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PORTFOLIO hulya yavas

This portfolio contains some of selected architectural projects, conceptual trials, personal mixed-media collages and sketches produced in the years between 2014 and 2018.

cover photo is the model of Architectural Design Project 4 Peace Buildings: fill in the blanks

Hülya Yavas September 21th 1994 +90 534 730 22 41 eskisehir mah. esref efendi sok. caglayan apt. no:193/8 34375




2013 - present Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Architecture 2009 - 2013 Tekirdag Ebru Nayim Science High School

2017 Summer Fredericia, Denmark EASA (European Architecture Students Assembly) Workshop: Inter of Course / participant Tutors: Gabriele Jureviciute, Greta Sidlauskaite, Martynas Brimas, Aurimas Syrusas

SKILLS photoshop illustrator autocad microsoft office

rhinoceros sketch up adobe premiere

LANGUAGE Turkish - native German - beginner

English - upper intermediate

Certificate March - April 2015 Turkish Sign Language Training Turkish National Federation of the Deaf - ITÜ Gönüllülük Kulübü Tutor: Ercüment Tanrıverdi


April 2017 Eskisehir Bademlik Design Festival 5N1 Müdahale (5W1 Intervention) Workshop: Yıkım / participant Tutors: Murat Sönmez, Senem Müstak January 2017 UMOB 16,5 ANKARA Workshop : Mnemonic Locus Tutor with Merve BIYIK, Emre GÜNEL November 2016 IKSV 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial Academy Programme Workshop: Move[n] City / participant Tutors: Aysegul Akcay Kavakoglu, Nilay Ozlu, Cagda Ozbaki October 2016 IKSV 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial Academy Programme Istanbul as a Palimpsest City and Infinite Design Layers Culture and Space Design Workshop Together but Seperated: Bomonti Tutors: PAB Architects / participant July 2016


Tekeli-Sisa Architecture Partnership

Istanbul / voluntary intern

Megaron Mimarlık Dekorasyon Ltd. Sti.

Tekirdag / intern

July - August 2016

UMOB16 ISTANBUL / participant

January 2016 UMOB15,5 GAZIANTEP Workshop: Sobe / participant Tutors: epitome collaborative network

MEMBERSHIP TURMEPA (civil society organization about protection and keeping clean the sea and coasts)

July 2015 UMOB15 Tasarim Koyu IZMIR Workshop: Mekan(o)skop / participant Tutor: Gokcecicek Savasir February 2015 Spirograph Workshop / ITU Taskisla Tutor: Gozdenur Demir / participant


newmuseum: visions on civic space Architectural Design VI&VII Fall '17/'18 Prof. Ayse Sentürer Res. Asst. Erenalp Büyüktopcu


LISTEN! *the story told about is yours The city was in motion yesterday. The city is in motion today. The city will be in motion tomorrow. The city was less noisy yesterday. The city is noisy today. The city will be noisier tomorrow. The museum was static yesterday. The museum is changeable today. The museum will be in motion tomorrow. The museum does not present only objects ‘’show’’. Can the museum itself be a part of the presentation /the story? What is the story aimed to tell? de te fabula narratur the story told about is yours the memory + the present + the future “Could not be seen a town or a city as a memory theater? ...the past whisper quietly something into the people’s ear like the ghosts standing from graves while walking in a city or walking through all the places. ... The city is a spatial network created by memory traces, but at the same time it is a giant forecasting machine.” Simon Critchley, Memory Theatre in here The (missing) sounds of the memory can be heard! sound traces of Istanbul; sounds no longer heard, Time can be watched! “Buildings and cities are the means and museums of time.” Juhani Pallasmaa, The Eyes of the Skin

Watch, observe, listen the city in a different way! Here; sets in motion by people. Here is a place where people get into action, a negative place, a negative extension to sound-filled, moving place -quiet, -getting motion with users -providing open or close windows that can be witness to the change and motion in the place that is watching the change - framing, providing/ blocking new perspectives The museum; contains spaces of transformation, circulates the city in motion, experiences the memory, hears.. LISTEN!

The city is getting noisier. The city will be noisier and noisier in future.

future visions for the city parts, taksim above, eminönü and mecidiyeköy below

You can turn down the sounds of the city and produced your own imaginery city sounds in the Museum of Sounds!

city of sounds take time to explore it!

Museum of Sounds is a newmuseum proposal for a city with

intensive circulation, motion and noises as dominant city sounds.

This Project, which is evolved around the main element sound, based on the criterias of intensive circulation and city sounds in Sirkeci, existing empty area, providing panoramic views of the city. The Museum of Sounds consist of three parts. One of the pieces of Museum of Sounds locates in the intersection area of the noisy streets (Kennedy and Ankara Street) near the pier. The other one, main Museum of Sounds is behind the Sirkeci Station. The last piece of the museum is located in in the existing carpark area on the Istasyon Arkası Street which is quiter than the other two area. Museum of Sounds creates variety kinds of sound-less gaps in sound section of Sirkeci.

One of the pieces of Museum of Sounds locates in the intersection area of the noisy streets (Kennedy and Ankara Street) near the pier. The users are let into this piece of the museum from near the pier and intensive Street, from ground level with a sound isolated tube. Users are brought up to get away from the noises and the space offers them a quiet place with panoramic view of the city, as well as a cafeteria and a library about sound. The main Museum of Sounds is behind the Sirkeci Station. There are two sound isolated entrances of it. One of them embraces the historical building. The other one infiltrates to the station. These two seperate entrances merge into one inside the museum and continue through the top level with ramps. This main museum aims to teach users the historical journey of sound through experience. Above this level,

Felt forms a viewpoint while getting thinner and transperent and giving access to the city sounds. Sound-recreation area where users can merge sounds and create lost sounds is located above the experimental cloud. They can produce their own sound stories there.


cloud is located. Experimental cloud is made up from felt fibres and expandable foam. Purpose of this place is experiencing Istanbul’s sound memory. Users listen the urban sounds in the sound niches, passages... Users, especially unfamiliar with the city, are informed about the history of city in the sound labyrinth.

Istasyon Arkası Street is quiter than the other two area. One of the museum pieces is located in the existing carpark area. It involves meeting rooms to work on sound, a cafeteria and an auditorium for various events.

piece of museum Architectural Design VI&VII Fall '17/'18 Prof. Ayse SentĂźrer Res. Asst. Erenalp BĂźyĂźktopcu

a dual window of island Asena GĂśzde AltÄąnel HĂźlya Yavas

islander situations / concepts


isolated / become anonymous

being islander


arrival departure


departure arrival

the idea of being island/islander


experiencing the island

design piece of museum


from buket uzuner’s island notebook

conďŹ ned

solo - experience




re-experiencing the island in..

Islands Writers Poets : from myth to literature, Sevengul Sonmez


memory of the island

human ow density

A dual window of island, beginning with a dark and narrow corridor, it aims to people feel isolated and then continued with the big openings that viewing the other islands and the city panorama, it aims to people feel contrast emotions consecutively. It combines two different emotional experiences inside. As the ground is getting closer to the sea, the upper floor is moving towards to the sky. Adalar Müzesi’nin adalara bakan (ikili) penceresi, deneyimleyicilerine/ kullanıcılarına baslangıçta karanlık ve gittikçe daralan bir koridor sunarak izole olma halini, ardından sehre ve adalara açılan büyük açıklıklarının sundugu panorama ile kontrast duygular yasatarak arada olma/ adada olma halini deneyimletme amacı tasır. Içinde iki farklı duygusal deneyimi birlestirir. Zemini denize ulasırken , üst dösemesi gökyüzüne dogru ilerlemektedir. change of perception

The location of the project is between two piers. In the region where the density of people from both scaffolds decreases , there is an entrance site where less people can experience it. This area works as like a corridor and narrows gradually.

expanding sight

embracing with light

becoming isolated

Proje iki iskele arasında konumlanmaktadır. Her iki iskeleden gelen insan yogunlugunun azaldıgı bölgede, aynı anda daha az insanın deneyimleyebilecegi bir giris mekanı karsılamaktadır. Bu alan bir koridor gibidir ve giderek daralmaktadır.

section cc’

section bb’

personal mixed-media collages and sketches

Portfolio 'on sekiz - hülya yavaş  

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Portfolio 'on sekiz - hülya yavaş  

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