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Catholic Schools Week 2013

Catholic Schools Week

Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux

Catholic School Administrators

David Boudreaux

Marissa Bagala

Mamie Bergeron

Deacon Vic Bonnaffee

Scott Bouzigard

Michelle Chiasson

Blaine Degruise Holy Savior

President, Vandebilt

Chris Knobloch

Joan LeBouef

Jim Reiss

Gerard Rodrigue Jr.

Yvonne Weimer

Major funding for this Catholic Schools Week special section provided by the Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux

St. Mary’s Nativity

Holy Cross

Central Catholic

President, E.D. White


Holy Rosary

St. Genevieve

Elizabeth Scurto St. Gregory

Bayou Catholic • Houma, LA • January 2013

E.D. White

St Bernadette

Brenda Tanner St. Francis


Maria Immacolata

David Keife

St. Joseph

Registration Feb. 25-28,2013 ©2012 NCEA/USCCB

Holy Cross Elementary 2100 Cedar St. Morgan City, LA 70380 Grades PK-6 Mamie Bergeron, Principal Phyllis Jensen, Secretary 384-1933 • Fax 384-3270 Holy Rosary Elementary P.O. Box 40 Larose, LA 70373 Grades PK-8 Scott Bouzigard, Principal Angie Loupe, Secretary 693-3342 • Fax 693-3348 St. Gregory Elementary 441 Sixth St. Houma, LA 70364 Grades PS-7 Elizabeth Scurto, Principal Yvonne Lirette, Admin. Asst. 876-2038 • Fax 879-2789 Maria Immacolata Elementary 324 Estate Dr. Houma, LA 70364 Grades PK-7 Yvonne Weimer, Principal Donna Hill, Secretary 876-1631 • Fax 876-1608 St. Bernadette Elementary 309 Funderburk Ave. Houma, LA 70364 Grades PK-7 Joan LeBouef, Principal Susan Chauvin, Secretary 872-3854 • Fax 872-5780

St. Francis de Sales Cathedral School 300 Verret St. Houma, LA 70360 Grades PS-7 Brenda Tanner, Principal Christy Pitre, Secretary 868-6646 • Fax 851-5896 St. Genevieve Elementary 807 Barbier Ave. Thibodaux, LA 70301 Grades PK-7 Chris Knobloch, Principal Michelle Adams, Secretary 447-9291 • Fax 447-9883 Holy Savior Elementary 201 Church St. Lockport, LA 70374 Grades PK-8 Blaine Degruise, Principal Terri Vedros, Secretary 532-2536 • Fax 532-2269 St. Joseph Elementary 501 Cardinal Dr. Thibodaux, LA 70301 Grades PK-7 Gerard Rodrigue Jr., Principal Barbara Kliebert, Secretary 446-1346 • Fax 449-0760

Central Catholic High School 2100 Cedar St. Morgan City, LA 70380 Grades 7-12 Vic Bonnaffee, Principal Sandy Daigle, Secretary 385-5372 • Fax 385-3444 Vandebilt High School 209 S. Hollywood Rd. Houma, LA 70360 Grades 8-12 James Reiss, Principal Shirley Cunningham, Secretary David Keife, President 876-2551 • Fax 868-9774 E.D. White High School 555 Cardinal Dr. Thibodaux, LA 70301 Grades 8-12 Michelle Chiasson, Principal Cathy Hebert, Secretary David Boudreaux, President 446-8486 • Fax 448-1275 Catholic Schools Office Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux Marian Fertitta Superintendent of Schools Janet Marcel Administrative Assistant 850-3114 • Fax 850-3214

St. Mary’s Nativity Elementary 3492 Nies Street Raceland, LA 70394 Grades PK-8 Marissa Bagala, Principal Judy Watts, Secretary 537-7544 • Fax 537-4020

Our Catholic schools do not discriminate on the basis of race, sex or national origin.

Catholic Schools Week

‘Catholic Schools Raise the Standards’ A Message from the Superintendent



We in the Diocese of Houma– Thibodaux have been blessed with excellent Catholic school education for over 150 years. The first Catholic school in the area, Mount Carmel Academy, was established in Thibodaux in 1854 by the Sisters of Mount Carmel. In 1861, Pere Charles Menard opened Thibodaux College for boys and asked the Brothers of the Sacred Heart to manage the school in 1891. Academy of the Sacred Heart, now St. Francis de Sales Cathedral School, was founded by the Marianite Sisters of Holy Cross in 1870 as a school for girls in Houma. Later, at the request of the parents, boys were able to attend the school; and in 1952 the Sisters were joined by the Brothers of the Sacred Heart. The Congregation of the Immaculate Conception Sisters went to Lockport in 1879 and established Holy Savior School. Sacred Heart Academy, established in 1893 by five Marianite Sisters from New Orleans, was the first Catholic school in Morgan City. The school was divided into separate elementary and high schools, and re-named Holy Cross Elementary and Central Catholic High School in 1964. At this time, a new Sacred Heart Elementary school, operated by the Sisters of

Bayou Catholic • Houma, LA • January 2013

St. Joseph, opened at the site of the original Sacred Heart Academy. In 1993, Sacred Heart Elementary School merged with Holy Cross Elementary. The 1960s saw a huge expansion of Catholic schools in our area. At the time we were still part of the Archdiocese of New Orleans. St. Genevieve Elementary School in Thibodaux opened in 1960; St. Mary’s Nativity Elementary School in Raceland began accepting students in 1961. And in 1962, with the closing of Mount Carmel Academy, St. Joseph Elementary School opened in Thibodaux, along with St. Bernadette Soubirous Elementary School in Houma. St. Gregory Barbarigo Elementary School in Houma opened in 1963 and Holy Rosary Elementary School in Larose was established by the Sisters of the Immaculate Conception the same year. In 1965, Maria Immacolata Elementary School opened in Houma, and Vandebilt Catholic High School was established for students in eighth to 12th grade with St. Francis transitioning to an elementary school. St. Hilary School which opened in 1966 was staffed by the Sisters of Mercy from Dublin, Ireland, until their departure in the late 1980s. Lay personnel staffed the school until it closed in 1993. At the beginning of the 196667 school year, Mount Carmel Academy and Thibodaux College merged to become Thibodaux Central Catholic High School. The name was changed the following year to Edward Douglas White Catholic High School. As reflected in this brief history, Catholic Schools have played a major role in the education of the children of our area. We are grateful for the many people who contribute to the success

of our schools. These include the Brothers of the Sacred Heart who still have a presence in two high schools, our administrators, teachers, support staff, parents, volunteers and community members. Their dedication and hard work help to maintain our faith-centered institutions of academic excellence. On Sunday, Jan. 27, 2013, and continuing through Saturday, Feb. 2, the Catholic schools in our diocese will join with thousands of schools across the nation to celebrate Catholic Schools Week. The theme of this year’s celebration is “Catholic Schools Raise the Standards.” This is a particularly fitting theme for Catholic schools which have long been known for their emphasis on academic excellence, faith development and commitment to service. The theme is so timely because it highlights the launch of an initiative, the National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools to ensure consistent high standards at Catholic schools across the country. The national standards are a road map for the schools to continue their pathway toward high standards of academic and spiritual growth. Another national project aimed at increasing the rigor and relevance of curriculum in all schools is the implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). These national standards have been adopted by 46 states and Louisiana has already implemented the CCSS in pre-kindergarten and kindergarten this year. These standards will replace the Grade Level Expectations that schools have been using. The Common Core State Standards provide a consistent, clear understanding of what students should know


and be able to do by the end of each grade level. These are based on the College and Career readiness standards focusing on higher level processing skills rather than merely learning content. Our Catholic schools will adapt the Common Core State Standards to continue to move our students to a higher level of knowledge. The testing companies that develop the assessments used in our diocese to measure student achievement, the Stanford Achievement Test and ACT, are being aligned with the CCSS. Typically our students perform very well on these standardized tests scoring in the top 25 percent

in the nation on the Stanford Achievement Test and an average score of 22.8 on the ACT. To continue to ensure that our students’ scores remain at this level we will begin to align our curriculum to the Standards. Our teachers will receive professional development to increase their knowledge and skills in teaching strategies to actively engage students in their lessons, and advancement in technology will continue to be upgraded in the classrooms at all grade levels. The Catholic schools standards and benchmarks will be interwoven throughout. We are fortunate to have many wonderful examples of high quality

Catholic education in our diocese. It is our promise that we will continue to improve our schools to ensure that your children are receiving an excellent education with opportunities to grow in their faith and commitment to the church and the community. Our doors will be opened during Catholic Schools Week. Please take advantage of the celebration and visit them. May God continue to bless you, your families, and our schools. Yours in Christ, Marian B. Fertitta Superintendent of Catholic Schools Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux

Did you know? Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux ... Enroll 5,653 students 5,061 Catholic & 592 Non-Catholic NCEA ACRE (Assessment of Catechesis/Religious Education) scores rank in the top 25 percent of the nation Stanford Achievement Test scores in grades 1-9 rank in the top 25 percent of the nation Achieve excellence in sports, band and other co-curricular and extracurricular activities Have over 52,000 service hours for fifth-12th graders First diocese in the state to become accredited through AdvancED/SACS Offer an affordable education in a Christ-centered environment

2013 Seniors: Average ACT composite score was 22.8 99 percent took the ACT 98 percent went on to higher education


Catholic Schools Week



Central Catholic High School: Preparing students for the future

entral Catholic High School in Morgan City raises the standards as it continues its mission of the “formation of the whole person— soul, mind and body.” Central Catholic, spurred by the vision of Principal Deacon Vic Bonnaffee III, continues to embrace new innovations. Technology, through a 1:1 laptop program, has been an integral part of fulfilling the school’s mission over the past six years. In keeping with the school’s mission and vision for the future, the school has transitioned from a 1:1 laptop educational environment to a 1:1 iPad program. “Technology is one of the most marvelous expressions of the human spirit in history” as stated in the USCCB document To Teach as Jesus Did, and at Central Catholic, this belief continues to be the scaffold which supports the development of enlightened, educated, morally-conscious Bayou Catholic • Houma, LA • January 2013

graduates who are prepared for the world in which they live. The use of iPads provides a wealth of information literally at the students’ fingertips. Textbooks are no longer static; iBooks allow the students to become immersed in the content through video and interactive activities. Educational Apps permit the students to actively engage in content, easily find information in an instant, and creatively convey an understanding of concepts taught in a variety of manners. The use of iPads helps teachers address the shift in classroom dynamics from a teachercentered to a student-centered environment while incorporating the more rigorous Common Core State Standards. At Central Catholic, one can observe students extending their spiritual formation by viewing podcasts or videos related to the readings of the day, as well as the current lesson taught in the

classroom. Students can synthesize historical information with current events instantaneously by combining online textbooks with various news Apps. Students are able to increase knowledge in specific areas of interest while utilizing higher-level thinking skills through the use of Apps and the Internet. Students are required to be more active learners through the use of digital media. Students today, known as digital natives, have been born into a technological age. In order to raise standards and help the students become ethical users of technology, teachers at Central Catholic utilize the iPad to integrate instruction into cross-curricular activities. Central Catholic is raising the standards of Catholic education by preparing students to meet the demands of this technological society in a moral, ethical manner.

CentralCatholic Catholic High Central HighSchool School 2100 StreetUnit Unit1 1 2100Cedar Cedar Street, Morgan LA 70380 70380 MorganCity, City, LA 985-385-5372 985-385-5372



Eagle Pride!

Registration Registration New Students February 25,through March 15, 2013

New Students February 25 March 15, 2013 For information, callthrough (985) 385-5372 Fornotinformation call (985) Central Catholic High School does discriminate on the basis of race,385-5372 creed, color, national or ethnic origins.

Tuition Assistance available Central Catholic High School does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, national or ethnic origins. Tuition Assistance Available

Catholic Schools Week

E. D. White Cath E. D. White Catholic High School


Edward Douglas White Catholic High School’s legacy can be traced back to 1855 when Father Charles Menard, assisted by the Sisters of Mount Carmel, opened Mount Carmel Academy for girls. In 1861, St. Joseph Parish acquired the all-boys Thibodaux College and later contacted the Brothers of the Sacred Heart to run the school. The two schools were merged in 1965. For 157 years, E. D. White Catholic and its predecessor schools have been raising standards by offering a holistic education, rooted in Christian values, structured through friendly discipline, nurtured by personal attention and dedicated to academic excellence.

How we Raise the Standards: • Daily Mass offered in the school’s chapel • Active campus ministry program • Weekly adoration of the Blessed Sacrament • ACT scores consistently above the state and national averages • Renowned music program • Outstanding athletic program with 40 state championships • Over 20 clubs and organizations • Students contribute over 14,000 hours of community service annually • 85% of graduates qualify for the TOPS program • An academic enhancement program for students with dyslexia and other learning differences

“There is no more worthy cause than that of our Catholic school! Through the example of Christ himself, we have been entrusted with the development of the full potential of young people. Through excellence in our faith-filled lives, our school has risen to this challenge and walked humbly, mercifully, and justly with the Lord.” - Coach Kyle Lasseigne ‘88

“E. D. White has been a great gift for my academic and spiritual development. Academically, we are challenged and are able to grow through our curriculum, teachers, and use of iPads. We are able to grow spiritually through annual retreats, religion classes, and the opportunity to attend daily Mass at our chapel.” - Katie Robichaux ‘13

“I feel that E. D. White has raised my personal standard of work ethic. As a five-year member of the EDW band, I realize the immense success that comes with a high level of determination for the goals you wish to accomplish. Whether it be school or work, I now feel very prepared to handle life’s future challenges.” - Myron Saul ‘13

2013-2014 Registration: Fe

E. D. White Catholic High School is open to all students and d

Bayou Catholic • Houma, LA • January 2013

holic Raises the Standards “E. D. White has taught me ‘good enough, never is.’ The people here are persistently encouraging me to push my limits to become a better person in my academics, in my athletics, in my organizations and clubs, and most importantly in my faith. Without God, I couldn’t reach the daily goals set forth by myself and my peers.” - Brendon Gros ‘13


“E. D. White has raised my standards as a student because I know I can make a difference wherever God wants me to be. Through the faculty, my peers, and my faith, I am motivated to do my best in everything I do and to never settle for mediocre. The mission statement of Edward Douglas White Catholic High School is to impart the Catholic faith, promote academic excellence , and enhance self-esteem, all of which I can say my school has done for me.” - Sydni Faucheaux ‘13

“Striving for excellence in music and performance in a disciplined environment with a strong Catholic faith - this is the tradition of E. D. White Catholic High School passed down through the Brothers of the Sacred Heart and the Sisters of Mount Carmel. The expectations are high, but we expect to exceed them with faith in Jesus Christ who is always leading the way.” - Music Director Tim Robichaux ‘79

“E. D. White has raised the standards for me in many ways. I am being challenged in the classroom, in my after school activities, and in my faith. I am developing better study habits, the ability to work around a tight schedule, and a closer relationship with God.” - Eliza Zeringue ‘17

ebruary 18 - March 1, 2013

does not discriminate on the basis of race or national origin.

Catholic Schools Week

Vandebilt Catholic High School: A holistic approach to education


andebilt Catholic High School in Houma enjoys 50 a rich tradition of spiritual formation and academic excellence through a holistic approach to education. A progressive educational institution, Vandebilt experiences consistent success. With participation of practically the entire senior class, composite ACT scores invariably rank well above the local, state and national averages. Typically, three fourths of the senior class qualifies for TOPS, and nearly 99 percent of each senior class attends a fouryear college or university upon graduation. Proudly listing 34 National Merit Scholars and two Presidential Scholars, Vandebilt consistently has the most state qualifiers at the District Literary Rally. Vandebilt strives to provide its students with the best educational opportunities available. Our approach to education incorporates 21st century skills into the curriculum so that students learn to integrate technology into their educational endeavors. Our academic program continues to address the changing needs of our students to prepare them for their future college careers. Vandebilt’s Bayou Catholic • Houma, LA • January 2013

college-preparatory curriculum grows annually with the availability of Advanced Placement course offerings increasing as well. As a pioneer in the implementation of a One-to-One iPad Program, Vandebilt is fostering improved accountability, organization and communication in a safe, secure and protected learning environment. Students are trained as active participants in problem resolution and are involved daily in interactive, visual and aural learning. Evolving technology guarantees that the use of the iPad is limitless. The co-curricular program at Vandebilt is designed to develop talents and skills as well as qualities of scholarship, leadership, service and character. Vandebilt offers a variety of co-curricular activities

and encourages maximum student participation. We strive to give ample opportunity to as many students as possible to develop skills that they are unable to show or develop in the classroom and to create in the school a stimulating and attractive environment. Vandebilt’s performing arts facilities include an auditorium and a music wing. Visual arts are enhanced by a kiln room, a dark room and a graphic design studio featuring a Mac computer lab. Easy accessibility to electronic communication puts the world at the fingertips of the Vandebilt student. Vandebilt Catholic High School continues to move forward as a leader in 21st century learning and to prove itself as one of the best college-preparatory schools in Louisiana.

A Tradition of Excellence A Leader in Education


Vandebilt Catholic High School Placement Test Registration

January 19 February 18 – March 1

209 South Hollywood Road Houma, LA 70360 (985) 876-2551

Vandebilt does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, or national origin.

Catholic Schools Week


Holy Savior Catholic School: Raising the bar

oly Savior Catholic School in Lockport has as its mission statement Excellence in Academics plus a God-Loving Environment equals Success. As part of our mission, we are constantly “raising the bar” in an effort to bring our students the highest quality instruction possible. By challenging our students and encouraging them, we see them rise to meet the goals set and succeed in exceptional ways. Beginning in our Nursery 3 and 4 program, we chal52 lenge our students by introducing them to a wide variety of classroom manipulatives to help increase their fine motor skills. We have also increased the number of “Big Books” in an effort to stimulate interest in stories and promote quality discussions regarding learned material. Our lower elementary grades are utilizing Learning Centers and small group instruction incorporating differentiated instructional strategies, high order thinking skills and questioning skills to better prepare their students for annual testing. Our teachers use enrichment packets, Daily Oral Language Activities, and writing activities across the curriculum to engage students and reinforce learned material. In kindergarten through second grade our students do FastForWord four days a week to increase reading skills. In the last two years, HSCS was successful in obtaining Interactive Learning Promethean Boards for all classes in grades one thru eight. Our donors were very supportive in helping to bring this technology to our school and our students are the benefactors of this generous gesture. These boards have been shown to allow teachers and students to be more engaged in the teaching and learning process and the scope of learning material is now infinite. In our middle school math classes, every lesson and skill is brought back to “real life” situations through word problems and quarterly projects. Students use technology to research solutions to assigned problems, and websites such as Teacher Tube and Khan Academy to access videos and re-teach skills that provide additional practice. All pre-tests and post-tests are presented in a standardized test format in an effort to help Bayou Catholic • Houma, LA • January 2013

students become more familiar with the testing process. We will be offering Algebra I for Carnegie credit. Holy Savior Catholic School has a proud history of preparing students for high school and beyond. Our teachers, our parents and our students are committed to a high standard of instruction which is constantly moving higher and higher in an effort to increase learning.

HOLY SAVIOR CATHOLIC SCHOOL 201 Church Street ~ Lockport, Louisiana 70374 Phone: (985) 532-2536 ~ Fax: (985)532-2269

Established in 1879

State Approved Curriculum ~ Grades K-8 State Certified Teachers ~ Grades K-8 Full and Part-Time Structured State Approved Nursery Program Strong Family Orientation Daily Religious Instruction & Weekly School Masses SACS Accredited Academically Orientated Kindergarten Band & Computer Program ~ Grades PK-8 Weekly Library Class Instruction with Certified Librarian Academic Enhancement, DIBELS Program & Tutoring Before & After School Care Program Reasonable Tuition Rates Gym Facilities, Basketball, Volleyball, Softball, Cheerleading Parent/Teacher Activities Committee For more information or to request a tour of our facility, please contact Blaine Degruise, Principal ~ Terri Vedros, Bookkeeper ~ Holy Savior does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national or ethnic origin

Excellence in Academics + a God-Loving Environment = Success

Holy Rosary Catholic School: ‘Raising the Standards’


n today’s world the concept of “Raising the Standards” may easily become confused with comparisons and competitions. “Common Core Standards,” which have been adopted by 46 states, are the latest movement to improve education throughout our nation. Whether it is a federal, state, diocesan or local standard, let us not confuse this with competition amongst one another. All additions to Holy Rosary Catholic Elementary School in Larose, whether they be through academics or improvements on campus, are received as they truly are: ‘Blessing from God.” Through him and with him only, can we truly ‘raise the standards.” If we take these words to heart, our lives and the entire world will change. By living and doing what is right, HRCS continues to tend to the needs of the “whole” child. Our philosophy begins in our Early Childhood program where we offer a “Reggio” inspired curriculum which embraces the sense of belonging, discovery and wonder in a faithfilled environment. HRCS recently added the Shurley English program to our curriculum. This strong grammatically based program integrates grammar and writing through a series of fun exercises. In following the Common Core State Standards, HRCS will be incorporating Singapore Math along with Accelerated Math during the 2013-2014 school year. While academics play a crucial role in the success of our students, our top priority is always our faith. According to Scripture, “The person who is put right with God through faith shall live” (Romans 1: 17). In following this message, HRCS began the “Apostle of the Month” program where each month, a male and female student is acknowledged for living out their faith. Our mission at Holy Rosary Catholic School is to continue to live in faith, in all we do. This is the only standard that truly counts.


Holy Rosary Catholic School

Registration 2013-2014

February 28 thru

March 1, 2013 Christ-Centered Challenging Academics Pre K 3 yrs. - 8th grade

Call 693-3342

Catholic Schools Week

Holy Cross Elementary School: Academic Excellence, Values and Virtues


tudents attending Holy Cross Elementary School in Morgan City are well prepared for the future! Their learning potential is maximized through a technology-rich environment with a 3-to-1 student-to-computer ratio including interactive Promethean Boards and electronic tablets, multi-media projectors and teacher laptops. The interactive student response system, Expressions, encourages students to interact from anywhere in the classroom contributing to lessons and resulting in high impact instruction. Students’ education is further enhanced through 54 E-books and online enrichment activities. Edline delivers grades and homework directly to parents’ home computers encouraging collaboration between parents, students and the classroom teacher. Weekly classes in computer, art and music broaden students’ cultural perspective while at the same time, teaching problem solving, communication, observation and group cooperation. Teachers at Holy Cross Elementary encourage students to expand their horizons, channel their energy, improve their selfesteem and strive to succeed. The Common Core State Standards outline the skills that students in all schools are expected to learn at each grade level, and at Holy Cross, our teachers have begun to prepare for the implementation of the Common Core State Standards by creating innovative and creative techniques that bring opportunities for real-time inquiry. Using methods such as research, conjecture, discussion and presentation, Holy Cross students are encouraged to raise the standard and improve their achievement. The rewarding results – outstanding test scores – place Holy Cross Elementary School students in the top 1/4 of the nation! Values, virtues and faith formation are important components of each child’s education at Holy Cross Elementary School. Evangelization and faith formation are brought to the students through a multitude of religious activities by a devout and faithful faculty that is in-serviced weekly on the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Daily prayer, administering of the sacraments, individual class and all-school Masses, and service to others help to mold students to become caring, Christian adults. Bayou Catholic • Houma, LA • January 2013


The right place for your child!

One of the finest schools in Louisiana! 2100 CEDAR STREET, UNIT 2 l MORGAN CITY, LA 70380 985-384-1933 l Holy Cross Elementary admits students of any race, creed, sex, or national origin.

Maria Immacolata Catholic School: Keeping up with the 21st century learner


aria Immacolata Catholic Elementary School is arguably Houma’s best kept secret. Tucked at the end of Estate Drive, this little school houses roughly 200 students throughout the school day and is accredited through AdvancEd SACS/ CASI. Despite its humble appearance, however, MICS has crafted a formula that works. For years, this school has combined effective educators, rigorous coursework, and high expectations, resulting in generations of talented, lifelong learners. Under the direction of Principal Yvonne Weimer, MICS is committed to maintaining its success. Through multiple technological innovations, including interactive whiteboards, wireless functionality, and a brand new mobile iPad lab, MICS is not only accomplishing rigor and relevance with respect to the newly-formed Common Core State Standards, but is undoubtedly keeping up with the needs of the 21st century learner. Maria Immacolata boasts interactive whiteboards in each of its prekindergarten through seventh grade classrooms. This interactive technology is powered by Mimio products, and works with the teacher’s laptop and projector, creating a completely interactive workspace. Students can then use the provided Mimio stylus, or versatile Mimio writing tablet, to project their handwriting on the whiteboard. Additionally, students have the opportunity to use the MimioVote, a polling system that uses wireless handsets to gather input. This technology can be used to review material, and works as an incredible test taking tool as well. Wireless functionality has also been brought to the MICS campus within the past year. This technology allows mobility for teachers, as laptops and other devices no longer have to be physically attached to an Internet cable. This functionality also enhances the newly purchased iPad lab, which made its debut at Maria Immacolata earlier this year. This mobile lab allows for students to have the added benefit of an individual iPad. Ultimately, students will be using the iPads for enrichment, research and content reinforcement.

Though almost 50 years old, Maria Immacolata Catholic School is certainly keeping up with the times. Through the incorporation of interactive whiteboards, wireless functionality, and a mobile iPad lab, the formula that has always made this school a success is simply getting better. With this in mind, there is no question that Houma’s best kept secret will continue to produce talented, lifelong learners for years to come. 55

Maria Immacolata Catholic School 324 Estate Drive, Houma • 985.876.1631

Come Join Our Family! MICS will be hosting an OPEN HOUSE for New Families on January 24, 2013 at 6:00 p.m. Preschool - 7th grade Strong Emphasis on Academic Excellence Challenging Curriculum with Hands-On Activities Interactive Technology Computer and IPad Labs Optional After-School Care Weekly School Liturgies and Daily Prayers Large Playground Accredited with AdvancEd

Maria Immacolata Catholic School is open to all students and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, nationality or ethnicity.

Catholic Schools Week

St. Bernadette Catholic School: Celebrating 50 years of Unity, Service and Excellence


t St. Bernadette Catholic Elementary School in Houma a variety of progressive programs promote academic excellence, spiritual growth, and service to the community in a disciplined and nurturing Catholic environment. A caring and dedicated faculty and staff work diligently to enhance a dynamic learning environment for students evolving from an understanding of continuous improvement. They seek to make successful learners of the students through academic achievement resulting from high teacher expectations, personalized instruction, discovery learning, cooperative grouping, 56 authentic assessment and the premise that all children can learn. Students are encouraged to take part in school and parish liturgies, and participate in various service activities throughout the year. A specialized program in language arts is offered to students identified with dyslexia. The program allows for both individual and group remediation. St. Bernadette School enhances its curriculum with several daily enrichment classes for all students in grades PreK-4 through seventh including physical education, computer, library, Spanish and music. The music curriculum, which features a piano lab, teaches music appreciation and vocal techniques to provide a quality program for the elementary school. In a continuous quest to raise standards and enhance the curriculum a three-year old program was recently added, the first formal program of its type in the diocese. The program is approved by BESE (Board of Elementary and Secondary Education). St. Bernadette School recently adopted the innovative SRA Imagine It! language arts series for Pre-K through fifth grade. The series combines awardwinning, high quality literature and comprehensive reading and writing instruction that results in not only successful readers and writers, but students who have the capacity and vision to explore new ideas, research answers to their questions, and contribute to learning beyond the classroom. Technology is integrated across the curriculum. Desktop and laptop computers are in every classroom, as well as newly installed SMART Boards which greatly enhance lesson presentations. A video system Bayou Catholic • Houma, LA • January 2013

allows for the school-wide broadcast of the daily news into each classroom. Students both anchor and film the daily news. The curriculum is also enriched with a science lab equipped with microscopes, lab tables and necessary materials for hands-on science learning. St. Bernadette School welcomes all races, creeds, national and ethnic origins. After-school care is available to working parents. Tuition reduction is offered to families who qualify. For more information, call (985) 872-3854.

Celebrating 50 years of Unity, Service and Excellence Open House for New Families January 31, 2013

Registration for New Families begins February 25, 2013

St. Bernadette Catholic School 985-872-3854 309 Funderburk Avenue • Houma, LA 70364 St. Bernadette School does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex or religion

St. Francis de Sales Cathedral School: Tradition of Excellence


stablished in 1870 by Marianite Sisters of Holy Cross, St. Francis de Sales Cathedral School in Houma is the oldest Catholic school in Terrebonne Parish. Being a flagship of sorts brings the responsibility of maintaining the intrinsic values and tradition of excellence begun by our founders. As a parochial Catholic school, our responsibility is to provide each child the opportunity to be accepted into and nurtured by a community of Catholic Christian believers. This common bond of faith provides the feeling of belonging which encourages spiritual growth. It also means our primary focus is on the spiritual formation of our students while advancing their academic endeavors. We hold ourselves to a higher measure and strive to provide the best environment where our students can achieve success. This combination of spirituality and academics is what sets us apart! We recognize the responsibility we have been given by our families who sacrifice to entrust their children to our care. At the same time, we recognize that our families are the primary educators of our students. As such, we have mutual expectations. As a school, we expect our families to be involved and supportive in all we do. Our families, in turn, expect us to provide a home away from home for their children. Providing personal connections and continuity is one of our strengths. Pre-school through seventh grade students experience an orderly and serious academic environment provided by dedicated, caring and professional personnel. The well-rounded curriculum embraces diocesan, state and national standards. To educate the whole child, emphasis is placed on the recognition and enrichment of each student’s self-worth and self-confidence. Students are provided a supportive environment, characterized by understanding, gentleness and sensitivity to the beliefs and feelings of others. They are also provided the tools and knowledge they need to continue their education after St. Francis. St. Francis students participate in physical education, library and technology literacy classes weekly. In addition, several programs are available for students with special educational needs. All students are encouraged to participate in community activities involving service to others. At St. Francis we feel we are preparing our students to become life-long learners of their faith, their community and the world.


St. Francis de Sales Cathedral School A Tradition of Excellence




February 25, 2013 Parishioners registered in St. Francis Parish Only

February 26, 2013 Families registered in other Catholic Church Parishes

February 27, 2013 Non-Catholic Families

300 Verret Street ● Houma, LA 70360 Phone 868-6646 ● Fax 851-5896 ● St. Francis de Sales Cathedral School is open to all students and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national, or ethnic origin.

Catholic Schools Week

St. Genevieve Catholic School: Nurturing students


t. Genevieve Catholic School in Thibodaux (PreK–7) exists to further the teaching mission of the Roman Catholic Church and to provide a quality Catholic education for families in our area. We seek to know Christ in our daily school experiences and honor him in each individual. We strive to nurture the child in all developmental areas – spiritually, intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally. 58 We believe that the recognition of and respect for the student as an individual is crucial to his or her success. It is important that the learning structures be suited to the student. If these structures provide the student with opportunities for personal growth, that success becomes the motivation to seek broader, more difficult goals. We strive to help each student learn the basic skills needed to become an independent learner. The students must become their best resource for solving problems that they may encounter. At St. Genevieve School we strive to keep abreast of current teaching methods and new technology. We have added Smart Boards in grades first through seventh and expect to have them in every classroom before the end of this year. Our teachers have iPads for classroom use and are given many opportunities for professional growth though workshop and seminar attendance. Our students are enjoying a state of the art playground that was totally renovated. It includes a solid rubber surfacing under all of the new equipment and a pergola that serves as an outdoor classroom. Important to our mission is to instill in our students a sense of service to others. Our “Patriots” participate in several projects annually which include efforts to help nonprofit organizations such as Hope for Animals, Crossroads Pregnancy Resource Center, and Missionary Childhood Association. They also visit and make holiday cards for the elderly and send cards to men and women in the military. So many of the older traditions at St. Genevieve Catholic School promote our faith including Advent Wreath Lighting, the Epiphany Mass, and student responsibility for the ministries at our weekly school Bayou Catholic • Houma, LA • January 2013

Masses. We continuously look for opportunities for faith formation and have recently added reciting the Divine Mercy Chaplet school-wide, and using the Come, Lord Jesus! program for a deeper understanding of Scripture. We believe in ourselves and in our community. We want to be all that we can be. We are thankful for and grateful to all those who will help us on our journey, most especially, our Lord.

ST. GENEVIEVE CATHOLIC SCHOOL 2013-2014 Registration February 25 - March 1 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Before-Bell Program (7:00-8:00 a.m.) After-Bell Program (3:35-5:30 p.m.) “My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there.” - Charles F. Kettering Ponder a moment that quote from an elementary student’s point of view. How seriously we must take our role in their future! We are here to touch that future, dramatically. We hope that you see our school as an investment in the future.

807 Barbier Avenue • Thibodaux, LA

(985) 447-9291

St. Genevieve School invites and encourages members of all races, nationalities, and faiths that support our values and traditions to apply.

St. Gregory Barbarigo Catholic School: Celebrating 50 years of academic excellence and Catholic values




2013-2014 Registration for current students: Feb. 4-8, 2013 New student Registration: Feb. 25-March 8, 2013 Daily Religious Instruction and Weekly School Masses Positive, Nurturing, Family Environment Accredited by AdvancED Montessori Early Childhood Classes State-of-the-Art Computer Lab/Weekly Instruction Active Parent/Grandparent-Teacher Organization Large, fenced-in Playground Commitment to Academic Excellence Active, Award-Winning 4-H and Jr. Beta Clubs Live Passion Play Smart Boards in Grades 1-7 Before and After School Care Programs/Homework Assistance Vandebilt Elementary Band Program Grades 5, 6, & 7 Title I Reading and Math Lab Speech and Language Therapy Physical Education and Music Programs Weekly Library Instruction/Accelerated Reader Program


t. Gregory Barbarigo Catholic School in Houma is much in tune with the National Catholic Educational Association’s theme this year for Catholic Schools Week, “Catholic Schools – Raise the Standards.” It has a rigorous curriculum that provides a learning environment in which research-based methodologies are employed to meet the varied learning styles of the students and to challenge them to reach their individual potential. The students are challenged to succeed in a safe, family oriented learning environment. The technology program includes a new state-ofthe-art computer lab, weekly computer classes, Smart Boards in every classroom, a library with an electronic card catalog system and a web-based Accelerated Reader program. Through the use of technology, student learning is enhanced in many ways because of the differentiated learning opportunities available across the curriculum. Plans are being developed and funding sources explored to equip the faculty, and eventually the students, with iPads. The physical education program this year is much more intense, with regular classes twice a week, and participation in the Presidential Youth Fitness Program. This program focuses on making students healthy and active for life. Early Childhood classes, enrolling three, four, and five year olds, use the Montessori Method of instruction. The Montessori classroom provides an environment which nurtures a sense of order and self-discipline. Students play a big role in their own development through purposeful movement, exploration and discovery of their environment. They are given the freedom to develop physically, intellectually and spiritually. This approach sets high standards for individualizing learning for the students in their early years, providing a very strong foundation for future learning. St. Gregory raises the bar each year in an effort to be better than the previous one. The principal and teachers will be trained this year in the implementation of the Common Core State Standards, which focus on core conceptual understandings and procedures starting in the early grades, thus enabling teachers to take the time needed to teach them well and to give students the opportunity to master them. The goal is to ensure that each year students make progress and graduate from high school prepared to succeed in college and the modern workforce. At St. Gregory Barbarigo Catholic School each child is seen as a gift and accepted whole-heartedly because children are truly gifts from God.

441 Sixth Street • Houma, LA 70364 • 985-876-2038 Email: • St. Gregory Barbarigo Catholic School does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, or national origin.

Catholic Schools Week

St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School:

50 years of quality education


t. Joseph Catholic Elementary School is proudly celebrating 50 years (1962-2012) of providing Thibodaux and the surrounding communities with quality Catholic education. With its theme, “We’re on God’s Team,” St. Joseph Catholic Elementary is staying true to its mission by encouraging service to others while providing a safe, Catholic, Christ-centered educational environment. With Jesus as a role model, St. Joseph’s goal is to develop self-discipline in its students by providing a values-oriented curriculum which fosters total growth and preparation for the future. The school offers many extracurricular activities including a sixth and seventh grade boy’s and girl’s cross country team where runners have excelled, winning individual and team honors. St. Joseph also fields boys’ and girls’ basketball teams supported by spirit from the cheerleading squad. The swim team 60 continues to excel, garnering both individual and team awards – at the end of October, the combined girls’/ boys’ team were first place winners at the Metro New Orleans Middle School League Championship Meet held at the University of New Orleans pool. Other activities for students include band, choir, art, 4-H, student council, yearbook club, Caritas, chess club, and math Olympiad team. Angel choirs made up of kindergarten/first graders and second/third graders perform annual winter and spring concerts. The incorporation of technology in instruction is a very high priority at St. Joseph. Recently a school wide wireless network system was installed; teachers have their own laptop computers; and all kindergarten through seventh grade classrooms have been equipped with Promethean Boards and individual learner response systems (ActiVotes & ActivExpressions) which provide state of the art exciting, interactive teaching and learning opportunities. The school is currently exploring the possibilities of implementing a one-to-one iPad program and iPad lab. All schools in the diocese are beginning a comprehensive process to align curricular offerings and teaching strategies to the new Common Core State Standards. Through this process we seek to better equip students with not only the knowledge, but critical thinking, application and communication skills so vital to the 21st century workforce. The church and school remain committed to upgrading and maintaining the school plant and facilities, enabling the school to provide its students with outstanding educational opportunities in an excellent learning environment. Bayou Catholic • Houma, LA • January 2013


Catholic Education Rooted in Faith

Continuing the Tradition of Providing a Quality Catholic Education since 1855

A Values-Oriented Curriculum Fostering Individual Growth Spiritually, Morally & Socially • Nationally Accredited by AdvancEd • Committed to Academic Rigor and Technology Integration • Dedicated, caring, certified Faculty & Staff • State of the Art Library, Computer Lab & Promethean Classrooms • Standardized Testing Program • Full-Day Pre-K for Four-Year-Olds • Daily Prayer & Weekly School Liturgies • Variety of Student Clubs & Activities • Attention to Special Academic Needs • Optional Before & After School Care

St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School 501 Cardinal Drive • Thibodaux, LA 70301 (985) 446-1346 • FAX (985) 449-0760 • St. Joseph C.E.S. does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, religion, national, or ethnic origin and is open to students who share our values and traditions.

St. Mary’s Nativity School: Preparing students for life


t. Mary’s Nativity School in Raceland “raises the standard” as its educators offer a Catholic education within a Christ-centered environment. St. Mary’s prepares students for a Christian life, and provides a strong spiritual foundation, a solid academic program aligned with college and work expectations, extracurricular activities, and a call of service to others. With the spiritual leadership of our pastor, Father Mike Tran, St. Mary’s Nativity School family “raises the standard” by participating in weekly liturgies, prayer services, religious instruction, the Come, Lord Jesus! program, and service activities. Administration, teachers, paras and staff are witnesses to living the way of Jesus. Our school provides a curriculum that supports, challenges, and prepares our students to be followers of Jesus and to succeed in life. Programs such as Come, Lord Jesus!, Accelerated Reader, Everyday Math Counts, DIBELS, FastForWord, Computer Writing, and Mimio Technology are used throughout the school. Small group tutoring, Title I, enrichment, reinforcement, computer lab and automated library help to meet the spectrum of our students’ needs. Extracurricular activities include choir, band, 4-H club, drama club, Beta club, Caritas club, Quiz Bowl Team, St. Mary’s Bayou Tigers basketball and softball teams and Tigers cheerleading squad. These encourage social growth and build self-esteem and leadership qualities. Our parents, grandparents and volunteers give generously to our school through their involvement in our PTC and grandparents’ club and in support of the Annual Fund. Before and after school care programs are available for working parents. Our school family gathers for our annual Christmas Pageant, Family Day, Pet Mass and Blessing, Grandparents’ Day, Christmas under St. Mary’s Oaks, and the annual Krewe of Kiddies Parade. Our call to service is valued as a worthwhile contribution to our community as students help others by putting their faith into action through service activities such as visiting the Louis Infant Crisis Center and Raceland Manor Nursing Home, Hope for

Animals, and conducting food and clothing drives. St. Mary’s Nativity School is committed to integrating the religious principles of the Roman Catholic Church while offering an excellent academic education in a nurturing, disciplined environment that fosters Christian values. It seeks to be a vital part of the total parish and to ensure that the gift of the Catholic faith is passed on to future generations, “raising the standards” for the future.

St. Mary’s Nativity School “Believe in Christ, Succeed with Christ and Achieve with Christ”


2013 - 2014 In House Registration Feb. 4 - 8, 2013 New Student Registration Feb. 25 March 1, 2013

St. Mary’s school is open to all students and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion or ethnic origin.

3492 Nies Street • Raceland, Louisiana 70394


Young Voices

What do you value most about attending a Catholic School? At Catholic schools, we not only learn the very important subjects of math, science, English, etc., but we also learn about Christ, and we can model ourselves to be like Christ. We are able to learn about the most important aspect of our lives: God. Alyssa Cruse, 12th grade E.D. White Catholic High School, Thibodaux

What I value most about attending a Catholic school is being able to express how I feel about God freely. The students, staff and volunteers are extraordinary and come together and pray as a family. It is heart-warming to have a second family that I can count on. Katelyn Mitchell, eighth grade St. Mary’s Nativity Elementary School, Raceland


The thing I value most about attending a Catholic school is my parents. They pay for me to attend a terrific school. Another valued thing about attending a Catholic school is to be with “God loving” classmates, teachers and faculty members. Thomas Pate, fourth grade St. Genevieve Elementary School, Thibodaux I have been attending Catholic school since I was five years old. I enjoy school and the entire learning process. I attribute my joy of learning to my experience in the Catholic school system over the last seven years. I value my friends, my teachers, and my personal relationship with God. I value the sense of community and family at Maria Immacolata. Catholic school has allowed me to grow as a student, as a person, and as a Christian. Without my Catholic school experience, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Luke Rhodes, sixth grade Maria Immacolata Elementary School, Houma I am given the freedom to pray and speak about Christ openly and even encouraged to do so at a Catholic school. Because my very being is centered around and dependent upon Jesus, to be denied the right to acknowledge him would be the denial of my very existence. Likewise, I have the daily opportunity to receive him physically and spiritually in the Mass. There is no substitute or comparison. Kaffey Vinci, 10th grade Vandebilt Catholic High School, Houma Bayou Catholic • Houma, LA • January 2013

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Catholic Schools

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January 2013 Bayou Catholic Issue - Catholic Schools  
January 2013 Bayou Catholic Issue - Catholic Schools  

January 2013 Bayou Catholic Issue - Catholic Schools