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You are where you are today because

, somewhere along the way,

believed in you.

2015 ANNUAL REPORT July 2014 - June 2015


Dear Friends of Huckleberry Youth Programs, Our 2014-2015 Annual Report provides us an opportunity to reflect on last year’s accomplishments and envision our future. Within this report, you will see that we continue to address serious inequalities within our community and provide an opportunity for over 6,000 youth to reach for their dreams and live healthier lives (see page 5). Our promise to Bay Area youth continues to grow, and is even stronger now than it was when Huckleberry House opened its doors in 1967, nearly 50 years ago. Huckleberry’s professional staff and high quality services are impressive. We constantly evolve to address the emerging needs and issues facing young people today. Whether it’s tackling human trafficking or addressing physical and mental health issues, our highly trained and professional staff rises to every challenge (see page 3). One funder recently asked how Huckleberry was able to survive for so long in this quickly changing environment. It is our ability to remain focused on our mission, engage youth and families, and respond to current community needs. As you may know, Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill requiring comprehensive sexual education to all CA high school students. Huckleberry’s sexual health education curriculum is a leader in the state, providing relationship awareness and communication skills paired with reproductive health information for adolescents. Unfortunately, our long-term Marin health funding partner, the Marin Community Foundation, has recently shifted its focus, but we are committed to finding alternative sources of funding to keep adolescent sexual and interpersonal health and education services in Marin County. Looking forward, we see a productive year with many exciting opportunities. The San Francisco Human Services Agency recently selected Huckleberry to pilot a system-wide program providing immediate crisis intervention and case management services for sexually exploited children and young adults. During the pilot year, Huckleberry’s specialized advocates will be available 24/7 to respond to youth who are in these dangerous situations. (See page 3) In 2016, we will also be heavily focused on our PropelNext grant (see page 4) which will help us strengthen our juvenile justice diversion program, the Huckleberry Community Assessment & Resource Center. We were one of only 15 nonprofits in the state to receive this prestigious three-year grant to streamline data collection, measure our impact, and in turn, build upon our success in reducing juvenile crime and recidivism. Finally, to ensure that our services are around for the next 50 years, Huckleberry is launching a major donor campaign referred to as the Leadership Circle. The Circle will consist of donors ($5,000 +) who continuously support our mission through significant gifts to help us fulfill our long-term strategic objectives. Please consider joining the Circle and helping our youth towards a bigger, brighter future. What becomes crystal clear in our visioning and learning process is that we absolutely could not achieve so much to improve the lives of our youth without the broad, generous, and meaningful support of our Huckleberry Family. THANK YOU!

Douglas Styles Executive Director


Jerry Peters Board President

Huckleberry Youth Programs • 3310 Geary Boulevard • San Francisco, CA 94118 • (415) 668-2622


Mayor Ed Lee Donates to Huckleberry’s Human Trafficking Prevention Efforts in Honor of Pope Francis

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee

Pope Francis

By Mayor_Ed_Lee.jpg: Nancy Pelosi derivative work: Tktru (Mayor_Ed_Lee.jpg), via Wikimedia Commons

Korea.net / Korean Culture and Information Service, via Wikimedia Commons

The Bruce Fisher Education Fund Thank you to everyone who donated to the Bruce Fisher Education Fund this past year. The fund was created to assist our Huckleberry Wellness Academy (HWA) graduates in meeting their unfunded college expenses such as books, transportation, housing deposits, meal plans, and tuition gaps. Through your generosity, over $60,000 was raised for HWA students. Sherilyn Adams Katharine Albright Andi Arrick Gordon and Susan Bardet Leyna Bernstein Kurt and Johanna Beyer Michael Bien and Jane Kahn Jack Brown and Jan Chatten-Brown Jennifer and Rob Chen Jinyoung Choi Ruth Cowan James and Claire Davis Emily Dreblow Laura Enos Jacqueline and Carl Fagerlin Nancy Kurilla Falk Ernest Fazio and Marlene Braverman Allison Fisher Paula and Gareth Fracchia Sharon Friel

Don and Janie Friend Mike and Margaret Fuson David Geisinger Eric Goldman and Laurie Weisberg Steve and Donna Gothelf Sara Griffith David J. and Margie Guggenhime Harder & Company Robert Hickey Jack and Genevieve Hoffman E. Alan Holroyde Carl and Jacquelin Jew Koret Foundation David Kremer and Marla Miller Steve and Maribelle Leavitt Steven and Maurie Louis Kathie Lowry Michelle Magee James Mashburn Tom and Carolee Mathers

George and Myrta Matula Allison Metz Leon Metz and Joanne Ferris Shelley and Paul Miller Gale Mondry and Bruce Cohen Bernard and Gail Nebenzahl Peter E. Haas Jr. Family Fund Alan Pick Jan Platt amd Jeff Ross Vivian Podesta Peter Pollat The Lisa and John Pritzker Family Fund Susan Quigley and Rene Simon Veronica Reed Jeff Ross Michael and Marcia Rubenstein Toby and Robert Rubin Sanford and Linda Gallanter Foundation


Diane Scarritt Lary and Judy Schiller Louise Schneider and Richard Adler Steven Shatz and Nina Rivkind Aglae and Andy Shaw Marc Slutzkin Joelle Steefel Lenny Stein and Janni Lehrer-Stein John Steinfirst and Sharon Collins John and Junie Sullivan Brian and Suzanne Swift Eugene and Julia Tao The San Francisco Foundation Margaret Voorhees Glynn and Annie Washington Barbara and Chris Wilson Art and Janet Wong Emerald Yeh and Ron Blatman Bennett G. Zier


Tackling Human Trafficking of Youth in Bay Area Written by Huckleberry intern Casey O’Brien The FBI has named San Francisco one of 13 U.S. cities that are top sites for both labor and commercial sexual exploitation human trafficking. Exploitation is a major issue in this country and is often hidden from public view. The average age of entry into sex work in the U.S. is just 12-14 years old. Approximately 79% of exploited youth have been sexually abused prior to becoming involved with a trafficker. At high risk are children in foster care, the juvenile justice system, and homeless youth. Recognizing Huckleberry’s history of working with vulnerable youth, this past year, we were asked by a city agency to take over a contract to serve youth who have been sexually exploited or who are at high risk for exploitation. This work involves intensive one-on-one support with youth ages 11-24. Youth are referred from within Huckleberry programs, the foster care system, probation, the schools and other community partners. This past year, 109 youth were served. Huckleberry Case Manager Kailey Norris states that her first priority is to provide a safe space for them to build trust. The next is to help clients get their lives back to a place of stable success, “whatever that looks like for them,” Norris says. That may be housing or employment or a chance to reenter school. Case Management has no expiration— clients receive Norris’ support as long as they need it. Norris says she spends a great deal of time with each client initially and then encourages more and more independence as the clients trust her. Before joining Huckleberry in Jan. 2015, Norris worked with youth in foster care, and says, “The traffickers know where the group homes are. I’ve seen them, lingering outside homes where my kids were. Many people don’t know that this is a problem, or that sex work is often not a choice, especially for young people.”

Kailey Norris Huckleberry’s Case Manager

Substance Abuse Services Now at Redwood High School in Marin County Written by Huckleberry intern Casey O’Brien Imagine being a 16-year-old high school student, afraid your drinking is getting out of hand but unable to tell a parent for fear of their response. You want to get help, but the nearest treatment center is twenty minutes away by car—and you don’t drive. For a long time in Marin, youth seeking substance abuse services had to seek outside sources for treatment. This has changed however, since Huckleberry recently partnered with Redwood High School to establish an on-site wellness center. As one of the only licensed adolescent substance treatment centers in Marin County, Huckleberry is working side-by-side with Redwood High to offer both group and individual substance abuse counseling. Huckleberry Drug & Alcohol Counselor Shawna Dobson is providing substance abuse services at Redwood High.

Huckleberry is working to make treatment a visible, integral part of the school community, possibly incorporating substance abuse issues in the District’s freshman curriculum. Students won’t have to feel as though they have to travel far outside their comfort zone to get treatment—it will be part of their school environment. As Jasmine Stevenson, Associate Executive Director of Huckleberry, says, “We really want to demystify substance abuse issues. How we do that is by making sure that treatment is very involved with the school.” With a school-based wellness center, those barriers fall away, and treatment becomes less taboo.



Huckleberry House Client Paying It Forward Soy Kim, Huckleberry volunteer mentor, feels a very special connection to Huckleberry’s programs. When she was 15 years old her, “situation at home wasn’t pleasant,” she says. The police brought her to Huckleberry House where she stayed to work through the issues with her family, accessing shelter and counseling services. While at Huckleberry House, she befriended another client who wrote her the letter at right. Since her time as a Huckleberry House client, she has kept Huckleberry, “very near and dear,” to her heart and has even referred her younger sister to Huckleberry services. Her sister has accessed medical exams at the Huckleberry Youth Health Center on Cole Street. Soy graduated from University of Colorado in 2013 and is now a certified sexual assault counselor for an agency which serves San Mateo County. As part of the work, she is responsible for answering calls on the crisis hotline, providing support to individuals who have been assaulted, as well as speaking and presenting to youth about sexual assault.

“During my short but memorable stay at Huckleberry House, there was another young woman who found shelter there as well. Although I don’t remember the reason for her stay, her presence and letter to me gave me hope and without Huckleberry House, I could not have had the fortune to meet this wise young woman. Her letter gave me hope in all my darkness - hope that there was still good left in this world. Hope that there are good people. Hope that even in bad situations, we can still find some good. And hope that I still had the choice to make what I can from these situations, good or bad. To pay it forward, I wish that of all things. To give back to our community, hope -- a virtue I was given the opportunity to embrace by the young woman I met through Huckleberry and of course, Huckleberry itself. Thank you.” – Soy Kim. Soy (right) and her little sister.

Huckleberry Selected to Receive a California PropelNext Grant! PropelNext helps nonprofits strengthen their ability to use and apply data for ongoing improvement and learning, and boost their impact on the lives of young people. Huckleberry was one of only 15 California nonprofits to receive a three-year planning grant from The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, along with an equal investment of expert one-on-one coaching, group learning sessions, and a peer learning community, underwritten by the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation. The PropelNext grant will assist us in deepening our interventions with and impact on the youth we serve.



Huckleberry’s Fiscal Year 2014/2015 Results July 1

June 30







5,246 youth in 822 workshops across both counties.





1,178 youth accessed primary, reproductive, and/or mental health services at Huckleberry Health Centers in both counties.

1,178 YOUTH





80% of the youth arrested and brought to Huckleberry’s CARC were not rearrested within the year following completion of the program.



San Francisco


98% of the youth in our Huckleberry Wellness Academy graduated from high school and 97% of participants are enrolled in college this fall.


CARC (Community Assessment & Resource Center)


531 youth participated in counseling services. 168 clients in family counseling. 154 in drug and alcohol counseling.



228 youth received shelter and counseling services. 93% of youth at Huckleberry House shelter exited to safe housing.



San Francisco



San Francisco



African American






10 - 13









14 - 15






16 - 17



Middle Eastern



18 - 21



Multiethnic/ Multiracial



Over 21



Pacific Islander






Other/ Unknown



Huckleberry Wellness Academy Alumni Spotlight “During high school, I didn’t do as well as I thought I could academically. Although I had a chance to go to a four year university, I decided I wanted to go to community college and aim higher for a school in the UC system. Therefore, I attended City College of San Francisco for two years. I visited HWA’s office often for transfer guidance.

Our graduates are attending the following colleges across the country. CALIFORNIA College of Marin Contra Costa Community College Diablo Valley College Folsom Lake College NCP College of Nursing National Holistic Institute Ohlone Community College Pitzer College St. Mary’s College Samuel Merritt University Santa Rosa Junior College Skyline Community College UC Berkeley

California State University - Cal Poly Pomona - Chico - East Bay - Long Beach - Monterey Bay - Northridge - Sacramento State - San Francisco State - San Jose State - Sonoma State Chabot College City College of San Francisco

After two years of hard work and dedication along with the help of Huckleberry Youth Programs, I was able to transfer to University of California, Santa Cruz.

UC Davis UC Irvine UC Merced UC Riverside UC San Diego UC Santa Barbara UC Santa Cruz UCLA University of San Diego University of San Francisco University of the Pacific Whittier College

I am studying economics and biology to understand economic issues concerning medicine in developing countries and healthcare. Without the help of Huckleberry’s services, I wouldn’t be a UC Santa Cruz Banana Slug.” -Huzaifa, HWA Class of 2013

OUTSIDE OF CALIFORNIA NYU Silver School of Social Work Ohio Wesleyan University Princeton University University of British Columbia

Brown University Clark University Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health Emory University

University of Chicago University of Hawaii Manoa Virginia State University

Statement of Operating Revenue & Expenses: 7/1/2014 - 6/30/2015 Revenue and Support


Foundation Grants Individual Donations Corporate Donations Special Events Government Other

$ $ $ $ $ $

1,004, 361 189 , 372 330 , 795 314 , 535 3,140,593 44 , 802

20% 4% 7% 6% 62% 1%


$ 5,024,458


Operating Surplus


30 , 4 2 1

Programs - Huckleberry House, SF - Huckleberry Youth Health Center - Huckleberry Wellness Academy - SF - Huckleberry Community Assessment & Resource Center (CARC) - SF Support Services

$ $ $ $ $

817 , 307 659 , 397 320 , 794 937 , 615 316,995

16% 13% 6% 20% 6%

- Huckleberry Teen Health Program - Marin - Huckleberry Wellness Academy - Marin - Marin Support Services

$ 748 , 830 $ 395 , 859 $ 132 , 668

15% 8%


$ 664 , 573



$ 4,994,037



Huckleberry Youth Programs, Inc.’s financial statements are audited annually. This condensed statement was extracted from audited financial statements. Complete audited financial statements are available upon request.



Run For The Roses 2015 Raised Over $210,000 For Huckleberry! A Fundraiser For

Huckleberry Youth Programs

THANK YOU TO OUR GENEROUS TABLE CAPTAINS! TURF CLUB: $5,000 Marianne Bamonte/ MUFG Union Bank, N.A. CSAA Insurance Group, a AAA Insurer First Republic Bank John & Junie Sullivan Sutter Health CPMC Dyann Tresenfeld

MILLIONAIRES ROW: $3,500 Chris & Jackie Gallo/Joseph & Sarah Gallo Jerry Peters

GRANDSTAND: $2,000 Marianne Bamonte/ MUFG Union Bank, N.A. Rose Bentley Bruce Fisher & Marlene Litvak Joel & Betsy Hausman Mission Bay Development Group Bernie & Gail Nebenzahl Thao Nguyen Jared Polsky & Debbie Levy Sabina Shaikh Raymond Quan

THANK YOU to the following community members who supported Huckleberry with funds raised and in-kind gifts.

The Senior Class of Archbishop Riordan High School raised over $1,500 at their performances of “Godspell” in May 2015.

Thanks to Mike Airoldi (left) and DJ Dezz who hosted a 49ers fan fundraiser for Huckleberry at Candlestick Park in April 2015.


Thank you to The Leadership Challenge who donated and packaged hygiene products for our clients.

Sazon Libre hosts a party at El Rio benefiting Huckleberry each quarter. Thanks to a match from The Campbell Foundation, they have raised over $10,000 for our programs.


Fiscal Year 2014/2015 In-Kind Donors 1:AM (First Amendment) Gallery 1760 Restaurant Adventure Cat Sailing Charters Airbnb American Conservatory Theater (A.C.T.) Aquarium of the Bay Arizmendi Bakery (San Rafael) Adriane & Mike Armstrong Arthur Court Designs Ashley Morgan Designs Asian Art Museum Back to Health with Acupuncture Balletto Vineyards Barnett Vineyards Bay Area Discovery Museum Bay City Bike Rentals & Tours Beautiful Orchids Berkeley Repertory Theatre Big Air Hang Gliding Black Oak Casino Resort William Black and Lenore Naxon John Bloch Blue Waters Kayaking Bluebelle Concierge Books, Inc. The Booksmith The Boxing Room BPIA, Inc. Damon Bruce Butterfly The Cake Gallery CakeBread Cellars Cal Skate Rohnert Park Caldwell Snyder Gallery California Academy of Sciences Ca’momi Napa Valley Chabot Space and Science Center Charles M. Schulz Museum & Research Center Cindy Potter Graphic Design Cinnabar Theater Clif Family Winery Clift Hotel Mitchell and Susan Cohen Denise Coleman ComedySportz San Jose Comforts Concannon Vineyard Cooper Alley Salon Couloir Wines/Straight Line Wine Dahliana Dalla Valle Vineyards James and Claire Davis Delgadillo Cellars

diPietro Todd Salon Dobbs Ferry Restaurant Dogpatch Wine Works Donna Dombach & Chris Argenziano Draper & Esquin Wine & Spirits, LLC Dry Creek Vineyards Dan Duckhorn & Duckhorn Vineyards E + O Kitchen and Bar El Pollo Loco En Garde Winery Encanto Vineyards EO Products-Marin Epic Roasthouse The Exploratorium Expression Wines Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco Fong Real Estate Company Forman Vineyards Frog Hollow Farm Galante Vineyards Gallo Family Vineyards Gary Danko Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park The Girl & The Fig Golden Gate Bridge & Highway & Transportation District gr.dano Boutique Green Chile Kitchen Gundlach Bundschu Winery Brenda Gutstadt Hakkasan Hamel Family Wines Hanzell Vineyards Betsy and Joel Hausman Headlands Center for the Arts William Nolan Highbaugh Highway 12 Vineyards/Winery Eric Ho Hotel Healdsburg & h2hotel Incredible Adventures Infineon/Sonoma Raceway Insalata’s International Poster Gallery Jamieson Ranch Vienyards Jeff Cohn Cellars Jewish Community Center Joe Betz John Wiley & Sons Judd’s Hill Winery Kathy Kamei Designs Gigi Kaufman Sy Kaufman Kaz Winery

Kendric Vineyards Kosta Browne Winery Leslie and Michael Krasny Lamborn Family Vineyards Latham & Watkins LLP Laurel Inn Ann and Jim Lazarus Leaf and Vine Wines Ledson Winery & Vineyards Chuck and Liz Leone Livermore Valley Wine Growers LJS Productions Lou’s Fish Shack Lumosity The Maas Clinic Macrostie Winery and Vineyards Madrona Manor Maldonado Family Vineyards Mandarin Oriental-San Francisco Marin Theatre Company Martinelli Winery Matthiasson Amy and Mac McConnell Kathleen McDonough Fran Meckler Memento Mori Richard Mendelsohn MoMo’s Restaurant Munchery Mycra Pac Designer Wear Napa and Sonoma Valley Bike Tours Neiman Marcus Rotunda Noir Lounge Nopalito One Stop Writing Shop Osher Marin JCC Paloma Vineyards Papapietro Perry Winery Park Tavern Patxi’s Pizza Patz & Hall Winery Pedroncelli Winery Peet’s Coffee and Tea Peju Province Winery Perbacco Ristorante & Bar Claudia & Danny Perez Perry’s Phoenix Hotel Pier 39 Planet Granite Quantum Wine Cellars Raff Distillerie Ramey Wine Cellars Ravenswood Winery RelayRides


Renteria Wines Richmond Country Club Ritz Carlton-San Francisco Robert Biale Vineyards Robert Meyer’s Mangia Nosh Rose Pistola Restaurant Round Pond Estate Rusack Vineyards Saintsbury San Francisco 49ers San Francisco Fire Department San Francisco Giants San Francisco Playhouse San Rafael Pacifics Baseball Club Sarah Oliver Handbags Schumacher Photography Seaplane Adventures SF Jazz Shafer Vineyards SHN Theaters Six Flags-Discovery Kingdom Six Sigma Ranch & Winery The Slanted Door Paul & Mary Slawson Sherry Sly Smuin Ballet Sociale SOJOURN Cellars Sojourn Ventures Sonoma Canopy Tours Sports Basement Dan and Sue Spradling St. Ignatius Church Strategic Hotels & Resorts John and Junie Sullivan Fred Tabsharani Testarossa Winery Theopolis Vineyards Three Sticks Wines Tomales Bay Resort Urban Guerrilla UrbanSitter Vintage Wine Estates Vista Guapa Surf Camp The Walt Disney Family Museum We Olive White Oak Vineyards & Winery Cindy Williams Williamson Wines Yank Sing Restaurant Yoga Tree Yosemite Mountain Sugar Pine Railroad


Huckleberry’s Generous Donors

( July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015 )

Huckleberry acknowledges the generosity of our donors, without whom the work we do would not be possible. We apologize for any unintended omissions.


$20,000 and above Mitchell & Susan Cohen Raymond & Joanne Lin John & Junie Sullivan

$15,000 - $19,999

Marianne Bamonte Bernard & Gail Nebenzahl

$10,000 - $14,999 Dale & Linda Baker Jon & Linda Gruber Jerry Peters

$5,000 - $9,999

Brian & Leslie Baker Bruce Bodaken & Camerin Ross Warren Browner Bill & Maria Carlile Donna Dambach & Chris Argenziano Morton Friedkin Holly Friel Gregg & Judy Gibson Linda Gomez Sallie Griffith Betsy & Joel Hausman Joe & Kathleen Jolson Amy Maselli Tim Muller John & Lisa Pritzker Sabina Shaikh Lee & Perry Smith Dyann Tresenfeld

$2,000 - $4,999

Richard & Connie Adams Rose Bentley Michael Bien & Jane Kahn Nora Blay Cara Caindec Wendy K. Coblentz & James M. Lowy Donald O. & Ronald R. Collins Fund George & Teta Collins Robert & Martha Copeland Matt & Alison Dunn Oz Erickson & Rina Alcalay Bruce Fisher & Marlene Litvak Greg & Carmen Franceschi Sanford & Linda Gallanter Chris & Jaclyn Gallo Alison Geballe Heather Hanly & Dan Purcell Martin & Beth Katz Chuck & Liz Leone George & Myrta Matula Fran & David Meckler Laura Menicucci Leon Metz Howard & Barbara Miller Shelley & Paul Miller Jane Miller Kurt & Tammy Mobley Neal Muller Thao Nguyen Jared Polsky & Debbie Levy Bradley Richey Michael & Marcia Rubenstein Donald Rubin & Olympia Martyn Louise Schneider Dale Smith & Jack Alotto Rick & Linda Stubblefield Brian & Suzanne Swift Mary Voigtsberger William Wagonblast Art & Janet Wong


$1,500 - $1,999

Vince & Jean Anicetti Woody & Connie BakerCohn Bob & Christine Feibusch Ken & Melissa Jones Leslie & Michael Krasny William & Barbara Peterson Rob & Cynthia Peterson Neil Rudolph & Susan Cluff

$1,000 - $1,499

Bill Black & Lenore Naxon Craig Burke & Molly Lazarus Fred Cohen & Carolyn Klebanoff Henry & Glenda Corning Ruth Cowan David & Carla Crane Sedge & Karen Dienst Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Evans Jacqueline & Carl Fagerlin Joanne Ferris Ben & Katie Fort Carolyn Friedman Don & Janie Friend Mike & Margaret Fuson Karen & Nate Goore Adriana Gores & John Lamm Richard Grey Barbara & William Hazen Jay & Judy Hearst E. Alan Holroyde Bill & Gail Hutchinson Rev. James McCray & Gail Jackson-McCray Barbara & David Kimport David Kirp David Kremer & Marla Miller Steve & Maribelle Leavitt Lee & Linda Meier Barbara Meislin Scott Nagle Jacqueline Neuwirth Adrian Rodriguez Richard & Jill Sideman Scott & Dina Smith Diane Snedaker Ace Smith & Laura Talmus Lou & Allison Vasquez Diane Wilsey Emerald Yeh & Ron Blatman Eric Yopes & Amelia Kaymen


Sherilyn Adams Mike Airoldi & SF 49ers Fans Eric & Marie Andel James Annunziata Adriane & Mike Armstrong Andi & David Arrick Tony Baca Lori Barra Leyna Bernstein Leonard Berry Kurt & Johanna Beyer Danielle & Eric Cagan Jinyoung Choi Andy Coblentz & Shari Libicki Jill Conrad James & Claire Davis David Dolezal Marriner & Leni Eccles Kristi & Jonathan Ellenzweig Laura Enos

Ernie Fazio & Marlene Braverman Paula & Gareth Fracchia Roger Friedberger Phil & Leslie Gardner Mark & Maile Gleason Eric Goldman & Laurie Weisberg Steve & Donna Gothelf Steve & Shadya Greenberg Syed & Shama Hasib Nolan Highbaugh & Janet Ogata Jack & Genevieve Hoffman Kathy Kamei Katie Karp Susan King Kenn Lau Nicholas Leone A.C. Limbach Leonard Lloyd Steve & Mary Jane Lowenthal Thomas Lumsden Michelle Magee Christopher Martin Catharine Martin Annie Maxwell Tracy McLaughlin Meridee Moore & Kevin King Susan Obata, MD Valerie Pierce & Michael Stortz Ravi Poorsina Will Robinson & Lauren Uyeshiro Doug Robson Gary Roof & Douglas Light Shauna Marie Rose & Raymond Sullivan Janice Platt & Jeff Ross Stephen & Marcia Ruben Robert & Toby Rubin Mary-Ann & Richard Shafer Steven Shatz & Nina Rivkind Charles Slutzkin Stefanie Smith & Daniel Throop Judy Klayman & Finis Smith Joelle Steefel Ken & Lori Styles John Sullivan III Eugene & Julia Tao Eric & Brooke Tao David Tucker Marlena Weinstein Brad & Lianne Werner Barbara & Chris Wilson Paul & Betsy Zeger


Linda & Andy Ach Thomas Ainsworth Anonymous Patricia Avery Brian Baker Carol Banquer Jeff Bialik Jack Brown Dale Butler & Tina Panziera Brian Cahill Bruce & Barbee Callander Tom Carlson & Lisa Bishop Christine & Kevin Chessen Mary Connick Greg Davis & Karin Orsic Mark & Jody Dosker Paul & Laura Escobosa The Worley/Mitchell Family

Charlotte & Robert Ferretti Nancy Field & Kyle Anderson David & Vicki Fleishhacker Ken & Jean Freeman Scott Glave Bob & Therese Gloger Mark Goldrosen & Barbara Solomon Walter Gomez Alan & Susan Greinetz Richard & Sara Griffith Peter Wald & Christina Hall Elaine Hausman Jesse Herzog Oliver & Irene Holmes Victor & Lorraine Honig James & Kathleen Hormel Mark & Lori Horne Jim & Bethany Hornthal Peter & Bonnie Jensen Loretta Jones Hal & Gigi Kaufman George Kawamoto Matthew Keleman & Jeannette Lafors Martin & Pamela Krasney Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kustel Anne Laird-Blanton Christopher Lane Richard & Ann Lanzerotti Preston & Mary Ann Lentz Joe & Jill Lervold Hans Levi Stuart Lipton & Melanie Gnazzo Steven & Maurie Louis James Mashburn Brad McGinnis David Melnick Larry & Nikki Meredith Dr. Allison Metz Gale Mondry & Bruce Cohen John & Martha Mouer Margo Murray & David Fox Laurie Naeole Martha & Clarke Nelson John & Vicki Nelson Douglas Ousterhout Karina Ousterhout & Steve Arnold E. Saul Pena Michael Ranahan Susanne Rivera Ashley & Doug Rodwick Ro & Toby Rubin Jamey & Nancy Saunders Shawn Sax Lary & Judy Schiller Susan Shargel Cathie & Paul Staley Donald & Beverly Steffen Lenny Stein & Janni Lehrer-Stein John Steinfirst & Sharon Collins Jeff Sterley Mary Szczepanik & Matt Agard Stephen & Britt Thal Nhung Thi Le Herbert & Nancy Tully Michael & Johanna Wald Glynn & Annie Washington Nancy & Eugene Zastrow


R.W. & Pamela Abendroth Katharine Albright Gary Angel Barry & Ali Ansell


Lauren Asher Stanley & Mary Baker JoAnna Barnes Teresa Bastian Alvin Baum Jr. Teena Berman & Owen Hart Joan & Burton Berry Barbara Blasdel & Eugene Alexander Judy Bloch Steven Blumlein & Arlyne Charlip Margaret & Henry Brodkin Wendy & Michael Bronzo Donna Broughan Mollie Ward Brown Merrill Buice Peter & Elaine Bull Susan Burrell & Don Kerson Michele Button Altheda Carrie Aby Castro & Eric Brown Jim Chanin Jennifer & Rob Chen Jean & Andrew Coblentz Ed & Nancy Conner Peggy DaSilva & Dan Hodapp Marcella Davis Ann Dey Joan Difuria & Robert Fisher George & Roseanne Dobbins Edward Dzialo Jeff & Susan B. Greenberg Englander Veronica Escobedo Glenda Evans-Shaw Sharon & Randall Faccinto Justin Faggioli & Sandy Donnell Nancy Kurilla & Steven Falk Lois Feller Gary Fiedel Steven Fields Bob Fields Dani Fisher & Adam Florin John Fisher Fabrice & Phyllis Florin Joan Fodor Bob & Ellen Freeman Robert & Carol Freidenberg Alex & Ann Frick John Fulton Robert Galoob Kevin Galvin David Geisinger, Ph.D. Mark Gibson & Jane Yao Loretta Giorgi Denis Gleason Robert Goldsborough & Liz Gonzales Fred Grange David & Margie Guggenhime Robin Harris Mary Hauser Eric Hautemont Martha Heidinger Robert Hickey Jack & Polly Hillis Michael & Katie Hooper H. Hoskins Tina Hristova John & Elizabeth Jackson Dennis Jaramillo Myel & Gregory Jenkins Carl Jew Mike Kappus

Robert Kaplan & Carolyn Kataoka Heidi Kennedy The Kirchofer Family Emily Kleeman & David Gehrig Lauren Krasny Caroline Kreitzberg David & Patricia Laduke Frank Landin & Edmund Frey James Lawrence & Kara Wright Barry & Barbara Lee Julie Leitzell Jane Levi Lauren Loney & David Gunning Leslie Lopato & Skip Getz Kathie Lowry George Hamilton & Kathy Lynaugh Ramiro & Judith Maldonado Tom & Carolee Mathers Heather Mathews & Rory Thompson Cara Mattson Jennifer & John McLaughlin Kathleen McNamara Spencer & Roberta Michels Ted Mitchell & Tanya Slesnick William & Sandy Mixsell Kathryn Niggeman Tom Nolan John O’Toole & Jean Hom Michael & Anne Parish Karen Patterson Matthew Kay Pellicciarini Dana Pepp Lindsey Phillips Alan Pick & Kimra Bendle Vivian Podesta Julia Poelstra Tucky Pogue Peter Pollat John & Kittina Powers Tom & Gwen Price Raymond Quan Ruth Ramsey & Steven Ramsland Robert & Patricia Ravasio Byron Rhett Julia Rimas Jessica Romm Christina Rosetti McArthur Connie Rubiano & Peter Yedidia Susana Ryan L. Joanne Sakai Kristine Samuelson & John Haptas Rebecca Sarokin & Gary Kaplan Sarita Satpathy Diane Scarritt Vicki Schwartz Janet Shalwitz & Burt Feuerstein Andy & Aglae Shaw Joe Sherman & Sandy Monteka-Sherman Leslie Shilling David Sibbet William & Shira Shore Barbara Shragge Linda Simpson Lillian Sing Marc & Kate Slutzkin Skip & Ellie Smith David & Susan Smith Barbara & Jesse Smith

Rebecca Smullin Janet Sollod Sparkie & Joseph Spaeth Mike Stafford Richard & Diane Stein Daniel Steinert Tania & Michael Stepanian Stanley & Karen Stern Gretchen & Rocky Stone David & Barbara Styles Marina Tao & Peter Huoh Shahnaz Taplin & Carl Pope Claire Tarlson & Cody Goins Carolyn Terman Caroline Thompson Charles & Marilyn Vella Bob & Deb Van Nest Paul & Pearl Vapnek Margaret & Ralph Voorhees Isabel Wade & Jan Chernoff Gay Weake Gene Weber Jennifer & Ralph Wedge Elana Weinberg Mike Whiteside Andrew Williams III Rusty & Mari Williams Charles & Frances Wisch Linda Wohlrabe Hallen Bruce & Nancy Worthington Molly & Denis Wuthrich Gary & Linda Zellerbach Bennett & Cindy Zier Todd & Diane Ziesing


Angela Acchione & Jeff Kaplan Anonymous Lara Bain Gordon & Susan Bardet David & Bernadette Barker-Plummer Dr. & Mrs. Kevin Barry Richard Benjamin Michael Boland & Lisa Bordley Robin & David Breuner Denise Burns Caren Cascio Lillian & Valerian Chestohin Sean Cocoran William Corba Andrew Curtis Susan & Kevin Denny Lucia Diaz Emily Dreblow Judy & David Epstein Sarah Farley Virginia Farnsworth Kathryn Givens Hill Scott Gursky Howard Harband John Hules Donald & Virginia Humphreys Ginger Jackson-Gleich Rita Jeremy & Barry Gurdin Joe Keene & Susan Andrus Dana Kern Carolyn & F.J. Klemeyer Rob & Naomi Leonard Shaila & Jack Lester Benjamin & Trudy Leung Henry & Lucille Libicki Ronald & Sandra Linder

Leticia Marquez-Magana & Tomas Magana Claire McAuliffe Kitty McDonnell Kerri McLean Carole & Merle Meyers Nancy Miljanich Beth & Scott Minick James & Lee Ann Monfredini Joan Murphy Donald & Kathleen Nielsen Christine & Jeffrey Nygaard Brian Parker Claudia & Danny Perez Virginia Philhower Susan Quigley & Rene Simon Merle Saber Katherine Sanders Norman Schlossberg Wade & Heather Schlueter Amy Schmuecker Angeline Seah Lara Shackelford Alex Shmelev & Robin Beck Sean & Pam Silverman Ralph Snick Neil Solomon Pamela Sorensen Heather Sprung & Mike Meyer Hunter Thunell Janet Walsh Mike & Kathy Walsh Steven & Nancy Wasserman Ilya Weber Charles Wyman & Megan Pickett Timothy Young Boris & Ulyana Zilbermints

Emily Lesk Sara Linderman Tawnia Litwin Nikki Lowy Kelley Lucero Jennifer Mattox Lori McKenzie Priscilla Miranda Joseph Mizgerd Abby Murphy Ellen Novak Dawn O’Connor John & Anne Parker Thomas Paterson Richard & Susan Perlstein Mary Peterian Ellen Prodromou Jeremy Russell Brianna Sandoval David Scheinman Katherine Schmidt Julie Schweizer David Seltzer Shannon Sharkey Dana Shinn Jasmine Stevenson Julie Stites Doug & Deborah Styles Deidre Thorne-Hadfield Amy Tobin Ron Ugbeye Colleen & Chris von Eckartsberg John Walsh Laura Wisland Andrew Wolfe Susie Wong & Brad Shao

$2,500 - $4,999

Corporations, Businesses & Organizations

BTIG, LLC Bank of Marin Bassing Painting Ronald C. Wornick Jewish Day School St. Ignatius Church

Under $50

eScrip Gilead Sciences, Inc. Kaiser Permante Marin/ Sonoma Community Benefit Program Kaiser Permanente Northern California Community Benefit Program

Virginia Baldwin Erin Biegel & Adam Sass Erika Brickley Caitlin Brisson Parker Brown David Brownschidle Terry Carr Thea Cary Mallory Chambers Tucker Kathryn Christopherson Richard Copeland Stephanie Davis-Don Heidi Dickert Jeffrey Elardo Albert Evers Bruce Fay Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Fetterman Richard & Stephanie Fredericks Sharon & Richard Friel Richard Gale A. Kelly Gelenter Tiffany Gomez Joan Greenwald Rachael Hartnell Patsy Hatt Alex Hausman Edward Hesselgren Linda Humphrey Laura Jones Spencer Kaplan Mike Kitay & Bob Baer Erica Lang Timothy Lawler Mary Lesbirel

$50,000 and above

Marin Community Clinic Sun Life Financial

$20,000 - $49,999

$10,000 - $19,999 First Republic Bank Lennar Urban Macy’s Foundation

$5,000 - $9,999

CSAA Insurance Group, a AAA Insurer Da Kitchen Café Dodge & Cox Hanson Bridgett LLP JMP Group MUFG Union Bank, N.A. Morrison & Foerster Foundation Pacific Service Credit Union Pamakid Runners Rotary Club of Tiburon Sunset San Francisco Lodge Elks Club Sutter Health CPMC TJX Foundation Umpqua Bank Wells Fargo Foundation

Academy Of Friends Backstrom McCarley Berry & Co. Dodge & Cox Eileen Fisher, Inc. Harrington Group Heffernan Foundation In-N-Out Burger Foundation Latham & Watkins LLP Mission Bay Development Group Pacific Union International Recology Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd Salesforce.com San Francisco Federal Credit Union SKS Partners Starboard TCN Streetsmart4Kids

$1,500 to $2,499

Archbishop Riordan High School Bank of America Matching Gifts Community Initiatives Forwords, Inc. Mission Bay Development Group Peet’s Coffee and Tea Safeway Foundation

$1,000 - $1,499


Apple Matching Gift Program Salesforce.com Patxi’s Pizza The San Francisco Giants Seagate Properties Shorenstein Properties LLC Wells Fargo Community Support


Bank of America Bi-Rite Family Business Community Youth Center Heath Ceramics Kelly Pacific Construction Tabernacle Community Development Corporation Urban School

$100 - $249

AT&T Matching Gifts Community Thrift Store Union Bank Foundation Mission Bay Development Group Rainbow Grocery

Under $100

Amazon Smile Apple Matching Gift Program Ciao Consulting LLC Cisco Systems Diego Bros., Inc. IBM Matching Gifts Microsoft Matching Gifts


Pasta Pomodoro Veritable Vegetable

Foundations $150,000 and above Marin Community Foundation

$100,000 - $149,999

Rough-J-Ranch Foundation San Francisco Public Health Foundation Sanford and Linda Gallanter Foundation The Lisa and John Pritzker Family Fund Sidney Stern Memorial Trust

Marin Community Foundation - Sutter Health Access to Care Fund

Under $1,000

$50,000 to $99,999

Public Funding Sources Federal Grants & Contracts

California Wellness Foundation Frances K. and Charles D. Field Foundation Metta Fund Quest Foundation S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation Viragh Family Foundation

$20,000 - $49,999

Crescent Porter Hale Foundation David B. Gold Foundation Five Bridges Foundation Morris Stulsaft Foundation Peter E. Haas Jr. Family Fund Mount Zion Health Fund The Nick Traina Foundation Project Inform William G. Gilmore Foundation

$10,000 - $19,999

Alexander M. and June L. Maisin Foundation George H. Sandy Foundation Miranda Lux Foundation The Stanley S. Langendorf Foundation Alice Shaver Foundation

$5,000 - $9,999

The Campbell Foundation Charles See Foundation Elinor Smith Charitable Trust Eucalyptus Foundation Fullerton Family Foundation The Fred Gellert Family Foundation Evelyn & Walter Haas, Jr. Fund Walter & Elisa Haas Fund The Isabel Allende Foundation Leo S. Guthman Fund Leestma Family Foundation San Francisco Foundation Van Loben Sels/ RembeRock Foundation

$1,000 to $4,999

Community Safety Foundation Harold F. Gallivan, Jr. Family Foundation Hilltop Foundation Humanist Fund Koret Foundation Marin Charitable Association Rotasa Foundation

Bernard E. & Alba Witkin Charitable Foundation

US Department of Health & Human Services - Administration for Children & Families US Department of Justice - Office of Violence Against Women

State Grants & Contracts

California Family Health Council California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development California Office of Emergency Services

San Francisco Contracts

SF Department of Children, Youth and Their Families SF Department of Public Health - Community Behavioral Health Services San Francisco Human Services Agency San Francisco District Attorney’s Office San Francisco Unified School District

Marin Contracts Marin Board of Supervisors

Marin Department of Health & Human Services • Division of Public Health - Community Health and Prevention Services - Maternal Child & Adolescent Health • Division of Alcohol, Drug, & Tobacco Programs • Division of Community Mental Health San Rafael High School


Huckleberry Youth Programs Staff Administration Executive Director Douglas Styles

Huckleberry Youth Programs Board of Directors PRESIDENT Jerry Peters

Partner, Latham & Watkins, LLP


Chairman and CEO, Majestic Insurance Company (retired)

TREASURER Leon Metz CPA, Delagnes, Mitchell & Linder, LLP

SECRETARY Jackie Fagerlin

Attorney, The Cardoza Law Offices

Adriane Armstrong

Chief Operating Officer, JUMA Ventures

Tony Baca

Associate Director, Clinical Finance, Puma Biotechnology, Inc.

Marianne Bamonte

Senior Vice President & Division Manager, Union Bank

Rose Bentley

Director of NA Renewals, Lyris

Leonard Berry

Backstrom, McCarley, Berry & Co., LLC

Nora Blay

Healthcare Consultant

Danielle Cagen

Corporate Communications and Public Affairs Executive, CSAA Insurance Group, a AAA Insurer

William Carlile

Adjunct Professor of Finance, University of San Francisco

Wendy Coblentz Author

Tiffany Lee Gomez

Senior Corporate Counsel, Global Employment Law, Gap, Inc.

Betsy Hausman

Former Director of Marketing & Events, Huckleberry Youth Programs

Nolan Highbaugh

General Counsel, KIPP Foundation

Lily Ho

Citigold Wealth Management, Citigroup

Gail Jackson-McCray Attorney

Elizabeth Leone

H.R. Assistant, Sunny Hills Services

Thao Nguyen

Director, AGS Americas Operations & Global Performance Management, Adobe Systems

Associate Executive Director, Marin Programs Jasmine Stevenson Program & Community Development Mollie Brown Research & Evaluation Elizabeth Ascher Data Management Coordinator Quyen Le Senior Director of Wellness Academies Vicky Valentine Fiscal Director Bruce Rice Accounting Manager Frances Shell Senior Bookkeepeer Vera Petrakovsky

Development Major Grants Jenn Chen Fundraising Brooke Tao Communications Heather Mathews Development Associate Gina Pan Development Specialist Amy McConnell

Jared Polsky

Huckleberry Community Assessment & Resource Center

Raymond Quan

Director of Juvenile Justice Programs Denise Coleman Program Director Stacy Sciortino Case Managers Imelda Acosta Edwin Bernardez Gloria Musto Andres Rios Assessor/Data Entry Jorge Rodriguez Data Entry Specialist Karina Almendarez Psychotherapist Meghan Kearney

Polsky Perlstein Architects Vice President & Area Manager, Umpqua Bank

Sabina Shaikh

Senior Director of Global Alliances, Salesforce

Jeff Sosnaud

Director, Coro Center for Civic Leadership (retired)

LIFETIME HONORARY MEMBERS: Annemarie Clark Ruth Cowan Bernie Nebenzahl Don Rubin Brian Swift

Matthew Dunn

Vice President, Digital Publishing and Social Strategies, Franklin Templeton Investments

Huckleberry Youth Programs 3310 Geary Boulevard San Francisco, CA 94118 (415) 668-2622 • www.huckleberryyouth.org

Huckleberry Youth Health Center Director of Health Services - SF Krista Girty Community Health Coordinator Ashley Rojas Intervention Specialist Kailey Norris Community Health Worker Dwanna Schaedlich Health Educator Jessica Linares Clinical Case Manager Kayla Jackson

Health Center Coordinator Emily Liu Americorps Community Health Worker Sara Kosoff

Huckleberry Wellness Academy - San Francisco Academic Case Managers Erika Flores Tope Pedro Nicole Salviejo

Huckleberry Wellness Academy - Marin Program Director Priscilla Miranda Coordinator Armando Franco Consultant Joanell Serra

Huckleberry Youth Multi-Service Center - Marin Clinical Director - Marin Susan Quigley Director of Community Health Jaclynn Davis Substance Abuse Counselors Shawna Dobson Claudio Fuentes Psychotherapist Cynthia Vergara Americorps Health Educators Sikai Song Vid Reddy

Huckleberry House Program Director Katie Reisinger Residential Coordinator Patrick Buckalew Clinical Director - SF Margo Levi Counseling Services Manager Katie Jennette Bi-Lingual Psychotherapist Gabi Perez Case Manager Corrine Limbach Residential Counselors Michael Carnevale Clelia Fernandez Alex Miley Maren Trotter Becca Welna AmeriCorps Residential Counselor Assistants Kimberlin Borja Michelle Lapitan


Nadine Browning Steph Muro Casey O’Brien Judy Schwerin Amanda Whitecrane

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