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Move Forward and Silence Your Critics If you don’t believe in yourself, then who will? Our ambitions and aspirations are not welcomed by everyone, and with growth there is opposition that wants to stunt it. These oppositions can be relentless and their determination is as serious as our reasons to succeed. However, the upper-hand belongs to those who strive and make continuous efforts to reach their goals. This happens because the sensation of winning is something that everyone thirsts for. Imagine this situation. As far back as they could remember, an individual had decided on what they wanted to do with their life. On Friday nights around ten o’clock, it was a family ritual to watch music videos, a new technology in the early 1980’s that showcased musicians in a filmed or videotaped rendition of a recorded song, including visual images interpreting the lyrics. With young and impressionable viewers, some of their mindsets were almost transformed instantly into what they saw and heard. For the remainder of their life they would do whatever it took to be a music superstar. Early on everyone loved their act. Smiles and applauds fueled their fire and pushed them to new and exciting levels. It wasn’t just their mother saying “baby you can sing” but it seemed like everyone loved them. However, as their dreams took them to new heights along came tougher challenges and criticism. It seemed that not everyone was a fan. “You can’t sing, or you don’t have stage appeal, and you need more artist development,” were some of the discouraging words planted into their spirit. Still this person pushed on because something on the inside told them to do so. Along their journey, they experienced musical success by winning talent competitions and eventually got a record deal. They even recorded several music videos and received several awards and accolades. These accomplishments never came as surprise to them because they always believed in themselves. It was only a surprise to those who doubted their capabilities. In situations like these we must believe in the gifts and talents that God places in us. He wants us to be faithful and act on our faith. The critics will try to stop you, but if you continue to press on and continue small steps to your big goal, even your critics will someday become one of your biggest fans.

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November/December 2011

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Natural Hair Care Nyenzo Natural Boutique Cutting Edge Semi Pros Park West of Durham


Community Connection


Dionne Blanks & Nyenzo Natural Boutique derived from the Kiswahili word which means “resource”. Through product consultations, educational workshops, natural hair tutorials and more, they are striving daily to uphold their mission to remain a valuable resource to their customers.

natural products that are reasonably priced and effective. Their clients can appreciate the fact that they can actually pronounce the ingredients that are in the products they provide, so they know exactly what they are putting on their bodies and in their hair.

Blanks says she realized that there was a huge unmet need for natural hair care and skin care products, services and education. With the encouragement and support of her husband and family, she decided to create Nyenzo to fill that void. “Since our inception, our focus has been on providing our customers with quality natural products and a knowledgeable and friendly staff to assist them with selecting effective at-home maintenance products.”

Blanks says she loves having the ability to develop a business culture that is built on the foundation of respect and customer service. Her business has been impacted the most by a desire to disseminate information regarding the many alternatives to the chemicals that people have been slathering on themselves for so long. “The skin is the largest organ of the body and is responsible for protecting us. However, in addition to inhalation, injection and ingestion, skin absorption is also a route of exposure for toxic substances,” she says. “It is therefore imperative that we pay just as much attention to what we put on our body as we do what we put in our body”.

Nyenzo’s typical client is someone who is interested in natural alternatives to the commercial products that many times have done damage to their hair and skin. “We have a diverse client base. Many of our customers are converting from wearing their hair in a chemically treated state to a natural state and need guidance regarding the appropriate products for their situation,” Blanks says. Nyenzo’s other clients are just seeking quality

Nyenzo Natural Boutique is a retailer of highly effective natural skin care and hair care products. Founded in 2009 by Dionne Blanks, it began as an online retailer and opened the physical brick and mortar location in December 2010. Their current location allows them to live up to the meaning of the word “Nyenzo” which is

By Terry L. Watson Photo by Dionne Blanks Follow us on Twitter Blog:

A full service hair replacement center dedicated to providing quality services. Our goal is to pamper you and bring out your natural beauty.

Our clients are very important to us!

Gail Bernardo Owner

Nyenzo Natural Boutique 916 Rock Quarry Rd. Suite 115 Raleigh, NC 27610 (919) 649-1063

1029 Dresser Ct. Dorchester Village Raleigh, NC 27609

InvisiLaceFrontWigs Call for a FREE Consultation (919)520-8834


Community Connection


By Mike Cheek Photo by Mike Cheek

Cutting Edge Semi Pros currently the director of education at Park West Barber School, and he says the group adds a great deal of prestige to being a student barber. Cheek says he chose the title “semi pro” because the members are students and not professionals, therefore they are semi. “The candidate must possess great barber skills, attitude, attendance, professionalism, desire, drive and most of all great work ethic on the practical floor as well as in the classroom.” The Semi Pros are available to participate in seminars, hair competitions, barber theory tutoring, practical assistance to other students and travel to other barber and cosmetology schools speaking on the profession.

Three Students from Durham’s ParkWest Barber School were selected to join the elite group, Cutting Edge Semi Pros. Walter Hargrove, Princess Alston and Lisa Daggs are the latest to be selected into the group that currently consist of only 11 elite members.

“This is a program I’m really proud to be a part of” said Cheek. Our past student members did a really outstanding job during their stay at Park West. Cheek hopes this will be a mainstay program, other students will step up to the challenge, be assertive, a model student and more importantly, a solid professional.

Cutting Edge Semi Pros was started by Michael Cheek in September 2010. He is

Already a licensed cosmetology instructor, Ms. Lisa Daggs decided she wanted to add

barbering to her resume. Lisa is a very good student and shows a great desire to become a success in the industry. Hoping to one day own her own shop, she also has aspirations of becoming a barber instructor as well. Recognized as one of the top barbers in the class, Princess Alston has all the tools necessary to make anyone take notice. Already a design specialist, she has her sights set on becoming a platform artist. She is certainly on her way to stardom. Congrats and welcome to the Semi Pros Ms. Alston. Loss of jobs and a failing economy prompted Walter Hargrove to enroll at Park West. A serious man with a desire to go get it, he showed us immediately his abilities as a barber. Walter has great barber skills but it was his leadership skills that caused everyone to take notice. Mentoring the younger students and leading by example was a tremendous contribution to everyone. He hopes to be a shop owner and become an instructor some day.

2802 St. Leos Street ᐧ Greensboro, NC 27405



Bail Bonding


By Tonya Dixon Photos by Howard Gaither typical day for Darryl’s Bail Bonding owners, Steve Edwards and Bobby Harris consists of researching, making calls to remind people of court dates as well as devoting significant time going to the local jail to write bonds. Time is also spent at the courthouse petitioning judges in an attempt to recoup money lost due to defendants not appearing in court. On those really tough days the bondsmen have to suit up and take it to the streets looking for bail violators.

Edwards and Harris admit they only spend about 30 percent of their time conducting business related to the job. The rest of their day is spent, virtually, however they want to spend it. Nevertheless, both men understand the success of the business is solely in their hands. As the business’ primary employees the income doesn’t continue to stream if they don’t continue to work. “Bail bonding will let you know what type of person you are. There are no set hours. You really have to be discipline because of bail bonding, the biggest part of my day is spent trying to decide what to do with my free time,” says Harris. “And my time is very valuable to me.” They walk a very thin line of working hard and playing hard. Both men agree they were attracted to the business because it allowed a very flexible schedule as well as a lucrative return. More importantly, they believe they provide a necessary service to the community. Although some bail bondsmen are often known for resorting to the use of marshal law, and sometimes viewed with disdain and mistrust at best, honest bail bondsmen like Harris and Edwards understand they are bound by certain rules and regulations and make every effort to follow them. Edwards submits that he, along with this partner, is able to reunite families and give people their freedom back. He recounts various scenarios in which his line of work becomes a saving grace for citizens. For example, being issued a traffic citation

is usually never considered worthy of jail time, but what happens when an individual forgets about the ticket, does not pay the fine or appear in court on the appointed date. A warrant is issued for the person’s arrest, unbeknownst to the law abiding citizen. At any given moment an officer could arrive at the individual’s residence to carry out the warrant and proceed with the arrest. The individual is perplexed. To avoid spending time in a jail cell a bail bondsmen has the ability to provide the means for the person’s release. Edwards says it’s a scenario that could happen to anyone, and Darryl’s Bail Bonding is able to work through those type tough situations. The co-owners originally led completely different professional lives, but both came to a cross road in which change was not just an option, it was an absolute necessity. Prior to Sept. 11, Edwards, a former marine, was a successful restaurateur. He owned several lucrative Pizza Huts. He had just purchased a $400,000 home. His income provided the means to live a fairly comfortable life, one in which he had become accustomed. Needless to say, his business and life was turned upside down following the horrific, tragic events on Tuesday, September 11, 2001. Every aspect of American life was disrupted and Edwards was certainly no exception. “When the twin towers went down, I pretty much went down too,” he said. “No one wanted to do anything anymore. No one wanted to go out and spend money. My businesses were failing. I was used to living off a certain amount of money and I couldn’t do that with a traditional job.”It was during that time of lack and uncertainty that Edwards was approached by Darryl of Darryl’s Bail Bonding regarding working and possibly purchasing the business.

Agent Steve Edwards, CFO Greensboro, NC 11 years (336)275-2748

Virtually during the same time Harris was surprisingly laid off from his job as a manager of a trucking company. Immediately, he realized his life and circumstances had to change and would never again be the same. “I said that I would never again work to make someone else rich,” Harris said. “In reality, no matter how much money they pay me, they will always make that much more and they call the shots. So I decided I was not going to take a job just because a job came to town. I decided that it was time to invest in my greatest asset--me.” Harris knows and understands the blessing he received when he was presented the opportunity to co-own the bail bonding business, but it’s just as important to understand his background and upbringing to fully appreciate the journey. The ninth child of ten, Harris and his family lived in Thomasville, N.C. in a one bedroom house. They eventually “moved up” to the projects (in reality, Harris says it wasn’t much better than what they previously lived in but at the time he thought it was better). He remembers his dream during that time was to hopefully graduate from high school and “score” a job at Thomasville Furniture Industry, locally known as TFI. His reality and station in life conditioned him to believe his future consisted of only what he was able to see. The life he now leads is in stark contrast to what he saw as a child and teenager. Harris is now involved in various other enterprises, including BH Investments, BMJ Family Services, Naturally Rich Coffee and mixed martial arts. His business successes have allowed him to travel the world, experience other cultures, be a part of million dollar real estate ventures and sit in the company of great men and women. He gives credit for his impressive journey from lack to abundance to God. “The thing that motivates me is God,” he says. “Without Him I am nothing. So once I realized my spiritual wealth the doors of opportunity started opening for me.” Harris also pays sincere homage to his mother Wyona Harris who raised six girls and four boys all of which grew to be productive, law-abiding citizens. “It goes to show you anybody can make it through any hardship,” he says. “All you have to do is apply yourself.” Edwards adds, “It’s all about how hard you are willing to work.”

Agent Bobby Harris, CEO Greensboro, NC 11 years 1(888)728-7295 Darryl’s Bail Bonding 202 Exchange Place Greensboro, NC 27401 (336)275-2748

It has been 11 years since Harris and Edwards joined forces. Early on, the team was fortunate to garner in excess of 75 percent of the local bail bonding business, since then the market has become saturated with bondsmen. Nevertheless, they are still considered one of the top bonding agencies in the area. They advise anyone interested in the business to weigh their options and have at least $25,000 saved for a rainy day, because as Harris puts it, “it is going to rain.” The enterprising duo is grateful for the community support they receive and intend on expanding Darryl’s Bail Bonding into even more states. They currently have other offices in North Carolina, Virginia and Georgia.

Junior Partner

Agent Jacob Knotts Greensboro, NC 2 years

Agent Anthony Robinson Greensboro, NC 2 years

Agent Tametrous Boone Jr. Greensboro, NC 6 years

Agent Regina Carson Greensboro, NC 2 years

Agent Levi Eplin Greensboro, NC 4 years

Agent Ron Jones Greensboro, NC 4 years

Agent James White Greensboro, NC 2 years

Agent Brian Harris Greensboro, NC 2 years

**Not listed are Agents Seward Johnson Katrina Little and Chris Love

Greensboro, North Carolina

Russell Morgan


Morgan Support Services orn and raised in Greensboro, N.C., Russell Morgan, founder, owner, and Executive Director of Morgan Support Services attended Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA. He is a loving father, volunteer youth sports coach, an active member of New Light Missionary Baptist Church where his belief and faith in God were instilled in him from childhood.

Russell worked for various established agencies over the years, developing his reputation as someone with the patience and skill necessary to assist people in replacing unproductive and aggressive behaviors with behaviors that help them to function more effectively. He was able to observe both the positive and negative aspects of the industry and, with the encouragement of the people who knew his work, made the decision to start his own agency with an emphasis on innovative services and a heightened level of personal involvement in the lives of the people being supported. Founded in 2007, the agency has quickly become one of the largest providers of Day Support services to individuals who receive CAP Medicaid-funded services (Community Alternatives Program) in Guilford County. Since opening its doors originally on West Lee Street, Morgan Support Services (MSS) has impacted the lives of over 100 people through direct services. As with many other agencies, MSS has survived through two series of budget cuts which led to having to make some hard decisions regarding staffing and structural changes to the program. Morgan Support Services is an agency whose mission is to raise the bar in the provision of support services to people with developmental disabilities. A natural entrepreneur, Russell started the agency with the confidence that he was called to do this sort of work. The process of starting, then growing, the agency has been a learning process for him. “While [learning as you go] is a good teacher, it can often be expensive,� he says laughingly. “The move from a mom-and-pop [agency] to a larger, more structure agency has had its share of growing pains. Personal relationships have suffered. In the beginning, the

long hours take a toll on family life.” Russell states that growing at a rate faster than the agency’s infrastructure could support, and finding and retaining the right people to do the work have been challenging. MSS offers experiences both in-house and in the community for its program participants to gain greater independence, discover and develop new talents and interests, and to explore their roles as members of their community. The program has a small recording studio where aspiring songwriters and musicians can record music. A large arts and crafts studio allows for creative expression through painting, paper crafts, and other visual media. The computer lab provides access to various learning and entertainment programs, as well as internet connectivity where folks can complete research, check emails, and explore the world wide web. Participants learn the joy of giving through various volunteer experiences in the community. Vocational opportunities are also available for people who wish to pursue paid work. College instructors provide educational enrichment classes, and in-house life skills classes are offered. MSS is also pursuing additional community partnerships to provide even more enrichment activities, such as Sign Language classes and exercise/ sports opportunities. Russell cites his parents’ work ethic as one of his major inspirations. “Because I think that a person is a sum total of his experiences, I find myself inspired by a lot of people in a lot of different kinds of ways, and in different areas of my life,” he states. Repeated suggestions from professional peers who told him he should start his own agency was also a big source of inspiration, as have been his children. “Realizing that what I do now impacts their future makes me want to keep pushing,” says Morgan. He talks about the pride he feels in setting an example for his children of what one person can create with a focused vision and unremitting determination. Morgan states that he has been greatly impacted by the people he has supported, both through other agencies and his own, because in them he can see a direct manifestation of his efforts. He tells of one of the first times he was in a position to extoll the virtues of his new agency to the parent of a young woman who was considering coming to the program. The young woman’s recent experiences with other agencies had been less than positive, and her mother saw her deteriorating day by day. “So I go into my spiel, talking about all the wonderful ideas I had for programming, activities, facility beautification, and the like,” Russell said. The mother stopped him mid-spiel and said, “Mr. Morgan, all of that sounds really great, and I have no doubt that you will bring all of that to fruition. However, I have one question for you... I haven’t seen my daughter smile in over a year, is there ANYTHING that you can do to help change that?” The simplicity of that statement, punctuated by the mother’s tears, led Russell to have an epiphany: “This work isn’t about fancy buildings, state-of-the-art equipment, or a limitless variety of activities. It is very simple - if we can do something to put a smile on a person’s face and help them begin to see the world in a way that causes that smile to stay more often than not, then we have done our job. Seeing us be successful at [that endeavor] time and time again provides the inspiration, the motivation to keep pushing.” In addition to the program at MSS, Russell, some of his key staff, and other associates have started a nonprofit venture, called The SHOPPE, Inc., a 501c(3) organization, whose mission is to raise public awareness concerning equality and inclusion for historically disenfranchised people. MSS currently employs 36 full time staff. The agency’s key leadership, eight employees in management and supervisory positions, have over 100 years’ experience in the field. Turnover at MSS is somewhat below industry average, and Russell attributes it to a positive work environment that offers some flexibility for employees to attend to personal and family matters, and that fosters the professional growth of those employees who embrace and exhibit the agency’s mission. In more than once instance, employees have left for higher-paying employment elsewhere, only to return to MSS requesting to be rehired. They have each stated that they didn’t realize how much working for MSS had come to mean to them. “You can’t buy that kind of loyalty,” Russell states, “especially at the rate that this type of work pays.” An employee who will be successful in this field “has to know that the most important rewards are not monetary.” Russell strives to make sure his employees understand their importance in the success of the agency. “MSS is what it is largely because we have been fortunate enough to amass the most caring, competent, creative, and dedicated staff imaginable; they are truly the cogs that keep the wheels turning.” Morgan Support Services 500 Spring Garden Street Greensboro, NC 27401 (336)323-2870


Rocky Mount/Raleigh, North Carolina

Hettion Booker

HSB Enterprise


By Terry L. Watson Photos by Emmanuel Enfouru n the small town of Nashville, N.C., Hettion Booker saw at an early age of what hard work and dedication could do. She was raised by her grandmother who was an entrepreneur and business owner. She instilled qualities that allowed her to become a self-starter, motivator and driven in the performance of business.

Booker has 14 years of experience in business leadership knowledge, skills, and abilities serving in an administrative role. She is also capable of providing direct and indirect care to adults, children, and adolescents with mental health, developmental disabilities, and substance abuse disorders. She obtained her early childhood credentials in 2000 and holds licensures as a certified substance abuse counselor (CSAC) and substance abuse professional (SAP). She has various instructor certifications including being a certified North Carolina interventions instructor, certified American Red Cross first aid/CPR/AED instructor, national mental health first aid certified instructor and an American Lung Association Freedom from Smoking facilitator. She also volunteers with the NC Guardian ad Litem and AARP Women’s Scholarship Mentor programs. Booker is the chief operating officer and executive director of services and supports for HSB Enterprise, a corporation formed in 2009 in Rocky Mount to provide professional and supportive training and testing services in North Carolina. HSB’s first contract was with Shorter Measurement Technologies to provide proctoring services and supports to candidates who sought professional licensure and/or certifications. Some of these include the North Carolina State Board of Cosmetology as well as the North Carolina Substance Abuse Professional Practice Board. Since its formation, it’s has also acquired contracts with leading providers of global computer-base testing solutions. These providers include Pearson VUE, Prometric, Comira Testing, Castle Worldwide, Kryterion, panPower and iNarte. The industries that these partners serve include academic/admissions, information technology certification, financial services, government services, health and medicine, regulatory and state licensure/certification. In November 2009, HSB opened its second testing location in Raleigh, N.C. Their goal is to provide secure, monitored, professional and superior computerized examination delivery services to credentialing bodies and the candidates which they examine. HSB strives to ensure that it aids its candidates in their testing and training needs by utilizing these approaches to help reduce the anxiety that a lot of people experience when taking exams and/or assessments. Computer-based testing (CBT) is a method of administering tests, exams, or surveys utilizing electronic devises where the responses are electronically recorded, assessed or both. It is a testing methodology which has had an increased response in recent years and is becoming widely accepted in the delivery of assessments and exams; being widely set apart from the standard paper and pencil exams. HSB’s facilities are distraction-free, which is very significant to individuals seeking to acquire their licensure and/or certification to be successful in their field. In addition to its computerized testing solutions, HSB has instructors certified to teach American Red Cross first aid and infant/child/adult CPR/AED, seizure management, blood-borne pathogens, North Carolina Interventions, mental health first aid and freedom from smoking cessation clinic. These training opportunities include blended learning, on-site, off-site and teleconferencing.

“I want young people to understand that they can accomplish anything that they put their minds to but it takes a lot of work and dedication.”

Booker says she is inspired by an innate gift God has bestowed upon her. “My children are my inspiration. That inspiration encourages me to provide a foundation for my children to grow from. It is important that my children are able to have a positive example in their lives and have a foundation when they begin their lives,” she says. Moving forward Booker says HSB will continue to be flexible, personable and professional in its delivery of services and supports utilizing the latest technology. “We are looking to network with small and large corporations, training and education institutions, as well as becoming mobile at meeting the needs and preferences of our clients.”

HSB Enterprise

3084 Sunset Avenue, Rocky Mount, NC 27804 1100 Logger Court, Building E-101, Raleigh, NC 27609 1-866-443-6448

November/December 2011


Greensboro, North Carolina

Clyde Brown

A Business Mind


By Tonya Dixon Photos by Howard Gaither

erfections Refining Image Beauty Lounge is every woman and every man’s ideal grooming facility. The classy, sleek and modern salon is the epitome of what distinguished gentlemen and sophisticated ladies seek. Although the doors to Perfections have been open for just over a year now, the average customer would swear the lounge has been around for ages. It’s not due to the wear and tear of the building. It’s not that the stylists are so wise from generations of experience (although they do boast an impressive resume). It’s because of the unparallel service Perfections provides. Service that is more often than not only found in the Crème-de-la-Crème, the best of the best and unfortunately, the most expensive facilities. So expensive in fact, that the average person would never be able to afford any services. Perfections is the Crème de la Crème and the best of the best, but it is most certainly affordable. Clyde Brown, Perfections owner and founder always believed in the power and influence of the personal grooming industry. Perhaps more importantly he had first-hand knowledge of its importance. Brown’s father was a master barber as well as his brother and his sister was a stylist. Consequently, Brown didn’t have to look very far for ideas and inspiration. He credits his father, Clyde Pinnix, for his commitment to excellence within the industry. “Growing up my dad owned and operated a barbershop for 40 years or more. What I learned from him is history; the craft of the business,” says Brown. “My dream is to complement my dad’s legacy and infuse a business element. To me, this industry is like no other.” Seemingly, the logical career path would have been for Brown to become a barber. On the contrary, he chose to get his feet wet in corporate America. Brown worked for several years as an IT project manager. Nevertheless, he never abandoned his dream of taking his father’s vision to the next level nor did he ever forsake his strong conviction of the power and influence of the personal grooming industry, especially within the black community. Brown utilized his structured corporate background and knowledge to develop a prototype for a refined barber and beauty salon; one which offers the care and quality of days gone by as well as the innovation of tomorrow. As any corporate project manager worth his salt would do, Brown began planning, researching, interviewing and sampling. In fact, he spent nearly 12 years studying all the aspects of the industry. One could say Perfections Lounge has been over a decade in the making. Brown, a native of Liberty, North Carolina, admitted he traveled across the United States. He visited with local hotspots as well as celebrity stylists. “I traveled from New York to Orlando to San Diego and many places in between,” he said. “I talked with the big guys like Curtis Smith, who is the personal barber to the likes of Diddy and Usher. I looked at the different trends within the industry and the future.” Throughout all of Clyde’s travels, he had conversations with customers and even personally experienced the skills (or lack thereof) of various barbers. Brown came to the conclusion that even in the grooming industry success ultimately begins and ends with customer service; to be exact he says, “quality trumps quantity every time.” He also realized his mission was to not only establish a brand synonymous with excellence, but to change the mindset of today’s barbers and stylists. It is the mindset that places personal agenda before the customer. More importantly, it’s the mindset that has plagued the black community for ages – the belief that black barbers and beauticians are slow, temperamental, and self-absorbed at best and customers should simply deal with it. Brown recalls tell of an incident in which a celebrity stylist referred a high-end client to a barber. While serving the preferred customer the barber felt it necessary to take a personal phone call. Consequently, the customer left displeased and demanded never to be seen by the barber again. The story simply reiterates Brown’s staunch belief in the importance of customer service. The barber lost a $1000 client because of his inability or refusal to put the customer first.

November/December 2011


According to Brown, this sort of mentality is simply unacceptable and is certainly not the wave of the future. If the public questions what the future of the personal grooming industry resembles, a step inside Perfections Barber and Beauty Lounge will certainly provide a glimpse as well as showcase a well-oiled machine. From the time a customer walks into the lounge they will experience stellar service. Customers will be personally greeted by a receptionist, and offered bottled water. They will hear a steady, low-key stream of gospel, R&B and smooth jazz. The facility is outfitted with plush furniture and décor specifically designed to entice both male and female clientele in accordance with the unisex, familial atmosphere, and cubicle-styled booths for individualized care and attention. Quality cosmetology, barber and nail services are offered. The lounge, which by the way, is the term Brown believes more accurately represents his facility and will eventually replace the faded out, “barber shop and beauty shop,” offers a major, unique service rarely seen within the local area. In keeping with the latest services offered throughout the industry, Perfections also offers massage therapy. Professional and licensed massage therapist Regina Gorrell is available on site ready to serve with a fullyfunctional, private room. Brown recognized early on that he needed to offer something different. Message therapy has become more than just a way for customers to relax or indulge themselves. It has increasingly become more of a necessity in the lives of today’s overworked, underpaid and stressed employees. Furthermore, through countless hours of research, Brown realized employers are taking it upon themselves to solicit and suggest massage therapy on behalf of their employees. Mobile massage is even available for business needs. Echoing Brown’s sentiments, Gorrell says, “Many people need to be educated on the many benefits of massage; the list goes far beyond just relaxation.” Gorrell’s technique is therapeutic in nature with relaxation being an added benefit. Brown says the premise is to foresee the need, meet the need and expand upon the service. “We are simply giving people another option,” says Brown. “It’s all about education, preventative care and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.” Each stylist at Perfections boasts an impressive resume. Lead stylists Natisha Shaw has been a professional cosmetologist for 14 years and has since added certified makeup artist to her repertoire within the last six years. Her signature scalp massages are a welcome throwback to a lost skill. For 15 years stylist Lisa Patterson has been specializing in color, cut, weaving, and natural hair all the while waving her banner saying, “healthy hair is growing hair.” Over the past six years master stylist Regina Rudolph has worked with various clients in different areas and offers a fresh passion and desire to see clients maintain healthy hair. She also specializes in silk wraps, natural blowouts and color. In the business for over 17 years, barber Arnold Day loves his chosen profession. “The best form of advertisement for a stylist is a happy and satisfied customer,” he states. He also believes God has blessed his hands and he will continue to glorify God through his work. After some time as “backyard barber,” or bootleg barber, Ronald Wilson has been with Perfections for just over a year, but has already adopted the education, customer and community-first ideals that personify the Perfections brand. It is easy for customers to see the impeccable studio and the excellent service, but it’s what they don’t see that ensures the stellar services they enjoy. Brown is just as committed to teaching his stylists as well as anyone he encounters, the importance of education and honing a craft. He encourages the development of his staff, which includes being able to train others, setting goals, operating through tasks, public speaking and so much more. Additionally, Brown and Perfections stylists’ regularly have meetings and training sessions. “I hold them accountable and I invite them to hold me accountable,” he says. “Setting a standard for people will eventually compel them to rise to the standard. That’s why I am committed to reaching out to likeminded professionals who embrace the idea of restoring value and prestrige to our industry.”

4719 High Point Road Greensboro, NC 27407 (336) 851-0045


The staff of Perfections Inc. include (left to right) Ronald Wilson, Regina Rudolph, Lisa Patterson, Arnold Day (AD), Regina Gorrell, and Clyde Brown

November/December 2011


Charlotte, North Carolina

Sharward Moore 20

November/December 2011


By Terry L. Watson Photos by Brad McKenzie

n order to reach his goals, Sharward Moore believes that he must encourage others to strive to reach theirs. He describes himself as a big thinker with big dreams. As his path in life has been littered with ups and downs, Moore credits his support team of family and friends for being consistent and faithful. A native of Greenville, S.C. Moore moved to Charlotte in 2008 with aspirations to grow his marketing business, Moore Marketing. Providing marketing plans and campaigns for small businesses, his focus is to assist small business owners with their marketing needs. “Our team is driven by the success of your business,” says Moore. “We are well aware of the fact that the more we help others businesses grow, the more our business will grow.” Moore Marketing services are based around their clients budgets without compromising the quality of service given. After being provided with a free initial consultation, clients are paired with a marketing campaign that’s specifically tailored for their business. In order to effectively meet the campaign goals, each clients target audience must be identified. A combination of strategic tools are used throughout the marketing project. These services include graphic and web design, flyers, business cards, and post cards. In addition, he also incorporates videography services with television commercials, music videos, and online video promotions. Moore says the one thing he loves about Moore Marketing is his ability to help other businesses grow. Many businesses are using old and ineffective advertising and marketing strategies. He states that when someone owns a small business, they’re really in the business of marketing. “I love the challenge of creating different marketing strategies for businesses. It’s like a puzzle. You have the pieces but you have to put them in the right places for them to fit,” says Moore. “I’m inspired by other business owners such as Shawn Haskins of Styles By Shawn,” says Moore. “She set a goal to be a business owner while she was just a little girl and she has reached it. The fact that she works for herself and doesn’t punch a clock inspires me.” He says he is also inspired by the little known businesses (mom and pop stores) that has been provided services in their communities for 10 to 20 years. Moore says God has impacted his life the most. “He has continued to have mercy on me, over and over. It has been his grace that has brought me this far. He protected me when I was in the streets and changed my way of thinking and living,” Moore says. He credits his mother Jennifer Johnson and father Sharward Moore Sr. for consistently directing him on the right path in life. His brother Shaft Johnson and brother in Christ Padarrah Moss, has always encouraged him to strive, think outside of the box, and to never give up on his dreams. Going forward Moore says he plans to continue to focus on helping small businesses change the way they market their business. He would like to see more small businesses working together to build each other’s business. He would also like to see Moore Marketing expand throughout the East Coast and create a network of small businesses while doing so. His advice to others who may follow in his example is to keep God first in all that you do. “Never give up, listen, and make decisions that are best for you. A success story is only good if it is developed from a struggle!”

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5 Ways I Can Help Your Business 1. Give you a professional look 2. Brand your company 3. Identify your target market 4. Strengthen your web presence 5. Increase your customer base

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Toni Goins

Rich Girl Consulting


By Tonya Dixon Photos by Howard Gaither t is often very difficult to see the tangible results of an intangible product. “I offer an intangible product and a lot of times that is hard for clients to embrace,” says Toni Goins. “It’s nice to buy the trendiest bags and pumps; however, if we don’t have money left in our bank account, our stilettos can’t pay the rent.”

Toni Goins can relate to wanting the instant gratification of “things” but has learned that wealth creation through strategic, long term planning will remain once the “things” have faded away. Goins is a financial planner and founder of Rich Girl Consulting - a consulting company that uses a holistic approach to financial planning. Rich Girl teaches women, while they can still have the purses and pumps, priority should be given to understanding the importance of short and long term investments; everything from selecting the correct insurance plan to purchasing a house. Goins does not blindly teach principles she learned solely from a textbook or attempt to apply a generic formula for every client’s situation. On the contrary, she teaches, supports and endorses ideas, concepts, plans and strategies that she has applied to her personal life. The very same financial plans she designs for her clients are the very ones she used to gain financial freedom as well as maintain that status. Very often it is the trial, situation or circumstance that people struggle with the most that propels them to their destiny and purpose. Toni Goins is a prime example of that theory. As a young mother she admits she endured stress due to her lack of financial stability and education. “I experienced moments of frustration and depression trying to figure out how I was going to take care of myself and my children,” she divulges.” It was because of her financial turmoil that Goins made a conscious decision to take the necessary steps to turn her situation around. At 19 years old she knew she had to make drastic changes. She had the desire and commitment, but lacked the support of those with all the information who could teach her about investing and financial planning. It seemed no one was willing to help unless she had large sums of money to invest-as if the amount money was an indication of dedication; a litmus test of sorts. “I went to many advisors and they would not spend any time with me, they told me to continue working and save as much as I could,” she says. “I felt like my money was not valued (and it was not). I was trying to set-up a mutual fund with $50 and no one wanted to give me the time of day.” Given no other alternative, Goins began to educate herself. She learned about the economy, money and financial freedom. She became unrelenting in her pursuits. She read everything financial she could find, went to free seminars and workshops, watched CNBC, read about Wall Street and the stock market. She even returned to school and received a degree in business and finance. Encouraged by the inspiration and determination of her mother, father and grandfather (she calls them her success triangle), who all planted seeds of hope and reassurance, Toni Goins had the tools necessary for success. Goins took control of her financial condition by devising a plan that fit her specific needs. Rich Girl Consulting gladly does the same for each client. She understands that other financial professionals would rather give stark handouts with facts and figures than take the extra time and concern to really provide customers with concrete information and the real assistance needed. In fact, while most financial planners discourage clients from talking about their emotions and money, Rich Girl works with clients from an emotional standpoint before the physical.

“It’s nice to buy the trendiest bags and pumps; however, if we don’t have money left in our bank account, our stilettos can’t pay the rent”

“People, especially women, are emotional decision makers and many times our emotions determine where we put our money,” she continued on next page

November/December 2011


continued from page 23 states. I work with my clients from an emotional standpoint first. I learn about them, their families, how they were raised; what impressions and fears did they grow up with regarding money? What are their passions and weaknesses? Understanding all of these helps me to better understand the choices my clients have made and it directly affects how they have structured their financial home. Some clients are not prepared to save; they don’t have enough to cover their existing bills.” Goins believes it is important to get to the root of the problem first. Is the client mishandling money due to unemployment or irresponsibility or simply lack of knowledge? She says all these questions need to be answered before financial planning can begin. Goins wants to dispel the myth that being wealthy and taking control of your own fiscal situation is a secret club for men. The problem, she says, is that many women have no successful examples in their family and they don’t feel success is an obtainable goal and therefore don’t even feel valued enough to talk to a financial expert. Moreover, she says, “it is my job to let them know their current situation is temporary if they are willing to work hard to break their negative generational cycles.” An atypical financial consulting company, Rich Girl takes consulting to the next level, providing much more support than crunching numbers and tabulating calculations. The company encourages women to be F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S. – Focus on your actions, Believe in your abilities, Uncover your potential, Live Out your dreams and never Underestimate your-Self. Support is also provided through sales training, image consulting, career and personal development, college selection and savings plans, and even budgeting for special events such as weddings and birthdays. In addition, Rich Girl Consulting has a nonprofit for kids, Rich Girl/Rich Boy which teaches kids to be financially savvy business leaders. Rich Girl Consulting offers financial, life, and career coaching for teenage girls and women. The new website will be interactive and offer clients a chance to ask questions and enroll in coaching sessions online. Phone consultations will also be avaliable. Goins does everything she can to make sure her clients succeed. She understands her clients’ success and progression is a direct reflection of herself. “I take that very serious. I take my brand very serious,” she states. “I am honest, hardworking, and I go above and beyond for anyone who is willing to roll their sleeves up and do what it takes to make their dreams come true. Goins is overwhelmed with joy and pride when she receives reports of clients implementing the plans she has tailor-made for their lives. She tells a success story of a client that started with $5 in her bank account but has now reduced her debt, started a business, and has amassed thousands in her account all within a mere eight months. The stories are too numerous to tell, but Goins just appreciates the fact that, without being judgmental, she can be a mentor and a friend to other young women and help them create a plan for success right now. With a sincere desire to see more women released from the bondage of financial insecurity and instability, Goins is looking toward a bright future; one in which she envisions franchised, Rich Girl Consulting firms across the country. She states, “I want to empower more women to enter into the financial services industry. Rich Girl is not just about being wealthy financially. It is about being physically healthy and having a full enriched life and being a blessing to others.”

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We Design Custom Lace Hair Systems Stock Lace Hair Systems



Tammy Foxx & Sharon Ellis-Wiley

Lace Wig Attachments

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November/December 2011

Scan with Smartphone

Scan with Smartphone

Scan with Smartphone

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Customized Business Solutions 2400 Freeman Mill Rd Suite 101-M . Greensboro, NC 27406 . 1-877-582-6468


By Tonya Dixon Photos by Howard Gaither

& C Management has discovered the key to developing, operating and growing a successful business. Their recipe called for a group of comprehensive, passionate team members, a novel yet in-demand idea, and the ability to capitalize and meet the need of a hungry market. The comprehensive executive team members include husband and wife duos, Mia and Anthony Taylor, Sr. as well as Chandra and Donevan Cherry. The business partners initially began working together when the Taylors had the idea to purchase a franchise, specifically the Colbert/Ball Tax Service. Since the couples were friends, the Cherry’s thought it only seemed appropriate and additionally a savvy business idea to pool their resources together and help out. Once the tax service was up and running the budding entrepreneurs were presented with a dilemma. They were having a difficult time finding a local, competent business to conduct the strategic gorilla marketing they needed to ensure the public knew about the company and at the same time provide detailed analysis and data about their potential customers. Rather than settle for what services were available, the business team chose to entirely circumvent the system and develop their own direct marketing company, DTM (Direct To Market). Still, they encountered problems finding solutions to their various other business needs. Again, the Taylors and Cherrys decided to fill the void themselves. The partners quickly began to realize they each had the potential, talents and educational background to meet the need of the services they sought as well as offer them to other business owners. The development of DTM eventually lead to Clear Mind Technical Solutions, an information technology company. Each business entity is directed by one team member. It only seemed a natural fit and good business sense for Mia Taylor, who has an extensive background in accounting in bookkeeping, to remain at the helm of the tax service. DTM is under the direction of Anthony Taylor, Sr. Formally involved in project management, Anthony’s focus and attention to details equipped him to spearhead the marketing entity. At the same time the Cherry’s had the abilities and the experience to complete the puzzle. The media, advertising, and publishing industry had been Donevan Cherry’s forte; therefore he simply turned his focus toward growing and expanding CherVeli Media. Likewise Chandra Cherry, an engineer, knew she could fulfill the position needed to operate Clear Mind Technical Solutions. On January 5, 2010, T&C Management, named after the Taylor and Cherry surnames, was officially launched. The conglomerate of businesses, Colbert/Ball Tax Services, DTM, CherVeli Media and Clear Mind Technical Solutions provides business consulting and solutions to small businesses. Each service is

housed under the T&C Management umbrella and is completely owned and operated by the Taylors and Cherrys. No service is outsourced. “T&C Management is comparable to Darden, the parent company under which you will find such recognizable names as Red Lobster, Olive Garden and Longhorn Steakhouse,” says Donevan. The only difference is that T&C Management is not relegated to providing services solely within one industry. On the contrary, the company is able to meet the needs of various businesses within various industries. After all, every business will at some point require tax and accounting direction, marketing strategies, a media presence and ultimately, for those companies desiring to compete in a global society, IT services. From barbers, beauticians, landscapers, local shop and store owners to non-profits, doctors and lawyers, T&C Management has a solution to every business need. “Most people get into business to make money,” says Chandra. “They have a certain skill they are good at, but they are not necessarily good at the marketing or the IT or the media, even though those services are most important. We are simply taking those pieces that are imperative to success and offering solutions through a one-stop shop.” The company begins each consultation by first conducting a business analysis or audit. “We find out what the company needs and what it doesn’t. It is our job to build upon their strengths and improve their weaknesses. Whatever the company needs, we custom-build a solution,” she says. Although each business can stand alone, once T&C begins working with a company each business solution is at the companies disposal to utilize or not. Through significant research and experience, the Cherry’s and Taylor’s have found that most small business owners, especially African American entrepreneurs could greatly benefit from T&C’s services, yet they are the very ones who do not see the worth or importance. They want local business owners to realize as entrepreneurs, they’re just as worthy of T&C’s innovative ideas and assistance as the doctors and lawyers who currently utilize their services. “People are unaware of what they don’t know until somebody asks you the right questions,” says Donevan. For example, a shopowner may not be interested in IT services or marketing plans. However marketing analysis can that utilizing a marketing plan that targets relevant and area events, such as homecomings, graduations, or concerts will help to gain more market share. Even so, Donevan says, “Often, if small businesses try to focus on all the other aspects they end up working ‘in’ the business so much, they don’t have time to work ‘on’ their business.”

services. Why not? It’s the time to gear up for tax season. Marketing materials are ready to saturate the market. Best invested time will be placed on marketing the newly acquired facililty located in the Crumely Roberts building. Sincere thought and effort goes into everything T&C does. They understand businesses are about making money yet they also believe entrepreneurship is about ownership and leaving a legacy. Donevan Cherry says he has always been most inspired by the men in his family, who have always owned businesses. “For lasting success you have to be an owner of something. That’s the way America is set-up,” he says. “Creating jobs for members of the community enables you to multiply yourself. Wealthy people do things differently and they think differently. They dont have to wear their networth on their back or drive it around town.” The Taylors and Cherry’s invest into the few employees and interns they do have. They teach entrepreneurship and encourage them to learn and do the same things they’ve done to become owners. People no longer have the option of graduating from high school or college, work for a company for 30 years, and then retire. Smart ones, they say, get in and learn the business, then go out and start their own. Faith in God and the mentality of helping others to obtain dreams and goals is what they believe to be responsible for T&C Management’s success. It’s all about knowing and having a sense of your purpose, Chandra says; and sometimes being the last man standing is how you discover your purpose. Operating through their purpose has even provided them the opportunity to educate the community. Through seminars, classes and general public outreach they have experienced the joy of seeing others catch onto the vision of self-empowerment and sustenance.

Some of the services offered by T&C Managements and its subsidiaries are: Business Consulting Services Business Plans & Analysis Accounting & Bookkeeping Financial Modeling & Reports Strategic Planning Customized Business Solutions Direct To Market Marketing Solutions Clear Mind Technical Solutions: IT and Technical Services CherVeli Media: Public Relations Media Solutions Image Consulting CB Tax: Tax Prepartation

The Taylors and Cherry’s are completely focused on each entity and the entire company as a whole. However, during this time of year they apply more attention on their tax

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Fall Beauty in love


By Beauty Experts Marquel & Marquis Bohannon It is now time for shorter days, and longer nights, and with Bovanti we can help you achieve this fall’s sultry new look! As the seasons change, so does this year’s color palette. Prepare for the Ultimate Beauty Experience and capture your exciting edge. The steps for capturing a new look for fall are right here!





B EAU T Y Upcoming Events

Bovanti World Fashion Tour Fashion Show November 5, 2011 8:00PM Harrison Auditorium on NCAT Campus Greensboro Bovanti Makeup Class November 12, 2011 11:00am Bovanti Cosmetics &Spa Four Seasons Mall Bovanti Holiday Glam Party December 2011 Bovanti Cosmetics & Spa Four Seasons Mall


This season features vintage sophistication. Choose either your eyes or your lips to stand out by applying dramatic or bright makeup to your eyes or a bold red or berry color to your lips; don’t try to do both. It will be too overwhelming. For eyes it is essential to wear colors that compliment the season. Heavy eyeliner is in; use Bovanti’s new gel eyeliner to add dimension for an all day look.


BE BOLD: If you use bright eye makeup, choose colors that really stand out like purple, browns, coppers and gold’s for eyes. Shades of wine in glossy or matte are hot right now. You’ll love the look of deep burgundy lips, like Bovanti’s Bing Cherry or Micro Berry lip color. From runways to city streets, thick, natural brows are back in a big way this season. This look can be achieved by filling in the eyebrows with the Bovanti Brush-A-Brow.


BE BEAUTIFUL: Pink and orange eye shadows will give your face a soft and warm glow and are perfect beauty accents for a cool fall day. Apply orange shadow like Bovanti’s Copper Bronze Mineral shadow to the lower part of your lids (up to the creases), and then smudge it into a light pink like Bovanti’s Pink Opal Mineral shadow all the way to your brow bone and follow up with a dark brown in the crease to add definition.


BE BOVANTI: A natural face is the quintessential fall look. Natural, nude makeup is the season’s ultimate achievement. First, apply a soft color like the Bovanti Bisque Mineral eye shadow underneath the brow arch. Follow it up by tinting the lids with a shimmering sand color shadow like the Tantalizing Mineral Shadow from Bovanti. Lastly, connect both colors by creating a sideways “V” in the corners to add definition, try Bovanti’s Mineral Shadow in 825. For a natural color palette the Bovanti shadow in Soiree turns heads. It’s a must to add a neutral color to your lips to balance the look. Fall is great season to be daring and let your beauty shine through. Let Bovanti Cosmetics enhance your Beauty this Fall!

huami fashion

A Fall Wonderland Well its about that time for boots, faux fur, trendy jackets and flowing scarves... that’s right ladies its winter time!!!! Time to put away the strappy sandals and sundresse. But don’t fret a fabulous pair of wedges and a fitted sweater dress will take its place perfectly

Ladies, a trench coat is a MUST for the fall and winter. Don’t miss out on this classic piece that is perfect to pull ANY outfit together. You can go traditional with the tan or classy with the black. Make sure you add accessories like a patterned scarf or a fabulous hat!!

Feathers, feathers and MORE feathers!!! If you have been on the fashion scene at all or even walked into a trendy store I am sure you saw feathers!! They are on clothes, accessories and even printed on some shoes. These earrings are especially on trend with the deep red tones. The “it” color for the cold season.

Abbria McWhite Huami Magazine Fashion Columnist

Winter can become drab with grays, browns, blacks and an outfit full of neutrals. Don’t be afraid to add print and pops of color. Leopard, my favorite neutral is a perfect way to make a color pop!

Variety is the key!. Sweaters dresses are a staple in most women’s wardrobes. They are perfect for work , play and evening events. They are a blank pallet for tights, bold accessories and make up and a extra special boot could never hurt

CLASSIC! You can never go wrong with a blazer and jeans. This look can take you from casual Friday at work to a fun night on the town. Add skinny jeans and a trendy shoe to make your classic look more special. Adding a scarf or a statement piece of jewelry is another way to make your look stand out from the crowd!

Models featured are Juliana Nelson, Venecia Ferguson, Lashonda Wells, and Esabella Nelson

Fashion, clothes, shoes and accessories have been a major part of my life since I can remember. Girls day out with my mother consisted of shopping, breakfast and more shopping. We went from Bloomingdales to Target but it didn’t matter as long as we were surrounded by appealing apparel and plenty of options. I have always loved fashion, style and watching the smile on a persons face as they realize looking great makes you feel even better. Although fashion has been an influential and notable part of my life since a young age, God has recently given me the courage to pursue my passion and dreams. A short while ago I started my own blog and began writing for I am also a personal shopper for close friends and extended family. Loving all things that are fashion comes very natural to me. I spend my days researching new designers and fashion trends and my nights online shopping and finding good deals. I have never met a shoe I didn’t like and retail therapy is a constant reliever of daily stress. But enough about me, I hope you enjoy the fashion tips and let the shopping begin!

For more fashion tips, visit

33 33

Grooming Tips by Perfections Refining Image Beauty and Barber Lounge 4719 High Point Road - Greensboro, NC 27407 (336) 851-0045 -

Achieving the Perfect Shave

Clyde Brown Owner/Founder

Perfections Refining Image Beauty and Barber Lounge opended just over a year ago. Time flies when you’re doing something you love with great passion. Many years ago, I had a vision to provide fine grooming services in a family atmosphere to men, women, and children. This seed was planted in me as a kid. My father, the late Clyde Pinnix, owned and operated a barbershop for over 40 years. Being around the business all my life made me want to take my father’s legacy to the next level. It was more than his business I wanted to continue, my goal was to tap into something new in the personal grooming industry. That’s when Perfections Incorporated was born. Our Journey Perfections refining Image Beauty and Barber Lounge’s first year was about opening it’s doors to you, providing unforgettable services while laying a foundation for us to grow. I can remember during Grand Opening, seeing so many supportive family and friends. It was amazing to witness the diversity of people from all walks of life together in fellowship. At that moment, I claimed victory. My vision became reality. To God be all the glory! So, join me as we contiune to embark on this journey. Perfections Refining Image Beauty and Barber Lounge strives for excellence in service to you. Thanks for a great year.

Model Kevin McNeil

Q: How do I achieve the perfect shave? A: There are a number of key steps that should be considered to ensure a proper shave • Setting the stage The prep work. Cleansing or exfoliating the face is essential . Next, steam the face with a hot towel or use shower steam. Apply a shaving oil or cream directly to the face. Note; there are products that can be used as a before and after shave. (Xotics - Shave Therapy by Curtis Smith) • The art It is recommended for you to shave with the grain, using long strokes in the same direction hair grows to prevent irritation. For a closer shave you should pull the skin tight as you shave. In most cases, an upward motion is required for the lower neck area. Understanding the direction your hair grows is key to a satisfying, soothing shave. • Final shaving step After shaving is complete, use a skin rejuvenating astringent (after shave), this should eliminate or reduce skin irritations and razor bumps. These steps will help achieve that perfect and smooth shave.

Proof is in the edge up Q: What’s the difference between a good haircut and a great haircut? A: Your hairline of course. Let’s be clear, you can receive a great haircut, but if your barber neglects to sharpen your points with your edge up, you just have a normal haircut. Why do you think some men, between their bi-weekly haircut schedule… always go get a edge up. You can still turn heads with a great edge up! Note…be sure to properly clean your face daily as this only enhances your edge up.

Model Jeff Douglas

Thinking About Going Natural? Q: What should I consider when pondering the natural look? • Your hair will tend to feel dry and harder to manage during this period. Keep your hair hydrated with a variety of products. • Understand that your hair will be most fragile at the point where the relaxed hair and the natural hair meet. (breakage could occur) • Start to research the different natural hair styles. Transitioning early to these styles will help protect the hair and secure a smooth progression to natural hair. A few natural hair styles to consider - the two-strand twists, twist outs and braids are a few. Model Brittany Patterson

Short Hair Q: Is it true short hair is easier to manage than longer hair? A: False, short hair requires more maintenance. Short hair requires more frequent trims than long hair, because it will lose its shape quicker. Long hair is trimmed every 6-8 weeks to prevent split ends. You will need to trim short hair every 3-4 weeks.

Q: There’s not a lot I can do with my hair when it’s short. Do you have any suggestions? A: Yes. First try changing the texture; curls do wonders for short hair, try giving it the wavy look, spike it with mousse or even try the two strand twist. Model Genie Stone-Petty

The hair can be parted differently in the front to give it a different look (left, right and center), wear it with bangs or no bangs. These are just a few ways to be different with short hair.


Greensboro, North Carolina

You’ve Never Tasted Barbeque Like This!


By Terry L. Watson Photos by Howard Gaither

he taste speaks for itself. George’s Awesome Gourmet Turkey BBQ is a place where people from all walks of life can entertain the taste of Pork BBQ without eating pork. The Triad has spoken, saying that George’s has one of the best tastes of turkey barbecue”. The story on how the company began reaches deep into the woods of the eastern part of North Carolina. Chris Jackson and Daryl White, both owners of George’s had traveled to Jackson’s hometown of Warsaw. There, White was treated to a Jackson family tradition. He tasted the turkey barbecue for the first time and responded as if he had just found gold. “This has to be franchised. This is the best tasting turkey barbecue I have ever tasted, and you guys are walking around here like it’s nothing,” White confesses. Jackson says he told him that his family had been eating it all of their lives. That was five years ago-fast forwarding to March of this year. The pair decided to


November/December 2011

come together on a joint venture and create something people would enjoy and also leave their mark in the world. Initially, White named their company George’s Gourmet Turkey BBQ. However, after a vendor tasted it, he encouraged them to add Awesome because he said that is how good it tastes. “Our barbecue is better simply because of our recipe,” says Jackson. “It has the unique taste that is similar to that of pork, but it’s turkey.” Everything in the process of making their product is better than others. It is glutenfree and based on feedback from their satisfied customers; it does not affect their blood pressure. White says their product makes their customers mind think that it’s eating pork, but their body, blood pressure, and brain say it’s turkey. “We’re bringing turkey back,” says Jackson. Jackson and White met nearly 21 years ago in Greensboro. They were both selling cologne and perfume for a small company. Jackson says White was promoted to manager and that inspired him to do the same. They have been best friends ever since.

President of George’s Awesome Gourmet Turkey Barbecue, Jackson graduated from Guilford Technical Community College with an associate degree in applied science in machinery technology. He later attended North Carolina A & T State University and graduated with a bachelor’s of science degree in applied engineering technology in manufacturing system. He is currently enrolled in graduate school at North Carolina A & T State University studying for his master’s degree of science in technology management in applied engineering technology. Jackson says that he is a child of God. He is also a father, a husband and friend. Additionally, he is a motivational speaker. He has served as the keynote speaker for the National Black Child Development Organization for Greensboro for the past three years, and he has spoken in California, Michigan, Chicago and various schools in the triad area. “I like doing things that glorifies God. I also enjoy talking with my friends and family, riding motorcycles and playing sports,” says Jackson. He is a member of Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Greensboro, N.C. and serves as a minister, and is also the Exaltation Team Leader, under the

teaching of Bishop George W. Brooks and First Lady Edna G. Brooks. Jackson says his mother impacted his life the most. He says she showed him how hard work can pay off. Jackson’s mother introduced him to God and taught him how to trust in Jesus. “When I learned to trust Jesus, he directed my path and He laid me here with this company,” Jackson explains. Vice President of George’s Awesome Gourmet Turkey Barbecue, White is a native of Greensboro. He graduated from Southeast Guilford High School and later obtained a bachelor’s degree in music from North Carolina A & T State University. As an aggie he was a member of the Blue and Gold Marching Machine and played with jazz greats, Max Roach and Lionel Hampton. After graduating from college, he taught for eight years as a band director in North Carolina, Louisiana and Washington, D.C. and made a cameo appearance in the Hall Mark film, “What the Deaf Man Heard”. Currently he serves as an assistant band director at James B. Dudley High School under the direction of Ricardo V. Reid Sr. He is also a member of the illustrious sports agency Sports Management World Wide, serving as a sports agent advisor.

What People Are Saying:

Tastes better than pork and is a lot healthier for you!

Gospel Artist Jonathan Nelson

“It’s the best turkey bbq I have ever tasted” Dr. Kenneth Dunham “I love it. It’s an awesome product” Greg Dixon “Surprisingly T-N-T, texture and taste to lean chop pork bbq Lexington and Eastern Style bbq. It’s hard to tell the difference between the two. Turkey or Pork that’s the question” Diatra Langford “Can’t get enough”

All of George’s Awesome Gourmet Turkey BBQ is Gluten Free

Goerge’s Awesome Gourmet Turkey BBQ The Healthy Way To Eat BBQ! G. Chris Jackson ⠄ 336-404-3995 Darry White ⠄ 336-327-9724

For just $10 per pound you can enjoy great tasting BBQ!

37 37

Charlotte, North Carolina

Eli Breeden

Salon 360


By Crystal Kelly Photos by Brad McKenzie

li E. Breeden was born and raised in Scotland County, N.C. He is an elite member of the Pi Phi Chapter of Omega Psi Phi, Fraternity, Incorporated. He started his college journey at N.C. Agricultural and Technical State University studying criminal justice. In 1992, he decided to drop out and attend barber school. After graduating from Mangum’s Barber School in Rock Hill, S.C. he began his career as a barber. Although he was good at his craft he always regretted not finishing college. He went back to college at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Today, Breeden holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from UNCC. After graduating in 2004, Breeden continued to work as a barber at LaPorsha’s Barber Shop. His natural ability to interact with people and his growing clientele birthed the passion to own his own shop. He had the knowhow, the connections, the experience and now the drive. He left the shop and decided to sub-lease an existing shop, Nu Duz. He was operating now as a manager and barber. Although his business experience grew while operating under someone else’s business name and rules, this did not fit well for him. He decided that he wanted to make his own stamp in the barber shop world. He adopted a business partner and opened, Against the Grain Barber Shop. There he created a welcoming feeling for his customers and provided the type of service he always envisioned for his shop. He not only started a business to earn money, but also to teach young barbers and provide employment opportunities. He served as a mentor to his employed barbers. The clients at Against the Grain were treated professionally but still offered that comfortable down-home feeling that long-standing shops provide. As the business started to grow, the partnership between Breeden and his business partner deteriorated. He wanted to expand the business into a place that serviced both men and women. He envisioned extending the same comfortable place for everyone to come and receive head-to-toe care. He felt

that God had given him an opportunity to be a positive example for young, up and coming business owners. However, he felt that he needed to branch out on his own to make this dream happen. For the first time, he was on his own and that empowered him to push towards his vision of a place that not only provided hair care for both men and women but also nails and eye lash work. These services offer a mini spa feeling by offering a variety of wine while making people feel as though they were receiving Beverly Hills service for prices they could afford. Although he believed in this God given vision, he was not fully convinced that he could make it happen on his own. After praying

only shared a brotherhood connection but also an entrepreneurship spirit as well, they began to “talk shop”. Brent holds a finance degree from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and was looking for additional business opportunities. He and his business partner at Bread of Life, Ahmad, had been looking for additional business investments in Charlotte, N.C. Since Salon 360 was thriving, Breeden decided that the partnership between the three men would be a great idea. Brent and Ahmad invested in the business and became full active business partners. Brent manages the financial affairs and Ahmad brings his experience in marketing and communications

to receive direction and receiving motivation from his wife, LaToya, who also owns her own business – 360 Speech Therapy, together they decided to start fresh - new business name, new location and most importantly a new vision. Since his business and life experience had taken many turns – it eventually came full circle to where it needed to be. LaToya decided to brand this new full-service salon for both men and women, Salon 360. Salon 360 is a holistic place where people can come and receive uptown care for down-home prices, while still providing a professional atmosphere.

as the marketing specialist for the salon. These young men work together to create a unique market in Charlotte, a full service mini spa that services both men and women from head to toe. These men encourage and motivate others, sending a message that you can do anything that you put your mind to. All three men are under the age of 40 and have worked at a variety of jobs, and they have persevered through life’s hardships in order to achieve their dreams of owning their own businesses. Today, they participate in community events to give back and they continue to mentor young men, and provide employment opportunities to men and women in the area.

After successfully running Salon 360, Breeden was blessed to meet two individuals, Brent Underwood and Ahmad Blakeney, who had already owned their own successful business, Bread of Life Youth and Family Services. Brent is also a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., which is where he and Breeden met. After discovering that they not

November/December 2011

Salon 360 6316 Old Sugar Creek Rd # E Charlotte, NC 28269 (704) 596-3604

39 39

Raleigh, North Carolina

James & Deborah


All Time Transportation Service Inc. 3948 Browning Place Suite 333 Raleigh, NC 27609 James Blaylock (919)601-2432

Deborah Blaylock (919)889-2478 Faz: (919)212-3470

By Terry L. Watson Photos by Greg Coats


ames and Deborah dated for two years before getting married. Now 11 years later, as they serve God as deacons and ushers at their home church of Mount Peace Baptist Church in Raleigh, they also strive to live a life that will exalt God and lead others to finding Christ. Quoting their pastor, Dr. James V. Terry words, “When you said all you know, it’s time to go” they journey seems far from done. James is a native of Dunn, North Carolina. He moved to Raleigh at an early age along with his family. After receiving his formal schooling there, he moved to Long Island New York and worked as a plumbers assistant. Nearly 14 years later he moved back to Raleigh and got married. He decided to raise his family in Raleigh because the area offered greater opportunities, and because he got a job with a local railroad company that allowed him to purchased his first home. Life was looking up for James as he traveled along the east coast with his job on the railroad. He experienced a lot of things, but due to an injury on his job, he retired early in 1991. He then decided to explore the opportunity to be his own boss and opened a laundromat in Durham, Plaza Laundromat. He operated this venture for five years and moved back to Raleigh and took a job as a delivery driver for Carolina Builders for a year. Still bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, James really wanted to be his own boss and found another way to do it. He had worked with Community Cab Company as an independent driver from 2000 until 2008. In 2009, he finally started his own taxi cab business, All Time Transportation. James says he loves being self employed because he has the opportunity to meet all kinds of people, and because he is able to serve people from all walks of life. The relationships formed have lasted a lifetime and he says quite often he receives gifts and thank you notes from those he meets and serves while driving. “I like the business because it has allowed me to better support my family and meet my needs,” says James. If he could have done anything different, James says he would have invested in real estate and traveled the world more. He says he wants to help people who are in need and leave a legacy for others to follow. Deborah is a native of Franklin County, Virginia. She received her formal education in Roanoke Virginia before moving to Raleigh in 1992. Her purpose of relocating was to find a better job. However, she met an individual along her journey, James, and would eventually marry him in 1999. With so many things in common, the one thing that united them was the desire to be self employed. As she worked several jobs, including as a taxi cab driver with Associated Cab Company, Deborah and James decided to make the jump and start their own business, Associated Transportation. Deborah says she loves the freedom to come and go as she wants to. She likes meeting new people and learning about their lives and experiences. As a driver and business owner, the ups and downs can be thrilling and challenging Deborah says, and she remains focused on learning new ways to grow their company. Other what she is doing now, Deborah says she would be love to have an occupation that would allow her to cook. She describes herself as creative and ambitious and believes that with the help of James, All Time Transportation will continue to grow and be one of the most dependable transportation companies in North Carolina.

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The All Time Transportation team pictured from l to r are David Crandoll, Adrian Holt, James, Ann Sanders and Deborah

Living Healthy

A Personal Fight For Lupus Awareness

Keva B. Napper


eva Brooks Napper is on a personal crusade to inform and raise awareness about a disease that many don’t know much about. A native of Greensboro, Napper became very ill and started losing her hair in 2003. After a series of tests, she was diagnosed with SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus). Lupus is an incurable disease autoimmune disease that attacks the body’s immune system. Ninety percent of people diagnosed with lupus are women, and the disease is three times more common in African American women and other populations. The disease often starts between the ages of 15 and 44, the childbearing years. Lupus is hard to diagnose and differs from person to person. Having lupus can cause emotional stress and requires a healthy diet along with exercise. The road ahead for Napper was challenging as she adjusted to medicines and obtaining information on the disease. In 2004, while sitting in church, she had a grand mal seizure. Before the day was over, she suffered at least four grand mal seizures and was admitted to the intensive care unit. The next day, doctors told her that she had 2 blood clots on the brain, causing her to have a stroke. After 2 weeks,


Keva B. Napper, Founder/Director Kendra Brooks, Assistant Director Post Office Box 164 Sedalia, North Carolina 27342 (336)512-6391 or (336)337-1460

she was able to miraculously walk out of the hospital! No brain damage, no rehab needed, and no memory loss! Napper was attending meetings at the Winston Triad Chapter of Lupus Foundation and getting a wealth of education; but still felt a void. This void led her to start Beautiful Butterflies, Inc., to incorporate family activities and events that would cater to minorities in the community and offer opportunities for sharing of ideas that would be beneficial to those diagnosed with Lupus as well as their families and friends. Beautiful Butterflies is a non-profit lupus foundation that has been in existence since January 2011. Our sole purpose is to provide support, services and education to those affected by lupus, primarily minorities. We want to pursue our mission through supporting individuals with lupus, their families, friends and caregivers; advocating for increased public and private sector support for research on lupus; heightening awareness of the impact and affects of lupus; and direct financial support to LFA to support research. Founded in January 2011, Beautiful Butterflies, Inc. hosted its first Lupus Awareness

November/December 2011

Luncheon in the Piedmont Triad Area on February 19, 2011 with a sold out event with over 200 in attendance and many turned away due to capacity seating. Event partners included Dr. Shane Anderson, Geissler Baker, Arbonne International, Tie the Knot, Lupus Foundation of America- Winston/Triad Chapter, Damian Mills and Mills Auto Group, Womanly Journey, Cookie Lee, Celteabrations, Simply Soul, Full Time Fitness, Sweet Confectionery, Tia’s Flower Designs. North Carolina Senator Gladys Robinson co-sponsor of Senate Bill #60, which established the month of May as Lupus Awareness Month in the State of North Carolina was also in attendance. Beautiful Butterflies, Inc. integrates education with events and activities that say a diagnosis of Lupus is not a death sentence, but the beginning of life. Many people see Lupus as the “hush-hush” disease. The mission of Beautiful Butterflies is to change how people view the disease and the diagnosis. A quote by William Blake states it precisely....”The man who never alters his opinion is like standing water, and breeds reptiles of the mind.” We HAVE to be willing to change if we are to see a “Metamorphosis of Love.”

Greensboro, North Carolina


By Terry L. Watson Photos by CharlesMedia Photography

harlesMedia Photography LLC is Noelle and Stephen Charles. A husband & wife photography team based in Greensboro, N.C. they began their professional journey on December 31, 2008 after being given the opportunity to shoot a wedding in Bennettesville, South Carolina. From that moment, they knew they wanted to conduct their photography business on a professional level. A year and a half later and after shooting numerous sessions on location, Noelle and Stephen decided to establish a studio space. They have dubbed themselves as “lifestyle” photographers. “We strive to capture any moment life presents. Our portfolio reflects everything from maternity sessions to live concerts. We work hard to meet the needs of our clients and provide them with memories that will last a lifetime,” they say. They are inspired by photography industry blogs and Flickr, a online community of photographers that share their work, discuss techniques and challenge each other to be even better photographers.

“We are artists first so we will see things from a unique perspective, and you usually get two for the price of one. We both have our own creative style on framing the subject, and we support each other depending on who is shooting via lighting or attention to cosmetic details.” Any successful photographer has to love their craft and be unique. “We are artists first so we will see things from a unique perspective, and you usually get two for the price of one,” says Stephen. “We both have our own creative style on framing the subject, and we support each other depending on who is shooting via lighting or attention to cosmetic details. Being able to capture life lasting memories for their clients, they say is what makes their job worthwhile. “A client recently shared with us that the best thing they spent money on was the photography. In the end that’s what lasts,” Noelle says. With CharlesMedia Photography you get a dynamic range of images from the cinematic to the detailed, and they can be in two places at once. They are also are skilled in post-processing editing and graphic design and offer custom-designed paper and canvas prints, albums, invitations and postcards. The average cost of their products and services are very reasonable. They have portrait specials that begin at $100 for the sitting fee and physical or digital prints, and wedding packages starting under $1000. They encourage anyone who’s looking to have a special moment preserved through photographs, including families, brides, couples, models and children to select CharlesMedia Photography.

CharlesMedia Photography (336)756-7427


Greensboro, North Carolina

Candace M. Morton Attorney at Law


November/December 2011


By Terry L. Watson Photos by Howard Gaither

here are many hats that Greensboro attorney Candace Morton wears. Firstly, she is a committed wife, devoted mother and God fearing Christian who tries every day to live by the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do to you”. As an attorney she is a zealous advocate for her clients. She is an attorney who is willing to go that extra mile to represent her clients and secure the best disposition possible in their case. In 1993, she earned a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and graduated Cum Laude. She later graduated from Wake Forest Law School in 1999. Morton began practicing law in August of 2003. Prior to that she served as a Criminal and Civil Magistrate in Guilford County. As a Criminal Magistrate her job involved issuing Magistrate Orders. It also included issuing Warrants for Arrest and Search Warrants. She was also required to set bonds for arrested individuals and various other duties. As a Civil Magistrate her job required her to preside over small claim cases and perform marriage ceremonies. “I received a lot a practical experience in this position and it prepared me for my present role as an Attorney today,” Morton says. Morton Law Office is a consulting firm that provides services including criminal defense, traffic citations, license restorations, and more. Her focus also includes Seatbelt Violations, Expired Inspections and Registrations, Speeding Tickets, Driving While License Revoked, Careless and Reckless Driving, Power of Attorney, Health Care Power of Attorney, Simple Will, and Contracts (Review/Draft). Morton says she loves to help people. “I attempt to ease their mind and lift the burden that they are usually feeling” she says. While doing so, she also faces her share of challenges. When she began to practice law, as a female attorney she believes she was not taken as seriously as she should have been. Still she continued to prepare for her cases, study, learn and do the best job that she could. Eventually the situation got better. She also faced several obstacles when she tried to secure capital to start her own practice. “The issues delayed my time frame but I did not give up. I persisted and was eventually able secure the necessary funding to open the Law Offices of Candace M. Morton,” she states.

“As an attorney I am a zealous advocate for my clients. I am an attorney who is willing to go that extra mile to represent my clients and secure the best disposition possible in their case”

Morton says her children inspire her because when they set a goal and they attempt to obtain that goal, they become totally focused on succeeding. “I can see the change in them, the laser like focus and the determination on their face. During this period failure is not an option to them,” she says. The person that has impacted her life the most she says is her mother. “She raised four girls as a single parent and she instilled in us the belief that with faith and hard work we could achieve anything and be anything that we wanted to be,” she states. Morton has some advice for others who may follow in her footsteps. “Make sure that you do your best (academically) in school and always strive to do more than is expected. Forge a mentor/mentee relationship with an attorney who is currently practicing law and volunteer your services. By doing this you will gain invaluable practical experience,” she explains.

Candace M. Morton Attorney at Law 2801-C Pinecroft Road Greensboro, NC 27407 (336)218-0045


Greensboro, North Carolina




November/December 2011


By Terry L. Watson Photos by 7545 Photography

For the past ten years, Shannon “Shae” Hairston has styled hair professionally. She had always considered herself ambitious and motivated, but says never contemplated the idea of owning and operating her very own salon. That thought changed when the opportunity presented itself to Hairston and she eventually opened Lady Shaes Hair Salon in Greensboro in 2008. Located at 1025 Homeland Avenue, her salon offers professional styling services and more in a very comfortable and relaxed setting. Hairston says Lady Shae is the place where

everyone is somebody all of the time. “As a stylist, I received so much joy from just standing behind the chair. However, as a salon owner, I have grown as a person and It has truly been one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life,” says Hairston. Putting smiles on the faces of her personal clients, salon patrons, and those who simply stop by for consultations she says it what makes her journey all so significant. Hairston has a natural heart for helping and caring for people. These attributes are needed especially in her role as a public servant. “Sometimes it becomes very difficult to please everybody, though impossible I still try,” says Hairston. She credits her mother for being the inspiration for everything she does.. .”She has been such a strong role model in my life. She has taught me, most importantly that with God all

November/December November/December 2011 2011

things are possible. She let me know that if I want it, I better go get it,” says Hairston. The staff of Lady Shae includes six stylist including Crystal Johnson, Kimberly Moorman, Jodie Briggs, Kimberly Johnson, and Kenyetta Johnson (Nail Technician). There is also a make-up artist. Some of the services offered are relaxers, perms, designer haircuts, styles, haircolors, various treatments, hair extentions for all hair types, manicures, eyelash extententions, brow shaping, makeup and bridal services. Moving forward, Hairston says she would not change a thing about her business. She acknowledges there are blessings in both the good and “the not so good” and believes that with God, all things are possible. Lady Shae Hair Salon 1025 Homeland Ave Greensboro, NC 27405 (336)333-3222

47 47

Greensboro, North Carolina

Jarvetta Bynum Jewelry Designer 48

November/December 2011


Beautiful Elements By Terry L. Watson Photos by Morrell Pridgen

pcoming jewelry designer Jarvetta Bynum has embraced her entrepreneurial spirit and decided to share her gift with the world. Her talent she describes as “God Given” and the idea to design jewelry came from her father.

Multiple Gemstones and Sterling Silver

While on a family vacation in Myrtle Beach, Bynum enrolled in her first jewelry class. “I started wearing the necklace that I designed and received numerous compliments. The next thing I know, I am designing jewelry for weddings and as they say, the rest is history,” she says. Bynum later launched her handmade jewelry company, Beautiful Elements in 2009. A native of Dunn, N.C., Bynum is very meticulous while designing her pieces. Jade, Jasper, Agate, Rose Quartz and Citrine are only a few of the semi-precious gemstones that she uses. Bynum also incorporates a vast array of materials such as glass, freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, sterling silver and silver plated findings. “I am able to construct necklaces, bracelets and earrings that are uniquely designed using my artistic and intrinsic nature,” says Bynum. Specialty services include one of a kind custom designs and wedding jewelry. The cost of Bynum designs range from $20 - $95 depending on materials used. Her designs have been featured in the Greensboro News & Record, The Dunn Daily Record and national jewelry magazine, Bead Trends. Bynum says she is often inspired by the success stories of others. “Knowing that an average person has the ability to transform a small home business into a national or worldwide franchise inspires me to have faith and remain on my path,” Bynum states. She says her parents have impacted my life and my business the most. They have been a constant source of love, encouragement and support. Her mother, a stage three breast cancer survivor, has made her appreciate the gift of life. “I try to incorporate a philanthropic spirit within my business by giving and encouraging women to feel good about themselves. If I can impact one person positively with my jewelry, financially or by physically providing jewelry, I feel that my hard work is not in vain,” she says.

Rose Quartz, Shell, Swarovski Crystals and Sterling Silver

Shell, Agate, Swarovski Crystals and Sterling Silver

Beautiful Elements 336-508-1229 Pieces can also be purchased at Across the Tracks 506-B South Elm Street Greensboro, NC

November/December 2011


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LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY MONUMENTAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. 4411 W. Market Street Suite-103 Greensboro, NC 27407 Bus: 336-294-4644 Cell: 336-314-0539

Regina Gainey Agent


5029 University Parkway Winston-Salem, NC27106 (336)744-3698 (336)744-3699 2400 Freeman Mill Road Ste: 101-M Greensboro, NC 27406 (336)373-0240

Open Monday-Friday 10am til 2pm Appointments Available Tax Season Extended Hours

Offering a complete course in barbering for men and women Daryl White 336.327.9724 Chris Jackson 336.404.3995 Criminal Matters Accident Cases Civil Litigation 336-574-0368 866-959-6249

241 Summit Avenue, Suite 103 Greensboro NC 27401

Keith, Carter & Associates

Dedicated and Experienced North Carolina Attorneys

Setting the Standard for Excellence in Staffing Specializing in placements in the following areas:  Administrative / Clerical

 Professional

 Medical

 Light Industrial

 Production

 Pipe Fitters

 Assembly

 Janitorial

 Carpenters & Helpers

 Housekeeping

 Plumbers & Helpers

 Welders

 Electricians & Helpers

 General Laborers

 Drywall / Tapers

… and many more

CONTACT US TODAY Asheboro: Charlotte: Greensboro: Greensboro Industrial: Hickory: Roanoke: Rocky Mount:

336-626-9980 704-846-0887 336-272-6800 336-455-9915 828-358-1921 540-774-0074 252-557-1680

Email: 252-557-1680 Web: rial: 336-455-9915



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Regional Director 336-709-3063

Renee & Jeff Lewis

HRforU Wellness

Your Body and Image Managment Specialists

Maria Hicks-Few

Certified Wellness and Life Coach Herbalife Independent Distributor 336-988-9822

November/December 2011


Sister Rock Ya Wigs

Assisting Women Who Have Lost Their Hair To Cancer Treatment

For More Information or for collaboration of future events, please contact

Keisha Montgomery (336)327-6862


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Serving The Triad Since 1983 Lawn Maintenance Landscaping Mulching Tree Removal Seeding & Fertilization Weed Control Commercial & Residential

Yard & Landscaping





$5.00 off any purchase of $30 or more

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Transamerica LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY MONUMENTAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. 4411 W. Market Street Suite-103 Greensboro, NC 27407 Bus: 336-294-4644 Cell: 336-709-3063

Audrey Rene’e Lewis Agent


286 East Front Street Burlington, NC (336)227-9887

November/December 2011

620 S Elm St - Suite 151 Greensboro, NC 27406

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