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Henderson Homecoming

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Heart WITH A

With a record 855 first-time freshmen at Henderson State University this fall, a record 559 graduate students, 65 percent first-year retention and an overall 7 percent growth in the student body resulting in the highest enrollment in four years, it’s clear that students and their families are falling in love with the School with a Heart. While students today have new challenges and opportunities as they make their journey toward a college degree, many alumni will find that the drive and passion that Henderson students exhibit today is the same as they had whether it was five years or five decades ago.


Amarria HARPER AMARRIA HARPER likes being like her mom, Lillian Harper, so she decided to follow in her footsteps and attend Henderson. “One night, we were sitting at the dinner table and my sister came in with the mail. I saw something that had Henderson on it, so I opened it and saw ‘Congratulations.’ I was so excited that I accepted immediately because I knew that coming here would allow me to continue pursuing my dream,” she said.

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Amarria is studying criminal justice at Henderson because she dreams of becoming a police officer and eventually would like to work for the FBI. “When I was six, my grandmother was killed. I want to get inside the minds of criminals like the person who took my grandmother’s life,” she said. “I also want to understand the justice system better. Right now, with the tension between the African American community and

law enforcement, I think I can help bridge that gap and bring better understanding between the two sides.” Even in her first semester, Amarria is already taking a course in her major field. “I’m taking criminology and it’s interesting because we are running theories and beginning to understand why criminals act the way they do and what causes a person to become a criminal,” she said. Amarria doesn’t want to name a favorite professor, but acknowledges that one in particular keeps her motivated to learn. “Dr. Benjamin teaches biology lab. She is really open and energized in class,” she said. “It’s good because she’s happy so I’m happy and I feel like that makes it a good class.” Amarria lives on campus in University Place with her roommate Cicley Young. She enjoys living on campus and getting to experience events like the street dance during welcome week, hearing the Phi Lambda heartbeat during Homecoming, and she’s excited to experience Battle of the Ravine for the first time. In the evenings, Amarria works on campus for the food service provider Sodexo, serving as a cashier and server during dinner in the cafeteria. “It’s fun because I am learning new faces every day and I enjoy interacting with the students,” she said. “I know a lot of people now and I’m not shy anymore.”



CODY LITES credits his parents, Chad and Tammy Lites, with influencing his decision to attend Henderson. “Both of my parents are alums,” he said. “The fact that they attended here made it a little more special. They told me stories of how wonderful the school is and brought me to football games when I was little. It felt like a second home.” He also liked the proximity of campus to his home in DeQueen. “It was far enough away from home, but close enough that I can go home if I want to,” he said. “It gave me the best of both worlds.” Cody comes from a family of teachers. His mom is a math teacher and gave Cody a love of numbers and math. “We didn’t have accounting classes at DeQueen, but when I got here and took some classes, I loved accounting,” he said. “Numbers are my strong point.” Cody is already a year ahead in his classes, currently taking junior level courses. “The best thing is the professors,” he said. Accounting professor Andy Almand is his favorite. “He’s upbeat in the classroom. He’s a great teacher and down-to-earth.

Professor Almand wants to make sure we understand and he’s been really helpful with that.” Cody has made it a point to become involved on campus. This year he is pledging Kappa Sigma fraternity and serving as the coffeehouse chair for the Student Activities Board. “My high school friend, Jeffrey Davis, encouraged me to give the fraternity a try. He’s president of Kappa Sigma. I really feel like I’ve gained a bunch of brothers,” he said. As a musician who sings and plays acoustic guitar, Cody enjoys being involved with anything related to music. This made serving as coffeehouse chair for SAB the perfect fit. “We’re giving performers a venue to perform and offering students something to do on campus,” he said. After he earns his bachelor’s degree, Cody plans to earn his Master of Business Administration degree from Henderson. “I would love to work for one of the big companies in Northwest Arkansas, like Walmart, J.B. Hunt or Tyson. I believe Henderson has prepared me to reach my goals.”


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JUNIOR NURSING CL ARENDON, ARK. TORI BOWEN is a small-town girl at heart who is passionate about taking care of others. Growing up in Clarendon, Tori dreamed of going out of state for college, but decided to

stay a little closer to home and began exploring her options in Arkansas. With encouragement from her high school counselor, Anna Woodell, who is a Henderson alumna and her cousin Rachel Grabert, who was attending Henderson at the time, she decided to make a visit to the school. “This town is small like my hometown and the campus is small, which makes me feel comfortable. Henderson gave me the feeling of being home without being home,” she said. “I like the class sizes at Henderson because I can get to know my professors and have one-on-one conversations with them, and that’s how I learn best.” Tori’s life experiences played a role in her decision to pursue nursing. “My grandfather got real sick when I was in high school and I would see how

Nathan PRICE NATHAN PRICE is a high achiever who believes Henderson has prepared him to take the next step in the journey toward his dreams. “The summer before I came to school, I wasn’t sure how I was going to pay for it all, but I have been fortunate to receive scholarships to help me financially,” he said. “I’m proud that I have not had to take out a loan and hope to get through grad school without loans as well.” A double major in business management and psychology, this senior has had a lot on his plate. “I started as a psych major and had so many hours coming into college that I could finish early, but I didn’t want to do that, so I decided to double major,” he said. “After I finish my degree this year, I’ll be going to graduate school to get my master’s degree and doctorate

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SENIOR B U S I N E S S M A N AG E M E N T & P S YC H O L O G Y M AG N O L I A , A R K . in industrial organizational psychology.” Nathan’s goal is to work in the human resources field starting out and is interested in helping businesses create motivational programs to help their employees avoid burnout. Eventually, he hopes to have his own firm. In addition to classes, Nathan is a McNair Scholar. This program

the nurses took care of him,” she said. “Then two years ago my brother got sick with cancer and I’ve gotten to see how big of an impact nurses can have on a patient. I want to be the kind of nurse that families like mine have needed in tough times.” Tori is involved on campus with the Student Nurses Association and Heart & Key. “I really like traditions, because I feel like that’s the heart of Henderson. I’m proud to be a part of Heart & Key, which is the coolest organization on campus because we’re keeping the traditions of Henderson alive,” she said. When Tori graduates next year, she plans to become a nurse in a family clinic. “I’d rather work in a small family clinic rather than a hospital,” she said. Eventually she hopes to become a nurse practitioner.

assists low-income, first generation college students and those from underrepresented groups in preparing for graduate education. He applied and was accepted into the program a year ago. He selected a research topic over the summer and is working on his paper this fall. In the spring, he will present his research. Nathan is also a member of Gamma Beta Phi, Angelic Voices of Christ and Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity. “I have many irons in the fire,” he said. His first few years, Nathan participated in the Showband of Arkansas playing percussion. “I loved band,” he said. “It’s a whole community by itself – it’s a family. Even though it was a whole lot of work, it brought me so much joy and was worth every minute.” Nathan said graduation in the spring will be bittersweet as he walks in not just one, but both commencement ceremonies. “Since I earned two degrees, I have decided to walk twice,” he said. “I’m going to miss this campus, but I know that I’ll be leaving here prepared for the next step in my journey.”


Lea Ann Alexander DIR E C T OR OF HUIE L IBR A R Y

Q& A Libraries are: Author Neil Gaiman, a lifelong fan of libraries, said, “Libraries are about freedom. Freedom to read, freedom of ideas, freedom of communication. They are about education (which is not a process that finishes the day we leave school or university), about entertainment, about making safe spaces, and about access to information.” He also said, “Libraries are our friends.” I agree with Mr. Gaiman. Years ago, I assisted a visibly nervous student to find a reference book. When I asked if he was perhaps late for class, he exclaimed, “I hate libraries and librarians scare me!” Taken aback, I said, “Do I scare you?” He said, “Well, no, not you.” I told him that the rest of the librarians were just like me, and it was true. It is, always, about service. Over the last 30 years, the kinds and numbers of services offered by Huie Library have transformed radically, but the level of service itself has been consistently high. I am proud of my profession and am honored to have served as a librarian at Huie Library for three decades. I love my library. If I could spend the day with anyone, it would be: My daughter and grandson, who live in Newcastle-uponTyne. We would: …drink tea, eat biscuits, run away from the occasional Allosaurus, stroll through a castle, pick up shells on a North Sea beach, and track the progress of charming English snails across the back garden. We’d end the day with more tea, followed by books and snuggles. When I retire: I hope to move to England even if only for half of each year. I love the Beatles because: In early 1964, I heard my first Beatles song, “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” on a little turquoise and blue transistor radio I had won in a gas station giveaway. The music, broadcast from two states away, was staticky but it was perfect, and it primed me for the first appearance of the Beatles on “The Ed Sullivan Show.” At not-quite-12,

I was certain that Paul sang “All My Loving” directly to me and, along with millions of other girls, I fell in love. He has always been my Beatle, although I love them all. Their music not only informed my growing up, it sparked a lifelong interest in many genres of music. I’ve only seen Paul in concert four times, once from third row center. While staring at his hands to figure out the chords of the middle eight of “Things We Said Today,” Paul leaned over, made eye contact, and mouthed “C. F. B-flat.” I mouthed a heart-felt “Thank you!” back to him. Does that count as a conversation? My favorite book passage is: “A purpose of human life … is to love whoever is around to be loved.” — Kurt Vonnegut, Sirens of Titan My husband says I: I asked David to answer this. He said more but I like this part best: “Lea Ann always tries to save small animals in need and, although she is an arachnophobe, she asks me to take spiders outside rather than kill them.” When I’m not at work in the library, you’ll probably find me: Photographing whatever is in front of me, whether it be mushrooms, dilapidated buildings, shadows, or the first honeybee of each spring. (My social media photos are much more exciting during visits to England!) Settled in my comfy chair crocheting or reading. Continuing a nearly unbroken 26-year string of weekend movie nights with close friends. Facetiming with my daughter and grandson.


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Alumni and friends of Henderson celebrated Homecoming October 15-20 with a wide variety of events leading up to the football game versus Southeastern Oklahoma. The bonfire returned triumphantly after a few years of burn bans doused the tradition, and the Reddies scored a 21-20 victory off the foot of freshman kicker Temo Martinez.

 BAN Q U E T Barbara Robinson-Banks, Annie Stapleton and Valerie Dewese enjoy the annual Alumni Banquet sponsored by the Black Alumni Chapter during Homecoming weekend.

BLO CK PAR T Y Phil Foster, Don and Terri Kennedy, Jenna Scott, Larry Cain and Kenny and Melissa Gober celebrate at the Homecoming Block Party featuring the Diamond Empire Band.

CO U R T Hope Smith (center), a senior health and human performance major from Camden, was crowned 2018 Henderson State University Homecoming Queen. Keanna Peck (right), a senior political science major from Hot Springs, was first runner-up. Second runner-up was Keira Bates (left), a junior aviation major from Little Rock.

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PE P R ALLY Reddies gather for the Homecoming bonfire and pep rally.

D R U M B E AT Phi Lambda Chi continues the Heartbeat of Henderson tradition from the bonfire to kick-off of the Homecoming game.

R EG AT TA Students competed in the inaugural Cardboard Regatta during Homecoming week.

G O LD E N R E D D I ES Class of 1968 Golden Reddies

LI G HTI N G Bobby Jones lights the Homecoming bonfire.


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2018 DISTINGUISHED Bruce Stacy Aubrey Bruce Stacy was honored as a Distinguished Alumnus of Henderson in February. Born and raised in Malvern, Stacy graduated in 1966 with a bachelor of arts degree in sociology and history. He earned an M.B.A. at Georgia State University and a M.M.A.S. in strategy at the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College. He is also an Army master parachutist with 78 jumps. Stacy served more than 20 years in the U.S. Army, retiring as a lieutenant colonel. His assignments include two combat infantry tours in Vietnam, two mechanized infantry tours at Fort Hood, Texas, and two tours as a paratroop officer and jumpmaster at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. He commanded two rifle companies and was operations officer for three battalions and two brigades. After two years as executive officer of the largest NATO combat brigade in Germany, his final assignment was as chairman and professor of military science at Texas Christian University. Stacy retired in 2014 after 25 years in financial services.

Q& A What attracted you to Henderson? My mom went to college part-time and received her BSE in 1957. She received her MSE in the same ceremony I received my BA degree. I returned to Henderson in 1975 (after receiving my MBA at Georgia State) as an Army ROTC instructor (also taught Business Management night course). My wife, Carolyn, got her MSE in English from Henderson in 1976 and my daughter Julia went to the faculty kindergarten. What did/do you love most about Henderson? Great social atmosphere Your favorite memory of Henderson?

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Doing impromptu speeches in public speaking course with Mr. Baxter Most influential faculty/ staff member at Henderson (and why)? Major Jim Callahan in Military Science who inspired me to serve as an Army officer What career did you choose? Army Paratroop Officer What attracted you to that career? Challenge of leading soldiers under fire to accomplish difficult missions around the world What accomplishment are you most proud of? Overcoming my fears of

public speaking, heights and higher math to excel in those areas

What talent do you wish you had? Carry a tune

What advice would you give to Henderson alumni and future students? Follow your passion and never, ever quit.

Favorite food? Seafood

Who is a person, past or present, that you admire most (and why)? Teddy Roosevelt/ overcoming adversity What’s something others would be surprised to know about you? I went to both Canadian and German jump schools and qualified for their parachute wings with five jumps each.

Where are some unusual places you’ve been? Dove hunting in Argentina, black bear hunting on Vancouver Island, tasting rum and cigars in Havana Cuba, and visiting D-Day battlefields as a guest of the French How would you describe yourself? I enjoy making a difference in people’s lives. What is something you always wanted to try, but never did? No regrets, I did it all.


ALUMNI Paul Hankins Affectionately known as “Mr. Reddie,” Paul Hankins was born in a home that would now sit on Henderson’s main campus. After serving in Vietnam, he returned to Henderson and earned a bachelor of science in education degree in 1972 as well as a master’s degree in social agency counseling in 1974. Upon graduation, the university hired Hankins to serve on the faculty as a counselor instructor. In 1978, he began a role as associate dean of students, a position which allowed him to serve directly with campus student organizations. He would go on to serve as dean of students and vice president of student services. As a testament to his impact, a scholarship was established in his honor. More than 110 people collectively gave more than $25,000 to the Paul E. Hankins Leadership Scholarship Endowment. Hankins was inducted into the Reddie Hall of Honor in 2017, receiving the Distinguished Service Award for his dedication to Henderson. In February 2018, Hankins joined the list of Henderson’s Distinguished Alumni.

Q& A What attracted you to Henderson? I came home from Vietnam, and my parents lived in Arkadelphia. What did/do you love most about Henderson? It’s a small school with friendly faculty, staff and students. Your favorite memory of Henderson? The week of Homecoming, the bonfire, and Swamp Stomp Most influential faculty/staff member at Henderson? Dr. Bill Inman, Kathy Muse, and Bobby Jones What career did you choose? My career chose me. I had

accepted a job as director of ministers at St. James United Methodist Church in Little Rock but was offered the Henderson faculty position and took it. What accomplishment are you most proud of? Seeing so many of my “kids” or students fall in love with Henderson and relish the Reddie Spirit. What advice would you give to Henderson alumni and future students? Come home. Don’t abandon your alma mater. Give back with your time, your presence, and your gifts. Tell the Reddie story and live the Reddie Spirit. Who is a person, past or present, that you

admire most (and why)? I met Dr. Charles Dunn in 1950-51 in Magnolia. I appreciate his academic achievements and was proud for his being named our president. But I grew to admire his naturalness with our students. He had an uncanny ability with names and absolutely forgot no one. His tenure as president influenced and endeared Henderson to many, many students who to this day express their love for President Dunn. What talent do you wish you had? I wish my mother and father had made me stay with piano lessons. I believe everyone should be able to play the piano. Where are some unusual

places you’ve been? Thailand, Switzerland, France, Germany, Amsterdam, Belgium, and Lichtenstein How would you describe yourself? Dedicated to the end goal. I will finish. If you could meet anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be? Carl Rogers, John F. Kennedy, Journey, and Def Leppard You’re happiest when? I’m with those who love and care for me. Favorite quote “One could do worse than be a swinger of birches.”–Robert Frost


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REDDIES GATHER FOR DALLAS-FORT WORTH RECEPTION Henderson State’s Alumni Association hosted a reception for alumni and friends in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in October. More than 50 alumni and 20 School of Business students, who were networking in the area during fall break, attended the reception at Cool River Cafe in Irving. Several alumni and friends provided

support for the event by serving as hosts and hostesses including: Phil (‘84) and Wendy Foster, Nathan (‘05) and Anna (‘09) Goodnight, Tene’ Green Hutchins (‘01) and Tavare Hutchins, Paul Hankins (‘74), Larry Jefferson (‘88), Boots Nowlin, and Bruce (‘66) and Carolyn (‘76) Stacy.

Hosts and hostesses

Tene’ Green Hutchins and Tavare Hutchins

HENDERSON FOUNDATION AWARDS NEARLY $300,000 IN STUDENT SCHOLARSHIPS Thanks to your gifts to the Henderson State University Foundation, 290 students have received scholarships and were honored at the Foundation Scholarship Reception on September 27. Nearly $300,000 in scholarships was awarded, which would not be possible without generous support from alumni and friends like you.

Recipients of mathematics and computer science scholarships with benefactors Dr. Duane Jackson, Dr. William Durand and Dr. Jimmie Harper

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Please consider a tax-deductible gift to the General Academic Scholarship Endowment to support student scholarships. Visit HSU.EDU/GIVE for more information.

Mr. Fred Smith and Mrs. Patricia Reynolds, family representatives for the Malachi Smith Scholarship, with their recipient, freshman Jasmine Bland of Mabelvale


NOMINATE ALUMNI BOARD MEMBERS BY JANUARY 31 Henderson State University is announcing the reconstitution and restructuring of the Henderson State University Alumni Association’s (HSUAA) Board of Directors. The HSUAA’s new Board of Directors will commence with 15 board members providing representation of alumni on a geographical basis as well as from the university’s colleges/schools and officially affiliated HSUAA chapters. Geographically based positions will be filled through an election process.

Nominations for all board positions will be accepted through January 31, 2019. Nominations for the Board will be accepted through the completion of a nomination form, which can be found at HSU.EDU/ALUMNI/ BOARD/INTEREST.HTML. A nomination form also can be requested by contacting Leah Sexton, Director of Alumni Engagement, at (870) 230-5352.

BOUSE, SEXTON JOIN UNIVERSITY ADVANCEMENT TEAM Dr. Gary Bouse has joined Henderson State University as associate vice president of development and alumni. Bouse previously served as chief development officer at Delta State University in Cleveland, Mississippi. He earned his Ed.D. in Higher Education Administration from Indiana University in 2001. Bouse’s development experience spans more than 25 years and includes leading universities through the planning and implementation of comprehensive fundraising campaigns, creating prospect management systems and developing a comprehensive annual giving program. “Gary’s vast knowledge and experience with both fundraising and alumni relations will make him a strong asset to Henderson and the Henderson Foundation,” said Jennifer Boyett, vice president for university advancement. Leah Sexton (HSU ‘06, ‘14) became director of alumni engagement at Henderson State University in June. She previously worked in academic advising, where she served as a professional advisor for three years, and as guest services coordinator for admissions tours and events. Sexton is the executive director of the Miss Henderson State University and Miss Henderson State University Outstanding Teen pageants. She also is a former Miss HSU. She has served as the on-campus advisor for Alpha Xi Delta sorority since 2013 and is also a former member of the HSU Alumni Association Board. Sexton is currently vice president for Staff Senate. Sexton is married to fellow alumnus, Clay Sexton, and the couple has a young daughter, Brooklyn.

HENDERSON STATE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION FOUNDERS COMMITTEE Earlier this fall, Henderson State President Glen Jones announced the creation of the Henderson State University Alumni Association Founders Committee. The Founders Committee, comprised of 11 alumni representing the geographical, academic and professional diversity of the university’s alumni base, met on September 22, to provide their perspectives on the reconstitution of the HSUAA’s Board of Directors and to share their views on how the university and alumni association can improve engagement with Henderson State’s alumni. Members of the committee included Anita Cabe, Susan Calico, Chris Campbell, Sally Carder, Jimmy Chaffin, Greg

Clark, Steve Eddington, Dallas Hardison, Misty Harris, Lloyd Jackson and John Prince. The meeting of the Founders Committee was led by Gary Bouse, Associate Vice President for Development and Alumni, and Leah Sexton, Director of Alumni Engagement.


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Henderson expands online graduate programs in nursing, education

Bootcamp gives Master of Business Administration program a boost

Henderson State University began offering two new online graduate degrees in nursing this fall and is in the process of receiving approval for its first two doctoral degrees. Nearly 30 students enrolled in two new degree programs for nursing—the Master of Science in Nursing Administration and the Family Nurse Practitioner program. The Nursing Administration program prepares nurses as advanced practice registered nurses, and the family nurse practitioner program prepares nurses to be primary care providers. Participants also can earn a post-graduate nurse educator certificate.

Henderson State University’s School of Business has significantly changed the pre-requisite structure for its more than 30-year-old Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. MBA Bootcamp replaces all prerequisite courses so that a person without a business degree can begin the program quickly, and a student with undergraduate preparation in business can resume classes easily. The Bootcamp is a two-credit-hour course with online modules in accounting, finance, economics, analytics, marketing and management. Participants also meet for an intensive weekend of lectures, case study and team building exercises. Bootcamp is offered at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. The Master of Business Administration degree can be completed online, at the main campus in Arkadelphia or at the Landmark Building in Hot Springs.

Additionally, a Doctor of Education in Instructional Leadership will be offered through Teachers College. This degree will be offered online and is an extension of two educational specialist degrees already in place. Graduates from both specialist degrees, curriculum leadership and district level leadership, are candidates for the doctoral program. Individuals completing the educational specialist degree will already have 30 of the 64 hours required for the doctoral program. The doctoral degrees in nursing and education are in final stages of approval.

Visit HSU.EDU/NURSING for information about the Master of Science in Nursing degrees and HSU’s online RN to BSN program. Visit HSU.EDU/EDLEADERSHIP for information about the Educational Specialist degrees.

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For information, please visit HSU.EDU/MBA.


BIRTHS Jordan (‘18) and Christina Argo, son, Ephraim, October 27, 2018 Brett and Pasha Ausley (‘10), son, Beckett, August 8, 2018 Brad (‘08) and Brittany (‘06, ‘08) Godwin, daughter, Kynslee, August 16, 2017 Marquis (‘12) and Katrina (‘08, ‘09) Harvey, daughter, Kennedy, July 23, 2017 Tyler and Laura Hensley (‘10), twin sons, Porter and Jack, October 23, 2018 Jeremy and Hayley (‘10) Hughes, daughter, Catherine, August 23, 2018 Calvin (‘09) and Erica Johnson, daughter, Zora, October 13, 2018 Jason (‘07) and Courtney (‘07) Johnston, son, Jameson, July 9, 2018 Kyle (‘12) and Kay (‘10) Kinard, son, Grady, October 2, 2018 Wan (‘12) and Willica (‘04, ‘07) Morgan, daughter, Charity, September 23, 2018 Justin and Alicia (‘04) Ledbetter, daughter, Emma, May 2, 2018 James (‘11) and Kristy Saul, son, Owen, March 21, 2018 Clay (‘09) and Leah (‘06, ‘14) Sexton, daughter, Brooklyn, June 30, 2017 David (‘13) and Kirsten (‘15) Sims, son, Deaton, September 24, 2017 Roy and Ashley Wesley (‘06, ‘08) twin sons, Connor and Chandler, February 15, 2018

ADOPTIONS Ricki Rebollar (‘14, ‘17) announced the adoption of his son, Timothy, on March 5, 2018.

WEDDINGS Rusty Beck married Brooke Gregory (‘99, ‘00) on March 24, 2018. Timothy (‘17) and Katie (‘18) Yates were married on June 16, 2018.

CLASS NOTES Gwen Adams (‘76) received the State Leadership Award from National Association of Federal Education Program Administrators in February 2018. Jennifer Allen (‘92) was promoted to General Manager of Hot Springs Village Voice.

Austin Hollis (‘17) married Emily Timms on July 14, 2018.

Jordan Anthony (‘08) was promoted to Vice President of Commercial Lending for Southern Bancorp in July 2018.

Heather James (‘17) married Brianna Moix (‘17) on September 22, 2018.

Karen Ard (‘95) was named the Texas Region 7 Secondary Teacher of the Year in August 2018.

Neil Sox Johnson (‘55) married Frances Nobels Brumlow on September 29, 2018.

Davy Ashcraft (‘04) was named the Superintendent of Cossatot River State Park in January 2018.

Jacob Mills (‘08, ‘16) married Julie Williams on September 1, 2018.

Stephen Bailey (‘13) opened a coffee shop in Malvern as co-owner of Coffee Records in October 2017.

Tiffany Mitchell (‘06) married Brian Gremillion on March 12, 2018.

BIRTHDAYS Arkie Remley (‘41) celebrated her centurium birthday on June 25, 2017. Dr. Jewel Moore (‘40) celebrated her centurium birthday on June 5, 2018.

ANNIVERSARIES George (‘97) and Beverly (‘76) Baker celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on September 1, 2018. William “Wally” (‘69) and Linda Wallace celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on September 6, 2018.

Tonya Crowe Barlow (‘92) teaches for the Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division and graphic design courses for Southern New Hampshire University’s online undergraduate degree program; additionally, she is owner/ partner of a design firm in Springfield, Missouri. James Barnes (‘92) was appointed to the HSU Board of Trustees in January 2018. Donna Benotti (‘92), CyFair High Coach, earned her 700th career win in September 2018. Don Benton (‘94) was named Assistant Commissioner for Research and Technology at the Arkansas Department of Education in October 2018.

Brandie Bridges (‘07) became a published author with the release of her children’s book, Betty’s Heart, in December 2017.

Leah Eller (‘00) joined Snowden Lane Partners as a Certified Financial Planner in San Antonio, Texas, in June 2018.

Christa Briggs (‘11, ‘12) was promoted to Head Accountant for the Malvern/Hot Springs Reynolds Metal Plant in September 2018.

Spencer Emmert (‘02) became the new Head Band Director of Sulphur Springs Independent School District in April 2018.

Nicole Thompson Brisco (‘98) was named the 2018 National Secondary Art Educator by the National Art Education Association. Darrell Burnett (‘07) was named Head Football Coach at Hot Springs High School in June 2018. Hilary Chunn (‘04) was named APRN at Hot Springs’ Quapaw House Wellness Clinic in September 2017. Beverly “Brooke” Cornelius (‘16) was named a Top Ten Finalist at Miss Arkansas in Summer 2018. Tiv Cumberbatch (‘15) was featured as a guest conductor for “Be Our Guest,” a State University of New York at Fredonia Concert Band performance in March 2018. Mikki Curtis (‘14) became the Interim Dean of the Hope Collegiate and Professions Academy High School Pilot at the University of Arkansas at Hope in July 2018. Kristi Dannelley (‘97) was named President of Magna IV in October 2017. Ed Dunbar (‘74) was recognized in June 2018 for the Service Award for 40 years as a faculty member and former Chair at Bob Jones University. J.R. Eldridge (‘04) led the Arkadelphia Badgers to the 2017 Arkansas 4A State Football Championship.

Bobby “Bones” Estell (‘02) served as a Mentor on “American Idol” in early 2018 and won “Dancing with the Stars” in November 2018 Chris Franklin (‘92) was promoted to Vice President of Bobby Brown Private Wealth Advisors, RJFS, in August 2017. Jennifer Golden (‘01) received her second State Title Championship win when she led the 6A Greenwood Lady Bulldogs Volleyball team to its first state tournament match in October 2017, along with her husband, Tim Golden, (‘00) who is Assistant Vice Principal and serves as the team’s Statistician. Nathan Goodnight (‘05) was named Senior Vice President at the Dallas office of CenterState Bank in August 2018. Alisa Gray (‘17) was promoted to Principal at Sheridan Junior High in August 2018. Vikita Bell Hardwrick (‘88) was awarded the HSU 2018 Staff Award for Diversity and Inclusion and HSU Black Alumni Chapter’s 2018 Outstanding Alumni Award. Kevin Haynie (‘10) was selected to serve as a juror in the South Arkansas Arts Center competition in Summer 2018. Chris Henderson (‘10) was named Vice President and Credit Analyst for Southern Bancorp in Arkadelphia in July 2018.


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Billy Hudson (‘62) received the 2018 Distinguished Investigator Prize from the International Society for Matrix Biology. Becky Hughes (‘12) received the HSU 2018 Standout Support Staff Award for Customer Service. Rhonda Hunter (‘87) was appointed to the Board of Directors for Schnitzer Steel Industries in Fall 2017 and inducted into the HSU School of Business Hall of Fame in April 2018. Amanda “Mandy” Jackson’s (‘13) family was named the 2017 Garland County Farm Family of the Year. Amanda Jones (‘98) was named semifinalist for Arkansas 2018 Teacher of the Year. Ted Jones (‘53) was honored in Fall 2018 by having the theatre, Ted Jones Playhouse, named after him after many years of volunteering in the arts in Bloomington, Indiana. Ashley Kincannon (‘13) was named Outstanding Alumnus by National Park College in June 2018. Ronnie Kissire (‘97) was promoted to Superintendent of the Poyen School District in June 2018. Kyle Lem (‘05) was named Interim Head Softball Coach for University of Arkansas Monticello in July 2018. Pam Ligon (‘96, ‘02) received the HSU 2018 President’s Staff Award of Excellence. Judd Marshall (‘95) was named Finalist for 2017 Texas Superintendent of the Year.

16 |

Bridgett Martin (‘95) was named the Cooperative Extension Agent for Polk County in Summer 2017.

John Payne (‘88) was promoted in the National Guard to Brigadier General in Summer 2017.

Kourtney Matlock (‘08) was promoted to Assistant Vice President of Patient Services for Baptist Health Medical Center in Little Rock in October 2017 and won the 2017 C.E. Melville Young Administrator of the Year Award.

Pat Ponder (‘89) was named 2017 Women’s Lone Star Conference Cross Country Coach of the Year for the fourth time.

Brock May (‘16) was named Football Coach at Northridge Junior High in the Van Buren School District in August 2018. Dawn McLain (‘08) was Arkansas’ recipient of the Milken Educator Award in January 2018. Sean McGrath (‘12) signed with the Detroit Lions in June 2018. Mary McMahen (‘13) was named Head Softball Coach for Crossett High School in August 2017. Randi Metcalf (‘06) was promoted to Vice President of Development at CareLink in July 2017. Sarah Miller (‘14) was named Manager of the Ron Robinson Center in January 2018. Mary Kate McNally (‘12) was named Marching Band Director for Ohio Wesleyan University in July 2017. Steven McRoberts (‘96) was named Ole Miss Volleyball Head Coach in June 2018. Kellye O’Neal (‘13) received the Access to Higher Education Scholarship in July 2018. Tanner Oglesby (‘17) performed in the Tony Award Musical, “Man of La Mancha,” for the Muses Project in Summer 2018. Julie Pasquinzo (‘03) was crowned the 2018 Mrs. Arkansas America in November 2017.


Ryan Price (‘07) was named Basketball Coach at The Church Academy of Baton Rouge in July 2017. Shannon Prince (‘89) was named Principal at Central Primary School in September 2017. Mike Pumphrey (‘77) became General Counsel for Tellus Operating Group LLC in June 2018. Don Putman (‘87) serves as Usher, Worship Leader, Sunday School Teacher for the children’s sermon and serves on the Membership Committee for the First Presbyterian Church in El Dorado. Mary Randall (‘80) was named Mesquite ISD Assistant Superintendent of Personnel. Ricki Rebollar (‘14, ‘17) was named the first Spirit Coordinator for HSU in April 2018. Zach Richardson (‘14) signed with the Green Bay Blizzards of the Indoor Football League in September 2017. Kathryn Rose (‘16) was named Choral Director and Assistant Band Director at Yerger Middle School in August 2017. Jennifer Shnaekel (‘99) was named the 2018 Hot Spring County Educator of the Year. Jennifer Sigman (‘97, ‘11) was awarded the HSU 2018 Staff Student Success Award.

Whitney Smith (‘09) was named the 2018 Arkadelphia Public Schools’ Teacher of the Year. Mary Snowden (‘06) was promoted to Principal of Peake Elementary in August 2017. The late Jerry Stuart (‘80) was awarded the HSU Black Alumni Chapter’s 2018 Outstanding Alumni Award. Julia Reynolds (‘76) was named Who’s Who Professional of the Year 2017 for Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide Publication in August 2017. Marla Strecker (‘98) was named Provost at UA Pulaski Tech in August 2017. Desiree Taggard (‘04) was promoted to Director of Procurement for the University of Arkansas at Little Rock in February 2018. Brian Thomas (‘02) was awarded the HSU Black Alumni Chapter’s 2018 Outstanding Alumni Award. Jennifer “Nikki” Thomas (‘04) was promoted to Principal of Goza Middle School in Spring 2018. Brandon Thurston (‘12) was named Elementary School Principal for LibertyEylau in April 2018. Phillip Turner (‘14) passed the Ohio Bar Exam and is practicing law for Squire Patton Boggs, LLP. Diane Valek (‘85) was named President of Stateside Right of Way Services in June 2018. Kathay Varonica Walter (‘79) became Music Director for Living for Jesus and New Providence Missionary Baptist Church.

Ross Whipple (‘73) was inducted in the 2017 Arkansas Outdoor Hall of Fame and joined the Arkansas Children’s Hospital Board of Directors in Fall 2017. Kathryn Whitfield (‘00) was named to the Board of Directors of the Golden Backpack Program in November 2017. Blake Whitley (‘90) was named Southern Bancorp West Region Division President in July 2018. Anthony Whittington (‘07) was named Parks and Trails Director for the City of Hot Springs in July 2018. Jennifer Wright (‘09, ‘14) was named the Director of Student Relations for University of Arkansas HopeTexarkana in June 2018.

IN MEMORIAM 1930s Francille Riggins Seymour (‘38), 101, of Stamps - September 9, 2017 Erlene Black Ward (‘39), 99, of Taylor August 8, 2017

1940s Jessie Wright Scruggs (‘44), 96, of Little Rock - August 19, 2018 Olga Bryant Boles (‘47, ‘79), 93, of Coldwater, Mich. - June 14, 2017 Juell “Mac” McDaniel (‘48), 95, of Waskom, Texas - May 2, 2018 Mae Frances Nix (‘48), 92, of Little Rock December 17, 2017 Lenolia “Patsy” Miles Searcy (‘48, ‘67), 90, of Hot Springs January 5, 2017 Frances Hindman Arnold (‘49), 91, of Rogers December 15, 2017


Clarence Dillard (‘49), 89, of Murfreesboro February 22, 2018

James E Jones (‘52, ‘59), 88, of Hot Springs - June 20, 2017

Joe Willoughby (‘56, ‘61), 88, of Alma October 26, 2017

Edwin “Spriggs” Nutt (‘60, ‘68), 79, of Hot Springs - October 2, 2017

Irene Callaway Harrower (‘49), 87, of Dallas, Texas

Armel Bryan Waddell (‘52), 88, of Mena - May 11, 2018

Charlie Wilson (‘56), 97, of Hope - April 15, 2018

Flora Bankson Reinders (‘60), 80, of Cary, N.C. - February 15, 2017

Robert Anton Swaty (‘49), 96, of Little Rock - May 22, 2017

1950s Lucille Bitely Eifling (‘50, ‘63), 87, of Pine Bluff - February 24, 2017 Peggy Allison Gingerich (‘50, ‘62), 88, of Stuttgart - April 1, 2018 Mary Garrett Halliday (‘50), 88, of Gurdon January 21, 2017 Charles Middlebrooks (‘50), 91, of The Woodlands, Texas - April 26, 2018 Elmer Rainwater (‘50), 95, of Mena August 13, 2018 Betty June Welch Smart (‘50), 88, of Gurdon - January 2, 2017 Floyd Dean Williamson (‘50), 93, of Little Rock - July 26, 2017 Marilyn Humphries Friday (‘51), 87, of Midland, Texas - August 31, 2017 Pearl Henson Galloway (‘51), 92, of Sherwood - January 24, 2017 Bobbie Thompson Garner (‘51), 87, of Little Rock - January 22, 2018 Boyce Harrod (‘51), 89, of Little Rock - April 13, 2018 Paul James Peeples (‘51), 87, of Sherwood - May 21, 2017 Wanda Ross Wood (‘51), 86, of Naples, Fla. - January 29, 2017 Virginia Sanders Brooks (‘52), 89, of Sheridan - August 22, 2018 James Dowell (‘52), 88, of Newnan, Ga. - July 12, 2018

John Edward Bland (‘53), 90, of Arkadelphia - May 24, 2017 Jo Ann Carrigan (‘53), 84, of Omaha, Neb. September 9, 2018 James Crowder, Jr. (‘53, ‘76, ‘79), 86, of Malvern - April 24, 2018

Herbert Woodson (‘56, ‘73), 87, of Fordyce - March 23, 2018 Billy Bob Blackwood (‘57, ‘60), 80, of DeQueen - June 14, 2017 Willis “Bud” Elder (‘57), 81, of Southaven, Miss. - January 5, 2017

Mattie Jean Ball Tomlin (‘60), 80, of McCaskill - May 31, 2018 Fred Townsend (‘60), 81, of West Fork July 21, 2018 Joe Harris White (‘60), 80, of Edmond, Okla. - May 10, 2017

Italo Forte (‘53), 87, of Texarkana - July 11, 2018

Vernon Hutchins (‘57, ‘66), 84, of Nashville - October 15, 2017

Verna Davis Foshee (‘53), 88, of Glenwood - February 3, 2018

Roger Wade Rice (‘57), 83, of Karnack, Texas - August 22, 2017

Bonnie Peek (‘53), 90, of Conway November 21, 2017

Thomas Roark (‘57), 83, of Texarkana, Texas - December 20, 2017

Harold Glenn Staton (‘53), 94, of Edgewood, Texas - May 30, 2017

Harold Tilley (‘57, ‘63), 86, of Monticello September 17, 2018

Edwin Aston (‘54), 84, of Norman March 30, 2018

Lloyd Rollan Warford (‘57), 81, of Bryant January 20, 2017

Martin Filogamo (‘54), 90, of Texarkana February 22, 2018

Millard Aud (‘58), 83, of Arkadelphia November 20, 2017

Keith Reese Gilbert (‘54, ‘59), 85, of Dierks - April 6, 2017

JoAnn Jones Garner (‘58), 81, of Austin, Texas - July 14, 2018

Gene Glazener (‘54, ‘58), 88, of Jessieville - May 21, 2018

Paul Bosson (‘59), 82, of Hot Springs February 19, 2018

Robert Phillips (‘54), 92, of Crossett April 10, 2018

Robert Franklin Burnside (‘59), 84, of Locust Grove, Va. - August 22, 2018

Doyle Haynie (‘62), 76, of North Little Rock February 10, 2017

Richard Buck (‘55), 84, of Hot Springs December 10, 2017

Paul Crow (‘59), 87, of Midway - July 14, 2018

John Hammel Tabor (‘62), 77, of North Little Rock - May 4, 2018

Jimmy “Dale” Diemer (‘56), 87, of Sparkman - July 6, 2017 Ronald Edwin Hale (‘56), 82, of Bryan, Texas - March 28, 2017 John Wheeler Smith (‘56), 84, of Fordyce - January 23, 2018

Camille Joseph Marino (‘59), 80, of Fayetteville - February 10, 2017 Jimmie Sue Bryant Roark (‘59), 80, of Hampton - January 1, 2017

1960s Gary Akins Brown (‘60), 76, of Benton February 12, 2017

Barbara Holmes Brown (‘61), 81, of Bryant - April 28, 2017 Katherine “Tish” Smith Henslee (‘61), 82, of Little Rock - August 1, 2017 Patricia Johnson McDonald (‘61, ‘70), 78, of Malvern - November 24, 2017 Evelyn Allison Pounds (‘61, ‘62), 76, of Prescott - January 14, 2017 Faye Marie York (‘61), 91, of Glenwood February 4, 2018 Ruby Maude Zachry (‘61), 81, of Camden - January 5, 2018 Jacquelyn Corrigan Dugan (‘62), 88, of Hot Springs - February 9, 2017 Bill Hahn (‘62), 89, of Benton - July 3, 2017

Thurman Thompson (‘62), 82, of Arkadelphia - April 13, 2018 Carole Carpenter Hochrein (‘63, ‘69), 76, of Clearwater, Fla. - March 18, 2018 Jan Michael Jarrett (‘63), 75, of Hixson, Tenn. - January 1, 2017

Shirley Winningham Walker (‘63), 80, of Arkadelphia February 1, 2016 Shirley Lunn Welch (‘63, ‘68), 91, of Conway February 14, 2018 Pauline Minton Cathcart (‘64), 95, of Russellville - January 5, 2017 Donald Chenault (‘64), 87, of Malvern - January 6, 2017 James Dwyer (‘64), 75, of Little Rock January 14, 2018 Robert Glenn Huselton (‘64), 74, of Conway - May 22, 2017 Charles Pruitt (‘64), 79, of Little Rock December 24, 2017 Clara Anderson Warring (‘64), 74, of Gainesville, Fla. - April 6, 2017 Martha Smith Ghent (‘65), 86, of Plano, Texas - January 7, 2018 Betty Wood Titsworth (‘65), 82, of Mena - April 10, 2017 Juanita Daniel Carter (‘66), 91, of Dumas - July 20, 2017 Patsy Witherington Clark (‘66), 73, of Bryant - April 8, 2017 Betty Smithson Evans (‘66), 80, of Murfreesboro November 10, 2017 Martha Elaine Funderburk (‘66), 72, of Delight January 30, 2017 Norma Irene Wheeler Holland (‘66), 86, of Conway September 4, 2018 DeWitt Wendell Roark (‘66), 81, of Fordyce - June 4, 2017 William Sanges (‘66), 77, of Benton February 27, 2018


| 17


James “Gabe” Terrell (‘66), 73, of McCall Creek, Miss. - July 12, 2017

Gary McGrew (‘69), 70, of Hot Springs September 30, 2018

John Keith Summers (‘71), 71, of Arkadelphia - May 3, 2018

Gary Morphew (‘75), 64, of Little Rock February 5, 2018

Andrea Atkinson Paul (‘81, ‘89), 72, of Malvern - February 27, 2018

William Butler (‘67), 75, of North Little Rock - January 19, 2017

Michael McNabb (‘69), 70, of Hot Springs January 15, 2018

Rufus David Tallent (‘71), 68, of Arkadelphia - March 13, 2017

Terry Reynolds (‘75), 68, of Little Rock January 2, 2018

Kimberley Bunn Hopkins (‘82), 56, of Arkadelphia - October 24, 2017

Dennis B Campbell (‘67), 72, of Benton September 9, 2017

Robert Pye (‘69, ‘72), 79, of Malvern September 18, 2018

Clifton Coleman (‘72, ‘02), 66, of Hot Springs - October 11, 2017

Willa Bea Odom Tipton (‘75), 81, of Arkadelphia - March 6, 2017

Barbara Steffey Richardson (‘82), 75, of Bismarck - June 28, 2018

Quinton Miner (‘67), 73, of Texarkana - July 3, 2017


Debra Davis Dardenne (‘72), 66, of Pine Bluff - October 5, 2017

Paul Winford Bollen (‘76), 63, of Malvern - May 16, 2017

Rowland Duncan (‘83), 62, of Arkadelphia January 29, 2018

Charles Harrison (‘72), 74, of Arkadelphia August 25, 2018

Marilyn June Nelson (‘76), 83, of Oklahoma City, Okla. - September 11, 2017

Laura Meriweather Aaron (‘84), 81, of Benton February 28, 2018

Walter Kennedy (‘72), 67, of Texarkana, Texas - December 22, 2017

Esther Busby Nichols (‘76, ‘80), 82, of Mena - May 12, 2018

Virginia Kingery Hunter (‘84), 70, of Jessieville - August 15, 2017

Charles Sandage (‘72), 96, of Malvern - June 24, 2018

Donald Arthur Shaffer (‘76), 72, of Friendship - August 1, 2017

Steven Glen Martin (‘84), 58, of Dierks - May 7, 2017

Nina Darby Woodral (‘76), 81, of Camden - July 31, 2018

Michael Salkeld (‘84), 55, of Sherwood March 1, 2018

Gary Brandon (‘77), 67, of Malvern - June 8, 2017

Donna Wheeler Raines (‘85), 66, of Warren - March 29, 2017

James A. “Guss” Robey (‘67), 73, of Benton September 22, 2017 Dennis Warren (‘67), 77, of Sierra Vista, Ariz. - July 26, 2017 James Wisener (‘67), 73, of Warren - October 5, 2017 Augustus Bruen Wood (‘67), 75, of Hot Springs - February 23, 2017 Isaac Awabdy (‘68), 73, of Ridgeland, Miss. - May 14, 2017 Jerrell L Biggers (‘68), 75, of Ludowici, Ga. - June 14, 2017 Robert Malcolm Byers (‘68), 72, of Little Rock - September 18, 2017 Jerry “HB” Hickingbottom (‘68), 71, of Duncan, Okla. - May 1, 2018 William Husted (‘68), 71, of Atlanta, Ga. - August 9, 2018 Dorla Wright Maule (‘68), 87, of Springfield, Mo. - January 3, 2017 Ruth Godwin Perry (‘68), 86, of Batesville - May 22, 2018 Jerry Lee Hargrave (‘69), 79, of Hope February 28, 2017 William Knowles (‘69), 72, of Green Cove Springs, Fla. - June 2, 2018 Bob Alan McCallister (‘69), 69, of Adona - June 2, 2017

18 |

Thomas Lynn Green (‘70), 68, of Ashdown - May 2, 2017 Patrick Kauffman (‘70), 68, of Bryant November 14, 2017 John Paul Rogers (‘70), 73, of Tull - May 26, 2017 Richard Silfee (‘70, ‘72), 75, of Warwick, N.Y. - June 19, 2017 Roger Swihart (‘70), 68, of Hot Springs - April 19, 2017 Charles Temple (‘70), 79, of Camden February 20, 2017 Ronald Dean “Ronnie” Braddock (‘71), 69, of Callahan, Fla. October 2, 2017 David Michael Fullen (‘71), 68, of Arkadelphia - March 26, 2017 Loretta Dickerson Harris (‘71), 80, of Little Rock - March 25, 2017 Tommy Henson (‘71, ‘79), 70, of Hot Springs - February 22, 2018 Norman Hugg (‘71, ‘85), 79, of Hot Springs - February 20, 2018 Billy Kirksey (‘71), 84, of Amity - July 14, 2018 Mary Bright Mason (‘71, ‘78), 66, of Emmet - March 27, 2017 Amelia Gaines McDonald (‘71), 70, of Fayetteville - April 27, 2018 Charles Nelson (‘71), 70, of Benton - June 15, 2018


Clara Jeanie Callaway Taylor (‘72, ‘78), 83, of Prescott January 17, 2017 Levanna Overall Wilson (‘72), 77, of Little Rock - January 29, 2018 Robert Hayes Baber (‘73), 66, of High Point, N.C. - April 10, 2017 Walter Bauman (‘73), 66, of Cordova, Tenn. - November 4, 2017 Kathryn Graves (‘73), 67, of Malvern October 29, 2017 John Newkirk (‘73), 67, of Bryant - April 11, 2018 Fern Hatfield White (‘73, ‘77), 89, of Hope - April 25, 2017 Mary Nell Blake Clay (‘74, ‘76), 66, of Arkadelphia - October 13, 2017 Larry Hall (‘74), 71, of Gillham - January 20, 2017 Robin Rowan Allen (‘75), 65, of Prattsville - February 24, 2018 Robert Easter (‘75), 69, of Little Rock October 11, 2017 Kenneth L Jones (‘75), 78, of Hampton - July 6, 2017

Leo Hicks (‘78), 62, of Bella Vista November 12, 2017 Joni Taylor (‘78, ‘80), 61, of Little Rock November 25, 2017 Robert Gerald Watson (‘79), 88, of Arkadelphia - June 12, 2017 Virginia Bevens White (‘79), 74, of Benton November 19, 2017

1980s Patricia Scrimshire Hamlin (‘80), 78, of Malvern - May 3, 2018 Cleatus Rickey Jeffcoat (‘80), 65, of Ledyard, Conn. - April 27, 2017 Phillip Cate Love (‘80), 60, of Russellville January 31, 2017 William Robert Mashburn (‘80), 68, of Hot Springs - July 22, 2018 Lizabeth Lookadoo (‘81), 59, of Little Rock - March 6, 2018

Cathy Joiner Bell (‘86), 53, of Arkadelphia October 28, 2017 Kimberly Harrell Ursery (‘86), 51, of Arkadelphia - March 20, 2018 Margaret Savage Hamilton (‘87), 78, of Emmet - August 3, 2018 Charles Richards (‘87, ‘90), 53, of Dallas, Texas - June 27, 2018 Rebecca Forsyth Vinson (‘87), 69, of San Francisco, Calif. - October 18, 2017 Charles McCauley (‘88), 52, of Sulphur Springs, Texas - March 4, 2018 Sarah Allen McCrary (‘89), 70, of Arkadelphia - June 2, 2018

1990s Yvette Talley Culverson (‘93), 51, of Gifford - May 4, 2018


Thomas Francis (‘94), 69, of Gurdon February 17, 2017 Cynthia Dunn Hayes (‘94), 48, of Lonoke - May 2, 2017 Linda Twyford Plant (‘94), 69, of Murfreesboro December 11, 2017 Charles Andrus (‘97), 51, of South Salem, N.Y. - September 9, 2018 Sedford Bell (‘97), 66, of Conway - July 19, 2018 Brenda Boren (‘97), 65, of Springdale September 8, 2018


Margaret Ponder Thompson (‘51’52; ‘76-’77), 83, of Ridgeland, Miss. September 10, 2017

Barbara Jones Winfrey (‘01), 64, of Okolona - February 26, 2018 Marsha Cook Eckhart (‘04), 60, of Hope October 16, 2017

John Edward Atkins (‘52-’53), 85, of Little Rock - January 10, 2017

2010s Jeani Karin Nealy Hornsby (‘11), 28, of DeQueen - March 3, 2017 Dustin Holland (‘13), 30, of Bryant - January 30, 2018

Former Students

Sherry Hansen Berry (‘99), 43, of Sherwood - January 5, 2018

Margaret Perry Moorman (‘34-’36), 100, of Arkadelphia - January 9, 2018

Richard Davis (‘99), 62, of Hot Springs - May 27, 2018

Jacklyn Pierce Adcock (‘51-’52), 83, of Little Rock - September 24, 2017

We want to hear from you!

Winfred Lee Tucker (‘52-’54), 83, of Hot Springs - July 26, 2018 Loretta Munn Halbert (‘56-’58), 79, of Little Rock - June 24, 2017 Phyllis James Dumond (‘57-’62), 77, of Benton - February 25, 2018

Lonnie Nelson (‘68), 68, of El Dorado - July 21, 2018

Amanda Dooley Mitchell (‘90-’91), 51, of Benton - May 22, 2017

Mary Watson Smithers (‘68-’75), 97, of Benton - April 6, 2017

John Rayburn (‘90’95), 45, of Benton - June 15, 2017

Betty Coleman Baugh (‘69-’71), 85, of Jonesboro - May 24, 2018

Michael Todd Bollen (‘94’96), 46, of Hot Springs - November 19, 2017

Everett “Wayne” Harshaw (‘75-’89), 62, of North Little Rock - August 5, 2017 Carlton Hughes (‘75’77), 59, of Bismarck - April 12, 2017

Charles Louis Cabe (‘64-’70), 73, of Gurdon - October 16, 2017

Frederick Carlee Cobb (‘87-’89), 70, of Arkadelphia June 14, 2017

John Thomas Atkinson (‘66-’67), 68, of Malvern - February 26, 2017

James Robert Posinski (‘89-’90), 50, of Arlington, Texas - May 3, 2017

Faculty and Staff Patsy Heard Melton (‘62, Retired Faculty), 86, of Leola - March 2, 2018 Horace Plum (Retired Staff), 87, of Arkadelphia - March 11, 2018 Glendora Waguspack Rich (Retired Staff), 75, of Arkadelphia - May 8, 2018 Wayne Slife (Retired Faculty), 96, of Tampa, Fla. - January 10, 2018

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SHARE YOUR #REDDIELEGACY Freshman Grant Smith recreates a photo of his mom, Kris Smith (’97), taken in Smith Hall Room 440 during her freshman year at Henderson in 1992. Grant posed for the photo while working as a band camp counselor in summer 2018. Grant is a fourth generation Reddie. Share your #ReddieLegacy photos on the Henderson State University Alumni Facebook page for a chance to win a Reddie prize pack. Photos also may be featured in a future issue of the alumni magazine.


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