGHT AGAINST DOMESTIC VIOLENCE Survivor’s R Us Incorporated is a not-for-profit charity and benevolent institution that supports the fight against domestic violence, homelessness and unemployment. If you need our services please contact us on phone 4953 7108 or mobile 0477 702 151 You will find us at Unit 1/3 Ranton St, Cardiff Web: survivorsrusincorporated.com Email: survivors@survivorsrusincorporated.com Page 28 > The Local > January 2020

Local Trades and Service Directory



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Solution to crossword on page 28 F R A C T L O S U N K











































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BARBIE JEEP 12 volt Barbie Jeep, new battery, good condition, seats 2 small children up to 50kg. $140 Ph 0428 432 577 CARAVAN Viscount Nipper 11’ pop top caravan. Rear entry with solid hinged awning, new canvas annexe, double bed, many extras, excellent condition.Ph 4948 8839 CHEST OF DRAWERS Cedar, approx 100 years old, good condition, make an offer. Ph 0414 228 492 DINING TABLE & 6 CHAIRS Used but in good condition. Please call Danica 4956 1613 or Ph 0412 510 934 FOLDAWAY BED Single size, sprung and with mattress $70 ono. Ph 4952 8482

HONEY 100% pure raw organic, straight from bee hive $12 per kg Ph 0423 050 778 PENCIL FOR IMAC In unopened box, paid $145, will accept $120 Ph 0499 808 868 VARIOUS ITEMS Bauhn DJ system (Bluetooth) $80; Unicycle in good condition $50; 25 x Elvis Presley LPs in excellent condition $70. Ph 0447 593 008 WARDROBE For clothes, mirror in the middle, 4 drawers, light brown colour, in good condition $50 Ph 4969 1149

WANTED AIR CONDITIONER Small window-type air conditioner wanted to buy. Ph 0488 211 155 MATHS TUTOR Year 2 maths tutor to come to our home in Lambton. Contact Jules Ph 0419 614 629.


ANIMAL TRANSPORT Fetch Animal Transportation for small and medium animals to vets, groomers, kennels, airport and home again. Prices start from $40. Ph 0479 042 656 CARPENTER Affordable Reliable Carpentry. For your local carpentry & maintainance jobs. From small repairs to renovation Call or message for a free measure and quote. Fully licensed with ABN. Email to: mytchalthompson@ gmail.com or Ph 0403 599 468 TWENTY-4 CHEESECAKES Scrumptious hand-made, no bake cheesecakes. Made locally to order. Choice of flavours including berries, chocolate, green tea, whatever you like! Large & small sizes from $12. Perfect for special occasions, or anytime. Facebook Twenty-4 Cheesecakes. Call Evie Ph 0490 475 054

FREE PAVERS Quantity 75, size 220 x 220. You collect from New Lambton. Ph 0417 796 336

Local Classifieds... NOTICES



Chair based Yoga Beginners Yoga General Yoga Suitable for seniors and anyone wishing to improve wellbeing and feel the benefits of yoga. Balanced class incorporating breath awareness practices, stretching, strengthening, relaxation & meditation. Class locations with easy parking at New Lambton, Lambton & Adamstown. Begin your Happy New Year with yoga - inquire now.

Michelle Pirie 0400 790 479

Dip. Yoga teaching IYTA Yoga Australia & International Yoga Teachers’ Assoc. member


GUITAR TUition • ESTABLISHED 2001 • WWC 1233165E •

• Accredited tutor • Patience assured with beginners • Bass guitar & keyboard also available • Various levels & styles • Very reasonable fees

brad graysTon

PHONE 0432 485 487

KASZAZZ SCRAPBOOK AND CARD CLASSES Make new friends while you learn the techniques to make beautiful albums for your precious photos or make cards for special events. Call Ruth for details on 4952 6209

PEST CONTROL Guaranteed. Average home $150, units and town houses $80, Lake Macquarie, Newcastle and Hunter Valley areas. German Cockroaches a specialty. Ph 0418 637 990

Something to sell or to tell? Try our FREE Local Community Classifieds. They work! Name _____________________________ Address ________________________________ ____________________________________________ Phone ________________________ Email_____________________________________________________________ Write the wording of your advertisement below. (Max. 25 words please) Text: _______________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ Classification (eg. For Sales, Notices, Garage Sales, Wanted etc):__________________

Complete this form and post it to: ‘Local Classifieds’ PO Box 130, Lambton 2299 or email: admin@ hunterlocal.com.au by 15th of the month. We reserve the right to not publish advertising considered inappropriate or not in the spirit of the free classifieds offer. Private party ads only. For business classifieds advertising please email admin@hunterlocal.com.au The Local > January 2020 > Page 31

Start your year Healthy! MOVICOL

Constipation relief powder sachets

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PIGGOTT’S PHARMACY MEREWETHER 400 Glebe Road, Merewether Phone: 4969 1978

PIGGOTT’S PHARMACY LAMBTON 117 Elder Street, Lambton Phone: 4957 3630

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The Local - January 2020  

The Local is a monthly community newspaper letterbox delivered free of charge to more than 21,000 homes across Adamstown, Adamstown Heights...

The Local - January 2020  

The Local is a monthly community newspaper letterbox delivered free of charge to more than 21,000 homes across Adamstown, Adamstown Heights...