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The U.S. Presidential Election of 2016: The Great American Delusions and the New Emperor with the Golden Pompadour By Humberto Gómez Sequeira-HuGóS Thursday, December 1, 2016 "Our country, our future, our reputation." These words were used by a person on their written narration of the experience they lived as the object of racism in “Trump’s America.” Contrary to the suggestion implied in this political label, racism was not born in America with the election of Donald John Trump, el nuevo Emperador del copete dorado, which means the new Emperor with the golden pompadour. Racism is the virus that the Robber Barons’ ancestors brought to America and used it as the weapon with which they built their bloody power and the delusion of their racial superiority.

Donald John Trump and Barack Hussein Obama II. As Bush and Obama did, they have sealed, again, the pact between the Republican Party and Democratic Party to serve only one master, the class of the Robber Barons. Brand Obama’s Hope was the great American delusion that Brand Trump’s Wall now represents.

The introductory words are part of the national vocabulary—stimulated by America the great illusion— that the Robber Barons have implanted in the tax-paying slaves' minds with the propaganda machine operated by their Democrat and Republican lackeys who sell the public trust to them "for a few dollars more" in their war chests. “Our country,” America, is the trademark that the Robber Barons adopted to constitutionalize the land that they stole after the wars that they made against the American Indian Nations and the institutionalization of slavery as America’s emblem.

"Our future" is a nuclear poker card in the pocket of the Robber Barons who own the Military Industrial Complex and of whom Brand Obama and Brand Trump are the poker dealers. "Our reputation" is the dehumanizing effects that the Robber Barons’ policies—enforced by the Democrat and Republican administrators of their State—have on society, particularly on its dispossessed majority. Militarism, the increase of the public debt, the decrease in the welfare, dispossession, unemployment, homelessness, hunger, illness, racism, violence, and a Police State are the components of the Robber Barons’ plan to transform themselves into the autocratic representation of the people, the country, the State, and God on Earth. “Trump’s America” is the same as “Obama’s America,” that is to say, America is an imperialist corporation owned by the Robber Barons whose mission is to dominate the world via constant wars of conquest and pillage in accordance with their proclaimed Manifest Destiny. To accomplish their mission, they put their trust in God and the power of illusions. One of them is the belief that a Democrat or Republican politician—who believes that the immorality of capitalism is good, that the Zionist State of Israel represents Jehovah’s will, and that the Atomic Bomb is an instrument of reason—can be the savior of the country. Brand Trump was elected by Americans who believed his lie that he will "make their country great again," although he is one of the Robber Barons who steals the wealth of the country produced by the taxpaying slaves with their toil and services. Trump is a Republican breed of the Robber Barons' predatory womb who will continue to treat America as stolen goods, which can be protected only with the tools of a dictatorship, such as lies, intimidation, censorship, espionage, persecution, expatriation, incarceration, torture, violence, hypocrisy, patriotism, true faith, the death penalty, and war. America has never been and cannot be "great" because it is founded on racism, slavery, inequality, injustice, and political corruption. These are the conditions that sustain the Robber Barons’ pyramid of power symbolized by the Trump Tower. "Great" is only the word used by the Democrat and Republican operators of the Robber Barons' propaganda machine to suggest that it means freedom, equality, justice, peace, and prosperity for Americans. In reality, "great" means the continuation of the Robber Barons' American, sanguinary orgy of immoral and unrestricted enrichment at the expense of the suffering of the dispossessed majority of society. This American tradition was practiced with true Christian faith by Barack Hussein Obama II with the help of his Democrat and Republican accomplices. Brand Obama’s Hope was the great American delusion that Brand Trump’s Wall now represents. Political corruption and the enrichment of the rich—through the dispossession and dehumanization of the poor—is the American, moral norm that Brand Trump inherited from Brand Obama who inherited it from Brand Bush. It is the immoral force that propels the State policies—designed by the Robber Barons’ Chief Executive Officers—of unemployment, homelessness, hunger, illness, racism, violence, and wars of conquest and pillage. The tax-paying slaves that support the State that the Robber Barons use as their shock force to oppress them and repress them do not have a country. Their jobs, their homes, their society, their Government, and their dignity have been expropriated by America the great imperialist corporation of usurers. They will have a real country when they revolutionize their minds, break the illusions, repudiate the illusionists, think like a class, organize themselves into their own political party, and take their power back from the thieves. “Power to the people! Stick it to the man!”


The U.S. Presidential Election of 2016: The Great American Delusions and the New Emperor  

Essay on the illusions that the Robber Barons' have implanted on the mind of the tax-paying slaves with the propaganda machine operated by t...