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Tara Wilson

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4344 Blackberry Road - Greensboro, NC 27406


A Full Service, Family Based Landscape Design Company Commercial, Residential & Industrial


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Nov/Dec 2015


Thanking For Grace and Eight There AreGod No If, Ands, Or Buts About It!

huami Introducing Tracey Milton & A New Look Salon

November/December 2015 Volume 4 Issue 5 FREE

Tara Wilson

A Letter from theEditor Editor A Letter From The

Candy Apple Charm

Oh how time flies when you’re having fun! Looking back to the Melanin, LLC Black Business day of which the very first edition of Huami Magazine was released, What if tomorrow didn’t arrive? All of your plans, hopes Mike Neal of I am overwhelmed at just how thattoGod has toifthis and dreams wouldn’t havegood a street park on.been What publication. There has been struggles when I didn’t think everything that you decided to putand offtimes until tomorrow never Has A Holiday Meal For You! Turkey BBQ it would happen, but still the show went on. Most couldn’t and happened? There would be no reason to save for a rainy still can’t (who am someone I) correctly. Huami day,pronounce and you could spare theWhere troublewould of making Magazine be without Gods grace? promises. What if your last opportunity seemingly expired today? What would you do? Each and every edition to date has been equally special. I recall Editor In Chief the very I’ve firstbeen person who decided to advertise. We were a new Terry L. Watson told that I often seem like I do too much. Alana Allen - Deputy Editor publication without proven effectiveness, Honestly, I feelany like history I am notordoing enough and I’m a yet firmthey believed in what God hadthat placed me. Little did theyon know believer in knowing Godupon wouldn’t put anything me Writers Tonya Dixon that by supporting believing in me, itwonder also encouraged me to that I couldn’tand handle. I sometimes how life would Terry L. Watson take this more seriously. Even as Itotried be ifawesome I chose toopportunity sit idle and accept what it presented me.toI Alana Allen downhave play found Huamithat Magazine’s significance, there has always been to be very boring. In my opinion, opportunity Jeuron Dove someone to validate purpose, andtomine as well.A challenge is a blessing thatitsisn’t afforded everyone. Photographers to me is an adventure. What is the worst that can happen? Perfect Lenz Photography If I do nothing, I fail, and ifhas I trytaught I don’t,me but learnthe Publishing Huami Magazine toinstead never take Shaw Photography Group Still Shots Photography something about myself.with Relinquish yourshoot pride camera and in blessings of Godnew lightly. I started a point and Howard Gaither Photography Who Shotya Photography returnhave acquire and didn’t any life. formal training or education about publishing. Layout Still God placed the right people in my path to sustain what He Mykel Media Company The best advice ever given to me happened when someone has ordained. I have made many mistakes but Huami Magazine’s Linda Bennett toldhas meoutlived to makethem my tomorrow purpose all. That’shappen grace. today. In doing so I have pressed my way through doors with a key that only (336) 340-7844 hope provided. alsoindividuals learned thethroughout difference between I’ve been fortunateI have to meet the state HUAMI MAGAZINE is published quarterly by the what God blesses me withto and what life Huami can burden me with of North Carolina from Raleigh Charlotte. Magazine Mykel Media Company. Any reproduction of any as well. I compare it tocities, knowing to be confident and portion of this publication is prohibited without is actually available in eight andwhen this month we celebrate written permission from the publisher prior to when to be quiet, because eight years of being the voice of doing so. Mykel Media doesn’t accept responsibility for statements made by individuals featured or someone may get it confused our community. This could not be advertisers. Comments concerning this publication beingevery arrogant. may be submitted to the editor by possiblewith without photographer, E-mail at writer, editor, advisor, advertiser and or to Make Magazine you tomorrow reader. Huami represents Mykel Media Company, LLC happen P.O. Box 20102 what life can betoday, if you but ask most God to Greensboro, NC 27420 importantly make it count. HUAMI MAGAZINE place you in a place that will optimize 2015 All Rights Reserved 2014 All Rights Reserved Life is but a whisper and your gifts and talents to glorify Him. we mustaput a I give everyone bigourselves thank youinas position to hear what it is we strive to take Huami Magazine to telling us. even higher heights for the next eight years and beyond.

Terry L. Watson Editor/Founder Terry L. Watson 4 4

November/December 2014

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Photo by ShawGaither Photography Group Howard Photography

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Tracey Milton


Elois Lettley





Derek Morehead

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Hickory Tree Turkey Barbeque

Tara Wilson


Whitney Hickman

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Kenneth Harper & Harpco


Nov/Dec 2015

Demetra Moore

29 5


When Harper established the business in 2003, he wanted a brand that had meaning and showed African American men in a positive light being leaders in their communities. Through his efforts, he set out to create a monthly theme to support a nonprofit or cause. His business takes the proceeds from t-shirt sales and donates it to charity. “I honestly wanted a business that people invested in and they knew exactly where their money was going each month. There are some months that we support single moms, health organizations, women empowerment groups, at-risk youth and the homeless,” he says.

Owned & Operated By

Johnny Alston

Hickory Tree Turkey BBQ 2804-L Randleman Rd. Greensboro NC 336-617-6874 (Restaurant) 336-392-3680 (mobile)

*Combos: Comes with Fries and a drink *Dinner: Hushpuppies and 2 sides

Other Specialties Turkey BBQ (per lb.) Siracha Jumbo Wings (6) Turkey Cracklings Jalapeño Turkey Dip Livers or Gizzards Giant Turkey Leg Turkey BBQ Nachos Beverages Tea and Lemonade $1.75 Canned Drink & Water $1


$10 $6 $5 $5 $3 $10 $7.5

Ala Carte N/A $4.5 $6 $5 $5 $7 $6 $2 $6 $6 $6 $6

By Alana Allen

With a heart of gold and a passion to serve, Ray Harper, a native of Fayetteville, N.C., has dedicated his entrepreneurship spirit into a brand that uplifts and sows into others. Harper is the founder and owner of O.H.O.P. Clothing, a t-shirt line that stands for, “Others Helping Others Prosper.” When asked why he started O.H.O.P. Clothing his answer is very simple and clear, he prayed about it and within 24 hours, God answered him with the name of the business and purpose. O.H.O.P. Clothing has a charitable structure that serves the people and helps enhance the lives of others.


Turkey BBQ Dinner Turkey BBQ Sandwich Turkey Ribs Carolina or Smokehouse Burger Smoked or Fried Turkey Wing Med Turkey Leg Jumbo Chicken Wings Turkey Hotdog Smoked Turkey Club w/ crisps Honey Siracha Wings Turkey Tenders Whitefish or Catfish

​The O.H.O.P. Way: Others Helping Others Prosper

Combo N/A $7 $8 $7 $8 $8 $8 $5 $8 $8 $7 $7

Dinner $9 $8 $9 $8 $8.5 $8.5 $8.5 $5.5 $8.5 $8.5 $8.5 $8.5

Sides Collard Greens Cabbage Pintos Turkey Chili Beans Cole Slaw Baked Beans Fries Hushpuppies Mac and Cheese

Family Feast: Feeds 6-8 2lbs. Turkey BBQ, 3 Large Sides, Dozen Hushpuppies, Bottle of Love Sauce….$35

(sm/lg) $3/$5 $2/$4 $2/$4 $3/$5 $2/$4 $2/$4 $2/$3 $2/$3 $3/$5

Harper’s mission in life to serve, speaks volumes about the faith he has in God to help people. He also credits his passion and love for others to his parents and grandparents. “Growing up in a small church, I saw firsthand the importance of giving back to people in need. My grandmother was a minister and I would often see her assisting people and always being a strong foundation of hope. Giving back is not an option for me, it’s a lifestyle,” he says. Through his business efforts, he works with young African American males in high school and college teaching them about entrepreneurship, how to sell products, charity and first impressions. The youth in his business are brand reps that help with the distribution of the product. So not only is he mentoring young men, but he is preparing them for their future to be successful in all aspects of life. Harper’s long term goal is to have his t-shirt line sold nationwide in a retailer and charitable events taking place once a month in all 50 states. To learn more about O.H.O.P. Clothing, please visit them online at h

Achieving Goals And Dreams Through Purpose & Prosperity

Help I Am A Queen Bless A Child for Christmas By Alana Allen Every holiday season, I Am A Queen adopts less fortunate children for Christmas and WE NEED YOUR HELP. I Am A Queen is a women’s empowerment nonprofit based in Greensboro-High Point area that believes in being a blessing to others. Over the years, we have experienced families facing the worse economic situations from sickness, the death of a spouse to homelessness. Through our Christmas Adoption initiative our goal is very simple: to put a smile on a child’s face ages 0-17. Our process for securing families is pre-screening needy families referred by agencies, organizations and schools; conducting registration days for families to show proof of identity and economic hardship; and compiling all wish lists for donors. We use this approach to guarantee the legitimacy of the need and to get to know our families, and to honestly to see how we can help them beyond the holidays. As you can see, we don’t give up on them and we hope you would be willing to take a chance on our Christmas initiative. Here’s How You Can Help: Go to to select a child’s wish list to adopt Sign your office or group up to do an angel tree and let I Am A Queen know how many children you would like to adopt (10 to 20 wish lists) Donate funds or a gift card to sponsor a child’s wish list During the week of December 14, members from I Am A Queen will schedule appointments to pick up gifts. Also, we are hosting a Christmas Donor Drop Off event on Saturday, Dec. 19, from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the DoubleTree by Hilton, located 3030 W. Gate City Blvd, Greensboro, N.C. I Am A Queen is recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c) 3, nonprofit organization and all donations for this event are appreciated and tax-deductible. To learn more about I Am A Queen, please visit or email Alana Allen at or call 336-638-1315 h

Looking to Buy, Sell, or Invest in Real Estate Contact

James Davis

Realtor/Broker Keller Williams Realty North 336 681-8653

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Nov/Dec 2015


Turkey BBQ 8

Come By And See What Faith Tastes Like


By Tonya Dixon Photos by Howard Gaither f anyone knows anything about North Carolina, they know when it comes to barbeque most natives are notoriously opposed to anything other than chopped, pork barbeque. In fact, some may go so far as to say it’s not really barbeque if it’s not pork.

However, according to Mike Neal the best barbeque begins and ends with the best in fresh birds – turkey that is. That’s right, turkey. Neal is certifiably a North Carolina native, Durham to be exact, but his loyalty belongs to the turkey. “Turkey BBQ is healthier than the pork alternative. Health issues that run in our community was the main inspiration to perfect turkey,” he says. Neal is the owner and operator of Hickory Tree Turkey BBQ located in Greensboro. The takeout restaurant, food trucks, and catering service is quickly becoming the go-to spot for all things turkey barbeque. From pulled and chopped turkey to turkey ribs, to fried turkey to turkey crackling to turkey wings and chili, Hickory Tree is in the novel business of sumptuous turkey. Add in amazing and delicious sides (most with a unique smoked turkey flavor) such as collard greens, mac & cheese, baked beans and even turkey dip, Neal and his crew have turkey barbeque covered. They call it healthy, delicious and southern inspired.

“I always say there’s a bit of audacity one must have in order to operate a barbeque restaurant in North Carolina and not sell pork because it’s all about the pork here. It does give me space to be innovative.” Mike Neal

The turkey is slowly smoked over hickory and oak wood and has a bit of an eastern style flavor. That’s about as much as Neal will divulge about his process and recipe. According to Neal turkey is an extremely versatile meat. Still some naysayers try to convince him otherwise, namely those who have never tried Hickory Tree. Moreover, all it takes is for patrons to get one taste and most are hooked; the method becomes all but insignificant. It was never in his plans to become a restauranteur, but Neal says it just fell into his lap. He has always been a pitmaster in his own right, but admits there’s a big difference between cooking for fun than as an owner. “It was never in the cards to have a barbeque business. I always barbequed and smoked for fun. It just so that the stars aligned. Something happened and all of a sudden I’m operating a turkey barbeque restaurant,” says Neal. “I always say there’s a bit of audacity one must have in order to operate a barbeque restaurant in North Carolina and not sell pork because it’s all about the pork here. It does give me space to be innovative.”

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Nov/Dec 2015

99 99

Continued from page 9 “On any given weekend I would tell my wife I was going to put something on the grill and my wife, being probably the most extroverted person I’ve ever seen, would say okay I think I’ll invite a few people and then before you know it there will be 50 or 60 people at the house, but, of course it’s a bit different when you do it for a business.” Once a hard-core pork enthusiast, Neal says he still enjoys a good pork barbeque sandwich, but admits that what he’s doing is pretty special as well. He has competed in the “Memphis in May World BBQ Competition” where he placed higher than many well-known pitmasters. Neal is a chemical engineer by profession with several years’ experience in the corporate sector as well as manufacturing. The same processes he used years ago when he had the assignment of making batches of Crest toothpaste for P&G are the same processes he uses within his business. He says, the ingredients are different, but the processes are very much alike.

“We do turkey and that’s all we do. We are experts at this. We live and breathe turkey so we have to be really good at what we do because we aren’t falling back on pork.” Mike Neal

“I like to have standards and procedures or SOPs. It all comes in handy, so I can draw on my previous experience. Ultimately, the goal is that every bite tastes exactly the same every time. But my Achilles heel is that I’m never satisfied how something tastes, but I’m well on my way to perfection,” he says. There aren’t too many people who have ventured into the unknowns of turkey barbeque, but Neal knows that he has tapped into something unique with enormous room to grow. Not only that, but his patrons recognize it too. Most can’t get enough of, well basically, everything. He jokes that when he first introduced his now famous turkey ribs, he was met with virtually the same response, “it’s great, but I didn’t know turkeys had ribs.” Neal is confident in his ability to continually innovate and perfect his craft. “We do turkey and that’s all we do. We are experts at turkey. We live and breathe turkey so we have to be really good at what we do because we aren’t falling back on

10 10 10

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Thanksgiving & Christmas Smoked or Fried Turkey Place Your Order Today! Only $55

“Everyday is Thanksgiving at Hickory Tree Turkey Barbeque” 11

Continued from page 10 pork,” Neal says. “And there is so much room to grow in turkey. We are known for innovation. Customers always come in and ask what’s new on the menu because we are always innovating.” In less than two years that Neal has been in operation he has seen tremendous growth in the Hickory Tree Turkey BBQ brand. Catering (for weddings to businesses to family reunions) has increased, restaurant traffic has multiplied and the food truck can often be spotted at various festivals and events and Neal is extremely proud that his barbeque recently won second place at the North Carolina State Food Truck Competition, which is no small feat. It’s no doubt that Neal has the culinary chops to fit the bill, but he backs it all up with a rather impressive education and resume. It’s all a part of his master plan. “Education is my tool. I’m using the tool to work the process, not necessarily the destination,” he says. The success of Hickory Tree is a family affair. Mike’s daughter who is nine often greets customers during her time out of school. They also discuss new turkey products as a family. His motherin-law bakes pies during the holidays and his three year old son sometimes holds the door for customers. Neal also credits his team of employees for helping to make Hickory Tree successful. “Everyday is Thanksgiving at Hickory Tree Turkey BBQ,” says Neal. “Although we do Turkeys all year, Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday because it is unadulterated and it is a time where our business gives back by adopting families to provide Thanksgiving meals. This is truly a ministry all within itself”. Neal wants everyone to include Hickory Tree in your holiday meal plans. They are selling whole smoked or fried turkeys starting at $55 for Thanksgiving and Christmas. They will also have sides of his wife’s famous Mac-n-cheese, dressing, collards, and potato salad to go along with the Turkeys. h See Full Menu on page 6 2804 Randleman Road - Suite L Greensboro, North Carolina (336) 617-6874 (Take-out Restaurant) (336) 298-1227 (Company)

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Nov/Dec 2015


Tara Wilson 14

July/August 2015

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By Tonya Dixon Photos by Still Shots Photography


ara Wilson has always maintained some type of part-time business or side gig, but nothing she has ever considered parlaying into a full-blown, expanded business. That is until she began making her own homemade candy apples.

Initially, she made a simple batch for her four-year-old son’s basketball team as well as for a dear friend. The response she received was beyond her wildest dreams. She couldn’t believe it, but she did recognize what it was. It was a gift from God and she wasn’t about to let it pass her by. “It was never something I set out to do. I had no idea it would happen. It really all started with trial and error. It’s almost like God just put it right in front of me and now it has become my passion,” Wilson says. Several months ago, Wilson officially started Candy Apple Charm where she makes custom candy apples of nearly every flavor imaginable. Candy Apple Charm is much more than the everyday, average, cherry candy apple, although Wilson is certainly capable of producing the traditional kind. Instead, she has taken it a giant step further. It’s the special touches that she adds that simply set’s her apples miles apart from the competition. “These aren’t the normal candy apples you will find at a fair. I was never really impressed by what I would see at fairs and stores. I feel like presentation speaks volumes. I always add something extra with a pop,” she says. “I started adding bling sticks with rhinestones and sugar crystals and oversized bows instead of just regular candy apple sticks. I always knew how to make a candy apple, but I focused on perfecting it and making it look charming [hence the name Candy Apple Charm].” Not only do Candy Apple Charm apples look flawless, but the taste is as well. Whatever the desire, Wilson has something to delight the taste buds. With unique flavors like strawberry kiwi, Pina Colada, key lime, cotton candy, cheesecake, mango, tropical punch and many more, Wilson has outpaced her competition on taste alone. She says she just wanted to see how different flavors would taste with the apple. She assumed it would be a stretch combining flavors like pineapple or cotton candy with an apple, but to her delight and surprise she learned they, along with other flavors make for wonderful combinations. Using only fresh apples, Wilson says her candy apples can easily last up to seven days if properly stored in a refrigerator. Initially, she admits she didn’t know what she had gotten herself into. Could this really be something she should seriously consider, she questioned. At first she wasn’t quite sure, but when her inbox and phone “blew up” following a custom NC A&T “Aggie Pride” order she was certain she had found her niche and certainly a wide open market.


“Some of the requests I have gotten from people I had never actually done, but my response will always be yes, because I’m just confident in myself and what I can do. Everything is like a new project for me and I just let my creativity flow,” Wilson says. Her creativity has led to some pretty amazing masterpieces (because they truly are like works of art). Envision Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Redskin, Minnie Mouse, Halloween or even grown and sexy themed candy apples. The possibilities are limitless and with Wilson’s imagination they are absolutely obtainable. She notes candy apples are the perfect compliment to the candy buffets that have become wildly popular for special events. And while Wilson certainly has Candy Apple Charm on the move, she reveals that she can’t take all the credit for herself. As somewhat of a combined contributing consultant and quality control, she says that her son Jayce plays a vital role in the business. “My son has always been my go-to person for anything I have to do that pertains to kids or kid themes because he’s up to date on all the cartoons. He’s also my taste tester. I always have to leave one to the side for him whenever I’m making some [apples],” she says. Candy Apple Charm can already be found at various high schools, festivals and events from Charlotte to Danville, VA and Wilson has major plans for expansion even into her own storefront, but she isn’t waiting to get the word out. The business already has a large following evidenced by its growth and popularity in the social media sphere and even sell-out dates. Beginning in November the customer-friendly Candy Apple Charm website will roll out as well as Wilson’s new line of gourmet candy apples, which will include delicious chocolate varieties, caramel, nuts and mouth-watering mixtures and combinations of them all. With a very reasonable price-point beginning around four dollars each and special pricing per dozen it’s hard to resist the sweet (and possibly sour depending on the request), crispiness of Candy Apple Charm. h


To Place Your Order, Please Call Tara Wilson 336-279-4384

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Nov/Dec 2015


Elois Lettley

Great Food Has Just Got Better in Burlington By Tonya Dixon - Photos by Howard Gaither


he restaurant and food service business is difficult to say the least. It takes many working and moving parts to make it operate efficiently, not to mention all of the things that could go wrong, which could tarnish a business for what may seem like a lifetime.

Occasions II Restuarant offers full catering services and has full dining capabilities.

Although it’s something everyone needs and wants, the work is often long, tiring and thankless. As harsh as the business can be, Occasions II Restaurant and Catering has experienced enormous success since 1997 when owner Elois Lettley took over the restaurant. Situated in downtown Burlington, N.C., Occasions has quickly become known as the areas go-to restaurant and caterer for delicious, down home, homemade southern delights. Every Tuesday through Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. customers flock to the expansive restaurant for what some would consider the best lunch buffet around. Upon entering the restaurant, customers senses are roused with the aroma of fried and baked chicken, fish, greens, mac and cheese, fresh rolls and cornbread and everything else that is slated for the days menu. The food selection varies each day, but Lettley says the demand is so high for some items like the chicken and mac and cheese that she simply has to include them every day. Friday evenings from 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. she offers a special soul food buffet in which customers are treated with anything from barbeque ribs to chitterlings. Sundays belong to Occasions as well. From 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. dinner is no longer a chore. The buffet awaits.

Soul Food Friday offers a full buffet that the whole family is sure to enjoy!

Lettley enjoys what she does, but admits it was never something she initially desired to do or even had extensive training in. “I had 11 siblings so it was a big family. It was a total of 12 people my mom had to cook for, so I was used to her cooking large quantities of food; that’s also where I learned. Here I try to keep mom’s recipes. I learned to stretch it for 400 or 500 people and try to make it taste the same,” she says. Other than growing up cooking for her large family, the only other food service experience she had was a job she held at a local burger hut while living in New York. In fact, the Caswell County native left the area bound for New York immediately after graduating high school. She became employed by the Bank of Tokyo, where she worked in stocks and bonds. She subsequently returned to North Carolina Continued on next page


Continued from page 19 and began working at what was then Wachovia Bank. Following that she worked as a nursing assistant then received her degree to work in telemetry watching heart monitors. Eventually Lettley was proposed with the opportunity to take over the already established Occasions Restaurant. She accepted the venture but admits the beginning wasn’t as easy as it now appears. “The first Sunday that I opened, I only had 30 people show up and I said to myself, ‘Oh my! What have I gotten myself into?’ Now if I don’t have 400, I ask myself what happened?” she says. “It’s basically home cooking and it’s economical. It’s what people like and it’s good old fashioned home cooking at a very reasonable price.” Not only did she take it, but she took it and ran with it. Since then the restaurant has experienced tremendous growth, including its full-service catering services. Unbeknownst to Lettley, the wide range of her work experience combined for the perfect knowledge she needed to operate her own business. Occasions is capable of accommodating a capacity of up to 400. The fully equipped facility can also be rented for large or small private events, including some simultaneously. Many local organizations currently host monthly lunches or dinner meetings at the restaurant. With an easily manipulated layout and even a spacious dance floor, the restaurant is a perfect venue for weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties and nearly anything else imaginable. Everything offered in the restaurant and much more is available through Occasions catering services. Custom packages of every sort are offered including breakfast, barbeque, wedding, schools, corporate, churches and many more. If an event surrounds a special theme Occasions has that covered as well. Lettley offers everything from Mardi Gras meals to traditional tailgate dishes. With over 25 employees, event service is also available. Lettley is grateful and satisfied with the public’s warm reception of her restaurant, but that certainly doesn’t mean she’s content. Whatever she can do to grow her business and make it better she’s certainly considering it.

Occasions II Restaurant 227 N. Front Street - Burlington, NC 27215 (336)227-9887

Nearly six months ago, Lettley and her husband opened a new restaurant -- PeeWee’s Express. The intent was to offer good, lighter fare food at a quicker pace, which is exactly what they did. However, Lettley admits many people were still requesting some of the staples of the restaurant and they have happily obliged. Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. customers can order everything from a hotdog or fish sandwich combo to a chopped barbeque or chitterling plate. It’s no wonder PeeWee’s is growing by leaps and bounds. Lettley has more potential plans in the works, especially to add an additional night of buffet particularly as a family or community night. No matter what is next for Lettley and Occasions, it’s certain to be enjoyed and appreciated by local lovers of good, quality food and service. h Occasions II Open Tue-Fri (for lunch) 11:30am -2:00pm Wed Night & Friday Night 5:30pm - 9:00pm Sunday Morning 11:30am -4:00pm

Pee Wee’s Express Kitchen 1609 North Church St. - Burlington, NC 27215 (336)740-9081

PeeWees Express Kitchen Tuesday - Saturday 11:00am - 10:00pm Daily

PeeWee’s Express offers good, lighter fare food at a quicker pace. Tuesday through Saturday from 11am to 10 pm customers can order everything from a hotdog or fish sandwich combo to a chopped barbeque or chitterling plate. It’s no wonder PeeWee’s is growing by leaps and bounds.

21 21

Derek Morehead

By Terry L. Watson Photos by Howard Gaither


erek L Morehead Sr. is a Greensboro, N.C. native and is passionate about the Greensboro community as a whole. He is a graduate of James B. Dudley Senior High School as well as Guilford College with a BA in Business Management with a Minor in Human Resource Management and Money and Finance.

What do you plan to do with your tax refund next year?

He is an Elder at the church he attends and found his way to the Body of Christ in what he calls his “Damascus Road Experience”. A car accident that should have killed him in June 1993 opened his eyes to the Redemptive Power of God’s Grace. He realized God had other plans for his life. The accident captured his attention and caused him to seek out who the real God is. Elder Morehead later gave his life to Christ in August 1993 after an encounter with God at Cedar Grove Missionary Baptist Church. Morehead and his family are members of Calvary Covenant Fellowship in the city of High Point, N.C. He is married to Minister Delight Morehead, and to this union they have four children, Derek L. Morehead Jr., Collin J. Morehead, Ethan A. Morehead and Camille E. Morehead. He is professionally working as an Entrepreneur to establish a legacy for his family with Morehead Enterprises. Under this umbrella the community will be serviced by tax, financial, automotive and loan services. Morehead will use past experiences in the Automotive and Banking industries and Education as a Business Graduate of Guilford College, to accomplish, set goals. His production was within the top ten percent and was named salesman of the year at Crown KIA 2002. He also managed four processes in the Bankruptcy Department at Bank of America until June of 2015. Because Morehead remembers his past, one of his focus scriptures is Mark 10:27 which reads “And Jesus looking upon them saith, with men it is impossible, but not with God; for with God all things are possible”. He often quotes “Change is necessary for all men but True change only comes when men decide to follow God”. He offers the products and services to get your financial house in order. “My business is based off of the spiritual principle of stewardship. I offer services that help you maintain the integrity of stewardship and that outlines the inheritance in which God wants us to have. I did not have any inheritance when I was preceded in death by both of my parents. My wife and I committed to leaving a legacy to our children through proper protection and strategic financial planning,” he says. Morehead offers tax preparation services that can be used to leverage and bridge the gap on needs such as debt elimination and financial stability. He strives to ensure families have the proper products to fit their needs and takes pride in educating his clients. Tax preparation is not a one size fits all process he says, and everyone’s income and situation is different. “Helping people, common ordinary, hardworking people maximize on their tax returns, is the best part of what I do. I love to see people’s financial situation turn around for the better. Some people are loyal to a preparer or to a brand, however, I assure that my client’s refund is maximized and their taxes are done right,” says Morehead. Helping people overcome financial obstacles and change their perspective on really experiencing financial independence is something that he stands by. “The annual tax refund is one tool I use to help people, to change how they will look at money and become debt free. I also help people get out of the poverty mindset and encourage them to get wise counsel when it comes to what they really should do with their tax refund,” he says. Immediately, starting December 7th, though his commitment to transparency and the fact that his clients feel comfortable with him, Morehead says he is looking forward to having a no fee upfront tax preparation consultation with anyone. “Through established relationships built on trust I look forward to Morehead Enterprises growing into one of the most known tax preparation and financial planning brands,” he says. h


A New Lo Hair Salon 24


Celebrating 25Years of Service


By Tonya Dixon - Photos by Howard Gaither here has always been a common perception that drama and long wait times are the norm for hair salons. Tracey Milton wants to dispel that myth and does so every day through her highly successful and drama-free establishment – A New Look Hair Salon.

Born and raised in Burlington, North Carolina, Milton comes from a long line of hair stylists. Preceded by several successful family members with the same profession, it could be said it’s a family thing. For 25 years Milton has been performing hair miracles and loving every minute of it. The only things that keep her away from the salon and her clients are supporting her husband, Rev. Gregory Milton, their two children, Corey and Andrea, and her duties as a first lady. The past 23 years Milton has successfully operated A New Look Hair Salon. It hasn’t all been easy, but it’s certainly been worth it. Accordingly, she says it has always been about the client and the superb services she and the other stylists have always tried to provide; never about big “I’s” or little “you’s”. It’s a standard she developed when she started out and it’s one she staunchly holds fast to today. Obviously a great deal of the salon’s growth and great name throughout the community is due in large part to the owner behind the name, but Milton insists it’s just as much, if not more, about the divine had of God and dedicated stylists that come together nearly every day with the sole purpose of satisfying each and every client. “Our faith in God sets us apart. That set’s the precedence for the atmosphere. We don’t have the drama. We have fun. It’s a very professional and welcoming atmosphere. We are very family-oriented and welcoming to people of all backgrounds,” Milton says. “We actually study our craft to make sure we are on our A-game.” Milton’s no novice. She knows what she is doing, evidenced not only by her longevity in the business, but the dedication and loyalty of her clients as well as the other stylists at the salon. She notes that the salon has several clients that faithfully travel to Burlington from as far away as Richmond, Virginia at least once a month just to be sure to maintain that “New Look” flair. Moreover, it certainly speaks volumes that many of the stylists have been a part of the New Look family for multiple years, some even their entire career starting out as shampoo assistants, moving on to obtain their degrees then subsequently returning to the salon as certified stylists. Undoubtedly, it speaks volumes about the integrity of Milton and her business that so many would intentionally seek to work at her establishment. Milton is most concerned about making sure the needs and expectation of every client are not

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Quierra can’t remember ever wanting to do anything other than be a hair stylist. She even tried to get a traditional degree but quickly recognized it just wasn’t for her. Roper believes the basis for any type of hair treatment should begin with healthy hair. Additionally, she loves natural hair, especially styling and cutting hair in its natural state. She says a good healthy cut can make all the difference for a natural style. Roper also enjoys educating others about natural hair.

Quierra Roper Monica has been styling hair for as long as she can remember, but she only recently decided to obtain her license. Cohn worked as a shampoo assistant at A New Look and has since returned as a certified stylist. She has a deep passion for styling various types of natural hair and enjoys seeing the end result. Eventually she would love to be an instructor particularly of technique and maintenance.

Monica Cohn Anything dealing with hair is interesting to Bianca. Simply put, it’s her passion and certainly a fascination she has held nearly all her life. She says it’s wonderful to get paid to do what you love, but hairstyling is about much more for her. Willis promotes healthy hair and loves perfecting her weaving techniques as well as coloring.

Bianca Willis 26

her desire is to make sure every client, young or old, male or female walks away from the salon having experienced exemplary service and of course healthy hair. Styles, trends and techniques come and go, but Milton asserts she is opposed to anything that contributes to unhealthy hair. To that end, A New Look Salon’s services run the gamut from specialized coloring, weaving, cutting and chemical treatment to natural hair styling and maintenance to braids, manicures and waxing services. Clients don’t have to worry about long wait times at A New Look. It’s something that Milton says has always been one of her pet peeves. She says if a salon is known more for how long a client has to wait than the services she receives then something is wrong. It’s the little touches that Milton and the other stylists’ maintain that sets the salon apart from all the rest and it’s what has contributed to the salon’s tremendous growth over the years; growing out of three locations in less than 10 years. A New Look Salon provides services for everyone and anyone. Men, women and children of nearly every ethnicity can be seen enjoying personalized, tailored services; some together as a family. Even the little ones are recipients of special attention, being presented with a “my first haircut or hairstyle” certificate. Many of the stylists are also professionally trained make-up artists as well. Along with an in-house nail technician, all the excellent services are simply to let the clients know exactly how much they are appreciated by the salon staff. Indeed, Milton and all the stylists operate as one big family. From helping each other out with styling techniques to hosting classes and traveling together for continued education opportunities to community outreach events, the group truly understands the concept of unity and togetherness. “We have a team mentality. There are a lot of salons that simply have booth renters and they don’t even speak to one another. We don’t have that. If one of us knows something, then we teach the other. We really work together and have the understanding that if one of us is successful then all of us are,” Milton says. Community salons have often been the places where politics and the news of the day are often discussed, so it’s very befitting that the salon even offers clients the ability to register to vote. While Milton and all of the stylists invest their time and talents for the benefit of the client (Monday through Saturday to be exact), many others have also sown into the business. She says she will forever be grateful to her father-in-law, Rocky Jeffries, and her aunt, Betty Johnson, herself a veteran in the business, for seeing her potential and donating the seed money for her to establish the salon. She also thanks her parents Van and Gladys Shepard, William Johnson Jr., and her grandparents for their love and support. Without a doubt, satisfied clients are appreciative as well. Although Milton and the stylists are obviously successful, in no way are they satisfied. From desires to become cosmetology instructors to celebrity stylists, each one is certainly making strides and growing in the field. In the coming months the salon will also become home to two new barbers as well as a dedicated space to massage therapy. In the meantime, Milton is proud to continue helping individuals “put on the new man”, a phrase from Ephesians 4:24 which states “put on the NEW self, created after the likeness of God in true righteousness and holiness” and also the inspiration for the salons name. Additionally, A New Look Hair Salon offers free Wifi and potential clients can find them easily on Styleseat, Facebook and Instagram. h

A New Look Hair Salon 206 West Front Street Burlington, North Carolina 27215 (336)227-9911

“Our faith in God sets us apart. That sets the precedence for the atmosphere. We don’t have the drama. We have fun. It’s a very professional and welcoming atmosphere. We are very family-oriented and welcoming to people of all backgrounds.” Tracey Milton

Aleeta or “Lee”, as she is often called, is extremely passionate about her chosen profession. As a stylist for 21 years, she believes in the importance of developing and maintaining healthy hair whether short or long, natural or chemically treated. Johnson enjoys going to different shows and shows great patience with her customers needs.

Lee Johnson Never in her wildest dreams did Tia believe she would ever become a hair stylist; nor did she want to. But as fate would have it, professionals in the field noticed her natural talent and encouraged her to get her certification while she made a final decision. Through the process she discovered her love for the business. Shepard has been a stylist for five years. Outside of maintaining healthy hair, she loves experimenting with hair coloring and cutting.

Tia Shepard

“We have a team mentality. If one of us knows something, then we teach the other. We really work together and have the understanding that if one of us is successful then all of us are. There is no “I” in team.” Tracey Milton

Kimeka is on a mission. She loves what she does and has a detailed plan to get there. She has been a stylist for 19 years and has enjoyed every minute of it. White uses every opportunity to learn everything about the salon industry. She has a vested interest in cutting and particularly coloring. Eventually she would love to be an instructor and certified master colorist for a major color line. White and her styles have also been featured in two major hair magazines.

Kimeka White

The Conundrum of Child Support

A Father’s Dilemma A Mother’s Misfortune By Kenneth J. Harper, Jr.


Part One ossing and turning all night, dreading the next day to give reason to a judge to show cause for non-compliance with a court order for child support. The man on trial is undone with emotion is wondering if the judge will find him in contempt. This being the third appearance he has made in the last three months regarding his child support obligation. His stomach in knots, palms sweating as the district attorney and child support case workers walk in nonchalantly. His eyes wander across the court and he sees the woman he used to love with all his heart. Now they can barely look upon each other’s presence without sad bewilderment, and wrenching anger that questions what went so wrong that the state now oversee the affairs of their child.

Their eyes quickly avert in opposite directions and the man mulls over in his mind at how in just three months he has already paid $4,000. While he is presenting receipts to show cause of care provided for his child for $2,200 at a previous court date the judge instructs the man that he should have given the mother cash receipts, or money orders, and not spent the money on the child as he saw fit. Therefore, she threw the receipts out increasing the man’s fees. Meanwhile, the mother who could have stood in his defense and confirmed that he has actually given his child all of these items stood there in silence, never to aid or assist his story. He protests, “But your honor, we also have a child in college that I send money too as well.”


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Self Improvement

FinishSTRONG Demetra Moore & Moore Out Of Life


I’m sure you, like me, are bombarded with emails, conversations and thoughts about goal setting, as the year closes. If I had a nickel for each email I’ve received that talked about goal setting for the beginning of the year, I’d be a rich woman!

Here’s what I learned: the reason so many people fail to achieve their goals is they focus too much on the process of achieving those goals, rather than their “why” for the goal itself. For example, the #1 goal set each Jan. 1st is to lose weight. So many people set this goal each year, yet they never realize their goal. Why? Because they focus on the process of achieving that goal, rather than why they have the goal in the first place. The process of losing weight is not all that glamorous. You have to change your routines, get moving, be consistent, and be patient as you work through the process. If you decide you are going to walk briskly for 30 minutes each weekday, what happens the first day it rains? If you are focusing on the process, your thoughts will likely sound something like, “No, I’d really rather not get soaking wet today, thank you very much.” But if you are focused on your goal of having more energy and being able to keep up with your kids or grandkids, then you’ll likely be thinking, “Ok, where can I take my walk that I won’t risk pneumonia in the process?”

I have resolved to only write down goals for which I have a strong “why”. I encourage you to do the same. Forget what everyone else’s goals are. Forget what everyone else says you should be able to accomplish. Ask yourself what do YOU want, and why? When you figure that out, it will make life easier. Keep those “whys” in clear view. Then close the year looking forward to what 2016 has in store. h

You have to stay focused and you can do that by: • Monitoring how you talk about the goal. • Concentrating on the positives of your “why”, not the negatives of the process. • Joining a coaching group to become more accountable

For more information please contact Demetra Moore at Moore Out of Life at (704) 565-9608

Tis The Season To Purchase Your New Home!

“Assisting BUYERS & SELLERS in The Triad Area”

Kristle Williams Realtor/Broker 3150 N. Elm Street, Ste. 101 Greensboro, NC 27408







specializing in healthy hair, precision cuts and color

g n i x a l e R atmosphere CALL FOR APPOINTMENT

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Your Skin can be Supple Sinuous and Flexible

Winterize your Skin

Beauty Experts, Marquel and Marquis Bohannon

Bovanti Cosmetics & Spa 219 Four Seasons Town Center Greensboro, NC 27407 Twitter: @bovanti Instagram: @bovanti Phone: 336-299-0109

Dec 12th, 2015 11am to 1pm Holiday Makeup Class - Learn How To Do Makeup Like The Pros - Holiday Party Looks - How to get Glam In 10 Minutes or less

Cold weather can seriously damage your skin, not to mention the heat indoors that can bring on uncomfortable dryness.

So how can you winterize your skin? Should you spend extra time in the steam room to refresh and hydrate your skin? Should you use heavier moisturizer to hold in moisture? Should you change your skin care regiment during the winter months?

None of the above will give you what is needed for supple, sinuous and flexible skin.

None of those will give you what is needed for supple, sinuous and flexible skin. Spending more time in the steam room can actually dehydrate your body and create challenges for dry winter skin.

Bovanti Beauty Spotlight

Heavy moisturizers can clog the pores and create a warm damp surface, perfect for the growth of unwanted bacteria and fungi. Your daily skin care regiment should consist of a cleanser, toner, moisturizer with broad spectrum sun screen and a night cream. To winterize your skin simply add a serum. A serum is all active ingredients, no buffers or fillers. Each ingredient in a serum has a specific activity that works together to create skin that is healthy and vibrant. Use your cleanser, serum and layer on your moisturizer, each morning. Nightly use your cleanser, toner, serum and layer on the night cream. Bovanti Energi C Serum is packed with antioxidants and humectants. You will notice firmness in your skin and a youthful glow. Bovanti Oil Defense Skin Care System contains aloe for healing the skin, chamomile for calming the skin and rosemary to rid the skin of bacteria. Bovanti Oil Defense System is designed for use on acne prone and oily skin types. Bovanti Hydrating Skin Care System includes a creamy milk base facial cleanser. It leaves the skin refreshed and filled with moisture. This system of products is very gentle and is excellent on dry and sensitive skin types. Bovanti Vitamin C Skin Care System is designed for use on all skin types. This is our anti-aging system. Bovanti Vitamin C Skin Care System is packed with antioxidants, helps to regenerate collagen, diminishes age spots and blemishes by ridding the skin of free radicals that damages the cellular structure of the skin.

Rosie B. Linen She egan her career in the cosmetology industry at 19 years old. More than 30 years later she can truly say that she loves her passion. Rosie has been with Bovanti Cosmetics and Spa for almost four years. As a licensed Esthetician she specializes in skin beautification, providing treatments for the face and body that improve the appearance and wellness of the skin. Treatments and services includes: Facials including Peels and Masks Full-Body Treatments Head and Neck Massages Deep Pore Cleansing and Facial Massage Various Skin Care Treatments with Creams, Lotions and Tonics Hair Removal via Waxing Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting Aromatherapy Makeup Application

Each Bovanti Skin Care System includes a cleanser, toner, moisturizer with broad spectrum sun screen and night cream. Our licensed Estheticians will analyze your skin. You can treat yourself to a facial service that is relaxing and specific to your skin type. The weather outside maybe frightful, but your skin does not have to be with Bovanti Cosmetics and Spa. h Want To Advertise? Call (336)340-7844

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Melanin, LLC Blacks Building Billions for Dignity “We Care and We Share”


By Terry L. Watson - Photo by Howard Gaither stablished in 2013, Melanin, LLC is a Pan-African movement and also a United African-American Economic Action. Dr. Gregory Headen serves as chairman, Dr. Orlin Carter serves as treasurer, and Thomas King serves as vice chairman. Other members include Dr. Linwood Carver, Thomas Johnson, Andreana Picon, and April Garrett. Their focus and motto is “God First”. King says it all began when several of the members were meeting and the idea came about to not only address many of the issues that are plaguing their community, but to also find solutions to fix them. Melanin, LLC is for profit and legally organized and incorporated as an organization comprised of people with a common mission; helping one another and the entire Pan-African community in the areas of health, education, business, wealth, finance, and to also provide support for positive initiatives in the black community.

Dr. Headen says their group has a real interest in African culture. Their mission is to create greater unity while instilling historical awareness and values of respect, trust, support and care for everyone. This is accomplished by creating jobs for our youth, providing loans, supporting black businesses, and providing education opportunities through workshops and seminars. They are able to meet the needs of their community with various services and programs including legal, political, research and development, banking and economic, educational, faith based organizations and more. The purpose of Melanin, LLC is to break the poverty cycle through financial discipline and asset accumulation, while educating and empowering their community to create generational wealth for a greater financial future. They believe that wealth for the next generation can only be created when eliminate the mentality of living for today. They also practice group economics as outlined in Dr. Claud Anderson’s book, “Power Economics.” They have also worked with and invested in several businesses to help them get started. Some of these include Siassa, which are also members of Genesis Baptist Church where Dr. Headen leads. Genesis Baptist Church provided them space and Melanin, LLC contributed to Siassa. This is exactly the types of things that Melanin is striving to accomplish. Additionally, their group gives financial support to youth to assist them as they move forward in life. h

P.O. Box 2618 - Greensboro, NC 27402-2618 phone: 336-949-7546 email:

Melanin Foundation Securing, Improving, and Developing Their Community


he Melanin Foundation, which is separate from Melanin, LLC, was founded in 2014 with a sole purpose to function as a 501 c 3 non-profit organization. It was formed to actively engage in revitalizing the defined community to be known as the Bessemer Avenue Corridor. The community will have borders surrounding US Highway 29 to the west, Franklin Boulevard, to the east, East Wendover Avenue and to the north/east Market and to the south. The revitalization will include business investments, private institution and public facilities. The officers include Dr. Lindwood Carver who serves as president, Yvonne Parramore who serves as vice president, LaTonya Bell who serves as treasure, and April Garrett who serves as secretary. Board advisors include Dr. Gregory Headen, Thomas King, and Dr. Orlin Carter.

The mission of Melanin Foundation will be to spearhead the economic development of the East Bessemer Avenue Corridor by developing cultural awareness through education and training, and encouraging and supporting small business development, private home ownership and local government investment. The values of the Melanin Foundation will be guided by sound ethical business practices which honor and value the residents of the community, its business partners, its customers, its stakeholders and employees. The Melanin Foundation will strive to conduct its operations as responsible stewards of environmental resources. The objectives of the Melanin Foundation will further its stated vision and mission and will support the health of the defined community, secure a future for the youth of the community, develop and nurture entrepreneurship, reduce crime and the drug culture in the community, improve and enhance the aesthetic appearance of the community, value the worth and wisdom of seniors in the community, develop a neighborhood identity for the community, identify and seek preservation of historically significant architectural features, establish a vocal presence in the local government process, improve public facilities and utilities, and improve overall housing quality. Currently, Melanin Foundation is in need of a building that will allow them to further serve their community. They are also working with Duke Divinity Foundation for Christian Leadership. They are also seeking new members and participants. All donations are tax deductible. h

P.O. Box 2618 - Greensboro, NC 27402-2618 phone: 336-482-6261 email:

Cutest Baby M A G A Z I N E

To submit photographs into the Huami Magazine Cutest Baby Photo Contest, send a detailed email to


Chloe Andrea Moyer

The Daughter of Miquel & Monica Moyer Photo by The Perfect Image


Ways Divorce Can Benefit Children

“The happily ever after has ended. Deciding to end your marriage is one of the most heartbreaking decision parents will ever face.” By Reketta Wright


ou’re probably wondering how will divorce have an impact on the children? What will parenting look like now? I’m sure there are hundreds of questions running through your mind because your children are important to you and you rightfully want to make the best decision for them. I have worked with families and children who have gone through divorce and with parents and families who have stayed together for the sake of the kids. Of course there is going to be some turbulence and adjustment for the whole family. In some parental separation the process is harrowing, exhausting and a long drawn out one, but sometimes divorce can be the best thing for everyone involved. It is not healthy for children to be in an environment where they see a lack of respect and trust. Here are some ways divorce can benefit children. They become better communicators

There is a lot going on in between two homes when you co-parent. You have school schedules, doctor’s visits, sports and recreational activities. Although, the child should not be the messenger, but

the life of your children will cause you to effectively communicate about their life. They will observe and then model those behaviors. They become more relaxed Children are sensitive to environments and whether we give them credit or not they know when something is wrong with mommy and daddy. Once the split happens and the tensions fades in the environment, watch their behaviors become more relaxed. They become happier When there is sadness and bickering between the couples, ultimately no one is happy. Whether you decide to partner up later in life, your children can experience watching your joyful independence. When your children are able to see mommy and daddy happy they will be much happier too. They learn more through quality time with each parent

Children get to know their parents on a different level because of the quality time spent individually. The relationship becomes closer and

they learn a lot about each other. They become resilient and adaptable It teaches them how to adjust with life changes and lifestyle situations. A natural byproduct of the divorce teaches them to be more adaptive. Coping strategies are developed to deal with the transitions. Having to deal with changes makes them more resilient in life.

Reketta Wright is a licensed therapist in private practice in Greensboro, NC whose practice specialty is relationship and divorce recovery in addition to women’s issues. h For a free consultation you may call 336.542.2884 or contact Reketta via email at

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Whitney Hickman 2014 Alumna of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro Bachelor of Arts in Dance / Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology (Concentration in Sports Medicine) 2016 Miss NC USA Pageant Contestant

“I have been dancing since I was 3 and am very passionate about it and performing in general and hope, one day, to make it my full time career.” By Terry L. Watson Photos by Rondell Lane Whitney Hickman is currently a full time teacher at The Point College Preparatory and Leadership Academy and the Head Dance Team Coach at UNCG. She also currently performs in shows with the North Carolina Black Reparatory Company. In 2010, as a Senior Girl Scout she received a Gold Award, which is the highest honor as a Girl Scout. In 2012, she was also inducted into the National Society of Leadership and Success at UNCG. Although it was very challenging, she says she managed to graduate with two degrees in four years after countlessly being told it wasn’t possible. While dancing on the Spartan G’s dance team all four years, upon graduation she was named Assistant Coach. This year she had the honor of being the Head Coach of the UNCG Dance Team. Her dad she says has impacted her life the most. “He was one of the happiest and encouraging people I ever met. He never obtained a high school diploma, yet he worked hard and retired from RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company and started his own successful business, Hickman’s Creative Concrete Coatings. He made sure we always had what we needed and more. Above all, he motivated me to follow my dreams and get an education,” she says. Everything she danced or performed in, he was right there, dancing and cheering her on (no matter how embarrassing he would be) she says. “Just watching him was a huge example that with hard work and dedication, you can do anything you put your mind to. He passed away a little over a year before I graduated, but I promised him to live my life to the fullest and accomplish all of my goals and dreams,” she says. She has already started training again for a few big auditions she has at the beginning of next year. She hopes to compete in another pageant in the near future. “I eventually plan to move to New York and chase my longtime dream of performing on Broadway,” says Hickman. h


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The child support case worker immediately shuts him down by informing him that child in college has nothing to do with this case. Even if his child in college is by the same mother, she has aged out of the system. The man’s attorney nudges him to calm down and the man is stunned that no one cares about the child support he has already paid. Nor does the court care about the fact that the amount of child support forfeits many of his current obligations, nor does it factor into his cost of living.

Eventually he is demoted at his job and his salary is reduced, but the child support order takes six months to receive a modification. By the time he receives the modification, he has defaulted on his student loans and credit cards, his car is repossessed, he’s forced to move in with friends and his credit is ruined. He applies for a new job paying higher wages, but all the doors are closed because now the man has a very negative credit score, and employers see him as a high risk.

The man is given a stern warning from the judge that if he does not make his child support payments current by his following court date next month, he will be found in contempt of court. The man storms out of court infuriated and humiliated, with the nagging worry that his car may be repossessed due to the lack of ability to pay the note.

Therefore lies the conundrum for not only for the man but for the woman who now is not receiving any child support payments, and the little girl who no longer spends quality time with her daddy because he’s consumed by his miserable existence. However, he sees no way to play his hand with this deck that has been dealt by this antiquated system called “child support”. h

Later that evening the phone rings at his home and he knows it’s his little girl. “Daddy, can you come pick me up this weekend and take me to your house? Can we go to McDonald’s? I want a Happy Meal! I miss you daddy, please daddy,” says his little girl. The man pauses with tears in his eyes not knowing what to tell his daughter while holding an eviction notice in his hand swallowing hard saying, “Absolutely baby girl, daddy won’t let you down!” The weekend comes and the little girl has her bags packed eagerly awaiting her dad, but he never shows up. The little girl engulfed with sadness asked her mother why didn’t her dad come to pick her up. “Mommy, he promised me?” Over the next six months perplexed about his financial situation he complains to his attorney that he can’t pay his bills and his credit is in jeopardy. He’s missing time out of work because of courts dates and doctor’s appointments. The stress has him popping anxiety pills, drinking, and living life on the edge. With the thought of his children in the very back of his mind; the thought of losing his freedom and his financial pressures are all consuming and constantly producing fear in his heart and mind.

Harpco Benefits Alliance 3 Centerview Drive - Ste# 165 Greensboro, NC 27406 336-410-1546


336-458-8422 40

New Years Eve Party by Big Will Productions

Nov/Dec 2015

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Why Choose Me As Your


Information provided by Mary Ann Adams


hy choose me, is a very good question Adams says. She feels that there are several reasons why people choose her as their tax professional.

First, Adams is an Enrolled Agent, like CPA’s and Attorneys, Adams has unlimited practice rights and can represent any taxpayer before any IRS office, including audits, payment/collection issues, and appeals, regardless whether or not she prepared the tax return in question. As an enrolled agent she specializes in taxation. Individuals with this credential are licensed by the IRS and specifically trained in federal tax planning, preparation, and representation. Enrolled agents hold the most expensive license the IRS grants, they must pass a suitability check, as well as a three-part Special Enrollment Examination; a comprehensive exam that covers individual tax, business tax, and representation issues. They must complete 72 hours of continuing education courses every three years. Secondly, Adams has over ten years of experience as a tax professional, over 20 in accounting, budgeting, financial analyst, and auditing. Adams also has two Bachelor of Science degrees in Business Administration and Accounting and a Master of Science in Accounting Information Systems. Thirdly, not only does Adams have over ten years of experience as a tax professional, she is also is a tax school instructor with three years of experience teaching tax laws and regulations.

refund (legally) and will represent them to the best of my ability.” And with a 95 percent referral rating she must be doing something right! As the IRS says “Anyone can be a tax preparer as long as they have an IRS Prepare Tax Identification Number (PTIN) and they sign and enter it on all returns they have prepared. However, tax return preparers have different levels of skills, educations, and expertise.” h

Providing Expertise in Taxation Issues 1105 East Wendover Ave. Suite D Greensboro, NC 27405 (336)235-1912 phone (336)510-8505 fax

Adams feels that her caring nature and great customer service skills is the real reason why people have chosen her in the past. Adams said “My clients refer others to me because they know that I really do care about their tax situation and will do my best to fine them the biggest

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620 S Elm St - Suite 151 Greensboro, NC 27406 Screen Printing - Embroidery -T Shirts - Caps - Greek Wear

Sevices Offered:

Dr. Reba Kennedy Is Moving!

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Inside The BNT Building


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Children First Development Professional Service & Representation

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Lee Mykel Hair Studio

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Professional Barbers

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Ideal For The Barber Who Is Seeking A New Start & New Location

Appointments & Walk Ins Available

All New Equipment Be Your Own Boss 2 Weeks Free Booth Rental HD - TV Free Wifi

The Barber Shop of

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