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Catholic Schools Week

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Holy Rosary

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Bayou Catholic • Houma, LA • January 2014

Holy Savior

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St. Gregory

Registration: March 24-28, 2014 Holy Cross Elementary 2100 Cedar St. Morgan City, LA 70380 Grades PK-6 Mamie Bergeron, Principal Phyllis Jensen, Secretary 384-1933 • Fax 384-3270 Holy Rosary Elementary P.O. Box 40 Larose, LA 70373 Grades PK-8 Scott Bouzigard, Principal Angie Loupe, Secretary 693-3342 • Fax 693-3348 St. Gregory Elementary 441 Sixth St. Houma, LA 70364 Grades PS-7 Elizabeth Scurto, Principal Yvonne Lirette, Admin. Asst. 876-2038 • Fax 879-2789 Maria Immacolata Elementary 324 Estate Dr. Houma, LA 70364 Grades PK-7 Yvonne Weimer, Principal Donna Hill, Secretary 876-1631 • Fax 876-1608 St. Bernadette Elementary 309 Funderburk Ave. Houma, LA 70364 Grades PK-7 Joan LeBouef, Principal Susan Chauvin, Secretary 872-3854 • Fax 872-5780

St. Francis de Sales Cathedral School 300 Verret St. Houma, LA 70360 Grades PS-7 Brenda Tanner, Principal Christy Pitre, Secretary 868-6646 • Fax 851-5896 St. Genevieve Elementary 807 Barbier Ave. Thibodaux, LA 70301 Grades PK-7 Chris Knobloch, Principal Michelle Adams, Secretary 447-9291 • Fax 447-9883 Holy Savior Elementary 201 Church St. Lockport, LA 70374 Grades PK-8 Tricia Thibodaux, Principal Terri Vedros, Secretary 532-2536 • Fax 532-2269 St. Joseph Elementary 501 Cardinal Dr. Thibodaux, LA 70301 Grades PK-7 Gerard Rodrigue Jr., Principal Barbara Kliebert, Secretary 446-1346 • Fax 449-0760 St. Mary’s Nativity Elementary 3492 Nies Street Raceland, LA 70394 Grades PK-8 Marissa Bagala, Principal Judy Watts, Secretary 537-7544 • Fax 537-4020

Central Catholic High School 2100 Cedar St. Morgan City, LA 70380 Grades 7-12 Deacon Vic Bonnaffee, Principal Sandy Daigle, Secretary 385-5372 • Fax 385-3444 Vandebilt Catholic High School 209 S. Hollywood Rd. Houma, LA 70360 Grades 8-12 James Reiss, Principal Shirley Cunningham, Secretary David Keife, President 876-2551 • Fax 868-9774 E.D. White Catholic High School 555 Cardinal Dr. Thibodaux, LA 70301 Grades 8-12 Michelle Chiasson, Principal Cathy Hebert, Secretary David Boudreaux, President 446-8486 • Fax 448-1275 Catholic Schools Office Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux Marian Fertitta Superintendent of Schools Suzanne Troxclair Curriculum Specialist Janet Marcel Administrative Assistant 850-3114 • Fax 850-3214

Our Catholic schools do not discriminate on the basis of race, sex or national origin.

Catholic Schools Week

‘Catholic Schools:

Communities of Faith, Knowledge and Service’ A Message from the Superintendent

O 44

On Sunday, Jan. 26 through Saturday, Feb. 1, Catholic schools in our diocese will join others across the country to celebrate Catholic Schools Week. This year’s celebration marks a milestone since it is the 40th anniversary of this annual event. The theme, “Catholic Schools: Communities of Faith, Knowledge and Service” encompasses concepts that are the heart of Catholic education. Faith, knowledge and service are the three measures by which Catholic schools can be judged. Faith The many themes and quotes of Pope Francis echo the importance of faith, knowledge and service, not only in Catholic schools, but in our everyday lives. On faith he states, “Let us keep the flame of faith alive through prayer and the sacraments: let us make sure we do not forget God.” – Pope Francis Our Catholic schools are small communities of faith where students are taught about God, where God is worshipped regularly and where students and faculty put their faith into practice on a daily basis. In daily religion classes students study their faith. They learn about God, the church and its history, liturgy, the sacraments, prayer and religious practices. Daily prayer and weekly liturgy provide students opportunities

Bayou Catholic • Houma, LA • January 2014

to actively participate in building their prayer life and increasing their faith. By instilling in them the importance of learning about their faith, praying and practicing their beliefs will help prepare our students to meet the spiritual challenges they will encounter in their lives. They will also come to realize the Christ spirit within and be able to recognize Christ in everyone they meet. Knowledge “Dear young people do not bury your talents, the gifts that God has given you! Do not be afraid to dream of great things!” – Pope Francis Our Catholic schools are communities of learning established to educate students not only in the subjects of reading, writing, arithmetic and so on, but also to impart knowledge of God and truth. This is our spiritual heritage as Catholics. Our schools set high expectations for student learning with faith interwoven throughout each subject. Our teachers work diligently to ensure that when students leave our schools they are prepared for the next level of their education. Preparing students academically has always been a hallmark of Catholic schools and still is today. However, how and what students are taught has changed drastically and quickly over the last two decades and continues to do so each year. The introduction of technology in the classroom began a new era in education. College courses and the job market require our students to have a different set of skills than those required 10 years ago. Our Catholic schools continue to address these needs to ensure that our students are receiving an excellence education. Yearly evidence of our academic achievements are the Stanford Achievement Test scores of our elementary and middle school

students, the ACT scores of our graduating seniors, the number of graduates who enter college, the millions of scholarship dollars received and the successes of our alumni. Service “How marvelous it would be if, at the end of the day, each of us could say: today I have performed an act of charity towards others!” – Pope Francis Focusing on the seven themes of Catholic Social Teaching, our Catholic schools are communities of service, places where helping one another, aiding the needy, and recognizing the dignity and rights of others are expressions of love and care and an integral part of the life of each school. Every year our students participate in a variety of service projects to help them realize the importance of sharing their time, talent and treasures to those in need. This begins in the earliest years of school with simple projects progressing to larger projects and required service hours as students reach higher grade levels. Student clubs such as Caritas, Key and Respect Life are other examples of our continuing commitment to teach our students to reach out to others and to be a voice for those who are voiceless. It is through service that students acquire skills, virtues and habits of heart and mind required for effective service to others (To Teach as Jesus Did, USCCB, 1972). Catholic Schools Week is a time to celebrate and showcase our schools as communities of faith, knowledge and service. However, these are evident in our schools on a daily basis throughout the year. Please come by and visit our schools during the week of celebration or any time during the year. Respectfully in Christ, Marian Fertitta

Spiritual Bouquets Many of the Catholic schools in the diocese had students create spiritual bouquets by classes to present to Bishop Shelton J. Fabre upon his appointment as Fourth Bishop of the Diocese of HoumaThibodaux. A spiritual bouquet is a promise to pray for a person or a special intention. Viewing some of the bouquets with Bishop Fabre are Marian B. Fertitta, diocesan superintendent of Catholic schools; and Suzanne D. Troxclair, diocesan curriculum specialist. LAWRENCE CHATAGNIER/BAYOU CATHOLIC

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Catholic Schools 1 6 7 2 8 3 9 4 10 5 Catholic tradition and academic excellence in a community grounded in faith

Safe and disciplined environment

Balanced curriculum that includes art, music and fitness

Exceptional faculty who help students reach their highest potential Individual attention in a caring community

Emphasis on moral development, service to others, and leadership skills

A 99 percent graduation rate

Commitment to technology use to enhance education

Strong preparation for further education

Good stewardship of resources






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Catholic Schools Week

E. D. White Catholic - Com E. D. White Catholic High School


Edward Douglas White Catholic High School’s legacy can be traced back to 1855 when Father Charles Menard, assisted by the Sisters of Mount Carmel, opened Mount Carmel Academy for girls. In 1861, St. Joseph Parish acquired the all-boys Thibodaux College and later contacted the Brothers of the Sacred Heart to run the school. The two schools were merged in 1965. For 158 years, E. D. White Catholic and its predecessor schools have been building communities of faith, knowledge, and service by offering a holistic education, rooted in Christian values, structured through friendly discipline, nurtured by personal attention and dedicated to academic excellence.

How We Build Community: • Daily Mass offered in the school’s chapel • Active campus ministry program • Weekly adoration of the Blessed Sacrament • ACT scores consistently above the state and national averages • Renowned music program • Outstanding athletic program with 40 state championships • Over 20 clubs and organizations • Students contribute over 14,000 hours of community service annually • 85% of graduates qualify for the TOPS program • An academic enhancement program for students with dyslexia and other learning differences

“The faith, knowledge, and services that E. D. White students exhibit is one like no other. Our teachers and coaches serve as role models. Not only do they teach us academics, but also, they educate us using their words and examples, making known that having faith is the key to life. Attending E. D. White is truly a privilege. Although everyone endures his own individual struggles in life, those struggles cease to exist when we step onto campus as a family, each student wanting the best for one another. The strength and support of the E. D. White family is ever present through good times and bad. Personally, I am most thankful for the lessons of faith, hope, and family that I have learned as a true E. D. White cardinal.” Catherine Daigle ‘16

“I have seen this school grow so much in faith and love for Jesus Christ since I have been here. I truly have a faith community at school that is always there for me and praying for me. We grow by being together, learning together, and serving together as Christ did.” Joseph Schonacher ‘16

“‘Where two are gathered in my name, there I shall be.’ The students and faculty at E. D. White respond to tragedy and victory in the same way; we pray together. We put faith into action by praying for our E. D. White family members who are undergoing troubles. Our knowledge has brought us to a point where we can educate others with our God given talents. And above all we serve; by praying and acting on our love with the bereaved, sick, and hurt, we have given the gift of charity to many.” - Shelby Ellis ‘16

2014-2015 Registratio

E.. D. White Catholic High School is open to all students and Bayou Catholic • Houma, LA • January 2014

mmunity of Faith, Knowledge and Service

“After being a student at E. D. White for almost five years now, E. D. White lives out practicing its faith, knowledge, and service in our everyday life as a student. The mission statement of Edward Douglas White Catholic High School’s three-fold goal is to impart the Catholic faith, promote academic excellence, and enhance self-esteem. These three parts are put into action first by making our Catholic faith the most important part of school. Mass in the chapel every morning is a way both students and teachers gather as one faith community in prayer. The sight of a full chapel in the morning is a humbling experience and a perfect way to begin my day. The proof that E. D. White has put knowledge into action is the result of the ACT scores being above national and state averages for many consecutive years. Teachers make themselves available to help their students achieve academic excellence by giving them the confidence and resources to excel in the years to come. Lastly, E. D. White gives back to our community by raising money to buy Christmas gifts for less fortunate families, by collecting canned goods, and by raising money to help out those in need around the world. E. D. White, grounded in faith, knowledge, and service, is the reason I am proud to call E. D. White my school.” - Gabrielle Naquin ‘14

“E. D. White Catholic High School does a tremendous job of incorporating faith into the school life of our students. By having prayers before the start of each class, saying a daily rosary during the month of October in honor of the Blessed Virgin and daily Mass attended by various groups and teams are only a few ways that this is accomplished. Our students are involved in nearly 15,000 hours of community service annually. This is in addition to the annual mission drive and Christmas project to serve underprivileged children. Traditionally, our students score above the national and state averages on the ACT and other standardized tests that are given. I don’t know of another school that prepares a child better in faith formation, service to others and imparting the knowledge that prepares him for life after high school.” - Athletic Director Preston LeJeune

“E. D. White puts faith into action in everything we do. From prayer services in the morning to praying a chaplet at lunch, E. D. White helps to keep us strong in our faith. E. D. White really puts service into action by sending seniors to Gym Dandy to do community service. The service really helps us realize how great it is to help someone just because it’s the right thing to do. E. D. White is the perfect place for teenagers to transform spiritually and mentally into fine young men and women.” - Scott Sanders‘14


“E. D. White teaches us that we are disciples of God by their intense teaching and leadership of the Christian faith. We have ACT scores to prove that we have the best teachers who are giving us the knowledge we need to excel on the college level. Also, EDW gives us the opportunity to serve the community while making it a part of the educational process.” - Michae Jones‘17

on: March 10-21, 2014

does not discriminate on the basis of race or national origin.

Catholic Schools Week

Vandebilt Catholic High School:

A Community of Faith, Knowledge and Service


ormed by their Catholic school experiences, the 48 students of Vandebilt Catholic High School in Houma respond to Jesus’ directive to love one another and use their intellectual gifts to serve others more effectively and generously. Emphasizing the importance of prayer, each school day and class period commences with students and faculty praying together. Spiritual formation is enhanced by the Liturgy of the Hours, daily Mass, eucharistic adoration, the rosary, school-wide liturgies and seasonal religious practices. The Religion Department seeks to bring a strong academic education program of religious formation and experiential faith. Each Vandebilt student receives approximately 150 hours of faith instruction per year through daily religion classes. One method of putting the Gospel into practice, service to others, is stressed and required at every level. In turn, Vandebilt students contribute some 20,000 service hours per year to the school, the church, and the community. The campus ministry program at Vandebilt is based on the belief that each person has his or her own gift to be used for the common Bayou Catholic • Houma, LA • January 2014

good. The program allows students to develop their faith and to share that faith journey with peers. It is through the Catholic school’s special charism that students gain an experience of the teaching of the church in a faith community that complements the family and the local parish. Additional opportunities to grow in faith are provided by Men of Christ, Sisters in Christ, a pro-life club, and the newly formed Rule 13: Vandebilt Catholic Mission Team. Among the school’s notable undertakings, the annual Christmas Project permits Vandebilt students to assist the needy in the area. Consistent academic success is a hallmark of a Vandebilt Catholic education. Composite ACT scores invariably rank well above the local, state and national averages. Typically, three fourths of the senior class qualifies for TOPS, and 99 percent of each senior class attends a four-year college or university upon graduation from Vandebilt. The school proudly lists 39 National Merit Scholars and

two Presidential Scholars. Vandebilt strives to provide its students with the best educational opportunities available. The school’s approach to education incorporates 21st century skills into the curriculum so that students learn to integrate technology into their educational endeavors. As a pioneer in the implementation of a One-to-One iPad Program, Vandebilt is fostering improved accountability, organization and communication in a protected learning environment. Students are trained as active participants in problem resolution and are involved daily in interactive learning. Vandebilt’s academic program continues to address the changing needs of students to prepare them for their future college careers. Based on their experiences at Vandebilt Catholic High School, graduates are shaped to become well-rounded, faith-filled, selfdisciplined, compassionate and academically prepared men and women who respond to God’s love.

A Community of Faith, Knowledge, and Service


Vandebilt Catholic High School 209 South Hollywood Road Houma, LA 70360 (985) 876-2551 Placement Test

January 18


February 17 – 28

Vandebilt does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, or national origin.

Catholic Schools Week


Morgan City: Why choose Central Catholic High School? T

he question “Why enroll?” has been asked by parents interested in registering their child at Central Catholic High School. Some of the reasons, not in order of priority, are: n A top-notch education and a comprehensive curriculum. Our teachers prepare students for college and careers. n Personal attention to a generation of young people who are highly inquisitive. The Guidance Department assists students spiritually and educationally. n FAITH and GOD: Being able to talk about God and grow in your faith with the Lord through daily prayer, weekly Mass, weekly rosary, retreats and service activities. n Wonderful technology with a one-to-one iPad program. (Many textbooks are interactive on the Bayou Catholic • Houma, LA • January 2014

iPad that serves as a much needed aide for our modern students who are visual learners.) n Religious values infused throughout all school activities and curriculum. n A safe environment with an updated security system for a secure campus. n “Central Catholic High School is not just a learning experience, but a foundation for life” and offers the challenge to build character. n College readiness for students planning to further their formal education. Central Catholic High School graduates are very successful at the college or university level. At the SMIG Luncheon with State Superintendent John White, he said that 19 percent of Louisiana High School graduates successfully complete a college degree. Central Catholic graduates are completing

a four-year degree at a rate of more than 50 percent of the total graduating class. This percentage is much higher for honor graduates. n Students make lifelong friendships and memories in our community. n New updated facilities, including a library, gym and administrative offices, to meet student and school needs. n A tradition of over 120 years of Catholic education. n Sports and organizations: Be a part of a team or club. There is something for everyone. Easy to join and get involved. Please continue your prayers and support for Central Catholic High School. Personal tours and visits are recommended. If you have questions or want a tour, please call the school.

Central Catholic High School 2100 Cedar Street, Unit 1 Morgan City, LA 70380 985-385-5372


Eagle Pride! Registration

New Students March 24 through March 31, 2014 For information call (985) 385-5372 Central Catholic High School does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, national or ethnic origins. Tuition Assistance Available

Catholic Schools Week

Holy Savior Catholic School: Soaring to new heights with God


oly Savior Catholic School, a spiritual and educational ministry of Holy Savior Catholic Church parish, ministers to nursery three through eighth grade students in Lockport and the surrounding areas of central Lafourche. The school currently includes a state approved curriculum and certified lay teachers. The school’s educational program 52 challenges each student to achieve academic excellence and live the Gospel message of Jesus. Holy Savior Catholic School first opened its doors and hearts to the community of Lockport in May of 1879. Father Peter Letilly invited the Congregation of the Immaculate Conception to send a few Sisters to Lockport to open a school. The first formal classes began in a little cottage in town. Since the very beginning, the school has been a vital force in shaping, not only the town of Lockport, but also the surrounding communities. Holy Savior’s theme this school year is “Soaring to New Heights with God” and it permeates throughout the school. Our school has the distinction of being academically outstanding and deeply rooted in its drive to connect students to their Catholic faith. This year, our academic focus is on preparing our students for college and career readiness. Holy Savior School students have a wide variety of extra-curricular activities to choose from. Students who enjoy sports can join the school’s cross country, softball, basketball or volleyball teams. We also offer cheerleading, band, music and choir. Students have the opportunity to join the Caritas, 4-H, Beta and student council clubs at school. Holy Savior proclaims the Gospel message of Jesus through weekly school Masses, the Living Rosary, the Living Way of the Cross, May Crowning, the traveling Lady of Fatima Statue and the traveling Vocation Crucifix. Holy Savior’s mission statement is Excellence in Academics + a God-Loving Environment = Success. This statement truly identifies who we are, the Eagles. Bayou Catholic • Houma, LA • January 2014

It defines our students, staff and our school family, because we strive to create students who excel in their core curriculum and are prepared to enter high school. Holy Savior goes above and beyond creating an environment that is rooted in our rich Catholic faith. All of these things combined make Holy Savior Catholic School such a great success.

HOLY SAVIOR CATHOLIC SCHOOL 201 Church Street ~ Lockport, Louisiana 70374 Phone: (985) 532-2536 ~ Fax: (985)532-2269

Established in 1879

State Approved Curriculum ~ Grades K-8 State Certified Teachers ~ Grades K-8 Full and Part-Time Structured State Approved Nursery Program Strong Family Orientation Daily Religious Instruction & Weekly School Masses SACS Accredited Academically Orientated Kindergarten Band, Choir & Computer Program Weekly Library Class Instruction with Certified Librarian Academic Enhancement, DIBELS Program & Tutoring Before & After School Care Program Reasonable Tuition Rates Gym Facilities, Basketball, Volleyball, Softball, Cheerleading, Cross Country Caritas, 4-H, Beta & Student Council Clubs Parent/Teacher Activities Committee For more information or to request a tour of our facility, please contact Tricia Thibodaux, Principal ~ Terri Vedros, Bookkeeper ~ Holy Savior does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national or ethnic origin

Excellence in Academics + a God-Loving Environment = Success

Holy Rosary Catholic School: Community of Faith, Knowledge and Service


n teaching the Gospel message of Christ, Holy Rosary Catholic School in Larose recognizes students’ talents and abilities and strives to develop their highest potential. HRCS offers quality academics in a nurturing, Christ-centered environment to students three years old through the eighth grade. In 1963 Holy Rosary Catholic School began offering Catholic education to the South Lafourche community under the leadership of the Sisters of the Immaculate Conception. Current administration holds fast to the traditions of Catholic education while ensuring high standards to meet today’s challenges. The religious and secular curriculum is periodically evaluated and enhanced to enrich faith experiences and improve students’ learning skills. Enrichment programs are selective and include those that instill community service, academic and social development, but most importantly our Catholic faith. Programs include: DARE, social studies fair, geography bee, Math-A-Thon, an award-winning 4-H club, BETA club, HAWKS club, big buddies, altar servers’ club, apostles of the month, school choir, Book It!, Reading Counts, literary rally, passion play, nativity play, Hawks club, cross country track team, volleyball team, basketball teams, cheering squad and various art projects and contests. Holy Rosary recognizes Christ as the heart of its mission. Traditions of an active and exemplary religious program are professed through weekly liturgies, monthly adoration, and daily instruction in the Catholic faith, service clubs, and service projects for families, faculty and students. The school expands its prayer experiences in the new school chapel and Jesus Prayer Garden. Through its mission work, HRCS is recognized as an instrumental contributor and supporter of Veterans, the Holy Childhood Association, Knights of Columbus and St. Vincent de Paul Society, to name a few. All HRCS teachers are certified and qualified for their role as dedicated instructors. The majority are certified catechists. The combination of instruction in the Catholic faith, dedicated and experienced educators,

the teaching of values, academic excellence, a safe and caring environment and the support of parents for Catholic education is HRCS’ proven formula for success. Together the school family prepares students who are ready and willing to make a difference in the community and world and to succeed in their future endeavors through their faith, knowledge and service experiences at Holy Rosary Catholic School. 53

Catholic Schools Week

Holy Cross Elementary School: Faith Formation, solid education, service to others



oly Cross Elementary School in Morgan City is dedicated to faith formation, academic excellence and service to others. While living and imparting the Catholic faith is the mission of Holy Cross Elementary, the school offers an excellent academic curriculum, grades Pre-K3 through 6, which has God’s word, community building, worship, and social service integrated throughout. At Holy Cross, we are called to model Jesus as we encourage self-respect, recognize the uniqueness of each child, and enable an academic and spiritually enriching atmosphere permeated with God’s message of love. Faith formation is an important component of each child’s education at Holy Cross Elementary School. Prayer throughout each school day; reflection time to communicate with God; administering of the sacraments; and individual class and all-school Masses mold students into caring, Christian adults. The Christian message is integrated into all phases of the school’s activities. Weekly classes in computer, art and music broaden students’ cultural perspective while at the same time, teaching problem solving, communication, observation and group cooperation. The learning potential of a Holy Cross student is maximized through a technologyrich environment with a 3-to-1 student-to-computer ratio including interactive Promethean Boards and electronic tablets, multi-media projectors and teacher laptops. The interactive student response system, Expressions, encourages students to interact from anywhere in the classroom contributing to lessons and resulting in high impact instruction. Students’ education is further enhanced through E-books and online enrichment activities. Edline delivers grades and homework directly to parents’ home computers encouraging collaboration between parents, students and the classroom teacher. Service to others and an atmosphere of social concern, broaden and strengthen the environment at Holy Cross Elementary. The entire Holy Cross community - students, faculty, staff and families - participates in outreach and support to the elderly in assisted living facilities and nursing homes and to environmental conservation efforts through recycling of cans and water bottles. Additional outreach activities include collection of food for local food banks and Thanksgiving baskets; collection of money for St. Jude Children’s Research Bayou Catholic • Houma, LA • January 2014

Hospital and for gifts for needy children at Christmas; and providing baked goods and cards of appreciation for the St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Department and other local community helpers. Teachers at Holy Cross Elementary encourage students to expand their horizons, channel their energy, strive to succeed, and live and love as Jesus does!

Maria Immacolata Catholic School: The Little School with Big Results!


oming up on its 50 year anniversary, Maria Immacolata Catholic School in Houma continues its tradition of success. This school has combined effective educators, rigorous coursework and high expectations, resulting in generations of talented, lifelong learners. Maria Immacolata is committed to the continual development of well-rounded learners through Catholicism, educational technology and academic excellence. Echoing the words of Pope Francis, the school’s theme for this year is MICS: Let us Journey Together! This message recognizes that though we may come from all different walks of life, we all journey together in the light of the Lord. Maria Immacolata emphasizes a strong faith base within its educational community, highlighting numerous religious activities throughout each school year. Classes are given the opportunity to host a school Mass each week, in which students recite Scripture, sing and praise the word of God. Students lead morning prayers, followed by a biographical reading of the saint of the day. In the spirit of sainthood, students chose a classroom saint for this school year, which is incorporated into their religious education coursework and showcased throughout the school. MICS also highlights the Christmas season with an annual live Nativity. Aside from its deeply rooted Catholic ideals, Maria Immacolata places a strong focus on educational technology including the use of interactive whiteboards in each of its pre-kindergarten through seventh grade classrooms, MimioVote, a polling system that uses wireless handsets to gather input; and a mobile iPad lab. Maria Immacolata Catholic School also serves as a flagship for academic excellence. Approximately 99.5 percent of our 2012-2013 graduating class tested either honors or above-average on the entrance exam for Vandebilt Catholic High School. Maria Immacolata students have also consistently scored within the 90th percentile and above on the Stanford Achievement Test. In addition to this, numerous students have placed at literary rally, Vandebilt Catholic’s annual academic competition.

Through the incorporation of Catholicism, educational technology and academic excellence, the formula that has always made this school a success is simply getting better. As the years pass, and students continue beyond our walls to high school, college and beyond, there is no question that Houma’s best kept secret lives up its mantra, “The Little School with Big Results!” 55

Maria Immacolata Catholic School 324 Estate Drive, Houma • 985.876.1631

Come Join Our Family! MICS will be hosting an OPEN HOUSE for New Families on February 25, 2014 at 9:00 a.m. with classroom visits through 12:00 Preschool - 7th grade Strong Emphasis on Academic Excellence Challenging Curriculum with Hands-On Activities Interactive Technology Computer and IPad Labs Optional After-School Care Weekly School Liturgies and Daily Prayers Large Playground Accredited with AdvancEd

Maria Immacolata Catholic School is open to all students and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, nationality or ethnicity.

Catholic Schools Week

St. Bernadette Catholic School: Community of faith, knowledge and service


o understand how St. Bernadette School in Houma is creating communities of faith, knowledge and service, one needs only to read the school’s vision statement. “St. Bernadette School is a Christ centered faith community, fostering spiritual growth, and academic excellence. We strive to instill in our students a lifelong commitment to the learning of Christian values and to community service.” How does St. Bernadette School impart this statement? It offers a variety of progressive programs and activities that promote academic excellence, spiritual growth and service to the community, in a safe, disciplined and 56 nurturing environment. Dedicated faculty and staff seek to make successful learners of their students. In keeping with the Catholic School Week’s theme of creating communities of faith, knowledge and service, the school is heavily involved in year round activities that are fully committed to the spiritual formation of its students. To instill a community of faith, St. Bernadette is committed to the teaching of daily religion classes, the presentation of a traditional live Nativity and participation in the living rosary. Students attend weekly school liturgies, adoration and penance services. Events such as the blessing of animals, Kindergarten Rite of Beginning and the Seder Meal are all celebrated annually. To instill a community of service, the school is committed to working with our local food bank and the St. Louis Infant Center. School families support parish shut-ins during the Christmas season and partner with the Kiwanis Club as they contribute to the annual coat drive. St. Bernadette families generously donate to all mission collections. Spiritual bouquets are prepared for neighbors during the Easter season and students accumulate service hours by participating in many service-oriented projects. To instill a community of knowledge, St. Bernadette is committed to enhancing the curriculum with several enrichment programs: physical education, Spanish, computer, library and music. In addition there is a school-wide reading incentive program. Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of clubs and other extracurricular programs such as an awardwinning 4-H program, a junior beta club, literary rally, Bayou Catholic • Houma, LA • January 2014

the Duke University Talent Program, student jobs, library helpers and the annual social studies fair and geography bee. There is also an ongoing commitment to updating technology. Today St. Bernadette continues to live the vision of the founding Dominican Sisters. Our children flourish in a spirit where Gospel values are infused into their school experience and where they know God’s love and can rejoice in the gifts of his Spirit.

You’ve Got a Friend! Open House for New Families Thursday, January 30, 2014

Registration for New Families begins Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Bernadette Catholic School 985-872-3854 309 Funderburk Avenue • Houma, LA 70364 St. Bernadette School does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex or religion

St. Francis de Sales Cathedral School: Tradition of excellence


he tradition of excellence established by our founders, the Marianite Sisters of Holy Cross in 1870, endures today. The staff of St. Francis de Sales Cathedral School in Houma recognizes the awesome responsibility of continuing to convey the importance of community, in all its aspects, to its students. Both staff and students understand the importance of their membership in the faith community, the learning community, and the broader civil community. As a parochial school, the primary mission of St. Francis de Sales is to transmit an enthusiastic desire to learn more about God and our Catholic faith. Daily religion classes, weekly student sponsored celebratory liturgies, outdoor “living” rosaries, and May crowning ceremonies all encourage participation in the Catholic community. The faith formation curriculum emphasizes the development of a moral conscience based on Catholic teachings. Another integral component is the modeling of good behavior toward others by giving students occasions to share their unique gifts and talents, both at home and at school. Additionally, students are able to witness the staff’s commitment to modeling compassion, tolerance, justice, and respect for the dignity of life for all on a daily basis. Adhering to Jesus’ call to love our fellow man, students are given opportunities at school to reach out to others in their time of need. The Caritas and Caritas clubs, along with the religion team, coordinate food drives for the local food bank and The Haven. SFCS also works with the Kiwanis organization to supply coats, sweaters and blankets for the needy. Aluminum pull tabs are collected for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis. Students and staff participate in the local heart run and cancer walk. St. Francis continues to offer a rigorous academic program that provides a solid foundation in basic subjects. Proven instructional practices enable students to acquire knowledge in how to communicate effectively, think critically, and solve problems independently. The academic curriculum includes connecting their everyday lives to learning about their

culture, their community, their nation and the broader world. Recognizing that some students have learning differences, St. Francis has several programs to meet the needs of these students so that they are able to achieve success in their studies. St. Francis is proud to display its spirit of service in church, family, school and community.

St. Francis de Sales Cathedral School A Tradition of Excellence




March 24, 2014 Parishioners registered in St. Francis Parish Only

March 25, 2014 Families registered in other Catholic Church Parishes

March 26, 2014 Non-Catholic Families

300 Verret Street ● Houma, LA 70360 Phone 868-6646 ● Fax 851-5896 ● St. Francis de Sales Cathedral School is open to all students and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national, or ethnic origin.


Catholic Schools Week

St. Genevieve Catholic School: Community of faith


t. Genevieve Catholic School in Thibodaux strives to create an atmosphere that promotes a community of faith, knowledge and service through the teaching of the Catholic faith and a quality Catholic education for its students. Our students are nurtured in all developmental areas – spiritually, intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally. Christ is the center of our school as evidenced by the deep spirituality that is developed here. So many of the traditions at St. Genevieve enrich our faith including 58 Advent wreath lightings, the epiphany Mass, and student responsibility for the ministries at weekly school Masses. “Children of Mary” are very active on the campus, leading a decade of the rosary every first Friday of the month and during the month of October. Students attend adoration twice a year during the school day, and are encouraged to attend evening youth adoration monthly. The faculty works diligently to prepare students for weekly Mass, striving to help them attain a deeper understanding of Scripture. Our faith is woven into the entire school day and in all areas of academic instruction. We strive to keep abreast of current teaching strategies by providing opportunities for professional development for our faculty and ask of our teachers what they ask of their students: Don’t settle for good enough; strive to be better. We set high standards for our students and our faculty. Important to our mission is to instill in our students a sense of service to others. Our seventh graders are “big buddies” to our kindergarten students. Students “pair off” at other grade levels, giving older students an opportunity to mentor and model good behavior for younger students. Through our student job program, students are recess secretaries, teacher aides, P.E. helpers, maintenance team members, computer and library helpers, sign team members and flag bearers. We know when students are given responsibility for the daily operation of their school, they have a sense of pride and ownership because they know they are stakeholders. Our student service organization, “Patriots,” Bayou Catholic • Houma, LA • January 2014

participates in several projects annually to help nonprofit organizations such as Hope for Animals, Crossroads Pregnancy Resource Center and the Missionary Childhood Association. They also visit and make holiday cards for the elderly and send cards to men and women in the military. We believe in ourselves and in our community. We are thankful for and grateful to all those who help us on our journey, most especially, our Lord.

ST. GENEVIEVE CATHOLIC SCHOOL 2014-2015 Registration March 24 - March 28 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Before-Bell Program (7:00-7:45 a.m.) After-Bell Program (3:15-5:30 p.m.) “My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there.” - Charles F. Kettering Ponder a moment that quote from an elementary student’s point of view. How seriously we must take our role in their future! We are here to touch that future, dramatically. We hope that you see our school as an investment in the future.

807 Barbier Avenue • Thibodaux, LA

(985) 447-9291

St. Genevieve School invites and encourages members of all races, nationalities, and faiths that support our values and traditions to apply.

St. Gregory Barbarigo Catholic School: Celebrating 50 years of academic excellence and Catholic values scavenger hunt where students go out into the community and gather food items for needy families, nursing home activities, an annual production of The Passion Play, and a baby shower for Jesus where students donate items to the Louis Infant Crisis Center. Our school collaborates with our parish and our families to develop our children into future church leaders and citizens. Faith development, academic excellence and dedication to service are the elements that make Catholic schools special, what sets them apart from other educational opportunities.


t St. Gregory Barbarigo Catholic School in Houma, our role in building communities of faith, knowledge and service is taken very seriously. We believe that our school is a community in itself, but that we are also part of larger communities of home, church, city and nation. This year’s theme of the NCEA’s Catholic Schools Week, “Catholic Schools: Communities of Faith, Knowledge and Service,” identifies integral components of a Catholic education. Every day at St. Gregory begins with prayer assembly with all faculty and students present. We pray together as a school family. This special time together has allowed us time to pray for each other, pray for special intentions, to learn about the saint of the day and how each saint’s life can help us to learn how to live a life of Christ. St. Gregory students sponsor a parish Mass on the third Sunday of every month. The children proclaim the readings, read the prayers of the faithful and present the offertory gifts. This is the school’s way of reaching out to and getting to know our parishioners, as many of our students are members of other parishes. At the Louisiana State Junior Beta Convention in May 2013, St. Gregory’s club placed first in the state for Outstanding Service. In a state with over 282 active clubs, some with memberships in the hundreds, St. Gregory’s 30 members were able to come out on top in the service they provide for others. At the national level, St. Gregory’s club placed fourth. St. Gregory’s beta and 4-H clubs participate in 28 service projects for the school and 30 service projects that benefit the community. Community service projects that the clubs participate in include a Thanksgiving



2014-2015 Registration for current students: March 10-14, 2014 New student Registration: March 24-28, 2014 Daily Religious Instruction and Weekly School Masses Positive, Nurturing, Family Environment Accredited by AdvancED Montessori Early Childhood Classes State-of-the-Art Computer Lab/Weekly Instruction Active Parent/Grandparent-Teacher Organization Large, fenced-in Playground Commitment to Academic Excellence Active, Award-Winning 4-H and Jr. Beta Clubs Live Passion Play Smart Boards in Grades 1-7 Before and After School Care Programs/Homework Assistance Vandebilt Elementary Band Program Grades 5, 6, & 7 Title I Reading and Math Lab Speech and Language Therapy Physical Education and Music Programs Weekly Library Instruction/Accelerated Reader Program

441 Sixth Street • Houma, LA 70364 • 985-876-2038 Email: • St. Gregory Barbarigo Catholic School does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, or national origin.

Catholic Schools Week

St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School: School-based, family-centered community


n keeping with our philosophy, the administration, faculty, staff and students at St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School in Thibodaux embrace the idea of faith, knowledge and service born out of a school-based, family-centered community where the ultimate goal is to educate the total child. Our instructional goals focus on the spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional and physical development of each child; just as in a family. We center our instructional day around our faith in God and the teachings of Jesus by starting and ending each day in prayer, which include dedications to positive character traits, teachings of the lives of saints, and recitation of traditional prayers. A decade of the rosary is prayed together as a school each Monday morning over our intercom system. Our school Mass is celebrated each Friday morning led by different grade levels. Many of our students 60 share their gift of voice and music in our school choir. Our youngest students participate in an Angel Choir. On Thursday mornings before school, our faculty takes time to pray as a group in our meditation garden. We foster our connection to St. Joseph Co-Cathedral Church parish by participating monthly in school led parish liturgies and being a part of the living rosary during the month of October. Our outreach to community is evident through various service projects completed by our students and school family each year. Our student council sponsors a Thanksgiving food drive each year, donating food to our local Good Samaritan Food Bank. During the Christmas season, art students participate in the City Hall Trim the Tree celebration in Thibodaux and also create projects to benefit the sick such as the Worry Doll project for cancer patients at Thibodaux Regional Medical Center. Our school families annually participate in the Missionary Childhood Association, donating money to feed and clothe the neediest children throughout the world. Our band represents our school in annual music festivals. We have basketball, cross country and swimming teams, a cheerleading squad and a variety of other clubs and co-curricular activities. St. Joseph is a vibrant, living school, striving daily to continue living our lives as a faith-filled, familyoriented community that imparts knowledge of God, academics and social relations by interactive service and community participation, as well as didactic teaching. Bayou Catholic • Houma, LA • January 2014


Catholic Education Rooted in Faith

Continuing the Tradition of Providing a Quality Catholic Education since 1855

A Values-Oriented Curriculum Fostering Individual Growth Spiritually, Morally & Socially • Nationally Accredited by AdvancEd • Committed to Academic Rigor and Technology Integration • Dedicated, caring, certified Faculty & Staff • State of the Art Library, Computer Lab & Promethean Classrooms • Standardized Testing Program • Full-Day Pre-K for Four-Year-Olds • Daily Prayer & Weekly School Liturgies • Variety of Student Clubs & Activities • Attention to Special Academic Needs • Optional Before & After School Care

St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School 501 Cardinal Drive • Thibodaux, LA 70301 (985) 446-1346 • FAX (985) 449-0760 • St. Joseph C.E.S. does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, religion, national, or ethnic origin and is open to students who share our values and traditions.

St. Mary’s Nativity School: 50 years of quality


t. Mary’s Nativity School, a family-oriented elementary Catholic school in Raceland, has provided 50 years of quality academic and spiritual education for our area’s children. St. Mary’s currently has single classes of three year old nursery thru eighth grade. St. Mary’s is creating a community of faith. The Catholic identity of St. Mary’s resonates in word and in action in the school environment. Our school offers students, staff, parents and community the opportunity to further develop an active relationship with the Lord. All students participate in weekly liturgy. The school family recites the rosary monthly. Students attend adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Our Caritas club sponsors a “Find a Verse” weekly contest to encourage Bible reading. Our school has initiated the Come, Lord Jesus! program. This Scripture study uses the selections of Scripture to be read at the upcoming Sunday Mass. This program helps to enhance the meaning and appreciation of the Word of God, as well as to enrich the Sunday eucharistic celebration. The weekly commentaries to the Word are also placed on our school website to encourage parent and community prayerful participation. Our school family is encouraged to read the Word and put it into action. Therefore, we are creating a community of service. St. Mary’s students visit and attend Mass monthly with the residents of Raceland’s nursing home. We collect money and goods for organizations such as Good Samaritan Food Bank, the Missionary Childhood Association, Chez Hope, the Lafourche Parish Animal Shelter, MacDonell Children Services, Hope for Animals, and the St. Louis Infant Center. This year we also sponsored Links of Love with money collected going toward emergency relief for the Philippines. Our beta club sponsors an annual veteran’s program. St. Mary’s 4-H club also provides services through their work with the local food bank, eye glasses collection, and writing letters to members in the branches of the military. Our middle school students perform service hours to give back to the community. St. Mary’s offers a curriculum that challenges each

student to excel to his or her potential. We are creating a community of knowledge. The school’s administration monitors the school environment and takes appropriate steps to ensure that it is conducive to student learning. Data is collected from students’ performances on standardized tests, classroom work and tests, and teacher, parent and community feedback. Our students excel in both academic and leadership fields. Our faculty, staff, students and parents all strive to fulfill our motto: Believe, Achieve, Succeed with Christ.

St. Mary’s Nativity School “Believe in Christ, Succeed with Christ and Achieve with Christ”


2014 - 2015 In House Registration March 10-14,2014 New Student Registration March 17-21,2014

St. Mary’s school is open to all students and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion or ethnic origin.

3492 Nies Street • Raceland, Louisiana 70394


Young Voices

If you could describe the growing faith of the young Catholic Church in the Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux in three words what would they be and why? When we grow, we grow together. Our growing faith is devoted, compassionate and unified. Christ is at his best within us in adoration at Steubenville, Service Project Day during CLI, Sundays when we serve for Mass, and in each good deed we do in our communities. When you ask me to describe the youth in the Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux, I’ll gladly say “We are compassionate for Christ whose compassion reigns over all!” Trent Constant, 17 years old St. Eloi Church parish Vandebilt Catholic High School


I would describe the growing faith of the young Catholic Church as passionate, astounding and encouraging. The youth of our diocese are passionate in all they do; at every Youth Ministry event, the passion from the hearts of the young people gathered is released into the atmosphere as we all unite our burning desires for the Lord in prayer and fellowship. I am always astounded by the faith of fellow teenagers because they all amaze me with their dedication to the faith and their everlasting love for Christ. The young church brings me closer to Christ and makes me want to dive deeper into my faith. Lastly, I find the growing faith of the youth to be encouraging. The activeness of the many young people in the church is encouraging because the youth are the future of the church. I feel that the future of the Catholic Church in the diocese is in good hands and many great things will be achieved. Tabitha Kearns, 17 years old St. Thomas Aquinas Church parish E.D. White Catholic High School

I would describe the growing faith of young Catholics in our diocese as exciting, quick spreading and deepening. After attending a few retreats within the diocese there is no doubt that each teen, along with me, is more than excited about their faith. Once we receive and accept the truth of our faith into our lives, we can’t help but spread it along to others. Through inviting others into our faith, we also deepen our own faith through continually working toward our mission in life. Megan Landry, 16 years old St. Joseph the Worker Church parish, Pierre Part Central Catholic High School

I would describe the growing faith of the young Catholic Church in the diocese as engaged, dynamic and open-minded. Engaged – The youth have opportunities to grow in their faith in their Catholic schools and diocesan activities, and they are taking advantage and actively engaged in these opportunities. At E.D. White Catholic School, I can attend daily Mass, study the Catholic faith in daily religion class, and participate in Campus Ministry. In the diocese, I can attend Steubenville, CLI and monthly youth adoration. Dynamic – The youth in the diocese are full of youthful energy and creative ideas. This energy is shared among each other and becomes contagious as seen in youth retreats and through praise and worship music. Spending time with friends who are like-minded in thought and on the same spiritual journey helps my faith to grow. Open-minded – The youth are open to experience the Catholic Church’s teachings, traditions and wisdom. Also, the youth are open to the Lord’s will in their lives and the call to vocations. This is evident by the number of vocations from the Houma-Thibodaux diocese. Alec Naquin, 15 years old St. Thomas Aquinas Church parish E.D. White Catholic High School Bayou Catholic • Houma, LA • January 2014

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Catholic Schools

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